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Thread: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

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    12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    PROMOS ARE DUE AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME on Tuesday the 12th of September! This is 3 AM EASTERN TIME and 8 AM BRITISH TIME on Wedensday the 13th of September! Because that is a full seven days, there will be no extensions.

    PSA: Because there is a potentially catastrophic storm set to his the eastern coast of the USA, it may not be such a good idea to hold off on promoing for too long. Keep this in mind, please and thank you. Good luck!

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    They are thinking the storm will be near the Florida/Cuba area Sunday.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerful Sayer View Post
    PROMOS ARE DUE AT MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME on Tuesday the 12th of September! This is 3 AM EASTERN TIME and 8 AM BRITISH TIME on Wedensday the 13th of December! Because that is a full seven days, there will be no extensions.

    PSA: Because there is a potentially catastrophic storm set to his the eastern coast of the USA, it may not be such a good idea to hold off on promoing for too long. Keep this in mind, please and thank you. Good luck!

    No fair, December the 13th British time? That's it, I am moving my family to London.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    We see Miss De La Muerta, in a darkened warehouse,
    With the blank and cold expression on her face that is over time, becoming her trademark. As she crosses the room she is in, an unknown figure is shown to be handcuffed and tied to a chair, bound by the arms and legs. He is no one known from FWA, but he appears to be a somewhat older Hispanic man. Zako is actually nowhere to be seen, as Miss De La Muerta lowers her hood as she now stands in front of the man. She looks down upon him with absolutely no concern or thought for his wellbeing whatsoever- she in fact, appears to be looking through him.

    Miss De La Muerta: I know who you are. You are...his father. Diego Cazodorrè. The spineless, rotten, and horrible rat of a man who ran out on his innocent, defenceless, newborn son because you... thought he was ugly, different, and a strange creature from another world. You feared you would be held responsible for bringing what people thought was a, cold-blooded monster, into this world, so YOU thought of yourself before ZAKO.

    Miss De La Muerta looks down upon him as Diego shows clearly visible signs of guilt and remorse, his eyes are a dead giveaway that he knows he is deeply wrong and at fault for what she has just condemned him for. Fear, as well as franticness is also shown plastered upon his face as he tries to struggle in the chair. She looks him dead in the eyes now as he takes a deep breath.

    Diego Cazodorrè: How did you find me?!??!? How did you slip up on me so suddenly out of nowhere??!? How did you know I fathered a son named Zako many years ago??!?!? Who are you and why have you brought me here?!!?? ...You have to understand though, I AM not who I seem!!!

    *Miss De La Muerta simply continues to stare at him as he appears to have his mind full of many important thoughts, prepared to tell his side of the story. *

    Miss De La Muerta: The answers to every one of your questions are simple. In fact, I can answer most of them with only a few words: I know, far more than you could ever even dream of imagining. Silently approaching you and bringing you was effortless for me- You wouldn't have saw me if I let you. I know exactly who you are and what you've done in your past, I'll listen to what you have to say though. Zako...will not.

    * As the the father of Zako continues to exchange stares with Miss De La Muerta, he becomes more frightened as he continues to instictively attempt to struggle in the chair. His efforts are futile as the bounds holding him are too tight and constricting, so he does his best to calm himself once more.*

    Diego Cazodorrè: You listen to me, I did NOT leave MY son in an act of cowardice!!!! I would NEVER do such a thing!!! I knew when he was born that people in our town...They, they were superstitious, full of crazed paranoia, their heads swarmed with ridiculous tall tales of "zombies, ghosts, Voo-Doo, and demons"! So when I saw that MY beloved first born and only child, was born with, with RED EYES- I, I HAD to flee! Those maniacs would have KILLED me, thinking I was some sort of ridiculous "Necromancer", or "Evil shaman, that worked black arts to put a monster inside of a boy, to fulfill some dark prophecy"!

    *They continue to stare back and forth at each other as Diego is now sweating profusely, all the while the emotionless look behind the haunting and grim skull face paint of Miss De La Muerta has never wavered at all.*

    Diego Cazodorrè: I LEFT, so that I may LIVE, so that one day, I would be able to return a better man, husband, and most importantly, to me, within my mind, heart, body, and soul, a better father! I was not earning the necessary money that it would take to get my dear beautiful wife and son away from, that land of tonteria! {Foolishness} My sweet, but Innocent and naive wife, Gabriella, she would NOT leave our hometown...she loved that place...she was SO proud of where she was from that she refused over and over to leave the area! I remember like it was yesterday, that we once had a phone conversation...the entire night, arguing about me pleading her to leave, I had finally made enough of myself so that I may take them both into a safe new life...that was the last I ever spoke to her. know if she still lives???

    [I*Diego now lets a warm, bittersweet tear fall down his face as he thinks of years gone by, remembering a life gone by, a wife he never spoke to nor saw again, and a son whose whereabouts he is unsure of. Miss De La Muerta chillingly leans down close to his face, as he blinks with a swallow as he takes in her appearance up close. He can be heard saying "...What are you???..."in a low and ominous voice, while he also notices the Grim Reaper tattoo on her arm. She can be heard responding to him in a low grave voice: "I'm Miss De La Muerta." * [/I]

    Miss De La Muerta: I don't believe you. I'm actually not going to listen to this over-exaggerated story telling for much longer. I care not for your lies...neither will...Zako. You were scum then and you're scum now, if you cared for Zako and would have LEFT them defenseless in a place where they were sure to be hunted. Zako WAS treated like a freak and a demon, exactly as you thought he would be.

    You actually had the intelligence to know that would happen, and you left him behind anyways. Diego Cazodorrè, you are un gusano. {A worm} As for your cherished, eternal, sweetheart that you Loved so much-Gabrièllà? She's dead. She hung herself, in front of Zako, because YOU were gone, and she was tortured and terrified within, when there was no one to shield her from the hate the people around her endlessly threw at her.

    She wasn't even able to leave the house because of threats upon her life. "Kill the mother of the son of evil!" Zako was forced to run for his life and lived in exile in a forest for years and years, he was completely alone for decades until I found him. Again, un gusano Diego Cazodorrè. The lives of your family were filled with darkness because you couldn't stop it like a man.

    *After hearing the heartbreaking news from her, Diego now begins to silently weep and physically shake with crushing grief, the most one in his situation is able to do. He is strong though about his emotions, and pulls himself together though, as he regains his composure, tears still falling without a sound. Miss De La Muerta can be heard saying "You attempt to fool me with your false sorrow... I should hit you myself right now...but...that's a job for another."*

    Diego Cazodorrè: I suppose I understand how her life came to an end. You speak constantly, of Zàko though. son still live? You said you met him in a forest more than 20 years after the death of my wife? I don't care what you think, my life was never supposed to become as it did, I loved my family, and it may have been in vein, but things were supposed to be different. If Zako is alive, HE is who I wish to speak to.

    * "You think nothing of me, and I don't care for you. I will speak no more to you."*

    *Suddenly, somehow at the exact moment, a gigantic heart stopping crashing thud is heard on the other side of the room, as they both look to where the startling sound came from. Miss De La Muerta merely turns her head slowly and calmly as Diego is completely taken aback. An immense metal door now lays flat on the ground, and the camera pans in the full body image of none other than Zako, having effortlessly kicked the door down off of the hinges. Diego immediately recognizes the red eyes that he hasn't seen in ages as they burn frighteningly with malicious intent. Zako begins to quickly cross the room as it feels he is bringing death with him. He is extending a massive gloved hand towards his father's neck when Miss De La Muerta grabs it and forcefully shoves it away from him before he is able to make contact.*

    "No. No Zako. Aun no. Quiere hablar con usted. Lo terminaras pronto. No lo toques hasta que lo diga."

    Diego Cazodorrè: ...Zako!!!!! My son! You have grown so immensely!!!! You never met me but I remember you...I'm sorry. For everything. I was a naive young man who thought he knew what he was doing.

    I tried to create a different world for us all, but my efforts weren't good enough, and for that I'm sorry as well. I can't believe you live before me... I don't know who this,
    perra, {bitch} is, but I don't care. I am your father and you are my son. I beg you to please forgive me.

    *Zako stands before his father as he growls and roars like a ravenous animal ready to pounce, staring with true unbridaled psychopathy in his blood red eyes. It's unknown whether or not he has even heard, let alone cared about any of the words just said to him as Miss De La Muerta moves with surprising speed as she turns and reaches up and over to Zako's mask, grabbing him by the jaw with both hands... getting his full attention. "Ahora, Zako! Desastre Andante, Romper el cuerpo de tu Padre!" {Now Zako! Walking Disaster, break the body of your father!} She looks him dead in his crimson eyes as she gives him the deadly cut throat, thumbs down gesture, then turns and points at Diego behind her!*

    *Zako immediately, with freakish and shocking strength, lifts up the entire thick wooden chair with Diego in it, over his head, then throws the entire thing to the floor down at his feet, as Diego crashes upon the ground violently. Parts of the chair break as Miss De La Muerta has produced a small black dagger as she steps in and cuts through the ropes that bind him, then back away again as Zako reaches down and somehow rips apart the handcuffs that were previously binding his Father's hands and arms. Zako growls and is practically violently barking with a gruff voice as he lifts him over his head and throws him, knocking him out of the air with "The Kick Of Death" Never once does he hesitate as he deadlift pulls the unconscious man straight into the air, upside down, dropping him savagely with "The Reaper's Touch." He lands gruesomely on top of his head as Miss De La Muerta is suddenly heard saying "Detener. Eso es suficiente Zako." {Stop. That's enough Zako.}*

    *Zako immediately follows orders from the mysterious woman as he slowly backs away, as they both turn directly to the camera behind them. Zako is now severely in a monstrous state as the sick vengeance he has just handed his OWN FATHER has seemingly fired him up even more. Miss De La Muerta's expression is the same as always: Cold. Blank. Absent of humanity. Dead, almost.*

    Miss De La Muerta: Jason Randall, Zako is coming for your blood and your skull, as well as your title. You see, that doesn't mean to him, what it may mean to you. I don't know and I don't care what that belt means to you. To "The Walking Disaster", it is a tool to position himself in a spot where, each and every and women will walk up to him and have their careers shortened. The X Division championship is promised to be defended every single week, so that means Ashley O'Ryan will be putting soul after soul in front of Zako, and then he will rip them all to shreds effortlessly.

    Mac Michaud joined Zako's list of people he has defeated or hurt massively last week. "Punishment for the bully Zako."

    Miss De La Muerta continues to look on into the camera as she then looks around the room, paying no mind to the lifeless body of Diego behind them.

    Miss De La Muerta: How did that work for you , Ashley O'Ryan? Mac Michaud failed you, as Zako WILL NOT be stopped. Now he will claim the career of your X Division Champion, and he'll break Penny's neck if she even attempts to get involved. I hope you're listening, Penny. I've heard that people say Jason Randall has you brainwashed.

    Make the right decision for your own career, safety, and life, and do not get anywhere near Zako. Do NOT try to win the number one contender's match on that night either. If you actually go out there and put yourself into the same ring as Zako for that newly won title in a week, he'll break every bone in your body and you won't have the chance to run any longer. If you truly care about her at all, Jason Randall, warn her to stay away during this fight.

    *Zako now continues to growl and roar as the mention of extreme violence has seized his attention.*

    Miss De La Muerta: You have no idea what he's capable of and what he's going to do you to take that belt away from you. This is his biggest fight yet and the results won't change: I proclaim what will happen every week and this won't be any different- You, battered at his feet, and only him walking away. If you think Penny is crazy now, wait until she feels "The Reaper's Touch" when he drops her on her head for trying to save you. It's awfully strange how your reign will end at the "12th anniversary show", suddenly as it all comes crashing down in your face.

    Zako will TEAR THE WHOLE WORLD DOWN, as his ascension begins, and then... NONE... will run...from... THE WRATH...OF ZAKO.

    *Miss De La Muerta now produces a book of long matches as she lights one and then points to a can of gasoline, looking at Diego and saying "Hazlo" {Do it.}*

    *Zako walks to the can of gasoline and dumps it all over his father then carefully takes the takes the match from Miss De La Muerta as he drops it upon Diego. He's instantly lit on fire as the excruciating pain has brought him back to consciousness, as he suddenly begins to shout in unbearable pain uncontrollably. The camera then shifts to the looks upon the faces of Miss De La Muerta and Zako, closing in. Miss De La Muerta's skull face paint shows no remorse at what she has just caused, and Zako has an extremely frightening look burning within his fiery eyes, as he slaps the camera away and it cuts to black.*

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Hanz Gruber is sitting in the back seat of his limo as he is being driven thru New York City, a cameraman sitting right next to him. As they near the area of the 911 attacks/Ground Zero, Hanz asks the driver to slow down- then he looks into the camera, then back out the window- which he has let down.

    Hanz Gruber: So this is where, in modern times, the worst of mankind and the best of mankind collided. Some fuck heads commandeered planes and flew them into buildings, killing many instantly, others dying later as the building fell. Then you had others, running into to buildings, not caring about anything else but helping their fellow man. Some of those that ran into the building never made it out. But they knew that going in, they were ready to make that sacrifice just for a chance of saving at least one life.

    Hanz looks back at the camera again

    Hanz Gruber: Izzy, you are a great wrestler. That I had no doubt of. I knew that you could stand toe to toe with me in the ring. I knew you would bring it. Time ran out though, thus there was no winner. That was my fault. Thats not on you. I took too long getting back into the ring.

    Hanz looks back out the window as they are driving away from the Ground Zero area.

    Hanz Gruber: What I was talking about before- people making a sacrifice, thats one thing you are lacking Izzy. In the ring, you need to sacrifice at times. You need to sacrifice your morals, forget rules. You need to do what you need to do to win. Pull hair, rake eyes. You need to sacrifice your body by taking risk. There were a few times in our match you could have eeked out a win by doing that. And there were times when I had you in a hold, I had you beat, but you refused to tap out or give up. There would have been no shame in that- sacrifice giving up a win. If you would have done that- you would have still had my respect.

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber: But Izzy, I am glad you didn't. I'm proud of you. And this week, we have a rematch, a no DQ match. There will be a winner. So Izzy, there is no need to sacrifice those morals. Don't listen to or pander to what the fans want you to do. I don't. I just follow my instincts, that's what you need to do Izzy. Put everything else out your head. Forget that douchebag typical American male Trystan who only wanted you as a booty call. Forget Starr coming in to help mend your broken heart. Come into our match with only a few things in your mind- that you will do whatever the fuck you can to win the match. Come into our match as pissed off as me for the fact that both you and I are not in that Fatal Four Way Elimination match for a shot at the X Division Championship tonight. Come in as pissed as me that the big doofus Zako Wrath gets a shot at that title tonight before you or I. Come in pissed off as me that neither one of us have a shot at the North American Championship tonight.

    Hanz grabs a water out of a cooler in the limo, drinks it down as the driver makes his way thru town. He then turns to the camera again.

    Hanz Gruber: There is one thing that does bother me about you though. Its a character flaw. I see that you have spunk, a fighting spirit. That you rose above your surroundings. That you don't take shit from anyone. But your character flaw- its that you are a bit of a poser. You see, I don't buy into your punk rock gimmick. It looks like you bought your stuff at Hot Topic and that you got tattoos as a final Fuck You to mum and dad, not as a Fuck You to the authority. And the fact that My Chemical Romance got you into this lifestyle- HA. I mean I love the band, but they ain't punk. If you would have said The Germs, Minor Threat, New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Bad Brains, Black Flag or The Dammed- hell then I would believe you. But I see that flaw hindering you. Either toss that gimmick aside and be the nice sweet Izzy that I see backstage or really embrace the punk lifestyle, flipping off authority, be a true bad ass. There is no in between Izzy. I am not saying this to hurt your feelings Izzy or to poke fun at you. I am only saying this to help you

    The limo pulls up to the Madison Square Garden. Hanz does the window down, stares at it a bit, then looks back at the camera

    Hanz Gruber: You see this place Izzy? Its the one place in America where you know you have truly made it in this sport called wrestling. Its the Mecca. So congrats to finally making it here Izzy. When I first came to America many many years ago- my first goal was to wrestle here. And I made it here that first year, in one of the headlining matches. My opponent and I created magic that night. So Izzy, lets try to recreate that same magic. Let this match be a Fuck You to O'Ryan for leaving us out of title shots tonight

    Hanz tells the driver stop the engine and get his bags out of the trunk- so the driver does just that. Hanz then gets out, thanks the driver and grabs his things and walks to the arena

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    The scene begins somewhere in a backstage location of wherever FWA is holding an event and we find Penny sitting in a corner, and at first it appears that she's alone but upon closer inspection it's revealed that she's clutching a plush black and white cat in her while sitting cross-legged in the corner. She's carrying a full conversation with the cat and nods as if she agrees with it when Katie Lynn Goldsmith walks by, trying her best to just ignore Penny considering their past but she's caught by Penny sneaking past her.

    Hiya Katie!

    Penny says all bubbly and happy, Katie sighs and turns to face Penny.

    What do you want?

    Penny frowns.

    Is that any way to treat a friend? All I was doing was just saying hello

    I don't know how many times I have to tell you but we are not friends! We never have been and never will be

    Penny leans down to listen to the cat and nods before looking back up at Katie.

    Fred says you're not very nice

    Katie looks at Penny perplexed.

    Fred? Who is Fred?

    Penny motions to the cat in her lap.

    This is Frederick Francis the First but he prefers just Fred. He's my most very good friend and he thinks that you're not so nice. I tried to tell to him that you don't really mean any of it but he won't believe me, can you tell him that you don't really mean it Katie and then maybe he'll believe me?

    Katie gives Penny a weird look and shakes her head in disbelief. She sighs and walks over to Penny, kneeling down.

    I can't believe I'm doing this...

    Doing what?

    *sigh* Penny, is everything okay?

    What do you mean? I'm feeling fine and Fred here is great, if that's what you mean

    Not exactly, but I guess I'm glad you're feeling fine and that Fred is great but what I really mean is everything okay with you and Jason?

    Penny's smile turns to a slight frown.

    I think he's really mad at me right now

    Why is that?

    Well, I got put in a match where I could become number one contender for the X-Championship and now he thinks that I'm conspiring against him or something but I didn't have anything to do with being put in the match, I swear it! He won't listen though and he won't speak to me right now. Fred is telling me that Jason will just get over it but I don't know, he's really mad. I don't think I've ever seen him this mad before. I don't like that I made him so mad and I don't like that he's mad at me. I mean I don't think I did anything wrong but...

    Katie sits down and leans against the wall and turns to Penny, putting her hand up.

    You did absolutely nothing wrong. You're being given a great opportunity to achieve success on your own and Jason is just jealous of that. He feels threatened by that and is lashing out at you for no good reason really.

    Why would Jason be jealous of me? I do nothing but support and appreciate him. I care about him so much...

    That may be so Penny but does he care about you? Have you ever thought about that? Does he truly care about you?

    Of course he does, why wouldn't he? Fred is probably right, he'll get over it because he really does care about me. Just like I know you do too Katie, even though you sometimes have a funny way of showing it.

    Katie sighs once more and puts her face in her palm before looking back up and responding.

    Penny, just be careful, okay? I know what you're going through. I've been there and it's not fun...

    You've been in a fatal four way number one contender's match for the X-Championship?

    What? No, no what I mean is...just look after yourself. I've gotta go, good luck in your match. Knock'em dead girl

    Katie stands up and leaves Penny with Fred.

    See Fred? I told you Katie isn't so bad. She really is a friend.

    She brings Fred up to her as if he's talking to her.

    You're right Fred, Jason will get over it. This whole thing will blow over and we'll be back to normal...

    Fred talks to her some more.

    Am I scared about my match? I would be lying I guess if I said I wasn't just little bit frightened. I mean there's Tristan James Galloway, who is a large man with a troubled past though he seems like kind of a nice fellow...

    Fred tells her something.

    I know Fred, you're right. It's not about being nice in the ring...what about Deception? I'm not scared of him. Jason beat him up so bad that I think it'll be no sweat for me. Mac Michaud? Yeah he does mean and intimidating but I'm sure underneath all of that tough exterior is a big old teddy bear just waiting for a hug and I'll be more than happy to oblige him. I'm gonna hug him so hard that I'll squeeze the life out of him, yeah because that's exactly what he needs. Same for Tristan James Galloway and Deception, everyone will be getting big, life squeezing out of you hugs. Yeah, that's the ticket Fred! Then afterwards maybe they'll wanna be friends and they can hang out with us? How is that Fred?

    She nods Fred's head in agreement.

    I knew you'd think so Fred! You're the bestest friend ever!

    She gives him a hug as the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Her Lie is the Truth

    You’ve seen those movie scenes and TV show scenes. Everyone has. It has the music in the background as the main character walks through a crowded city street or empty alley, or sails at sea in tranquility, or looks out to the seemingly slow-moving clouds from an airplane 10,000 feet in the air, or watches the pillars flash by out the window or a moving bus or train.

    And it’s always with a somber, seeking expression. The person is trying to find himself or herself, trying to figure out who he or she wants to be. Trying to figure out who he or she is.

    The street crowd is invisible to them. The empty alleyway could have dead bodies. The plane could be about to crash. It could be the wrong train. Doesn’t matter. They’re lost in their own minds, piecing together recent events along with their hopes, dreams, and personality traits to figure out the next step.

    These people are lost, and they’re trying to find a way. They’re seeking the Truth about themselves and their future.

    Everyone ends up in this spot, usually because they found themselves being two people at once. They acted one way and maybe felt another. The bride on the morning of her wedding. The businessman with a big job offer. The best man who is in love with his friend’s soon-to-be wife.
    These are the roles they play — but the roles they might wish to shed.

    That’s where their trouble lies, and if you looked at Shannon O’Neal, you might see a girl feeling the same type of way. She looks the part, at least. Is she really who she says she is? Does she really believe the things she says? It seems so … fake. So … corporate. So … flimsy.

    But Shannon isn’t that person walking in the street, or sitting on a bus or plane lost in their thoughts.

    Shannon isn’t conflicted with the role she’s playing and the person she is.

    Some say her truth is a lie.

    She would disagree.

    The setting where Shannon goes deep into her mind is not a street or a bus or any of that crap. It’s a stage. The lights are dimmed, shining directly into the middle of the wooden floor. The curtains are pulled apart, bundled up on the sides of the stage.

    No seats are completely empty. They’re barely visible in the darkness. It’s just the one light, forming a circle in one spot.

    Footsteps break the silence. A figure, with blond hair and and tight black pants down just short of her ankles, slowly appears from the darkness of the right side of the stage.

    It’s Shannon O’Neal, with her black pants and a white short-sleeve shirt promoting another of her favorite old-school rock bands. Her hair is waving around her shoulders, to the side, in front, and behind. Her tattoo-filled arms seem to stand out even more in this setting, where the main colors of black and white reflect off one another with a perfect balance in between the pink “Thin Lizzy” lettering on the front of her shirt.

    “Hi, I’m Shannon O’Neal.

    The role I’m playin’ tonight is …


    Shannon O’Neal.”

    Shannon pauses in one spot, standing upright and shuffling her feet ever so slightly.

    “I got a message for someone. A man named Cyrus Truth. I wanna let him know who Shannon O’Neal is all ‘bout …

    ’n what Shannon O’Neal is thinkin’ right now ‘bout him.”

    Shannon at first gives a glare like she’s subdued in the moment, but then she begins showing that spark of eagerness and aggression. The blue-collar attitude begins to show, and her speech quickens at random places, before taking awkward breaths and speeding up yet again.

    “All my life, I’ve had to work twice as hard to get half as far. That’s part bein’ a chick ’n part talkin’ like I’m from midwest America. But I’ve come to live with it. I’ve come to embrace the blue-collar work ethic, the no-backin’-down attitude, ’n the brash confidence and stubborn-as-a-mule idealism ‘bout how leaders should be leaders ’n do it by example.

    When I saw ya’, Cyrus … I saw a man who was the opposite of those things.
    But I’ve noticed somethin’ lately.

    Somethin' ... like a spark. A flame. A fire. It's like ... the passion ya' had leadin' to last year's Back in Business is ... back. 'N maybe it's 'cause ya' found someone in me who can match ya' in the ring, who can bring the fight to ya' like no one else. Maybe it's 'cause I took the belt off ya' shoulders and relieved ya' of the pressure that so brutally overwhelmed ya' day in 'n day out for nearly a whole year.

    Maybe it's 'cause ya' got a little half-chub 'bout ya' rival. Maybe it's a little of all of those things ... combined into one. But I'm standin' in this ring and tellin' ya' ... champ to former champ ... rival to rival ... I like it.


    Put it this way, Cyrus. If given a second chance, I dunno if I'm talkin' ya off that stage.”

    Shannon is wearing the FWA World Championship belt around her waist. The size of it dwarfs her thin figure, but she looks down and places her hand over the nameplate before looking back out to the empty seats and continuing her message.

    “But just ‘cause I respect ya’ … doesn’t mean ya’ ’n me are alike or anythin’. We … we ain’t the same. Main difference is how ya’ ’n me handle leadership. Ya’ see …

    We all remember how ya' were champ.
    Am I supposed to ignite a war against the FWA to distract from the fact that THIS belt ... is more than me or ya' or Kennedy or Rondo or anyone else. Holdin' this is MORE than some complaint 'bout havin' to wrestle in an unorthodox type of match, like Mile High Massacre, or havin' to face someone in a match where ya' can lose not by bein' pinned but rather by bein' burnt on a fluke ... or not bein' able to choose ya' own challengers, havin' to face a 'gal when maybe ya' felt others were more deservin' 'n honorable or whatever ya' said back then.”

    Shannon finds the words to continue as the light shines down into her face. She is unbothered being in this spot, front and center of the FWA.

    "Look ... I believe in me. I believe in my ability to inspire people ’n change from my actions, not my words. I believe that my 'rough around the edges' as ya' said 'n my accent 'n all the other shit that makes me who I am ... that helps people relate to me, see a blue-collar person with her head down 'n nose to the pavement grindin' away.

    Maybe ya' were tryin' to be that, but ya' played that victim card 'n made the FWA 'n the fans 'n the whole system out to be the evil empire tryin' to tear down the 'outsider,' or as ya' say 'the exiled.'"

    Shannon definitely sees a little bit of the idealist similarities between her and Cyrus, but they fall on opposite ends of that idealism track. Still, some of the things Cyrus has said stick with Shannon, but she can’t bring herself to follow his path.
    She sees him — how he was a champion — as a cancer, not a cure.

    “Right then, Cyrus …

    RIGHT ... THEN ...

    Ya' lost it. ANY chance ya' had at bein' the blue-collar fightin' champ ya' wanted to be ... couldn't be. All ya' were ... was someone who looked to play the victim card, who wanted to win in spite of everyone else, who thought he was above tradition 'n even above the championship 'n bein' one of JUST A FEW who have held that label.

    All I wanna do is be the World Champion, 'n if someone else comes 'n beats me? Fine. If I lose the belt in Mile High Massacre 'cause someone raced up a ladder faster than me? OK. It sucks, 'n it probably won't feel good in the moment. But that's the FWA, man. That's it. I'm NOT bigger than that match. I'm NOT bigger than those traditions. Even as World Champ.”

    Slowly … Shannon begins moving to the edge of the light, shuffling her feet to the side in small micro steps. And as she fades toward the darkness, she gives one final thought.

    “So to protect those traditions, Cyrus …

    I can’t let ya’ win.”

    Shannon disappears into the darkness, her footsteps on the wooden floor becoming less audible each time. And with all the warning in the world, silence once again takes over. But there’s no looking away. The light continues to shine down on the middle of the stage. You can hear everything, every floor creak and gust of wind that crept through the doors and it weaving between chairs.


    About 20 seconds after the footsteps disappeared the first time, they’re back. The same slow steps building in noise and anticipation. After about 10, each louder than the last, a figure once more emerges from the darkness and steps into the light.

    Taking her spot, front and center, is again Shannon O’Neal. But she looks … different. Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail. Her shirt is … not the usual 80s-rock-band style but this time a plain blue shirt covering most of her chest and sleeves coming down nearly to her elbows. Her tattoos are barely visible and her normal blue jeans complete the … standard white-girl appearance, although not at all standard for Shannon.

    "My name is Shannon O'Neal.


    I won't be playing any roles for you."

    Shannon’s face is more … determined, more like she has a chip on her shoulder.

    “I do have a message … for a man named Cyrus Truth … about who I am.”

    Her speech is clearer, more pronounced, which is also quite different.

    “I’ve heard you dish out praise and adoration to me. I've heard you tune change, from someone who brought the world around him down instead of trying to lift it up ... to someone who is simply seeking his 'equal' inside the ring. I've watched you ... transform ... from a tired champion who didn't want the label of champion anymore ... to a hungry challenger ... lusting for some twisted, self-created love story inside this ring.”

    Shannon points her fingers down to the floor for the final part. The empty arena, in her mind, is empty albeit one single seat. That’s reserved for her biggest rival in pro wrestling to date.

    “I’m here to admit something to you, Cyrus. I’m not the blue-collar, hard-working, hard-fighting, idealist, lead-by-example girl I make myself out to be. I’m not who I say I am, Cyrus. I’m not … the girl you get so frustrated with, who you see so much of yourself in yet also see someone pulling away from that.
    I’ve talked about playing ‘the game.’ I believe in that. I do."

    Shannon smiles under the lights with a devilish grin. She’s trying hard to tease this imaginary Cyrus, sitting out in the seats with his mouth agape.

    “Just like a man, you are, Cyrus. You think … I need to be shown the Truth, to have the wool pulled from over my eyes and everything revealed to me.

    What if … I already knew all the stuff you were saying?

    You thought … I was THIS close to being just like you, someone you could stand side by side with against the powers that be. You saw a formidable foe in the ring, and someone with the right idealism to match your mind.
    But …

    The Truth is … I already knew those things, believed the things you believed. Yes, the FWA is the bad guy. YES … we have no control over our own destinies unless we fight back. And YES … they grab you under the arms and dance you around in front of the crowd like a doll, saying what they want you to say and doing what they want you to do.

    And yes, I know, under those guidelines, being champion … means less that it’s made out to be.

    But it’s better than nothing at all.”

    Shannon once more has the World Championship belt around her waist. She looks down at it and smiles, knowing she has her leading role she always wanted. She is the World Champion of the greatest wrestling federation ever. No one can take holding that distinction, no matter how short or long, away from her.

    But she’d like to keep it a little longer.

    “You see, Cyrus … I chose my role in this company. For the time being. Yes, I am giving you the cold … hard … Truth of everything that has happened since Carnal Contendership. Even before, because these plans were in place even before that night.

    You made a mistake, Cyrus. You decided not to play your role in the FWA. You stood in that ring, in front of thousands in person and millions watching around the world, and you told everyone that you wouldn’t play to these tired traditions. You were doing things your way, or you’d be kicking and screaming. And you kicked and screamed, at every turn.

    Some say you came off as an idealist rebel, standing pat on your convictions. Others say you looked childish and whiney. Fine line there and it all comes down to your personal preference, I guess.

    In the FWA’s eyes, you were the former, but they wanted everyone else to believe you were the latter. The FWA tried as hard as it could to make you look like the whiny outsider. And every person the FWA sent up to you — from Bell to Mike Parr to KAIZEN — tried and failed. And days before Carnal Contendership, as the FWA looked around at the crop of wrestlers who were vying to be opposed to its biggest opponent, they found … no one.”

    Shannon remembers back to that night, to being approached by an FWA official with an offer to join last-minute. She remembers how she never hesitated. If Bell was going to “go for it” — admit that the dream of being a World Champion superseded a tag team run as best friends — then why shouldn’t Shannon?

    “No one who could play the role they wanted. No one who could honestly be the person carrying the FWA’s flag of honor and tradition and whatever vague values they promote proudly into battle against you. The FWA sensed the fans were behind the idea of removing you from your throne, but the FWA needed someone up to the task. Another disappointment, like KAIZEN, and you’d hit your one-year mark as champion. It’d be too tough to swallow for the FWA.

    So who, then? Bell? She had her chance … twice over. Eyesnsane? The fans would never take to it. Kazadi? He was too much like you. Rondo? He didn’t want to play the FWA’s game. Mike Parr? He also had his shot.

    No … it wasn’t looking good. But when I came back, I gave my pitch. I told them, ‘I will start a war. … I will change things. I will lead the FWA BACK to where it needs to be.’ I don’t know if it was what I said or how I said it, but I said or did something that made the FWA … BELIEVE!”

    Shannon closes her eyes, refusing to let herself get any more worked up than that moment. She knows more than anything, she needs to keep her composure.

    “They didn’t believe in what I said, necessarily. They just believed that if I said it loud enough, I’d be the perfect person to fill that vacant role. The fans would cheer. The other wrestlers — most of them — would silently root for me. As a woman, I had just enough of an underdog-ness to make it a feel-good story. And as someone who was saying THE OPPOSITE of Cyrus Truth, and who ruthlessly attacked Cyrus Truth at EVERY turn, I would be the face of the FWA … against the face of the anti-FWA.

    I was perfect. So I was given a spot in Carnal Contendership, on the day of the event. Yes, the DAY of the event. We put together a nice little promo with Ashley ‘O Ryan and I, and then yours truly went out there and did my part.

    Everything worked out for the FWA. I continued saying what I needed to say and doing what I needed to do. And at Back in Business, with the energy and power of 50,000 people behind me and millions watching at home, I took that belt off your waist. I beat you, in large part, because I was the HERO. And you … were the villain. I fed off that. I …

    LOVED … that.”

    Shannon steps all the way to the front of the stage, nearly outside the shining light. But she wants to be as close to her make-believe audience as possible.

    “The Truth is, Cyrus, I never really saw you as whiny. I never saw you as bad for the FWA or anything like that. If anything, I respected you for what you said.

    But respect wouldn’t land me the lead role in the FWA, would it?

    The FWA and I have a good relationship. I go out and say what they want me to say, do what they want me to do, and face whomever they want me to face. In turn, I get to be World Champion.

    Yes, every now and then I have to sacrifice my own pride and morals and go out there like a monkey and play to their stupid traditions. Mile High is coming up. I’m sure it’ll be a blast and a half. But that’s the gig, right? I didn’t land this role by giving my honest opinion of everything.”

    Shannon steps back toward the light, and her voice goes softer. She seems to be winding down her moment in center stage. And she even gets a bit sad knowing it’s almost over. But then she perks up remembering she’ll have others.

    “I’m where I am today … because I played the game, the game that has been around for 12 years now. The game that many others have played before me. Jillian De Silva played it. Moira Crawford played it. Gabrielle Montgomery played it.

    Now I’m playing the game, the game THEY created, by their rules. Cyrus … you tried to make your own game and your own rules. And you lasted a good long while doing so. Congratulations.

    But it ended. It ended with a roar from the crowd and confetti raining down into the ring. I was the hero. You were the whiny scab the FWA had spent months trying to get rid of.

    You were forgotten in that moment. I was the Queen. You were just a former King.”

    Shannon shuffles her feet to the side, just as before, and begins moving slowly out of the light. But before she disappears, she has one more thing to say.

    “There is no more rebellion. There is no swaying to your side. I knew long ago I could go to your side and be another version of you.

    I chose not to.

    I chose to ignore the Truth … because sometimes …

    that’s not what people want to hear.”

    She becomes invisible outside of the light and eventually behind the curtains. The footsteps go quiet eventually, and Shannon O’Neal is once more hidden from our eyes and ears.

    All that’s left is the stage, with the light shining down to the center. And without warning or build-up, it abruptly shuts off, leaving the silhouette of a wooden stage existing in the darkness, in front of an empty, nameless auditorium, proving that a stage … is only its best when the light leads the way.
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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    The scene begins backstage and it's been a few hours after Penny had spoken with Katie Lynn Goldsmith, who is seen walking down the hall of the arena when from out of nowhere she is snatched up from behind and a hand is placed over her mouth to keep her from screaming as she's dragged into a room and tossed to the floor like nothing. Katie tries to scramble to her feet when the sound of the door slamming startles her in the midst of her scramble, causing her to slip back down but she catches herself so she's on one knee and as she looks up to see who thrown in the room it is Jason Randall.

    That's right, you bow to your king like the miserable peasant that you are.

    He says in a venomous tone.

    You're no king of mine or anyone else for that matter. You're sick and you're delusional if you really think of yourself as some king.

    Jason chuckles to himself.

    Not afraid this time I see, I like that Katie...

    Because like I've already stated, you're a sick bastard that feeds off of the fears of those around you but I won't allow you strike fear in me.

    Another chuckle from Jason as he grabs his X-Title off the floor and slings it over his shoulder.

    I miss these talks of ours Katie. It's been far too long since we've had one of these talks, you and I specifically. Though I hear that you've been talking with Penny and that you're putting some ideas in her head, now why would you do that Katie? After all we've been through you go behind my back like that and try to get Penny to turn against me.

    Don't you realize what you're doing to her is wrong? You've brainwashed her and now she doesn't think for herself and she speaks to damn stuffed cat because you've warped her mind so badly

    Another chuckle escapes his lips.

    You see Katie that's where you're wrong. Penny makes her own choices, I don't tell her what to do.

    You're a bad liar, you know that?

    He kneels down close to her.

    Don't try to be some sort of saint Katie because as long as I have Penny wrapped around my little finger, there's no one that can save her, okay? I brought her into this business and if needed I can just as easily take her out. You don't get it Katie. Penny loves me and will do anything for me and she won't believe the words of some insignificant pissant like you. I'm all she needs in this life, simple as that.

    Just then the door opens and it's Penny holding her kitty friend Fred in her arms.

    What's going on? What's Katie on the floor for like that?

    Jason turns to her and smiles sickly at her.

    Oh nothing sweets, nothing at all. Katie just tripped and I was about to help her up, isn't that right Katie?

    Katie gets up from one knee and shoves past Jason walking to the door. She gives Penny a quick hug before turning back to glare at Jason and leaves.

    Bye Katie! It was good to see you again and thanks for our talk earlier!

    Penny waves goodbye to Katie.

    Penny my dear I thought I told you to go play with your cat friend because I had some important stuff I needed to do

    Penny walks over to Jason while clutching her cat friend and gets close to him.

    I know you did but I just thought it was because you were mad at me, that's why I thought you wanted me to leave you alone

    Jason brings Penny in closer and hugs her.

    Now why would I ever be mad at you?

    Well because I'm in the match where I could win and get a shot at your title

    Oh honey, that's not the case at all. I'm not mad I'm just worried that if you act...that if you do win then you'll have to face either me or Zako Wrath and I know that you wouldn't want to hurt me if it came down to just us, would you?

    Of course not. I wouldn't even dream of ever hurting you. See Fred, he wasn't mad after all. You were right I was just being silly

    He holds her and runs his hand through her hair.

    That's right, you were just being silly.

    What about Zako Wrath? What if I have to face him and not you? What if he somehow beats you?

    You're thinking too far ahead there sweets. When have you ever doubted me before?

    Never but he's so big and scary looking.

    Don't let his looks fool you my dear. He's nothing. I'm not afraid of him and neither should you be. I won't let him hurt you if he tries to or Miss De La Muerta, no one is going to hurt my Penny girl. Zako Wrath and his mistress will learn the hard way that they best be careful what they ask for. They try to shoot for the king, well they best not miss, right?

    She nods in agreement as he stares off in some sort trance in the distance while gently stroking her hair.

    Zako Wrath has never met someone like me before and he won't ever again after I'm through with him. He may use his size and power to intimidate others but he doesn't scare me. He should be the one that's scared of what I'm going to do to him. Miss De La Muerta should be scared of what I'm going to do to him and she should be scared of what I do to her after I'm through with him. I'm not like his previous opponents where it was just a walk in the park for him. Oh no, this is going to be Zako's toughest test since his arrival to the FWA. He's going to get a lesson in respect and he will show me, his king, some respect. Even if I have to beat it out of him I will. I will beat him until he realizes that I am the one and only King in the FWA and that there is no one that can bring me down.

    Everyone needs to realize that because the sooner they realize that the better off they are. I am the one true King of Extreme in this company and not a man, woman, or beast alive that can tell me otherwise. There is no one that can match my abilities and there is no one that can stop me as ruler of the X-Division. It is my division. I am the one that made it relevant again. I am the one that brought it back to life after it died in the hands of Vincent Blackbird. I am the X-Division and this championship is a part of me. It is my life, it is my heart. You take this from me you take my heart and that is something that cannot or will not ever be done. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only way to take this title away from me is to pry it from my cold, dead fingers and I do not fear death so kill me if you must Zako, or at least try.

    He lets go of Penny's embrace and looks at the camera.

    I am not easy to kill Zako so you can try as you might but there is nothing that you can do that will keep me down. I will walk into this match the same way that I will walk out and that is with this title in my possession and you will then know your place in my kingdom and you will bend your knee and you will bow down to your king.

    He stares stoically into the camera while Penny stands behind looking frightened knowing he means what he says. He embraces her once again as the scene slowly fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    He slides through the water
    like a rumor, like a sneer
    He's quick twist of hunger
    He's color of the fear

    Step 3: Starr

    Swimming with the Sharks

    You, as the viewer, log onto for a few updates. After browsing the homepage for a moment, you click on the Fight Night link. We're sent to the FWA Anniversary page, a video begins at the end of loading. It highlights the match between Wolf and Chris Kennedy for FWA Championship, among those highlights is Todd Salum's announcement of a match between Wolf and Starr, when it ends the first link is to the list. Only one of the names has a clickable link on it... That name is Wolf. So, unable to resist, you click...

    Another video window pops up.

    After only a moment of buffering, due to your phenomenal Internet connection, Wolf's logo appears. It stays for only a moment before the image slowly fades, it's replaced by the man himself. Wolf. He takes a drag from a pre-lit cigarette, as he exhales the camera spins around.

    The room the cameraman finds himself in is quite expansive, with children and parents walking around, looking at the ten thousand gallon tanks of the aquarium. Many school groups seem to be taking notes over at one of the tanks as a long lecture is going on…though most of them seem to be either flirting, texting or other sorts of things those of the younger generation do when they are bored to tears. The cameraman moves, enthralled by the sights of the exotic marine life in the tanks. As he moves along, he notices a man standing near the shark tank. His eyes look upon the predators of the sea as she begins to speak.

    Wolf: Exactly WHAT were you doing an hour and a half ago?

    Cameraman: I’m sorry, Mr. Wolf…traffic here is terrible! I thought you would…

    Wolf: You…THOUGHT? I gave you a specific time to be somewhere…and you weren’t there. Now I lose time, because of your incompetent THINKING!

    Cameraman: Well, what do you want me to say?

    Wolf: ‘’Oh please, Mr. Wolf , don’t throw me to the sharks” would be a good start, don’t you think?

    Cameraman: You wouldn’t….…Right?

    Wolf just continues to smile, looking back at the tank as the sharks seem to be moving with a purpose now…and that purpose is seen as diluted blood comes cascading down, intermixing with the water.

    Wolf: I’m sure that not many of you know this…but I love the study of animals. Not in the cute, ‘oh-look-it’s-a-puppy’ way, but really get to watch them in either a closed environment…or out in the wild that is their home. You know, really being able to see life and death up so close…so personal. Seeing a lion protect their young, two stags locking horns…seeing the pride, the fear, the reward of the hunt……it reminds me of the FWA.

    Wolf starts to walk along the length of the tank, tracing his finger along the glass.

    Wolf: You see, here in this sports entertainment wild, there are two types of creature…the hunters and the prey. Now, it’s easy to pick out the hunters in our wild…but sometimes the prey is not so easy to figure. Take a man like Starr…avenger…who couldn’t see past his own de-evolution that he has lost his edge…and become prey for the sharks of FWA. He lost his edge and he lost his ’Never say Die Attitude and he gave up’ Such a sad story…and I know how much hope his mother had for him. Must be tough always letting others down like that. I came back to hunt a man similar to Starr, a man without substance, a man who would disrespect everyone that came before him. This business isn't all about money for us. It is for most these days, which is a sad state of affairs, but for the select few it's still about the respect. It's still about winning the match, doing it right and doing it for the asses in the seats. They make our world go 'round. And if they don't respect you, the guys in the back better. If they don't... Well, you've got yourself a bit of a problem.

    Wolf takes a drag off his smoke...

    Wolf: Nothing you do will mean a goddamn thing. You won't be taken seriously as a champion, nobody is going to care if you win a tournament and chances are you won't be able to be inducted into a rest-stop bathroom let along the Hall of Fame. And if you did, who'd show up to the ceremony? Maybe a couple of fan-boys, but that's about it. Who would remember you Starr? You are a yard sale AJ Styles, who resides in Cleveland Ohio. I look at a you and you are about as mysterious to me as a blocked toilet is to a plumber. You are a dime a dozen. Generic Wrestler #278. The Collegiate hero about to be swamped by the big time. Your struggle is a well pounded road. It’s almost a theme park ride, motoring at a snail's pace past the damaged frescoes of forgotten midcard heroes. “If Starr looks to his left, he’ll see the devastation of Cameron Cross and Draven St. Germain, stacked next to a pile of rotting bodies that were just like him”.

    He chuckles, and it soon turns to a full out laugh, as two sharks behind him fight for a rather large piece of chum.

    Wolf: You're so blinded by the delusion that you actually matter that you don't realize there are people all around that have mattered much more, for much longer. That are FAR from "mediocre" regardless of what you'd have everyone else believe. You are not a special snowflake, Starr. You are not a standout - unless I make you one.

    Wolf takes a drag off his smoke. Thinking about what he's going to say next. Something he hasn't even bothered doing up until this point. He takes several hissing pulls off his cigarette before he finally speaks. Glaring hatefully at the camera, not breaking eye contact, not for a second. Exhaling his last pull, he finally pipes up.

    Wolf: You're not a special snowflake, there is at least three other guys trying to make a career off of being God's gift to wrestling. I'd call it a tired gimmick, but some guys can pull it off. Others, like you, play the part well... But at the end of the day? This business is only so much about grit and toughness, the rest is all about attitude. Charisma. Wit. Knowledge. These other guys? Starr and the guys like you? They may do well, they may even pick up a title or two, but nobody is going to remember them. They're not going to sit next to me in the Hall of Fame. They're just going to be "The Rick Martels of The World." Which is why Starr you should be thanking your lucky stars you got a guy like me. Giving you all this free publicity, taking time out of MY day to even mention that you can take a punch. Doing what I can to make sure that all of you out there watching this tune into the match. Making sure that when I stand victorious again... That people actually believe I beat someone worth beating. Not just: Another Rick Martel and Cameron Cross. No quotes. I could simply not show up. Sure, you'd pick up a win. But everyone would know the truth when you told the story of how you scared the big bad Wolf away... They'll all know that I just didn't feel like dealing with you.

    Wolf shrugs through a cloud of smoke.


    Wolf stands now.

    Wolf: I won’t even consider this a match, …I’ll call it my greatest object lesson. See, it’s easy to be a piranha in a lake, surrounded by fish that won’t challenge you…but now Starr... you swim with the shark …

    Wolf gives the camera a wicked smile, and walks past the shark tank again…and the camera sees a life size paper doll replica of Starr covered in chum, sinking to the bottom of the tank. The sharks react to the blood in the water and attack…violently. They tear at limbs and torsos, opening up the doll more and releasing more chum into the water. Wolf stands and watches the carnage in the water.

    Wolf: I am going to use my fame to make sure people watch, my glory is going to get shoved in your face and I am going to use all of my power to put both of you to the mat. You got in the way of Wolf vs. Zachary Kazadi. There will be blood. This is going to be brutal. And I swear on all things I hold dear to myself, I will wear your face like a mask as I dance around your beaten carcass.

    As the camera fades to black, it zooms on pieces of Starr in the shark tank.
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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    The best of friends?

    We open to Phillip A. Jackson sat learning over a polished wooden table. He is sat on a perfect leather booth with a light overhead. He is asserting his dominance. He is experienced, well dressed and perfectly groomed with a perfect blonde through his hair. He has done well in his years in the business. Jackson has a black pinstripe suit that is tailored perfectly. Jackson looks straight forward and smiles.

    ‘So, we’ve come a long way’

    Jackson looks up and down staring at us.

    ‘You wouldn’t believe everything that has happened, it has really been amazing. Self-pity, loathing, hatred all gone. My head isn’t quite clear but this is one of the final steps. In order to complete my journey, the project and everything I must bring a long a disciple. A partner in this journey. A purpose to help another. That is what has changed between us. I am on a journey to find who I am, you see and in order to do that I must be open.’

    Jackson looks to his right and a glass is placed down to his right, ice fills the glass halfway up and water is poured three quarters up the glass. Jackson quickly grabs it and takes a sip.

    ‘Open with another? I know that is crazy to you but not to me. When you totally commit to something, it feels great. No overthinking a way out. No preparing for failure. No lying. No stress. It was about finding a good opportunity to do it. I have opened the door to Michael Garcia. I know what you are thinking. Yes, Michael Garcia. Years ago, no chance but now we have similar motives. We want to change. I know it. Michael wants to change, he wants to be better. He just can’t admit it. We have come from different places but it is not about the journey. It is about the here and the now.’

    Jackson bangs the table and stares straightforward.

    ‘I am not young anymore. I am not old, make no mistake about that before you try and say anything. I am no longer interested in individual success at the cost that comes with it. I want to live. I want to enjoy my life, both in an out of the ring. Free from sin. Free from deceit. Free…’

    The perspective changes and we end up looking back from Phillip A. Jackson perspective and we see a dimly lit figure.

    ‘From what you did to me.’

    The man leans forward and it is PAJ not Phillip A. Jackson. He is wearing an off the rack white suit with a black shirt with sunglasses. His hair is unkempt with a wild blonde streak and a smirk on his face.

    ‘What I did to you?! Look at you. A pathetic joke. Garcia? Seriously? What the hell have you done? Why have you gone soft. WE are better than this. You need me. You can’t win without this. You can only win when you are like me. I propelled you to the top. I made people fear you. I was the biggest heat magnet in history and now you jump through hoops to get cheap claps from pathetic losers? How dare you say I have done anything. You don’t need anyone. Why change that now?’

    Jackson interrupts PAJ as we see them side to side. Jackson has fury in his eyes and PAJ has his permanent cocky smirk plastered on his face.

    ‘BECAUSE I DO. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT WHO I AM ANYMORE. I can afford to share my burden. I can help people and feel good. You made me feel like shit. You made me wake up with sweats before shows. Sure we got success but the cost became to high when kids would not even want my autograph at signings. When I was isolated and alone for years after driving everyone away. When I got fired, twice and not one other wrestler contacted me. It hurt. It is what drives the journey to find the real me. It is time to make amends and the best way to do is to team with a man I have almost no history with. A man who can protect me and a man I can protect. This isn’t mouth and brawn. This is two wrestlers who can perfectly compliment each other with time, if he truly does believe in the journey to find out who he really is. We grow and change through time and I have been through things that you couldn’t even see coming. You don’t understand the value of what I am doing. You don’t understand how to live forever. I am adaptable, changeable and unkillable. You don’t understand the project is bigger than me and by default is bigger than you because you are nothing more than ancient history to this world.’

    PAJ scoffs as Jackson sits back in his chair, much more relaxed. Jackson takes a sip of water and shoos PAJ away. The seat across the booth empties. We are guided back in front of Jackson as he smiles.

    ‘For every budding partnership on this journey, there are established teams. A team like the Heartbreak Express. Sounding more like a late 1980s tag team with a valet than a tag team in 2017 but good on them. A team that failed in the biggest match of their careers. A team when the lights came on they shrunk and they allowed The Sin City Vultures to walk out with the FWA Tag Team Titles. Now The Vultures get to watch you. Their prize was a week off to bask in the greatness of their success. The Heartbreak Express, heartbroken. That could have been them sitting at the commentary table, talking about their titles, about the potential of a tag team losing a ragtag alliance that has no real connection. No understanding but instead they are the ones in the firing line. The ones with everything to lose because beating me isn’t an accomplishment anymore. Beating a team that last week faced each other? That is nothing. We have no pressure. I have nothing to prove anymore. I have no chip on my shoulder. I am free from burden. I don’t have to result to being cheap and being an imitation of the 1980s. I don’t need history to dictate me anymore. I only look forward.’

    Jackson looks off to the side and smiles at his own cliche.

    ‘I know. I can only talk in cliches but they have a deeper meaning. To me, they mean everything. It is not about what has happened. I am about washing away the deeply disturbing past of a broken young man. I am above looking at my past because I am ashamed of it. The Heartbreak Express, a throwback team, is a reminder of it. Julian and Ryan are a vintage tag team. A team of the future, stuck in the past. A team with a huge chip on their shoulders, with everything to prove. They will be driven by their emotion to try and put things right. Michael and I are, to them, the food that has been put in front of them. They see us as nothing and I know that because that is exactly how I would have seen us when I was younger. When I had everything to prove. When I had a chip on my shoulder and let my emotions guide me. I am guided now by experience, instinct and awareness. This match would have been a burden to me. A partner I have no chemistry with, against an established team. A match that took attention away from me but now this is an opportunity. An opportunity to forge a partnership. The opportunity to embrace change. I know that when I was younger, I would have reacted exactly as I did but that is not who I am anymore. That is my hope for Michael. He wants to change. He wants to be a better man. We have that connection if nothing else. A common goal is important. I know that Julian and Ryan want to be tag team champions, they would not be here otherwise but what else do they want? They cannot be that short sighted that they will chase a title as their only objective. There is more to this business than titles. It is naive to think that titles are the only thing that matters. Many legends of this business, were legends without titles. I know I am a terrible champion. That is the awareness I have started to embrace. I know my greatest successes in this company and at my happiest in this company, I had someone at my side. Someone to bounce off. Someone to keep me motivated. Someone to insure I did not slip. If Michael can change, if we can come together then maybe we will do what the Heartbreak Express couldn’t…Win the tag team titles. That is not our goal. Let’s make that clear again. Our first step is to see if Michael wants to embrace change. If he truly wants to stop being a monster then maybe we can build a friendship. Something that holds more value than a title ever could. With our experience, Michael and I have, we should win. I am guaranteeing nothing but these kids they do not understand but they are all the same. Finding any excuse to generate a chip on their shoulder, driven by their perceived right to hold a title and when the cracks start to appear they will turn on each other. They will break because they are driven by greed. When Michael stands at my side we will be driven by a common interest in each other and a friendship that will be forged in history. That is our advantage.’

    Jackson half smirks before catching himself realising what he is doing. Jackson takes one last big gulp of water and puts its back down on the table. He adjusts his tie, his jacket and slowly gets to his feet. Jackson walks through a bar, each step heard against the wood floor. Jackson hands the bartender some money and nods. Jackson heads to the door and walks outside.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 23


    This is not a place of light.

    This is not a place of peace.

    This is a place of echoing screams of history past.

    Our scene opens on such a place, a ruined vestige of stonework and rotted timber. This place is the long-forsaken remains of what was once a mighty structure of polished rock. An old fortress? An ancient castle? It's hard to say in the darkness of night, only that whatever this place was it's been long abandoned to the rigors of time and the elements.

    Abandoned...but perhaps not entirely forgotten.

    Out of a thick fog that's surrounding this derelict ruin emerges a figure cloaked in black. The figure is...wary, that much is obvious even if the shadows hide the figure's face. The cloaked man sees a tipped-over floor fire sconce and hefts it upright again. He searches for something resembling kindling and settles on some fallen cloth banner and a piece of gnarled wood. He takes the kindling and tosses it into the sconce before producing a steel flip lighter and flicking the flint wheel.

    It takes some time, but eventually the kindling takes to the flame and starts to burn vigorously, causing the ruin walls to dance with shadows. The figure, as quiet as the dead, sets to work on other sconces until the ruin, which looks to be a hall of some sorts, now serves host to fire. Wispy trails of fogs still swirl around the ruin as the figure stands stoically in the middle, taking time to lower his hood to reveal the face of Cyrus Truth.

    It looks to be cold wherever Cyrus is as he's dressed with warm woolen gloves and his cloak, now that the light can show it, is thick and layered for the chilly winds and the mountain snows. It's unclear as to why The Exile is in this forsaken place, but what is clear from looking at his face that he's wrought with conflicting thoughts. Something is weighing heavily on the man who once was and would be FWA World Heavyweight Champion. But if it's peace Cyrus is looking for, why come here? Here, in this crumbling refuge of shadows and ghosts?

    Regardless, Cyrus is restless as he watches the shadows dance around him and the flames in the sconces lick the air like the tongues of dragons. The sullen warrior exhales as the fog lightly swirls around his legs as he begins to speak.

    "I've been...thinking a lot lately. A lot more than I usually do, and that's saying something. In this line of work, words are weapons just as dangerous as any strike or any kick. And unlike a lot of my peers, I know how to choose my words wisely. And I do this because I always think about how my words can be construed, how they will dictate my actions and justify my means. I understand better than many others who've ever stepped into the ring that when we speak, we are judged. Those who don't think before they speak or act are doomed to overreach themselves and show themselves to be the fools they, more often than not, are. But thinking thoughts are racing. Hard to grasp hold of, to pin down and sort out. Not just for this match against Shannon at FWA's 12th Anniversary. Not just for my time in FWA. No...seems these days I've been cursed to be tormented by my past, shades long since left alongside the road."

    As Cyrus speaks of "shades," the wind around him picks up ever so slightly as wisps of fog circle him. It's faint...but you can almost hear something resembling whispers in the night. Terrible, haunting whispers, indiscernible and unearthly words.

    "I have done...many things to get to this point in my career. Some grand, some noble...others perhaps not so much. Nothing abhorrent, or anything to be ashamed of, but...things that would chill the blood. I've worn crowns and held titles the world over, extended hands to my fellow wrestlers to lift them up and help them become something more...and I've also held entire promotions hostages, sown chaos wherever I've tread, and left both good men and arrogant pretenders broken in my wake. Not because I bore any ill will towards my fellow competitors, nor was it in retaliation for some slight. But it's because I made a choice long ago to pursue something more than just the Truth of the world, but the Truth of who I am. I'm no wise sage or temperate philosopher. The path of the fighter is the path I walk. When I speak, it is with the heart of the warrior, one who's seen battle, and knows the difference between accolades given and glory earned. And yet...these days? Those ghosts of my past vex me.

    "I find myself looking back, and I hate it. Looking back means I don't have my gaze set towards the here and now, and I am. Being taunted by specters of decisions made, wondering if I should have chosen different paths. So many rings, so many titles, opponents too numerous to remember. Part of me wonders these days if those decisions were right, or if I should've chosen differently. These thoughts...they're not thoughts I've ever cared to have, but lately with all the talk about what makes a champion and what should or shouldn't be in professional wrestling it seems as if it's all that can be thought of.

    "I make no claims of being a good man. I'd like to think I'm not a bad one either. Despite some of the violent things I've done or the chaos I've sown over the years, I've always done it with a set of principles. To recklessly pursue one's ambition without tempering it with principles is how so many in this business end up disgracing it. I've caused great suffering, yes...but nothing that shouldn't have been expected. I've caused chaos and disorder...but in that chaos, many have found opportunity. I'm no hero worth idolizing nor some villain worth despising. I am Cyrus Truth...I simply am."

    The wind picks up again, as the wisps of fog continue to circle around Cyrus, as the fires in the sconces continue to dance in the night. The low, ephemeral whispers return, still speaking in tongues unintelligible, do seem to let out what sounds like a chuckle, as if they mock Cyrus, taunt him for what he's done.

    "But those ghosts...even now, as we stand on the precipice of another war, want to weaken my resolve and make me doubt myself. And while lately I've been listening to them far more than I might've a year ago, I know who and what they are. They torment me, but only enough to irritate me. But there's one that's been haunting me incessantly for weeks now. This one's voice speaks louder than all the others, taunting me...begging me to submit to madness. You just won't give me any peace, will you...Shannon?"

    A low howling of wind racing past stone whines throughout the ruin as Cyrus faces one of the sconces. The camera zooms up to his right a feminine, nearly snow-white hand lightly touches it. The camera pans up to ruby-red lips, curled in a mocking smile, whispering familiar words in Cyrus's ear:

    " are right."

    Cyrus turns sharply to his right...and nothing's there. Nothing but wisps of fog and howling winds. Cyrus looks rather irritated at this specter's torment.

    "You are the absolute most infuriating person I've met in a long time, Shannon. I've been pondering that meeting of ours from last Fight Night over and over again in my head and it's caused me sleepless nights since then. Part of me wants to take your words at face value, you know. I want to believe that I've gotten through to you, but your words...they're contradictions within contradictions. Do you see as I see, or are you simply playing me? I'm not a stranger to mind games, Shannon. Some would argue I've engaged in them myself. I would argue that speaking Truth is no mind game, but regardless...I know the games some play to get an advantage before a battle. Is that what you're trying to do, Shannon? Which is it, champion? Who ARE you?

    The wisps of fog start to move again...but not with the wind. It seems these wisps are more than just fragments of haze...they dance like the dead. And just off near one of the ruined stone pillars, the faintest glimpse of that ghostly woman can be seen, chuckling mockingly.

    "If there's one thing I pride myself on, it's my ability to see the Truth in people. To see through the lies they tell and the delusions they hold and bring to light who they really are. The braggart who fears that he cannot live up to his pedigree. The young phenom who claims he doesn't care but in truth cares more than anybody, to his own detriment. The dreamer who sought to sow joy and happiness but saw nothing but despair, and let despair win. I see them...and I see through them ALL. All of them...except you, Shannon. I don't know if you realize just how maddening that is for me. To one who seeks the Truth in all things and in all people, it is...unsettling to be unable to see through you. Maybe you're just better at hiding it from me. Maybe I'm just not as good as I once was at it. Or maybe there is nothing to see and the Truth is right in front of me, hidden instead by my own suspicions. I don't know. I DON'T KNOW! This riddle confounds me, infuriates me, and will not cease no matter how much I want it to be answered. And the more I ponder it..."

    Cyrus turns as if he means to walk towards a nearby doorway, but as he walks, his left leg jerks and stays where it is. As the camera pans down, some of the fog has wrapped around his leg, holding it like a iron shackle. As Cyrus tugs at it, he snarls and finishes his sentence.

    "...the more it threatens to ensnare me."

    As Cyrus says this, more and more fog rolls in, wrapping around him in thin wisps like otherworldly ropes. Cyrus doesn't panic, but you can tell he's uncomfortable with being unable to move. And as the fog rolls in, that same feminine voice echoes out, taunting him.

    "You can see my predicament, can't you? I can't solve the riddle, and I am compelled to solve it. I, who've seen a great many things and have come to understand some of the deeper, forgotten Truths in this world, can't figure out one woman who either means to rise above what she once was and hold true to my words, or a pretender who looks to fool me. And in the end, this riddle threatens to stop me even before I step into the ring. So...what do I do? Do I continue to struggle against this conundrum and tangle myself further? What other choice do I have?"

    "You have no choice...Exile"

    That specter's voice calls out as she appears just behind Cyrus, just out of focus. And yet again, there's that haunting laugh. The fog tendrils whip around him, looking like they're tightening around him. The white woman phases in and out, dancing around Cyrus on the wind.

    "Your path is hidden...your Road stands going going forward."

    The ghost speaks in a taunting tone, thoroughly enjoying the torment she seems to be inflicting by binding Cyrus. The flames in the sconces seem to glow with a ghastly shade of red as this ruin has now become the realm of the ghosts of Cyrus's past and present. Yet...

    "But if you think all is lost, you clearly haven't learned a damn thing, Shannon."

    The wisps stop as the wind cuts down. The woman in white phases out as Cyrus speaks, his tone regaining its commanding cadence. Where once was frustration and aggravation, now resides that old familiar confidence, and utter righteousness.

    "The thing is, Shannon...I heard your words on Fight Night. I heard what you said and what you accused me of, and of what I lacked. I don't know where you stand, and I can't solve this riddle before we fight again. But the thing is...I don't need to solve the riddle to beat you. Knowing who you truly are doesn't matter in that regard. Far more important is who I am. The man I was, the man I am, and who I choose to be. The ghosts of the past may rise from time to time to torment me, but they do not control me. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters in my immediate future is the fight for the FWA World Heavyweight Championship. And in that fight, it does not matter whether you believe my words or not. Because no matter who you are, I am still me. Shannon...isn't that more than enough?"

    The ghostly woman appears behind Cyrus, now looking agitated at Cyrus's newfound defiance. She reaches out her slender hand to wrap about Cyrus's throat...but Cyrus grabs it, surprising her. Cyrus turns his gaze towards her, eyes burning with resolution.

    "Remember who I am. Remember my name, and know this: you're not the first ghost to haunt me, and you'll not be the last. That doesn't make you anymore special than the others should you stand against me."

    Cyrus squeezes as the ghost's arm vanishes into vapor, along with its owner. The wisps surrounding him start to vanish alongside them as the flames burn hotter and brighter. Soon enough, the fog binding him starts to fade, slowly but surely.

    "You may hear my words truly, Shannon...or you may not. But that changes nothing. Because in the end, the Struggle remains the same, and the battle to be fought remains as such. You can feel free to mistake me as a lovestruck fool or a delusional madman, or hold me and my words in esteem if it suit you...ultimately, it's the wrestler, the warrior you face in the ring at the 12th Anniversary. And while I can't seem to figure out what you stand for, I know for a fact you'll stand in that ring against me. A fierce champion, one who would slay the former king once and for all and rule FWA as the great and noble queen. But what will you reign over? A splendid kingdom, where honor and glory is to be had by those brave enough to seek them? Or nothing more than a shell ruined by avarice and greed? It's no secret how I see FWA. But anyone who thinks I want to destroy it is a fool.

    "Do you remember the words you said on Fight Night, Shannon? About how I was too proud to "play by the rules" like everybody else? That you were willing and better able to win in spite of the rules set by FWA? Again, do you believe that or not? Either way, you have that twisted. I don't have a problem with rules. There has to be some guidelines; otherwise, how does one determine who wins or loses? When it comes to a match, can any man or woman say I break the rules? No...let's be honest with one another, once more. Nobody in this industry believes in the rules of pro wrestling more than I do. But when corporations and business suits start deciding to change the rules and the game, are we as wrestlers supposed to accept them blindly? Just play their games if we vehemently despise them? Is that how a warrior acts? How a king...or a queen should act?

    "There is but one Truth in professional wrestling. One Truth that should never be forgotten or even disputed, because anyone who does is an idiot or a weakling. That Truth is this: pro wrestlers make federations great. No federation has ever made a wrestler great...not for very long. Therefore, if it is wrestlers who make a wrestling company truly great, why then should a wrestler ever submit to a corporation's rules if he does not agree with them? Especially the one who proves themselves to be at the top of the roster? See, Shannon, you COULD play the game if you so choose. But doing so blindly and without question belittles you, and belittles that title you so proudly wear. A champion reigns...and does not submit. Not to their opponents. Not to the whims of a fickle crowd. And most certainly not to any other man's rules."

    Defiant. Stalwart. Uncompromising. Cyrus's words boom like thunder in this haunted hall as the fog that ensnared him disperses in the light and heat of the flames. The fog outside the ruins starts to weaken as moonlight now shines through. The howling winds begin to silence as whatever was haunting this derelict stonework is being forced back, perhaps by the sheer force of Cyrus's will.

    "I know who I am. I know that I will continue to be haunted by the things I've done and the people I've left in my wake. And yet, I will still walk this path of mine. I will still hold true to the Long and Winding Road that I've placed my faith in, because I stand neither vassal or slave to anyone! I would rather live but one day on my own two feet than to live a thousand years on my knees. I am not some weakling to be brought low by indecision and shades of the past! I am Cyrus Truth, Shannon! The once and future champion! The Wayward Warrior! The King of Vagabonds and the Forgotten Valorous! And at the 12th Anniversary, you WILL remember who I am. Remember that words are weapons, but even they don't sting as much as my blows, my strikes, and your Journey's End. I've made my choice, Shannon. Perhaps you've made yours. I hope you've made the right one, but I'm done losing sleep over it. The Truth will come out, one way or another. Perhaps when we face at the 12th Anniversary...perhaps not for a long time. But what will come to pass is that you will step into the ring with the Reaper, come from the shadows once more to collect his tithe. Let the ghosts come to haunt me, because that's all they can do. Continue to try and hide from my gaze, Shannon, as if it changes what's to come. I will endure it all, because I can. I will rise up, because I refuse to stay low. And I will be FWA World Heavyweight Champion again, because it is the prize that grants me what I desire. So come, Shannon! Come and show your true self to the world, if you're brave enough! Let us see what kind of queen you would have us bend the knee to. You said you'd be the first to beat me twice? You have that opportunity. You have everything you need! The only thing standing between you and that greatest of glories is me. Does that thought fill you with anticipation, with hunger...or does it fill you with fear?

    A slight grin forms on Cyrus's face as the fog is all but gone from the ruins, and the moon shines brightly as the flame dance and continue casting shadows...none larger than Cyrus's own.

    "Shannon, for now, what you believe doesn't matter. Maybe the Truth is, what I believe doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is the fight, the title, and where we go from there. So let's dance, Shannon. Let's dance that dance we started at Back in Business and see which of us is going to lead. I told you on Fight Night, didn't I? Nothing's going to get in the way of my goals. The title, my legacy...nothing else matters once that bell rings. You, as talented and as fierce as you are, do not control my destiny whether that's your aim or not. I stand on my own; alone, but unyielding. So continue to haunt me all you like, Shannon. Keep this up and force me to answer the riddle. But remember one thing...I don't have to answer that riddle to beat you. I learned my lessons at Back in Business. I know what my limit was...WAS. And for the first time in a long time, I know the path that must be taken on the Long and Winding Road to return to glory. One way or another, Shannon, you will learn why that respect you paid lip service to on Fight Night is and should be earned. The hammer will fall, the axe will drop, and once all is done and over and the smoke clears...we will see just what you've learned in our time together. Be a champion if you can. Fight like a warrior queen if you have it in your heart. Because at the 12th Anniversary Show, I'm coming back to reclaim what is mine. I will silence the ghosts, send them back to their graves, and return to the throne. And I will show the world what you may already understand and adhere to: that strength, valor, and honor are more than just pretty words and empty promises. They are the heartbeat of what pro wrestling was, and what it will be again. And in my heart, beats the drums of war, of battles to be remembered for ages to come! Perhaps I am the best in the world, or perhaps I am not. But to dwell on the past is stagnation, and to not pursue that greatness is unacceptable. That is who I am. So many words have been spoken, Shannon. So many thoughts and secrets shared. But more words. No more secrets. It's time to put those words, thoughts, and secrets to the test and let actions reveal what you have been hiding. Let the Truth be made manifest with fire and pain, and blood and bone. I will stand in your ring, champion. I will stare in your eyes, take your best shots, and endure until I finally deliver you to Journey's End. Because I want you to be better, but not better than me. Not on that night. And Shannon? Afterwards, I hope that we'll have something else in common. For as much as you've haunted me?"

    With one sweep of his arm, the flames in all the sconces go out. The once brightly illuminated ruin is now completely dark save for the light coming in from the moon. The shadows that once danced with the ghosts are all but for one. The shadow of the would-be FWA World Heavyweight Champion.

    And as he raises his hood and turns to walk away from the ruined stones, he leaves the current champion with one very pointed message:

    "I'll be haunting you just as much."

    That's all. No more words. No more sounds save the thud of heavy boots on broken cobblestone. Cyrus has said his piece, has set aside his past and the troubles that Shannon has wrought upon his spirit. For now, only the fight remains. Only the fight matters. And once again, the man who brings nothing but chaos casts the largest shadow, as the moonlight shines upon his Road...

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    A reaction from Ryan Rondo to challenging Chris Kennedy was uploaded to FWA.COM in a short video segment - it appears to be taking place just after Rondo had come in through the curtain after the events on the latest Fight Night. "The Last Star in the Sky" is greeted by a backstage interview: Katie Lynn Goldsmith... but before she can speak, Rondo grabs her mic away from her and shoos her out of frame as he speaks.

    Ryan Rondo:
    I'm not going to stand here any more than necessary and go on long spiels about things you should already know: I'm superior to Chris Kennedy. I think I've shown that over the last few weeks. He's an over the hill chump. That's it. That's all I care to say.

    He chucks the mic down on the ground before simply walking out of frame - ending the short video clip.


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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    It’s seven thirty in the morning. Tristan James Galloway is still fast asleep in his hotel room in Phoenix, Arizona. He’s stirred awake but the ringing of his cell phone. Galloway sits up, grabbing his phone and checking to see who is calling. It’s a number he’s never seen before. He contemplates whether or not he should answer the call. After a brief moment of consideration, he answers the phone.

    Tristan James Galloway: Hello?

    Voice: Hello, is this Tristan Galloway?

    Tristan James Galloway: …Yes…

    Voice: Hi, Craig Malone of the New York Herald. Do you have a few minutes to speak.

    Tristan checks the time on the clock beside his bed, sighing.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yea- no, not right now. I have a busy day today. I’m sorry.

    Craig Malone: Hey, I can understand, but I just need a few minutes of your time.

    Tristan James Galloway: I don’t do interviews. I’m sorry.

    Tristan takes the phone away from his head and is about to hang up as Craig immediately blurts out a phrase.

    Craig Malone: It’s about the incident outside the bar.

    Galloway puts the phone back to his ear. He still doesn’t say a word.

    Craig Malone: That was a very brave thing you did. Not everyone is as courage to step into a situation like that.

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah… just doing my part.

    Craig Malone: A wrestling superstar and real life super hero. I gotta tell you, that makes for one hell of a story.

    No response. Tristan becomes uneasy.

    Tristan James Galloway: Could you not?

    Craig Malone: I’m sorry.

    Tristan James Galloway: I would prefer you not write a piece about me.

    Craig Malone: Well, you’re apart of the story. We’re detailing the incident that night.

    Tristan James Galloway: Leave me out of it, okay?

    Craig Malone: I don’t understand. Maybe I don’t follow what’s going on here. Are you afraid of the spotlight? Because being a public figure on a weekly television show kind of hinders that. I’m not writing a hit piece or anything. I’m just wanting the public to know about a courageous man who helped a fourteen year old girl escape a life of punishment.

    Tristan James Galloway: I just rather you not include me in the article. That’s all.

    Craig Malone is speechless. He’s searching for a response, but relents with a sigh.

    Craig Malone: Alright… I’ll keep you out of it. It’ll probably come out sooner or later though.. and not by me if someone goes looking at the police records.

    Tristan James Galloway: I’ll take my chances. Have a great day.

    Tristan immediately hangs up the phone, letting out a sigh of relief. He walks into the the bathroom and turns on the sink, spraying water in his face. He takes a good long look at himself in the mirror. Tristan wonders to himself if the situation he found himself will go any further. He wonders if he even should have intervened, but quickly dismisses this notion because he helped a child get away from an abusive parent. Tristan wonders how long she endured such issues and what other events transpired, but none of that matters. The girl is safe, and that’s all that matters. She’s in the capable hands of young woman who seems to look after her and cares for her very much. Hopefully she can adjust and move on with her life, but understands this experience can shape her and possibly haunt her for the rest of her days. His thoughts are interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Tristan approaches the door puzzled. He gazes into the peep hole to see wrestling agent and manager Romeo Rollings, dressed in a crimson track suit, continuously banging on the door. Galloway reluctantly opens the door.

    Romeo Rollings: Trisssstan!

    Romeo nudges Tristan’s arm and gives him a pat on the back.

    Romeo Rollings: My man! How are you, pal? All rested up I hope. You’ve got a big week ahead of you, my friend.

    Tristan James Galloway: What are you talking about?

    Romeo wears a cheshire cat smile.

    Romeo Rollings: I told you I wanted to help you in your career. I wanted to help take you to the top, and I made the first step to show you just how serious I am… I got you a number one contender’s match for the X championship.

    Tristan James Galloway: How?

    Romeo Rollings: Because I’m down good. Why wouldn’t you be in a number one contender’s match? Your track record speaks for itself. You bring in the fans and they love you. Your t-shirts are flying off out of the warehouse and souvenir stands. If we can get you into a store like Hot Topic or whatever you’ll be raking in the cash in no time.

    Tristan laughs as he stares at Rollings in disbelief. The anticipation is building with inside of him. It’s another chance to test his mettle, to prove his worth. It is a chance to get back on the right path and stay on the right path. For months, Romeo Rollings has been courting him in hopes of representing him. Alone, Tristan James Galloway has found himself notoriety and marginal success. However, he’s faced even greater failure, at least in his mind.

    Tristan James Galloway: You really don’t give up?

    Romeo Rollings: Of course not. That’s why you need me. My ferocious never say die negotiation skills is what’s going to help you get these contenders matches. Hell, sooner or later we’ll just skip the line and get championship matches without having to jump through hoops. We both can make a lot of money here. You can get the wins you’ve needed. I can help you get that X championship. Give me a chance. Allow me the chance to be at ringside with you this week. I’ll give you the guidance you need to achieve victory. I promise.

    Tristan gives him a long expressionless look. Romeo stares at him desperately trying to see through the unwavering poker face Galloway has. Finally, TJG speaks.

    Tristan James Galloway: Alright.

    Romeo Rollings leaps into the air for joy, rapidly pumping his fist in the air. Rollings ceases this action then becomes stone faced.

    Romeo Rollings: Tristan, my friend. You will not regret this. Mark my words. You’re going to be a household name and worldwide phenomenon when I’m done with you.

    Romeo extends his hand out for a handshake. Tristan obliges him. However, he’s pulled in close for a spirited hug before Romeo Rollings exits.


    The scene opens inside a lavish and awe inspiring decorated office of Romeo Rollings. Pictures of Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Jennifer Lawrence, Brie Larson, Dave Bautista, Elijah Edwards, and various other famous actors and actresses alongside Romeo Rollings plaster the walls and desk. Beside a mahogany desk sits the notorious agent himself, dressed in custom made red suit.

    Romeo Rollings: Do not adjust your TVs, folks. You’re tuned in to the right channel on the right night. This is, in fact, Fantasy Wrestling Alliance television bringing you the charismatic, silver tongued renegade agent Romeo Rollings.

    Romeo stands up from behind his desk and adjust his tie.

    As I’m sure you are well aware, I represent the two time CWA High Voltage champion Elijah Edwards. Canadian Excellence, Toronto’s finest, the executioner who excellently executes the competition. He’s done very well for himself in the squared circle and while I admire and cherish his success, it’s been a pleasure helping him ascend to greatness and become The Franchise of CWA, I needed a new challenge. A new talent to represent and help reach their goals and dreams. So I looked to FWA to see just who is worthy of my services? FWA is littered with astounding one of a kind wrestlers. There were many who could benefit from a little Rollings magic, but one person stood out from all the rest. One man was above them all. And how could he not be when he’s 6’7? I mean, who’s really looking down on that guy? He’s an enigma to the public. We don’t know a whole lot about him, but we do know one thing… he certainly an ass kicker. A prevailer of justice. A man willing to go against the grain and do what he feels is right. The kind of guy who gives a little sly smirk and the girls pass out. I’m talking about “The Polynesian Powerhouse” Tristan James Galloway.

    A huge smile surfaces on the face of Romeo Rollings.

    Romeo Rollings: Oooh. Polynesian Powerhouse? I like that one. And I didn’t even plan that one out. It just came to me. If that doesn’t display my genius, I don’t know what will. But let’s put aside my self praise for a moment. We know I’m good. I’m here to discuss Tristan James Galloway. TJG. The conductor of the Shattered Symphony is ready to play his renowned tune for Deception, Mac Michaud, and Penny. Let’s run down the list shall we?

    First up, we have Mac Michaud. A man that Tristan defeated at Back in Business. The two men had a war and I do mean a war. Mac Michaud thought he was a wily veteran ass kicker. He thought he though Tristan Galloway was nothing more than a Johnny come lately. A lightweight who couldn’t hang with the colossal heavyweights… and he was knocked on his ass and suffered the consequences of doubting Mr. Galloway. Michaud resided in the heavens until Galloway played him a Shattered Symphony that sent him plummeting down to earth dealing with the cruel harsh reality that he wasn’t exactly the big mean bad ass he believed himself to be.

    Next on the list: Deception. Formerly known to the world as Kid Justice. I guess he’s a shield member impersonator. I don’t really know, but here is what I do know about Deception. I know he tangled with Jason Randall a week ago and lost.


    I’ll repeat that for you one more time, ladies and gentlemen. Lost. He couldn’t overcome the X Division champion, yet he finds himself getting another chance by becoming the number one contender? I mean, seriously? Shouldn’t losing to Randall put Deception at the back of the line? I think he should win a couple of matches before he’s even considered for a number one contender’s match. None the less, Tristan James Galloway will decimate and dominate Deception. The light in the darkness shall shine itself upon Deception and allow him to see the error of his ways.

    Last, but certainly not least, we have crazy pint sized Penny. You can look at her eyes just for five seconds and you can see crazy. I mean it is unnerving. I honestly fear for myself at ringside. She may try to scratch my eyes out.. She may even try to rip Tristan’s long flowing Fabio locks from his skull. Could you imagine the loss of the cover of GQ if he’s got a big bald spot thanks to that psycho? She’s a wildcard, but she won’t be a problem. As a matter of fact, isn’t her being in the match of a conflict on interest? After all, she’s the apple of Jason Randall’s eyes. His moon and stars. His happily ever after.. for two people who are deranged as Nicky and Mallory, yet love still fills the air. It’s almost sickening.

    Romeo gags.

    Can she do it? Can she really defeat three other men for the chance to face her beaux? That has to cause some sort of problems in the house hold I would imagine. So I ask this of you, Penny.

    Romeo leans forwards as the camera pans in for a tighter shot.

    Is it worth it? Do you really wanna sacrifice your love for Randall for the X championship? What’s more fleeting, Penny? Love or championships reigns? Love is everlasting, at least the good ones. Besides, you don’t want to break Jason’s heart. Tristan will help you solve this dilemma, my dear. He’ll simply put your out for your misery by giving you a God Send Conspirator through the announce table, so EMTs can wheel you out. No harm no foul. Your love is saved.

    Romeo feigns wiping his forehead in relief and making the “sign of the cross”. He laughs a moment before showing a stern expression.

    I would also note that Tristan doesn’t partake in violence against women, but this is in the name of combat so it’s okay.

    Romeo steps behind his leather chair, spinning it around before sitting back down. He begins to shuffle papers around.

    Now, I can imagine what you all are thinking right about now. Where is Tristan Galloway? Why doesn’t he speak for himself? This is supposed to be a big moment in his career. You’re exactly right, folks. This is a very big moment for him. A chance to get back on the right track. It’s his time to show the world that he’s a serious competitor and his star is all but burnt out. Which is why he’s off training instead of delivering a cleverly constructed soliloquy he’s been known to exposit to you all. I can do it equally as good and convey his thoughts to you. That’s what a good wrestling manager does, folks. Tristan James Galloway will be the number one contender to the X championship when it’s all said and done.

    Rollings picks up a pen and begins jotting down notes before picking up his cell phone to make a phone call.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Sept. 7th, Unknown Location
    -Starr collapses in the corner of a wrestling ring. His shirt and body are covered in sweat. He takes deep breathes. He ties his hair back and takes the only part of his shirt that isn’t covered in liquid and wipes his face. He sits in the corner. He tries somewhat to regain his breath. He is approached by a man in shorts and an FWA shirt. He’s holding a clipboard under his arm as he pulls Starr up to a standing base. He pats Starr on the shoulder.-

    Dr. Zen: Well… that’s the 2nd part of our test done. One more to go, son. You’ll be fine.

    Starr: I can’t wait another week, doc. I have a match coming up, and this is gonna be a big one. You’re gonna have to pass me for the time being. I’ll come back and finish this stupid test. Hell I don’t even understand why I’m doing it?! I feel fine!

    Dr. Zen: We’ll see, Ian. Take a minute and rest up… Here’s some water. We’ll resume after you’ve gotten some air.

    -Starr sits on the bottom turnbuckle with his head in his hands and a water bottle at his feet. Anna Alexis walks over with her arms crossed.-

    Anna: What’s going on here? Are you okay!

    Starr: I’m just really winded. I’ve never ran the ropes that much. My conditioning is still okay, but my coordination felt a little off.

    Anna: What are you talking about… You’re an elite athlete, running the ropes is something you’ve done a million times. You don’t look right to me. You almost fell over after the up and down over the pad thingys?

    Starr: Anna, I know I was there. I don’t need you badgering me about this. My mind is already doing that for you. This is just about the hardest test I’ve taken in my life. I’ve never had to do this before.

    Anna: Well, if you weren’t jet setting to Chicago last week and doing the rehab I had planned maybe you’d be in better shape.

    Starr: Anna, Izzy and I go way back. You know that. She needed someone there and I’m the only one that knows how she operates.

    Anna: No… What I know is that on a moments notice you snuck out like a teenager to her.

    Starr: Anna I told you where I was going! You said you were okay with it!

    Anna: And I asked you to think about you training, and now look how crappy you were in the test that determines if you get to work or not.

    Starr: Crappy?! I am trying my hardest to get back in an FWA ring and you call my efforts crappy?!

    Anna: Yeah crappy! This isn’t how your conditioning was before the concussion… PERIOD!

    -She finds that she raised her voice on accident.-

    Starr: Maybe the bumps I’ve taken have nulled my conditioning?! You don’t know a damn thing about what I do in this ring and you never have!

    Anna: Or maybe all of the comforting you and Izzy were doing last week made you soft. I do have Twitter and Instagram Ian.

    -Starr’s head jolts up. He has a disgusted look on his face.-

    Starr: Excuse me? Just what the hell are you implying, Anna?!

    Anna: If you don’t see it I’m not sure why. She still likes you Ian. She still probably loves you. And you said you were over her. I feel like I got duped.

    Starr: You got duped? I’m the one who’s been conned! I thought this Anna was gone! The one who suspected every single step I took. The Anna that thought every woman I came in contact with I was sleeping with!

    -Anna is appalled at the thought that she is in the wrong here.-

    Anna: Well isn’t that kinda your track record? You did cheat on her and just about every other woman you've been with.

    -Starr scoffs at Anna airing his dirty laundry.-

    Starr: You know what Anna? Get the hell out of this building!

    Anna: You can’t make me leave I’m not done talking. I’m a talent agent of a FWA superstar. See I have one of these.

    -She shakes her id badge in his face.-

    Starr: This isn’t the appropriate place for this argument right now. Someone might hear us...

    Anna: To who? The walls we are the only ones in this training room. And maybe the need to know what kind of shit is going down between two of their talent. You know that any relationships need to be approved between employees. Dammit Ian, I thought you loved me?

    Starr: I thought I did too…

    -Anna reacts as quick as bolt of lightning and slaps Starr across the face just as Izzy enters the training room. Starr remains silent as she slaps him in the face again. Starr’s head starts to hurt a bit like when he had concussion symptoms. She leans over and whispers in his ear.-

    Anna: You know what… I am done with you, you damaged motherfucker. Good luck passing the second part of the test now!

    -Anna quickly storms out of the room and passed Izzy. She makes sure to bump into her on her way out.-

    Anna: Homewrecker! -Anna slams the exit door. On her way out of the building she leaves her ID badge at the front desk.-

    -Izzy is shocked at what she just witnessed and is bracing a bit as Anna leaves.-

    Izzy: What in the hell was that?

    -Starr is silent as he stares at the ground.-

    Starr: My motivation to kick this test’s ass…

    -One of Dr Zen’s trainers invites Starr to the second part of the Impact Test. Starr fights through the rage he is feeling and uses it to power though the test. After all of the results are tabulated Dr. Zen calls Starr in to his office.-

    Dr. Zen: Well… I have consulted with the other physicians and I think we have our answer as to whether or not you’re cleared.

    Starr: Just tell me, I need something good to happen for me today. So tell me, Doc. What is the answer…

    Dr. Zen: Well Ian, you displayed the most marginal response we’ve seen in the test. But... you passed. If I were you I’d not do any high spots for a while. But, you passed.

    Starr: First off doc, I’m gonna do whatever I want. I live by my rules okay?

    Dr. Zen: Hey we can’t make you not do them it was only a suggestion. It will be very easy for you to be concussed again if you don’t take it easy in the beginning. But, what do I know I’m just the doctor. All of you male talents are just the same all balls and no common sense. Good luck Ian.

    -Starr leaves the office to find Izzy waiting for him outside the door.-

    Izzy: So... you passed?

    Starr: Yeah...Barely.

    Izzy: Barely still a yes. Good for you!

    Starr: He said I shouldn’t do any high spots. How am I supposed to not do that? It’s kinda my thing.

    Izzy: Ummm… Not do them?

    Starr: No, I’m gonna do them regardless of what anyone says to me. I live in the now, Iz.

    Izzy: What if I was to ask you not to for a while?

    -She grabs Starr’s hand and gives it a bit of a squeeze.-

    Starr: I would consider it. But ultimately Iz, I’m doing whatever it takes for me to win. WOLF is no pushover. He’s got a lot of experience over me.

    Izzy: So I got a compromise, no flips off the top against WOLF? Everything else is free range! Promise?

    -Izzy holds out her pinky. Starr looks at it and laughs a bit. He locks pinkies with Izzy. She lights up like a christmas tree.-

    Starr: You got a deal, Iz.

    -Upon hearing this, Izzy gets up on her toes and gives Starr a small peck on the cheek.-

    Sept. 10th, FWA House Show
    -A large headline on the FWA website reads “ EXCLUSIVE BIG RETURN AT HOUSE SHOW! VIDEO INSIDE!”. The accompanying photo shows Wolf looking at the titantron.-

    The video opens to recap the house show that happened that day. Izzy Van Doren had just defeated Zoey Ellis when she is surprise attacked by WOLF. WOLF comes from out of the crowd and pearl harbors Izzy. The towering veteran starts stomping the helpless woman. Security has gathered around the ringside, as Ashley O’Ryan is screaming orders at WOLF to stop. O’Ryan climbs onto the apron yelling at The Beast to put Izzy down. He does, but he WOLF gives a light shove to O’Ryan sending him into the security team and wiping them out. WOLF looks back at Izzy who’s trying to get the wind back into her. He gets out of the ring and rips the steel steps out of place. He slides them into the ring as a sick and twisted smile comes across his face. WOLF looks to do something that could injure Izzy for good. The worst part is it’s all just to send a message to Starr. Izzy is barely processing what’s gone down. WOLF gets a sick and sinister grin on his face as he lifts. He lifts Izzy up for the Final Howl, but the lights in the arena go out. A rumble is heard over the PA system. The sound of thunder rolling fades in. Static soon roars on the big tron in the arena. A voiceover of The Man in Black begins to narrate a scene.-

    Voice: “And I heard, as it were, the noise of thunder/One of the four beasts saying/'Come and see.' and I saw, and behold a white horse…”

    -A glimpse of a man walking through the curtain plays. Soft piano music plays as the voiceover continues.-

    Voice: “And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts/ And I looked and behold: a pale horse./ And his name, that sat on him, was Death./ And Hell followed with him…”

    -A church bell rings out in the arena. A bass begins to play. A music person would recognise the song as Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction. A scream seeps into the song and the static returns. The song slowly builds as WOLF looks around the arena and at the titantron confused.The music fades away as the first lyrics come in.-


    -Starr’s graphics appear on the tron as the beat comes back in and the man emerges from the back to much adulation of the fans. Starr has made his big return to FWA! He looks out to the fans, he smiles, but then he looks down at the ring. His smile quickly fades into a disgusted scowl. He sprints to the ring. He slides into the ring and double leg takedowns and begins punching away at WOLF, who is doing his best to cover up. Starr’s new theme fades as the fans are going ballistic after seeing a surprise return. They come back down as WOLF pushes Starr off and tosses him into the corner. WOLF uses the ropes to get back to his feet. He turns around to continue his attack but Starr ducks his clothesline and he hits a reverse exploder suplex! WOLF starts to rise to his knees. Izzy is back up to her feet and sees Starr in the opposite corner. The both charge at WOLF with attacks but he rolls out of the ring and powders up the ramp. He himself is trying to process what just happened. Izzy takes a second to breathe as the crowd cheer the faces. Starr asks for a mic. The nearby ring announcer smiles and gives him her mic. The crowd continue to chant “Starr! Starr! Starr!”. He holds the mic back as he looks around the arena. The warm ovation leaves Starr speechless. “Welcome back” chants come over the crowd.-

    Starr: Ladies and gentlemen I absolutely hate to cut you off… buuuut I’ve been dying to say this for a while… I’m BACK!!!

    -The crowd erupt in cheers and applause.-

    Starr: I’ve been out of action for a bit, so I gotta get this off my chest. FWA, how many Starrboys and Starrgirls do I have in this building tonight?!

    -The crowd go wild.-

    Starr: A lot of people wondered if I would be ready in time for the anniversary show. I didn’t really know myself. I didn’t know a lot about my future in FWA. I wasn’t sure of a lot. But now that has changed… Because right now, in this ring, I am finally able to tell all of you, including you, WOLF that I AM MEDICALLY CLEARED TO COMPETE! I’M COMING TO FIGHT NIGHT AND I’M KICKING YOUR ASS, WOLF!!

    -The crowd goes wild at the announcement. WOLF still halfway up the ramp looks around the arena in shock. Starr’s rage is finally unleashed.-

    Starr: I honestly had no problem with you before WOLF, I actually kinda looked up to you. You are THE veteran here, WOLF. A man who deserves respect and take No one else tops you. But then I saw what you tried to do to my friend, Izzy. I gotta say all the respect I had for you is gone. The second you EVER touch her, you have to answer me. So WOLF, you old ass piece of garbage, at Fight Night I’m gonna drop you on your dome and kick your head off like your head is a football and I’m kicking a field goal! Honestly, I’m surprised your broken body can get in this ring still! You think that because you’re this big gritty tough guy that you can pick on and victimize whoever you want. Well I got news for you, this guy fights back!

    -WOLF’s grins again as the crowd “ooo”s at the comment.-

    Starr: You see you think you can waltz in and you can attack the boss, a couple security guys, and, most importantly, my best friend here? No no no no, that’s not how you do things around here. That’s not happening while I breathe and live for this company. And that’s not what you do to my family!

    -The crowd chant “Starr is gonna kill you!”. WOLF laughs on the ramp.-

    Starr: Yeah you all can tell I’m pissed off tonight. ReStarrT is back in business and I’m badder than ever, baby! You wanna come in here, put your hands on a woman, and send a message to me? Consider it received, but I have this to send back. WOLF I hope you thought long and hard about the actions you tried to pull tonight, because when I get through with you, WOLF, nobody is gonna wanna see that mangled mug of your's again.

    -The crowd “ooo”s at Starr’s jab. WOLF’s eyes widen and he looks like he’s about to walk back down the ramp.-

    Starr: Yeah I got your attention now don’t I, big man? Well come on and back in this ring, Beast! Hell I don’t have to wait! These people don’t wanna wait. So please come back down here!

    -WOLF takes a couple steps towards the ring, but then looks around the arena, shakes his head and laughs as he walks back up the ramp.-

    Starr: That’s what I thought. WOLF, at Fight Night, I am going to leave your old and aging body broken, battered, bloody, and...

    -The crowd begin to build in anticipation for Starr to finish his rant. He smiles as he looks out at the audience. He nods at Izzy, who comes up from behind him. He shakes all the cobwebs out and kneels down. He pops back up and puts the microphone in the air.-

    The Audience/Starr/Izzy: STARRSTUCK!!!

    Starr: Thank you, FWA Universe!! Thank you from me, Izzy, and everyone that performs in this ring tonight! It’s great to be back home!

    -Starr’s new music plays as his opponent at Fight Night retreats to the back. Starr and Izzy stand in the middle of the ring. Starr raises Izzy’s hand and claps for her. Izzy climbs the turnbuckle as Starr climbs to stand on the middle rope. The video fades out and KAIZEN suggests other videos to watch on FWA’s YouTube channel.-


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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    The following video was posted on earlier this evening.

    We’re taken to an undisclosed location with just two chairs set up and a small stack table in between. A single lamp shed some light on the room as Todd Salum entered the scene, taking a seat in the first chair. Just a moment later, Michael Garcia entered the scene from the right and he took a seat in the opposite chair. Salum took a deep breath before gathering his thoughts.

    Todd Salum: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time….Michael Garcia.

    Michael Garcia: Well, that was quite the lackluster introduction, Todd. Where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the bravado? Where’s the pizazz? I mean, you are the most tenured and professional interviewer in the FWA today, right?

    Todd Salum: Well, I mean, I’m not quite prepared.

    Michael Garcia: A good interviewer is always prepared to get the scoop, correct?

    Todd Salum: Not when you literally pick me up, carry me down the hall and say “Interview. Now.”

    Michael Garcia: Listen, Todd, take it from a guy who knows. No one likes a guy that makes all kinds of excuses. Now let’s get this started.

    Todd Salum: Sure. What’s on your mind?

    Garcia shoots Todd a look of disgust.

    Michael Garcia: Riveting work. You’re a regular ol’ Oprah, aren’t ya?

    Todd Salum: Okay, well, tonight you’ve got a match in which you team with PAJ against The Heartbreak Express. What are your thoughts on that match?

    Garcia: I’m gonna be honest with ya, Todd. Up until this week, I was unfamiliar with these young bucks. They’re hungry. They’re young. They’re motivated. And more importantly, they’re familiar with one another. PAJ and I have never been on the same team. We’ve barely been in the same ring at the same time. We’re two completely different wrestlers. Two completely different people. Those guys? They’re like brothers. They have a tremendous relationship and the fact of the matter is that when you’re just breaking into the FWA and you have an opportunity to put away two names like Michael Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson, you push yourself to the max to make victory a reality.

    When you’re the veterans in the match, teaming up with somebody you’ve got no real history with, and going up against two guys who haven’t been in this company for a cup of coffee, it’s easy to just show up and mail it in. That’s Phillip A. Jackson to a tee. That’s why the guy’s been on such a losing streak lately. He’s been mailing it in. Sleepwalking through life. These two motherfuckers certainly get that. They probably think that I feel the same way. And maybe the old Michael Garcia would take this match for granted, but not the new Michael Garcia. The old Michael Garcia would just sit back and rely on the fact that he’s got a full foot and 130 pounds on these dudes, but I’ve spent all week studying up on every single thing they do in the ring. Every move, every counter, every hand gesture, all of it. I know their looks, their hand signals, their secret tells….I’m telling you, I’m zoned in. Laser focused. The Heartbreak Express is gonna be checking in to the Heartbreak Hotel and me? Well, I’m gonna be finding out that the taste of victory is just too sweet.”

    Garcia goes to stand up but Todd asks another question.

    Salum: You talked about the relationship of the Heartbreak Express. Earlier this week, PAJ issued an invitation for you to take part in the Phillip A. Jackson project. Have you accepted that invitation? What if your relationship with PAJ?

    Garcia: I don’t know, nor do I give one single fuck about the Phillip A. Jackson project. PAJ and I, we aren’t friends. We aren’t pals. We aren’t brothers. We’re just two guys on similar paths in our careers, but we’re going in different directions. After beating Wolf and PAJ, my star is surging while PAJ’s is fading. The reason PAJ and I are teaming up this week is because he needs me. The reason he’s extended this invitation to me is not to help me in my career, it’s to help him further his. This whole tag match is a one time thing. I was originally given the night off. I demanded to be put on the card and this is what Ashley gave me. To answer your question, I don’t need PAJ. Phillip needs me. That’s what our relationship is right now.

    Notes: Nearly got electrocuted tonight and lost power, losing everything. SO here's a last minute abbreviated promo just covering the basics. Had a good one going continuing the redemption angle with Malik, but I'll save that for the next show I suppose.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    -Izzy walks through the front door of her apartment. She drops her bag off after a long training session. She’s totally exhausted, sprawls out on her couch quickly falls asleep in a afternoon nap. During said nap, she has this dream… Izzy is taken back to the summer of 2016. Her and Starr are in the semifinals of the Chicagoland Wrestling Classic Tournament. Izzy is particularly excited as this is the first year where women can compete in said tournament. In all of her busyness and excitement, Izzy bumps into her fellow competitors Jason Myers, Starr, and Brody Blackheart. Jason and Brody are dressed casually while Starr has shown up in a full suit.-

    Izzy: Oh sorry guys… what’s with the dress code?

    Starr: I’m not sure what you mean... I always dress to impress?

    Jason: Some press guys are here to do shots for the newspaper. Wanted us out of our gear and in “normal” clothes.

    Brody: Will you two idiots stop bickering? They’re showing up soon, Iz. I’d throw just a t-shirt over your gear since you’re wrestling first.

    Izzy: Okay, thanks Brod. I’ll be right back!

    -Izzy turns around and quickly makes her way back to the women’s locker room. She quickly finds one of her self made t-shirts that says “Fun-sized Firecracker” and throws it over her wrestling attire. Izzy quickly returns to the finalist group in the hallway just as the press crew arrive.-

    Brody: She just left to change really quick. -He turns to see her peeking around the corner.- There she is. Hey short stuff… Over here!

    Izzy: H-hi guys -She’s incredibly nervous about being in front of the cameras. Brody pats her on the head and it calms her down.- So what do you need us to do? How would you like us to pose?

    Interviewer: How’s about a group shot with Izzy in the front and the big guy in the back? The other two flank them.

    -A flash of light causes her dream to skip. Suddenly, she’s standing across from her mentor, Brody Blackheart.-

    Brody: This tournament sure is something. I swear this place gets bigger and bigger every year…

    Izzy: It sure is Brody... Hey...

    Brody: What is it short stop?

    Izzy: What do you know about that Starr guy?

    Brody: All I know it’s his like second or third year wrestling. Kid’s talented as all hell.

    Izzy: Really? He wore out Kade like a part time job?

    Brody: Yeah, he can go. Management really pulled the guy from obscurity and brought him here.

    Izzy: His Shooting Starr is to die for. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone rotate so slow and make the spot work.

    Brody: -He looks down at Izzy who’s eyeing Starr.- Listen this is the most childish thing I’m gonna do at 36 years old, but… he likes you. He told us when you left to change. I told him we wouldn’t tell you, but I don’t think he realized how close we were.

    Izzy: -She snaps her head around so fast you’d think it might come off.- Oh my god Brod…

    Brody: -He leans in close.- Listen you do you, girl. Just leave everything to Daddy Brody.

    Izzy: -She looks back at Starr.- That guy over there, I think he’s just my style.

    Brody: Thank god it isn’t Jason. Now you two practically look like brother and sister.

    Izzy: If I have to hear that one more time. -She jumps up to put Brody in a headlock as they both laugh really hard again.- I like my guys to have all of their teeth Brod.

    Interviewer: Mr. Blackheart, we’re ready to talk to you now.

    Brody: -He raises up as Izzy dangles off the floor a bit. He pulls her off as they laugh one more time.- Duty calls. See ya in a bit.

    Izzy: Bye Brod!

    -Starr keeps a quick pace as he walks away from the interview towards the locker room. He makes eye contact with Brody as they pass each other. He’s not looking where he’s going and walks right into Izzy knocking her to the ground. He acts extremely nervous and apologizes.-

    Starr: -He bends down to help Izzy up.- Aw, man, I’m sorry. I should really watch where I’m going I didn’t mean to…. T-to -His eyes meet Izzy’s and he loses his train of thought.-

    Brody: Yooo dude watch where you’re goin, man. You alright Iz?

    Izzy: It’s okay Brody. I’m fine. -She winks at her mentor.-

    Brody: Sorry mister newsman… Sometimes you gotta teach these young bucks the right way. Now what were you sayin? -The reporter continues talking to Brody.-

    Izzy: -She looks up at Starr who’s still staring at her.- So… you gonna stand there silently or introduce yourself?

    Starr: O-h-oh I’m Ian, I mean Starr. I’m from Tennessee. I’m new here.

    Izzy: -In a total sarcastic tone.- No… -It causes Starr to laugh nervously.- Is it Ian or Starr? Which one…

    Starr: Well, Ian’s my real name. I guess you can call me either.

    Izzy: Okay Ian, my name is Izzy Van Doren and that’s the only one I got... It’s nice to meet you.

    Starr: It’s nice to meet you too…

    Izzy: So where’d you train? You have a very west coast style.

    Starr: My trainer is from the west coast, so I kinda mimicked him a little bit. I trained in the Clinton Wrestling School. -Starr is clearly nervous around Izzy.-

    Izzy: You’re not much of a talker are you?

    Starr: No I am… incredibly nervous…

    Izzy: What for? Your match or something? I know this really must be a huge moment for you.

    Starr: To be honest it’s a lot of things. I’ve really liked working here and I like meeting the people around here. Brody’s pretty cool, Jason’s kinda rough around the edges, you… you’re... uh…

    Izzy: Are you okay? You’re sweating a whole lot. Come over here and sit down before you pass out.

    Starr: It’s the suit! -Starr begins to take off his blazer and tie.- Oh jesus that’s a lot better…

    Izzy: Most of the talent in the CWC are just like us. I’m glad you’re fitting in so well.

    Starr: Me? Fitting in? I stick out like a sore thumb. Cali style in the midwest?

    Izzy: I meant with the fellas, you seem to be getting along with all of my friends. You found what I would say is the cool kids here… Or maybe the tightest group here, I don’t know.

    Starr: I kinda keep my mouth shut in the locker room and when I’m there I’m not there long. -Izzy begins to giggle.-

    Izzy: That’s not what I heard. I heard you were asking about me?

    Starr: W-what? -Starr’s sweating bullets and he clears his throat.-

    Izzy: Don’t be shy… Brod is literally like my family and Jason is too. It’s okay, I think you’re pretty cute too.

    Starr: -His face turns a bright red.- Aw, man… You probably think I’m a total creeper.

    Izzy: Why would I think that? Have you seen me… -She moves so she can see his face.- I have the most tattoos in the fed and I wrestle like a dude. I highly doubt you’re the creeper here.

    Starr: Are you kidding me? You’re like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met that is also hella into wrestling. Not just beautiful you’re smoking hot, like oh my god look at yourself please-

    Izzy: -Now she’s the one who’s blushing.- Whoa slow down speed racer… I’m not the only eye candy in this convo. You’re a sight for sore eyes if I say so myself. You got the mix of babyface and bad boy all in one. How do you do that?

    Starr: Bad boy… please… How do you manage to be like baby bunny cute but kick major ass?

    Izzy: A massive amount of walls of death. -She says that totally deadpan.-

    Starr: Yeah, I’ve been in a couple. I’ve been to a couple hardcore and punk shows.

    Izzy: But have you ever been in one Ian? Have you ever been in the pit and blasted so hard by a 300 pound piece of meat in a total fit of joy listening to their favorite band. Have you ever taken a ninja kick to the face and just keep going because the music just has your soul?

    Starr: I sat in the middle of a field as the walls came crashing into each other. That… was insane. I’ve been in the pit for a couple shows. I’ve been kicked in the face before, but not at a rock show.

    Izzy: Well that’s where I cut my teeth and that’s where I met Brod. It was a NOFX show and that big bastard just about killed me and I popped right back up and socked him one something good. Ever since then we’ve been hella tight.

    Starr: You really have your own little clique here don’t you? A little band of misfits. 6’9 Brody, Jason’s covered in tats and is missing a tooth, and you… really what is so Misfit about you? Because if it’s the tats and the music, that’s not good enough.

    Izzy: Hell yeah! We call ourselves the land of misfit toys. What else does one need beside some good tunes, a wrestling ring and a tattoo appointment? That’s my life man.

    Starr: But like… I can see past that… so what is broken about you…

    Izzy: If you wanna find out about that stuff you need to man up and ask me out. -Just then the reporter calls for Izzy.-

    Starr: You and I have a match in the semis right?

    Izzy: Yep and I’m gonna whoop that ass! Talk to you later Ian?

    Starr: Anytime, Izzy... I’m gonna kick that septum right out of your face!

    Izzy: -She get really close to his ear as she walks away.- So is that your way of asking me out tiger?

    Starr: Depends, did I grab your attention? More importantly... is it a yes?

    Izzy: I was Starrstruck there Ian… Starrstruck!

    Starr: OOOOOH! I really like that! Can I use that?

    Izzy: You better!

    -Izzy wakes up from her dream. Plastered on her face is a large smile on remembering one of the best moments of her life. It seem like almost a lifetime ago, yet also just like it was yesterday, since she felt so excited to be interested in someone like she was Starr. Later in the week Izzy flies out to New York City for Fight Night. She thinks shooting her promo in the city might help. She thinks about visiting the landmarks of the city, but ultimately decides against doing so. “Someone’s probably already done that” she thinks to herself. Izzy finds a small wrestling school and sits in the middle of the ring with her phone in her hand. She has a Black Flag shirt on and black jeans. She takes in her surroundings. She turns the camera on her phone. She smiles a bit as she looks down at her all black Chuck Taylors, thinking back to earlier in the week.-

    Izzy: My name is Izzy Van Doren and ladies and gentlemen, this is probably the biggest night of my career…

    Izzy’s voice is sincere as it can be.

    Izzy: On the next Fight Night, FWA celebrates its 12th anniversary in New York City at Madison Square Garden. The home of immortals. I would sit in front of my TV screen and watch the legends of this business wrestle and I would think, “Man, if only I could be there.”

    -Izzy’s eyes begin to water.-

    Izzy: A-and now I am… this is the venue I have dreamed about my entire life. The fact that some punk rat from the inner city made it to the bright lights of the big leagues makes me ecstatic. Half the time I feel like I’m dreaming, but then I realize this is my life. You reach the lowest of lows, and all it takes is that one thing to change it and turn it around on its head. Something in my life it seems is finally going okay…

    -Izzy turns her focus to something off screen. She looks down at the ground and then back into the camera. She lies back on the mat.-

    Izzy: Except for what happened at the last Fight Night. Hans and I ended our match in a draw. No winner was ever decided. Stupid time limits and need for commercials… Anyway… A rematch has been scheduled for this coming Friday. At Madison Square Garden, in the city that never sleeps, Hanz Gruber is getting knocked out...

    Izzy: No Disqualifications means I am going all out against you, bud. The full impact of the Punk Rock Pipe Bomb that is myself. After the performance you put on last time, Hanz, I’m gonna expect you might be able to handle it. Buuuut, I think one of two things are gonna happen. My quickness is gonna get the best of you and I’m gonna catch you by surprise or B.-[/i] Your endurance wears down and I pick the scraps. Either way, Hanz you’re saying Adios to that crowd in The Garden. The second I come in there with that Kick and Snare, your lasts are out, buddy boy… How do you say it… “Gute Nacht”.

    -Izzy giggles a bit as she flips over on the mat.-

    Izzy: Your experience might edge out, I’ll give that to you, man. But the stipulation says there must be a winner this time. It’s either you or me, Hanz. I have to leave no room for error in the fight that could determine the direction of my career. I am leaving with my head held high. Hell, Hans, this will make 2 wars, we’ve been through. If you win, I’ll shake your hand. Something in me respects you, dude. I harbor no hard feelings against you. May the best man… or woman, win.

    Izzy: That concludes another edition of the Van Doren Diaries folks. Thanks for checking it out and I'll check ya later! Byeee!~

    -Izzy does one of her poses. She sticks her tongue out, winks, and throws up a peace sign as the video ends.-


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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    “Do you see this?”

    The Prodigy is backstage as the 12th anniversary Fight Night has just started. The dull noise of the crowd is reverberating throughout the arena and can be heard as they react to the show’s opening contest. Mike Parr has no real interest in what is going on in the opening contest. Right now he is stood facing one of the FWAs camera’s, his North American Championship that he has held since August 2016 shoved down the face of said camera.

    “You aren’t getting this. If you really think that you are the one, after 13 months, to step up from the crowd and finally put an end to the greatest North American championship reign in history then you really are more of an idiot than anyone really gave you any credit for….”

    Prodigy scoffs at the idea.

    “And even worse….even worse than the fact that I will kick and punch you until you are black and blue and needing medical assistance is the fact that I won’t be fuelled just in the knowledge that you have dared to think that you are good enough to take this championship. You are only human. You have been given the opportunity to fight for a championship and somewhere deep down I cannot really resent that you didn’t turn it down in spite of having no realistic prospect of success. You know why I’m going to punch you, over and over, until you never dare to dream about getting above your station and trying to make a name for yourself at my expense?”

    Parr lowers the North American Championship from the face of the camera and instead now has the focus on himself, just as he likes it. He is staring down the camera face as if he is looking straight into the soul of Humanity himself.

    “Back in Business was supposed to be my night….Back in Business was supposed to be the showcase event where I walked out of that arena as the North American and most dominant active champion in FWA, but also where everyone in attendance was sitting and talking about how Cyrus would have to go some to be able to keep his championship from my grasp.”


    Prodigy shakes his head, almost as if in disbelief that the words are about to leave his mouth.

    “Instead I get backstage and my phone is blowing up. Social media is ablaze about the North American championship match. So I loosen up, and sit down to read just how good I am. I mean…what better way to spend a night then reading how others cannot believe how good you are at your job? But what did all the reviews say? What did I sit and have to read and put up with?”

    “When we look back at Back in Business 2017 are we going to look back and think that it was the night that The Prodigy solidified himself as one of the greatest superstars in FWA? Apparently not….apparently it is the night that Humanity showed he belongs…..”

    “Apparently, walking out with the championship belt isn’t good enough because somehow there was more attention paid to and more credit given to somebody who put up a good fight….so the topic of conversation somehow isn’t about a Mike Parr victory but it is about a Humanity defeat. Not a big difference, but a crucial difference to the point where I’m going to make sure that there is no repeat. So Back in Business wasn’t the night that I truly arrived, but the 12th anniversary show? The 12th anniversary show isn’t going down in history as the night that Humanity again almost won the North American Championship and people aren’t going to the talking about how he almost won, they are going to be wondering why in the hell they wasted three weeks following a tournament to see who is next in line for the privilege of being another footnote in the greatest North American Championship reign in recent history.”

    Parr marches out of camera shot to finalize his preparations for his title defense.

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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    Deception is shown looking into a mirror. He puts his hand into a fist and punches the mirror. He is watching as shards of glass come out from his hand blood slowly drips as it hit the floor. Deception punches it again and again until he lets out a yell. Katie Lynn Goldsmith walks in she looks at Deception and stares at his wound. She motions for Deception to sit as she grabs a first aid kit.

    Katie: I am suppose to interview you about what happen last week . They want to know about your match coming up and where do you go from here.Deception looks at her not saying a word. She puts something on the wound as Deception sits there without a sound. Katie begins pulling out glass as Deception begins to talk.

    Deception: Do you know what insanity is? Doing the same thing over and over again excepting a different result it seems to me that it is the story of my career. I feel like I had it in my grasp my one shot one oppurinity to seize everything I ever wanted one moment and I let it slip. Jason Randall last week we went to war and he did not back down I make no excuses he beat me but you know what I know I can beat him. I can beat him. Jason maybe, 9 time out of 10 he beats me but that 1 time that 1 time when everything is on the line where my back is against the wall and its either win or go home I can beat him. However to do that I must beat 2 men and a girl whose obsession with Randall has done nothing for her but kept her in line. The thing is Penny she is being lead like a sheep to the wolves and sooner than later you got to open your eyes. He is leading you like a puppet stringing you along for one reason and one reason only and that is for the X Championship.

    Deception gets up he holds out his hand towards Katie.

    Deception: Walk with me , come I want to show you something.

    Deception leads Katie outside its raining heavily high winds and a lightning storm is going on.

    Deception: The storm isn't coming the storm is here and we are in the eye of it. I have spent my life being just this close from spinning out of control and I have spent my life trying to keep my feet planted on the ground but I opened my eyes, I was lying to myself thinking that I should just let things happen that I should just weather the storm that I should just let the tide take me under until it pulls me to the bottom of my sea of sorrows. That is the thing though last week things did not go my way I came so close. When things don't go the way you want when everything you do seems to just keep you under you got to look around and see that it may not be today it may not be tommrrow but I know that I will get there.

    Mac last week he faced a man that is wrath itself grinding eating away with the fact that your falling deeper and deeper into the hole of the void become nothing. It is a funny feeling one hard to explain but, when your finding yourself seemily fucked from all angles it really puts a real perspective on things. Galloway this leads to you. I will be the very first to admit I don't know much about you and that right there makes you as dangerous as the storm because one of two things can happen. One you take yourself and wreck havoc real hell on earth as you drive the winds of change and expose everyone for who they seem to have forgotten and for that my eyes are set on you because I see everyone I see everything and I will not take this for granted.

    Deception looks over at Katie he takes her to the edge of the building on the ledge she is scared but does it holding onto Deception as the get gust of winds coming in. Deception allows her to get off but stands back first off the building rocking back and forth.

    Deception: Do you know what is more dangerous then a F-5? What is more dangerous then the rapture? What can take someone and make them into nothing just a pile of dirt? What drives a person more then anything? What will take a sane person drive them to the brink of insanity? The answer is love. Love is the most dangerous thing. Why? It is because love doesn't come from your head love will drive you mad. Love takes everything and flips it upside down until what you think is north is south what you think east is west until it turns you to dust an empty shallow shell of what you were .What you are. What you can be. This is the very thing that drives Penny this is what makes her tick. Her star and moon of the skies is Jason.

    Penny I look at you and I see what a cold world does to someone who was on the edge. Jason all he has done has strung you along like a puppet dancing for his own pleasure. Everyone says they want a love like Joker & Harley but the truth is that's not love it is the most tragic tale of heartbreak and Penny you are going 150 into a wall with no place to turn. Penny open your eyes, I mean really open them everything you ever did for him would he ever help you? Would he ever put his own well being for yours or is the only real thing he loves his obession is around his waist? You see I always had this one rule that I follow throughout every wicked thing I ever done and that is not to put my hands on a woman. This is my creed. So what do you when the eye of the storm is coming? Katie I am going to let what happens, happen. There is nothing more that can be done, not every story has a fairytale ending where the knight saves the princess and gets the girl where the kingdom bows at his feet and forever in his debt. There are some stories where the darkest days never end . Where the world just keeps throwing everything it has at you until your left battered, beaten, and broken thinking there is only one way to go.

    The fairytale ending that is what Penny is wishing for that is what Penny needs its like a drug to her driving that needle in her arm and that high that cloud nine when her knight in shining armor takes her off her feet and into a white fence with a tire swing. Penny wakes up from that and sees that her knight is nothing more then a psychopath with only one goal in his mind that X Title and sooner or later she will see this for the reality it is.

    Deception: Then again I may be telling you something you may already know but to ashamed to admit it! Katie maybe I am the one whose a bit mad. What if I am the one who doesn't see the writing on the wall that the truest cruel hands of fate is that in the end I am lying to myself. Am I? The only thing I know for certain is this Penny, Mac, Tristin in only a few days we find out who is the one that is destined to battle with "The Mad King Of Hardcore" Jason Randall who truly is the wildcard. Who will weather the storm and bring home the chance to place his or her name in the record books?

    Deception walks to the Katie and walks her inside he sits then on the edge looking at the storm as the weather gets worse he lights a cig and jumps off the edge the camera pans down to see he landed on the fire escape and walks off.


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    Re: 12th Anniversary Show Promo Thread

    It was a typical cool, rainy, windy night in the Windy City. A few cars pass by, sloshing through the puddles of rain water, one of them nearly catching a homeless man looking for change on the side of the road. A young group of kids pass by, and feign reaching into to their pockets, only to laugh at the man and offer him some not so polite words that the camera couldn’t here. The elder man cowered down to the young folk, who deemed that the man wasn’t worth their time, and mocked him before walking off. Moments later, a black Cadillac pulls up to the side of the road and parks. The drivers side door opens and slowly but nervously Michael Garcia emerges from the drivers side. He brushes off his jacket and takes off his sunglasses before reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a piece of a paper. He unfolds the paper and mutters the address to himself, matching it with the address on the brownstone building in front of him.

    “325 Foster Avenue, Albany Park, Chicago, Illinois”

    Mike takes a deep breath and continues forward, walking up the steps and stopping at the door.

    “Why did it have to be Chicago?”

    Garcia knocks on the door and anxiously awaits. A few moments later, the door opens and a woman in her late 50’s answers the door. We’ve seen this woman before. The woman is Theresa Garcia, Michael’s mother. She immediately embraces her son and then backs away, admiring his appearance.

    “Well, just look at you! New suit, I see. But that purple tie….You did always like the color purple,though…”

    “Nothin’ I love more than fashion advice from my mother, right? Anyways, ma, you know I love ya but I’m really pressed for time. Is he here?”

    “He’s watching the game. I didn’t tell him you were coming. He has no idea.”

    “How do you think he’s going to react?”

    Theresa took a deep breath and contemplated her response.

    “Well, let’s just hope for the best.”

    Mike and Theresa walk down the hallway. She stops at the door and pauses before asking her next question.

    “Are you sure you want to do this?”

    “It’s not only what I want to do….it’s what I have to do.”

    “I just hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.”

    Mother Garcia opens the door to a rather unkempt room with clothes scattered across the floor and furniture. There were open bags of junk food in various spots in the room, as well as crumbs littered all over the hardwood floor. An empty box of Miller Light sat on the coffee table with 11 empty cans decorating the rest of the table. In the far corner of the room was a TV that was playing the Steelers/Jaguars game, in which the Steel City Slayers were on the losing end. Big Mike was in shock and awe at the condition of the room, with a realization finally setting in and hitting hard. Mike takes one step forward but Theresa puts her hand out in front, stopping him.

    “Malik? Malik, honey, get up, you’ve got company!”

    “ I’m not in the mood, right now, for company. Whoever it is, tell ‘em to come back tomorrow.”

    The camera swung around to a shot of a disheveled Malik Garcia laying on the couch, with his back turned to his brother.

    “Unfortunately, little brother, Im’ma bit busy tomorrow. Got a message to send to the tag team champions.”

    Malik’s eyes grew wide in shock and in anger. He immediately rolled off his couch and sprung to his feet, shooting daggers at his big brother.


    Theresa began to speak, but Malik cut her off.

    “YOU! HOW DARE YOU SHOW UP AT THIS DOORSTEP? How fucking dare you walk into my home and speak to me as if nothing’s ever happened between us! I told you long ago, Mikey, that when you did what you did to me that I had no brother, that in the world of Malik Garcia, you no longer exist and I meant every damn word that I said! I just can’t..”

    “Look, Malik, I…”

    “ NO! NO! You don’t get to talk! You don’t get to fucking say a word! You don’t get…you don’t get anything! You know what? You know what, “bro”? I’m actually glad you decide to show your pussy ass self here today because I’ve got quite a lot of shit to get off my chest and you’re gonna hear every last word!”

    “ Go ahead. I deser…”

    “SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! What you deserve is for me to beat your overbearing ass to a bloody pulp, that’s what you deserve, and maybe someday that’ll happen. I hope to God that one day, when I’m fully healed up that I can make a run at an FWA return if for no other reason to take away from your career just like you took away from mine! I mean, seriously, what kind of person does to his brother? Who does that to someone he loves? You spent your entire life looking out for me, gaining my trust, my respect, my admiration and you just throw everything away, and for what? For your own selfish wants? The fuck outta here with that shit,man. You nearly crippled me. I could be in a fuckin’ wheelchair right now, but hey that’s alright as long as Big Mike gets to choke at another chance for a title, right? Right? I have to suffer because you can’t handle looking in the mirror and seeing your failures, right? I was the scapegoat, huh? Whenever somebody stepped up and asked you why you’ve never lived up to the hype, it was always my fault, wasn’t it? Until I wasn’t there to blame anymore. Now you’ve got Phillip, don’t you? That’s why you’ve agreed to all this, isn’t it? So that when you lose to the Vultures, you’ve already got your fall boy, don’t ya?

    I may have not made it big in the FWA, Mike, but at least I can look in the mirror and respect what I see. At least I know that I haven’t sacrificed and turned my back on everyone that gave a damn about me for thirty pieces of silver. I’m not the butt of the FWA locker room jokes. I’m not the answer to the question “Who is the greatest FWA superstar to never hold a singles championship?”. That’s you. But you keep telling yourself that it was worth it. You keep telling yourself that you’ve changed but you’ll never change. You’ll always be the same selfish bastard that thinks of absolutely no one but himself. You’ll always have some ulterior motive, Michael. You really think that people don’t see through this bullshit? You really think people don’t know that you’re using PAJ to get another championship around your waist? Not everyone’s as fucking stupid as you are, you big fucking dope. We all see through your bullshit. And eventually, Phillip will too! And when that day comes, he’ll drop your ass off on the side of the road like the worthless carcass that you are. So if you’ve come here to try to make amends, just save your breath. The only reason I even keep one eye watching over what you’re doing is because I cannot wait for that one day that your entire world comes crashing down around you. That one day, when you realize that there’s no one left to blame but you. God, that day can’t come soon enough.

    You know what? I thought I’d feel better after sounding off but just the mere sight of you makes my blood boil, right now. So, just get the hell out of my house.”

    “I understand how you…”

    “Fuck off.”

    “Would you just give me a chance?”

    “Why? So you can try to win me over with stories of how you’ve searched the deepest, darkest corners of your soul and rediscovered who you are? Cut the bullshit.”


    “Oh, you’re sorry? You’re sorry! You took away everything from me, but I guess it’s all okay now, isn’t it? To hell with your half assed apologies!”

    “Alright, enough! Malik, your brother came out all this way the absolute least you can do is listen to what he has to say.”

    “I’m not interested in what he has to say.”


    “No, no… Ma. If Malik doesn’t want to hear me out, I can’t say I blame him. I’d be pissed off too. And hell, I can’t convince someone I’ve changed by simply trying to sell them on my words. I can only do that through my actions and that takes time. I didn’t come here today expecting forgiveness. I came here today because I’ve seriously hurt someone that I’ve cared about my entire life and whether or not that person accepts my apology, it’s time that I started to make things right. I’m truly sorry for what I did to you, Malik. I can never get you back the time that you’ve lost in your career and I can never go back and undo my actions. I can’t take any of the pain away. All I can do is spend every waking hour of every single day trying to bury that old Mike Garcia deep into the ground so that he never causes that much damage to you, or Ma, or anyone that I care about ever again.

    But you’re wrong about Phillip. He’s not some pawn in a game to me and I’m not his.We’re mutually beneficial to each other’s careers. We’ve both reached points in our careers where we let the business mold us into people we aren’t. We’ve allowed it to take control over us and form us into people we never wanted to be. Now, I’m not making excuses here, Malik, I’m not blaming the business. I made the decisions. I own up to what I did. But change isn’t easy. And the lesson I’ve learned is that it’s so much easier to change when you’ve got an amazing support system around you. Phillip knows this, too. In a way, it’s fate that brough us together. Took us down these similar paths and made us better people for it. He’s made me see the light, Malik. He’s helped me realize that I had that support system all along and I pissed it all away. There’s nothing that I’ve ever done in my life that I regret more than slamming that steel chair repeatedly across your spine, your shoulders, and your neck. Nothing.

    So, forgive me, don’t forgive me….I can’t blame you no matter what you choose. Just know this….Friday Night, when I set foot into that ring against the Sin City Vultures, I’m dedicating that match to you. The Phillip A. Jackson Project is going to succeed not just inside the ring, but outside of it as well. Sure, they’ve got the advantage this week being a formidable team that knows each other like…well, like brothers. But hell, that didn’t stop us from serving up an ass kicking to the HeartBreak Express this week,did it? Phillip and I are going to win because we need to. On our journey, every match is a chance to prove that we are going to rise above our recent failures and sail to new heights. Phillip believes that we’re capable of accomplishing anything here in the FWA, and ya know what? He’s right. The Phillip A. Jackson project is unstoppable.

    But I realize that just dedicating a victory to you isn’t nearly enough. No, it’s going to take a much greater effort than that. So, uh, I know that this little apartment isn’t fit to keep pigs in, so I’d like to get you a new place. A better place. As big as you want. Pools, Full scale bar, your own personal gym, anything you want in it. So, uh….”

    Mike takes a check out of his checkbook and holds it out to Malik.

    “Look around, write it out for whatever you want. Money is no object. I want to do whatever I can to help you get our feet on the ground.”

    Malik looks down at the blank check and then into his brothers eyes, before stepping around him and over to the door. Pressing his lips tightly together andthinking about it for one moment, he turns the doorknob and steps aside, motioning for Mike to leave.Mike looks over at his mother, who gives him a look that reads ‘You tried your best. Give him time.’, and then hugs her. Mike walks over to the door, stops at Malik and says….

    “Whether you believe me or not, I will always love you. You will ALWAYS be my brother. I’ll keep in touch.”

    Mike steps outside of the threshold and onto the porch as the door closes behind him. He takes a look at his watch and heads over to his Cadillac. Before he opens the door, he sees the elder man along the side of the road. He smiles at the man before pulling on his doorhandle and opening the door, but before he gets in, he sees his reflection in the rain puddle. Mike looks back over at the man and closes the car door, walking over to the man. The elder man begans to cower when he says a black man of Mike’s size walking towards him. Mike crouches down and pulls the check out of his pocket, as well as a pen. He scribbles a few numbers down on the check, signs it and then hands it off to the homeless man.

    “Take it. Take it and give yourself a better life.”

    The man is shaking as he reaches his hand towards the check.

    “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll just waste it all on alcohol and drugs?”

    “Sometimes, we just need somebody to believe in us, sir. And we all deserve that second chance.”
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