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Thread: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Deadline is October 22nd @midnight Pacific/3am on October 23rd for Eastern/8am on October 23rd across da pond

    NO EXTENSIONS. j/k you can totally ask for some

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    *Miss De La Muerta is shown seated cross legged, looking straight ahead blankly, with an emotionless and uncaring look that has, over the last several months, become her trademark. She is outdoors in an unknown location at night, with the light from several stars, and a full moon in the sky illuminating the scenery. As the camera slightly pans out, is it revealed that she is seated in a clearing in the middle of two rows of a black rose garden. Nothing else can be seen anywhere except the night sky, the aforementioned glimmering stars and distant moon, and of course, the gigantic frame of the barbarous Zako Wrath. "The Walking Disaster", looms gravely over her right shoulder-The mere sight of him turning what otherwise would have been a calm and eerie night's atmosphere, into a truly savage and terrifying one of unpredictability.*

    *Miss De La Muerta hears and feels his almost unholy, bestial roars and growls of pure violent intent, but she does not turn towards him as she acknowledges him-She merely speaks to him over her shoulder as she continues to stare ahead-" Pronto, Zako, Pronto. No pasara mucho hasta que el tonto y la nina se rompan en tus manos, para siempre." {Soon, Zako, Soon. It will not be long at all now until the fool and the girl are broken within your hands, forever.} Heeding her words as he looks down upon her, Zako now throws his arms to his side intensely as he violently tosses his head back, roaring in such unsettling fashion that previously hidden crows now scatter from all around as they "caw", in unnerving fashion. Miss De La Muerta is not moved nor unsettled by any of this, and she simply extends her right hand toward Zako, who slowly helps her up as they walk through the perfect parting in the sea of black roses. Zako does not have to be beckoned as he stays close behind her.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Last week upon Fight Night, Zako Wrath walked directly up to James Sync and immediately took away everything that man had attempted to strive for as he once again showed to everyone...That none, can withstand...The Wrath, of Zako. He viciously and brutally tore him to shreds like the slaying machine that he is. Zako WILL destroy everyone and everything in front of him, and James Sync was in front of him. He WILL NOT be seen in FWA again. It was all over from the mere second the match was made official.

    I speak of Zako walking right up to everyone who he ever faces and ripping the life and energy right from them, because up until "El Espectaculo Del Duodecimo Aniversario" {The 12th Anniversary Show.}, Zako HAD done just that. Zako Wrath was seconds away from doing serious permanent damage to the life and career of Jason Randal, and snatching the X-Division Championship from his filthy hands...When "The Insane Girl Who Zako Demolished", was loca enough to get involved. Zako hasn't forgotten how you attacked me, Penny. You took three things away from him on that night, You cost him his undefeated match record, you kept the X-Title out of his unforgiving hands, and most importantly, you took the skull of Jason Randall, who would have been slain if you had not done what you did. Zako will have all of these things BURNING through his mind as he's mercilessly beating the blood out of you, over, and over, and over again.

    *Zako now begins to practically seeth with barbaric and bloodthirsty intent, grunting and growling as the camera closes up on his masked face, showing his fiendish, chilling red eyes widening, as if the mere mention of the name "Penny", is furtherly intensifying his rage. Miss De La Muerta merely responds to him saying "Si, Zako, "Penny", " as if she obviously somehow realizes this.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Where was Jason Randall though to assist you when I sent Zako upon you after your match last week, ALONE, to do whatever his out of control mind would allow him to? He WAS going to wipe Penny from the face of FWA forever, and you wouldn't have been to stop him. You kicked him in the knee and he WAS STILL, strangling you- you never would have had a sliver of a chance of fighting him off, let alone defeating him. I wouldn't have let him kill you, but I wasn't going to intervene otherwise. This brings me towards the other victim that Zako shall claim as his next casualty.


    *Zako now once again practically goes into a ravenous frenzy as he hears the name of his second Fight Night opponent, snarling with killer intent as he ominously beats his chest, with Miss De La Muerta responding "Si Zako, "Deception"*

    Miss De La Muerta: Deception,
    you speak of "Justice, and exposing truth from lies, and saving people" and you wear this mask as if you're some sort of vigilante hero...but you couldn't be more wrong. I KNOW that you told Penny you would save her, and you and others might think you did, but I AM the only one capable of saving anyone...from Zako. You didn't save her, you just furtherly infuriated "El Desastre Andante". {The Walking Disaster} You foolishly stuck your face into The Destruction of Penny, so the only thing you have TRULY accomplished is, you interrupted Zako breaking Penny's neck with The Reaper's Touch, so because of you,
    he has had to wait siete dias {Seven days}, to finish what he started. I know some of you may not believe this...but now Zako is madder than ever.

    Due to that amount of time he is now going to cause even MORE heinous pain to you both, he will reck even MORE havoc than he would have if you had just left your agenda out of his path of broken bodies and tortured souls...


    Now, he's going to bludgeon both of your skulls in at once with his war-hammer like fists, because you couldn't wait your turn. I promise you Zako would have eventually found you and flattened you and stomped out your career, for Zako WILL make sure that very same thing happens to every man and woman in it, North American, X Division, Tag teams, or World title competitors, Zako WILL defeat them all, and you would have eventually gotten what's coming to you. You attacked him and now you've rushed your inevitable end. This is a man that is compared to tidal wave, bombs, wildfires...typhoons and earthquakes, and YOU DECIDED you would just throw yourself at him?

    You're lucky he didn't yank you out of the air and German Suplex you through the announcers table.

    *Miss De La Muerta now grabs Zako's neck with both hands to gain his full, undivided, monstrous attention as she looks straight into his red eyes saying "Esta Noche, te vuelves balístico con un hombre y una mujer, ¡Los terminaras a la vez! Segador's Toque, a los dos al mismo tiempo!" {Tonight, you will go ballistic on a man and a woman, finish them both at once! Reaper's Touch, to them both at the same time!} Zako only nods with a snarl as his red eyes are by now dancing with bone chilling fury.

    Miss De La Muerta: This Fight Night marks the final one for you both. Your next, shall be your last, for even if you choose to do...the smart thing,
    you will NOT be able to stop Zako. Let's get one thing announced perfectly right now: It's not going to be a three way fight-No, it will be the two of you, fighting for your lives, side by side, against Zako, someone who is prepared to watch you draw your final breaths in the middle of that ring. I'm going to stand here right now and tell you exactly how you shall meet your bloody demise, for if I say it...IT SHALL COME TO PASS. Zako will absorb and shake off every last attack you both throw at him, and he will come back with five more of his own in a row, for each of you, until neither of you can stand.

    Before it's all said and done, I'm gonna make sure that there is NO "Deception" about how he Suplexes this masked fool INTO THE CROWD, then Chokeslams him onto the apron, and then he will send Deception through the announcers' table with The Reaper's Touch. As for Penny-Zako is going to Suplex her through the stage wall,
    spear her OFF OF THE STAGE, then he will end your descent into everlasting agony when I take the cover off of the turnbuckle and he throws you headfirst on top of it, with The Reaper's Touch.

    Then, Penny, when Referees and paramedics are trying to get you onto a gurney, Zako will destroy them all as I handcuff you, then I'm going to physically force you to watch as Zako rips the head off of Fred The Cat. Zako will tear your whole world down, all because you had to help a man who never really cared for you. Make sure to thank Deception by the way for "saving you", when you're in the same hospital together.

    Ashley O'Ryan-When you're ready to discuss official FWA affairs with me, I'm not hard to find. I say this because every other combatant on your roster has NO future,
    because ZAKO, IS THE FUTURE. Mike Parr, Tristan James Galloway, Shannon O'neal, and even The Sin City Vultures- Zako will take them both out on his own...he's coming for any and all champions. He is going to slowly, but surely,
    take every prize they all have. Make the right choice before it's too late.

    *With those final words , Miss De La Muerta makes the "finish this", cut throat, thumbs down gesture right in front of Zako's face, then turns and sprays a strange, mysterious red mist from her mouth towards the camera. Then, when it has cleared, they are gone.*

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Sitting on the dock of the bay....well really just a loading dock in a warehouse

    Hanz Gruber is sitting at on the steps of a warehouse- watching a few trucks get loaded with things such as toys, home supplies, food, water and all sorts of other things. A woman walks up to him and he stands up to talk to her.

    Woman: Mr Gruber, my name is Sarah. After they are finished loading are you following them there destination?

    Hanz Gruber: No, the donations shall be anonymous, nothing traced back to me- I have to protect my image in the wrestling world as being an asshole.

    Hanz laughs

    Sarah: Really? Mr Gruber, you are not an asshole. Those items in the trucks will help a lot of people. If anything, letting the people know who donated the items to them would be good for your image. No way anybody would think of you as an asshole.

    Hanz Gruber: I was just kidding, my image in the wrestling world is what it is. Some may like me, some, maybe a lot, may hate me- but I ain't an asshole to them. I will not lie to them. I will not lie to my opponents either. But enough about wrestling, lets get back to the trucks- having my name attached to the donations would only serve to stroke my ego- something that I don't need. So can you be my eyes on the ground, can you go with the trucks and make sure everything gets sorted out to the correct people?

    Sarah: I sure can. And no worries, your name will not be mentioned

    Hanz Gruber: Thanks. Now if you will excuse me, I need to do something in the office. You be careful out there. And again, thanks for taking care of all this

    Hanz walks up the stairs in the warehouse, then heads to his office. He turns on his laptop and goes to He sees the card for the next show and smiles

    Hanz Gruber: About time that O'Ryan recognized my worth

    Hanz brings up the webcam software on his laptop and leans back in his chair. He then smiles at the screen.
    Hanz Gruber: Last Fight proved one thing- Starr is a stupid, lying, weak person . You said you beat at Back at Business. Thats a lie. There were many wrestlers in that match and one came out on top. Its wasn't you, it wasn't me. It was Humanity who won that match. You also lied to Izzy about how I treat women. Now I admit, about 8 years ago I used women as nothing more as an object- but all that changed when I fell in love with Sasha Panzer- she being one of the woman I used. Its just been her ever since, no one else. But you Starr, you jump from one bed to another, Anna to Izzy. And the thing is, Izzy can't see thru your lies. She even sacrificed herself in the match- taking that stiff clothesline ment for you and she takes the pin- you do nothing. So face it Starr- despite Izzy being the only true talent on your team, you both were no match for Wolf and I

    Hanz's cell phone rings, he briefly looks at it and lets the call go to voicemail

    Hanz Gruber: And that brings me to this week. O'Ryan awards me a shot at the X Division title, against the newly crowd champion in Tristan James Galloway in a chairs match. He beat the man known as Jason Randall, the same man who handed that big dumb brain dead ape Wraith his first loss. Some of Wraiths stupidity must have rubbed off on Randall as Tristan handled everything that was thrown at him, came out of the match with the title. So bravo Tristan. Bravo indeed

    Hanz gives a polite clap to the screen

    Hanz Gruber:
    And Tristan, last week you were saying winning the X Division title was one of your dreams. Its nice to dream- and its nice when your dreams come true. Especially to someone like you. You are a much better person than Randall to be holding that title, but your dream should have been to go straight to the top in FWA. To be in O'Neals spot, to be in Truths spot- to knock them both down a few notches. But really, the thing about dreams, they are really just a wish your heart makes. You want them to happen, to come true. Sometimes you luck out and they do, but most times they do not.

    Hanz taps his finger on the desk

    Hanz Gruber: Like I said, dreams are nice and all, but Tristan, I am a man of destiny. I didn't dream of becoming a wrestler, I was destined to meet the great Panzer family of wrestlers in Berlin. The Panzer brothers knew the first time they laid eyes that I was to be a wrestler, a future champion. They trained me hard for years, I spilt blood and sweat every day in the ring they had in their gym. I got injured but fought thru it all. I studied every style of wrestling, I traveled the world wrestling for anybody that wanted me. I took up MMA and fought on that circuit too. I never stopped learning

    The sound of trucks starting up interrupts Hanz's train of though. He gets up and walks to the one small window in the office. He looks down and watches as they leave the loading docks. Hanz then walks back to the desk, sits down and looks back into the screen.

    Hanz Gruber: And Tristan, I was also destined to be a wealthy man. I have my family and the Panzer brothers to thank for that. They taught me to save save save. They taught me to invest smartly. The money I made within my first two years of wrestling is all I needed to get my start into the business world. I could list all the companies I own or co own, I could name all the buildings I own. I could tell you where those trucks full of donations are headed, but why? To make you jealous? To impress you? Thats not my intention.

    Hanz starts tapping his fingers on the desk again

    Hanz Gruber: If I wanted to impress you, I would just buy FWA outright, which I could, strip O'Neal of her title and put the title around my waist. I could also strip you of your title and just randomly give it to someone else. But I ain't going to do shit like that. No Tristan, I will fulfill my destiny of becoming a champion the honest way. I will pin you in the middle of the ring and hear the ref count One Two Three. I will have my arm raised in victory. I will even shake your hand after the match if it would please you. Now don't get me wrong, I know its not going to be an easy match, these chair matches can be a mother fucker , and you are one hell of a wrestler. But you can't dream yourself into winning once again when its my destiny to be champion . And it starts with your X Division Championship belt on the 20th in St Paul. I'll see you there Tristan

    Hanz shuts the laptop after he hits the
    SEND button

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    A CD arrives at Fight Night with the words read me on it. The staff pop it into the DVD player and we go to it after a few seconds . We are in a dark room there is just a chair and a flash of lightning in the back ground through a single window. We see a flash of lightning and a shadow of a person by the wall. We see it is Deception. He is talking to himself.

    Deception: I got to do it I have to its like bugs crawling in my skin its drill in my mind I got to I got.

    Deception yells as the light from the lightning shines into the room and this video is going to take a dark turn. Written on the wall is the words Save Her! There is pictures of Penny all around the room and a very unhinged a very different Deception staring at a picture of Penny.

    Deception: I told you my word is gospel Penny there is no lies in the words I speak. I told you that without you Jason Randall would lose the championship and did you see what happen?

    He lost!

    You were you are the true champion and he was just using you.

    I told you!

    Deception voice breaks a little he screams as he slams his fist on the wall.

    Deception: Then last week you made me do it Penny I didn't want to put my hands on you I have my codes my ethics my sense of justice but you wouldn't listen.


    Deception screams again still his eyes fixed on the picture of Penny he begins talking again.

    Deception: Penny, I am not the villain of this story he is. I told you when the chips are down and push came to shove he would leave you high and dry. I thought maybe just maybe that I was wrong. Zako came down I gave him the benefit of the doubt but instead what did he do? Your night in shining armor did not come down on his faithful steed instead he hid like a coward. I will be honest at first I thought if I couldn't get through to you that Zako attack might have opened your eyes you would sit there begging pleading Jason he would come down. He didn't and after a while it dawned on me he wasn't coming down so I did what was needed I was the hero you got but not the one you deserved. I took a leap of faith and came crashing down with hellfire and brimstone and issued my sense of justice to something I thought was injustice. You see I got a mind that just works as a natural villain and you took me to this place deep inside my head made me feel things deep inside my soul made me have answers for question's I never wanted to know but it fills me with certain things.

    Rage! Anger! Hatred! Love!

    You see I sat there for a little bit after and try to figure out these emotions I am feeling and I finally figured out what it was that was eating me inside.


    You see obsession it can make you feel all these things its stronger then all those things it takes you to that place where you feel nothing you do whatever it takes. I wonder why I am so obsessed with you and it occurred because you & I we aren't so different you and I followed the path that ended with us beaten bruised broken bloody on the floor as our loved ones watched.

    Penny, I promise you that I will open your eyes. I promise that I will pull you up from this sea of lies, this river of deception this fairytale façade that left you last week in the hands of a so-called monster.

    The tape stops for a moment before playing again this time we have Deception in a bedroom he is sitting in a rocking chair next to a fire place he is holding a book it is black looks old and he begins to read.

    "But now misery has come home, and men appear to me as monsters thirsting for each other's blood." - Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

    Deception: You see monsters are just words of fictions left in books to scare Zako you are a man and a man who sees himself as something he is not. I do not fear you because in the end I pity you because you are set to believe this lie this world you were given by a puppet master stringing you alive the truth is that maybe Penny isn't the only one needing saved but perhaps you are as well. Now all that said Zako you are a wicked man who has done wicked things and I am the swift hand of justice and I am judge I am jury I am executioner. Your time has come it is time for you to pay for your crimes it is time to have your last rites read as the clock strikes 12.

    Tell me Zako do you smell that do you taste it? Do you fear it or will your pride be your downfall? Zako like I said you are a wicked man but so can I be and come Fight Night it will be a if need be a triple homicide as I drag you to the hands of liberty and make you pay for your injustices in a just fashion.

    You may be the reaper, Penny may be the scythe but I am the Armageddon coming at Fight Night.

    Deception walks over to the fire place holds the book by the fire before tossing it in watching as the pages burn. He sighs as if the weight of the world has been lifted off of his shoulders. He walks off the scene ending with the last letter of the book being burned.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Fight Night
    October 6th, 2017

    The crowd is still buzzing with excitement after the match they just witnessed between the now former X-Champion Jason Randall and the new champion, Tristan James Galloway. Randall stands on the stage still, blood still pouring from his head but not as much as during the match. After tasting his own blood he continues to stare off blankly towards the ring where Tristan holds his newly won championship. Randall weakly smiles, still a sick, sadistic look in his eyes and shakes his head while muttering...

    This isn't happening...

    His world is crumbling before him now but he still manages to retain that sick smile.

    This isn't happening...

    He continues to mutter to himself as he turns around and heads towards the backstage area where he's tended to by several referees and medical staff that are on hand, but he doesn't seem to even realize that they are there or where he's at for that matter as just continues to mutter to himself.

    This isn't happening...I'm still the king...

    The referees and medics sit him down and try to work on him as he starts shaking a little while holding his hands on his stomach.

    I'm still the king...I'm still the king...I'm still the king...

    Suddenly he jumps up and pushes everyone away but not before grabbing a nearby official and brings the now terrified man in close.


    Jason shoves the official away from him and storms away from the scene, face still covered in blood with his sick smile and wild, wide-eyed look. He walks to a dressing room and kicks the door open where he finds Penny, who is startled by him as she jumps out of her seat and sends her plate of veggies flying all over the floor in terror.

    J-Jason I'm s-so sorry you lost...

    He stalks over to her and she begins to cower in fear.

    What did you say?

    I-I-I said I'm sorry that you lost..

    She stammers and stutters her words as she's frightened beyond belief. He kneels down and leans in real close to her face.

    What did you say?

    What are you sorry for? I didn't lose! I'm still the champion!

    Even as out there as Penny is, she knows that Jason has completely lost it now. To not further irritate him she just goes along with it.

    Oh..yeah..I see now...silly me! Good job on keeping the title!

    Where were you out there?

    I was back here just getting ready for my match with Zako Wrath. I'm so sorry I wasn't out there for you, I completely won't happen again...

    He motions for her to come in close and she does so as he hugs her while staring off into nothing in the distance and slowly stroking her hair. need for apologizing...hush now my sweet...

    The blood from his head drips down in her hair, and he doesn't notice as he's stroking her hair he sort of mashes in the blood with her hair.

    You have a big match tonight...with Zako Wrath...a man that I humbled and now you will do the same...

    He stops stroking her hair and looks down as she looks up.

    Good luck out there my sweet...and if they give you any trouble I'll be there for you...


    I promise...


    The scene switches now to nowhere in particular but it's dimly lit and the faint sound of muttering can be heard. It's unclear what the muttering person is saying but soon we find that it's Jason Randall sitting with his back against a wall and a pocket knife in his hand. He's flicking the knife open and shut as he mutters but then starts humming to himself and speaks...


    He takes the knife and begins to scratch at the floor with it, causing a grating sound.

    Yes...I am still your king as I vanquished Tristan James Galloway like I said I would do and here I sit...alone...because my dear sweet Penny has a match with Zako Wrath and Deception...two men that have fallen to me just like Tristan James Galloway did when I made him bend the knee and kneel before his king like the miserable pissant that he is....

    He chuckles to himself as continues to scratch the floor with his knife.

    Yes...Penny and seems like he's taken a liking to her and wants to save her...listen here little man she needs no saving my dear sweet girl is fine and she doesn't need any saving from a peasant like you so why don't you back off or else I'll humble you even worse than I did the last time we met...

    He stops scratching the floor and looks at his reflection in the knife. He still wears the scars from his last war, he wears them proudly.

    Enough about that though because now I have another peasant that thinks he's worthy of challenging me for my it Starr or should I call you Ian...

    He chuckles.

    I've seen you Starr. I've been watching you ever since you arrived in FWA and at first you weren't much. You tried but you just didn't have it in you so you went out and "ReStarrted" as you so cutely put it. Now you're making waves and putting on spectacular matches. Yes, you see I'll give you that. You are a fine athlete, there is no denying that. That I cannot take away from you but what I can do is show you why you don't deserve to be in the ring with someone such as myself...

    You just simply...not on my level. You don't have what it takes. You don't have mentality that I have to do what I do. You're not capable of doing what I do in that ring and deep down you know that and it scares the hell out of you. I can see it in your eyes Starr. You're just a scared little boy that's about to step in a man's world when you face me. You think that you just because you started over that you makes you a better person but it doesn't. Deep down you know that you're the same old Starr. The scared little boy that's all talk but quivers in fear when the going gets too tough. You think just because you've changed your ways that the people will like you better but they don't Starr. No, they don't give a shit about you. They didn't then and they don't now. Take it from me Starr, someone who has tried to change their ways to appease the people. It gets you nowhere kid, believe me.

    Now they see me as this sick and twisted monster when that was me all along, they just didn't see it until I fully embraced it and accepted it. I embraced the hate and soon you will too and believe me when I tell you that you'll be better off for it. I embraced the monster within me. I tried to keep him locked away but I just couldn't contain him any more so I let him loose and now look at me. I am now your X-Champion and more importantly I am your king and you are just a measly insect that will get squashed beneath my boot. There will be no "ReStarrting" after I'm through with you Starr because when I'm done with you there will be nothing left to restart so get ready kid. Kiss your little girlfriend Izzy goodbye, she can tell you that everything will be alright but deep down she knows it won't be. She's just lying to you to reassure you and make you feel better about yourself. Don't worry though Starr, once I'm done with you, she'll be taken care of real nice...

    He takes the knife and slowly takes the blade over his index finger. The blood seeps out onto the knife as well as the rest of his fingers. He laughs as he licks the blood off his fingers and then off the knife as well.

    You don't think I'll hurt her Starr? Think again kid. You're as dumb as you look if you think nothing will happen to her. I won't her too bad though because I know that my sweet Penny has this obsession with her and Penny will take good care of her then. Does it anger you that I'm threatening her Starr? Good, I hope so. I want to get underneath your skin. I want to fuel that rage inside of you so you can bring out all your anger and aggression out on me only for me to stop you in your tracks and put an end to your pitiful life. I want you to embrace that hate inside you just long enough before I take it all away from you. That's what I'm going to do Starr.

    You're not ready kid. You better get ready though because you will bend the knee and kneel before your king. I am still your king and you will obey my orders like the good peasant that you are.

    The lights flickers to life in the room and all over the walls written in blood red...


    Jason laughs like a mad man and begins to sing a lullaby.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little Starr
    How I wonder what you are
    Up above the world so high
    Like a diamond in the sky
    Twinkle, twinkle little Star
    How I wonder what you are

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    I'm an Ass Man(DUH DUH)

    As Aaron Kendrick wakes up in another hotel on another sunny morning, he looks over at his vibrating phone. He sees that he has four text messages from Daniel, one text from Scott, one text from Jaimee, and one text from Jake. He unlocks his phone to see the "Good morning" text from Jaimee, the daily "Fuck you" text from his obnoxious friend Scott, the "I hate my job" text from his friend Jake, and three Star Wars memes from Daniel, along with a final text that reads,

    Hey dude... I just read on FWA's website that you're wrestling El Jefe "The Booty" Ventura tonight. LOL I can't wait to see it!

    El Jefe "The Booty" Ventura,
    Kendrick thinks to himself.

    Who in the blue is El Jefe "The Booty" Ventura? Does he like booty? Does he have a big booty? I love booty. I wonder if he wants to be friends so that I can get the hookups on all the booty. Wait, I'm a wrestler. I can get all the booty I want. I don't need his booty. What's happening to me? Why am I being traumatized by the thought of all his booty?

    Kendrick eventually overcomes the emotional battle of El Jefe's booty in his head and gets out of bed. He makes his breakfast and continues with his morning routine, including a nice regiment of shoulders and calves in the gym.

    Star City, Arkansas... 2010

    Kendrick is in his backyard in his personal wrestling ring, running some drills with his best friend and Militia tag team partner Derek Levy. They are working through some holds and learning new reversals. It's a hot summer day of about 98 degrees in southeast Arkansas. The two men take a break to take a few swigs of their respective gallons of water to prevent dehydration. They both sit on the apron of the ring.

    Derek Levy: Dude... It's hot.

    Aaron Kendrick: Don't act like you don't deal with this heat in Florida. Damn swamp monkey.

    Levy: I definitely don't deal with people like your country bumpkin ass in Florida. I'm from Celebration, Florida. There, all people do is celebrate living the high life. We have gimmicks called "air conditioners" inside what are known as "penthouses." We don't get hot.

    Kendrick: That's not what it sounds like by listening to that attitude of yours.

    The two share a laugh as they continue drinking their water. Kendrick's dad walks outside to join the conversation.

    Aaron's Dad: Where you boys headed off to tonight?

    Kendrick: We gotta catch our flight out of Little Rock tonight at 7 and then we'll be in Los Angeles for the show tomorrow night. Then we catch a red eye to Brooklyn right after the show and then we're going to London the next day. Soooo yeah, it's a crazy schedule. I don't know how long I can keep up with all this.

    Aaron's Dad: Well son, I'm proud of you. I'm proud of both you boys. Derek, you've been good to my son so you're good with me too. You boys chased your dreams and did what you always wanted to do growing up. I didn't do that and so it makes me happy to see you two doing it. And son, even if you never wrestle another match again, you already lived your dream. You can be proud of that.

    Kendrick: Awe Dad, come give us a big sweaty hug!

    Aaron and Derek jump off the apron and chase down Aaron's Dad for a big sweaty hug. The three of them share a laugh...

    Present Day... 4:37 PM

    Kendrick pulls into the parking garage of the Xcel Energy Center. He pops the trunk and grabs his rolling suitcase. He sets it on the ground beside him and then buttons the middle button of his black jacket and then fixes the collar of his periwinkle shirt. He takes a subconscious survey of the surrounding area of the garage as he takes off his sunglasses and places them inside the pocket of his jacket. He begins rolling his luggage inside of the arena and into the dressing room, which is vacant for the time being.

    Kendrick strolls over to a locker and finds a seat. He unbuttons his jacket and removes it. He lays his suitcase on the floor in front of him and unzips it to remove his gear. He pulls out a pair of black tights with shiny golden logos. He places them beside himself and then looks at them for a second. He leans back, crosses his legs, and begins thinking about some things.

    This is crazy. Two weeks ago I was sitting at home playing Star Wars Battlefront with Daniel and now I'm in St. Paul Minnesota getting ready for my second match back in the business. I've already had my drinks bought for me in three bars because the guys recognized me. I've already had four girls give me their numbers and ask to hang out. Should I have hung out with them? Nah, I think I made the right decision. I need to focus on me for a while longer. I'm doing good for now. I'm really glad I'm doing this again. This is good. I'm really curious about this El Jefe guy though...

    6:19 PM

    Kendrick is now secluded from everyone else. He is in his ring gear inside of an empty locker room in the arena. He is sitting in the floor with his legs spread out stretching. His phone is on the floor beside him playing "Disposable Heroes" by Metallica.

    "Soldier boy, made of clay, now an empty shell,"

    I can do this. I can be the best.

    "Twenty one, only son, body serves us well,"

    I am the best. I'm doing this.

    "Bred to kill, not to care, do just as we say,"

    Fuck the haters. Fuck the negativity.

    "Finished here, breeding death, yours to take away!"

    Fuck St. Paul, I can't stand these people.

    Kendrick gets up and grabs his phone as the frustration of being in a place he doesn't like while surrounded by people he doesn't like begins getting under his skin. He realizes that he's back in this business for his own benefit and recognition. The frustrations of his personal life have taken over his mental stability. Now all he has is money and fame. He wants it back. He doesn't care about anyone but himself. He needs to win once again tonight. He needs success to keep going. He's not here to make friends. He's here to make a living. He sees this now...

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Fight Night
    October 20th, 2017

    Penny is in a dressing room with her cat Fred, and the two of them are watching an old horror classic, Frankenstein. Penny sits indian style on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in her lap while Fred sits next to her. She shovels some popcorn in her mouth and chows down on it before turning to Fred.

    You know Fred, I've been thinking...

    Oh yeah, what about?

    Well, I have been thinking about how upset Jason was about losing his title and how sad it has made him. I just don't know what I should I do about him? I mean I'm sad he lost but why does he think he's still the champion? Even I know he's not and I'm exactly the brightest person around

    You're very bright Penny, don't say that kind of nonsense. As for Jason, well he's just in a tough situation right now, but I'm sure that he'll get through it though.

    I hope you're right Fred, do you think he was mad at me that I forgot to be with him for his match last week?

    I don't think he was mad at you. He's just a bit out of sorts right now, that's all. Nothing for you to worry about right now, let him handle that because you have a big match of your own coming up.

    I suppose you're right, and I do have a big match coming up, as a matter of fact that's what I've also been thinking about. You know Zako Wrath and Deception? I think they are both a little like the monster in Frankenstein.

    How so?

    Well, for one the monster is big and tall, like Zako. He's mean as well, but I don't think he means to be. The monster was created by Dr. Frankenstein while Zako was created by Miss De La Muerta and she's using him for evil purposes. When in reality I don't think Zako is all that bad, even if he really try to hurt me bad last week and nearly would have done so had it not been for Deception.

    How is Deception like the monster?

    I guess like Zako as well, he tries to be good but no one really trusts him. I know that I sure don't. I mean, he probably means well I guess, but I don't believe him really. Zako probably wants to be good too but Miss De La Muerta forces him to be mean and do bad things and hurt other people. I'm sure he has a good heart but he doesn't get to show it. The monster in Frankenstein is like that. He wants to be nice and be people's friends, but people see him as a monster and are scared of him.

    Zako doesn't scare me though and Deception doesn't either, but again I just can't trust him.

    He did try to save you from Zako last week

    Really? I thought it was Jason wearing a Deception mask. At least that's what he told me when I asked him.

    Oh, well he sure fooled me because I thought that was Deception.

    No, it was Jason wearing his mask. Deception doesn't really care about me. He's just jealous of Jason and will do anything to make him look bad. It's bad enough that Jason lost his title but now Deception still won't leave him alone. I'll have to really teach him a lesson.

    She munches on more popcorn when a scare happens on the TV, causing her to jump and spill some popcorn all over. She looks at the popcorn mess and just shrugs and continues to munch on some more. The movie continues and then after it ends she turns to Fred.

    Poor monster, he just wanted to be loved. Maybe one day Zako will escape Miss De La Muerta's clutches and he'll find happiness. I'll try to help him and knock some sense into him. Maybe that'll teach him that he's better than what he's forced to do. As for Deception, well maybe after I'm done with him he'll finally leave me and Jason alone for good and mind his own business.

    She continues to eat more popcorn and chats with Fred the whole time as the scene comes to a close.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Most people nowadays are wearing long-sleeve shirts, maybe even sweaters and jackets. Up north, the weather turns a bit cooler around mid-October. Temperatures drop to the 60s and 50s. The breeze off the lakes and oceans gets a little stronger, a little more like a blunt butter knife attacking one's exposed face. It won't cut you, but it will be uncomfortable.

    This is the nature of the world. Seasons change. Weather changes. Moods change. Most people prefer the heat to the snow. Most prefer fire to ice. Birds certainly do. That's why they migrate south for winter. Fish do, too. Big 300-pound sailfish and marlin stock up around Florida and near the equator during the November-through-February timetable.

    But, walking through the St. Paul streets on this mid-October night, Shannon O'Neal is wearing nothing but a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. She looks slightly out of place. It's Wednesday. The weather is dropping into the low 50s. It was 63 degrees Sunday. It'll rain tomorrow and be in the 40s for Friday's Fight Night.

    Shannon still plans for a T-shirt. She's one of those people who prefers the cold weather, who loves it. She likes ice more than fire. And she stays up north for winter.

    Yet, she still feels colder than usual. Because the world has been colder to her.

    The reigning FWA World Champion has not spoken a single word, to anyone, since Fight Night. Not one thing. To friends, which there are very few of and most of them are fake. To professional colleagues, from marketing professionals to publicists to public relations people to FWA writers and agents and corporate big-wigs. Shannon hasn't said a word to Bell Connelly, either, and Bell will be in her corner on Fight Night. Or so Shannon is led to believe. We'll see.

    Shannon and Bell haven't spoken since Fight Night about what Shannon said. What she revealed. And Shannon has read a lot of stuff about how this means their friendship is a fraud. That's not true. Shannon never once "pretended" to be Bell's friend. Yes, their friendship was built on a foundation of character portrayals that are blatant lies. But Shannon actually likes Bell. Shannon likes how different Bell is from not only her but everyone else as well. Shannon has enjoyed hanging out with Bell. That was all real. And yes, the friendship has seen better days. Yes, Bell can be a bit ... much ... at times. Yes, Shannon senses Bell's frustrations are seeping out and beginning to take the form of resentfulness toward Shannon being World Champion.

    None of that changes the fact that Shannon was a fraud, but not to Bell. Not to their friendship. So, yes, Shannon would prefer Bell by her side on Fight Night. She's smart enough to know life will be easier with her there.

    When Shannon walked backstage after her lengthy monologue and "character reveal" — as the internet smarks are calling it — an FWA writer walked by and said, "Everything will change now. This was your choice to go this route. Before, people could only guess you were being fake. Now they have real firepower. Now they can say for sure that you have been a fraud."

    It was a man who said it. Shannon didn't respond (again, no words since). She simply nodded and kept walking.

    If there's one thing Shannon dislikes more than her childhood and the people who affected her, it's people thinking she does not understand the consequences of her actions. When she stole her parents' car, stole their money, robbed a grocery store, stole from a teacher. She knew the consequences. She thought the risk was greater than the reward, but she did it anyway. Because she enjoyed the thrill.

    Now? She understands the consequences of her "reveal." She knows the world is turning colder to her. She knows people will look at her differently, with ice in their eyes now. She knows people will come at her with more than what Cyrus Truth had. She knows when you pull back the skin and reveal your guts, people will find something. Up until now, Shannon was a somewhat mysterious figure. She gave off the blue-collar, for-the-fans hero perception with a heartbreaking past. There wasn't much to attack. Now?

    She can already hear Christopher Manson. "Scammer."

    Yep. She is. That word sounds cold, doesn't it? "Scammer." "Con artist." "Fraud." It just gives you chills hearing them.

    Shannon embraces it.

    And she knows the consequences of going into a match against one-half of the tag team champions without Bell by her side. She knows BUCK will be in Manson's corner. She knows it's essentially a 2-on-1 match if Bell isn't there, isn't committed. And she knows that the Sin City Vultures are the FWA Tag Team Champions for a reason, even if they are mildly tame when separated into one-on-one matchups. Shannon knows these things. She also knows Bell will be in a Mile High Massacre match that night, and she still has hopes of winning Shannon's World Championship at Mile High. So it's complicated right now for them.

    Shannon doesn't have a retort lined up for the "scammer" comment. That's what she is. But there's more power in admitting it than running from it. Shannon knows Christopher Manson will talk about birds and bringing fire and all sorts of other weird metaphors. And Shannon knows the Vultures just beat the Phillip A. Jackson Project, which isn't much to brag about but it's certainly something. She knows they dispelled The Olympians and even defeated The Heartbreak Express, which in Shannon's opinion is something to brag about.

    But she also knows Christopher Manson and BUCK are drooling at the opportunity to face the FWA World Champion, and more so with awareness of her increased exposure since her revelations last Fight Night. She knows they see this as potential to "make a statement," as people in the industry say. She knows they want nothing more from this last Fight Night before Mile High than to be the ones who beat the Queen of the FWA, to put that sort of black mark on her résumé as champ.

    She knows Christopher is the quicker, more agile, more technical-savvy of the pair. She knows BUCK would stand zero chance in a one-on-one match with Shannon. She knows Manson holds the higher chance of a win. She knows the Vultures know this. She knows they know that nearly everything that could be in their favor … is in their favor. That the stars are aligned for them — Manson as an individual and the Vultures as a pair — to win.

    She knows that excitement and eagerness will lead to their downfall. Shannon knows this because, with or without Bell, she knows she is flat-out better than Christopher Manson one on one. Bell being there and being invested in Shannon's win would certainly make life easier, but it's not a necessity.

    "Not a necessity."

    Shannon speaks her first words since Fight Night. It's so cold in Minnesota that the air from her mouth is visible. Like a puff of smoke coming from her lungs. Shannon has broken her personal silence, to no one. But Shannon is not a person of principles, as she has shown and even stated. So she's willing to do this with no one around and then resume her silent treatment on Fight Night. She has no reason for it except to add a layer of unreachable-ness to herself, to combat the exposure from last Fight Night.

    Everyone is watching. Everyone is waiting for Shannon to slip up. Her Mile High opponents are watching. Bell is watching, even from Shannon's corner. Jason Randall and Starr are watching. Cyrus Truth is watching. Chris Kennedy and Michael Garcia and Ryan Rondo and Phillip A. Jackson. They're all watching. Those names have decades of experience combined in the FWA. They know it's more than a physical challenge at this point. It's mental. It's about exposure, about mystique, about allure. Are you protected, or are you exposed? Did you say too little, or too much? Did what you say pull back the curtains a little too far? Did taking your mask off also remove your armor?

    And if you did these things — if you left yourself exposed — what is the step to fix it? Can it be fixed?

    It most certainly can.

    Shannon is always playing The Game.

    "What is a necessity is that I ..."

    Shannon mumbles the ending but we can guess what she said. saying it out loud reinforces its truthfulness. And that's all Shannon gives. All she needs to say. The reasons are clear. Mile High is next. Everyone will be watching. Her con was necessary, but it left her vulnerable. She is thinking about the next move. She has ideas.

    It sounds cold because it is cold. Shannon O'Neal prefers the cold.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Last week…
    Starr and Izzy brought their unique fire against Wolf and Hanz, blow for blow, hold for hold, move for move the two teams. Ultimately, Izzy falls to Hanz in the center of the ring after he hits his finisher on her. Starr manages to slowly crawl back in to check on Izzy, who herself has slowly come to and is staring up the ramp at WOLF and Hanz with a look of disappointment and anger towards Hanz. Starr helps Izzy out of the ring and carries her to the back.

    Starr: Iz, are you okay? I swear if that German freak hurt you I’m going to kick his ass back across the pond. No amount of money that he has is going to fix the damage I do to his face. I’ll make him wish he never crossed our paths- -Izzy interrupts him.-

    Izzy: Ian… it’s okay… I’m fine. A little shaken, a little bruised, but that’s nothing new for me. You know that. -Izzy holds the back of her head but manages to wink at Starr.-

    Izzy: Ian I’ve been in pit after pit and not a single stray punch stopped me from keeping my party going. It’s my first loss in FWA, I’m bound to have more. It’s okay. I’m only mad that my first loss was to Hanz Gruber. Ughhhh… that creep.

    Starr: Well let’s go get you checked out by the doc. That knot on the back of your head needs some ice.

    Izzy: Just get me a cold PBR and put it there. That stops the swelling and I get drunk too. Win/win situation.

    Starr laughs it off and takes Izzy to the trainer’s room. Izzy does get her eventual PBR when the two go out for drinks later that night. The two retreat to a hotel room. The next day is a training session with the two. Starr goes toe to toe with Izzy in preparation for her next fight. After the training session, Izzy lays with Starr in the middle of the wrestling ring looking up at the ceiling.

    Izzy: You get that new card announcement email? The card is stacked next week.I’ve got Tommy Thunder.

    Starr: -slightly caught off guard- I’ve got Jason Randall… oh he’s gonna be in a mood.

    Starr: -with much excitement in his voice. He’s almost surprised.- W-woah the main event?!?! Mile High Massacre qualifier too!! H-Holy shit this is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for!

    Izzy: Make the most of it bro! You’ve earned this for all the stellar matches you’ve put on lately!

    Starr: Oh you know I will. Ever since I fought Bell, I’ve felt like I’ve had the feeling like I’ve got a lot more fans on my side. I guess I better start training for someone as different as him.

    Izzy: You got that right.

    Starr: And I guess I’ll show you how to beat Tommy Thunder.

    The two laugh at Starr’s joke. They each try to get up to a seating position but they’ve been training so hard that neither of them can get up. The two look at each other on the ground and smile and laugh at each other.

    Starr: Okay maybe that’s enough training for today… -He looks at the time on his phone. It’s 3 o’clock. He looks over to Izzy who’s slowly getting to all fours. She breathes heavy as she smiles cutely at him.- So… uh lunch sound good to you?

    Izzy: Oh yes please… I think I’m done training for today… Pizza sound good to you?

    Starr: Yeah… -Starr uses the ropes to help him to his feet and he walks over to Izzy and helps her up too.- Come on, Iz.

    He holds the rope down for Izzy and smacks her ass as she gets out of the ring. He and Izzy smirk it off as they exit the building.

    The next week…
    Starr is standing in the FWA ring that’s been set up for the event the following night. He looks around at all the seats in the arena. A camera follows him as he paces around and gets a feel for the ropes. It’s a really emotional shot as you can tell this match means a lot to Starr. Fade to black and a shot of Starr standing with his back turned to a mounted camera in front of an FWA backdrop. Starr calmly turns around and addresses the camera.

    Starr: In defeat… we learn. A statement that rings true for all of us pro wrestlers. We go out we fight, we scratch, we claw all to put our name in record books. With every win or loss we etch our name in history. This is the thing people don’t seem to understand. You can have the grandest victory and the most agonizing defeat and you fans… you FWA faithful remember us either way…

    Starr smirks and presses his hands together.

    Starr: FWA fans… it’s me “Mr. One in A Million”... my name is Starr. I’m here in FWA because this company has made me… well… a star. This is the company I have become broken, bloody, and battered for… and I do it for all of you. People, let me tell you, I’m feeling pretty good. Yeah I know last time you saw me I took an L from Gruber and Wolf, but you see this week it gets sooo much better! How you ask? Well… This week on FWA TV it’s actually my first time in the main event! But better than that, this week I am competing for the chance to be in my first Mile High Massacre… but to get to Mile High… I have to beat “The Wildcard”, “The Mad King of the X Division”, Jason Randall…

    Starr grimaces and comedically scratches his head.

    Starr: Randall… Poor... Jason… Randall… oh how the mighty fall when they realize has surpassed them. You know a lot of things can be said about, Jason Randall… he’s crafty, he’s a former champion… he’s a psychopath… a lunatic… a man who’s a few fries short of a happy meal… but hey… I’m saying nothing new. I mean we all go a little mad sometimes right? It’s the spirit of season after all. The season of the witch…

    Starr: You know this actually isn’t the first time me and Randy stepped in the ring together… -A graphic of the Ultimate X match from the February 24th edition of Fight Night slowly fades in. The slideshow following show Starr and Jason Randall standing in the ring and squaring off against each other. This fades back to the previous scene.- was… just after my debut at Trial By Fire when there was a sudden… *ahem* “vacancy” for the X Championship… that was when I first met Jason Randall the Ultimate X… he was the first person I set my eyes on and the first person I attacked…

    Starr: Now it goes without saying that it’s definitely been some time since that match. I mean just look at me! I look completely different. He’s won… and now lost the X Championship… I became the man that goes out in that FWA ring and I have match of the night after match of the night. Since I ReStarrted myself, I have pushed myself harder than I ever have before. I’ve found acceptance from the FWA audience and I prove every single time I’m out there that I’m not just a member of the ever expanding FWA roster, I am a key player on this roster.

    Starr: I said it once and I’ll say it again. I train every single day to be given the opportunity to just prove how good I am. I chose FWA because that’s where competition is bred. You see competition is what I thrive on. I wanted to be with the best of the best in wrestling today and I want to BE the best of the best in wrestling today… each time I’m in that ring I stake my claim to that title. You see other people can say that I’m not at that level yet. But you see anything is possible when you set your mind to it.

    Starr: Randall… I have been against every walk of life and the result has been the same. I come out on top. When you step into the ring with me… this time you’re up against a man who’s going to give you everything he’s got and then some. 110%. Because the person that put his boot to your face before is not the same person that you get to share a ring with this time. You better get ready for the absolutely most awe inspiring, jaw droppingly gorgeous night of your life! I’m coming to Fight Night to kick every single A-Double crooked letter in sight! Because when I fly through the air, when I strike, when I throw you across the ring, you’ll know that I am stronger, I am faster, I am limitless… I am the Division Demolisher… and when I kick your ass all around St. Paul, Minnesota you’ll know that I am going onto my first Mile High PPV. Because I just left you, the audience, and every single person in FWA locker room and across the wrestling world absolutely…

    Starr: Staaaarrrrrr… Struuuccckkkk… Free your soul, free your mind, free yourself…

    Starr throws up a peace sign, then makes a heart, and then a circle with his hands, mimicking his tweet signature. He bows and walks out of frame. To end the promo is Starr's other signature.


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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    ...izza Ride Along

    A 2000 Ford Mustang GT sits in front of the Days Inn in St. Paul, Minnesota. The car is barely capable of accommodating the three hundred pound man inside. He has a mean mug on his face, staring through shades at a second floor door.

    He kisses his teeth and presses against the middle of the steering wheel *BEE-BEEEEP*

    “First night on the goddamn show, and he’s gonna make a brother late,” he mumbles to himself. He leans forward to get another look at the door.


    “We gon’ get fired on our debut. Shiiiit. If he takes one more damn second he’s gonna walk the rest of the way.”

    The door finally opens.

    “Finally.” He rolls the window down. “Man, Dee-Dee, hurry the hell up.”

    Dee-Dee, Dale Dawson, or Ymir, lowers his own glasses and intentionally stares for a couple of beats. He’s in a fine pricey suit. West wears a hoodie and some sweatpants. *BEEEEEEEEP* It doesn’t get Dale walking any faster. He swaggers towards the stairs on the cat walk.

    “Man, fuck this.”

    He sets the car on reverse and that finally gets Dale’s eyes wide behind his glasses and sprinting down the steps. He catches West right as he’s about to turn the curve. He tries to open the door but it’s locked.

    “C’mon man!”

    West stares him down for a second then reaches across the passenger seat to unlock the door. Dee-Dee finally gets in (and at his height, it’s not without a struggle).

    “You were really going to make me walk all the way there in this…” he gestures to his suit, fishing for recognition.

    “It’s twelve degrees. You weren’t gonna sweat… much.”

    He starts driving off. “Told you we get out of there by six-”

    “Takes time to loo-”

    “I ain’t about that CPT shit. Six is six, dawg. I get here, I expect you to be outside and ready. Otherwise, you can spend your next damn paycheck on a car.”

    Dale looks around the worn out car and chuckles. “Is that what you’re gonna do?”

    “Hell naw. I’m sendin’ my money to my mama’. First paycheck in a new job. Tradition,” West says.

    There’s a bit of a momentary silence. It’s clear enough the pair of them prefer keeping to themselves more than anything.

    “You see the guys we’re facing?” West chimes after a moment. “One of them is seven foot two, weighs more than me.”

    “I thought the only big guys were Mike, Mac and Zako.”

    “Naw man. Don’t know where they’ve been hidin’. Couple of psychopaths though,” West says while shaking his head, no doubt recalling the bloody and brutal videos that came up on a YouTube search.

    “How big’s the other guy?”

    “Cruiser. Not six foot. Not even over two hundred pounds.”

    “Then we don’t have anything to worry about. Moment he tags in, it’s game over. And even then, we knew we’d be facing a guy like Mike in the tournament, so what’s another big man gonna’ do?”

    “Naw, naw, you don’t understand. You got your phone on you?”

    Dee-Dee pulls out his phone excitedly. “IPhone eight plus! Second thing I bought after this suit.”

    West only takes a glance at it and shakes his head in disgust. “Finally got rid of the five-cee? I told you you need to hop off apple. But shiiiiit, if everybody’s got it, you always gotta follow the bandwagon don’t you.” He kisses his teeth again. “You got data?”

    “Of course!”

    “YouTube ‘graves mexico’. First video, probably.”

    Some typing. Some scrolling.

    “HOLY SHIT!”

    “You seen it?!” West half-turns to him, unsurprised at the reaction.

    “Oh, no man. Sorry, got distracted. You know daquan, insta? Look at this-” he leans the phone over but West shoves it right back.

    “Look up the damn video!”

    “Alright, relax. Gonna break my phone. I KNOW you know this is expensive.”

    “Maybe it’ll teach you not to get a damn iphone,” West mumbles more to himself than anything.

    Dee-Dee ignores him. More scrolling. More typing. Then the video starts playing and rapid-firing spanish roars above “Graves y el vampiro están en la cornisa. ¡Oh no! ¡Lanza de Graves! ¡No! ¡No! ¡Oh no! Deben estar muertos. Eso es diez pies de altura, damas y caballeros. Eso es un contenedor de basura, ya duro, lleno de chinchetas; lleno de vidrio; deben ser despedazados. Oh no. De hecho están acercando la cámara al contenedor. No quiero ver esto.” Beyond the voice there’s the sound of high-pitched yells, then glass shattering and a pair of pained yelling voices. Dee-Dee cringes and looks away.

    “Jesus Chri-.”

    “Shit is fucked up,” West half-nods, half-shakes his head in reply.

    “That’s why they couldn’t ever get me to go to Mexico. Or Japan. They take hardcore shit, dial it up to infinity.”

    “Now, you gotta’ wonder what the hell the big man Sinn’s been through. Hell, I heard before they even got to the FWA they broke out of a damn asylum,” West says. He starts turning the steering wheel with the Xcel Energy Center in sight.

    “Right, fine. I get it, they’re not ordinary guys. But man, this is just a regular tag team match and he’s not gonna have a dumpster full of glasses and thumbtacks and a ten foot ledge to push us off,” Dee-Dee says, trying to rationalize it for himself.

    “Hey, man. Even I’m not flying if there’s a ten foot drop into hell. I ain’t putting my mama’ through that.” West starts scanning for a parking spot-

    “There,” Dee-Dee says, pointing.

    “That your contribution for the ride?”

    “I’d pay for gas, but, well, you’ve seen my suit,” Dee-Dee reminds him.

    "Hmph. All I'm sayin' is. They got casket matches here, they got inferno matches here, they got crazy shit goin' on. You seen nGw? Thank God they didn't put me on that show. Would've taken the damn SPJ offer instead!"

    “You're making a big deal out of nothing. Counting you eggs before they're hatching. Genocide: Graves and Sinn? They’ve been off TV for like two months. They’ve fought men in taco suits. Maybe they’re not all that. I mean, if they were, they’d be fighting for the tag titles wouldn’t they? Division is thin as it is, that’s why they’re having this whole tournament. So why aren't they competing for the tag titles instead of facing the new guys. We’re Thin Man and Little Boy - Ymir and Surtur-”

    Both men cringe at the ill-sounding names they’ve been given.

    “M.O.A.B. and F.O.A.B. Man! Don’t make me need to psyche you up. We busted our ass to get here, it wasn’t through stunts either.”

    Christian West finishes parking and turns off the car.

    “You know what, dawg, you’re right. Fact is, that boy Graves is gonna need to pray to whatever devil’s inside of him to survive us. And the big man, well, we’re redefining that. Couple dozen pounds. A couple of inches more. That ain’t gonna make him more dangerous. Bigger target for us to crash down. Mama West is gonna be watching Fight Night for her baby boy’s big debut, and ain’t no couple of stunt man gonna sour that!”

    “That’s what I’m talking about!”

    Both men, spurred on by their excitement, step out of the car. The car noticeably raises a couple of inches with those six hundred pounds out. West, pumped as he is, slams his door shut. A couple of windows instantly shatter.

    “Aww, no!” forgetting himself for a moment, the big man starts weeping.

    Dee-Dee is looking around, worried about how this might look. Once he realizes it’s all clear. “Man, I should’ve been filming that, could’ve got it on daquan’s.” He starts thinking about if he can get that security tape.

    “My baby…” West continues weeping.

    “So… uhh… guess we’ll have to take the bus back? Bit chilly for a windowless, ride. I know they’re calling me Ymir and shit, but I’m more of a heat guy. Nothing like a nice warm fire. Sucks we’re actually on the road when winter’s right about to hit. Maybe we’ll get to go on tour somewhere hot.” He’s just about talking to himself now, with West glaring. Both stop to turn when they notice boots across the parking lot and turn to notice a certain champeen in a shirt, indifferent to the cold weather. “Well, now I kind of feel like a bitch for complaining.”

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread


    The cheers are loud yet muffled in the backstage area of the Air Canada Center. Romeo Rollings, dressed in a red suit, paces back and forth anxiously waiting his new clients arrival. As Galloway makes his way through the curtain, Romeo gives him the biggest hug as the road agents and several wrestlers standing by applaud Galloway for his victory.

    Romeo Rollings: See?! SEE!! What did I tell you?! What. Did. I. Tell. You!! You listen to me, you work with me, and you’ll head straight to the stop. This is a start, Tristan.

    Romeo taps the X title that rest over Tristan’s shoulder. The smile on Galloway’s face is big, bigger than he has ever smiled before. The euphoria he feels is something he has never felt before. He was never on a winning sports team or ever competed in a combat sport until now. Tristan shakes Romeo’s hand with a huge smile.

    Tristan James Galloway: Thank you.. for believing in me.

    Romeo nods, he realizes these words rarely come from a man like Tristan, who keeps his guard up at all times. Rollings realizes the gravity of the words that were spoken to him and he appreciates it.

    Romeo Rollings: Thank you for trusting in me.

    Ashley O’Ryan appears amongst the crowd, smiling ear to ear as well. He extends his hand to the newly crowned X champion, who accepts the gesture.

    Ashley O’Ryan: Congratulations, champ. You’ve earned it.

    Tristan James Galloway: Thank you, sir.

    Ashley O’Ryan: I’m going to make this announcement later, but I figured I would let you know this first.

    Romeo gets a look of concern as his client gazes at the GM inquisitively.

    Ashley O’Ryan: The gauntlet will continue. You will defend against Hanz Gruber in a chairs match. Good luck.

    Romeo Rollings: What? Already?!

    Romeo looks to Tristan with an unhappy expression. There’s a hint of fear in the silver tongued agent’s eyes, but it quickly changes to confidence.

    Romeo Rollings: You know what? It doesn’t matter! The gravy train isn’t going to stop here. You’re a monster. A killer. It doesn’t matter who it is they throw against you. We’ll knock ‘em down. Let’s go develop a strategy on this guy.


    Tristan is sitting in a hipster coffee house in New York City. The fedora sits on the table beside him with his hair placed in a bun as he slowly sips coffee. His eyes periodically settle on the entrance of the cafe. He seems to be waiting for someone. A few moments pass before the person he’s waiting for arrives. This person is Suzy Lee, who scans the cafe for Tristan. When her eyes settle on him she smiles at him and waves. Tristan grins, nodding a greeting. Suzy approaches the table. Galloway gets up and pulls her chair out for her.

    Suzy Lee: Oh, thank you.

    Tristan James Galloway: No problem.

    The two settle down in their chairs, gazing at one another. The waitress comes by and takes Suzy’s order before disappearing again.

    Suzy Lee: I’m surprised you asked me here. You seemed… very allusive on the phone.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah… color me surprised, too. I usually don’t do this sort of thing, but I figured I needed a change of pace. I don’t keep a lot of company.

    Suzy Lee: No kidding? I would have never guessed.

    Suzzy winks and nudges Tristan’s arm. All he does is smile in a shy manner.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah.. I’ve been a loner most of my life.

    Suzy Lee: Why?

    Tristan James Galloway: Just how my life went. I bounced around from city to city, different foster homes.. I never could get comfortable enough to keep any.
    Suzy Lee: That sucks.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah, but what can you do… how’s Lolo?

    Suzy Lee: She’s great. Adjusting. Seeing a counselor. I’m doing the best I can to get her the help she needs.

    Tristan James Galloway: That’s great. She’s lucky to have you.. really. I would have killed to have someone like you when I was at that age.

    Suzy Lee: Yeah.. she’s like a little sister to me. I just want her to have a good life. After everything she’s been through.. it’s really good.. but lets’ not make this such a tragedy gathering, huh? What have you been up lately?

    Tristan James Galloway: Well… I become X champion in the FWA.

    Suzy Lee: Oh, wow! That’s really cool. Congratulations.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah, it’s really cool. My first one.

    Suzy Lee: You kidding? I find that hard to believe. You being a sky scrapper and all.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yes, being tall has its advantages I guess. I dunno. I don’t wanna get too excited about it. It could be gone as quick as it came. I’m just enjoying the moment for now.

    Suzy Lee: Again, that sounds dramatic don’t you think?

    Tristan James Galloway: I would like to say practical. What about you?

    Suzy spins her cup around after the waitress drops it off at her table. She laughs uncomfortably.

    Suzy Lee: Well.. I, uh, I started a band?

    Tristan shares a look of surprise yet intrigue.

    Tristan James Galloway: That’s cool. Got a name?

    Suzy Lee: Nah, not yet. It’s kinda spur of the moment with me and a couple of girl friends. It started as a joke really. I said I would play bass and low and behold, I’m in a band playing bass. I guess you could call it that. I’m still learning.

    Tristan James Galloway: Hey, why not? Sounds like fun. I’ll take that instead of being punched in the face.

    Suzy Lee: You sure? It’s pretty nerve racking.

    The two share a laugh. The conversation continues….


    The scene opens on a close up of the X Division championship. A few seconds pass before the camera pulls back to reveal Tristan James Galloway holding the X championship in his hands proudly. The trademark brown tattered fedora along with the black vest without a short is being worn by the newly crowned X champion. The 6’7 Polynesian Powerhouse caresses the title before acknowledging the camera with a quick glance before his eyes revert back to the championship title in his hands.

    Finally, after twelve months of being a member of the FWA, after all the sacrifice and heartbreak and wars… I lay claim to my first championship. I waged war with an individual who is truly psychotic in every way, and I emerged victorious.

    The smile grows a bit wider. Tristan slings the X Division championship over his shoulder, patting the center of the title in appreciation.

    The dream became a reality… and I couldn’t be more proud. However, I have no time for nostalgia. Just because a battle is over does not mean it is a time for peace. Another war will commence very soon. By becoming the X Division champion, I am thrust into the X gauntlet. A gauntlet that will go until Mile High, and at this event there will be Clockworth Orange match where the X champion will defend the title inside a caged littered with weapons against four would be challengers. And before I can even consider the grueling task of defending the championship at Mile High, I must first successfully defend this championship at Fight Night against Hanz Gruber.

    The camera pulls back even further to reveal Tristan James Galloway is standing the middle of a decrepit shack. A large fire burns in the fireplace of this shack. We hear the faint sounds of a rocking chair swaying creaking back and forth. Galloway with the title over his shoulder approaches the rocking chair and sits down. The room itself is illuminated by several candles burning around the shack along with the fire. Galloway places the championship in his lap as he stares into the flames burning beside him.

    Upon becoming the X Champion and seeking council from my agent Romeo Rollings, I have realized that the man who possess the title does not get rest even if he seeks it. He doesn’t have time to catch his breath. If he is lucky, with every challenge he faces he will emerge the victory and continue the trend for many months to come. Let’s take KAIZEN for an example. KAIZEN won the X champion and held it for nine long months, taking on every single challenger who dared to stand against him. Before him, “The Golden One” Devin Golden was the champion for eight months. James Randall was on pace to tie either of these two men… until I came along. These three reigns were the longest in this division. Given the rules of this division, being there aren’t many rules to abide by, it means holding on to this championship is no small feat. To endure the rigorous challenges, one must posses an iron will, an unmatchable determination. Caution will be thrown to the wind and you must be able to dig down deep and do whatever is necessary to hold on to the championship you’ve fought so hard to claim. Everyone can be challengers, yet so few earn the distinguished honor of being identified as champion. I have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that I deserved to be a champion.

    Winning a championship is one thing, but it’s a different animal entirely to hold on to it for a long period of time like KAIZEN and the Golden One have done. Now, I test my metal. I look to prove my worth as a champion. I have proven that I deserve to be a wrestler. I have proven that I can be a solid and daunting contender… but do I have what it takes to be a defending champion?

    Tristan begins to ponder his question as he stares down at the championship resting in his lap. He pulls it against his stomach and holds on to it tightly, cradling it as if it were his own child

    Deep down within my heart the answer is a unquestionable yes. I know I have it within me to defend my title successfully against Hanz Gruber. Our match up possess a unique stipulation to it as well, it will be a chairs match. I have never been one to need weapons to secure victory, but they are at my disposal if I so choose.

    Hanz, you and I have never met one on one in the squared circle, nor in any other type of match, but I have watched you compete. I know of your background in mixed martial arts. I know you’ve had a distinguished run in other wrestling promotions, but I know here you have been on somewhat of a losing streak. You’ve lost back to back to Izzy. You’ve lost in the tag team match just last week. To me, in my eyes, I don’t know if that honestly qualifies you to be a contender to my X Division championship… but the decision was not mine to make. Whatever the reason maybe, Mr. Ashley O’Ryan allowed you this opportunity and I will not under estimate you. Because I have seen what pride has done to champions who have come before me. Willful ignorance that at any given moment the walls could come crumbling down around you.

    A loud thump against the door can be heard. Several loud thumps can be heard actually. The sounds occur from the walls and the windows as well. The camera pans over to take notice of these events. We are greeted by the haunting visuals of the undead pressed against the windows, growling and clawing at the windows trying to find an entrance into the shack.

    And as my first defense as X Champion, I can not- no, I will not take you lightly. I will not be tempted by the allure of the future, either. All that matters now is getting through you. Hanz.

    The banging grows louder. Galloway pays the clanging little mind. The door which is locked and has several boards around it begins to move. The nails keeping it in place gradually push out, but remain in tact.

    To survive. Because my entire life lead to the moment where I’ve captured this championship. I will not relinquish it so abruptly. Not if I had anything to say about it. A few months ago, I was lost. Directionless. I was no closer to gold than you were. However, I saw what needed to be done. I was sick of being at the bottom looking up at everyone else. I have been in that my position my whole life. I was tired of that view. So I did something about it. Now I’m a champion. You, on the other hand, have been in the same place you were when I made that change. Losing week in and week out. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. You’ve done the same routine, recited the same speech and it has not gotten you anywhere. Maybe this championship match will be the changing of the tide. The moment that will reverse your fortunes.

    It won’t.

    I will not slip down the rung on the ladder. My feet will remain firmly where they are. The hell I’ve been through just to get here is not worth failing on my first defense. It will be a disrespect to my sacrifice and the burdens I have bared. And to be honest, I hate losing. Any real competitor does. They hate that feeling and can’t bare to live with it. Losing, however, is the greatest learning tool one can have. The constant back and forth with losing and winning showed me what I needed to do in order to become a champion. I had to sacrifice time with loved ones- the few I had. I had to sacrifice proper rest in order to lift weights or train in the gym or in the ring; to travel around the world to hone my craft. It showed me I had to be better than my best. And better than my opponents best. I had to go where they wouldn’t fathom going in order to win. You will not fight harder than me, Hanz. You will not go the distance I will dare to go. I see it in your eyes. I see it in your performance in the ring. You don’t have what it takes. You don’t have the reserve. You may try your best to prove me wrong, but I will deny you at every turn. Because I need this. I desire this. Because I am not a flash in the pan- a one hit wonder.

    The nails move slowly further and further out. The windows begin to form cracks that begin to expand throughout the panel.

    Being a champion means I have a target on my back. I have to have eyes in the back of the my head. I have to constantly look over my shoulders. I must remain alert and vigilant. Those who oppose me will come in hordes to take away what I cherish.

    The thumping is deafening. One by one wood falls from the door.

    And in this fight, I mustn’t grow tired. Even when I do, I must shut it out and ignore it. Solider on because I can. The fighting is not over. It is never over. It’s only begun and it starts with Hanz Gruber. Who will be the victim instead of predator. I will out last you, Hanz. I will outlast you all. Come who may, but I shall not fall.

    The door comes crashing down and the glass breaks. Tristan James Galloway picks up an axe with a sick smile on his face.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    A black screen. A slight haze fills the screen. We hear Izzy Van Doren's voice fade in as typography follows what she says.

    “I have trained my entire life for this… “

    -Camera fades in as we see Izzy is sitting on the apron of a FWA ring in a green jacket covering a mesh shirt over a black studded bra, black skinny jeans, and a pair of black Vans. A pair of lights shine on her, one in the background, one just off camera lighting up her face. –

    “I’m Izzy Van Doren, and this is my story...” -cuts to different footage we see Izzy wrestling, seeing her interacting with fans, her social life, her family. We hear a crowd chanting “Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!”. A graphic saying FWA Documentary: Izzy Van Doren.-

    "My story is a simple one. My family life is a bit complicated, you could say." -Laughter erupts from her small frame. – "…My parents” -blurred out pictures of them are shown- “were both heavily Christian. They were raised with it, they raised my older sister with it, and tried to raise me with it. They were very judgmental about who I could hang out with and who I wanted to be. I was forced to go to a private high school and a fucking uniform. I mean really… Do I look like a girl that wanted to wear a uniform? I was a socially awkward kid, really introverted. Relating to no one. Only one person ever got through to me... my first girlfriend... Rylie… I realized thanks to her that… I may be different, but I’ll be accepted by her. She made me realize something that I didn’t know about myself. She made me feel… loved... I hated every second of being in that school building and I told them that, but they didn’t care. The same night I graduated high school... my parents excommunicated me... I haven't seen them since that night…”

    -We see footage of an entrance way, Izzy steps out as a song kicks on.-

    -We see clips from Izzy's entrance and interacting with the fans. Chatting, signing autographs, taking pictures.-

    "I love wrestling mainly for the same reasons I love my music. It's just as good of an outlet of expression as moshing is. I love the energy the crowd gives you, the emotion you feel as you hear your music. It's almost euphoric... maybe even orgasmic." -her small, yet loud bubbly laugh fills the room again. –

    "I left the windy city and came to FWA for competition. I wanted to be like my idol Shannon O’Neal. I wanted to be a champion. My time in the sun will come soon. There’s absolutely no denying that. Because everyone around the world, every member of the FWA fanbase wants ‘Chicago’s Favorite Gal’ with gold around her waist. I wanted the best competition the wrestling world could offer and I am now getting exactly what I came for!”

    -We see Izzy hit the ¡Adios Amigos! on an opponent and she wins her match. She celebrates her victory. -

    “This week I face the so called “Division One Athlete” Tommy Thunder. And I gotta say this is one I’ve kinda been looking forward to. Tommy for all intents and purposes is great at what he does… losing. I’m kidding obviously, but I really do look forward to seeing just how our styles will interact with each other. The technical side of Thunder versus my fast paced hard hitting aggressive style.”

    “I don’t think I’m gonna come out on top. I know I will. I mean if I can bring a former FWA Champion and Hall of Famer like WOLF to his knees then what exactly else do you think I’m capable of? Because wherever my career trajectory takes me, I’ll be making a statement. That statement begins with Tommy Thunder. You see the Iz-fit Army will keep marching on. Even when I’m broken, bloody, and defeated they’ll carry on! Nothing will stop them. They’re going to lead me to whatever champion I choose to take on. It’s Whether that be Galloway, Parr, or even someone I look up to in Shannon. I will become champion…”

    “But my path to the gold that I want starts with you, Tommy boy. And I hope you bring your absolute best because I will be looking to make all the champions clutch their titles just a little bit tighter when I put you on the mat with the Adios Amigos! and I will prove to everyone that the little lady known as “Notorious IVD” is going to be a big player in FWA.”

    -She winks at the camera laughs at her joke again. Her smile slowly fades into a stern, calm look on her face. She’s thinking about something… music fades in.-

    -Footage of Izzy boarding a plane, memories of home flood her mind. The family she’s left, the friends she had to move on from. She picks herself up and looks into the camera. –

    “The real reason this is all so very important to me…This all started with a young girl sitting in her room watching FWA on her television screen with stars in her eyes because all she ever wanted was to be a part of it…and now her dreams, MY dreams… are right at my fingertips. Now, I AM a part of it, and now, I want to be THE BEST that this company has to offer…”

    -She walks down a busy hallway, her music getting louder and louder as she walks towards her destination. She walks out through the back of the curtain. The spotlight swallows her. We hear the crowd chant for her “Izzy, Izzy, Izzy” again. –

    “I’ve been Izzy Van Doren, and ladies and gentlemen, please remember to always mosh responsibly. -she gets up to leave but comes back in.- I’ll see ya out there in the FWA ring, Thunder.”

    Fade out


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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    ''Divide and conquer, still remains its status as an effective strategy, considering that FWA is trying to pull it off against us.''

    Christopher Manson walks into a messy room, murmuring something about his next scheduled match on Fight Night.

    ''Seems like a challenge, isn't it, Chris?''

    Manson turns his gaze into his tag team partner, who is currently sitting on a couch while trying to read a book.

    ''A challenge? For her, maybe.''

    Manson doesn't sound the most convincing person on the planet. BUCK notices his uncertainty but decides not to mention it.

    ''You'll be there too, partner. May I remind you that this is also about our team as well. Also about the world champ, and her partner's team. This is what I think about the most.''

    BUCK raises one eyebrow.

    ''I thought the champ and the butterfly were the best friends?''

    ''And you will not be exactly wrong. But you see, recently, quiet the bomb went off. I don't think Connelly will be the best second hand for our world champion.''

    ''So you're telling me that...?''

    ''Just do your best. I will handle the rest, you know I always do.''

    ''If you say so partner, then I have no doubts about it.''

    You weren't my partner to have doubts in the first place,
    thought Manson. But that had to be unsaid, for synergic reasons. Christopher leaves the room and opens another door. He turns on the shady light in the room, sits on a chair after reaching a high shelf and grabbing a quill pen and a journal. He opens his journal, looks at it for a few seconds before lighting a cigarette. The cigarette helps him relax as he starts writing something on the journal.

    I am man enough to admit defeat. I am man enough to admit being oversmarted. I am man enough to admit being played.

    But I am also man enough to not to end things in my head before it actually does. Yes, I admit it, I feel really dumbfounded. Recent developments about my next opponent took quite a hit on me. It wasn't something I expected. But before me and Lennie came to FWA, I knew it was a chaotic place. I talked about people changing. I talked about people betraying their beliefs. But can it be really a betrayal if that beliefs were never your own? It's an important question. I can admit that it tampers with my head. But I know I should be stronger than that. Was our recent victories getting into my head? I don't know, and quite frankly, it really can't be answered right now. We still have a long way to go. Our plan with FWA is to burn it down, and remake it again from the ashes. I can't burn FWA down if their world champion can get into my head that easily. Shannon O'Neal, she is a lot of things. But firstly, she is an obstacle. She's not the world championship. She does not represent an entire organisation. But damn, I can really get obsessed with things if I can't see them beforehand. I couldn't see her being a liar. A lie that went on for her entire career. A lie she carried on for four years. A lie that accompanied her when she beat Gabrielle. A lie that was beside her when she won the Carnal Contendership. A lie that was her comrade when she beat Cyrus Truth in Back in Business. Even in Vultures' standard, I can't help but say that this is something.

    Shannon O'Neal, she is a lot of things. Maybe in an another time and in another world, she could be a great Vulture.
    She is powerful, quick, definitely knows how things go round here. But unfortunately, she will be my opponent. Not to mention she is the current world champion, which on paper means she is the best that Fantasy Wrestling Alliance has to offer. Lennie is right, it's a challenge.

    I am man enough to admit that I can't be the greatest in the ring. But m
    ake no mistake, I don't intend to lose. I will do everything in my power to win. Wars are not won by the strong, or the brave. They are won by the smart. I still believe I am the smartest. A four year long heist won't change that. That was only a underestimation on my behalf. That's it, I just underestimated what Shannon can do. And now my mind feels like a mess. A mess that will create the biggest triumph in history of mankind.

    But still, she played everybody so well....

    And I like every single inch of it. To know that everything can still change. To know that I still haven't seen everything yet. It excites me. It makes me...somewhat arouses me.

    Because that shock was enough for me to open my eyes. FWA is not just about tag team division. Our enemies are not just the tag teams. Not only the Hearbreak Express, not only the Olympians, not only the Phillip A. Jackson Project. We beat them all, exposed them all, but our path has not even reached the halfway yet. Everybody, and I mean everybody will be shown what the Vultures are all about.

    This is my promise, to myself, to Lennie and to the entire world;

    Shannon O'Neal will fall, sooner or later. And I will to be the reason behind her fall from grace. It doesn't matter if it happens on Fight Night, or any other given night. I did everything I told I would do. She will be no different. I am a patient man, I can wait. But also, I am a driven man, so I don't want to wait.

    All I know is, that I can't let this mess with my head any longer. If I beat Shannon on Fight Night, this will be the end of her beginning. To think about it, it's just a preview of the Tag Team Tournament. But this will be no preview for me. This will be my first shot of the many, that will make everyone fall on their knees. Oh, I certainly make them all kneel. Afterall, I am supposed to be the chessmaster here, not Shannon. I am the fucking chessmaster here and I will fucking act like it.

    Manson stops writing and takes his last sip from his cigarette. He puts it out, then he hears a knock. He quickly hides his journal, then turns to the door.

    ''Come in.''

    BUCK opens the door, holding the book he was reading in his left hand.

    ''The book, I finished it.''

    Christopher takes the book from his partner's hand.

    ''Good. I suppose you learned a lot of things. Remember, everything we do will be useful in the tournament. No amount of training is too much. Understand?''


    ''Close the door on your way out.''

    BUCK nods and closes the door on his way out. Manson wipes the dust from cover of the book. The title of the book is revealed: Of Mice and Men

    Manson puts the book in the shelf, then turns the light off. Alongside the lights, the camera goes off as well.

    Worker bees can leave.
    Even drones can fly away.
    The Queen is their slave.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Chapter 1: The Beginning

    Present Day




    Ty Johnson's cellphone has been vibrating on his hotel nightstand for the last hour now. The glass of water sitting on top shakes with each buzz.





    The phone continues to vibrate. Other than the glass of water, the closest thing to the vibrating cell phone is Ty Johnson. He is laying out cold on the hotel bed. Half naked and completely oblivious to anything around him. The phone buzzes yet again. On the phone we see "Incoming Call: Dave Sullivan". Sullivan is Ty Johnson's manager and mentor, part of Ty's reward for winning FWA's first reality show.

    42 minutes pass before finally there is a knock on the door.

    "Sir this is hotel staff, are you there?" echos a voice from the hallway. The sound of a keycard is heard sliding in and out of the door, before the hotel manager opens it.

    Yet it is not the hotel manager who comes inside, but rather Dave Sullivan himself. Sullivan storms over to the bed wearing a fancy looking suit. He takes on look at Ty Johnson and scoffs in disgust. He grabs the glass of water off the nightstand, and splashes it in Johnson's face.

    Dave Sullivan: Wake the fuck up!

    Ty Johnson jolts awake, and instinctively pulls out the gun that he had stashed underneath his pillow, aiming it at Sullivan.

    Sullivan stumbles back so fast that he falls to the ground. Once Ty realizes who it is he puts the gun down.

    Dave Sullivan: What the hell?! Why do you have a gun? Were you going to shoot me?

    Ty Johnson: Sorry man, it's instinct. You can't go sneakin up on a dude like that.

    Dave Sullivan: Look at your damn phone. I've called you 57 times. We we're supposed to be at the airport 25 minutes ago. We'll talk about this whole gun thing later, but first we have to find out how we are getting to Minnesota.

    Paterson, NJ

    Momma Johnson: Blow out the candles, Tyrone!

    Ty takes a big breath and blows out all 15 candles on his homemade birthday cake. Everybody claps. The scene seems like a happy one, but the background really doesn't look like it.

    The house looks like it is falling apart, at least that is what the caseworker's notes have said over the past 18 years. A child protective services agent has been called to the Johnson house 12 times since Tyrone Johnson was born. The first time was when Tyrone was just two years old. Momma Johnson had been out cold on the couch at the time, probably drugged out on illegally obtained painkillers. Ty was hungry, and his mother wouldn't wake up to feed him. His brother Wayne was at school. So Ty took it upon himself to walk three blocks down the street to the grocery store. The same store where his mother would always stop and buy him a chocolate bar on their way back home from getting Wayne at school. Ty never made it there on his own, a gas station clerk saw him crossing four lanes of traffic and immediately called the police.

    Now it's 13 years later. Tyrone Johnson has just turned 15 years old, and he can't wait to get out his house. It's his birthday, but it seems like Momma has been spending more time with her boyfriend Raymond. Raymond has only been around for about four months, but he has already asserted himself as the man of the Johnson house. With Wayne away in the Marines, nobody is there to protect Ty from Raymond's wrath. If things don't go Raymond's way, someone usually gets hurt. And that person is usually Tyrone.

    But Raymond liked Ty. He had a son of his own, but he was taken away by his mother when he was just a five years old. So Tyrone was as close of a son as Raymond could get. Even if he hit Ty from time to time, in a way he loved him. At least other times Raymond likes to remind himself of that fact that Ty isn't actually his son, and he has no real obligation to him. No reason to nurture or love him.

    But as Ty ran out the door that day, Raymond stopped him.

    Raymond: Hold up boy. Where you goin?

    Ty Johnson: Out.

    Raymond: Man you gonna go out and fool round in them streets instead of spendin time with you momma on your birthday?

    Ty Johnson: Seems like it's you who's been the one spending time with my momma today.

    Raymond: You little punk don't you dar-

    Raymond raises his fist, but then he stops.

    Raymond: Look. It's your birthday. I wanted to give ya something. So please, come back inside for just a minute.

    Tyrone gives out a sigh, but follows Raymond back inside. Raymond leads him to the living room closet, where he takes out a shoebox with the Jordan logo on it.

    Ty Johnson: You givin me a new pair of Jordans?!

    Raymond: No fool...

    Raymond opens up the box, and takes out a Ruger 9mm handgun.

    Ty Johnson: Is that a gun?

    Raymond: Look, with you runnin round them know...I figure you ought to be able to defend yourself. I got one from my old man when I was your age.

    Ty Johnson: Does momma know bout this?

    Raymond: Nah, and she don't need to. So don't go tellin ya, or I'll take my gun back and shoot your stupid ass with it. Now go on, take it and get out of here.

    Tyrone picks up the gun. The first thing he thinks is how heavy it is. He takes it and puts in the back elastic of his gray sweatpants before running out the door to meet up with his best friend Daiquan.

    Present Day

    Ty Johnson and his manager Dave Sullivan are now sitting side by side on a small airplane. It was the best ride they could get after missing their original flight to Minnesota, and it was a lot more rocky.

    Ty has his headphones in, at least until Sullivan yanks them out of his ears.

    Ty Johnson: What the hell man?

    Dave Sullivan: We have a lot of stuff to go over. We don't have time to listen to...

    Dave takes a look at Johnson's iPod...

    Dave Sullivan: ...Elton John?

    Ty Johnson: Look man he's got some good shit.

    Dave Sullivan: Whatever, anyway tell me what kind of fighter Mark Merriwether is.

    Ty Johnson: Uh, a submission specialist? I don't know man, who cares. Why do I need to know what kind of fighter he is? Why can't I just go in there and kick the dude's ass then leave?

    Dave Sullivan: He's a technical kind of fighter, and he can be a high flyer too. You need to know this so you know what you can expect. If you go into this fight not knowing that Merriwether can attack you from every possible angle then you're going to lose.

    Ty Johnson: I'm not losing shit man, that dude's a cracka.

    Dave Sullivan: Ugh...this is going to be a long flight....

    The plane goes off into the clouds towards St. Paul, Minnesota as Dave continues to grill Ty Johnson on how to beat Mark Merriwether.

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    Re: Fight Night 20 October Promo Thread

    Prodigy: Turns out a week away was enough.....

    Parr pauses for a moment.

    Prodigy: it feels like it's time. Too many whispers, too many doubts and too many questions. Will Kazadi be the one to beat me? I think it's about time that people remembered just who exactly I am and why I've held this championship belt for 14 months.

    Parr lifts the title so it is also in camera shot.

    Prodigy: So sit backstage, sit at home and record it or come back out and pretend you have some charisma at the commentary desk. Whatever you decide just remember that you asked for this.

    Prodigy walks out of shot as the screen fades.

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