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Thread: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Deadline is Sunday, Oct 8th at Midnight pacific. Monday, Oct 9th at 3AM Eastern and 8AM Tower of London.

    No extensions! Unless, of course, you ask for one early. Then yeah sure, whatevs~

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Just incase, can I ask for an extension?

    I am hoping to get it done before I fly out tomorrow. Just want to cover myself.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by hanz gruber View Post
    Just incase, can I ask for an extension?

    I am hoping to get it done before I fly out tomorrow. Just want to cover myself.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by KAIZEN View Post
    Thanks. If Raw sucks again tonight, I may have it done tonight, or some of it.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Zwie hunde

    Its a misty and dreary day in one of the oldest cemeteries in Berlin, Germany. Hanz Gruber, dressed all in black, wearing a trench coat, is sitting on a bench that is facing a tombstone - its the tombstone of his friend Karl Panzer who died a few months ago. Nobody else is around- least not that Hanz can see. A person, a Hanz Gruber fan hiding in the brush, is secretly recording him on video

    Hanz Gruber: Karl, I wish you were still around brother. Could really use your advice. You taught me everything I needed to know in life. You invited me into your family. You let me fuck your sisters and didn't beat the fuck out of me or kill me because of that

    Hanz laughs.

    Hanz Gruber: And no worries Karl- Sasha has changed me, I will do right by her. You also taught me everything I needed get into wrestling. You taught me to be merciless when I needed to be while in the ring. You taught me when I had to hold back in the ring. You taught me how to be a winner. A fucking WINNER. But last week on Fight Night I held back too much. Last week my match was a no DQ match. I told my opponent Izzy to bring it. I told her not to listen to what everybody else wanted her to do. I told her to do what the fuck she needed to do to win. And she did. Got to say, I am proud of her. I told her we would steal the show and we did despite what FWAs Cyrus Truth and Shannon O'Neal think.

    Hanz hears something in the brush- looks over and sees nothing. Its not the brush that the fan is hiding in. Hanz looks back at Karls tombstone

    Hanz Gruber: But that match is something I should have won. Like I said I held back too much. When I had that steel chair in my hand, I could have whacked it against her head. I could have ended it right then, right there. Got my hand raised and walked away. But no, I hesitated. If I would have whacked that chair on her head, I would have ended her career. I would have done some serious damage. I would have put her in the hospital. Did I really want to have that on my hands, on my mind? Did I Karl? Did I?

    Hanz hears something in the brush yet again, and again its not from where the fan is hiding. Hanz gets up, walks over a sees nothing. He sits back down on the bench and laughs.

    Hanz Gruber: Was that a Yes or a No Karl? Are you trying to tell me there is a bustle in my hedgerows?

    Hanz reaches in his coat and pulls out a small bag of gummy bears. He tosses the bag at Karls tombstone

    Hanz Gruber: Maybe you are right. The old Hanz would have ended her career, she would have spent the rest of her life sipping her meals out of a straw. Thats not me anymore. I wouldn't dare do that to a woman, much less any opponent that didn't wrong me or piss me the fuck off. The match is what it was, there had to be a winner.

    Hanz Gruber: But that was last week Karl. This week the GM put me into a tag team match. This week I get to wrestle Izzy again. But this time she has a partner in a man named Starr. Starr? Yeah right, original name Ian. Izzy, you could have done better. The man is just gonna use you like others have. You think what he and his fuck buddy Anna had is over? Hell no. He rushed to your side because he wants you as another booty call. He doesn't care about your feelings. He doesn't care about your well being. You want to know why? I see the old Hanz in him, using others- except one thing he is doing- he is trying to ride your coat tails. You won a very hard fought match against me. Starr fell easily in defeat. Starr probably blames it on his knees, his concussion problems. Starr lost because he went up against a man called Wolf

    There are sounds coming from the brush once again, Hanz looks over for a second- then continues.

    Hanz Gruber: Karl, you would like this guy Wolf. He is a lot like you. I thought you were the toughest motherfucker in the world- that you had no equal. Not even your brother Oli. Then I saw this guy in action. I can't help but think of you every time this guy opens his mouth or beats the shit out of his opponent. And as much as I think the GM is a fucking moron here- I was booked with Wolf as my partner to take on both Izzy and Starr. Now Izzy if you can hear me out there somewhere, I am not sure if Wolf has any qualms about destroying a woman, he can do as he wants, I ain't gonna stop him. And don't look to Starr to save your ass- he only wants to tap your ass and throw you away. But alas, Starr won't get that chance if you take my advice Izzy. Of course thats if you make it out of the match Izzy. So good luck Iz. As for Starr, he can fuck off

    More sounds come from the brush and an animal walks out. Its a white wolf. Hanz freezes for a second, then hears another sounds from the brush to his side- Hanz looks over as does the wolf. The fan who was shoting the video jumps up as he sees the wolf looking at him, then drops the camera and runs off- the wolf running after him. Hanz picks up the camera and walks away.

    Afterwards. after viewing the video- Hanz uploads it to What happened to the fan who shot the video is unknown

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    *Footage of Zako Wrath is shown of him destroying opponents as he runs over them with astonishing easiness. Various larger than life moments are shown, one after the other, as he is seen suplexing Prim's Angels, one after one after one. Next he is outfighting and suplexing Mac Michaud as he soundly puts him away for the three count, Jugem from Triple J security is shown getting absolutely annihilated, as well as Amy Duke getting mercilessly injured as she's kicked in the side of the head. Commentary is heard, as they are truly in shock and awe speaking of the man known simply as " Zako Wrath", as well as the voice of Miss De La Muerta in the background, giving orders and instruction in her trademark Spanish accent. Zako is shown setting fire to his father at the twelveth anniversary show, as well as taking everything from Randall and constantly coming back with more chaotic violence of his own.*

    *Penny is shown interfering, then being thrown around, the moment where he was about to possibly cause injury to her rolls across the screen. This then leads to the end of the X-Division Title match, with Randall escaping his inhumane clutches as Zako immediately gets off of the mat. The final shot being Miss De La Muerta stepping in to do what the referees could not: Silence The Wrath, Of Zako. The footage then comes to a stop and it pans out slowly, showing that Miss De La Muerta and Zako were watching the entire thing. Seething Rage and quiet calm mixes within the atmosphere between them.*

    *Zako then lets out a raspy, gruff growl, as he yanks up the large flat screen television it was being shown on and he effortlessly holds it up, kicking it through the air as the plasma screen shatters everywhere, with the television crashing with a thud. Miss De La Muerta then rejoins him across the room, where she slowly grabs him under the chin of his mask.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Si. Si Zako. Queria que lo vieras para estar totalmente preparado para lol que harias con Penny por invulcrarse y tomar el Titulo de la División X de tus garras. {Yes. Yes Zako. I wanted you to see that so you would be fully prepared for what you will do to Penny for getting involved and taking the X Division Title from your clutches.} That's right, Penny. You were gravely and severely warned about what would happen if you got in Zako's way-you did, and he almost put you on the shelf, plus, you made the most crucial and deadliest mistake of your life when you put your hands on me.

    I'd destroy you myself but as I'm sure you've noticed... I'm not like Zako. The true torment I would inflict on you is nothing compared to the, total, remorseless, and truly heinous things he will do to you when he sees you again.

    *Miss De La Muerta now turns to Zako and pulls him down to her level so he's looking her dead in the face as she shouts: "Cuando veamos a Penny, ¡no espere mis instruccionnes! Usted debe ejecutar salvajemente brutalidad sobre ella inmediatamente! ¡Te lo estoy diciendo ahora!".*

    *Zako slightly backs away as his raging red eyes flash with chilling intensity and unnerving aggression, her words seemingly visibily flowing through his hellish mind, body, and soul, as Miss De La Muerta simply looks at him and nods emotionlessly.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Don't leave FWA Penny. It won't matter. He'll SEE YOU TONIGHT, one way or another. Randall, you know what Zako can and WILL DO, so stay out or be laid out. Besides, we all know that you don't truly care about the girl, you conceited wretched worm.

    She's not worth your life and Zako had you finished anyway, so you'll see him again-just don't advance what will inevitably be your fate eventually. Speaking of finished-James Sync and The Road to Redemption". Every now and again the things people do get my attention, but this doesn't matter because it's over...I don't care and Zako definitely doesn't care. The only road you're on now is a fiery one with a Disaster Walking right down the middle of it, approaching you on a one way path, and HE WILL, leave you flattened. Your road you were so adamantly pushing yourself down?

    It's been rerouted towards a dead end, and this is it for you. Your past doesn't matter, "Former tag team Champion and former X Division Champion", Mac Michaud had the same going for him and Zako stood over him when it was finished, plus he was probably better than you'll ever be.
    Men like you are the past, Zako is NOW, and the future, nothing shall exist around him. There's not gonna be any Elite 5 around you to save you, and he's probably going to break your neck with The Reaper's Touch tonight, but I don't care because you're in our way and this is about a message: FWA IS OURS. WE'RE TAKING EVERYTHING, FROM EVERYONE.

    *Miss De La Muerta now grabs Zako's neck, as he was almost in a bloodthirsty trance , and motions towards what one can only assume is the way to the ring, and they turn and walk away as Zako let's loose a bone chilling, primal, drawn out roar, with Miss De La Muerta saying to him "Venga." {Come on.}*

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Deception is shown on the screen he is not in his usual clothes. No he is instead in a black suit and his mask covering his face. He is outside a building that looks like an old hospital . It is evening , Deception walks into the building holding a match dimming the way throughout it. He makes his way into a record room and begins to go through old files until he finds one and walks out . He though bumps into Katie Lynn Goldsmith who is with her cameraman.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Deception, one of these times when you ask me to do these interviews couldn't we just meet somewhere normal get drinks?

    Deception looks on unamused but instead begins to talk.

    Deception: I brought you here so that you may deliver something yet again. This is something of life and death. I am here to save her.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Save Who?

    Deception: I am here to save Penny from Jason. You see this place here is where I was taken once when this whole world of mine my so called purpose I thought I had came crashing down all around me. This right here in my hands is my records from this place where it took me from a naïve young kid to the man you see standing next to you. Penny, I don't want to hurt you I like you I see a broken damage soul who lost her way and it seems to think that the only use she has is to obey the law from her so called white knight in shining armor.

    Open your damn eyes, before its to late before you wake up years from now hating yourself because you became everything you hate. The world of yours that you live in is not real. Jason Randall does not love you he loves that championship around his waist and sooner or later your going to have to wake up because there is no such thing as a "Hollywood Ending" where the girl is swept off her feet as the men of her dreams takes her away from all that is bad in this world.

    No instead this world takes the good in you it twist and turns it until you find yourself the victim and the killer all at once and when you go there, there is no coming back. Someone once said " Madness is like gravity all it takes is a little push." That push is going to come when Jason Randall has no more uses for you.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: What makes you think that he would do that? What makes you think there is something wrong?

    Deception: The truth is that without Penny, Jason is nothing because every time he feels threaten he has her right there to save the day and his justification isn't love. It is the vindication of that title around his waist. You see guys like Jason are a dime a dozen you can literally see them every time you turn on your TV, every time you read your books, every time your out walking around, every time you lay your head down next to that special little someone late at night. Penny ask yourself a real tough question with a real easy answer. Why does Jason deserve to be champion and you do not? Before you answer saying that the title is both of yours as he looks you in the eyes try to actually think about it. It's not Penny written on that championship is it? No instead, it is Jason Randall.

    Deception sits down outside the hospital now he lights a cig thinking of everything he just said. Katie comes up to him asking him a question but he stops her mid question.

    Deception: I am a man with a sense of justice with my own codes and even though the world does not see it I am just. I am just because I know what must be done to survive in this world and I accept it. Katie FWA will learn to accept my truth as gospel and when they cry out for their heroes they our met with villains. The thing is it's not just black and white there is a deep shade of grey a thin line where they only way to save is to commit to the cause. Now as of right now that cause is to open the eyes of Penny make her see the ugly truth and I will. It may not be this week, it may not be next but it will happen then its on to the next cause the next fight.

    We then go into the head of Deception he is talking to his old self. His old persona Kid Justice & Deception are sitting in a empty room there is doors there is no windows just two chairs. They each sit on one side and begin talking

    Kid Justice: What are you planning?

    Deception: I am planning nothing. I am doing what needs to be done.

    Kid Justice: No you aren't you got something planned. You don't do something out of the goodness of your heart if you even have one.

    Deception: Don't be melodramatic the truth is I am more passionate better suited to save people then you ever were. Kid you and Penny are just one in the same. So eager to prove to someone your worth to really bring out the best of you when in the end all you did was become everything you hated. However were you just lying to yourself because you aren't here anymore are you?

    Kid Justice: I stood for something, I had a purpose and I am nothing like Penny. She is wicked she is deranged she is just here to watch the place burn to the ground.

    Deception: You got to admit, the only time you stood for something was when you died as the martyr you are. Your death was really the awakening of the true justice to be finish. So don't lie to me because in the end you know I am right. So there is no game here. I am going to save her whether she wants it or not because she needs it and deep down she knows it. Jason Randall is just like the men that paved the way to your end .Do you really want to see what happens when someone like Penny as you claim to be wicked and deranged to really fall of the wagon to really look deep inside her self and know what she really is capable? Open your eyes because if you do you wouldn't be surprised when she is a bigger monster then you think I am. Championships will come and go be justice real justice never sleeps right? That being said, if force is needed to awaken her it is not something I wish to do but it will be something I have to do.

    Kid Justice: Are you actually right?

    Deception: I am now stop haunting me and let me do what needs to be done.

    Kid Justice: Alright.

    Kid Justice vanishes Deception's inner thoughts end and we are back to the real world where Katie Lynn Goldsmith is speaking.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Deception? Deception? Hey are you listening?

    Deception snaps back out of it looking over he nods at her.

    Deception: Katie, please give this interview to Penny and only her there is something I got to do.

    Deception gets up walks away leaving the area.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    The scene opens up on a close up shot of an empty podium with a microphone place on it. That's all the camera really shows before none other than Jason Randall, the X-Champion himself walks into the frame and stands at the podium. He's wearing a suit and tie, shying away from his usual attire consisting of a ragged t-shirt and jeans. His hair however is still the usual mess and the scruff on his face remains unkempt, and most importantly he wears the FWA X-Championship proudly over his shoulder. He glances at it and strokes it gently before adjusting it slightly and looking back at the camera with a serious expression.

    Jason Randall: Good evening peasants of FWA, it is I your King of Extreme gracing you with my presence. I am here to speak about an issue that has arisen but first I must address my last affair with the man known as Zako Wrath. That brute thought he could crush me and take what is mine away from me but it was not to be and I overcame the beast and proved that he just a mere mortal. A worthless miscreant not worth my time. I vanquished him all on my own and left him in the dust.

    We know that is a lie because if it weren't for Penny then Jason wouldn't be champion right now. It was because of Penny that Jason still holds what is most precious to him but his delusion clouds the real truth.

    Jason Randall: Now I move on to the next peasant that thinks they are worthy enough to challenge me for my championship. A man that is seen as a hero and thinks he can step up and face his king one on one but what he doesn't know is that he is in way over his head if he thinks that he will beat me. I will vanquish this man just like all those that have stepped before him. This man goes by the name of Tristan James Galloway. This man believes himself to be some kind of hero but that is far from the truth. Do you know why that is? This so called hero beat an innocent woman to gain this opportunity.

    Just then Penny walks in to the frame looking timid while clutching her plush cat.

    Jason Randall: This poor, innocent woman, my Penny. Tristan James Galloway put his hands on her and physically harmed her just so he could selfishly face his inevitable demise. That is no hero, no that is the work of a coward. A seflish act of cowardice by a man that proclaims himself as some sort of hero. Tristan is nothing more than a fraud, a false idol. He is no man of the people. Do you want someone like that holding such a prestigious title like this X-Championship? No you don't want that. You want someone you can be proud of. You want someone like me.

    That sinister smile appears.

    Jason Randall: I am a champion that you can be proud of because I don't go around harming innocent woman. I have done what no man has done since claiming this title and I've put this division back on the map. I made it relevant again. I made it a division that's worth watching. A man like Tristan James Galloway will not do all of that, no he will bring it back down until it's dead in the ground. You see I saved this division and now Tristan James Galloway just wants to selfishly destroy it all. He wants to ruin all of my hard, tireless efforts and take this away from me but what he doesn't realize is that no matter how hard he will try he will fail just like the rest of them.

    I will do what I have to do to Tristan James Galloway in order to stop him. I will drive my fist straight into his flesh until it's bloodied and his blood is covering my knuckles. Have you ever done that Tristan? Beat a man to a bloody pulp? It's quite the feeling. It's almost orgasmic in a way. It's exhilarating. It makes me feel alive as I watch their poor, pathetic body being broken and bloodied by my own hands. I watch them suffer as they writhe in pain. Can't you just see feel it now Tristan? Come on, feel it with me!

    He holds his arms out in a Jesus christ like pose.

    Jason Randall: You will feel it Tristan. You will feel my fist as it drives directly in to your skull until it caves in. I cannot wait to feel that and I cannot wait to see the pain in your eyes. The life draining slowly out of your body and you will then with your last breath, bend your knee and bow before your king like the miserable pissant that you are.

    The camera zooms in on his sinister smirk before the scene slowly fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    The scene begins just like any other scene as of late that involves Penny. She's backstage as she wanders around without her plush cat in her clutches, but food from catering is what she has in her hands, a plate full of mini carrots and various other veggies, but the mini carrots outnumber the others as those are her favorite. She walks into a dressing room to find her plush cat Fred sitting in a chair as she takes a seat on the couch next to him and snacks on her mini carrots. She looks at Fred funny as she chews, and then swallows her food before answering.

    Penny: I'm sorry Fred, I looked for cat food and I even asked for it but they looked at me like I was crazy and told me that they didn't have any.

    Fred: It's okay Penny. I have my own in our bag

    Penny giggles.

    Penny: Then why did you ask me to ask them for some silly?

    Fred: I was saving mine for later silly but it's okay I can eat it now

    Penny nods and bites into another mini carrot.

    Fred: Ready for your match with Deception?

    Penny finishes her carrot and nods.

    Penny: I'm ready to teach him a thing or two, the meany! It's his fault that I didn't win that match last week

    Fred: Can you believe some of the stuff he has said on social media? He thinks Jason is bad for you and he wants to rescue you from him

    Penny shakes her head furiously.

    Penny: Yeah I saw what he said and he doesn't know what he's talking about. Jason isn't bad for me, he treats me well and he loves me very much I know so. I think Deception is just jealous, don't you think Fred?

    Fred: Probably, or maybe it's just some kind of trick to get in your head. Either way you can't fall for it.

    She chomps into another mini carrot.

    Penny: Oh I know Fred, he's just trying to manipulate me into believing some lie of his but he's a big dummy if he thinks I'm gonna fall for a dirty trick like that! Ever since Jason beat him a few weeks ago he's been upset and now he's just jealous of Jason because Jason is better than him in every way...

    Just then Katie Lynn Goldsmith walks in the dressing room since it's the ladies dressing room, and notices Penny talking to her cat Fred and acts like she's not listening and keeps quiet so Penny doesn't notice her.

    Penny: Now it's my turn to beat him and humiliate him even more. He's nothing more than just a big, sore loser and thinks he can pick on me because I'm just some girl. Well, he's going to find out that I'm not just some girl. He could have been nice and we could have been friends but he had to go and be a meany. I don't really want to hurt him but he's threatened me and Jason so many times now that I have to hurt him to make sure he leaves us alone for good.

    Fred: You don't need him as a friend though Penny. You've got me and you've got Jason, that's all you need...

    Penny: You're right Fred, you're always right...

    Just then she looks over and notices Katie and she squeals with glee.

    Penny: Oh hiya Katie!

    She hops off the couch and runs over to give Katie a big hug. Katie looks taken aback by this but aceeps it.

    Katie Lynn: Hi Penny, how's it going?

    Penny: Oh it's good, Fred and I are just discussing my match with Deception that's coming up

    Katie looks over and sees Fred sitting in the chair.

    Katie Lynn: I see, how is Fred doing?

    Penny: Don't be shy Katie, ask him yourself!

    Katie looks at Penny like she's crazy but then realizes who she's talking to and walks over to Fred.

    Katie Lynn: Hey Fred, how's it going?

    Penny hops over and back on the couch.

    Penny: Fred is a bit shy himself but he says he's doing okay! Want a carrot Katie?

    Katie Lynn: Uh, no thanks Penny, not hungry

    Penny shrugs and eats another carrot.

    Katie Lynn: Are you sure everything is okay Penny? How is Jason?

    Penny: Of course everything is okay Katie, don't be silly! Jason is fine, he's just busy getting ready for his next title defense against Tristan James Galloway. He's got a lot on his mind right now after he beat Zako Wrath all on his own giving him his first ever loss and now he's got to deal with Tristan, so I try not to bug him too much before a match...

    Katie Lynn: He didn't beat Zako on his own though Penny, you helped him. If it wasn't for you he wouldn't have won

    Penny: Don't be silly Katie, maybe I gave him a little help but he didn't need me to win, he had it under control!

    Katie sighs and shakes her.

    Katie Lynn: Okay Penny, whatever you say. Good luck in your match, and be careful.

    Penny: Thanks Katie!

    Katie leaves the room and Penny turns back to Fred.

    Penny: Katie is another good friend so that makes three and that's good enough for me!

    Fred: She doesn't seem to care for Jason

    Penny: I think it's because of the time he had us hold her hostage but I don't know

    Fred: Heed her words though Penny, be careful in there with Deception

    Penny: Oh I'm not worried about him Fred, especially because I know I'll have you out there for support, cheering me on as I beat Deception senseless and teach him that being a bully is wrong!

    She eats another carrot and carries on a conversation with Fred as the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Debuting this week at Fight Night is a brand new FWA superstar. He won the first FWA reality show and that earned a guaranteed contract with the FWA

    Ty Johnson will finally debut. But will his manager Dave Sullivan help him, or get in the way?

    Tune in to find out.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Hanz Gruber and Wolf

    As the violence it just dose me right
    Violence, it speaks to me now
    Violence, it screams through the night
    Violence, it beckons me now
    Violence, it breathes through the night

    I am the one, I am stricken down
    I see through the eyes of disease
    Prophets they sing for the loose fitting ring
    As the violence it just dose me right

    In case you live under a rock, are a hermit living in the Himalayas who recently got wi-fi, or an individual with their fingers far from the pulse of pop-culture (ala the FWA locker room), My Little Pony is an entertainment franchise developed by Hasbro which is marketed primarily to girls and watched by grown men. It is show full of joy, kindness, love and magic makes it all complete. What the f*ck is up with that shit? Love? Tolerance? What kind of crazy morals is this shitty show teaching? This world was built on fighting, hatred, and greed; there is no room for positive thoughts and progressive morals. Get with the program and start hating each other like a normal human being and add to the confusion that already manifests itself in this life, am I right? Friendship is not Magic. Friendship is Violence. The friendship between two wrestlers is all about that.

    The scene opens in a Japanese Gym. Under Japanese Characters the words: "JWA Puroresu Center" were painted on the far wall, behind the ring that stood in the center. All around men of all shapes, sizes and ethnicity's were lifting weights and rolling on mats. Out of the locker-room walked a large, disheveled Asian man dressed in a black Gi; and a large, disheveled Wolf dressed in workout attire. Black Misfits shirt (sleeves torn off), red and black Everlast trunks, black ring boots. They stop and converse for a moment before parting. Wolf walks toward the cameras as the other man heads toward the ring.

    Wolf: See that guy right there? Six-feet, two-hundred and thirty-five pounds of pure aggression. Hirasawa-san... Saito-san... I call him Mitts. I can thank FWA for even meeting the guy. House show, about three or four years ago. We got tossed together in a tag-match, ended up ruling ass. I don't remember who it was against, doesn't matter. Mitsuhide Hirasawa, fighting that night as his split-personality Hideo Saito, could anticipate my actions. It was like he knew what I was going to do, before I did it. We just... clicked. Now, every time I get to come to this beautiful country, I find this ugly son-of-a-bitch and we beat the shit out of one another. Then toss back Saki, then... Well, suffice to say, this time I'll just be heading back to the Hotel after the Saki. My point is simple, I didn't know jack-shit about this guy before two hours after I got off a plane and forty-minutes before I stepped into the ring with him. As is this business sometimes... But I digress... We managed to fight like we'd known one another as well as we do now.

    Wolf motions to the cameras to follow him. They walk through sea of training masses to ringside. Wolf shakes a hand or two along the way, almost everyone nods or gives a "courtesy bow". However, every single one of them turn their attention past the man walking by them to the ring he was walking toward. Mitts was already stretching in his corner, towel around his neck. Wolf stops at the steps and addresses the camera once again.

    Wolf: It's always been a thing with me, toss me together with somebody on a tag-team? That guy's chances of winning jump. I don't want to sound like a cocky-douche here, but it's a little true. None of you saw me and Mitts here, so how about something you can look up on the Internet and get concrete evidence of? Two words: Cursed Bloodline. I wouldn't have pissed Stu out if he was on fire before we got thrown together... I wouldn't piss him out now, but that's neither here nor there. There was a buzz, people wanted to see us together. So, throw'em in! Who knew they would explode into one of the baddest teams to ever grace an FWA ring?

    Wolf walks up the steps. He walks along the edge, just outside the ropes, as the camera keeps pace.

    Wolf: I honestly have no idea which one of us was the bigger, badder, meaner motherf*cker in that tandem. Stu will go to his grave claiming it's him, I'll go to mine claiming it's me. We'll never know for sure. You'd watch one match, I'd dominate, Stu would close. Next night, Stu destroys everyone, I roll a guy up. It was split right down the center.

    He stops at the next post.

    Wolf: But that was then. This is now. I was winning then... Not so much now. I have no choice but to start over new to reach my goal. Shake it all off, clear the f*cking board, go back to square one. Which happens to be one of my specialties... The good'ol Mash-Up Tag Match.

    Wolf looks over his shoulder toward the opposite corner, where Mitts stood.

    Mitts: {Mitsuhide Hirasawa shouts something in Japanese as he sits on his stool awaiting Wolf. It goes on for a moment or two, and gives off an impatient vibe.}

    Wolf: It brings people together. It creates legends. Will Wolf and Hanz Gruber be the next Cursed Bloodline? I sure f*cking hope not. But what we are going to be is a unit on Fight Night. See, Gruber and I aren't friends. Are we going to start traveling together now? F*ck no. But from the moment we step through those doors tomorrow night, at least as far as I'm concerned, we're a team. A Unit. I am going to anticipate Gruber's moves, I'm going to tag him, I'm going to help him out, break up pins and submissions, drop Izzy or Starr if they get out of hand. I'm going to be the best tag-team partner Hanz Gruber has ever had.

    Wolf's words were reassuring, but the look on his face was not. It was angry... Mitsuhide piped up again. Shouting more Japanese in Wolf's direction, this time ending with:

    Mitts: ... ASSHOLE!

    Wolf leaps over the rope, flexing hard, cracking his neck. Mitts stands, releasing a battle-cry and kicking his stool out of the ring... The gym explodes in a cheer as the two men charge one another. Wolf puts the man to the mat with a clothesline. Mitts rolls back up quickly, Wolf pivots and throws another clothesline, putting him down a second time. Mitts rolls back up again, another pivot, another clothesline. This time, Hirasawa is dazed. Wolf drops on to him, raining down blows. Mitts absorbs a couple but feels the majority before using all his force, tossing Wolf off of him. Both men back on their feet, they tie-up. They stomp back and forth, but Hirasawa manages to shift his weight just right, tossing Wolf into the ropes before dropping to the mat on his stomach. As Wolf slings back, Mitts comes off the mat SPEAR! The small crowd pops. Hirasawa rolls away and hops up, playing to the men that had gathered around the ring. Wolf grabs his ankle and drops him on his face. The crowd laughs, Wolf hops up. Hirasawa gets up, he's angry. He comes full-force at Wolf. In one fluid motion, Wolf kicks him in the midsection, grabs the head, throws him vertical then drops... FINAL HOWL! The crowd goes silent for a moment, then explodes!

    Mitts waves his hands, no more. Wolf plops down next to the man, breathing heavy. Then lifts his arm as he lays on the mat. The fans all cheer then slowly go back to their training. Wolf walks over to his corner, a towel is tossed in his direction from Hirasawa before the man sits back on his stool, waiting for another round. Wolf wipes his face and looks back at the camera. He was a little calmer.

    Wolf: The people can cheer Starr to their heart's content, you can beg him again and again to get back up, to force himself to go on, to fight for what’s right! Fight, Starr, fight! (he laughs) And normally, that might be enough for your hero to get that little extra push to tough it out, to put the big bad wolf down for the count. But not this time… No, this is my special treat for Starr. This is my way of showing him in physical terms just what kind of emotional and mental anguish I’ve gone through. This is his punishment,for getting in path to a match with Kazadi! This… is the beginning of the end of your hero. This… is where his penchant for getting back up only makes things worse. Because you see, I expect that… When he says that he’s not just making the numbers, I believe him. I know he’ll fight me with everything that he has, and I know I’ll have to be able to absorb just as much punishment as I can dish out. As much as I may disagree with his bravado, I can’t deny his abilities. But in the end? That can only carry you so far when he “gets back up?” He’ll only be up long enough for me to knock him down one… more… time…

    Wolf pauses for a moment.

    Wolf: You see, every time that Starr gets to his feet again, that’s the hero within him, the fighting spirit that says, “You can do it, Starr! You’ve been here before, you’ve suffered worse, you’ve beaten the odds time and time again!” And he’s going to believe it… He’s going to believe that voice to be true, and he’s going to fight with everything he has left and more, fully thinking that this time, this time it will be enough to keep me down long enough to get out of that hell. He’ll have you believing as well, sitting on the edge of your seats, praying that he can just land one more punch, that he could just get his leg up high enough and quick enough to hit the Noggin Knocker and put Wolf out of everyone’s misery once and for all. But then… he’ll fall… and get up again… and fall… and get up again… because as we all know, Starr always… gets… back… up… But when does he cross that line from brave and heroic to foolish and desperate? Sooner or later, you’re cheering him to his feet only to cause more damage than the cause is worth. I have no issue standing there waiting for him to get to his feet, because the more damage I inflict, the more he’ll remember just what happens when you get between Wolf and his prey. I’ll know when it’s enough for me, but will you, Starr?

    The giant looks into the camera as he speaks softly.

    Wolf: Will you know when to finally say that enough is enough? Will you take your mantra literally? Will you be bold enough to risk your well-being… your career… your life… for what, simple W? Make no mistake, I plan on leaving you with nothing, Starr. Nothing. Think about it. Will people chanting your name heal your broken bones? Will their love and undying devotion get you out of a wheelchair? These are the things that should be running through your mind, Starr. These are the things that your precious Izzy thinks when she looks at you, looks at me

    A long pause... Wolf thinks to himself.

    Wolf: I bring these matters up because I'm sure Starr and Izzy have plans for their bright and honest future: Nice home. Perhaps a pet or two. Children. All very dull but who am I to judge? It's a very common dream but the reason I bring this up is that they have no doubt seen what I am capable of... Chances are, Izzy herself has had some second thoughts about this match; her career; her life... and what it all means when she finally steps into that ring with me and Hanz. I don't have to remind everyone that this is a very dangerous business we're in and while it is true that we're all trained professionals, there are things that lie beyond our control. Mistakes happen; people get hurt; lives have ended...

    He shakes his head while a sick smirk curls onto his grim visage.

    Wolf: Izzy will have to stand across that ring and stare into my hollow eyes and ask herself, "is this the night that I fall the wrong way; is tonight the night I slip and crack my skull against the steel post; and is tonight the night my career ends?" Not only will she ask herself these questions Starr will have to watch. I know that there's a part of Izzy who will be screaming for her to step back; to look at the bigger picture and all the possible outcomes; to be reminded of the names of the children she has yet to have and to ponder, "... am I making a mistake; how far am I willing to go?" And while the answer is hers and hers alone, she'll know that I understand her fear. That I understand her hesitation. There is no shame in knowing your limitations and accepting but one of many possible fates.

    He addresses the camera but his intention is to capture the imagination of one Izzy who is no doubt preparing for what very well may be the match of her life.

    Wolf: I talk a lot about the past. I like to reference my accomplishments, the rich history of our business, the history of FWA. But there comes a time where it just isn't enough anymore. When your past accomplishments just aren't enough to prove you're the guy for the job. When being a f*cking historian, or a geek, or a guru or whatever you want to call it, when knowing how "things used to be." Just... doesn't... matter. For me, that time is quickly approaching. I'm an old-dog. I got a lot on my plate... But I've never forgotten why I'm here. I've never forgotten that history is written by the victors. I could sit here all day and talk about this place, why I come here. Why they have a shrine to Rikidōzan. I could tell you who the f*ck Rikidōzan even is! I'd love it... But it's not about that anymore. It's not about realizing past glory.

    He's trailing off, he knows it... Stopping for a moment, Wolf climbs out of the ring and sits on the apron, his feet hanging just above the floor. He runs a hand over his face and through his hair. The rage was coming back. But it's channeled into a collected explanation.

    Wolf: I'm ready to bring everything I got. I'm training hard, I'm eating my f*cking vitamins, I'm worshiping my Dark Lord. Bring on The Good'ol Mash-Up Tag Match... because it's one of my many specialties...

    Wolf leans toward the camera...

    Wolf: And Hanz? You're welcome.

    Wolf shrugs as the image slowly fades to the FWA logo. The logo stays for only a moment before it too fades... to black.
    "You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang."

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    ‘Do you think this will work?’

    Asks a voice from the other room.

    ‘I am sure.’

    ‘Well, you better be right, I pay you for being right not sucking up to me.’

    Phillip A. Jackson walks back into the room. He is wearing a suit but for a tie and he comes out with a tie each hand. He puts them over his suit and uses the mirror in the room and looks at his agent for a second opinion.

    ‘The first one’ decides Jackson.

    Jackson places the other tie into his suitcase at the side of the bed and carefully puts on a red tie with his charcoal suit and white shirt. Jackson looks over at his agent, who is sat across the hotel room in a recliner with his arms on each arm rest and the seat slightly reclined.

    ‘So, you do think it will work? How can you be sure?’

    ‘Because you are you. I trust your decision-making and I know that the project is ready. We have a good plan for you two and this isn’t the huge step you are making it.’

    ‘Sure, but it is still a big night for it. An opportunity to capitalise on our success. We are facing the FWA Tag Team Champions and we are not even two weeks into the project. The opportunity for a statement is huge but this is way too soon. Two weeks is not enough time to be ready for this’

    Jackson’s agent gets up and walks quickly across the room and grabs Jackson’s shoulders and looks him in the eyes.

    ‘You are ready for everything. Who cares about beating the tag team champions? You are on a journey to something bigger. The project. The quest for truth. Finding out who you really are and ending the hellish burden. Now, you have someone to make the journey with. You have a disciple.’

    You can see the worry drain from Jackson’s face and he smiles.

    ‘You’re right! You are right. I have to be ready for this. I have no choice. As the leader I MUST inspire confidence in this. I must believe in this. This project is bigger than the tag team champions but I still want to win. That is the difference between us. I am driven with everything I do but I have started to question that. I need to re-focus on my goal.’

    ‘And what is your goal?’

    ‘Finding who I am. Getting rid of all this doubt and this facade I have built. Guiding those who are lost back onto the path to happiness. Spreading my message and making sure that I fulfil the legacy of the project.’

    ‘Exactly, so calm the hell down’

    ‘This is why I pay you. I don't need you to book me for stuff but you play the role I need. You level me out. You bring me back from delusion to reality. How do you do it?’

    ‘I just speak the truth and hope you don’t hate me for it. Why do you ask?’

    The agent walks back to his seat and slowly lowers himself back into his seat, ready to listen. Jackson is amused by the answer.

    ‘Because I will need this in the future. It will help guide Garcia as he transitions from a hate filled monster to a more grounded, more real man. I might need to give him some hard truths and it is easy to internalise these things when I am doing it for me. Telling someone else is a more difficult challenge. I need to be strong because the truth hurts but is is a necessary pain. It is something that we all need to face and Michael will face his truths just as I have and continue to face mine. So are we going now or what?’

    The agent nods.

    ‘I was just waiting for you to be ready and we can head down. Ill let them know we are coming. Remember, be confident and be you.’

    The agent gets up and starts texting on his phone as Jackson double checks his look and the pair leave the room behind and begin walking down the hall to the elevator. The pair walk in stride. Jackson walks confidently and his agent continues to message on his phone as the pair walk in silence. Jackson presses the down button the elevator and get into an empty elevator as the doors open. The agent presses the button to get them down to the lobby. The pair stand side-by-side looking straight forward.



    Jackson and his agent fist bump in the elevator and then Jackson quickly takes a deep breath as the elevator approaches the bottom floor. The doors open and the pair move quickly. Jackson and his agent walk into the lobby and see a convention promoting local charities. Jackson is there as a guest of the convention and spends time in each booth before he attends a Q&A with people in attendance and some local media. Jackson sits on a desk in the convention hall stage with his agent at his side.

    ‘So, Phillip is ready for questions when you are ready.’

    Jackson nods in agreement. The event continues with the audience asking generic questions about the event, the city and how he is finding things so far before the last two questions.

    ‘Phillip, you have been instrumental in getting this event so much publicity, why was this so important to you?’

    Jackson takes a second to think about an answer.

    ‘Because I believe in change. I cannot spend all my time talking about change and then do nothing about it. You are all seeking answers for what you are passionate about and I have become passionate about finding answers. I want people be able to not only believe in their desire for change but to actually be able to change and find the truth. That is why I am here and why I believe in this event.’

    There is a light ripple of applause from the crowd and as the applause lessens another question is answered.

    ‘Ok, last question.’

    ‘Why are you such a saint?’

    Jackson takes his time in thinking about this one.

    ‘Am I a saint? I don’t believe anyone is really a saint. I believe in being the best you can be. I am on a journey of giving back and nothing matters to me more than that. I have made friends on this journey and I have never been happier. I rid myself of a facade that had been holding me back for years. I wanted to be a better man than I was. I am not a saint because of my change. I am just a man on a journey. Saints are pure. Saints are kind and patient. They have ties with religion. I am scarred, ugly and broken on a quest to see those scars differently. Based on everything I have ever done in my career I am probably more of a sinner.’

    There are some hushed murmurs from the crowd and a few audible disagreements.

    ‘But I know that. I want to be better. I don’t want to force my will on those who do not want it. I wont walk around Las Vegas, or any other city, screaming about my beliefs to force people to change because I am not pretending to be God’s Kin. I am promoting what I believe in and helping those who believe in it achieve it too. I have a story I would like to tell. As most of you may know, I am a professional wrestler. This is important for the story I am about to tell. My career has been a long one. I started in the wrestling business at Fifteen. That is when I started training. I got my first professional contract when I was Eighteen. Now imagine what you were like at that age and now what you would have been like had you signed a contract worth six figures when you Eighteen years old. It is a problem that plagues all sports. I started making bad decisions. Started making more money than I knew what to do with. Married some women who only really wanted my money and my fame to promote what she wanted.’

    ‘She came from nothing. She wanted more and I don’t blame her. I never did. I was a young man who couldn’t see what was good for me. We are not together any more and I don’t know if I will ever see her again. It was my own fault. Bad decision plagued my life. They continued to make me spiral and I became more and more unhappy. I started lashing out at co-workers. I started lashing out at the people around me and becoming more and more angry with each passing day.’

    ‘I was still successful because I could put on a facade. I could hide all my struggles in a twenty by twenty foot ring. It made me worse. That’s the thing about wrestling you never truly know who is in front of you. It is a business of smoke and mirrors. Hiding things and it can be a lonely journey. It can be the loneliest thing you ever do and you are travelling with thirty others almost every day. I succeed at a huge sacrificial cost. My life outside the ring crumbled and I had no hope left. I had no way to ever be happy but I never, ever give up. Which is how this all started. I was in a match with a guy called Ryan Rondo he knocked a lot of sense into me because I wouldn’t quit. It made people support me. They sent a grapevine down to engage with me and I suddenly had a ton of support and realised that I could spend my time doing good things and finding a way to use my platform to find out who I really am. To get rid of a facade that had been killing me inside for years.’

    The crowd interrupt with claps.

    ‘It took a while but I found inspiration and I have a guy at my side who wants to do the same. That is what makes me most proud. We are not in full swing yet but I have a surprise for him coming up. It will help cement our joint desire for change. To become who we are meant to be because I don’t want to go back to a facade. That is my catalyst for change and the quest for truth.'

    The audience clap loudly and rise to their feet as Jackson waves goodbye to the crowd. Jackson and his agent use the special backdoor to get ‘backstage’ to relax.

    ‘So, you do know you are a pretty good dude, right?’

    ‘I wouldn’t say that. I am just more aware. I have re-focused, that’s all. This week for me was about this event and getting a win. This event was a huge success. We have a final meeting but everything is gonna help the project. I believe that.’

    ‘So about the match. You haven’t even been focused on it. They are the tag team champions. You usually talk me through a plan.’

    ‘I honestly don’t have one because this is about establishing a rapport with Michael. I want to get the win for the project. I want to send a statement because I believe we can compete with them, just not for a few more weeks. We are similar teams, with the exception that they have a long history together. We are both classic, big man, small man tag teams that people love. They are proud of their sin past and they are guys who care more about the win than they do about all the other things. They have those belts around their waists for a reason, they are the tag team champions but I want to be a champion of truth. I want Michael to find out the truth. I want us to complete our objectives. There is much more to me than the one dimensional, hyper focused, control freak I once was. I am now more rounded and grounded. I am more aware of the big things I used to miss. Obsession with winning is a dangerous disease. Holding a title makes you a target and I want nothing to do with being a target right now. I want to grow my project. I want Michael to really prosper. I want to do all the things we already talked about but I have an understanding now of short-term and long-term. Short-term is this week and I told you what I wanted this week.’

    ‘To nail this meeting, this convention and continue to grow the project.’

    Jackson nods in agreement.

    ‘Exactly. The Sin City Vultures defeat would be huge for the wrestling side of this project but it is not the end of the world should we fall to them because they are cohesive unit and they will be well-prepared. The belts they hold do not change my approach. I am not focused on what people around me are doing. I have my singular objective. I am looking out for the good of two men and our quest. We need all the matches we can get in time for the tag team tournament and Michael does continue to impress me. For week two of our partnership, however, the result remain unimportant. Our focus should be truth first, then finding out how good we are together then finding success. The Sin City Vultures will be just that if we allow them to dictate. They will be vultures. They will pick us apart with ease should be have problems communicating and not being on the same page as a team. I believe we can be a great team. I believe we will succeed in our first mission. I believe in us because I want this more than anything. Michael is ready. I am ready. The Sin City Vultures cannot be anything other than ready because they have all the pressure. We are just a couple of plucky underdogs in a situation that is brand new for us and we believe in what we are doing and we will never question it. That ALWAYS counts for something.'

    ‘So…I guess you have thought about it. You are ready to go then?’

    ‘Give me five minutes to sit down and just forget about everything and clear my head before our last meeting. Then we can get back upstairs and get to the airport. We have plenty of time.’

    ‘Ok. I just got to call ahead to the airport so we can get on as soon as we arrive. Ill take this outside’

    Jackson unbuttons his suit. He untucks his shirt and slouches on a chair backstage he closes his eyes and mutters just one sentence.

    ‘Just remember, this will work.'

    Jackson continues to relax in the chair before heading out to the airport.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Light. Blinding light. Nothing else. Where was this? Was this… death? Was this… peace? Further inspection debunks all possible theories. The ringing in her ears has begun to subside. She could hear it. ..they were crying, screaming. Such… the emotion that radiated within the arena. Such a malevolent atmosphere that had consumed the air inside. Why? It was so hard to think. There was a headache. A migraine. A horrible burning pain is running through her arm Where did it come from? Wait… there was…music…...So familiar...Wait a second. That’s Cyrus Truth’s music. The signal of the end. But if that’s really what she was hearing, then that means… she lost. Wait. She lost?! Bell raised her arms to shield her eyes from the lights high above the arena. Slowly, she rolled over to her stomach, allowing herself to push herself up with her arms that felt like dead weights as she looked across the ring to receive confirmation for her curiosity, and confirmation she did receive. There he was, upon the entrance ramp, arms raised in victory, the man known as Cyrus Truth. There it was, his face upon the big screen. The World Heavyweight title that she so long wanted with every beat of her heart raised above his head. The sure sign that he came out of the match as the winner. Bell would have despaired. Bell’s heart would have been broken if only she could think straight. Still, it’s not a very well known fact how badly your head gets rattled when you get kicked in the head repeatedly, especially after going through the type of gruelling match that these two just went through. Bell laid her head down upon the apron for a moment of rest, a small moment to recover from the pain, to clear her head from the ringing. Slowly, she closed her eyes and focused on all the sounds around her. She could hear it… the slow, gradual transition that was taking place. Cyrus seems to have just left the ringside area. His music had been put to a halt. And it is here that Cyrus would leave the arena, content, satisfied with the fact that he defeated Bell Connelly the image of his face raced through Bell’s mind. She could see it, the smug smile plastered upon his face, sated at the fact that he defeated Bell….Her dreams are shattering under his heel….

    It was a mental image Bell had become used to in time...but this moment. This one would always stay with her.

    The first fracture.

    A quiet hour had come once again. and once again, This forced Bell's mind to activate her imagination purely on the effort of warding off any overbearing sense of boredom from her being. Although Bell'ss eyes were open, they were all but blind to the world around her. Her true vision laid inside her mind, or more accurately, in memories There she was again, back in the middle of that ring, reliving all the vivid sensations of standing in the ring with The Alpha Wolf The warm air infiltrated her lungs once again. The sounds penetrated her ears even louder than before. It was the same thing as has happened so many times before...Here she lay staring up at the lights. defeated. and all she could do was to tear at her hair in despair.

    Bell Connelly:“This isn’t right….I don’t understand. This doesn’t make sense it.I don’t understand.

    ???: You really should

    Bell stood frozen at the sound of the voice. It was the same one, the ones she’d had heard in her head for so long, but this… this was different. Familiar, but different. The same, but different. Unlike before, there was a sound. Unlike before, it was so much more vivid, so real, almost as if… almost as if the figure were standing directly behind her. She couldn’t move. Never had he been so petrified by the sound of a single voice. It was all she could hear now, the echoed words “come home”. The chanting of the familiar voices all fell to a silent hush. Bell, of course, studied the voice of this beast. Out of her mental cage for the first time the pitch almost just like she had imagined it would sound. Sickly sweet, as it was often described, the voice of an angel that held within it malicious designs. It was… a woman’s voice. It was… beautiful, melodic in nature, yet menacing, horrible, all at once. Bell tightly closed her eyes. She wasn’t ready for this presence. Not now. Not especially after thelose that she had taken back there. The lashing was swift and brutal even in her waking hours. Give it form, and even these implied horrors that Bell herself dare not think of. This daydream became a nightmare, and no matter how much she wished it, no matter how much she willed it, no matter how much she wanted it, she couldn’t wake up. No, she was way too far now. She had tried closing the door, but the likes of Ryan Rondo and Kazadi had made sure she couldn’t close the door from that she was here, with the demon that prevented
    her escape into reality. It had listened. It had heard.

    The Beast: Are you… scared? Are you afraid?

    Bell could barely speak.Bell’s lips quivered. This in itself could only be nothing but a bad omen.

    Bell Connelly: You...You can’t be here. Get out of my head..get out..get out-

    Bell froze once again, unable to even finish her sentence, all because of a chill on her shoulder. All because if she were to peer over to her left, he would see the pale, ghastly hand of a phantom, something that she was convinced she didn’t want to see. A cold chill grazed her ear. There was a breath, an insanely cold breathing next to her face that drew in the whispers of the spectre in her ear.

    The Beast: No… Shh… it’s all right. It’s all right. I know you’re scared. I know you’re frightened. It’s okay.

    Bell Connelly: It wasn’t supposed to be like that I… I failed….I was supposed to beat Cyrus, Rondo,. Zachary You know I did...It’s like no matter what I do it’s-

    Beast: So? No one’s perfect. You win some; you lose some.

    Bell Connelly: You…calm…..I wasn’t expected that. Why? Why are you here? You know you’re the last person I ever want to talk to...

    Beast: “...Are you tired of these games yet?

    Bell Connelly: “...Games…”

    The Beast: How long do you think it’ll be before everyone gets bored of you? How many times do they have to see you pinned before they lose faith, get bored and abandon you...You know like everyone-

    Bell Connelly: They would never-

    The Beast: You know whenever Tinkerbell got hurt all the lost boys had to do was to clap there hand and believe and Tinkerbell would be healed and free to do as she wished, kind of like you Bell...But you have to wonder….What happened when people don’t believe in fairies anymore.

    Bell Connelly: I don’t want to hear this.

    The Beast: People rarely do like to hear the truth. Here let me show you something…

    And just like that... hands begin to grasp at her body, holding him in a tight bear hug from behind. And in a quick movement, she has whisked away to the inner depths of her mind. It is only a few seconds before she finds herself standing on solid ground again, whereas the arms release her and point out the scene before her. Right in front of her is a staircase, the one in the stands that leads to the food and merchandise areas of the building. Far below on the lower parts of the staircase, she sees… herself in the ring almost drunkenly staggering after delivering a Glitterball to Cyrus It is here that Bell has not only become a spectator to her memory but has gotten a front row seat to the replay.

    Bell Connelly This is… this is the match, my match with Cyrus Truth. Why have you brought me here?

    The Beast: “Oh this is going to be fun! I want you to watch very, very carefully. Watch yourself, watch Cyrus, and especially, watch these fans.

    Bell takes these words to heart as she views herself in the ring leaning her body out waiting for Cyrus to be in position, she goes for her ode to Tinkerbell, but Truth catches her with her knees

    The Beast: Do you see it? Look very closely…

    It all starts to begin in slow motion. She crumples in pain holding her gut. The fans are going crazy. And just as Cyrus picks himself up… she noticed a strange type of change in the fans that were right behind herself and Kazadi. With every slow frame, their faces seemed to undergo some metamorphosis, until right at the crash, it all just peeled away. Right at the point where Cyrus picks her up, he saw it. All these men and women who were cheering had completed their change. Their skin broke off like shattered glass, and what was left behind were some… unspeakable sights. These spectators in the stands, the oceans of fans had seemingly shed their human images in a heartbeat, and what remained was the inner core that revealed dark, grotesque images of twisted, macabre faces. Every fan wore upon their face a demonic visage that seemed to rattle Bell. These people… were monsters.

    The Beast Do you see it, Bell? Do you see it? Don’t look away. You had to be reminded. These are the people who had “accepted” you. This is what you’ve always done Bell. You trust people, you believe the best in them...and they still hurt you and abandon you in the end.You cannot forget the pain, the misery they brought us. You cannot be allowed to forget. This is why I brought you here.Have you forgotten?

    Bell Connelly: I can’t-

    The Beast: “Look again.”

    Bell Connelly: “No.”

    The Beast: “I said look!”

    The memory was still playing in slow motion, with Bell and Cyrus surrounded by a sick army of cadavers, wraiths, and devils of all kinds. And yet, in Cyrus Truth, Bell saw the same kind of change. She was beginning to undergo the same metamorphosis. The skin of his face rippled and blurred, just as he was putting Bell in place for the journey’s end and drilled her down to the ground at full force. Right at the moment of impact, Bell saw it. Cyrus Truth face shattered. The pieces of skin, muscle, and bone crumbled off his head. All Bell saw was a grotesquerie, an evil form that had resembled the true Cyrus Truth. And it was this very image itself that the beast had tried to show Bell, this visage that could be likened to the face of Lucifer himself. Bell had no words. All she could do was look on at the monster that had defeated her that night. She quivered. She feared. She froze.

    The Beast: Bell, have you had enough? Do you want it all to go away?

    Bell nodded, and it all went away. No more monsters. No more boogeymen. No more ghosts and ghouls and ghastly images. Bell had combated with the devil himself and lost. Twice But the Beast took everything away, all the fear, all the pain, just like in the beginning. And just like in the beginning, she found himself right back in the middle of her room.

    The Beast:There. You’re safe. Safe, for now. But you know what you have to do. You know why I showed you this.

    Bell Connelly: “...You’re wrong.”

    The Beast: I’ve never been wrong Bell, The Truth scares you. So you convince yourself I’m wrong. Denial. Desperation. Break down. That’s the entire cycle your life has been on and until you break it you’ll never-

    Bell Connelly: No!

    Bell stands up, her voice defiant pulling at her hair and shaking her head back and forward

    Bell Connelly: “Let me tell you how this is going to go. I’m going to prove to the world I can beat Cyrus. I’m going to pin him in the middle of the ring. One. Two. Tree. THEN I’m going to win the tag tournament with Shannon. Then, as a grand finale, I’m going to drag you kicking and screaming back to your cage, and I’m never letting you out

    There was a brief pause between the two, and in that space, The Beast seemed to sigh

    The Beast: “Never say I didn’t try.”

    The lights in the dream arena slowly began to fade one by one. She could hear the voice, speaking once again in a woman’s voice that slowly began to sink back into that soundless thought in her mind that she was all so familiar with.And all was quiet. Dark. Empty and Bell was alone once again. Slowly, very slowly, she attempted to open her eyes forcing reality to come back into focus.

    The video opened up to the sight of a dark empty room, consumed almost completely by pitch black. Mere moments in, a click is heard, and a single light turns on, hanging from the ceiling with a crude, simple lampshade that focuses the majority of the light downwards towards what appears to be an empty table beneath it. The setting evokes an interrogation room, though all that’s missing is someone either to play the interrogator or to be interrogated. That detail very quickly fills itself out as the familiar image of Bell steps in from the side, stepping up to the table, right at the very edge of the light, casting just enough upon him to be seen while maintaining just enough shadow to obscure some of his details from view. In particular, her head is bowed down just slightly, preventing her from locking eyes with the camera.

    Bell Connelly: “We’ve been here before haven’t we Cyrus? Third verse. Same as the first, and I’d like to say something about this before the third in a trilogy of epic battles. Epics wars between two warriors brought together via fate, tied together via destiny to fight forever…..But let's be real. These matches always meant more to me then they do to you. Imma right? I mean, The first match that was just a routine title defence to you. To me? That shot. My only as it turned out. The second time that was my chance at redemption and to you? I was just a way to send a message to Shannon; Oh
    wait hold on, I’ve been working on my Cyrus impression Ha-hum

    Bell clears her throat lightly and begins to speak in a false deep raspy growl.

    Bell Connelly:"THIS IS WHAT SHANNON WANTS?! THIS IS WHAT SHANNON WANTS?! SHE'LL HAVE HER EXECUTION ... JUST LIKE BELL!" How did that work out for you by the way?

    A scraping sound is heard as Bell pulls back a chair from her side of the table. With enough space placed for her, she takes a seat, entering the full glow of the tiny space of light as he does so. For a moment she lingers. A moment more, she turns her head to the side. And then she looks up, making eye contact with the camera, and flashing a curious smile as she does so

    Bell Connelly: " Hey, I’m just playing your game. The Truth. That’s your thing, We’ve all seen it by now. The eyes of truth. They are watching. They are looking straight at you, straight through you. The lights black out. There are only two spotlights. One on him as he comes down the ramp. One on the ring, on you. This is to make sure you see him, but only so you can look into his eyes and know that he sees you, You have been found. You have been discovered, and there is nowhere to hide."

    Bell leans back in her seat, placing her fingers together as she does so. Her brow furrows and her eyes focus forward, not penetrating into any outward object in her vision, but more examining inner thoughts. Her mouth
    hands slightly ajar, her body laying completely still aside from the slight glimpse of her tongue brushing against the inside of his bottom lip. After a momentary deliberation upon her thoughts, Bell continues.

    Bell Connelly:"There’s something undeniably unsettling about it. Never has anyone ever felt any comfort in the feeling of being watched, but even as a feeling, it’s different. The paranoia, the simple idea that someone has their eyes on you can have a person constantly looking over their shoulder, constantly lingering over cracks in the door or shadows past the window, wondering if any unwanted visitors may be spying on them, seeing things they aren’t meant to see, learning things they aren’t meant to know. That? That is just simple fear. It’s cognitive, mental, and no matter how much you may think someone’s watching you, you never really know if it’s true or not. That feeling alone can drive people insane. It could all be in their heads, and people would still lose sleep over it….Trust me I would know...That’s kind of my area. But what if you took that fear… and made it real? What if you went beyond the simple thought of someone watching you, and stared directly into the whites of their eyes? THAT is when instinctual behaviour comes into play. We have learned across several millennia to be afraid of unwanted guests. Our ancestors feared seeing eyes in the bushes because what it meant to them was the very real possibility that they could be staring their murderers right in the face. That feeling has never gone away even past thousands of generations, because somewhere deep down, no matter what walls or windows might be between us, we still know it’s true. The danger is still real. We are the prey; they are the predator. We are the prisoner, they are the warden, and we are forced to succumb to their every whim. We are trapped, helpless, and vulnerable, all because they know us, but we do not know them. The eyes are the windows to the soul, yet theirs are imperceptible, while ours are cast wide open, and that is what scares us. We don’t know what they can do to us. We don’t know what they intend to do to us, but they do, and they know exactly how they’re going to do it to us, and it is that disparity of knowledge that can turn the greatest security into the greatest fear."

    Bell leans forward in her chair, resting her arms
    against the table, while still keeping his fingers pressed together. This brought her further into the light that hung above him, but also directly under it. The light hung upon her brow, causing her eyes to be cast in shadow. Framed in the shade, the intensity of his gaze stood out more strongly than before. She peered directly into the camera, this time penetrating into a hit. Her focused held steady and unflinching, and it was difficult to deny the uncomfortability of her stare, demonstrating the very same phenomenon that Bell herself was explaining just a few seconds ago. Staring back did nothing. Her eyes revealed nothing of herself, other than the feeling that for all the things that one could not read about her he could understand those exact things about you.

    Bell Connelly:"I will give credit to Cy. His understanding of fear is incredible. With just a simple gaze, he has managed to accomplish the one thing that so many have been able to do. He has managed to deliver real fear. More than any cryptic story or display of strength, all she has to do is show someone the whites of his eyes to get them to cower. For this, Cyrus has my respect. He is formidable; I’ll give him that. Cy is an enigma, an impenetrable black box, hiding who knows how many of Pandora’s evils inside of it. And between you and me, I’d say it’s better to take the devil you know, than the devil you don’t."

    Bell parted her hands, grasped her chin with one hand, and pushed it to the side, cracking her neck before she looked back at the camera.

    Bell Connelly:"Cyrus is not only a threat, but she is a threat everyone respects, whether consciously or otherwise, merely based off of that one concept that he seems to understand more than anyone. All he has to do to is look at you straight, just to let you know that he sees everything. Your fears, your doubts, your insecurities, your flaws, your vulnerabilities, your weaknesses. That’s what that stare means, and that is why it is his greatest weapon, Trust me I know. Because people know what that stare means. People know that he can see the chinks in their armour, that he can see the threads he needs to pull to completely unravel confidence from all around her, and that she would take advantage of these things without a second thought. He has lived up to the danger that his stare implies, he disintegrated his enemy’s confidence and preyed upon their weakness, Cyrus tells the-the world to fear the creature watching them from the shadows, because it is real, it is capable, and more than anything else, it is malicious. Cy looks them all in the eye, and they see all the things they didn’t want to see reflected in his eyes, and they crumble because of it. And for as much of a blessing that may seem to be, it has instead become his downfall. With all eyes on him, he is slowly being exposed, by Shannon and when he lost that belt, and it’s only a matter of time before we completely peel apart the enigma and reveal the weaknesses he has been hiding from us."

    Bell smiles at her statement, her lips taking upon them a sinister crook from beneath the shadow of his brow. Before long, however, she begins to tilt his head up, revealing her face more towards the light. The angle allows it to show her features in full, and this combined with the lightly lifted chin changes the context of his smile from malevolence to confident She is no longer looking up through the angle of a devious brow,

    Bell Connelly "These past few weeks have not been kind to him The predator’s greatest weapon is in knowing its prey is unprepared, but oh, how tragic is it that so many of us began to prepare for Cy the moment his name became relevant to us? He is hollow and fragile, a scarecrow without a brain. And just like a scarecrow, people feared him from a distance, the menacing creature in the dark staring right back at them, but once someone decides to come closer and sees him for what he is, all they need to do is breathe in his general direction for him to fall apart. We’ve all got Luke Harper figured out, but the man’s so narrow-minded that he doesn’t even notice. He is the beast that casts the long shadow, completely ignorant to the fact the light has caught him and that shadow is gone, and now all we see is the scared, pitiful little creature that cast that shadow in the first place. But if he wishes to live in willful ignorance, that’s fine. He’s only got a few more days left to live in his little fantasy of fear because once he comes and looks me in the eye? He will have no choice but to come face-to-face with the reality that he was never able to handle."Come on, Cy Tell me, what do you see? I’m right here in the light, plain as day. I’ve got nothing to hide. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then I’m giving you a full invite. Look into my eyes, tell me what you see. Is it fear? Is it doubt? Is it worry? Or is it something completely different?"For someone who’s made a career thus far of seeing through people, you have the sad, unfortunate fate of having to end up looking at me and this time….there’s no world title shot, there’s no Rondo destroying belts, you have my full attention look into my eyes, and you see someone who is indestructible. You look at me, and you see someone who YOU don’t want to see, and that was someone you couldn’t kill. It’s a reality you couldn’t face, a truth you can’t accept, but in the end, the truth is the truth, whether you like it or not, In fact, consider this my warning to you, Cy. For just one night, I suggest you close your
    eyes, and look away because if you look me in the eye, you won’t like what you see. And, no, What you’ll see is the lie that you tried to shroud yourself in, only made true. What you will find when you look at me is that the fear you delivered was shallow and paper-thin. All you had was the mystery of a curtain, and every week, the only thing you could do is hope that no one would ever be brave enough to tear that curtain down. Me? I have no curtains because I have nothing to hide. You won’t be afraid of me because you think you’re above me. You will be but. You will look at me and realize that I am the real embodiment of fear, not because I’m vague or cryptic, but because I am real, I exist, and I make things happen that should not happen.Because no matter how many times I get dropped. I keep coming back. I do Not. Break. When you look at me, you will see a woman ready to slay her biggest demon I’m the one no one notices. Now I’m the one in the shadows now. I And we can just add it to the growing list of great ironies in this match that I am the girl with nothing to hide who has been wandering in the shadows, going against the man who never wanted to come out of the dark. you lived your life with your eyes wide open. You are always watching, always observing, and nothing escapes you. But for as perceptive as you are, I wonder… do you see tonight coming? Because I promise you. The wrestling world won’t And once we meet in that ring and you have to make that decision of understanding who it is you’re up against, let me give you this piece of advice. When we meet face-to-face, I suggest you turn your head and look away. Don’t even dare to look me in the eye, because if you do? It’ll be the last thing you ever see."
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Old man, look at my life
    I'm a lot like you were.

    As the man gets out of bed, he walks into the kitchen of his presidential suite and begins preparing a protein shake. He cracks open six eggs and isolates the yolks as he only uses the whites. Then he cracks a seventh egg and puts the whole thing in the bottom of the blender. As he scoops out two servings of his favorite chocolate protein, breakfast is now served. He downs the whole shake. Now he walks over to the couch and sits as he opens up his daily workout planner to see what's on the schedule.

    Legs. Shit.

    He now reaches over to his suitcase and opens it up. He pulls out his black tights with silver designs and holds them up in the morning sunlight shining through the 15th floor hotel window. He looks at the cartoon caricature of himself on the side of the tights, which shows him executing his frog splash in mid-air. His eyes begin to get red. He puts the tights down and buries his face in his hands. He picks up his phone and begins typing a message to his ex-wife.

    "Hey... So I think I'm really gonna do this today. Since I got the call the other day asking if I could make it to the show, I just haven't been able to decide if this is a career that I really even want anymore. I haven't wrestled in three years. Not since before I met you... I just want you to know that you're the reason I've decided to do this tonight. I'm only 23... I can't throw away my entire life's dream at 20 years old and then be done forever. You taught me to believe in myself and to never give up on anything worth fighting for. For that, I will always be thankful. For that, I will always love you. Tonight, I dedicate this victory to you. As we go our seperate ways in life, it's important for the both of us to remember that no matter where life takes us, we create our own destinies. And mine is to be the World Champion."

    He gets up and starts putting on his gym clothes. As he ties the laces of his Nike shoes, he takes one more look at his wrestling tights. He looks back down and finishes tying his shoes. He looks over at the tights one last time...

    Looney Bin, huh... Looks like tonight is gonna be pretty crazy.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 24

    "Broken Things"

    The warm feeling of blood trickling down from his eye across his cheek.

    The searingly sharp pain coursing from the very bottom of his spine that continues to throb incessantly.

    The taste of iron in his mouth as his teeth are gritted together like a vice.

    This is how we find Cyrus Truth, seemingly minutes after his Two out of Three Falls FWA World Heavyweight Championship match against the woman who took the title from him at Back in Business. The woman who claimed to be the one who'd bring FWA back from the tyranny of a ruthless king looking to tear down all that made FWA "supposedly" great.

    The woman who took the low road and cheated to retain the title, and showed her true colors to the world.

    Shannon O'Neal remains FWA World Champion, and Cyrus finds himself in an FWA trainer's room, having his eye taped up with a wad of gauze to keep it safe from infection and having his groin iced to reduce the swelling. While it's clear Cyrus is in obvious pain, The Exile still sits with teeth gritted, more angry than anything else at how the match went down. That anger's pretty obvious to the FWA trainers, who are already on edge having to provide medical care to a man who's, on more than one occasion, told FWA to burn in hell. Still, they are nothing if not diligent as they cautiously tend to Cyrus.

    Neither the trainers nor Cyrus say a word as Cyrus's wounds are being mended, and the awkward silence is finally broken as the door opens to reveal somebody who Cyrus didn't exactly expect. Somebody who has no reason to really care one way or another about Cyrus's condition...and yet, here he stands.

    Cyrus Truth: Ashley. Oh, this is rich.

    Fight Night General Manager Ashley O'Ryan, a man Cyrus has on numerous occasions belittled and on one occasion tried to set on fire for what Cyrus perceived as disrespect to his wishes as champion, is indeed standing in the doorway to the trainer's room, taking a sip from a hip flask. Cyrus, though angry, can't help but laugh at this whole scene, almost as if he's mocking Ashley. Ashley, being who he is, doesn't pay The Exile any mind as he turns his attention to the head trainer.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Oi, doc. What's 'is situation?

    Head Trainer: There's some serious swelling, and we're not sure if any real damage's been done to the eye until we can get an optometrist to get a closer look at it, but he seems to still be able to see out of the eye. He'll need some rest, but he should be fine after a couple days.

    Cyrus rolls his eyes in annoyance at Ashley and the head trainer talking about him as if he's not in the room.

    Cyrus Truth: Why do you care, Ashley?

    Ashley looks a bit surprised at Cyrus's retort, but calmly takes another sip of his flask.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Am I not suppose ta care about ye?

    Cyrus Truth: Considering the fact that I have no great love for this company, your boss, and you? One would think so.

    Ashley snorts at this dismissively. He nods at the trainers, motioning for them to leave. Without saying a word, the trainers pack up their medical gear and head off for the evening. Ashley walks in after they leave and has a seat in a nearby chair. The two men sit in silence for another minute as the gauze pad over Cyrus's eye seeps a bit with blood and Ashley continues to drink from his flask. It's as if this is a game between the two willful men...namely, who'll blink first and speak up.

    Whether it's because Ashley "blinks" or just wants to get on with it, the General Manager finally speaks up.

    Ashley O'Ryan: I imagine yer right pissed 'bout tonight. I getcha, but you have ta know that ya won't be gettin' another title shot unless ye earn it. No more free shots.

    Cyrus Truth: Is that what you call this last match? A "free shot?"

    Ashley O'Ryan: Don't give me that shite. I know ye were entitled to a rematch after Back 'n Business, but I know ye well enough t' realize that ye wouldn't let tonight stand.

    Cyrus Truth: And I don't intend to.

    Ashley O'Ryan: And ya will be wantin' another shot. And I'm telling ye right now...I ain't about to give it to ye for nothin'. Aye, you'll get a chance to earn it like anybody else, but there is a line of folks wantin' a shot at the champion.

    Cyrus Truth: Oh, and what a great champion she turned out to be, huh?

    Cyrus's tone is biting, but not bitter. Ashley seems a bit stung by Cyrus's rebuttal, but says nothing as Cyrus continues to expound.

    Cyrus Truth: Oh yes, this new champion you have is quite the catch, isn't she? Far better than me. Far more respectable than me. Yes, clearly this is exactly the type of champion you wanted, and the champion this company deserves. Well done backing this horse, Ashley. You must be so PROUD.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Are ye done running that gob of yers?

    Cyrus Truth: Not in the least.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Whaddya want me to say, huh? I dinnae care what happened out there. If ye think yer gonna make me say I was wrong for believin' in Shannon, yer wastin' yer breath. When I had her enter Carnal Contendership, I did it because I believed in 'er. I still do, even if...

    Ashley pauses for a second. It's clear from his defensive tone that he still likes and respects Shannon. But, it's obvious that he's having a hard time coming to grips with that side of Shannon that she showed the world tonight. And Cyrus knows that.

    Cyrus Truth: Even if she's a liar? Even if she values that golden bauble more than she values her own dignity? See, Ashley, you have it wrong. You're right...I am angry. But not about the match or the title. I'm mad because I should've been able to see this. I always see though people. And I couldn't this time. Maybe I'm losing my touch. Maybe Shannon's just better at deception than you or I thought she was. Or maybe it's because you and FWA have done an exquisite job of sucking the joy out of my life for so long that anything resembling what I fight for was enough to blind me. Either way, I didn't see it. And now here I am, sitting in a rank little closet in the bowels of an empty arena talking to a drunk who thinks he knows better because he's been in this company longer. You can imagine how irritating this is for me.

    Ashley is clearly irked by Cyrus's condescending tone as he stands up quickly and glares at The Exile, that old familiar fire in his eyes.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Oh, for the love of God...ENOUGH! I've had ta listen to this fookin' shite for a year now. Ye think yer special, and FWA's out t' get you for some bullshite slight. I imagine this might be hard for someone like ye to believe, but yer not that special. FWA's not your enemy, Truth.

    Cyrus Truth: And I've had to listen to you and Robinson spew that same story for the same amount of time. Never mind the fact that neither of you cared enough to talk to me or try to understand where I'm coming from.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye, that so? I am. So tell me, Truth...what did FWA do that was so goddamn terrible?

    Cyrus lets that linger for a second before lowering his voice and replying in a deep, grave tone.

    Cyrus Truth: You refused to open your eyes. You decided that you knew better because you had existed long before I was here. You didn't give me even a chance to explain where I was coming from, and chose to ignore the advice of someone who's seen wrestling companies rise and fall for any number of reasons...most of them being due to the shortsightedness of its management. Namely, they chose the ones they want to present as the best, as the heroes to rally behind. You didn't want ME as champion. And you can't stand there and deny it. So instead, you chose others to be the hero and cast me as the villain. And you failed more times than you succeeded, and the one time you DID succeed? Your new champion showed herself to be a far more villainous and deceptive champion than I ever was. So, while I'm not terribly happy with the fact that Shannon's nothing more than a charlatan and a fool, I can't be too upset. After all, I won. I was right, as I usually am. The big bad outsider who called FWA out on their bullshit was absolutely right about how rotten this company is at its core. I won, Ashley...and FWA lost. It's admittedly not much, all things considered...but it is far more satisfying than it has any right to be.

    Cyrus chuckles as Ashley looks deep in thought. He's mad, don't be mistaken...but he seems to be digesting Cyrus's words. It's hard to tell if he agrees or disagrees with Cyrus's assertions, and even harder to tell what he's even thinking.

    Cyrus Truth: And you know what else I take pleasure in? The fact that now FWA's best chance of getting back a World Champion worth respecting is me. Your golden boy Kennedy is too distracted by Rondo's head games. Rondo's trying too hard to get us to believe he doesn't care about being loved anymore even though that's all he really wants. None of your wrestlers can beat Parr for the North American Title and even if they could? Parr's not got the same following or vigor he had early on in his reign. Your best? They're all ruined goods. The only one in this company that even stands a chance of stopping Shannon from tightening her grip on that World Title is me. Only me.

    Ashley O'Ryan: No...I dinnae think so. There may be someone else.

    Cyrus snorts dismissively at this as Ashley takes his seat again and takes a long sip out of his flask.

    Ashley O'Ryan: That reminds gotta match on Fight Night.

    Cyrus Truth: Of course I do. I mean, I may only have one eye and testicles swollen to the size of grapefruits, but why should that stop me from competing, right? So, who's your newest savior?

    Ashley O'Ryan: Yer facin' Bell.

    Cyrus looks at Ashley blankly. You can hear a pin drop in the silence that these two men sit in.

    Cyrus Truth: ...Bell. Bell Connelly.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Aye.

    Cyrus Truth: This some kind of joke?

    Ashley O'Ryan: Ye callin' Bell a joke?

    Cyrus Truth: I'm calling this entire match a joke. Bell? Bell is your "best shot" at restoring dignity to the FWA World Title?

    Ashley O'Ryan: It ain't a contender's match.

    Cyrus Truth: Bullshit. It may not be that officially, but we both know what this match is for. You're pitting me and Bell against each other so that one of us can lay a claim to another title shot.

    Ashley O'Ryan: So what's th' bitchin' fer? If this is to determine Shannon's next challenger, why not take it seriously? Or is it because ye don't think Bell deserves it?

    Cyrus Truth: Of course she doesn't deserve it, but that's besides the point. We've fought twice now, Ashley. The first time was a well-deserved and well-fought encounter. I won that, remember? And then you had us fight just before Back in Business...remember?!

    Ashley O'Ryan: Get t' the point.

    Cyrus Truth: You saw her fight on Fight Night. She's not as good as she was. She's broken, Ashley. Not physically, but psychologically. Losing to me and losing her Women's Title brought her to the edge, and Rondo went and pushed her off it. She was once more mentally tough than anybody I've fought in this company...but she's lost that. And without that, she's not good enough anymore. I hate to say that, because I hate to see someone fall so far. But Truth is Truth, and we can't just ignore it for the sake of a good story. "Former friends fighting for gold and glory!" You think I'm blind to what FWA is trying to do? You'll keep pressing Bell and pressing her until she breaks past the point of repair all because you think it'll sell a PPV.

    Ashley O'Ryan: That's not...

    Cyrus Truth: STOP LYING!

    Cyrus's voice booms, silencing Ashley and stunning the GM with its commanding tone. Cyrus is NOT having any of this anymore. To him, he's been proven right in his stance on FWA, and trying to convince him of any good intentions that FWA has is a waste of his time.

    Cyrus Truth: You and FWA have lost the right to tell me I'm wrong. Not after what happened tonight! Bell is broken. You treated her like a five-year old treats a porcelain doll and allowed her to be broken into a million little pieces. And because Bell wasn't strong enough to walk the path that HAD to be taken, she's been feverishly looking for a new path to glory. Except that path doesn't exist! She is wasting her energy searching for something down a path that doesn't have it, and that's because you seem to think this transformation she's undergone is "compelling." No! Bell was better when she didn't let doubt screw with her. But she let doubt fester in her and didn't rise above it. And instead of recognizing this for what it is, you decide to put her in the ring with me again, hoping against hope that somehow she figures it out long enough for you vultures to get the main event you want. But that's not going to happen, Ashley! You didn't book a main event or a contender's match or ANYTHING other than another bludgeoning for that poor girl! She can't beat me as she is, and I don't see her getting back on track anytime soon. So all you've really done is doom Bell to another beating and wasting my time on a match that accomplishes nothing for me. GREAT work on that.

    Cyrus stands, staring down Ashley with a scornful look. Ashley, for all his courage, does look a bit unnerved by this as he goes for another drink...or at least, he tries to before Cyrus snatches the flask away.

    Cyrus Truth: Fine. You want to toss a hunk of meat at me and have me play butcher? I'll play the butcher, then. Bell can have yet another shot to beat me and fail miserably to do that. And once I'm done breaking the broken soul even more, then I'll fix this Shannon problem you and I have created. I've proven that I am as good as I say I am and that when push came to shove Shannon couldn't beat me straight up. She had her one and only real victory at Back in Business...and as soon as you and the suits in FWA realize that I am the only one who can face Shannon again, I'll take back that shiny gold bauble she sold her pride for. And this time? You don't get to dictate how this goes down. This time, I control the game. You and FWA tried to make me bend my knee even though I disagreed with your decisions, and I reigned in glory. Shannon bent her knee, and disgraced the very definition of a champion. But don't usual, it falls to The Exile to clean up the mess. So, here's to a new future in FWA. One where eyes are open and minds are clear.

    Cyrus takes a long drink from the flask, emptying it before tossing it back at Ashley.

    Cyrus Truth: Slainte.

    Cyrus leaves the trainer's room and heads out into the dark, leaving Ashley alone with an empty flask and a heavy mind full of racing thoughts. Cyrus seems to have one thing on his mind: facing Shannon again and settling the score. And if Bell wants to be a roadblock? Cyrus will plow right through her before he lets her stop him.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    Tristan James Galloway is lying in the middle of a field on a sunny afternoon. He stares up into the beautiful baby blue sky with the snow white clouds slowly traversing in the sky. The cool breeze pushes the grass and tree branches towards the east. It’s quiet and peaceful. Galloway, despite the huge opportunity that lies ahead of him, is relaxed. A state of zen, if you will. Carefree.

    We all have dreams. It’s apart of the human condition. Some dreams are grandiose like wanting to be a renown thespian adored by millions across the world. Some dreams are on a smaller scale like getting married or simply paying off a debt. Both are thought to enrich lives.

    Galloway sits up, adjusting his vest as he looks towards the camera.

    What was Tristan James Galloway’s dream?

    A troubled gaze creeps up on the face of Galloway as he recalls the days of his youth. While it’s many years ago the memories play as if they have occurred yesterday or even fifteen minutes before his promo.

    As a boy, it was to survive and escape the broken infrastructure of the foster home system and run far away from the unfathomable unkillable monsters tormenting my daily existence. As the years moved on, I had a rage built up within inside me without an outlet, a release for this unquenchable rage residing within my soul. I found professional wrestling. A healthy way to release my rage. I channel that energy into inflicting punishment on those who impose their will on the meek and defenseless. Retribution for pain I felt.. and it doesn’t matter if they aren’t to blamed. It was a rush for me. It’s what I needed.. and it helped… but sooner or later the dream of simply being a professional wrestler isn’t enough. I needed something more. I wanted something more. I needed a purpose, for I was lost and directionless. You could see it in my eyes and within my performance in the squared circle. The release wasn’t enough. The dream had been achieved and become a reality… There must be more. A person does not grow without a new goal. I found my new goal in life.

    I wanted to become champion. More importantly, I want to become the X Champion.

    Tristan James Galloway gets to his feet, moving out of the field and running his hands through a piece of tall grass. During his walk in the field, he finds a tiger lily and grabs it. He examines the acquired flower as he continues through the field.

    To achieve this goal, I must first vanquish the current champion Jason Randall, a man who I have stood across the ring from many times before, but never for the illustrious trophy that adorns his waist. Crazy doesn’t begin to describe the man- No, the monster that I will stand across the ring from. He’s cold, callous, and vindictive. Randall doesn’t stand alone. I know his girlfriend Penny, who I fought against last week to earn this opportunity, will be lurking around ringside ready to strike like a serpent in the high grass. These people have no conscious. No moral compass. They kidnap defenseless women so they can conduct an interview. They threaten those who can’t defend themselves. I have seen the actions this individual has taken against those who oppose him. I have experienced first hand what he’s capable of, but this will not hinder my quest. This will not deter me from achieving my dreams. Not even in the slightest.

    During his stride through the field, Tristan James Galloway comes across a patch of dead grass. The lush green has been replaced with the lifeless brown patches.

    When I first stepped foot into the FWA, I vowed to be the light in the darkness. The hope for the hopeless. What better way to be all of things than to become the X-Division champion? It’ll renew my life, my career. It will bring me to new horizons I have desired to see. It proves dreams- no matter how unachievable they are initially- can come true. Getting to this point was not easy. I have wage war with other monsters and renowned grapplers just to get to this point. I even had to defeat the psychotic flower that accompanies the champion in order to earn the right to proclaim myself challenger. For months, I have had to endure the taunts of Randall, proclaiming I am not in the same league as him. That I am beneath him in every regard of being a professional wrestler. You believe I don’t deserve to be in the same ring as you… I seek to prove you wrong, Jason.

    You see, when the two of us faced off before I was not that man I am today. I lacked the focus and desire that I now possess. My senses are as sharp as they have been. Tunnel vision, if you will. Because I have not been burdened by media appearances and various other promotional matters. I have left that to my newest agent Romeo Rollings. Nor am I plagued by the idea of what it is I need to be and how do I go about achieving those things. I know now what I must do. I have laid the foundation to what I intend to build. By being liberated of those obligations and worries, I have been allowed to focus solely on you, Jason. Because I need you to understand how mistaken you have been about me for all these months. I need you to see the error in your words and you must choose them carefully moving forward. You speak of hell and wanting people to reside within it, but what do you know of hell on earth? What sort of trauma has been levied against you? None to the depths I have endured. Your life’s dream to intimidate, humiliate, and punish those you feel to be inferior. I will not succumb to such whims, Jason. I will feel no fear when I gaze into your eyes before we engage in combat, Jason. I do not fear the pain you wish to inflict upon me. I have felt it my entire life. It’s second nature. Therefore I can push forward, keep moving, and defeat you. My dreams will not die. Not by your hands, Jason.

    Galloway rips apart the lily before throwing away the stem.

    It’s your dream that will die on this night, Jason. The kingdom of suffering you’ve built will by torn down brick by brick by my hands. You will no longer torment interviewers or wrestlers looking to earn a place within our organization. You will feel the emotions Katie felt when she was bound to a chair at your hands. Alone, afraid, scared of what will happen next. No one to provide aid for you. Not even your beloved Penny. You must know this type of dread, Jason. It will overwhelm you because you know it to be inescapable. Your cries of help will not change your circumstances. It will not bring you mercy because you have never shown it to anyone else. I will leave you empty… much like I felt in my youth at the hands of my guardians and other authorities in my life. You are not fit to be a champion, to represent the FWA. I will rid this organization of your championship reign.

    The Polynesian Powerhouse surveys the area where he once walked through, seeing the footsteps made from the tall grass. Tristan stares down at the dead grass beneath his feet before he smiles to the camera.

    This is the perfect representation of what you will feel once you are dethroned, Jason. You’ll be dead inside. While you have faced the man Tristan James Galloway, you have never experienced the monster that lives dormant within me. The one who will be awaken come Fight Night, Jason Randall. The one that will ensure my dream prospers and comes to fruition. More importantly, Jason. You will know the rage I have felt from your remarks against me. Nothing can prevent this beating, Jason. I will become the living embodiment of retribution. You will regret the day you believed to be superior to me and deemed me to be unworthy of competing against you. To believe me to be an afterthought.

    Galloway begins to walk out of the dead area of the field. He comes across a weathered statue. The facial features have deteriorated to the point of being unrecognizable.

    I do wonder this, Jason. What is it that scares your more? Being outmatched physically, losing the X championship? Or quite simply being forgotten? Because without the title who are you? What purpose does your life serve? The people will forget who you are and the reign of terror you’ve inflicted on everyone. Your dreams, the prosperous life you have led will be as dead as the grass behind me and as bright as the statue before me. You will become the boy I once was, Jason. I will revel in your demise much more than any foe I have slain before.. all because you thought yourself to be better than me and more of a danger than you really are. I am the danger. And my dreams will be more than mental fodder of possibilities, they will become reality.

    Tristan Galloway tips his fedora hat before walking off into the distance in the field.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    It was a typical cool, rainy, windy night in the Windy City. A few cars pass by, sloshing through the puddles of rain water, one of them nearly catching a homeless man looking for change on the side of the road. A young group of kids pass by, and feign reaching into to their pockets, only to laugh at the man and offer him some not so polite words that the camera couldn’t here. The elder man cowered down to the young folk, who deemed that the man wasn’t worth their time, and mocked him before walking off. Moments later, a black Cadillac pulls up to the side of the road and parks. The drivers side door opens and slowly but nervously Michael Garcia emerges from the drivers side. He brushes off his jacket and takes off his sunglasses before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a piece of a paper. He unfolds the paper and mutters the address to himself, matching it with the address on the brownstone building in front of him.

    “325 Foster Avenue, Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois”

    Mike takes a deep breath and continues forward, walking up the steps and stopping at the door.

    “Why did it have to be Chicago?”

    Garcia knocks on the door and anxiously awaits. A few moments later, the door opens and a woman in her late 50’s answers the door. We’ve seen this woman before. The woman is Theresa Garcia, Michael’s mother. She immediately embraces her son and then backs away, admiring his appearance.

    “Well, just look at you! New suit, I see. But that purple tie….You did always like the color purple,though…”

    “Nothin’ I love more than fashion advice from my mother, right? Anyways, ma, you know I love ya but I’m really pressed for time. Is he here?”

    “He’s watching the game. I didn’t tell him you were coming. He has no idea.”

    “How do you think he’s going to react?”

    Theresa took a deep breath and contemplated her response.

    “Well, let’s just hope for the best.”

    Mike and Theresa walk down the hallway. She stops at the door and pauses before asking her next question.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    “It’s not only what I want to do….it’s what I have to do.”

    “I just hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

    Mother Garcia opens the door to a rather unkempt room with clothes scattered across the floor and furniture. There were open bags of junk food in various spots in the room, as well as crumbs littered all over the hardwood floor. An empty box of Miller Light sat on the coffee table with 11 empty cans decorating the rest of the table. In the far corner of the room was a TV that was playing the Steelers/Jaguars game, in which the Steel City Slayers were on the losing end. Big Mike was in shock and awe at the condition of the room, with a realization finally setting in and hitting hard. Mike takes one step forward but Theresa puts her hand out in front, stopping him.

    “Malik? Malik, honey, get up, you’ve got company!”

    “ I’m not in the mood, right now, for company. Whoever it is, tell ‘em to come back tomorrow.”

    The camera swung around to a shot of a disheveled Malik Garcia laying on the couch, with his back turned to his brother.

    “Unfortunately, little brother, Im’ma bit busy tomorrow. Got a message to send to the tag team champions.”

    Malik’s eyes grew wide in shock and in anger. He immediately rolled off his couch and sprung to his feet, shooting daggers at his big brother.


    Theresa began to speak, but Malik cut her off.

    “YOU! HOW DARE YOU SHOW UP AT THIS DOORSTEP? How fucking dare you walk into my home and speak to me as if nothing’s ever happened between us! I told you long ago, Mikey, that when you did what you did to me that I had no brother, that in the world of Malik Garcia, you no longer exist and I meant every damn word that I said! I just can’t..”

    “Look, Malik, I…”

    “ NO! NO! You don’t get to talk! You don’t get to fucking say a word! You don’t get…you don’t get anything! You know what? You know what, “bro”? I’m actually glad you decide to show your pussy ass self here today because I’ve got quite a lot of shit to get off my chest and you’re gonna hear every last word!”

    “ Go ahead. I deser…”

    “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! What you deserve is for me to beat your overbearing ass to a bloody pulp, that’s what you deserve, and maybe someday that’ll happen. I hope to God that one day, when I’m fully healed up that I can make a run at an FWA return if for no other reason to take away from your career just like you took away from mine! I mean, seriously, what kind of person does to his brother? Who does that to someone he loves? You spent your entire life looking out for me, gaining my trust, my respect, my admiration and you just throw everything away, and for what? For your own selfish wants? The fuck outta here with that shit,man. You nearly crippled me. I could be in a fuckin’ wheelchair right now, but hey that’s alright as long as Big Mike gets to choke at another chance for a title, right? Right? I have to suffer because you can’t handle looking in the mirror and seeing your failures, right? I was the scapegoat, huh? Whenever somebody stepped up and asked you why you’ve never lived up to the hype, it was always my fault, wasn’t it? Until I wasn’t there to blame anymore. Now you’ve got Phillip, don’t you? That’s why you’ve agreed to all this, isn’t it? So that when you lose to the Vultures, you’ve already got your fall boy, don’t ya?

    I may have not made it big in the FWA, Mike, but at least I can look in the mirror and respect what I see. At least I know that I haven’t sacrificed and turned my back on everyone that gave a damn about me for thirty pieces of silver. I’m not the butt of the FWA locker room jokes. I’m not the answer to the question “Who is the greatest FWA superstar to never hold a singles championship?”. That’s you. But you keep telling yourself that it was worth it. You keep telling yourself that you’ve changed but you’ll never change. You’ll always be the same selfish bastard that thinks of absolutely no one but himself. You’ll always have some ulterior motive, Michael. You really think that people don’t see through this bullshit? You really think people don’t know that you’re using PAJ to get another championship around your waist? Not everyone’s as fucking stupid as you are, you big fucking dope. We all see through your bullshit. And eventually, Phillip will too! And when that day comes, he’ll drop your ass off on the side of the road like the worthless carcass that you are. So if you’ve come here to try to make amends, just save your breath. The only reason I even keep one eye watching over what you’re doing is because I cannot wait for that one day that your entire world comes crashing down around you. That one day, when you realize that there’s no one left to blame but you. God, that day can’t come soon enough.

    You know what? I thought I’d feel better after sounding off but just the mere sight of you makes my blood boil, right now. So, just get the hell out of my house.”

    “I understand how you…”

    “Fuck off.”

    “Would you just give me a chance?”

    “Why? So you can try to win me over with stories of how you’ve searched the deepest, darkest corners of your soul and rediscovered who you are? Cut the bullshit.”


    “Oh, you’re sorry? You’re sorry! You took away everything from me, but I guess it’s all okay now, isn’t it? To hell with your half assed apologies!”

    “Alright, enough! Malik, your brother came out all this way the absolute least you can do is listen to what he has to say.”

    “I’m not interested in what he has to say.”


    “No, no… Ma. If Malik doesn’t want to hear me out, I can’t say I blame him. I’d be pissed off too. And hell, I can’t convince someone I’ve changed by simply trying to sell them on my words. I can only do that through my actions and that takes time. I didn’t come here today expecting forgiveness. I came here today because I’ve seriously hurt someone that I’ve cared about my entire life and whether or not that person accepts my apology, it’s time that I started to make things right. I’m truly sorry for what I did to you, Malik. I can never get you back the time that you’ve lost in your career and I can never go back and undo my actions. I can’t take any of the pain away. All I can do is spend every waking hour of every single day trying to bury that old Mike Garcia deep into the ground so that he never causes that much damage to you, or Ma, or anyone that I care about ever again.

    But you’re wrong about Phillip. He’s not some pawn in a game to me and I’m not his.We’re mutually beneficial to each other’s careers. We’ve both reached points in our careers where we let the business mold us into people we aren’t. We’ve allowed it to take control over us and form us into people we never wanted to be. Now, I’m not making excuses here, Malik, I’m not blaming the business. I made the decisions. I own up to what I did. But change isn’t easy. And the lesson I’ve learned is that it’s so much easier to change when you’ve got an amazing support system around you. Phillip knows this, too. In a way, it’s fate that brough us together. Took us down these similar paths and made us better people for it. He’s made me see the light, Malik. He’s helped me realize that I had that support system all along and I pissed it all away. There’s nothing that I’ve ever done in my life that I regret more than slamming that steel chair repeatedly across your spine, your shoulders, and your neck. Nothing.

    So, forgive me, don’t forgive me….I can’t blame you no matter what you choose. Just know this….Friday Night, when I set foot into that ring against the Sin City Vultures, I’m dedicating that match to you. The Phillip A. Jackson Project is going to succeed not just inside the ring, but outside of it as well. Sure, they’ve got the advantage this week being a formidable team that knows each other like…well, like brothers. But hell, that didn’t stop us from serving up an ass kicking to the HeartBreak Express this week,did it? Phillip and I are going to win because we need to. On our journey, every match is a chance to prove that we are going to rise above our recent failures and sail to new heights. Phillip believes that we’re capable of accomplishing anything here in the FWA, and ya know what? He’s right. The Phillip A. Jackson project is unstoppable.

    But I realize that just dedicating a victory to you isn’t nearly enough. No, it’s going to take a much greater effort than that. So, uh, I know that this little apartment isn’t fit to keep pigs in, so I’d like to get you a new place. A better place. As big as you want. Pools, Full scale bar, your own personal gym, anything you want in it. So, uh….”

    Mike takes a check out of his checkbook and holds it out to Malik.

    “Look around, write it out for whatever you want. Money is no object. I want to do whatever I can to help you get our feet on the ground.”

    Malik looks down at the blank check and then into his brothers eyes, before stepping around him and over to the door. Pressing his lips tightly together andthinking about it for one moment, he turns the doorknob and steps aside, motioning for Mike to leave.Mike looks over at his mother, who gives him a look that reads ‘You tried your best. Give him time.’, and then hugs her. Mike walks over to the door, stops at Malik and says….

    “Whether you believe me or not, I will always love you. You will ALWAYS be my brother. I’ll keep in touch.”

    Mike steps outside of the threshold and onto the porch as the door closes behind him. He takes a look at his watch and heads over to his Cadillac. Before he opens the door, he sees the elder man along the side of the road. He smiles at the man before pulling on his doorhandle and opening the door, but before he gets in, he sees his reflection in the rain puddle. Mike looks back over at the man and closes the car door, walking over to the man. The elder man begans to cower when he says a black man of Mike’s size walking towards him. Mike crouches down and pulls the check out of his pocket, as well as a pen. He scribbles a few numbers down on the check, signs it and then hands it off to the homeless man.

    “Take it. Take it and give yourself a better life.”

    The man is shaking as he reaches his hand towards the check.

    “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll just waste it all on alcohol and drugs?”

    “Sometimes, we just need somebody to believe in us, sir. And we all deserve that second chance.”

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    September 8th; Madison Square Garden

    During a commercial break, the camera opens to a shot of Katie Lynn Goldsmith standing backstage with Izzy Van Doren directly after her match with Hanz Gruber. Izzy holds her elbow and is still shaking the cobwebs out. This is still broadcasted out to the arena and you can hear crowd talking.

    Katie: Everyone, please welcome my guest at this time… Ms. Izzy Van Doren… -The crowd yell in admiration for the young rookie that has won them over.-

    Izzy: Hi Katie… -She continues to wince in pain.-

    Katie: Izzy, you just put on one hell of a match in the biggest arena in pro wrestling, Madison Square Garden. What are your thoughts?

    Izzy: Y’know… I don’t really have a lot of thoughts right now. Maybe it’s the abundance of chair shots I took, maybe it’s the amount of bumps I took, maybe I caused it myself, but my head is a little cloudy. -Izzy stands up straight and looks Katie in the eyes. She keeps breathing really heavy.- But I do know that Hanz is no slouch by any means. He took everything I had and then some more. My body is racked with pain and deservedly so. I don’t care what anyone says about the guy, Hanz you’re a tough as nails fighter. My hat is off to him for trying to stop the momentum that I am currently on… -Her heavy breaths continue.-

    Katie: That actually leads me to my next question, where do you go from here?

    Izzy: Right now… I am still undefeated here in FWA, so yeah... Just where do I go from here? Do I get an X Championship match? -The crowd chant “No! No! No!”.- Do I get an North American Championship match? -Again the crowd chant “No! No! No!”.- Hell, I might get to face my hero Shannon O’Neal. -The crowd chant “Yes! Yes! Yes!”. Izzy smiles brightly at the thought of people wanting to see her face her idol.- I don’t really know right now… but what I do know is that Chicago’s… -Izzy stops talking but waves off that nickname. She gets a better idea.- No tonight I’m “MSG’s Favorite Gal”... -The crowd pop huge for Izzy.- is going to take FWA by storm! I’m going… -Izzy stops as the crowd chant “Oooooh Izzy Van Doren”. The crowd put it to the melody of Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Izzy’s eyes gleam.- I am going to turn FWA upside down, spin it around and turn it into my personal mosh pit. And the other FWA superstars better stay out of my way. -The crowd continue to chant at Izzy “HEEY IZZY! OOH! AHH! I WANT TO KNOOOOW IF YOU'LL BE MY GIRL!”- The Van Doren Diehards, the Iz-fits, whatever you wanna call them… they are what put me on the map and they are what will take me to the next level here in FWA! But right now, I just pulled the strength of Atlas out of my ass and piledrivered that Eurogoth through a table and man… oh man… does it feel good!

    Katie: Thank you for your time Izzy. I’ll leave you to heal up and celebrate.

    Izzy: Oh I can’t celebrate yet…

    Katie: Why is that? Are you waiting for someone special? Someone you’ve been seen hanging around lately?

    Izzy: No I just need this. -She gets handed a PBR by a stagehand off camera and cracks open a cold one for the boys!- Now I’m ready…

    Katie is stunned that such a small woman can still be this riled up after going through hell in the match prior.

    Later that night...

    Izzy sits backstage watching the tv monitor backstage at the last Fight Night, which also happens to be the 12th Anniversary show. She ignores that her own body is aching and in pain from her all out war between her and Hanz Gruber. She came out victorious but she isn’t without her battlescars. She has her eyes focused on the match pitting the grizzled veteran in WOLF against her old friend, and seemingly new fling, Starr. Her heart stops with every bump, strike, suplex the two men take. Izzy waits with bated breath at the heart pounding conclusion. Finally, the match comes to a close as WOLF finally puts away the resilient rookie. WOLF watches as Starr stands up again and again after taking WOLF’s finisher multiple times. Starr stands defiant in the ring as WOLF walks away. Izzy is somewhat proud of the fighting spirit Starr displayed against his much larger opponent.

    Starr holds the back of his head as he walks to the back followed by some FWA officials during the commercial break. Izzy, with her iced up elbow, greets him as he crosses gorilla position.

    Izzy: H-hey Ian…

    Starr: Hi Iz. Yo I didn’t get a chance to talk to you after, how are you doing? I saw the shit you pulled in that no holds barred match. How the hell are you standing?!

    Izzy: Man, you know me. Just barely held together with duct tape. -The two share a small laugh.-

    Starr: How the hell did your tiny ass frame lift Hanz while he was knocked out?! You got some muscles that I can’t see or something?

    Izzy: No, no it’s just something I pulled out last moment. I’m… er… deceptively strong. I guess you could say. -Izzy laughs to herself and blushes.- Enough about me… are you okay? You ate a lot of WOLF’s offense…

    Starr: It’s alright. I’m a little banged up but I’ve had much, MUCH worse done to me. Hell I’ve done plenty bad to myself. I’ll be okay with some ice or something.

    Izzy: True enough… -The two awkwardly stare at the ground. Izzy blushes still.- Thanks by the way I don’t know if I told you that. You really saved me from that guy.

    Starr: It’s fine, Iz. There’s absolutely no need to thank me. Show me to the doctor’s office will ya?

    Izzy: Y-yeah! Sure thing! It’s on the way to the locker rooms anyway.-They begin their trek to the room in question- So just throwing this out there. After this, you wanna go grab a bite to eat? After that match, I’m starving!

    Starr: Oh you can definitely count me in!

    Izzy: -Izzy is screaming on the inside and excitedly bounces up and down. The duo arrive at the room marked “Dr. Reyas”- Just come find me when you get checked out and changed.

    Starr: Got it… See ya later, Iz!

    About an hour passes and Starr emerges from the male locker room fully dressed in civilian clothes. He knocks on the ladies’ locker room door in fear of popping in and seeing one of them in a… revealing situation. Bell Connelly answers and plainly states that Izzy is still changing. Starr patiently waits for Izzy outside. After another ten minutes, Izzy comes out dressed and ready to go out and see the sights and hear the sounds that New York City can offer…

    October 1st

    Post FWA house show, Starr and Izzy are taking a city by storm. The retreat back to Izzy’s hotel room. In the morning, Starr wakes up dazed and confused about just exactly what happened last night. Starr doesn’t drink or use any sort of drug, but for some reason he’s blacked out the last 12 hours. He sits up and quickly realizes… he’s in his underwear. Then he looks over… there’s Izzy and she’s... naked… in his bed… and he can’t remember how they got there. Starr quickly comes to the conclusion that he somehow was coerced into drunk sex with Izzy. He starts to freak out but Izzy soon wakes up. Starr quickly tries to put clothes on.

    Starr: Iz, I’m sorry if I did anything stupid last night! I don’t really remember any of it but I can see what went down and I’m absolutely disgusted with myself. I’m sorry and I can understand I overstepped my boundaries.

    -Izzy has a confused look on her face.-

    Izzy: Overstepped? Ian, we didn’t do anything.

    Starr: -Starr's expression quickly changes from worry to completely lost.- We... didn’t?

    : No you dingus. I sleep naked all the time. But I got cold and you cuddled me. -Izzy’s blush resurfaces.- I guess you were so tired you don’t remember getting in bed with me. You were pretty tuckered out after going all over the city!

    Starr: O-oh… well… I… er… guess it wasn’t as bad as it seemed.

    Izzy: Did you think I made you drink? Ian, I wouldn’t do that to you. I remember the last time I made you drink and you hated it! I don’t wanna make you go through that again.

    Starr: Good… I was really worried something happened and we… well…

    Izzy: Had sex? Ian... -She giggles to herself.- you don’t need to dance around it y’know? I don’t know why you’re so flustered. It’s like you’re still a teenager or something. We’re adults and it’s not like we haven’t done it in the past before FWA.

    Starr: I know! I know… it’s just… I didn’t know what happened and I just went with what it looked like. I didn’t want you to think I was taking advantage of you. I would never want that to happen to you.

    Izzy: Well it’s alright. I appreciate the thought. I don’t want you to feel that way either. I’ve been there with partners before. Speaking of which… how are you and Anna?

    Starr: She hasn’t said a word to me in days. So whatever that means…

    Izzy: Oh... well… you mind coming back to bed for more cuddling? All your huffing and puffin kinda woke me up and I could use a bit more sleep. Would be really nice if someone were here to help? -The sad puppy dog look on her face makes it almost impossible for Starr to say no.-

    Starr: Anytime, Iz… -Starr starts to make his way back into bed but Izzy stops him.-

    Izzy: Can you get back into your sleep outfit? It’s a lot more comfy to get next to…

    -Starr can tell what she means by the term “sleep outfit” as he gets back in his underwear and climbs into bed and begins to spoon Izzy. Izzy feels... something under the covers.-

    Izzy: Ian?

    Starr: Sorry… it’s just… cute nude punk rock chick in the same bed as me… Just ignore it.

    Izzy: -She laughs to herself quietly. “This guy” she thinks.- Okay...

    The two fall asleep again and wake up some time close to noon. They mutually agree it’s time for lunch and have a full day out in the neighboring big city. They hit up all the stores they want to go to and find some cool stuff! Clothes, records, knick knacks, really anything they see. Anytime they’re out together it’s always fun, no matter what they happen to be doing. The day date comes to a close about 7pm. Starr takes Izzy back to her hotel room and chill back there. They each recieve a notification form FWA about the next show’s card. Starr gets the idea to shoot an impromptu promo in the room. Something to say, that they stand together against these two clowns. Starr sets up the camera he usually takes with him and sets it on a dresser with a stack of their new clothes and findings serving as a tripod for height.

    Izzy walks in from camera right with her phone as she scrolls through her email. Starr quickly does the same but from camera left.

    Izzy: So it... eh... looks like... well like we’re teaming together again!

    Starr: Yeah… but look at our opponents. Ugh… I thought you’d be done with this Hanz guy. He’s a veteran of pro wrestling. He’s been places, seen things, traveled the world, owns a boatload of money, hell he’s a fantastic wrestler.

    Izzy: Oh yeah. He’s definitely a guy who can take me to my limits. I still feel the sting from half the stuff he did to me.

    Starr: Yeah… but to be honest… On a personal level, he’s a total freaking creep, dude. He’s the total type to swoop in on an unsuspecting woman and try to woo her into dating him. When she rejects him, he goes off on a rant about how much he really didn’t like them. The literal definition of an online fuckboy.

    Izzy: God don’t I know it. Did you see what he said about me? He said I was a poser! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it! Him calling me a poser when his stupid Euro goth look died when the 2000s came along. He must not have noticed I have a freaking fiend skull on my forearm. Or even the Black Flag logo on my shoulder! Oh but he’ll notice everything else about me. He says he respects women, pfft... I can’t believe that guy.

    Starr: Yeah me either. I kicked his ass at Back in Business though and he can’t take that away from me! A club that you have now joined my lucky lady friend. The “I beat the piss out of Hanz Gruber” club. Now, we get to kick his ass together. We both bring that aggressive edge, and we’ll get that dude out of your hair for good. By the way, you got a name for that piledriver you put that guy away with?

    Izzy: Not yet. How about… Socially Distorted?

    Starr: Not bad for on the spot. I like it. We’ll keep it for now.

    Izzy: What about this other guy? WOLF. You… well I guess both of us have had run ins with him. I don’t forgive him for trying to injure me before my big match. He attacked and threatened me after my match and I had never felt more victimized than when targeted me.

    Starr: I’m sorry I put you in that position, but I got the chance to come back and put an end to that guys reign of terror. WOLF is a crazy strong dude and has the experience to match. I didn’t come up exactly how I would’ve wanted in our match last Fight Night. Buuuut I did; however, let him know that I’m extremely resilient and will take anything he can dish out against me. But if you think about it, that match was only a couple days out from my concussion test. I was still loopy. I took him to the limit and he knows it! I mean I took how many Last Howls? And guess what? I was still standing up at the end of it all! And he was the one retreating! And if I could do all of that as an athlete that barely passed his concussion test I wonder just how exactly he’ll fair when I’m at 100%? He knows he didn’t get the job done. That’s what eats him up inside. He wants to try and end it all this time. He wants to put me down and make sure I stay down. But I have a secret weapon and it’s name is Izzy Van Doren!

    Izzy: Chicago’s Favorite Gal!

    Starr: And Wolf’s Bane! -The two share a small laugh.- Yeah it’s gonna be a bit of a tough one. But we’ll get those two out of both of our hairs for good.

    Izzy: Well you’re obviously going to leave WOLF absolutely Starrstruck.

    Starr: And you’ll leave Hanz Socially Distorted.

    Izzy: It’s just what we do, Starr! We put these guys to sleep, make em say adios and pick up our first, of perhaps many, Ws. Who knows maybe I’ll get to stand across from my old friends the Vultures again?

    Starr: Maybe, but we’ll have to get through these two guys first! Let’s show the FWA universe and the Great White North just how good we were when we teamed up in Chicago.

    Izzy: The Dream Team rides again!!

    -The two walk off separate ways. The video ends there, but Izzy and Starr laugh about it for hours on end. They quickly upload the video to Starr’s YouTube page. They share it over all of their social medias just to make sure that this is seen. In all of their excitement, Izzy feels a warm tingle in her chest. She pulls Starr aside and kisses him. They pull away and Izzy looks up into his eyes.-

    Izzy: I know I’ve kinda done that a lot, but I… well wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve been lately. You picked me up in a dark place and brought me back that I didn’t know I could come back from. I just want you to feel appreciated.

    Starr: Don’t worry about it Iz. You’ve helped me through all of that too and I just want to return the favor.

    -Izzy slowly slides in for a warm embrace between the two.-

    Izzy: Thank you Ian…

    Starr: Anytime Iz…

    -The two continue to laugh and talk about how much fun this team will be. Sometime later, Starr leaves for his room leaving Izzy by herself. The night ends with the two texting each other "Goodnight".-


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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread

    In the backstage, all the eyes were on two particular men. It was a rare sight to see the Vultures backstage. They would arrive at the arena before everyone else, wouldn’t be seen again before they were needed in the ring, and after they were done, they were never seen again before the next show. The new tag champions Christopher Manson and BUCK hurriedly pushed through everybody in their way in order to go to a certain place.

    ‘’Remind me, why are we doing this again?’’

    Manson didn’t turn his head to his partner to answer the question.

    ‘’We gotta send a message to scammers. Remind them that who has the most tricks here. They won’t like the answer.’’

    Meanwhile, Katie Lynn Goldsmith, the face of interviews in FWA was waiting for the next interview. She hears a knock on the door and tells one of her crew members to open the door. And... Sin City Vultures were finally here. Manson had his usual grin on his face, while BUCK’s face remained emotionless. Manson started talking in a cheerful tone.

    ‘’Let’s get down to business, shall we?’’

    Then he turns to the cameraman.

    ‘’By the way, your friend Tim says hi.’’

    Cameraman becomes furious after Manson’s remark. He was on the verge of leaving his spot and facing the shorter member of the Sin City Vultures but BUCK was quick to realize that and decided to interrupt him.

    ‘’Don’t do something you may regret.’’

    Manson laughs in the face of the cameraman and comments.

    ''Yes, yes. I remember promising not to hurt anyone that would be here in this room. And that goes for my partner, too. So, feel comfortable. Words can be hurtful. But sticks and stones are still more effective, I believe. Ask anything that comes into your minds. We won't hurt you. At least physically.''

    He waits for a couple of seconds to get into the interview but nothing happens.

    ‘’We don’t have all day here Katie, come on, tell your men to be quick.’’

    Now it was Katie’s turn to be furious, but unlike the cameraman, she decides not to act on it. She waits for a few seconds after the equipment and the crew got 100% ready. Then flash, camera and action.

    ‘’Ladies and gentlemen, tonight, we are with the new FWA Tag Team Champions, The Sin City Vultures. Gentlemen, any comments on your title victory?’’

    Manson starts with a laugh, then turns his head to his partner without answering the question. BUCK picks up on his clue.

    ‘’We crushed them. Simple as that. Just like we told everyone. Just like we told them in the beginning, or every single time we had to tell them. Our word is true. In fact, no truer words were spoken in this, or any given company. We rule the tag division now, and soon...who knows? Just look out for yourselves.''

    BUCK seemed proud of what he just said.

    ''You know what, Katie? The ring... sometimes it's more than a ring. It's a battlefield. It's a mayhem with the only chance of escape is getting the three count. Especially when WE are in that ring. We go out there to do more than one would expect. Messages were sent since we arrived. Bodies were broken. Souls were crushed. Dreams faded away. But the people... The people see a wrestling match. They see a source of entertainment. But when they see us, they can't entertain themselves. From the day one, we proved that we were like no other team or unit they had ever seen with their mortal eyes. We were called freaks, or nutjobs. It was a pretty clear indicator. An indicator of the surprise they feel these days, when they see these belts on our shoulders. Is seeing some 'freaks' with different motivations still an entertainment? Especially when those motivations contain putting them into the law of the wild and driving them out of their comfort zone. The Olympians pretty much stopped playing gods, when they realized that we were the closest things to gods here. They were some... some... I'm looking for the right word, Katie? Can you help me?''

    Katie gives Manson a confused look. When she sees him staring back, she quickly scans the dictionary in her mind and tries to give an answer.


    ''Nuh-uh. What they had gained was more than some pathetic liars would gain. Let's talk about materialism. They got their fame, their reputation as the former champions and they got the money. The only thing that makes the world go round. So they got paid, using their lies. What does that makes them in your dictionary?''

    Just before Katie gives an answer, BUCK decides to make a wild guess.


    ''Bingo. 10 points to my partner. BUCK ten, Katie zero. The Olympians were scammers. Quite untalented ones as well. Look at who quickly they faded away after we exposed them. But that's a given, right? Falls from the top are never pleasant. Especially when it was us, who threw them.''

    When Manson stops talking, Katie fills in the silence. She was getting annoyed that she didn't get to speak mutch, especially considered against the talkative champion.

    '' guys were pretty confident that you would get those titles regardless of the fact was your third match in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance.''

    Manson raises his hand and mockingly holds up three fingers.

    ''That's just a statistic. That's just a number. But I should warn you, when that three becomes thirty or more, that number will become more than a statistic. It will become a tragedy...for you.''

    ''I don't care if that was our third match. The result would still be the same if it was our first match, it would still be the same if it was our second, or fourth, or fifth, or the last. We are better than The Olympians and The Heartbreak Express. But that was in the past. They were left in our past. We beat them, so we do not need to speak about them any further, unless my partner has further comments about them.''

    Manson remains silent, and his silence gives Katie the permission to speak.

    ''What I was trying to say that you guys seemed not experienced least statistically. No wrestling background or whatsoever.''

    ''Unlike the other teams we face here Katie, we are a complete team. What if we didn't wrestle people in a ring before? Did that change anything? If it helps you sleep at night, me and my partner wrestled against life. We wrestled against cold and harsh truths. We wrestled against the bitter reality. The Olympians or The Heartbreak Express were not like that. They didn't realize what kind of a danger we were and they paid for it. They couldn't stop the fire we have brought. That fire Katie, that fire will burn everyone. The fools we will face next, the fools after them, the fools that will be in World's Strongest Tag Team Tournament. The whole Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Then it will grow more and more. Until it comes to a point that everyone would be consumed. We say it all the time, we do things that people didn't, don't or won't enjoy. But it will be necessary, if we ever want to fulfill the purpose of being a creature that has both the mind and the power to make actions. You should not waste what you have been given. In our case, it's the power to crash and burn we can create a new world.''

    Manson stops his monologue after he realizes Katie was getting unsettled. He gets closer to her....


    Katie shrieks loudly, obviously being scared. The crew tries to get involved with the situation but BUCK intervenes again.

    ''Remember our promise, if you do, we will remember it as well.''

    Manson senses the extreme uncomfort in the air and pats his partner on the back, telling him to speak.

    ''Manson told me a story once. There was an old poplar tree in the forest. Besides the poplar, grew a little pumpkin sprout. As the time went on, the sprout grew and grew. With the help of the sun and the rain, it grew even bigger than the poplar tree. One day the sprout asked to the tree: 'Hey poplar, how many months did it took for you to grew larger as you are?' The tree answered: 'Ten years.' Then the sprout began to mock him: 'Ten years? I've grew larger than you in almost two months!' The time continued to pass and the fall season finally came. Once the first wave of winds hit the forest, the sprout started to feel cold, lowering its leaves. The cold only increased and the sprout began to die. He asked the tree: 'What is going on?' The tree broke him the news calmly: 'You're dying.' And when the sprout asked him why, the tree simply said: 'Because you tried to do a decade's work in just two months.' You know what that story reminds me? Me and Manson used to go way back. We are a team, not just in the ring. But the others, they are only there for their own benefits. They are not a team. But we are. That's why we win. That's why we are the best.''

    ''Alright guys, enough about the past. In Fight Night, it looks like you have some serious opponents on your plate: The newly formed Phillip A. Jackson Project.''

    Manson smiles again.

    ''Yes, they are indeed on our plate. I think I have pretty good info on these guys. The one thing that stood out the most is... they share a similiar feature with our former opponents. They are in fact, just like The Olympians, are nothing more than scammers. I know a thing or two about their kind of story. Former 'bad guys' realize the error of their ways and goes on a quest to find redemption. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. It always is. Gentlemen, how little do you think of people? Are the people THAT stupid? Even if they are, we aren't stupid. Luckily, we can see through these kind of bullshit. In the past, they were not being 'bad guys'. Nuh-uh. Contrary to popular belief, I can even say what they did was... right. Even if I don't like their methods, the ends justify the means. Phillip was using people to do his bidding. And Garcia was a brute on his way to thrive. Guess what? They both failed. That's what drove them to their so-called redemption. And look at them. They have gotten so pathetic that they call their 'redemption': a 'project'. What kind of a project is that? Can you tell me Katie? No, you can't. Because nobody has any idea on what Phillip A. Jackson project is. But I know what the main purpose is. This whole scam project exists because Phillip has to feed his own ego. When his wounded pride goes healthy again, he will be the same Phillip everybody used to hate. This is all a strategy to make Phillip A. Jackson a functional man again. Change is hard for people. And I know as a fact that Phillip hasn't changed a bit. He just changed his strategy. And I could consider this a smart move, then FWA management put you two unlucky guys against the tag team champions. Just like we did to the Olympians, we will expose you as well. Your tricks will fail. At the end of the day, the only tricks that was ever played will be our tricks. We have a lot of them, for your information. And we will never stop using them, because from what we have learned, you have to be the smartest when you go into that ring. You have to be the smartest so you can outplay them all. Their little project may be going well for now, but once again, we are going to CRASH this equation. After all, that's what we do all the time.''

    ''And Phillip is not alone. He even got a friend in Garcia to help him with his little quest.''

    ''Which is also a failure, two failures don't make a right, you know?''

    ''Yes, I know. They make a BIGGER failure.''

    ''Which they eventually will be.''

    ''Garcia may have the size advantage. But he obviously doesn't have this advantage.''

    BUCK points at his head.

    ''Of course he doesn't. If he was, he wouldn't be where he is right now.''

    Katie breaks in, trying not to be overshadowed by her guests.

    ''Um..Can you guys elaborate on that?''

    ''Of course we can. If we were to talk about why Garcia is known as a loser, we would take all day, which we don't have today. So, I'll try to keep it brief. The guy probably heard it a dozen times, and he deserves to hear it, that he is nothing more than a 'choke artist'. And when we beat his friend's project, it will be considered as another Garcia choke. But a 'choke' is when you have the advantage but still manage to lose. Our eventual victory will not be a 'choke', Mike, so don't worry on that behalf. That's because you guys will never have the advantage. You guys are barely a team. Barely a unit. You two are only together because you failed when you were single, and you believe that 'unity breeds power'. Yes, indeed unity breeds power but it only does when it is actually a unity. Don't you worry, it won't be a choke, but it will be another unsuccessful attempt to rise on your behalf.''

    Katie speaks up again, this time her voice sounds more confident.

    ''But do you guys realize that, despite their 'failures', they are still two of the strongest wrestlers that FWA has to offer.''

    ''Believe me, they are not, when they are against us. We already made a couple of surprises to anyone. After a few more, they won't even be considered as surprises anymore, and you or anyone like you won't be able to make any non-sensical remarks like this.''

    ''Remember Katie, remember. They may be the strongest, but we are the smartest. We are not behind anyone, we are not far from anyone. We are always one step ahead, and close. You will understand this when you start to spread the word. Just watch us feast.''

    Katie tries to say something but BUCK cuts in harshly.

    ''This interview is over. We shall take our leave now.''

    Katie makes a hand gesture to her crew, and the cameras stop rolling. The Vultures slowly leave the place. They find themselves on the backstage again, but this time, there seems to be no-one here. They continue to walk.

    ''Do you think they fear us now, Chris?''

    ''It doesn't matter. If they don't, they eventually will. I am more concerned about our next matches, rather than being feared, at this point.''

    ''What, about Jackson and Garcia?''

    ''No, not them. It's about the tournament. Seems like FWA finally decided to go all-out after their failure of stopping us from getting the titles. I have to be honest, it will be harsher than what we got to this point. So, we will look into a lot of things a lot more deeper than we used to.''

    They go into an elevator, Manson hits a couple of buttons, which reveal a secret ''V'' button. Manson then pushes the V button, and the elevator starts to descend. After a few seconds the door opens, which reveals a huge room. The inside of the room cannot be seen because of the camera angle, but the tag team champions are still in the perspective. Manson turns to his partner.

    ''Tell me BUCK, what do you know about the Seven Deadly Sins?''

    They enter the room, but the camera still stays in the elevator. The elevator door closes again and the camera automatically shuts down as we fade to black.

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    Re: Fight Night 06 October Promo Thread


    It had been a while. The email came in a day or two after I had the pleasure of discovering who I’d be taking the title from. Next Fight Night, I’d be teaming with HUMANITY against The Heartbreak Express. I can’t quite remember the last time I was tossed into one of those apparent meaningless tag team matches.

    Alright, fine. That’s a lie. I remember the last time perfectly. Me, Cyrus Truth and Mike Parr against KAIZEN, Jhunha and Michael Garcia. That match meant a lot to me and yet it turned out inconsequential. Just the way the suits wanted it. Just the way the fans expected it to be. Just the way all of the other guys in the ring thought it was.

    “Zach, my man, you just gotta mail it in. Look, you got a big match comin’ up. Remember Paul George for the US national team? Breaks his leg in an exhibition game in preparation for a meaningless tournament. Misses the tournament. Misses pretty much the entire season. There’s a year of his life gone. You gotta be pragmatic about this type of stuff man. HUMANITY don’t give a shit about you. The Heartbreak Express don’t give a shit about you. You ain’t got anything to gain from this. You ain’t got nothing to prove. You’ve got your trip to Mile High all booked. Why put in the effort? Sometimes you gotta take a day off.”

    I gave DeAndre A. Smith a glare he’d probably gotten used to by now. I liked him well enough, but he went about the same thought process as everyone else. He, and everyone else, never truly came to comprehend my point of view. He didn’t understand why I said what I said about Bell Connely. He wouldn’t understand why this match mattered. But I tried anyways.

    “I’ve got to send a message.”

    He shook his head. “Come on, man. You made Mike Parr tap out last time you guys were in the ring. Screw Garcia interfering! Parr knows you had him. He knows deep down, he won’t say it, but he knows that he lost that match and that Garcia was the saving grace that allowed him to keep his head held high. Hell, he won’t applaud your performance in the tournament but he watched you make three of the best in the world submit to you. Parr may be an egomaniac, but he’s worried. He’s concerned. He knows this ain’t another cruise through King Kong Island. He’s coming to the devil’s den.”

    “That’s a nice tug, but that’s not what I meant. All of those guys in the back, they always need some sort of extra motivation to perform. They need the right opponent to show up. They need something on the line to perform. They need to be on the pay-per-view stage to put on a show. Is that all they came here for? I’ve proven since day one, put me in a match and you’re getting Kazadi at one hundred percent. Doesn’t matter what match you’ve got. But for the rest of the guys in the back, that doesn’t matter. Sometimes, they even get that motivation and it still isn’t enough. They’ll find an excuse. They got their heads elsewhere, probably up their own ass. They ain’t got time to get ready for their opponent. Maybe this is them getting back at the suits because they’ve been ill-treated for so long. Doesn’t really matter-”

    He holds up a hand. “Look, I understand you’re Mr. No Days Off. But all those days those guys take off means they’ll be at it for much longer. Those days you ain’t taking off is coming out of your life clock. You push your body too hard and eventually it’ll start pushing back.”

    I smile for only a brief moment. “Life is effort and I’ll stop when I die.” Well, whoever said that isn’t the most admirable person, but it remains true enough.

    He wants to add something but there’s a knocks at the door. I nod towards it. It’s DeAndre A. Smith’s office but we know well enough who’s the employer and who’s the employee. He sighs and gets up to open the door. He doesn’t open it fully. A few words pass between him and whoever is behind him. I just hear a faint, “all right, bring him up.” He holds the door open and a man comes in.

    “Peter Brooks.” He’s got a crooked smile, and an ill-fitting suit. Legendary British wrestler. That is to say, if you look up his wikipedia page, he’s probably trained about half of the British scene. Now he’s working for me of course.

    “Zachary Kazadi.”

    Admittedly, he taught me a thing or two while I was there. I stand up and offer a handshake he happily grabs and shakes stiffly. DeAndre just hovers back to his desk to get his coat.

    “I assume you guys don’t need me for whatever it is you’re doing. I’ll be back in an hour, you guys have fun.” I give him a nod, and he walks out.

    “How was the flight?”

    “Much better than a paid one,” he says. I look vaguely away, that smile isn’t a pretty sight.

    “Right, let’s not waste time.” I gesture to the desk and to DeAndre’s empty seat behind it.

    “You were never one for that. What else could I have expected. Not even dinner beforehand.”

    “You’ll get it once we’re done.”

    He walks over to DeAndre’s seat and opens up his satchel to pull out an XPS 13. The laptops already open, and the videos all lined up. “Look, you won’t hear me complain about a young wrestler doing his due diligence and studying his opponents, but I don’t think you’ve got much to worry about with the Heartbreak Express.”

    “Between having to rely on someone else who might hate me as much as he hates the guys we’re facing… facing two guys as close as brothers with a manipulative bitch on the side cheering them on, I’m not really about to take chances.” I nod towards the screen and add, “So you checked them out?”

    “Like I said, I’m not impressed, they’ve been pretty inconsistent and any success they’ve had, you can more or less attribute to that ‘bitch’ you mentioned, Madison Banks.” He looks up again, with the same dissuading look that was on DeAndre’s face. “Really, Zachary, you’re wasting time on this, I don’t think there’s anything to worry about. Phillip A. Jackson, and Michael Garcia managed to beat them even with the odds against them. Even cheating, they haven’t been all that successful. There’s a reason they don’t have the tag team belts right now.”

    “Are you sure you want to head back to Bathes so soon?”

    Brooks sneers. “Alright, have it your way. It goes without saying, you’ll need to keep an eye on Banks. You’ve got better odds of the referee getting distracted than him keeping his eyes on what’s going on in the ring. Whether you like HUMANITY or not, you’ll have to put aside your egos too. That’s what worked for PAJ and Michael Garcia. For some reason, they’re mutual rejuvenations gave them some measure of cooperation and that’s what got them through it. You don’t really have that with HUMANITY and there’s of course another factor…”

    “Parr at ringside.”

    “Right-o. Now, I have faith your smart enough not to get distracted by whatever brilliant remark Parr has for you, but HUMANITY may not be so willing to look past it, particularly when he doesn’t have a guaranteed future shot at making Parr eat his words. Ultimately, it comes down to how much you can keep HUMANITY in check.”

    I sigh. That’s the shitty part about these random tag team matches. You’ve got to depend on someone else. Rely on someone else. That’s never been my thing and whenever it has, it never lasted long. All it takes is one accidental miscue and your fighting. One badly intoned statement and the other man feels like the Beta. I can’t much say I’m exempt to that. You could put me next to Devin Golden or Stu St. Clair and I still wouldn’t be too keen on following their lead. Now, HUMANITY, he’s a veteran, I doubt he’ll be too open to listen to what I’ve got to say. And again, it pains me to be a hypocrite, but why would I listen to the words of a man whose successes don’t really measure up.

    “I know what you’re thinking. But look at me, Zach, I’ve never made it to FWA or CWA or SPJ or what not. But you came to me. You learned from me. I like to think you respect me. You’ve got to give HUMANITY some measure of respect. This isn’t a singles match. This is a tag team match. HUMANITY’s got more success there than most people. The man’s a former FWA Tag Team Champion and that’s more than can be said for the Heartbreak Express. He knows more than most what it takes to succeed in this sort of match. He knows how effective someone like Madison Banks can be, he’s dealt with it. Zach… put your ego aside and before you dismiss HUMANITY’s advice, whatever it may be, consider going with it.”

    I frown at Brooks. “I’ll give him his considerations. But my lack of respect for HUMANITY isn’t merely ego, it’s not merely his ineffectiveness, its his lack of passion. I don’t know if it’s the fact that his partner has left him. I don’t know if it’s the culmination of a lengthy career. And I don’t know if it’s because he needs blood and brutality to be motivated. The fact is, Pete, there are few men I detest more than HUMANITY.”

    “He hasn’t done anything to you, last I saw.”

    “Transgressions to my art are transgressions to me. Why is he in this business if he doesn’t give a shit about it, Pete. You know how many guys in the back would kill for a shot at Parr. Hell, I damn well had to kill thrice to get that shot. The suits, they practically laid Mike Parr, apple in his mouth, on a plate for him, and the man half-assed it. He pushed Parr the first time and he was on a high, since then, my man stopped giving a shit. Vanished. Ashley O’Ryan couldn’t find him every week since and Parr was allowed to cruise and sleep his way through every Fight Night. The damn World Heavyweight Champion couldn’t find him when they paired up. Anniversary show, watching him and Parr, I couldn’t find him. Parr didn’t even need to try. I have a hard time believing I’ll be finding him on Fight Night. You want me to rely on him, on his expertise, but I doubt he’ll be there enough for him to lend me that. If Shannon couldn’t push this guy off his ass, I won’t be able to. If facing Cyrus Truth and the North American Champion couldn’t wake him the fuck up, the hell are the Heartbreak Express going to do. So, as far as we are aware, I’m going into this on my own… with you. I need you to reverse engineer the Heartbreak Express and find everything that makes them tick. Knowing they’re going to cheat the shit out of this match isn’t enough, Pete. I need more. I need to figure out how I’m going to make either of those pretty boys yell at Madison Banks that they fucking quit.”

    Peter looks at me for a long moment, perhaps memories of what got him to accept the offer coming forward. He offers that crooked smile again and whatever composure I have falls away as I nervously look aside. He gestures back to his laptop and we begin to work on overcoming the handicap.

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