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Thread: World Championship Wrestling

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling

    So first off the idea of WCW in 2017 is a strange one for me. Looking at the roster youve only got JR Bischoff and Foley who can act as links back to WCW for me if Bischoff was going to start a promotion i would have thought a fresh name and brand would have been better but as a WCW fan I'm all for a ressurection of my favourite promotion growing up.

    Your format looks great my only critiscsim would be some of the colours, specifically the really light colours, i don't know if its just the brightness setting on my moniter but their just a bit hard to read sometime. Part from that the shows are layed out really nice.

    The roster looks to have a nice mix of Inide guys, ex wwe, ex tna and UK guys. Would have like a little backstory how some of these guys came to sign with WCW but thats just me being picky. Also it lacks real star power. Like I'm not saying have John Cena on the roster but one or two big stars would have completed the roster for me.

    Quick other thing why have you used some different names and some you havent changed. Like the beautiful people's names and Hager and Bennett & Stevens but youve kept Bully Ray EC3 Burke and Barretta for example. Just seems weird name choices for some and not others.i mean i had to google Ashley Lane & Angel Williams becuase i thought they were new wrestlers. Imagine my disappointment when i disocovered who they were lol

    Also there are no dates on your Nitros just something i'd add if i were you cause i have no idea how many shows it is until Fall Brawl

    So this is a review of the latest show so lets get to it

    • A Heel Aries is the best Aries
    • Not Really seen a lot of Ethan Carter III but that was a decent promo.
    • Big fan of Rappongi Vice so sad to them lose out to the MCMG's
    • Bully Ray Riddle sounds like a good fued on paper, Riddle picking the Tables match is a ballsy move i mean surely he'd pick a submission match but i'll see how this plays out.
    • So is Aaron Stevens just doing his Damien Sandow gimmick under his old name? thats fine. Always liked a good Sandow promo. ZSj going over makes sense. Would like to see a Riddle/ZSJ feud in the future.
    • Aldis & Bennett seem like theyd be a good tag team combo, Hager is going to have to find a tag partner to deal with them i guess, Could we see a Real Americans reunion down the line with Cesaro coming into the WCW fold?
    • So our US title match will be Scurll vs ZSJ leaders of the new school going head to head. ALways good match and itll be interesting having a Non American having the US title first
    • I am not a fan of the Beautiful People honestly, for me its a gimmick that should have just died but i guess they are gonna be your big heels in the Womens division and Candice can fit in the under dog role.
    • Nice angry Stevens promo, and a nice way to transition him to a feud with Pinkie Sanchez (I have no idea who he is btw) for the TV title.
    • Oh Hager & Moose kinda gutted it wasnt Cesaro but be cool to see were this goes with Moose/ Hager v Bennett/Aldis
    • "Nick Aldis had recovered enough to spin Hager around to deliver a powerful MDD! Magnus sat on the mat with a grin on his face" Noticed this. Didn't know if it was a typo or Magnus is Aldis's nickname on your BTB
    • Crazy unstable Jimmy Havoc, i liked that, Havo v Nitro at Fall Bral would be a good match. Guessing Havoc is playing the tweener role which is cool gives you lots of options for feuds with Faces & Heels.

    Anyway overall i liked the show i read . Sorry if any of my feedback is too nit picky feel free to ignore it. Anyway looking forward to seeing how you develop your characters and ill be reading
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    Re: World Championship Wrestling


    With only one Nitro before Fall Brawl, Eric Bischoff has promised to finish the card live on television.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling


    It was time for the last Thursday Night Nitro before the WCW Fall Brawl pay-per-view this Sunday. The pyro erupted throughout the arena as the crowd was going wild. It was going to be another action-packed week of Nitro as suddenly the theme music of Jimmy Havoc would begin to play. The crowd erupted in mainly boos as Havoc made his way slowly out from the back. Havoc only glared at the fans as he made his way slowly down towards the ring. As he entered the ring, Havoc motioned for someone to hand him a microphone. Jimmy Havoc made a huge impact last week as he took the center of the ring and raised his microphone.

    Jimmy Havoc: "Last week, I made my statement known. I showed Johnny Nitro and Ethan Carter III that I am not on their side. I am only on my side, I help nobody else but myself. I am destined to become the WCW World Heavyweight Champion! And there is nothing that anybody can do to stop me! I will brutalize and victimize anybody that dares to stand in my way! Everybody will soon realize that my words aren't fun and games. I hurt people for a living and if you stand in my way then you will be hurt. I don't care who you are, the end result will always be the same! I will..."

    The crowd erupted in cheers as suddenly Johnny Nitro's theme music would hit the arena! Nitro had clearly heard enough as Jimmy Havoc scowled at Johnny for daring to interrupt him. Johnny made his way down to the ring as he would grab a microphone before entering the ring to face Havoc.

    Johnny Nitro: "You are so far in over your head, Havoc. You have done nothing in your career to think you can get a title shot. You have to prove that you are worthy before you even think about being a champion. Right now, all that you are going to do is embarrass yourself and that is a promise, Jimmy!"

    Jimmy Havoc had a sadistic smirk on his face as he listened to Johnny's rant.

    Jimmy Havoc: "Oh but that is where you are wrong, Nitro. I KNOW exactly what I am getting myself into I have done nothing but prove myself since I joined this company and I will continue to prove why I deserve to be the champion. I will prove but in the process, I am going to take what I deserve! I will be the next Number One Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship!"

    Johnny Nitro stepped up to get nose to nose with Jimmy Havoc as the crowd was ready for a brawl to take place.

    Johnny Nitro: "The only way that you are going to get a title shot is if you go through me to get it!"

    Havoc had a grin on his face.

    Jimmy Havoc: "That can be arranged."

    The crowd was going wild as these two men looked just about to break into a brawl. Before the two could, Eric Bischoff's theme music would hit the arena! Bischoff came out on the stage with a microphone in his hand already.

    Eric Bischoff: "Hold it! I agree you both deserve to be in title contention but you won't fight tonight. But this Sunday, it is going to be Jimmy Havoc versus Johnny Nitro in a Number One Contenders match!"

    The crowd went wild for that announcement as Havoc and Nitro both liked the sound of that.

    Eric Bischoff: "But for tonight, Jimmy, I am going to give you what you want. The opportunity to show that you are championship material whenever you take on the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III in a non-title match tonight!"

    The crowd continued to cheers as Jimmy Havoc nodded his head as Nitro would cut to a commercial break.

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from the commercial break as the crowd would suddenly be wishing it would have continued as the theme music of Aaron Stevens would hit the arena. The usual calm and proper Stevens was still looking a bit wild-eyed from loosing in the United States Tournament. Last week, Stevens flipped out and ambushed the WCW Television Champion Pinkie Sanchez out of pure rage. Stevens entered the ring as he demanded a microphone to be handed to him. Stevens paced back and forth as he waited for the microphone and even after he got it. His theme music paused as Stevens took a moment before actually speaking as he rambled to himself for a moment.

    Aaron Stevens: "This is a travesty! I refuse to be treated like this! I am the top superstar on the WCW with the most class and dignity! I am the one who should be facing Marty Scurll at Fall Brawl in a battle of class! This should be a five star instant classic but now it is tainted by Zack Sabre Jr who cheated to defeat me! So I demand that I am given the title shot I deserve or I am not going anywhere! I will stand in this ring all night if I have too."

    Aaron Stevens looked to make himself comfortable as he would lean up in the corner as he waited for Eric Bischoff to come out and give in to his demands. The bosses theme music hit the arena as the crowd went wild in cheers! Bischoff came out onto the stage with a grin on his face not feeling very threatened by Stevens.

    Eric Bischoff: "You can try to take the ring all night but I will tell you that you won't get away with it. I will have security drag you out of that ring kicking and screaming. You lost to Zack Sabre Jr fair and square so the answer is no. You will not be added to the WCW United States Championship match!"

    The crowd roared with approval as Aaron Stevens was about to throw a temper tantrum.

    Eric Bischoff: "Calm yourself, Stevens. Don't make to rash of a decision. You may want to hear this next part before you make any bad decisions."

    Stevens calmed down enough to raise a curious eyebrow at the boss.

    Eric Bischoff: "Since you decided that you wanted to attack another one of my champions. I am going to give you a chance to earn a title shot against him. So up next, you will face off against Dalton Castle in a Number One Contenders match for the WCW Television Championship. So, best of luck."

    Bischoff smirked as he turned around and exited the stage as Dalton Castle's theme music would begin playing as Nitro cut to a quick commercial break before the match.

    - - - - - - -

    Singles Match
    Number One Contedership for the WCW Television Championship
    Aaron Stevens versus Dalton Castle

    Dalton Castle had made his way down to the ring as we cut back from a commercial break. The bell was officially sounded as Stevens and Castle looked to lock things up. Stevens had other plans as he kicked Castle in the mid-section before grabbing him and sending him shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Aaron was clearly pissed off as he jumped Castle in the corner stomping at him. The referee forced Stevens to quit the attack as he went to go right back on the attack. Stevens ran at Castle who would erupt out of the corner with a spear to Stevens! The crowd was clearly getting behind Dalton Castle because they couldn't stand Aaron Stevens. Castle looked to take the pin as the referee only made a two count before Stevens kicked out. Dalton Castle looked to quickly pull Aaron to his feet. Looking for an irish whip into the ropes, Stevens came back across the ring to kick a bent over Castle in the chest before leveling him with a superkick to put him down! Stevens went for the pin believing he had stolen the win but Castle was somehow able to kick out before the three count clearly upsetting Stevens. Stevens hit the mat out of frustration before looking to go right back on the attack. Dalton Castle and Aaron Stevens both knew exactly what was on the line in a match like this! The two went back and forth looking to put the other down for the count or make the other tap out. Dalton Castle was looking impressive in a match not against Jimmy Havoc as he unleashed a series a chest smacks at Stevens. Castle went for another smack but Stevens caught his arm and irish whipped him towards the turnbuckle! Stevens went running at Castle in the corner but Dalton was able to move out of the way sending Stevens crashing! Dalton Castle was feeling the crowd behind him as he seen victory coming his way. He went running towards Stevens in the corner and his dreams were crushed with a massive big boot out of the corner! Stevens went for the pin knowing that he had just picked up the victory over Castle as he went for the pin. The referee made the count but it was only a two count as Stevens looked about to go ballistic. Stevens got up to his feet pulling his hair back looking like a complete wildman. Stevens pulled up Dalton Castle to put him out of his misery as Stevens would nail him with the Idolizer. Stevens went for the pin as the referee successfully counted the three count.

    Winner: Aaron Stevens

    Aaron Stevens was the winner and was the new number one contender for the WCW Television Championship. Aaron Stevens started his celebration but it would be cut short as the crowd erupted in cheers! Pinkie Sanchez leaped out of the crowd as Aaron Stevens was on the top rope on the other side of the ring. Pinkie slid in the ring with the championship belt in his hands! Aaron Stevens stepped off the ropes to turn around to be nailed with the championship belt right across the skull! Pinkie followed up to the top rope to hit the double foot stomp to Stevens! The crowd was going wild as Pinkie held up his title over Aaron Stevens.

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from a commercial break as we would be welcomed to the presence of Marty Scurll as the theme music would fill the arena and the crowd would erupt in cheers! Scurll wore a confident smirk on his face as he headed towards the ring snubbing all of the fans as he didn't even acknowledge their boos as he headed into the ring. Marty motioned for Justin Roberts to hand him the microphone as he would take center stage to address the WCW fans.

    Marty Scurll: "Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a matter of days, I am going to bring some true honor to this country. This Sunday, I will become the first WCW United States Champion as a British man. A man of true class, a man of true honor, and a man of a true country. I should rename the championship to the European Championship or perhaps our own United Kingdom Championship!"

    The crowd went wild in boos as Marty would diss their country. Marty only wore a smirk on his face as he loved getting under the fans skin. The "USA!" chants would begin as Marty only chuckled at the fans and shook his head believing them all to be idiots.

    Marty Scurll: "Chant your countries name all that you want but the fact of the matter is that USA has already lost! No matter is Zack Sabre Jr would win, he is still British as well. How does that make all of you Americans feel? Knowing that the first "United States" Champion isn't even American! I can't say that I am even surprised, Brits have been better at bloody everything!"

    The crowd was about to straight up riot as Marty continued to personally attack them all. Finally, Zack Sabre Jr's theme music would hit as the fans would begin to cheer. Zack Sabre Jr may not be an American but the fans still loved him especially since he wasn't an asshole like Marty Scurll. The American people would settle with Sabre as their champion. Zack made his way down the ramp as he clapped the fans hands as he made his way to grab a microphone getting glared at by Marty the entire time. Sabre was handed a microphone as he would enter the ring to face Marty.

    Zack Sabre Jr: "You can run your mouth all that you want but it still doesn't speak for your actions, mate. You can say you are going to beat me all that you want but we will all see about that at Fall Brawl! Then you better hope that your actions are as loud as your mouth or I promise that I will embarrass you in this ring!"

    Marty Scurll only smirked at Sabre as he shook his head not taking Zack Sabre Jr too seriously.

    Marty Scurll: "You only embarrass yourself in this ring. You claim to be a "Technical Wizard", I've seen better technical wrestling by people half your skill. You should be a big star but you are too much of a pushover. You know the old saying kid, nice guys finish last!"

    Zack Sabre Jr nodded his head listening to Marty rant. Zack was just about to speak whenever he was interrupted by Eric Bischoff who looked to make his appearance known once again tonight.

    Eric Bischoff: "Guys, I am glad to see the two of you at the same place at the same time. Makes it a lot easier for me to make my announcement. Tonight, the two of you will be in Pick Your Poison matches! Anybody on the roster not booked for tonight can be picked. So, while we are all out here, let's decide!"

    The crowd went wild in cheers loving Bischoff's announcement. Zack and Marty exchanged glares as they thought of names in their heads. Zack Sabre Jr was the first to come up with a name as he raised his microphone.

    Zack Sabre Jr: "My pick is... Matt Riddle!"

    The crowd went wild as Marty Scurll clearly didn't like the sound of that as he began to low-key freak out. Matt Riddle is a huge opponent for Marty, now to name Sabre's. Marty rubbed his chin before raising his microphone to make his selection.

    Marty Scurll: "Alright, then you will be facing the Number One Contender for the WCW World Championship, Austin Aries!"

    Jim Ross exclaimed "Wow!" on commentary as two blockbuster matches were set for tonight. Eric Bischoff had a big smirk on his face as he began to clap for both men's decisions.

    Eric Bischoff: "Two great matches are now booked for tonight! Marty Scurll versus Matt Riddle and Zack Sabre Jr versus Austin Aries! Best of luck guys."

    Bischoff gave a little wink before exiting the stage. Marty and Sabre had a staredown as the two talked trash to each other before Nitro cut to commercials.

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from a commercial break as the theme music of the Motor City Machine Guns would hit the arena and the crowd went wild! Justin Roberts was in the ring as he announced the following match introducing Alex Shelley accompanied by Chris Sabin. Sabin and Shelley were looking fired up heading towards their huge match this Sunday for the WCW Tag Team Titles. Sabin and Shelley entered the ring as Shelley would ask for the microphone from Roberts.

    Alex Shelley: "How is everybody tonight?! [The crowd roared with cheers as Shelley nodded his head with a smile.] That is what I want to hear. How are you feeling, Chris?"

    Chris Sabin had gotten a microphone of his own as he joined beside his tag partner.

    Chris Sabin: "I am feeling fantastic! How about you, Alex?"

    Alex Shelley wasted no time giving his enthusiastic answer.

    Alex Shelley: "Never better, my friend! With a huge match ahead of us, I can't help but to feel on the top of my game. Still feel like this is a brand new day for this tag team! We are in the best shape of our lives and this Sunday, we take the WCW Tag Team Championships!"

    The crowd erupted in cheers certainly picking their favorites in the match.

    Chris Sabin: "Oh yeah! That sounds like music to my ears. This is our chance, this is our time to show that we still got it! Whenever people thought that they had seen the end of the Motor City Machine Guns, they were wrong. You are only seeing a new beginning and there is way more to come!"

    Alex Shelley nodded his head to agree with his tag team partner. The Motor City Machine Guns certainly had begun a career revolution. The two were looking better than they have in years and it was hard to deny what they had to say regarding this Sunday's match

    Alex Shelley: "You got that right! We are at the top of our game! I am feeling better than I have in a decade! Tonight, I am going to give Nick Jackson a look into the future whenever I beat him in this ring. Then this Sunday, we beat both of The Young Bucks and become the WCW Tag Team Champions!"

    Chris Sabin looked to raise his microphone to say something else but The Young Bucks had other ideas. The crowd erupted in boos as The Young Bucks theme music cut off the Motor City Machine Guns. They had heard enough as Alex Shelley was ready for a fight and Chris Sabin would exit the ring.

    - - - - - - -

    Singles Match
    Alex Shelley w/ Chris Sabin versus Nick Jackson w/ Matt Jackson

    This match was officially underway as it was time for singles action. These two teams were used to having partners but tonight their partners were playing managers at ringside guiding their partner along in this match. The two men locked things up as Alex Shelley would get Jackson in a chokehold and quickly take him down to the mat. Nick was right back up to his feet as he ran to the topes and would rebound off to turn with a massive kick to the skull of Alex Shelley! Jackson went for the pin but it was only a two count as Nick Jackson immediately went back on the attack. Nick pulled Shelley towards the turnbuckle before going up top. Alex Shelley was able to get up to his feet to hit the ropes making Jackson drop on his crotch. Shelley looked to follow up as he climbed the turnbuckle looking for a high impact move. This was looking bad for Nick Jackson so his brother would jump up on the apron to distract Alex Shelley. Shelley was able to kick Matt Jackson off the apron but Matt had gotten away with the distraction. Nick Jackson was able to push Alex Shelley off the top rope. Chris Sabin decided that it was his turn to get involved as he would push Nick off the top rope! The referee shouted at Sabin and Matt Jackson as they started to argue with each other. The match continued in the ring as a brawl began outside of the ring. The fans were chanting "This Is Awesome!" as they watched two absolute brawls. Back in the ring, both men had clearly slowed down greatly. Nick Jackson went for a roundhouse kick but Shelley was able to barely duck it! Shelley would latch on to Nick's leg as he would lock him in an ankle lock on the ground! Jackson was in a bad place as Shelley had it locked in! Jackson pulled to the ropes as hard as he could as suddenly Matt Jackson reached out to pull his partner to the ropes. Matt jumped up on the apron shouting at Shelley as the referee demanded that both men at ringside get to the back. Alex Shelley went on the attack but Nick Jackson rolled him up out of nowhere! Jackson about stole the pin but Shelley barely kicked out! Shelley and Jackson were both back to their feet as Shelley kicked Jackson in the mid-section before hitting the Sliced Bread #2! Alex Shelley went for the pin as the referee counted the three count!

    Winner: Alex Shelley

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from a commercial break as the crowd was ready for more action. The crowd would suddenly erupt in boos as the theme music of London Calling would hit the arena! Nick Aldis and Stu Bennett would make their way out onto the stage with scowls on their faces. They may have stood tall last week but they certainly were not happy about Moose aligning himself with Jake Hager to get involved with their business. Bennett and Aldis entered the ring as they demanded microphones to be handed to them. Stu Bennett was so angry and on edge that he about attacked Justin Roberts for taking so long with the microphones. Bennett snatched his and wasted no time going on a rant.

    Stu Bennett: "Last week, we proved that whenever you dare try and mess with us, you will always fail! Moose and Hager thought they had gotten one over on us but it seems their plans were foiled! If you don't believe me, then just watch this footage from last week!"

    Footage from last week began to show on the titantron as Bennett and Aldis only smiled watching the footage of them beating down Moose and Hager last week. As the footage would end, Nick Aldis was up on the microphone.

    Nick Aldis: "Moose, you put your nose where it doesn't belong! Now, you are going to pay for what you did just like Jake Hager is going to pay."

    Stu Bennett nodded his head agreeing with his partner.

    Stu Bennett: "Hager has continued to dare to mess with our plans! Now, Moose has decided that he wants to get involved with our business as well. So, now we have business to take care of. So we are laying down the challenge!"

    Nick Aldis nodded his head as he stepped up to actually lay down the challenge.

    Nick Aldis: "This Sunday at Fall Brawl! We challenge Moose and Jake Hager to a tag match to put an end to this feud! Finally, stop these two from getting involved with our business and we can continue with our plan!"

    Stu Bennett nodded his head as he patted Aldis on the back.

    Stu Bennett: "So the challenge is on the plate, what do you say?"

    Bennett and Aldis waited for a reply as suddenly Jake Hager's theme music would hit the arena. The crowd erupted in cheers as Hager and Moose would come out onto the stage. Hager had a microphone already in his hand to answer London Calling.

    Jake Hager: "We never back down from a fight, you're on!"

    The crowd erupted in cheers as Hager and Moose accepted the challenge. Big smirks appeared on London Calling's faces as cameras would cut to backstage leaving both teams talking trash to each other.

    - - - - - - -

    Cameras cut to backstage where Veda Scott was seen standing by with Matt Riddle as the crowd erupted in cheers! Matt Riddle was looking in top shape as his match was coming up next. Veda Scott got the nod from her cameraman that they were live as Veda would begin the interview.

    Veda Scott: "Please help me in welcoming my guest, Matt Riddle!"

    The crowd continued to show their love as Matt Riddle gave a little bow with a big smile.

    Veda Scott: "Thank you for your time, Matt. Before your huge tables match against Bully Ray this Sunday, you have a big task ahead of you tonight in the form of Marty Scurll. How did you react to Zack Sabre Jr selecting you to be Marty's opponent tonight?"

    Matt Riddle only shrugged his shoulders at her question.

    Matt Riddle: "You know me, Veda, I am always ready for a good fight. I have a ton of respect for Zack Sabre Jr and honestly, it is an honor to be selected by him. Marty Scurll is going to be a hell of a fight and you know the harder the battle, the better the fight."

    Veda nodded her head as she knew about being in the ring herself.

    Veda Scott: "Last week, you made a blockbuster announcement as you made your match with Bully Ray a tables match. Many people were shocked that you picked what is perhaps Bully Ray's signature match. What made you pick a tables match out of all the choices?"

    Matt Riddle had a smirk come across his face as he answered Veda's question.

    Matt Riddle: "It was a pretty simple choice for me honestly. A tables match is vicious and brutal just the way I like it. I am no stranger to having a hell of a fight. I have been beaten up in the past; hell, I have been beaten up by Bully Ray in the past. That is why I picked the tables match. I want to beat Bully Ray in his own element and then he can't complain afterward about the match choice. It would have been easy to pick a submission match and tap his ass out but that takes the fun out of it."

    Veda couldn't help but smile a bit as Matt Riddle was certainly looking confident about his match against Bully Ray.

    Veda Scott: "Well, I wish you the best of luck in your match tonight and with Bully Ray this Sunday. I know that you two will certainly steal the show!"

    With that, Matt Riddle thanked Veda Scott before exiting the scene and heading towards the ring as Nitro would cut to a commercial break.

    - - - - - - -

    Singles Match
    Pick Your Poison
    Marty Scurll versus Matt Riddle

    The first Pick Your Poison match of the night was underway as Marty Scurll looked to take on Matt Riddle. The bell was sounded as the two men would lock things up in this match. Matt Riddle would begin to nail Scurll's legs with kicks in the clinch before tossing Scurll to the mat. The crowd roared behind the former UFC fighter who was a dangerous fighter in any regard. Scurll backed in the corner glaring at Matt Riddle who motioned for Scurll to bring it on. The two would go at it again with Marty Scurll thumping Riddle in the eyes whenever the referee couldn't see him before hitting him with a sidewalk slam. Marty felt like he had turned the tides in this match but all he had down was piss off Matt Riddle. Marty went to pick up Riddle and was instantly met with a series of punches the leveled him. Scurll jumped right back up to his feet just to be leveled once more with a massive roundhouse kick! Riddle went for the pin but Scurll was able to kick out at the count of two! Riddle wasted no time acting frustrated as he continued his attack looking to but Scurll away. The two men went back and forth with the action as the crowd was clearly loving this match between two stars that were destined to be major names in this business. There were many close calls on both sides of this match as Riddle almost had Scurll to tap out and Scurll was inches away from a three count. Both of these men had left it all in this match and you could see it. Both men were exhausted but wouldn't quit until we had a winner. Matt Riddle exploded out of the corner with a massive clothesline as he took out Marty Scurll! Matt Riddle was in control of the match but Marty still fought back as Riddle pulled Marty to his feet. Marty fought back but Matt Riddle whipped him toward the ropes and accidentally sent him colliding with the referee! The referee flew out of the ring Marty was down. Riddle didn't know what to do as he pulled Marty to the center of the ring before going after the referee. The ref was out as suddenly a fan reached out and nailed Matt Riddle with a pipe! That's no fan! Bully Ray jumped out of the crowd before tossing Matt Riddle in the ring. Bully added injury to injury as he nailed him with the Bully Bomb! Bully tossed the referee in the ring as Marty came too enough to crawl to the pin. The referee counted the three count as the crowd erupted in boos.

    Winner: Marty Scurll

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from a commercial break as the theme music of The Beautiful People would hit the arena! The crowd erupted in boos as Angel Williams and Ashley Lane would make their way out from the back. Ashley and Angel played to the crowd as they only continued to rain down on them with boos. The two would head to the ring as Angel Williams would enter the ring as Ashley Lane went around the ring to grab a microphone for her and Angel. Lane entered the ring to hand the microphone over to Angel Williams.

    Angel Williams: "Week after week, The Beautiful People continue to prove why we are the most dominant women on this roster. The likes of Candice LeRae and Taeler Hendrix can stand up and always fall back! That is why Eric Bischoff should go ahead and crown me and Ashley both as the WCW Women's Champion! We are both deserving so Mr. Bischoff, what do you say?"

    Angel Williams called out the boss to hand her over the championship. Instead of Eric Bischoff, Taeler Hendrix's theme music would hit the
    arena as there was a loud mixed reaction by the fans as Hendrix headed out onto the stage with a smirk on her face. Taeler headed to grab a microphone before joining a very annoyed Angel Williams and Ashley Lane in the ring.

    Taeler Hendrix: "Girls, you two are growing more delusional by the day. Neither of you is deserving of anything, if anybody should just be handed the championship then it should be me! Nobody has proven it as much I have! This is my time to stand on the top and you two better stay out of my way or I'll put you out of my way!"

    Angel Williams raised her microphone to reply to Hendrix but was cut off before she could. The crowd would erupt in cheers as Candice LeRae would make her way out onto the stage. Candice already had a microphone in hand as she addressed all three women in the ring.

    Candice LeRae: "Here we go again with a bunch of bitches thinking they deserve something. [Candice shook her head in disappointment.] Nobody is being handed over anything! This is WCW and we fight! If any of you want to be the champion then you are going to go through me!"

    Candice made her way into the ring as Taeler Hendrix instantly would get in her face. Candice and Taeler went at it before the theme music of Eric Bischoff would hit the
    arena and the fans went wild. The boss would make his way out onto the stage with a microphone in hand.

    Eric Bischoff: "As a matter of fact, I am glad that all four of you are out here. I have been thinking for weeks about what to do about the WCW Women's Championship at Fall Brawl and I have come to my decision! This Sunday, it will be Angel Williams versus Ashley Lane versus Candice LeRae versus Taeler Hendrix in a Fatal Four Way!"

    The fans went wild as Taeler Hendrix and Candice LeRae looked pleased. The Beautiful People weren't as pleased as they went ballistic. Eric Bischoff wasn't done just yet as he addressed the women.

    Eric Bischoff: "But that is Sunday and we still have tonight ahead of us, so this is what I am going to do. Right here, right now, we are going to have a rematch from two weeks ago as the Beautiful People will face Taeler Hendrix and Candice LeRae! [Candice and Taeler would stare each other down not liking the sound of this.] And this time, I'm raising the stakes. If Taeler and Candice can't work together as a team then they will both be fired! Best of luck!"

    Candice LeRae and Taeler Hendrix were the ones ballistic now as The Beautiful People laughed and waved goodbye to their opponents
    . Eric Bischoff would exit the stage as Nitro cut to a commercial break.

    - - - - - - -

    Tag Team Match
    Candice & Taeler forced to work together or fired
    The Beautiful People (Angel Williams & Ashley Lane) versus Candice LeRae & Taeler Hendrix

    At Fall Brawl, it will be a Fatal Four Way match but for tonight, it was time for a rematch from two weeks ago but this time there will be no funny business for Taeler Hendrix or even Candice LeRae. Eric Bischoff has forced the two women to team up together and work as a team or be fired. On the other side, Angel Williams and Ashley Lane were a well-oiled machine after years of working together. The bell was sounded as Angel Williams and Candice LeRae would start this match off. Candice was loving this to get her hands on Angel again as Candice wasted no time attack, Angel. Candice beat down Angel tackling her to the mat as Angel did everything she could to get away from LeRae as Angel rolled out of the ring for safety. Although, she was still not safe. Candice LeRae went running with a suicide dive taking down Angel as the crowd was going wild! Candice grabbed Angel and tossed her in the ring looking for the pin but Angel kicked out at two! Candice was coming out of the gate impressive as she made things interesting. Candice pulled Angel to her corner as she tagged in Taeler Hendrix. Hendrix continued Candice's momentum as the two were looking impressive. Ashley Lane had to think of something as she looked to enter the ring and distract the referee enough for Angel to cheat and trip up Hendrix. Angel quickly escaped making the tag to Ashley Lane. Lane entered the ring and instantly regretted it as she sees the fire in Hendrix's eyes. Hendrix and Lane collided as Hendrix took early control of the exchange. The two went back and forth as Ashley and Angel worked together as Ashley whipped Taeler into the knee of her partner before tagging her in. The Beautiful People were showing impressive teamwork but Hendrix and LeRae were no simple tasks to beat. Taeler Hendrix made the tag to Candice LeRae who came running with clotheslines to both of The Beautiful People! Candice was fired up as she tossed Ashley Lane out of the ring! As she turned around, she wasalmost to be caught by the Botox Injection by Angel Williams out of nowhere but Candice was able to reverse it into The Heart Breaker planting Angel Williams into the mat with an impact! Candice went for the cover while Ashley Lane tried to make it into the ring as the referee counted the three count!

    Winners: Candice LeRae & Taeler Hendrix

    Candice and Taeler had worked together as they were told to do and were able to come up with a huge victory! But now the match was over, Taeler Hendrix nailed Candice LeRae from behind sending her into the mat! The crowd erupted in boos as Taeler Hendrix picked up Candice LeRae for The Kiss Goodnight! Hendrix stood tall as Angel Williams and Ashley Lane looked on from outside the ring as cameras cut to backstage.

    - - - - - - -

    As cameras cut to backstage, Veda Scott is seen backstage once more with Matt Riddle as the crowd erupted in cheers. Matt Riddle was clearly hurting after his match as Veda Scott looked to start her interview.

    Veda Scott: "Matt, Bully Ray just completely ruined your match against Marty Scurll costing you the match. How are you feeling?"

    Matt Riddle's smile had completely faded and he only wore a scowl on his face.

    Matt Riddle: "How am I feeling? Hurt. That is the only way you can feel after getting a Bully Bomb! Bully Ray keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper for himself. Now, this Sunday, I am going to do everything in my power to end his career! Bully has made a..."

    Matt Riddle couldn't even finish his statement before suddenly Bully Ray came running and nailed Matt Riddle from behind! The crowd erupted in boos as the Veda Scott screamed and went running! Bully Ray was looking to stop Matt Riddle from even making it to Fall Brawl but Matt Riddle wouldn't go down without a fight! Fists were flying but Bully Ray was able to take control of the exchange after Matt Riddle had already had a match tonight. Bully Ray tossed Matt Riddle into the wall as the crowd really let Bully hear it.

    Bully Ray: "You think you stand a chance against me?! You don't deserve to be in the same ring with me! You know what? [Bully Ray bent over to look down in Matt Riddle's face.] You aren't going to be able to get back in the ring with me!"

    Bully Ray would pull out a table as he set it up. Bully dragged Matt Riddle over before picking him up. Bully raised Riddle up before planting him with the Bully Bomb straight through the table! The crowd was booing like crazy as medics came running on the scene to stop Bully Ray from attacking anymore and to check on Matt Riddle's well-being as Nitro would cut to a commercial break.

    - - - - - - -

    Nitro was back from a commercial break where Zack Sabre Jr was seen preparing for one of the biggest matches of his career. The crowd erupted in cheers for the moment but those cheers quickly turned into boos whenever Austin Aries was seen walk up to Sabre followed by Nick and Matt Jackson. Sabre Jr didn't look frightened as he would step right up to Austin Aries.

    Austin Aries: "Well well, Marty really put you in a bind tonight. You gave him a nice challenge, he gave you a fight that is impossible for you. If you were smart you would go ahead and forfeit the match if you were smart. You need to prepare for your match this Sunday. You take this match tonight and you may not make it to Fall Brawl."

    Zack Sabre Jr only smirked at Austin Aries not backing down one bit. Sabre stayed in place as he looked Aries in the eyes.

    Zack Sabre Jr: "I don't back down from any fight. You should be better prepared for our match tonight. You take me lightly and you are going to regret it. Then whenever I pin you in the center of the ring or make you tap, you'll go running home crying like a bitch!"

    Austin Aries glared at Sabre Jr as his face was turning red. Aries clinched his fist ready to just brawl right now.

    Austin Aries: "You are delusional if you think that you even stand a chance against me! You are a walk in the park for me, I am World Championship material! There is a reason why you are only fighting for the United States Championship! It's because you aren't on my level. You aren't even on Ethan Carter III's level."

    Zack Sabre Jr only nodded his head as Aries went on his rant.

    Zack Sabre Jr: "If you are so confident then how about you fight me fairly. Just me and you, one on one, leave your goons backstage."

    Zack pointed at The Jackson's who looked ready to fight him themselves but Austin Aries put out his arms to hold them back.

    Austin Aries: "You think that I need them to beat you? [Aries would just laugh at the thought.] You're on. They won't be at ringside and then you can't bitch when you lose."

    Aries extended his hand to make it official as Zack would accept the handshake.

    Zack Sabre Jr: "Same for when I beat you, no bitching when you lose."

    Aries only scoffed at Sabre before rolling his eyes and walking off. Zack Sabre Jr had a smirk on his face as Nitro cut to a commercial break before the match between these two top talents.

    - - - - - - -

    Singles Match
    Pick Your Poison
    Zack Sabre Jr versus Austin Aries

    It was time for the second Pick Your Poison match of the night and Zack Sabre Jr has a massive fight ahead of him in the Number One Contender for the WCW Championship, Austin Aries, who is out here alone because he said he didn't need The Young Bucks to beat Zack Sabre Jr. The bell was sounded as Zack and Aries locked things up as the two started this match off looking to try and outwrestle the other. Zack Sabre Jr was looking to show Austin Aries that he was no walk in the park. Sabre was taking it too Aries with a massive flying knee taking down Aries. Austin was clearly got off guard as a exited the ring to try and rethink his gameplan in this match. He didn't have much time to plan as Zack Sabre Jr came running and leaped over the top rope and taking them both out! The crowd was on their feet for this match as Zack Sabre Jr fought to his feet rolling Aries into the ring. Sabre went for the pin but Aries was able to kick out quickly at the count of two! Both of these men were superior athletes as Austin Aries could see now that this was no easy match. The two men went back and forth exchanging the momentum in this match with both men getting close falls and big moves impressing the fans. Austin Aries clearly didn't like having this big of a challenge as he motioned towards the back as The Young Bucks would make their way out to the ring. With the appearance of The Young Bucks, the numbers were certainly now stacked up against Zack Sabre Jr but he wouldn't go down without a fight. Sabre Jr was still giving his all in this match and honestly, he was still getting the best of Austin Aries. Nick and Matt Jackson had seen enough of Aries losing and looked to get involved in the match as they jumped up on the apron. Zack Sabre Jr was able to take care of Nick Jackson with a big clothesline off the apron as the referee was dealing with Matt Jackson. Zack Sabre Jr turned right into a kick to the groin by Austin Aries taking advantage of the distraction as the crowd erupted in boos! Austin Aries would pick up Zack Sabre Jr in position for the kill before nailing him right back into the ring with a devastating brainbuster! Aries went for the pin as Austin Aries would steal the victory by cheating as the referee would count the three count for the victory.

    Winner: Austin Aries

    - - - - - - -

    Cameras cut to backstage where the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III was seen ready for the Main Event of the night as he watched a television backstage seeing his opponent this Sunday celebrating a victory tonight. Ethan turned to head towards the ring whenever he was approached by Veda Scott looking for an interview.

    Veda Scott: "Mr. Carter, could I get a word with you before our big Main Event tonight?"

    EC3 only smiled and nodded his head.

    Ethan Carter III: "Of course, always got a little time to spare for a pretty face."

    Carter was smooth as Veda would blush.

    Veda Scott: "Thank you, Ethan. Tonight you have a huge non-title match ahead of you against a man you've never faced one on one, Jimmy Havoc. Jimmy Havoc is certainly like no one that you have ever faced before. How are you feeling going into your match?"

    Ethan listened closely as he nodded his head agreeing with what Veda had to say. Jimmy Havoc was certainly going to be a new challenge for the champion but Carter wasn't afraid.

    Ethan Carter III: "Jimmy Havoc is certainly one of a kind. He is a madman with the intent to inflict as much pain and damage that he can. Havoc will give me a hell of a fight but when it is all said and done, I am going to show Jimmy Havoc that he will never take my belt!"

    Ethan patted the belt over his shoulder as he held it close as a precious possession.

    Veda Scott: "This Sunday, you have your big match with Austin Aries defending your championship. How have you prepared for your first championship defense?"

    Ethan smirked as he thought of his game plan for this Sunday.

    Ethan Carter III: "I've been watching Aries every week, seeing how he works in the ring. An impressive victory over Zack Sabre Jr even if it took underhanded tactics to do so. Cheating or not, a victory is a victory. If Aries cheats to win this Sunday, I still lose my belt. I am ready for anything and everything that Aries has to throw at me. And if it comes down to it, I'll play just as dirty as he does!"

    The live crowd cheered Ethan's statement as nobody could deny that Carter was fired up heading into the pay-per-view.

    Ethan Carter III: "I will leave Fall Brawl still the WCW Champion! Then, if it is Nitro or Havoc after Aries, I will retain my title! Anybody who steps up to challenge me will fail! You step up against EC3 and all you get is trouble!"

    Carter would give Veda a wink before making his way towards the ring leaving Veda Scott to finish the interview.

    Veda Scott: "Thank you for your time. Our Main Event of the night is right after this commercial break!"

    Cameras cut away from Veda's smiling face as Nitro went to commercials.

    - - - - - - -

    Non-Title Match
    Ethan Carter III (c) versus Jimmy Havoc

    It was now time for the Main Event of the evening that everybody has been waiting for. Jimmy Havoc had a huge opportunity before him tonight facing the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. The bell was sounded as these two men locked things up. Jimmy Havoc looked to try and brutalize Ethan Carter III with his unique form of offense. Havoc had the champion in the corner trying to choke the life out of his opponent. The referee forced Havoc to stop his attack as Jimmy would get in the referees face. Fearing for his own safety, the referee escaped the ring not knowing what Jimmy Havoc may have done to him. Jimmy turned to go back on the attack but taking his eyes off his opponent gave Carter time to recover. Havoc turned into a big boot by EC3 about taking Havoc's head off in the process. Carter went for the pin but barely got the two count before Havoc kicked out. Both of these men were showcasing why they are two of the top talents in WCW as they went back and forth. Jimmy Havoc may have more to prove in this match facing the champion but Carter had more to lose in this match knowing even a non-title loss would completely ruin his momentum going into Fall Brawl. At the next pay-per-view, this could be the Main Event of the show but for tonight it was just a possible look to the future. Jimmy Havoc had Ethan Carter III throat first on the ring ropes looking to strangle the champion. Havoc was a brutal fighter as the referee dared to enforce the rules whenever his life was in jeopardy but he did his job. Both men wanted nothing more than to win in this match as both refused to lose. Both men had successfully hit the other with their finisher and still couldn't get the job done. Both men were down on the mat as the crowd was chanting "This Is Awesome!" for this superior match. Both men fought to make it to their feet as their stamina was about completely drained. Jimmy Havoc was on his feet using the ropes to assist him as he was ready to go in for the kill. Suddenly, the crowd went wild as Johnny Nitro was seen walking out to get a better look at the match. Jimmy Havoc was distracted as he would shout at Nitro to get lost. Nitro only shrugged his shoulders with a smirk on his facing knowing he had gotten in his opponent at Fall Brawl's head. Havoc turned around to focus on his opponent as he was met with a big clothesline by Carter! The crowd erupted in cheers as Havoc was back to his feet only to be hit with the ECD! Havoc was out as Carter went for the pin and got the three count!

    Winner: Jimmy Havoc

    Ethan Carter III was the winner as Johnny Nitro continued to just stand there. Ethan Carter III was handed his championship belt as Ethan Carter III would step up to hold up the title staring down another potential challenger. Johnny Nitro only clapped as suddenly Austin Aries came running out with a superkick to the back of Nitro's head! The crowd erupted in boos as Austin Aries stared down the champion. Suddenly, Jimmy Havoc was back as he spun EC3 around to hit the Acid-Rainmaker! Nitro went off the air with Austin Aries looking in shock at Jimmy Havoc.
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    Re: World Championship Wrestling


    Singles Match
    WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Ethan Carter III (c) versus Austin Aries

    Singles Match
    Number One Contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship
    Johnny Nitro versus Jimmy Havoc

    Tag Team Match
    London Calling (Stu Bennett & Nick Aldis) versus Jake Hager & Moose

    Singles Match
    WCW United States Championship Tournament: Finals
    Marty Scurll versus Zack Sabre Jr

    Tables Match
    Bully Ray versus Matt Riddle

    Fatal Four Way Match
    WCW Women's Championship
    Angel Williams versus Ashley Lane versus Taeler Hendrix versus Candice LeRae

    Tag Team Match
    WCW World Tag Team Championships
    The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson) (c) versus Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin)

    Singles Match

    WCW Television Championship
    Pinkie Sanchez (c) versus Aaron Stevens

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