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I didn't think the Takeover Wargames match was anything that good, but I can't agree with you on your opinion on Johnny Gargano, I think he's one of the best in the world, particularly at being a babyface and if you had kept up with both NXT and Progress you probably wouldn't gush over Peter and criticise Gargano as much. Peter really tailed off for me after the Summer. Also, I'm not sure why you have such a problem with an American challenging for the UK title when for decades anyone has been able to challenge for the US title. Sure Brits only was how the title was set up but when they drag their feet like this setting up a division and only regularly use like 4 guys from the tournament, you end up having to look elsewhere for talent. I like Danny Birch but without a shadow of a doubt the Takeover crowd would be hotter for Gargano/Dunne than they would be for Birch/Dunne. The title gave them a reason to put two over stars that were leftover from a Takeover card and put on a nice little warm up match before the show.
The WWE UK Title isn't a typical WWE Title though. It's not the same thing as Cesaro, Sheamus, or Kevin Owens challenging for the WWE US Title. This title is supposed to represent the eventual creation of a brand filled with UK talent. The best way I can compare it is that after TJP won the CWC and was Cruiserweight Champion prior to the launch of 205 Live and had he defended the title against...The Big Show or anyone else clearly over 205 pounds. This is supposed to be something special. The moment you allow just anyone to challenge for the title, is the moment that specialness is gone. Look at Tyler Bate. His first appearance after winning the WWE UK Title tournament was on NXT against Oney Lorcan, which is an awesome looking match that I really need to get around to watching. Even though he was champion and the match looked great, it wasn't a title match since Lorcan isn't from the UK and thus makes him challenging for the title go against the whole purpose of the belt. If you want to run Dunne vs Gargano, that's fine. It's certainly a big enough match for the NXT audience, but it shouldn't be a title match.

I'll never be a Gargano fan though. I'll fully admit that he seems to be a standout babyface in NXT, but generally speaking, his matches aren't nearly as entertaining to me as they are to the vast majority of everyone else.

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The UK title has a special place in my heart, but I wouldn't shed a tear if it was dropped tomorrow & the UK guys signed were moved onto NXT or 205 Live full time instead.
If the WWE UK brand/show isn't going to be a thing, they'll probably be better off building up to a big title unification match on a future NXT TakeOver between the UK Champion and the NXT Champion while the UK Title still means anything.