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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 2 of 3

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    Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 2 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Sorry for the late posts, unexpected delay! But here's the first part of the new CWA era. Both the DFB segment and Lilith segment had a sort of cold open, and I decided to move the DFB segment instead of the Lilith segment. I thought it worked better to sort of showcase how glum the arena is and how tonally deaf the DFB are to anything else outside of them. /spoilers. Enjoy. OH YEAH. Thanks to AON for the opening segment for our new overlady. And thanks to Tig for the return of DFB.


    No firework. No fanfare. Not even an intro vision. Only darkness.

    Anyone watching might be forgiven for thinking that there’s some scheduling issue or there’s been some mistake. It certainly LOOKS like Adrenaline Rush, but slightly more gothic. The mat of the ring is now black, and cloaked figures circle the ring, chanting in one voice. One that echoes through the arena, in some unknowable tongue that seems to be aeons old and in the ring? Anna Malikova, Noah Nitro, Thomas West. All situated behind a large throne-like knights in service to a king….

    ...Or a queen.

    In the centre of the ring leaning forward in place her head bowed and dressed all in black is the woman who shocked the world and became CWA World Heavyweight Champion: Lilith. She merely sit there silently her head cast downwards merely taking in the response around her. Her jet black hair covering her expression with one hand clasped to a mic; she brings it to her lips.

    Lilith: Bring me my prize.

    At these words, Thomas West leaps to attention and leans down and picks up the coveted World Heavyweight Title that had been laying on the mat beside the throne. He walks over and like it was the crown jewels of England, he takes a knee and places it delicately on her lap. She takes a moment to hold the belt in her hand gently caressing the belt in her hands before she speaks once more

    Lilith: …So it was written, and so it has come to past. Darkness has fallen.

    Lilith pauses momentarily as she raises her head for the first time as she cranes her neck backwards her eyes closed she breathed out heavily through her nose as if relishing this moment before speaking once more.

    Lilith: For four hundred, days... Jon Snowmantashi ruled this kingdom. ACROSS TWO REIGNS... he squeezed these plains of ALL sustenance, and established himself as the blueprints, those in the Sodom Below should aspire to replicate. But at Retribution ... all of these lies were erased, as Jon Snowmantashi’s poison was PURGED... at my hand.

    Lilith places her free hand upon the championship belt he tore from the hands of Snowmantashi smirking for a moment as she considers her record-setting triumph. No-one has ever won the World Heavyweight Championship so soon after their debut. Bar maybe Jonathan McGinnis. Certainly no woman in the nearly ten-year history of CWA.

    Lilith: From beneath my boot, the world watched in horror as the walls of Jon Snowmantashi universe began to fracture... their eyes widened, and their heartbeat fastened, as five men were cut down, one by one and the once mighty Snowmantashi could only watch the hands of the tortured souls of the Darkness, reach through those crevices, take hold of his body, and WRENCHING him from his world of immunity and solace, and into the murky depths of despair Jon Snowmantashi... now walks beside the lost souls he misleads... at long last, Jon Snowmantashi faces his judgement. This land... now obeys my rule. The creatures within, now live in fear... because, at long last, they will be forced to accept the judgement they thought they had escaped, But all thoughts of freedom. All assumptions of relief were cast down with the five men’s that were cast down in the steel roulette. All assumptions of relief were cast down with Jon Snowmantashi the one thing .. that surprises me... was how easy it was. I expected a titanic clash between the deceptions of CWA’s greatest, warriors and the tides of darkness, but all I found... was the quiet acceptance, of men.. who welcomed their march to the gallows.

    Lilith looks down to the canvas where he left the other five laying at retribution

    Lilith: My attention no longer rests upon Jon Snowmantashi. His name holds no connotations. NOW... my focus, is upon the creatures of this world. NOW, I aim to purge what remains of Jon Snowmantashis toxins. THIS LAND... it follows a false ideology. It expects recognition and reward for the most menial of achievements... and all those who seek championship acclaim, do so for only monetary, and monetary benefits. No. Longer. I have lived….so long, in the service of the darkness. As it’s prophet, it’s a cross that I must bear in exchange for immortality...but when I failed to deliver the darkness the WWC. it was….displeased…: As punishment for my failures, I was stripped of everything I was and left abandoned by it, forced to live in a cage and die old and feeble...that was until I promised it, an even grander prize...and I have delivered on my vow.

    As she speaks, she raises from her lap at raises it high for everyone to see

    Lilith: As of this moment. CWA has been conquered by darkness and your lands and your holy grail is forfeit There was once a time... when the creatures of this land did not answer to the holder of this Holy Grail. Those in possession of the World Heavyweight Championship were admired for their achievements, but never knew the satisfaction of reverence. This is the nature of the beast... those who claim this Holy Grail must slay dragons to preserve their control... yet no-one could. This land no longer belonged to it's sovereign... it belonged... to the hunters, but that is the past. Now? What you see is the Holy Grail of every man who seeks to challenge my kingdom and risk his very soul for immortality. This is the tool with which I am going to open the gates of Hell and unleash true judgment upon you all. Its power, its prestige… they cannot be overstated. This is the accolade of accolades, the ultimate display of dominance. A very symbol of my control over CWA. Because rest assured, CWA is now The Dark Watch domain and any authority that Afa Seanoa might have had was lost once this, became the crown jewel of my throne of thorns.

    Lilith's eyes scan over the crowd in front of her as if daring anyone to challenge her

    Lilith: I speak now to every competitor watching backstage, not just as your champion, but as your Mistress, your better and your new Queen. I am not naive enough to not be aware that there will be mutterings of discontentment already brewing already bred by fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the darkness. I accept that. But as I’ve said before. You need not fear me. As long as you understand who has the ultimate power. Understand that a transgression of my authority is an act that I will take lightly and any attempts to usurp me will be swiftly be put down, and any rebels coming for my title will be brought to heel, forced to kneel before me and kiss my feet before I throw you to the Ravens. Do not resist. Do not fight this. This is eternal. But I am not telling you anything that you do not already know. I am not giving you a nightmare that has not already awoken you in the night, bathed in cold sweat, clutching at your delusions of greatness. I only offer a simple reminder: Accept your limits or fall to darkness: "Tonight, the darkness awakens... the sun stings your eyes, and the sands scorch your feet... as new dawn breaks."

    Lilith now begins to laugh-- that maniacal laugh that echoes across the building, accentuated by an unholy echo and distortion. As Lilith starts to lose herself in her demonic cackle. The fans don't know what to make of all that has been said, but as we fade to the opening intro of the show, we know one thing-- Lilith has the power in CWA now.

    Reflecting a Marvel-Netflix-esque theme song, Adrenaline Rush’s intro video has a much darker thematic to it. Wrestlers are showcased in stills and there’s a gradual descent in the alignment of the wrestlers. Starting off with Jon Snowmantashi, and thereafter Krash, and Rolando Fuentes (perhaps representing the past or maybe the brightest lights of CWA) it middles out with Nate Savage, and eventually reaches the likes of Jonathan McGinnis before ultimately concluding with the sight of Anna Malikova popping up, then Noah Nitro, then Thomas West and lastly, holding the golden prize, Lilith.

    Once the video ends, the camera falls on Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman. They both look and speak with a somber tone.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman… if you watched Retribution then you’ll know that it marked the end of an era… and the beginning of a new one.

    Tim Coleman: It’s like I walked into a different company this morning, Jim. I don’t even recognize some of the guys I’ve worked with for many years. They have glazed looks on their faces. They don’t respond. They’re not all there. I was half-expecting you and Lindsay Monahan to be very much the same. They’re like husks, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: It’s not pretty out here…

    The camera is strangely still and Jim and Tim’s eyes hover over it, weary at the man holding the camera. Still, we can see in the background that the rest of the crew are looking less than human. The bell ringer is wearing a completely black suit. The road agents, with their black gloves, and deadly serious faces, look more like coroners then road agents.

    Jim Taylor: But, Tim, Afa’s ordered us to continue the show as it should and we’ve particularly got some huge match-ups today.

    Tim Coleman: Three fatal-four-ways to determine the three members who will join the High Voltage Match featuring Elijah Edwards and the defending champion, Krash for the High Voltage Championship at Thunder Shock.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve got the first of these matches right now. Brayden Bridges, Rolando Fuentes, Trevor Ocean and XYZ.

    Tim Coleman: Only one of those four men actually won at Retribution, and that was XYZ. Bridges and Ocean were of course on the other end of that defeat with Ocean in particular getting pinned. And of course, we saw one of the best matches of the year with Fuentes and McGinnis, that, while ended with Fuentes in defeat, saw him last standing.

    Jim Taylor: Fuentes has to be in terrible shape heading into this match.

    Tim Coleman: It was brutal, I can’t imagine he’ll be all there. Bridges, Ocean and XYZ are still 2017 debutantes when all is said and they’ll certainly be wise to take advantage of the veteran’s weaknesses.

    Jim Taylor: You gotta think Ocean may have preferred to help out Summers but thinking further on it, he might be determined to win this himself and help his partner qualify as well?

    Tim Coleman: It is a multi-man match, Jim, and that means no disqualification.

    There is a devil on the back
    The monster keeping me on track
    The Angel has gone away
    Heaven seems to far so long
    Hell is at the door
    Which way is up
    I don't know anymore?

    Lindsay Monahan: This is a fatal four way High Voltage qualifying match. First to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds from New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the Lost Soul… BRAYDEN… BRIDGES!

    The guitar-toting mystery man of CWA comes out with a -for once- thematically appropriate song for the night. And for once, Bridges isn’t the darkest presence within the arena at any given time. Still, he doesn’t show any wariness for the clearly sketchy road agents, nor spares a glance for the monotone and lifeless referee.

    Jim Taylor: Brayden Bridges remains a tough competitor, Tim. Win or lose, I don’t think you can expect, be you LIGHTBRINGER or Krash or even Jon Snowmantashi, to come away from a match against Bridges without a need for a pair of ice packs.

    Tim Coleman: Bridges is our first ever Young Lion Cup winner, Jim, and he’s looking forward to an opportunity to add gold to his repertoire, maybe to help him find his way?

    Jim Taylor: We saw him collide with Rolando Fuentes in that lumberjack match, Tim. We saw him have a schism with Trevor Ocean in the tag team match. And he certainly doesn’t have any good will towards XYZ. I think we can expect to see him hurt people tonight.

    Ha, well here we go again, get up
    A little somethin' for your earhole, get up
    Baring a part of my soul again, get up
    Disturbed in the house, were droppin' plates

    Lindsay Monahan: Second… weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds… from Houston, Texas… Ice… ROLANDO… FUENTES!

    Rolando Fuentes comes out with his waist bandaged up in his pseudo-MMA gear. There’s no limousine tonight and a definite serious look on his face after what happened last night. He glares at the ringside staff, and actually avoids slapping hands with the ominous security staring him down by the ramp. He makes his way into the ring and stands opposite the corner of Bridges. The two match each other pound for pound and remain a teaser of what would absolutely be a brutal singles match.

    Jim Taylor: Rolando Fuentes made his official return to CWA at Retribution and what a match. What else is there to say?

    Tim Coleman: You know, Tim, some people might criticize us for tooting our own horns or praising our own show but I’ll do it anyways and I don’t care what they’ve got to say. One of the best matches of the year. One of the best matches in our company’s history. What. A. Match.

    Jim Taylor: It took everything both of them had and neither of them walked away without bruises, and without a trip to the doctor. On another note though, Tim… there’s a reason Rolando isn’t out with the limousine.

    Tim Coleman: Well, he got to the building with it but, when he came back, his driver was gone. Car was locked. Rolando had to make it out like the rest of us.

    Yeah, I feel you too
    Feel, those things you do
    In your eyes I see a fire that burns
    To free the you
    That's wanting through
    Deep inside you know,
    The seeds I plant will grow

    Lindsay Monahan: Third… weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds… from Vancouver, British Columbia… Full Metal… TREVOR… OCEAN!

    Trevor Ocean walks out with a focused look, he cranks his neck, and though he spares a skeptical glance or two for the odd staffers, he mostly focuses on the two guys in the ring, Brayden Bridges and Rolando Fuentes.

    Jim Taylor: Ocean is a former collegiate wrestler, he’s no slouch… but he’s facing a MMA star, and he’s facing a brutal brawler in Bridges. This is not his environment. He’s a one on one wrestler. He works best against opponents mismatched for his style.

    Tim Coleman: Ocean is also without Shawn Summers right now. I can only assume Summers is preparing for his own fatal four way later on in the night.

    Jim Taylor: Ocean will certainly be up for some measure of revenge against XYZ and I’m sure he’s not much of a fan of Bridges. But tonight, Tim, I think his focus should be on impressing, on legitimizing himself in front of the CWA audience.

    So long ago, I don't remember when
    That's when they say I lost my only friend
    Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease
    As I listened through the cemetery trees

    Lindsay Monahan: Fourth… weighing in at two hundred and four pounds… from Sitka, Alaska… X… Y… Z!

    XYZ is the bright glimmer of hope the arena certainly needed as he lightens up what had been until then a very grim mood. Dressed in bright colors and that cape of his, he stands at complete odds with the staffers and the all-too-serious guys in the ring. Ocean is undoubtedly the most disturbed with the sight of him while Fuentes and Bridges don’t really seem to take him all too seriously.

    Jim Taylor: XYZ is easily the… standout in this match, Tim. He weighs twenty to thirty pounds less than each of his three opponents. Not much of a brawler. Not a mat wrestler. Certainly a man of complex and mysterious background. XYZ has actually found a great deal of success since debuting though. He’s beaten Summers twice, and of course came away victorious in the Retribution opener against the trio of Summers, Bridges and Ocean.

    Tim Coleman: Right… but being a stand out and winning a PlayPlace match is NOT going to help him tonight, Jim. He’s facing Fuentes. Bridges. Ocean. Deadly serious. On-game. They are going to bully him. If he’s smart, Jim, he’s going to stay out of their way. Pick his spots. But… he doesn’t seem to abide by much logic.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t think you can call XYZ a coward, Tim, and I don’t think he’s going to be intimidated by what he sees in his opponents.

    versus TREVOR OCEAN
    versus XYZ

    DREAM BIG: The bell rings and that nervous staredown that occurs at the start of these multi-man matches sinks in with each opponent. Rolando Fuentes, much like against McGinnis, says fuck it, and gets his start. He charges across the ring at Bridges but is met a quarter way through. The two exchange fists but it’s actually Bridges who manages too get the better of Fuentes and lands a huge knee to the waist that halts Fuentes’s momentum. Ocean is quick to enter the fray, and shove aside Bridges with a Lariat that has him leaning on the ropes. He drills his shoulder into the waist of Fuentes to add to the punishment. But the eyes aren’t on them. The eyes are on XYZ. The dreamer, amused by the start, has climbed his way to the top rope and like the finest circus rope walker, makes his way to the other corner of the ring before jumping off and cross bodying the trio of men!

    SOME MEN DON’T DREAM: Fuentes might actually be the most grateful for the XYZ’s flying body because he gets a moment to breath. Ocean takes the brunt of the impact while Bridges sort-of fell out of the ring. Bridges is quick to climb onto the apron but gets a kick to the gut from XYZ. Then to the feet to drop him back outside. Pissed off. He grabs the still fallen XYZ and furiously tugs him out of the ring. XYZ lands with a loud crack on the outside. Bridges doesn’t end it there. He lifts him up real quick and tosses him over the barricade and into one of those stiff security men! He rolls back into the ring and gets a kick in from Ocean. Ocean charges the ropes and runs back - CALL THE CORONER! Ocean falls flat on his back! Bridges goes for the pin - ONE! TWO-

    ICE COLD: And gets DEADLIFTED right off of Ocean. You might even spot his eyes going wide for a second before he’s GERMAN SUPLEXED INTO THE MAT! Fuentes shakes the rope with manic energy and the crowd really comes alive for the veteran. He turns Ocean onto his back and DRILLS KNEES INTO THE MAN’S SIDES! He then mounts him from behind and lands BRUTAL HOOKS TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Ocean only starts protecting himself late but he’s clearly taken some concussion inducing damage. Fuentes is pulled off by Bridges - FACE THE MUSIC! CAUGHT! Fuentes has dealt with superkicks enough last show. He twists it into an ankle lock and quickly drops to wrench it in.

    TO THE MAT: You might forgive Ocean for thinking this is an MMA match after the beatdown he just took. He comes at Fuentes from behind, going for the waist and executes a picture perfect takedown to break the ankle lock. He quickly transitions around to a front facing headlock and transitions again, holding Fuentes arm behind his back and then reflecting Fuentes’s own offense, lands knees right into Fuentes’s gut. Bridges hobbles to his feet but spots XYZ charging in from the corner of his eyes. He goes for a clothesline but XYZ ducks under. He runs to the ropes, springboards onto - MOONSAULT - actually he lands right behind Bridges who tried to intercept and finishes simply with a kick to that hurting leg. Ocean is surprised when a back kick catches him right in the face. XYZ turns back to Bridges and unloads his arsenal of shin and ankle kicks. Then, with a picture perfect jump, hits a dropkick that sends Bridges reeling into the ropes.

    ONLY ONE DREAMER REMAINS: Rolando and Ocean slowly make their way back to their feet. XYZ kips up back up and Bridges, though having a hard time standing, is on his feet too. Ocean charges at XYZ for a single knee shotgun dropkick but XYZ, like a matador, dodges out of the way. Fuentes is right behind him - GERMAN SUPLEX - XYZ lands on his feet - FACE THE MUSIC! And now XYZ is out. It’s back to Bridges and Fuentes but this time Ocean doesn’t miss his single knee shotgun dropkick, getting both Bridges and Fuentes. He considers both Bridges and Fuentes… and decides to go for Fuentes after kicking Bridges out of the ring! He locks in the Glutinous Punishment Crossface Chickenwing! Fuentes struggles on all fours not to drop to the mat. Ocean starts kicking at his waist to reduce the struggle and eventually Fuentes starts fading. The referee monotonously lifts his hands - ONE! He lifts it again - TW- FUENTES RESISTS! He grabs the referee by his collar and holds onto it! Ocean kicks again - the crowd begins cheering - and neither of them ever see it coming -

    FRONT FLIP SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP! Ocean lets go and both him and Fuentes are out. XYZ gets to the first one within reach. It’s Ocean! ONE! TW - BRIDGES REACHES - O - the referee hits the mat - BRIDGES PULLS ON THE REFEREE’s LEG - THREE!

    Just too late!


    XYZ is quick to reach his feet and roll out of the way past Bridges and to the middle of the ramp. He takes his time a bit more celebrating, stopping at the top of the stage to embrace his victory for one last second, before he vanishes past the curtains. Bridges still has one hand on the referee, clearly pissed off and pulls him out of the ring. He tries arguing with him but the referee doesn’t reply. He doesn’t have the personality to argue. Visibly frustrated BRIDGES HITS HIM WITH THE LAST RITES!

    And all of a sudden… all the staffers, the security men, turn to Brayden Bridges. Bridges looks warily around as they forget whatever job they had and like bees, swarm on Bridges. The big man is able to survive for a moment. Tossing bodies left and right. SUPERKICK THERE! UPPERCUT HERE! But he’s overtaken until - FUENTES CHARGES IN!

    GERMAN SUPLEXES ONE. BACK SUPLEXES ANOTHER. He’s digging into the piles of bodies. HITS AN ICE PICK RIGHT ON THE STAGE FOR ANOTHER! But they’re at least two dozens now and they start turning their attention on Fuentes! Even he’s overwhelmed now.

    Jim Taylor: This is absolute chaos!

    Fuentes pushes one man off - BELL STRAIGHT TO THE SKULL! He’s out of it!

    Tim Coleman: Even the goddamn bell keeper, what the hell is going on here!

    Jim Taylor: Is that Anna Malikova at the top of the ramp?

    Malikova stands solemnly there, observing the brawl. She nods directly at the camera and the cameraman slowly turns. Bridges might be getting back up

    Jim Taylor: What is he doing? No! N-


    The broadcast cuts…

    It’s black for a moment… then the tone completely changes to the back. We’re no longer in the Gila River Arena (and honestly, it’s a relief, the camera moves less mechanically, there’s a bit more energy here). The building is in the background and far outside with the dark evening sky of Glendale, Arizona and there is a bit of a commotion going on; Cody Mundz and Bobby “Smooth” are being accosted by a team of security guards and being frog-marched away from the arena gates. “Smooth” is trying to soothe things over while Cody Mundz is straight up spitting fire.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Guys, guys - you know us? You KNOW we’re contracted CWA wrestlers … Mikey, you and I had a beer last month!

    Mikey the Security Guard: Sorry, Bobby, Afa’s orders - you two ain’t allowed in the building tonight and to be fair, he cashes the cheques.

    Cody Mundz: And I snap motherfBLEEEPng necks Mikey. Get your filthy hands off me!

    Cody struggles against the two security guards restraining him to no avail. The DFB are deemed a safe enough distance away from the arena as at the behest of Mikey, the security team unhand them. Mikey turns to face Bobby and levels with him.

    Mikey the Security Guard: Listen Bobby, it ain’t my business but Afa is freakin’ pissed. You messed up the plans at Retribution bad --

    Cody Mundz: WE GOT LOST!

    Mikey looks dismissively at Cody.

    Mikey the Security Guard: Be that as it may - he ain’t happy. Steer clear tonight and you might get a chance at redemption. That’s my advice. And look between you and I… some creepy stuff’s happening in there right now. Afa actually said it was probably safer I take security outside. You might actually be grateful you aren’t in there.

    The security personnel take their leave as Bobby stares after them. Cody stands fuming on the spot.

    Cody Mundz: If it ain’t his business why he flappin’ his gums like that!? Dirty screw. Steer cleer? We might get a chance? HIS FREAKIN’ ADVICE!? I mean who in the blue hell does that mother- whatcha doin’ there Bobby?

    The camera pans out to show Bobby “Smooth” with his cell-phone pressed to the side of his face, no emotional intent on his face.

    Bobby “Smooth”:
    CWA ain’t the only company around. They certainly ain’t the only company looking for tag teams right now …

    Cody smiles and nods his head up and down in agreement before we segue into a commercial break.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 1 of 3

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 1 of 3

    Good start to the show and nice win for XYZ. I like the whole feel of the show with Lilith literally taking over the show.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 2 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Shoutout to Smooth Jazz Wolf for an awesome mid card fatal four way! Also more credits to good ole' Tig for his DFB segment.

    The camera is backstage, it’s a bit livelier than earlier, far less mechanical, as if the cameraman may have escaped whatever trance everybody else was in. It walks down the halls to stare into a medical room where Rolando Fuentes and Brayden Bridges are recovering from the heinous assault earlier. Fuentes has more bandages than before, with one caked in dry blood on his head. Bridges is much the same with a bandaged cut on his face. The door shuts and the cameraman continues down the hall.

    Another locker room showcases Trevor Ocean being massaged while Shawn Summers is being sermoned by a masked man, it takes even less time for Ocean to jump off the bed and shut the door closed.

    Onwards we go and the Diamond Dogs locker room is in sight! For once though, there’s no lights emanating out of it and when the door is pushed open by the camera man, it’s completely empty and devoid of life. The camera turns around to spot another name tag that might spur a crowd reaction, that of the High Voltage Champion, Krash! It approaches quickly enough only to find that… it too is empty. It sinks in that after the brutality he went through at Retribution, it’s hard to believe the man might be here tonight. He barely survived after all.


    We turn around to spot Elijah Edwards, in a fine suit, and Romeo Rollins rushing out of their own locker room and pushing the camera man aside.

    Cameraman: Where are you going?

    Elijah Edwards: Anywhere but here! Afa’s lost control of every damn employee he’s got here. I’m not about to be assaulted when I’ve got a blockbuster audition this weekend.

    Cameraman: Aren’t you going to wait to see who you’ll be facing at Thunder Shock?

    Elijah Edwards: Quite frankly, who gives a damn. I’m Elijah Edwards. THE Franchise of CWA. And hell, if the Beating Heart of CWA… Krash… can’t even be bothered to show up, then why the hell should I bother staying. You can let Uncle Afa know that if he wants Double E to grace Adrenaline Rush with his presence, he better get this company together. That’s what he gets for putting some demonic witch like Lilith into that Steel Roulette over me. This place is a complete sh-

    Romeo Rollins: Alright, alright. Enough questions. Let’s go before she pulls some B-List horror shtick and locks the building down.

    Cameraman: Can she do that?

    They’re already gone.

    Cameraman: I’m not getting paid enough for this.

    The cameraman hustles across the arena, following the exit signs but stops when he notices Nate Savage rushing across the hall. Jackson Fenix is half-walking behind him, arms raised, yelling at him to be reasonable but Savage is gone. Fenix shakes his head then turns to the camera.

    Jackson Fenix: You!

    Cameraman: Me?

    But he notices quickly enough that Jackson Fenix isn’t talking to him. He turns around to spot Izaya Snowmantashi in front of… Jon Snowmantashi’s locker room. But as the door slams shut with the sight of KAITADESU, it’s clear they aren’t getting visitors. Izaya turns to the sight of Jackson Fenix.

    Jackson Fenix: Lil’ Snowman, how are you?

    Izaya Snowmantashi: Don’t you remember, I can’t speak english.

    Jackson Fenix: I was just playing to the camera.

    He looks at the camera, frowns, but proceeds to pretend it isn't there.

    Jackson Fenix:
    We’ve got a big match tonight, you know. A chance to main event Thunder Shock, shot at the High Voltage Championship.

    Izaya does his finest Jon impression with a grunt.

    Jackson Fenix: Look, at Retribution, we worked great together. You followed my lead and we were able to get that win. Me and you. We’re clearly great when we work together. What do you think happens if we keep doing that? Championship. Gold.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: You know well enough there can only be one winner tonight.

    Jackson Fenix: Of course. We’ll get rid of Mendoza… then it’ll be me, you, and Nate.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: And what then?

    Jackson Fenix: Well, a fair match of course. Look, you’re getting the wrong message here. I just wanted to help you out a bit the way I did last show. Nate, he’s like a brother to me, but you know, I see potential in you and I don’t want to let you squander that. I’m just saying, tonight, it’s a fatal four way match, you know. Anything goes. I know you felt awful about how you won at Retribution but look at it this way… nothing you do tonight is technically cheating. So if you see me… or a big, dangerous guy like Nate, and you need an advantage… well… you gotta do what you need to do right?

    Izaya frowns but he’s obviously being swayed by the logic of Fenix. The door opens suddenly and Jon’s presence is immediately felt by all three men outside his room.

    Jackson Fenix: Well if it isn’t our favorite former champ. I hear you’ve got a big announcement tonight, can’t wait to hear it. Nice talking to you, Izaya, good luck tonight.

    Jon is straight-faced as Fenix walks away non-chalantly. He gestures for his brother to get into the locker room. Izaya reluctantly follows, knowing the sight of him talking to Fenix probably wasn’t pleasant at all. The cameraman isn’t given the safety of entering as well.

    We finally cut away to the arena. The atmosphere isn’t any brighter out here than it is backstage. The chaos from earlier in the show has been rectified, and ‘security’ has re-established order here tonight. Curiously enough, the announcer’s table is empty of the announcers. Still, we hear the voices of Adrenaline Rush nevertheless.

    Jim Taylor: Welcome back, folks. If you’re wondering where Tim and I are, we’ve relocated to the production trucks outside of the arena, per orders from Afa pending security concerns. That said, the focus of the show must remain on the three fatal four ways tonight, earlier we witnessed XYZ battle through three others to qualify for a spot in High Voltage Championship contention, and now we’re minutes away from finding out our second contender, as four viable athletes do battle to emerge one step closer to gold. Tim?

    Tim Coleman: Jonathan McGinnis, Prince Ali, Shawn Summers, and Sammy Riggins. Which of these men will join Krash, Elijah Edwards, and XYZ? You know who my money’s on, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: Tim, Afa said you need to stop gambling on match results while you’re on the job. It’s against workplace policy.

    Tim Coleman: He can take it up with my boss!

    Jim Taylor: He is your boss.

    Tim Coleman: … I miss Noah Hanson. Wasn’t so dreary when he was in charge. Or stuffy.

    Once upon a time not so long ago
    Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike
    He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough
    Gina works the diner all day working for her man
    She brings home her pay, for love, for love
    Lindsay Monahan: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is a fatal-four-way High Voltage Qualifier! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing in at two-hundred and five pounds, ‘Sweet’ Sammy Riggins!

    As the sound of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ on a Prayer hits the system, the fans in attendance give our first contender a warm welcome, and Sammy Riggins enters through the curtain, taking a brief moment to bob his head and mouth the words to his theme.

    Jim Taylor: Samuel Riggins is new to the CWA scene, but his infectious personality has already earned him a warm portion of fans. Imagine the impact, Tim, if Sammy Riggins is able to claim a High Voltage Contenders Spot or even the High Voltage Championship itself, this early in his career.

    Tim Coleman: We’re living in an era of unprecedented success for newcomer talent in CWA and it may well have started with McGinnis two years ago. Continued with the likes of Snowmantashi, Michelle von Horrowitz, Elijah Edwards, LIGHTBRINGER, to a degree even Prince Ali… and now… well… Lilith. There’s no reason why Sammy can’t join that trend.

    Sammy Riggins slaps some fan’s hands but is stopped from further crowd interaction by a security guard. Well aware of what happened earlier, he holds his hands up and avoids further interaction. He rolls into the ring, slapping the referee on the back in a friendly gesture that nearly knocked our poor striped official off his feet. There’s a sudden stillness in the arena, as security guards turn to Sammy, officials and road agents, like zombies. Riggins has a smirk on his face like he might not know exactly what’s going on. “Chill bro,” he says to the referee. There’s another long momentary stillness… and it seems the hivemind are going to let this one go. Sweetness Sammy poses, nodding his head to the beat, as his theme fades away…

    Once upon a time not so long ago
    Tommy used to work on the docks, union's been on strike
    He's down on his luck, it's tough, so tough
    Gina works the diner all day working for her man
    She brings home her pay, for love, for love
    Lindsay Monahan: From Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds, ‘The God-King’, Shawn Summers!

    And now Lana Del Rey’s Cola hits the system, and the warm welcome turns into a cold shoulder, as Shawn Summers struts down the entranceway, eyes locked on Sammy Riggins as he silently mouths along to the theme with Trevor Ocean accompanying him from behind. Just as Summers passes the top of the stage, security marches to step between Ocean and Summers.

    Tim Coleman: What are they doing now?

    Jim Taylor: They aren’t letting Trevor Ocean through. I don’t think they want any outside presence in these matches.

    Tim Coleman: Who would’ve thought these goons would be better at ensuring there is no outside interference better than our actual boss?

    Summers is seething and so is Oceans but they also completely remember what happened to Bridges and Fuentes. Summers nods to Ocean whom reluctantly backs up the ramp and returns backstage.

    Jim Taylor: Shawn Summer’s issues are very well known, from his own personal demons, to his distaste against CWA’s upper management. But underneath those issues lie a vicious, formidable foe that no-one should ever dismiss offhand.

    Tim Coleman: I’ll say. He’s tasted championship success before as he alluded to, being a former Tag Team & High Voltage Champion, and we all know it’s only a matter of time before he does it again. Is tonight the start of Summer’s journey back where he belongs – within the championship ranks?

    Shawn Summers approaches a corner, closing his eyes and breathing deeply, his pre-match ritual. A thousand thoughts race through the mind of the God-King, and he unleashes a primal roar of aggression, ripping his eyes open and pacing back and forth. As the theme fades, Sammy Riggins offers Shawn a cooldown brohug. Shawn doesn’t give much of a verbal response other than a sneer.

    Niggas fighting over rings
    Niggas wanna be the King, but
    Long Live the Chief
    Lindsay Monahan: From Monrovia, Liberia Africa, weighing in at two-hundred and fifteen pounds, ‘The Chief’, Prince Ali!

    Jidenna’s Long Live the Chief hits the system to a more positive reception, and Prince Ali saunters out from behind the curtain. He stands stoicly on the stage, hands clasped behind his back as he surveys the ring, before the begins the walk down.

    Jim Taylor: Prince Ali knows many names. The Black Panther, The Standard, The Benchmark. Could he soon add ‘The High Voltage Champion’ to that list?

    Tim Coleman: He has to still be feeling the aftereffects of the Steel Roulette. One has to imagine that would make him a target, being not entirely 100%, but he’s certainly not showing any ill effects from what I can see.

    Jim Taylor: A win here for Ali could get him another match with Krash. The two showed signs of their past alliance at Steel Roulette but neither could come out with the belt.

    Prince Ali doesn’t show any sign of injury or discomfort. That could be either a sign to his formidability, or a sign of how good an actor he may be. Regardless, Ali rolls into the ring, gazing at first Sammy Riggins, then Shawn Summers, before retreating to a corner and awaiting patiently for the final man as his music fades away.

    How you feeling everybody hope you had a nice day
    Sometimes I feel all alone
    Sometimes I can't get away
    I feel my life is in danger every night when I lay
    So can you do me a favor, smile for me?
    Lindsay Monahan: And finally, from Montreal, Canada, weighing in at two-hundred and seven pounds, ‘The Last Indy Darling’, Jonathan McGinnis!

    And as Vince Staples’s “Smile” hits the system, the fans shower boos and jeers towards the entranceway, and Jonathan McGinnis struts out, fresh off his victory of Rolando Fuentes, even if his secondary task of crippling Rolando didn’t exactly come to fruition. McGinnis cups a hand to his ear, encouraging the boos to become more and more louder, which they do, and the Last Indy Darling smirks, before making his way towards the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    What can be said about this man that hasn’t already been said? He’s a vile, vicious man who has no qualms trying to cripple another man in his pursuit against CWA.

    Tim Coleman:
    Which, if you ask me, makes him the best bet for winning this four-way. Who is more reliable, the man who passes the finish line, or the man who passes the finish line, then goes back to burn it to the ground?

    Jim Taylor: You could be right, Tim, but let’s not forget that the last multi-man match McGinnis was in ALSO featured Prince Ali and that very same man qualified for the Steel Roulette by pinning the Last Indy Darling. We could see deja vu here.

    Jonathan McGinnis rolls into the ring, scoffing at his opponents as his theme fades away. With every competitor in the ring, the referee signals for the bell to ring, and the match begins.

    versus PRINCE ALI
    versus SAMMY RIGGINS
    versus SHAWN SUMMERS

    BAM! The second the bell rings Jonathan McGinnis nails a superkick at the unsuspecting Prince Ali’s face, sending him to the floor before kicking him out of the ring. But this leaves him open as Sammy Riggins seizes the opportunity, clubbing McGinnis with a swift forearm shot and throwing him into the corner, where he kicks and punches at the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion. But suddenly Shawn Summers comes up behind, and catches Riggins with a roll-up! Barely a one before Riggins kicks out, but Summers is quick to stay on top, raining down a trio of forearms onto the Sweet One. Meanwhile, Jonathan McGinnis gets to his feet, takes a step forward, but his ankle is grasped as he’s dragged out of the ring, and Prince Ali takes him down with a superkick of his own!

    Jim Taylor: What goes around, comes around, as the saying goes. But these athletes need to be on their feet at all times, this is a one fall to a finish encounter, one simply has to pin another to advance, leaving his three opponents in the dust.

    FLYBOYS GONNA FLY: Back in the ring, Sammy Riggins manages to roll out of Shawn Summer’s grasp, and now catches the God-King with a hip toss, and another, but the third attempt is blocked. Summers nails a sharp elbow between the eyes of Riggins, before throwing him at the ropes where Prince Ali was standing on the apron, about to get into the ring. Riggin’s forehead collides with Ali’s, and Prince Ali falls back to the outside as Summers attempts another roll-up! But Riggins again kicks out before two, springing to his feet and swinging wildly. He backs Summers to the ropes, and clotheslines him over! But that’s not all, as Riggins slingshots himself over the ropes in a diving cross body, taking out Summers! The fans go wild, then less so as McGinnis slides into the ring, charges at the ropes, and nails Riggins with a suicide dive! And the final piece of the puzzle, Prince Ali, absconds to the top rope, carefully placing himself, before diving with a wicked moonsault onto McGinnis, Riggins, and Summers!

    Tim Coleman: High-flying action aplenty here on Adrenaline Rush, but who can capitalize?

    Prince Ali gets to his feet first, choosing between Summers, Riggins, and McGinnis to go after, before he grabs Summers by the hair and rolls him into the ring. As Summers quickly stumbles to his feet, Ali springboards off the ropes in a diving dropkick, splattering Summers down. He makes the cover, one, tw-kickout. This doesn’t faze Ali, who immediately goes for a rear waist lock. Summers is quick to scramble for the ropes, but the submission was never Ali’s goal, as he suddenly nails Summers with a deadlift snap german suplex! He bridges it into a pin! One, two-No, it’s broken up by Jonathan McGinnis, who breaks the attempt with a stomp onto Ali’s midsection. He grasps Ali by the head, and goes for a SUPERKICK – but Ali avoids it, and nails a Pele Kick in response! McGinnis stumbles towards the ropes, reeling, and is caught with a forearm by Sammy Riggins! Stunned, McGinnis walks into Ali, who grasps in him a suplex hold and lifts him up, stalling in an impressive show of strength! The act is compacted by Sammy Riggins climbing to the top rope and diving off with a cross body, nailing McGinnis and crushing him to the mat with Ali’s suplex!

    Jim Taylor: Some inadvertent teamwork between Sammy Riggins and Prince Ali, but we need to stress that it is, ultimately, every man for themselves.

    THE GOD-KING REIGNS: Sammy Riggins rolls onto Jonathan McGinnis in a pin attempt, but the cover is broken by Prince Ali, who grapples with Riggins and puts him in position for a DDT. But before he can nail it, he’s blindsided by a Lights Out roundhouse by Shawn Summers! Ali stumbles into a corner, and Summers grasps at Riggins, sending a trio of gut punches into Riggings, before dragging him near Ali’s corner and nailing the Wipe Out overhead belly-to-belly suplex, sending Riggins head-over-heels into Ali! Summers isn’t nearly through, spotting McGinnis by the way side and throwing him into Riggins & Ali in the corner. With his three opponents in the corner, Summers backs up, before charging with a body splash, crushing his opponents! McGinnis slides to the floor and under the ropes as Summers backs up and charges again, this time striking with a beautiful lifting knee strike to Riggins! Now Riggins collapses and rolls aside, leaving Ali in the corner. For a third time, Summers backs up, charges, and now nails Ali with the Bee’s Knees! Taking out his opponents one by one, it’s a good strategy, but can it pay off? Summers makes the cover, one, two, t-no, Ali kicks out.

    Tim Coleman: Shawn Summers showing why he’s my pick, ensuring every opponent is down before he attempts a pin cover. Great in-ring awareness by our God-King.

    Shawn Summers isn’t deterred from the kickout, and instead transitions into the Coat of Arms armbreaker! But before Ali can come close to tapping out, Jonathan McGinnis strikes with a springboard leg drop, breaking the hold. McGinnis grasps Summers by the hair, and grips him in a double underhook position, before downing Summers with a double underhook suplex! He keeps the hold, dragging Summers to his feet, and attempts a second suplex – but Sammy Riggins interrupts, and throws a superkick! McGinnis ducks and throws Summers into harms way, resulting in Riggins superkicking Summers to the mat. Riggins doesn’t seem to perturbed, and instead throws another superkick – but McGinnis again ducks, and throws a superkick of his own – now Riggins ducks, the superkick going wide, and attempts a third superkick. McGinnis manages to catch this one, and diverts the kick into a recovering Prince Ali, stunning him. McGinnis throws Riggins out of the ring with a clothesline, before capitalizing on the stunned Ali with a spike DDT. He goes to the pin, one, two-kickout!

    Jim Taylor: In the superkick war, Jonathan McGinnis came out victorious, but not enough to capitalize on a stunned Prince Ali.

    AIN’T HE SWEET: As Jonathan McGinnis drags Ali back to his feet, he puts him in position for Something Light, but before he can nail the devastating finisher Sammy Riggins strikes with a hurricurana, sending the former world champion into the corner. Not letting McGinnis even have a minute of reprieve, Riggins unleashes a trio of vicious chops that turn McGinnis’s chest bright-red, before McGinnis gains some separating with a well-placed elbow. McGinnis nails a superkick, then attempts Something Light, but Riggins is quick to counter, spinning out of position and grasping McGinnis by the arms – SWEET SURRENDER! Sammy Riggins nails the Sweet Surrender on Jonathan McGinnis! He goes for the cover! One! Two! Th-NO! Prince Ali and Shawn Summers break up the pin attempt, keeping this match going with simultaneous knees to Riggins.

    Tim Coleman: Sammy Riggins might have just had this match won if Ali and Summers were a second slower. We were this close to Sammy Riggins qualifying!

    McGinnis slowly rolls to the ropes as Ali, Riggins, and Summers duke it out. The trio trade fisticuffs, and it’s Shawn Summers who takes advantage, ducking beneath a wild forearm by Ali and nailing a Northern Light’s Suplex. Sammy Riggins is quick to throw a double-stomp to Summers, breaking any bridged pin attempt. Summers retaliates with a leg sweep, unbalancing Riggins, and catches him in a jackknife cover! But Ali breaks it up now, pushing Summers away, and catches him offguard with a sliding knee to the temple. With Summers stunned, Ali lifts him up for the Broken Dreams, but Riggins nails him with a superkick! Ali drops Summers, and Riggins once again attempts for the Sweet Surrender this time on Ali, but Summers interrupts with a well-placed knee to the face, and locks in the Alpha Male on Riggins!

    Jim Taylor: The Alpha Male! The deadly guillotine chokehold locked in the center of the ring! If Riggins can’t make it to the ropes for a ropebreak, he’ll have to hope that Ali or McGinnis are aware enough to break it!

    Sammy Riggins flails valiantly, but is quickly fading. Summers locks his legs around Riggins’s waist and drags him to the mat, and there’s nowhere for Riggins to go! He’s fading! But Prince Ali comes to the rescue with a leg drop to Summers, breaking the hold, and drags Summers to his feet. He attempts to throw Summers over the ropes, but Summers counters and instead throws Ali over the ropes, where he lands on the apron. The fight is still in Ali, as he nails a shoulder to the gut through the ropes, before lifting Summers up and attempting to backdrop him over the ropes to the outside! But Summers hangs on to Ali’s waist, and turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb to the floor!

    Tim Coleman: Ouch! A sunset flip powerbomb to the outside! That’s sure to leave a mark on Prince Ali.

    Shawn Summers, limping somewhere due to his awkward landing, climbs back onto the apron, but is nailed with a sweet superkick by Sammy Riggins! He falls back to the floor next to a motionless Prince Ali, and Riggins pumps the crowd up, bouncing on his feet, signalling for some sort of dive! He sprints to the opposite ropes for momentum-


    Jim Taylor: Good lord! Did you hear that sound of boot meeting flesh?!? Like a gunshot!

    Sammy Riggins crumbles to the mat as Jonathan McGinnis, somewhat dazed, climbs into the ring after his superkick to the unsuspecting Riggins damn near kicked the soul out of Riggin’s body. A quick glance confirms that Ali & Summers are still down, but both are stirring, and McGinnis grasps Riggins by the hair, dragging him to his feet. He makes the signal, lifting Riggins in a powerbomb position and breaks Riggins with Something Light! He collapses to the mat, and crawls to the cover!



    Shawn Summers has reached his feet and dives into the ring, Prince Ali not far behind-


    Boos shower upon the arena as Jonathan McGinnis rolls out of the ropes, exhausted, but satisfied with his victory. Meanwhile, Sammy Riggins is just barely stirring, while Prince Ali looks on in disappointment, and Shawn Summers furiously pounds at the mat.

    Jim Taylor: It was a hard-fought battle, but in the end McGinnis left the victor, grabbing one of the spots in the High Voltage Contendorship for himself. Much like the first match, Tim, its nailbitter finish. Let’s just hope we can avoid the post-match aftermath. Could we be seeing the next High Voltage Champion?

    Tim Coleman: More than likely! It’s a strong field of contenders right now between Krash, Elijah Edwards, XYZ, and now Jonathan McGinnis. But there’s still one more match left for the final spot. It’ll be Izaya Snowmantashi, Jackson Fenix, Mendoza, and Nate Savage fighting for the final spot. Who will claim it? I’m thinking Jackson Fenix but Savage has all the momentum of being the one to have ended Snowmantashi’s reign.

    We get a brief, final shot of Jonathan McGinnis flipping off the booing crowd. Mercilessly, it’s clear that Ali, Summers and Riggins won’t be striking any referee or otherwise provoking a brawl. The camera cuts suddenly to the alleyways outside of the arena. The cameraman has made his way outside the building, and lord knows if he forgot to turn off his camera or not but it is on. He hears some voices in the alleyway and as if the man did not just run from the haunted arena, he goes into the dark alleyway to spot… the DFB!

    Bobby has his head buried in his hands and Cody is smoking a cigarette, his movements are animated, his speech fast.

    Cody Mundz: I don’t get it Bobby! Why not? Why won’t he let us in? People love to hate us, we’ll get people watchin’. Why can’t we enter!? He must’ve seen how close we came to winning the Krash Tag Team Classic and can’t handle the thought of The DFB on top of his company as well! What he freakin’ say Bobby?

    Bobby lifts his head out of his hands and in a terrible Irish accent quotes the mystery man on the phone.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Not a bleedin’ chance lads. You really think I’d let you two in the ring with my compeitiors? You lads aren’t of roight mind!

    Cody Mundz: Paddy asshole! What the hell we gonna do now Bobby? WE OWE SO MUCH DAMN MONEY!

    Cody kicked a discarded spray pan against the wall in anger. It rebounds off the wall and rolls slowly towards Bobby who eventually stops it by placing his foot on top of it.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Oh I got me an idea Cody … I got me a real good idea. Go get me something big that I can write on.

    Cody Mundz: Like what Bobby? Where am I gonna find something like that?

    Bobby “Smooth”:
    I dunno Cody, check the dumpsters or somethin’, I’m thinkin’ here.

    Bobby walks out of view of the camera as Cody shakes his head and turns to face the dumpsters. Cut to commercial break.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 3 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Forgive me for being self-masturbatory there e_e Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the show. Thanks to Tig for that one last segment between Afa & Mikey The Security Guard, no doubt a future staple of CWA.

    Adrenaline Rush returns to the office of Afa Seanoa who is sitting, suited, behind his mahogany desk in the middle of what seems like an important telephone call. The cameraman seems to be seated in a corner of the office, perhaps finally finding a place he won’t feel like he’s about to be possessed.

    Afa Seanoa: Yes … It’s already finalised, I told you this. I’m just waiting on the final go ahead and we’ll be able to run the tourna-

    Afa is interrupted by Mikey the Security Guard crashing into the room. Afa stares daggers at Mikey before speaking on the phone.

    Afa Seanoa: Apologies, I’m going to have to call you back.

    Afa hangs up the phone, never taking his eyes off Mikey.

    Afa Seanoa: What is it? I thought I told you to stay outside, I don’t want my last security team going rogue too.

    Mikey the Security Guard: Sorry, it’s a bit of an emergency. You’re going to want to see this, sir.

    Afa doesn’t rise from his seat rather he raises a quizzical eyebrow.

    Mikey the Security Guard: It’s Cody and Bobby, they’re uh, they’re uh … staging a peaceful protest.

    Afa Seanoa: Cody and Bobby? What are you talking about?

    Mikey the Security Guard: You know, uh, Cody with the ehmmmm, with the spitting and uh, Bobby with the uh … the smooth?

    Afa groans.

    Afa Seanoa: You’re kidding me? The DFB!? They’re like a bad smell - what are those two idiots up to now?

    Mikey the Security Guard: Uh … they’re calling it a peaceful protest.

    Afa Seanoa: Jesus Christ! These two drive me nuts! Let’s get this over with. I’ve got bigger concerns tonight.

    As Afa rises from his seat we cut back to the arena.

    nal neomuneomuneomu
    neomuneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu
    neo~muneomuneomu neomuneomuneomu
    neomu johahamyeon geuttae malhaejwo

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening and it is a fatal four way High Voltage qualifying match. Introducing first, from Tokyo, Japan… IZAYA… SNOWMANTASHI!

    Izaya Snowmantashi steps through the curtains, and despite whatever personal concerns he has about cheating last week, he does his best to maintain a smile on his face. As with Riggins, he quickly realizes that hand slapping won’t quite be feasible and instead makes sure to climb up each turnbuckle and clap to the crowd.

    Jim Taylor: Izaya Snowmantashi finally earned his first victory at Retribution but under… ill circumstances.

    Tim Coleman: Izaya was smart. He took notes from Jackson Fenix and it got him the same success Jackson has had since he got here. Unfortunately for him, he’s facing that very same man tonight, so it’s back to the loss column for poor Izaya.

    Jim Taylor: We saw the pair talking earlier in the show, and you have to wonder if whatever unity we saw in that six man tag team match may pop up tonight.

    Tim Coleman: Are you kidding me? Fenix has a real friend to pair up with tonight, Nate Savage!

    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain

    Lindsay Monahan: And from Las Vegas, Nevada… weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… Jackson… FENIX!

    Jackson Fenix may be one of the few people completely undeterred by the grim mood in the Giles River Arena. He’s probably far too absorbed in his own world to really be concerned about the odd aura in CWA right now.

    Jim Taylor: Jackson Fenix may not have held any titles yet but he’s certainly aiming to fix that at Thunder Shock, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: It’s only a matter of time before Fenix has a title. Look at him. It feels wrong for him not to have gold around his waist!

    Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom) cut it

    Lindsay Monahan: And from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania… weighing in at two hundred and sixty six pounds… Nasty… Nate… SAVAGE!

    Nate Savage comes out focus, cold, and calculated. The crowd react with a mixture of jeers and boos. This is a man who has proved himself at Steel Roulette, but a man who does not wholly endear himself to the crowd.

    Tim Coleman: A coming out party for Nate Savage at Retribution. Less than one hand will it take you to count how many people were able to pin Jon Snowmantashi. That list includes Austerio… Jonathan McGinnis… and now… Nate Savage. A title reign lasting over four hundred days and it is THAT man… who has ended it.

    Jim Taylor: I think Nate Savage earned the respect of fans worldwide and of Jon Snowmantashi himself with what he managed to accomplish by pinning him in that structure. It took nearly everything everyone in that ring had, but it was Nate Savage, with a Snowfall, who finally pinned the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    Fenix tries to welcome Nate Savage with open arms into the ring but Savage shrugs past him and remains in his own corner, waiting for the bell to ring. Worry is evident in Fenix’s eyes but he tries to hide that away behind his usual swagger and confidence.

    Luz Amor Y Vida

    Lindsay Monahan: And finally… from Albuquerque, New Mexico… weighing in at two hundred and forty four pounds… EL UNICO… MENDOZA!

    The mysterious man who has competed twice so far in CWA but hasn’t found his share of success yet, arrives to a mixed reaction from the arena.

    Jim Taylor: Mendoza is a bit of an X-Factor here. He has no allegiance to any of these three men and he is surely determined to prove his worth to Afa and the rest of the audience- uh. What? Before we start this match we’ll cut to the back for a moment, it seems there is a… uh… protest happening in front of the arena.

    The camera cuts outside where Afa Seanoa is marching on with Mikey the Security Guard.

    Mikey The Security Guard: Just right here, sir-

    He opens the entrance door and… the security team is sprawled across the front groaning, bruised, and in pain.

    Afa Seanoa: What the h-

    And as soon as the pair turn around… the gates have been completely barred.

    Afa Seanoa: I swear to God - Bobby, Cody, you don’t open these goddamned gates now, I’ll have you arrested!

    Bobby “Smooth”: Look, let’s compromise, Afa. You gives us our cheques, and we’ll walk away!

    Afa Seanoa: You guys don’t even show up, why the hell would I pay you?

    Cody Mundz: This ain’t a BLEEPING negotiation! Let’s just go over to where he sits his fat ass all day and get our cheques ourselves.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Cody, for once, maybe you’re thinking!

    The pair are gone before Afa can say anything.

    Afa Seanoa: We’re here for a night - obviously the cheques aren’t there! Mikey, get this goddamn door open.

    And the camera shifts back to the arena.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve lost our general manager!

    Tim Coleman: He’s truly lost completely control of this show, Jim!

    Jim Taylor: But I… uh… I suppose the show must go on?

    And so it does.

    versus JACKSON FENIX
    versus MENDOZA
    versus NATE SAVAGE

    ALLIANCES: The bell rings and there’s obvious tension between three of the competitors here. Mendoza is the odd man out and he isn’t content with that position. He steps up to the center of the ring and points at Nate Savage, the other big man in this match. Savage is happy to meet him in the center of the ring. And Fenix? Well, he’s happy to prove to Savage that they’ve got to stick to their friendship here! He charges in behind Mendoza and jumps onto his back for a sleeper hold. Savage doesn’t get a chance to contribute when a kick finds the back of his leg. Mendoza runs backwards to drive Fenix into the corner. Savage tries to get at Izaya but he’s a slipper man.

    Izaya manages to keep out of Savage’s reach continuously while chipping a kick here and there to piss off Savage. Fenix, squashed against the turnbuckle, manages to dodge just in time when Mendoza comes charging for a clothesline. He’s quick to drive Mendoza SHOULDER first into the post then pulls him out for a roll-up! ONE - Izaya and Nate quickly jump on top to break it. Fenix has a smirk on his face as he grins at the pair. Izaya isn’t fazed for long and hits a jumping roundhouse to Nate that floors him. As soon as Izaya gets back up, Fenix has him by the tights and baseball slides him right out of the ring. Fenix jumps on top of Savage! ONE - TW - HE’S TOSSED OFF!

    THERE NEEDS TO BE GIVE AND TAKE: Fenix has the obvious look of shock in his face as he wipes the hair from his face. Nate Savage stands and he doesn’t look at all pleased with Fenix trying to steal the win at his expense. He starts walking towards Fenix to mounting cheers but Mendoza gets his attention with a Discuss Elbow Smash that floors him. Fenix quickly comes to the aid of his friend with a SLINGBLADE! And then he hooks Mendoza’s leg - ONE! TW- Izaya’s pulled him off!

    MAD MEN: Izaya doesn’t get a moment of offense - LOW BLOW has his knees bent. You do not take your guard down against a sly opponent like Fenix! He’s spun around, lifted up by Nate Savage, POWERBOMBED ONTO MENDOZA! Fenix concedes and suggest Nate pins Mendoza. Savage frowns but goes for the pin… ONE! TWO! Fenix slyly pushes Mendoza’s hand under the ropes! Nate doesn’t notice Fenix’s actions but the frustration is evident. The referee stops and Fenix hustles on top of Izaya for his turn - ONE! TWO - Kick out!

    JACKY & NATTY: Jackson Fenix decides they really need to take care of these two as a unit and THEN they can settle things between each other like MEN! Nate Savage nods and the two turn to Izaya Snowmantashi. Fenix gets him but Izaya replies with a kick to the hand, and ducks right under a clothesline from Nate, PELE KICK! He gets up - SNAP DDT! Fenix wasted no time! They turn to Mendoza and get him up. Fenix goes over to the top rope while Savage gets Mendoza up in a powerbomb position. He stalls while Fenix gets up - Fenix goes flying … SUPER SLINGBLADE! Savage with a jacknife pinfall - Fenix’s eyes go wide… ONE - TW- a moment of indecision… -THR - he kicks Savage and breaks the fall.

    WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR?: Savage is up and Fenix quite frankly stumbles back onto his ass. He’s got his hands up saying it was just complete instinct. Savage has to be reasonable right now. He keeps backing up until he’s in a corner and has nowhere else to go. Savage doesn’t see that… Izaya Snowmantashi is also up. Izaya is standing behind Savage… Fenix has a smirk on his face, his eyes only momentarily daring to Snowmantashi - you can only presume he’s telepathically urging Izaya to go for the low blow. Izaya has his own moment of indecision - HE SPINS SAVAGE AROUND AND HITS A STIFF FOREARM! He’s chosen honor over possible victory!

    NASTY: Savage spits to the ground after the forearm and returns with a flurry of heavy strikes to Izaya, whips him to the ropes - NASTY BOMB! HE’S ROLLED UP! Fenix has come from behind - ONE - TW - kick out. Fenix is back to his feet. Savage is back to his feet. Fenix goes for the SUPER KICK - Savage ducks, stumbling Mendoza gets it. Savage in from behind sends Fenix way over the ropes. He turns to Mendoza and shoves him to the ropes - NASTY BOMB! ONE - TWO - Fenix can enter but… he chooses not to - THREE!


    Jackson Fenix slides right into the ring approaching Savage who still looks pissed off and with a smirk on his face, lifts Savage’s arm up! There’s a still mixed reaction from Savage, the crowd had been urging him to take out Fenix but Savage hugs Fenix half-heartedly and the two walk out of the ring together.

    Jim Taylor: We officially have our main event for Thunder Shock, Tim. Krash will defend the CWA High Voltage Championship in a High Voltage match against former High Voltage champion, Nate Savage… former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jonathan McGinnis, former two time High Voltage Champion, Elijah Edwards, and the odd-man out… X… Y… Z.

    Tim Coleman: Krash will have a helluva tough time against the sort of guys he’s facing, especially still recovering from a gruelling Steel Roulette match. My money is on Nate Savage. He wants it. He’s determined. He’s on an unprecedented high.

    Jim Taylor: For the folks at home, the show is not over yet, we’ve got an announcement from Jon Snowmantashi ladies and gentleman.

    Izaya Snowmantashi who has just finished a conversation with Mendoza manages to say something to Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix to get them to stay as well though Fenix is a lot more reluctant to stay than Savage. Izaya jogs up the ramp and past the curtains and… soon enough emerges with a whole slew of wrestlers. Sammy Riggins, Prince Ali, Apollo Griffin, XYZ… there’s a momentary break and a rousing applause as Rolando Fuentes and Brayden Bridges come out. That applause gets even huger when… the High Voltage Champion, Krash emerges from the curtains. He’s a complete shell of himself after last night but he’s still very much present and the explosive crowd show him their appreciation. There’s some eyes on him from Savage but nothing else. A moment… another and… JONATHAN McGINNIS IS HERE TOO!

    Everyone looks at McGinnis, the black sheep of CWA. Rolando Fuentes has to be calmed down from trying to start a fight. McGinnis has a sledgehammer in hand, and he looks completely indifferent to the reactions of the men around the ring. He ignores them all and just shakes Izaya’s hand. All of the men around the ring turn it’s back to it and like security guards, fold their arms, eyes focused on the actual staffers who are tense but do nothing.

    Jim Taylor: CWA is showing a united front tonight against the darkness that Lilith has brought upon the company, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: I’m just surprised Jonathan McGinnis is out here. Doesn’t he want to destroy the company?

    Jim Taylor: Your guess is as good as mine but Izaya and Jonathan seem to have come to an understand, Jim. I think that… this is about respect and I suppose…. Deep… deep… deep…. Down inside… McGinnis has some sort of respect there.

    “KAIJU - KAIJU - KAIJU - KAIJU” The chants rise above the orchestral sounds and the voice emanating through the physical attendance system. Jon Snowmantashi, the former CWA World Heavyweight Champion, looks quite frankly naked without the belt he has held for so long but he steps through the curtains and stops at the top of the stage. KATAIDESU and John Duncan give him pats on the back before heading away. Snowmantashi stares at the crowd, straight-faced but a nod indicates his appreciation for the country that’s welcomed him with open arms and allowed him to star here.

    Jim Taylor: Winner of the Ruler of the Ring. The only man to participate twice in the Steel Roulette. Two-time Five Star Attraction main eventer. Two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion. The longest combined reign and single reign, the latter at four hundred and twelve days, over a year, Tim. Jon Snowmantashi has been one of the most dangerous competitors in the CWA. Only three people can say they’ve even pinned him, Tim. And no one can say, in good conscious, they’ve pinned him one on one, without controversy.

    Tim Coleman: I think he’s earned his place up there. I’m not going to make any bold claims, Jim, but he’s definitely a man to be remembered in CWA history.

    The KAIJU makes his way to the top of the stage and nods to the wrestlers around the ring. McGinnis pretends not to notice and is focused on his task. Savage has a glare on his face but does nothing. Krash and Fuentes nod back. Legends to legend. With a microphone in hand, the super heavyweight makes his way into the ring. Another “KAIJU! KAIJU! KAIJU!” There’s a very rare smile on the face of the KAIJU, a very genuine one.

    Jon Snowmantashi: In two thousand fifteen… I came to CWA with a very simple mission. A very simple goal. I came to beat… Makuginisu-kun.

    No reaction from McGinnis though Snowmantashi offers a smirk in his direction.

    Jon Snowmantashi: And I stayed, to test myself in the best company in the world… in front of the biggest arenas in the world.

    That’s as much pandering as Snowmantashi will ever be capable of doing. Still… there’s a “THANK YOU KAIJU!” chant that obligatorily follows. You can tell there’s discomfort on Snowmantashi’s face.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Atop this mountain, I fought the very best. Krash. Misheru-kun. I fought rising stars. The Conners. Erijah. Shonzu. LIGHTBRINGER. Fights… are what I live for. I came here to fight. It is all I’ve ever wanted. And it is everything I’ve gotten here. It is only a shame that… someone better… more respectable… wasn't capable of standing a top this mountain when I have left it.

    “ONE MORE MATCH!” Another obligatorily chant follows. Snowmantashi can’t hide his smile there.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Ah. But how long would it take for someone else to defeat me. Next Steel Roulette? No. It is time for one of the people here. Or one of the people vying to be here to rise up to the darkness, to brighten it, to erase it. I look forward to seeing who it shall be. As for me… all I have left to say is… thank you for giving me a second home.

    Snowmantashi drops the microphone down and with a deep bow - “THANK YOU KAIJU! THANK YOU KAIJU!” The chants mount again but sort of simmer down. Up the ramp is…

    Jim Taylor: What are they doing here?

    Tim Coleman: I think Bobby “Smooth” and Cody Mundz took a wrong turn, Jim.

    Bobby and Cody seem to have no clue what they’ve just interrupted. They’re out here with posters in hand and march down through the crowd until they realize the entire roster is out.

    Cody Mundz: Whoa, whoa. Bobby?! They really got all those sons of bitches to stop us from a peaceful protest.

    Bobby “Smooth”: No, Cody. Look at that fat BLEEP in the ring, think they had some sort of *BLEEP*ed up wrestling ritual going on.

    Cody and Bobby are undettered but the rest of the guys around the ring are clearly bemused with what’s going on. All eyes are on the DFB right now who make it to the barricade but… are stopped by one of the security members.

    Cody Mundz: Boy, you better get your hands off me before I snap it.

    The security guard is unphazed. Cody SPITS RIGHT IN HIS FACE. Still, he is indifferent. He’s not letting them through. He shoves Cody and Bobby back - you do not do that. Bobby doesn’t have time to suggest otherwise, CODY TACKLES THE SECURITY GUARD OVER THE BARRICADE AND STARTS POUNDING ON HIM. And just like that, security swarms over the barricade. Bobby is quick to join Cody! Fuentes and Bridges, agitated by what has happened earlier in the night, join in the fray!

    They’ve got to stick together don’t they?! It’s an all out brawl across ringside. Jon Snowmantashi looks around, he’s not quite sure what he should do. Everyone has been embroiled in the brawl at this point.

    The camera finds… Krash getting out of the frey, clearly hurt. He turns around - SUPER KICK - FROM JACKSON FENIX!

    Jim Taylor: What’s Jackson Fenix doing?!

    Fenix urges Savage away from beating the heck out of a couple of guards. Savage is confused until Fenix points to Krash. There’s obvious reluctant from Savage but… Fenix tosses him Krash. Savage has him… he hesitates then lifts Krash up - POWERBOMB ONTO THE APRON! Krash falls to the ground in absolute pain. Savage picks up the High Voltage Championship but drops it after Fenix urges them to leave.

    Jim Taylor: Absolutely uncallled for? What happened to unity, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: They’re sending a message, Jim. This is professional wrestling. It’s everyone for themselves.

    Jim Taylor: This is absolute chaos!

    And then the crowd sort of goes silent. Jonathan McGinnis has entered the ring and he’s got a sledgehammer in hand. Jon Snowmantashi turns around slowly, having been in the corner watching the chaos closely. McGinnis has a smirk on his face, you really thought he would elevate Snowmantashi above his cause. He lifts the sledgehammer up and gestures for Jon to come at him! He’ll end his career properly. Send him back overseas on a wheel chair!

    Jim Taylor:
    Tim! I knew they couldn’t trust McGinnis! The man wants to tear this industry down! He wants to cripple everyone within reach.

    Fuentes notices and tries to get up the apron but he’s pulled down by security who are quickly gaining in numbers on the guys at ringside with Fenix, Savage and now McGinnis gone from the fray. Snowmantashi isn’t afraid, he starts walking towards McGinnis but stops with a smirk, there’s a loud cheer from the fans.

    Izaya Snowmantashi has entered the ring right behind McGinnis! He spins McGinnis around and rips the sledgehammer out of his hands. McGinnis has his hands up immediately! Izaya shakes his head, disappointment obvious in his face with the actions of a man he long admired. McGinnis doesn’t beg for mercy but he realizes he’s in a precarious situation and is spun around by Jon this time! Kick to the gut - he’s lifted up-


    NO! Jon Snowmantashi flips him around -


    Tim Coleman: This is what started it all! The Burning Hammer. The hospital bed. The lack of calls. Jon is merciless. He’s going to put McGinnis through it all over again.



    Jon Snowmantashi lets go of Jonathan McGinnis who holds onto his heart, clearly shaken by his near-injury situation but he shakes it off quickly. Izaya Snowmantashi stares down at his older brother and there is ice in his veins to mirror the ones that carried Jon through two years here. McGinnis pats Izaya on the back, his job done… McGinnis makes his way up the ramp. He stops only for a moment, noticing medics have gotten to Krash in the frey and - SUPER KICK! Just one last message. He laughs to himself, to the ominous boos and is up the ramp. Security has completely overwhelmed the boys around the ring. Even DFB are helpless at this point, their strike put to an end.

    Jon Snowmantashi, gets back to his knees. Some men might be sad. Some disappointed. Some afraid. But Jon is angry, a sneer on his face. He tries to stand up - SLEDGEHAMMER TO THE SKULL! Izaya did not hesitate for a second there.

    Jim Taylor: Jon is bleeding from the head, Tim. Someone’s got to get in there and stop his brother! How do you do that to your own blood?

    Tim Coleman: I told them, Jim! They should’ve listened to me. He’s no good! Oh- no, what’s he doing now?! This is going too far, Jim! He’ll kill him.

    Izaya lifts up the hammer high, he’s not even merciful enough to impede the damage, he’s going for a full blow to the skull!


    But stops just short. And drops the sledgehammer to the mat.

    Jim Taylor: Oh, thank God.

    He turns to the crowd, one finger up, points to himself… to his brother, then to the banner for Thunder Shock. One more match, it seems to indicate. And he leaves the ring. The camera lingers on Krash at ringside, tended to by medics. At the valiant men who fought, Rolando Fuentes, Brayden Bridges, Griffin, XYZ, Riggins. Even the DFB who have an uncanny amount of guys unconscious next to them. Lastly, it remains on Jon Snowmantashi and the tiny pool of blood from his skull.

    Tim Coleman
    : Jim, for once, there’s no need to fade to black. We’re already there.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 2 of 3

    Great show. All the matches were entertaining and that chaotic feel is perfect. It reflects whsts really going on as tge guard is switching

    Credit to OMB

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [17/10/2017] Part 2 of 3

    Excellent end to the show, Izaya how could you?! Anxious for the High Voltage title match knowing that I got some heavy hitters to contend with. Interested to see where Fenix goes from here, though the subtle tension between him and Nate was interesting.
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