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    The BFG

    The BFG
    The Big Flippy Giants

    donovan dijak (left) & keith lee (right)

    If you’ve paid any attention to the indy scene lately, or had a cursory glance at Wrestling Twitter then no doubt you’ve seen the ridiculously insane gifs of these two behemoths pretending to be Ryan Rondo on Roids. They fly like they’re unaware gravity is a thing. But gravity is a thing and inevitably, the guy on the other end of their trajectory gets the best reminder of that. No, but seriously. I’m sure you’ve seen faux-athletic big man who manage a hurricanranna and everybody loses their shit. These near three hundred pounders will hit standing shooting star presses and everybody will be explode. Not because of shock. But because the whole arena will probably collapse after the impact and debris will fall at such velocity so as to make bodies explode.


    Called Ymir & Surtur after the Frost Giant and the Fire Giant of Norse Mythology. The pair were initially signed as individuals going by their real names (Dale Dawson and Christian West). They spent quite a bit of time doing pre-shows, and with the arrival of Zako Wrath and Mac Michaud at the time and impending turn of Michael Garcia, the thought was to avoid overshadowing either the new & returning prominent talents or these new prospective talents.

    Much to their chagrin, these two individuals who had been rivals on the indy scene and only had that relationship deepened after being signed around the same time (certainly feeling that the other man might be stealing their thunder) were paired up as a tag team. Told it was temporary, FWA felt they could give Dale and Christian a trial run on Fight Night in a temporary feud with the then tag team champions, the Olympians. They were given the name of Ymir & Surtur as an easy means of developing a rivalry with the Greek-themed gods, Zeus and Dionyseus.

    Alas, with the Olympians fading from the spotlight, they were withheld back into house show performances (the awkward situation with nGw and BAW preventing their performing there). Though the intent was to separate them again, they remained paired up on house shows begrudgingly for the moment until discovering that they would not actually be splitting up but instead be teaming up for the upcoming FWA Tag League after another team had to drop out.

    Come to see a pair of wrestlers who will redefine what it means to be Larger-Than-Life stars. Come to see monsters who don’t job. Come to see the Big Flippy Giants.

    Ymir && Surtur

    The Frost Giant && The Fire Giant
    Mr. Fantastic && All-Might
    Infinity Man && Limitless
    Thin Man && Little Boy (discontinued)

    6’9” &
    & 6’7”

    290 pounds && 320 pounds

    30 years old && 28 years old

    New York City, New York, US && Toronto, Ontario, CA

    White(&Black)meat Babyfaces

    There’s a reason why Ymir & Surtur are rivals and that’s because they exceedingly resemble each other despite being completely different to any similar sized wrestler or similarly athletic wrestler you may have seen. Ymir & Surtur are ridiculously athletic and are often willing to show it. Ymir, taller and slender, is a lot more prone to a Luchadore-esque style, bouncing and springboarding off ropes, hitting split-legged maneuvers, twisting and swerving around wrestlers for hurricanranna-esque maneuvers. Surtur, slightly shorter, and definitely heavier, has a tendency to aim for more explosive high flying moves. Senton bombs, moonsaults and a trademark standing shooting star splash. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean either don’t do what big men can do. Ymir’s limbs are endlessly long and he can strike you even when you may typically think you’re out of reach. Surtur is a lot more subtle and patient. He enjoys seeing opponents try to strike it out with him, try to lift him or even try to fly at him. He’ll shrug your strikes, wait for you to tire out lifting him (else have his body crush you as you do) and he’ll catch you in the middle of the air at whatever silly move you tried, and show you what flying really feels like.

    Often taller than most opponents, Ymir is quite happy mocking them. He’ll put a hand to your head and treat you like an impudent younger brother (or sister).

    Certainly bigger than most, Surtur is content to get on all fours and give his opponent a chance to strike him, grapple him or fly at him. Other times, he’ll simply turn his back on you. And others still, simply sit down.

    They’re bullies but the crowd digs it, after all, they often end up performing the moves you aren’t likely to forget when you walk away from the show. Whatever they do is often done in good-hearted fun or to belittle someone who the crowd dislike. If, say, Ymir does an eye poke, it’s not to garner a win, it’s to showcase his reach, and give the fans a chuckle.

    Outside of the ring, Ymir & Surtur tend to bicker and despite their similarities, are prone to disagreements out of innate rivalry. Still, they have strong moral compasses, fight for the people and by the people, are very much willing to respect their opponents, and enjoy the notion of proving to people that whatever you want to do, you can do, disagreeing with stereotypes and expectations. Ymir & Surtur are all about showing people that you’ve got subvert what people expect from you. Make them expect the unexpected.

    Commonly Used
    Chokeslam (top rope, on knee, to the outside, or basic)
    Discuss Big Boot
    Forehead Flick
    Flying European Uppercut
    Eye Poke
    Jumping Big Boot
    Knife-Edged Chop
    Monkey Flip
    Shotgun Dropkick
    Springboard Moonsault

    Signature Moves
    Canadian Destroyer
    C*4 (Standing Moonsault Sideslam)
    Front Flip Plancha
    Golden Triangle Moonsault
    Superkick, Roundhouse Kick, Spinning Clothesline Combo (if a man just won’t stay down)
    Split-Legged Corkscrew Moonsault
    Reverse Hurricanranna
    Ripcord Big Boot

    Finishing Move
    MOAB (Backbreaker Rack into Knee Lift)

    Commonly Used
    Belly to Belly Suplex
    Camel Clutch
    Exploder Suplex
    Slap to the chest (he’s quite happy to slap your chest until it’s bleeding. Literally)
    Toss (like. He’ll just toss you)

    Signature Moves
    Diving Moonsault
    Diving Double Foot Stomp
    Powerbomb (Jackknife and Pop-Up that’ll have them bouncing two meters off the ground)
    Ripcord Headbutt
    Rolling Senton Splash
    Running Crossbody (done often over barricade or if ramp is up to the ring level, over ropes)
    Standing Shooting Star Splash
    Swinging Side Slam

    Finishing Move
    FOAB (Vertical Suplex Sit Out Side Slam/Shouten Kai/Hellavator)
    Ragnarok (Shooting Star Splash)

    Combined Moves
    Camel Clutch (Surtur) and Boston Crab (Ymir)
    Chokeslam (Ymir)/Powerbomb (Surtur) Combo
    Corner Shotgun Dropkick (Ymir) followed by Corner Senton Splash (Surtur)
    Crossbody (Ymir) into Powerbomb (Surtur)
    Double Lariat
    Knife-Edged Chop/Chest Slap Competition
    Super Dropkick (Ymir) into Powerbomb (Surtur)

    Finishing Moves
    Military Press Toss (Ymir) into Pounce (Surtur) (sometimes done from top rope)


    Honestly, you can be creative with the moveset. They're big. They're bullies. They like to show off. They like "This Is Awesome" & "Holy Shit" chants. They like a chuckle or two. They're showman. They'll do what they can for a pop.

    Unchained - 2Pac/James Brown - Django Unchained
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    Re: The BFG

    muh kayfabeeeeeeeeeee

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    Re: The BFG

    -10000000 for destroying kayfabe

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    Re: The BFG

    Idek where i destroyed kayfabe tho

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