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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 3 of 3

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 3 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Fenix/Savage segment by Jimmy King. Apollo Griffin segment by AON. Rolando Fuentes segment by Harry Morgan (with an ending by me). Summers/Savage match by Jimmy King with ending by me. Been a busy August, end of school semester, birthday, lots of work shifts so sorry about this being way behind

    AUGUST 22nd, 2017

    "A structure meant to shorten careers…”

    The briefest glimpse at the steel-based chamber.

    “The only escape is when you can no longer stand…”

    The body of Enigma rolled around by road agents, bloodied and broken, in the 2016 edition.

    “But why do we make this sacrifice?”

    A shot of Johnny Vegas climbing up the pods, ready to put his body on the line.

    “For the greatest prize in professional wrestling.”

    Jon Snowmantashi stands atop the ramp with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    “And for that prize, we… will… do… anything.”

    Rapid montage of the competitors that will be participating in the qualifiers and the moments leading up too this. Lilith’s destruction. XYZ in the play palace. LIGHTBRINGER in the aftermath of Five Star Attraction.

    “Ten matches. Five spots. And a timer.”

    A buzzer goes off.

    “It’s not only about getting a spot in the Steel Roulette. It’s about putting yourself in the best position so that you can call yourself the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. This. Is. The Steel Roulette Qualifiers!”

    A cold open leaves us backstage where Michelle Kelly is standing by with Jackson Fenix, who has his hair done in a ponytail and wearing a nice suit as usual.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentlemen my guest at this time, Jackson Fenix.

    Jackson looks at Michelle with a smile as he smacks his gum obnoxiously. Michelle rolls her eyes and tries to continue on.

    Michelle Kelly: Jackson, last week we witnessed you come so close to defeating Krash and possibly earning yourself a spot in the Steel Roulette at Retribution, but unfortunately you were unable to do so and later on our cameras witnessed what looked some dissention in the ranks between yourself and Nate...

    Jackson frowns slightly at that and shakes his head.

    Jackson Fenix: It was unfortunate that the cameras caught that, it's unfortunate that no one can seem to get any privacy around here but I digress. Am I upset that I lost to Krash last week? You're damn right I am. Is there dissention between myself and Nate? Not even close. You see, yes I was a bit caught up in the moment. I was heated and took it out on Nate. Do I blame Nate for what happened in my match? Well he did get himself involved in the match and I realize that he was only trying to help me but I could have done it on my own. I know Nate didn't mean to do what he did and I have since forgiven him, it's water under the bridge between us.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, do you have Nate's back tonight in his match with Shawn Summers?

    Jackson Fenix: Of course I do, what kind of question is that? I know how much Nate wants this match and what he'll do to succeed and I'll be there with him every step of the way

    Michelle Kelly: You're not at all jealous?

    Jackson looks at Michelle with a look of dissappointment.

    Jackson Fenix: There you go again Michelle, just trying to stir the pot. Why would I be jealous? Obviously I wanted to win and go on to the Steel Roulette but I didn't. That doesn't mean that I don't want my good friend to succeed and for you to even suggest such blasphemy upsets me greatly Michelle. I thought you better than that, I really did, but you're just like everyone else that's trying to drive a wedge between myself and Nate.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, my apologies Jackson, it wasn't my intention to offend you. I'll move on, what's next for you now?

    Jackson Fenix: I shouldn't even have to answer anymore of your questions after the way that you have treated me, is this how you treat all of your guests? I'll humor you though, I guess. What's next for me you ask? Now that I think of it, I'm not going to answer your question Michelle. Treating a man as such as myself, a national treasure, with disrespect I shouldn't even give you the time of day.

    He snatches the microphone away from Michelle and gently brushes her to side and looks to the camera.

    Jackson Fenix: With that nonsense out of the way let me just get straight to it, you got lucky last week Krash. Next time we meet, and believe there will be a next time it's only inevitable, you won't get so lucky. Maybe next time your precious High Voltage title will be on the line, I see how much you want to defend it, well then there's no need for whatever Afa Seanoa has planned because the rightful challenger is standing right here looking at you. I'm the crown jewel of this company, the diamond in the rough, a global icon, hell like I said earlier I'm a goddamn national treasure.

    Sooner or later Krash, we will meet again and when we do, you can bet on me taking that High Voltage championship from you.

    Jackson tosses the microphone back to Michelle and turns to leave but is stopped by Nate Savage.

    Jackson Fenix: Oh hey man, you ready for tonight?

    Nate Savage: Of course I'm ready

    Michelle timidly walks over to Nate.

    Michelle Kelly: Can I please get some quick thoughts before your match?

    Nate Savage: You want my thoughts? I think I'll let my actions in the ring do the talking for me, but if you're looking for some sort of scoop then come find me later after I've decimated Shawn Summers and leave him broken in that ring.

    Nate storms off and Jackson follows suit, looking back at Michelle and shakes his head once more before leaving.

    Adrenaline Rush’s typical introductions start but there’s no survey of the crowd once it end. The lights are off and the crowd have but to wonder what is going on. The crowd looks around as the lights turn off, but the Jumbotron starts showing a movie clip. It’s of Al Pacino in Godfather 3, and you hear Michael Corleone say his epic words, “When I thought I was out, they pull me back in.” The Jumbotron goes black again, and crowd begins to buzz, not knowing what is about to go on. Drums start playing across the arena, and it’s a song that has not been heard in a CWA arena in years. The crowd starts to buzz louder, and the guitar riff and voice of The Disturbed front man hits the arena. Dropping Plates by Disturbed is blaring in the arena, and the Jumbotron flashes bright as Fuentes starts spinning, with the name Rolando crashing through the Fuentes! The crowd erupts, and as the lights come on, their stands Rolando Fuentes on the ramp! The crowd erupts in excitement!

    Jim Taylor: Holy cow! It’s former CWA Champion Rolando Fuentes! What is he doing back on CWA Television! We haven’t seen him in a couple of years!

    Rolando is dressed in his three piece suit, with his expensive sunglasses, and his snakeskin shoes. The crowd pops loud for Rolando, not expecting Rolando to show up in a CWA arena! He looks around, raises his sunglasses, and you see a tear come down from his cheek. He is smiling from ear to ear, but he quickly wipes the tear off. He plants his feet shoulder width a part, and the crowd knows what is coming, and they do Rolando’s signature pose as he slams his left first into his chest, and throws both of his arms up into the air! The crowd does it with him, and you see the smile on his face widen. Disturbed just fills up the arena, but it’s drowned out by the sounds of Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back. Rolando gets into the ring, and stands in the middle of the ring. He does his signature pose again, and then grabs a microphone. Rolando brings up the microphone, and the crowd just keeps chanting. He points to the microphone really quick, brings the microphone to his mouth…

    Rolando Fuentes: I’m Back!

    The crowd erupts! They start chanting his name, and he just brings up the microphone to his mouth again, and starts his promo.

    Rolando Fuentes: Wow have I missed you guys! This is fantastic!

    Tim Coleman: He literally is excited to be here. I haven’t see this gleam in Rolando’s eyes since he was a rookie.

    Rolando Fuentes:
    I have been in this game for well over fifteen years! This is by far the most excited I’ve ever been to be back. When I walked away from this ring two years ago, I was sure that it was the last time I’d be here. I was worn out. My body had been abused from the years of wear and tear on my body. From MMA to the CWA, my whole life was always competition. I was worn out physically, mentally, and spiritually. I needed some time to go away, I needed to rehab my body, and spend time with my family. Wrestling has never left my mind, and the CWA is always on my television when it was on. I kept watching, and my wife would say Rolando you don’t miss it do you?

    I would tell her no baby my body feels great. I can play with our kids, sit here, and build playhouses, tables, BBQ pits. I could actually be a husband and a father. I was doing good. Then one day I turn on the CWA again, and for some reason the bug hit me. I went down into my personal gym, and started working out. First it was just one hour a day, then two, then three, and then six. During my workouts all I had the CWA on the television. I was watching how good these wrestlers were. I could see they became bigger, stronger, and faster. So each minute I would push my workout harder. The grunts would get louder, and then my wife busted into the door. She told me that dinner was ready. Then she looked into my eyes, she looked down, and just walked back upstairs. She could see in my eyes I wanted to come back, and she saw the fire! She wouldn’t talk to me for a whole week. Maybe she figured I would change my mind. Then on the eighth day, she came down to my gym, she looked me in my eyes, and said, “Make us proud!”

    The crowd starts to erupt, thank you Ms. Fuentes, thank you Ms. Fuentes.

    Rolando Fuentes: As those words came out of her mouth, I felt an energy flow through me. So I called the CWA offices, and said if you want me back I am ready to come back. Well you see I am in the middle of this ring, and I am ready to fight!

    Rolando get riled up, and he unbuttons his top button, and then rolls down his tie. He takes off his jacket, and throws it down on the floor. He rolls up his sleeves, and you can hear the fire in his voice!

    Rolando Fuentes: Just in case you forgot who I was! Just in case the people in the back forgot who I was let me remind you! I am Rolando Damn Fuentes! I am the best wrestler who has ever stepped foot into this CWA ring! I am a former MMA champion, former CWA champion, and I am one of the greatest wrestlers who has ever stepped foot in any ring! Some of you in the back grew up on watching my battles, and walking backstage and seeing you young whippersnappers eyes pop, made me realize that I am not a legend in the making, but I am a legend. I am the legend! I am not here to save the CWA, I am not here to make a farewell tour, and I am not here to be a shell of my old self. I am not going to be Michael Jordan for the Wizards, Babe Ruth for the Braves, or be a down and out boxer trying to reclaim my past. I am not here for the money. I have enough money not only for myself, but also for all of them wrestlers in the back, that want to be where I was. The CWA gave me movies, commercials, endorsements, and plenty of money when I was inside that ring. So why am I doing this? I want to take over the CWA, I want my wife and kids to see the very best of me inside of this ring, and I want to hold that CWA World Championship around my waist one more time.

    Rolando is getting red in the face, and you see a vein basically popping out of his head. The crowd is on his every word, and you can tell they are getting riled up with him.

    Rolando Fuentes: Now that you see me in this ring, everyone in the back should be terrified. I am not here to take anyone’s spot. I am here to reclaim a spot that was once mine. This man in front of you has taken on all comers, has been in wars with some of the CWA best, with the legends that were legends when I was a bright eyed rookie. I see that look in your eyes, I see ME in you! So that means when I step out of this ring tonight I am going back to my gym, and I am going to be working my ass off to not only compete with you in the back, but beat you! I will not let my fans down, I will not let the CWA down who has signed me once more, and the most important I will not let my family down. I’m back! So deal with it. People say global warming has taking over the world, well there’s an Ice Age coming that will hold it back!

    There’s a very dry clap that echoes across the arena and the whole of the spotlight moves from Rolando Fuentes to… Jonathan McGinnis on the titantron. He has a half-smug, half-quite-pissed-off look on his face. He takes off his shades to give Fuentes a better look in his eyes.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Welcome back, Rolando. My present to you, Mr. Legend, is I let you have you whole speech, your whole boring, mundane speech about how you’re still the same man you were however many years ago. But let me ask you one question… what makes you any different than… I don’t know… Mr. Willis. What is stopping me from breaking you in half and leaving Ms. Fuentes to stroll you around the house in a wheel chair for the rest of your life? Hell, why would you even put Ms. Fuentes through that. From what you’ve just said, she deserves a lot better than to care for a cripple for the rest of your life. And let’s not get into your kids. Rolando, I’m going to give you this offer one time and one time only… go home… enjoy the rest of your life… never step into a ring again.

    Rolando clearly doesn’t take to threats and the rising “Rolando” chant doesn’t do anything but fuel the flames in his heart.

    Rolando Fuentes: You want to know what makes me different than Mr. Willis? McGinnis… why don’t you come down to the ring and find out…

    Fuentes already has his tie untied and his dress shirt unbutonned mid-sentence. McGinnis scoffs.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I’ll be honest… all of you legends, you’re all so predictable.

    He winks and the titantron vanishes. Fuentes frowns, bemused but the mounting boos aren’t enough to alert him in time, he turns around and SUPER KICK leaves him lying flat in the middle of the ring. McGinnis takes a moment to look at his handiwork and then rolls out of the ring, he goes under the apron and rolls right out with a savage grin on his face… and a sledgehammer. He slowly climbs back into the ring and boos endlessly rain down on him. Afa Seanoa is in a hurried sprint out the back with security but it’s clear they won’t make it in time to help Fuentes. McGinnis raises the sledgehammer high up and then SWINGS IT DOWN FOR FUENTES’S SPINE - it clatters hard against the mat!

    Rolando Fuentes rolls out of the way and jumps to his feet. He ducks under a wild swing from McGinnis and delivers a kick to the guts of the two time CWA World Heavyweight champion. He lifts him up high in a suplex then drops him head-first with the Ice Pick! By the time security and Afa arrive, there’s nothing left to do but clean-up duty. Rolando grabs the microphone and lifts up-

    Rolando Fuentes: McGinnis, let’s do this properly. Last time, I checked, you didn’t have any plans for Retribution… and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship has other commitments so we’ve both got time to kill. So me and you, McGinnis, Retribution, I’ll use you to remind the world who Rolando Fuentes is.

    If Afa has any issues with the set up for that match, it’s not evident behind his grin and McGinnis himself is all too dazed to really offer up an objection. The camera turns to the two commentators as the ring returns to some semblance of order.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman welcome to Adrenaline Rush’s second night of the Steel Roulette Qualifiers. I don’t think ANYONE was expecting this tonight, Rolando Fuentes has made his return to CWA.

    Tim Coleman:
    There’s already a key difference between Mr. Willis, all due respect of course, and Rolando Fuentes. Willis was baited out of retirement. Fuentes, he’s ready, he’s prepared, this is all according to his personal plans, no one is baiting him, he is ready and willing to compete.

    Jim Taylor: McGinnis may have been expecting easier pickings again Fuentes, but he got more than he was prepared to chew on. In any case, we’ve got a big night for the fans tonight, two more Steel Roulette Qualifiers and the debut of The Blacklist!

    Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom) cut it
    (Freedom, la la la la)
    (Freedom, follow me)
    (Freedom, la la la la)

    Lindsay Monahan: Making his way to the ring and being accompanied by Jackson Fenix, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and weighing in at two-hundred & sixty-six pounds, "Nasty" NATE SAAAAVAGGGGE!

    The intro to Shinedown's "Cut the Cord" begins to play and as the song kicks into high gear Nate Savage emerges out from the back on stage, with an icy cold stare in his eyes as he looks out at the fans in attendance that are giving him a mixed reaction. Behind him is Jackson Fenix, with a smirk and pep in his step as the two walk down the ramp to the ring. Jackson takes time to taunt some fans with trash talking and crotch chops, while Nate remains laser focused.

    Jim Taylor: Savage looks ready for a fight tonight in hopes of qualifying for that Steel Roulette match at Retribution!

    Tim Coleman: We just so happen to be in the hometown tonight of Nate's former mentor, Clint Shepard

    Jim Taylor:
    No matter the history between the two, Clint has got to be watching this match

    My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola
    My eyes are wide like cherry pies
    I got sweet taste for men who're older
    It's always been so it's no surprise

    The sound Lana Del Rey's "Cola" falls over the arena and instant boos from the fans as Shawn Summers steps out. Shawn walks down to the ring with a focused look on Nate Savage in the ring while mouthing the words to his theme music.

    Lindsay Monahan: Now making his way to the ring, from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and weighing in at two-hundred & twenty-five pounds, he is "The God King" SHAWN SUMMMMERRRRS!

    Upon his approach to the ring, Shawn slowly makes his way up the ring steps pausing and staring at Nate before entering the ring. Once in the ring he makes his way to his corner and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before letting out an almost primal like roar as he opens his eyes and paces back and forth in the ring waiting for the beginning of the match.

    Tim Coleman: You wanna talk about laser focused well then look at Shawn Summers! He looks just as ready for a fight as Nate does

    Jim Taylor: Both of them know what is at stake here and want nothing more than to qualify for that Steel Roulette at Retribution, because then one of them will be one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal in becoming the CWA World Champion

    NATE SAVAGE w/ jackson fenix
    versus SHAWN SUMMERS

    Both men emerge from their respective corner and waste no time trading blows! Looking like something out of a hockey fight, they are going at it without any let up and the crowd is eating it all up. Nate gets the upper hand as he lands a knee to the gut, doubling over Shawn as he stumbles back a bit against the ropes and as he comes back Nate hits him with a kitchen sink! Shawn goes down to one knee after that, clutching his midsection. Nate with a bionic elbow hard enough to stun Shawn and then Nate fires off several forearm smashes to the head followed by a discus elbow smash that takes Shawn down to the mat. With Shawn on the mat now Nate runs the ropes and lands a running senton straight across Shawn, knocking the air out of him with all of his weight and Nate makes the cover...


    Shawn with a shoulder up and instinctively crawls over to a corner to gets his wits about him, using the ropes and turnbuckle padding as leverage to help himself back to a vertical base. Nate however is in no mood for waiting and charges at Shawn looking a corner clothesline, but Shawn manages to sidestep him and Nate hits the turnbuckle chest first, knocking the wind out of his sails momentarily. This give Shawn a chance on the offensive now and he starts off with several clubbing blows to the back of Nate, who remains in the corner. Shawn drags Nate from out of the corner and gets him in position and using all of his strength he lifts him up and plants him back down an inverted lifting DDT! Shawn then makes the cover...


    Nate with a shoulder up but Shawn grabs hold of Nate's arm and turns it around on him and locks in a bridging fujiwara armbar! Nate has nowhere to go now while Shawn wrenches back with the hold with ill intent in mind for Nate, who is struggling to break free.

    Jim Taylor: Summers with a well executed counter and putting his technical skills on display, which cannot bode well for Savage right now who is in a world of hurt

    Tim Coleman: A person's arm should not bend that way!

    Jackson Fenix is on the apron now yelling and cursing at Shawn, even spitting at him. This makes Shawn irate as he releases the hold and approaches Jackson on the apron and is about slug him but Jackson wisely hops down off the apron, throwing his hands up in defense. Shawn keeps his eye on Jackson but maybe he should keep an eye on the clock very well nearing the seven minute mark, meanwhile behind him Nate has recovered and levels Shawn from behind with a running double axe handle. Then Nate locks him in position and drops him down on his head with a bridging german suplex - will he beat LIGHTBRINGER’s time!


    Savage drags Shawn over to the corner and places him in a prone, slumped position and then crushes all of his weight on Shawn with a corner cannonball senton! He drags Shawn to the center of the ring, brings him up and hits an atomic drop transitioned into an abdominal stretch! For extra added insult, Nate drives some elbow shots into Shawn's side while keeping the stretch applied. Once Nate feels Shawn starting to slip free however, he releases the hold and Shawn wildly swings at Nate, knocking him back some and Shawn swings again but catches him this time and slams him down viciously with a uranage! Another pin attempt from Nate... Is that Prince Ali’s time beaten?


    Shawn kicks out! They’ve got about one minute left now or the victor is really putting himself at risk of being one of the first men inside of the Steel Roulette. Nate goes to apply a crossface submission but Shawn is one step ahead of him and rolls out of it, and Nate is on one knee now and before he can really react Shawn takes him with a shining wizard! Shawn isn't finished yet though as he unloads on Nate with Red King! Shawn lands several lefts and rights to Nate's face before Nate manages to grab hold of Shawn's right hand trying to counter out of it back into that crossface submission but Shawn breaks free before Nate fully counter and turns it around into Coat of Arms! Shawn's cross-arm breaker is applied on the same arm that he targeted before with the armbar but this time Nate manages to break the hold by grabbing the bottom rope. Nate clutches his shoulder, wincing at the pain. He's able to bring himself back up to a vertical base and turns around in time as Shawn goes for his signature roundhouse kick to the head he has dubbed, Lights Out! Nate manages to successfully avoid having his head kicked off as he sidesteps Shawn and then boots him in the gut and brings Shawn crashing down with a package fallaway powerbomb!

    Jim Taylor: Both competitors absolutely spent!

    Both men lay on the mat in exhaustion, meanwhile on the outside Jackson Fenix nervously watches and shouts encouragement at Nate while the crowd is coming alive for the match... Nate Savage rolls over for the pin…


    And Nate Savage and Shawn Summers are both merely wrestling to compete inside the Steel Roulette, time is no longer a factor. Savage and Summers manage to get to their knees and crawling over to one another, exchange long, slow but powerful fists. Savage winds back for an especially strong hook but Summers, with sudden tenacity, jumps on Savage and LOCKS HIM INTO THE ALPHA MALE. SAVAGE COULD BE SEEING HIS CHANCES AT STEEL ROULETTE ENDED NOW. He jumps to his feet with Summers but drops quickly back down, crawling around for the ropes. He slows down with each passing second until he’s only inches from reaching the ropes but Summers wrenches like his career depends on it. Savage’s hand raises and he…

    TAPS OUT - wait he’s grabbed the rope on the second tap! Fenix pushed the rope just within reach! The referee orders a rope break but he’s well aware of Fenix’s machinations. He demands Fenix head to the back. Summers is absolutely outraged, and his ally, Trevor Ocean comes out of the back. He doesn’t look at all pleased with the situation either. Fenix claims Savage was reaching for the rope anyways, it was going to be a rope break. Ocean meets Fenix at ringside and after a a short argument, the two are exchanging fists themselves! The referee is trying to get some order but Summers demands he turn around, he’s ready to finish what’s in the ring.

    Summers gets Savage to his feet and jumps onto him for the second Alpha Male! Savage has only but himself to rely on. Fenix and Ocean have found themselves flying over the barricade and become a non-factor at this point. Savage struggles to stay on his feet… and with sudden strength… TOSSES UP SUMMERS FOR THE NASTY BOMB!



    Jim Taylor: Nate Savage has just booked himself a spot in the Steel Roulette with an immense Nasty Bomb.

    Tim Coleman:
    What’s next for Shawn Summers? I wouldn’t be surprised to hear him complaining about what happened at the end of that match, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: Certainly dubious circumstances but at the end of it all, he had the Alpha Male locked in and Savage managed to get out of it. I don’t think there’s significant room for complaint, Tim. I don’t approve of Fenix’s involvement, but it’s hard to say whether Savage was tapping out of reaching for the ropes.

    Fenix manages to rejoin Savage on the ramp and the two are arms in arms in a demonstration that very much solidifies the friendship between the pair. If anyone thought they’d stop having each other’s back, they were quite wrong.

    Jim Taylor:
    Before we head off to a commercial break, our cameramen were catching up to one of the young lions here in CWA.

    Backstage, Apollo Griffin is stood in sweats, looking like he has just finished a training session, and grabs a towel, wiping his face. As he pulls the towel down, he jumps back, with the camera panning to show Jeff Potter stood in front of him.

    Apollo Griffin: What the hell Jeff?? You scared the hell outta me there.

    Jeff purposely clears his throat. Apollo sighs.

    Apollo Griffin: Sorry, I meant, Boss

    Jeff Potter: Thank you

    Apollo Griffin: Okay, so what do you want??

    Jeff Potter: Look, ok I get that ever since you signed to CWA. You’ve blew it in your debut, you blew it in the young lion’s cup. But that all stops now. Because I have the perfect solution

    Apollo Griffin: This isn’t like the time you tried to get my mother to be my tag team partner is it?

    Jeff Potter: How is Debra by the way? Beautiful as ever?

    Apollo Griffin: Still has the restraining order on you Jeff..

    Jeff puts up his hands defensively

    Jeff Potter: Ok, just checking…

    Jeff sighs and pulls out a crumbled list out of his coat pocket

    Jeff Potter: What my fifth shrink taught me is that I should give names to my foes, take control back from them. And as you know, I’ve been diagnosed with several disorders and illnesses that ended my career and I’d like to read a few of them for you now, to give them less power and inspire you to fight your demons too.

    Apollo Griffin: Oh, Boss you really don’t need to-

    Jeff Potter: Ah-Hem! The following is a list of conditions/syndromes and general discomforts that I suffer from; Restless leg syndrome Fibromyalgia High-fiber fibromyalgia Hot tub foot Lou Gehrig’s disease Lucy Liu Flu Advanced moist shin disorder Hyper-tolerance to lactose Urinary tract infection Urinary 8-track infection Trickle nipple Thick urine syndrome Hapsburg cholera Clogged arteries Dropsy Dry lip Intestinal colic Allergic to indoor toilets Sufferer of milk leg Loofah rash Bone worm Selective fatigue syndrome Hepatitis R Irritable bowel syndrome Spastic ear discharge Pubic lice Amphibial rabies Anglo-centric sickle cell anemia Scabies Rabies Mickey Rooney’s Sugar Babies Tarnished yam simplex Swollen perineum Chronic shame disorder Larval penis Dirt belly Parkinson’s disease Valet Parkinson’s disease Parallel Parkinson’s disease Parker Posey pox Canine derived hip dysplasia Selective albinism Scrotal migraines Prolapsed navel Dusty Sperm Carpool Tunnel Syndrome Male FUPA disorder Overactive Empathy Human Contact Disorder Late Onset-Turkey Revulsion Internal Sneezing….

    Jeff sighs to himself his eyes closed and his head tilted back as if a weight just lifted off his shoulders and nods to himself

    Jeff Potter: Thank you, I hope that-

    Jeff stops, however, as it appears that Apollo had walked away a long time ago, he looks disappointed for a moment before shrugging.

    Jeff Potter: I got to take my Milk Leg Medication.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    Don't sweat it Jon, take your time man. If you need any help though I'm always here and happy to help.

    Show looks good so far BTW.
    Rest in power, Flock U
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    I can help too. And hey who's back! Hehehe...

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    ROLANDOOOOOO~! First Mr. Willis, now Rolando. 2017 is the year of CWA Legend Returns.

    and throw my name on the list if you want a hand writing shit out.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    All we need is Show time to show up.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    I like breaking it down takes time for people to read over


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 1 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Shout out to Silk for her Blacklist segment!

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman welcome back to Adrenaline Rush. And as always, Adrenaline Rush lives up to its name. We started the show off with the return of Rolando Fuentes-

    Tim Coleman: And the announcement of a PPV main event worthy match, Jonathan McGinnis versus Rolando Fuentes at Retribution, Jim!

    Jim Taylor:
    And we also got to see another of the Steel Roulette qualifiers. There was some controversy and I’ve got word that Afa Seanoa is planning to deal with that controversy later tonight, but as far as we are concerned, Nate Savage has booked his place into the Steel Roulette alongside Krash… Prince Ali… and LIGHTBRINGER.

    Tim Coleman: Ali is going into this knowing that even if he loses, Jim… he’s in the ring with three former High Voltage Champions and a CWA World Heavyweight Champion… you want to impress… you want to solidify a future title show, get a pin or two. Eliminate one of those prizes mens. You do that, and you’ve got your name on Afa’s watch list.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve got another Steel Roulette Qualifier right now, Lilith versus Elijah Edwards and Ali could have a 4th former High Voltage Champion to try and-

    Suddenly the show is interrupted by a voice echoing out through the arena, and the camera quickly pans around until it spots Connor Cross in the crowd, microphone held firmly in his hand.

    Connor Cross: Children I daresay your show needs to be put on hold!

    The crowd doesn't take kindly to their entertainment being interrupted but through the mixed reaction, Connor's voice rises authoritatively over the top.

    Connor Cross: Oh good I was so hoping you had not forgotten me! Not after I and my dear sister, my partner in justice, spoiled your little fun just a few weeks ago! You will not silence us so you best save your breath!

    Connor ignores the harsh voices trying to drown him out, and his words continue to spill forth.

    Connor Cross: You are all just as bad as I imagined you'd be, but of course you are, that is why we are here after all. Luna, my dear, could you please join me?

    Connor turns to leave the audience to their own devices for a moment until from the entrance-way to his left his tag team partner Luna Cross emerges, in tow behind her is what can only be assumed to be your typical CWA fan, sporting a shirt emblazoned with the word "PATRIOT," a clear design in favor of the DiMiaco brothers.

    Jim Taylor: I’m uh… not exactly sure what’s going on. For those of you at home, the Blacklist made their presence felt here in CWA when they interrupted the number one contender’s match between the DiMiacos and DFB at the Krash Tag Team Classic. Tonight they’re facing one of those teams, the DiMiacos and… I can only imagine they’re trying to send a message.

    Whatever is happening, he appears to be a willing participant, doing little to hold back as Luna's hand ever so loosely guides him by the wrist into the view of the cameras.

    Connor Cross: Oh is this the present you've brought for us tonight? Wait, sorry, where are my manners... You loud, insecure little mongrels, if you could please provide a moment of silent respect for my sister Luna.

    Luna giggles and feigns a little bow, though she gives her escort a little elbow to the ribs as he tries to play along and bow too.

    Connor Cross: Luna has been kind enough to gather tonight's volunteer while I prepared for this particular hijacking. She and I could not wait until the end of this show to make our statement because ours is not a mission of procrastination and willful sloth. It is most important that we make our intentions very clear and those intentions are to cleanse this filthy world of the impurities you careless fools continue to pump into your veins and your eyes.

    Luna cackles and leans forward into the microphone, her disturbed laughter more than enough to shut up anymore of the unruly types.

    Luna Cross: Filthy people! You will listen to our command! Respect us!

    Connor Cross: Thank you dear sister but the time for speaking is over. As with all of the ignorant and the intellectually malnourished, our opponents require actions not words to understand our message. Ladies and gentlemen we come to you as a solid, unerring unit, an ever expanding army called The Blacklist. Though what you see before you is just two people, rest assured we are bigger than that... we are a movement. And with each and every day, each and every hour, our movement grows with our influence. You and your so-called heroes will be integrated one by one, whether you find our cause foolish or not. You there, Sir, may I ask if you are ready to be initiated to a higher level. Are you ready to receive your place on the Blacklist?

    The fan seems to be suppressing a bit of a giggle and he happily leans in the microphone at Connor's behest.

    Fan: Uh yeah, of course. Hi mom!

    Tim Coleman: I’ll tell you something, Jim. This sounds more like a cult than a movement.

    With an enthusiastic wave to the camera, the spectator makes the most of his fifteen minutes of fame, before with a modest eye-roll, Connor seizes back the microphone and holds his hand up high, facing away from his partner and their willing participant.

    Connor Cross: Tonight is the first occasion of many. Bear witness now to the fate of you and all you hold dear. To every champion you've ever loved, to every villain you have ever despised; The message is unilateral, identical.

    A sickening thud rings out as Luna grabs the CWA fan by the back of his head and slams him forehead first into the railing at the center of the aisle, releasing another shrill laugh as she does. The attack that follows is relentless as Luna and Connor circle the helpless victim, putting boots into his side and back, watching him squirm underneath them with a sadistic delight. Luna bows down and pushes the man's head firmly into the concrete steps, cackling into his ear, her words just barely audible.

    Luna Cross: You are the first of many! You've been chosen, let me see you smile!

    Connor stands back up straight and motions to his sister to lift up their hapless victim's head, his eyes groggy, face flushed and swollen from the impromptu assault. Connor leans down with a little shake of his head, staring into those uncertain pupils.

    Connor Cross: Congratulations. You're free.

    He spits in the man's face just as CWA security arrives, and the two Cross siblings immediately hold up their hands, the microphone dropping onto the floor with a loud thud. With little fanfare, the officers pull The Blacklist away from the scene of their attack, as medical personnel come rushing to check on the body they've left in their wake.

    Jim Taylor: I… I don’t understand what we just saw.

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think that man understood what he was getting involved in and now he’s… my word.

    Jim Taylor: These are professional athletes assaulting an ordinary man. There is… simply no reason for this to be happening.

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think we’ll be having the next match immediately while we try to get a handle on this situation- cut to the back- I don’t know! Find something!

    The camera cuts away to a heavily breathing Michelle Kelly trying to compose herself. The background isn’t the usual set and it’s clear enough that this wasn’t a pre-planned interview but they’re simply doing as they can right now.

    Michelle Kelly: Ladies and gentleman, we’ll soon be seeing the finals of the Steel Roulette qualifying matches, it’ll be Lilith… the Herald of Darkness… against a former High Voltage Champion and a returning member of the roster, Elijah Edwards.

    The camera zooms out to unveil Elijah Edwards. He’s in wrestling gear considering he was meant to be competing at this point and Romeo Rollings is next to him in full suit.

    Romeo Rollings: Let me correct that for you. This is THE Franchise of the CWA.

    Michelle Kelly: Uhm… okay?

    Romeo Rollings: Say it!

    An eye roll follows.

    Michelle Kelly: THE Franchise of the CWA, Elijah Edwards.

    Romeo Rollings: Right, this interview was long overdue, Michelle.

    Michelle Kelly: Yeah, we totally planned to get this done, but we were so busy.

    Romeo Rollings: You mean WE were so busy. Elijah Edwards has been doing auditions around Hollywood, Afa is lucky this show is in Phoenix, relatively close to Hollywood or we wouldn’t have bothered.

    Michelle Kelly: Right, about this match with Lilith-

    Elijah Edwards: There’s nothing to say. I’ve already got Romeo to call up some lawyers and if anything sketchy happens with Lilith’s slaves then we’re going to be giving Afa a call until he fixes things as appropriate. Let’s be clear, that’s the only way Lilith stands a chance. I’m CWA’s hero, as far as anyone is concerned, and Lilith is a B-List villain, at best. Her magic-

    Edwards stops talking when Romeo taps his chest, they both stare at Michelle Kelly who is staring off elsewhere. The camera follows what they’re looking at and its… Sammy Riggins, one of the newest signings here in CWA is walking shirtless in MMA style compression shorts. Edwards goes red by the second. Can’t blame Kelly for being mesmerized really.

    Elijah Edwards: Hey - the hell are you looking at, I’m the goddamn Franchise.

    Riggins notices all the attention on him and with a very relaxed smirk, walks up to the trio.

    Sammy Riggins: Kelly, what’s up dudette. Edwards, bro, nice to meet you. And you. Nice to meet you too, bro. What are y’all doing?

    Elijah Edwards: What are you doing?! You’re not even booked tonight. Hell, I’d be surprised if you’re ever booked again the way you lost on your first night.

    Sammy Riggins: Come on, bro. That’s uncalled for. You know what, you look kinda’ tense. You think you need… maybe… a bro hug?

    Riggins opens his arms and his lackadaisical attitude does nothing to impress Edwards who is only further incensed by his personality.

    Elijah Edwards: I don’t need anything! You just sit back here, keep revelling in mediocrity, while I’m going to be the star I am and ascertain my spot in the main event of Retribution.

    Edwards pushes past Riggins and Rollings follows close behind. Riggins is a bit bemused at Edwards behavior but turns to smirk at Kelly and the two are all too quick to forget about Edwards.

    Ya he, icky thump
    Who'd a thunk?
    Sittin' drunk
    On a wagon to Mexico

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Steel Roulette qualifying match. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada… weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds… accompanied to the ring by Romeo Rollings… The Franchise… Elijah… EDWARDS!

    Elijah Edwards steps through the curtains with a suited up Rollings at his side. He stops at the top of the stage and closes his eyes, head slightly tilted, allowing Phoenix to bask in his presence. There is a distinct lack of appreciation for the return of the multi-time High Voltage Champion though.

    Jim Taylor: The last time Elijah Edwards competed in a CWA ring, it was Five Star Attraction against Krash and he was a champion, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: And Jim, he could very well become a first time CWA World Heavyweight Champion with two pins.

    Jim Taylor: You have to consider the opposition he has here tonight, for as good and talented as Edwards is… not to mention confident… he is facing a force we haven’t really seen in CWA before.

    My care is like my shadow
    Laid bare beneath the sun
    It follows me at all times
    And flies when I pursue it

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Salem, Massachussetts… weighing at one hundred and seventy pounds… accompanied to the ring by The Dark Watch… she is the Herald of Darkness… it’s LILITH!

    The mood grows instantly somber once the cult-like song plays through the physical attendance system. Lilith does indeed herald darkness along with The Dark Watch at her back. She stops at the top of the stage with her three demons at her back and stares across the ramp at Elijah Edwards. The Franchise does his best not to shrink at that stare but he has to eventually look away from sheer discomfort though he plays it off as discussing gameplan with Romeo.

    Jim Taylor: Lilith has made her mark since her debut and she has yet to be pinned, submitted or defeated in any fashion but Tim, we’ve seen her give many people their first defeats and we’ve seen her give many people a trip to the infirmary.

    Tim Coleman: Facing her isn’t just facing a very capable athlete, Jim. You’re facing that army at her side, each of them, formidable in their own right.

    Jim Taylor: Afa knows Lilith’s history in that ring and even Edwards has proven cautious with a statement that he’ll have lawyers ready if anything goes awry in this match.

    Tim Coleman: Elijah Edwards is one of the most talented individuals we have here, Jim. And I think he’s smart about this. He is confident in himself but rightly so considering his accomplishments here in CWA. He can beat Lilith. If that army is kept at bay, there is no reason why Edwards isn’t the one in that Steel Roulette match.

    Jim Taylor: The other element here, Tim. That clock. Elijah and Lilith both know that they need to win in under eleven minutes and fourteen seconds or they are GUARANTEED to be one of the first two entries in the Steel Roulette.

    ELIJAH EDWARDS w/ romeo rollins
    versus LILITH w/ the dark watch

    ONE MINUTE: Elijah Edwards gets ready to square off with Lilith but gets a ***** look from the Herald of Darkness. You wouldn’t be blamed for thinking she’s unaware that this is a Beat the Clock challenge. Edwards circles about hoping for a prompt but gets nothing. Already frustrated, he walks up to her and begins yelling but that doesn’t do anything either. Snarling now, he winds back for a punch and - GREEN SPRAY ACROSS HIS EYES. The referee quickly gets between Lilith and Edwards. He wants to warn Lilith but the bloody green liquid around her mouth doesn’t make that an enticing proposition.

    Edwards runs out of the ring to avoid any further offense from Lilith. He’s trying to rub the green mist from his eyes and does not notice that on one side there’s Anna Malikova and Nitro walking towards him and the other, there’s Thomas West. Romeo tries to get past West but that’s a fruitless affair. Once Edwards finally gets rid of the spray, he notices the two walls closing in, he turns to head to the ring and SUICIDE DIVE! Lilith flattens herself against Edwards outside of the squared circle.

    THREE MINUTES: The referee warily keeps an eye on The Dark Watch but doesn’t actually interject himself in the proceedings. Romeo Rollings, after a dark stare from Thomas West, isn’t all too capable to come to Edwards help either. Fortunately, outside of making their presence seen, the trio don’t put a hand on Edwards. Lilith gets back to her feet with Edwards head in her grasps. She makes sure he’s firmly there then runs across the barricade and DRIVES EDWARDS HEAD INTO THE RINGSIDE MAT WITH A TORNADO DDT. Edwards practically front flips with the impact of the DDT.

    FOUR MINUTES: Whatever is brewing in Lilith’s mind, its a slow and patient strategy. She’s in absolutely no rush to get a pin within the allotted time and doesn’t seem concerned with what might be an early entry into the Steel Roulette match. She grabs Edwards, gets him onto his feet and then tosses him with a thud into the commentary side of the barricade. She slowly walks to the opposite side and gestures to Thomas West. West grabs her by the wrist and with furious strength whips her across, with that momentum going, Lilith hits a WHEEL KICK TO THE SEATED EDWARDS. She doesn’t weigh quite enough for the barricade to break but it certainly moves a feet back.

    FIVE MINUTES: With the count out nearing dangerously close but Lilith not believing Edwards would stay down long enough for it, she drags him back into the ring and slides in to follow him. He gets up an instant and hits a SNAP DDT with quick intensity before dropping back down to the mat to recover himself. His eyes widen when Lilith is up just a second later, hair drooping over he face but otherwise alright. He scrambles away, distraught. Anger replaces terror and he charges at Lilith only for the Herald to duck under a wild strike, get behind him and land a fast FULL NELSON SUPLEX! She bridges through but the pin count is broken when the refs sees her digging her nails into his face and Edwards kicking out desperately from the pain. When he finally gets away there are a couple cuts on his A-List face.

    SIX MINUTES: Lilith continues that slow and patient offense even as we can tell that she’s quite close to missing a chance at the last entry in the match. Edwards doesn’t miss it though, taking a glance at the titantron after urging from Romeo. He’s quick to get a school boy pin off on Lilith - ONE - T- KICK OUT! They both get up but Edwards reacts faster - BICYCLE KICK! He dives down onto her, hooks the leg, ONE - TWO - T - KICK OUT! Damn it, he gets up quickly and locks in a desperate Lion Tamer! He’s got it wrenched in fully, dead center of the ring. Whatever agony might be writ on Lilith’s face isn’t all that visible with her hair shrouding it. Elijah Edwards stares as the clock reaches fifty seconds, fifty-one… fifty-two… fifty-three. He curses himself and realizes there’s not much resistance from Lilith! Does she even feel pain? He releases the hold reluctantly.

    Edwards gets Lilith up, opting for the opposite strategy that she’s taking and refusing to waste time. He lifts her up and hits a Butterfly Suplex quickly and efficiently. He gets her up again, charges to the ropes and goes for the One Armed Scissor but Lilith rotates out of it, kicks him in the gut, charges to the ropes herself, knee high - but the Knee Trembler misses its mark. Double E gets behind Lilith and hits a Belly to Back Suplex that sends Lilith landing right on the back of her neck. He jumps at the chance for the pin - ONE - TWO - Nope! He gets her up immediately - FROM TORONTO WITH LOVE! That’s a trifecta of suplexes in the last minute. He hooks the leg, FIFTY-TWO, FIFTY-THREE - KICK OUT! The clock continues but he’s got a couple of seconds to at least beat Krash’s time. He lifts her up, takes a step back - KICK OF FURY! Hook of the leg - ONE

    EIGHT MINUTES: TWO - THR - LEG UNDER THE ROPE! Elijah Edwards is exasperated. At the very least, he knows that he’s got about three minutes before the next time landmark and he can come up with a more organized plan. He gets her up and with a hard-hitting European Uppercut, backs her into a corner. Edward walks over to the opposite corner. He takes a moment to breath and then charges at her - only to get a boot to the chest. He powers through that though and a knife edged chop ECHOES across Phoenix. He goes for another but Lilith ducks under that and lifts Edwards over the rope and onto the apron.

    NINE MINUTES: She leaps onto the turnbuckle then off it - REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER TO THE OUTSIDE! Edwards goes flying across ringside! You’ll be seeing clips of that in just about every Lilith montage ever. The both of them lay tired at ringside from the sheer danger of such a move. The ten count begins and Lilith is the first to stir. She gets to her feet more dead than alive and walks over to Edwards, getting him onto his feet, and once again, rolling him into the squared circle.

    TEN MINUTES: Lilith gets Edwards to his feet and goes for a Snap Suplex but Edwards holds his ground and transitions it into an exploder suplex - that Lilith lands right on her feet for. She runs to the ropes and off the rebound goes for a crossbody - but Edwards manages to roll through! He gets her up on his shoulders and then tosses her up for the gutbuster - but she gathers his head on the way down and hits a Snap DDT! Perfect opportunity to get the pin but… Lilith doesn’t go for it. She watches the clock and turns her back on Edwards to walk on over to the turnbuckle - Edwards doesn’t let that mistake pass him by and with fleeting energy hops to his feet and hits a Butterfly Suplex again!

    ELEVEN MINUTES: Edwards only relaxes for a second before realizing his last shot at some sort of credible entry may be escaping him. He gets to his feet and grabs Lilith’s head - SHORT PILEDRIVER! He doesn’t hesitate and gets back up in the same position, lifts her up - PILEDRIVER! He hooks the leg, surely she can’t get up from that - ONE! TWO! THR- KICK OUT! Edwards doesn’t have time for another move - he just hooks the leg again, maybe it was instinct the first time. ONE! TWO! THRE- SHOULDER UP! And the clock passes him by. Edwards falls black, absolutely dejected now. He crawls slowly to a corner and sits back against the bottom turnbuckle, sending deathly stares at Lilith. He gets up after a moment, and walks on over to Lilith before unceremoniously locking in the Lion Tamer. He’s decided that if he needs to spend all day in that submission, he’ll very much do it!

    TWELVE MINUTES: This time Lilith genuinely struggles, walking over to the ropes, shaking her head against whatever agony she can feel. Edwards is determined to make Lilith suffer and holds Excellent Execution tightly. It becomes clear enough however, that Lilith isn’t dragging herself and Edwards to any side of the ropes but right to Romeo Rollings and when he reaches him - PURPLE MIST IN ROLLINGS FACE! He helps out Lilith to grab the bottom rope!

    Edwards is absolutely distraught. He’s roaring furiously at his agent / manager and Rollings doesn’t back down an inch. He climbs up to the turnbuckle and mouths back ravaging insult. Lilith has snuck across the ring and watches with a sick purple-teeth grin. She flexes her neck, and maybe cracks her back and as soon as Edwards shoves Rollings of the apron and turns back to her - JUDAS KISS! ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Jim Taylor: An intense match finally comes to an end, and as with every match with Lilith’s involvement, the victory has an asterisk next to it, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Hey, the Dark Watch didn’t get involved this time! What are his lawyers going to do, sue CWA because Edwards’s own manager turned on him!

    Jim Taylor: I’m just putting two and two together and I don’t believe that Rollings was in his right mind when he did that.

    Niggas fighting over rings
    Niggas wanna be the King, but
    Long Live the Chief

    And the party’s getting started. Prince Ali steps through the curtains to meet the final challenger in the Steel Roulette. Romeo Rollings is trying to plead his case to a recovering Elijah Edwards at ringside. Lilith has been joined by the Dark Watch within the ring. Ali isn’t deterred and starts his walk down the ramp.

    What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it all off in your face
    What would you do?
    What if I fell to the floor
    Couldn't take all this anymore
    What would you do, do, do?

    The crowd seriously explodes for this one. Krash arrives and is quick to unstrap the High Voltage Championship from his waist and hand it over to a road agent. Krash and Ali offer each other short nods, they don’t look like they’re expecting anyone else…


    But they’ve got company. LIGHTBRINGER steps through the curtains and doesn’t seem to be taking the confrontation with Ali and Krash personally. He ignores both though and brushes past them to slide into the ring. Thomas West, Noah Nitro and Anna Malikova stand before Lilith with Ali and Krash joining LIGHTBRINGER inside the ring. LIGHTBRINGER HITS A DROPKICK SENDING WEST BACKWARDS CRASHING INTO LILITH! He sets off the marks for Krash and Ali who collide with Nitro and Anna respectively. It isn’t long before the Dark Watch are out of commission and only Lilith is there to recover. She doesn’t seem particularly concerned with three very dangerous opponents in front - LIGHTBRINGER LARIAT TO PRINCE ALI! LIGHTBRINGER may be feeling ambitious and grabs Krash to try the same but Krash has more than enough time to ready himself and ducks under the second Lariat attempt. LIGHTBRINGER holds onto the wrist and hits a back elbow before hitting the LIGHTBRINGERRRRRRRR LARIAAATOOO!

    LIGHTBRINGER turns to Lilith - JUDAS KISS!

    ist das der Zerstorer oder der Schöpfer?
    Mit der Glut des Hasses schwenken wir die Schwerter
    Ist das unser Schicksal oder unser Wille?
    Wir werden kämpfen, bis dieser heiβe Wind unsere Flűgel nimmt

    Jim Taylor: The CWA World Heavyweight Champion has finally arrived, Tim, he’s joining the party ahead of his monumental title defense.

    Jon Snowmantashi steps past the curtains with the belt on his shoulder and rousing ovation from Phoenix. It’s a rare occasion when the champ is here, and some have criticized him for it, but some have come to appreciate the rare moments they get to see the champion in action. Snowmantashi has to dismiss his belt almost instantly when Malikova charges at him, it takes only a second for Malikova to lift her light bulk and toss her across the ramp and over the barricade to the side of it, disappearing with the fans. Nitro comes next but a headbutt drops him down. Thomas West proves more of a trouble and the two exchange a furious series of strikes. It takes both going for Lariats before Snowmantashi’s lariat proves the stronger and West falls flat on his back. Snowmantashi stops at the top of the stage to look at Lilith. He gives her his famously expressionless stare and then enters the ring. Lilith and Snowmantashi exchange a tense and silent staredown with the crowd urging the KAIJU on - but Lilith opts for sliding outside of the ring, after all, she has sealed her date at Retribution. Snowmantashi stands in the middle of the ring and offers Krash to one corner of the ring, a man he’s vanquished before, Ali in another corner of the ring, a man he’s never clashed with and finally… LIGHTBRINGER… the man he defeated at Five Star Attraction. They all stare back, this is the man holding the prize they’ll all be vying to claim at Retribution.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 2 of 3

    This is a pretty dark episode of Adrenaline Rush. Between McGinnis running havoc with reckless abandon, the Blacklist beating the shit out of a random fan to 'free' him, and Lilith reminding everyone how easy it is for her to influence a friend of yours to do her bidding, albeit temporarily, it's becoming less and less of a safe land with each passing day. Damn, that's sweet.

    On the plus side I'd totally accept a bro-hug from Sweet Sammy Riggins.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 2 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Missing the last segment but this has probably been delayed enough. Here's the final part~ Shoutout to Tig for his great segment. Always fun to see DFB around.

    A moderately relaxed – by CWA General Manager standards, at least – Afa Seanoa sits at he desk watching replays of the last Adrenaline Rush. We can’t see who is on the screen but he’s making notes. Suddenly, the door of his office swings open, Bobby “Smooth” and Cody Mundz. The DFB, enter.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Heeeey yo! What’s happenin’ Afa?

    The falsity in Bobby’s tone is overwhelming, Afa looks up at the duo in disgust.

    Afa Seanoa: What do you two scumbags want?

    Cody immediately gets fired up.

    Cody Mundz: Two scumbags? Are y-

    Bobby “Smooth”: Two scumbags is exactly what we are. We …erred … on the side of untowardness a few shows ago when uh, Cody here … uh …

    Afa Seanoa: Spat on Lindsay Monahan?

    Seanoa’s expression is deadpan, he stares a hole through the two bikers.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Yeah that unsavoury incident aside – which Cody, Cody’s sorry about that arentcha?

    Cody’s eyes narrow as he looks at Bobby and then speaks through gritted teeth.

    Cody Mundz: Extremely.

    Bobby “Smooth”: There we go. Yeah so that aside, we done pretty okay, right? I mean we made it to the semi-finals and then-

    Afa Seanoa: Then you lost.

    Cody again angrily interjects.

    Cody Mundz: That’s only cause them fu-

    Bobby “Smooth”: Yes we did Mr Senoa. We lost and we are, as always, gracious in defeat. You gave us an opportunity at the Krash Tag Team Classic and I implore you to give us another opportunity.

    Cody Mundz: Where the hell did ya learn that word Smooth?

    Cody asks the question with such genuine wonder that Bobby finds himself getting side-tracked.

    Bobby “Smooth”: What word?

    Cody Mundz: Implore, you been eating dictionaries?

    Bobby “Smooth”: Shut up Cody – not now!

    Afa clears his throat and the two turn their attention back towards the General Manager.

    Afa Seanoa: If I could interject here guys; what kind of opportunity are you talking about?

    Bobby “Smooth”: Well, Afa, I’d suggest you put us in a Tag Team Championship-

    Afa Seanoa: Not happening.

    You could hear a pin drop as silence engulfs the room and you can sense the enthusiasm being sucked out of Bobby’s sails.

    Afa Seanoa: I’ll put you guys in a match. I suggest you pay attention to the two teams facing tonight because whoever wins, that’s who you’ll be getting at Retribution. And heck, maybe you’ll even have a title shot in the wings if you can come away with a win.

    Bobby “Smooth”: Absolutely boss. You have our word and our word is our bond – ain’t it Cody?

    Cody doesn’t even try and hide his confusion at this partner’s antics, shaking his head at him before sighing and uttering out one word.

    Cody Mundz: Sure …

    Bobby “Smooth”: Thanks for your time Mr Seanoa, we gotta split, some business to handle.

    Bobby and Cody make their way to the door and Afa goes back to his notes. Afa lifts his head and calls after The DFB.

    Afa Seanoa: Oh and guys?

    Bobby and Cody turn in the doorway and look at the boss.

    Afa Seanoa: No screw-ups. I believe in second chances … I don’t do thirds.

    Afa glares at the duo before burying his head back in his notes. Bobby ushers Cody out of the room and shuts the door behind them but then, in an interesting turn, Cody grabs Bobby by his leather cut and slams him into the wall – and he wasn’t gentle about it.

    Cody Mundz: WHAT WAS THAT?

    Bobby “Smooth”: Get your filthy hands off me Cody before I break’em for ya! WHAT was WHAT!?

    Bobby shoves Cody away from him but Cody instantly gets right up in his face, jabbing his finger at him accusingly.

    Cody Mundz: You brown-nosing that tub of lard in there!

    Bobby laughs and slaps Cody’s hand away.

    Bobby “Smooth”:
    You’ve got a lot to learn Cody, a lot to learn. We still owe 20 G, right?

    Cody Mundz: Right.

    Bobby “Smooth”: If we can get our hands on the Tag Team Championships we’ll get a huge payday, it’s simple logic you idiot.

    Cody’s face is a mixture of concentration and confusion. Finally it clicks.

    Cody Mundz: Ahhh … I see what ya doin’ Smooth! Real nice. Let’s go crack a couple of beers to celebrate our upcoming championship win, eh?

    Bobby “Smooth”: Cody, brother, that’s the first smart thing out of your mouth all god-damn day!

    The duo walk off down the hallway but once again get stopped by the door of Afa’s door swinging open. They turn back to look and Afa is staring down their way.

    Afa Seanoa: You guys owe 25 grand, not 20 – Cody still hasn’t paid his fine for spitting on Michelle. You have until the end of the month.

    Cody looks fit to explode but Bobby covers his mouth with his hand as Cody tries to break free of the grip. Afa nods to the camera.

    Cody Mundz: ASSHOLE!!!

    The camera barely catches as it enters the office a second time. Afa Seanoa is seated behind his desk once more.

    Afa Seanoa: Retribution is right around the corner so I suppose I should reveal my cards for this big event. Firstly, I’m happy to announce a pre-show for Retribution, we’ll be seeing two newcomers, Apollo Griffin and Mendoza facing off for a chance to raise their stocks within CWA.

    Secondly, we’ll be seeing some of the men who were unable to enter the Steel Roulette match compete in a six man tag match I’m sure every one of them will be glad to compete in, if not to hurt their respective opponents, then to earn themselves a better position in the company. It’ll be XYZ, pairing up with Izaya Snowmantashi and… Jackson Fenix.

    He’s well aware that this trio might have a tough time working out with Fenix present.

    Afa Seanoa: They’ll be facing off against Shawn Summers and Trevor Ocean… and Brayden Bridges.

    Once more there’s an odd man out in Bridges. Still, Fenix knowing Summers and Ocean might be gunning for his head might do enough to force him to co-exist with his partners.

    Afa Seanoa: Elijah Edwards had an impressive return although it was met with defeat. He’ll be facing a CWA newcomer in Sammy Riggins. A win for Edwards is an establishment that he’s truly back to compete with top tier, on the other hand, a win for Riggins will do wonders for his still young career.

    To confirm what has been hinted at earlier in the night, Retribution will see the official return of Rolando Fuentes and it’ll be against Jonathan McGinnis. To ensure there is no foul behavior after the match, I can officially confirm that this will be a Lumberjack match. I have, and am re-informing every competitor that it will be their responsibilities to halt any sort of post-match assault and - should the referee declare a technical defeat, then they should ensure that decision is respected by both competitors. Beyond that, all Lumberjack rules are of course in place, I’d advise both men to keep the match within the squared circle.

    And, as you have just seen, we will be having a Number One’s Contenders match for the CWA World Tag Team Championships, it’ll be DFB against the victor of tonight’s main event be it… The Blacklist… or the DiMiacos.

    Still to come tonight, we’ll be getting confirmation of our second main event, the Diamond Dogs against The Echo in a CWA World Tag Team Championship unification match.

    Of course, the main event of Retribution goes without saying. A Steel Roulette match will see Lilith, Nate Savage, Krash, Prince Ali and lastly LIGHTBRINGER, in that order, compete for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. I can assure you all now, that the first entry into that match with Lilith will be the defending champion, Jon Snowmantashi himself.

    His announcements confirmed, Seanoa nods the camera off as we head back to the squared circle.

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is a tag team match. Introducing first, from San Jose, California, weighing in at a combined weight of three hundred and thirty-five pounds… Connor Cross and Luna Cross… they are the BLACKLIIIIIIIIIIST!

    The Blacklist step through the curtains to a shower of jeers. The siblings stop at the top of the stage, faint disgust writ on their face. They call their wrists together in tandem and then make their way to the ring. A simple feint from Connor does enough to ensure fans don’t keep trying to reach out for a touch of CWA’s newest signings.

    Jim Taylor: They made their presence felt at the Krash Tag Team Classic when they interrupted the tag team championship number one contender’s match between the DiMiacos and the DFB and now they are making their in-ring debut here at Adrenaline Rush.

    Tim Coleman: It was bad enough that they interrupted a match with stakes to it but you saw what they did earlier in the show, Jim, why is Afa even entertaining the idea of rewarding them. Why is he even entertaining the idea of awarding the DFB?

    Jim Taylor: From my understanding, Tim, that fan volunteered. I doubt he knew what he was getting into, Tim, but the Blacklist are technically void of any punishment Afa might want to inflict. As for the DFB, well, they still have to earn that show, Tim.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents… from New York City, New York… weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and forty pounds… they are the New Patriots of Wrestling… Joe and Paul DIMIACOOOOOO!

    The DiMiacos step through the curtains and point at the pair that attacked them two months ago.

    Jim Taylor: The DiMiacos could very well be part of that tag team championship match at Retribution but that assault prevented them from what could have been a career-defining match.

    Tim Coleman: It looks like they’re not at all pleased either!

    The DiMiacos sprint full speed ahead into the ring and The Blacklist are quick to leave it absent. Joe and Paul stare down their opponents before climbing up separate corners. The boos arrive but too late for Paul to do anything about it when his near three hundred pounds are sent flying off the turnbuckle and crashing to the outside. Connor demands the referee ring the bell with only Joe in the ring to deal with the pair.

    THE BLACKLIST (connor cross & luna cross)
    versus THE DiMIACOS (joe dimiaco & paul dimiaco)

    ENTERING THE BLACKLIST: Joe barely has time to react when Connor and Luna have pounced on him. The referee does his best to try and get one of the Cross’s on the apron but they’re pretty unrelenting. They unleash strikers to level Joe to his knees and then Luna Cross sprints behind him, Connor in front, they both come furiously crashing into him, feet first with drop kicks that both decapitate and pierce a hole through his chest. Luna makes her way out to allow Connor to be the legal man.

    FOR ‘MERICA: Connor confidently kicks at Joe until he’s rolled over to his own corner and allows Paul, still hobbling from his crash earlier, to tag in. Paul comes in and quickly squares off with Connor. He uses his sizeable advantage to down Connor over and over again, gaining applause from Phoenix. Paul even manages to send Connor flying across the ring with a German Suplex. It isn’t until a furious Connor charges and hits a high knee that Paul finds himself really floored.

    HOT BLOODED IMPLOSION: It isn’t until Joe slides back into the ring, recovered, that the referee really loses any sense of order in this match. He grabs Connor by the back but Luna joins in and after a tap on the shoulder hits the Danger Kick to get Joe to the floor. Connor gets Joe right back in a neckbreaker position and Luna heads to the top, she comes in flying with a Crossbody into what Jim dubs “The Movement”. They don’t halt there, they move onto Paul and unceremoniously launch a Double Armbar that forces the big man to yell out his submission. No fancy name needed for the Double Cross.

    WINNERS: THE BLACKLIST (connor cross & luna cross)

    Jim Taylor: The Blacklist don’t have any time for celebration!

    Before they even let go of the Double Cross, they’ve got boots all over their chest. The DFB are remembering what happened at the Krash Tag Team Classic but at the very least they have the courtesy of waiting for the match to end before they take action. They quickly lift up Luna Cross, toss her into the ropes, lifted up - DIRTY BIT SHATTER MACHINE! And a second later, they’re out of the ring.

    Tim Coleman: If there was ever a better example of a hit and run, Jim, I’ve never seen it. Connor Cross is next to Luna Cross, looking more furious at the assault then concerned.

    Jim Taylor: I don’t know if either team were expecting a grudge heading into the pay-per-view but I’m certain they’re expecting it now.

    Tim Coleman: And yet, Jim, it PALES in comparison to the budding rivalry between The Echo and the Diamond Dogs.

    Jim Taylor: You’re right, Tim, and right after this commercial break we’ll be seeing these two step into the ring for the first time since the Krash Tag Team Classic, to sign a contract making the Retribution match… official.

    We return to the ring area as "Heaven is a Place on Earth" by Belinda Carlisle begins to blare out from the arena's PA system and elicits cheers from the crowd in attendance...

    Jim Taylor: It's been a while since we've heard this song, Tim! I think we're about to have some fun!

    Tim Coleman: We'll see about that, Jimbo...

    There's a big pop as the team known as Diamond Dogs, Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli, make their way out onto the stage. They aren't dressed for a match, however, as they appear to be wearing their finest suits - though Vance still wears an eyepatch. Noticeably absent is the presence of their entourage and Dongarelli's neon coloured hairband... though Dongarelli has a neon pink tie instead. In Ricardo's hands appear to be a clipboard labelled "DA CONTRACT."

    Tim Coleman: Well... there's no fun to be had! There's no Maya or Alina present! Only party left for me to see tonight... is a superkick party!

    Jim Taylor: I'm sorry you feel that way, Tim.... but who knows if the Echo will even show up? We know that the Diamond Dogs are here to pitch some sort of match contract to them. Knowing the Echo, they might just decide not to bother!

    Tim Coleman: And too right, why should they? They are the true Tag Team champions, there's no dispute to be had!

    Vance takes the lead in walking to the ring as Dongarelli lags behind to interact with members of the crowd - he appears to be handing out coupons to the Miami Vice nightclub to female members of the audience for some strange reason. Eventually Vance gets into the ring and is handed a mic... he's about to speak but he jumps out of the ring for a second to grab Dongarelli away from some crowd members and into the ring. Eventually, the duo stand, ready to say their piece as the music and crowd die down.

    Ricardo Vance: It's been a little while, CWA, since we've stepped into this ring... You might not remember what happened the last time we did... but I do. And my best friend, Santino, he remembers too, don't you?

    Dongarelli grabs the mic.

    Santino Dongarelli: You're damn right, Rick! I remember we won some tag belts in a tournament... then we got ambushed by some motherfakers who bitched out from competing in that damn tournament! I'm pissed, man!

    Vance takes the mic back as Santino then decides to get his own mic from ringside.

    Ricardo Vance: You hear that, everybody? Santino's pissed. You know what that means?

    Santino Dongarelli: What does it mean, Rick?

    Vance makes sure that his face is close up to the camera. He mean mugs it for a second, lifts his eyepatch like a flap, then lifts the mic to his mouth.

    Ricardo Vance: It means that I'M PISSED TOO!

    He wheels away from the camera and goes on a rant.


    He calms himself for a moment before holding "DA CONTRACT" high up.

    Ricardo Vance: Well, they shall disrespect us no more. In my hand, is an important document. A document that will change the tag team division forever... a document that sets out a challenge to The Echo. Should they sign it... they will agree to a lot of things... but most importantly, they'll agree to something monumental... something life changing... you know what it is?

    Santino Dongarelli: What is it, Rick? What are they going to agree to? We're all itching to find out...

    They both point menacingly at each other as they both get hyped up...

    Ricardo Vance: I'M GONNA TELL YA!

    Santino Dongarelli: DO IT, RICK!



    They stop for a minute and have an awkward pause and look at each other. Santino with a smily expression whilst Rick seems confused. The moment passes.

    Ricardo Vance: You said it, brother! Now, Echo, we don't want to waste anymore time. How about you drag your scrawny asses to the ring and agree to our terms whilst giving the Diamond Dogs back THEIR BELTS?

    Dongarelli whips off his suit jacket, rips off his neon pink tie and instantly begins to wrap it around his head in attempt to convert it into a headband. Somehow, he is successful in doing this despite it looking slightly stupid. The duo then look up to the ramp and await the Echo making their entrance and the crowd obviously stand up and get ready to boo... but... after a while of waiting, the Echo don't appear. Diamond Dogs aren't too happy looking, Vance holds his arms out whilst Dongarelli, looking sad, reaches up and undoes his makeshift headband. He appears to have a struggle putting his tie back on so Vance puts down the mic and "DA CONTRACT" and begins to help him... just as they're doing this... THE ECHO'S MUSIC HITS. Vance drops what he's doing and picks up "DA CONTRACT" whilst Dongarelli instantly grabs his tie and puts it back into a hairband. The duo get back into their fighting stances and await the arrival of The Echo...

    ….and The Echo they do indeed walk onto the stage,., dressed to the nines in matching three piece suits -Which is unusual to say the very least, but what was more strange was the rare appearance of Celina Sasha leading the way down the ramp dressed to the nines with a pair of glasses dangling against her nose as The brother’s corner casually and calmly down the ramp behind her, happy to let their attorney do the talking.

    Celina Sasha: Gentlemen…. I’d advise you both to calm down. Believe you me, I personally have no desire whatsoever to stand here longer than necessary, but as both Drew and Ethan’s legal consult. They called me in to look through this abomination...

    She points a condemning finger at the document in Ricardo's hand as she finishes saying "abomination."

    Celina Sasha: Also let me point out for the record that we wouldn’t be IN this position that we are now, if Mr. Seanoa simply responded and opened a dialog with a mature and measured so we could talk over the legality of stripping my clients of their titles….or rather lack thereof…. But when you take the time to be willfully ignorant of the legal channels, then there’s only so much I can do.

    The Diamond Dogs both look at each other and shrug their shoulders. Celina finally had the wherewithal to enter the ring with The Connor’s both looking like the rather be anywhere else quite frankly bored as they head to the opposite corner longing as Celina takes centre stage.

    Celina Sasha: But SINCE. I’ve managed to talk Afa from filing charges against you for what happened at the Tag Team Classic, so during these negotiations, I will be doing the talking. You guys know the drill. So let's get this over with shall we?

    Celina looks around the scene momentarily before a dry smirk reaches her lips chuckling

    Celina Sasha: ....This is a joke right? No table. No third party witnesses. You don’t even have an attorney with you!

    Ricardo Vance: Yeah... Well...

    Before he can finish responding, Santino cuts in.


    The audience gives off a brief chuckle, The brothers Conor however have taken the time to talk inconspicuously by themselves clearly not giving a shit while Celina just rubs the sides of her nose trying to relieve her rapidly growing headache

    Celina Sasha: -Under her breath- Five years of harvard law school..... Just give me the damn contract!

    Celina snatches the contract out of the Ricardo's hand and quickly looks through it, flicking through each page keenly

    Celina Sasha: ....Are we really supposed to be taking this seriously? This is by far the WORSE contract I’ve ever seen. There’s no way this is legally binding.

    Santino butts in and attempts to defend the contract...


    Santino bounces around upset whilst Ricardo tries to calm him down. Celina waits for them to stop, impatiently tapping her foot, before commenting.

    Celina Sasha: IT’S WRITTEN IN CRAYON….Oh but that’s not even the best part...These conditions… if Echo win, they get DD's entourage, if DD win, they get Sasha for their club…

    Celina doesn’t even dignify that with a response giving the Diamond Dogs a dirty look shaking her head before continuing - Ricardo and Santino look at each other before wording that they think it's a fair deal. They see no issue with it.

    Celina Sasha: .... No superkicks allowed!?

    The Echo both look up alarmed looking disgusted at the idea of that.

    Celina Sasha: There will be no usage of illegal penis pumps...

    The Echo are heard shouting "LIKE WE NEED IT!" from outside of the ring - Ricardo opens up his eye patch and motions to them "I'm watching you!"

    Celina Sasha: Verbal acknowledgement of the Diamond Dogs are the defending champions

    Drew Connor: FUCK OFF!

    Ethan Connor: I’m going to knock your teeth out of your God damn skull!

    Celina Sasha: …..No swearing

    Celina looks up at her clients for a moment who simply shrug.

    Celina Sasha: Losers must buy the winners appletinis…. Under no circumstances should they refer to Vance as "Ricky"...Ok you know what? We’ve not going to stand here and be disrespected-

    Celina stopped in mid sentence as The Connor Brother’s suddently call her over, curious she follows suit, in a makeshift huddle they speak in a small little huddle. Whatver The Connors are telling her, she seems to nod in agreement with. She moves off into the center of the ring, with the contract in her hands before reaching into her pocket and pulling out a pen and writing something on DA CONTRACT... She then speaks. The Diamond Dogs appear curious - especially Santino.

    Celina Sasha: Gentlemen? We’re willing to consider your stipulations…But my clients have their own conditions they’d like to be considered….Just one though, but I’m afraid it’s a deal breaker.

    The lawyer pushes the contract into the chest of Dongarelli who peers down at the contract curious... He reads aloud...

    Santino Dongarelli: Enjoy the superki....

    What happened next, seemed to happen within the blink of an eye. The Connor’s raced across the ring and in perfect sync aimed a double superkick straight for Dongarelli’s mush. But Dongarelli ducked just in time and Celina gets whacked with it instead! The sheer force of the kick practically knocks her out of shoes and spiralling to the mat out like a light. The Connor’s just stand over her in shock head in hands knowing full well, that legal fees just got a hell of a lot higher, but they don’t have much time before the Diamond Dogs are on them! Ethan turns around to an enzuigiri from Dongarelli whilst Drew is sent flying over the ropes with a clothesline. Drew slowly recovers on the outside and helps Sasha out of the ring whilst Ethan is left alone in the ring... he gets back to his feet and eats a Skullfucker knee from Dongarelli before being dropped by Vance's Money Shot! The Diamond Dogs tease giving a big preview of Retribution as they signal for The Clunge Plunge finisher... but Drew rescues his brother. The Echo and Celina stumble up the ramp - shouting hostilities and swearing revenge as Ricardo and Santino taunt them from the ropes - motioning for the belts around their waists. Santino stands in the middle of the ring and lifts his arm up high - the fans cheer as they know what that means - Ricardo bounces off of the ropes and hits his best friend with a high five! The pair get the crowd pumped one more time and soak in the appreciation as they make sure the Echo know their time is up...

    Jim Taylor: I think we know who the crowd are supporting in this one! It's a story of brotherhood versus friendship! The Echo made their presence known early on... but the Diamond Dogs outsmarted them this time! Who's going to have the final say!? We'll find out at Retribution - the tag team titles are on the line... we'll finally settle the dispute once and for all!
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 3 of 3

    Really good show this week Jon and great job to all that contributed

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 3 of 3

    Closing segment to be sent tonight. Sorry, Jon, its my bad.

    Comment on show to come.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [23/08/2017] Part 3 of 3

    Added in that contract signing. Great segment from Shake & AON, encourage you all to give it a read. And it should be an awesome co-main event~

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