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Thread: Fight Night 20 October Results

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    Fight Night 20 October Results

    Fight Night opens with a short video, a black screen where you see nothing but can hear audio of what sounds like a restless group of people.

    "I conned all of you for FOUR YEARS. Accept it.

    And accept this: I'm STILL your World Champion."

    The camera shot opens to reveal Shannon O'Neal standing in a FWA ring as boos start to rain down.

    The crowd noise fades away as the scene switches to a highlight video, opening to footage of previous Mile High Massacre matches.

    Shots of Devin Golden and Gabrielle holding up the World Heavyweight Title for the camera at Mile High are shown.

    The scene suddenly cuts to Cyrus Truth from last Fight Night in Toronto.


    The scene then moves on to Bell Connelly during last years Mile High Massacre.


    The scene then rapidly cycles through shots of Ryan Rondo assaulting Chris Kennedy on the FN ramp, then Chris Kennedy exacting retribution last FN. Shots of PAJ and Michael Garcia embracing in the ring last FN are shown. Then shots of Jason Randall staring with wild-eyed fury, junxtaposed with Starr throwing up a peace sign high into the air.

    The video ends with a panoramic shot of the Mile High Massacre structure from last year. However, the audio is not from Mile High 2016, but a repeat of the ominmous declaration from last Fight Night...

    Accept this:

    I'm STILL your World Champion.



    OCTOBER 20th, 2017

    Pyro goes off as FWA fans from all over the midwest cheer for the start of Fight Night. The crowd, sporting significant tinges of purple and gold in their attire, hoist up signs to the roving ringside camera that read things such as "RANDALL4MILE HIGH CLUB", "FEAR THE VULTURES", "RONDO IS A BIATCH", "IZZY FO SHIZZY", "MDM+ZAKO: I'D SHIP DAT", "MAKE WOLF GREAT AGAIN", and "ICH LIEBE GOOGLETRANSLATE"

    We are welcomed to Fight Night by the regular commentary team of Langdon Trafford, David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher.

    Langdon Trafford: The tension is palpable! You can feel it in the air! Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Fight Night in St. Paul, Minnesota, where when the dust settles by the end of the night, the card for FWA Mile High will be set! And as always, I am joined on this occasion by Piers Gallagher and David Weinstock, and guys, if you could, just talk to the audience about what really is at stake here tonight!

    Piers Gallagher: A whole is at stake, thats what!!! Three spots in Mile High Massacre are on the line tonight, would've been four if WOLF hadn't freaked out on Ashley O'Ryan!! Who will join Shannon O'Neal, Cyrus Truth, and now Bell Connelly and take their best shot at the FWA World Heavyweight Championship?? We'll find out tonight! From old timers like Rondo, PAJ, and Garcia to young guns like Starr and Jason Randall, there are spots up for grabs!!!

    David Weinstock: And thats not all, guys! The X Division Champion, Tristan James Galloway, puts his title on the line immediately against Hanz Gruber in a Chairs Match tonight! Plus, Shannon O'Neal goes one on one with Christopher Manson, ring general of the Sin City Vultures!! Tag league preludes, debuts, qualifiers, all that and more, tonight, the final stop before Mile High!

    Langdon Trafford: Those Mile Qualifiers, we're diving right into them, folks!! For weeks, Ryan Rondo has thrown himself in an increasingly bitter and bizarre tit-for-tat game of retribution with Chris Kennedy! But tonight, he has to put that aside if he wants to enter Mile High Massacre, as he goes one on one with the Phillip A. Jackson Project, Michael Garcia!


    Human’ plays over the speakers of the arena as Michael Garcia makes his way into the arena to open Fight Night. Garcia is by himself, with PAJ noticably absent.

    Michael Garcia gets into the ring. The crowd waits for Ryan Rondo's music, Ryan Rondo's entrance.... but after a few moments, still nothing....

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, we are awaiting the arrival of Ryan Rondo but there seems to be some issues in the back...

    A few boos ring out in the audience. In the ring, Michael Garcia asks the referee what exactly is going on, but the referee can only shrug, sharing Garcia's confusion. After a few moments, Kurt Harrington recieves word from the back and climbs into the ring to make an announcement.

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and Gentleman, as the result of a disqualification, and moving on to Mile High Massacre... Michael Garcia!
    Boos rain down from the arena as the disqualification is announced. Almost on cue though, the titantron suddenly crackles to life, grabbing the attention of Garcia and the arena audience.

    The camera is backstage swinging wildly as someone seems to be holding the camera in a way one would hold a bag or a suitcase. But an unmistakable voice is narrating the footage as it clamors around backstage.

    Ryan Rondo: Still waiting for that apology, Chris!!! Oh lemme guess, you're all booing me right now, aren't you? Yeah, boo!! Boo that man, boo!!! I thought you FWA fans love a good guy! I thought you guys love someone who will stick to their word!! You guys have it all wrong! I'm the hero in all of this!!

    The camera is suddenly thrust up and slammed onto a box of some sort. The camera finally see Ryan Rondo, not at all dressed to wrestle, putting the camera down. The camera is faced directly towards a double door somewhere backstage.

    Ryan Rondo: Last Fight Night, all I wanted was an apology from Chris Kennedy. Thats all!! Instead, Chris Kennedy, jealous, bitter, Chris Kennedy, tried to attack me!! The man is just obssessed with me and how I outsmarted him over and over again. I said it last week loud and clear: I am done with Chris Kennedy. I asked for someone that would actually be a challenge. And the best Ashley O'Ryan can find me is Michael Garcia? Really?? I asked for a challenge, not to find out what was stuck to the bottom of a recycling bin. I agree that we should reignite Michael Garcia, but I thought that meant PAJ was going to put him in a rubbish disposal incinerator, where all the other garbage belongs.

    I'm fucking Ryan Rondo, if you think a cheap ticket to Mile High could entice me into stepping into the ring with that piece of garbage, you're dead wrong. I am multiple-time World Heavyweight Champion. I've held more championships than Michael Garcia has brain cells in his fat hollow head, which, from what I hear, Phillip is in the process of illuminating by stringing up some christmas lights to make things a little brighter. I could be fucking World Champion whenever I want. But thats not what I want. What I wanted was an apology from that tosser Chris Kennedy. What I wanted was a challenge. If FWA won't give it to me, then

    Rondo steps away from the camera and opens the double doors. The chilly nightime of St. Paul is clearly visible for all to see.

    Ryan Rondo turns around and gives the camera the middle finger. And then, with a sly wink, he exits the arena.

    Back in the arena, the crowd is booing at full force. Michael Garcia remonstrates with the referee but theres nothing the ref can do, gesturing backstage to indicate that the decision was out of his hands. A clearly frustrated Michael Garcia exits the ring, shaking his head as he walks up the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: I can't believe he would stoop so low! Ryan Rondo, in addition to insulting FWA, has also forfeited his change to be in Mile High Massacre!!

    Piers Gallagher: Wow, just wow.... I had a feeling we should be expecting something unusual from Ryan Rondo, but I didn't see this stunt coming... does this mean Ryan Rondo is in the Worlds Strongest Tag League too?

    David Weinstock: If he could beg off this match with Garcia, good luck getting him to participate in Tag League against his will.... unbelievable. At least WOLF had the decency to decline before Fight Night and not cheat our fans out of a match!!

    Langdon Trafford:Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of FWA, I apologise for this travesty, this blatant disrespect by Ryan Rondo... but it doesn't change the fact that Michael Garcia is headed to Mile High!


    "Start Movin'" by Lions begins playing and the crowd turns its attention toward the entrance. "The Division One Superstar" comes out and makes his way toward the ring for the one-on-one contest.

    Langdon Trafford: This is an interesting matchup between some wrestlers who could use a win. And with one, we might see a new contender in the X-Championship picture!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Tommy Thunder made a mockery out of Dave Sullivan and Ty Johnson last week, but this ain't reality tv, this is go time!

    David Weinstock: Thunder isn't the only one with a chip on his shoulder, guys. Izzy Van Doren took the pin and the loss for her team last week, and she's going to be fired up to get back in the win column!

    "Brick by Boring Brick" by Paramore follows and the crowd cheers when the eccentric Izzy Van Doren shows up. Her pale skin and tattoos partner with the patch-filled black flannel jacket. And her upbeat and confident persona conflicts with Thunder's abrasive expressions.

    "The Division 1 Athlete" Tommy Thunder vs "Chicago's Favorite Gal" Izzy Van Doren

    Thunder quickly overcrowds Van Doren toward the turnbuckle and uses knife-edge chops and kick variations to keep her there. Thunder tries a corner clothesline but Van Doren evades it and lands a swift kick to the head. Then a head-scissors takedown and an aggressive set of headbutts. Van Doren hits a running single leg dropkick that puts Thunder on the mat and she tries for the early pin. But Thunder kicks out at barely a two count.

    Van Doren and Thunder trade offense, with Thunder executing his snap suplex and snap powerslam moves. But his pin try only gets a two count. Van Doren lands her possum hurricarana bridged to a pin, but that also gets a two count.

    Van Doren lands overhead chops that send Thunder toward the turnbuckle. But her attempt for a whip across the ring is reversed into a big back body drop. Thunder hits his "Storm Effect" side effect signature move and hooks the far leg.

    .................1...................2..............Shoulder up!

    Thunder gets up and starts slapping at the top of Izzy's head, the scraping the bottom of his boot derisively off her skull. He goes for one scrape too many, though, as a fuming Izzy suddenly grabs Thunder by the foot and trips him! Thunder tries to spin up quickly but Izzy catches him on his knees and slams him back for a kneeling DDT!! Izzy rolls into the corner with a gritted-teeth grimace as Thunder is dazed but tries to get himself upright. Izzy screams and charges out of the corner, blasting Thunder with a single leg dropkick!!

    Langdon Trafford: Thunder's paying the price for playing around!!

    David Weinstock: All hes managed to do is piss Van Doren off...

    Thunder, kicked into the opposite corner, is set up by Izzy, who chops away at him, causing the crowd to 'Wooooooo' with each chop!! Izzy grabs Thunder by the hair, but Thunder responds with a headbutt! Izzy stumbles back a little and lets go, but charges back in again, where Thunder smacks her with forearm to the jaw!! Izzy is turned around, and Thunder shoots out of the corner... only to fall straight into a headlock!!! Thunder realizes the predicament and tries to lift Izzy up, but Izzy snaps forward and smashes Thunders head into the mat with a sick ¡Adios Amigos! (Headlock Driver)!!

    Izzy goes for the cover!!!



    Winner: Izzy Van Doren

    Thunder rolls out of the ring as Izzy gets up and celebrates her win. She finds the hard camera and wags her finger tellingly at it.

    Langdon Trafford: And its over just like that, ladies and gentleman!!! With that one quick and devastating move, Izzy Van Doren gets back in the winners circle and serves notice to the FWA roster that she is dangerous, that she is not to be underestimated!!

    David Weinstock: Thunder learned firsthand just now, overlook the young guns of FWA at your own peril!

    Thunder recovers on the ramp, yells something inaudible at Izzy in the ring, then stomps up the ramp in a foul mood. Izzy, staying inside the ring, gives Thunder a shrug and a mock wave before soaking in one more round of cheers from all four sides of the ring.


    Bell Connelly is shown backstage having a conversation with ... well, with no one in particular. The crowd cheers her appearance, but she pays no attention to any other noise. She seems to be having a back-and-forth with some imaginary person standing next to her, as she leans against the wall of a hallway with her arms crossed.

    "RIGHT?! ... I ... KNOW! And then I said to her ... I said, YOU WILL NOT TELL ME I CAN'T CHALLENGE YOU FOR ..."

    Shannon O'Neal pops into the scene right in the middle and taps Bell on her shoulder. The former Women's Champion is flustered as she turns around and faces Shannon.

    "OH ... Shannon, what a ... um ... surprise. What uh ... brings you to this side of town?"

    Shannon rolls her eyes and closes them for a split second. But then she tries to re-engage her friend — or former friend — and Bell turns her head back to her imaginary friend.

    "Wait just one second. You-Know-Who just walked up."

    Shannon takes a breath as Bell turns back to face Shannon. She holds a smile and her hands interlock around her waist.

    "Look ... Bell ... I ... what I said last Fight Night ... that stuff ... had nothing to do with you.

    I ... I might not have been that person ... but us ... the friendship and all that ... was real. I like you, Bell. I like you because you're a ... better person than me. Than most people, really. And ... look I just don't want YOU to think that what I said out there last show had ANYTHING to do with us as friends and partners.

    I know you want to go for the tag team titles and while it's not the PERFECT time, I committed and I want to show you that you and me was a real bond.

    So ... This thing is still going to happen. As far as I'm concerned, we are GOING to win those Tag Team Championships. But ... I just wanted that to be known. And I was hoping that you'd be OK coming to the ring with me tonight, since ... I've got to face Christopher Manson, and he has BUCK in his corner. It would help a lot if you were in mine."

    Shannon stops her word vomit as Bell ponders an answer from just 2 feet away.

    Bell smile remains frozen on her face as Shannon speaks but never actually reaches her bright eyes with betrays no emotion whatsoever, staring through Shannon the entire time blinking somewhat.

    Once Shannon finishes up Bell doesn’t say anything at first as she looks down to the ground with a frown taking in Shannon’s words looking impossibly conflicted she opens her mouth to say something but quickly shuts her mouth once more clearly having second thoughts about her words. She tries again….but nothing comes out, after a moment of hesitation she shakes her head in a decisive manner

    “No, you know what? I’m going to have the bust out the big guns.”

    Bell holds up her index finger in Shannon’s face, in a gesture that screams “Wait there” She leans down out of screen and appears to ruffle around -What we can only presume is her bag- Before she pops back up and in her hands she carries what appears to be a large dark brown stick decorated with brightly coloured feather’s like some kind of native american headdress, she clutches it tightly to her chest.

    “I always keep this around in case of emergency situations like this, Shannon. This is a feeling stick, whoever holds the feeling stick, Can say whatever they’re feeling without being judged. I’ll go first."

    Bell clears her throat momentarily before holding the stick out in front of her.

    “Shannon, I feel like I want to come out to the ring with you. Because you’re my friend and I want to believe the best of you. But at the same time, everything you said last week….You lied about everything...just so you could get your hands on that title...That goes against EVERYTHING I thought you were and what I believe with every single fiber of my being."

    Bell lets out a low sigh and shimmies her shoulders out a little as if she just let loose a large weight that she had been holding on for quite some time and slips back to her impossibly cheery demeanor easily.

    “See?! That felt great to get out there. I’ve been holding on to that for a LONG time. Here, your turn.”

    Bell holds out the stick for Shannon, who holds it with a confused expression, like she's unsure what to do. She looks up at Bell and then sort of awkwardly settles in, holding the stick closer to her as she looks back down and slowly begins, albeit with a hesitant tone in her voice.

    "Um ... OK. Well ... I get that. Bell, I do. I understand everything, but I've said all I need to say here. I'm asking you to believe me. I know it's a lot of trust in someone who just told everyone else NOT to trust her, but ... I do believe this thing ... you and me ... could work. Now ... if you don't want to do it, I understand. But say so now and I can prepare to face the Vultures on my own."

    The crowd is heard booing loudly from the arena as Shannon slowly reaches out and hands the feelings stick back to Bell.

    Bell actually looks up and swivels her head back and forward as the boos
    echoes through the building a curious little frown on her face not able to differentiate between the opinion of the crowd bleeding through the walls, the voices in her head or the invisible people she was talking to before Shannon walked into the room…..Or maybe the sound of her own conscious. It must be confusing to her.

    In any case, Bell takes the stick in her hand and tosses it loosely from side to side seemingly deep in thought staring a hole blankly through the World Champion. As if she spontaneously developed X-Ray vision.

    “Where is fancy
    bread? in the heart or in the head…”

    She mutters to herself more than Shannon before suddenly tossing the stick carelessly over her shoulder rubbing her hands through her hair.

    “I don’t like what you’ve said...But I believe you can be better… I’ll be out there”

    Bell nods underlining her words but she still didn’t move away…

    “Mile High… You know I’m coming for that belt right?”

    Shannon nods her head and lets off a smile. Then she softly lets out a,
    "I wish it wasn't the case, but I understand. I'd go for it if I was in your spot, too." Bell then walks off, leaving Shannon to smile. And one might even sense an ever-so-devilish twist forming on her lips as her eyes seem to narrow to the most suspicious viewers.


    Fight Night comes back on air with El Jefe "The Booty' Ventura already in the ring speaking in a raspy voice to the live audience and Kurt Harrington at the same time. El Jefe is a large man with a tye dye T-shirt, a sizable posterior hidden under wrestling tights, and a tin foil hat on his head.

    KH: " what you're saying is, you were one of the original dancers in the music video for 'Anaconda'? And the government censured your scenes because it was deemed too hawt for TV?"

    EJV: "That's exactly right Kurt! You don't understand, how deep the tentecles of the deep state go! Why, if I wasn't wearing my brain guard right now, my brain and my bum would be exposed to the frequency line that the government puts up in every walnut tree in all 58 states, those listening posts are invading my privacy and they maybe using it to invade other people's privacy too!"

    KH: "....."

    EJV: "Don't look at me like that!! I was a Navy Seal, ya know!! Chris Kyle said he punched me and now I'm rich!!"

    "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica begins playing and Aaron Kendrick appears, mercifully cutting Ventura off. The crowd is nonchalant about the newcomer, although his energy does elicit some cheers.

    Aaron Kendrick vs El Jefe "The Booty" Ventura

    This one is pretty elementary. Kendrick begins with a spinning wheel kick coming off a whip to the ropes. Then a fast leg drop to the chest. Kendrick applies a rear waist lock before clubbing Ventura in the upper spine with his right arm. Kendrick whips Ventura to the ropes, punches him in the exposed stomach, and hits a Russian leg sweep.

    Kendrick finishes the match with the TAK ATK falcon arrow finisher and covers for the easy 1-2-3, barely breaking a sweat.

    Winner: Aaron Kendrick

    Langdon Trafford: An impressive first couple of matches for the newcomer in the FWA. I wonder how big his ceiling is here.

    Kendrick, despite barely breaking a sweat, takes a deep breath, soaking in the moment as fans applaud and the ref raises his hand. He celebrates the win and moves on, slowly breaking into a smile as he heads back up the rampway.

    Trafford: Well ladies and gentlemen, up next, is a re match from this years Back in Business, but this time there’s a spot in the Mile High Mass…

    “I’m only human after all….
    I’m only human after all…
    Don’t put your blame on me…
    Don’t put your blame on me…

    Human’ plays over the speakers of the arena as Michael Garcia, rather unexpectedly walks out onto the stage with a microphone in hand, cutting off Trafford.

    “Yo, yo, yo, hold up one damn second here. Forgive me, Langdon, but your boy has a problem.”

    Garcia walks up the steel steps, ducks under the ropes, and resumes his speech.

    “Now, earlier tonight, I was all set on whoopin’ Ryan Rondo’s ass all the way down the Mississippi River! For a second time this year, I might add. But unfortunately, because of the ‘Astonishing One’, I didn’t get that opportunity. Now, the Michael Garcia of old would have accepted a countout victory, and walked the hell out of dodge but that’s not me. I look around at the other names in this match… Cyrus Truth, Belle Connelly, Chris Kennedy, Phillip A. Jackson, Shannon O’Neal. Does the name Michael Garcia really belong? To me, absolutely. But to them? Not a damn single one of them believe that I belong in the Massacre. I’ve got to prove that I belong. I’ve got to prove that the Reignited Michael Garcia isn’t just another abject failure!”

    The crowd begins to chant “You can do it!”.

    “You’re damn right I can do it! And it’s time that I prove that I can! That begins tonight! Tonight, in this very ring, there will be no more shortcuts! There will be no more easy ways in! I am going to earn my way into this match just like Kennedy or PAJ, Randall or Starr! SO if Ryan Rondo can’t go, I’m challenging anybody in the back to a match, right now, and the only way for me to get into Mile High Massacre, is to win my match tonight. So, I don’t care who ya are, there’s a solid opportunity for someone to make a name for themselves! But just know this, Main Event Mike is going to Mile High Massacre and I WILL walk out your new FWA champion!”

    Garcia awaits his challenger as he hands the mic to Kurt Harrington.

    Trafford: “It seems we’ve got an impromptu open challenge!”

    Weinstock: So…if someone accepts this match, and wins, are they Mile High Massacre bound?”

    Piers: “Thems the rules, Weinstock.”

    “Unchained” by 2Pac blared over the arena speakers as a confused chatter buzzed around the arena.

    Weinstock: “Who the….”

    Suddenly, Ymir and Surtur, collectively known as the Big Flippy Giants, make their way out onto the stage.

    “Yo, Ymir, you see this? You see this fool out here, claimin’ to be a changed man? Any of ya’ll believe this guy? Actin’ like a damn fool, forgettin’ who he is and where he came from!”

    “Yeah, dawg, you seven feet tall, near four hundred pounds, yet you feel like you gotta earn this shit? Ymir and I, maybe we oughtta show you how real giants in this business take their opportunities, and while we’re at it, we’ll go ahead and take yours too!”

    “In other words, my big brother, be careful what you wish for. The BFG gonna make our names known, at your expense!

    Trafford: We’ve got ourselves a match!

    Additional ring crew members come out from the backstage area, along with a referee. After the ring crew members give the thumbs up, the ref enters the ring and the match is made official.

    Mile High Massacre Qualifier

    “Reignited” Michael Garcia vs The Big Flippy Giants (Ymir and Surtur)

    The BFG enter the ring and immediately swarm Garcia. Garcia tries to fight them off but the sheer size and numbers overwhelms him. Garcia falls to one knee, as Ymir steps back and just boots him in the face to knock him down. With Garcia on his back, Surtur does a Rolling Senton Splash, followed quickly by a Springboard moonsault by Ymir, and then a Standing Shooting Star Press by Surtur. The crowd is impressed by the duo, but even more impressed when Garcia manages to kick out right at 2.

    The BFG aren’t worried though, as the pick up the big man by his hair, whip him into the ropes and catch him with a Double Lariat! Mike seems to be in a bad way as the two giants are rolling! Mike retreats to the corner but finds little reprieve as Ymir runs in full speed with a corner splash, and then Surtur follows up with a running front dropkick that causes Main Event Mike to collide back first with the turnbuckle! Garcia falls to a seated position as Surtur runs forward with a cannonball! Garcia looks to be out of it, as the BFG go for the cover and get another 2 count!

    Ymir waits for Garcia to get up and DRILLS him with a Superkick, and then a Roundhouse Kick, and then goes for his discus clothesline…but Garcia ducks and Ymir CLOBBERS Surtur with it! Ymir turns around and walks right into a High Ange Spinebuster from Garcia! Both men cringe upon impact as Garcia takes the time to recover! He retreats to the far corner but it’s not long before Surtur comes charging in with a Shoulder block but Garcia sidesteps it! Surtur hits thwe ringpost full force and as he stumbles backwards, walks right into a SkyScraper!

    Ymir gets up and looks for a running boot, but Garcia ducks underneath and grabs Ymir by the throat! He lifts him up high and then crashes him down to the ground with a chokeslam! Surtur in, but Garcia lifts him up onto his shoulder for the Steel Curtain, sending Surtue landing on top of Ymir! Garcia covers them both simultaneously and picks up the 1.. 2… 3!

    Here is your winner @ 5:25 – “Reignited” Michael Garcia
    Weinstock: I mean, I’m not sure any other competitor in the Mile High Match could walk into the situation that Mike Garcia did and walk out victorious. The man just beat two of the most physically gifted giants we’ve ever seen here, at the same damn time!

    Trafford: And just imagine how much more powerful this man can get if BOTH members of the Phillip A. Jackson project are in Mile High Massacre. We’re going to find out…next!


    Fight Night returns with "Universe on Fire" playing, and Phillip A. Jackson already in the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Fight Night, and we are set now to fill another spot in Mile High Massacre, in a Back in Business rematch between two former champions!!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    The Phillip A. Jackson Project is moving on full steam ahead, and while I won't say that I'm on board with it yet, one half of the team is already in Mile High Massacre!

    David Weinstock: PAJ has so much experience of being in the big time already, project or no project, competitors like him live for these moments. But we could say the same for his opponent, too.

    "Bittersweet Symphony" plays as Chris Kennedy. Kennedy, staring straight into the ring at PAJ, still has a swagger but is more business-like than showman in his walk to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: All the distractions, all the bitterness between him and Rondo, hopefully Chris Kennedy was able to excise all those demons last Fight Night, because Mile High Massacre and another crack at the World Heavyweight Championship beckons!!

    Piers Gallagher: Well, seeing as how Rondo walked out on FWA earlier, at least theres no way Kennedy can do worse than that!

    David Weinstock: We are seeing two true blue FWA legends in the ring here guys. Deep down, even with both having other things distracting them, I know that deep down both of them know they have what it takes to rip that Championship down and take it away from Shannon O'Neal!

    Both men are in the ring as the referee calls for the bell!

    Chris Kennedy vs PAJ

    Both men lock up, with PAJ swooping behind Kennedy and trying to lift him up quickly! Kennedy breaks PAJs grip and does a go-behind of his own. PAJ siezes Kennedys wrist and twists it, but Kennedy shakes it off and hits PAJ with a boot to the gut! PAJ tries to charge, but Kennedy backdrops PAJ over the ropes! PAJ twists his body to land on his feet on the apron, and as Kennedy turns around, PAJ smacks Kennedy with a quick uppercut!! Kennedy stumbles but as he falls, he trips PAJ with a sweep kick, sending PAJ off his feet and off the apron with a thud!! Kennedy, being buoyed on by the fans, is starting to feel it, charges the ropes, and flings himself out at PAJ like a dart with a suicide dive which pushes both himself and PAJ all the way into the ramp area!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy is all business right now!!!!

    David Weinstock: That's what a change to be World Heavyweight Champion does, it brings out the best in people!!!!!!

    Both men lay on the outside, wiped out by Kennedys dive. Kennedy, grimicing a little, gets up and walks slowly towards PAJ. But PAJ suddenly drops down and cracks Kennedy with a PAJle Kick out of nowhere!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: PAJle Kick!!!!!!! I don't think he got all of it, though!!

    Piers Gallagher: Well he got enough of it to stun Chris Kennedy!!!

    David Weinstock: Going for it this early, thats a surefire sign PAJ is taking this thing seriously! Nothing is off the table here!!

    PAJ stops to catch his breath, aware that the PAJle Kick didnt catch everything. He quickly siezes Kennedy, but Kennedy pushes down on PAJ, grabs him by the waist, and rams him into the apron!! PAJ collapses as Kennedy realizes that the ref has already counted to 8!! Kennedy quickly grabs PAJ and after a moment heaves him into the ring. Kennedy then puts a leg up on the apron.... but a ringside crew member in a black baseball cap suddenly kicks Kennedy in the groin!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: WAIT, WHAT THE HELL???????????

    The ref, who was looking at PAJ and not at Kennedy, only turns around to see that Kennedy is still outside! The ref counts to 10!!!!!!!!!

    Winner via countout: Phillip A. Jackson
    The crew member stands over a fallen Chris Kennedy and takes off his cap to reveal.... Ryan Rondo.



    David Weinstock: He dressed himself up like a stage hand.... Rondo's ruined two Mile High Qualifiers tonight....

    Rondo, dressed in a FWA crew member uniform, throws down the cap and the walkie-talkie equipment that FWA road hands wear. As Chris Kennedy gets up and stares at Rondo, Rondo looks at Kennedy with a laugh and says "Guess that means we're partners for Tag League, budday!!"

    After a moment, Chris Kennedy suddenly flings himself at Ryan Rondo. The crowd stops booing and explodes as the two brawl, but actual real FWA ring crew steps between them. Rondo uses the distraction to disengage and scoot up the ramp. As the ring crew holds Chris Kennedy back, Rondo looks at PAJ, whos still in the ring taking this all in, and screams "You owe me one!!!" and mock-waves at PAJ. Rondo then turns his attention to Kennedy, whos still being held back. The ramp camera catches Rondo saying to Kennedy "I'm fucking Ryan Rondo, mate. I always get what I want. Always". Rondo then drops on the ramp and does a few mock push-ups to rile Kennedy up further before jogging up the ramp.

    Kennedy breaks free of the pile. An unlucky ring crew member tries to step back into the fray and eats a Bittersweet Chin Music from the enraged Kennedy. All the other crew members scatter as Kennedy breaks out into a full sprint up the ramp and into the back, presumably on the chase.


    Fight Night returns live on air with Kurt Harrington ready to announce the next match.

    Kurt Harrington: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and is-

    Crowd: ONE FALL!

    Kurt Harrington: ......ok, and is a triple threat match!

    Piers Gallagher: Bunch of dorks...

    Langdon Trafford: Nothing wrong with the fans having a little bit of fun Piers

    "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" by Garbage plays out and after the intro and the song kicks in Penny hops out on stage to a mixed reaction. She holds her cat Fred in her arms as she hops to the ring. Before entering the ring she sets Fred at ringside by the announcer's desk and then slides in the ring ready for action.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing first, weighing in at one-hundred & fifteen pounds, from Long Beach, California...PENNY!

    Penny's music fades out and is replaced by The White Buffalo's "The Matador" and the boos begin as Miss De La Muerta saunters out and not far behind is her monster, Zako Wrath. Zako begins his walk to the ring with De La Muerta in tow, giving instructions to him along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Introducing next being accompanied by Miss De La Muerta, weighing in at three-hundred & eighty-five pounds, from The Lake of Fire...he is "The Walking Disaster"...ZAKO WRATH!

    The music fades out and is replaced by Gus Black's "Don't Fear The Reaper" plays to another mixed reaction as Deception makes his way out.

    Kurt Harrington: Their opponent, weighing in at one-hundred & eighty-five pounds, and from parts unknown...DECEPTION!

    Langdon Trafford: Zako with the obvious size advantage going into this match but it looks like that it isn't deterring either Penny or Deception

    Piers Gallagher: This is gonna be a massacre! He's going to snap both of half like a twig!

    Triple Threat Match: Zako Wrath vs Deception vs Penny

    Right away both Penny and Deception make a beeline for Zako but Zako is ready for it and levels Deception with a big boot and then takes down Penny with a headbutt! He picks up Penny by the throat and is looking to put an end to her early with his 180 kneeling chokeslam, but Deception clubs him from behind breaking his grip away from Penny's throat as she falls to the mat gasping for air. Deception continues to pound away at Zako's back with clubbing fists that seem to have little effect on the much larger man, who swats away Deception like a bug. He turns to Deception now, who is crawling back to his feet now, and Zako grabs Deception by the head wrapping his massive hand around it and picks him but before he can do any harm he's clipped on the leg from behind by Penny and it brings Zako to a knee. This leaves him open for Penny as she nails him with a shining wizard! Zako is reeling a bit but isn't put away yet until Deception is back in the mix and bounces off the rope with a springboard tornado DDT to Zako! His large head bounces off the mat and rolls on his back in time for Penny to hit him with a split-legged moonsault! Zako is rolled to the outside by Miss De La Muerta, who checks on her beast...

    Deception is hoping to have earned Penny's trust but not just yet as she drills him with a spin kick right in the dome! He falls to the mat and Penny makes the cover...


    Kick-out by Deception and Penny picks him up instantly and spins him around looking to put him down with a dragon suplex, but Deception has it well scouted and flips out of it behind her and spins her around now and hits her with a leaping reverse STO! Deception in for the cover now...


    Penny gets a shoulder up and rolls to her side before getting up on all fours allowing Deception to hit her with a mushroom stomp! Penny now rolls to the outside trying to get a breather but not for long as Deception climbs up top and leaps off hitting a picture perfect moonsault to the outside! He drags Penny back in to the ring and makes another cover...


    Penny kicks out this time and this one has been all Penny and Deception so far, but not for long as Zako lurks outside and slides in the ring and clubs Deception from behind with his hammer like fists! Then he takes Deception in vice like grip and hurls him across the ring with an overhead belly to belly suplex! Zako then turns his attention to Penny, who has just come to and realizes the situation but she doesn't back down as she kicks and punches at Zako with little to no effect. Zako responds back with a short-arm heavy right hand leveling Penny off her feet! Zako in control now as he brings Penny up by the throat looking for that chokeslam again but he drags her over to where Deception is recovering and manages to wrap his hand over both their throats at once and sends them both crashing to the mat with that devastating 180 kneeling chokeslam! He makes the cover on Deception as Penny is rolled off...


    Somehow Deception has found a way to stay alive much to the surprise of Zako and Miss De La Muerta. Zako is irate now and stalks Penny, who is still recovering and brings her up and pushes her in to the corner. It's there that Zako unleashes a flurry of forearms that rock Penny, leaving her dazed in the corner, no idea where she is. Miss De La Muerta on the outside barking orders at Zako and he backs up in position as Penny is in the corner still and charges in like bull looking for a spear...BUT INSTEAD HE HITS DECEPTION AS HE SACRIFICES HIMSELF FOR PENNY!

    Langdon Trafford: Deception taking that spear for Penny!

    Piers Gallagher: If he hasn't earned her trust after that then I don't know what will!

    Deception on the mat now as Zako looks surprised with his back turned to Penny, who has positioned herself up top and leaps off taking the big man down with a leaping bulldog! All three competitors lay out on the mat now, but Penny is the first up. She takes a long look at Deception, who is still writhing on the mat, but she doesnt notice that Zako has popped up right after her!! Penny turns around, but is grabbed by Zako and hurled into the corner!!! Penny bounces off the corner and rolls out of the ring, holding her back in pain. Zako looks at Penny on the outside, but then looks back at Deception and changes target back to Deception. Zako grabs Deception, but Deception drops down and hits Zako with a jawbreaker!! Zako no sells the jawbreaker, but Deception then dropkicks Zako in the knee!! Zako drops to a knee and Deception runs the ropes, but Zako suddenly pops back up and slams his boot into Deceptions midsection!! As Deception doubles over, Zako swings his hand up, then scythes down Deception savagely with the Reapers Slash!!!

    Deception falls to the ground motionless as Zako makes the academic cover.

    Winner: Zako Wrath

    Zako throws Deception aside and then also pushes the ref aside as the ref tried to raise his hand. Zako slowly slides out of the ring and stalks Penny, who is just coming to on the outside. Miss De La Muerta slithers up behind Zako, and Zako turns around and gives her a look. Miss De La Muerta gives Zako a glance, and Zako then starts slowly walking towards Penny. Penny, sensing her predicament, quickly makes a beeline for the ramp and the backstage area. Zako strides after Penny, but keeps on methodically walking instead of matching Pennys jog.

    In the ring, Deception finally comes to. He locks eyes with Miss De La Muerta, who is sauntering after Zako at Zakos pace. Miss De La Muerta turns away and follows Zako up the ramp. In the ring, Deception starts pounding on the mat in frustration as he comes to terms with what happened at the end of the match.


    Fight Night returns from a commercial back to the ring where Yodakkey♥West♥Virginia, a grotesquely obese man with with dyed green and purple hair, eyeliner, sparkly lip gloss, and a t-shirt with a picture of a Greek Hoplite helmet on it with the words "Come And Take It: My Virginity, That Is" is in mid-rant.


    "Giving In" by Adema mercifully plays as Mike Parr comes to the ring with his sparkling FWA North American Championship belt and looks all business.

    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs Yodakkey♥West♥Virginia

    Parr handles this one with ease. A big backbreaker and a neckbreaker slam put Yodakkey on his back early. "The Prodigy" hits a flying knee to the face before a belly-to-back suplex. Parr gets a two count but pulls Yodakkey's shoulders off the mat to keep going. The crowd is silent for Parr's bounce off the ropes and his rolling cutter. And he finishes with the X Marks the Spot frogsplash.

    Winner by pinfall: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr
    Parr immediately gets up after the win, stepping on Yodakkeys body while demanding that his belt be handed to him. Parr then stands on the second turnbuckle and takes in the acclaim of the crowd, one of the better feelings. Above his head, he holds the North American Championship that he has held for approaching 15 months.

    LT: Is this the last Fight Night that we see Prodigy holding that championship belt?

    Did you not see just how Parr dispatched of his opponent? Did you not see how he beat Humanity a few weeks ago?

    I’ve also seen how Kazadi won the North American contendership tournament.

    : Guys I think we better turn our attention back into the ring.

    Indeed, in the ring Prodigy has now demanded a microphone be passed to him. His music stops playing, so now the cheers of the crowd can be heard both by those watching on television as well as those backstage. Prodigy confidently pats the face of the North American Championship before raising it above his head once more to more cheers from the crowd, letting the buzz die down before he brings the microphone towards his mouth.

    “From what I’ve heard being talked about in the corridors backstage or from what I’ve heard from the ‘experts’ online, the smart money appears to be on taking in the image of Mike Parr with the North American Championship one last time. As if the last 15 months haven’t happened and as if I’m not stepping into the ring with Zachary Kazadi but in fact stepping into the middle of the ring with the second coming of Christ himself…..”

    Parr pauses momentarily.

    “Not to mention that I’m walking into Mile High assuming that I’m going to be victorious and I’m not prepared……did you all not get the memo?”

    Parr points towards the giant screen as a recap of last week’s post-match words of Kazadi are played back, at the conclusion of which there is an unnerving silence across the arena, not sure what to expect.


    Parr again pauses as a wry grin appears across his face.

    “For somebody to spend so long in the middle of the ring talking about how their opponent is under-prepared and doesn’t really understand what he is getting himself into, he REALLY doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. I enjoy my life. I enjoy the custom made suits. I enjoy exploiting my undeniable good looks. I enjoy a drink from time to time. But you do know what I enjoy more than any of that? I enjoy winning. I enjoy holding this championship. I haven’t lasted for 15 months with this championship belt without taking my opposition seriously. Do I think that I’m better than anyone I have faced? I think I’m the best wrestler in this company. But I’m the best not because I sit and I believe my own hype or look at my own reflection, I’m the best because I work for it. I’m the best because I take each and every fight more seriously than you can imagine. And what really sets me apart is that I take each fight seriously before but I’m capable of exploiting the weaknesses that I see and capable of executing a game plan to perfection. THAT is what makes me the best and is the reason why I’m standing here with this championship.”

    The crowd start to react, some applause and some cheers and chants. Parr, in a sign that he is focused, doesn’t pause and play for the reaction.

    “So I haven’t come out here with close up images of you to display nor have I arrived with a soundtrack of you in pain, I’m stood here in the middle of my ring with a microphone and I’m telling you that I’m going to beat you. That doesn’t come from a place of over-confidence in myself nor does it come from a place of not understanding what I’m walking in to. Do I think you will have tried your best and bring what you believe to be your best to Mile High? Of course I do. It’s your World Series decider. You are coming to the crease and you are going to swing for the fences. The unfortunately truth is that any clever images or sound tracks aren’t going to distract from the fact that this simply isn’t my World Series, and I know that hurts you.”
    “You can bring your very best to Mile High Kazadi, because it simply doesn’t match up. You’ve beat 7 other people in a tournament designed to bring life back into the North American division? Did you ever stop to think about why the division needed an injection into it? Because the inevitable ending to any sort of confrontation surrounding this championship has ended exactly the same way for the last 15 months and you are simply just going to be another addition to the list of people who aren’t good enough to take this championship from me. And for the purposes of clarity, that isn’t underestimating what you can bring, that is from watching every match that you have had since your most recent return and knowing that it simply isn’t enough….”

    Prodigy pauses once more.

    “Oh, and I lied….”

    The crowd murmurs under their breath in some confusion.

    “I did bring one sound with me.”

    In an echo of last week, a noise fills the arena. However, this time, rather than screams of pain it is hysterical laughing. And the source of the laughter is your North American Champion.

    “When I mention your most recent return, it makes me laugh because I remember the reason there even was a most recent return. Why is it that you left again? Because you were next. You were next in line for a shot at this belt and rather than face up to the challenge of wrestling The Prodigy you ran away like a little bitch.”

    The crowd noticeably “Ooooh’s” that most recent remark.

    “But you screwed up Kazadi. You beat the band of losers they put in the championship tournament without thinking it through. And now you’re stuck, it’s public knowledge that you are next in line….and I give you some credit for fronting it out and making people talk last week. Mile High though? The only thing we will be talking about is how Zachary Kazadi even partially sold the idea that he was good enough to step in between these ropes with me….”

    With that, Parr drops the microphone and “Giving In” plays through the arena once more. Parr stretches out his arms and faces the entrance ramp, daring Kazadi to come to the ring and tell him that he’s wrong.

    I don’t know about you but he sounds pretty prepared to me!

    PG: I've been saying that this whole time you idiot!! You've all been enamored with Kazadi's yapping but Mike Parr is the REAL DEAL, and this historic reign is going to continue through Mile High!!

    I dunno if Kazadi is in the building, but he won't take this lying down... in any case, Mike Parr has most definitely reasserted himself going in to Mile High, its going to take something special to pry that title off of him!


    "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer begins playing and Mark Merriweather appears. The crowd's reaction is somewhat mute, minus a few scarce applauds from the few hardcore Merriweather fans.

    Langdon Trafford: Formerly a hopeful X Champion, he's come on rough times lately. But one win can do wonders.

    "Black Skinhead" begins and the Ground Zero winner, Ty Johnson, comes out to the ring. Dave Sullivan, his manager and a former multi-time X Champion, follows closely behind. Johnson has only white wrestling trunks on and snarls as the fans give him a decent ovation for just his second FWA match.

    "Anti-Hero" Ty Johnson vs Mark Merriweather

    Johnson bounces around the ring for the first 45 seconds with his fists balled up and ready. Merriweather holds the middle of the ring, preparing for more of a grapple-fest. Johnson begins laying quick jabs toward Merriweather's face. This doesn't cause much impact, although Johnson keeps moving. Merriweather tries to engage but Johnson is too quick. Johnson lands a jab to the throat that puts Merriweather on his heels. Then another one. Merriweather is backed to the corner, where Johnson lays into his exposed ribs with repeated punches. Johnson tries a big overhead hook to the face but Merriweather dodges it and uses a backhand chop across the chest to counter. Merriweather lands a running single high knee to the chest. Then he whips Johnson across the ring to the opposite turnbuckle. Merriweather tries a corner clothesline but Johnson evades and lands his body stomps as Merriweather is cornered by the quicker Johnson.

    The action continues just like that, with Johnson using the punches and jabs while Merriweather finds moments to land big offense. A running bulldog and a swinging neckbreaker are the notable moments, but Johnson easily kicks out at two. Johnson hits a clothesline and does more body stomps before trying a pin, but it's just worthy of a quick two count.

    Merriweather goes for a double axe handle, but Johnson lands a swift hook to the exposed abdomen. He runs off the ropes and delivers a big spear finisher, crushing the kneeling Merriweather and laying him out completely.

    Johnson hooks the legs with authority, and this ones academic.

    Winner: Ty Johnson

    As Johnson is celebrating we see a shot of Sullivan clapping and cheering his client on from the outside, but we then cut back to the ring to see Thunder coming from under the other side of the ring and blindsiding Johnson from behind with a clothesline which floors him. Thunder stands over Johnson while grinning out to the crowd who are booing him profusely.

    Trafford: What the?!.. What the hell is Tommy Thunder doing?!

    Thunder then goes on the attack again as he turns his attention back to Johnson, stomping away at him. Johnson tries to crawl away but only manages to back himself into the corner where the attack continues.

    Gallagher: I believe that this is called taking advantage, and Thunder's doing that perfectly.

    Thunder then pauses and leans in to scream at Johnson "YOU WANNA BE A STAR?! HUH?! YOU WANNA LIVE THE DREAM?!" He then slaps him around the face a few times while asking him "DO YA?! HUH?! ANSWER ME!".

    Weinstock: Oh come on, this is humiliating. Somebody needs to come out here to stop this!

    After a few more stomps for good measure, Thunder finally stops and goes to the ropes where Dave Sullivan is standing in front of the commentary table in horror. Thunder can be heard shouting at him "DOES THAT LOOK FAMILIAR, DAVE?! YOU REMEMBER ME DOING THAT TO YOU?! LOOK WHAT YOU DID!"

    While Thunder is busy yelling at Sullivan, Ty Johnson is making it back up to his feet. He tackles Tommy from behind and starts hitting him like Ralphie hit the bully in A Christmas Story.

    "Take that Raymond" Ty screams as he hits Tommy over and over in the nose.

    Johnson continues with his ground and pound before Sullivan finally pulls him off.

    Dave Sullivan: Come on Ty, not like this. Walk away.

    Ty is hard to control, but Sullivan manages to drag him away long enough for Thunder to flee. Tommy looks back vengefully as he caters to a bloody nose. This seems to be only the beginning of a feud that could get very personal.


    "Let Me Clear My Throat" plays and the crowd turns its attention to the stage, where the reigning FWA World Champion appears for her scheduled one-on-one match. She looks ... professional ... with a light-blue collared shirt on and the sleeves rolled up. This pairs with her blue jeans, not at all what one thinks of a wrestler.

    Walking a few paces behind her is Bell Connelly, her friend. The two appear on the same page, not sneaking suspicious glances at one another and rather looking harmonious.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal stunned the wrestling world last week when she revealed that so many of the things we thought we knew about her past ... was a lie. A lie to get us to like her, to cheer and root for her, and to believe in her.

    Piers Gallagher: It was genius, but now I'm wondering who the REAL Shannon O'Neal is.

    Langdon Trafford: I think she said it loud and clear. She's a pathological liar and she shouldn't be trusted. And I don't know why Bell is OK being by her side when she's probably about to be burned, too.

    Christopher Manson appears with BUCK at his side. The Sin City Vultures look equally, if not more, together as their FWA Tag Team Championships glow under the light.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal has Mile High and the Mile High Massacre to worry about. Bell has a match with WOLF to worry about. But the Sin City Vultures could be facing THIS team, of Shannon and Bell, for the tag team titles in a few weeks!

    Piers Gallagher: Imagine if Shannon wins. Imagine the edge she'd have.

    BUCK takes his spot in the corner of Manson. Shannon hands the World title to Bell, not the ref, and Bell walks it over to the ring attendant in a trance staring down at the gold plate. The announcers think Shannon is playing mind games with Bell, but Shannon ignores it, focused on her opponent and not reveling in the result of her apparent "games." The crowd still boos, and Bell snaps out of it as the referee has to leave the ring, take the belt from her, and hand it to the ring attendant. for safe keeping.

    Non-title match
    Shannon O'Neal (w/ Bell Connelly) vs Christopher Manson (w/ BUCK)

    Shannon and Manson circle the ring once before they come together in a grapple. Manson easily overwhelms Shannon to the corner, but the World Champion puts her hands up, forcing Manson to back away. But one half of the tag team champs is too smart, and tries to get one kick into the stomach. Shannon catches the foot and sweeps the other leg, and then stomps down into Manson's groin area.

    Shannon runs off the ropes and clocks a big right hand to the side of Manson's jaw. He looks to be out cold under the ropes, and Shannon drags him to the middle of the ring and covers.

    ..................1........................2..........Kick out!

    Shannon thought she had a chance to win it there. She attempts a sole kick to the ribs but Manson catches her foot and does the same leg sweep. He hits a roundhouse kick and a single-leg dropkick, sending Shannon through the ropes and outside the ring. Shannon struggles to her feet and sees BUCK hovering over her. She throws one big right hand to the jaw, but BUCK no-sells it. She then tries to run, but BUCK grabs a hand-full of her blonde hair. The crowd cheers loudly, but Bell flies in with a running double knee to the face from off the apron, and Shannon gets free!

    Langdon Trafford: Bell sacrificed herself to help Shannon. The friendship is alive and well tonight!

    She slides into the ring and it's back to square one. They circle the ring and Manson gets Shannon in a rear waist lock. Shannon tries to fight out but Manson squeezes tighter. Shannon fires back an elbow, connecting in the jaw. Then she runs off the ropes but is caught with a kick and a lifting DDT. Manson goes for his first pinfall try!

    ....................1......................2.............Kick out

    Manson lands an exploder suplex that has Shannon landing awkwardly on her neck. Manson goes for a second pinfall, but it's another kick out. Shannon struggles to the corner, and Manson presses his boot against her throat. The referee forces a break and Manson quickly pulls her up by the armpits to a standing position. Shannon throws one hard right hand but Manson was ready and ducks. And then he lands a wheelbarrow facebuster!


    Bell claps on the outside as Shannon barely stays alive. Manson grabs her by the hair and appears to be positioning for a codebreaker. Shannon headbutts Manson, and both wrestlers take a good bit of damage. This gives Shannon space, and she sidesteps as Manson charges, sends him to the ropes, and lands one hard right hand to the jaw! Manson stumbles back, leaning against the ropes, and Shannon lands a second, and a third, and a fourth. All big strikes with her dominant right hand. Manson stumbles and crumbles under the turnbuckle. Shannon stomps down into his ribs for about 20 seconds before the referee pulls her back.

    When Manson pulls himself up and turns out of the corner, Shannon is waiting with a running knee strike into the stomach. And then a running knee lift to the face. She follows with a kick to the gut and a massive scissors kick. The "Paradise City" finisher hits the mark.


    Winner: Shannon O'Neal
    Shannon exits the ring quickly, takes back the World Heavyweight Title and leaves up the ramp with Bell, leaving BUCK to tend to Manson in the ring. Shannon stares at the Vultures with a satisfied look in her face, yelling out at them, "KEEP THOSE BELTS WARM FOR US, BABY BIRDS!!" as she backs up. Bell alternates between nodding in agreement with Shannon and casting quick, pensive glances at Shannon's World Heavyweight Title. In the ring, BUCK gets up and starts to go after Shannon and Bell on the ramp, but Manson silently reaches out a hand and grabs BUCK to stop him. Manson, still recovering from Paradise City, stares BUCK straight in the eye and just shakes his head, the ringside camera catching him mouth the word "patience" to BUCK. BUCK nods and calms down, but also goes back to staring daggers at Shannon and Bell.

    Langdon Trafford: The first shots have been fired in anticipation of the Worlds Strongest Tag Team Tournament guys, and for the first time in a FWA ring, Christopher Manson has tasted defeat!! No shame in losing to our World Heavyweight Champion though, and Shannon looks to be rolling into both Mile High and towards the Tag League!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Singles action it may be, but you gotta think that psychologically this is a blow to the Vultures!! Is their air of invincibility starting to crack??? Is this the moment??

    David Weinstock: Tag team actions much different from singles action, guys! And frankly, Shannon needs to worry about Mile High Massacre before the Tag League! The fact that Manson can even hang with Shannon is a warning shot not to the Sin City Vultures, its a warning shot to Shannon O'Neal!!


    Zachary Kazadi makes his way out for an unannounced impromptu match. The normal loquacious Kazadi is silent as he makes his way out to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Well ladies and gentleman, we have an impromptu match suddenly set up, I'm told that Zachary Kazadi, who wasn't scheduled to compete tonight, has demanded a match on Fight Night!

    David Weinstock: He can't have been happy with how Mike Parr turn the tables on him earlier guys. I expect a swift and severe response, a message to be sent in this next encounter!

    Lovable scamp-jobber Jugem’s music begins to play, but no Jugem. Again, his music plays but he doesn’t show up. Ring announcer is about to go for a forfeit for Kazadi, but Kazadi refuses to win that way - he steps out of the ring and looks like he’s about to go backstage to make Jugem come out to the ring however … lights in the area fade from white to red. He steps to the center of the ring and prepares himself for an attack. The opening chords of "Number of the Beast" by Iron Maiden hit the PA and the crowd goes ballistic! Jugem Jugem's body fliest through the curtains first. Wolf steps out onto the entrance stage, he throws the "devil horns" up to the crowd as the do the same and scream their heads off.

    Kazadi stands in the center of the ring, calling Wolf on. Wolf explodes down the ramp, sliding into the ring. The waiting Kazadi begins to stomp away, which doesn't even slow Wolf down. Wolf is back on his feet in a matter of moments and the punches start getting exchanged. The two men battle it out in the center of the ring as FWA security rush the ring. They do everything they can to pry apart the rivals. Wolf and Kazadi throw punches over them or push them away and continue an assault. After about five minutes or so the men are broken up. Wolf is being pushed up the ramp, Kazadi is being held in the ring, yelling "YOU CAN'T EVEN TOUCH ME!" Wolf gets to the top of the ramp and is given a microphone.

    Wolf: I can't touch you, Kazadi? Who says? You?

    The crowd is going insane... Wolf tries to speak over them.

    Wolf: I said I was going to beat the shit out of you, and I plan on doing it Kazadi. In fact...

    Wolf reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a legal looking document.

    Wolf: I've got this, it says I get a North American title shot. You see I lost the North American title back in 2010 and I did not get the chance to exercise the rematch clause I was promised until this day. WOW! Isn't that weird? 7 years in the making! I am now part of the match.

    The fans explode. Kazadi is livid.

    Wolf: So, it looks like you and I will both challenge Mike Parr for the belt at Mile High...

    Wolf laughs, Kazadi gives off no emotion other than anger as he paces back and forth in the ring.

    Wolf: I'm going to rip you open and drink your blood, Kazadi. Just the way it was supposed to happen when I came back. I'm going to destroy you Zachary Kazadi. Plain and simple. I'm going to beat you, break you and sacrifice your head to this screaming mob... And that's A PROMISE!!!

    Zachary Kazadi: You had your time, you had your limelight but now you are done, you are done and still this company hangs its hat on the memory of Wolf... well I don't buy in to the corporate bull shit, I may have respected what you were old man but what you have become sickens me and I’ll look forward to getting rid of the tumor that you have become, you want me then you got me, you want to put me in my place then I’ll want my chance to put you in yours... You used to strike fear in to the very souls of your opponents, well Wolf I ain't scared of you and I ain't intimidated. You want my respect Wolf, then do the right thing and leave this company the hell alone, get out whilst you’ve still got a name that revered, get out with your health because old man if you want to follow this with me, health will be the one thing you don't have.

    Wolf shook his head with a look of constrained anger.

    Wolf: I'm starting to care less and less about why you're even here and more and more about making sure you don't stick around much longer. You know what Kazadi? as of right now? I do want to hold you back, I do want to squash you because the way you've been acting? You don't deserve to jerk the f*cking curtain let alone be at the top of the bill week in week out. There is no school like the old school and I'm the f*cking headmaster.

    The fans are going crazy as Wolf drops his microphone and charges the ring through the wall of security. Kazadi slides out from under the bottom rope and charges Wolf. The two meet in the middle of the entrance way, throwing lefts and rights. They fight back and forth from one side of guardrails to the other. Neither man has gotten the better of the other when Security gets to them. They separate Wolf and Kazadi again, albeit with much more difficulty.

    Langdon Trafford: WOLF has gone ballistic!!! He's not waiting anymore!! Mike Parr be damned, Ashley O'Ryan be damned, WOLF has forcibly inserted himself in the NA title picture, and he isn't waiting to get a piece of Zachary Kazadi!!!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    WOLF is a lot of things but he isn't crazy!!! I knew he wouldn't have turned down that Mile High Qualifier without a trump card in his sleeve, and WOLF has just played it!!! He's cashing in that contractual rematch!!!

    David Weinstock: Contractual rematches aren't even a thing in FWA anymore, but WOLF has waited seven years for the right moment!!!!! And the right moment is to ruin Kazadi's moment!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: But what about Mike Parr???? This is unfair!! Parr was supposed to defend against Kazadi!!!!!!!! This changes everything!!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Has Ashley O'Ryan really sanctioned this????????

    David Weinstock: Does Ashley have any choice??? It looks like its out of his hands at the moment!! WOLF has taken Ashley, Parr, and most importantly Kazadi's plans and blown it all up to high hell!!

    Fight Night fades to commercial as Wolf and Kazadi are nowhere near separated.


    Fight Night returns on air with a throw to the backstage area, with the caption "During Commercial Break" affixed to the bottom of the screen.

    Security is dragging WOLF away from the ring area. WOLF throws them off of him and wildly looks around.


    Wolf turns around to find not Ashley O'Ryan, but the FWA North American Champion "The Prodigy" Mike Parr.

    The two have a split-second staredown before security darts between then. Amid some jostling, Parr looks at WOLF with a derisive sneer.

    Parr: Seven years.... for this? This was your brilliant plan?

    Looks like Kazadi isn't the only screw up I'll be putting out of their misery at Mile High...

    Parr walks off without giving WOLF a second look. WOLF glares at Parrs back and pushes away the security once again as the camera throws back to the ringside area.

    Langdon Trafford:
    An explosive situation, ladies and gentleman, here in St. Paul tonight, I was informed over the commercial break that while contractual rematches have been phased out under Ashley O'Ryans new policies, FWA legal representatives have quickly examined the archived documents stemming from 2010, and WOLF's claim to a rematch is valid, per the contract between him and FWA from that time!! It looks like Ashley's hands truly are tied, and WOLF is in the NA title match at Mile High!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Be careful what you wish for, WOLF!! He is so obsessed with Kazadi and getting one over O'Ryan that I don't think he even knows what hes really getting himself into!! He's throwing himself into the ring with Mike Parr, The Prodigy!!

    David Weinstock: WOLF gets to finally throw down with Kazadi and also compete for the North American Championship, it looks like a win-win from WOLFs perspective! Ashley might not like it but you gotta admit guys, this really adds intruige to an already stacked card at Mile High!!

    Piers Gallagher: The only thing he's going to win is an ass-whupping from The Prodigy!!!

    Langdon Trafford: History will be made at Mile High one way or the other, thats for sure, but we have to move on, ladies and gentleman, because the penultimate stop on the X Gauntlet is next!! The X Division Championship is on the line in a Chairs Match as newly crowned Champion Tristan James Galloway defends the title he won from Jason Randall for the first time against Hanz Gruber!!

    The crowd turns its attention to the entrance, where Hanz Gruber makes his appearance for the first time tonight. He sports a black military-style coat, like a German war official would wear during World War II, and his black sunglasses go with the crop-top hair style and goatee facial hair. He has the German look down pat and the bulky rings on each finger are clearly visible as "ZeitBombe" makes his way to the ring. The crowd offers a few scarce applause, but most people are anti-Hanz Gruber in the upcoming X Championship match.

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan James Galloway is the new X Champion, but his first title reign in the FWA might end just one show later. Hanz Gruber is quite the "first challenge" for the new champ.

    Piers Gallagher: Hey, if Galloway wants to prove he's a viable champion here, this is how you do it. Many great names have held that belt. And they never backed down from a challenge.

    "Turn the Page" by Metallica hits and the crowd rises up for a nice ovation. Tristan James Galloway comes out like a motorcyclist-meets-cowboy look. His long, curly black hair creeps beneath his black fedora-looking hat, and the black flapped jacket fits with the black biker pants.

    X Championship
    Chairs Match
    "The Polynesian Powerhouse" Tristan James Galloway (c) vs "ZeitBombe" Hanz Gruber

    Galloway and Gruber know it's a chairs match, and the ring is fluttered with chairs laying on the ground outside. But neither one goes for the chairs to start. They circle the ring slowly before tying up in a grapple. Galloway gets the side head lock, overpowering Hanz Gruber despite the challenger's muscular, bulky frame. Galloway tightens the grip and transitions to a hard clothesline, knocking Gruber down to the mat.

    Galloway tries to use wrestling moves, but he only connects with a fireman's carry slam and backbreaker before Gruber hits a running knee to the chest after a series of chops. Hanz then turns the match into its namesake. He grabs one of the chairs and tees off, denting it over Galloway's lower spine. Then he lands a shot into the upper spine, knocking Galloway down as he lays against the middle and bottom ropes. Gruber grabs the next chair and lands a wicked shot to the forehead. The dented steel is useless now, but Hanz kneels down for a pinfall try.


    Hanz repeatedly turns to the chairs for his offense. He tries using two to sandwich Galloway's skull with a smash but Galloway moves out of the way. Hanz drives the edge of the chair into his stomach and dents another one over his spine. That makes four now. Hanz hits a running bulldog down into one of the used chairs scattered around the ring, and then he covers for the X Championship!


    Hanz gets the FIFTH steel chair but his attempt to smash it over Galloway's head doesn't work! Galloway lands a big boot, kicking the chair back into Hanz' forehead! Galloway picks the chair up and smashes it once over Hanz's head. The crowd comes to life as Galloway hits his Double A spinebuster and tries for a pin. But it's a two-count kickout.

    Langdon Trafford: How did he kick out of that direct shot to the head???????

    David Weinstock: Lord, that was stiff....

    Galloway unfolds one of the chairs and positions it in the ring like he's going to take a seat. Then he takes Hanz and hits his "Black Rainbow" pumphandle suplex, sending Hanz's back crashing through the chair!!! The ring shakes on impact as Galloway kneels next to Hanz for the cover.


    Hanz kicks out, refusing to go down. Galloway looks almost dumbstruck at Hanz resilience as Hanz crawls to the ropes. Galloway moves towards Hanz, but he takes too much time and Hanz cracks Galloway in the chest with a jumping knee, sending Galloway falling back into some of the chairs in the ring!! Hanz tries to scramble into the cover!!


    Galloway kicks out with force. Hanz tries to grab another chair and fold it, but the damage from the match shows as Hanz is slow to get the chair in order. Hanz turns around and eats a huge spear from Galloway!! Hanz is smashed into a corner as Galloway, who partially ran himself into the chair Hanz was holding, grimaces in pain.

    Langdon Trafford: Galloway might have hurt himself with that move, but its also put him square in the drivers seat!!

    Piers Gallagher: Gruber had one good chance, one big chance, but that shot to the head and that slam into the chairs, that damage adds up!!

    Galloway shakes his head and takes several of the chairs, folds them up, and then puts them in center ring. He picks up Hanz and gives him a modified Corcinogen Crush (Sitout Crucifix Bomb) onto the pile of chairs!!!

    Galloway makes the cover!


    Winner and STILL X Division Champion: Tristan James Galloway

    Tristan James Galloway accepts his belt back and has his hand raised by the referee. The referee and the ringside physician then go to check on Gruber, who is still lying on top of the pile of chairs, almost motionless. Galloway takes a long, long look at Gruber before exiting the ring and getting out of the way, choosing instead to high five and greet the adoring ringside fans.

    Langdon Trafford: A successful first title defense is in the books for The Polynesian Powerhouse!! Yet more carnage at Mile High awaits Tristan James Galloway, as Ashley O'Ryan's X Gauntlet culminates with a Clockworth Orange Weapons match inside a steel cage!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Hell of a prize for winning tonight, huh?? That Romeo Rollins is onto something though, the old TJG might have shown mercy or hesitation, but he put Gruber away tonight mercilessly!!

    David Weinstock: I'm still a little in shock over how much punishment Gruber took. Say what you want about the man, but the one thing he doesn't lack is heart and grit. Whether thats enough for Ashley to give him a second chance at Mile High is anyones guess....

    The ring crew prepares the ring for the main event.

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of shocking, we have to recap whats happened tonight. Not one, but TWO Mile High Qualifiers ruined by Ryan Rondo, all due to Ryan Rondo's obsession with Chris Kennedy!

    Piers Gallagher: He truly was crazy like a fox, Langdon, but whats done is done!! We now know that Bell Connelly, Michael Garcia, and PAJ will all be joining Shannon O'Neal in Mile High Massacre!! Theres one final spot up for grabs, though, and we've about to fill that spot!!

    “The Past should stay Dead” by Emarosa blared over the speakers as the fans jumped to their feet in anticipation for the fast rising upstart of Fight Night, Starr! Starr is his usual energetic self as he runs to each side of the stage and does his signature pose to a roar of approval from the crowd. As the music hits a crescendo, Starr pumps himself up and then sprints down to the ring! He slides under the bottom rope before rolling to his feet and climbing to the top turnbuckle for his signature pose. The crowd is firmly behind Starr as he hops down and eagerly awaits his opponent.

    Trafford: The biggest match in this young man’s career is just moments away from starting and it looks like Starr is ready for whatever is thrown his way!

    Piers: That’s because he has no idea what’s about to be thrown his way! This is the Wildcard we’re talking about here! Jason Randall just came off an incredibly impressive reign as X Division champion and only lost the title because Ashley O Ryan refused to let the man rest! But the man is motivated tonight! He’s going to prove the haters wrong!

    Weinstock: Well, he’s got his chance! Quite frankly, I think this has a chance of being a classic!

    “Gangster’s Paradise” interrupted Starr’s pre match ritual as a passionate Jason Randall walked briskly down the ramp. Randall rolled his neck, and then slapped himself twice before walking up the steps and into the ring. Randall awaits the bell to ring and as it does, almost as if a lightbulb went off, Randall lunged forward and took Starr off his feet with a Double Leg Takedown!


    “The Wildcard” Jason Randall vs “One in a Million” Starr

    Randall immediately mounted Starr and began unloading with a series of right and left hands. Starr,managed to get his palm up to Randall’s jaw and shoved him back just enough to roll him over and mount Randall, delivering a slew of punches of his own. Randall managed to take c ontrol and roll Starr on to his back, but Starr’s left arm grabbed onto the ropes as the referee forced a motivated Jason Randall off of his opponent! Starr was visibly taken aback by Randall’s aggressiveness and a few of those punches clearly caught him hard. Starr pulled himself up a little slowly as the referee gave the signal the moment Starr released his grasp of the ropes, and Randall wasted no time in charging forward and clubbing Starr in the back of the head/neck area. Starr stumbled into the corner, but Jason followed in, grabbed Starr by the hair and slammed his head face first into the turnbuckles. Jason kept going until Starr put his foot up on the turnbuckle and blocked Randall,elbowed him in the face, and then shoved him backwards. Randall ran back to the corner but Starr came forward with a running high knee that caught Randall by surprise! Randall got back to his feet, Starr whipped him into the ropes and caught him with a knee to the abdomen on his return. Randall fell to the mat and into a seated position as Starr drove an elbow to the shoulder, then a knee to the back, another elbow, then a series of kicks to the back of Randall as the crowd chanted “Starr! Starr! Starr!” for each kick. After the fifth kick, Randall fell back to the mat and Starr delivered a running knee drop to the forehead of his opponent.

    Randall retreated to the far corner but Starr followed him in, delivering a couple of right hands, and then an uppercut. Randall responded from the uppercut with a right hand of his own that backed Starr off. Randall then grabbed Starr by his hair and again went back to the turnbuckle, smashing him fce first into the top rung. Randall dug his elbow deep into the jaw of the upstart before grabbing his hair again and running him full speed ahead into the turnbuckle across the ring! Starr bounced backwards and onto the canvas in a heap but Randall gave him no reprieve, pulling him up just to headbutt him back down. Starr scooted back to the corner, leaning his head on the bottom rung, giving Randall the opportunity to place his boot right there and use the top rope to stand! The referee counted to three before Randall back away then grabbed Starr again,pulling him up and propping him against the turnbuckle, where Randall proceeded to deliver a couple of knife edge chops that could be heard across town. Starr winced in pain at every single one, even let out a cry of pain at the last one. Randall grabbed Starr by the arm, and whipped him across the ring to the other turnbuckle but Starr leaped onto the second rung and delivered a Springboard back elbow to Randall! Both men to their feet, Randall charged forward with a clothesline which Starr ducked and on the rebound, catches Randall with a Running Hurricanrana. The momentum sends Randall to the outside, but that’s not where Randall wanted to be as Starr runs full speed ahead and dives out with a Tope Con Hilo! Both men are laying out on theoutside as the referee begins his count of 10. Starr gets up at 6 and tries to get into the ring, but Randall grabs his foot! Starr uses his right foot to push Randall back and into the barricade before sliding into the ring! The referee reaches the count of 8 before Randall gets back in as well. Starr goes to grab a hold of him, but Randall delivers a drop toe hold that sends Starr face first into the ropes. Randall wastes no time in picking Starr up and drilling him with an Invereted Headlock Neck/Backbreaker! Randall covers but only gets a two count!

    Randall wastes no time dropping some elbows onto his opponent, before grabbing Starr and locking in a Wristlock/Rear Chinlock and really began pulling back at the head and neck area and then slowly transitioning that into a Crossface Chickenwing! Starr fights and struggles to get to the ropes but Randall has the size advantage and keepsStarr away. After a few moments, Starr starts to fight out, but Randall cuts him off before he can get any sort of momentum by grabbing his hair and slamming him back onto the mat. Randall grabs Starr and props him up against the ropes, before hitting him with a hard right and then a knife edge chop. Randall rolled his shoulders before taking a few steps back, running the ropes and delivering a front dropkick to the chest of Starr! Starr tumbled down to the mat. Starr fought back up to his knees, but only to be caught by the Killshot! Starr’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as Randall covered!




    Randall mumbled some obscene words to himself before going back to the rear chinlock. Eventually the crowd started to clap and cheer as Starr fed off their energy! Starr started to power up! As the chants got louder, Starr got stronger! Once to his feet, Starr began to elbow his way out of the hold. But Starr’s momentum was cut short by a single headbutt that rocked Starr back into the turnbuckle. Randall stayed on the aggressive offensive as he followed in with more strikes.Randall took a few steps back before charging forward with a shoulder to the gut, but Starr rolled out of the way! Randall went shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Starr noticed the situation and you could almost see the realization set in on Starr’s face, knowing this was his opportunity. A fire had been lit inside Starr! Randall backed out of the corner holding his arm, and Starr charged forward with a dropkick that sent Randall back into the turnbuckle on his hurt arm! Starr aggressively grabbed Randall’s arm, placed it on the bottom rope and then dropped about 7 or 8 consecutive elbows on it as Randall screamed in pain! Starr then stomped mercilessly on the arm, before grabbing it and placing Randall in an inverted Armbar! Randall screamed at the top of his lungs, but eventually maneuvered his body to the bottom rope. and Starr charged forward with a dropkick that sent Randall back into the turnbuckle on his hurt arm! Starr aggressively grabbed Randall’s arm, placed it on the bottom rope and then dropped about 7 or 8 consecutive elbows on it as Randall screamed in pain! Starr then stomped mercilessly on the arm, before grabbing it and placing Randall in an inverted Armbar! Randall screamed at the top of his lungs, but eventually maneuvered his body to the bottom rope! The referee called for the break!

    Starr didn’t let up,though, as he picked Randall up and hung him up in a tree of woe before taking a few steps back and running forward with a running dropkick to the chest. Randall falls to the mat as Starr does his seated senton!



    Kickout by Randall! Both men back up to their feet, but it’s Randall that walks into an uppercut from Starr! Then a second one! Randall blocks the third and counters into a backslide!



    Starr gets out and as Randall rolls to his knees, Starr catches him with a running knee kick to the face! Randall is down on the mat as Starr looks up to the top rope and smiles. He points up to the top and the people in attendance let out a huge roar! Starr climbs up to the top rope, and dives off with a picture perfect elbow drop onto the chest and right shoulder of Jason Randall! Starr maintains a cover but is shocked when Randall kicks out just before 3! Starr is incredulous as a wide eyed expression shows on his face.He pulls Randall off the mat but Jason catches him offguard with a hard right hook. Then a second one! Randall grabs Starr by the arm, whips him into the ropes and on the rebound, puts Starr on his shoulders for his Fireman’s Carry Slam! Starr, however, begins to elbow his way out and then tries to shift his weight to slide out in a rollup, but Randall catches him with the Wildcard Special!



    Somehow Starr kicked out! Randall began throwing a tantrum, even going so far as to grab the referee by the shirt but immediately catching himself and cooling down before the DQ. Randall pulls Starr up by the hair, throwing a high knee to his jaw, and then screaming at Starr to stay down. Then a second one! And a third! Randall takes both fingers, making a gun, and then acts as if he’s going to pull the trigger before Starr grabs him by the arm, turns him around and delivers a Textbook Release Regal-Plex! Except for the fact that Randall flipped out of it, landed on his feet, spun Starr around hooked him up for the Deuces Wild! Randall started the move, but it was Starr that countered out and spun it into an Inverted Overdrive! Starr fell on top for the cover!




    Here is your winner @ 13:09 – “One in a Million” Starr!

    Starrs hand is raised by the referee. Starr tries to get up, but falls back down to his knees, his eyes wide open as it dawns on him that he is now part of the main event at Mile High. Outside the ring, Penny, who has appeared seemingly out of nowhere, quickly grabs Randall and whisks him away from the ringside area.

    Langdon Trafford: He's done it!!! The improbable restart has reached another gear tonight!! Starr has defeated Jason Randall, and with that, the final spot in the Mile High Massacre match now belongs to 'One in a Million'!!! Ladies and gentleman, Starr is headed to Mile High Massacre!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Absolutely unbelievable. Randall had it but he threw it all away!! Now we get this dope in Mile High Massacre, what kind of travesty is this????

    David Weinstock: The only dope here is you, Piers, listen to this crowd!! Lets not downplay what a moment this is, guys! Starr could be the FWA World Heavyweight CHampion at Mile High!! He could be... wait, whos that on the ramp?

    Starrs music abruptly stops as the crowd and Starr look out on the ramp. At the ramp, walking down towards the ring at a slow pace is.... Bell Connelly.

    Starr, unsure of what to make of Bells appearance, walks over towards the ramp side of the ring.

    Bell has a look of nervousness on her face as she looks back at Starr.

    Piers Gallagher: What is Bell Connelly doing out here?? Is she trying to psyche out a Mile High Ma-

    David Weinstock: LOOK OUT!!!

    Bell suddenly freezes with a look of shock, past Starr. Starr sees this and turns around, only to eat a PARADISE CITY straight to the face from the FWA World Heavyweight Champion Shannon O'Neal, who had jumped into the ring through the crowd while Starr was distracted.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal just blindsided Starr!!!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: It was a set-up!!!!!!

    David Weinstock: Was it a set-up??? Look at Bells face!

    Bell remains standing on the ramp, watching Shannon stand over Starr with a look of confusion, almost anguish. It truly is impossible to tell from her face whether she was in on Shannon's plan or not. In the ring, Shannon uses the toe of her boot to poke at Starr, muttering 'first Manson, now you.... kids. Just a bunch of fucking kids'.

    The crowd suddenly erupts as Cyrus Truth comes charging out of the back and down the ramp!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth is here, he wants a piece of Shanno-


    Bell Connelly sees Cyrus coming down the ramp, and almost in the blink of an eye, throws out a Glitter Kick (Superkick) that stop Cyrus cold on his tracks. Cyrus collapses on the ramp as Bell stands over Cyrus with a look not of anger or malice, but of uncertainly, almost as if shes confused by her own actions. In the ring, Shannon sees whats transpired and claps for Bell, beckoning her into the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly just superkicked Cyrus Truth!! Thats twice tonight Bell Connelly has come to the aid of Shannon O'Neal!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: It was payback for last Fight Night!!! Cyrus told Bell Connelly to open her eyes, and she's doing just that by accepting her place as a knight of the realm, Shannon O'Neals realm!!

    David Weinstock: But Bell Connelly is in Mile High Massacre too!! This can't be what we'll see at Mile High, could it???

    Bell slowly enters the ring while taking a last look at Cyrus. In the ring, Shannon gestures at Bell towards Starr, who is coming too from the Paradise City. Bell looks down at Starr, who she defeated in the NA Title Tournament earlier in the year, and then looks back at Shannon. Shannon looks back wordlessly at Bell, but gestures again with her head towards Starr.

    What Shannon wants Bell to do is clear. The crowd screams 'noooooooooo' at Bell, who looks at Starr with a face that almost seems ready to break down in tears. Bell siezes Starr by the head and....

    The crowd erupts one more time as Phillip A. Jackson and Michael Garcia burst through the apron and charge down the ramp. Shannon sees this and instead of fighting, slides outside of the ring. Bell also sees this, lets Starr down gently, and follows Shannon to the outside. Shannon jumps the barricade back into the crowd, with Bell following close behind. As Garcia and PAJ enter the ring and stare out at them, Shannon points at them and yells 'YOU CAN'T TOUCH ME. NONE OF YOU. ACCEPT THAT!'

    Langdon Trafford: The Phillip A. Jackson Project makes the save, and the Champion and Bell Connelly leave to fight another day!! But that day is Mile High Massacre, and at Mile High there will be nowhere to run!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This is nonsensical, Langdon!!! PAJ and Garcia working together!! They know that at Mile High its going to be every man for themselves, right????? There will be no alliances, no friendships, unless you've found a loyal servant in the way that Shannon O'Neal has found Bell Connelly!!!

    David Weinstock: I... I really don't know what to say guys, but Piers is right about one thing. These partnerships we're seeing right now, they won't exist in Mile High Massacre. At least... I don't think they will.And that means for Bell Connelly too!

    Cyrus has recovered on the ramp and is staring intensely at Bell and Shannon in the crowd on the opposite side of the ring. Inside the ring, Garcia helps Starr up as PAJ smirks towards the direction of Shannon and says "Don't even think about looking past me, faker". Out in the crowd, Bell is still looking apprehensive while Shannon surveys the arena with an air of supreme confidence despite the chaos around her. Fight Night goes off the air with a shot of Shannon O'Neal standing in the rowdy crowd, looking untouchable, while an out-of-focus Bell Connelly leers behind her, seemingly staring more towards Shannon O'Neal than any of the people in the ring or the ramp.
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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Editors note:

    First off, congrats to all the winners.

    Secondly, I apologize if this show comes off a little rough around the edges. As many of you are aware, we have had a variety of issues this whole week that have hampered production. We don't need to spend time dwelling on the causes as that would only be an exercise in frustration. Just if you notice any significant mistakes within the show proper, please bring them to my attention and I will fix anything that is within the realm of my control.

    Lastly, I think that this week has shown us, among other things, that the efed community here at WC is a tight circle, and even issues that on the face of it dont seem to have a huge deal to do with FWA have serious consequences for us. In light of this, I want you all to know that I am extremely thankful and honored that you guys choose to channel some of your free time and creative energies towards FWA. FWA has been chugging along for over a decade thanks to the dedication and efforts of RPers just like you, and with your contributions, I hope we can look foward to more good years to come and more good stories to tell. So thanks again to everyone who helped make this show a reality. Our next show is the Mile High PPV, and the FWA roster from top to bottom has never been as wide open in the 3+ years ive been here as it is now. So everyone, bring your 'A game' to Mile High, and always remember to have fuckin fun with this.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Great shit, and what a show we're coming upon.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Very good show, well written matches and all. The ppv should be a good one too.

    If you need a ppv poster I could do one if you want.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Excellent show, congrats to the winners .

    Seriously, it's been a rough week with more than a few obstacles. But I'd like everyone to show some appreciation to the man who stepped to the front and pulled us along while Shake deals with his family emergency and I had to work all night. It isn't easy to.pull things together ast the last minute and put together a great show but KAIZEN made it happen. Major props to.this man.

    Mile High Card and thread will be up soon. Can't say for sure with everything going on. Thanks for the patience.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Yeah that Kaizen, that's THAT guy, right on the already declared time as well.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    The last minute changes are hitting FWA! Will this turn into a blockbuster like Balor vs. AJ Styles? Tune in for MH
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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    You guys are working really hard despite everything that suddenly came down and as a former e-fed admin I know how hard that really is. So, huge props to everyone.

    So that marks my first loss here, but the match was against TGO, so that's not surprising. I had so much ideas about my promo but I forgot nearly half of them when it was the time to write it. I literally screamed "Damn, I forgot to add the chess metaphor" seconds later after I posted the promo.

    And the relationship between Shannon and Bell took an interesting turn, I am curious where it will go. Again, props to everyone involved, it was a fantastic show.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Very enjoyable show, props to the hard work from the team, Kai especially, for putting this out there.
    Really looking forward to Mile High, some top notch match-ups to look forward to!

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Solid show all around, Mile High should be exciting. Kudos to Kai and everyone else that contributed to the show.

    Congrats to all the winners as well. Good luck to everyone the Mile High match.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Results

    Helluva show, and helluva match Oz. One of the toughest FN matches I've had in a good while.

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