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Thread: WWE Great American Bash 2007 Review

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    Great American Bash WWE Great American Bash 2007 Review

    Great American Bash – July 22, 2007

    The Great American Bash 2007 saw WWE Champion, John Cena take on Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship. In the other main event Batista, Kane and The Great Khali would collide with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line. So without further ado here goes my review of the show from over 10 years ago. Credit to Jim for the gifs he did for his review of this event.

    DARK MATCH: Chuck Palumbo def. Chris Masters

    Matt Hardy vs. MVP ©

    This was a really good opener between two men who were just starting a feud which would go on for some time and be one of the best on SmackDown during this period. I was always high on MVP and thought the Matt Hardy chasing his first singles gold was a good and effective story to tell. There were many near falls at the end with Hardy coming extremely close to winning the title but a wicked kick from MVP at the end of the match would see Hardy’s head which had taken a lot of damage throughout hit the canvas hard. MVP followed it up with a Playmaker for the win to remain the United States Champion much to JBL’s delight on commentary.


    Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Shannon Moore vs. Funaki vs. Jamie Noble vs. Hornswoggle vs. Chavo Guerrero ©
    Cruiserweight Open

    The match itself was really fun with Jimmy Wang Yang stealing the show for my money. Always liked Noble and Guerrero as well so I quite enjoyed this. Nobody knew Hornswoggle was in the match but at the end after a tower of doom spot in the corner Hornswoggle suddenly came out from underneath the ring and delivered the Tadpole Splash on Jamie Noble for the victory. I believe Swoggle was the last ever Cruiserweight Champion before the CWC last year saw TJP given the new-look title. It was a shame they did that as they had plenty of workers that could have kept the division going. This unfortunately made it somewhat of a joke.


    The Sandman vs. Carlito
    Singapore Cane on a Pole Match

    Well this wasn’t great. These stipulations always fail to entertain me and this was no different. Carlito looked like an absolute idiot throughout as he went for the Cane at every opportunity after hitting a punch, a suplex etc. I mean seriously as if Sandman let’s you get to the Cane with that little damage. In the end after missing a springboard back elbow Carlito was left on the canvas as Sandman got the Singapore Cane. Then in one quick movement Carlito won the match with the Back Stabber after ducking Sandman’s wild swing with the Singapore Cane. Finish was smart but the match was garbage.


    Melina vs. Candice Michelle ©


    This match pleasantly surprised me. I mean sure it wasn’t a show stealer or anything but it was actually pretty good. Melina was always one of the better women they had during this era and Candice really improved a lot during this period. Melina carried her to a good match here. In the end Michelle retained her title after connecting with a bulldog driver. I think Melina would actually hold her own in modern day WWE but I don’t think she’s ever coming back with the backstage stuff that saw her leave the first time and the rep she has. Decent match and certainly better than Sandman vs. Carlito previous to it. We head backstage where the Hardys are talking and suddenly Candice pours water on herself and we go slow motion. Man this company and degrading women back in the day…


    Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga ©

    These two always had good chemistry together and this was no different. The styles meshed well with Umaga dominating with his extra power but Hardy fighting back and coming so close to winning the gold with a Swanton Bomb and the Whisper in the Wind. In the end though Umaga would hit a massive kick, his hip attack in the turnbuckle and the Samoan Spike in quick succession to retain the title. Umaga really was great back in this period and it is a damn shame he never became WWE Champion at any point. My favourite spot in the match was Umaga delivering a spinning side slam on Hardy which looked absolutely brutal. The Samoan Bulldozer was just too much for Hardy to handle. Enjoyable and definitely a standout alongside the opener with Matt Hardy involved thus far. Another five minutes and this could have been in the four star territory.


    John Morrison © vs. CM Punk


    Well, this was very interesting as I seem to remember these two along with The Miz having a great Triple Threat around this time but this was pretty awful. And the blame goes largely to CM Punk. He botched a number of spots in this match and Morrison was the one who definitely looked the better out of the two here. I was always a Morrison mark as most people know around here and I couldn’t believe how bad Punk was here. In the end a botched kick which took out Punk in mid-air ended up giving Morrison the victory. This was straight after he had been re-branded from Nitro to Morrison. Definitely not worth checking out though.


    Randy Orton vs. Dusty Rhodes
    Texas Bull Rope Match

    Another match which was over before you knew it and wasn’t really anything to shout about. I think it was clear Dusty was pretty limited so this would have to be short. Dusty used the rope and did a few novelty moves to start things off which got the crowd invested. But the problem I had was that Dusty chose to use an elbow rather than the cow bell early on which would cost him the match. Orton took over and one shot with the cow bell would end the match. It was quite some shot to the head as well. After the match Orton was going to punt Dream but his son Cody would come to the ring and make the save.


    Kane vs. Batista vs. The Great Khali ©
    Triple Threat Match

    People are currently complaining about Jinder Mahal being the WWE Champion, but The Great Khali was probably even worse as World Heavyweight Champion. Yes, his size may have been a spectacle but he just couldn’t wrestle at all. Khali was World Champion after winning a battle royal following an injury to Edge which caused him to relinquish the gold. Kane and Batista put Khali through the announce table early on to essentially make it a one-on-one contest for the most part. In the end Khali would come back in and dominate though. Khali would hit the Punjabi Plunge on Kane for the win to remain World Heavyweight Champion to nobody’s delight in the crowd. Kane and Batista did their best to make Khali look good but it is no easy task as he was so useless.


    After the match, we get a hype video telling us Triple H is returning at SummerSlam 2007. King Booker would then come out onto the stage at the Great American Bash. King Booker immediately called out Triple H saying he is not the King of Kings. Booker starts to pick on Jerry Lawler and tells him to get in the ring and put his crown at Booker’s feet. King refused and Booker called it an act of treason and you would think we would get some physical interaction. Well think again, Booker just left the ring. What a pointless segment in every way.

    Bobby Lashley vs. John Cena ©

    This was billed as the two men who would carry the future of the WWE for years to come but unfortunately this would be Bobby Lashley’s last ever WWE pay per view appearance. The match was pretty good but it felt like the first of what should have been a series. Lashley escaped the STF and even hit a Spear but it wasn’t enough. Lashley kicked out of the AA or the F-U during this period. So Cena would deliver an F-U from the top rope to retain his title. The crowd were really into it and I think Lashley could have been huge for the WWE but for whatever reason it just didn’t happen. After the replays the camera went back into the ring with both Cena and Lashley and after quite a delay the two would handshake signalling their respect for one another. Of course the moment would mean nothing when Lashley underwent surgery the following month and would never be seen in a WWE ring again… at least not yet.


    Overall, this was a pretty unremarkable show with nothing that resembles a must-see match on the entire show. There is usually at least one match I can recommend but honestly there really is nothing on this one that I feel was a big moment. Jeff Hardy vs. Umaga was probably the thing that came the closest. Both world title matches were nothing massive, the Cruiserweight title match finish was a joke and neither tag title was defended. I’m going to rank this show pretty low at 4/10 and blame Lucha Bear for inadvertently picking this show for me to review.

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    Re: WWE Great American Bash 2007 Review

    Pretty forgettable show in my opinion even though there was some good matches on paper

    Fun thought. Heel Lashley of today vs Cena would be a way better match than the stuff they did in 2007

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    Re: WWE Great American Bash 2007 Review

    Umaga/Jeff always had great chemistry together. Jeff's great babyface act plus his ragdoll bumping and selling were perfect for Umaga's offence.

    It took Punk & Morrison AGES to get decent chemistry with one another. It took 3 below average PPV matches to achieve it but they got there in the end.

    I was never that down on Khali was WHC tbh. He was a short term solution to a glut of injuries, and he'd at least worked with the likes of Taker, Cena & Kane in the past and was in the early stages of a Batista feud when he won the belt. He at least had the credibility of a sudden champ, unlike Jinder.

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    Re: WWE Great American Bash 2007 Review

    I always remember Umaga and Jeff Hardy have very good matches together due to Hardy's ability to sell like he is dying and Umaga just being awesome.

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