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    Fight Night 6th October Results

    A recap video precedes the live opening of Fight Night...


    September 8th, 2017, Madison Square Garden

    The shot opens with slow motion footage of Shannon O'Neal in a FWA ring, falling off of the shoulders of Cyrus Truth. The roar of the crowd noise rings out in a slow thundering pitch.

    Cyrus turns around.

    Shannon looks him dead in the eye, with a look of determination.

    A look of premeditation.

    Shannon knees Cyrus Truth right in the groin.

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY! CYRUS IS DOWN!


    The shot then shows Shannon sniping the hunched over Cyrus with Paradise City (Running Bicycle Kick) square to the face.

    The scene fades out.

    The next shot shows Shannon standing tall in the ring with the FWA World Heavyweight Championship. The low growl of the crowd has now morphed into clear audible booing.

    Shannon continues to stare down at the fallen Cyrus. The look in her face and eyes is unchanged.

    Faced with the enormity of what she has just done to Cyrus Truth, Shannon O'Neal remains unmoved.

    An unseen narrator speaks for the first time in the video.

    Narrator: "As Summer turns to Fall.... everything changes."

    The scene suddenly changes to shots of stars of FWA past such as Jason Gryphon, Stu St. Clair, and Lucian Ace grimacing in pain inside a FWA ring.

    Narrator: "Well, not everything. Seasons change but the things that make us human stay the same. Love. Lust. Pride. Greed..."

    The scene changes to former FWA wrestler KAIZEN lying down in a FWA ring, bruised and shaking, looking up at something with a face of barely containable fury. The camera shot pans up to show two cables in a "X" strung up high above the ring. In the center of the ring stands one Devin Golden, holding the FWA World Heavyweight Championship belt, looking down on KAIZEN with a look of almost blank pity.

    Narrator: "...Desire, and Sacrifice!!"

    Shots of the Mile High Massacre Match structure are then shown, with stars such as Ryan Rondo, PAJ, Mike Parr, and Bell Connelly competing in high octane environment of past Mile High Massacre Matches.

    Narrator: "Seasons change. Championships change hands. Stars rise and stars fall. But some things persist, some thing stay the same. And one of those things is that the Fantasy Wrestling Alliance will always be the proving ground for the BEST IN THE WORLD!! With Mile High on the horizon, who has what it takes to take their place in Mile High Massacre? Who will have what it takes to call themselves Champion?"

    Scenes of Gabrielle, Devin Golden, and Cyrus Truth celebrating their respective Mile High victories are shown. After that, a quick roll of current FWA stars such as Starr, WOLF, PAJ, Bell Connelly, Mike Parr, Jason Randall, Tristan James Galloway is rapidly shown before the video closes with the same shots from earlier of Shannon standing with the belt, looking at Cyrus Truth.

    Narrator: "The road to Mile High begins.... TONIGHT!"



    OCTOBER 6th, 2017

    A red and white explosion of pyro and fireworks greets the viewers at home as the camera pans from the giant maple leaf at the roof of the Air Canada Center and around the arena, showing off the passionate and excited Canadian fans in attendance for Fight Night. The crowd is laden with signs that read things such as "WE THOUGHT WE KNEW YEE SHANNON", "PAJ MAKE ME UR NEXT PROJECT", "ODE TO POUTINE + KAZADI BROUGHT ME HERE", "TORONTO IS GROUND ZERO", "POLYNESIAN POWERDRILL ME", and "PENNY: KOOKOO 4 COCO PUFFS".

    As always, we are welcomed to Fight Night by the regular commentary team of Langdon Trafford, David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher.

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to FWA Fight Night, coming to you from the True North, strong and free!! Thats right folks, we are live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and hot off the heels of a highly controversial anniversary show, questions need to be answered on multiple fronts to the FWA Universe!

    Piers Gallagher: For once you're right, Langdon!! We need answers!! We need inquisitions!!! Why did our World Heavyweight Champion do what she did to Cyrus Truth last show?? Is she going to be involved in our main event tonight??? And why is Jason Randall still being persecuted by Ashley O'Ryan with this stupid X Gauntlet?????

    David Weinstock: On behalf of Langdon, I apologize for Piers, ladies and gentlemen, but we really do have a great show for you tonight! Cyrus Truth takes on Bell Connelly in the main event! World Tag Team Champions Sin City Vultures in action against PAJ and Michael Garcia, the Phillip A. Jackson Project!! Mike Parr and Zachary Kazadi are in the house!! Starr and Izzy Van Doren against WOLF and Hanz Gruber!!! We got all that and much more as the Road to Mile High Massacre rolls through Toronto!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Absolutely, and we are diving straight into the action, ladies and gentleman, with a defense of the X Division Championship!!! Fight Night Commissioner Ashley O'Ryan has mandated that the X Division Champion run a gauntlet of title defenses every Fight Night all the way to Mile High, and the man who started this gauntlet holding the title, 'The Wildcard' Jason Randall, has so far answered each and every challenger placed before him with a victory!!! But he faces his biggest challenge yet tonight in the form of the Polynesian Powerhouse Tristan James Galloway!! The X Division Championship is on the line, right here, right now!!!!

    The lights dim as the crowd turns its focus toward the stage. That's when the opening bass guitar rifts to Metallica's cover version of "Turn the Page" hit the atmosphere, causing a stirring ovation from a crowd ready for the first match.

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan James Galloway won the four-way match at the Anniversary Show. Now he's the next person in line for an X-title shot. Can Galloway do what many could not?

    Piers Gallagher: He has the size. He's 6-foot-7 and weighs just below 300 pounds. That's a good mix. He nearly won the North American Championship earlier in 2017.

    Galloway comes to the ring with a black flannel jacket, no shirt underneath, and black leather pants. His black fedora-esque hat hangs above his curly black hair. A wink-wink and a smile for the fans precedes him stepping up to the apron and over the top rope.

    The crowd turns toward the entrance, where the reigning X-Champion, "The Wildcard", appears. He has the X-Championship belt over his shoulder and a sadistic smile on his face. The crowd gives a mixed reaction, with some cheering the heel while most fans either boo or mumble to themselves.

    Langdon Trafford: It was just two years ago when KAIZEN broke "The Golden One"'s record X-title reign by one day. By minutes, even. We are close to six months of Randall as X Champion. Two months and a few days more and ... we could have a NEW record.

    Piers Gallagher: We'll see. He has a few more title defenses left.

    Randall is drooling from the mouth as he steps through the ropes. He hands the belt to the ref and quickly bull-rushes at Galloway. The champion lands furious rights and lefts with weak power but rapid enough to put the bigger wrestler back in the corner. The ref immediately asks for the bell.

    X Championship
    X-Rules match
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall (c) vs. Tristan James Galloway

    Randall, only 6-foot-4 and 225 pounds, throws rights and lefts at Galloway at an aggressive rate. He eventually slows down with time, but the damage is done. Randall gets Galloway in a slumped position and begins mudhole stomping against the chest and stomach. Randall drives his knee into Galloway's face until the referee speaks up, but the X-Rules stipulation of the title match means Randall can do this for as long as he wants.

    Randall begins cackling with laughter as Galloway squirms with his face squished between Randall's knee and the middle turnbuckle. The crowd boos as Randall presses it in harder for about five seconds and then backs up a step. He pulls Galloway toward the middle of the ring and hits a kneeling DDT! Galloway is face down in the middle of the ring and Randall goes for the quick cover, but it's just a one count.

    Langdon Trafford: Randall's cheap start has been the match so far. Galloway hasn't had any room to breathe.

    Randall lands a few more forearm shots to Galloway, who backtracks to the corner. That's where he delivers a defensive elbow to the jaw. And a second one. Galloway lunges out from the turnbuckle corner and clotheslines Randall with force. The frustration was exerted in a big way on the move. Galloway takes a second to collect himself before re-engaging the X Champion. He whips Randall across the ring and lands a Gorilla Press Slam. Randall's impact on the canvas shakes the ring, and Galloway kneels down and covers.


    Galloway grabs Randall by the neck as he continues the offense. He whips Randall to the ropes and flips him for a back body drop. Randall quickly retreats to the ropes but Galloway charges for a boot to the face, sending the champ through the top and middle ropes and rolling to the outside padded floor.

    Langdon Trafford: The size and sheer power of Galloway is taking over now!

    Piers Gallagher: He has a three-inch advantage in height and about 50 pounds in weight. This isn't surprising.

    Galloway follows Randall out the ring but the champ uses his wrestling IQ to sneak his finger in and poke the right eye. Then he pushes Galloway into the ring steps, which collide with the challenger's right knee first and then the right hip bone. Randall presses his boot against the fallen Galloway's throat for about 10 seconds before letting up, collecting himself as he circles the ring once.

    On the way through, Randall grabs a steel chair near the announcer's table and then heads back to where Galloway struggles to get upright.

    Langdon Trafford: Jason Randall is ready to bring the X-Rules stipulation out early! He wants this to become a hardcore bloodbath!

    Randall charges as he completes the circle but Galloway fires back with a big Double A spinning spinebuster to the outside floor!!! The crowd cheers the big reversal and Galloway takes a second as he hobbles to his feet, using the ring apron for help getting up.

    Galloway reaches down and grabs the unused, folded-up steel chair. He whacks Randall across the spine with it, denting it good. And then lands a second shot, this time making a bigger imprint on where the back rest would be! Randall lays face down from the shots to his spine, and Galloway drops the chair on the floor. He looks beneath the ring and grabs a folded-up wooden table. That's next on the list for this one!

    Piers Gallagher: Galloway has some hardcore-ness to him, too, apparently!

    Galloway sets up the table and when Randall rises, he sets up and hits the "Black Rainbow" pump-handle suplex through the table!!! Randall flew through the air and the table broke his fall! Galloway rises up as the crowd chants "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" He rolls the champ back into the ring and follows, but his pinfall try only gets a 2.5 count. Galloway grabs Randall by the neck and whips him into the nearest turnbuckle. He follows with a boot pressed against the throat and face. The referee tries to get Tristan to relinquish the choke but he doesn't budge. It goes for 10 seconds, and the commentary notes Randall is getting a taste of his own medicine tonight.

    Galloway pulls Randall to the middle of the ring and lifts him upside-down into the air, keeping it there for about 10 seconds as a showcase of his strength, before dropping Randall back first on the other side to finish the delayed vertical suplex. Galloway crawls over and hooks the near leg for a pin attempt!


    While Galloway has full control, Randall's resilience is noted by Piers and Langdon. The challenger whips Randall to the ropes and tries a big boot on the rebound. The champ ducks under and applies an inverted headlock into a backbreaker! Randall stays kneeling for a second before pushing himself up and stepping through the ropes.

    Langdon Trafford: Where is he going now?! The X Champion is hell-bent on making this a HARDCORE SLUGFEST!

    Randall grabs TWO folded-up steel chairs this time and flings them into the ring from the outside. He rolls back in and quickly picks one up. When Galloway rises, Randall lands a wicked chair shot that causes quite the buzz from the crowd. Right to the forehead, and Galloway falls like a sack of sand to the canvas surface.

    Randall then drives the edge of the dented chair into Galloway's exposed stomach and ribs. He does this three times, applying pressure with the chair edge after the last one as he presses it down into the stomach of the challenger. The crowd boos but Randall smiles sadistically as he drops the used-up chair and picks up the second one.

    When Galloway rises up, struggling the whole way, Randall dents the second chair with a shot to the forehead! The crowd buzzesy as Randall drops the chair and looks down, cackling at the sight of Galloway bleeding from a cut on the top of the nose. Randall kneels down and covers, thinking he out-hardcored Galloway to a win.


    Langdon Trafford: NO! TRISTAN KICKED OUT!

    Randall almost had it, but he quickly rolls off Galloway and picks up the second chair. When the challenger rises, Randall charges but Galloway punches the dented chair as it's coming to him, and the punch drives the chair the other way, hitting Randall in the face!!!


    The challenger balls up his now-injured hand into a fist and releases, doing this four or five times. Randall rolls to his stomach and Galloway quickly hits a German suplex, as Randall bounces off the canvas and rolls toward the corner of the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: Now the champ is busted open, right above the nose! Both men are bleeding! This is what being the FWA X Champion is about!

    Galloway hovers over the champion and, with the crowd on its feet and sensing a climax to the match, hits the Delirium Trigger sitout sideslam. Galloway covers.

    Crowd: ONE........TWO........THREE! ...........OOOOOOH!

    Randall kicked out at two and nine-tenths. Galloway lays on his back with an exhausted expression. Blood begins to stain the canvas cover, and both men now look spent of energy. Galloway brings Randall upright but the champion uses an eye rake to reverse control. Randall then stomps into the back of Galloway's right knee, the same one that hit the ring steps, and runs off the ropes and hits a thez press. He tackles Galloway to the canvas and hits repeated and wild punches coming from across the face. This lasts about 10 seconds until Randall yanks his foe upright. He hits an arm-trap cross-legged STF!!! The crowd groans as Randall kneels and covers.


    Randall is STILL the X Cha...

    Galloway kicks out at two and three fourths!!!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: NO!!! GALLOWAY KICKS OUT!


    Randall is finished with it. The sadistic smile returns as he begins drooling as he kneels down next to Galloway. When the challenger pushes himself upright, Randall somehow finds the strength to slowly lift Galloway on his shoulders for the "Wildcard Special" over-the-shoulder belly-to-back piledriver.

    Piers Gallagher: This is the end of it! This is the finisher! If he hits this, it's over!

    But Galloway wiggles free, easily sliding off the back of Randall and crouching. Randall throws a wayward and off-target fist as he makes a 180-degree turn. Galloway comes upright after the fist whizzes past his ear and executes a perfect samoan drop. Tristan then slowly brings Randall up, pusheshis head between his thighs and lands his finisher, the Carcinogen Crush sitout crucifix powerbomb!!!

    Langdon Trafford: THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!

    Crowd: ONE......TWO......THREE!!!

    No kickout! No shoulder up! Galloway is the new X Champion of the FWA!!!

    Winner and NEW FWA X Champion: Tristan James Galloway (Match Time: 26:20)

    The crowd is warmly receiving of the result, although they're still quite buzzing from the high-intensity, violent match. Galloway has dried-up blood just above his nose from the chair-shot cut he received. But he's all smiles as he raises the X Championship belt above his head.

    Langdon Trafford: For the first time in nearly six months, we have a NEW X Champion! Tristan James Galloway has FINALLY won gold here in the FWA!

    The crowd gives a "THAT WAS AWESOME" clapping chant and Galloway leaves the ring all smiles. As "The Wildcard" Jason Randall recovers and prepares to leave the ring, the sold-out arena even acknowledges his efforts as champion with a solemn standing ovation. Randall doesn't return the favor with a kind gesture. He simply exits the ring area and heavily breathes, as if he has reached an even darker and more extreme place than he was before.

    Piers Gallagher: This isn't the end of "The Wildcard." We're going to see him hold more championships, I think. Whether it's the X Championship or another belt, he put up a great fight against a larger opponent. And he's done that most of his X Championship reign. He was a great champion.

    Langdon Trafford: He's still a psycho.

    The blood on the forehead hasn't dried up yet for Randall. It continues gushing out, albeit not as much as earlier, and it trickles down his cheek and nose. Randall doesn't mind. If anything, he enjoys it, as he uses his tongue to lick and swallow some of his own blood that made its way to the side of his mouth.

    Piers Gallagher: You have to be a psycho in one way or another to make it here. Randall just doesn't hide it or play games about it. He's off his rocker, but that got him this far.

    Langdon Trafford: I can't dispute that. And I agree, "The Wildcard" will continue to make his Wildcard presence known here on Fight Night for a long long time.


    FWA programming returns from commercial with the ring crew just finished resetting the ring.

    "Let Me Clear My Throat" begins playing as the crowd turns its attention to the stage. What for many months was rousing cheers and love thrown Shannon O'Neal's way is now a very mixed reaction of light cheers and vocal boos. The reigning FWA World Champion comes out to the entrance way looking completely different from her usual appearance. And she isn't jumping around, hyping up the crowd and herself. She is very stoic, walking upright and looking expressionless.

    She doesn't have any tattoos showing. She has a nice black shirt, with no writing or letters, and the sleeves down to her elbows. Most of her legs are covered by a nice black business pants. Her hair is tied back into a bun behind her head. No nose ring. No lip ring. Only earrings, but they're mostly hidden.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth had an eye injury at the Anniversary Show caused by Shannon O'Neal. While we all wondered whether Shannon did it on purpose and whether Cyrus was OK to continue, Shannon landed a kick to the groin and hit her finisher bicycle kick. We got the answer to the first question.

    Piers Gallagher: Hey! We don't know that for sure. Shannon could've been opportunistic. Nothing wrong with that!

    Langdon Trafford: All the sudden you're on Shannon's side?

    Shannon makes her way very professionally to the ring. She enters, waits for a second as her music fades out, and gives a flat look out to the crowd as a few fans continue their "YOU SCREWED CYRUS" clapping chants while silence allows them to be heard.

    Piers Gallagher: I don't agree with this chant. Not at all!

    Shannon doesn't try to interject. Instead, she waits in the ring, right in the center, and looks out with a flat expression as the fans die down eventually. Cameras still show a few fans clapping for the Carnal Contendership winner.

    "Well ..

    I guess ... I should explain myself."

    Shannon pauses as most of the crowd boos.

    "Or ... wait. Wait a second....


    I forgot the accent. Let me start over."

    Uh oh. There's something wrong. The fans feel it.

    "I guess ... I should explain ... mah'self."

    The boos get louder as Shannon lets off a sly smirk.

    "So this is what all went down. For the past few months, I've been playing the game. Sorry ... playin' the game. Alright, alright. I'm done now."

    Boos. Oh man. All the boos.

    "I've been playing the game. I have to play the game. I HAD to play the game. Oh well. But let me tell you how deep this game went.

    Four years ago, I came to the FWA. A young girl from Indiana who had been living in California for the past seven years. But I'm an actor at heart. That's what I always wanted to be. It's what I am."

    Shannon pauses and then stops her pacing.

    "Oh ... wait, I said I wanted to be an actor. I said before I wanted to be in a rock band. Yeah, that was a lie. A story. A character I made up. Same with the hillbilly, midwestern accent. I usually don't show off my tattoos I got when I was 17 and drunk but I felt they fit the image I wanted to portray."

    Shannon has the crowd in the palm of her thumb as she continues pacing the middle of the ring, from rope to rope.

    "So I came to the FWA. I made a story about a girl who worked in a bar on the Sunset Strip, after leaving her hometown in Indiana. Wanted to be a rock star. Became a fighter. Then signed a short-term contract with the FWA. Basically, I was a blue-collar girl who everyone could get behind, right? That's who Shannon O'Neal was. She was blue-collar. She was a hard worker. Nose to the pavement. Been through some sh*t. Girl power. Believed in herself against tough odds.

    All that underdog stuff, you know? But with the image, too. With the background. With the dead parents."

    The crowd boos more after the last reference. Shannon has to pause for a second.
    You can hear the booing in the crowd but the camera shots of many fans in attendance show more of them stunned in silence than outright booing.

    "Yeah ... no, don't worry. My parents really are dead. Well, at least they're dead to me. They died to me when they kicked me out of the house at age 18. I had a felony charge. I stole money from them. Then a car. So they told me to ... how did my dad say it? ... 'GET THE F*** OUT!'"

    Shannon has a growl on her face as she looks out to the fans.

    "So I did. I went to California. I worked where I could. I made money. I became a fighter. And I got with the FWA. Kept my nose clean long enough for all the old legal sh*t from Indiana to go away. And I made you all believe in me. I made you all love me. I made you all lift me up.

    I did what I did and said what I said because I wanted YOU ... and I wanted the FWA ... to think I was a star. I wanted you and THEM to think I was worthy of belief, of praise, of attention. The women's revolution stuff. Dating all the way back to the Gabrielle feud. The Cyrus Truth stuff. All of it.

    Well, not all of it. I had a miscarriage. And Jack of Diamonds stalking me was real. But ... well ... that was a blessing. I didn't have to fake all of that. That was easy sympathy points."

    The fans are just irate now.

    Langdon Trafford: Easy sympathy points?! Are you hearing this, guys?!

    Piers Gallagher: She's a freaking genius. She's a nutcase, but she's also a genius.

    "In short, I sold myself to you. I conned you.

    Don't feel bad. I've done it to people many times before. And I'll do it many times again. Just who I've been, and who I am now."

    Shannon looks at her FWA World Championship and smiles.

    "Now ... as for 2017.

    I got the opportunity to enter Carnal Contendership. I took it. I knew ... I ... KNEW ... if I got in, I'd win. And I knew ... if I got a shot at Cyrus, I could work you all into siding with me and siding against him. I knew it.

    The accent. The work ethic. The acting. The portrayal of a blue-collar girl from Indiana. All that stuff. All the stuff I wanted you to see. Believing in the stuff I said about Cyrus' reign as World Champion. Believing in the stuff I said about working hard, being a leader, all of that crap. I didn't mean it.

    But I made you think I did. And in doing it, I became the World Champion. I made something BIG of myself. And no one ... NO ONE ... can take THAT away from me.

    Cyrus Truth was just an unfortunate victim to my scheme. He thought he was going to war with one person, but he was really going to war with someone playing three steps ahead."

    Shannon embraces the heckling boos and jeers. She laughs them off and continues.

    "But the question is ... why not ... just keep doing it? To everyone. Forever. Right? If I could do it for four years, why couldn't I just ... keep going? If I was able to make MILLIONS of FWA fans believe in something that wasn't real — if I was able to con ALL OF YOU — then I certainly could do it for my entire career here, right?

    Well, any expert at this ... knows that there's an expiration date on a mask you wear. Eventually, the cracks grow. And the cracks were growing. More and more people were saying, 'This feels fake. Shannon feels fake.' I felt it, too. I felt like the insincerity was beginning to show. And it felt more forced every time I opened my mouth in front of you.

    So ... I had two options."

    Shannon pauses as the crowd chants "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!" It doesn't phase her.

    "I could either ... let the cracks slowly form, let them keep multiplying. Let the whispers about whether I was 'real' and what I was saying was 'real' build. And eventually, it would all come undone. It would. It would be inevitable. But I could stretch it out, ride this shtick for as long as possible, and make the most of it with the time I have."

    Shannon pauses again.

    "Or ...

    I could pull the mask off in one big moment. I could pull the curtains back and reveal my true self. And in turn, I could make a new identity. Remake the wheel. And once again ... get ahead of everyone. Stay ahead of everyone.

    That's what a good con is."

    Shannon holds the World Championship up in the air.

    "I conned all of you for FOUR YEARS. Accept it.

    And accept this: I'm STILL your World Champion."

    The boos are deafening. Absolutely deafening. Shannon simply leaves the ring, though, never once looking out to the fans or thinking of saying anything else. She exits with her same pace she entered, and the boos eventually die down as Shannon O'Neal exits with the announcers speechless and the fans heartbroken.


    Fight Night returns from a commercial back to the ring where Yodakkey♥West♥Virginia, a grotesquely obese man with with dyed green and purple hair, eyeliner, sparkly lip gloss, and a t-shirt with a picture of a gun on it with the words "You Can Take It From My Fat Sausage Hands" is in mid-rant.


    "Black Skinhead" thankfully plays, cutting off Yodakkey♥West♥Virginia before he could read to the booing Toronto crowd his book report on Atlas Shrugged.

    Ty Johnson has a big of a swagger in his step, and walking about five paces behind him is former X champion Dave Sullivan, the host of the Ground Zero reality show and manager of the winner.

    Langdon Trafford: We watched every second of Ground Zero and saw first hand how much these two clashed. I just wonder how they'll do as manager and wrestler now. Do you think Sullivan regrets the position he's in?

    Piers Gallagher:
    Oh, certainly! No one wants to manage this street thug!

    Ty Johnson grooves into the ring as Sullivan walks like a robotic white dude toward his corner. Sullivan is wearing a suit and tie, which he straightens and tightens, while Ty Johnson has on red wrestling trunks and nothing else. Black-ink tattoos are sported all over his biceps and shoulders.

    Ty Johnson vs Yodakkey♥West♥Virginia

    Ty Johnson quickly assumes control of the match with his aggressive style. He takes Yodakkey to the ground and begins a ground-and-pound offense. Then it's the Garvin stomps to each body limb as Ty Johnson begins dissecting his first opponent. His brawling style is obvious, as he routinely knocks Yodakkey down with a quick whip to the ropes and a clothesline. He does this three times in succession before his first pinfall try nets a two count. Yodakkey finds a way to duck the fourth clothesline and hits a back body drop. Ty Johnson reverses Yodakkey's whip to the ropes into his own whip and catches him on the bounce back with a jab to the throat. The wind is taken out of his foe's lungs. Yodakkey bends over, hunched down, and Ty Johnson hits a massive spear that rocks Yodakkey into the nearby turnbuckle. The force of Johnson's shoulder crushes into his ribs, and his head and upper spine bounce recklessly off the lower and middle turnbuckles for a double-effect. Johnson drags Yodakkey into the middle of the ring and hooks the leg.


    Winner: Ty Johnson

    Langdon Trafford: Well, certainly no issues tonight! Ty Johnson rolls through his first opponent in the FWA.

    Piers Gallagher: This was a cupcake with a huge muffin top!! Let's see him next time against some real competition.

    Langdon Trafford: I was more interested in how he and Sullivan would interact and ... it seems like Sullivan had nothing to say, or he was intentionally silent. Maybe he doesn't want to be the manager of Ty Johnson.

    Sullivan and Johnson don't interact much after the match. A few glances here and there is all the viewing audience gets. Johnson celebrates the win and doesn't really seek anything from Sullivan, who walks in front of his client as the duo starts to exit the ring...

    Tommy Thunder emerges on the ramp in one of his trademark 3 piece suits. This one a shade of dark grey with a pinstripe, a white shirt and dark red tie. He has a mic in hand but first he pauses at the top of the ramp and stares down at Ty Johnson and Dave Sullivan in the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: What the?... Tommy Thunder?! What the hell is he doing out here?!

    Piers Gallagher: You know what Langdon? Who cares! This is a guy who knows how to light up a room, and it ins't his smile I'm talking about. It's his presence. The presence of greatness!

    David Weinstock: But the question remains; why has Thunder come out here now? Why choose this moment? He's not had much luck in the ring as of late but he's a very talented individual. He has a mic so let's hear what he has to say here guys!

    Thunder lifts the mic slowly to his mouth and goes to speak.

    Thunder: "Well, well, well. Look what the garbage man forgot to pick up when they took the trash away from the arena earlier today. David Sullivan."

    The crowd cheer slightly for the FWA veteran. Thunder begins to slowly pace the stage.

    Thunder: "Where the hell have you been hiding for all this time? Huh? Too ashamed to show your face since I've showed up here? Too scared to face the man who humiliated you and embarrassed you as I beat you over and over and over again?"

    The crowd boo Thunder.

    Thunder: "Oh you didn't know? Yeah, that's right. You all think that Dave Sullivan is some great competitor, right? A staple of the FWA and a man who's got plenty of pedigree. Well I bet that he forgot to mention that he was never able to trump me; Tommy Thunder. You see, we've crossed paths before, haven't we David? Back in HWA. Would you like to remind these people, your fans, what happened? don't bother because i remember it like it was yesterday. I beat that man. that's right, I beat him to within an inch of his life to become the HWA World Champion. I beat him over and over and over to stay the HWA World Champion. I became the only 2 time HWA World Champion, and the longest reigning HWA World Champion through beating your ass over and over, didn't I, Dave? but I'm sure all of that slipped your mind when you came here. I bet you didn't even tell your little protege there about any of that either, did you?"

    The crowd boo as Sullivan and Johnson share a look before looking back at Thunder, who has a shit eating grin on his face.

    Thunder: "And who's this meant to be? Ty Johnson. Who's this? The man you're training to be an even bigger failure than you were? Well, I got to hand it to you kid, congratulations on your big win tonight! I think you've already emulated your mentor there with that one!"

    The crowd start up a 'You Suck!' chant.

    Thunder: "Oh really?! I suck?! No, I don't. I'm the best int he world at what I do, you wanna know who does suck though? That guy right there; Dave Sullivan. He actually sucks because he never beat me. And trust me, Ty Johnson is going to suck even more than he did."

    The crowd boo as Thunder stops pacing and settles int he middle of the stage again.

    Thunder: "I don't know what your game is, Sullivan. I don't know why you've suddenly decided to show up here but you've got a lot of nerve bringing this kid into this. I don't know if you're aware of this, but I'm the rising star here in FWA now. I know that you know that your time has come and gone. You never quite managed to make it into that big star, did you? You faded away and because that brown dwarf that will always have those 'what if's?' and 'but's' surrounding your career. and now, you're trying to recapture and relive those dreams in the hope that Ty Johnson can achieve those for you.

    I'm done addressing you now, Dave. You're a piece of my past that isn't worthy of the time in the day. You wanna know more about him, go buy the DVD's folks."

    The crowd boo again.

    Thunder: "But as for you, Ty Johnson, I'm going to address you right now and I need you to listen to me very, very carefully. You need to stay out of my way. You don't want to end up like that washed up old has been standing next to you. You don't want to have to deal with failure like he has had to deal with. I know that he thinks that you have what it takes to be something but I'm telling you right now, and you can believe me because I am an honest man; you don't. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now? You need to watch it. Tread carefully and don't get in my way or you'll end up just like him. A washed up, has been fool with nothing more than broken dreams to fuel the rest of his life. Come after me and you will regret it."

    Thunder lowers the mic and slowly backs away as his music plays.

    David Weinstock: Well, some big fighting words there from Thunder! He and Sullivan have indeed crossed paths before, but never in FWA. There's plenty of history between them from before their time here though!

    Piers Gallagher: Yeah but as usual you've completely missed the point! Yeah, there's history between them, but it's not good history for Sullivan! Thunder's always had the upper hand on him throughout his career. And now here he is mentoring Ty Johnson to try and make up for his inadequate career!

    Langdon Trafford: Come now, Ty Johnson was very impressive here tonight in his debut match! The warning from Thunder was clear; stay away. But I'm not so sure that Johnson's to shy away from anybody in FWA as he tries to make a name for himself!


    James Sync, downgraded once again to entrance-during-the-TV-break jobber, is waiting in the ring as the feed returns to the ring area.

    "The Walking Disaster" Zako Wrath comes to the ring with the mask covering his face and the lights turned off, providing a very dark and eery vibe as Miss De La Muerta slowly strolls alongside the monster. Zako comes underneath the red glare surrounding the ring and hops up to the ring apron with his eyes staring a hole through James Sync.

    Langdon Trafford: Zako Wrath is ... well, he's made quite a mark on the FWA so far.

    Piers Gallagher: I think Miss De La Muerta, his manager, has become the bigger star here. She's brilliant!

    Zako stalks along the outside part of the ring before stopping in his corner. James Sync is ready and the lights turn back on right as the referee signals for the start of the match.

    "The Walking Disaster" Zako Wrath vs James Sync

    Wrath completely overpowers Sync with his size and aggression. He yanks Sync in for a quick overhead release belly-to-belly suplex. Then he lands a 180-degree kneeling chokeslam. Sync is a broken shell of the wrestler he was just 30 seconds earlier as he lays motionless on the canvas, but Zako isn't even close to finished. With Miss De La Muerta shouting her Spanish commands from outside the ring, Zako whips Sync to the ropes and plants him down with a ring-shaking spinebuster. The crowd even begins cheering as Sync looks like he's completely paralyzed. Zako hooks the leg, but Sync finds enough strength to kick out at two and two-thirds. Zako whips Sync back into the ropes and wraps his arm around the neck for the spinning-choke STO. That gets some wowed "ooooh" reaction, and the mounted forearms as Sync lays beneath him inflicts even more damage. Zako looks to Miss De La Muerta, who does the throat-cut hand gesture, and Zako yanks the limp body of James Sync up, only to his a chain of three suplexes — fisherman's suplex, "DeLaMuerta Plex" spinning belly-to-back suplex, and half-nelson suplex — in succession.

    He finishes the match with "Reaper's Touch," which is just Zako lifting Sync up like a suplex and dropping him head first into the canvas.

    Langdon Trafford: That might be the least-safe finishing move I've ever seen.

    Zako kneels next to Sync and then splashes his body down from about a foot into the air, squishing his foe underneath his stomach and chest. The referee counts the dead-weight pin and it was never in doubt.

    Winner: Zako Wrath

    Miss De La Muerta comes into the ring, does the usual celebration where she shows off the creepy and ultra-violent Zako Wrath, and then the pair leave the ring. No questions are left unanswered. James Sync hasn't moved and probably won't for another three or four minutes.

    Langdon Trafford: Poor guy. Zako Wrath just demolished him.

    As Zako leaves, Miss De La Muerta whispers something into his hear. Zako starts shaking his head and starts walking up the ramp faster and disappears to the back, with an unconcerned MDM sauntering behind him.

    Langdon Trafford: Zako doesn't seem to have taken the loss of his unbeaten streak kindly, guys.

    Piers Gallagher: Well why would he??? He could've been the one walking into Mile High X Division Champion, but instead he's no longer undefeated, and he has to watch Tristan James Galloway get crowned the new champion tonight!! If I were him I'd be furious!!!

    David Weinstock: I've been around long enough to know that a pissed-off monster is the last thing you want. He's going to need a bigger challenge than Sync, or else...

    The camera swings back to the commentary desk as James Sync is helped out.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, we're going to switch gears now from that execution we just saw to two arcs of simmering tension which intersect tonight! For weeks now we've seen the rock star duo of Starr and Izzy Van Doren solidify their relationship through their shared history!! But at the same time, 'One in a Million' has found himself embroiled in a heated rivalry with FWA Hall of Famer WOLF!! Will Starr prove himself as he teams up with Izzy Van Doren to face the team of WOLF and Hanz Gruber??

    Piers Gallagher: Izzy defeated Hanz in a grudge match last Fight Night but this ain't over just yet!! Starr is going to pay for his foolish decision to make nice with Izzy, he's letting emotions get in the way of his work!!!!


    Iron Maiden's "Number of the Beast" begins as the crowd comes to its feet to welcome a FWA Hall of Famer into their midst. WOLF, the two-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion and FIRST ever Grand Slam champion, comes out with his fanged front teeth showing and drool dripping down to his chin and exposed, hairy chest.

    Langdon Trafford: It's "The Beast!" WOLF is here! No one is safe!

    David Weinstock: I wonder if Zachary Kazadi is watching this match, guys.

    Langdon Trafford: I'm sure he is, Dave. Kazadi is a student of the game. He digests everything about everyone.

    WOLF stomps to the ring without saying a word or interacting with the crowd. He takes his spot in the corner and waits for his partner. That's Hanz Gruber, who comes out to his own techno-infused theme music. The Berlin, Germany native comes out with his black jacket, bulky rings, and sunglasses covering his eyes. His top-cut hairdo and sideburns complete the look, and Hanz walks slowly to the ring.

    Next is "Brick by Boring Brick" by Paramore. Izzy Van Doren comes out with her tattoo-covered pale skin and short black hair complementing her black flannel jacket with patches covering each flap. She stops right at the foot of the entrance way, waiting for her partner as she stares up into the ring where Hanz Gruber and WOLF await.

    Smoke rises from the entrance way as guitars begin to build up the music, fans in the arena begin to clap in time to music, strobing lights fill the arena. "The Past Should Stay Dead"'s first lyrics blare out.

    Crowd: ''TAILORED SHEETS."

    When the instruments come back in Starr emerges from the smoke arms spread out. He looks out to the fans, pumps himself and the crowd up, and raises his fists in the air. He throws up the peace sign and then sprints toward the ring, sliding under the ropes in sync with Izzy as the bell rings and kicks this one off with excitement.

    WOLF and Hanz Gruber vs. "One in a Million" Starr and Izzy Von Doren

    Starr throws haymakers at WOLF while Izzy Van Doren ducks under a clothesline try from Hanz and bounces off the ropes with a flying knee to the face. Starr clotheslines WOLF and himself over the ropes, leaving Izzy Van Doren and Hanz as the legal competitors to begin the match. Izzy grabs Hanz around the neck and lands three consecutive headbutts, which doozies her just as much as Hanz. Izzy, though, lands a low roundhouse kick to the ribs. And a second. And third. Hanz is backed into the ropes. Izzy tries a whip but Hanz stands his ground and yanks Izzy close to him for a half-assed clothesline that knocks Izzy down with force.

    He grabs Izzy by the hair and whips her to the ropes, then drops her with a military press drop. Hanz stalks the ring, giving an arrogant strut as he does so. He tries applying a side head lock but Izzy slides out ans applies a back arm lock. Izzy ducks an elbow swing and back rolls to her corner, where Starr is waiting for the tag.

    Starr hits a leg pick & snap on Hanz before an overhead belly-to-belly suplex after whipping to the ropes. Starr covers but Wolf kicks him off Hanz after just a one count. Starr tries a whip but it's reversed. He attempts a hurricarana on the bounce back but Hanz swats his legs aside and Starr lands flat on his back on the canvas. Hanz lands a quick bulldog and tags in WOLF.

    The former World Heavyweight Champion goes to work with aggressive knee thrusts into the ribs. A few pummeling forearm shots to the upper spine. Then a few forearm jabs to the face. Starr is getting a good beating as Wolf throws quick-fire stuff punches into the exposed stomach. Wolf whips Starr across the ring and plants him down hard with a Double-A spinebuster. Wolf hooks the far leg right after hitting the move, but Starr kicks out at two and one-third.

    Wolf whips Starr to the ropes and tries a big boot, but Starr ducks under the bottom of Wolf's boot sole and hits a backstabber! The crowd applauds as Starr catches his breath while Wolf is down. He makes a much-needed tag to Izzy, and Wolf does the same for Hanz. Izzy comes in hot with repeated front-hand slaps to the face. Hanz throws his hands up in defense, but Izzy still has him reeling back into his own corner. Izzy then throws big stiff punches to the face, making Hanz spit out his own saliva with each shot. One moment between, though, and Hanz grabs Izzy by the hair. He pulls her to the middle of the ring and whips her back-first into the canvas. The crowd boos as Hanz stands tall over the fallen Izzy Van Doren. When he bends down, Izzy shows she was "playing possum" and hits her "Roadkill-rana" hurricarana into a pin!!!


    Starr hits the ring and lands a running Busaiku knee smash to an unsuspecting Wolf! The former multi-time champion rolls out the ring as Starr resumes his spot in the corner. Izzy makes the tag, and Starr lands his "Sweat the Technique combination, starting with a parallel snapmare!


    Starr holds up the peace sign before completing the combination with a kick directly to Hanz's chest and a standing senton right after! The crowd cheers in approval of the move, and Starr scurries over to his opponent for the middle-of-the-ring pin, both legs hooked!


    Starr wastes no time, pulling Hanz to his feet for a release Regal-plex. But Wolf pops up on the apron and grabs Starr around the throat. The referee has lost all control of the match. Starr elbows Wolf right in the jaw, and he hops back down to the floor. Izzy then runs across the ring and leaps over the ropes for her "Stage Dive" diving cannonball senton to WOLF!!!


    Crowd: IZZY! IZZY! IZZY! IZZY!

    Hanz Gruber is upright, whips Starr around, but gets a wicked kick to the exposed stomach. Starr tries to run the ropes, but Hanz suddenly leaps up and slams his knee into Starrs chest!! Izzy tries to climb back into the ring, but WOLF is right behind her, and reaches out just in time to grab Izzy by the ankle!! WOLF tugs and Izzy slips down, her head bouncing off of the ring apron!! In the ring, Hanz charges Starr with a clothesline, but Starr ducks and clocks Hanz with an elbow!! Hanz is spun around, and Starr lifts up Hanz on his shoulder for a Noggin Knocker (Ushigorishi)!! Starr is about to throw Hanz down, but WOLF throws Izzy in the ring! WOLF slides in the ring as well and grabs Izzy by the hair, dragging her right in front of Starr!!

    Langdon Trafford:
    WOLF is trying to provoke Starr with Izzy!!

    Starr drops Gruber off his shoulders and goes after WOLF! WOLF tries to fling Izzy into Starr, but Izzy is ready and reverses WOLF towards Starr instead!!! Starr scoops up WOLF onto his shoulders and cracks him with the Noggin Knocker!!! But Hanz is up and charges Starr!!! Izzy pushes Starr out of the way in desperation, and Hanz catches Izzy with a hellish clothesline that flips her inside out! Starr looks stunned for a moment, then goes over to Hanz and chops Hanz in the throat!! Hanz responds by chopping Starr so hard that Starr stumbles back to the ropes. Hanz chops Starr again!! And again!!! The crowd 'woooooooo!'s with each chop as Hanz winds up, but Starr lets out a scream and headbutts Hanz!! Hanzs stumbles back and Starr quickly weaves himself outside onto the apron. Starr gears up to springboard, but before he can, WOLF explodes out of a corner and SPEARS Starr through the second rope!!!!! Starr is flung outside and smashes into the barricade while WOLF ends up falling onto the apron after momentarily being tangled up in the ropes!!

    Izzy runs and grabs WOLF by the hair and drags him up, but WOLF uses his size to grab her head! WOLF jumps off the apron, slinging Izzy across the top rope!!! Izzy stumbles backwards right into the waiting arms of Hanz Gruber!!!

    Langdon Trafford: GRUBERS GOT HER!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This is lights out for Van Doren!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: D....

    Hans cranks Izzy backwards and collars the head!!!

    Langdon Trafford: M.....

    Hanz spikes Izzy down center ring with Die Motherfucker Die (Scorpion Death Drop)!!!

    Langdon Trafford: D!!!!!!!!

    Hanz covers as WOLF looks on from the outside!



    Winner: Hanz Gruber and WOLF

    Post match, Hanz has his hand raised by the ref as WOLF takes a derisive look at Starr on the outside before walking back up the ramp without getting back in the ring. Hanz rolls out of the ring and goes up the ramp to celebrate with WOLF, but WOLF turns around as Hanz gets close and gives Hanz a look that stops him on his tracks. Hanz starts to back off, but then WOLF suddenly reaches out and gives Hanz a single, large slap on the back. The slap is enough to knock a startled Hanz forward, but WOLF then turns around and just keeps walking to the back. Hanz takes in what just happened on the ramp, then smiles and continues his celebration. As we fade ouy, Starr manages to slowly crawl back in to check on Izzy, who herself has slowly come to and is staring up the ramp at WOLF and Hanz with a look of disappointment and anger towards Hanz.



    We come back from commercial break to the commentary team at ringside. Langdon Trafford speaks.

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome back to Fight Night, folks! What a show it has been tonight and we've got plenty more coming right up! We still have Cyrus Truth versus Bell Connelly in our main event! Plus the tag team champs a--

    Before he can finish, Langdon is distracted by the fans unleashing a cascade of boos towards the ramp area. It becomes clear why as the camera shows the apathetic figure of "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo making his way down to the ring. He completely ignores the fans shouting at him as he walks up the steps and demands a mic.

    Piers Gallagher: Grr. I knew we we're having too much fun.

    Rondo lifts the mic up to his mouth and looks ready to speak but the crowd don't let him. They continue to boo and don't want to hear any of it. Rondo closes his mouth and lets them decide when they want to hear him speak. Eventually, it all calms down and Rondo starts talking - almost with a solemn tone to his words.

    Ryan Rondo: You know... I've been thinking about the last few months. Just... I guess I took some time, last week, to reflect on everything that's happened recently. And during this period of reflection... I've realised that there's something that just needs to be said. Air that needs to be cleared. I feel like there are some apologies due.

    The fans wear a confused expression as Rondo continues to appear sincere.

    David Weinstock: I guess Ryan Rondo feels like it's time to turn a corner.

    Ryan Rondo: That's right. I feel like it's something that just needs to happen so we can move on. So I've come out here to just say it...

    He takes a deep breath.

    Ryan Rondo: ... I think it's time that you all apologised to me. Especially Chris Kennedy! I mean... what a goddamn waste of time this has been! What a letdown! I'm out here doing my best trying to put on a five star classic and Kennedy drags it down. It's terrible! And you all cheer for him!? That's just not good enough. Kennedy owes you all a damn apology too for that sorry showing. He should apologise for being a fraud. For not having the heart. For not having the mettle to stand up to me. He's done. He's a nobody. And I would like him to say sorry for wasting my time. I would have been better off wrestling in nGw and facing a bigger challenge.

    The crowd are pissed at Rondo and let him know about it... but he continues to brush it off.

    Ryan Rondo: I don't care about any of you getting an apology. I don't care about any of you, period. But I want my apology. So, Kennedy... get your ass out here.

    He turns towards the ramp and awaits Kennedy's arrival - the fans wait with bated breath, just hoping that Kennedy is going to appear. The fans seem disappointed as nothing happens... but suddenly, the stage area lights up and "Bittersweet Symphony" blasts through the PA System. They all get up to their feet and break into cheers as they await Kennedy's arrival... but after a while, it becomes clear that nothing is going to happen. Rondo wears a massive grin on his face in the ring and shrugs his shoulders nonchalantly.

    Piers Gallagher: This guy is a dick.

    Rondo lifts the mic to his mouth and mocks the crowd.

    Ryan Rondo: Are you stupid!? Did you really think that Chris Kennedy was going to march down that ramp tonight? He's nowhere to be found! He isn't here! He's too embarrassed. He got found out. Chris Kennedy doesn't have it anymore and doesn't want it anymore. He's done. He's finished. I've ended him. Now, find me someone that will actually be a challenge. I've already taken out Connelly... I've dismantled Kennedy... and now, I....

    Before he can finish, "Bittersweet Symphony" breaks out once more. Rondo looks slightly confused in the ring whilst the crowd are hesitant to react... but they break out into another wave of joyful cheers as "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy finally makes his way out onto the ramp. Rondo looks slightly unsettled in the ring whilst Kennedy looks like he's in no mood for talking.

    Langdon Trafford: He's here! It's Chris Kennedy! And it looks like Ryan Rondo won't be having an apology come his way!

    Kennedy begins to slowly walk into the ring and Rondo rolls his eyes. Suddenly, Kennedy bursts into a sprint about halfway down the ramp and jumps into the ring. He runs straight for Rondo and looks to hit him with a right hand... but "The Last Star in the Sky" ducks under and aims a kick at Kennedy's leg. Kennedy drops down to his knees and seems to be hurt. Rondo can't believe his luck and taunts the crowd with a smirk... but the smirk disappears as Kennedy looks up at Rondo with his own. He leaps forward and takes Rondo down with a takedown before raining down a ton of punches on him. Rondo's completely defenceless as Kennedy batters him - he can't do anything as Kennedy gets back to his feet and begins to stomp away.

    Piers Gallagher: Kick his ass, Kennedy!

    Eventually, Rondo rolls out of the ring and clearly wants no more of it. He stumbles to the nearest barricade and climbs over to try and escape through the crowd. Kennedy is fired up in the ring and watches as his rival tries to get away - the crowd booing Rondo for his cowardice. Those boos turn to cheers, however, as Kennedy jumps out of the ring and runs after Rondo through the crowd. He eventually gets to him near a set of stairs and clobbers him from behind. Rondo falls onto the stairs and can't do anything as Kennedy smacks him with lefts and rights before landing some forceful elbows. Eventually, Kennedy decides he wants to get it back to the ring and picks Rondo up - throwing him in the direction of the ring area. Rondo is thrown over the barricade and Kennedy looks to follow... but he's stopped by a security crew that seems to emerge out of nowhere on the ring side of the barricade. They prevent Kennedy from crossing over and attack Rondo further.

    David Weinstock: I don't think the people are happy with the sudden stop to this madness!

    The security team get a lot of hate but Rondo seems like he is not to be outdone. He stands up near the apron of the ring and taunts Kennedy from behind the security crew. He's perfectly safe and he knows it. Kennedy seems to give up and backs away from the barricade... but he ends up taking a running start and uses it to leapfrog the security before taking Rondo down! He continues his assault of punches, elbows, knees and stomps as the security team struggles to get him away. They get him away eventually and Rondo struggles up the ramp with his back to the ring whilst the security team form a human barricade across the ramp to prevent Kennedy getting any further. Still fired up, Kennedy jumps into the ring and gets the crowd amped up as Rondo stumbles up the ramp in defeat. He eventually gets to the top and turns around to face the ring - he and Kennedy stare each other down. Kennedy points at him and lets him know that this is only the beginning. Rondo wipes away some blood from his nose and cuts a smirk before nodding in acknowledgement and walking away.

    Langdon Trafford: Just listen to this place, folks! "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy is only getting started with Ryan Rondo! He's here to STAY!


    We throw back to the ring where Kurt Harrington is standing and being talked at by local talent Looney Bin. Looney Bin is an imposing figure, so once Kurt gets the signal that the match is ready to begin, he raises his mic towards Looney Bin to catch a little of what Halifax's Indy Darling has to say. Looney Bin appears to be showing Kurt a binder with protective pages filled with collector coins.

    LB: "So yeah, like I was saying, did you know that the commemorative 15th Anniversary loonie is worth like, 40 dollars? Its a loonie, so its worth one dollar.... but it was issued at the price of like.... 40 dollars."

    Kurt Harrington gives Looney Bin a look.

    LB: "I know, right? Mind... blown."

    "Wherever I May Roam" by Metallica begins as the crowd turns to watch another FWA debut. Aaron Kendrick, the 23 year old from Arkansas, comes to the ring as the crowd gives little reaction aside from a few scarce cheers and claps.

    Halifax's Indy Darling is waiting in the ring with big bulging eyes and tattoos covering his body. Aaron Kendrick, though, seems unfazed.

    Langdon Trafford: An injection of youth and freshness tonight for the FWA. Aaron Kendrick is a new member of the roster and hoping to get his first win against a local wrestler from the independent circuit from the maritimes, Halifax!

    Aaron Kendrick vs "Halifax's Indy Darling" Looney Bin

    Kendrick uses quick strikes with his forearm to keep Looney Bin on the defensive. A spinning wheel kick shows his athleticism and a whip to the ropes nets a punch to the stomach and Russian leg sweep. The crowd watches Aaron decimate his opponent with a fast leg drop and a driving elbow from the middle turnbuckle. But his pinfall try only gets a quick two count.

    Looney Bin begins fighting back and drives Kendrick into the turnbuckle. Repeated shoulder thrusts into the midsection wear the new FWA star down, but Kendrick lea-frogs over Looney Bin on the fourth shoulder drive attempt and hops over to the middle of the ring. Looney Bin went shoulder first into the ring post. Kendrick lands a big powerbomb and then the "TAK ATK" falcon arrow finisher. This move gets a nice ovation and some wowed "oooooh" reaction from the crowd.

    Winner: Aaron Kendrick

    Aaron Kendrick gets the customary hand raise from the ref and exits the ring all smiles. The fans remain apathetic to the newcomer, although a few more fans are now cheering after watching his high-athleticism offense.

    Langdon Trafford: Could we see a new X-title star in the making? Aaron Kendrick might have won some fans over tonight.

    Piers Gallagher: He looks like another ordinary spot monkey to me!

    David Weinstock: Everyone looks like some kind of spot-something to you, Piers. I was impressed, guys. This kid looks like he could have a big future in FWA!

    “Voodoo Child” by the Rogue Traders caused the arena to erupt in a sea of jeers as Madison Banks made her way out to the stage. She took center stage before motioning for her boys. Julian Watson and Ryan Martin walked out to the stage, and flanked the captivating Banks. She started to walk down the ring, with her boys at her side, before stopping at the bottom of the ramp and ordering them to get in that ring and bring them the win.

    “The man with a harmonica” cut off the motivation as the fans popped mildly for Humanity. Humanity walked down to the ring without a care in the world and tried to interact with the fans that were mildly enthused to see him.

    “G.O.M.D.” by Sickick interrupted Humanity who glared at Zachary Kazadi, as he made his way down to the ring. Kazadi brushed right by Humanity, paying him no mind as he headed straight to his corner of the ring. Humanity followed suit but exchanged words with Kazadi as soon as he got into the ring. The referee forced one of them to enter the ring and one to the outside. Humanity demanded that he start the match so Kazadi obliged.

    Tag Team Match
    The Heartbreak Express (Julian Watson and Ryan Martin) w/Madison Banks vs Zachary Kazadi and Humanity

    “Giving in” by Adema played just moments after the bell rang as all four competitors stopped and stared down the North American Champion as he confidently walked down the ramp, pausing to look at his reflection in the belt. Parr waved to Kazadi as he walked around the ring and sat at the announce table.

    Langdon Trafford: And a welcome to our current North American Champion, "The Prodigy "Mike Parr. Thanks for joining us Mike.

    Mike Parr: Just had to come and see what everyone is talking about first hand Langdon.

    Piers Gallagher: What everyone is talking about?

    Mike Parr: The man who apparently is better than anyone I have faced in the last 14 months and is going to take this championship from me.

    David Weinstock: Did you not see enough of Kazadi in the tournament?

    Mike Parr: I saw enough to make me think that he is going to struggle to lay a hand on me.

    Humanity screamed obscenities at Parr, which gave Ryan Martin the opportunity to attack from behind. Martin and Watson utilized quick tags, double team maneuvers such as their Double Dropkick, Double Clothesline, and combination Wheelbarrow/ Double Knee Facebuster to wear down the veteran Humanity. Humanity started to fight back with his old school offense on Julian Watson, and when Ryan Martin tried to get involved Humanity took him out with the Cactus Clothesline!

    Langdon Trafford: There's the fighting spirit that has won Humanity plenty of admirers!

    Mike Parr: Where was that when we faced? That's right...I didn't let him get a look in.

    David Weinstock: Sounds a bit arrogant?

    Mike Parr: It's just a fact David. It's not arrogant to be confident in yourself.

    Piers Gallagher: But to some it could sound as such?

    Mike Parr: Luckily we have people in the stands who see it too and they back me. Arrogance never won or lost championships, wrestling ability did. Anyone of you can question me on that if you want? Nobody? Funny how Humanity not being the next big thing as promised is somehow now more a reflection on him than me? Let's see what he does next...

    Humanity tagged in Kazadi but the referee was distracted by Madison Banks and didn’t see the tag! The referee forced Kazadi back to the outside, as Watson drilled Humanity with a Superkick and drug him back to the corner where he tagged in Martin!

    Mike Parr: Shocking officiating there. But then Kazadi should have better awareness than that...

    Langdon Trafford: I don't see what he could have done differently?

    Mike Parr: Ensured he was tagged into the match legally.

    Martin delivered his calf kick, followed by a running knee and then a Tiger Driver, which got a two count! Martin taunted Kazadi, who was smart enough not to bite, and as martin turned around, Humanity caught him with an inside cradle for a surprise near fall! Both men got up and Humanity delivered a surprise Package Piledriver! Humanity tagged in Kazadi as Martin did Watson!

    Mike Parr: Finally, let's see what he can do. Better not get stage fright.

    Kazadi came in on absolute fire nailing Watson and Martin with a variety of strikes before ducking a clothesline attempt by Martin and back body dropping him to the outside! Watson turned around into a Snap DDT from Kazadi, who immediately locks in a French Rear Naked Choke!

    Langdon Trafford: Excellent transition from Kazadi there.

    Mike Parr: Agreed Langdon. Helped by his opponents lack of ability certainly, but take nothing away from Kazadi that's an impressive transition into a submission that could win the match for this team.

    Watson gasps and fights for any breath he can get, desperately trying to reach the ropes and looks like he might be about to fade when Martin dives in the ring, breaking it up! Martin viciously begins to pound on Kazadi and stomps away at him, before drilling him with a Codebreaker as he arose. Martin went over and tried to awaken Watson, pulling him to the corner before stepping outside and tagging in. Martin and Watson both got to their feet and DRILLED Kazadi with a Double Superkick before Martin begins to climb up to the top rope. Watson grabs him for a Double Leg Catapult as they go for their Heartbreak Hotel finisher but Humanity shoves Martin off the ropes!

    Piers Gallagher: Humanity saves the match for his team there!

    Mike Parr: I'm confused guys. This is supposed to be the great Zachary Kazadi, did I miss something or did he almost actually lose that match?

    David Weinstock: Not much you can do when you get beat down two on one.

    Mike Parr: Difficult certainly. I mean releasing the submission before his team mate has a chance to have a clean shot may have been an idea. I'd relate but I've got better awareness than that for it to ever be a problem.

    Humanity tries for his Death Valley Driver on Watson, but Martin saves him and the two take out Humanity with the Maddie Driver! Kazadi got back to his feet and literally KO’d Martin with his KO Kick! Watson grabs Kazadi for a German Suplex but Kazadi counters it straight into the RipCord Elbow! Kazadi looks at his fallen opponent and knows that he’s not going to kick out but he instead looks over at Parr and points “This….will be you!” and applies the Canadian Clutch!

    Mike Parr: Good luck with that!

    With no choice left, Julian Watson taps out!

    Here are your winners @ 7;56 – “The Alpha Wolf” Zachary Kazadi and Humanity

    Langdon Trafford: An impressive win for Zachary and Humanity. Got what you needed to see there Mike?

    Mike Parr: Nothing I haven't seen before. Winning a tournament or making the like of Julian Watson tap out is supposed to strike fear into me?

    David Weinstock: You can only beat what is put in front of you.

    Mike Parr: I've done that for 14 months and I don't see Kazadi getting close to stopping that.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Well, thanks for joining us Mike.

    Parr rises from the announcers position and stands up on the apron, whilst Kazadi stands in the middle of the ring staring directly at the North American Champion. Parr steps in between the ropes and approaches his opponent. He takes his championship belt, and drapes it over the shoulder of Kazadi in what has to be a reference to Kazadi last week. He then pats the face of the championship belt.

    "Feels good doesn't it? Think about what you could have had when I leave you lying..See you then"

    Parr winks and takes his belt back, sliding underneath the bottom rope and making his way begins to make his way up the ramp without bothering to look back.

    Zachary Kazadi: Mike-Mike-Mike. Wait a second.

    He’s half over the rope, an open palm out to gesture for Parr to stay still. Parr seems to be listening.

    Zachary Kazadi: Mike… I’m not quite sure why you came out here to watch my match. The easy assumption is you came here to study me but you’re an egomaniac, Mike. You don’t study your opponents; you go in assuming the victory is a given… and most of the time you’re right. The other assumption I can safely make, rolling through with the knowledge that you’re an egomaniac is that you’ve simply come out to listen to the sound of your own voice and berate me. Now, I couldn’t hear you from back inside that ring but I’m sure you came up with some clever stuff.

    Parr remains expressionless. He holds the North American Championship firm on his shoulders and questions off the microphone if Kazadi’s got anything worthwhile to say.

    Zachary Kazadi: Mike, the reason why I’ve asked you to wait is because it’s just occurred to me that you don’t know - better yet - you don’t remember who it is you’re going against at Mile High. To me… it looks like you don’t value your time. You don’t value the time you’ve got left with that title. You don’t value the time you should be putting in getting ready to face me… so I figured I’d give you a little reminder.

    He lowers the microphone and the titantron behind him lights up. In all the 1080P HD glory is an extreme close up and still of Mike Parr’s face. Pain is etched onto it. Spittle coming out. Parr looks up at it...

    Zachary Kazadi: A reminder of the last time you went up against me. That’s not a facial expression you’re used to, is it? No. It’s a sight that, like you, most people have chosen to forget. See, you’ve only had to put on that face once in your illustrious reign. When everyone thinks of Mike Parr and they see that smug grin you’ve always got on… that image... that’s what I think of Mike. I think of that face. And… when you talk… all I hear is…

    The video plays and Parr screaming out in pain is all too clear over the absolute silence of the Bridgestone Arena that night, far too shocked to say a thing. Aside from that scream is the mat struck rapidly by his tapping out.

    Zachary Kazadi: It’s all I hear. It’s all I ever hear. It’s the same sound I hear every single opponent I face make. Alternatively, there’s this sound.

    There isn’t a sound. It’s silent.

    Zachary Kazadi: Passed out. Helpless. Dead to the world. Those two are my favorite sounds in the world. It’s not the referee smacking the mat three times. It’s not these people chanting one… two… three. It’s the dead silence of a man forced to a helpless sleep as I snatch his dreams away… or better yet… for those with a will weaker than their body’s limits… that's you, Mike... it’s the sound of you proclaiming your surrender for all to hear. The sound of you waving your white flag. The sound of you… tapping… out. Those… are the options you have, Mike… I know you haven't been brought down to such a narrowed set of choices in a long, long time, but here we are. Either you scream as you watch me take that belt… or you mourn its loss in silence. But Mike, maybe you've got a third choice, stop wasting your time, stop wasting my time, and for your own sake, realize I’m not Garcia… I’m definitely not HUMANITY, and I’m not the stepstones you’ve walked over your entire career. You need to prepare, Mike… you need to take me seriously… you need to operate with the mentality that you're going head to head with a World Champion with the biggest prize on the line because that's the only way I know how to wrestle... or that face… that’s the face people are going to start picturing when they think of Mike Parr.

    Kazadi tosses the microphone back to Kurt Harrington. In trademark ALPHA Wolf fashion, Kazadi forgets the crowd, forgets the arena, forgets that Parr had initially been making his way to the back before him, and walks hurriedly up the ramp, presumably already preparing for his next match. He and Parr stand off near the top of the ramp and the pair trade a look - with Parr looking more serious now. Kazadi disappears first as Parr is left staring a hole into his back.

    Langdon Trafford: Well.... strong words from the challenger to the North American Champion, guys! Its going to go down between those two, The Prodigy and The Alpha Wolf, at Mile High!!

    David Weinstock: Theres always a risk to running your mouth, but can you blame Kazadi? He won the whole damn tournament to get his shot at Parr, can't blame him for being confident!

    Piers Gallagher: But did you see what Parr did to HUMANITY??? I always knew you were an idiot, David, but to bet against The Prodigy, you've sunk to a new low! You think cheap like video clips are going to get in Mike Parrs head??

    David Weinstock: I didn't say anything about picking a winner, Piers. I'm just saying Zachary Kazadi is feeling it right now, and it shows!

    Langdon Trafford: Excuse me for just a second, gentleman, because right now we have a very special segment for our fans here in attendance and for all our FWA viewers at home, throw to the back, boys, and say hello to the General Manager of Fight Night, Ashley O'Ryan!!

    The camera cuts away from the desk and throws backstage to Ashley O'Ryan, standing by his temporary office in the arena. A hearty pop from the crowd greets him, and Ashley acknowledges it with a cheeky grin.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye, sounds like you lot out there in the arena are havin' a bit of fun.

    Langdon Trafford:Mr. O'Ryan, we understand that you have a couple of announcements to make, but before we get to that, give us your thoughts on your X Division Gauntlet Challenge, which tonight finally claimed the championship reign of Jason Randall. We have a new X Division Champion, Tristan James Galloway! You said this guantlet would run until Mile High, so are we to understand that Galloway will defend the X Division Championship next week on Fight Night?

    Ashley O'Ryan:
    Damn right he is, Langdon. I said at the start of all this that I want this X Division Championship to be held by the toughest, hungriest SOBs this company can find, and fair play to both competitors, what a match it was. Tristan Galloway might've gotten a good draw and taken that belt near the end, but next week will be no different, the gauntlet continues and Galloway will indeed defend that belt. Which leads into my first announcement quite nicely. At the Mile High PPV, we're going to cap this X Division Gauntlet off nicely, we're going to pay tribute to this titles history. You see, I've been watching the gauntlet every week and quite a few people have impressed me even if they came up short. Thats why, at Mile High, whoever is X Division Champion will defend the title against four other challengers in a CLOCKWORTH ORANGE CAGE MATCH. We're going to get a cage, Langdon, we're going to fill it with weapons, we're going to put 5 of our toughest SOBs there, and the best man is going to walk out X Division Champion. Pinfall or submission only!! And best part is, people who want to be in that match still have one more show to impress me.

    The crowd pops for the notion that they'll see a caged weapons match at Mile High.

    Langdon Trafford
    :You heard it here first, folks! A Clockworth Orange Cage match will occur at Mile High! I understand though, that you also have news of FWAs upcoming 'Worlds Strongest Tag Team" Tournament that you want to share with the FWA Universe.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye. I'm happy to tell you all that interest in the Tag League is sky high. There are several teams bangin' on the door to get into the tournament and make a name for themselves, but you know me, Langdon, I like star power and I ain't lettin' just anyone into this shebang. I like giving the fans what they want, which is to see the best and only the best. Thats why next week, we're going to have some qualification matches for Mile High Massacre. The best and brightest FWA has to offer are all going to get their shot at entering the match, but theres only so many spots to go around. So let it be known now, those wrestlers who are not successful in qualifying for Mile High Massacre, I'm making an edict right now: we're going to enter you in the Tag League, and you're going to have to fight to get your honor back. We'll announce all the teams in due time, Langdon, but I've blabbed enough, these fans came to see some wrestling!! Away with ye now, back to the show ya go!!

    Ashley waves off the camera with a smile as the crowd cheers him. The camera cuts back to the commentary booth.

    Langdon Trafford: Thank you for your time Mr. O'Ryan! Well, you heard it straight from the GM, ladies and gentleman! More star power is guarenteed to be in our upcoming Tag Team Tournament!! We truly will find out who is the Worlds Strongest Tag Team!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Stop trying to bury the real story!!! That sick freak screwed Randall out of the title and now hes making a CLOCKWORTH ORANGE CAGE MATCH?? Is he insane???? Ashley O'Ryan is a crazy person!!!!!!!

    David Weinstock: Nobody will ever accuse a wrestler who steps foot in a FWA ring as being faint of heart, I'll tell you that much!! Things are heating up across all our divisions guys, its out of the frying pan and into the fire! Man, I can't wait for Mile High and beyond!


    The lights are out as we return to our view of the main arena. The cell phone lights illuminate the air through about 15 seconds of silence. Then the first plucks of the acoustic guitar roll in as the crowd buzzes for the next entrance.

    Langdon Trafford: It's always a very eerie feeling when Deception appears on Fight Night. The music, the darkness. Everything.

    The cell phones wave in the air to the tune of "Don't Fear the Reaper" as Deception slowly makes the walk to the ring. The crowd even joins in the "Ahh-la-la, la, la" part, singing along for the first time ever in one of those "cool" moments from the crowd.

    Piers Gallagher: These fans should try out for American Idol if they can sing.

    The lights flicker on before staying on permanently. Deception is in the ring as the music stops, and then comes the upbeat intro to "Only Happy When It Rains." Penny comes out as the crowd once more gives a small approval of cheers for the female star. She makes her way to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: This is one of the more interesting matchups of the show, Piers. Can Penny handle the force of Deception?

    Piers Gallagher: Penny is a crazy chick. I think she might be OK.

    David Weinstock: And who knows if Jason Randall losing his title earlier will have any effect on Penny?

    Deception vs. Penny

    Deception, at 5-foot-11 and weighing just under 190 pounds, is much taller and stronger than the 5-foot-2-inch Penny, who only weighs around 125 pounds dripping wet. But Penny moves around the ring like a bee, dodging Deception for the first 30 seconds of the match. Penny lands a slap across the chest but Deception grabs her by the hair and flings her into the nearby turnbuckle. He tries an elbow to the face but Penny ducks down and moves out from the corner. She lands a kick to the groin and stomps down on the exposed left ankle of Deception. Penny then hits a tilt-a-whirl head-scissors takedown into the middle of the ring and quickly tries for a pin. But Deception pushes her into the air for a powerful kickout at barely a one count.

    Deception hits a snake eyes into the turnbuckle and then a running corner leg lariat that takes the wind out from Penny's chest. Deception hits a reverse STO leaping into the air and then lays atop Penny, who barely pushes her shoulder up at two and two-thirds. Deception whips Penny across the ring and attempts a front dropkick but Penny grabs the ropes to halt her momentum. When Deception springs back to his feet after hitting the canvas, Penny hits a spin kick to the groin and powers Deception down head first into the canvas with a jumping DDT! Penny rolls Deception onto his back and goes for the pinfall!

    ...................1.....................2............Powerful kickout from Deception!

    Langdon Trafford: Penny is using those kicks to the middle to get Deception in an exposed position. It's the only way she can use her offense.

    Penny tries a double-underhook DDT but Deception flips her backwards and over the ropes, sending Penny out of the ring and crashing to the outside floor. Deception follows, stepping through the ropes. He lands a knee up thrusted into her ribs and then whips her hard back-first into the fan barricade. Deception puts a boot up into her throat, but it's not a very effective maneuver. Penny is able to push the boot off the side of her chest and neck and lock in a standing ankle lock as Deception hops on his free leg on the outside. Deception howls in pain as he holds onto the fan barricade. Penny continues twisting as she tries to yank him toward the apron. Deception eventually yanks Penny's entire body toward him with the leg locked in her arms, and then he bumps her in the back, sending her face first into the padded floor.

    Piers Gallagher: This is a little outside Deception's comfort zone. He's usually not the biggest person in a match. He's more of a high-flyer with a bit of a brawler style sprinkled in. Tonight, he's going to try and win on sheer strength. That's not his usual style, so it's not surprising to see him unsure of himself.

    Deception rolls Penny back into the ring and hobbles himself under the ropes. He goes for a cover, but Penny applies a modified figure-four head-scissors lock!!! The crowd cheers and comes to its feet, roaring approval for the out-of-nowhere twist to the match. Deception's feet are about 18 inches from being underneath the ropes. But he finds a way instead to push himself off the canvas and lift Penny's body with him. Penny is now holding the figure-four headlock in midair. She then repositions herself for the "Spider Web" octopus hold!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Penny is throwing EVERYTHING at Deception tonight! Look at this unorthodox offense she's showing us!

    Piers Gallagher: This is her best chance to win the match!

    The crowd gives another resounding cheer as Penny drops Deception to his knees as she locks her hands underneath his arm and her legs around his neck. Deception can only run backwards, squishing Penny against the turnbuckle. But Penny keeps the hold applied as Deception locks his arm around the top rope, forcing a break!

    Penny releases and rolls over the top rope, landing on the apron. Deception is worse for wear as Penny goes to the top turnbuckle. She looks out to the crowd and leaps off for a split-legged moonsault to the standing Deception! It works, and Penny sends Deception down to the canvas. She goes for a THIRD pinfall, this time with a real chance to win it!



    Crowd: THREE!!! ... OOOOOH!

    Deception kicks out at two and four-fifths, just in time to keep himself in the match. Penny thought she had it, rolling off Deception with fatigue showing on her face. Deception crawls to the bottom rope closes to the ramp and hangs on. Penny gets up and starts stomping on Deceptions back!! Penny rakes Deceptions back and face with boots, punctuating the last few with some screaming. Penny tries to drag Deception back to center ring but Deception hangs on to the bottom rope. Penny wipes the hair out of her face, runs the ropes, and charges to punt Deception in the face!!!... but Deception sweves away at the last moment and pulls the ropes open, causing Penny to spill to the outside!!! Penny lands in a heap on the outside mats but tries to recover quickly, but Deception pulls himself up, leaps onto the corner turnbuckle, and flings himself outside with a beautiful moonsault which catches Penny flush!!!!! Both of them are wiped out ringside as the crowd chants 'HOLY SHIT!!!!'

    Piers Gallagher: He might just be crazier than she is!!!!

    David Weinstock: Deception is not letting Penny off the hook here guys, that was some hard-charging offense we just saw!! And now the ref is counting!!

    The ref slowly counts as both Deception and Penny are slow to recover. They both struggle up, but can't find each other momentarily until their backs bump. Both of them turn around, and Penny strikes first with a huge open handed slap!!! Deception shakes it off, but Penny proceeds to light him up with a huge chop!!! Penny tries to load up another, but Deception smacks her with a forearm shot, and now its Pennys turn to be reeling!! Penny, however, is only momentarily shook and jumps on Deception and BITES him on the face!!! Deception convulses for a moment, trying to get the rabid Penny off of him!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Good lord, shes biting him!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Cat like reflexes, cat like strategies!!!!

    Deception is finally successful in flinging Penny off over his shoulders, but Penny doesn't stay down. Instead she charges Deception and rams but Deception and herself into the steel ring steps!!!!!! The crowd 'oooooooohs' as the unforgiving *clang* of the steel steps being thrashed around rings through the arena!!! Both competitors are down again, but it seems as if Penny hit her head on the steps and is dazed!! Deception, favoring his back, suddenly realizes the count is at 9!!!

    David Weinstock: THE COUNT, GUYS!!!

    Deception tries to slide back in the ring quickly, but his back is too hurt. As he gingerly rolls into the ring, it becomes apparent to everyone that the refs count has already passed 10.


    Deception rolls slowly into the ring, slowly realizing that he didn't beat the count. He turns turns the ref and starts shaking his head. Meanwhile on the outside, Penny has finally dragged herself back to a crouch....


    Everyones attention is suddenly jerked towards the titantron.


    Zako Wrath storms out from the back and charges down the ramp!! Deception gets up and prepares himself, but it becomes clear to all after a second that Zakos target is Penny, who is still stranded on the outside!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Good god, its Zako Wrath!!! He's going after Penny!!!

    Piers Gallagher: Zako is pissed about what happened last Fight Night, and Penny is going to PAY!!!!

    David Weinstock: She's defenseless right now, this isn't right!!!

    Penny weakly puts her hands up to defend herself but Zako has set upon her and is pummeling her with strikes!! Zako lets out some pant-like grunts before grabbing Penny by the hair and flinging her back into the steel steps!!!

    In the ring, Deception quietly observes the attack going on outside. As Zako continues to ignore him and stalk the fallen Penny, Deception looks towards the crowd, gives what seems to be a shrug and a sigh, and then charges the ropes. As the crowd catches on and starts to cheer, Deception launches himself outside with a high angle step-up senton onto both Zako and Penny!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Deception inserts himself into the fracas in high impact fashion!!!!! This is turning into one hell of a free-for-all!!!!

    David Weinstock: At least it seems he wasn't all just talk about saving Penny!

    Zako and Deception pop immediately back up and start trading fierece blows on the outside!!! Neither man has the upper hand, but Zako smashes Deception with a huge uppercut which sends Deception stumbling back to the ring apron!!! Zako walks forward, but Deception straightens himself up and smacks Zako with a high kick!!!!! Zako stops but doesnt go down, and after a moment, grabs Deception by the throat and starts choking him!!!

    At this point, referees and backstage agents start pouring out to ringside to stop the melee. Just as everyone has managed to seperate Deception and Zako, Penny climbs up on the steel step and flings herself into the staff, Zako, and Deception with a scream, knocking everyone over!!!! She alternates between laying boots into both Zako and Deception, screaming "I HATE YOU I HATE YOU!!!!!" with each stomp!! But Zako gets up and now grabs Penny by the throat!! Penny smashes a kick right to Zakos knee!! Zako drops down to a knee but still refuses to let go of Pennys neck!!!! Deception gets up and headbutts Zako as referees and the backstage staff get up and struggle now to seperate all 3 of them. One of the agents running by the commentary table screams "GO TO COMMERCIAL!!!" at a production hand. Zako breaks free of the scrum and is charging towards Deception and Penny, but Fight Night then abruptly cuts to commercial.



    Fight Night returns on the air, and immediately dives right into ring entrance music.

    I’m Only Human After All

    I’m Only Human After All

    Don’t put your blame on me

    Don’t put the blame on me

    Rag ’N’Bone Man’s “Human” blared over the speakers and the crowd gave a bit of a lukewarm, untrusting reaction when Michael Garcia came down the ramp without his usual brash arrogance and machismo. He was very focus, just like last week, and he didn’t take his eyes off of the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: For those of you wondering at home, FWA personnel was finally able to get that brawl between Deception and Penny and Zako Wrath at ringside under control, but we have to move right into our next match folks, and out now comes the subject of the Phillip A. Jackson Project!!

    David Weinstock: Well, the Phillip A. Jackson project passed their first test last week with an impressive victory over the Heartbreak Express! This week, they’ll have another tall order in front of them as they have to take on the undefeated FWA Tag Team Champions, The Sin City Vultures!

    Langdon Trafford: The journey these two men are on have to be commended though, David. They are genuinely trying to right their wrongs and you just don’t see that o often in this company.

    “Universe on Fire” was next on the playlist and the crowd reaction amplified tenfold as Phillip A. Jackson made his way down to the ring. Phillip slapped hands with fans at ringside, before jogging up the steps, stepping into the ring and motivating his partner to get it done. PAJ slapped Garcia hard on the chest, which seemed to pump up the big man.

    Piers Gallagher: Righting their wrongs? Give me a break! I blame Phillip for this! I can’t believe he’s managing to soften a hardened monster! This is ridiculous! Garcia is supposed to be heartless. He’s supposed to be a jerk! He’s supposed to be an asshole! We don’t have enough of that in this company!

    Langdon Trafford: We’ve always got you, Piers.

    “Dysfunctional Instrumental” interrupted their pep talk as the crowd erupted into a chorus of jeers as BUCK and Manson set foot onto the stage. They soaked in the crowd’s hatred as they performed their signature taunt at the top of the ramp and confidently strutted down to the ring. BUCK and Manson glanced at each other and nodded, before sliding into the ring and taking the fight to the Project! The FWA Tag Team champions engaged in hand to hand combat with their opponents as the bell rang.

    Piers Gallagher: And I can’t believe I’m saying this but I hope these guys knock some sense into Big Mike tonight and he realizes that Phillip A. has never been anything more than a washed up loser!

    David Weinstock: Well, if anybody can it may be the Sin City Vultures. The’ve been touring the world for years and definitely have the experience edge. They know each other like the back of their hands. Phillip and Mike are still ironing that out. That’s a big advantage for the tag champs!

    Non Title Tag Team Match
    FWA Tag Team Champions The Sin City Vultures vs The Phillip A. Jackson Project

    BUCK paired off with Garcia as Manson and PAJ went toe to toe in the far corner! The referee had to pull Manson away from PAJ and forced both men out of the ring as BUCK and Garcia were throwing right hands. Garcia finally blocked a right hand from BUCK and connected with a hard uppercut, and followed that up with a few more hard rights! Garcia grabbed BUCK’s arm and whipped him into the ropes but BUCK came back with a hard shoulder block that forced both men to stumble backwards but neither to fall! Buck reared back and tried again, only for Garcia to lower his shoulder, lean in and catch BUCK with one of his own! Again,neither man went to the ground. BUCK tried one more time but this time Garcia ducked down and back body dropped BUCK over the top rope! BUCK lands on the apron, showing amazing athleticism, so Garcia charges forward with a running boot as BUCK sidesteps, causing Big Mike to land in an uncomfortable position! BUCK steps back in the ring and tags in Manson! BUCK pulls Garcia off of the ropes, as Manson sets him up with the Side Russian Leg Sweep. BUCK comes forward with the clothesline, simultaneously, and Garcia hits the ground hard!

    Langdon Trafford: HOSS FIGHT!

    David Weinstock: And there’s the teamwork I was referring to!

    The referee forces BUCK out of the ring as Manson strikes fast and hard, preventing Garcia from getting back to his feet. Eventually, Garcia gets to one knee and shoves Manson across the ring, only for Manson to come right back with a running one leg dropkick, and then a Shining Wizard! The sound of the kick resonated throughout the arena, as Garcia stumbled back down to the mat. Manson taunted PAJ momentarily, before turning back and seeing a grinning Garcia standing straight up! Manson panicked and immediately leaped up in the air for a CodeBreaker, but Mike caught him mid move and sent him crashing back down to the mat with a Powerbomb! Garcia reached over and tagged in PAJ.

    PAJ immediately climbed up to the top rope and signaled for the Amazing Splash! BUCK tried to enter the ring, drawing the referee’s attention as Manson reached up and shoved Garcia into the ropes, crotching PAJ! PAJ hit hard as BUCK gave in and Manson ascended the top rope and hooked PAJ up for a top rope Falcon Arrow, which connected! Manson transitioned into the cover but PAJ kicked out at 2. Manson tagged in his partner. BUCK locked in a camel clutch on PAJ, and it took quite a while for PAJ to wiggle his way out of it. When he did, BUCK played the straight power game using his running powerslam, Military Press Drop, and Running Boot to dominate PAJ. Another tag in to Manson who went for his Springboard Forearm…but PAJ ducked! Manson landed on his feet, and turned around,right into a PAJle kick! PAJ crawled over to his corner for the tag so BUCK ran in and knocked Big Mike off the apron! PAJ got up and drilled BUCK with a German Suplex! Then a German to Manson! PAJ with a bulldog to Manson,simultaneously clotheslining BUCK! PAJ let out a scream as he awaited Manson to get up to one knee, for the Curbstomp but he saw BUCK get up out of the corner of his eye so he drilled him with a Superkick! PAJ turned his attention back to Manson,who caught him with an Exploder Suplex! PAJ rolled to his corner as a fired up Garcia reached in and tagged himself in!

    Langdon Trafford: OH SNAP!

    David Weinstock: That’s not what Manson wanted to see!

    Manson wasted no time in leaping up and trying to catch Garcia with a series of forearms, but Garcia grabbed him by the collar andlaunched him across the ring! BUCK immediately came back in and leveled Garcia with a running boot as the referee ordered him out of the ring! Garcia was stunned by the boot as Manson keapt to his feet and DROPPED Garcia with a CodeBreaker! Manson covered and got a looooooong two count! Manson couldn’t believe it as he began to mumble to himself. Manson tagged in BUCK, who stalked his fellow big man,and eagerly awaited him to rise for the Gory Bomb, but Big Mike elbowed his way out of it! Mike delivered a hard spinebuster, and then a Fisherman Buster to BUCK before shouting this is it!

    Garcia hoisted Buck into the air and set him up for the Pittfall! As BUCK was in the air, Manson made the blind tag! BUCK collided with the mat with impact as Manson rushed into the ring, grabbed Garcia by his belt and ran him straight into the ringpost, knocking PAJ off the apron as well! With Garcia stunned, Manson rolled him up and put both feet on the ropes!


    Here are your winners: The Sin City Vultures!

    Langdon Trafford: Wh…I mean, he had the ropes!

    Piers Gallagher: It doesn’t matter how you do it, all that matters are the wins and losses and tonight, the Sin City Vultures remain undefeated!

    David Weinstock: Whoa! Is that a…Can we call that an…upset?

    Langdon Trafford: I think so!

    After the match is over, Garcia and PAJ stand alone in the ring as the Vultures head up the ramp, with a knowing smile spreading on Mason's face while BUCK is still intently staring down PAJ and Garcia in the ring. PAJ and Garcia share a long stare in the ring before PAJ extends his arm and shakes Mike’s hand. PAJ pulls Mike in for a sudden hug and the two share an awkward embrace in the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Well guys, it seems all is still well with the Phillip A. Jackson Project, but tonight one thing is for certain, that there is still no tag team in FWA that has been able to defeat the Sin City Vultures!

    Piers Gallagher: The Vultures promised they would out-smart and out-teamwork PAJ and Garcia and thats exactly what they did!! And its well known I have a soft spot for Phillip but all this namby-pamby coddling is WRONG!! Garcia blew the match for them and he gets a hug????? Are you kidding me?????

    David Weinstock: Positive reinforcement, Piers, its a work in progress. SCV are clearly rolling though, and frankly, I don't think it matters what teams Ashley O'Ryan bring in or put together for the Tag League, on this form, the FWA Tag Team Champions are nothing less than overwhelming favorites to clean out the field!!

    Langdon Trafford: The Worlds Strongest Tag Team could well be the Sin City Vultures, I can't wait for that tournament to get started. But what about tonight, guys?? We have a new X Division Champion!!! Tristan James Galloway!!!

    David Weinstock: No doubt Tristan James Galloway was made to earn it, his first ever FWA Championship guys!! Congratulations are in order!!

    Piers Gallagher: Yeah, congrats Tristan, congrats on being Ashley's PAWN to SCREW Jason Randall out of that title!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Speaking of pawns, Shannon O'Neal.... I'm still a little shocked by what the FWA World Heavyweight Champion had to say, what she had to admit!

    Piers Gallagher: The idiot yokels in the FWA Universe and management bought it hook, line, and sinker Langdon, and I think its brilliant!!! People overlooked Shannon O'Neal thinking she was just a country bumpkin but she was the puppetmaster all along!!

    Langdon Trafford: Something tells me this isn't the last we've heard of this matter, not by a long shot.... but enough from us ladies and gentlemen, its time for your main event of the evening!! A match that will most definitely carry implications for the Mile High Massacre match at the Mile High PPV!! 'The Exile' Cyrus Truth!! 'Warrior Woman' Bell Connelly!! These two stars meet once again under the bright lights, and it starts..... right now!!!!!

    Bell Connelly is out first for the main event of the evening. As she walks down the ramp, Bell seems a little more withdrawn than usual, though she still obliges the fans ringside who are sticking out their hands to try and high five her.

    Langdon Trafford: There's no two ways around it, ladies and gentlemen: its been a year of ups and downs for Bell Connelly. Disappointment at Back in Business, falling short in the North American Championship Tournament finals, but Bell Connelly has a chance to right the ship back on course with victory here. Tonight, Bell Connelly seeks her first victory over Cyrus Truth and to make her case to Ashley O'Ryan that she deserves to be in Mile High Massacre!!

    Piers Gallagher: A bet on Chokerella is money down the drain, Langdon! Bell Connelly chokes so much, she should just get with Michael Garcia so they can perform the Heimlich on each other every day!!

    David Weinstock: Sometimes the road to the top is long and winding, thats for sure. I think the FWA Universe believes that Bell Connelly has it to make the breakthrough, the real question is: does Bell Connelly believe in herself?

    'Subconcious' blares as Cyrus Truth slowly makes his way out onto the stage. As he walks down the ramp, he jabs his finger directly and says something to the ramp camera but its inaudible due to the crowd noise.

    Langdon Trafford: The former FWA World Heavyweight Champion has entered the arena!! He may have suffered injustice by the hands of Shannon O'Neal at the 12th Anniversary Show, but make no mistake about it ladies and gentlemen, the fire to once again regain that World Heavyweight Championship was not extinguished!

    David Weinstock: He looks determined, Langdon, determined to prove that what happened with Shannon O'Neal was nothing more than a bump in the road. Being a champion is Cyrus Truths history anywhere hes been, his legacy, his lifeblood!

    Main Event: Cyrus Truth vs Bell Connelly

    The ref calls for the bell as the crowd amps up the noise. Before they lock up though, Cyrus raises both his arms and suddenly yells 'We've been here before!!' at Bell. Bell stop for a moment, and as Cyrus keeps his hands up.... suddenly grabs Cyrus by the head and immediately plants Cyrus with a Glitterbomb (Codebreaker)!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: OH MY GOD!!!!!!! GLITTERBOMB!!!!!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!!

    David Weinstock: PIN HIM!!!!!!!!

    Bell immediately covers!!!!!



    Cyrus kicks out at 2 and a half!!!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: CYRUS KICKS OUT!!!!! THE MATCH CONTINUES!!

    David Weinstock: What a shocker if Bell Connelly had been able to put Cyrus Truth away within mere seconds!!!!!

    Cyrus is stunned by the Glitterbomb but not completely out. Bell realizes this and sets upon Cyrus with slaps and punches, forcing Cyrus to cover up on the mat! Cyrus spins and tries to drag Bell down to the mat with him, but Bell instead drags Cyrus back up by the wrist, grabs his other hand, and monkey flips Cyrus into a corner!! Cyrus crashes into the corner back first, only to recieve a running Glitterball (Cannonball) in the corner from Bell! Cyrus is reeling as Bell continues to rush. She pulls Cyrus up, whips him into the ropes, and tries to catch Cyrus on the rebound with a second Glitterbomb, but Cyrus spins as he hits the ropes and absolutely catches Bell square in the face with a discus punch!! Bell collapses as Cyrus also tumbles over from the momentum!!

    Cyrus tries to shake off Bells early assault and locates the fallen Bell on the mat. Bell rolls over and Cyrus puts a few stomps into her back. Cyrus leans down to grab Bell, but Bell suddenly scoots and rolls Cyrus up!!!


    Langdon Trafford: THE PIN!!!!


    Cyrus pops out after two!!!

    David Weinstock: Bell is pushing a breakneck pace guys, she's clearly decided to try and overwhelm Cyrus with shock and awe!!!!

    The scramble is on again as both try to make it back to their feet first. But its Bell upright first, and she throws a spin kick which nails Cyrus!!! Cyrus falls down in a seated position, but Bell lifts him back up, adjusts her grip, and after a moment of delay, whips Cyrus up and over for a big Belly to Belly Suplex!!!! Cyrus is down but rolls to the apron looking for some kind of seperation or space from Bell. Bell takes a moment to catch her breath, then grabs Cyrus to prevent him from rolling to the outside. Bell gives Cyrus a stiff chop which sends Cyrus back into the corner. Bell measures Cyrus, then cartwheels into the corner for Rainbow Road (Cartwheel into step-up knee)... but Cyrus bursts out of the corner and catches Bell mid-air!!! Cyrus throws Bell down in a way that turns Bell around, swiftly siezes hooks, and gives Bell a release Tiger Suplex that almost sends Bell into the turnbuckles!!!!

    Cyrus gets up and the ringside camera catches him muttering '...this is how you wanna do it? Fucking fine.' Cyrus marches to thee corner, grabs Bell, and pushes her into the corner seated. Cyrus then gets on knee and absolutely starts lighting Bell up with punches and elbows. Some of the crowd 'oooooooooohs' while others visually cringe as Cyrus just lays into Bell with almost an air of infuriation. Cyrus stops for a second to look at his own handiwork, then drags a dazed Bell up and nails her with a Fisherman Suplex. Cyrus rolls over... to realize that Bell has already gotten up!! Both Cyrus and the crowd are in shock as Bell seems to no-sell the effects of the suplex. Cyrus snaps out of it and tries to lay hands on Bell, but Bell whips down Cyrus' arm and snaps him down with Footloose (Eat Defeat)!!! Bell goes for a cover on Cyrus, but the delayed effect from the suplex finally comes around, and Bell has to favor her back and cant crawl to Cyrus in time!

    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly is like a machine right now!! Shes plowing through everything Cyrus is throwing at her!!

    Piers Gallagher: Theres no way she can sustain this pace though!!!

    Cyrus crawls to the apron, with a look of almost bemusement in his face. Both competitors are breathing heavy from the breakneck speed that Bell is pushing. Bell gets up center ring as Cyrus draps himself up with help from the ropes. Bell charges but Cyrus ducks her clothesline. Cyrus tries to scoop her up for Exiles Edge (Argentine Rack into neckbreaker) but Bell wriggles out and falls into the ropes. Now Cyrus charges, but Bell puts up both feet and hoofs Cyrus in the chest. Cyrus stumbles back to center ring as Bell quickly weaves outside, springboards onto the ropes, and flies towards Cyrus for a Bell-Dog (Springboard Bulldog)!!... but Cyrus, instead of being pulled down by the move, at the absolute last second slides his body sideways!!! The decision means his head gets smashed by Bells torso, but also means that Bell lands right into a rollup pin!!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus slipped her!!!!! Its a pinning combination!!!!!!!




    Langdon Trafford: DID HE GET HER????

    Bell pops out and tumbles backward out of the hold. Cyrus gets up and is about to lace Bell with a big boot......... but the referee suddenly jumps in between the two. After a second of confusion between the two competitors and the crowd, the referee raises Cyrus' hand.

    Langdon Trafford: HE GOT HER!!!!! The referee is declaring Cyrus Truth the winner!!!!

    David Weinstock: Wow.... just, wow.

    Winner: 'The Exile' Cyrus Truth

    The crowd is shocked by the development in the ring as Bell realizes what happened and falls into a corner. Cyrus, standing in the middle of the ring, shakes off the referee and looks right at Bell. He raises his arms and yells out at Bell "We've been here before!!!!' again, prompting the smarks to cheer but also drawing boos from younger fans in attendance. Cyrus then suddenly tells Bell to 'open your eyes!!' before getting out of the ring. On his way up the ramp, Cyrus looks for the ramp camera, finds it, and outright grabs the camera lense with both hands and drags it right up to his face. Cryus stares straight into the camera and says 'You can't run from me, Shannon. I WILL SEE YOU AT MILE HIGH!!!' before letting go of the camera and marching to the back without taking any further look back at the ring.

    In the ring, Bell is distraught and almost on the verge of tears as the fact that she has lost to Cyrus fully dawns on her.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, Cyrus Truth is your main event winner here at Fight Night in Toronto.... and Bell Connelly right now looks inconsolable.

    Piers Gallagher: She chose a bold strategy but it blew up in her face.... I only wonder if she blew up her chances to get to Mile High Massacre as well...

    David Weinstock: Theres still time before Mile High, guys, for Bell to get into the match... but I agree with you for once Piers, Bell Connelly chose a high-risk, high octane strategy. On this night... it just didn't pay off.

    The crowd starts up a chant of 'BELL! BELL! BELL!!' as Bell slowly rolls out of the ring. For a moment, Bell sits on the ring apron facing the ramp with her head in her hands, seemingly fighting back the tears. Fight Night goes off the air with Bell slowly making her way up the ramp, with chants of 'BELL! BELL! BELL!!' from her fans continuing to fill up Air Canada Center, with no way of telling whether or not Bell Connelly can hear them.


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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Just wanna shout out KAI, Sayer and TGO and anyone else who contributed. Those were the main dudes.

    @Jon/Prodigy - Both of you had some aftermatch stuff sent in so I tried to amalgamate. My bad if it's not to your taste.

    Go home show is next and then Mile High.


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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Additional note of clarification frpm the staff: Deception and Penny was a legit scorecard draw.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Ok. congratulations to Cyrus on his more than worthy win. Good going man.

    Now I'm going to go and punch this wall until my hands go numb.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    This show was a home run. It was a HUGE improvement from the Anniversary Show, which was a struggle-bus.

    The commercial break details were a huge plus and quite humorous.

    The X Championship match was awesome and starting a show with a title change is always a great energy boost. Then giving Shannon the floor was good. The Tommy Thunder/Dave Sullivan/Ty Johnson was really well done. That's a good low-card/mid-card blood feud and will help the new character and gives Tommy T a good feud.

    Kazadi's monologue was on point. This feud needed that big jolt.

    The ending was odd and it's going to be interesting to see how Bell recovers from another loss to a star. I think she should turn her "star jobber" history into an on-screen angle.

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    Shannon O'Neal
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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post

    The ending was odd and it's going to be interesting to see how Bell recovers from another loss to a star. I think she should turn her "star jobber" history into an on-screen angle.


    card up tomorrow with promo threads. we should announce tag league during Mile High. look forward to it.

    We're also going to release polls on the best match stuff around Mile High time too.
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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by KAIZEN View Post
    Additional note of clarification frpm the staff: Deception and Penny was a legit scorecard draw.
    Thats pretty cool actually


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    I enjoyed the write up for Ty Johnson even with the lack of story I provided for the week. I thought you guys did a good job of setting things up though for Ty when you didn't necessarily have to. Thank you.

    The only thing is that Dave Sullivan isn't really canon to the Dave Sullivan that was in HWA with Tommy, but eh that's okay.

    Edit: I suppose I could rewrite Sullivan's background though and make HWA a part of it. Like some sort of ROH indy promotion that Sullivan was apart of. I can't remember too much about Sullivan's history there other than him being a one time HWA champion and then losing to Tommy Thunder, then becoming GM/Interim CEO of HWA for a stretch.

    I think if a feud with Tommy Thunder is in the works, then that background story could be a integral part. Sort of like Cena vs Orton in Ring of Honor.

    However, I don't want Sullivan to steal the spotlight away from Ty Johnson. Sullivan is just a supporting character to Ty right now.
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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Ty Johnson should absolutely use that going forward lol.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    I enjoyed the write up for Ty Johnson even with the lack of story I provided for the week. I thought you guys did a good job of setting things up though for Ty when you didn't necessarily have to. Thank you.

    The only thing is that Dave Sullivan isn't really canon to the Dave Sullivan that was in HWA with Tommy, but eh that's okay.

    Edit: I suppose I could rewrite Sullivan's background though and make HWA a part of it. Like some sort of ROH indy promotion that Sullivan was apart of. I can't remember too much about Sullivan's history there other than him being a one time HWA champion and then losing to Tommy Thunder, then becoming GM/Interim CEO of HWA for a stretch.

    I think if a feud with Tommy Thunder is in the works, then that background story could be a integral part. Sort of like Cena vs Orton in Ring of Honor.

    However, I don't want Sullivan to steal the spotlight away from Ty Johnson. Sullivan is just a supporting character to Ty right now.
    I did like the brief history lesson(review for me) with Tommy- and though he did talk about Sullivan a bit more than normal I think it was needed in a least one promo to try to get under Ty's skin/in his head.

    Overall it was a really good show with moving onto the future. And one thing, a small thing really, that I really liked was transitions between matches. I felt like a lot of shows really could have used them- other efeds out there too.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by hanz gruber View Post
    I did like the brief history lesson(review for me) with Tommy- and though he did talk about Sullivan a bit more than normal I think it was needed in a least one promo to try to get under Ty's skin/in his head.

    Overall it was a really good show with moving onto the future. And one thing, a small thing really, that I really liked was transitions between matches. I felt like a lot of shows really could have used them- other efeds out there too.
    Also congrats to the winners

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Great show, you guys. Hopefully I can deliver a better promo on the next card. Glad I won though!

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    I shouldn't have assumed, sorry sully. I look forward to this feud though, given how well we worked together in the past.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Well done show as always guys, solid from top to bottom. Congratulations to Tristan James Galloway on ending Randall's reign of terror, I know you'll do well with that title. Now begins Randall's even further of a descent into madness, the mad king gets even madder now.

    I dug the stuff with Penny, Zako, and Deception as well. Looking forward to see where that goes next and how the mad king will play a role in that as well.
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    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    I shouldn't have assumed, sorry sully. I look forward to this feud though, given how well we worked together in the past.
    Yeah I wanted to go back and find that pre Victory Point promo we did together, but it looks like that forum is finally in the ground.

    But yeah, shoot me a PM and we can run some ideas off each other for how to take it

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Quote Originally Posted by Sully View Post
    Yeah I wanted to go back and find that pre Victory Point promo we did together, but it looks like that forum is finally in the ground.

    But yeah, shoot me a PM and we can run some ideas off each other for how to take it
    Yup, looks to be officially dead there on EWN forum. Shame really as there were a lot of really good shows to read there in the efed section.

    But that forum was on life support. It was a major pain to just try to post something there a few months ago. That's when everybody left. I wish Grind Bastard and Chunkynutz had found this place- a few others too.

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    Re: Fight Night 6th October Results

    Glad that people enjoyed the thunder/Johnson/Sullivan stuff. The idea of focusing a bit more on Sullivan for this promo was just to hook people and put a good base for the feud going forward. I am aware that Sullivan is very much a background character here and Johnson should and will be the main focus when all's said and done. Hopefully we can build on this showing and create a fun feud!

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