WWE NXT preview, Sept. 13, 2017: Wolfgang looks to capture WWE United Kingdom Title from The BruiserWeight
The WWE United Kingdom Championship will be on the line in a huge main event when Pete Dunne defends his coveted championship against Wolfgang.

These two seasoned competitors have yet to face one another within WWE or NXT’s squared circle despite both having successful runs in the inaugural WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament back in January.

Just three weeks ago, The BruiserWeight and “The Last King of Scotland” joined forces in a successful tag team victory over Tyler Bate & Trent Seven. Wolfgang’s impressive performance was enough to earn a title opportunity tonight, and he now has the chance to become just the third man to ever hold the prized WWE United Kingdom Title.

Can the high-flying heavyweight dethrone the ruthless Dunne? Find out tonight at 8/7 C, streaming on the award-winning WWE Network.

Who will team up with Ruby Riot against Peyton Royce & Billie Kay?
Ruby Riot has been in the crosshairs of The Iconic Duo for the past few weeks, and now the fierce rebel is out for retribution.

Riot’s conflict with Billie Kay & Peyton Royce began after the judgmental pair mocked Riot’s tattoos and ear piercings behind her back. Riot went on to defeat Kay in a head-to-head showdown before losing to Royce two weeks later thanks to Kay’s interference.

Because of the Aussies’ shenanigans, Riot requested a Handicap Match from General Manager William Regal, who ended up offering Riot a tag team match against her Iconic foes. However, will Riot take Regal up on his instruction to find a tag team partner, or will she try to battle her adversaries on her own? And, if Riot does try to find a tag team partner, who will she get to join her?

See who — if anyone — joins Riot to team against The Iconic Duo tonight at 8/7 C on NXT.

What is Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly’s next move?
Adam Cole, Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly are causing turmoil in NXT, and General Manager William Regal is not happy about it. Regal made that much clear last week on NXT when he delivered a strong message to the trio via a backstage video. Regal conveyed to Cole, Fish and O’Reilly that they can be a part of NXT, but there can be no more jumping people in the parking lot or the Performance Center. All fighting must happen inside the ring.

While the NXT Universe waits to see how this rebellious group responds to Regal’s statement, Cole gave a hint on social media by tweeting what could be interpreted as a sarcastic response.

There’s always the chance Cole, Fish and O’Reilly could show up tonight and follow Regal’s orders by no longer attacking anyone outside the ring. Yet, if history tells us anything, this isn’t the most likely outcome. So, how will these renegade Superstars respond?

Find out tonight at 8/7 C on an all-new NXT on WWE Network.