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Thread: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

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    WWE WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Hey guys, welcome to my new BTB and what I have decided will be the second 'chapter' of Pushing the Boundaries, a thread that I had for over 5 years across this and another forum. I have gone for a different time period, going back to 2006. This is probably the point in time where I used to watch WWE the most, so it has been fun to go back and reacquaint myself with all of the personnel and storylines at this point in time in preparation for this thread. To tell the truth, I have wanted to do this thread for a long time but it is only the past few months that I have actually decided to put my head down and get to work now that I am starting to find myself with a little bit more free time to do this. I'm excited to put this out there given how well much I enjoyed writing for my last thread, Miracle: The Cesaro Story (I have not closed the door to ever going back to that one); now that I have a bit more time on my hands I thought that I wouldn't restrict myself in terms of how much I was writing.

    This thread commences following Wrestlemania 22, and I will be booking both Raw and Smackdown. At this time the PPVs were single-branded, with exception of the 'Big Four' (Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble) so the way that I am planning to write is that where a brand has the next PPV, the shows for that brand will be in full, and the other brand's shows will be written in recap form. For example, as Backlash is the first show following Wrestlemania, Raw's shows will be in full until then, whilst Smackdown will be recapped. Then comes Judgement Day, a Smackdown PPV, so for the time in between Backlash and Judgement Day, Smackdown will be in full and Raw in recap. Where we are headed to a joint-branded PPV, both brands will have shows written in full.

    So all that is left for me to do is say thank you in advance for reading and I hope that you all enjoy! TWG
    WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Wrestlemania 22
    2 April 2006
    Allstate Arena - Rosemont, Illinois

    Pre-Show 18 Man Battle Royal:
    Viscera won by last eliminating Snitsky

    World Tag Team Championships:
    Big Show and Kane © def. Carlito and Chris Masters

    2nd Annual Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
    Rob Van Dam def. Ric Flair, Shelton Banjamin, Finlay, Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy

    United States Championship - Title vs Career:
    JBL © def. Chris Benoit

    (NB: JBL defeated Benoit for the US title on the penultimate Smackdown before Wrestlemania by using the ropes for leverage in the pin. JBL only agreed to give Benoit his rematch at Wrestlemania if he put his career on the line against the championship. At Wrestlemania, JBL retained the title and forced Benoit into retirement when Orlando Jordan made a surprise appearance to distract Benoit and allow JBL to hit a Clothesline from Hell and pin him)

    Hardcore Match:
    (w/ Lita) def. Mick Foley

    Handicap Match:
    The Boogeyman def. Booker T and Sharmell

    Women’s Championship:
    Mickie James © def. Trish Stratus

    Casket Match:
    The Undertaker def. Mark Henry

    No Holds Barred Match:
    Shawn Michaels def. Vince McMahon
    (w/ Shane McMahon and The Spirit Squad)

    World Heavyweight Championship:
    Rey Mysterio def. Kurt Angle © and Randy Orton

    WWE Championship:
    John Cena © def. Triple H

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Roster Information:

    Monday Night Raw

    Hall of Champions:

    WWE Championship:
    John Cena

    Intercontinental Championship:
    Shelton Benjamin

    World Tag Team Championships:
    Big Show and Kane

    Women's Championship:
    Mickie James

    Male Roster:

    (+) Currently Inactive

    Big Show
    Chavo Guerrero
    Chris Masters
    Danny Basham
    John Cena
    Lance Cade
    Matt Striker
    Ric Flair
    Rob Conway
    Rob Van Dam
    Shawn Michaels
    Shelton Benjamin
    Test (Yet to Re-Debut)
    Trevor Murdoch
    Triple H
    Tyson Tomko
    Umaga (Yet to Debut)
    Val Venis

    Female Roster:

    Ashley Massaro (+)
    Candace Michelle
    Mickie James

    Torrie Wilson
    Trish Stratus

    Authority/Other On-Air Personalities:

    Vince McMahon (+)
    Shane McMahon (+)
    Jonathan Coachman
    Jim Ross
    Jerry Lawler
    Todd Grisham
    Lilian Garcia

    Alliances/Tag Teams/Stables:

    Carlito and Chris Masters
    Edge and Lita
    Kane and Big Show
    Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch
    Snitsky and Tyson Tomko
    The Heartthrobs (Antonio and Romeo)
    The Spirit Squad (Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky and Mikey)
    V-Squared (Val Venis and Viscera)

    Friday Night Smackdown

    Hall of Champions:

    World Heavyweight Champion:
    Rey Mysterio

    United States Champion:

    WWE Tag Team Champions:
    MNM (Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro)

    Cruiserweight Champion:
    Gregory Helms

    Male Roster:

    (+) Currently Inactive

    Batista (+)
    Bobby Lashley
    Booker T
    Brian Kendrick
    Doug Basham
    Gregory Helms (+)
    Hardcore Holly (+)
    Jamie Noble
    Joey Mercury
    Johnny Nitro
    Ken Kennedy (+)
    Kid Kash
    Kurt Angle
    Mark Henry
    Matt Hardy
    Mike Gymini
    Orlando Jordan
    Paul Burchill
    Paul London
    Randy Orton
    Rey Mysterio
    Scotty 2 Hotty
    Shannon Moore
    Simon Dean
    Steven Richards
    Super Crazy
    The Boogeyman
    The Road Warrior
    The Undertaker (+)
    Todd Gymini
    William Regal

    Female Roster:

    Jillian Hall

    Authority/Other On-Air Personalities:

    Theodore Long
    Michael Cole
    Josh Matthews
    Kristal Marshall
    Tony Chimel

    Alliances/Tag Teams/Stables:

    Booker T and Sharmell
    JBL, Orlando Jordan and Jillian Hall
    Mark Henry and Daivari
    MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro and Melina)

    Paul Burchill and William Regal
    Paul London and Brian Kendrick
    The Full Blooded Italians (Nunzio and Vito)
    The Gymini (Simon Dean, Mike Gymini and Todd Gymini)

    The Mexicools (Super Crazy and Psicosis)
    The Pitbulls (Jamie Noble and Kid Kash)

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Championship Histories

    WWE Championship:

    (2) John Cena (January 29th 2006 - present)
    Defeated Edge (Royal Rumble)

    World Heavyweight Championship:

    (1) Rey Mysterio (April 2nd 2006 - present)
    Defeated Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match also featuring Randy Orton (Wrestlemania 22)

    Intercontinental Championship:

    (2) Shelton Benjamin (February 20th 2006 - present)
    Defeated Ric Flair (Raw)

    United States Championship:

    (1) JBL (March 24th 2006 - present)
    Defeated Chris Benoit (Smackdown)

    World Tag Team Championships:

    (1) Big Show (3) and Kane (9) (November 1st 2005 - present)
    Defeated Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch (Taboo Tuesday)

    WWE Tag Team Championships:

    (3) MNM (Joey Mercury (3) and Johnny Nitro (3)) (December 27th 2005 - present)
    Defeated Batista and Rey Mysterio (Smackdown)

    Women's Championship:

    (1) Mickie James (April 2nd 2006 - present)
    Defeated Trish Stratus (Wrestlemania 22)

    Cruiserweight Championship:

    (3) Gregory Helms (January 29th 2006 - present)
    Defeated Funaki, Jamie Noble, Kid Kash, Paul London and Nunzio in a Six Pack Challenge (Royal Rumble)

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    PPVs/Special Show Schedule

    Monday Night Raw Presents...

    April 30th 2006
    Rupp Arena - Lexington, Kentucky

    Friday Night Smackdown Presents...

    Judgement Day
    May 21st 2006
    US Airways Center - Phoenix, Arizona

    The 2006 WWE Draft Lottery
    5th June 2006 - 30th June 2006

    Monday Night Raw Presents...
    June 18th 2006
    Charlotte Bobcats Arena - Charlotte, North Carolina

    Friday Night Smackdown Presents...
    The Great American Bash
    July 9th 2006
    Conseco Fieldhouse - Indianapolis, Indiana

    Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown Present...
    King of the Ring
    July 30th 2006
    Madison Square Garden - New York, New York

    Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown Present...
    August 20th 2006
    TD Banknorth Garden - Boston, Massachusetts

    Show Archive:

    Monday Night Raw:
    April 3rd 2006 - Allstate Arena - Chicago, Illinois (Main Event: John Cena vs Carlito)

    Friday Night Smackdown:
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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Really looking forward to this brother. 2006 was when I got into wrestling hardcore so I'm very excited to see what you do with it!

    Check out Change Will Not Come If We Wait: NXT only in the WrestlingClique BTB section!

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    This is just before I started watching IRL, so I am usually hazy on this time period. Intrigued with what you do though!
    I'm STILL not finished with you!

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    I started watching wrestling in the summer of 2005. I remember 2006 vividly and it will always be what really made me a wrestling fan. I enjoy your work so I cannot wait for this.

    "If you're gonna do it..."

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    I'm in Rasky's camp, other than watching Raw with my brother when I was too little to realize what I was seeing in 97/98, the first Raw I remember watching the entirety of and starting to watch weekly was Summer of 2005, the one when Cena was drafted to Raw. 2006 was my first full year watching, I loved MNM, I loved LonDrick (tag teams are my thing, always have been and SmackDown was always awesome). I vividly remember this year. It was fantastic. I'm very excited to see what you do and where you go with this. I'll be sure to keep track.

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Unlike everyone else this was my hiatus from watching wrestling and I didn't get back into it till about Summer 07. Still this was a very talented roster. I've seen your work before so I have no doubts you could do wonders in this thread. Good luck


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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Just some News and Notes for now. I have put spoiler tags as there are some potential giveaways to future plans, so I'll leave it up to you guys whether you'll read or not. Raw preview coming tomorrow or Friday, with the show hopefully on Saturday.


    WWE News & Rumours

    Not the People’s Champions?

    The initial thoughts following Wrestlemania Twenty-Two are initially positive, but there are still some causes for concern for the WWE, the largest being the largely negative reaction received by the supposed babyfaces in the two main event matches, being the WWE Champion John Cena and the new World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio. This was prevalent in the WWE Championship Match as large portions of the crowd were audibly cheering for Cena’s opponent, Triple H. This is reported to have angered management, who initially thought that they would be sending fans home happy with a victory for Cena over ‘The Game’.

    There are no plans whatsoever for either man to change alignment to match the fan reactions, as the directions both men are headed towards into Summerslam have been laid out as they move into the new ‘year’ as the top two faces in the company. It is therefore thought that both champions will be booked in a way to encourage fan support, which could even mean one of or both men dropping their championship sooner than anticipated to generate sympathy.

    Big Star Wanting Out – Is it Damn True?

    One of the bigger stories coming out of Wrestlemania is the rumour that Kurt Angle is considering leaving the company upon expiry of his contract in the summer months, which we expect to be in June or July. This would represent a big blow to the WWE, especially as Angle’s destination is presumed to be TNA, which is currently the home of other former WWE Superstars Christian, Rhyno and The Dudley Boyz. It is Christian’s success in particular that has piqued Angle’s interest in the company, as he knows that he will immediately be made one of, if not the, biggest star in the company straight from the start. Angle’s switch to Smackdown in January and World Heavyweight Championship win was reportedly designed to freshen things up for him and incentivise him to stay with the company. It is for this reason that he was placed in a high-profile match (which he won) against The Undertaker as well as being in one of the marquee matches at Wrestlemania.

    Angle’s future will be a big topic for debate moving forward in the coming months, as fans and colleagues wait on his decision to either sign a new deal or let his current deal expire, paving the way for an exit. WWE are thought to be rapidly working on ways to keep Angle as part of the company, which also feeds into the potential short reign as World Heavyweight Champion for Mysterio, and Angle could pick the championship back up as early as the next Smackdown Pay-Per-View, Judgement Day in May.

    Alongside Angle, there are others that reportedly want out, or in one case, have already left. Stacy Kiebler has been granted her release from the company as she looks to pursue work outside of wrestling and has been wished the best in her future endeavours. Another possible exit from the Raw brand is Tyson Tomko, reportedly unhappy with his role in the company, towards the lower end of the card. Tomko is expected to ask for his release sooner rather than later and join up with former running buddy Christian in TNA.

    The Door Works the Other Way Too

    As already advertised, Eddie Fatu is set to return to Monday Night Raw under the Umaga moniker, portraying a totally different character to Jamal of 3 Minute Warning. Fatu’s return is slated to take place after Backlash, so a few more weeks of vignettes are expected on Raw.

    Test has also re-signed with the company, and is also thought to be appearing on Raw in the next few weeks, but the plans for him are as yet unknown, but it is likely that he will operate in the midcard initially, perhaps as a possible contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

    WWE has also signed a few more names to developmental contracts, with the three latest recruits being added to OVW’s roster page under the names Drew McIntyre, Sheamus O’Shaughnessy and Kofi Kingston.

    Post-Mania Absences

    It is reported that The Undertaker has requested some time off following Wrestlemania and his victory over Mark Henry in a Casket Match. This is unlikely to be addressed formally on Smackdown this week as unexpected disappearances work as part of the Undertaker character. Reports suggest that the issue between Henry and Taker are over following Wrestlemania. Henry will be on Smackdown this week, despite his loss, which some are against as it is normally usual for the loser of a Casket Match to be absent for a short spell to put over the mystery of the match.

    Two more high-profile personalities are also taking a break from appearing on-screen, being Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon. After Vince’s defeat at the hands of Shawn Michaels, the McMahons will be taking some time off of Raw to sell the injuries and embarrassment sustained. Both Vince and Shane are expected to return in the run to Summerslam, where sources say a BIG angle is planned regarding Michaels and the McMahons. Expect their absence to be addressed on Raw tonight.

    Rebuilding Required

    Thoughts are from sources in the WWE that there are several divisions that require work to be performed to them, specifically the Women’s and Tag Team divisions on both shows. Whether this will be accomplished with fresh rivalries or new faces, the situation is wanted to be rectified as soon as possible.

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Monday Night Raw
    April 3rd 2006
    Allstate Arena – Chicago, Illinois

    Just one night removed from the spectacle that was Wrestlemania 22, the Superstars and Divas of Monday Night Raw return to the Allstate Arena in Chicago for a surely surprise-filled night. A host of big names are expected to be in attendance, such as three of the biggest winners at Wrestlemania last night, being the WWE Champion John Cena, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels and the new Money in the Bank Contractholder, Rob Van Dam. All three of those men are scheduled to address the Raw fans at one point or another during the course of tonight’s show as they all look ahead to the future following their historic victories. Perhaps we can see these three crowd favourites cross paths with one another? Michaels will be looking to move on from his blood feud with the McMahon family and RVD will for sure have his sights set on Cena at one point or another as he analyses when the best opportunity to cash in his newly-acquired contract. With these two, and who knows who else, coming after him, it could be the start of a busy period in the career of the WWE Champion. There has however been no word from the defeated challenger in last night’s main event, Triple H, and it is unknown at this time whether ‘The King of Kings’ will be in attendance.

    Whilst RVD was triumphant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night, there was another two Raw Superstars who were unable to walk away with the guaranteed World Title shot in the next 12 months, being ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair and the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin. In one of the most shocking moments of Wrestlemania 22 last night, after being escorted to the back following a fall from the top of a ladder, Flair returned to the match to try and keep alive his chances at an unprecedented seventeenth World Championship. Whilst Benjamin wowed the crowd with his supreme athletic prowess in his second Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Both Benjamin and Flair are in the building tonight, but it will only be Benjamin in action as Flair is being given the night off from in-ring competition. Benjamin will be defending his championship against Viscera, who defeated seventeen other men to win the annual Pre-Wrestlemania Battle Royal. Could ‘The World’s Largest Love Machine’ shock the champion to pick up his first Intercontinental Championship?

    The behemoth team of Big Show and Kane, the World Tag Team Champions since November of last year, were able to successfully defend their titles against the team of Carlito and Chris Masters thanks to some miscommunication between the challengers. Whether Carlito and Masters can overcome their differences and move forward together as a unit is currently unknown, but the champions have no choice but to move as they have a considerable challenge tonight of facing the two men they defeated to capture the gold at Taboo Tuesday, the redneck duo of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. The southerners will go into the Allstate Arena in a sour mood after being left off of Wrestlemania and perhaps their built up frustration with their prolonged absence from the title scene can see them cause the upset victory that would catapult them straight back into the conversation.

    In what many consider one of the biggest shocks of Wrestlemania last night, Mickie James was able to win the Women’s Championship from Trish Stratus, by somewhat unconventional means. James was spotted leaving Chicago following her victory, so there is some doubt over whether she will be on Raw tonight, but one woman who is going to be here is the now former champion. Stratus was not happy following her defeat last night and she is being given the opportunity to let off some steam against Candice Michelle, in a match that shouldn’t provide her with too much trouble.

    Confirmed Matches:

    Intercontinental Championship Match:

    Shelton Benjamin © vs Viscera

    Non-Title Match:
    World Tag Team Champions Big Show and Kane vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch

    Singles Match:
    Trish Stratus vs Candice Michelle

    Also In Attendance:
    WWE Champion John Cena
    Shawn Michaels
    Rob Van Dam
    Ric Flair

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Interesting period to pick for sure. The same one me, Rhyno and Jon took a stab at in our joint. Intrigued mainly to see how you book Rey as World Champion.

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Monday Night Raw
    April 3rd 2006
    Allstate Arena – Chicago, Illinois

    The feed kicks off with stills from last night’s extravaganza, showing stills from the Raw matches, including victory poses for RVD, Edge, Mickie James, Kane & Big Show, Shawn Michaels and finally John Cena. The camera then immediately cuts into the arena, where the fans are buzzing for the start of the show and cheering accompanies the cracks and bangs of the pyrotechnics display booming around the arena. The music and fireworks stop and the arena plunges into a brief, quiet hush until…

    ***MY TIME IS NOW***

    THE ARENA EXPLODES!! There’s a mixed reaction in the arena as the predominantly male Illinois crowd let their feelings for JOHN CENA be known, but there is still a decent amount of love from the other half of the fans for the WWE Champion. Cena himself now walks onto the stage and quickly brandishes his title in the air which escalates the negativity towards him. As ‘The Champ’ starts to make his way down to the ring, we get to hear our commentary team for the first time in the show, interestingly minus Jonathan Coachman.

    Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, we are one night removed from the twenty-second Wrestlemania event, and once again we come to you from the sold-out Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois! And the man that you’re all seein’ on your screen is none other than the WWE Champion, John Cena, who last night successfully defended his title against ‘The King of King’s Triple H, in a match that will go down in the ages as a true slobberknocker! I’m ‘Good’ Ol’ JR’ Jim Ross, and as always, I’m joined by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

    Jerry Lawler: JR, it is truly an amazing atmosphere we have here tonight, it seems the Wrestlemania party has extended one more night onto Monday Night Raw! However, I’m not sure some of these fans here tonight want to celebrate with John Cena.

    Jim Ross: The WWE Champion was able to overcome the adversity of a hostile crowd last night, an’ he needed to be, because Triple H gave him the fight of his life! Love ‘im or hate ‘im, you’d be a fool not to admit that John Cena is a worthy, fightin’ WWE Champion.

    Cena rolls into the ring, and heads over to grab a microphone from someone at ringside. After raising his title into the air one more time, he motions for the music to be cut out and he smiles as this now reveals the emphatic mixed reaction from the fans, but as usual, he takes it in his stride. Leaving it a few seconds to die down, ‘The Champ’ now brings the microphone up to his face.

    John Cena: Welcome… to… MONDAY… NIGHT… RAAAAAWWWWW!!!

    This gets a loud cheer from everyone in attendance.

    John Cena: For those of you who don’t know who I am, my name is… John Cena, and I am standing in front of you tonight as the W…W…E… CHAMPIOOONN!!!

    A mixed reaction from the fans follows this statement, which causes Cena to crack a grin.

    John Cena: That’s right, gentlemen… THE CHAMP IS STILL HEEERREEEE!!!!

    He lifts the title in the air using both hands and nods his head, clearly revelling in the varying levels of enthusiasm around him.

    John Cena: I’m gonna stop shoutin’ now, I don’t want my throat givin’ out on me, because I have a couple things that I need to get off of my chest.

    Cena adjusts the title on his shoulder now and clears his throat and looks back up with a serious look on his face.

    John Cena: The first thing I wanna say is an admission… I admit that I thought that there was a chance that I would not be standin’ in this ring tonight as the WWE Champion. I thought that if there was one man who could beat me for this title, it was going to be Triple H.

    There’s another mixed reaction at the mention of Cena’s defeated opponent from last night’s name, this time the men cheer and the women and children boo.

    John Cena: Twice I’ve walked into Wrestlemania without a title and came out as a champion, but last night was the first time I’ve been a champion going into the ‘Grandaddy of ‘em All’ as a champion AND LEFT as a champion – an’ let me tell you that it feels even better like this – especially after what I had to go through to do it.

    The fans continue their mixed responses to Cena’s remarks , which causes him to grin some more.

    John Cena: I knew that I was going to be in for a battle against Triple H, but damn, he gave me the fight of my life and then some. Last night was, without a doubt, the toughest match of my career so far. I got given everything by the man who will go down as one of the greats of this business, but I gave as good as I got, and I won.

    ‘The Champ’ smirks out to the fans in a knowing way, and the men in the crowd give him loud heat due to his slightly brash undertone.

    John Cena: I dug down harder than I’ve ever had to before, I did not give up because I will NEVER give up!

    There’s more bounce to the champion now, and he starts pacing the ring.

    John Cena: Anywhere, anyway, anyhow, anytime at all, I will be ready and whoever it is looking across this ring at me needs to know that they’re in for a fight. Just like Triple H was last night, just like JBL was last year, just like anyone who has ever shared this ring with me will tell you that if you want to put me down – you better bring your A-Game!

    Cena is clearly getting more and more pumped.

    John Cena: So for anyone who might want to take this (raises the title) away from me, I’m puttin’ y’all on notice and I’ve got a little sayin’ which I think y’all should really know by now… YOU WANT SOME?!

    Cena steadies himself for one second before bringing the mic back up to his mouth… before the crowd joins in with him to say:

    John Cena: COME GET---

    ***ONE OF A KIND***

    Cena is cut off and looks a little perplexed, but the fans EXPLODE – BECAUSE ROB VAN DAM WALKS OUT ONTO THE STAGE!! RVD has a wide grin on his face and he holds the Money in the Bank briefcase he won last night in his right hand, and he starts heading down to the ring! Cena applauds along with the fans as RVD does his thumb taunt on the ramp before he slides the briefcase into the ring and rolls in after it, and collects a microphone from ringside and he bumps fists with Cena before his music cuts out, and the fans are bellowing an extremely loud “RVD” chant, which causes him to smile. After a few seconds though, he goes to speak, and the fans allow him to.

    Rob Van Dam: John, I wanted to come out here tonight and congratulate you on your win last night; you really pulled it out of the bag, man.

    John Cena: Thanks, Rob. You too, I-

    Rob Van Dam: But I think that you know that congratulating you isn’t the only reason why I’m out here.

    The fans cheer for that, and Cena acknowledges this with a chuckle and nods his head.

    John Cena: I figured.

    Rob Van Dam: Whilst you walked out of Wrestlemania with the WWE Title last night, I walked out with this.

    RVD raises the briefcase, and Cena smirks.

    Rob Van Dam: You, more than anyone, know what this means and what I can do with it. So John, you said that you’ll be ready to go anytime, anywhere and anyplace – I hate to burst your bubble, dude, but that’s my call now. So what I’m really tryin’ to say, man, is that I’m puttin’ you on notice.

    Cena’s previously friendly demeanour seems to be flickering, and he looks at RVD in a way which acknowledges him as a threat.

    Rob Van Dam: John, I don’t wanna have a problem with you, I’m just lettin’ you know where I am, dude. I’m being open about it. I want you to know that I’ll be knockin’ between now and this time next year and when I do, that baby’s comin’ back with (Arms up, the crowd joins in) R…V…D.

    The fans cheer at RVD’s statement of intent and Cena now accepts the break to reply.

    John Cena: Rob, you’re right, it is completely up to you when you cash in your shot for the WWE Championship, or even the World Heavyweight Championship..

    Cena pauses for a second to judge RVD’s reaction, but Mr MITB doesn’t react to that suggestion.

    John Cena: But I know that I’m right when I say that I’m going to be ready, and I’m goin’ to give you everythin’ I have, no matter what. In January, when Edge cashed in on me after I went through an ELIMINATION CHAMBER, it still took him two Spears to put me away, and still then I almost kicked out. What I’m sayin’ is, Rob, I’ll be ready. Hell, I’m good to go right now, if that’s what you want.

    Cena drops his microphone and lays the title out on the floor and then removes his jersey, causing the fans to cheer. RVD is clearly considering it, and he places his microphone on the floor and looks at the briefcase and then at Cena again…

    ***HARD HITTIN’***

    The fans all turn to the stage and are slightly confused by the music, which is new to everyone, but the mystery is solved when JONATHAN COACHMAN swaggers out onto the stage! The fans react accordingly with loud booing, and JR audibly groans on commentary, and Cena and RVD are obviously less than impressed with the sighting of Coach. Mr McMahon’s lackey has a microphone of his own and he removes his sunglasses and his music fades out.

    Jonathan Coachman: First of all, I just wanted to say that I’m runnin’ the show for the foreseeable future after what happened to Mr McMahon last night at the hands of Shawn Michaels-

    Coach is cut off by a massive roar from the fans. Coach chooses not to take the bait and ignores them.

    Jonathan Coachman: Now John, Rob, you both performed exceptionally well last night and you both made Raw proud, and as your Interim General Manager, I would like to formally congratulate you on behalf of the brand.

    Cena and RVD nod at the surprisingly sincere-sounding gesture.

    Jonathan Coachman: But as for what it looked like we were about to see, I’m not sure I would recommend that it is in both of your best interest for you two to compete in a WWE Championship match right now.

    RVD seems to take exception to that comment and gestures towards the briefcase, Coach raises his hand defensively.

    Jonathan Coachman: Rob, I know it’s your decision, but I wouldn’t want yourself and John to be double-booked as far as matches go tonight.

    There is confusion in the ring, and Cena mouths “I’m not down to wrestle tonight”.

    Jonathan Coachman: I know that neither of you were scheduled to compete tonight, but I’ve made a couple of additions to the card. So John, in the main event, you’re going to be going one-on-one with an old rival of yours… Carlito!

    The fans give a medium-sized cheer for that one and Cena nods his head and chuckles a little. RVD now turns to Coach with an expectant look on his face.

    Jonathan Coachman: And as for you, RVD, you’ll be takin’ on Carlito’s tag team partner, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters! That match… will be takin’ place right now!

    Coach leaves that to settle and then turns around to leave the stage before quickly turning on his heel and waving towards ringside.

    Jonathan Coachman: Oh, hey, JR! How you doin’?!

    ***HARD HITTIN’***

    Following that sarcastic comment aimed at his former commentary team colleagues, Coach laughs out loud to himself and then heads to the back. In the ring, Cena and RVD nod, and ‘The Champ’ picks up the title and says to RVD “Maybe another time.” before he leaves the ring. RVD laughs to himself and then starts stretching to prepare for his impromptu match which is up next!

    Jim Ross: I would like to apologize to the folks at home for my language but God-damn that rat bastard Jonathan Coachman! I’m sorry everyone, I just hate that man! How has he managed to

    Jerry Lawler: I think that we’re going to head off to a break now, ladies and gentlemen, after which we’ll be seeing Mr Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam, against ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters! JR, I’ll get you some water.

    *Commercial Break*

    Back from the break, and we’re immediately shown CHRIS MASTERS posed on the stage before he stands up straight and throws off his cloak and starts walking down towards the ring with a purpose. We cut to the ring, and RVD is still waiting, and he continues to limber up and he watches his opponent enter the ring.

    Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and I would like to apologize for my outburst before the commercial break, following the announcement that Jonathan Coachman is the new, and I can’t stress this word enough, Interim Raw General Manager.

    Jerry Lawler: I forgive you, JR! But I think Coach’s first announcements weren’t all bad! We’ve got a main event between the WWE Champion John Cena and Carlito, and right now we’re going to see this man, Chris Masters, take on one of last night’s big winners, RVD.

    Jim Ross: These two men had contrasting nights for sure, Rob Van Dam won the second annual Money in the Bank ladder match, guaranteeing him a world championship match at any point in the next twelve months, but Chris Masters was unsuccessful in becoming one half of the World Tag Team Champions. King, I’d just like to point out the tension between RVD and John Cena before Coach’s interruption. They’re friends, but RVD was firm in reminding John Cena that he could pounce at any time and cash in that title shot.

    Jerry Lawler: We saw at New Year’s Revolutions that Edge took advantage of John Cena when he was most vulnerable after the Elimination Chamber Match. Do you really think that RVD would do that to one of his friends?

    Jim Ross: I don’t know, but what I do know is that RVD was thinking about cashing that title shot before the commercial break; he might not want to wait very long before he takes his opportunity.

    Masters enters the ring and flexes some more to the fans, many of whom boo his cocky attitude. RVD approaches the centre of the ring, and Masters glares at him before flexing some more for the fans. RVD shakes his head at Masters’ posing and laughs as he returns to his corner. Masters’ music finally cuts out, and the big man finally stops flexing and he paces up and down as the referee does his final checks before calling for the bell!

    Match One:
    Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters

    RVD starts off the match by evading attempted strikes and grapples from the larger man, and taking quick shots with his quickfire feet to slowly try and wear Masters down. RVD tries to hit Masters with an Enziguiri after Masters fell for the leg feint, but Masters was able to duck the kick and he then grabbed RVD from behind and tried to apply the Masterlock early on, but Mr MITB used his speed to quickly escape the dangerous hold. Van Dam then started to reel off his usual array of swift kicks, which Masters most of the time proved too slow to avoid, but the match swung into Masters’ favour when he was able to catch an advancing RVD with a Polish Hammer!

    Masters took this opportunity to slow the match down and punish RVD with powerful strikes and slams. Masters was able to catch RVD with an impressive High-Angle Spinebuster which actually won him a few cheers from the fans. With RVD hurting following the ladder match last night and from his own offence tonight, Masters attempted to trap RVD in the Masterlock once again, but RVD once again avoided it and was able to cause Masters to fall into the top turnbuckle face-first as part of his escape. With Masters recoiled from that, RVD took to the skies and knocked him down to the mat with a Side Kick from the top rope, which he was able to follow up with Rolling Thunder, and then a Five-Star Frog Splash for the win!

    Winner: Rob Van Dam (7:04)

    ***ONE OF A KIND***

    RVD gets to his feet and holds his stomach following the impact of the Frog Splash, but then has his arm raised by the referee and his handed his briefcase, which he holds up in the air. His thumbs join in the announcement of his victory by Lilian Garcia and after that he exits the ring and starts to make his way up the ramp. The camera now cuts to JR and King at the announce table.

    Jim Ross: An impressive victory for Rob Van Dam over Chris Masters tonight to continue his momentum heading out of Wrestlemania, and I think that after what we saw between them earlier tonight, John Cena may have no choice but to take notice of RVD’s WWE Championship credentials.

    Jerry Lawler: I think John Cena will also be focussing on his match in tonight’s main event against an old enemy, Carlito.

    Jim Ross: Carlito is of course the man who teamed up with Chris Masters last night against the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show in an unsuccessful effort, but we are going to see the tag champions in action tonight in a non-title match against former champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch!

    Jerry Lawler: Another match we have confirmed tonight will be an Intercontinental Championship match, with Shelton Benjamin defending his title against the man who won last night’s Wrestlemania Pre-Show Battle Royal; the FIVE HUNDRED pound Viscera!!

    Jim Ross: ‘Big Vis’ getting his first Wrestlemania win was a special moment for sure, but I want to take everyone back to another match that took place last night, between Mr McMahon… and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels. The consequences of last night’s events could prove catastrophic for Shawn, who has not yet arrived in the arena tonight, as he embarrassed ‘The Chairman of the Board’ at his creation, his baby, Wrestlemania.

    Jerry Lawler: And as we learnt earlier on, Mr McMahon is not going to be around for a while, which is why we have Jonathan Coachman in charge of Monday Night Raw for the foreseeable future.

    Jim Ross: What we can be sure of though is one thing; Mr McMahon will be back and he WILL want to take his revenge on Shawn Michaels.

    The camera fades away from JR and King, backstage to their former announce partner, JONATHAN COACHMAN, who is sitting in the General Manager’s office, and he’s on the phone to someone and is looking extremely excited.

    Jonathan Coachman: Yes, I’m the Interim General Manager now – I’m in charge!

    Coach looks up and the camera pans sideways to see that TRISH STRATUS has walked in the room! The Former Women’s Champion looks extremely frustrated and Coach quickly goes to put the phone down.

    Jonathan Coachman: Mom, I’ll call you later! I’ve got work to do!... Bye! (Slams down phone and looks up at Trish.) Miss Stratus, what can I do for you?

    Trish Stratus: Oh don’t be stupid, Coach, you know what I want. I want Mickie James in that ring tonight for my rematch for the Women’s Championship.

    Jonathan Coachman: Trish, I…

    Trish Stratus: No ifs, no buts. I want her tonight. What she did to me last night was disgusting and humiliating. Obviously, if I was scared and against women touching me at all I wouldn’t be a professional wrestler, but Mickie stepped over the line last night. She violated me, and I’m not going to take this lying down, so Coach, if you have any idea what is good for you, you’ll give me my rematch TONIGHT.

    Coach stands from his seat and looks at Trish nervously.

    Jonathan Coachman: Trish, as much as I agree with you… I just can’t do that. I’ve given Mickie James the night off.

    Trish slams her hands down on the table, causing Coach to flinch and he falls back into his chair as a result.

    Trish Stratus: YOU DID WHAT?

    Jonathan Coachman: Trish, please, I need you to calm down. I gave Mickie the night off because I didn’t want her to interfere with your match tonight-

    Trish Stratus: The match I haven’t heard anything about until just now, you mean?

    Jonathan Coachman: Yes… I thought that you’d like the chance to blow off some steam, and I think that you might actually need to, so I’ve booked you in a match tonight against Candice Michelle. Win it, and you can have your rematch next week when Mickie James is back on Raw. How does that sound?

    The former champion doesn’t look impressed, but then she stands back up straight.

    Trish Stratus: It’ll do.

    After that, Trish turns around and storms out of the office, to go and get ready for her match tonight.

    *Commercial Break*


    The Allstate arena is engulfed in dark red lighting and some fans jump at the loud bang of fire erupting upwards from the turnbuckles, and after a couple of seconds KANE and BIG SHOW both walk out onto the stage! The World Tag Team Champions wear their titles over their gargantuan shoulders and they look all business as usual as they menacingly walk towards the ring. In the ring, are their opponents for the night, the men they beat for the titles at Taboo Tuesday last year, LANCE CADE and TREVOR MURDOCH.

    Jim Ross: Here come the World Tag Team Champions; Kane and the Big Show! For five months now these two men have dominated the tag team division here on Monday Night Raw and they are showing no signs of slowing down just yet, after adding both Carlito and Chris Masters to the list of teams that have defeated last night at Wrestlemania.

    Jerry Lawler: I feel that these two are one of the most dominant teams in recent history, JR! No one has been able to come close to taking the titles off of them!

    Jim Ross: Tonight they’re up against the former champions, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, two tricky customers, who are looking for the chance to get their hands on the gold once again.

    Kane and Show both enter the ring over the top of the ropes, and stand in the centre of the ring, allowing Kane to unleash his pyro once again. The champions both turn to their corner to pass the gold down to ringside, but CADE AND MURDOCH USE THIS AS A CHANCE TO ATTACK!! The referee calls for the bell to get this match underway!!

    Match Two:
    Non-Title Match:

    Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch vs World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane

    Both Cade and Murdoch use the opportunity to get in as many strikes as they can whilst the champions are against the ropes, with Cade trying to wear down Big Show’s legs, and Murdoch pinning Kane in the corner and firing away with rapid right hands. It doesn’t take long for Kane and Big Show to fight back, and after some super-sized uppercuts from Kane and a Headbutt from Show, Cade and Murdoch exit the ring to re-group. Once they’re back in, the match properly starts, and the champions easily use their power advantage, but the tide turns when Murdoch thumbs Big Show in the eye and after that, a series of quick tags by the more experienced team starts to effectively isolate Big Show from Kane and wear him down.

    The nearest fall of the match at that point comes after a heavy lariat to the back of Show’s head from Cade, but Big Show kicks out. Cade attempts a Diving Elbow Drop to finish him off, but Big Show is able to roll out of the way! Cade hits the ground hard and Big Show is then able to get a tag in to Kane! ‘The Big Red Machine’ starts to clear house, rocking both Cade and Murdoch with uppercuts and clotheslines. He hits a Sidewalk Slam on Cade, and then a Diving Clothesline on Murdoch. Kane lines Cade up for the Chokeslam, and by this point in time Big Show has recovered and the two giants both goozle him for their Double Chokeslam, but Murdoch jumps up and grabs the referee by the collar and pulls him away, feigning an eye injury!

    With the referee and the tag champions distracted, Cade thinks quick and kicks Kane and Big Show in between the legs for a Double Low Blow! Both of the champions go down holding their groins and whilst Murdoch releases the referee and rolls out of the ring, Cade quickly climbs up onto the top turnbuckle and hits a Diving Elbow Drop on Kane – and scores the upset win against the World Tag Team Champions!!

    Winners: Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch (7:45)


    The fans are slightly shocked by the outcome of the match as Cade quickly bolts from the ring to escape an irate Big Show to join Murdoch at the base of the ramp. Show leans on the ropes as the winners back up the ramp and Murdoch points to his head and indicates that they outsmarted the champions. Show grunts in anger before he lifts Kane up to his feet.

    Jim Ross: Cade and Murdoch score the upset, King! I can’t say that I agree with their methods – they downright cheated – but they’ve inflicted a rare loss on the World Tag Team Champions!

    Jerry Lawler: I think what we just saw shows that it doesn’t matter how big the man is, there is always one way to bring them down to the ground!

    Jim Ross: If I were Cade and Murdoch, I’d celebrate now whilst I could. They might have beat the champions and came closer to another chance at the titles, but now they’ve got two pissed off monsters with them in their sights!

    Now at the top of the ramp, Cade & Murdoch motion around their waists that they’re coming after the titles again, as we cut from one last shot of the furious tag team champions to the backstage interview area, where TODD GRISHAM is standing by!

    Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce my guest at this time, the Intercontinental Champion… Shelton Benjamin.

    Right on cue, SHELTON BENJAMIN walks into the shot, wearing a shirt and shades over his wrestling gear, and the title proudly placed on his left shoulder.

    Todd Grisham: Shelton, thank you for joining me tonight. First of all, commiserations that you were unable to come out on top last night in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match-

    Shelton Benjamin: Wait a second… Commiserations? Are you bein’ serious, Todd?

    Shelton quickly grabs his glasses and whips them off, and glares at the interviewer. Not sure how to react, Todd merely mumbles “Yeah” under his breath.

    Shelton Benjamin: Man, I know I didn’t win last night but I must be hittin’ a new low if now I got YOU feelin’ sorry for me!

    The IC Champion shakes his head at Grisham, and then continues.

    Shelton Benjamin: I might not have won the Money in the Bank contract last night, but I was the star of that match. Hell, I was the star of the whole show! People came last night to see me!

    There’s booing in the arena at the arrogance on display.

    Shelton Benjamin: See, you can hear them now, they’re not happy that they didn’t get to see Shelton Benjamin win last night.

    More heat at the even higher level of arrogance on display. Shelton now looks up and around, as if to talk to the fans in the arena.

    Shelton Benjamin: Its okay everyone, I’m-a be at the top real soon.

    Looking back at Grisham now, Benjamin resumes.

    Shelton Benjamin: No one wanted to see RVD win last night, they sure as hell didn’t want to see Ric Flair win.

    More boos from the fans after that remark, along with a few “WOO!s” as well.

    Shelton Benjamin: That crazy old bastard, he had no place bein’ out there last night in a LADDER match and even after his ass was carried from that ring once, something in that stupid, senile, old head of his told ‘im it was a good idea to come back out there and get his ass kicked all over again.

    Laughing at the expense of his recent rival for a moment, Shelton motions to Todd to ask him another question.

    Todd Grisham: Well, Shelton, we learnt earlier today on that tonight you would be defending your Intercontinental Championship against the man who won the Wrestlemania Battle Royal last night, ‘The World’s Largest Love Machine’, Viscera. How confident are you going into the match?

    Shelton Benjamin: I’m really confident, Todd, I’m Shelton Benjamin. I’m leavin’ this dump with the Intercontinental Championship and there’s nothing that anyone, especially ‘The World’s Fattest Piece of Crap’, can do about it.

    Following that relatively quick retort, Benjamin puts his sunglasses back on and disapprovingly looks Grisham up and down one more time before walking away, leaving the camera to zoom in on Todd’s offended face before fading out to a commercial break.

    *Commercial Break*

    We come back from the commercial, and we are in the parking lot, and a limousine pulls up and the cameraman runs towards the rear door to see who is riding in it… and the door swings open to see SHAWN MICHAELS STEP OUT!!! The fans go WILD in the arena as HBK, dressed in jeans and shirt, pats his driver on the shoulder and nods his head before walking towards the arena entrance.


    There’s a decent amount of heat, but still plenty of cheers following Michaels’ arrivial, as the Intercontinental Champion SHELTON BENJAMIN now makes his way down to the ring, following his interview with Todd Grisham before the break. Benjamin smirks and quickly swaggers down the ramp, ignoring the displeasure from the fans, most likely still believing that they’re voicing disapproval at him not winning last night.

    Jim Ross: King, Shawn Michaels is here!! HBK is in the building! Bah Gawd!

    Jerry Lawler: We’re going to hear from Shawn Michaels later tonight, but look who’s coming out now, it’s the Intercontinental Champion!

    Jim Ross: King, I don’t know what has gotten into Shelton Benjamin these past few months. Each week, he seems to just get cockier and cockier and it is showing no signs of stopping any time soon! I think if his head gets any bigger, he may start to have trouble going through doors!

    Jerry Lawler: The thing is, JR, that Shelton has been able to back up near enough everything that he’s saying! He came within inches of winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night and he has been a very impressive Intercontinental Champion so far since winning the title from Ric Flair before Wrestlemania.

    Jim Ross: It also seems that Shelton Benjamin seems to have some unresolved issues with ‘The Nature Boy’ if you’re going to take into account what he said about Ric Flair before the commercial break!

    Shelton gets into the ring and removes his floral shirt and literally throws it into the referee’s face, before carefully removing his sunglasses and passing the title over to the official and he heads to a corner facing the Tron as he awaits his challenger.

    ***LOVE MACHINE***

    A surprisingly strong cheer comes from the fans as VISCERA walks out from behind the curtain and he is dressed in usual pyjama ring gear but instead of his normal over-sexualised mannerisms, he looks all-business and strides down the ramp towards Benjamin, clearly not happy with the disparaging remarks made by the champion before the break.

    Jerry Lawler: Here comes ‘The World’s Largest Love Machine’ and by looking at his face, I don’t think he is in a loving mood towards Shelton Benjamin tonight, JR!

    Jim Ross: I think that you’ve hit the nail on the head there, King, as well as his insulting comments about Ric Flair, Shelton Benjamin also directed some harsh comments about his opponent tonight. They were strong words from the Intercontinental Champion, and he may be forced to eat them in this match.

    Jerry Lawler: That’s if Viscera doesn’t eat them first! I’m sorry, JR, I just couldn’t resist.

    Jim Ross: You’re better than that, Jerry.

    Climbing into the ring and squeezing in between the top and middle ropes, Viscera disrobes and glares at Shelton, who obviously isn’t taking his opponent as seriously as he should be. Shelton chuckles to himself, and Viscera appears to be even more incensed by this and he demands that the referee start the match sooner than later. The official gets into the middle of the ring and raises the title high in the air to signify that it is a title match, and then he calls for the bell.

    Match Three:
    Intercontinental Championship Match:

    Shelton Benjamin © vs Viscera

    Both men approach the centre of the ring and Viscera immediately lunges for Benjamin, wanting to get a piece of him straight from the start. Shelton uses his speed advantage to dodge and go-behind Viscera, and he slaps him on the back of the head! The crowd show their disgust at Benjamin’s antics, and Viscera turns around and lunges again, but again Benjamin ducks and goes behind him, but this time Viscera starts running backwards which catches Benjamin off-guard and the champion is crushed against the corner!! ‘Big Vis’ now grabs Benjamin by the neck and throws him half-way across the ring! Shelton lands hard on his back, but he gets up quickly and runs into the corner for some rest, but Viscera charges in and splashes Benjamin into the corner!!

    The high impact moves from the challenger leave Benjamin reeling and he quickly collapses down onto his front and crawls into the middle of the ring. Viscera points down at Benjamin to cheers from the fans before he runs the ropes and goes for a Splash – but Benjamin moves!! Shelton rolls out of the way to avoid being flattened, and he gets back up quicker than Viscera and runs against the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the side of Viscera’s head! Viscera slumps onto his back and Benjamin leaps on top to cover him, but Viscera kicks out at two!

    Benjamin keeps working on Viscera and keeps him grounded whilst he hits lots of diving and striking moves, but he isn’t able to put the big man away. Viscera does finally make it to his feet and Shelton goes for a Superkick to knock him back down, but Viscera catches it… only for Shelton to come back and hit him with the Dragon Whip!! Viscera is stunned and he lulls back against the ropes, with his weight causing him to bounce back off of them and Benjamin lets out a huge roar before using Viscera’s momentum to take him over with a T-BONE SUPLEX!!! Shelton then almost collapses on top of his opponent and the referee counts the pin!

    Winner and STILL Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin (6.22)


    Benjamin slowly makes his way to his feet to have his arm raised, and he yanks the title from the referee’s grip and lifts it in the air as much as he is able to. Viscera rolls out of the ring and starts making his way to the back and Benjamin stays in the ring, looking exhausted, but pleased at the same time.

    Jim Ross: Luckily for Shelton Benjamin, he walks able to walk the walk after talking a very big game earlier on tonight, but I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who thought that he almost lost this match in the opening minute! Viscera was one big splash away from leaving the arena tonight as the Intercontinental Champion.

    Jerry Lawler: You’ve got to give Shelton Benjamin credit though, he had a game plan and he stuck to it. He knew that if he was able to keep Viscera down, he’d be able to do enough damage – and have we ever seen anyone throw Viscera overhead like Shelton Benjamin just did?! Can we please see that T-Bone Suplex again?

    Upon seeing the replay of the finish on the Tron, Benjamin grins and pats himself on the chest and he starts to head out of the ring, ignoring the groans from the fans.


    Benjamin stops dead in his tracks on the ring apron, and actually backs back into the ring and he gapes at the stage, just as RIC FLAIR walks out onto it! Dressed in a sharp suit as usual, ‘The Nature Boy’ looks well after his fall last night during the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and he has a microphone in his hand. He smiles at the fans, but as soon as he turns his attention to Benjamin, the look on ‘Naitch’s face drops instantly.

    Ric Flair: Shelton Benjamin, I have one question for you… and it is a simple one.

    Benjamin shrugs his shoulders and nonchalantly says “Go on, old man.”

    Ric Flair: Who the hell do you think you are?

    The fans cheer loudly at that comment, and in the ring, Benjamin appears to be enraged.

    Ric Flair: Who the hell do you think you are to tell Ric Flair whether he should or shouldn’t be competing in a LADDER match, on the grandest stage of ‘em all, WRESTLEMANIA?!

    More cheers from the fans, as it become clear that Flair isn’t happy about Shelton’s comments earlier on.

    Ric Flair: No one, and I repeat, NO ONE, tells Ric Flair what to do! Especially not some jumped-up little punk like you!

    The word “punk” clearly lit a fire under Benjamin, who instantly grabs a microphone after hearing it.

    Shelton Benjamin: (Panting) I’m a punk?... I’m no punk, old man! I’m the Intercontinental Champion! What the hell are you?

    Benjamin raises his title and slaps it, thinking that he has now won the argument.

    Ric Flair: I’ll tell you what I am… I am sick and tired of you walking around here acting like your God’s gift to professional wrestling, thinking that you’re bringing prestige to that title. You’re not, Shelton. All you are doing… is helping everyone realise what a cocky little PUNK you actually are.

    The crowd cheers, and Benjamin isn’t happy.

    Ric Flair: I was there on the night where you truly announced yourself to the world, when you beat Triple H on Raw two years ago. I was pissed that you beat him, but I realised from that night on that you were special, Shelton, you had potential in spades.

    Flair pauses for a moment.

    Ric Flair: You still do, but all the potential in the world can’t buy you the one thing that really matters in this business… Respect. I respect your abilities in that ring, Shelton – you just suplexed a man double your size! I respect that! But you, as a person, with your attitude – I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire!

    WOAH! The fans cheer loudly, and Benjamin’s mouth almost drops to the floor following that comment. Flair doesn’t start laughing after his zinger, instead maintains a serious look on his face and now he waits for Benjamin to respond.

    Shelton Benjamin: I’m getting’ real tired of you runnin’ your mouth, old man. What the hell is it you want, anyway?

    Benjamin glances down at the title again, and smirks before he looks back up at Ric Flair.

    Shelton Benjamin: You want another shot at this, don’t you, Ric?

    Ric Flair: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t.

    The fans cheer some more now, and Benjamin stares out at them for a moment before continuing.

    Shelton Benjamin: Haven’t you learnt from when I beat you for it, old man? Didn’t last night make you realise that you can’t hang with me?! Especially in a Ladder Match like last night!

    Ric Flair: In all my years in this business, last night was only my second ever Ladder Match, the first came three months ago. But I’ll let you into a little secret, champ… I loved every second of it. WOO!

    The fans “WOO!” and cheer following that comment, and Benjamin laughs.

    Ric Flair: Laugh all you like, Shelton, but I’m gonna cut right to the chase. If you don’t think I can “hang” with you, then put your money where your God-damn mouth is and defend that title against me at Backlash-

    Shelton Benjamin: Why should I do that, old man? I’ve already beat you enough.

    Ric Flair: You didn’t let me finish… Defend the Intercontinental Championship against me in a LADDER MATCH!

    The fans cheer loudly, and Shelton’s face transforms into a grin and he looks back up to Flair.

    Shelton Benjamin: You… want to face… me… in a Ladder Match?

    Flair nods defiantly at the IC Champ, and Shelton takes another glance at the title before looking back to Flair.

    Shelton Benjamin: You’re crazier than I thought, old man. You’re on.

    A MASSIVE POP!! IT’S OFFICIAL!! Flair grins at Benjamin, who shakes his head.

    Ric Flair: I’ll see you then, punk. WOOOO!!!!


    ‘The Nature Boy’ put his hand out to wave to the fans and then turns to head to the back, and in the ring, Benjamin wears a scowl on his face following Flair’s departing jibe, but after a couple of seconds he exits the ring with his title and with a focussed look on his face starts trudging up the ramp.

    Jim Ross: King, we have our first match for Backlash on the cards, and bah gawd, it’s a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Title! Shelton Benjamin is going to have to put his money where his mouth is and stop Ric Flair from climbing a ladder and retrieving his coveted championship!

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what went through Ric Flair’s mind to challenge one of the most gifted athletes in WWE history to that kind of match, JR!

    Jim Ross: Ric Flair has made it clear that he has something to prove, and he will look to do that in just under four weeks in Kentucky!

    Benjamin pauses for a moment at the top of the ramp and then continues on as the camera fades to go to commercial.

    *Commercial Break*

    Backstage, we can see a very frustrated-looking CHRIS MASTERS walking down a corridor, and after a few seconds, his tag team partner from last night, CARLITO, jogs up to him and nudges him on the arm. Masters turns around and he groans to see the man who he bickered with last night and he tries to carry on walking, but Carlito grabs his arm to stop him.

    Carlito: Chris, hey man, won’t ju wait a minute to speak to Carlito?

    Masters closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath and then he turns around and stares at Carlito disapprovingly.

    Carlito: What happened last night, wasn’t cool. We lost to Kane and Big Show and we weren’t on de same page at all.

    Chris Masters: Are you gonna actually say somethin’ worthwhile at all?

    Carlito: What I’m sayin’ is dat last night was nothin’ but a bad night for us, I don’t want it to be de end of our team. Carlito saw you out dere tonight, you weren’t jureself out dere! You need Carlito… and Carlito needs you.

    Masters mulls over Carlito’s words and looks up to the ceiling.

    Carlito: Let’s make it work, man. Carlito wants ju out dere tonight with him when he beats John Cena in de main event. Den, I say dat next week we go find dem big, fat, smelly dogs, Kane and Big Show and we take de World Tag Team Titles! Ju in?

    Carlito holds his hand out and ‘The Masterpiece’ looks at it and considers it and then shakes it. Carlito smiles and pulls Masters in for a quick bro-hug, which causes the big man to chuckle a bit before he breaks it up.

    Chris Masters: Let’s do it, man. I’m gonna go and get a shower and then I’ll come and meet you before your match, is that cool?

    Carlito smiles and nods and Masters walks away down the corridor and the camera zooms in on Carlito’s face, and the corner of his mouth curls up and turns into an evil-looking smirk.

    Carlito: Very cool.

    With a small laugh to himself, Carlito slowly raises his apple to his mouth and takes a bite, leaving us only to wonder what is going through his head as we fade away into the arena…

    ***TIME TO ROCK & ROLL***

    There’s a good cheer in the arena and it grows more when the former Women’s Champion TRISH STRATUS marches out onto the stage, not looking pleased at all. The camera cuts to the ring where another Diva who was unsuccessful last night, CANDICE MICHELLE is waiting for her. Stratus holds her arm out to the fans at the front and they slap it, but the look on her face shows that she is all business tonight.

    Jerry Lawler: Wow, JR, it’s my favourite part of the show! Trish Stratus!

    Jim Ross: Last night at Wrestlemania, Trish Stratus lost the WWE Women’s Championship to Mickie James in somewhat controversial fashion. I don’t quite know how to put it, but Mickie James made Trish feel quote, violated, and used the distraction caused by that to hit Trish with a devastating Mick Kick and win the Women’s Championship for the first time. Undoubtedly, as you would expect, Trish Stratus went looking for revenge, and her rematch, tonight. Only she was told that Mickie James has been given the night off!

    Jerry Lawler: Its not all doom and gloom for Trish though; if she wins her match tonight, we’re going to see her get her rematch for the Women’s Championship next week here on Raw!

    Trish enters the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle, and she points her finger into the air and nods her head before jumping back down to the mat. She turns and faces Candice to look her up and down before beckoning for the ref to get the match underway straight away.

    Match Four:
    Candice Michelle vs Trish Stratus

    Straight from the bell, Stratus marches into the centre of the ring and grabs Candice by the neck and slams her straight into the mat!! There’s a clear no-nonsense approach from Stratus, and Michelle offers nothing in the way of a fight back at any point as Stratus lifts her back up and sends her into the corner and drives her shoulder into her gut. Stratus backs away and Candice stumbles forwards into the middle of the ring and Trish aggressively puts her in a headlock and points into the air! The fans start cheering loudly and Trish runs towards the ropes and jumps up to springboard off and hit Michelle with the STRATUSFACTION!! There’s a strong cheer in the arena, but oddly, Trish doesn’t go for the cover!

    Instead, Trish stands in the middle of the ring and looks at the hard camera and points at it and says “This one’s for you, Mickie.” Stratus turns her attention back to her downed opponent and lifts her from the mat and Candice has a little trouble standing up straight, but it doesn’t matter because Trish knocks her straight back down with the CHICK KICK!! After that, Trish quickly jumps onto Candice and hooks the leg and stares straight down the camera lens as the referee counts to three.

    Winner: Trish Stratus (1.23)

    ***TIME TO ROCK & ROLL***

    There’s another loud cheer as the formulaic victory is announced, and Stratus has her hand raised as she still stares down the camera. After a few moments, the referee leaves Trish alone and he tends to Candice, who has barely moved since the Chick Kick.

    Jim Ross: An emphatic message sent to Mickie James from Trish Stratus, King, and if Trish can get in the zone like she did tonight, I think the Women’s Championship might be headin’ back home to Toronto next week!

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trish as ruthless as she was tonight, she almost knocked poor Candice’s lights out! Mickie James should be concerned, if I was her.

    Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, we’re now going to head backstage and catch up with a man who we saw earlier on tonight, but now he’s standing by with Todd Grisham… the WWE Champion, John Cena.

    We cut backstage, to see TODD GRISHAM has recovered from his dressing down by Shelton Benjamin earlier on tonight, and he is now with another champion, the WWE Champion, JOHN CENA. The appearance of ‘The Champ’ causes some of the fans to start booing him again, but there is still a large amount of support for him in the arena.

    Todd Grisham: Thanks, JR, that’s right, I’m here with the WWE Champion, John Cena, tonight we learnt that you’d be going one-on-one with a long-time rival of yours in Carlito. What are your thoughts heading into this match?

    John Cena: Todd, you’re right, I have history with Carlito, for sure. I got stabbed a year and a half ago because of him! To say that I don’t like him is an understatement.

    Cena’s disdain starts coming through clearly.

    John Cena: But I know that I can’t let my feelings against Carlito cloud my judgment and affect my performance in the ring tonight. I know that he is one of the craftiest guys around and if I have my mind on anything else in the ring with him, he’ll punish me for it.

    Todd Grisham: John, I would also like to know your thoughts about what happened earlier on between yourself and Rob Van Dam. It is on record that the two of you have been good friends for some time, but it appears that RVD is coming after the WWE Championship.

    John Cena: Its no secret to anyone that RVD is good enough to be the WWE Champion, and he’d be a damn-good one at that. So I’m not surprised at all about what he said to me earlier on about me havin’ to watch my back from now on.

    Cena pauses for a moment.

    John Cena: But if I know Rob like I think I do, I don’t need to watch my back.

    The fans start booing after that comment, and Grisham looks a little confused.

    John Cena: That doesn’t mean what it sounds like; I’m definitely not dismissing RVD as a threat to this title. What I’m sayin’ is that RVD isn’t the kind of guy that will sneak up on me when I’m at my most vulnerable and take the title without properly beatin’ me in a fair match for it. RVD’s not a snake, like Edge.

    There’s a small cheer for that comment, and Cena adjusts the title and looks at the camera.

    John Cena: So Rob, name your time, name your place. I’ll be there, and I’m lookin’ forward to it.

    With a pat on Todd’s shoulder, Cena turns around and jogs away, and we fade back out to a commercial break.

    *Commercial Break*

    Following the break we arrive back in the arena and in the centre of the ring, LILIAN GARCIA stands with a broad grin on her face and she holds her microphone and proudly says;

    Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen… ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ SHAWN MICHAELS!!

    ***SEXY BOY***

    THE ALLSTATE ARENA EXPLODES!!! Everyone is on their feet and cheering and the cheers only grow when SHAWN MICHAELS walks out onto the stage! HBK looks graciously out to the fans and steps forward to drop onto his knees and unleash a MASSIVE wall of pyrotechnics behind him which only brings the volume from the fans up even higher. Michaels looks impressed with the display and starts to walk down to the ring, high-fiving and slapping hands of fans on both sides of the ring on his way down.

    Jim Ross: What an ovation for ‘The Heartbreak Kid’!!! I can barely hear myself talk, King!

    Jerry Lawler: I don’t think I’ve heard anything louder in my whole life than these fans right now!

    Jim Ross: Last night was an emotional affair for Shawn Michaels for sure, finally ending his feud with Mr McMahon after months of blood, sweat and tears! I can’t imagine how relieved Shawn Michaels must be right now, safe in the knowledge that Mr McMahon can’t hurt him anymore.

    HBK gets in the ring and grabs a microphone from ringside and he whirls to the middle of the ring and stares at the adoring fans and waits for the music to slowly fade out and with the music gone, a massive roar is still audible from the fans, and Michaels takes it all in and raises his mic.

    Shawn Michaels: Wow, I can’t quite put into words what that means to me… Thank you.

    Another cheer and a ‘HBK’ chant breaks out.

    Shawn Michaels: Well, I suppose I should talk a little bit about what happened last night then, shouldn’t I?

    ‘HBK! HBK! HBK!’

    Shawn Michaels: Last night at Wrestlemania Twenty-Two, was one of the strangest nights of my career. I… beat up a group of male cheerleaders with a giant cone… Then, I shoved a man’s head up his own father’s ass-

    Michaels screws up his face to feign disgust as the fans start cheering some more.

    Shawn Michaels: After doing that, I handcuffed him to the ropes and whipped him with a Singapore Cane. Then, I put his father, who had just had his son’s head up his ass, on a table, with a trash can over his body. I climbed up a twenty-foot ladder and Elbow Dropped this bloody, humiliated man through the table!

    Now pretending to look flustered, Michaels sighs.

    Shawn Michaels: Then, I looked that bastard dead in the eyes and KICKED HIS TEETH DOWN HIS DAMN THROAT!!

    The fans pop loudly again and Michaels looks into the camera, with a small grin on his face.

    Shawn Michaels: And THAT… is why you don’t pick a fight with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’!

    Still focussing on the camera, HBK doesn’t acknowledge the fans cheering and chanting his name again.

    Shawn Michaels: Vince, I know that you’re watching this from wherever the hell you are, but I hope that you have learned your lesson. The one thing that I want you to remember is that it was YOU who started all of this in December, and it was you who challenged me to a No Holds Barred Match at Wrestlemania. I made it crystal clear from the beginning that I wanted no part of any of this. And look where we both are now!

    Michaels stands back and holds his arms out and spins around for some more cheers.


    Another loud pop, but that one was a cheap one.

    Shawn Michaels: And you’re not. There’s nothing you can do to stop me going after what I really want. Now that I’ve gone through and past all of Vince’s crap over the past few months, I think that I should focus my attention on the WWE Championship.

    BIG POP!! The fans start chanting ‘HBK’ again, clearly in agreement with the prospect of Michaels vs Cena.

    Shawn Michaels: And, a little birdy told me that there’s a Pay-Per-View called Backlash comin’ around in a few weeks’ time… so John Cena, if you’re thinkin’ what I’m thinkin’, how about we discuss some terms after your match tonight?

    The cheering is just continuous.

    Shawn Michaels: So, tell me, Rosemont, who wants to see ol’ HBK against John Cena at Backlash for the WWE Championship?


    Shawn Michaels: Well, it seems that the people have spoken. I-

    ***HARD HITTIN’***

    Now that the fans know who the music belongs to, there is heat in the arena, providing a stark contrast to the adoration that was being received by Michaels. After a couple of moments JONATHAN COACHMAN walks out from the back with a cocky look on his face and a microphone in his hand and his music cuts off and he starts talking as he walks down the ramp towards the ring.

    Jonathan Coachman: Shawn, as the Interim General Manager of Raw, I feel that I am contractually obligated to congratulate you on your victory last night at Wrestlemania. So well done.

    Coach sarcastically claps once as he now climbs the steps and enters the ring, he comes through the ropes and stands face-to-face with HBK.

    Jonathan Coachman: However, you will NOT be rewarded with a WWE Championship match, at Backlash, or anywhere else for that matter!

    The fans boo loudly, as Coach reaches into his pocket, and pulls out a piece of paper and quickly unfolds it.

    Jonathan Coachman: I received this memo from Mr McMahon himself a few minutes ago and I was told to come out here and read it to you. It says that by under no circumstances should you, or anyone who supports what you did to Mr McMahon last night, receive any championship opportunities for the foreseeable future. If anyone shows even the slightest portion of glee or excitement over what happened, they will be punished. I will make your, and anyone else’s who opposes the McMahon family, li-

    Shawn Michaels: You think that I’m going to listen to you? You think anyone is going to listen to you or that piece of paper?


    Shawn Michaels: Coach, you are without a doubt the least intimidating man in the WWE. What makes you think that you can stop me having a WWE Championship match against John Cena at Backlash?

    Jonathan Coachman: Shawn, I don’t have to do anything, because you’re already booked into a match at Backlash!

    There’s confusion all around, and Shawn scratches his head like a cartoon character.

    Shawn Michaels: And who might that be against, you?

    Jonathan Coachman: Shawn, I only wish I was the one who Mr McMahon chose to have the honour to restore his name, but no, your opponent at Backlash is…

    There are LOUD boos in the arena as KENNY of the Spirit Squad walks out onto the stage and he doesn’t look pleased after being part of the losing side last night and he breaks into a jog on his way to the ring.

    Jim Ross: Well, it looks like it’s going to be Kenny of the Spirit Squad against Shawn Michaels at Backlash! What an opportunity for the young man, King!

    Kenny slides into the ring and the music cuts out. Kenny is serious as he puts his hands on his waist, sweatband tightly covering his forehead, and stares down Michaels for a few seconds… and HBK bursts out laughing! The fans join in and this draws the ire of Kenny and Coach even more. After a few seconds, Michaels wipes a tear from his eye and straightens up. He goes to talk, but suddenly bursts into another fit of laughter! HBK composes himself now and fights off some more giggles and is then able to speak again.

    Shawn Michaels: Coach, I’m sorry… You’re the second least intimidating man in the WWE!

    There’s more laughter from the crowd, and Kenny isn’t happy at that comment, and he shouts for the fans to “SHUT THE HELL UP!”

    Shawn Michaels: Kid, you’ve got guts for steppin’ up, I’ll give you that, but are you sure that you want to go one-on-one with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’?

    Kenny holds his hand out and Coach passes him the microphone. Suddenly, there is a smug look on Coach and the cheerleader’s faces.

    Kenny: Shawn, I think you’re getting in a little confused in your old age… You’re not just taking on me at Backlash. You’re facing the whole Squad!

    The fans start booing and there are some high-pitched screams as all of a sudden the REST OF THE SPIRIT SQUAD ARE IN THE RING BEHIND SHAWN MICHAELS!!

    Michaels turns around and sees them all waiting for him. After a staredown for a couple of seconds, HBK shrugs his shoulders and then FLOORS JOHNNY WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! THE SQUAD ATTACKS!!!

    Coach retreats to the corner of the ring as now the other four Squad members pile onto Michaels, and put him in the corner, and with Johnny back up, all five of them pile into Michaels with punches and boots and the tear his shirt off and throw the legend into the middle of the ring where Kenny gets in his face and then starts stomping on him. Kenny points at Michaels and shouts at the others to hold him still whilst he climbs the turnbuckle. Michaels tries to fight them off, but with a Squad member pinning each limb down, HBK can’t move and Kenny hits him with the SKY HIGH LEG DROP!!!

    After that move, the Squad get off Michaels and Coach picks one of the discarded microphones up and walks over to HBK and stands over him.

    Jonathan Coachman: Shawn, per the orders of Mr McMahon, at Backlash, you will be facing the Spirit Squad in a FIVE-ON-ONE TORNADO ELIMINATION HANDICAP MATCH!!


    The Spirit Squad now start jumping around the ring and taunting Michaels, who winces on the mat and holds his neck. Coach gets in on the festivities and high-fives several members before he leaves the ring and grins smugly.

    Jim Ross: I can’t believe it! Shawn Michaels will be facin’ The Spirit Squad at Backlash in a Tornado Elimination Handicap Match. That means that all five members of the Spirit Squad will be allowed to be in the ring at the same time and Shawn Michaels will have to make each one either pin or submit in order to win the match!

    Jerry Lawler: The odds surely are stacked against Shawn Michaels; what else can you expect when you get on Mr McMahon’s bad side?

    Jim Ross: I’ve been there myself. I can tell you that you should never cross ‘The Boss’. Shawn Michaels may be about to learn that the hard way.

    We head to the commercial break with The Spirit Squad now having left the ring and are making their way noisily up the ramp, leaving a hurt Shawn Michaels in the ring. The camera focuses on HBK and fades away.

    *Commercial Break*

    ***MY TIME IS NOW***

    The fans are still a bit deflated from what we saw before the break involving Shawn Michaels, but there is still a very strong reception for the WWE Champion JOHN CENA, who walks out onto the stage holding the title highly in the air. Just as they were earlier on, the fans are almost split down the middle on their opinion of ‘The Champ’ but of course Cena doesn’t let any of that bother him and he sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring.

    Jim Ross: Folks, we’re all still reeling from what happened before the commercial break; we saw Shawn Michaels come out here to celebrate his victory over Mr McMahon last night at Wrestlemania but what unfolded no one could have predicted. The Spirit Squad hit Shawn with a sneak attack, and then it was announced that Shawn Michaels is going to face all five members of the Spirit Squad in four weeks at Backlash!

    Jerry Lawler: Mr McMahon arranged for the deck to be stacked against Shawn Michaels at Backlash, who of course, wanted a match for the WWE Championship against this man, John Cena!

    Jim Ross: Even though you won’t ever catch him admitting it, John Cena may even be slightly relieved that ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ is otherwise engaged at Backlash, as John Cena could have been in for an even tougher night than last night against Triple H.

    Jerry Lawler: He’s in for a tough night tonight as well, JR! As we found out earlier on after Interim General Manager Jonathan Coachman interrupted Cena’s confrontation with RVD, he’s facing an old rival in Carlito!

    Jim Ross: John Cena eluded it to it earlier on in his interview with Todd Grisham, he has deep personal history with his opponent tonight, and you know that Carlito will try to use that to his advantage.

    Once in the ring, Cena mounts the middle rope in the corner and holds the title up in the air for the fans, before he jumps back down and removes his cap and shirt and stands patiently, staring at the stage.


    There’s some decent heat in the arena, as CARLITO walks out onto the stage, tossing an apple in his hand, and he smugly grins at Cena when we see that CHRIS MASTERS is accompanying the Puerto Rican down to the ring.

    Jerry Lawler: Well, it seems that these two are friends again!

    Jim Ross: We saw the reconciliation between Carlito and Chris Masters earlier tonight after their tag team and friendship looked to be all but over after last night’s unsuccessful World Tag Team Championship bid, but these two young men appear to be on the same page again, and this could spell trouble for John Cena tonight, King.

    Jerry Lawler: Chris Masters is a presence, and Cena will have to have eyes in the back of his head tonight, because all it could take is for John Cena to lose focus on Carlito for one second and he’s one Backcracker away from losing this match!

    Masters stays lurking outside the ring and he points at Cena to let him know that he’s there, and Carlito gets into the ring and leans back against the corner and stares at Cena with a relaxed look on his face. ‘The Champ’ does some final, last minute stretches and hands the WWE Title down to ringside and steps towards the middle of the ring and Carlito carefully puts his apple on the floor in the corner and slaps hands with Masters through the ropes and seeing that both men are now ready, the referee signals that the main event is now underway!

    Main Event:
    Non-Title Match:

    WWE Champion John Cena vs Carlito w/ Chris Masters

    Cena makes the better start in the match, continuing his momentum on from last night, using his power to his advantage early on when he blocks a Suplex attempt from Carlito and hits back with one of his own. Carlito rolls out of the ring to regroup with Masters, and Cena eventually takes it upon himself to crash the party, and he grabs Carlito by the hair and send him back into the ring under the bottom rope. Masters grabs Cena’s leg as he tries to re-enter the ring, and the referee warns him for his interference, but Carlito uses the opportunity to Dropkick Cena off of the apron and send him falling to the ring floor!

    The referee tries to stop Carlito exiting the ring to follow up on Cena, but this only works in ‘The Bad Apple’s favour, as Masters grabs Cena from the floor and hurls him into the barricade at ringside! The barricade is knocked back a few inches due to the power of ‘The Masterpiece’ and Carlito remains in the ring, whilst Masters retreats once the ref turns around and starts to count Cena out. Cena gets back into the ring at 5. Carlito tries to slow things down for Cena and keep him grounded, but the strength of the WWE Champion comes into play and he shoves Carlito away from him whilst in a Headlock and catches him with a Bell-to-Belly Suplex!

    Both men make it up at the same time, and Carlito swings with a wild right hand, but Cena ducks and sends him crashing to the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb!! The fans cheer with Carlito down in the middle of the ring and Cena runs the ropes and taunts Carlito with a “YOU CAN’T SEE ME!” and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle!!! Cena springs straight back up and looks to go for the kill as he waits on Carlito, who is slowly getting to his feet, but Chris Masters jumps up onto the apron!! Clearly had enough of ‘The Masterpiece’ interfering, Cena knocks him off of the apron with a right hand!!

    With ‘The Champ’ by the ropes and facing the outside, Carlito senses the opportunity and almost fulfils the prediction of ‘King’ before the match and he goes for the BACKCRACKER – BUT CENA HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES!! Carlito crashes on the back of his head and rolls onto his front, allowing Cena to grab one of his legs and he pulls him into the STFU!! Carlito yells in pain, but he doesn’t resist the hold for too long and TAPS OUT!!

    Winner: John Cena (10.16)

    ***MY TIME IS NOW***

    The fans are in good spirits after the result is announced, and a weary-looking Cena gets to his feet and has his arm raised and the championship handed back to him by the referee.

    Jim Ross: A fine victory for the WWE Champion tonight, overcoming the numbers game and finally nullifying the threat of Chris Masters to make Carlito submit – JOHN WATCH OUT!!

    Cena appears to hear JR’s desperate-sounding warning, and he turns around RIGHT INTO A POLISH HAMMER FROM CHRIS MASTERS!!! Cena is downed immediately and he holds his hands to his face, as Masters helps Carlito up to his feet and Carlito smiles at the downed WWE Champion. Masters walks over to the corner and picks up Carlito’s apple and chucks it to him before he turns his attention to Cena once again and lifts him up… AND APPLIES THE MASTERLOCK!!

    The fans boo as Cena’s groans of pain as he struggles in the hold and Carlito takes a bite from the apple and starts chewing whilst he stares Cena in the eyes. Carlito throws the apple on the floor and savours his time with the chewed apple waiting to be spat on Cena’s face and he leans back…

    ***THE GAME**

    IT’S TRIPLE H!!!



    Carlito almost dribbles out the apple in his mouth and Masters aggressively throws Cena to the ground from the Masterlock as Triple H slides into the ring and he takes it straight to Chris Masters!! Masters tries going blow for blow with ‘The Game’, but he isn’t a match! Triple H Irish Whips Masters into the ropes and kicks him in the gut on his return – PEDIGREE TO CHRIS MASTERS!!!

    Carlito is still just standing there’s frozen, that is until he realises JOHN CENA IS BACK TO HIS FEET, AND HE HITS THE FU ON CARLITO!!!!

    Both Masters and Carlito roll out of the ring after taking their big moves, and everyone now turns their attention to the two men standing tall in the ring. Triple H and John Cena, opponents last night, both stare at each other until ‘The Game’ looks down to his feet and sees the WWE Championship. HHH stares at the title which he came so close to winning last night and he leans down and picks it up. Looking at Cena, ‘The Game’ takes a step towards him and Cena holds his right hand out and says “Thanks man.” Cena goes to take the title from Triple H’s hand… BUT TRIPLE H KNOCKS HIM OUT COLD WITH IT INSTEAD!!!!

    There’s a mixed reaction in the arena after a stunned silence for a couple of seconds and Triple H emotionlessly drapes the title over the chest of a knocked out, bleeding WWE Champion and he slowly exits the ring and starts to walk up the ramp.

    Jim Ross: I don’t believe it, King… Triple H came out here to help John Cena, and instead he’s left him in a pool of his own blood.

    Jerry Lawler: I thought after what John Cena was saying earlier on tonight that these two men had a new-found respect for one another. Obviously, Triple H doesn’t feel the same way, JR.

    Triple H reaches the top of the ramp and turns back around to see Cena still motionless in the middle of the ring and he smirks and then turns back around to leave the arena...

    ***ONE OF A KIND***

    There’s some confusion in the arena for a second and Triple H stops dead in his tracks and looks up at the Titantron to see the entrance video… and then the real-life ROB VAN DAM RUNNING PAST HIM FROM THE BACK WITH HIS BRIEFCASE IN HAND AND A REFEREE!!!! ROB VAN DAM IS CASHING IN!!!! THERE’S ONE OF THE BIGGEST POPS IN THE HISTORY OF THE WWE AS RVD SLIDES INTO THE RING, SLAPS THE BRIEFCASE AND GIVES IT TO THE REF!!


    Jerry Lawler: But John Cena’s unconscious in the ring!!! Can RVD even do this!!!

    The referee leans through the ropes and motions Lilian over and speaks to her for a few seconds and then hands her the briefcase! She quickly grabs her microphone and loudly says…


    THE FANS ROAR IN APPROVAL, and a massive ‘RVD’ chant engulfs the entire arena! The referee still leans through the ropes, explaining the rules to Garcia and RVD stands, ready and waiting to leap onto the top turnbuckle and hit that Five-Star on John Cena. RVD decides to wait up there and he turns to the corner,


    ITS EDGE!!!!!

    The fans are utterly deflated by the sight of ‘The Rated-R Superstar’, who holds his shoulder in pain following the spear as he gets up to one knee, and upon seeing what has happened, the referee who came out with RVD motions a cross with his hands to cancel the title match, and RVD lays in a heap on the mat holding his stomach.

    Jim Ross: Edge has denied RVD his WWE Championship Match tonight!! We were about to see Rob Van Dam make history, but Edge has SPOILT the party!

    Edge is now joined by LITA in the ring, and together they admire the carnage in the ring, and then Edge looks back up at the ramp, where Triple H is still standing and does the most shit-eating grin at ‘The Game’, before embracing Lita for one of their most disgusting kisses ever.


    The fans start booing as Edge’s music plays, and Raw ends with ‘The Rated-R Superstar’ and his girlfriend standing tall in the ring over the WWE Champion and Mr Money in the Bank.

    Monday Night Raw Presents...

    April 30th 2006
    Rupp Arena - Lexington, Kentucky

    Confirmed Matches:

    WWE Intercontinental Championship:
    Ladder Match:
    Shelton Benjamin © vs Ric Flair

    Five-on-One Tornado Elimination Handicap Match:
    Shawn Michaels vs The Spirit Squad

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    Some potential spoilers again here...


    WWE News & Rumours

    Tested the Waters

    It is believed that the teased Money in the Bank cash in by Rob Van Dam at the end of Monday's episode of Raw was designed to see how the fans would react if RVD did actually cash in on John Cena at one point in the future. The decision to include the tease at the end of the show was a last minute change, after how well received the opening segment between Cena and RVD was by the crowd in attendance in the Allstate Arena. Edge was apparently set to appear at the end of the show to attack Cena and Triple H following his victory to set up a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship at Backlash, but plans are being changed given the strong reaction received by RVD throughout the show. It is now thought that this quartet are to be the big players on the red brand in the next 12 months, and will be involved in some of the biggest storylines on the show. What the WWE Title situation at Backlash is now going to be is currently unknown, but officials are very pleased that the intrigue caused by RVD and the "anytime, any place" nature of the Money in the Bank contract is apparent to the fans, and that a cash in need not be on a Pay-Per-View, to encourage them to tune in to both shows on a weekly basis as RVD could pop up anywhere.

    Edge and Triple H were purposely not featured and barely mentioned during the show until after the main event to keep the crowd and viewers at home in the dark, as many would have assumed that neither would be in attendance following their involvement at Wrestlemania.

    Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

    The decision to challenge Shelton Benjamin in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash was Ric Flair's himself. 'The Nature Boy' is apparently set on proving that he still has a place in the WWE in 2006 and it is thought that the more extreme matches we have been seeing him in are his way of proving that he still fits in with the industry today.

    Benjamin is being set up for a big year and a move upwards on the card, as a program with John Cena is being touted backstage, which could indicate that Flair is going to be victorious at Backlash to allow Benjamin to move onto bigger and better things. He is one of the favourites for the King of the Ring tournament, which is returning in July, and rumours state that this year's offering with have a special stipulation added to it.

    A New Angle?

    One of the biggest pieces of gossip coming out of Wrestlemania weekend was that Kurt Angle is considering leaving the WWE when his contract with the company expires in the summer, with TNA the likely destination. Some more details have emerged over the course of the week, with creative differences being cited as a reason for his unsettled state, and Angle himself has hinted that the rumours may be addressed on Smackdown this Friday night. Whether this happens remains to be seen.

    Friday Night Smackdown
    April 7th 2006
    Peoria Civic Center - Peoria, Illinois

    Five days removed from the 'Grandaddy of 'Em All', the attention turns to the blue brand where the biggest story coming out of Wrestlemania is that of the NEW World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio, who defeated Randy Orton and Kurt Angle in a victory dedicated to his late friend and 'brother' Eddie Guerrero. Always one to enjoy a celebration, Mysterio will be in Peoria tonight to discuss Wrestlemania and what his victory meant to him, surrounded by his friends in the Smackdown fans. Mysterio's celebration is scheduled to be at the end of the show, but there will be plenty to look forward to before we get to that. The former World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle, will be going one-on-one with one of the toughest men on the Smackdown roster in 'The Fighting Irishman' Finlay, who was unsuccessful in securing the Money in the Bank contract for himself at Wrestlemania, thanks in part to the work of his rival in the past few months, Bobby Lashley. As for the third man in the Smackdown Wrestlemania main event, 'The Legend Killer' Randy Orton, he is scheduled to appear in Peoria tonight, but what he has planned is anyone's guess. What is for sure is that he will be fuming after being pinned by Mysterio on the grandest stage.

    Smackdown's main event of the evening will be between four men that were not a part of Wrestlemania, and looking to steal the show with their performance tonight. Those four men are Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, Paul London and Brian Kendrick, as MNM will be defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against the upstart team who have been in pursuit of the gold for the past couple of months. London and Kendrick have quickly developed a strong following in the Smackdown fans, who would love nothing more than to see brand new tag champs crowned tonight in Peoria. Or will Melina be a deciding factor, as she has been so many times before, in ensuring that her boys keep hold of the gold?

    Rey Mysterio isn't the only person that will be celebrating on Smackdown tonight, as the United States Champion JBL will be holding what he is calling a 'State of the Unites States Championship Address'. After forcing the former champion Chris Benoit into retirement at Wrestlemania, thanks to a huge assist from Orlando Jordan, the longest reigning champion in Smackdown history will be discussing his future as champion. What that could entail is anyone's guess but if JBL is involved, it is sure to be grand.

    We will also see an almost-rematch from Wrestlemania as the 5-time WCW Champion Booker T takes on The Boogeyman in singles competition, after the worm-enthused Superstar was able to defeat both Booker and his wife Sharmell in a Handicap Match. What would have drawn Booker's ire the most however was that his wife ended the night with a mouthful of worms, and this is the reason that he has for a chance of revenge against the abnormal Boogeyman. Will Booker's fear have subsided, and enable him to overthrow the man who has his number?

    To say that Paul Burchill has undergone a transformation as of late would be an understatement, as the British Superstar revealed that his ancestors were in fact pirates. His choice of costume and mannerisms to pay tribute to this has drawn the ire of his former ally, William Regal, who is not impressed with how his protege has turned out. Regal has been given the opportunity to knock some sense into Burchill by General Manager Teddy Long, so the two English brawlers will face off tonight in Peoria.

    Not only all of that, but The Pitbulls will be taking on the Mexicools and we are to receive an update on the currently injured Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms!

    Confirmed Matches:

    WWE Tag Team Championships:
    MNM © vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick

    Singles Match:
    Kurt Angle vs Finlay

    Singles Match:
    Booker T vs The Boogeyman

    Tag Team Match:
    The Mexicools vs The Pitbulls

    Singles Match:
    William Regal vs Paul Burchill

    Also in Attendance:
    World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio
    United States Champion JBL
    Randy Orton
    Bobby Lashley

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    Re: WWE: Pushing the Boundaries II

    TWG, nice to see you back with a new thread. I LOVE this time period and think, personally, that WWE missed the boat on a lot ofthings here.Apart from now (IMO), the roster was never more balanced and filled with more talent than it was in the post-WM 22 era. But, of course, WWECW and the rehsah of DX, plus a rash of injuries kinda threw it into a loop.

    Anyways, time to read Raw.

    First thing's first: Format is on point. Use of color is on point. Everything in that regard looks great.

    Stirring promo to start off the show. Cena was at his best here, and I think it was wise to have RVD come out and have the two interact against each other. To myknowledge, unless it was on SmackDown! in 2004, that'd never happened before. Great tease here with the MIBTB and I absolutely loved RVD bringing up what happened at New Year's Revolution. AND... also did love Cena jabbing back with reminding him about what it took to take him down. Coach is such a dill weed, but I like him being the 'GM' of sort with the McMahons gone for now. Hope that sticks for a while. Cena-Carlito should be fun, as should Masters-RVD.

    Not a surprising result here. Van Dam losing would've been rather inexplicable. I like, if nothing else, that you didn't make Masers look like a chud. I wasn't a big fan of his, but he has a role in this era, and I suspect you'll use him well enough.

    Kane/Big Show vs. the RWC should own. Benjamin-Viscera should be... interesting. Looking forward to hearing what HBK has to say.

    Trish reacting in the fashion that she did was an interesting twist and I like it. That she felt 'violated' is definitely not the angle I remember them taking in this IRL, so I am looking forward to seeing how this turns out in the coming weeks. I suspect she'll roll through Candice.

    Huge win for Murdoch and Cade. Doing so in dirty fashion no less. This'll prop 'em right into title contention (and, from what I remember, Raw's tag scene was... less than stellar). Having these two teams feud for the next few months should be enough to keep everything relevant until an eventual influx of tag teams. I wonder, if since you have a Women's Title match looming next week, if we'll have a Tag Titles match, too.

    Laughed a few times during this interview with Shelton. Nicely done stuff here. Him ranting a bit on Ric Flair definitely has me thinking we'll see Flair-Shelton at Backlash, which would definitely be worth the watch. Unsurprising result to have Shelton defeat Vis. And a great promo battle between Flair and Benjamin follows. Felt you kept both very much in character, with Benjamin acting all sorts of arrogant. Woo buddy. A ladder match. That's 3 for Flair in 3 months (TLC included). What a crazy bastard. That should be nothing if not fascinating when it goes down.

    Hmmm... get the sense that we'll be seeing a break down between Masters and Carlito.

    Trish winning emphatically was, well, not all that surprising. Trish-Mickie II next week should be awesome.

    Cena's words there are... very... interesting. While he's right that Van Dam's not a snake, to say that he doesn't have to watch his back sounds like the kind of comment that could be worth remembering down the line. I don't know if you'll pull *that* trigger. But I do know that I'll be waiting to find out what happens next.

    I suppose what has to be done has to be done here with Michaels vs. the WHOLE Spirit Squad. This segment certainly served its purpose and made them all look pretty great. I just wonder how far it'll be taken.

    Figured Cena would get the win there for sure. Highly intense aftermath with Triple H attacking Cena,, leaving the option for the tease (which is ALSO something I think will be emphasized given Cena's comments) and, of course, Edge cutting RVD off. Epic stuff.

    Overall, a very good start here. You laid the groundwork for a few things. The main event scene is nothing if not intriguing. RVD-Cena definitely seems like what you're eventually going to be building towards (maybe at SummerSlam in Boston), which leaves me wondering what's to come for Edge and Triple H and if a feud between those two will happen down the road. Plenty of good here, TWG. Keep it up.

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