- Do we have a name at hand for Lorcan & Burch? Burcan? Lorch? My usual 'Mash two names together' method isn't working as well as I hoped. Open to suggestions.

Bit torn on Team Doney losing their first tag encounter to the lowest semi-regular team on the ladder. I genuinely think this is the first time I've seen Moss & Sabbatelli get a victory ever and the pessimist in me is saying this doesn't bode well. Abuuuut, I'm gonna look at it as Tino & Riddick having more tag team experience, and that there'll be a story with Team Doney working out the kinks and developing chemistry with each other, leading up to the big redemption moment where they defeat Dick Moss and Friend. At least Tino & Riddick have a pretty sweet tag finisher.

- Nikki Cross getting added to the battle royal via cold opening address kinda gives away the result. Kinda wish she was she quite literally ran into the ring just before the bell rang and inserted herself. Like 'fuck you, I got screwed out, I'm entering this and y'all can eat it.' Would suit her chaotic M.O moreso. But even that would've given away the ending too. It's a no-win situation. Ah, well. Sane vs Moon vs Royce vs Cross is gonna be fun as heck. The Battle Royal was neat too, particularly with Bianca Bel Air. Eliminating Rhea Ripley by throwing Vega, Billie Kay saving herself from elimination by holding on to Bel Air's hair and the resulting hair whips that followed, before Bel Air tying her hair back up to prevent this from happening again. Bianca's great. In other notes, Dakota Kai's elimination felt like a botch, the short exchange between Lacey Evans & Candice LaRae that resulted in LaRae's elimination was fantastically done, and battle royals are fun.

- CONTINUITY ERROR: Aleister Black has his vest back after Velveteen Dream ran off with it last week. SCREEEE-seriously that segment would've been so much better of Dream assaulted Black while wearing his stolen vest for funzies. Still though, the Black/Dream feud is shaping up wonderfully, and this is the first time the two have throw strikes at each other if we don't count Black kicking a mic out of Dream's hand. The whole time before, it was verbal or non-verbal confrontations, Dream slowly whittling down Black's unshakeable aura without laying a hand on him. Now it's taken a great leap to the next level, fantastically and logically built.

- Main event was pretty fun. Didn't know Zelina could bump like that - she got a wrestling background I didn't know of, apparently, busting hurricuranas for the win. Still, solid win for Andrade, finally moving into that title picture. McIntye vs Almas will be an absolute banger, I'm sure.