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Thread: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

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    Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Deadline is Monday, November 13th at midnight Pacific, which is 3am on Tuesday EST and 8am UK time.

    No extensions, and this times its for realsies. The weekend prior to the deadline is a holiday weekend in the US, so please manage your time wisely!
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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread


    Sitting under the Denver sunrise glistening off of the miles of snow surrounding the horizon of the private cabin, Aaron Kendrick soaks up the atmosphere as he reflects on everything happening right now. As he sips his coffee on the second story balcony, all wrapped up in his pajama pants and thick, fleece Ralph Lauren robe, he thinks about how far he's come from small-town southeast Arkansas. He used to sit by himself at lunch every day in Junior High because no one else wanted to talk to him about Star Wars or wrestling. No one else cared about what happened on Survivor the previous night but him. No one else was interested in going to yard sales every Saturday morning. He was one of a kind, and those differences isolated him from everyone. And now everyone wants to be him. He thinks about what happened literally last night at a local steakhouse...

    Kendrick parks the car and gets out. He walks around to the passenger door and opens it for his lovely date. She steps out one leg at a time and Aaron smiles at her as they lock eyes when they stand almost nose-to-nose thanks to her high heels. As they turn and walk towards the front door of the restaurant, a little kid of about 7 years speaks up,

    "Hey! That's Aaron Kendrick! Dad, can I go up and get an autograph?"

    The child's father puts his finger over his mouth as to tell the kid not to cause a scene. The father doesn't seem to be too impressed that the kid has recognized a wrestler. Kendrick only briefly acknowledges the situation with a glance. His date smiles at him as they walk inside and find their seats.

    Once again the gentleman, Aaron pulls the chair out for his date and allows her to sit first. He then walks to his side of the table, removes his jacket, places it on the outside of his chair, and then takes his seat. He is wearing a very finely threaded white shirt with a red and black plaid tie. He then compliments the gorgeous blonde date on how beautiful she looks in her green, form fitting dress.

    As dinner commences, she decides to bring up the child...

    Aaron's Date: Has that ever happened before?

    Aaron looks up from his medium rare ribeye...

    Kendrick: What are you talking about?

    That little boy. He recognized you. And his dad didn't let him come say hi to you.

    Good. I didn't want to be bothered.

    The lady looks very bothered by this.

    What do you mean?

    Well... I'm out on a date. I don't have time for shit like that.

    Aaron, that was a kid. Literally it would have made his whole world if you would have even said hello to him... He would have gone to school on Monday and told anyone that listened that his hero said Hi to him.

    Yeah, and he has his dad to thank for missing his chance. He pissed me off.

    Are you being serious right now? You're a role model. You need to act like it.

    Kendrick begins to visibly lose his temper. He slams his fork on the table and people in the restaurant all look to see what the argument is about. Kendrick then arrogantly leans back in his chair to watch the woman and see what she does. She stares at him as if she's already said everything she wants to say and is waiting for a retort...


    Kendrick smirks as he remains silent. The manager approaches the table and asks if there is a problem, but Kendrick still remains silent. He looks up at the manager after several awkard seconds of silence, smirks at him, and then looks back at the woman. Then, as if everything else in the room paused, he notices right over the right shoulder of the woman, sitting in the background, the little boy. And he looks scared as he is witnessing the same man he recognized outside earlier. For a brief moment, Kendrick has almost an out-of-body, Bruce Banner type of moment where he starts to see the monster that he is displaying. But in a split second later, he works everyone and proclaims that there's no problem at all.

    Not a problem at all, and I'm terribly sorry for the fuss. Jet lag sucks. Please allow me to pay the bill in full and I'll be on my way. And that family right over there with the child, please allow me to pay theirs as well.

    Aaron gets up, grabs his jacket, and begins walking towards the exit of the restaurant, leaving his date behind. He stops in his tracks and then walks over to the young fan...

    Hey buddy, I wanted to thank you for being such a fan of mine. You're special to me. And I want you to know that tommorow night at Mile High, I'm gonna look into the camera and say Hi to you. Would you like that?

    The kid looks a little confused, but happy no less. He shakes his head in approvement. Kendrick rubs the boy's head and then walks out of the restaurant. He gets in his car. He then pulls out his phone and begins texting his date. He tells her that an Uber will arrive in five minutes to pick her up. He then puts his phone away and begins driving to his cabin...

    As Aaron recounts the previous night, he continues to think about that little boy. Does he really care about that kid or does he just care about getting the kid's parents' money? He doesn't really know. He's gone through so many trials and tribulations with the people that he loves, that he doesn't really know if he likes anyone anymore. He knows that he made that little boy's world, but does he even really care?

    At this point, all he cares about is Hanz Gruber. This is Aaron's first Pay Per-View appearance in FWA. This is a big deal, no doubt. Aaron has been on a role so far and this is only the first true step in seeing what he's really made of in this company. He knows he hasn't truly been tested yet, and he saw the match Gruber just had on Fight Night.

    Aaron walks up to the rail on the balcony and looks out into the snow. He sees moose in the horizon getting a morning meal in. He remembers sitting on the deer stand with his grandfather on mornings just like this. He would never see a deer, but he always loved spending time with his grandfather. And he would always use the seemingly never ending view of trees, leaves, rubble, and animals to fuel his feelings of insecurities and the sense of feeling alone. He knew one day he would use those feelings to fuel his anger and his drive. He would use those feelings to be successful. It's funny how things can all kind of relate. Even today, as he prepares for war on Pay Per-View, his day starts off just like a cold, November day would start off for him as a child. The more things chance, the more they stay the same.

    4:34 P.M. Arrival

    Kendrick is walking through the corridor of the Pepsi Center. He passes by people in catering, make-up, and the promo area. He smiles at the occasional person that acknowledges him. He makes his way to a small, empty room, and sits down. He begins unpacking his suitcase, seemingly choosing not to change with the boys in the public locker room. He pulls out his meal from Nutrition Solutions and sets it aside. He then pulls out some of his gear. And then finally he pulls out his headphones and plugs them into his phone. He puts his music on shuffle and begins listening to "Hungry Like The Wolf" by Duran Duran. As the opening female laugh stars, he quickly grabs his phone and hits the Skip button. And then Iron Maiden's "Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" begins playing, and this satisfies him.

    Kendrick leans back in his chair, closes his eyes, and begins thinking about the big night ahead. Just then, a voice can be heard trying to grab Kendrick's attention. He opens his eyes and pulls out his headphones as he sees an older man with a mop bucket standing over him. He looks confused as well as slightly nervous.

    Old Man: Hey son, did you know this wasn't a locker room? Your locker room is right up the hall.

    Kendrick gives the man a look as if to show him that he is a big inconvenience to him for coming in and interrupting his meditation.

    Not everyone is as senile and incoherent as you. I know where I can and can't be. And I can be wherever I damn well please. So do me a favor and leave me the hell alone.

    The old man looks even more nervous now as he turns to walk out the door. He leaves the door open, which seems to infuriate Kendrick a step further...

    Hey! Old man!

    Kendrick gets up, walks up to the old man, kicks over his mop bucket, which spills water all over the floor.

    Next time, close the fucking door. I obviously want to be alone.

    The closest people to the confrontation are the ladies in the makeup area. They see this all transpire and look shocked. They all stop what they're doing to go help the old man. They tell him to go take a break and that they'll take care of the water. Kendrick, on the other hand, goes back into his room, slams the door behind him, and sits back down in his chair. He throws his phone against the wall, shattering it to pieces. He then rips his shirt off, popping all of the buttons. He now takes his tape and begins wrapping his wrists and seemingly begins getting geared up for his match.

    As he continues with the rest of his apparel, he keeps thinking about that little boy from the previous night. He's starting to realize that he really doesn't give a damn about that little boy or any other for that matter. He's already made up his mind that he's not going to say anything into the camera to him because that's simply just not who he is. Aaron Kendrick doesn't care about kids, all he cares about is winning. All Aaron Kendrick cares about is money. He's in FWA to make money and to win matches. If he wins this match tonight, chances are he'll be in line for an X Championship match. Only a few weeks in and there's already potential for gold... Some punk little kid doesn't matter. Sure, he knows that the kid probably told all of his friends to watch because Aaron Kendrick was going to look into the camera and say something to him, but at the end of the day, this isn't about that little kid. It's all about him. Aaron Kendrick is the only person that Aaron Kendrick cares about.

    And tonight, he proves that to Hanz Gruber. Tonight, he delivers a statement at the expense of one Hanz Gruber, as only Aaron Kendrick can: With no regard for anyone but himself.

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Can you continue the Legacy?

    Mike Parr vs. Zachary Kazadi vs. Wolf

    Fate, Destiny and Pain

    Fate brought me here
    Destiny made me a star and
    Pain saw me through it all

    The words didn't come easy. Wolf's lips trembled with a sort of hesitance as he struggled to pick out the right thing to say. He weighed his options carefully, as one should, and his brain computed the most appropriate string of syllables that it could muster, given the situation. Though open to scrutiny for its “inhuman touch”, the stark coldness of the act didn't take away the conflicting and grinding motivations that sat below the surface, tearing away happily at its host. One wanted to say all the hard things and gain a fulfilling sense of closure, but the other wanted to forgot the difficult bits and remain somewhat comfortable with itself and the situation. Despite the raging inner warfare, Wolf displayed a sense of the utmost calm, taking up the appearance of a man who was at peace with himself and the world around him. A primal and emotional response was building up pressure as it sat boiling in his gut, but the words just seemed to be caught in his throat. His stomach kicked, his heart sank, and his mind screamed as he remained silent, beside himself, knowing whatever he said would continue to linger in the air far after he had left and that there would be no way to take it back.

    He could not say anything, even with no one here to hear it. He jumped in his car, he traveled the miles, and now he was here standing in the humid autumn air, still debating quietly with himself as his wives tombstone stood before him. In three years, he had visited the grave site a total of ten times and every time he remained silent. He stood there, hesitant to speak, as he felt his grasp around his memories of Sarah slacken. He was worried that if he said what he wanted to say, what he NEEDED to say, that it would flood himself with a willingness to let go and all the important memories he had would just slip on off into the subconscious and just drift in a plain of nothingness, never to tread in his conscious mind again.

    He just closed his eyes, trying to close out the anxieties and concerns, trying to focus on getting the words out that he needed to, trying to zone out an entire world around him as he retreated to his thoughts. Why was it so hard to pull his head together? He felt scattered, lost in a shattered scheme of half-remembered thoughts and partially formed ideas. It all felt like white noise shooting through his head and he continued to look for the right words. He feared that they would never come, that he could sit there for a hundred days and nights and no good would come of it. What could he possibly say that would do any justice? Could there be any sound that the human tongue could make that would be perfect for the situation? It felt like a hopeless endeavor and he just stood there and looked at the little grave that they had managed to shove her body into.

    Wolf: Know what? You're gonna have to wait until next year, Sara.

    He shoved his hands deep into his pockets and strolled down the Graveyard, dumping his concerns of finding the right words for him to pick up next year when he might/might not return. The shade seemed useless in the humid heat as he absentmindedly read the names off of tombstones he passed on his way out of the cemetery. For some reason, a reason he couldn't quite grasp, he started to walk down the little dirt road, consciously making his way to the church. He could have rationalized any reason he wanted, but they all would have seemed like flimsy excuses. He simply accepted this random urge and gave into it, finding himself a little closer with every step he took. He felt no urge to find god, had no reason to start praying, and any fear he had for his mortal soul was simply met with an apathetic point of view that it was too late in the game to change anyways. He was no a spiritual man by any means. Wolf's god was chaos, something which rewarded and smited him as it pleased. The church was nothing special; a single floor building with a rustic outer appearance, with a single bell hanging high up in its tower. He walked up the small set of stairs and pushed pass the two black doors and he stepped into the church.

    Wolf looked over the many empty pews, walking down the aisle before quietly shuffling into one and sitting down. Maybe it was one place he could hope for peace, to force out all external distractions and meditate on his personal intimacy, pulling apart the complex mental workings that made up him. Either way, he continued to sit in the pew, staring at the various bloody/depressing paintings depicting various stories from the bible, very few of them being the ones with happy endings. He could hear footsteps coming up from behind him, but he didn't attempt to look back at who it was, he just kept his eyes down at the ground, paying no attention to his surroundings.

    ?????: Is there something troubling you? I saw you in the cemetery.

    F*ck. Wolf didn't want to answer him, but it didn't seem the man would be going away anytime soon. An ultimatum had been placed before him; either continue his silence or answer the man and be forced into a conversation he had no intention of getting into today.

    Wolf: The problem is that once you've past a certain age the FWA management and the fresher faces backstage start being convinced that you're done. They want you to move aside for the bigger, better, now. Well I may be older than most guys on the roster but this business runs through my veins and has done for years and if you're going to tell me that the bigger, better, now is some snot nosed piece of shit like Zachary Kazadi who is a legend in his own mouth? Then I'm afraid this old dog isn't ready to be taken out back just yet and put to rest because I'll be damned if I leave this business with a maggot like that at the reigns. I mean sure, you could tell me I'm not as quick as I used to be. I'm a middle aged guy now whether I like to admit that or not, I'm beaten up and I wake up in the morning and my knees are killing and I’ve gotta take some medication just to get through the day? So sure I'm not as fast as I used to be. But up here still works < he taps his head > I’ve seen things that would make a green horn like Kazadi f*cking cry in this business. The kids these days don't know how good they've got it and I don't care how old man like that sounds. This may not be the most job secure industry in the world but it's a hell of a lot more secure now than it ever was when I was coming up. Kazadi walked in here from the academy and hell the kid is good. He's REALLY good but the fact that he didn't pay his dues on the circuit, that he didn't have to come up the hard way has made him an arrogant little worm who thinks his shit doesn't stink. Well news flash your shit does stink, it stinks like shit just like everybody else's and guys like me we don't ask for much more than a chance. A chance to prove that I still got it, that I can still rock an arena to its god damned foundations. That’s why I came back, and because every time I leave this place it never leaves me and it will never leave you. You walked away two years ago and yet here you stand.

    He looked up and met eyes with Lucian Ace, giving a shit-eating grin, trying to seem polite.

    Lucian W. Ace: And yet here I stand shaking my head at your need to steal the spotlight from others. It is so easy for you to judge me for walking away after Mile High 2015. What gives you the right? You think I had it easy? People saw me and they thought of you. They expected me to be like you and I just wanted to have fun. They threw the whole company on my shoulders and I couldn’t pull the weight. When things got bad for me it was because I tried to live up to what others billed me up to be and I hadn't given myself chance to truly be myself and because of that it built up inside, getting darker and darker and it all just fell out and caused me to hit rock bottom.

    Wolf sighs, shaking his head.

    Wolf: There are three words that define us. Fate brought us here, destiny made us stars and pain has seen us through. Pain saw me through my time here because at least when I felt pain...I was feeling. I felt alive every step of the way and as I’ve seen men and women debut and retire from this company I sat back and I wondered why...why me? Why are we so synonymous with FWA? We never set out to create a wrestling dynasty, it was fate. We never set out to become the most dominant family in this company, it was destiny. It wasn't easy, none of it was....but Pain saw us through. Every single step of the way, pain saw us through. You couldn’t take the pain and you handed the company that was built with my, Stu’s and Sara’s blood to chumps like Mike Parr and Zachary Kazadi.

    His eyes narrow a fraction; he continued, his voice laced with dislike for Kazadi.

    Wolf: Kazadi, Kazadi, Kazadi... Wow, where do I start? He is so f*cking awesome! I want to be him... Of course, then I'd hate myself with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Even if Kazadi won every f*cking title this place had, getting into the Women's Division because he wears those nut-huggers so well; if he married Gabrielle, Bell, Michelle Obama, The Queen of England, a resurrected Princess Diana, Elvis, 2 Pac, John Wayne, David Bowie and Corey Taylor himself, if he formed a boy band and went multi-platinum, if he starred in the winner of Best Picture, if he won The Nobel Peace Prize, if he figured out Cold Fusion... I would still have little to no respect for him. He still would not be the guy to beat. He is the kid in class who was a dick to everyone and no matter how much he wants to be liked, loved or anything else he can't stop being a dick because he's on permanent self-destruct mode. I might just go for the record and hit 100 Final Howl on the guy, because any one man who takes the move that many times toward the end will start waking up with less and less of his every day functionality to the point where I slam him and he wakes up a god damn vegetable.


    Lucian yells interjecting Wolf.

    Wolf: I... can... fight. People fail to realize that pain is second nature to me. I enjoy to dish it out just as much as I enjoy to take it. Think what you want about me but if I lose to Kazadi and some built up chump looking at himself in the reflection from the baby oil on his tits on Sunday? Then I'll just get to do it all over again sometime. It goes like this: you fight, you lose, you get pissed, you train your ass off, you do a little better, then you fight and lose, you get pissed, you train your ass off... You see where I'm going here? That is the difference between the so called Dead Generation and guys like Mike Parr and Kazadi from the new school. That is why the names Wolf, Stu St. Clair, Ryan Hall, Nate Richardson are written in the Hall of Fame while the names of Kazadi and Parr would not earn a place at a rest-stop bathroom let along the Hall of Fame.

    Lucian sighs, shaking his head. Obviously, it cuts deep.

    Lucian W. Ace: I can't just flip a switch and pretend all this hasn't happened just like you can’t travel back in time... You are not the Beast anymore. You haven't been for a long time. Yet another in the long list of facts you need to face.

    Lucian was spitting venom back at Wolf. His face steeled. Looking dead-straight into Lucian's eyes now. The silence spoke volumes.

    Wolf: I've still got plenty of fight left in me. All the potential in the world... and I am no coward. You want to hit me, now. Why?

    Lucian W. Ace: Because you're an asshole.

    Wolf: I'M AN ASSHOLE? Why, Lucian? Because I dare to disagree with you? Because you lost your way two years ago and I am here showing you the way?

    Lucian W. Ace: Oh, bonding time! HOORAY!

    Wolf: Sarcasm should be subtle, you can add that to your long list of failures.

    The men glare at one another.

    Lucian W. Ace: I know, I know - You live, you breath, you fight and you are NOT going to beat Mike Parr with your: "I just won a couple of matches this month, look how good I am" attitude. You don't win the match by making weight. It's one at a time, one week at a time. Parr has nothing to prove... Period. He may be an idiot, or a green horn. But he's a talented one. He has been President of North America for God knows how long and he's far more focused on this than you happen to be.

    Wolf held up a hand.

    Wolf: Mike Parr doesn't speak my language. He got mixed in all this shit between Kazadi and myself. Mike Parr is a f*cking alien to me. Sci Fi movies are pretty popular, so you tell me... What the f*ck do you do with an alien?

    Lucian thinks for a moment.

    Lucian W. Ace: Communicate with-

    Wolf: YOU DON'T COMMUNICATE WITH IT, YOU ASS! YOU SHOOT THAT SON OF A B*TCH! RAIN DOWN DESTRUCTION UPON HIM AND EVERY OTHER MOTHERF*CKING FRISBEE IN THE AIR! Scorched Earth... No prisoners, no quarter. You destroy everything in front of you. Which is EXACTLY what I'm gonna do! KAZADI, PARR, THE GLOVES ARE OFF! I saw Mike Parr talk on Fight Night. I'm picking up from him that he knows the song... But he can't quite nail the tune. I'm fine. I'm ready to go. I'm CHOMPING AT THE BIT TO GET IN THAT RING! THIS IS MY SHOT AT KAZADI! THIS IS MY PLATFORM TO SPREAD MY GOSPEL! TO PUT ON THE BLOODIEST SHOW THE F*CKERS HAVE EVER SEEN, TO TAKE THAT TITLE, TO PROVE MY POINT, TO DO WHATEVER THE F*CK I WANNA DO, MILE HIGH IS THE NIGHT! KAZADI AND PARR STAND BETWEEN ME AND DOING WHAT I WANT TO DO! WHAT'S IT ABOUT? WHY? WHO ARE YOU FIGHTING? WHAT'S THE SCORE HERE? IT DOESN'T F*CKING MATTER! DOES IT? YOU WANT A STORY, I'M GONNA SLAP REALITY DOWN KAZADI’S THROAT. PERIOD. YOU WANT A SPORT? I'M THE FORMER CHAMPION CASHING IN ON HIS REMATCH CLAUSE! IT'S GOT SOMETHING FOR EVERYBODY! BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, MORE IMPORTANTLY THAN ANYTHING ELSE... It's got something for me. Satisfaction. Closure. Violence. A f*cking fight. Because that's what I do. I fight. I entertain, but I'm not an entertainer. I'm crazy, but I'm not a lunatic. I'm the Alpha and the f*cking Omega. Often imitated, never duplicated, I'm the biggest, the baddest, the meanest, the most sadistic man in Professional Sports. Period. It's a lesson I teach often, to the same people, but it's one that never really sticks. I've got my lesson plan drawn up, I've got my syllabus written, I've picked the reading. All that is left is to teach, with pounds of flesh and buckets of blood. Sunday, those things older than time itself get what has been coming to them for so long. F*ck the gimmicks; tonight, I kick the shit out of Kazadi and Parr, BECAUSE I CAN, BECAUSE I WANT TO, BECAUSE I F*CKING NEED TO! THERE IS NO LOVE LEFT TO GIVE FOR ME… ONLY PAIN! I WON'T FALL IN LOVE AGAIN! WHAT I WILL DO IS IMPOSE MY WILL UPON THIS COMPANY UNTIL THE DAY I DIE!

    Wolf storms out of the church, leaving Lucian behind cursing his name. Why did he go there in the first place? Wolf finds his way back to his car. He was focused on one thing, making sure he was taking his life in his hands. He wasn't going to suffer for some pointless bullshit, he wasn't going to sit back and let the world shit on him. He is Wolf.
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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    *The massive, monstrous and imposing image of the steel cage fills the screen, and the weapons that will play a huge factor into the match are shown hanging from it. As the camera shifts, it zooms in around the edges as Miss De La Muerta and Zako Wrath are seen walking around the cage, taking everything in as they do so. Miss De La Muerta merely calmly looks on at the instruments of destruction dangling above, while Zako, on the other hand,
    is heard letting out explosive roars and savage, almost evil growls as he is looking around at every inch, and every wall of the cage. As "The Walking Disaster" is continuing to survey every weapon he will use in the Clockwork Orange Cage Match, barbaric and vicious thoughts of massacring his three opponents obviously run through his head. They stop and stand at the side of the cage nearest the ramp and stage, all the while Zako continues looking on at the massive structure before him with a frightening demeanor.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Este partido está hecho para Zako. {This match is made for Zako.} Tonight, at FWA Mile High, Zako faces three different opponents alone. Of course I know the match is a four-way, but allow me to be entirely truthful and completely legitimate here: When Zako steps into this savage structure with Izzy Van Doren, Jason Randall, and Tristan James Galloway, and he gets his hands upon each and every single weapon's going to be every single one of them doing everything within their natural power to stop him. "The Walking Disaster" can not be stopped though, and he WILL walk into this match and torture, maim, and utterly annihilate each and every one who Ashley O'Ryan has decided deserves to be locked inside of it with him. He will break bones, rip flesh from bodies, and force crimson red blood to pour en route to ultimately snatching the X Division Championship away from the champion.

    *Zako now begins grabbing and rattling the cage wall with such fierce and terrifying psychopathy, that it would give an average spectator chills. Miss De La Muerta simply slowly glances at him from under her hood as he strikes the wall with a right hand and beats his chest with a dark howl.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Zako was seconds away from taking this title for himself less than months ago at The 12th Anniversary Show, when Penny decided to insert herself into the match and save the then champion, Jason Randall. He was soon after defeated by Tristan James Galloway, and Zako has since crushed Deception and Penny without mercy or remorse, and not to mention James Sync has been added to the list of opponents that have up close and personally seen and felt the horrors Zako is capable of. Ashley O'Ryan has granted Zako a well deserved and rightfully earned second shot at the X-Division Title, and NOTHING will be able to stop him this time. Jason Randall I told you that this wasn't over and Zako would soon see you again, and now your time has run out, because the time for you to once more face Zako is here, and now there will be absolutely nowhere to run and no one at all for you to hide behind. Zako is even more furious than last time, and he's even more prepared to cause more mayhem than he's ever been in his entire life-Just...look at him.

    *Zako now gruffly roars and let's out several deep growls as he kicks the steel chairs leading up to the ring,
    removes them, and forcefully hurls them into the side of the cage as Miss De La Muerta silently and calmly watches without emotion or worry. He then grabs them again and heaves them into the currently empty stands.*

    Miss De La Muerta: I must now personally address the hopeless individuals who Zako will slaughter. Izzy Van Doren: Zako doesn't care if you're a woman at all. You know exactly what happened to Amy Duke, and no one's seen her since. Penny was mauled limb from limb and that's nothing compared to what's gonna happen to you, and she was stupid enough to get on his bade side-You just happen to be in his path and therefore in the way of him conquering the X Division. He's going to Suplex you all over that ring and introduce your fragile skin into EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THESE WALLS of that cage as you bounce off of them over and over again.

    When you beg him to stop, he's only going to do it again. Starr will not be able to help you because he won't be there. All shall fall before Zako anyways so it makes no difference if he is or not. Izzy, Zako might even break your arm-and if he tries, I'm going to just watch and let him do it. At this stage it's all about impact and putting down the competition.

    If you're "Chicago's Favorite Gal", then they'll never forget how Zako sent you home bloody and broken. Starr, I'm talking to you now-if by somehow you find a way into that ring...DO NOT touch Zako and DO NOT attempt to protect Izzy-Zako knows about your concussion history and with that said, The Reaper's Touch might just end you for good.

    *Zako's red eyes are now shown closely as the camera zooms in upon them, and you can practically feel the blood boiling deep inside of him, as he's almost gone into an ominous trance as a look of pure bloodlust is glued to his visage as the camera now moves away from his eyes. Miss De La Muerta now reaches up and grabs his neck to get his full attention, as her black as night nails are shown and the camera very briefly focuses upon the mysterious and haunting Grim Reaper tattoo in the middle of her forearm, its eyes practically looking back into the camera. She looks him dead in the eyes and calmly says, "Si Zako, Pronto." {Yes Zako, Soon.}*

    Miss De La Muerta: Jason Randall. As I've already said, Your time to fight Zako has come once more, and you KNOW you can not stop or outlast him. You brought everything you had before and Zako kept coming back and almost broke your neck with The Reaper's Touch, and I know that terrified you. You must be chilled to the bone now because of EVERYTHING you felt before...I know thinking of what Zako will be able to do to you AND WILL DO given this opportunity has given you nightmares. Don't be surprised if he German Suplexs you into the wall with such inhumane force that he knocks the entire thing down.

    Save yourself the thinking-Penny isn't coming. She's learned her lesson after the last time.

    *The camera now follows Zako's face as he looks to the very top of the cage then slowly back down to the ring again, almost as if he's actually thinking of throwing someone down from there. Miss De La Muerta senses this and nods at him.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Tristan James Galloway. "The Polynesian Powerhouse". The one that defeated "The Mad King" Jason Randall, after Zako was seconds away from doing exactly that himself, before he had the chance taken from him. I'm going to be honest with you, Zako saw the match where you won the title,
    and he's been ready to take what is rightfully his from you ever since. He doesn't like any of you in this match, but it's you, who he will destroy in the MOST UNDENIABLE FASHION possible.

    You're standing on top of the X-Division, so he is going to show everyone watching exactly how he will humble a champion, when he rips away the belt from you and goes on, to cement himself as the most physically dominant X-Division Champion ever. You have no power when compared to Zako. He is going to demolish you with strike after strike, Chokeslam after Chokeslam, and Suplex after Suplex. "The Walking Disaster" is going to make "The Polynesian Powerhouse" look like a small child. I know all about your past, "city to city, foster homes"...NOTHING you have ever endured will compare to the worst beating of your life that Zako gives you...he's going to do so much damage to you that you think you're a young boy in a foster home all over again.

    Tell Romeo Rollins not to come around, or he might have to watch YOU be the one Zako throws down from the top of the cage.

    *Miss De La Muerta now slowly lowers her hood in menancing fashion as the bizarre and unsettling skull face paint is fully revealed, and she begins making the cut throat, thumbs down signal to Zako over and over again, as she intentionally fires him up more and more in preparation for what's to come. He twitches facially and shakes uncontrollably with animalistic rage and he lets out raspy deep breaths as Miss De La Muerta watches as silently as a ghost.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Zako has continued to slay all who come before him, and just last week, Penny and Deception became the next to be defeated by Zako's extreme skill and crushing power. Penny got in the way in the past and so did Deception at a later time. Both paid deeply for attempting to stop Zako. None shall stop Zako, and going into such a match that others would describe as horrifying, this shall cater directly to each and every one of his dark desires and hellacious and chaotic thoughts. Ashley O'Ryan KNOWS that Zako is the MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCE in all of FWA, and has now decided he is going to lock three others inside of a cage with him and fill it up with weapons.

    I want to make sure it is entirely understood without a shadow of a doubt that what is going to happen in a match with these stipulations is EXACTLY what I stop Zako from doing every single week. Chairs, tables, barbed wire, kendo sticks, and whatever other various weapons of pain and suffering you can think of, will be acceptable and encouraged tonight. Imagine the sound a steel chair makes when it slams into the lifeless back of someone, the crack that echoes when it comes crashing into the back of the head of someone completely unaware of it from behind. Think of how a completely unforgiving table just breaks and splinters when someone is sent falling through it when they're defenseless, or the feeling one gets when they're fighting with everything to not be shoved through one from the top rope. When barbed wire rips someone's face apart and all they can do is give into instinct and emotion and cry out in agonized pain, that is what I want to be fresh in everyone's mind.

    * Zako has now located a spare steel chair at ringside and he sets it up standing, and then somehow viciously, with ease, stomps the seat of it and shatters it into broken pieces as it lay below him. Miss De La Muerta now shouts at him as his monstrous barbaric rage is mounting severely "SI ZAKO, PRONTO!" {YES ZAKO, SOON!} *

    Miss De La Muerta: Now think of everything I just said, and insert Zako as the aggresor in control of the weapons. Think of Zako sandwiching the head of Jason Randall between two chairs and almost shattering his skull. Imagine what it would be like if Zako stacked two tables and gave Izzy Van Doren a Fishermen's Suplex right through them both as the crowd watches in shock. Tristan James Galloway could be the one to have his arms, face, body, and legs shredded once Zako grips that barbed wire in his hands. The possibilities are endless and I will not stop him from doing any sick and twisted act he can perform on anyone in that ring.

    Tristan James Galloway, you're going to lose that title after being here 12 months and on your second defense, you'll be forgotten as a fluke and Zako will be feared and unstoppable. There is simply no other option. Zako will leave as THE NEW X-DIVISION champion, but he won't stop there-Mike Parr, Wolf, or Zachary Kazadi...whoever walks away victorious- Zako will eventually be coming for you. I want everyone in FWA to watch every second as Zako breaks the spirits and crushes the souls of Izzy Van Doren, Jason Randall, and Tristan James Galloway. Get a good look-because what you see will inevitably be you one day or another.

    * The camera now shifts into black and white and an extremely cold and intense feeling has developed as well, and Zako has grabbed the pieces of the destroyed chair and is now flinging them everywhere, and he then grabs another chair and begins to ballisticly hammer the cage wall with it over and over again. Zako now drops it and hammers his chest three times and throws his head back,
    and lets loose a manical gutteral howl. Miss De La then slowly walks over to him and forces him to face her and while still holding his mask in one hand, she makes the cut throat, thumbs down gesture right before his eyes, very methodically and slowly. He nods with vicious intent as the black and white of the camera returns to the exact same moment it zooms in upon his firey red eyes, where it remains briefly and fades out.*

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Division One Diaries

    The camera fades in to show Thunder in a gym. He's sitting on the floor doing some stretches. He's wearing training shoes, some shin pads, black shorts and a black vest top and a pair of MMA gloves. There's also a some kickboxing training pads on the floor. He notices a man wearing walking in through the door wearing a body pad and headgear.

    Thunder: Hey, Steve, where have you been? It's go time! Come on!

    Coach Steve: Sorry man, got held up by my last client...

    Thunder: Your last client? Nobody matters when you've got me on your schedule. Now get these pads on, I need to get this session done. I've got a big ppv match this Sunday!

    Steve starts putting the pads on his hands and shins.

    Coach Steve: Are you ready for it? I've been watching and that Ty Johnson guy is a bit of an upstart.

    Thunder: He's a nobody.

    Coach Steve: He's the guy your old rival Dave Sullivan brought in, right?

    Steve has the pads on and he holds them, and Thunder stands ready to go and without warning he starts hitting. He throws a big kick straight off the bat at the mere mention of Dave Sullivan's name.

    Steve: Woah, easy!

    Thunder: Yes, Dave Sullivan. What the hell is that guy doing back? It's like he can't stay out of the spotlight for more than 2 seconds. I ended that guys career, shattered his dreams and now he's showed up with this kid hoping that he can live out his goals through him. It makes me sick, and it makes me sick that he's come in to the FWA thinking that he can do all of this at MY expense.

    Thunder throws a couple of quick stiff strikes at the pads.

    Steve: Easy! And check your feet!

    Thunder stops and points at Steve.

    Thunder: Don't you!..

    Thunder then resumes the stance and continues firing off with some quick jabs and a kick at the pads.

    Steve: He sure got the better of you last week on Fight Night! Your nose was bleeding everywhere man!

    Thunder starts hitting hard again and he can be seen gritting his teeth. He strikes another hard kick before taking a step back and turning his back to Steve for a moment.

    Thunder: Look, I got plenty of good hits in on him, Steve. The only reason he got me is because he took a page out of his mentors back. He took the same road that Dave Sullivan always took; the cowards way. He attacked me from behind. That proves to me that he's scared. That proves to me that he knows that he's not up to my standard. He's not on my level.

    Thunder turns back around.

    Thunder: You wanna know something, Steve? You wanna know something? Ty Johnson isn't a division one superstar. He's never been a division one superstar and he never will be, just like his punk ass, suit wearing clown of a mentor Dave Sullivan. He was never on my level either and that's why I ended his mainstream career. That's why he ran away and hid in a hole for several years before retiring, because he realized that he'd never be a division one superstar like me. And now he's mentoring his protege Ty Johnson to follow in his footsteps. Well I have news for you, Steve. Ty Johnson isn't a division one superstar. He's not going to be a division one superstar. Hell, he's not even a division two superstar. He's a division THREE superstar. That's waaaay down, waaay below my level. And on Sunday at Mile High I'm going to do more than give him a bloody nose. You got that? You feel me? huh? DO YA?!

    Steve: If you keep hitting like you've done so far this session you won't even break the glass ceiling that's holding you down so far in FWA. Come on!

    Thunder advances and starts hitting a flurry of strikes at the pads, mixed in with several kicks at Steve's midsection. He hits a few more hard strikes at the pads on Steve's hands and then hits a big time roundhouse kick at Steve's head. The coach stumbles and goes down to one knee.

    Steve: That's a bit more like it!

    Steve gets back up

    Steve: You know, let's be real for a second. You've been on a bit of a losing streak in FWA recently man, you've not hit the groove that I know you're capable of. You seem tense, under pressure to perform almost. You need this win on Sunday.

    Thunder: You know what? Maybe I have put too much pressure on myself. I need to ease up. I'm the best in the world at what I do, I don't need to prove myself to anyone here. If they don't realize who and what I am and what I'm capable of, then they're just underestimating me, and I'll prove it in the ring by beating their ass down and send them packing back to the minor leagues.
    I'm a 6 time champion, a 4 time world champion and I'm going to add to that here in FWA sooner rather than later. Ty Johnson is a stepping stone for me to achieve that and I need to repay him for what he did to me last week. That just gives me more of a reason to beat him up this Sunday.

    Steve: I don't know man, he has some fire that kid. Sullivan was struggling to hold him back from coming back at you last week.

    Thunder: Dave did that kid a favor holding him back. If he'd have allowed him to come back at me we wouldn't be having a match this Sunday because he wouldn't be cleared to compete.

    Thunder comes back at Steve with some more jabs and a hits a couple of kicks at his shins

    Thunder: So you think I'm putting too much on myself? You think I need to ease off a bit?

    Coach Steve: Not ease off as such, but it's like you're trying to convince yourself of some things these days man. Don't get me wrong, you are the best int he world at what you do, but like I said, it's like you're trying to say it so much you're trying to convince yourself instead of just going out there and doing it, ya know?

    Thunder backs off and puts his hands on his hips.

    Thunder: Ya know what? You're right coach. I do need to loosen up. I've let people get the better of me when I should have just gone out there and done my thing, beat them up, picked up my check and then move on to the next one.

    Steve: You got it, and I know you've got it this Sunday. Just go out there and do it man.

    Thunder: You know, I feel bad for Johnson. He's just doing what Dave Sullivan used to dream of achieving in his career. All those milestones that he couldn't achieve, all of those heights he couldn't reach. And now he's pawned those things off to Ty Johnson. Ty Johnson's trying to live someone else's second hand dreams.

    Steve: Maybe he should have read the history books to know how the story ends!

    Thunder: A great point, coach. the book reads: Dave Sullivan vs Tommy Thunder; Thunder wins. Tommy Thunder vs Ty Johnson will be written this Sunday, but history dictates that we all know who the winner will be. His confidence is high, he's on a winning streak and I'm not. His overconfidence is a classic Dave Sullivan trait that he'd have passed on no doubt and that's where he's going to fail. I'm at my most dangerous when I'm being underestimated. I am the underdog for this match and I like it. He's going to get a nasty surprise when he wakes up and sees the lights after losing the match.

    Steve: You got this. You're ready. Good session, now let's head to the cafe and grab a protein shake. I think you should grab a massage too, help you stay loose.

    Thunder: Good call coach. Good session, and, good talk.

    Thunder and coach Steve head off to the training room

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    "Why Do We Fall?"
    -Undisputed FWA Championship
    Shannon O'Neal (c) vs "The Exile" Cyrus Truth vs "One in a Million" Starr vs "BEAUTYxBEAST" Bell Connelly vs "Reignited" Michael Garcia vs Phillip A. Jackson
    Mile High 2017
    Pepsi Center, Denver Colorado

    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for
    Out of the hands of fate I’m tearing into truth
    This is the moment I’ve been waiting for
    Follow the future, swipe the blade I’m cutting loose

    With the press of a button, the newest FWA Exclusive is about to begin. In a somewhat unusual fashion, the video starts off with a city skyline? What’s so odd about the horizon, you ask? It’s made entirely out of Lego blocks. The amount of detail and care put into the city is rather impressive. The streets have their signs; cars are neatly parked near the sidewalks. Small Lego villagers are smiling and waving as they “pass” each other down the road. A happy little city it certainly is… or at least it was. As the camera continues to examine every last detail of the metropolis, a rough voice begins to monologue.

    ??? “This is my city.”

    The tone of the voice is in an almost comically exaggerated range, nearly too masculine and deep.

    ???:“When I was young, my parents were taken from me.”

    It says with much manly sorrow.

    ??? “It was then I knew what I had to do.”

    ...Wait,...This is Bell doing Batman, isn’t it?

    ??? “Many nights have passed, and many villains have tried their best to take over, but they all failed because I am more than a man. I’m a symbol I am the night. I am vengeance; I'm the hero we deserve but not the one we need….Whatever that means. Drive out the darkness….Which is a pretty essential part of the night...which I am, if there were no darkness there would be no Night, but the darkness is apart of me. So I am both The Darkness and The Night, except when I’m driving it out. So just to recap: I am a symbol. I am the night. I’m vengeance. I’m SOMETIMES the dark. I’m Ben Affleck. I’m a terrible friend….Well, sometimes; Sometimes people are just rude to me for no reason, remember when Morgan Freeman got mad at me in The Dark Knight and quit? “Ohhhh Bruce tapping phones, that’s going too far”, and I’m here like “Dude, you made me an armoured tank that shoots at people!....What was my point again? Oh right! Thankfully all of those villains safely tucked away in Arkham.”

    ? Suddenly, a childlike ‘explosion’ is made, and a couple of Lego blocks are carelessly tossed around the city set. The sound of multiple blocks can be heard colliding with one another. The camera swiftly pans over to another part of town, and we see a little brown haired news reporter Lego woman standing with a fixed smile on her face. Holding the newscaster is an actual human hand with light purple nail polish.

    Reporter“Breaking news!”

    -Squeaks a MUCH more high pitched voice, as Bell goes up an entire octave scale

    Reporter Five inmates have escaped… Arkham…? Yeah, Arkham Asylum. Gotham City is in turmoil! It is unknown what they plan to do or even if they’re working in unison to make their grand escape, but we know for sure that they could be up to no good! We advise all citizens of Lego Gotham City to hide! Scream.AHHH! “Just who could take down these notorious criminal overlords!?

    Who indeed. The camera swivels away from the reporter as we move on to the next “Scene.”

    ??? nananananananannnananna

    ….but not before the voice adds the famous Adam West Transition “nananananana” sound effect as we go to the next scene. The new Lego set is made almost exclusively out of black bricks. Little Lego bats are towered over the dark brown edges of the cave walls and within the cave are black blocks to make up multiple towers supporting the famous Batcomputer. A small rotating Lego seat is sat in front of the massive light blue screen.

    Bruce Connelly‘Puter!”

    The overly gruff voice returns and a hand holding a Lego Batman figurine marches towards the giant screen.

    Bruce Connelly“Give me an analysis of the inmates that broke out of Arkham!”

    The giant hand manipulates the lego batman hands to press aimlessly on the keyboard while yet another voice -Cold mechanical and robotic- hits the scene.

    'Puter: “BEEP BOOP BUZZ…..Analyzing security camera footage.” “Accessing Gotham criminal database…”

    Bruce Connelly“Barbara! The city needs us!

    Batman demands as he does a sick 450 flip into the chair set before the Batcomputer….But then a somewhat awkward pause ensues as the scene seems to grind to a sudden halt as the Batman figure seems to freeze in its place as we hear rummaging in the background along with frantic mutterings from the girl controlling the whole scene

    Bell Connelly: Aw shoot! The one day I forget my Bat Girl figure! Ok then just going to have to improvise...Ah perfect!- A-hem-

    Bruce Connelly
    : Did I say, Barbara? I meant Alfred! Fire up the Batmobile!”

    And sure enough, the giant hand placed gently as an “Alfred” figure stood behind Bruce and began to speak in a put on accent ”

    Bellfred: Right. Away, sir. WOOOSH!

    Bell moves the Batmobile onto the scene.

    “Criminal database examined. List of possible candidates being extracted. I am a computer.”

    Suddenly Bell tapes a little piece of paper onto the Batcomputer. The list reads as follows:

    ▻ Penny aka Sofia Falcone
    ▻ STARR aka Red Hood
    ▻ O’Neal Shannon aka Two-Face
    ▻ Truth Cyrus AKA Scarecrow
    ▻ Garcia Michael aka Bane
    ▻ Phillip A. Jackson aka Sal Maroni
    ▻ Montgomery Gabriella aka Pamela Isley
    ▻ Zachary Kazadi aka Condiment King

    : “Running facial recognition scan. I am a computer. Beep, boop.”

    Bellfred: “Bruce.”

    Bruce Connelly
    : “Batman.”

    Bellfred: . “Ahem, Batman. What could three of Gotham’s most notorious villains even be after?”

    : “If my deductions are correct… which, because I'm Batman, they always are… it’s no good.”

    Bellfred: “Can it be?!”

    She lets out an audible gasp and moves Lego Alfred’s little arm to cover his mouth.

    Bellfred:“That’s never been done before!”

    Bruce Connelly: “Until tonight.”

    Lego Batman’s voice is one of grave concern. What these villainous scumbags are doing is something that apparently has never been done before.

    Bruce Connelly:
    “No doubt about it.”

    Bell shakes Lego Batman’s little head.

    Bruce Connelly“They’re trying to take the crown jewel of Gotham City!”

    The camera swiftly pans over to another part of Lego Gotham City. While the camera rushes over, Bell does the usual “nananananana” tune. We quickly pause to what appears to be the tallest building in Lego Gotham City, and we slowly pan up to the top. Taped on the top of the building is a toy version of the FWA world title, a couple of flashlights hit it to make it look shinier than it is. Bell throws gold and silver glitter to help make it look spectacular. Back to the Batcave.

    Bruce Connelly:
    “The crown jewel of Gotham City holds untapped potential, Alfred.”

    Bell lifts up Lego Batman from the chair, and he begins to ‘walk’ back and forth through the cave.

    Bruce Connelly No one has even tried to take the crown jewel to Gotham City before. We don’t even know what it does!”

    BellfredSir, if I may… if they’re so powerful and mysterious, why are they on the tip-top of the tallest building in Gotham for everyone to see?”

    Bruce Connelly Hindsight is twenty-twenty.”

    Before Alfred could respond with one of his usual witty quips, the Batcomputer interrupts. Finally, it has figured out the menacing figures behind the attack on Arkham.

    Extracting data from Gotham Memorial Hospital. First escaped inmate has been identified. Scarecrow aka Cyrus Truth Beep boop.”

    Bruce Connelly “I should’ve known.”

    His super manly voice shows the slightest bit of concern.

    Bruce Connelly:“Cyrus and I have some unfinished business to settle.”

    Bellfred“Whatever do you mean, sir?”

    Bruce Connelly
    , I’ve faced off with Cyrus several times over….and every time he’s escaped by the skin of his teeth ”

    Bell sits Lego Batman back down at the computer and moves his little hands to make it look like he’s typing.

    Bruce Connely:
    “Cyrus and I go way back. About five matches to be exact. This is a man who utilises fear and kicks it up a notch. He has this ‘fear toxin’ he had created himself to strike fear into even the mightiest of his opponents. He’s obsessed and is now stronger than ever. I’m sure with him being so close to the jewel makes him all the stronger.

    Bell shakes Lego Batman’s head.

    Bruce Connelly:If he takes the Keys to Gotham City and uses them to their fullest potential, who knows what could happen? The entire city could be shaken with fear! Cyrys would like everyone to believe that we should be more afraid of him than he is of us that we know the truth. Cyrus Truth is nothing but a sad, scared little man hiding behind that mask. He projects his fears onto others as a defence mechanism. He’s always on the defence, never assault. That’s why he could never get away with taking the crown jewel to Gotham. Only possible way is if the other two take each other out first. I won’t let that happen.”

    Bell takes a minute to catch her breath. The rough and gruff Bale-esque Batman voice is a killer on your vocal cords after a while. Especially for a girl.

    Bruce Connelly: “Cyrus is nothing but a scared child, looking for a finger to point for his shortcomings. And when he left his morals behind he felt like he liberated. That is false. He is now lost more than ever. That does make him dangerous as he is now a bit of a recluse. He’s unpredictable, but that’s the only thing he has on his side. I don’t fear him now because no matter how much he puts me down I will always rise to fight him I will do it again. And again. And again. Until he is brought to justice. If Cyrus thinks that he and his fear tactics stand a chance against me, he is wrong. Cyrus with the crown jewels of Gotham is a hazardous combination because this is a man who doesn’t know what he’s going to do next. He’s not mentally fit to make his own decisions.”

    Bellfred“It certainly is a peculiar situation this man is in.”

    She says as her accent slips….Which is understandable since she’s doing about four voices at once

    Bellfred: “A man with not much to lose… but he certainly wouldn’t know what to do if he does capture this new found power.”

    Bruce Connelly:The Jewels are more powerful than the man. Even if Cyrus Truth were to be the one to claim the most powerful prize in Gotham City, It would be just another defence mechanism for him. The power would overwhelm him like before He would only use it as another totem to follow. Essentially, Cyrus would likely do nothing with such an arsenal. I would say that out of all the evildoers going after the key; Truth would be the most undeserving. No one underestimates his own potential more than him, and that will be his downfall by night’s end.”

    Bell moves Lego Batman’s right hand to scratch his chin as he ponders the disastrous things Cyrus Truth could do to Lego Gotham City. Just as he’s about to continue his train of thought (or outer-monologuing as Lego Batman may put it), the Batcomputer reveals the second figure behind the attacks.

    ‘Puter: “Loading video footage from the Gotham Museum of Lego History dot MP3.”

    Bruce Connelly That doesn’t make sense. You’re loading a video file, but it’s an MP3?”

    ‘Puter:“Shut up.”

    Bell retaliates against herself with her monotone computer voice.Silence fills the air and Bell moves Lego Batman face down into the computer’s keyboard. He begins to hit the keyboard with miniature hands.

    Puter: “Ouch.

    Bruce Connelly: “...Sorry

    The camera swiftly moves over being sound-tracked by the tone-deaf tunes of Bell’s “
    nananana” theme. We cut back to the familiar figure of the lego reporters.

    Reporter: “BREAKING NEWS FROM THE NATIONAL BANK OF GOTHAM! We have just caught glimpse of not one… but FOUR Arkham inmates that have escaped the asylum! It appears they are in search of the legendary ‘JEWEL of the City!’ and the monstrous Bane is just one of them

    What the camera cuts over and behind the reporter is a half-destroyed bank set and on top of the stairs stands the Lego figures of Bane and a couple of henchmen with moneybags are standing behind them.

    Bane: Ah, you think the main event is your ally? You merely adopted the main event. I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t know what the main event was until I was already a man!”

    Bell says in the infamous accent as seen in The Dark Knight Rises.While Bell frantically rushes a bunch of panicked citizens away from the bank. The scene truly is chaos. Following the familiar Batman theme tune (as sung by Bell, of course) we cut back to the Batcave.

    Bruce Connelly:“This is bad. Bane is a dangerous man. And when he’s after the jewel? This is very bad. But I’m Batman. I’m not afraid of anything. I’ll find a way out of this.”

    Bellfred“As usual, sir.”

    Bruce Connelly: “ He’s even more dangerous because he’s hungry, he’s been bumping his head against the glass ceiling trying so long to break out of that prison, he’s been held captive for years…

    Bellfred: Prison?

    Bruce Connelly: “Yeah you know the one. The greatest prison in the world that’s just a hole in the ground that has no guards or cells or security, so there’s no one stopping you, climbing out and releasing all the other prisoners.

    Bellfred:That makes no sense.”.

    Bruce Connelly: “Yeah, in hindsight The Dark Knight Rises was dumb….

    Bell seems to pause momentarily to reflect on how society as a whole overhyped that movie.

    Bruce Connelly One thing I noticed about Mike is that he has an over-reliance on a drug called ‘Venom.’ His pride. He won’t admit that. He sees himself as too big of a person to be controlled Truth is, Mike’s thinks so highly of himself that he’s become lazy. This is a man who thinks so much of himself that he doesn’t see anyone else as a threat. He will soon fall under the weight of himself. The Venom that fuels him will take him to unimaginable heights, and his fall from grace will be one like a meteor. The impact will be devastating. Michael Garcia believes he could commit his crimes as he pleases. Just come and go. Whenever the opportunity arises for him to appear bigger than he is, he’ll take it. Once he fails, he’ll vanish. He’s an opportunist. He’s so used to having everything go his way that the minute things don’t, he drops for his pursuits. Then something bigger comes up, and he’s back. Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat. That’s why he’s been locked in that cage for so long He sees nothing more than numbers and destruction and not the little bits and pieces in between. He’s a smart man but blinded by rage and design to prove he’s as good as he says he is.

    Lego Batman types away at his keyboard and pretends to look up files on Bane.

    Bruce Connelly Like Cyrus, He uses intimidation as a weapon, because of his sheer size and power. But he doesn’t know how to utilise it properly. The fear one sees when facing Bane.? That’s temporary. That’s a fear that strikes a nerve, but it’ll go away. Just like a Scarecrow-induced nightmare. It’s nothing like the fear that I’ll put into him. I may be the smaller of the two, but that doesn’t mean I know nothing of fear. I will not give up until Garcia is put down. The fear I will put into him will not be a temporary thing. It will slowly sliver down his spine, and it will keep him up every night from tonight onward. Then he will truly know what fear means. Fear is vengeance. Fear is lasting. Fear is me.Justice will prevail, and it’s always darkest before the dawn, yadda yadda. You know how the superhero speeches go. Don’t worry about me, Alfred. You should know by now… Batman always wins

    Puter “Searching for the third escaped inmate.”

    Bruce Connelly “WHERE ARE THEY?!

    Puter: “....”

    Bruce Connelly:Sorry, again.”

    He screams with much intensity. Upon realising how carried away he had gotten, he calms down once more.

    'Puter: The Third inmate identified Shannon O’Neal AKA Two-Face

    Silence descends over the scene momentarily. Bruce’s super gruff manly voice sounds a bit more somber.

    Bruce Connelly: “Shannon..."

    Bellfred: “Something wrong, Batman?”

    Bruce Connelly Shannon was once someone I looked up to. You could say… respected.” His voice softens noticeably “she was a good woman. But now…”

    Bell lifts Lego Batman’s head up from the keyboard and shakes his head.

    Bruce Connelly: “No. That doesn’t matter now. Ever since my parents were deconstructed in Crime Alley… ever since Robin got lost under the bed, never to return… all those I’ve lost… that doesn’t mean I could turn my back on justice. No.”

    Bell appears to take his outer monologuing to heart. The turn from Mick Foley to someone else… something else… sure has affected her.

    Bruce Connelly:“I don’t buy her little act. I thought Shannon O’Neal had more heart than this. I thought she had more perseverance. After all the trials she was put through… No. I don’t buy it. I think that Shannon was using all of these setbacks at the hands of evil to pull the switch. She’s always had it in her she follows a guiding light. Only this time… it’s the demons inside of her that got the better of her. She submits just so… so easily. Maybe this was how she’s always been, and this is just a cheap intimidation tactic. Maybe this mask she put on… perhaps this isn’t as deep as she’d like us to believe. She could change her persona at the drop of a dime but will point the finger at her inner demons or troubles. She can’t take responsibility for herself...But she wants to change….I think, or maybe I want to…

    ...There’s a definite tonal shift now; the words begin to spill out of Bell like a tap and with every word sounding slowly more panicked with every word the lego batman stays frozen in place. The gruff voice now forgotten as Bell sounds continuously more emotional.

    Bruce Connelly: See, I have faith in her. HAD...i want to trust her; I need to trust her but how can I be sure about anything….about...everything anymore!I'm Not, it doesn’t make any sense it….doesn’t...WHEN DID THINGS GET SO COMPLICATED?!

    At this emotional release a giant hand sweeps across the scene and sends Lego Batman scattered away from the camera finally pans away from the Batcave, and we’re slowly revealed to the surroundings of the giant Lego setpiece. With bright LED lights shining all about, it appears to be a backstage area where interviews are usually conducted and Standing above the scene Bell Connelly is revealed at last breathing heavily -And coughing lightly due to extensive voice acting- Her blue eyes clouding over in frantic emotion. The sudden yelling almost looks like it startles Bell, who quickly covers her mouth with
    er balled up fists. Moments pass and her fists unfold which leads to him slapping his mouth a few times before continuing, trying to calm herself down in the most frantic way possible eventually she stretched her hand out raising a shaking forefinger towards the camera.

    Bell Connelly: This wasn’t supposed to be like this… this, this isn’t how I wanted this to go.“ the entire point of this all… besides showing off my rather impressive and costly Lego collection was to try and wrestle normality back to my life. To show that what’s been going on these weeks hasn’t affected me and I can walk into all this insanity and come out the other end with that world title as calmly as playing with lego....But here’s the thing. I do share the same thoughts of Bruce Connelly, but that doesn’t mean I’m that guy...I don’t have the jawline for it; I don’t have the weird mystique of Cyrus Truth. I’m not to be put on the same pedestal as someone as legendary as Phillip or PAJ or. Whatever you want to call him. And I’m certainly not to be categorised as the ‘fastest rising star in the last five years like STARR.

    Bell puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head.

    Bell Connelly“ And as much as I wish I could be like Batman… because who wouldn’t, right?” “I’m not. I’m… I’m just Bell. Vulnerable. Human..doing her best with every opportunity she’s given who you’ve seen in the ring and these interviewers… that’s who I am. I don’t have the smoke and mirrors to strike fear into people’s hearts. What I do may not be as intimidating as what other’s do but I’m doing what I love, and I love what I do. What you see is what you get All heart, all in. but.. see.Tonight? Things don’t work like that. Not tonight.I can’t use lego to shoot out metaphors about how I’m not afraid of the Mile High Massacre because things are just too complicated… You want it straight up? You’re going to hear a LOT of stuff from a LOT of people. You’re going to hear about kings and queens and princess and Stars. Of redemption, or forming empires…of alliances and interweaving feuds….and me?”

    Bell lets out a bitter laugh tugging at her hair.

    Bell Connelly: Oh yeah, they love to talky talky talky about me! And I know exactly what they’re going to say, See, if this match were just a rap battle, I would 8 mile it, and they handed me that belt. They’re going to talk about how I’ve lost EVERY SINGLE shot I’ve had to win this belt.

    Bell starts counting off names on her trembling fingers.

    Bell Connelly: “Cyrus Truth. The Carnal Contendership. Ryan Rondo. Cyrus Truth Zachary Kazadi. Cyrus Truth. AGAIN -Oh trust me I know that list off by heart- They’re going to say how I blew every shot I had at this belt. And they’re going to talk about what’s up with Shannon and me? Am I I a knight in her service? I’m I going to help her? I’m I going to step aside as she wins that belt? Are we going to implode like a supernova in that cell? Questions! Questions! But you want to know the BIG secret about all of this?

    It’s clear that Bell notoriously unbalanced mind has entered some manic stage, her words are spilling out of her at the speed of light, punctuated and underlined by flailing hand movements, but now? She pauses momentarily leaning towards the camera her palm covering her mouth as if she was about to impart some great secret.

    Bell Connelly: “...None of that matters.

    She backs away once more walking back and forward in front of the camera pacing.

    Bell Connelly:
    “You want to know what does matter? Two miles of chain...over ten tonnes of solid steel...thirty-six feet in diameter. Five men will enter. And four will leave with absolutely nothing to show for their efforts. One will leave with a prize that makes all the suffering worthwhile. A prize that will last longer than all the pain that you will feel, a chance to become the World Heavyweight title. You almost don’t think it’s worth it. You almost question if what you’re going to go through is worth just an opportunity to become the World Champion because once inside that cell you’re not just fighting the four others who have the same goal as you do. You’re fighting the Cell itself. You’re fighting the chain; you’re fighting the steel, it is as much a weapon as it is a prison. It’s something that very few can prepare for; you cannot prepare your body to land in unforgiving steel. You cannot prepare for being launched face first into miles of steel or being hit in the face with a ladder. No, because there are a lot of things in this life you can prepare for but what you can’t prepare hell itself and the Mile High Massacre si the closest thing that you can get to hell on earth. That cage is the single most dangerous weapon that you can have at your disposal. It’s a weapon that every single person in this match will be looking to make use of it. Everyone, from Cyrus to PAJ, will be looking to use that Chamber as a weapon to benefit them but the one thing I know, is that every single one of them fears the Mile High Massacre They are walking in there with fear in their hearts and clouding their minds….and trust me, I’m afraid too. But it’s not because I’m afraid of what it could do to me. No, I’m afraid because This has to be the moment for me! This HAS to be it for me! How many more times do you think I’m going to get a shot at the world title. I’m so tired.So tired. Of people patting me on the back and telling me, “Hey good hustle out there. You did a good job but maybe next time” I’m tired of being the girl that works her fingers to her bones, only to get the door slammed time and time again, I don’t want that! ,I want out! I can't live in a box anymore! PAJ, Starr, I’ve heard your voices, I’ve seen your passion, I know how good you are! And I know Michael Garcia is a monster! Cyrus Truth is deadly, and Shannon O’ Neal is my best friend, and I’m not going to say I deserve it more! Then any of them.BUT I NEED IT MORE! THIS MEANS MORE TO ME THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW! YA HEAR ME?! MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW!"

    The sweat is pouring down Bell’s face; she looks like she's about to explode. This is not an average show of determination; she wants to win this. She takes a moment to calm down just a little bit, to not pop an artery, She speaks in a tone that's still intense, but not so much yelling constantly like she was before.

    Bell Connelly: I have the most to lose. I'm backed up against a wall, but I'm not backing down - I'm ready to push forward. I have everything against me, but that's okay - I'm used to it. Doubt me. I dare you

    A couple of seconds pass after Bell says that, and she allows the words to sink in because, in her mind, you can take that to the bank because it's going to happen.

    Bell Connelly: I'm Bell Connelly- the lovable loser who everyone looks at as an easy win, but everyone is in for a rude awakening inside this Cage because the "lovable loser" becomes the "improbable winner".”

    Bell closes her eyes for a moment and arches her head back lightly blowing out her cheeks nodding to herself, squaring her shoulders standing up lean and proud.

    Bell Connelly For three years I've climbed the mountain, looking for that key to free myself- looking for my penance and that redemption so I can stare into the mirror to make the voices stop. And on Sunday, November 12th I only have 15 feet left to go..."

    Do you feel that? That burning sensation in your heart? It's not from the fries you were eating fatass, that is passion. Bell’s eerie yet growling way of saying those words made that feeling. As the camera starts to zoom out and Bell starts to walks away with the camera goes lego Batcave black
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Fight Night
    October 20th, 2017

    Jason Randall is being dragged from the ring by Penny following his match with Starr, in another losing effort, but that seems to be the least of his worries at this moment in time because as they get backstage Jason brushes Penny away and looks at her with confusion and then begins to panic that catches Penny off guard.

    What's the matter? What's wrong?

    She asks with legitimate concern in her voice. He grabs her by her arms and pulls her in close with this crazed look in his eyes.

    Where is my title?! Where is it?!

    Your title?

    Yes! My X Title, where is it?!

    He releases her of his grip and backs away pacing near the entrance area while Penny looks confused.

    Did I leave it out at ringside?! Oh how could I be so forgetful, silly me!

    He's about to head back out but Penny pulls him back before he can go out and she carries him by his arm.

    Uh, I think you left it in the dressing room...let's go see

    Do you think so?

    Yeah...I think so...let's check

    She walks him to the dressing room and once they arrive there's a "title belt" on a draped along the folded out steel chair. In reality it's just one of those replica titles, but Randall being so far gone from reality at this point doesn't even realize that it's not real or that he's not even the champion anymore. He rushes in to the room and clings on to the title, pretty much hugging it and cradling it as if it were a newborn child.

    I can't believe I left it back here, I must have been so caught up in my match with Starr, at least it wasn't for my title...

    Penny smiles weakly.

    Well, the match was to qualify for the Mile High Massacre match coming up at the Mile High event...

    Jason looks at her in surpise.

    It was for the Mile High Massacre match?! How come I didn't know this?! How am I just finding this out now?!

    He paces around with a panic stricken look in his eyes before kicking the chair across the room.


    She puts her hand on his shoulder to ease him down.

    You'll be defending your title though, in a Clockwork Orange match against Tristan James Galloway, Zako Wrath, and Izzy Van Doren. It's in a steel cage with weapons all around...

    He turns to her with this devilish, twisted grin. He brings her in for a hug and strokes her hair while looking off into the distance of nothingness with a wide eyed expression.

    Oh my dear sweet Penny, you just know how to make me feel better don't you? You find my title for me and now let me know that I'm in such a delightful sounding match...

    Can you just make me a promise?

    Anything for you my sweet...

    Please don't hurt my friend Izzy...but you can hurt Zako and Tristan all you want...

    I'll try to be easy on her, for you...

    Another thing, don't worry about me and my match with Deception at Mile High, I'll be just worry about yourself...okay?

    Yes of course, anything for you...

    He's not really listening though, as the camera zooms in close on his evil, sick, and twisted grin before fading out.


    Mile High
    November 12th, 2017

    Backstage of the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado the home of Mile High. Jason Randall is sitting in the dressing room with his title and Penny, along with Fred. It's still hours before the show and Penny is finishing up getting ready while Jason sits and thinks to himself in silence.

    I'm gonna go get something to eat, want anything?

    She asks Jason, who doesn't answer. She asks again but still nothing, so she shrugs.

    Okay then, but don't you get mad when I don't bring back any food. You can stay here with Fred, you two play nice!

    She walks out of the room leaving Jason and Fred alone. Jason is sitting in a chair with a blank expression before leaning back and dozing off to sleep shortly after...

    *Jason suddenly wakes up but realizes he's not in the dressing room at all. He still has his title and Fred is still there but he's not stuffed. Imagine a person in a cat costume, yes that's what Jason is seeing right now. No person in particular, just a person. Jason stares at him blankly, trying to figure out what's going on. The room they are in is a blank, plain white space. With no one around except them.

    Is...this real?

    Fred simply nods. real?

    Yes, everything you see is in fact real Jason.

    How do you know my name?

    That's not important.

    Are you my conscience? Are you here to tell me what I've done right and what I've done wrong? If so I don't have time for that I have a title to defend and I don't need to hear any advice on how I should better myself. I'm doing fine...

    I'm not your conscience, but do you really think you are fine?

    Of course I'm fine, why?

    Are you really the champion?

    Yes I am, I am the king of extreme! There's no one more extreme than me! What are you trying to get at?

    No need to be rash my friend. I'm just here to help.

    You're not my friend and I do not need your help!

    Oh but you do need my help.

    Why should I listen to you?

    You don't have to but it would be wise of you to do so.

    He sighs.

    Fine, go on with it.

    Well first things first, you really are not the champion.

    What do you mean? Of course I am! I've got the title to prove it!

    Have you actually looked at it?

    Jason looks at him perplexed before looking at his title.

    What do you see when you look at it?

    No answer from Jason as he just stares at his "title". It slowly begins dawning on him what is going on and he tosses it across the room.


    Calmly, Fred responds.

    No, she doesn't think that at all. She was just merely trying to spare your feelings about your loss to Tristan James Galloway.

    Don't give me that crap! She takes me for a fool and thinks I'm some sort loser because I lost MY TITLE TO THAT SON OF A BITCH!

    She doesn't think that at all. As a matter of fact she thinks the world of you and wants nothing but the best for you. You've just been so caught up in your own world that you don't see it.

    Don't try to make me feel bad and look like the bad guy! She's the one that should feel bad! I see what she's been going through with Deception and Zako Wrath. Now she has that match with Deception and I see the way he looks at her, and how she feels bad for him.

    I'm afraid you're wrong Jason. You haven't been there for her with all the stuff she's been dealing with Deception and now deep down you feel guilty but choose jealousy to cloud that.

    There you go again, speaking about crap that you know nothing about! I would be there for her but I've been busy dealing with this X-Title gauntlet that that mick bastard Ashley O'Ryan put me through just so he could see me fail! I'm gonna prove him wrong though because I'm gonna take back what is mine and when I do I'm gonna rub it in his lousy face and tell him where to stick it!

    Do you truly think you can do it alone? Every other time you won because of Penny but the one time you failed to do so she wasn't at your side. Do you believe in yourself?

    Of course I believe in myself. I know what I'm capable of once I step in that ring, especially in the environment that I'll be, a Clockwork Orange match. They don't know what they're getting themselves into when they step inside that cage with me. I'm a rabid animal once I'm locked inside that cage and there's no telling what I'll do to them when they're in there with me. I don't need Penny at my side...

    Do you believe that? Or are you just saying that to make you feel better about yourself?

    He glares at Fred.

    Have you seen what I can do? Do you want me to show what I can do because if you're willing to be a test subject then I'll be more than happy to rip you in a million pieces, though I don't know how Penny would feel about that

    Fred, remaining calm as ever simple shakes his head.

    That isn't necessary.

    That's what I thought. Listen, I know I'm ready for this and I know I can do this without Penny. I held that title for many months and defeated just about everyone that got in my way. That is until Tristan James Galloway took what meant the most away from me, and now I will do anything to take that back. I need that title, don't you understand? I need that title because it is a part of who I am. It is my heart. It gives me life. I am part of it and it needs me too. Does Tristan James Galloway feel that way? I doubt it. He may be riding a wave of momentum now but he's about to get knocked off back down to reality and face the consequences for his actions.

    Do you know what I'm going to do him? I'm going to savor every moment that I pound my fist into his skull, or use a barbed wire baseball and wail it right into his midsection until he's coughing up blood or smash it straight into his forehead until it's nothing more than mangled up flesh, closely resembling ground beef. He's going to regret taking what is mine away from me. I'm going to beat that regret out of him until he's a lifeless husk, unable to move. Letting him know that he isn't cut out to hold my title.

    Fred, unfazed by the descriptions of what Jason is willing to do, simply nods.

    As for Zako Wrath, The Walking Disaster. He is nothing more than just a man that hides behind a mask and that bitch De La Muerta. I have proven that before when I beat him, thus giving him his first ever loss in FWA. I proved that he can be beaten and I will do it again. I do not need the help of Penny to defeat this man. I will do so on my own because I can. I will do what no one else besides me has been able to do and that's leave this may laying in the middle of the ring. Battered, beaten, and bruised. Then he'll tuck his tail between his legs and go off back where he came from to lick his wounds until he can fight another day.

    As for Miss De La Muerta, well she can talk a big game. She can tell me all these things that Zako will do to me or will do to Penny like it's a threat. It is no threat. I fear no one, not even her so called monster. If she's not careful I will get my hands on her and I will show her exactly what I can do when I'm motivated enough to.

    Jason takes a breath and exhales.

    Then there's Izzy Van Doren

    A friend of Penny.

    Is she really though? Does she really care about Penny? Does she feel the same way that Penny feels about her? She's just as fake as her little boyfriend Starr. She's still trying to find her identity. What is she really? She's not this punk rock girl that she portrays herself as. There's more to her than she lets on but she's unwilling to reveal herself so she hides behind this fake persona that she's given herself because it makes her feel safe. The thing is though, she isn't safe. Once she's locked inside that cage with me with any weapon I can get my hands on, she won't be safe. She should be scared. If she thinks she can beat me just because Starr did so well then she's as foolish as she looks. I told Starr what I would do to her before our match and now I am going to be a man of my word and do what I said I would do to her. There's nothing that she or Starr can do. There's no stopping me what she's going to go through when I get my hands on her and put her through unimaginable amounts of pain and suffering. Nothing she's ever felt before and something she'll wish to never feel again afterwards.

    She's stepping into a man's world, my world. I don't play nice in my world. Especially when my heart is on the line. She doesn't know what it's like, no one in this match does. They don't understand what is going on in my head and if they did they would be absolutely terrified by what they see. They couldn't handle just like none of them will be able handle what I will put them through in this match. Izzy can act like this tough girl all she wants but I'll show the world that she's a fraud. I'll prove that Tristan James Galloway is weak and I'll prove once more that Zako Wrath is nothing more than man. All of them are frauds that hide behind fake personas and I will expose them all, and then my prize awaits me. My heart, oh how I will cherish it once it's back in my arms.

    To quote Rorschach in the Watchmen as well as our event's poster: "I'm not locked in here with're locked in here with me". I am the true monster that awaits them inside that cage to reclaim my heart.

    Fred sitting there, still nodding as Jason gets up.

    Thank you for allowing me to get this off my chest Fred and for opening my eyes.

    Before Fred can respond, Jason knocks him to the ground and begins punching and choking him*

    Jason suddenly wakes up and realizes he's back in reality. He turns to the stuffed Fred and looks at him devlishly, and just as he's about to bring harm upon Fred, Penny walks back in.

    Did you two have a nice time?

    Oh yeah, we had a great talk us two, didn't we Fred?

    Jason laughs bringing a smile to Penny's face as the scene slowly fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    The camera fades in from black to Starr thinking about a question. He's seated in a navy and white room. Multiple cameras from multiple angles film him.

    Starr: I don’t know. When I was a little kid, I… I was the kid that you’d look at and you’d say “Oh well he’s not doing much.” -He laughs it off.- I never really felt like I… “belonged” -He said in an uncertain tone.- in any way. I was definitely uncomfortable with myself. Ya know?

    The footage fades to a dark image, a small haze billows up the screen and we get a small logo for FWA’s new documentary.

    FWA Docs presents:
    Starr: Keep On Keepin' On”


    Starr: I don’t talk about my home life a lot…

    Some background music slowly fades in and plays

    Starr: My father was an alcoholic, my mother a product of her surroundings. I was the youngest of 3 children. I actually have a half brother. My dad cheated on my mother shortly after my sister was born. My parents divorced when I entered middle school. I hopped from household to household. I spent a good amount of time living with my father. -Photo of young Starr.-My father and I… don’t have the best of situations. We never went fishing or anything like that. We couldn’t be more distant if you asked us. But, my mother and I, on the other hand, had the greatest relationship. We laughed, we played, we genuinely had great moments. Then she decided to remarry… and her new husband was the most sorry excuse for a loving husband there ever could be. My mother was born again Christian and he was too. Literally, almost the exact same as my dad. Alcoholic, except where my dad was quiet, this guy would pick fights with my mother, me, and his daughter. Yeah, you can say I don’t like the guy and I’d have every single right to. I put up with him for my mom though. That’s how much she meant to me.

    Quick cut to black.

    Starr: Then, I lost her…

    Slow piano/violin music begins to play. Images of Starr as he grew up with his mother begin cycling through.

    Starr: I was at a wrestling show and I got back to the hotel and I got a text from a family member saying “Don’t know where you are but I feel like you need to be here.” I said, “Well I’m like a day away”, I was in Chicago at the time, “Can you tell me what happened?”. They replied, “It’s your mom, Ian. She died tonight.” And I felt all emotion escape my body. I was numb for the rest of the night. I didn’t feel like crying, I wasn’t screaming, I was… emotionless. I cancelled the show I had the next day and I drove back home. It was honestly the worst month of my life. We had her cremated because that’s what she wanted. We had her funeral on her birthday later that month. I used to not go home, but now it’s my goal to go out there at least a couple times a year.

    Camera fades as Starr’s eyes water and he wipes a tear away.

    The camera reopens to a shot of a car pulling up to an old gymnasium. From behind the mounted camera on the dashboard you hear Starr sigh as he looks at the building. The crew get out of the car and immediately film Starr’s reaction to the site. In a voiceover, we hear Starr’s thoughts. B-roll of footage from the interior of the gym is under his speech.

    Starr: So this place is my Mecca. This place has the biggest part in the creation of Starr and looking from the outside, you wouldn’t think that. But this building means almost everything to me. -Starr walks the now empty and spray painted halls. The graffiti covers the locker room ceiling to floor. Starr walks into the actual gym part of the building and in the middle of the room is an 18x18 ring. Starr climbs in and examines the ring by taking bumps and running the ropes. Everything seems the exact same way he left it.- I came here with my sister and we’d watch the local heroes and ya know screaming our heads off for Joe down the street! This is the building where I trained. -Starr’s old trainer steps out of the office in the back of the room. He's walking around with a cane and is wearing a white polo and khakis. His hair has an almost Dr. Strange like tint to it. He smiles at the former student and climbs in the ring to give Starr a big hug and congratulates him on his recent accomplishments.- This is the building that saw me become a man basically. This is the building where every wrestling match I first had took place...

    -The scene shifts to Starr and his trainer sitting on the apron casually. The camera focuses on the young talent.-

    Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the man that trained me, Mr. Biff Redguard. I call him Coach, so uh will you please tell these people about training me.

    -Zoom out to reveal Starr's trainer.-

    Biff: The worst years of my life… -The room fills up with laughs as the comment from the gravel voiced old man breaks the cast and crew. Starr buries his face in a turnbuckle and cackles. The old man's laugh is deep and hearty. His shoulders raise each time he exhales.- No I kid, but the boy is great. Training him was like working with a… sponge. He soaked up a lot of my teachings. Funny as hell too. He'd come to me with all these crazy, wacky gimmicks that he'd want to do just to pop him and myself. You wanted to be a… millionaire, snowboarding, cowboy if I remember correctly. -The old laughs again. Starr nods as he gets a huge smile on his face. He chuckles to himself a bit remembering all of his weird character ideas.- Working with the kid was always a treat. My best student and I'm extremely proud of his success.

    Camera fades out on the image of Starr and Biff recreating one of the photos of the two on the wall.

    realizing the goal:

    The scene shifts to Starr back in the previous interview position.

    Starr: I was probably eight or nine years old and I was staring up at my television watching wrestling and I remember just looking up and seeing guys doing flips over the top rope to the outside and people reacting huge for it and I was just like… I think THAT was the moment I wanted to be a pro wrestler…

    Upbeat punk sounding music plays as we see early clips of Starr wrestling. High fiving fans and doing his early moves like planchas and top rope dives.

    Starr: I mean it’s weird for ME to think about this because my childhood ya know as messed up as I’ve made it out to be, had some great moments. My parents supported me with whatever artsy thing I wanted to do. They… They’re the reason I’m here and the reason I’m the way I am in person and on TV, ya know? I really can’t thank them enough for it.

    Starr: With wrestling, it was a lot of looking at these big, “larger than life” personas and the acrobatics and the agility, ya know you look basically like a superhero! AND it was one of those jobs I or other people can actually do. Ya know because being a Power Ranger or Spiderman aren’t really careers you can pursue… unfortunately. I can’t do those jobs and be looked as a perfectly functioning normal human being. But being a wrestler and putting on some spandex lacing up some boots and going out there and fighting another guy in a ring I guess that makes me… more normal? Getting back into childhood, you find out that not a lot of other kids like wrestling. I didn’t find a lot of friends. I didn’t get along with most of my classmates. I was the kid with the glasses. THE ONE KID and I got picked on because of that and so my self confidence... -Thumbs up, thumbs down- in the toilet. I played basketball, er tried to play, to try and make friends, but I sucked at that. Last person picked on a team in gym class, definitely not a popular kid, no invites to parties, I didn’t go over to anyone’s house and hang out because I had wrestling. People look at me and are like “Woah you’re like.. this and that and whatever” but like I still have a lot of those feelings. I was a socially awkward kid ‘til- actually I probably still am a socially awkward kid now that I think about it! -He cracks up.- Oh yeah, I was just different man.

    why do you keep doing this:

    Starr stands in the ring in his full gear leaning on the ropes. His eyes are focused on the mat and he shifts his gaze up to look at the camera. The song kicks in when his eyes meet the camera lens.

    Starr: Wrestling gave me a purpose like I had never known before okay? Because wrestling let me meet all these other crazy weirdos like me that love this thing just as much as I do and it’s just- AH! It’s awesome!! I can say with zero hesitance that I meet some of the absolute best people through this sport.

    Starr high fives some of the FWA roster backstage.

    Starr: As soon as I had my first match- As soon as it was over, my back bruised, my chest just- red all over, sweat pouring down my face, I knew that this what my purpose was. This is what I am put on the Earth to do. I honestly have no clue where I’d be if I didn’t have wrestling. Like it’s terrifying for me to think of the type of person I’d be and what I’d be doing. Legit scary...

    Starr is silent for a bit as he drifts off in thought… the music slowly fades. Starr is in deep thought but laughs to himself. The music from before comes back but transitions into a stripped down acoustic version.

    Starr: I think I’m scared of feeling… I guess average in a sense because that’s what I felt or the way I felt all throughout childhood and when I got into wrestling I felt something really deep inside say “This is what makes you special” and it’s just… wow… I don’t wanna go back. I crave that. I don’t want to be the guy that brings people down. I don't like the fans to not have fun because if they're not, then I'm not. ya know they pay their hard earned money to me to wrestle. I've wrestled in front of 10 people and I've wrestled in front of 10,000 and I make sure to give everyone what their money's worth. The thought of “ya know… maybe wrestling isn’t your thing” has never crossed my mind. Never. Because when anyone would say that to me I would say back “I’m gonna do this. It’s gonna be really good. Just you wait.” And that’s the end of it. Wrestling helped my depression because I built up this- I don’t know if you’d call it a defense mechanism but I don’t get angry anymore. I just keep on keepin on, ya know? Like if people rag on me on Twitter, or I feel like crap after a match, or I know I could’ve done this spot better or this hold, I don’t feel bad. I become inspired by negativity. Like I use it as fuel for my fire to be a better wrestler. I became a better person because of wrestling.

    Starr smiles as the camera fades to a shot of him doing his signature pose on the top turnbuckle. Just before jumping off, the camera quickly cuts to black…

    Starr: Bang…

    A simple end credit follows.

    © Fantasy Wrestling Alliance
    © Elevated - State Champs - Pure Noise Records

    Denver, Colorado
    Denver, Colorado the site of FWA’s Mile High event. The epic structure known as Mile High Massacre is where Starr will meet Michael Garcia, Phillip A. Jackson, Bell Connelly, Cyrus Truth, and the FWA Champion Shannon O’Neal in a test of endurance and skill. The weight of the situation hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rookie. His first pay per view main event and possibly many more hang in the balance. A chance to breakthrough is at stake for him. In an empty wrestling venue, Starr sits in the middle of the ring. He looks down at the ground focused and then his eyes shift to the camera. He smiles and throws up his peace hand sign.

    Starr: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back it’s me One in a Millionnnnya know what... maybe that nickname is getting old? I mean it’s the last relic I have of who I used to be… I should probably consider changing that... STARR!!!!!

    He laughs to himself. Seemingly just now realizing what he’s gotten himself into.

    Starr: Ya know, FWA fans… I owe all of this to you… I owe this match, I owe that qualifying match, I owe every single opportunity… to you… FWA has been my home for awhile now. I've had my ups, my downs, my in-betweens and you all stayed with me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. I want to thank you for that. -Starr puts his hands together and bows.- From Day 1, I've been on a mission: To pursue the best competition this business has to offer. And I got exactly what I came here for when I first walked in an FWA arena. Ever since then, I have wanted to be the best that this company has had to offer. Early on, I’m not ashamed to admit that yeah, I was an awful person. But at Carnal Contendership, I walked to the back and realized something. I realized that ya know maybe the problems I was having with management were of my own design. Making my own mistakes and paying for my sins… When I looked at the man that I saw in my mirror, I didn’t like what I saw anymore. I saw a suit. I saw someone who shut down on his problems. I saw the complete antithesis of what it meant to be yourself. Because I wanted to please a sponsor. That’s when I decided to change every single thing I wanted to be. I wanted to be different, new… the next generation of FWA talent. I wanted to change whatever it was you ever thought about me. I wanted to be the best wrestler in FWA, hell in the entire world. I wanted to be an FWA champion... And I’ve had many opportunities over the past few months… but I came up short when I needed to… But right now that goal is in my reach. Because ever since I beat Jason Randall and I qualified for Mile High Massacre, I realized what was before me. My first World Championship match. My first pay per view main event. My first Mile High Massacre match…

    Starr: Bell…

    Bell’s appearance is drastically changed by a glitch in the video. Whether this on purpose or accident is a mystery, but considering the director of the video is standing in the ring, it's more than likely a stylistic choice. Starr’s intense stare continues as he stands up.

    Starr: You and I are no strangers to each other. We met earlier this year when the stakes were a North American Championship match and you beat me fair and square. To be honest, I really liked where our friendship was going... But I have to say Bell, you have an absolutely shitty taste in best friends… Bell, I know the girl inside you didn’t want to hurt me. You don’t want to be ordered around by Shannon, so why do you let her?! You’ve shown everyone around the world and myself the beauty on the outside… but at Mile High I don’t want that, I want the Beast on the inside.

    Starr: Cyrus Truth…

    The same glitchy footage appears to have affected Cyrus as well. Starr continues pacing around the frame venting his frustration.

    Starr: The Exile and the former World Champion of FWA has reared his head into the picture. You see this is the man that, until recently, had turned his back on the FWA fans. So far he’s unproven as if he’s really changed or if this is to gain some respect and salvage what he has left of popularity. These may all sound like digs and Cyrus, but if I’m being quite honest I really am looking forward to seeing who will come out between us. Ya see Cy, you are the measuring stick of FWA. You’ve done everything and won it all. You have the power. You’ve got the experience edge. But on my side I have my speed and agility. Untapped potential. Simply I’m a wildcard, no disrespect to Jason Randall… I’m unpredictable because you’ve never met anything like me, Truth. And that’s THE truth because that’s how it’s gonna be!

    Starr: Michael Garcia…

    Starr smiles at the mention of Garcia’s name. Whatever attachment he has to it it’s obviously personal. Garcia can be seen walking the halls of an arena flanked by his personal team.

    Starr: I appreciate the help you and PAJ decided to grace me last Fight Night. But that’s the only thing I’m grateful for with you. Because it was some time ago when Michael Garcia got a little too cocky behind his keyboard on Twitter and called me “some, insignificant jobber”... I haven’t forgotten that Mike. I’ve been waiting for my shot to prove to you that the guy you called a jobber way back then is not the same person now. Because the man before you is better. So much better that you came and basically lampooned my gimmick. Oh I’m sorry “Reignited” is so much more different than “ReStarrt”... You saw what actually giving a shit about competition did for me, all the opportunities it brought me and you said “Hey that’s easy I can do that too” and you rebranded yourself! Now I’m not knocking ya, bro. After all it may just be simple coincidence… but it won’t be a coincidence when I take down the Monster of the Midway inside Mile High Massacre.

    Starr: And Phillip don’t think I forgot about you! -Starr comically wags his finger pointing at the camera.-

    Starr is taken back by the mention of his name. Starr see’s PAJ as a personal hero.

    Starr: You’re a 2 time FWA World Champion, a 2 time North American Champion, and a guaranteed Hall of Famer when you finally retire. When I came into FWA I wanted to be like PAJ, I wanted to walk in his path and follow it to the T, but I realised that I can’t walk the same path as somebody else. I’m my own person. PAJ, is one of the absolute best that FWA has produced and it’s a dream match of mine to finally face off against him…

    Starr: I walk into Denver with one goal…

    He pauses realising who the real target is in all of this.

    Starr: I want to be the World champion and right now the only person on my mind is Shannon O’Neal. Shannon…

    Starr's usual nonchalant demeanor switches severely. His happy go lucky smile has turned into an intense glare at the camera. The simple action of Shannon’s name coming out of his mouth sends Starr into a rage. Starr can’t help but feel that that’s the only emotion he should feel for the woman he thought he knew.
    Music kicks in.-

    Starr: I used to respect you. I used to think you and I could see eye to eye on things and then you turned your back on those people. Those people that brought you up to the level that you’re at now, you ditched them, took your champion’s paycheck, and left them in the dust. I used to respect you because I thought you had a little thing called honor, but now I see that that was all a silly ploy to get the championship. Shannon, -he scoffs- I don’t think you realise what you’ve woken up inside this beating heart of mine. When you attacked me after my match, you didn’t just kick me in the face. Oh no, you spat in my face, the fans faces, and in the face of every single rookie in this locker room! Ya see those rookies are my brothers and sisters and all of their anger, all of their frustration after months and months of being talked down to and being held down by you, Cyrus and the rest of this roster, they’ve put their fighting spirit in me. You spat in the face of the fans. You deserted them and when you felt your spotlight shifting to a new talent, you decided to kick me out of it again. Ya know I was barely conscious when you said it… when you called me… “a kid”. Now anyone that knows me knows that I hate that word… because everyone seems to think that because I’m new here that I’m… inexperienced when it comes to that ring. But if you knew anything about me, you’d know… that’s not the case. I’ve taken on every single challenger that’s come my way… Thunder, Randall, WOLF, and hell even your… well what exactly is Bell to you? Is she a friend? An enemy? A minion? Shannon, I’m not some kid… All of them challenged me, and I brought every single amount of fight I had to them and I made sure they would remember my name. Shannon, when we stand across from each other in the middle of Mile High Massacre, you’ll find out that this “kid” can out wrestle anyone in that ring, even a World Champion…

    The music suddenly stops. Starr stands in the middle of the ring with all the lights pointing at him. He takes a moment to breathe and collect himself. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. He focuses all his strength, raises his arms, and puts his palms together. He brings them down to his chest. He opens his eyes and a music cues.

    Starr: The only thing that matters, the only thing that I need to have right now is the feeling of taking away the FWA World Championship from Shannon O’Neal’s dirty little palms and pulling off the biggest upset the entire wrestling world has ever seen by becoming FWA World Champion… I’m breaking the bank when I do the impossible, touch the untouchable, when I break the unbreakable...

    Starr: I break boundaries and I broke everyone’s expectations of what I could do. I challenged for the X, Tag Team, North American, and now the World Championships all within a year. I don’t want to just BE a part of this match. I want to be the absolute best! And that’s exactly what I plan to prove when I walk into Denver, Colorado. I know I won’t be walking out the same man when I walk out of this match. Bodies have been mangled, torn, ripped to shreds, but it’s all in the pursuit of the richest prize in FWA… And I want each and every one of these participants to know that it’s not me locked in Mile High Massacre with you… it’s you locked in the unforgiving, cold, steel cage... with me… and you have absolutely nowhere to run, hide, or seek shelter from the absolute best wrestler of all space and time and the man that when he grabs the FWA World Championship will leave every single member of the FWA Universe absolutely…

    Starr pauses…

    : Starr-struck…

    -The camera zooms out from Starr’s eyes. Starr does his signature pose as he stands in the middle of the ring
    alone as the camera zooms out. “ROW! ROW! Fight the power!” repeats and fades away. Fade to black.-


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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    The camera is on. A chess board is on display. A lonely man is shown playing with two sides of the game. It is heavily implied that the man is one half of the Vultures, Chris Manson.

    ''White queen took the black bishop. Check.''

    After the voice reveal, Manson takes the white queen piece, a name is written on the piece. Camera zooms in the queen, now we can see the name: CONNELLY. Manson pushes the black bishop down with the white queen.

    ''Seems like miscalculations are making the black army pay. Now, what is black king going to do?''

    Manson looks at the board and moves black king one square back. The camera now zooms on the black king piece. It also has a name written on it: CHRISTOPHER

    ''The only option is retreat, for now. White army has the black army trapped, for now. The white king is laughing. I can feel it.''

    The zoom is now on white king piece. It is named after the FWA World Champion: O'NEAL

    ''This chess game has a lot more layers. There are not just two armies. There are dozens of armies, they all wait on different chess boards. The black army has to look around for an opening. The white army has to watch its back. The black army will retreat, for now. The black army has more important battles to fight in another boards. The white army also has more important battles to fight. They both know it is not the right time to end things. White army has lost nothing. Black army has lost its prid-''

    *knock* *knock* *knock*

    Manson sighs before answering.

    ''Come in.''

    The door is opened by a large man, who goes by the name of BUCK. BUCK enters the room.

    ''Still upset about the match against O'Neal?''

    ''I don't want to imagine how little effort it took for you to realize this obvious truth.''

    ''You're right. It didn't took much.''

    Manson has a sour look on his face. He continues to look at the chess board while spinning the black king piece in his hand.

    ''We were fooled again BUCK. I don't even know what to d-''

    BUCK looks irritated, and his anger shows itself when the larger part of the tag champions shockingly kicks Manson's chess board down.

    ''Look at yourself. You look like a rejected school-girl right now. Did you forget who we are? Or what our place is?''

    Manson slightly chuckles while looking at his ruined chess game.

    ''Oh, we got one-upped by the world champion. These kind of things happen, Chris. That's why she is world champion. She did it by one-upping everyone.''

    ''This is not just about her, or Bell Connelly. My calculations proved me wrong. I thought a shift would appear between the two, but her betrayal somehow brought them even closer. We were not prepared for that, hence we lost. We tasted defeat for the first time in that ring. That was a taste that should never be tasted. And...and I can't get over that.''

    BUCK says nothing for a few seconds.

    ''Then you should. You know what is coming.''

    ''Yeah, yeah. The tournament.''

    ''And in that tournament, you know we are going to face them again. So, If I were you, I would not let them manipulate me like that. Look at yourself, we were supposed to be the manipulators but once somebody other than you do a manipulating, you get manipulated as well. The champ manipulated the bimbo, not you. Get up and be the fearless brains of the Sin City Vultures again. Don't let them get into your skin. If you do, then we will taste defeat again, and again.''

    Manson looks at his partner with wide-open eyes. He looks surprised. He tries to reply but can't find anything to say.

    ''I'm going into the forest again. If you're determined about being a lovesick boy, then I don't want to see it.''

    BUCK walks into the door, opens it and says one last thing.

    ''By the way, they put me against Mark Merri-something in Mile High, one-on-one. Be there, and see that Vultures are still a dominant force in FWA.''

    BUCK closes the door. The camera closes after getting one last view on Manson's face.


    The camera is on again. This time BUCK is holding it. He is wondering around the trees, it is clear that he is looking for something. But he decides to sit and put the camera down. He looks straight to the camera.

    ''Mark Merri......''

    BUCK looks at his hand and reads his opponent's name.

    ''Mark're dead. Oh, you're so dead.''

    He turns to the camera again.

    ''I don't personally know you. I never paid any attention to you before. And quite frankly, I had no intention of hunting you down, but you see, me and my partner, especially my partner has been in a rough patch lately. He needs a reminder, that the Vultures are still the most dominant force in FWA. And not just him, that needs this reminder. FWA Universe should remember, remember the shock they felt when we first came here. Or the shock that they felt when we won the tag team championships. Chris lost to the world champion. But we still have the titles. And we are still going to be in that tournament and slaughter every team that's going to be in front of us. Before that, you will be in front of me. In that ring, there will be nobody but me and you. You are a clueless man. And I am the hungry monster, that will give everything to gain some prestige back. On paper, you may have some chances. I don't know anything about those papers, but I'm sure they wrote some chances to you. The Vultures does not play the game on papers. We play it on the ring. We play it with our rules. And our rules include putting you into our wooden table...and feast on you until there is nothing left of you.''

    BUCK gets really close to the camera, glaring at it with intimidating eyes.

    ''Mark Merriweather. You will die, so we can live.''

    BUCK closes the camera.
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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    At Odds

    Paterson Police Department has a staff of 400 sworn officers and 125 civilians. The department is so large because of how large Paterson is itself. Paterson, NJ is the second most densely populated city in the United States. That's over 160,000 residents in a city that has over 4,800 crimes annually. Your chances of becoming a victim of a violent crime while in Paterson are 1 in 126.

    The Police Director for Paterson PD is none other than a man named Jerry Speziale. While working as the Chief of Police in a city of Alabama, Jerry reduced crime by nearly 64%.

    Now he is working for Paterson, and today he brought a guest speaker to talk to his officers and civilians. This guest speaker was considered a rising success story for the city of Paterson. A young man who at once was at odds with the very officers he is coming to speak to. The thing about Ty Johnson is when he is at odds with someone, usually he ends up being the one to come out looking like the winner no matter who wins or loses.

    Officer Thomas specifically remembers Ty Johnson, and all the history that comes with him...

    "In my twelve years working for the Paterson Police Department, I have never encountered another kid like Ty Johnson. We were always getting calls to his house, probably as early as 2001. Most of the time we just passed it off to CYS, but I've had to take a few of his mother's boyfriends out in cuffs. As you could expect, Tyrone started to follow in those same footsteps.

    The first time I brought him into the station he was 8 years old. He had stolen a brand new 2004 Chevy Silverado. That car was big back then. Can you imagine an 8 year old driving down the streets of Jersey in a Chevy? He eventually ended up crashing at 10 mph into a parked car. Even at the age that kid had some moxy. He thought he was the toughest SOB in the whole joint.

    But one particular day involving Ty stands out to me more than any. The year was 2012, Johnson was probably 6 or 7 years old. I had gotten a call about a suspicious looking person in a predominantly white part of town. You know the year, every news station in America was talking about Trayvon Martin and nothing else. So here I roll up to the scene, and I see a teenage black kid in a baggy hoodie and a backpack slung over his right shoulder. He had a pair of dark denim jeans that were hanging about halfway down his ass. Being African American myself, I've got a million things going through my head. Tensions were pretty high about this kinda stuff at that time, hell they still are. I remember thanking god that I got to this kid first. I remember even dismissing the threat of this kid...

    Do you know how crazy that is? For a police officer to go to a scene and dismiss any threats without properly making sure? I saw the kid was black and I immediately thought it was some old white woman who saw a black kid near her house and called the cops.

    So I roll up in my cruiser with the window down. I just wanted to check on him, make sure he was okay and that he wasn't in a bad situation. But right when I pull up next to him, he sees me and bolts of running. I'm thinking god dammit kid, why you gotta do this to me. I jump out of the car and start chasing him down the street. Like I said this place was a predominantly white neighborhood. It wasn't like most places in Paterson. The windows were all in tact, the cars were locked and clean, and the walls were naked of graffiti. But one thing that won't blend in is a black kid running down the street with his pants falling below his ankles. I see him turn the corner, one hand on his backpack and the other hand holding up his jeans. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape, but I'm not going to lie this kid had me gassed. But just as I turn the corner, I see the kid laying on the ground. Standing right above him with his fist cocked is a muscular white man wearing a polo shirt and some jeans. Right away I recognize this guy, he was the football coach of the nearby High School. I brought him in a couple times for beating on his wife, but both times she refused to give a statement and we had to let him go.

    Then I look over and see the kid, and I think I know this kid too. It was Tyrone. Now I have to make a judgement call here. I have Ty screaming that this white guy punched him, and I have the football coach saying he was helping me stop a criminal. I put the douchebag football coach in cuffs. I remember thinking it could be my last chance to bring him in. Not for today, but for him being a piece of garbage who beats on his wife. I see Ty clutching his backpack pretty tight. I wanted to sit him down and talk to him. Ask him what he's doing so far away from home, ask him why he ran why he saw me, and even ask him how his older brother Wayne was doing over in the Middle East. But out of nowhere the wife of the football coach comes and starts slapping me. Starts asking me why I'm arresting her husband for helping the police. I have this irate woman I have to subdue, and a jerk football coach screaming in my ear. I finally get the woman eating dirt and have her cuffed, but when I turn around to my goddamn disbelief...Johnson is gone.

    Stupid kid didn't realise that I knew where he lived. My shift ended shortly after the football coach incident, but I was concerned about Tyrone. So off duty I went to his house. I went up to his door in my civvies, and gave it a loud knock. No answer. I knocked again...still no answer. That's when out of the corner of my eye, I see that same dark figure in his baggy black hoodie and backpack, sneaking around the corner and down the ally. So I followed him, I kept my distance but I followed him. He took me all the way down to an old rundown basketball court in downtown Paterson.

    There Ty meet three guys, all dressed about as classy as Ty was. What I saw next didn't surprise
    me, but damn did it disappoint me. Johnson opened up is backpack and took out a pretty decent sized package of cocaine. He gave it to one of the guys...but instead of getting money in return, Ty got a fist instead. Ty was getting jumped by all three men, and it looked like they were going to kill him too. I holstered my firearm and yelled police. All three guys scattered, and left Ty laying there on the foul line of the basketball court with blood pouring out of his mouth.

    I helped Ty up, and I told him he has no idea what he was getting into. I won't forget his response...he told me "You have no idea just how into it I really am".

    I felt for this kid, I really did. That's why I didn't bring him into the station, but I did bring him in. At least I tried to anyway. I brought him under my wing. I wanted to be a mentor for this young black kid. I know first hand how hard it is getting out of the streets. So trust me, I was more proud than anyone to see him speak today.

    When I saw him come into our auditorium wearing that black suit and looking like a gentlemen, I think a tear came out of my eye. Here is this kid who could have been dead that night, here he is a professional wrestler in the FWA. He doesn't have to deal drugs to support his family anymore. I was giving speeches to him, and now he is the one talking to me and my colleagues.

    During Ty's speech he talked about someone particular. He talked about his upcoming opponent...damn I can't even remember the guy's name right now. Tommy something...Tommy Lightning I believe it was! And the more he talked about this Tommy Lightning guy, the more it reminded me of Ty and his past. Ty talked about how much of a bully this Tommy guy was. And it brought me back to all the bullies I've see Ty deal with, like those thugs on the basketball court.

    But then Ty talked about how he was going to overcome it. He talked about how much he has overcome the challenges life has thrown at him. Then I realised it. This Tyrone Johnson kid, he was born to overcome the odds. He has been at odds in his life more than anyone I know. Sometimes he gets his ass kicked by those odds, and sometimes he doesn't. But no matter what happens, Ty always walks out feeling like a winner. And he finally explained why...he said because no matter what he knows he tried his damn best.

    He told us that fighting Tommy Lightning might be one of his biggest At Odds moments yet. Tommy has experience in the wrestling ring that multiplies the experience he has.

    But I know Ty Johnson well enough. No matter what odds he faces, he will overcome them. He might lose this match against this Lightning guy, but that does not mean he will not overcome the odds. "

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    The scene opens up inside of an office with a very familiar looking man sitting at the desk going over some paperwork when his phone rings.

    Yes...who? Oh...yes I know her...whatever you do don't let...

    Before he can finish his sentence the door to his office bursts open revealing Penny, along with her cat Fred, who is in her free hand as she opens the door. As she enters she waves happily at the man before taking a seat across from him at his desk and placing Fred in her lap.

    Hiya Phil!

    her in here...

    He hangs up his phone and sighs, closing his eyes.

    What are you doing here?

    Oh Phil, is that any way to treat an old friend like me?


    Phil laughs at this.

    Really, friend? After that stunt you and Jason pulled on me when he pulled a gun on me!

    Oh come on Phil! The gun wasn't even real, remember?

    I remember pissing my pants out of fear for my life, that's what I remember! I also remember telling you two that I never wanted to speak with either one of you ever again, don't you remember that?

    No, I don't seem to recall that ever being said. Oh come on Phil, it was just a silly prank between friends!

    Again, we are not friends, hell didn't you hate me at one point?

    I did? I would never hate my good buddy Phil! Look Phil, can we just talk please? It's about Jason...

    No way, I want nothing to do with that maniac!

    Please Phil, I'm really worried about him!

    That's not my problem, now if you don't mind could you please see your way out of my office and never come here again

    Penny sniffles and tears begin rolling down her cheeks. She holds Fred close as if he's saying something to her.

    It's okay Fred, don't worry about it. Phil doesn't mean it, he's just upset. Let's go...

    Phil looks at her like she's nuts as she gets up to leave, he sighs again and mutters to himself.

    I'm probably going to regret this...Penny come on back...take a seat

    Penny turns around with a bright smile on her face and tear stained cheeks that have caused her eye shadow to run a little. She bounces back to the chair and plops down in the chair.

    Thank you so much Phil, thank you! I didn't really know who else to turn to about this...

    Alright, what is this issue with Jason?

    Well, um...did you know that he won a title in FWA?

    I wasn't aware but that's good for him I suppose because it was something he was striving for.

    Yeah, well recently he lost the title but the thing is...he still thinks he's the champion...he doesn't believe he lost it and this time he's really lost it I think...I mean up in the head...

    Is that it? What am I supposed to do about that? Shouldn't you be more concerned with yourself rather than him?

    Well yeah but I just thought you could help him and maybe talk some sense into him...

    No way, not happening. I'm not getting anywhere near him, I'm sorry Penny but it just isn't there anything else you need to talk for instance why you're talking to a stuffed cat

    Oh Fred...he isn't stuffed...he's a real cat!


    Fred is just a bit shy around new people, that's all.

    I see...

    I guess there is something I could talk about...

    That is?

    Well I have a match coming up with this man named Deception, who wears a mask and has some sort weird obsession with me, and he thinks Jason is no good...

    Sounds like a stand up guy

    Oh no Phil, far from it. He doesn't mean well at all. I know he's spreading lies about Jason, it's not true! He just wants to hurt me to get to Jason because of Jason beating him in a match awhile back.

    She brings Fred up who whispers something to her.

    See? Even Fred thinks he's no good! Deception is a no good person that just wants to spread his hate to those that are already happy. He's just jealous because of what Jason and I have because he can never find someone to have that kind of happiness with, that's all it is!

    Fred whispers again.

    I mean yeah I guess you do make a good point there Fred. He did jump in front of me when Zako Wrath was about to spear me into oblivion but that doesn't change the fact that he's no good. I don't really want to hurt him, I don't really want to hurt anyone but sometimes I'm just given no other choice. Deception won't listen so now I have to take it to drastic measures in this submission match. One way or another, I'm going to make him quit. No matter how hard he tries to not quit he'll have no other choice but to do so. It's been going on for far too long now so I have to end it...

    Phil stares across his desk at Penny in awe of how far she's lost it too, speaking to a stuffed cat right in front of him and acting like he's not even there.

    Deception is gonna have to learn the hard way that he can't just be spreading lies and hate. That's not a nice thing to do. He'll learn how to play nice, even if I have to force him to he'll learn!

    She looks back at Phil.

    Thanks for listening Phil! We better get going, see ya!

    Phil is just flabbergasted in silence as Penny bounces out of the room, still talking to Fred.

    What's that Fred? We should get him a replica title belt? That's a good idea!

    She happily skips off as the camera turns back to Phil, who is still flabbergasted until his phone rings bringing him out of it and he answers it as the scene slowly fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    It has been ages since Mark Merriwether has won a match. After such a hot start to his FWA career he is now becoming a joke, an afterthought. He has lost endorsements due to his losing streak and he fell into a deep depression. His condo has foreclosed and he is currently living with Mean Mark Jones and his family in Seattle. They consist of wife Lillian and daughters Sarah and Lilah. Living with the Jones family has really helped him realize that he has been living a ridiculous life. A life of materialism that gave him a false sense of happiness. Halloween was especially an interesting day. Mean Mark and his wife took their kids out so Mark handed out candy for the kids. Seeing the kids with their parents made him want a family. Tonight, Mark has a match at Mile High against BUCK of the Sin City Vultures. But yesterday Mark had some words for his opponent.

    November 11th, 2017

    Mark is training with his close friend Mitch White and cousin Chris Johnson in the gym in Mean Mark's house. He's focusing on his strikes and takedowns. The difference in height and weight is very apparent to Mark so he needs to be ready for this. At first Mark seems very unfocused but as the session goes on it's apparent he's getting better.

    Mark Merriwether: Thanks for helping me guys and hello FWA viewers. I know it's not the first time I've been up against somebody bigger than me. I even beat both James Sync and Humanity earlier this year. Due to my losing streak everybody just assumes that BUCK is going to destroy me. What they don't realize is that I'm a changed man. I have recently started seeing somebody, that waitress named Rachel you all saw me with earlier in the year. I'd like to apologize to all my previous opponents and you great fans for all the cruel words I've said. Becoming a literal loser, a word I've called many people, made me re-think my life. I will no longer flaunt my lifestyle. You will still see my friends. They will no longer be referred to as my entourage but my family. I don't want to call this redemption, I've only lost a few matches. This is more like rebuilding. Rebuilding myself, my character, my life.

    "Big Bad" Mike Jones shows up wanting to help, seeing the fact that he's almost the same size as BUCK. This seems to be a huge challenge for Mark but he successfully takes Mike down more than once. Mark Merriwether is getting his confidence back.

    Mark Merriwether: BUCK I know you. You're going to come into the match confident as ever that this will be a quick victory for you. You're sadly mistaken, however. I'm one of the most resilient wrestlers out there today. I can take on anybody of any size and create magic. I understand you're a pretty brutal guy. You like to destroy other opponents. But look at my track record. I took Jason Randall and Lord Vincent to the limit! Twice in Randall's case! I've gone through hell in matches and despite losing I still came out better than I was before. Until I started really losing. But that doesn't matter anymore. I'm here to show everybody that I'm just a flash in the pan. I'm here to win. Not only to win matches but to win the appreciation of the fans.

    Feeling refreshed and confident, Mark ends the training session. He decides to go to bed early as he has a very big day ahead of him.

    November 12th, 2017

    Mark is up and at em eating breakfast with the Jones family as well as "Big Bad" Mike Jones, Mitch White, and Chris Johnson who all stayed the night.

    Mark Merriwether: Today is an important day in my life. Tonight I go up against BUCK. A big fight in my life. I wouldn't say the biggest, but it's a big one. All of you have helped me back on my feet and have helped me realize what a terrible person I had become. Tonight I'm not just wrestling for me, I'm wrestling for my family as well. BUCK get ready for a battle, I won't go down easy. You will never forget the name Mark Merriwether. I can't guarantee that I will win but I can guarantee that crowd and the critics will be shocked and awed. And tonight will be the night that Mark Merriwether is rebuilt!

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 25

    "Priorities and Principle"

    Our scene opens with a flashback, to last year's Mile High PPV. We see images of the Mile High Massacre match itself, the storm of steel and flesh that brought FWA's champions to the brink...and for some, past that. On particular note is the ferocity and rage of the defending FWA World Champion at the time, Cyrus Truth. Fans will recall that a lot of Cyrus's rancor against FWA started when they decided to put him in Mile High Massacre and made him defend his title in a match that, as Cyrus's past words reiterate, was beneath him as a champion wishing to be defeated for his title:

    What "glory" does Mile High Massacre provide? What "greatness" is proven in such an environment? This is not a match where the objective is to defeat your opposition. Fight, yes, but defeat? No, no...overcoming your opponent is not the end goal. Pins, submissions...all the ways to prove you're the better warrior? They are meaningless. This is not a match that rewards the great. It's not a battlefield where the honorable can attain glory in combat. No...Mile High Massacre is an environment that rewards the scoundrel. It's a match where the jackals and hyenas thrive. The rewards don't go to the mighty lion, but to the opportunistic vulture who picks the bones after all has been left slain.

    As Cyrus's past words reverberate against the backdrop of violence and brutality, the camera pulls back as the image goes from a replay to showing the match on an older-model television set sitting inside a heavy oaken cabinet in the middle of a completely empty, grey-walled room. As the camera pans out, a pair of legs wearing dark slacks and black leather wrestling boots come swinging into view as we keep panning back and back. Eventually, we see the entire TV cabinet, and who the legs belong to...none other than The Exile himself.

    Cyrus is dressed for combat as he sits atop this TV cabinet. There's a somber look in his eyes, equal parts fury and contemplation. His elbows are resting on his knees as he rests his chin on his folded hands, looking almost like a gargoyle perched on a parapet, solemn and ferocious. The images on the TV, a somewhat dodgy resolution of the replay of last year's Mile High Massacre, continues playing on loop as Cyrus cocks his head left and right and stares daggers at the camera.

    One should always choose their words carefully, because very rarely are words ever truly forgotten. I imagine there's been a bit of chatter regarding my participation in this year's Mile High Massacre, especially considering the things I said about having to compete in that very match last year. I can hear all of, wrestlers, every last one of you. I can hear your voices cry out "hypocrisy." After all, having railed against this match so much last year, it seems a bit hypocritical to participate in the match for a second year in a row. My ears burn as people talk about how my greed outweighs my principles, and that my words don't mean a damn when it comes to the gold.

    Cyrus, at that, drops off the top of the cabinet and stands upright in front of the screen. Images of the match are replaced with snippets of Cyrus's message from Mile High 2016 that peek through. Cyrus steps aside so that the screen is more visible as he speaks, his tone low, commanding...compelling.

    I always choose my words carefully. Everything I say, I speak as Truth. And I never back away from what I've said and done. Mile High Massacre is no true way to win a World Title. There's no glory in surviving a car wreck of humanity and being just fortunate enough to climb a ladder and retrieve the trinket. A champion should have to be beaten for their title, even one who's proven themselves to be unworthy of such a title. How can someone prove themselves to be the best if the method of victory doesn't involve truly besting one's opponent? Mile High Massacre is the breeding grounds of vultures, jackals, and other carrion feeders. And I would be the world's biggest hypocrite if I were to compete in this match solely to regain the title I had lost.

    Here's the thing, though...those of you who have that thought in your head lack a true understanding of what makes me tick. It's an easy mistake to make, one that nearly everybody involved in this business makes. They see the title belt and think that all actions, all desires revolve around that shiny golden bauble. But that trinket means absolutely nothing. The belt is the illusion of greatness. Holding it, wearing it, posing with it is irrelevant if the person holding, wearing, posing with it is of a weaker will. A true champion is a champion even when he doesn't hold the belt. And a shiny golden bauble doesn't make the person holding it greater than they were before. Besides...the belt isn't why I'm competing in Mile High Massacre. I have...far bigger priorities than climbing a ladder to retrieve a trinket.

    The TV screen flickers until it resolves back to images of Shannon O'Neal. Her confrontations with Cyrus, silent words exchanged, Shannon's victory at Back in Business...and her tainted victory at the Anniversary Show. Cyrus quietly walks back behind the cabinet as images of Shannon's now haughty, prideful face play on a loop.

    FWA made it clear to me that I wasn't about to get another one-on-one shot at Shannon for the title or otherwise anytime soon. In their..."infinite" wisdom, they saw this as a compromise. Or rather they saw this as a way to humiliate me and try to get me to kowtow to them now that I don't have the championship. You'd think they'd have learned by now that it's a waste of time trying to get me to bow to their whims, but nobody ever accused the people running FWA of being intelligent or perceptive. But it's fine. FWA actually did me a favor. Not because of the title, as I've no great desire to regain my title in this match. But this match is sufficient for balancing the scales and making Shannon regret her very many poor life choices.

    Cyrus, from behind the cabinet, rests his hands atop it and glares at the camera, a slight smirk curling from the left side of his mouth.

    Shannon. I'm not angry with you, you know. Anger would suggest that you've wronged me somehow. Which, you have; but I'm beyond that now. You robbed me of any glory when you did what you did at the Anniversary Show, but it's not like you're the first. You'll probably not be the last either, if FWA continues to have their way. The Truth is, you're not that much different from so many others before you. The second you acquired the title, the title became your whole world. It's a mistake so many passion and glory for a pale facsimile of greatness. Now that you've had a taste of glory, you're scared to death of losing the thing that you think gave you that glory. You live in constant fear of being irrelevant, and think that holding that title belt will stem that spiraling descent into irrelevance as long as you have the title. I'm not angry with you for that, Shannon...but I am utterly disappointed in you. As cheesy as it might sound, you broke my heart a little when you chose the path you now walk. My heart's been broken and I've been disappointed time and time again, but it never stops hurting. You could've been so much more than you are right now. You could still be, you know. But...that's not what you chose. You chose to forsake glory for an accomplishment and a title. You chose to put your faith in gold and accolades instead of building a legacy worth building, worth being proud of. I warned you and anybody willing to listen that this path leads to nothing worth remembering or taking pride in, but you chose not to listen. I showed you Truth, Shannon, and you chose to remain blind! I gave you a chance to cast aside ego and arrogance and walk a path worthy of a warrior, of a champion, but instead you chose the path of a charlatan! I wanted you to be just wanted a shiny golden bauble to validate your pitiful existence.

    I see now that my time and breath was wasted on you, and it is the greatest regret I have since I've come to FWA. Losing the title at Back in Business was nothing compared to seeing the woman you've shown to the world. But FWA in their shortsighted attempts to disparage my words as hypocrisy have given me the means to reset the balance. Do you understand now why I'm entering the hell that is Mile High Massacre again? This isn't about the title belt. I'm not participating in this match to climb a ladder and tear down a belt like a thief in the night. The only reason I'm entering Mile High Massacre is for you, Shannon. To show you just how big of a mistake you've made in choosing this path you've decided to walk. I cannot let what you've done go unanswered. Not because of hate, but because of pride. Because I stand for principles that so many in this business have forgotten! No matter what happens, no matter what temptations may come, I stand by those principles. Because they are the soul of professional wrestling. They're MY soul. And someone has to, so that others may remember them and remember what is and isn't, what was and what shouldn't be! You spat on those principles, you've spat in my face, and have tarnished the very title of FWA World Champion all because you are scared to death of being called anything other than "champion." You've sacrificed my principles upon the altar of vanity and fear, and I will not suffer that anymore. I don't care about reclaiming the title. I don't care who walks out of that cage with the belt. The only thing I care about and the only objective I have in Mile High Massacre is ensuring that you lose everything. Your precious title. Your vanity. Your blood. Your body. Even your very soul.

    Cyrus walks back around to the front of the cabinet as Shannon's visage is replaced with Cyrus's. It's images of Cyrus's utter and relentless brutality; and as Cyrus continues to speak, his tone is one of utter and complete conviction, of single-minded focus and tempered rage. It's the tone of a man who's harnessed his anger into a singular compulsion, a cold fire that threatens to devour whoever or whatever he chooses to unleash it upon.

    I think it's time you learned something so many others have learned in the past. Something those others learned far too late...much like yourself. Righteousness is a powerful, dangerous motivator. When harnessed, honed, and wielding by one with the conviction to hold true to his principles and the will to do what is needed to be done to defend them, there's nothing scarier. That fear you have of losing that bauble and losing your relevance? You'll lose that inside the cage along with everything else. But that at least will be replaced with a far greater fear. The fear you'll know as you stare into the eyes of the man who offered you a helping hand, who bared his soul to you, who wanted you to shine brighter than any star in the sky...and know that the same man is focused on your abject and utter annihilation. I want your life to be a constant reminder of the price that glory and principles demand...a price you were unwilling to pay that I took from you, piece by agonizing piece! I want you to suffer the indignity you've made me endure a thousand fold! I want your nights from now until the end of your days to be restless, trembling in terror because you came face to face with the Grim Reaper himself and have your very spirit RIPPED from your body! Mile High Massacre will be where FWA World Champion Shannon O'Neal, the "Conqueror of The Exile," is left as little more a stain on the sides of the cage, and as yet another blemish in FWA's championship history. I will rake your face against the steel cage wall. I will batter your body with a ladder. I will tear you apart piece by piece until nothing is left but a reminder of the cost of forsaking principles and glory for fleeting vanity. I will beat the arrogance out of you. I will rip that vanity away from your rotten, putrid soul and leave nothing but fear in its place. You think you've figured me out, Shannon? Allow me to show you just how wrong you are...again.

    Cyrus clenches his fist and holds it in front of his face, closing his eyes in a pensive, focused expression. The images on the TV change again, but it's out of focus, fuzzy and faded by static. Cyrus lowers his fist as he glares at the camera.

    Shannon O'Neal dies at Mile High Massacre. She does not leave the cell with her championship, her health...and if I have it my way, she won't leave at all. So as for the other four idiots sharing that cell with me, I'm about to give you all the opportunity of a lifetime. The chance to "make history," despite the fact that none of you are truly worthy of it. I'm taking Shannon out of the picture. Her destruction is my only goal and focus. As I've said, I don't care to win the championship the way it's required in Mile High Massacre. Now, I doubt any of you care about actually being a champion and are more than content to win the golden bauble and feel like you've accomplished something. So, I'm going to let you. You stay out of my way. You do not interfere with me giving Shannon the righteous beating she so richly deserves. You don't even look in my general direction as I'm tossing Shannon's bloodied corpse around the cage, and you four can fight among yourselves and figure out which one of you gets to hold the shiny trinket next. Not that any of you have any right to call yourself champion should you end up with it.

    Cyrus snaps his fingers as the image on the TV screen clears.

    The Broken Dreamer.

    The image is of Bell Connelly, frustration evident in her face. Cyrus snaps his fingers again.

    The Untested Neophyte.

    The screen changes to show images of Starr, in his first matches and feuds. Another snap of his fingers.

    The Underachieving Monster.

    Now the images show Michael Garcia, coming up short on achieving his first taste of singles gold. Yet another snap of The Exile's fingers.

    The Pretender King.

    Finally, images of Phillip A. Jackson at the height of his hubris...right before the fall from his throne. The images of the four other participants in the Mile High Massacre cycle now as Cyrus continues expounding.

    Though none of you have proven yourselves to be better suited to the crown than me, I will allow you to retrieve the belt. Don't believe me? Why not? Is a man of principle so rare? I don't need the belt to prove my greatness. You four might. Truth knows you've not done anything to prove it otherwise lately. It's hard to swallow, I imagine...the idea that you're not worthy and are pale imitations of contenders. If FWA was fair and management was just, I'd have Shannon all to myself and you four would be spending your time back proving why you should matter. But that's not what's happening. So, here I stand. You have my offer. And while I'll never respect any of you for it, I'm going to give you what you four crave. Simply because I can't be bothered with winning the belt this way...and simply because any of you four, as deficient as you are, may make a better titleholder than Shannon. won't just leave me to my work. Because you're short-sighted. Because you see me as a threat. And you're right about that, but you'll interfere because you think I won't hold to my principles. But that's fine. You can die just as easily. Get a thought in your heads that you want to take me out, and you'll find that what I do to Shannon is not exclusive to her. You can either fight among yourselves for the scraps I leave behind for you or get skinned alive for thinking you were ready to take a shot at the Reaper. You can either try and take the belt while I crush Shannon's spirit, or choose to throw yourself to your death. And if none of you are competent enough to climb a ladder and retrieve the belt, then I'll just take it for myself. Not because I want it. Not because I need it. But because I simply can. At Mile High Massacre, Shannon is ended. And so will anybody who gets between me and her.

    Cyrus, in a flash, kicks the TV screen with all his might, shattering it and sending the cabinet falling backwards and splintering. Cyrus's fist is clenched tight enough to draw blood as the look in his eyes tells the story. Cyrus is focused. Cyrus is determined. And Cyrus is out for blood.

    The last thing we see as the camera goes black is that small trickle of blood from Cyrus's grasp. A somber reminder of the blood that will be shed in Mile High Massacre...and a warning to Shannon. The Reaper comes to claim yet another lost soul...

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Old Meets New...

    Chicago, Illinois
    November 5th
    Izzy walks into a small barber shop in downtown Chicago. She has her usual garb on. Leather vest, black pants, band shirt, and Chuck Taylors. Something seems very… different about this Izzy though. She seems hesitant… maybe even scared. Towards the front sits a small, tan, blonde woman behind a large black desk. She approaches the clerk.

    Clerk: *in a sort of friendly greeting* Hello how may I help you?

    Izzy: *very timidly* H-Hi… um do you all take walk ins?

    Clerk: *In a bright and chipper mood* Yes we do! What’ll it be today for you?

    Izzy: I want to dye my hair…

    Clerk: Oh oookay… *thinking it’ll be the same old neon green or whatever these punk girls want their hair colors to be* what are you looking to do hun?

    Izzy is bright red as she tries to spit out what she wants.

    Izzy: I want it blonde...

    Clerk: *In a complete shock* Oh honey we can do that if that’s what you want. You sure about this?

    Izzy: Yes… please.

    Clerk: -She smiles brightly.- Okay hun, come to the back and we’ll get you all suited up.

    Izzy follows the beautician behind the counter. After hours of dying and soaking Izzy’s almost pitch black hair in bleach, the final product is finally before her. The salon owner spins Izzy around in the chair for the final reveal. Izzy’s jaw drops almost instantly as she runs her fingers through her hair.

    Izzy: Oh… my… god… -She covers her mouth still in shock.-

    Clerk: Good, right?

    Izzy: Yeah, it’s just… this is so weird to see… -Izzy suddenly gets the idea to take this makeover a step further.- Uh, I know we just sat here for a long time, but you mind giving my hair just a trim. I was thinking something like… this?

    Clerk: That’s doable, m’am.

    Another hour passes and Izzy looks completely different as to how she walked in.

    Izzy: This is... insane… I can’t believe I’m doing this… -She’s laughing but is still taken back by what she’s done to herself.-

    Clerk: Well the deed has been done. Ya think we’re finished here girlie?

    Izzy: Uh yeah… here… -Izzy follows the woman back to her desk and pays for her transformation.-

    Clerk: Thanks hun! Enjoy the new look girlie! Welcome to the club b-t-dubs!

    Izzy: Club?

    Clerk: The Blonde's Club? Obviously! -She snorts as she laughs.-

    Izzy is deeply freaked out. A secret club that all blondes are a part of? Count her out.

    Izzy: Oh… yeah… I’ll just go ahead and leave now…

    The clerk tilts her head but still seems eerily happy that she'll see her new friend again.

    Clerk: See ya next time, M’am!

    Izzy quickly covers her head and walks down the street to the convenience store located closer to her apartment. There she, very hesitantly, picks up a bottle of black hair dye. She storms back to her apartment and goes to work stripping away the blonde and getting back to her roots. Once you go black, you don’t go back… at least she thinks that statement applies here…

    The next day, it’s back in black for Izzy as she strolls the streets of the Windy City with a new sense of swagger. She throws her hood up and a pair of sunglasses and walks into her favorite record store. It’s only two blocks from her apartment and the selection of her favored loud, aggressive sound is rampant. She browses the Heavy Metal section when she hears a familiar voice.

    Trystan: Hey…

    Izzy shoots up stiff as a board. Her ears can’t believe it. Trystan is actually trying to talk to her?!

    Trystan: Iz, I know we didn't get off on the right foot. I know when I'm wrong. Then I realized I was really the victim in all of this.

    Izzy’s eyes widen and her nostrils flare.

    Trystan: You deserted me when we wanted each other. Deep down inside I always knew you'd come back to me… -Trystan spins Izzy around and sees the most intense, rage filled glare.- Oh hey… I know that look, don't play coy with me Iz. I’m just gonna…

    Is Trystan trying to kiss Izzy?!?? Izzy quickly grabs Trystan by the collar of his vest. The store stands still eager to see what the next move will be.

    Trystan: *In a sort of stern whisper* Iz, what the fuck is your problem?! We’re in public!

    Izzy’s eyes see nothing but red when she looks at this guy’s face. She rears back her tattooed fist and slugs Trystan right in the mouth. The store is stunned silent. No one moves a muscle. They just gasp at the scene. Trystan falls to the ground, but quickly realizes something. That white spec on the floor…

    Trystan: M-my tooth?! You knocked my tooth out?!?! What the hell is your problem you psycho bitch?!?!

    Izzy quickly mounts and rains down punches Trystan does his best to cover up but only leaves Izzy open for body shots. Finally, store security come and break the two up. Izzy gets a few stomps in while the try to remove her from Trystan. They take Trystan out of the store and calm him down… He runs away quickly looking for a nearby dentist. The owner quickly faces Izzy after taking her into his office.

    Manger: Iz, you are so lucky I value you as a customer. You’re my friend and I consider you family, but for the love of God… what the hell were you thinking pulling that stunt out there? I could be sued by that guy! If anyone caught that on camera, they’re gonna wonder why I didn’t stop you after the first punch. -The short round man continues to rant to the wall. Izzy breaks down and cries into her hands.- Izzy… I’m sorry I raised my voice. What’s the matter?

    Izzy: Don… that guy… -She holds herself she’s unable to spit it out.-

    Manger: He did what, Iz? He did… -Suddenly it hits him like a lightning bolt.- He didn’t?!

    Izzy nods.

    Manger: Okay maybe I can understand why you knocked his tooth out of his mouth… You can stay at the store. But that guy has a lifetime ban for hurting you the way he did. I’m sorry Iz.

    Izzy hugs her friend and exits the office. The rest of the customers in the store stare as Izzy walks the aisles picking up and looking at the vinyls for sale. One parent grabs her kid and takes them away from Izzy in fear. She finally notices something. Everyone in this store is afraid… of her. Afraid of what Izzy can do. They saw her bloody a man that’s a foot taller than her. one’s ever been afraid of Izzy. Maybe she might be onto something with this new attitude. No one has ever really been scared of Izzy. She hates it…. but also kinda likes the feeling at the same time. A certain power of a crowd. She's never had this much control over an audience. She continues to peruse the music section uninterrupted and almost completely alone. She makes her choices to purchase and checks out. The cashier up front is very scared to make Izzy pay but Izzy insists. Izzy smiles and walks out the door.

    Denver, Colorado
    November 10th
    The next week Izzy travels out to Denver where she meets with her camera team and they discuss plans for her reveal.

    Fade in from black. We see four shadowy figures climb into a sewer of all things.

    From beyond we hear Izzy Van Doren’s voice…

    Izzy: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Van Doren Diaries. Today's topic is change… Change is inevitable… Life is a constant rate of change that no one can predict… The future is unwinding path that people follow. Progress is impossible without change… Places change, events change… people change…

    The woman figure from the beginning is shown standing in the middle of a sewer tunnel. The camera slowly pans up the long legs of the female. The light shines on the female’s face revealing the brand new Punk Rock Powerhouse! Izzy’s new look is revealed to the FWA audience for the first time!

    : Miss me? I know it’s not much, but we all start somewhere… Hey FWA fans and you too my pretty, little Izfits… I, for one, welcome change… it’s what I didn’t know I needed! Ya see folks, I realized something when I walked around the locker room. It's because right now everyone looks down on poor wittle Izzy. Well hopefully a new swagger, a new attitude, a new look is what’s enough to make people realize I’m not to be messed with. I needed to do this to be taken a little more seriously in FWA… You know what else will get me taken a little more seriously around here? Championship gold…

    Izzy wanders down the tunnel, a bright smile on her face.

    : Boys will always be boys they say… after all it is a man’s world... itnit? At least it’s what I’ve been told all my wrestling career. Ya see, most men… well hell even most Americans, if I’m being honest here, still think that a woman’s place is to be barefoot, pregnant and staying at home… but no no no… that’s not who I am. I challenge any of my opponents to say that to my face and I’ll knock your teeth down your throat. I prove time and time again that any woman can bring the fight to a man. I did it everywhere before FWA and I did it against Sinn & Graves, I did it against Hanz… I’ll do it to whoever steps up to me. I am the Punk Rock Warrior Princess after all… You know I find it funny that FWA would stick me, little ol’ Izfit in the ring with 3 ruthless individuals. Kinda makes you wonder what they think about me? So now you boys want to play ball with the Hardcore Queen, do ya? Who’s up to bat first?

    She smiles seductively.

    Izzy: Zako Wrath… ya mean the giant mute that’s too afraid to speak out so he hides behind an admittedly very hot little Latina? -Izzy bites her finger at the hint of seeing Miss De La Muerta… Kinky???- HAH, I’ve taken on bigger, badder, and scarier than you Zako… in the ring... and outside of it... But hey don’t think I’m gonna introduce your teeth to my combat boots because it’s the name of the game. No way, my big bad demon brother. I’m doing it for Amy… I’m doing it because you picked on a helpless little girl and took her from the job she loved to do. Why did you do that? Because you could. And to me that’s sickening… Women aren’t yours to just push around bucky boy, and if you think it’s okay for people to just pick on defenseless women… maybe I should start walking in the direction of your little girlfriend? Her face would look so good smashed up against a steel cage...

    Izzy continues down the tunnel playful touching the walls. Even though she’s in a small space, her attitude remains overall positive. She skips to each side. But returns focus to the camera…

    : Jason Randall… the FORMER X Champion. Boyfriend to my sweet friend Penny… I never met a boy quite like you… The type of guy who can shine in the light but get down and dirty at the same time… I mean what else is there to say he’s a certified maniac. An absolute madman… but then again isn’t everyone in this match? You see Jason sees his unpredictability as a strength… he is the Wildcard right? But you see he’s NEVER stepped foot in the ring with the NEW Izzy Van Doren… Chicago’s Favorite Gal may look a little different, act a little different, but she’s still going to be using that aggressive side. The unkempt side. The down, dirty, disgusting side that everyone loves… that’s my winning edge. FWA decided to give the boy his toys, but they won’t matter. You see, I know my way around some weapons too Jason. I dropped Hanz right on the top of his skull through a table. I cracked his head open with a steel chair, and he did the exact same to me. I took that s**t like a goddamn champ and I kept going after all of it and beat him… -somewhat under her breath- the creepy little f**ker. -She returns her attention to the camera.- But hey I probably won’t even need weapons in the match. I got this bad boy locked and loaded for ya, Randy. -Izzy holds up her fist, cocks it, and winks at the camera. An uneasy feeling grips any male watching this video…- You know the more I think about it the more I laugh. You see Jason, I debuted for FWA in Denver. That night I beat your girlfriend Penny! And since then I’ve been almost unstoppable in single’s competition. I dispatched of Penny rather quickly, so what I’m wondering is, are you more or less of a bitch than your girlfriend? Are you really the King of the X Division or are you just another victim waiting to beheaded by the Queen?

    Izzy walks deeper into the tunnel. She stops to look back at where she came from, but quickly turns back around to face the camera with a sinister smile on her face.

    : Finally, you have the champ himself… Tristan James Galloway… The Polynesian Powerhouse… yeah yeah… you’ve been king of the X Division for about a minute now, but you still haven’t really proven anything to me, big boy. You want to take the bull by the horns and take it into a new direction, but you see buddy boy, I like to have my hair pulled. You beat Hanz Gruber in your first defense whoopty doo…
    -Sarcastic jazz hands! The most lethal form of teasing.- I beat the guy… quite frankly I’ve lost track of how many times. And it took you how many attempts to do so? So here’s the skinny Tristan… when I beat you and take your X Division title away from you… there will be no disputing that I handed you your ass on a silver platter. I won’t simply be walking in this match to take your title. Nah, I’m gonna prove that a woman is capable of taking out any man she wants and taking anything she wants.

    Izzy stops dead in her tracks. Her eyes lock onto the camera. She licks her lips and snarls at it. She’s enjoying treating the camera like a flirty cat and mouse game.

    : Boys, you all are probably going to talk about how since I’m a girl I shouldn’t be here. How I’m not fit to be in this match because I’m a little lady… well this little lady is big trouble for all of you! I have as much skill as you do, as much guts as you do, and, metaphorically speaking, I have as much balls as you do! I step into the ring with opponent after opponent and I prove time and time again what a real women’s wrestler is capable of. I’m walking into Mile High with nothing but the clothes on my back… but, I’m walking out of Clockwork Orange bloody, bruised, but most importantly I’m walking out with the X Division Championship around my waist… and you best believe I'm celebrating the only way I know how… PBRs, pits, and pro wrestling! The Punk Rock Pipebomb has been fully unleashed on FWA and she’s ready to blow at Mile High. To my loyal die hard Izfits out there, hope you’re open to change, because the new Izzy is. And it’s oh so… sweet...

    Izzy smiles and walks away. The camera slowly follows her down the tunnel. It pans down and gets a nice long shot of Izzy’s… assets…

    It pans back up to see Izzy smirking. She winks and disappears into the black tunnel. Fade out onto an ad for Mile High.


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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Hello Aaron Kendrick, I'm Hanz Fucking Gruber

    As Hanz's personal plane is in for repairs, he is flying commercially- First Class of course. He is dressed in an expensive all black suit. A flight attendant comes up to him.

    Flight attendant: Hello sir, my name is Randi, may I get you something? Wine? Food? A pillow perhaps?
    Hanz Gruber: A water will be fine Randi

    Randi walks away then returns about a minute later- with Hanz's water.

    Here you go sir. My coworkers and I were wondering- are you that wrestler Hanz Gruber?

    Hanz takes the water, then takes a sip

    Hanz Gruber: Thanks Randi, and yes I am that wrestler Hanz Gruber. On my way to a PPV.

    Randi: We thought that was you. I started watching you when you wrestled for HWA years ago. Then you went on to other companies, then disappeared. But here you are now, looking a lot different- but still looking hot. Actually looking hotter than ever. I heard you were in FWA now. Guess you are headlining this PPV?

    Hanz smiles at Randi

    Hanz Gruber: Yeah, I have changed a bit. I grew up a lot actually. And really, I didn't disappear- I still competed. I started my own businesses.

    Hanz pauses

    Hanz Gruber: And no, I am not headlining this PPV. Management saw fit to put me in a preliminary match yet again. Against some guy named Aaron Kendrick.

    Brandi: Who?

    Hanz Gruber: Exactly

    They both laugh. Brandi sits down right next to him. She puts her hand on his leg.

    Hanz Gruber: Actually he has been kind of impressive in his few matches he has been in. But its been against talent that are only in FWA to make others look great. They are merely there for their 50$ a night and to say they wrestled for FWA so they can run off to some indy federation and ask for more money. Its pretty much what Aaron is doing. And thats smart. He hasn't been in this sport very long- I mean he is something like 23. I was 5 years into my career by that time. And Aaron has a few title reigns under his belt is some minor wrestling federations. But anybody can do that- hell I did. But Aaron has not truly been tested. I suppose he thinks he will make a name for himself by defeating me.

    Hanz pauses again

    Hanz Gruber: But he is wrong. You think Aaron really paid attention to every single thing I did in my match last week? Or the week before, or the week before that? You think he went back and reviewed my work in other wrestling federations? You think he looked at my early training with the Panzer brothers? You think he looked at my MMA training and my MMA matches? You think has seen the people I surround myself with?

    Brandi: Probably not. Every match I saw you in before, you were always focused, always put on a great match weather you won or lost.
    Hanz Gruber: Precisely. One thing that was drilled into my head by both Oli and Karl Panzer in my training was study study study. Study different styles- Lucha, Japanese, European. Study your opponents, look for their strong points, look for their weak points. Look at what type of person they really are.

    Hanz takes a sip of water. Brandi runs her hand up Hanz's leg a bit further

    Hanz Gruber: You see I am the type of guy who will do what needs to be done to win a match. I will take shortcuts, I will cheat. I am very honest with that. I will even end someones career if I really want to- but only if they piss me off. Like the GM at FWA- Ashley O'Ryan. He will put me in a title match one week, then against a jobber the next week. Last time he did that, I made an example out of my opponent- some asshole dressed as a parrot.

    Brandi: A parrot?

    Hanz Gtruber: Yeah, a fucking parrot. But I destroyed him. And then this PPV, after my hard fought match against the FWA X Division Champion- Tristan James Galloway, a match that took a toll on both of us, with him coming out the victor, Ashley O'Ryan does the exact same thing- putting me in a match that doesn't mean shit, having me wrestle someone who would only gain a little more exposure from having a match with someone with my abilties.

    Hanz takes a drink of his water, then sets it down
    Hanz Gruber: But what really pisses me off is the fact that O'Ryan sets up another match for the X Division Championship, a 4 way match, but does include me. He puts this girl Izzy in it, which she does deserve, He puts in this guy Randall in it, which as the former champion, he deserves. Then he puts this big dumb mindless ape of a man- the Walking Disaster of a gimmick- Zako Wrath, a man who reminds me of another big dumb mindless ape of a man from a federation I use the wrestle in, into the match. Does he deserve to be in it? No. But I guess O'Ryan put him in there for ratings. And speaking of ratings- O'Ryan, putting Ian Starr in the main event match in a 6 way title match- what is he thinking? Does he want the audience put to sleep?

    Brandi: Is he that boring?
    Hanz Gruber: Boring? Maybe a little, I just don't like him. I hate that doofus Zako even more. The only one worse than the both of them is Ashley O'Ryan. And while I can get in the ring with the first two and try my best to end their careers, I can't just walk up to O'Ryan and punch him in the face, I can't just break his jaw or his arm like I would like to and walk away without being fired but I can take it all out on Aaron Kendrick. It has to be done. Its the only way to get O'Ryans attention. Now I am not going to take Aaron lightly, I have studied everything about him, but he unfortunately has to pay for O'Ryans mistakes. Aaron may not make it to the next FWA show after the PPV.

    Brandi: So is the show tonight?

    Hanz Gruber: Yes, at the Pepsi Arena.
    Brandi: Well I am staying overnight in Denver- you can come celebrate in my hotel room after the show if you would like.

    Brandi runs her hand all the way up to Hanz's crouch. Hanz grabs her hand and pushes it aside. She doesn't look too happy

    Hanz Gruber: Thanks for the invite but I will pass

    Brandi: You sure? I am sure one of my friends wouldn't mind joining in. You can rub that sexy mohawk........

    Hanz Gruber: Again, I'll pass

    Brandi: You don't know what you are missing
    Hanz Gruber: Yes I do, I am missing my girlfriend.

    Brandi: Well you know, she would never have to know. I would make sure to make you forget her

    Hanz turns and looks to the window, ignoring Brandi. She finally gets the message. She gets up and takes Hanz's water even though he is not finished with it

    Brandi: You see, you could have had the time of your life tonight but no. Fuck You! I hope that Aaron Kendrick kicks your ass tonight

    Some nearby passengers stop what they are doing because of Brandi's outburst. Hanz looks up at Brandi and says nothing. Brandi tosses the water on Hanz and walks away. Hanz looks down and sees that his suit jacket got most of the water. He looks around and sees one napkin on the floor near his foot. He goes to pick it up. As he is bent over he feels a slight tap on his arm. Thinking its Brandi again, Hanz looks up, pissed- until he sees its a little girl with a blanket. Hanz sits up straight and is about to say something but....

    Little Girl: You can use my blanket to dry off. My grandma can wash it when we get home.

    Hanz Gruber: I can't use your blanket. I don't want to ruin it.

    Little girl:
    You won't. I get it dirty all the time, my grandma washes it everytime. It does have girl cooties on it- mine. But they won't hurt you.

    Hanz Gruber: Well ok, if you insist.

    Hanz takes the blanket and starts patting down his jacket

    Hanz Gruber: So whats your name?

    Little girl: Sasha

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber: Thats a great name. Thats my girlfriends name. My name is Hanz

    Sasha smiles the biggest smile she can make. Hanz lays her blanket to the side

    Sasha: Was that lady that threw the water on you mad because you wouldn't be her girlfriend too?

    Hanz Gruber: Yes, you are a very smart girl
    Sasha: I try to be. Say, do you like Gummy Bears?
    Hanz Gruber: I sure do. One of my best friends loved them too

    Sasha reaches into her pocket and pulls out a ziplock bag full of gummy bears

    Ok, put out your hands

    Hanz does as she says

    These are for you and your friend. Is your friend Aaron, the man that that mean lady wanted to beat you up?

    Hanz Gruber: No, my friend that loved Gummy Bears is named Karl. Aaron is someone I have to fight- its part of my job.
    Sasha: You should save some and shove in his nose so when he is too busy taking them out, you can win. I hope he doesn't hurt you

    Hanz Gruber: Thanks I should try that, but he won't hurt me

    Sasha: Well these are for you and Karl

    Sasha finally pours some into his hands as Hanz looks on

    And older lady walks up

    Older lady: Sasha dear, leave the man alone.

    Sasha: I was letting him use my blanket to dry off. That mean lady threw water on him.
    Older lady: I saw that and that was very nice of you. But remember, I told you never talk to strangers.

    Hanz puts the Gummy Bears into his shirt pocket
    Hanz Gruber: She was just being nice- but you are correct. Sasha, you really should not talk to strangers.

    But you are my friend Hanz.

    Hanz smiles.

    Hanz Gruber: Well we are now, especially since you shared your Gummy Bears. Thank you for that, and thank you for letting me use your blanket. Listen to your grandmother

    Hanz hands the blanket back to Sasha and she gives him a hug. Hanz hugs her back. She then gets up and takes her grandmothers hand.

    Sasha: Bye Bye Hanz. Hope you and Karl enjoy the Gummy Bears

    Hanz Gruber: Bye Bye Sasha dear

    Sasha and her grandmother walk back to their seats and Hanz leans back, Sasha made him forget all about the situation with Brandi, he falls asleep


    At the airport Hanz has gotten his luggage and sees a sign with his name on it. He then hears a child yelling out- Hanz- there is a man holding a sign for you. Hanz looks around and sees that its the little girl Sasha. She runs up to Hanz and gives him a hug around his knees. Her grandmother looks panicked, not knowing where Sasha ran off to.

    Hanz Gruber: Sasha, you really should do that. Your grandma looks panicked.

    I didn't mean for her to be, It just looked like someone was looking for you.

    Hanz Gruber: Well come along

    Hanz takes her by the hand and they walk back to her grandmother. She thanks him and they start to walk away.

    Hanz Gruber: Wait

    Sasha and her grandmother turn around

    Hanz Gruber:
    You have a ride yet?
    Grandmother: No, have to get a taxi.

    Hanz motions to the guy with the sign bearing his name. They talk for awhile.

    Hanz Gruber: This man right here has a limo to pick me up in- please, you and Sasha take it. He will take you anywhere you need to go. Its already paid for.

    Hanz takes his wallet out, looks thru it and takes out a wad of 100$ bills

    Hanz Gruber: And please, take this. Use it to start her college fund, use it for anything you need for her.

    Grandmother: Are you sure? Why?

    Hanz Gruber: No real reason. Sasha didn't have to let me use her blanket, but she did. Just wanted to repay the kindness.

    Grandmother: Why thank you. What is your name?

    Hanz Gruber: Hanz Gruber

    Grandmother: As in Hanz Fucking Gruber the wrestler? I thought you were a bad guy.

    Hanz laughs, he laughs more when he sees Sasha cover her ears as granny said a bad word
    Hanz Gruber: Yes mamm, thats me. And I can't be bad all the time

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    Don't Make The Same Mistakes!

    We see Deception he is looking down at his mask his face in the shadows he pulls up a hood and we just see his mouth. He is in a old apartment building with a little tv we see it is paused with Deception eating the spear saving Penny. He sits down and pulls out a notebook and begins to write.

    Dear Penny,

    Deception: I tried to do the right thing. I tried to show someone that the world they lived in wasn't this fairytale that this white knight was nothing more then a coward. I said a lot of things. I did a lot more yet here I stand again looking across the ring at you Penny. Penny, I am going to give you one last shot.

    He begins to write harder as the ink bleeds a little he looks on tossing the paper rewriting what he had said before. Deception starts to write again.

    One final plea.

    I don't sleep very much anymore I have a lot of things boing inside my head and sometimes my words just don't come out right. So this is where this comes in . I am sitting here it is late at night but in the distance I can see the sunrise which brings on a new day which brings us one step closer to Mile High Penny.

    Do not make me do something that I don't want to do. Penny you have put me in this corner and like a animal I have no place to go nothing more to do then what I must. Penny this is enough. I told you I do anything to save you that I would give the stars in the sky that I would spit in the face of wrath and I did exactly that. I find myself looking in the mirror now and the things I stood for the injustices I wanted to just have been cast aside because of this obsession and its eating me from the insides and sooner rather then later its going to devour me.

    You are a cancer, your toxins are killing me. I don't blame you though its not your fault its not Jason's fault this is mine. I look at you and it seems as though I am watching my whole life through someone else's eyes I have seen the ups that you have and the lows I can feel your joy and I can feel your heartbreak.

    Deception slams his fist but tells himself to calm down as he lights a cig the smoke filling the air inside the room.

    That part of me I have kept away because that part couldn't take it anymore I was losing my mind I was losing my faith I was losing the will to live. I would lay in bed and I would think to myself wouldn't it be great to close my eyes and never open them again that was my sweet bliss. This isn't my story though this isn't about me this is about you so wake the hell up.

    It may not be today it may not be tomorrow but sooner or later your going to find yourself in that place you are going to find yourself looking in the mirror and your going to be hating yourself hating your life and your going to fall.

    Your going to reach out for a hand you will be yelling out for Jason for Fred for anyone and it will fall on deaf ears because everyone will be gone Penny everyone. I am not gonna watch you as you bury yourself alive I will nail the damn coffin myself. This is your last chance Penny after this there is no return there is no redo there is no help me now there is you and me one time.

    I think deep inside your head you know I am right or at least I hope you think I am because you and I aren't so different and I have said this over and over it is beginning to drive me insane. I got my own Fred one that I lean on to help me on my way or at least tell me the things I don't wanna hear the things I need to understand. It is a blast from my past two people who seem to know me better then I know myself.

    Knight Wing & Kid Justice.

    Do you trust Fred?
    Does he know what is best for you?
    Do you trust him more then Jason?
    Do you trust him more then me?

    Who am I to stay maybe our dreams in our heads are reality and that all of this everything we do is for nothing? Is this our limbo? I am getting off track I just need this release. It has been a rough patch of years and I am ready to show you this world that I see the one you deserve not this one created one where you are loved I mean really loved one who accepts you for you all your flaws all your perfections . Do you not want that Penny. We all want the things we can't have and we settle for something by someone who says the right words to get you under your spell. I am starting to ramble I just needed to say something.

    Deception stops after a pause he places his hand on his mask he slowly pulls it up to his face almost face to face he sighs placing it on. He turns around and begins to put it on. He walks off this time with a sigh of relief as he has said what is on his chest in his heart. He looks at the paper and gets up and looks to leave but he turns to write one final thing.

    Deception: A man of few words I really don't think there is much to be said Penny.

    With Deepest Thoughts,


    Deception walks to the door he leaves the room a few seconds later someone in a hood walks in they look at the note and take it walking off the face covered leading it to the question who took it? We see it as it is dropped off at FWA headquarters.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread


    All over the world, people sit, walk, run, commute and drive in every city in the world. From Perth to Dubai to London to New York to Philadelphia to California. They all have one thing in common. No matter where they are. They all have a story. They all have a journey that got them where they are today. They have loved, hated, screamed and laughed. They’ve grown up, they’ve gotten jobs, they’ve loved. They’ve lost. They have grown from experiences and regrets in their lives but they maintain their composure. They live through their triumphs and their failures but we see most people for about three seconds. Unknown faces in the crowd who live in their bubbles. We know nothing about them other than our pre-conceptions about them based on arbitrary values we seemingly hold dear. They must be perfect. They must be free from flaws. What we want is not human.

    Jackson sits on a bench in the middle of a park. The low winter sun peers through the trees in the distance and long gone are the last remnants of summer as the leaves are falling from the trees. Jackson sits with a coffee on the bench, he has a paper tucked away under his arm. His long winter coat covers most of his suit and he is enjoying his morning. Jackson sits and watches in the park as dog walkers, commuters and runners all navigate the path through the park. The general hustle and bustle of every day life is the noise that can be heard. It is loud but familiar.

    We want to someone real. We want someone with a story. We want someone who has had ups and downs because we as a species love stories. We are enthralled by the greatest storytellers in the land, the platform doesn’t matter. Suess, Shakespeare, Poe, Martin. It doesn’t matter. Stories drive our lives and we should want to experience more because it gives us hope that our stories can have a good ending, even if we only experience it vicariously. Good stories are engrossing but great stories are never forgotten and told for generations.

    A group of runners jog past Jackson at a good pace.

    Just look at the group of runners who just ran past me. What do you see? On the surface you see the striving for improvement. You see dedication to a craft that is under-appreciated by society. Jogging is so old. It is all about crossfit or whatever the hell the ‘trendy’ thing is. It is dedication to something in it’s purest form but we only see them as they whizz past us. They are on the same path as me and Michael. The path to self-improvement. I don’t need to understand their motivation at some deeper level. It is something pure and simple that is providing improvement and joy because I have started to look at things without some preconceived notion that will just taint my view. Let’s take something that you will understand.

    Jackson points to himself.

    Now, you know all about the big events and key moments of the Phillip A. Jackson story. You know my past, you know everything that has happened to me. You know my triumphs and my failures. You’ve seen me be on top of the world and you’ve seen my be fired. You’ve seen me do basically everything in this business. You have experienced a large portion of the story. You’ve been enthralled by me and my journey. You’ve booed me. You’ve cheered me. You came on a journey with me for better or worse because you all love stories. They are the most interesting thing in the world. The subject is important. I think I have been a pretty good subject. I still have many more chapters because I can do something that no-one else can do as well as me. I can adapt. I can be dropped anywhere and be part of the furniture. Here I am in the middle of a park on a cold day. No-one is even batting an eye lid because I look like I belong. I don’t look like an outsider. I am comfortable and I am blending in. That is my strength now. It used to be words. It used to be deception. Now it is adapting. I survive. I outlast and I ride all the triumphs and the regrets. I remain human. This is a long journey. There is nothing that truly changes overnight. This is my second year in a row in the Massacre. There is nothing that can surprise me. I have experience on my side and I may have gotten lucky to be here but that is part of this business. My journey bought me here. My journey became about second chances. A second chance to find out who I am. A second chance to enjoy the small things.

    Jackson takes a sip of his coffee.

    A second chance to teach, to grow and to get a second chance at missed opportunities but I am never going to miss an opportunity again, if it is right for the project. Speaking of the project. Michael Garcia. You look at him. He is big. Massive even. An athlete to be envied. He is a monster right? No. Michael is so much more. Michael is a talented guy. He can be more than just some guy hiding behind what people think of him. He can conquer everything that is near and dear to him. He just needs to unleash his potential. One moment that changes everything. He has guidance. He has direction and now he has opportunity. Three vital ingredients to a world champion. I am fully invested in the future of Michael Garcia. It is important to me that he succeeds. He is another one of my chances. This isn’t a chance for me to succeed but it is a chance for the project to become something so great. A champion. It would be great for me to become a three time world champion but it would be legendary for me to create a world champion. To give another man the opportunity to experience winning the world title for the first time. There is no greater feeling in the world but Michael this is still every man for himself. I would love nothing more than for us to be civil. Remember what we are in the process of achieving. We need to remain level headed. Calm and write our story in the face of all the doubters. You are an underdog. You are much further ahead in your story than people expected. You know what I say? Let them doubt you. Let that fire inside you grow. Let it burn bright because together we are a great team. Not just because we are talented, not because we are both great athletes but because we are real. We understand what we are. We have no delusions, no masks and nothing is hidden. We are bound by a journey that I believe is making people envious. We can use that to our advantage and we can shock the world. That cage cannot contain our friendship. We are free. We have no burden. No baggage. I can sit on a bench in a park and look at all the struggles around me and know that I can help if they listened. You are the one who listened. You are the one who came to me with an open mind. You are my most vested interest. Capable of being a man who could lead disciples and spreading the message we are bringing to the world. One that will make people happy because I don’t want to create another monster. You think those joggers were happy?

    Jackson slowly shakes his head. He slowly stands up and looks over at the runners who are now across the park but still in view of Jackson. Jackson points over at them.

    They are strained. It is a illusion that running or any other psychical exercise is the solution to happiness. There is no one thing that is makes people happy. The road to self-improvements starts with acceptance. It doesn’t start by getting your trainers out and running in a park five days a week. They are not enjoying themselves because they are constrained by some societal idea that it is important for them to do it. They are limited by their pressures. They are limited by their burdens. Michael and I are free of them. That is why the project works. I rid you of burdens in order to improve you. That is the story he will tell. That is the way I do things. I am not interested in my own success as much as I used to be. I don’t want to the guy who has nothing when the end comes because I won’t be destruction to my life anymore. If that means I won't be the victor all the time then that is fine but I have accepted it. I know. I am not beholden to some delusion.

    Jackson turns around and grabs his cup off the bench and begins to walk down the path in the park. Jackson puts his cup in the nearest bin and carries on down the path way heading towards the empty kids play area. Jackson takes a sit outside and looks at it.

    This is where we all have fond memories. The stage of a story where we don’t know anything. We we are free and innocent. Where we don’t know what is coming. Not because we are stupid but we don’t know any better. We have no experience. That is where we learn, through bumps, through bruises, through pain, through laughter and an unmatched level of joy we will never experience again in our lives. In that regard Starr is lucky. In a way he is one in a million. He is innocent. I have already lauded my experience of the massacre but I am not innocent in this. I know the pain. I know the hell it can. Starr can go in, all guns blazing because he knows no different. This is his first opportunity at this level. He has earned it, don’t get me wrong. We all earned the right to be here. Don’t be fooled by innocence. Don’t let the excitement of the moment ruin everything. That is the danger. That is your big hurdle. Don’t get overexcited. You get lost in the moment. I wont make the save for you in the Massacre. You remember getting over excited at a playground? same thing. You get hurt. Don’t run around like a headless chicken because you might hit something hard and crack your head open. This is an opportunity to be smart. Don’t look back and wonder what you were doing. Look back knowing you gave everything but knowing you fell short because the Massacre is the project’s beginning. I like Starr. I really do. He reminds me of, well, me. We have similar look. A similar style and we both rose up the ranks quickly. I wasted my chance at the top. I go up and down like a rollercoaster and in the twilight of my career I can look back at moments where I got overexcited and made poor decisions but we have all heard that a million times. I used that to grow. I used that to become more aware and mature because it is surviving and adapting that will get you further in this business than just being a show pony or doing one big trick to impress people. When the world title is on the line you can’t afford to have the unbridled, irrational excitement of a child because this isn’t a playground. This is a grown man match.

    Jackson turns away from the playground and looks at the businesses that line the road across from the park. People stream past them on their commute.

    This is reality. This is truth. We cannot go back to that. We have to focus on what pays the bills and it is success. That is why those people work eight, nine even twelve hours a day. They understand that they are an asset. They have to pay the bills. They all have their different motivations. Different paths to the same outcome but ultimately it is the same reason we put our body through this torture. We need to pay our bills. We are lucky but pay the bills isn’t being one in a million because one in a million is a pipe dream. It is about making good, smart decisions and making sure that you execute, like an adult. You won’t see me smile unless the project is victorious because then I have made good decisions rather than unbridled innocence.

    Jackson looks down at the dead flower bed beneath him, the flower succumbing to the winter.

    But if you want innocence, I saw you coming, don’t worry. Bell Connelly. The queen of all things colourful. You are not innocent in the Mile High but everything else, I guess. Look around this park. Do you see one flower? Do you see anything that remotely reminds me of you? There is not one flower in this park because in the end, every year, flowers die. Innocence dies. I don’t mean to crush you, Bell but I am about reality. I am about remaining in touch with reality. Whether that is me, Michael or people we encounter. So let me cheer you up. I admire you. You are a refreshing change to this business. Everyone wants to be a dark, moody asshole who thinks they are better than everyone else but you put genuine smiles on people’s faces and you backed it up with an amazing title reign. You held a title longer than any woman in this company has ever held it. I have faced Gabrielle and she never did that. I have faced Shannon O’Neal and she never did that but they did do something that you couldn’t. They won the world title. We are company that presents opportunity to all talent. We let anyone write any story they want. FWA doesn’t restrict anything because it cares about what is best for business. The FWA understands that stories sell. That is what my point has been. Stories make this world it is why people love wrestling. It has everything and Bell, you can write your fairy tale. You can win it all. We all can. We all have the opportunity to add something historic. You never quit. You never ever quit and I admire you for that as well. There is nothing wrong with admiration but I want you to know that I will still do what is necessary. As colourful and as pure as your expression of joy is, everything succumbs to the cold, hard truth. You might want to look at some of your friends. Yikes.

    Jackson looks up to the sky and sees the grey clouds dominate the sky. Jackson takes a deep breath and shuts his eyes.

    Now comes time to really focus. The big dogs. Shannon O’Neal and Cyrus Truth. Cyrus came into this business like a tornado. A straight path, destroying everything in front of him. He came, he saw, he conquer. Cyrus and Shannon are very alike and very different. Cyrus and Shannon both started on a quest to win the world title with different starts to the story.. Cyrus Truth was an outsider who came to destroy us but he saw what FWA was. He is a guy who is dangerous. He is a man who knows what he wants and he knows he can take it. He is the hotshot CEO calling the shots and being right. He is a guy who isn’t here. He is warm somewhere in some far off island calling the shots from afar but more than willing to get his hands dirty if it gets the job done. His focus is simple. Shannon O’Neal. He wants Shannon. He wants to destroy Shannon but more importantly he wants the world title back. There is no-one more dangerous, right now, than Cyrus Truth. He is motivated, focused and more than capable of achieving what he wants through force. He is the man I most fear in this match because Cyrus is a man to be feared. Cyrus has earned the right to be feared and even more now he is focus on something more specific and more personal than just dominating everything that crosses his path. Shannon was once a crusader for woman. Shannon once fought with pride and a good cause but now? Shannon is a monster. Shannon is a manipulator but she is the FWA World Champion. That is the most important thing about Shannon O’Neal. Love her or hate her she did it. She did what she set out to do. When she saw what Gabrielle was getting. She wanted it too. She wanted to take the seat that Gabrielle had been oppressing and she went out and she beat Cyrus Truth and she became the World Champion. She has a story of success but then came the problems. She let it all go to her head. The burden that comes with the World title is something they don’t tell you about. She snapped. She manipulates her ‘best friend’. She proudly proclaims about lying and conning. That is not an example that the project wishes to follow. I am a man of truth and if we want to be truthful, Shannon, it was me who gave you your idea. It was me who questioned Gabrielle that resonated with you but that is ancient history. You have completely lost your mind. You are a coward. You are weak. You know it. I have been it. Hiding behind others. Running at first sign of conflict and some delusional idea that you are unbeatable because of a belt around your waist. You have to watch your back because it will always be facing someone. Someone who wants what you hold dearest. What you try to be is inhuman. You are flawed, you just want to pretend you are perfect. I make no mistake that these two are the most dangerous in this match and that is the truth. They have raised the bar and they will continue to raise it because they are who they are but when there is chaos there is an opportunity for a project to rise to the top, against all the odds and that will be a hell of a story.

    Jackson smiles as he opens his eyes to look at the sky. Jackson looks around and sees commuters and park goers rushing past him as Jackson strolls around the park.

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    This isn’t one of those big boardrooms with the long wooden table and 12 seats surrounding it. If anything, this is reminiscent of an interrogation room. The setting is much more quaint, with one plastic fold-out table and enough room for four chairs, max, with one on each side of the square shape. The white top and silver table stands compliment the white walls and the one light hanging off the ceiling tiles.

    The metal door off to the side opens, and one person walks in holding a notepad and pen, and he removes a recorder from his pocket. Then his cell phone. He takes a seat in one of the two white fold-out chairs next to the table. Then he checks his phone and waits. And waits. 20 seconds turns to two minutes, which feels like 10 or 15.

    As we get a better view of him, he’s a mid-30s male with wide-rim glasses and his black bangs swooped to the side. He kind of looks like Clark Kent, in fact, with a collared shirt and khaki pants.




    The sound of a door opening and closing interrupts the room’s silence. The man turns around, looks at the door, and finds a woman in her late 20s or early 30s walk into the room. Her hair is tied up into a ball behind her head. She’s wearing your normal-looking clothes. Jeans. Low-cut shirt. Tennis shoes. White socks. Earrings.

    She doesn’t look … special in any way. An ordinary woman, who just so happens to be the FWA Undisputed World Champion.

    “Don’t get up. This isn’t going to take long.”

    As the man half-rises and then quickly returns to a seated spot, Shannon O’Neal walks around the table and positions the chair in a spot for her to be comfortable. She props up her feet on the table and leans back, as the chair’s front two legs are in the air and her back two support both the chair and herself.

    “Alright, so … Shannon … you have made quite the shift in personality. I’m here to make sure you have everything you need. I’m a writer with the FWA and help plan the shows and help you with what you want to say. So …”

    “I already know what I want to say.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “The night after Mile High. I already know what I want to say.”

    “Is that why you asked for a meeting with ‘a writer’? Because you want to plan something?”

    Shannon leans back a little bit more and then returns the chair legs to the ground. Now she’s leaning forward with her elbows and hands on the table. She previously acted aloof in the conversation, but now she looks engaged.

    “Let’s talk first about Mile High. I’ve got four opponents. Starr, Michael Garcia, Phillip A. Jackson, and Cyrus Truth.”

    “And Bell Connelly.”

    Shannon looks up from the table, glaring at the man sitting across. Her look makes him think he made a mistake.

    “I’ve got four opponents at Mile High. Let’s talk a little bit about them each.”

    The writer looks to the ground and takes a deep breath. He then nods.

    “Michael Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson say they’re on the same team but they’re going for the same thing and only one can get it. They’ll trip over themselves.

    Cyrus Truth has already tried and failed — twice — to beat me. Both times, he didn’t know what he was dealing with. The first time, from a physical standpoint. The second time, a mental standpoint. But I’ve proven to just be better.

    Starr is the underdog who everyone loves but he’s in over his head. Yada yada yada. You’ll hear this a lot from his opponents but it’s true so I’ll leave it at that.

    So after Mile High…”

    Again, the “writer” speaks up, albeit he wishes he didn’t right away.

    “You said Garcia and Jackson are aligned but won’t be. Isn’t that how Bell and y…”

    Another glare. Another round of silence.

    “Moving on.”

    “Yes, moving on.”

    Shannon sits back as the chairs once again rise off the ground.

    “So, the show after Mile High, I want to do a … they call it a ‘coronation.’ The FWA needs a strong queen and I want to do one of those coronations. So … can we? Can we fit that in there?”

    The writer nods his head and that’s that. Shannon gets up from the table and the same sound is heard as the door opens. The writer then looks down at the blank notepad and a tape recorder than he never touched, never started recording a single word.

    “You’re going to lose.”

    He shakes his head and gives off a slight smirk. On the other side of the room, Shannon has stopped in the doorway. Like, a stone-cold pause nearly misstep. Her right foot hasn’t fully hit the ground. Her toes are touching the floor and her heels remain in the air. Her hands are keeping herself balanced by touching the door and the wall next to the doorway.

    Her face twitched a bit when she heard this. She turns her head and then turns her body. The door remains open for a second, and Shannon is completely attentive to the back of the writer’s head, something she wishes would explode right in front of her.

    “Why do you ... think that?”

    The writer turns, still smirking a bit.

    “Because you’re too confident. You think you walked over Cyrus, you think Mike Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson are too stupid to make it work, and you think Starr isn’t good enough to hang. And, worst of all, you don’t even want to consider Bell an opponent. You think she will just … let you win.”

    Shannon closes the door, standing in the room as she intently listens to this man she just met.

    “You … you just think you’re going to walk. Easily. I’ll keep that coronation idea in mind but … I don’t think we’re going to need to use it. Or maybe we’ll use it for Bell. She could be a good queen, too.

    Shannon O'Neal ... you're going to lose at Mile High. I think you know this. And I think you're protecting yourself. You don't want to consider the possibility that maybe you can't ... outsmart five ... people at once.

    Now I'm sorry for saying this but ... I just blurted it out and then you came back and ... I'm right.”

    Shannon’s face drops more and more. It’s like the guy is prodding her, poking the bear.

    “You know … you might be right. I might be too confident. I might not be good enough. Might not be smart enough. Might not be fast enough to climb that damn cage and grab that belt. Oh well. I can live with that.

    Mike Garcia and Phillip Jackson really might be able to work together as a team.

    Starr might be ready for the main event.

    For Cyrus, third time might be a charm.

    But Bell … YA’RE WRONG ‘BOUT THAT!”

    Her finger is pointed down at the man sitting. She’s lecturing him, almost. Well, not almost. She is.

    “What was that?”

    “What was what?”

    “That. What you said. Your accent …”

    “I don’t have an accent.”

    Shannon’s eyes drop to the ground.

    “Yes … the old one. The one you said was fake. I heard … I think a ‘ya’re’ and a ‘bout’ in there.”

    Shannon’s eyes are a little bigger, as if she’s just earned knowledge or a revelation or … some other reason.

    “I didn’t. I didn’t. I ... I wouldn’t say that.”

    Shannon backs up to the door and opens it. The man is now standing, quite perplexed as he looks at Shannon.

    “Let me say it AGAIN since you apparently can’t hear well.

    YOU. ARE. WRONG. ABOUT. BELL. She ai… isn’t my opponent, and I’m not hers. Yes, if she goes for the belt and it's just her, she's got ... she needs to go for it. But between her and me? I'm the champ. We're friends. I think she and I know how it goes. So I can’t think of it that way, as opponents or anythin...g. I g… have to prove to her, and to everyone else, that it WAS real. The friendship is real. The feelings are … real.”

    “What … what feelings?”

    Shannon catches herself again.

    “Feelings. Friendship … feelings. Ya’ kn… You know.”

    The man is … he’s just confused. Like a man with 20 puzzle pieces but no idea where they go.

    “Coronation. I’m going to win. Get it ready. Queen Shannon! You'll be wrong. I'm confident because ... I'm Shannon O'Neal. And none of the other four opponents are good enough. AND ... I have a real friend on my side.”

    She points at the man as she finishes her last word and finally exits the room and the woosh sound completes the door-closing sequence. The only thing left to do is … put the puzzle pieces together.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread


    Our opening scene finds us in a large twelve-car garage, lit well enough but all we see are shades of gray due to the footage being filmed in black and white. There isn't a single vacant spot in the entire garage, in each of the twelve spaces sits an impressive display of human engineering. Among the twelve cars we see a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454, a 1969 Dodge Charger, and a 1984 Lamborghini Countach Turbo, just to name a few. The one that stands out among the others is a beautiful 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500-KR. It's cherry red and in pristine condition minus a missing the hood, and this is where we find the "hero" of our tale, The Astonishing Chris Kennedy, a lit cigarette dangling from his lips. He's shirtless, sweat covering his entire body while motor oil stains his skin and blue jeans. A rag in hand, Chris Kennedy takes a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow.

    He's just finished disconnecting the intake line and he's now disconnecting the exhaust line from the bottom of the exhaust manifold. He finds himself struggling with the exhaust bolts so he then begins spraying them with WD40, his eyes squinting as he sprays the can. He carefully removes the bolts with a breaker bar before proceeding to unbolt the engine from the transmission. He is careful not to strip the bolts connecting to the transmission and he's finished in no time. A look of concern falls upon his face as he begins disconnecting the motor mount bolts. He's thinking about Ryan Rondo, yet again, and despite his every attempt to keep his mind off of his adversary, all Chris Kennedy can think about is The Last Star In The Sky and their upcoming match at Mile High. Typically this would provide a bit of essential motivation, but Kennedy hasn't been able to positively harness this energy. Ryan Rondo is inside Chris Kennedy's head and Kennedy knows it every bit as well as Ryan Rondo does. "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy, they call him. He doesn't feel so astonishing these days. It's as Shannon O'Neal said months back; Chris Kennedy has been sleepwalking. He HAD been, anyway. The sheer thought of the notion, coupled with the recollection of that quote, brings a sting to Kennedy's face as raises the lever on the lift, lifting the old engine.

    He doesn't feel asleep at this moment, not anymore. He has been awakened by Ryan Rondo, the man who has occupied his mind space. Kennedy at least owes him something for that. A big "Thank you" and a kick to the fucking teeth. You'd be forgiven for thinking that, when it was mentioned earlier that Rondo was in Kennedy's head, that this was an advantage for Ryan Rondo. It couldn't be any further from that. Chris Kennedy is consumed by rage and a thirst for vengeance. He isn't concerned with putting on a five-star "Match of the year" or giving the fans their moneys-worth. All Chris Kennedy wants to do is get his hands on Rondo and cause him tremendous amounts of physical agony. Kennedy grits his teeth as he pushes the lift carrying the old engine. He pushes it into the back of the garage and returns to the car, a socket wrench in hand. All the while Kennedy is day-dreaming. He's day dreaming about what he would do to Ryan Rondo with the socket wrench, had he been here right now. Kennedy sees himself laying over Rondo, dropping the wrench like a hammer falling upon Ryan Rondo's face, over and over and over again until all that's left is goopy mess of strawberry jam. The hairs on the back of Chris Kennedy's neck begin to stand up and he takes a deep breath. He sets the wrench down and cracks his knuckles before turning to the camera and addressing us.

    Chris Kennedy: "Your words have zero power over me. Don't you know who I am? I'm Ryan FUCKING Rondo" you said from behind a screen far, far away from me. And with that, you mustered up enough confidence to smile, just a bit. How often you longed to be mentioned in the same breath as CHRIS KENNEDY, and now you were finally close enough to God that he could actually touch him. "You just want attention" you said, ironically enough after managing to pry yourself away from Twitter long enough to stop talking about yourself. "To ME, you are nobody" you cried, almost managing to convince even yourself. Then you talked some more. Meaningless words, words you'd come to recycle over and over in the coming weeks. Then, like the fanboy that you are, you sang the song. You sang my song, lamenting a Bittersweet Symphony as you stuck me with that steel chair. Over and over. You had stood tall over me and you were finally full of something other than shit. You, the Last Star In The Sky, were finally full of pride, full of accomplishment that even winning the FWA Championship couldn't grant you. Because for as long as you could remember, Ryan Rondo, I've been THE MAN around here. Even when I'm not around, I'm still the measuring stick. I'm this companies top guy. Always will be. If there was a Mount Rushmore for FWA legends, the faces carved in stone would be "The Idol" Matt Boudreau, Stu "The Snake" St.Clair, The Goddess Gabrielle and THE ASTONISHING CHRIS KENNEDY. Your face isn't anywhere on there. Not even close. You know that, Ryan Rondo, you totally get it and so then, it was standing over me that night on Fight Night, that you finally felt like somebody, because Ryan, you've never been "The Man." Even when you've had gold around your waist there was always 3-4 guys on the roster better than you, more accomplished than you, more consistent than you. It eats you alive, doesn't it, Ryan? Knowing that you'll never be recognized for being as good as you think you are. Your desperation is telling. "Chris Kennedy" you said before pausing. "You absolutely suck" you finished before dropping the mic. There was a slight tremble in your voice when you said it, you catch that? I did, Ryan. As you laid waste to me, I didn't feel as if I was bested by a superior adversary. I felt like I was being robbed at gunpoint by a scared, hungry child. You didn't stop there, though, did you? Proving further that you have with an unhealthy obsession with me to the point where you absolutely have to defeat me, out of necessity, you wrestled a fake Chris Kennedy the following week. Kris Kennedy, with a K, isn't that neat? I'm sure that you and the 5th grader who helped you write that shit high fived each other in that Creative meeting before guffawing about how clever you were and how much I absolutely sucked. I should have ignored you, instead of giving you the attention you were desperately fishing for. But pride, man, pride is a real sonuvabitch.

    He paces around in a circle a bit before sitting atop the hood of 1994 Dodge Viper. He crosses his arms and pauses a bit, cigarette smoke billowing from his nostrils as he exhales a heavy breath.

    Chris Kennedy: I had my chance at the 12th Anniversary Show. You and me, one on one. I could go on an on about how you cheated, how you had to hit me with a low blow, but I won't. When you are an insignificant worm like yourself, you do whatever you can to get ahead. I get that. No, I don't blame you, Ryan Rondo. It was my fault, I let you get the best of me that night. But where do I go from there? How do I rebound? By putting an end to you once and for all. This has gone on long enough and you've gotten the upper hand all along. Believe me when I say that your comeuppance is inevitable and retribution will be mine at Mile High. It was MILE HIGH 2010 where I made my FWA PPV debut, and it will be at Mile High 2017 where I reinvent myself, rinsing away my past transgressions with your own blood, Ryan Rondo. This isn't me SLEEP WALKING. This is me fire walking on hot coals en route to the FWA Championship, and it's your head I'll be stepping on to get there. You think that because you've beaten me at the FWA Anniversary Show that somehow you've put a dent in my armor. Nah, son. I'm feeling pretty invigorated after that wake-up call and I want more than nothing to beat you to an unidentifiable pulp. It scares me, man. I mean, what will the kids think? I worry about whats going to happen to me once I destroy you, once I break you down bit by bit. What then? My animosity towards you is all that I know, it's what keeps me going, and at the same time is all so very confusing because you are such an insignificant speck, you are worthless and you mean nothing to me.

    Kennedy walks over to the nearby tarp on the ground and lifts it, revealing a pristine Windsor v8 Engine. As good as new. He attaches it to the lift and raises it before lowering it into the Mustangs engine bay. He begins bolting the engine and making all the necessary connections. The machine has been reinvented after receiving a change of heart. The symbolism isn't lost on Kennedy, who lets out a slight grin.

    Chris Kennedy: You've been saying it for weeks now, Rondo. You feel as if I owe you an apology. You've gone as far as outright demanding it. You said you are trying to put on a "5 star classic" and that I'm dragging you down. I think you are on to something, Rondo. In fact, I'd say that I owe you several apologies. Well, here goes. Ryan Rondo, I apologize. I apologize that I will not be able to provide you with the 5 star match you pretend to want, this will be a fucking fight. I apologize that this wont be a fight to the death, because when I'm finished with you, you'll had wished it was. I apologize that we didn't face years ago and I didn't knock you down a peg then and for that, you've gone on living this illusion that you are an FWA great. I apologize that you'll never be on my level, even after I run you through the ringer at Mile High. There is one thing I'll never apologize for, Ryan. You hate me because I'm the greatest of all time, you hate me because I'm CHRIS KENNEDY and I'm not sorry about that shit at all, you fucking piss-ant. I relish in the fact that all of my hard work from the last 7 years speaks for itself, and that shit stains like you hate me just because you were unfortunate enough to be alive during my era. "Don't you know who I am?" you asked me. Yeah, I know who you are. You are the incredible, walking talking corpse. You are already a dead man, you just don't know it. You signed your life over the moment you put my name in your mouth all those weeks back. At Mile High, I am going to take from you something you'll never get back, and you will leave Mile High a broken, shaken shell of a "man". In the meantime, Eat shit and die.

    Kennedy hops in the driver seat of the 68 Shelby and revs the engine. It's loud and purring with an insatiable purpose. His foot on the gas as the garage doors open, Kennedy drives off. End Scene.

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    Re: Mile High 2017 Promo Thread

    It’s one AM several hours removed from Fight Night. Tristan James Galloway is sitting backwards in a chair with his stomach resting against the back rest. His back is covered in swelling and bruises from all the chair shots he took. Even his triceps seem to have suffered some damage. Suzy Lee is staring at his battle scares in awe and worry.

    Suzy Lee: Wow. Does it hurt?

    Tristan James Galloway: I’ve been blasted with a chair; what do you think?!

    Suzy Lee: (chuckles) You’re right. Silly question… was it worth it?

    Tristan turns around in the chair to face Suzy, who begins to second guess her line of questioning. Instead of being taken aback, Tristan smiles at the fire orange haired woman sitting before him.

    Tristan James Galloway: Absolutely. I would do it all over again in a heart beat.

    Suzy cringes.

    Suzy Lee: Yeah, I think I would take a pass on that.

    Suzy offer Tristan an ice pack, but he waves it off. He slowly raises up out the chair and lays on his stomach in the bed besides the sitting Suzy Lee.

    Tristan James Galloway: It doesn’t feel great. Don’t get me wrong, but I’m still the X-Division champion. I’m proud of that. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time and I still have it. Now, because I beat Hanz Gruber, I know that this wasn’t a mistake or some crazy fluke. This is real. I’m real. I can build a legacy off of this.

    Suzy Lee: I’m sure the money isn’t bad either.

    Tristan James Galloway: I’ve noticed a bit of an increase in my pay out and winning bonuses. I’ll say that much. But it’s not about more pay. It’s about respect. It’s about what I can make of myself and how far I can take this thing. I’m not just some statistic of a foster system that leads more lives broken and destroyed than it helps. I’m somebody.
    Suzy Lee: Everybody is somebody. In their own way. There’s nothing wrong with living a mundane life with boring jobs. I mean, I work at a marketing firm. It’s fun. I like it and the people I work with are great.

    Tristan James Galloway: But I think being a bassist in an all female punk band is way cooler.

    They laugh. Suzy nods her head in agreement with Tristan’s statement.

    Suzy Lee: I guess I can’t argue with you there. That is pretty cool.

    Tristan James Galloway: Exactly. And wouldn’t you rather make something out of that instead of being in marketing? While you do enjoy it, I’m sure nothing beats the rush of being in front of a crowd of people cheering for you and singing along to your songs. To know that someone is inspired and adores your work. Maybe even have a few long lasting hits out of it.

    Suzy Lee: Yeah, but those are just dreams though. Wild and out there dreams. Pretty far removed from the realm of possibility.

    Tristan James Galloway: I don’t think so. I mean, I thought wrestling was nothing more than a fantasy to get lost in while bussing tables… but it’s real. I’ve achieved it. But I’m not going to stop growing and expanding my goals and what I can accomplish.

    Suzy smiles, patting Tristan on the shoulder.

    Suzy Lee: And that’s why we’re friends. You motivate me.

    Tristan cracks a smile.

    Tristan James Galloway: I’m glad I can help.. You help me, too.

    Suzy Lee: Yeah, how?

    Tristan James Galloway: Showing me that I don’t have to be alone in this world…


    The scene opens on a tracking shot along a long steel work bench covered in various weapons ranging from a steel chair, a baseball bat, a barbed wire 2x4, brass knuckles, nunchucks, etc. At the end of the table stands X-Division champion Tristan James Galloway, donning a black vest without an undershirt and the famous worn out fedora. The X title is tightly strapped around his waist. The champion’s eyes are affixed to the table filled with weaponry, mentally preparing for the warfare he will be apart of at Mile High. His eyes traverse down the weapons several times before his eyes shift towards an image of a cage covered in weapons.

    Upon the eve of my second title defense, I have been in deep contemplation. For tomorrow night I climb into the ring against three individuals, who are all vying for my X-Division championship, in a Clockwork Orange Cage match. The rules of this match are very different than a standard cage match. There’s pin falls and submissions, per usual, but no escape. You’re stranded in the cage against three other people fighting for the most brutal prize in FWA today. To make matters worse, the cage will be littered with various weapons to be used at a person’s discretion. Before my chair’s match with Hanz Gruber, I have wondered how far I would be willing to go. What is the depths of the punishment I am wiling to dish out against my opponent. The sport of professional wrestling is meant to decipher who is the better man in the form of grappling, trading holds and maneuvers. The X-Division endorses and relishes in the idea of delivering unmitigated destruction and maimed opponents. Last week, I did just that. I did what was necessary, what was needed, in order to ensure that I left with the X championship. I discovered rather quickly how far I was willing to go in order to keep this trophy of mine. Since becoming the X-Division title, it brought out a violent streak. One I knew I had, but not to the depths at it which I can take it. Apart of me enjoyed it….

    A sadistic smile creeps up on Tristan’s face, briefly, before snapping into a gaze of concern. He rocks back and forth as he stares off into the distance pensively before settling back onto the camera.

    But apart of me questioned myself. This has never been who I was. I never enjoyed hitting someone with a weapon. I have never done it out of pleasure, but for survival. Yet there I was swinging away at Hanz Gruber’s exposed head with a steel chair, hitting him in the back as hard as I possible could just because I could. I have always fought against monsters, but I have to ask myself one simple question.

    Am I becoming a monster?

    Tristan wears the look of dread. A man in crisis with his beliefs. The body shifts he experienced earlier are more pronounced and unpredictable, tapping his left hand against his arm. The look in his eyes express his search for comfort and answers. Perhaps even justification. A far cry from the normal response of tough guy bravado. His eyes drowning in question.

    Is being a monster what I need to be in order to survive and thrive in the X-Division? Is that what it will take to continue to allow myself to be called a champion? Throughout my entire life, my wits and fist were all I needed to survive and fight on. This is a different game.

    The right hand of Tristan glides down the baseball resting against the table before moving to the brass knuckles. Galloway slips them on his hand and mimics punching someone. Eventually, he removes it before pressing the tip of his index finger lightly against the barbed wire wrapped around the 2x4. He looks as though he’s daydreaming of the destruction and violence that will transpire at Mile High.

    Becoming the FWA X-Division champion as turned me into a big game prize. A coveted tiger in the wild to a big game hunter. Everyone vying for my championship. Each and every one of them more deranged than the last. Two of my opponents to seek to hold this championship for the first time. And the third seeking to reclaim his lost prize.. that makes him dangerous. That makes them all dangerous. I must keep my head on swivel. Ready for anything. It can drive a man crazy… it can make a man desperate… all to keep this championship….

    Tristan rips the X-Divison title from around his waist and holds it up towards the camera in both hands.

    Keep it I will. I have to. I still have so much more to prove. I can even change the image of this division. I can mold it into a division I see fit. A division more about competition instead of unadulterated violence.

    Please, I urge you not to misconstrue my words. I intend to use every available resource at my disposal. I must in order to ensure I continue on as champion. I will not allow my inquisitive nature of the brutal methods to cloud my judgement and what lengths I must go in order to keep my prize. If I have to throw a sledge hammer into someone’s skull, I will do just that. If I have to handcuff someone to the cage as I beat them senseless with a steel chair, I will. I will not allow myself to be a prisoner to the dread of the ramification of my actions. At least not yet. I will give no remorse to the remorseless. I will not allow myself to fall victim to a sophomore slump. Tristan James Galloway is far from a one hit wonder.

    Tristan James Galloway crosses from the work bench to a series of monitors playing various matches of all the competitors he will be facing in the Clockwork Orange Cage match. Within the various clips of his opponents, the videos showcase their matches against the Polynesian Powerhouse himself.

    First, let me discuss James Randall.

    The mountain of monitors all display the matches, appearances, and promos of James Randall. We get a heavy emphasis on the deranged and removed nature of Randall during his tenure as the “mad king” of the X-Division.

    The very man I beat to claim this championship. Since losing this prize, he has slipped further and further into madness. Something I did not think was possible. Randall is telling everyone and himself that he is still the X-Division champion. Still ruling the roost. After all, how can he reconcile beating me before, yet losing to me now? For me, it’s the sweetest retaliation in the world, Jason. I beat you when it counted. Plain and simple. I will do it again tomorrow night. I will bring you into the reality of your situation. I have plenty left to teach you. Are you aware of the five stages of grief? The first one is denial. A step you’ve already found yourself by claiming to be the champion of the X-Division. I’m certain you’ve crossed over well into the anger phase of grief. We’ll even consider you getting a championship rematch as bargaining. Should you get the match as well as recapture this prize, you will be a better champion. A smarter champion and a more dominate champion. Tomorrow night, after the dust settles and you left Mile High without my prize, you will step right into depression. All the work, all the anger, all the frustration, and all the chaos and brutality you wield at people will be for not. Because again I will stand over you holding the X title high towards the heavens. In that moment, you will recognize that I am not inferior to you. You’re not even a king, but a man. A confused, lost, and lonely man. Sure, you will have the lovely Penny by your side, but in your irrational mind she will never take the place of the X-Division and the bliss it brought to you. This was your heart and soul, and now it’s gone. Cherish the past, Jason, but embrace your future. A future where you will recognize that Tristan James Galloway is not beneath you, but above you and will soar high into the stratosphere.

    Next on the list, we have Zako Wrath.

    Static on the TVs before transitioning to images of Zako Wrath.

    I’m lead to believe he wants this match and that he wants to be a champion. However, this is all conjecture and speculation because the man doesn’t speak. He allows a woman to be his voice and espouse his perceived views to the world. Zako growls and grunts, desperately trying to emasculate those before him, but no one is soiling their underwear whenever he’s around. He’s all smoke and mirrors. His actions are as hollow as his words. Miss De La Muerta vowed he would snap Penny’s neck and take the X title from Jason Randall, yet no such feat was accomplished on that night. Jason Randall won that night and no necks were broken. Walking Disaster may suite you after all, Zako. Just not in the way you and your manager considered. While I seek the professional guidance of one Romeo Rollings, he is not the end all be all of Tristan James Galloway’s success. I am more than capable of standing on my own. Notice how Romeo is never at ringside for my bouts. It’s because I don’t need him to meddle with the affairs transpiring within the ring. His knowledge and experience puts me on the right track to victory, but it is also my ability and my endurance that sees me through.

    During this time, Tristan pulls a Zako Wrath mask out from his back pocket, gazing at it with amusement.

    In fact, if I could be so bold, Zako Wrath is a parody of children pretending to be monsters when they are at play. Is he scary? No, not to any adults. It’s an allusion in his mind. It’s comedy for the rest of us. He will experience a true monstrosity tomorrow night locked inside the cage with me. Because I have seen what real monsters are capable of and have experienced it first hand. I know there’s a monster inside me. It came out last week and the week before that. It’s going to come out yet again. I won’t like it, but you most certainly will hate it.

    Galloway throws the mask away. Static once again. We now witness highlights of Izzy Van Doren. From rocking out on stage with the likes of Masked Intruder to racing around Chicago with her best friend Starr, Izzy is seen as a punk rock wake up to FWA. Galloway stares back at the monitors in disgust.

    Finally, we have Izzy Van Doren. Chicago’s Favorite Gal and the daughter of debauchery. A bad seed in the apple of a religious family, bucking the system at every turn. The girl believes she’s faced tragedy and hardships regularly in her life. After all, one of her first loves was a woman. A disapproving relationship in a very hardcore devout Christian family no less. Izzy proclaims to be a product of the streets where gangs, drugs, and sex rule the land.. yet how can you have face these insurmountable odds when you were sheltered by a loving family? After all, Izzy, you went to private school. Your family poured money into your education. Your family, despite their disagreeing with your rebellious nature and bi sexual tendencies, had provided food and shelter and their love. What could you possibly know about a powerful drug lord sticking a gun in your face for interfering in his business? Have you watched your friend piss their life away on heroine and oxy because they felt their left served no genuine purpose. What about one of the few friends you’ve had in group home being kidnapped by their uncle and sold into sex slavery at the age of thirteen? I know hardship, Izzy. I lived it and wrote a series of books on the matter. You lived a life of privilege because you had a family. You had your promise of a future where I was guaranteed none of those things. I had to scrape, scratch, claw, and scour for love, respect, and my place within this cold and ugly world. I found my solace in combat. You, much like Zako, are pretending to be a gutter punk in possession of nothing but their DIY attitude, nor does shopping at Good Will and taking someone else lived in attire can make you into a true punker. You haven’t lived what they lived, nor will you ever truly know the life style of punk. You More importantly than all of that, Izzy. You will not be crowned the champion of the X-Division.

    Meanwhile, the television sets transmit images of Tristan James Galloway in his various matches as well as promo settings. More importantly, we see a sea of people begin to mob Tristan James Galloway as he walks the streets holding the X-Division championship. We even witness him interacting with Romeo Rollings as well as the two being interviewed.

    The more I think about it the more the bigger picture becomes clear to me. The X-Division is filled with frauds; pretenders. And the three biggest ones will be sharing the ring with me tomorrow night. They all lay claim to the X title, yet will not be able to sense the distinct feel of the leather that adorns the gold plates. They all show in their own unique way a desire to be champion, yet it is nothing more than false decelerations. Because they do not, will not, nor ever have the heart, desire, and passion it will take in order to dethrone me. They don’t have the heart to go to the dark places I’m willing to go to keep this championship. They don’t have the desire to spark a revolution that I am more than able to commence as long as I am in possession of the gold. The numbers will not be my disadvantage, nor will it be the conduit to my downfall. I will weed out the pretenders and the weak. This division will no longer be plagued by the fictitious personas of inferior wrestlers. It will also no longer be the sanctuary of the barbaric tendencies of the competitors without ability. With my reign, the X-Division has promise, a future. A respect that has not been seen by this division in a very long time.

    TJG walks outside the building and into an area fenced off and covered in weapons much like the one we will see at Mile High. Galloway spins around staring at the cage from all sides.

    I am not locked in the cage with you, you’re locked in there with me. I will go to war for my beliefs and hopes of a better tomorrow for the X-Division and more importantly for myself. This is a war I do not intend of losing. My journey is pure, real. I will give into my monstrous side one last time to eradicate the facades of my foes. To further display my resolve as champion. This wasn’t luck. It’s not a wave of momentum. It’s a stream of momentum and current is ever flowing.

    With his closing words, Tristan delivers the sly smirk with a tip of his hat before exiting out of frame.

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