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Thread: Fight Night 25th August 2017

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    Fight Night 25th August 2017


    AUGUST 25TH, 2017

    The usual pyro blasts around the arena as the camera pans through the audience.The Fight Night music blares as the spotlight shines through the roaring crowd. There was a real variety of superstars that the fans were showing their support for but none moreso than Chris Kennedy and Shannon O'Neal. A few signs were asking for Belle's hand in marriage, and some were calling for Rondo's head. There was a small group of fans with a sign volunteering themselves for the Phillip A. Jackson project and the usual "Rising Starr", "Shannon can't handle the Truth", and "We Want Paulie!". As things settled down, the camera focused back on our announce team at ringside, David Weinstock, Langdon Trafford, and Piers Gallagher. The trio welcome us to the latest edition of Fight Night!

    David Weinstock:
    We are LIVE from the Talking Stick Resort Arena here in Phoenix, Arizona for another edition of Friday Night Fight Night and what a show we have planned for you tonight! I'm David Weinstock, alongside my commentary colleagues Langdon Trafford, and Piers Gallagher!

    Piers Gallagher:
    You hear that, Langdon! That's how you do introductions on Fight Night! Best friends, my ass!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Are you still going on about that? Anyways, folks, two people who we know aren't best friends are in the building tonight. We know, for a fact, that both Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo ARE IN THE BUILDING TONIGHT!

    David Weinstock:
    That's certainly going to be a volatile situation, but guys, tonight, the spotlight is on two people that have climbed the ladder in the North American Championship tournament! Bell Connelly, having beaten Starr and Tristan Galloway, goes one on one with Zachary Kazadi with the winner getting a future championship match against Mike Parr!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Kazadi hasn't had an easy road either, though. He's had to defeat Mike Garcia and Phillip A. Jackson, who will be going to war with each other tonight!

    David Weinstock:
    Both Garcia and PAJ claim to be going through a career metamorphosis! This is a huge match for both of them! Piers, what do you....

    The sounds of "Subconscious" bring everybody's attention to the entrance ramp, as Cyrus Truth is greeted with a chorus of boos and heckles. The Exile's not wasting any time basking in this as he practically stomps to the ring, like a man on a mission. The hate ramps up, but Cyrus is not paying any attention to that as he steps into the ring and starts to pace around like a caged animal. There's a wild look in the eyes of the former World Champion as he snatches a microphone from a nearby stagehand and begins yet another one of his ranting monologues.

    "Cut that music. Cut it! There's a MUCH to talk about. Let's start with last week's Fight Night and address the elephant in the room. Production peons! Roll it!"

    It takes a second or two, but FWA's production truck acquiesces eventually as they play a repeat of Shannon O'Neal's pre-taped segment on the last episode of Fight Night:

    Originally Posted by Shannon O'Neal: Fight Night (August 11th)
    "That's what this is. And it's 'cause Cyrus Truth is bein' a little whiny brat who is upset he lost his toy. ... a toy he didn't even WANT for like the last eight months!

    It's like a lil' kid, a brat. Kid doesn't play with a toy for years, and then the parents give the toy to the younger brother or sister. Now it's a thing. That's Cyrus Truth. Throwin' a fit. I couldn't care LESS about his lil' psycho drama mind-game bullsh*t he's tryin' to pull on me. I was stalked by a bastard named Jack of Diamonds. So I don't much give a sh*t how Cyrus Truth reacts to losin' the belt. Whether he is laughin', cryin', sh*ttin' his pants, pisses all over the bathroom walls, puts his shirt on inside-out."

    Cyrus is snarling as it seems that FWA's production snafu has really riled him up.

    "It's only paranoia if nobody's out to get you. The words Shannon spoke on Facebook? That's from her. THOSE are her words. Those words on Fight Night? That's FWA's words. That's the story they want to propagate. You all heard my words on Fight Night, didn't you? Were those the words of a "whiny brat?" I gave Shannon all the credit in the world for winning at Back In Business, proving that I was exactly what I've said I was. I am a man of principles, and I recognize those who embrace the Struggle and achieve greatness in battle. I stand for glory and honor, and NOT ego and avarice. But that doesn't fit the narrative FWA wants to tell, does it? Time and time again, FWA wants to paint me as something less than what I am, and finally they tip their hand! But of course, you fools aren't be surprised...or at least you shouldn't be. But it's hell getting past your delusions of what you understand to be true and what's the actual Truth, ISN'T IT?! FWA wants me gone, dead and buried. How about you FINE folks?"

    The crowd ratchets up the hate as they're practically yelling at the top of their lungs. There's a small contingent of fans who seem to be cheering for Cyrus in lieu of the storm of bile, but they are drowned out by the majority roaring their approval for The Exile to leave FWA and return back to shadow. As this wave of anger washes over him, Cyrus flashes a toothy, wicked sneer and retorts:

    "Well, too goddamn bad. This doesn't end because you want it to, and most certainly not because FWA really wishes it would. Cyrus Truth is not leaving until I get what I came to this company for. What I fought and bled for, and what is owed me. And if I have to burn this company to the ground to get that, then so be it! But...but but but! I'm not despairing, not even a little. Because I've found someone in this company who can help me get what I want. Our fierce, defiant World Champion...dear, sweet Shannon."

    The crowd pops huge for Shannon's name as Cyrus, strangely enough, seems to egg them on.

    "Go ahead! She's earned your praise! Shannon earned every bit of that adulation for what she was able to do at Back in Business. And while she's not...quite where she needs to be in order to truly bear the weight of the mantle of champion, she has given me so much more than this company has given me in the entire year I reigned as champion and I want to repay her for what she's done. And what better way than to provide Shannon with the one thing a truly great champion desires more than anything; worthy competition, battles that boil the blood and stoke the fires of conquest? Shannon is no more a coward than I am, and I know she's accepted my offer to dance once again. But I still have to are we going to dance?"

    Cyrus chuckles to himself as he starts pacing around the ring.

    "After all, Shannon has to realize that what she's agreeing to do is putting at risk her hard-fought championship. Oh, I've lost a match here and there since I came to FWA, but not nearly as many as I've won. I've said it before when it was Rondo in Shannon's's hard enough to beat me once. But to truly prove you can surpass me, one victory CAN'T be enough. It shouldn't be enough, Shannon! So tell's this going to go down? How do you plan to prove you're truly better than me? That you're a better champion than me? A better fighter than me? That you deserve to wear the crown of FWA?! Don't you dare play with me, Shannon. Get out here and face me. Tell me how we're going to do this. Come here.

    "Come on. I'm standing in your ring, daring you to face the man whose throne you took from him. So come on. Come on. COME ON! COME ON COME ON COME ON!"

    Cyrus is ranting as he grabs the top rope so tightly that his knuckles turn white. He goes from spewing at the top of his lungs to a low, menacing whisper.

    "I'm right here."

    Just a second after Cyrus' last words, the opening beats to "Let Me Clear My Throat" hit. Shannon O'Neal, the reigning FWA Undisputed World Champion, wastes no time pandering to the crowd or hopping out on the stage like her usual entrances. She walks briskly toward the ring, where her fiercest rival stands waiting her arrival. Shannon is nodding her head and as Cyrus and her lock eyes and come to what seems to be an understanding before ever saying a word to one another.

    Langdon Trafford: The World Champion, who accepted Cyrus' challenge after last Fight Night! And she looks ... well, she looks kinda like she usually does, except not as chipper.

    Piers Gallagher: Who would be after what happened? Shannon looks foolish!

    Shannon reaches the ring area, steps up to the apron, and steps through the ropes. She grabs the microphone from Cyrus' grip without asking or waiting for him to offer it, and she paces around the former World Champion as her mouth rattles off words at a firestorm pace.

    "Let me make one thing clear. You and I, we ain't on the same team. Aite?"

    Shannon swipes her hands down like a half-X shape for the last word.

    "But I'ma say somethin' 'bout my first month as champ. For a long while, Cyrus, I've come out 'n just railed on ya'. Bad champ. No passion. This 'n that. Time to step aside. Not workin'. Not leadin'. All that shit. I don't know nothin' 'bout the FWA wantin' me to say this or that or whatever 'n I don't know 'bout that damn video but I do know that every week I've come out here 'n run ya' ass down for just overall bein' a damn clown of a champ 'n a half-ass attempt at representin' the best of the best the FWA has to offer.

    But ... I ain't gonna do that tonight, Cyrus."

    Shannon gets a mixed reaction from the crowd for that statement.

    "I ain't 'cause ... I ... I didn't wanna say it right away, I wanted to see if it'd stick ... 'n it has. I've seen somethin' ... noticed somethin' ... different when it comes to Cyrus ... Truth.

    Ya' and me ... we know one another pretty well I think at this point, right? I mean ... I ain't really know where this fixation comes from ... but I've seen somethin' from ya' lately. I think I ... understand ya' better. 'N I feel ... I'm gettin' the best Cyrus possible, the most motivated Cyrus possible.

    I like that."

    Shannon continues pacing the ring, stalking Cyrus as he stands in the middle and watches her body move.

    "I don't like it, Cyrus, 'cause I feel some connection to ya'. I don't like it 'cause I'm searchin' for my in-ring soulmate who can match me punch for punch and blood for blood. I don't feel some sort of bond to ya' 'cause we put on a classic at Back in Business.

    I like it 'cause ... I like the idea ... that I brought out somethin' in a person that NO ONE else has. I did somethin' to ya' that NO OTHER PERSON could do. That ain't a ya'-n-me thing. That's for me. That's MY points. Not ours."

    Shannon keeps pacing the ring, continuing her rant as Cyrus listens intently.

    "Second ... I like this new, motivated, passionate, hungry Cyrus because that means I will get a ... motivated, passionate, hungry Cyrus Truth for our rematch. Ya' know what they say 'bout a champ, right? Anyone can win ... ONE match. Anyone. Just as anyone can lose one match. Ya' lost matches in the FWA. I beat ya' once.

    But dumb luck doesn't happen twice. Flukes don't happen twice. A champion is never truly THE BEST ... until that champion ... beats a dethroned king trying to reclaim the crown he lost. Anyone can win as the hunter, right? But not everyone ... can win as the hunted."

    Shannon finally stops pacing the ring and she stands right in front of Cyrus, face to face with the microphone right up to her mouth.

    "I don't think I'ma fluke champ. I don't wanna be known as a fluke champ. I don't want that lingerin' over me. If I'ma fluke champ ... then I ain't got the salt to do anythin' for this belt. If anythin'... it's better off me not havin' it. Better off me findin' out sooner than later that's the case, right? So, yes, Cyrus. I accept ya' challenge. Next show ... ya' 'n me ... we'll go one more time. Just to put an exclamation mark on this ...

    We are gonna go in a best-of-three-falls match. The first to two wins ... wins. I will be the one to beat ya' twice, Cyrus. 'N not only that ... but I'ma do it twice ...

    in one night."

    The crowd cheers Shannon's announcement, and she pauses as she looks into Cyrus' eyes. Cyrus looks back at her, saying nothing and letting this moment sink in before he slowly takes the microphone from Shannon's hands and flashes a wry smile.

    "You really are an infuriating bitch, you know that?"

    Shannon arches her eyebrow a bit at that. She's not necessarily offended...moreso curious as to where Cyrus is going with this.

    "Every time I look at you, listen to's maddening. You give me so much, pick a excellent match for our next encounter, and speak like a champion should. Sure, your vernacular's a bit rough around the edges, but that's part of your charm. You stand there, without so much as flinching, and not only tell me that you'll defend the World Title, but make a statement by doing it. Had this Shannon showed up a year ago? Who knows what she could've done? But at least she's here now, and it's stunning to see. This is the kind of caliber of champion this company should've had long before I got here. And yet..."

    Cyrus repeats those words, "And yet" as he back off a bit to get some space between him and Shannon. His expression changes a bit, becoming more...intense. More focused. More Cyrus.

    "And yet! You still stand here saying you don't understand where this "fixation" is coming from? Why I seem so focused on you to the point where it's becoming an obsession? You really can't be this blind, Shannon. Fine...if I have to spell it out for you, then I will. You want to know why I seem so determined to get you to see any connection between you and me? Why I've been acting like this?"

    Shannon doesn't respond to the question...but the answer seems to get to her as Cyrus bellows out:

    "Because I don't want you to end up in my situation!"

    ...wait, what? Shannon seems rather confused by this, as does the crowd. Cyrus, either not noticing Shannon's confusion or not caring, continues pontificating.

    "You want to deny any connection, fine. But even you can't deny that you don't see a bit of me in you, because I see it clear as fucking day. Tell me, you think I call myself "The Exile" as some kind of marketing ploy? I am The Exile because I am in exile. I've said goodbye to my home, my family, my order, and any chance of a 'normal' life to pursue a pro wrestling legacy. Now, I don't regret that in the slightest, because I learned a long time ago that it's better to live a minute pursuing something worth pursuing than to live forever wondering 'what if?' or 'why not?' But it's the highest price to pay...but not a price you're unfamiliar with, isn't it?

    "You and I may have taken different paths, faced different roadblocks, but we've walked the same Long and Winding Road to get to this point. All the pain, all the blood, all the setbacks and obstacles in our paths...ALL OF IT was worth it just for even the slightest scrap of glory. For the feeling of euphoria that comes with achieving what you set out to do! Because that's what living truly is! Not hoarding money or rearing kids or getting married or any of that nonsense...this ring and what we do in it? That's life! And you can stand there and shake your head all you like, but deep down in the pit of your soul, there's a part of you that is screaming 'Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!" and you know it. And that's how it should be. That's why I don't bend my knee to anybody, Shannon. That's why I told FWA to go fuck themselves when they decided how I was to conduct my business. That's why I fought so damn hard to keep that FWA World Title. I fight for nobody's glory but my own. Selfish, maybe...but at least it's honest. And I at least want to elevate the people I fight to become better than they were before so that they too can chase glory. You said before that I was no different from any opponent you fought in the past, right? Shannon...that's a fucking lie and you damn well know it. No matter how many times you crow about your Women's Title reigns or beating Gabrielle that one time, the fact of the matter is that you were nowhere near ready to take a shot at the crown, nowhere near prepared enough to take up the mantle of World Champion, and nowhere NEAR mentally focused enough to achieve the glory you've now achieved...until you met me."

    Cyrus's words hit like a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil. The crowd's not sure what to make of it, and Shannon for her part seems to be trying to digest exactly what Cyrus is trying to say. Cyrus, meanwhile, gets right back in Shannon's face and glares at her.

    "And you know why that is, Shannon? Because I understand you, know what is needed to bring you to the heights you've dreamt about ever since you decided to step into a wrestling ring. We are the rejects, Shannon. The castaways nobody gives a second thought to. We're not marketable...we're not moldable. I'm not some tall and handsome Hollywood Boulevard cast-off with looks that make women swoon and you're not some cheap big-breasted bimbo who's more than happy to take her clothes off for some attention. The only way people like us get anything is by taking it, even prying it from the cold and lifeless hands of those who mean to keep it from us. So yeah...I want that blood-pumping fight. I want to see how far I can go before I can't go any further. And I damn sure want my title back. But on the other hand, I want you to not have to endure what I've endured, because even if one must suffer a lot of pain and aggravation, only a fool suffers needlessly. You are the FWA World Champion, Shannon. YOU. Now, that may change after we fight again, or it may not. But if you somehow manage to beat me, what then? FWA sure as hell didn't want me to be their champion...but do they want you to be? Crowds are fickle, and while Ashley O'Ryan likes you a hell of a lot more than he likes me he's not sitting on the Board of Directors, twiddling their fat little thumbs wondering how they're going to increase revenues, merch sales, and PPV buys. Having you as their champion's good so long as you're keeping that belt from me...but if you manage to beat me, what then? You think for one second they want you holding that title anywhere near as long as I held it? Doesn't it seem just utterly convenient that guys like Jackson, Rondo, and Kennedy are surging again JUST at the tail end of my reign and the beginning of yours? You're a novelty to them, Shannon...just like I was. And I call tell by the way you're looking at me that you think I'm crazy, but remember: it's only paranoia if nobody's actually out to get you."

    Cyrus glares at Shannon some more before his expression softens, looking almost mournful. He sighs as if there's some...regret? No, that's not the right word. Resignation?

    "So that's the fork in the Road that's in front of you, Shannon. You can either be this company's top champion and dictate the future of this company or be its cheerleader and let the suits use you for their own ends until they get tired of you. At this point, I've said what I wanted to say about it...the rest is on you. Just know one can either accept that what I'm telling you is the unrelenting Truth and open your eyes or stay ignorant and watch as everything I've said comes to pass anyway. I...I don't want to leave you behind, to be forgotten in the annals of history. But I'm not going to let you stop me from getting everything I want, either. My title, my legacy, this company's complete and utter surrender...all of it will be mine. FWA can't stop me from getting what I'm owed...and neither can you."

    Cyrus goes to walk out of the ring, having said his piece. However, before he can exit the ropes, he's stopped by Shannon grabbing onto his forearm. She doesn't face him, and quietly grabs the microphone from his hands. Cyrus, his expression a mix between annoyance and intrigue, stares down the FWA World Champion, waiting to see what she has to say.

    "Let's say ... just for fun ... that ya' right.

    'Bout most'a ... maybe all of ... that stuff. 'Bout the FWA 'n who they want as champ. 'Bout the fact I've never been better than I am now, after gunnin' for 'n facin' ya' at Back in Business. 'Bout the fact we're the rejects. 'Bout the fact ya' 'n me are ... similar."

    The crowd is a bit rattled by what its hearing, and a smirk appears on Cyrus' face.

    "What am I supposed to do now then, huh? Am I supposed to go the route ya' went, 'n make myself out to be the victim? Am I supposed to go THAT route? Where everythin' is a negative 'n every negative is multiplied into more 'n more negatives until the FWA is nothin' but a toxic wasteland that no one feels pride in and the belt ... THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP ... is ripped apart within this petty, childish battle about vague things like honor 'n leadership 'n respect 'n power ... until there's no honor left anymore. Am I supposed to go that route?


    Nah, man. I ain't.


    That ain't me.




    Or is it?"

    Shannon lets those words sink in hard for Cyrus and the crowd, which has no idea what to think of this.

    "Look ... I believe in me. I believe in my ability to inspire people. I believe that my 'rough around the edges' as ya' said 'n my accent 'n all the other shit that makes me who I am ... that helps people relate to me, see a blue-collar person with her head down 'n nose to the pavement grindin' away.

    Maybe ya' were tryin' to be that, but ya' played that victim card 'n made the FWA 'n the fans 'n the whole system out to be the evil empire tryin' to tear down the 'outsider,' or as ya' say 'the exiled.'"
    She looks into his eyes once more.

    "I respect the hell outa' ya', Cyrus. No one wants me to say that. The FWA management doesn't want me to say that. These fans don't want me to say that. But I will anyway. I respect ya' ... 'cause no matter WHAT ... ya' stand by ya' convictions to the end.

    I get it. I know what ya' believe. I understand ya' better than before.

    But I understood a long time ago ... from observin' 'n watchin' ... even the champ's gotta play the game by the rules already in place ... the rules that others created.

    Cyrus ... ya' didn't wanna play that same game. Ya' didn't wanna have any part of that game, to the point where ya' were willin' to tear the whole house down, just so ya' could feel in control of everythin'.

    I understand ... the burden of bein' World Champion. I get that everythin' falls on my shoulders 'n I have to go out there ... every night ... 'n play THEIR game ... by THEIR rules ... 'n win anyways, without even a grunt or groan. 'Cause I'm good enough to do that. That's where ... our similarities stop."

    Cyrus is not happy listening to this. He thought Shannon was about to give him something, but she took it away.

    "'N I know it hurts ya' to hear that ... 'n I know ya' probably don't believe me.


    Maybe ... juuust maybe ...




    I don't believe any of the shit I just said. Maybe ... maybe I realized somethin' on our path along this long 'n windin' road. Maybe I realized ..."

    The crowd gasps a little as Shannon smirks, and Cyrus lifts his head up. Shannon walks past Cyrus, but not before giving one ... final ... statement, delivered with Shannon and Cyrus just 4 inches from one another. And as she says it, she walks past him, dropping the microphone at his feet.

    "That ...

    YOU ...

    are ...


    As she passes Cyrus inside the ring, she isn't stopped. She steps through the ropes, off the apron, and walks away from the ring to an audible buzzing from the crowd. No one knows what to think, but Cyrus stands inside the ring with the microphone at his feet.
    Weinstock: What did we just here? Is this just mind games from the champ or is she actually buying in to what Cyrus is selling?

    They call him the "Truth" for a reason boys, even your precious Shannon O'Neal is finding out that Cyrus doesn't lie. How does it feel to see your hero start to waiver?

    That's a bit much, Piers. We'll find out who's wavered when Cyrus Truth and Shannon O'Neal collide for the FWA Championship in a 2 out of 3 falls match!


    A small promo plays that acts as a replay of the events between Chris Kennedy and Ryan Rondo from the previous edition of Fight Night: Rondo is able to surprise attack Kennedy and brutally assault him - the result being that Chris Kennedy had suffered an injury to his leg with everything else being inconsequential.

    We come back to the arena where "Ambition and Vision" hits to a massive amount of boos from the crowd. Out onto the stage comes "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo -- he stops and cups his ears for a minute to let the crowd get their boos in. They don't appear to be receding at all and Rondo decides to get on with it as he strolls down to the ring. He's dressed to wrestle - although he wears a plain black t shirt with plain white lettering on it that spells out "RYAN RONDO" ...

    Eventually, he gets into the ring and calls for a mic. He demands absolute silence and waits for the fans to die down.

    Ryan Rondo: Everyone. I have an important announcement to make. Please, be quiet and let me speak...

    I would like to apologise...

    My actions last week... they weren't very nice. They were so very rude, infact. And... well, I need to remedy them. See, I still think Chris Kennedy absolutely sucks...


    I should have given him a fair fight. Soooooooo that's why we're having a fair fight TONIGHT! Hit that goddamn music and get Chris Kennedy out here so we can do this!

    The fans perk up - they get to their feet and look to the stage, expectant, as the sounds of "Bittersweet Symphony" begin... They begin to cheer... but the cheers sound confused as the music playing begins to transition into what appears to be a recording of Rondo humming the song. The suspicions are confirmed when Rondo's voice is heard singing the lyrics and a guy who resembles Scrawny Ronny but dressed in Kennedy attire with fake tattoos appears on stage.

    Ryan Rondo:

    There's more boos as 'Kennedy' reaches the ring and steps through. He tries to square up to Rondo but a FWA official separates them... Rondo puts the mic down and demands the referee rings the bell...
    Singles Match
    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs 'Kris Kennedy'

    The fake Kennedy tries to lock up with Rondo right away but "The Last Star in the Sky" ducks under and bounces off of the ropes before hitting a dropkick to the knees that the imposter sells like death. Rondo sits and poses for the fans before getting back to his feet and lightly tapping 'Kennedy' on the back with his boot - 'Kennedy' flops around like he's being stomped through the ground. There's clearly no enjoyment for the live crowd as the match seems to be making a mockery of wrestling, Kennedy and the FWA in general. Rondo puts the fake Kennedy in a headlock and there's a false hope spot as Kennedy gets back to his feet and throws Rondo into the ropes -- but Rondo knocks him down with a shoulder tackle. Rondo then decides to hit the ropes and tease an elbow drop... but he jumps over the prone Kennedy and hits the adjacent ropes. He repeats this a good four or five times before deciding to give his foe an eye rake that gets him to his feet and sends him flailing backwards over the top rope. Rondo goes after his foe and takes him back into the ring. He eye rakes him again and goes for a pin... it's a close two count but 'Kennedy' is able to get his shoulder up. Rondo then takes his t shirt off and starts to choke the fake 'Kennedy' with it - the pair have their backs to the main stage. The referee tries to stamp authority but Rondo pretty much ignores him. The referee threatens the DQ...

    ... but instead, the fans seem to perk up at something else...

    The REAL Chris Kennedy appears on stage with a steel chair in hand! He begins marching down towards the ring - a slight limp and knee brace being worn. He has clear murderous intent in his eyes. The fans can barely contain their excitement! Rondo notices the fans' suddenly getting excited and turns around to see Kennedy beginning to get into the ring. Kennedy charges Rondo with the steel chair and looks to hit him with it... but Rondo grabs the faker and hoists him infront of the chair - it crashes into him instead! Rondo is able to use the slight diversion to his advantage is he hits a shoulder block to Kennedy's leg and disarm him. In the meantime, the referee disqualifies Rondo due to the interference.

    Winner: Kris Kennedy via Disqualification

    As the referee checks on the fake Kennedy, Rondo and the real Kennedy decide to have a short brawl as they roll around on the canvas. They eventually separate and Rondo is first to get to his feet due to the luxury of not being injured. He stomps away on Kennedy's leg as the crowd boos. Rondo eventually stops and backs up to the chair - he taunts Kennedy and asks him if he's really stupid enough to want a round two... the referee tries to force the chair away from Rondo but gets rebuffed. As Kennedy uses ropes in the corner to get to his feet, Rondo teases hitting him with the chair - he fakes it before dropping the chair and looking Kennedy dead in the eye with a smirk. He kicks Kennedy's leg and sweeps him to the floor before bending down and giving Kennedy a playful pat on the head, mocking him. There's a bunch of boos but eventually cheers break out as the defiant, injured Kennedy refuses to break his stare at Rondo and then hits him with a rebellious slap to the face! Rondo turns his face away and smirks. He gives Kennedy some sarcastic applause before picking up his shirt and rolling out of the ring, laughing. Kennedy gets back to his feet in the ring and demands that Rondo get back in to continue the fight... but Rondo demands a mic and begins to walk up the ramp. Kennedy whips the crowd up into a frenzy that forces Rondo to turn back around and suddenly storm to the ring! Just as he's about to get in, he stops short and lifts the mic to his mouth...

    Ryan Rondo: I can't fight you in this condition, Chris. I've just had a really tough, gruelling match. It wouldn't be fair. I tell you what... you show up on the Anniversary Fight Night... and I'll show up too. How does that sound? In the meantime... have my shirt. You can't buy it from the FWA shop. It's a collector's item. It'll be worth more than you soon. Just don't try to wear it... it won't shrink to fit inferiority.

    He chucks his shirt into the ring - caught by Kennedy - before dropping the mic and backing up the ramp, smirking. The fans throw various taunts at Rondo as he does so whilst Kennedy throws the shirt to the ground in disgust and stands at the ropes, shouting at Rondo. As "The Last Star in the Sky" disappears, "The Astonishing One" gets to take out some frustration as he lays out Kris Kennedy with the Bittersweet Chin Symphony to give the fans a big pop and show that he's still capable of delivering the goods with one leg.

    James Sync is already standing in the ring as we await our next match.

    With heart as cold as ice
    Only paying the price
    Lonely and forever lost
    Fear his wrath by far the most

    “Broke, Beat and Scarred” by Metallica blared over the speakers of the arena as the lights slowly dimmed to black. As the drums and guitar intensified, the crowd buzz picked up in anticipation. When the vocals started, the stage lit up and

    David Weinstock: And this, folks, is not somebody that James Sync wants to have to deal with tonight.


    Piers Gallagher:After what happened to Wolf on his big return last week, losing to a newly inspired Michael Garcia, I don't think ANYBODY wants to face Wolf tonight.

    David Weinstock: I don't even think Kazadi would want Wolf tonight.

    Piers Gallagher: Why would he, he's competing for the North American title tonight?

    Appeared in big red letters on the tron above. The moment that Adrian Wolf set foot onto the stage the roof nearly blew off the arena! With adrenaline coursing through his veins, Wolf ran out and let out a howl on each side of the stage! Wolf ran back to the center of the stage where a single spotlight shown on him as he made the walk that the FWA universe has been waiting for far too long. As he reached the center of the ramp, he stopped and let out one massive howl that preceeded an arena full of howls as Wolf soaked in the spotlight. He savored every second as he slowed down the pace and paused on the steel steps before stepping between the ropes and beating his chest, keeping the sdrenaline pumping. Wolf waited few seconds before…

    Langdon Trafford:Well, let's not completely count out James Sync here.

    David Weinstock: Hey, I can be as impartial as the next guy but...

    Piers Gallagher: This is Wolf we're talking about here and James Sync has not been on the winning streak here lately.

    David Weinstock: And Wolf looks like he needs to make an example tonight!

    Singles Match

    Wolf VS James Sync

    The bell rings and both men stare each other down. Sync ducks to the outside to avoid a lock up and Wolf follows, giving chase. Sync heads back into the ring and so does Wolf, hitting a big back elbow and taking Sync into the corner with a nasty chop. Another big chop from Wolf and he hits Sync with a body press from the second rope before hitting a big shoulder block. Another big chop from Wolf lays James out. Wolf soccer kicks Sync in the ribs before picking him up for a suplex. Sync reverses it and goes right for the ribs before driving Wolf down stomach first over his knee.

    Sync punches Wolf, but Wolf fights back. Wolf is able to send Sync over the top and to the outside with a big back drop. Wolf plays to the crowd before baseball sliding towards Sync. Sync ducks and Wolf falls to the outside. Sync rolls back to the inside, but breaks the count to head out and tosses Wolf into the ring apron. Wolf rolls into the ring and Sync gets a quick near fall.

    Sync chokes Wolf and taunts him while the ref counts. Sync breaks and lets Wolf get up, only to hit a dropkick to the ribs for another near fall. Sync locks in what looks like a modified seated abdominal stretch, but Wolf is able to fight to his feet. The two men fight with Sync backing Wolf into the corner and hitting a giant splash. Sync gets another two count for his effort.

    Sync shows off a bit, shaking his hips, before hitting a big neckbreaker and posing with his foot on Wolf’s chest for a two count. Wolf begins to fight back, but James lays in with the rights and takes Wolf into the ropes. Wolf rolls up Sync for two, but Sync comes right back with a big clothesline. Sync tries for another splash but Wolf moves and Sync crashes into the corner. Wolf hits a low dropkick, then a couple of shoulderblocks, but Sync goes for the ribs again and Wolf is stopped cold. Sync runs into a big boot from Wolf, and Wolf heads to the middle rope for a double axe handle smash, but Sync sends Wolf into the corner ribs first and follows with a rocker dropper for two.

    Sync kicks at Wolf’s ribs, doing even more damage. Wolf catches Sync’s leg and tries for a single legged crab, but Sync fights it off. Wolf hits a running STO for a two count. Wolf sends Sync into the corner, but he ends up trapped in a sleeper out of nowhere. Wolf fades, but gets a second wind, crashing backward into the corner. Sync kicks Wolf in the ribs and heads to the top, but he’s stopped by Wolf. Wolf heads up after Sync and stands on the top, hitting him with repeated rights before delivering a huge superplex. Wolf goes to cover. One...Two... Sync grabs the rope. Wolf stands up and snarls at Sync before picking him up off the mat and hitting A FINAL HOWL OUT OF NOWHERE followed by a succesful pin fall. One.. Two.. Three.

    Winner: WOLF




    The camera throws back to the commentators at the desk before the next match.

    LT: Ladies and Gentleman, last Fight Night, FWA General Manager Ashley O'Ryan gave a wide ranging interview giving his thoughts on various topics, one of which was the X Division Championship and X Champion Jason Randall. We want to share with you this tweet, from earlier in the day from Ashley O'Ryan:

    They throw to a screenshot of O'Ryans account with the tweet while Langdon Trafford reads the tweet out loud.

    LT: "From now until Mile High, the X Division Championship will be defended on EVERY FWA show. This belt will truly be about survival of the fittest #Gauntlet"

    And we can confirm now to you, ladies and gentleman, that it is indeed official!! The X Division Championship will be defended on every FWA show starting tonight, until Mile High!! And we already know later tonight, the first man to challenge Jason Randall in this X Division Gauntlet run, the man who receives the honor of taking the first shot at the champion, will be none other than the masked vigilante himself, the anti-hero, Deception!!"

    A quick graphic hyping the X Title match later on the show between Deception and Jason Randall is shown before the camera returns to the commentary desk.

    PG: This is a witch hunt by O'Ryan against Randall!!!! How you two can just sit here and promote this injustice is beyond me!!!! That freak Deception has no business being in the ring with The Wildcard!!

    DW: Randall says he wanted more competition, he said that he thought the best and baddest in FWA were ducking him! Well, people won't be ducking a chance to get in line for this gauntlet! Will Randall even survive until Mile High? By then Randall might not even be X Division Champion! Maybe Deception will be the one who ends the gauntlet with the belt!!

    PG: That's exactly what you and O'Ryan want, to SCREW Randall out of his title!!! And putting him in the ring tonight with that crazy no-face Deception, its a conspiracy!!

    DW: Deception beat Hanz Gruber last week, theres no conspiracy. Is your tin foil hat too rough around the edges, Piers?

    LT: As much as I enjoy hearing Piers rant, we need to move on to our next match, a match that may well have implications in who gets an upcoming chance in this X Division Gauntlet!

    Mark Merriweather vs "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Mark Merriweather is out first for this FN rematch, but as soon as he slides into the ring, Tommy Thunder charges down the ramp right after him and starts blindsiding him! The ref awkwardly calls for the bell as Thunder rains down shots on Merriweather. Merriweather kicks Thunder off of him and tries to get up. Thunder throws off his jacket and charges Merriweather, but Merriweather backdrops him to the outside! Merriweather goes outside and starts to stomp away at Thunder. The ref starts to count as Merriweather points mockingly at Thunder. Thunder sees the opening, grabs Merriweather, and bull charges him into the steel ring steps!! Merriweather is hurt, but Thunder collapses himself, holding the top of his head!

    Langdon Trafford: I think Thunder might have hit his own skull on the steps as he was ramming Merriweather into them!!

    Piers Gallagher: He was blinded by revenge, Langdon!!!

    David Weinstock: The count, guys...

    The refs count is '7' as both men struggle up. Both men try to slide back into the ring but run into each other!! They charge at each other and double clothesline each other!!! The crowd 'ooooooooohh's as the ref cringes and counts to '10' with both men still wiped out on the outside.

    Winner: Nobody, Double Count Out




    Langdon Tafford: Now, ladies and gentlemen we wanna talk about a certain superstar whose future is up in the air
    at the moment. Two weeks ago, we saw Starr take on Tommy Thunder in a match to see who went onto the second round and we want you to pay close attention to this moment.

    Starr kicks out at 2! Thunder slaps the mat in frustration and glares at the ref. Thunder then gets up and sizes up Starr for a Shining Wizard, but Starr rolls towards the ropes. Thunder goes over and grabs Starr by the hair and starts slapping him around. Thunder turns around and headlocks Starr, but as he tries to bulldog Starr down, Starr slips the headlock and instead gives Thunder a Backstabber!! Thunder bounces off Starrs knees and writhes in pain center ring. Starr, however, doesn’t go for the cover and instead needs to use the ropes to steady himself.

    Indeed, blood is streaming down from Starr's nose from the earlier facebuster. Starr wipes the blood away, and now with a clearer head, charges Thunder as Thunder gets up…

    Langdon Tafford: Now, Starr said he was fine after his match and decided to go on in the tournament. Last week, he took on Bell Connelly. In another match of the night contender, Bell came out victorious… but then this happened…

    Starr rolls out of the ring and is collapsed on the outside, not moving besides heavy heaves of breathing. A FWA physician scurries down the ramp to check on him. A moment later, his agent Anna Alexis also sprints down the ramp and joins the physician in checking on his condition.

    Bell slowly rolls out of the ring, takes a quiet look at Anna Alexis and the physician crouching over Starr, and then continues walking up the ramp while favoring the shoulder that she used to ram Starr with on the suicide dives. The physician asks Starr to give him some form of physical response.

    The titantron then catches Starr giving a weak thumbs-up to the physician.

    Langdon Tafford: With us right now live via satellite is the man in question, Starr.

    The commentators gesture towards the titantron. The camera swoops towards the tron just as the FWA logo on screen changes to an unidentified training facility.

    Starr: What's up guys? -

    The fans in attendance cheer as his face comes up on the big screen.-

    David Weinstock: It seems the FWA fans have really turned around on you lately.

    Starr: I appreciate all the love I get from the fans. I feed off of their energy and it fuels me in my matches. And the tweets and messages I’ve received telling me to get well soon is honestly shocking to me.

    Piers Gallagher: Speaking of matches, what are you doing via satellite and not here?

    Starr: Well Piers, I was ordered by the FWA higher ups to travel to a training center as one of their appointed doctors need to sign off that I'm medically cleared to compete. Your standard impact test and such.

    Langdon Tafford: Any results you can share?

    Starr: I can report right now that they’ll need to see more before I get cleared to compete again. Until then, I'm off your TVs. Sorry guys.

    Piers Gallagher: Well if you don't mind us asking, Kazadi or Connelly?

    Starr: Oooo, after our match last week, Connelly really showed she's dedicated to winning this tournament. That being said, Kazadi is a guy who will do whatever it takes to win. It's not easy picking a winner, buuuut… I'm going with Bell. For personal reasons.

    Langdon Tafford: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us and we wish you a speedy recovery.

    Starr: Thanks guys. I'm looking real forward to tonight's matches! Let's get back to some FWA action!

    As Starrs face fades out from the tron, the audience breaks out in polite applause.

    Langdon Tafford: You heard it from the man himself, ladies and gentlemen, 'One in a Million' will be back in a FWA ring as soon as possible!

    David Weinstock: He really went all out in his two NA tournament matches guys. I know the fans are disappointed he isn't here tonight, but I'm sure he'll be back better than ever.

    Piers Gallagher: Nobody cares about Starr!!! The real question is where is Anna Alexis and why wont she return my calls???

    David Weinstock: Somethings the world will never know. Anyways, now we're going to throw it back to Todd Salum, who's standing by with Zachary Kazadi

    Fight Night heads backstage where Todd Salum stands in front of the Fight Night set. He is looking stern and slightly displeased to be here, but ever the professional, he holds his microphone firm and on cue, addressed the Phoenix audience.

    Todd Salum: Tonight’s main event features the finals of the North American Championship Challenger tournament. Last week we saw Bell Connelly defeat Starr and in the main event we saw Zachary Kazadi defeat Phillip A. Jackson.

    You might have expected Todd Salum to have a hard time with that last part, but he does his best to keep any personal enmity out of his voice.

    Todd Salum: Tonight, Bell Connelly faces Zachary Kazadi in the finals of this tournament to earn a North American Championship match against Mike Parr. Here with me is one of those contestants… Zachary Kazadi.

    The divisive - mostly jeering - response Kazadi has become accustomed to is heard loudly across Phoenix as the camera zooms out to reveal the man in question. He’s dressed in his full wrestling gear, his hair slicked back in a pony tail, but he isn’t quite paying attention to Salum.

    Todd Salum:Last week, Zachary, you made Phillip tap out in the main event of Fight Night. Quite frankly, not many could have predicted how that match would turn out, the end result, and the means by which the decision was made. And though I don’t necessarily respect your attitude, I owe you a measure of acknowledgement for your performance…

    Todd sorts of drifts off when he notices Zachary isn’t really paying him any attention. He frowns and clears his throat. Zachary finally lowers his head and looks down Salum who fearlessly stands his ground under a furious glare. Kazadi grabs the microphone and takes it.

    Zachary Kazadi: Last week, Todd, in outright respect for your legacy, I asked you to be the one to interview me in one of the biggest match of my career to date. In exchange, I was essentially referred to as arrogant, an upstart, as a man of hubris. Todd, you ridiculed me. So Todd, this is what we’re going to do, you’re going to ask questions and this man…

    In a fitted suit, a shorter bald black man comes into the scene to sort of half-shove Todd Salum and stand between him and Kazadi. He wears a fitted suit that’s not quite lavish but certainly demonstrates a sense of pride in himself. The camera zooms out to give all three men equal grounds in the camera.

    Zachary Kazadi:DeAndre A. Smith, will answer questions for me. Quite frankly, you’re no longer worth my time, Todd. Not because I’m arrogant, or filled with hubris, but because I respect myself, and I’m not going to lower myself to someone who doesn’t respect me. If I have anything to say, I don’t need you to carry out that message, if I have anything to say - be that to Ashley O’Ryan, the men and women in suits, or my opponent, they’ll have heard or will hear it straight from me. Now go on, Todd, do your job, ask your questions, and DeAndre will do his, and answer them.

    Todd Salum can’t quite hide his anger once it overcomes the shock of Kazadi’s verbal offenses. Kazadi returns to his earlier position, eyes looking beyond the camera. DeAndre nudges Salum on, pointing to his watch.

    Todd Salum: Well… uhm… tonight you’re facing Bell Connelly. Bell has of course had iconic success in the now defunct Women’s Division, and in the past year we’ve seen her compete against men like Cyrus Truth and Ryan Rondo in some of the biggest matches in FWA. You’ve-

    Todd stops himself midsentence, stares at the eager look on DeAndre’s face and removes his headset piece and drops the microphone.

    Todd Salum: Forget it.

    It looks like the man has better things to do than this. Kazadi spares the wavering Salum a glare but nods to DeAndre to pick up the microphone. He does, and the camera now centers on DeAndre and Kazadi.

    DeAndre A. Smith: You were all promised to hear from the man competing in his second straight main event, the Alpha Wolf, tap out or pass out, Zachary Kazadi, so allow me to deliver that message. Bell… Zachary spent all too much time praising you, and acknowledging your accomplishments, because he’s a man that admires talent, hard work and competition. That’s exactly what Todd was about to do right now. He was about to praise you and acknowledge your accomplishments. But let’s be honest for a second, what does it say about Zachary if he can’t beat you tonight, even considering all those accomplishments? What does it say about his victory over Phillip A. Jackson? It becomes meaningless!

    He nods, a frown on his face.

    DeAndre A. Smith: You, Bell, like KAIZEN… are one of the two people who spent all of 2016 and 2017 brushing hands with FWA’s ceilings… and couldn’t break through. To you, Bell, this match is a chance to show that while you’re not the best… you can at least be second best. To Kazadi, having his first real chance at moving up the ladder, it’s an opportunity to show the world that he’s still ready to rise up and push through that glass ceiling. But losing to second best… losing to you Bell… that just wouldn’t send the right message.

    That nod turns into a shake of the head.

    DeAndre A. Smith: Bell. We heard what you had to say. We heard you ask why Zachary is here. We heard you say you’re desperate. We heard you say this isn’t a game for you anymore.

    Kazadi visibly frowns at that part.

    DeAndre A. Smith: We heard you say that you’re coming for Zach’s head. You… seem to be confused, Bell. Let me clear things up for you. Zachary is here for competition and to win. That’s been clear since day one. Desperation? What’s desperation ever gotten anyone? What did it get you against Rondo, and that second time against Truth, or hell, Carnal Contendership? And as for a game… THIS WAS NEVER A GAME TO ZACHARY. This was life. Period. You’re only now hunting for Zach’s head? This has been a headhunt for Zach from day one, Bell, and you’ve always been on that list. And now, Bell, you think you’re going to start hunting down the predator. Naw, Bell. It’s like Zachary said, he’s going to beat you… tap out, pass out, one of those is happening. No exception. He’s walking away with your head. The only real decision you’ve got worry about tonight ain’t whether you’re going to give up or not, it’s whether you really want to stay down after it’s all over… or if you’re gonna get back up and actually take this shit as serious as Zach always has.

    DeAndre nods to Zachary and the two walk away from the set. With no Todd available to say their goodbyes, the camera just cuts away.



    Singles Match
    Izzy van Doren vs Hanz Gruber

    The Match: At first, Hanz seems to struggle with how Izzy moves - having never wrestled a woman before. Her aggressiveness seems to take him by surprise as she uses some low kicks and chops to force Hanz back - before knocking him out of the ring with a single leg dropkick. She follows this up with a suicide dive through the ropes. As the crowd get hyped up for her performance, Hanz is able to sneak some momentum back as he grabs her by the hair and throws her into the barricade - showing that he's taking no half measures with her. A lot of the match takes place in the outside as Gruber uses his heavy strikes and clotheslines to ground Izzy against the hard canvas whilst resetting the count frequently. He wastes a lot of time doing this and seems to draw the crowd's ire as they try to force Izzy into a comeback. Hanz eventually gets her back into the ring and gets a few near falls but it's not enough to put the match to bed. Almost anything Hanz does leads to Izzy kicking out and starting a faux comeback. Time begins to tick down for the duo and the crowd become uncertain that a winner will be reached within the time limit. The crowd chant support for Izzy as she refuses to go down to a a sharpshooter submission hold - a furious Gruber tries to cinch it in tighter but still Izzy refuses to tap.

    The Finish:
    After a brief comeback, Izzy is, once again, grounded by Gruber - this comes after a spell of Izzy dominating the match and getting very close to victory a few times. She plays possum at one point before kipping up and hitting a frankensteiner and going for the pin.... but Gruber kicks out just at two. Furious, Gruber tries to lock in another sharpshooter but Izzy is able to twist him away and send him flying through the ropes - he lands awkwardly on the outside. Izzy gets the crowd hyped up again as she goes for another suicide dive through the ropes -- but Gruber avoids it and she ends up flying into the barricade! Gruber sticks the boot in on the ground as the referee continues a ring out count - he reaches an 8 before Gruber decides to roll back into the ring and await his glorious, hardfought victory... but disaster strikes! The bell rings and the match is announced as a time limit draw!

    Match is a time limit draw



    Tag Team Match
    Genocide (Graves & Sinn) vs El Taco Hombres

    The match kicks off with all team members in the ring as well as El Taco Hombres' mascot, El Chickeno. Chickeno tries to hand out a Mexican and an American flag to both Graves and Sinn... but the offer is instantly rejected by the pair and they proceed to set about the mascot. This forces the Hombres into action as they try to attack Genocide. Taco/Terry decides that he is capable of taking the pair on by himself and forces Paco to get out of the way he tries to throw lefts and rights into the face of Sinn. They're not very effective. He absolutely insists that he does not need his brother's help as he pushes Sinn backwards... Sinn hits the ropes and rebounds with a massive Brogue Kick that takes 'Terry' down and sends him out of the ring!

    Paco doesn't take this well and begins to run towards Sinn... but Graves comes running out of nowhere and drops him with a spear! Paco then rolls outside of the ring and looks to regroup with his team... the Hombres seem to bicker and are completely oblivious in the ring as Graves becomes a sacrificial lamb and is tossed over the ropes by his partner.... he lands on the Hombres! Graves is able to then grab Terry and throw him back into the ring where the Taco Hombre struggles to his feet and uses Sinn to stand up. It's a big mistake as Sinn hoists him up and Graves then whacks him with a knee for the final nail in the coffin! Sinn places his boot over the fallen Terry and the referee counts the victory. Watching on is Paco... who seems too frightened/dazed to enter the ring.

    Winners: Genocide (Graves & Sinn)




    Tag League video:

    A montage plays on the titantron, showing faces both old and new which draw a cheer from the arena crowd as they see a video. Teams and wrestlers such as Vodka and Venom, Shane McLean, Brian Carter and Chris Kennedy, Aut Pax Aut Bellum, Danny Toner, 'Rockstar' Randy Ramon, James Hughes carrying both belts, and the current champions The Olympians are shown. As the highlight package plays and Langdon Trafford talks over the video, large words appear in front of the highlights on the screen:

    FWA Presents:


    LT: The season of tournaments continues this fall in FWA!! We still have a triple threat tag team match for the FWA Tag Team titles tonight, but we can confirm to you, ladies and gentleman, that after Mile High, the FWA will present the inaugural WORLDS STRONGEST TAG TEAM tournament, a round robin tag league to determine which duo of wrestlers in FWA can lay claim to being the best unit, the strongest tandem!!! 10 teams, one objective: to be able to call themselves the WORLDS STRONGEST!!!!

    DW: FWA is the ultimate proving ground of who the best professional wrestlers in the world are, and determining the best tag team in the world is no different!! You best believe that whichever team comes out holding the Tag Team titles tonight will be the hot favorites entering this tournament!

    PG: But who's going to be in it???

    LT: The list of 10 participating teams hasn't been announced yet ladies and gentleman, but I guarantee you, the prestige of being crowned Worlds Strongest, to be the inaugural tournament winners, its going to generate some serious interest in the locker room! We might see some pairings we never thought possible join forces for a shot at winning this tournament and raising their own profiles!

    DW:And that's exactly why a round robin tournament is also full of peril for the champions, Langdon! The prestige of the championship belts is at stake if they blow it in the tournament!!! Whoever comes out on top tonight, this tournament clearly lays down a challenge: to go into the tag league and prove that the FWA Tag Team Champions truly are the worlds strongest tag team!!

    LT: And speaking of tag team champions, a former tag team champion is about to be in action, next!!

    Singles Match
    Zako Wrath w/Miss De La Muerta vs "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud

    The Match: Before it begins, the crowd makes sure to vocalise its support for Mac Michaud - one member holds up a "JUSTICE FOR AMY" sign. De La Muerta hisses some last minute instructions to Zako before pointing a condemning finger at Mac whilst shouting some hostile words at him. Mac doesn't take too kindly to this and storms forward... but Zako steps infront of him and blocks the way. The two behemoths have a staredown as the referee rings for the bell. Almost instantly, Mac explodes with punches - the crowd willing him on - as he tries to force Zako back. He pens him into the corner and but the giant doesn't really seem to be hurting from the blows. Mac keeps throwing strikes but Zako will not wilt - he grabs Mac and twists around before launching him with an overhead belly to belly! There's a brief pause as Mac seems stunned at this. The surprise shakes him a little but he still goes on an assault and tries to use a big boot to take him down... but there's nothing to it. Zako dominates from this point onwards and uses a plethora of suplexes to grind Mac down. The result seems to become a formality as the match drags on - Mac seems to have met his match in terms of monstrosity. It seems like the match is over as Zako delivers a kick to the gut in the middle of the ring before hitting the ropes (extra momentum) to deliver the Reaper's Slash chop...... But Mac manages to hit a spinebuster out of nowhere! The momentum shifts as Mac is able to suddenly start launching Zako around the ring with suplexes instead!

    The Finish: A frustrated Miss De La Muerta tries to urge Zako on but it seems like Mac Michaud has managed to pull it off. He looks to go for the punt kick but Zako is able to JUST move out of the way. De La Muerta distracts Mac from the ringside as Zako recovers in the ring and then bullrushes him and sends him right into the corner with a spear. Mac is stunned and Zako pulls him out and hits him with the Reaper's Touch release vertical suplex! The crowd let out boos aimed at De La Muerta as Zako makes the cover and is able to pick up another big victory.

    Winner: Zako Wrath



    There is a pop as the music of Phillip A. Jackson hits. The crowd get to their feet as the arena is lit by multicoloured lights and the ramp comes back into focus as Phillip A. Jackson steps out onto the ramp with microphone in hand. Jackson is wearing a t-shirt ‘The project has begun’. Jackson walks down the ramp and slides into the ring. Jackson climbs up on the far side turnbuckles and taunts as the crowd pop again. Jackson climbs down and sits in the middle of the ring with his legs crossed. Jackson looks out into the crowd and smiles.

    Jackson: The past few weeks have really opened my eyes. The past few weeks I have gone from losing at Back in Business. Beating James Sync and then losing to Kazadi. It has been messy, turbulent and really frustrating. That is why I am doing something that I should have done after Back in Business and I am officially launching the Phillip A. Jackson Project on Fight Night. You have seen it teased but it is here now. What is the project you ask? What is so important to have in place before the launch? That will come in time. This is a quest. A journey to clear my head. To no longer have any doubt lingering in my mind. I have been through an identity crisis, a moral crisis and uncertainty. This project is about exploring who I am not what I was. I was too focused on what I used to be and I want to use this project to elevate myself to a path of clearer understanding about who I am. I want to rescue my own lost soul because I have no idea who I am anymore. In the long run, Ryan Rondo won the war. He broke me and I will admit that to you all. Somewhere backstage he is now about to brag to everyone but good job. I let my head dominate me. I stopped acting and started to think. Thinking made me hesitate because I was no longer sure. I thought beating Sync would be the start but it was blip on a downward slide because Kazadi just bought all that doubt bubbling back up. After all, the last time I faced him I got seriously injured and I let go of it. I absolved him of blame and when I came to face him there was so much more fire in him than there was in me. This path is not one I have taken lightly. It has required a lot of looking in the mirror. It has required planning. It has required me to learn hard truths that I ignored because my success outweighed it. I am a dinosaur in the iron age. I stand out for the wrong reasons. I was once the highly regarded youngster. The up and coming star set to dominate. I got to the top and then just…


    I had nothing. The idea of who I was became meaningless the second I succeed. I realised I built myself on the perceptions others had of me and that is dangerous thing. It left me with no sense of self-identity. I was reliant on others to make me. My reputation was what others thought of me and I ignored all the signs. It broke me. That happened again, this time. With more experience and wisdom under my belt I decided not to let it break me. This is the Phillip A. Jackson project. No longer am I bound by the past. No longer am I going to overlook what I want in the name of reputation. This is not me being driven by G-Rich, Robbins Thurgood, Thomas Princeton or Jimmy King. This is me, driving me for the first time. This is not me being a puppet to a master. This is not me doing someone else’s bidding. This is Phillip A. Jackson taking control of his actions and taking control of the one thing that has always destroyed me…doubt. This journey is an experiment and it may fail. It may not bring the results I want but I do have a backup plan because I am no longer going to be left cleaning up the mess like I did multiple times. Nothing will ever linger. Nothing will ever control who I am because this journey begins now. When it ends, we will all see what I really am and that is the mystery. I am going to find out who I am and anyone and everyone is invited along for the ride. Welcome, officially, to the Phillip A. Jackson project.

    Jackson stands up and hands the microphone off to the crew at ringside before Michael Garcia’s music hits.

    Kurt Harrington: “The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…”

    The crowd chants in response…. “ONE FALL!”

    Immediately there after ”Universe by Fire” plays over the arena speakers and Phillip A.Jackson emerges from behind the curtain and makes his way down to the ring.

    Trafford: It’s been a rough stretch for Phillip as of late, and the latest letdown was his third straight against Zachary Kazadi. But Phillip seems to have something up his sleeve, and whatever the Phillip A.Jackson project is, he seems to be quite confident in it’s success.

    Piers: Hey, listen up Langdon, Michael Garcia doesn’t give two shits about the Phillip A.Jackson project! He’s got his own project to focus on and that’s getting back into the championship picture!

    I’m Only Human After All

    I’m Only Human After All

    Don’t put your blame on me

    Don’t put the blame on me

    Rag’N’Bone Man’s “Human” caught the audience by surprise as they were expecting “Monster” but the reaction was the same when Michael Garcia came down the ramp without his usual brash arrogance and machismo. He was very focus, just like last week, and he didn’t take his eyes off of PAJ.

    Weinstock: And to your statement, Piers, he took that first step, a huge step at that, last week when he defeated Wolf straight up. Now he’s got another multiple time World Champion standing across from him and a motivated one at that.

    Trafford: This is actually a huge match for both of these competitors.Mike trying to show that last week wasn’t a fluke and that he is pushing himself harder than ever…Phillipn trying to show that his recent string of losses are just a minor setback and that he does belong in the World Title picture!

    The referee made sure both men were in their corners and then called for the bell!

    Singles Match

    “ReIgnited” Michael Garcia vs Phillip A. Jackson

    The bell rings and PAJ immediately goes on the offensive, charging Garcia, leaping forward on him with a barrage of forearms to the back of the neck and head area. Garcia shoves PAJ away but comes right back this time with a dropkick to the knees that drops Garcia down to one knee and then knocking him down by charging straight at him with an array of forearms!

    Weinstock: WHOA! Garcia doesn’t know what hit ‘em!

    Trafford: You said it earlier, David! This is a motivated PAJ!

    One of the forearms clearly rocked Mike as he crawled to the ropes and used them to pull himself up. As Garcia reached up, PAJ took a swift kick to the chest, and then a second. Garcia pulled himself up to his feet as PAJ delivered a knife edge chop and then a snapmare takedown before delivering a kick to the spine. Garcia again went for the ropes to pull himself up and again ate a kick from PAJ, and then another forearm as Garcia pulled himself up. PAJ whipped his opponent into the ropes and bent down for a back body drop but Mike kicked him in the shoulder and then went back against the ropes but PAJ dropped to his stomach. Garcia ran over him and bounced off the ropes as PAJ quickly got to his feet and jumped over top of the big man, landing on his feet! Garcia again rebounded but PAJ delivered a textbook dropkick to the jaw of the big man!The crowd was firmly behind PAJ, chanting his name as Big Mike went to his corner for a break but PAJ followed him in with more forearms. Mike stumbled out, and shook off the blows, drilling PAJ with a hard knife edge chop and then shoving him halfway across the ring! PAJ rolled back to his feet and went right back to the big man, throwing punches, but one big right hook from Mike sent PAJ staggering! PAJ fell backwards into the ropes and Mike delivered three big kicks to the chest that could be heard allthroughout the arena! PAJ fell to the outside in pain as Mike checked his mouth and then followed PAJ outside.

    As PAJ stood up, Mike was right there to deliver a knife edge chop that sent PAJ to the barricade. Mike tossed PAJ back into the ring and then followed him in, but as he stood on the apron, PAJ got up and delivered a shot. PAJ tried to suplex him into the ring but Big Mike connected with a headbutt! Mike tried to suplex PAJ to the outside of the ring! But PAJ blocked it! PAJ dropped down and hung Mike up on the ropes causing him to fall to floor! PAJ tried to springboard off the ropes to the outside but Mike grabbed PAJ’s leg and caused PAJ to fall hard to the outside! With PAJ out of it, Mike grabbed PAJ by the legs and swung him hard into the barricade! It took a few seconds for PAJ to regain his bearings but once he did, Mike sized him up and charged forward, absolutely drilling him with a running boot that nearly decapitated him! The former monster picked up PAJ and tossed him back into the ring, following in immediately and not letting PAJ get to his feet as he began striking him with kicks and right hands before hiptossing him back to the mat! PAJ sat up, only to feel a knife edge chop to the spine and then a kick to the midsection that knocked him on his back, before running the ropes and hitting a running body splash that PAJ kicked out of at one!

    Piers: When have we ever known Mike Garcia to use such a strike-heavy arsenal?

    Trafford: He’s said he’s been working with Stu St. Clair amongst other various workers behind the scene, though. This certainly is a different style than we’re used to seeing from the big man!

    PAJ gets up to his feet and again Garcia chops PAJ so that he falls back to his corner. PAJ fights his way out of his corner but one big kick to the ribs sends him back down to the mat. Garcia whips PAJ into the ropes, but PAJ ducks a clothesline and comes back with a leaping clothesline of his own that Garcia ducks down and catches PAJ over his shoulder and slamming him down to the mat, with a variation of a spinebuster and then following up with a legdrop! As Garcia’s mammoth leg lay across the throat of PAJ, he ordered that the referee count but he only got a two! Garcia argues that it was a three before dropping down and locking in a reverse chin lock. With his knee buried in the back of his opponent, Garcia pulled back as hard as he could. After about 30 seconds, PAJ began to fought out and stood up,elbowing Mike in the ribs and then catching him with a right hand. PAJ whipped Garcia to the corner but Garcia reversed and charged in with a running high knee that caused the crowd to gasp as it connected! Garcia stood back and pressed his boot against the neck of his opponent, but PAJ grabbed the boot and with all his might, pushed it away! PAJ took a swing that rocked Garcia, and then another, and then a third! PAJ went for a discus forearm but Garcia was ready for it and rocked PAJ instead! PAJ staggered backwards and when he came back in, Garcia drilled him with a Yakuza kick!

    Piers: I don’t think PAJ was ready for this offense by Garcia! How could he have possibly scouted this?

    Weinstock: Excellent point, Piers! PAJ had to have been scouting the power game, as just like us, I’m sure he’s never seen this striking game from Big Mike!

    Garcia keeps kicking PAJ in the ribs as he tries to get to his feet. He pulls PAJ to his feet and then up and whips him into the ropes but PAJ reverses.Garcia catches himself in the ropes soPAJ charges forward but Garcia drops down and PAJ lands on the apron! PAJ steadies himself for a springboard but a strong kick to the gut stops that from happening. Garcia grabs PAJ but again PAJ grabs him and hangs him up! Garcia comes back in and PAJ drills him with a PAJle kick!

    Trafford: Garcia has seriously not allowed PAJ to get anything going in this con…WHOA! OH MY GOD! PAJle kick out of nowhere!

    Garcia stumbles backwards as PAJ steadies himself and leaps off with a springboard hurricanrana but Garcia catches him and drops him down with a powerbomb! Garcia keeps a hold of the legs and transitions into a Boston Crab! PAJ struggles but after several seconds he finds his way to the ropes! PAJ pulls himself up and then drops down, grabbing the ropes, sending a charging Garcia over the ropes and to the outside! Once Mike gets to his feet, PAJ runs forward and over the top rope with a leaping Shooting Star plancha! A “Holy Shit” chant erupts as both men lay motionless. Garcia and PAJ both get up and PAJ rolls Garcia intothe ring. Mike staggers around while PAJ springboards off the ropes with a dropkick to the back of the head! PAJ covered but only got a two count! PAJ charged forward again, but this time Mike countered into a Full Nelson which he transitioned into a rear waist lock, and pulled back for a German Suplex! PAJ landed on his feet and again went with a springboard Inverted DDT that took Mike down for another two count! Phillip again ran the ropes but Mike rebounded with a snap powerslam that took Phillip for two!

    Garcia went back to his kicks and strikes but this time after each kick, PAJ started screaming things like “C’MON!” “IS THAT ALL YOU GOT?” “LEXI KICKS HARDER THAN THAT!” Garcia’s kicks got harder but less accurate and so did his chops and swings. PAJ was able to bob and weave until he ducked a wild right and drilled him with a roundhouse kick that sent him back to his corner! And then a spinning heel kick! Garcia fell back but the ropes held him up.The last shot caused Garcia to bleed from the mouth! Another PAJle kick from PAJ rocked Garcia, who was on spaghetti legs, so PAJ went to a rear waist lock and more from Garcia falling than anything else, delivered a German Suplex into a pin!


    Big Mike kicked out at 2! PAJ kicked at the head of the big man, before going back to his corner and waiting for Mike to rise and when he did,he charged forward…right into a devastating clothesline that sent PAJ spinning! Mike covered but PAJ kicked out at one!

    Piers: That was a message! That was a clear, concise message to Garcia!

    Trafford: And one that was heard loud and clear as you can tell by the look on Garcia’s face!

    Weinstock: And the look on PAJ’s face tells the story as well! PAJ is not giving up without a fight!

    Garcia pulls PAJ up to his feet and drops him down with a Homewood Heart Attack!




    Piers: What the hell is happening?

    Garcia nearly falls over backwards as PAJ sits up and screams ‘AHHHHHHHH’, firing himself up! Garcia immediately goes back to work and tries to lock in the Three Rivers Crossing but PAJ fights out rolls to his feet and catches Mike with a third PAJle! Garcia drops down to the mat! The crowd goes wild with a huge “Let’s GO PAJ!” chant!

    Weinstock: Get up PAJ! This is your chance! Get to your feet! The big man is down!

    PAJ rolled under the bottom rope, and then stood on the apron, awaiting Garcia to get to his feet! And when he did, PAJ jumped off with the 720 DDT!

    Trafford: THERE IT IS!

    Weinstock: PAJ GOT IT!

    NO! Garcia kicked out at 2 and a half! PAJ slammed his fist into the mat and was in disbelief! PAJ climbed up to the top rope and jumped off with the Amazing Splash! Garcia got the knees up though and PAJ rolled to his side, and then got to his feet as Garcia hoisted him up and delivered the Steel Curtain!




    Here is your winner @ 16:16 – “ReIgnited”Michael Garcia

    Weinstock: First Wolf, now PAJ! The fire inside of Mike Garcia's soul has been reignited!

    And the project for Phillip A Jackson may be having trouble getting off the ground!

    Garcia makes his way up the ramp as PAJ slowly pulls himself up. Garcia turns around once he reaches the top of the ramp, and sees PAJ applauding him in the ring. Phillip mouths the words "Maybe you are, big man. Maybe you are..."

    Wait guys, did you all see that? What does he mean by that? "Maybe you are?"

    Trafford: That literally could mean anything, coming from a guy like PAJ.... Maybe PAJ is saying that maybe Mike has truly, well, changed?

    Weinstock: I think the last two weeks are proof of that!



    Shannon O'Neal and Humanity VS Cyrus Truth and Mike Parr

    The bell rings and our match begins with Parr and Humanity starting things out. Parr clamps on a head lock, but Humanity sends him into the ropes, eating a shoulder block immediately after. Humanity goes behind Parr, takes him to the mat and tries for a quick pin, getting two. Parr kicks Humanity in the gut and takes him down to the mat, stomping away. Humanity is able to come up with a hurricanrana, but runs right into a back elbow. Parr hits another boot to the gut before sending Humanity to the outside under the bottom rope. Humanity pops up and Parr heads to the outside. Humanity heads in and hits Parr with a dropkick through the ropes. He heads to the outside and Parr picks him up and drops him down ribs first on the guardrail.
    Parr takes things back into the ring for another quick near fall before locking on a rear chin lock. Humanity is able to fight to his feet and reverse a belly to back suplex into a body press. Parr catches Humanity and shoulders him in a reverse torture rack, dropping to his knees and getting the two count. Parr mounts Humanity and rains down with punches to the face. Parr hits the ropes and blasts Humanity with a kick to the face. Parr clamps on a cravat, but Humanity fights up to his feet and out of the hold with a low dropkick. Humanity runs right into a big clothesline from Parr for another two count.

    Parr plays to the crowd before hitting the big corner clothesline. But when Parr heads to the top, he’s stopped by a dropkick from Humanity that drops him back down to the mat. Humanity heads to the top and hits a seated senton before charging in and trying for a hurricanrana. Parr is able to counter into a big powerbomb using the ropes for an assist. Parr gets to his feet and tries for a big boot, but Humanity counters with a roll up for two. Humanity scores with a boot to the side of the head but it’s still not enough for three. Humanity pulls Parr up but Parr hits him with a hard uppercurt followed by a snap suplex before tagging in Cyrus.

    Cyrus enters the ring as Humanity picks himself up off the mat. Cyrus takes Humanity into the corner, but Humanity turns things around. Cyrus shoves him away. A lock up and Humanity takes Cyrus into the corner. Cyrus hits him with a big right. Cyrus and Humanity fight into the ropes and over the top to the outside where Cyrus crashes into the announcer’s barricade. Cyrus and Humanity fight around ringside before Cyrus sends Humanity back into the ring. Before Cyrus can follow, Shannon O'Neal taps on his shoulder, waits for him to turn around and hits him with a hard elbow. Cyrus stumbles back and Humanity pulls him into the ring by his hair. Humanity catches Cyrus with a couple of nasty kick, but ends up running into a big kick and eating a neckbreaker from Cyrus for two. Cyrus goes to pick Humanity up but Humanity strikes back with a hard right before running over to Shannon O'Neal and tagging her in.

    Shannon O'Neal unleashes on Cyrus Truth with a series of hard rights and lefts. Cyrus counters with a hard right of his own which halts her momentum. Cyrus grabs Shannon by the hair, irish whipping her to the ropes. Shannon ricochets off the ropes with a flying forearm to the face of Cyrus Truth. Two more hard rights to the face of Cyrus Truth followed by a spinning wheel kick to the chest. Shannon bounces off the ropes with a flying elbow which cracks over the face of Cyrus. He buckles at the knees and falls to the floor, before taking a pinfall attempt. One...Two...Cyrus kicks out.

    Shannon picks Cyrus up Irish Whips him into the corner. She launches at him and connects with a running high knee to the face. She plays up the crowd for a bit before running at him again but Cyrus catches her with a big boot. Cyrus doesn't see HUMANITY tag himself in when he hits his finisher on Shannon. He drops for the count but the referee isn't counting. When Cyrus realizes it's because Shannon isn't the legal man, it's too late. Humanity from behind with a dropkick to the head. After getting Cyrus up, Humanity comes at him with an impressive flury of lefts and rights. The momentum doesn't last too long, as he inches closer to Mike Parr, Parr hits a reverse neckbreaker on Humanity from outside, which sends Humanity right into Cyrus's finsishing maneuver and then the pin fall. One...Two...Three

    Winners: Cyrus Truth and Mike Parr




    "Don't Fear the Reaper" blares out at in the arena as Deception appears first on the ramp. He keeps his head down as he walks quickly to the ring, ignoring the fans that are reaching out to him by the barricades.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and Gentleman, last Fight Night it was this mysterious young man who emerged victorious in his match against Hanz Gruber, and his reward tonight is getting the first crack in Ashley O'Ryans X-Gauntlet challenge!! Is he the man who can dethrone Jason Randall and outlast the gauntlet? Deception has entered the ring, and he is gunning for that X-Division Championship!!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Just when I thought we had gotten rid of all the masked freaks in FWA... wheres Whyte Thunder when you need him??

    David Weinstock: One thing I noticed is that Deception is giving up a lot of size, a lot of inches to Jason Randall, I'll be interested in seeing how he deals with that disadvantage!

    "Like a Storm" then plays as Jason Randall makes his way out with a saunter, with Penny following closely behind him. Penny snuggles herself under Jason Randalls arm as the crowd boo Randall. Randall and Penny have a conversation as they walk down the ramp. The ramp camera swoops in to get closer, but Randall puts his hand in the camera and pushes it away, yelling 'get the hell out of my face!'.

    Langdon Trafford:
    The champion arrives!! He may not like Ashley O'Ryans ideas for the X-Division, but he is here in defense of his title nonetheless!! 'The Wildcard' is here on Fight Night, and he's intent on making Deception the first of many examples in this X Gauntlet!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Why does Ashley O'Ryan feel the need to stack the deck against Jason Randall?? Why????

    David Weinstock: I don't think its too much to ask for a fighting X-Division Champion Piers. The X Division is baptism by fire! I don't know if O'Ryan is going to find anyone in FWA who can out-loco Randall and Penny though...

    Penny patrols the outside while Jason Randall enters the ring and makes a dismissive gesture towards Deception. Deception, in his corner, seems calm and still.

    The ref calls for the bell!

    X Division Title Match: "Wildcard" Jason Randall vs Deception

    The bell rings and Randall immediately runs up to the center of the ring. Deception puts his hands up to fight, but Randall pushes the ref aside and sticks out his chin to Deception. The camera catches Randall saying 'I'll even give you the first shot, punk" to Deception as he continues to get in Deceptions face. Deception takes Randall up on his offer and throws a huge uppercut which snaps Randalls head back. The crowd 'oooooohh's as Randall reels and then answers back with an uppercut of his own! Deception staggers back but comes back with another shot, which Randall answers! The uppercuts fade away as both men grab each other by the head and start trading fists and forearms immediately!! The crowd roars with approval as the two men stage a telephone booth brawl!!! Deception finally lands one forearm which causes Randalls knees to buckle, but Randall responds by grabbing a fistful of Deceptions mask!! Deception wrenches his face away from Randall, giving Randall the opening to knock Deception down with a short lariat!!

    Langdon Trafford:
    It didn't take long for Jason Randall to show Deception what he's all about!

    Piers Gallagher:
    What you're all about is crying, apparently!! That was a brilliant veteran maneuver!!

    David Weinstock: Deception is someone who likes to brawl but he's going to find out quickly that Randall is more than happy to mix it up like that!

    Randall grabs Deception and throws him into a corner, going both high and to the body with punches. Deception covers up, but Randall sweeps Deception with his foot, dropping Deception into a seated position in the corner. Randall starts stomping away at Deception, then puts the boot to Deceptions throat! As the ref counts to 5, Randall hangs himself up lazily on the top rope, finds the ringside camera, and yells 'You got anymore freaks for me to play with, Ashley? HUH???" Randall steps off at 5 and shrugs off the ref. Randall lifts Deception up in a firemans carry, but Deception slips out! Deception falls back towards the ropes and hangs on. Randall charges and tries to lariat Deception to the outside, but Deception ducks and back body drops Randall to the outside!! Penny tries to help Randall recover quickly as Deception runs the ropes! Deception goes for the dive and Randall covers up, but Deception fakes the dive and instead silently points to his own chin and invites Randall back into the ring!! Randall is beside himself with rage at the disrespect as Penny tries to calm him down!

    Deception showing that he isn't afraid of Randall and his antics!! The gamesmanship has truly begun!!!

    That's Deceptions way of letting Randall know he isn't the only one with some tricks up his sleeve!

    Randall slides into the ring and immediately gets in Deceptions face again, but Deception is prepared this time and tries to schoolboy Randall!! Randall pops out before even one, but hes disoriented and Deception catches him from behind and twists him down with the Double Cross (Cross-armed Neckbreaker)!!

    The challenger covers!!!!!



    Randall kicks out! Deception picks Randall up and tries to set up for DNS (Killswitch), but Randall stomps on Deceptions foot!! Deception takes a step back, but as he tries to re-engage Randall gives him a quick rake in the eyes!!! The crowd boos and the ref admonishes Randall, but Randall doesn't care and lauches himself onto Deception with a Thesz Press, unloading with punches on Deception!! Randall picks Deception up and tries to DDT him, but Deception slips out and gives Randall a huge knife edged chop!! The crowd 'WOOOOOOO"s as Randall reels backward, but Randall comes back with a big boot to the face of Deception! Deception spins around and clubs Randall with a spinning backfist, but Randall stumbles back into the ropes and uses the ropes to rebound lariat Deception hard!! Deception is flipped inside out as Randall goes for the cover, much to Pennys delight on the outside!!



    Deception kicks out!

    LT: Oh that was close!!! Deception however, refusing to fold, not like this!!

    Randalls just been a little smarter, a little more experienced, he's stayed one step ahead of Deception thus far!

    Randall tries to transition to a STF, but Deception rolls onto his back before Randall can lock it in and kicks Randall away. Deception recovers in the corner, then elbows Randall as Randall charges in! Deception attempts to springboard off the 2nd turnbuckle, but Randall sees a flying attack coming and drives his elbow into the small of Deceptions back, stopping the move! Deception slumps back to his feet from the turnbuckle, only for Randall to collar him and give him an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker!!!

    Randall picks Deception up and is heard saying 'not this time kid' as he sets Deception up for Deuces Wild (Double Underhook DDT), but as Randall tries to snap, Deception twists his body!! Randall almost falls into the DNS position but recognizes it and separates himself. Randall tries to clothesline Deception but Deception goes low with a sweep kick which floors Randall!! Deception tries to run the ropes but Randall lunges and grabs onto Deceptions leg!! Deception spins free and drops down for a sliding dropkick which catches Randall in the face!! Randall is reeling as Deception runs the ropes successfully this time and catches Randall flush with Malice Intent (Curb Stomp)!!!!!


    Penny looks like shes about to slide in the ring but the ref kicks the bottom rope to warn her to stay away! Deception dives down to cover!!




    Randall kicks out!!

    Deception slaps the mat, then starts punching and slapping the grounded Randall! Deception tries to pull Randall up, but Randall hugs the bottom rope for dear life, refusing to get up! Deception stomps Randall a few times in frustration, then runs the ropes to boot Randall to the outside. Its the opening Randall needs though as Randall pops up and catches Deception mid-ring with a Slingblade!!!!! Randall grabs Deception up quickly, boots him in the gut, and goes for Deuces Wild again, but Deception breaks himself out of one of the arm hooks and counters Randall with a facebreaker!!! Randall is knocked loopy but doesn't go down. Deception measures Randall, grabs him by the head and steps off the ropes for a Tornado DDT!!... but no!! Randall blocks the move mid-turn and instead hoists Deception into a firemans carry! Deception struggles to slip out, but in one motion Randall slips Deception from his shoulders to his back and CRUSHES Deception down with the Wildcard Special (Over the Shoulder Belly to Back Piledriver)!!!!


    DW: Brutal transition, brutal move. That's gotta be all!

    PG: Bag em and tag em boys, this ones over!!!!!

    Randall covers!!!


    Penny is beside herself with joy!!!



    Winner and STILL X Division Champion: Jason Randall

    Penny slides into the ring and jumps into Jason Randalls arms, knocking Jason down in the process. Jason puts Penny off to a side and yanks the X belt from the referee. Deception rolls to the outside and the ref goes out to check on him. Randall hangs on the top rope and waves his title at Deception, yelling something at Deception with a smile on his face. Randall, still huffing and puffing but drunk with victory stumbles towards the other side of the ring and asks for a mic...

    LT: Deception have Jason Randall all he could handle and then some, but the Champion isn't done talking it seems!!

    Come on, is this really necessa-"

    The lights in the arena suddenly go out.

    LT: Wha... whats going on?

    In the dark arena, a low and sinister whisper suddenly echoes through the building.

    "JASONNNN......... RANDALLLLL....."

    The lights come back on, with Randall and Penny looking around wildly while still standing mid ring. The crowd pops as they turn towards the ramp and see Zako Wrath and Miss De La Muerta standing under the tron. Miss De La Muerta is holding a mic and stares stoically dead at Randall while Zako stands behind her, gleaming with sweat from his match with Mac Michaud.


    With that, Miss De La Muerta lowers the mic back to her leg and slowly lets it slip out of her hand. The mic lands with a *thunk* on the floor as the crowd pops. In the ring, Randall and Penny are both at the ropes closest to the ramp, yelling at Zako.

    LT: Ladies and Gentlemen, the challenge has been sent out loud and clear!!!!! Zako Wrath, who defeated Mac Michaud earlier on Fight Night, he and this mysterious young lady have their sights squarely set on the X Division Champion!!!

    If I was Jason Randall I would be a little worried right now. Is Ashley O'Ryan going to sanction this?

    PG: The UNDEFEATED Zako Wrath, mind you!!!

    In the ring, Randall stands on the middle rope and lifts the X title high in the air. He screams "Come get some, big guy!!!" at Zako before Penny says something to him. "Oh, he might not speak English???" Randall says. He shrugs, keeps lifting the title up, and with his free hand flips Zako the middle finger. The crowd 'OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH"s as Zako sees the gesture. Zakos crimson eyes narrow and he suddenly starts shaking. The camera on the ramp catches a guttural growl coming from Zako, who takes a few sudden steps towards the ring.

    Miss De La Muerte's arm suddenly shoots in front of Zako, stopping him on his tracks. Miss De La Muerta continues to stare daggers at Jason Randall, but keeps her arm in front of Zako. Zako seems almost afraid to touch her arm. He takes one step back.

    "No Zako..." the ramp camera catches Miss De La Muerte saying as they both continue staring down Randall and Penny in the ring, all four of them seething in their own ways.



    Kurt Harrington: The following Triple Threat Tag Team contest is scheduled for ONE FALL…


    Kurt Harrington: and it is for the FWA Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, making their way to the ring, at a combined weight of Four Hundred and Sixty Seven Pounds, being accompanied to the ring by Madison Banks, the team of Julian Watson and Ryan Martin, The HeartBreak Express!

    “Voodoo Child” hit the arena speakers as Madison Banks emerged from behind the curtain, flanked by her boys, The HeartBreak Express. The resting bitch face was on full display of the always attractive Banks as the fans rained down a chorus of boos upon the trio. the HBE lifted Banks into the ring before getting in the ring themselves.

    Kurt Harrington:
    And their opponents, first, weighing in at Five Hundred and Fifteen pounds, Christopher Manson and Buck…THE SIN CITY VULTURES!!!!“

    Dysfunctional Instrumental” blared over the speakers as Manson and Buck slowly make their way out to the ring. Several small children scream in horror at the eeriness of the entrance but Buck and Manson are unfazed as they remain focused on the challengers.

    Kurt Harrington:
    And their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Zues, weighing in at a combined weight of Four Hundred and Eighty Seven pounds, they are the current FWA Tag Team Champions, Ares and Dionysis, The Olympians!

    The Olympic theme played loud and proud as the proud greek warriors, Ares and Dionysis, marched down to the ring with Zeus! They wasted no time in getting into the ring and when the referee held the belt up high, the competitors each picked a man to start for their team

    FWA Tag Team Championship Match

    Triple Threat Tag Team Tornado Match

    The Olympians © vs The HeartBreak Express vs The Sin City Vultures

    The match starts with Martin and Manson pairing off throwing punches, as well as Buck and Watson! The Vultures gain the upperhand and throw the HBE out of the ring and then start squaring off with the Olympians! After a few moments, Buck manages to double clothesline the Olympians out of the ring! Buck drops down to all fours as Manson charges forward and springs off of Buck’s back, diving to the outside with a Senton, taking out both tag champs! The Express get back in the ring and charge forward at their opponents but both men manage to dodge out of the way as the Express collide with the turnbuckles! Watson staggers out and Buck scoops him up, before slamming him back down to the mat! Manson quickly follows with a Springboard Leg Drop! Ryan Martin quickly connects with a Superkick that takes Manson off his feet and out of the ring, but turns around and nearly gets decapitated from a Discus Clothesline by Buck!
    The crowd begins to cheer as BUCK is unaware that the Olympians are standing right behind him. Dionysis charges first but BUCK takes him down with a shoulder tackle. Ares, however, starts throwing hard rights at his opponent. Buck backs up into the ropes and Ares whips him across the ring but BUCK delivers a devastating snap powerslam to Ares! Manson gets to his feet and he and BUCK have their adrenaline flowing as they taunt the crowd!

    Meanwhile, on the outside, Ares, Dionysis, Watson and Martin each take a side and surround the ring! Zeus and Banks begrudgingly nod at one another in agreement as they call their boys to the ring apron. The Vultures realize what’s going on as all four men get into the ring and began attacking the SCV! Ares and Watson pair off on Buck, as Martin and Dio begin firing at Manson! Dionysis gets Manson into a Wheelbarrow position and Martin connects with a Codebreaker! On the opposite side of the ring, BUCK begins to fight back until Ares nails a Superman Punch and then a Cactus Clothesline by Watson! Back inside the ring, Dionysis and Ryan Martin are trading blows. Martin whips Dio into the ropes, and on the rebound Martin drops to the mat, and then leaps over Dio as he comes back Martin drills him with a Roundhouse kick! And then gets absolutely knocked out of his boots by an Ares clothesline! Ares turns around and runs right into a running knee kick from Manson, who gets drilled by a Superkick from Watson! Ryan Martin slides into the ring as Watson picks up Manson and uses his brother as a springboard as he flips over Manson’s shoulder, looking for a Sliced Bread variation but as he goes over the shoulder, BUCK comes in out of nowhere and catches him, putting Watson on his shoulder. Manson delivers a leaping enziguiri to Martin, and BUCK literally tosses Watson in the air as Manson catches him with a Codebreaker!

    A “HO-LY SHIT!” chant erupts in the crowd!
    The Vultures pick up Watson and attempt the Feast of Vultures but The Olympians emerge from nowhere and toss the Vultures out of the ring! Ares picks up Watson in a Firemans Carry and drops him down so the back of his neck crashes over Dionysis’s knee! Ares delivers a Niagara Driver and Dionysis follows up with a Standing Moonsault!Ryan Martin comes in out of nowhere to break up the fall! Spinning back kick to Dionysis! Reverse Elbow to Ares! Running Corner knee strike to Dio! He follows with a combination bulldog (to Dio)/Clothesline to Ares! Martin goes to the ring apron, but Ares follows him and tries to suplex him back in the ring. Martin blocks with a shoulder to the ribs and then delivers a springboard Facebuster to Ares! Martin goes back to the apron, BUCK tries to sweep him off but the alert Martin Moonsaults to the ground below and after a missed clothesline from BUCK….Martin is able to execute a picture perfect Superkick to BUCK! Watson is on the top rope and leaps off with a Moonsault to the outside of the ring, taking out Ares and Dionysis! Everyone gets to their feet but all five men are wiped out by Manson, who dives through the ropes!After a few moments, Manson and Ares are back in the ring with Dionysis following in.

    Ares powerslams Manson to the mat and then sees Dio coming forward so he goes topowerbomb his partner onto Manson, but BUCK pulls Manson out of harms way and Area ends up powerbombing Dio onto the canvas! Immediately, Julian Watson comes in and delivers a running Big Boot to Ares! Martin goes for aspringboard senton on Ares,who rolls out of the way! Dionysis back to his feet and delivers a Fireman’s Carry Facebreaker to Martin, and then climbs up top for a Moonsault of his own! However, before he can deliver, Manson gets up on the top rope with him and German Suplexes Dionsysis off of the top rope! Manson covers but Ares, Watson, and Martin all break up the cover!
    Everyone is in the ring, worn down and trying to get something going! BUCK started to reach his feet so the HeartBreak Express knocked him down with a Double Superkick! And then a Double Superkick to Ares!. And then Stereo Superkicks to Dionysis and Manson, who both bounced off the ropes and instinctively responded with stereo superkicks to Martin and Watson! It’s a Super SuperKick Party! All six men were motionless on the mat! It was almost aminute before anyone reached their feet, but eventually Martin and Dionysis did. Martin tossed Dio over the ropes, but he landed on the apron so Martin delivered aSpringboard dropkick to knock him off! Manson tried to get up soMartin clotheslined him out of the ring but turned around and nearly got POUNCED out of the ring by BUCK! BUCK turned around right into the Fist of Olympus by Ares, who didn’t hesitate to execute a second one to Watson! Ares turned around tosee the Vultures were back and they delivered a standing STO/Running Boot combination to Ares!Ares kicked out at 2!The Vultures couldn’t celebrate as a double dropkick from the HBE took BUCK out of the ring! Manson tried to fight them off but got caught Belly to Back/Neckbreaker combo from the duo!Manson kicked out at 2!The HBE saw BUCK clearly getting to his feet outside so Ryan Martin did a suicide dive to the outside to wipe him out! Martin gets back in the ring and Watson climbs up top as Martin hoists Manson up for the Running Brainbuster and the duo looks for The Heartbreaker!

    But Dionysis pushes Watson off the top and he crashes down below as Manson fights out of the Brainbuster and hits Martin with a Falcon Arrow! Watson pulls himself up and gets caught with a Codebreaker by Manson!
    Ares pulls the referee out of the ring! Manson can’t believe it and as Ares gets into the ring,he confronts Manson and the two exchange blows that leads to a Samoan Drop by Ares! Ares calls for the spear and goes for it, but BUCK drills him with a running boot and then a lifting DDT by Manson! Dionysis in for assistance but BUCK catches him with The Gory Bomb! They then go for the Feast of the Vultures on Ares and hit it!


    Here are your winners and NEW FWA Tag Team Champions: The SIN CITY VULTURES!

    After the match was over, Madison Banks ran over to the apron and pulled Watson and Martin to their feet and proceeded to scold them on their loss. Madison slapped Watson, and then Martin before turning around and walking up the ramp. The new tag champs celebrate as Buck stands tall over Ares!




    The Fight Night feed fades to another backstage area in a locker room, where we see Bell Connelly. Her appearance prompting a MASSIVE pop from the crowd for the home town gal. But She’s already dressed in her ring attire making her final preparations seemingly already in her "Warrior" state of mind. Kicking the living hell out of a punching bag like it owed her money seemingly covered in sweat and heat. Her body fills with each inhales, and with every exhale releases a sharp kick to the pad. Sweat drips off the edges of her hair, the bottom of her chin, and the tips of her fingers She backs off a little from the bag to reveal, there are several pictures pinned to it the kicking bag. Bell losing the women's title. Getting pinned by Cyrus Truth. Getting choked out by Rondo. Almost a collage of her recent failures. Bell stops to take a final breath and turns to walk on out, but she’s met at his door by someone very familiar to her.

    "Yo, Bell ... hold up a sec."

    Shannon O'Neal is the owner of the voice that stopped Bell in her tracks. Shannon pops into the screen from the right side and Bell turns to face her, a dropped expression showing. Shannon seems a bit hesitant to keep on, and she sort of looks uncomfortable as she tries to stand awkwardly in front of the North American Championship contender.

    "Yo ... I ... uh ... wanted to ... uh ... talk. It seems we haven't really since ... ya' know ... Back in Business 'n all. I texted a few times but maybe ya' were busy. ... I just wanted to ... uh ... make sure ya' were OK.

    And wanted to say good luck 'n all before ya' face Kazadi. I want ya' to win this thing. I want ya' to be North American Champ."

    Bell stands silently as Shannon pauses for a second, seeing if Bell will gleefully reply like in the past. When Bell doesn't, Shannon looks down and continues talking. Her World Championship belt shines on her shoulder, and it seems to have caught Bell's attention.

    "Look uh ... I didn't really want this to turn out this way, ya' know. When Rondo took ya' out of Carnal Contendership, I was pissed. It should'a been us two at the end. Me and ya' goin' for the shot. But yah ... I know if ya' ... hold hard feelins or whatever. I just wanted ya' to know ... Bell ... I just want us to be close like we were back in the day, last year, when it was us against everyone else. When we were doin' the Women's Revolution thing. That was fun. I had someone. Now I ... I feel alone, I guess."

    Another pause, but again no reply from Bell. Shannon feels the need to backtrack.

    "I mean ... not alone. Just ... I dunno. I just wish you'd say something. I don't know what ya' thinking 'bout everything' with me being World Champ in all. I just ... I dunno why I wanted to talk. Just feels weird since we haven't really talked at all in a while. Anyways ... I want ya' to know I'm here 'n I'll be rootin' for ya' tonight."

    It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Bell simply looked through Shannon with those Azure eyes staring a hole through her best friend passively. Impossible to truly tell what she’s thinking, and given the general unpredictable nature of Bell Connelly. Even Shannon couldn’t understand what was going through Bell’s, particularly odd mind.Still breathing deeply from her warms ups, which come from her is heavy panting.

    However, once the light hit the glittery belt like a magpie, her eyes zeroed in on it. Her eyes utterly entranced by the golden belt on her friend’s shoulder.

    Even when Shannon has stopped speaking, it took Bell a few prolonged awkward moments of staring before Bell’s registered that Shannon stopped talking

    “Did you say something...Oh...right….yeah..rooting...Yeah, you do that….”

    The response upsets Shannon, who drops her eyes to the ground as she stands a mere 3 feet from Bell. She raises them up and tries to find words, but nothing comes.

    "I just hope it can go back to the way it used to be with us. I ain't got anyone else here. So it hurts when I don't really have ya' either."

    “You’re lonely.”

    It was a statement. Not a question, not one that Bell needed clarification. Shannon’s silence spoke. Bell tilted her head just a little to the left as if trying to catch Shannon’s eyes from her downcast position and for the first time in what seems like a ghost of a smile appears on her face

    “You gotta admit. That’s kind of funny, right? I mean, you only came back to FWA because I called you and begged you to team with me and we can win the tag team titles at Back In Business….but I guess that just wasn’t in the cards was it...You didn’t look all that lonely when you were standing in the middle of that ring at the end of back in business, the crowd screaming your name…..And you’re never really alone at least when you have that…"

    Bell gestures idly to the World title around her shoulder.

    “Someone who got everything she’s ever wanted feels alone… that ironic? Or just funny? I always get those two mixed up. It’s something alright."

    Bell doesn't wait for Shannon to answer. She just turns and walks away, leaving Shannon feeling worse than before the talk. But Bell has a match up next, and possibly her own title to win so she doesn't feel the same loneliness Shannon claims to feel.




    A video introducing the main event is played, narrated by a gravelly-voiced unseen narrator and set to an abbreviated version of "Bend and Break" by Keane.

    Various highlights of the North American Challenger Tournament are shown in quick cuts.

    Narrator: 8 warriors entered...

    Footage of Starr, PAJ, and Tommy Thunder feature prominently.

    Narrator: Now only 2 remain!! After two rounds of intense combat, the cream of the crop now face off to determine the winner of:

    North American Championship Challenger Tournament 2017!
    Footage shows Zachary Kazadi making faces at the camera while locking PAJ into his Triangle Choke on the last FN.

    Narrator: Crass... confident... this former FWA X Division Champion has blazed a trail through this NA Challenger tournament, seeking to further stake his undisputed claim to being the Alpha of the Pack! He is:


    Footage of Kazadi defeating both Michael Garcia and PAJ is shown, and then transitions to shots of Kazadi celebrating his tournament victories. Text at the bottom of the screen reads: "Def. Michael Garcia R1, Def. Phillip A. Jackson R2"

    Narrator: Zachary Kazadi has returned to FWA with a bang, punctuated with a signature victory over Phillip A. Jackson last FN to make the final! As dangerous as ever both with his strikes and submissions, Kazadi is now one win away from winning the tournament and being the undisputed #1 contender for the North American Championship!

    But he does not stand on this stage unopposed!!

    The scene switches to Bell whispering something to Starr before delivering the second and final Glitterbomb on the last FN.

    Narrator: His opponent is a woman who has long been a staple of the FWA main event picture! The blonde beauty who, through trial and tribulation, is finding her way towards truly unleashing the beast within!! She is:


    Footage of Bell defeating Tristan Galloway and then Starr is shown, and then transitions to shots focusing on Bells off-color demeanor in the ring during both of her matches. Text at the bottom of the screen reads: "Def. Tristan James Galloway R1, Def. Starr R2"

    Narrator: The change has been unmistakable! The former FWA Womans Champion has shown a new viciousness, a new ruthlessness, a renewed sense of doing whatever it takes to propel herself towards victory! And after a scintillating victory against Starr in the last round, Connelly will surely lay everything on the line to seal the deal on a tournament victory, and a shot at the North American Championship!!

    The shot changes to a split screen with Kazadi's submission prowess against PAJ on one side and Bells triple suicide dive on Starr on the other side.

    Narrator: Two standards of excellence intertwine! Two journeys meet on one single road! Two of FWAs absolute best square off for the chance at Championship Glory, a chance to wear gold around their waist once more!!

    With the backdrop of both Bell and Kazadi in action, a giant word in bold grey text appears on the screen:


    The footage in the background, still on split screen, changes to Kazadi holding the X Division Championship and Bell holding the Womans Championship, both showing the gold off to the camera from a previous time in their FWA careers.

    The giant word on the screen blurs and splits into:


    Narrator: Who will stand tall and force their opponent back to square one???

    A quick shot of the NA Championship belt is shown.



    The crowd is now buzzing with anticipation for the main event. They haven't gotten loud yet, but the tension in the building is clear.

    Langdon Trafford: Call it a hunch, ladies and gentlemen, but I think we're all in for a classic here on Fight Ni-

    The commentators are cut off as "whats kazadis music lulz" blares in the arena. The vocal male smarks explode as after a beat. Zachary Kazadi emerges onto the stage.

    Langdon Trafford: When he first left FWA, there were whispers about his temperament, his confidence, his maturity, but the biggest whispers making the rounds was that he would be back with a vengeance!! And now, ladies and gentleman, Zachary Kazadi stands before you one win away from winning the NA Challenger Tournament, and no matter what happens tonight, we can all say for certain, WHAT A RETURN ITS BEEN!!

    Piers Gallagher: He's the Alpha Wolf, Langdon!! The eyes of the world are on Kazadi, and everyone wants a piece of him right now!! But what Kazadi wants is not just a piece of that North American Championship, he wants the whole freakin' cake!!

    David Weinstock:
    Kazadi's submission skills match up very well against Bell, he has to be the favorite going into this.

    Kazadi makes his way into the ring and takes his time getting between the ropes. He runs the ropes once and then settles in to his corner.

    "Tell the World" then plays in the arena, and the pop it gets is arguably bigger than Kazadis. The cameras catch younger fans in the front rows going insane as Bell Connelly hits the stage. She does some last-second stretches on the ramp and makes her way down to the ring quickly.

    Langdon Trafford: She clearly cannot wait to get this started! A year of near-misses could all be washed away here tonight with a victory in this NA Challenger Tournament!! Spunky, eccentric, never one to shy away from... well, from anything! Bell Connelly has entered the arena, and its been crystal clear for weeks that her mission is WIN this whole tournament!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    She's got an uphill battle tonight though!! Is anyone really willing to bet money on this choker?? Fool me once shame on you, but how many times are you going to let Bell Connelly make you look like a fool??

    David Weinstock:
    Kazadi may be the favorite but you keep underestimating Bell at your own peril!! She looks focused, she looks ready, like its high time to put past disappointments behind her! How is she going to deal with Kazadi's mat-based attack? How is she going to overcome the size and technical disadvantages?? These are all questions that are about to be answered in the ring, but Kazadi, Parr, Humanity, and all of FWA better take notice if they haven't done so already that Bell Connelly is as consistent as an entity we've had in the FWA for years, and that makes he the real deal!

    North American Championship Challenger Tournament 2017 Final: 'The Alpha Wolf' Zachary Kazadi vs 'BEAUTYxBEAST' Bell Connelly

    The bell rings, and the two finalists stare each other down from their respective corners without moving towards the center of the ring. Bell takes the first step forward, but stops as the crowd suddenly bursts into an “Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé!!” song which catches on inside the whole arena and gives the building a true big fight atmosphere. Kazadi finally leaves his corner, gesturing to Bell and saying “come on!”. The two finally lock up and Kazadi immediately twists Bell down into a headlock. Kazadi looks at the ref with a smile and says “you seein’ this shit?”, but Bell hooks her hand behind Kazadis knee and sweeps down for a rollup!!!


    Langdon Trafford: A quick cover!!!!!


    Kazadi lets go of the headlock and kicks out. Both competitors roll back on their feet.

    David Weinstock: Bell Connelly is not playing around, ladies and gentleman, she is going for the win!

    Kazadi brushes his hair out of his face, showing a little frustration. Bell keeps her eyes locked onto Kazadi as the two pace a few steps. Kazadi goes first and shoots low! Bell tries to parry Kazadi but as she reaches up to push his head down, Kazadi transitions off the waist and instead snags Bell by her wrist. Kazadi tries to hammerlock Bell down into an omoplata, so Bell rolls to her back to break the hold. But Kazadi rolls with her and tumbles to his feet! And with Bell still on her back, Kazadi sets upon Bell with stomps! Kazadi runs the ropes, but Bell kips up and blasts Kazadi in the face with an exploding dropkick, popping the pro-Bell elements of the crowd!! Kazadi tries to roll out of the ring, but Bell is quick with the follow and grabs him by the head, refusing to let him slide out! Bell gets Kazadi up and smacks him with a knife edged chop!!! And another!! Kazadi is now wide-eyed but smiling, and after the second chop screams “COME ONNNNNNNN!!” at Bell and delivers a huge chop of his own!! Bell stumbles back, but as Kazadi steps forward, Bell whips around with a spin kick which misses Kazadis jaw but hits him on the side of his collar! Kazadi yelps in pain and stumbles back into the ropes. He loads up a chop, but Bell matrixes under it!!!... except Kazadi is ready for this and without stopping his motion axe handles Bell right in her midsection with both his hands!! Bell collapses out of her bridge and clutches her midsection while Kazadi, breathing out of his mouth already, barks something inaudible at Bell as she lays on the canvas.

    Piers Gallagher: He had that scouted perfectly! Cheap tricks like that won’t work against the Alpha of the Pack!!

    LT: These two competitors are not pacing themselves!

    DW: This is the finals Langdon, its too important, too dangerous to try and save anything!

    Indeed, Kazadi immediately flips Bell over and tries to lock in a rear naked choke!!! Bell gets on her knees and tries to twist out of it, but Kazadi flops backwards to try and secure the hooks and the choke!! Bell sees her chance though, and as Kazadi is falling back, she moves her lower body to one side, blocking the leg hook and making space!! Bell spins free and is now on top of Kazadi. Kazadi recognizes the danger, but its too late as Bell drives a forearm straight into Kazadis face!! Kazadi is bounced off the mat, but Bell is relentless and lays into Kazadi with more strikes from guard!! Kazadi covers up, but Bell stands, takes a short bounce off the ropes, and as Kazadi sits up he is mown down by a running knee to the face!!!

    DW: Bell Connelly has ground and pound in her arsenal? Since when???

    Bell covers!

    LT: The cover!!!!!!


    Kazadi kicks out before two!! Bell wrenches Kazadi down into a headlock of her own! Kazadi tries to play it cool, but after a few moments the pain in his face becomes all too apparent. Kazadi gets back up to one knee and sweeps backward, but Bell lets go and rolls up before him. Bell grabs Kazadi and snapmares him back down! Bell runs the ropes in hopes of another knee strike, but Kazadi this time ducks it and Bell airballs the knee, throwing herself off balance!! Kazadi rolls over quickly and leaps up, catching Bell with a huge jumping neckbreaker!!!

    LT: The cover!!... wait, no!!!!!

    Kazadi looks like he is scooting into a cover but instead of covering, peels one of Bells arms away from her body and tries to give her an armbar!! Bell desperately rolls to protect her arm and tries to stack Kazadi up! But Kazadi suddenly lets go and rolls through backwards, and levels the still disoriented Bell with a huge kick to the head!!! Bell is knocked loopy and swings desperately at where she thinks Kazadi is, but Kazadi easily ducks her, switches behind her arm, and crushes Bell with a Saito Suplex!!! Kazadi doesn’t let go and bridges to cover!!

    DW: Hes holding it!!!!!



    Bell kicks out and falls onto her belly. Kazadi gives the referee a glare and takes some deep breaths. The crowd starts chanting “BELL! BELL! BELL!” but a vocal counterchant of “TAP HER OUT!!” is also heard, bringing the noise to a fever pitch. Kazadi approaches the fallen Bell, but Bell throws out a low dropkick! Kazadi dodges it and immediately goes for the armbar again!! Bell rolls on her stomach to avoid it, but Kazadi grabs her and deadlifts her up!! The crowd 'oooooooooh's as Kazadi tries to get her over the top for a German Suplex, but Bell collars Kazadi by the head! Kazadi stumbles and Bell drives him down face first with a bulldog!! Kazadi rolls out to the apron with a grimace on his face. Bell takes a look out at the crowd, and at the crowds urging, runs the ropes and charges towards Kazadi! Kazadi stops whatever Bell was planning with a rope-assisted kick! Kazadi climbs back into the ring, but Bell catches him this time with the low dropkick!! Kazadi is down on his knees and Bell grabs him and tries to snap DDT him, but Kazadi shoots and pushes Bell off-balance instead. Bell maintains her headlock, but Kazadi lifts her up, spins them both around, and drops Bell down hard with a flapjack!!! The crowd noise picks up again as Kazadi slithers up, stalking Bell!!

    LT: I can barely hear myself thinking, this arena is so loud! No doubt that somewhere in the back, Mike Parr and Humanity are hearing this as well!!!

    PG: Imagine how loud itll get when Kazadi takes one of Bells arms home with him!!!

    The camera catches Bell seemingly talking to herself as she crawls to the bottom rope. Kazadi gets up and measures Bell, waiting for her to get up as well. As Bell slowly rises and looks around for Kazadi, Kazadi slithers out of her vision range, and as she takes a step towards the center of the ring, Kazadi kicks her in the gut and tries spin into a Cross Armbreaker!!! But as they spin down, Bell lets her own body keep spinning and the momentum actually flings her out of Kazadis grip!!

    PG: What the hell??? Theres no way that was planned!!!

    DW: I don’t know Piers, Bell definitely did her homework for Kazadis submission game, he hasn’t been able to catch her once yet!

    Bell is still down center ring as Kazadi sits up, shocked that Bell managed to flop out of a cross armbreaker in such a fashion. Shaking his head, he gets up and walks over to her. Kazadi grabs Bell by the hair and cracks her with a closed fist punch. Kazadi loads up for another, but Bell arm drags him, sending Kazadi flying back first into the corner turnbuckle!! Bell gets up, runs to the opposite corner, and flattens Kazadi with a Glitterball (Running Cannonball)!!! Kazadi is hurt but tries to pull himself up in the corner, but Bell lights him up with a chop!! Kazadi chops back, but Bell gives him a second one which stops him cold and draws a ‘WOOOOOOO’ from the crowd!! Bell is now just smashing Kazadi with chops and forearms in the corner!!! Kazadi falls down in the seated position, but Bell gets on a knee and continues to smash him with rapid forearms!! Kazadi tries a desperation shoot out of the corner, but Bell turns them around, and snap suplexes Kazadi back into the turnbuckles!!! Kazadi collapses down to the mat, and Bell gives the corner turnbuckle a look and a pat before climbing up to the raucous approval of the crowd!!

    LT: Bell Connelly is going for the win! To win this whole tournament right here right now!!! ODE!!!

    Bell gets onto a headstand on the top turnbuckle!!

    LT: TO!!!

    Bell flings herself down from the headstand in a picture perfect crescent moonsault!!!!


    DW: KNEES!!!!!

    Kazadi gets the knees up and Bell crashes down onto his knees. Kazadi reaches up to prevent Bell flopping away from him again, reels Bell in back to belly, secures a leg hook and twists Bells torso into a sickening, almost 90-degree turn with a headlock.

    LT: TWISTER!!! Kazadi has Bell locked into a hellacious grotesque submission, the French Twister!!!

    DW: All the conventional submissions didn’t work earlier, Kazadi reaching for something unconventional!!!!

    PG: Bell is being twisted into a pretzel!!!

    The top of them are still close to the ropes, but Bells torso is being twisted away from the corner so she cant see how close she is. Kazadi slowly but surely uses the mat to create more friction and keep twisting. Bell is being contorted at this point and is whimpering, but refuses to tap. Kazadi starts screaming “COME ON!!!” again as the ref asks Bell if she wants to submit. The crowd is beside themselves with noise as the ringside camera catches Bells audibly gasping in pain. Kazadi is now saying something to Bell from her headlocked position, but the ref tells him to shut up so he can hear if Bell is verbally submitting.

    LT: Will Zachary Kazadi win via verbal submission???

    PG: Its only a matter of time!!!

    Bell desperately flings her free arm around. She tries to push the headlock up but it’s no good. She touches some of Kazadis hair near his headlock and suddenly throws her hand up. Her palm catches Kazadi on the nose. Kazadi is stunned and turns his head away from Bell, but that movement is enough for Bells head to pop out of the twister due to the sweaty arms of Kazadi!!


    PG: That’s impossible!!!!!! How?????????

    Kazadi tries to immediately reapply the twister, but Bells feet at this point are on the ropes!! Kazadi tries to get up and pull Bell to the center of the ring by her arms, but Bell launches herself like a torpedo at Kazadi and absolutely SMASHES the top of her head against Kazadis face. Kazadi falls backwards, holding his face as Bell continues to lay prone on the mat. A cut has now opened above Kazadis eye from the headbutt. Bloods streams down the left side of his face. Kazadi gets up, but Bell is still down from the twister, almost not moving. The ref rushes to check both Bells condition and Kazadis cut, but Kazadi mutters “get the fuck out of my way” to the ref and walks slowly towards Bell. Kazadi tries to pick Bell up, but Bell doesn’t move easily. Kazadi turns Bell around to try and reapply the twister again, but Bell throws a Glitter Kick (Superkick) out of nowhere and blasts Kazadi in the face!!! Both of them fall to the mat!!!

    Bell is still too damaged to cover Kazadi but she gets to the ropes and hoists herself up while massaging her neck. Kazadi is flat on his back and seemingly out of it. As he comes to, Bell stares down at him and suddenly lets out a piercing scream which takes the crowd aback. Bell stumbles forward towards him and grabs Kazadi by the head with both hands. Bell goes for a Glitterbomb (Codebreaker)!!!!!!...only for Kazadi to snare her neck again and throw up his legs into a French Guillotine (Peruvian Necktie) Choke!!!!!!

    DW: FRENCH GUILLOTINE!!! He’s got her locked in, AND HES LOCKED IN HIGH!!!

    LT: Zachary Kazadi with the power lock!!! Is it locked in??? Will Bell Connelly tap?????????

    Bell struggles but she can’t see where the ropes are and her free arm that isn't prying off the choke is being pressed down by Kazadis leg. Kazadi is the one screaming now along with the crowd as the ref desperately checks the situation. Kazadi wrenches his arms and hips, squeezing with everything his has left while turning his face away so that the blood doesn’t trickle towards Bell and help her escape.

    Bell uses her legs and squirms onto one knee to stack Kazadi up!!! The ref counts a pin!!!


    Kazadi rolls one shoulder off the mat to break the count, but hes tired and the shoulder comes down after a second.


    Kazadi rolls the shoulder up again, screaming and grunting as he refuses to let go of the choke!!!

    Inside the choke, Bell slumps down off her feet and onto both knees. After a second, the knees slide backward.

    She goes limp.

    DW: SHE’S OUT!!! SHES OUT GUYS!!!!!!!


    The ref frantically waves off the match and tears Kazadi off of Bell.

    Winner of the North American Championship Challenger Tournament 2017: Zachary Kazadi

    The ref checks on the out-cold Bell and immediately calls for the ringside physician. The physician and referee slowly roll Bell to the apron while Kazadi lays in the center of the ring, soaking up the cheers from the arena. The camera catches several younger fans at ringside looking distraught.

    LT: Zachary Kazadi has done it!!!!!!!! Kazadi marks a triumphant return to FWA by taking the NA Challenger Tournament!! Now the guaranteed shot for the North American Championship, it belongs to that man in that ring, he may be lying down on his back right now but ladies and gentleman, on this night, on the finals of the North American Championship Tournament, ZACHARY KAZADI STANDS TALL!!!!

    DW: Bell Connelly refused to tap and paid the price!! Zachary Kazadi put her to sleep with that masterful, picture perfect French Guillotine, and both Mike Parr and Humanity NEED to take notice of this! My word, what a match, though!!

    PG: The clock strikes midnight for Chokerella!!! I told you she couldn't be trusted to win the BIG ONE!!! The Alpha Wolf is headed towards a NA Championship showdown boys!!!!!!

    The FWA logo flashes on the screen as Zachary Kazadi finally has his hand raised by the ref. Fight Night signs off with Kazadi, finally coming to grips with what has just occurred, staring towards the titantron and ramp area, where he screams something to an unknown and unseen recipient:

    "I'm coming for you....

    Can you see me now???

    CAN YOU SEE ME NOW????????"




    Booker notes - Anniversary show is next week and the card will be going up in a few hours, as well as the promo and promo discussion threads. We do apologize for the delay in getting the show up but things happen. We'd like to get the anniversary show up ASAP so anyone that can can help with match-writing, we would greatly appreciate it. Big show this week leading to a huge anniversary show next week bolstered by Shannon/Cyrus (2 out of 3 Falls), Rondo/Kennedy, Parr/Humanity, Zako/Randall and more. I'll go into further detail tomorrow but this was a great show that furthered alot of stories and of course, big ups to Kazadi and the SIn CIty Vultures on their championship/championship opportunity wins. The X Division is hot as shit right now. Parr/Humanity has gone from being lost in the shuffle to just falling off the face of the planet though and that's my one issue with the show. Really wish we could have gotten a segment from them once in the past few weeks. PAJ and Garcia continue their paths towards change and SHannon/Cyrus give us all a lesson in how to cut an amazing in ring promo.

    Good work, everyone.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    *too busy internally screaming to write something about the show*

    Let's talk business.

    ShannonXCyrus, I ship it so hard. The promo and its psychological aspects are breath-taking. In the meanwhile, heel Rondo is still an extraordinary asshole and I love the shit out of it. World's Strongest Tag League, huh? It seems The Vultures will have to go to some bootcamp for training. The fact that Garcia's theme changed from ''Monster'' to ''Human'' is an interesting change, wonder if anything will come from it. I knew Deception would have a great showing against Randall, it was a good match for him. And Zako going mental after Jason flipping the bird made me laugh a bit. Video package for Kazadi/Bell was well-written, elevated the tournament and the match greatly. Congrats to Kazadi, he has a great chance to take the title with this momentum behind him. Great show, kudos to everything whose involved with the writing.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Quick scan, full review will come later:

    The quote boxes are very distracting. Simple solution is to un-italicize everything. Doing a one-stop-shop formatting will fuck up quote boxes and it looks like the whole text was italicized. I also just don't think it looks good.

    Also, a lot of this is bolded and things like the Kazadi, Starr, and Zako-Randall segments don't look good with everything bolded because the spacing is too cluttered. There also isn't any spacing between those segments and there should be.

    The lead-in to the main event was well done. The nuts and bolts of this show was probably really good (I only know of my segments plus the main event stuff) but there are some big formatting errors that, while they happen, are distracting due to the quantity of them.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
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    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Really great show- and a big congrats to SCV- def deserved the win. I mean T HB Express promo was really good too but had a few errors in it.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    Quick scan, full review will come later:

    The quote boxes are very distracting. Simple solution is to un-italicize everything. Doing a one-stop-shop formatting will fuck up quote boxes and it looks like the whole text was italicized. I also just don't think it looks good.

    Also, a lot of this is bolded and things like the Kazadi, Starr, and Zako-Randall segments don't look good with everything bolded because the spacing is too cluttered. There also isn't any spacing between those segments and there should be.

    The lead-in to the main event was well done. The nuts and bolts of this show was probably really good (I only know of my segments plus the main event stuff) but there are some big formatting errors that, while they happen, are distracting due to the quantity of them.
    Yeah, some of the formatting was a Lil distracting- but as someone who has posted many shows (on a forum that made it hard at times) , I know it's not fun to do.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Yeah, Devin, it was giving me issues so I just said fuck it and posted it.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerful Sayer View Post
    Yeah, Devin, it was giving me issues so I just said fuck it and posted it.
    Don't put a formatting (like italics) on the entire show or big portions of it at once. That'll do it.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Good show guys! I'll get an RP in next time

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    a bunch of problems delayed this show significantly but from a glass half full perspective, the delays gave us time to flesh out certain segments which sometimes would not have gotten that much attention. the Anniversary Show FN card will be up ASAP.

    and also, congratulations are in order for our newly minted NA tourney winner and new tag team champions. may we all be united in enjoying this show, and by a hatred of galatasaray

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Fantastic show, well done to all. Good match Deception, and good luck to Zako in the next challenge for the X title.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Yeah it definitely came out pretty great, you can see certain parts were summed up quickly but that's fine lol, even those things were pretty great, lots of interesting stuff came about... Penny and Miss De La Muerta will make quite the interesting combination at ringside. I was kind of surprised to see Wolf and James Sync end so quickly, I was somewhat pulling for Bell to take what definitely would have been a somewhat surprise victory, but Kazadi is too freshly back really so it wasn't that surprising. Thunder and Merriweather will continue it seems, ok, who doesn't like a good competitive rivalry?

    I'm still figuring out Shannon O'neal's accent and way of speaking...first I thought it was like Becky Lynch, then I thought it was kind of a gangsta thing, but I actually saw last night when reading over some bios that she's into 80's stuff kind of , so that kind of makes more sense lol. Definitely big escalation there with her and the Truth , Cyrus. He should become a Good Cyrus Truth now, lol, heel R-TRUTH reference. How will it play out and how will they go forward regarding it? Definitely one to watch. I believe Izzy and Gruber was also a draw or double count out, so where exactly will that go? We're definitely left with some questions and possibilities going towards the anniversary show. What will Deception do next regarding the hard fought loss? Will there be some returns in the Strongest team in the world tournament? Where's Garcia really going now? And...Deandre A , what's his face? Lol. Mac was dead set on avenging Amy, so what's he gonna do from the loss?

    As said, definitely lots and lots of developments set up and a lot to keep an eye on, definitely a grand show and big time shout to creative for providing it to us.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    I feel like I forgot a few dudes, seeing as how I skimmed my thoughts from memory. I'll give it another look and add more later.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Sorry just getting around to catching up and reading in full now, hectic as late and only have the chance to read as I'm on the bus with my phone.

    Re: the comments at the bottom, maybe next time drop a private message. I promo because I enjoy doing it, not because I have so much spare time that I don't know what to do with it.

    By all means if you would rather that I start to no show or post abbreviated promos so I use the time otherwise devoted to that to complete a segment so you won't throw punches as part of the result, let me know. Find it odd you've chosen to air your frustration about that but nothing else and chose the results to do so.

    As an aside, I appreciate more than most that time can be tight and things can get away from you. In the 5 days the show was delayed (not a criticism) instead of advising to see if I had any time to complete you chose this.

    Anyways, in terms of FNs, that was a great read overall. Thought Bell and Kazadi was close and loving Shannon are the two main take aways.

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    Re: Fight Night 25th August 2017

    Responded in PM. Nothing but love for all of you guys. Sounded harsh, but its just because I really felt this had momentum post BIB and ai was excited to see it!

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