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Thread: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

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    WCW World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    April 16th, 2001


    STAMFORD, CT - The previously defunct World Championship Wrestling has found it's new home, and that is with it's own specific brand every Saturday night at 8pm EST on FX Network! After the acquisition of World Championship Wrestling by their direct rival the World Wrestling Federation, the jury was still out on whether or not WCW would continue, or cease to exist in any capacity. WWF Chairman Vince Mcmahon has officially stated that World Championship Wrestling will be it's own individual brand separate from the World Wrestling Federation, and that their specific WCW talent will be featured on the debuting show, "WCW Saturday Night" LIVE on FX Network. In addition to the new brand and show, WCW will have it's own creative team led by former Executive Vice President of WWF Global Media, Shane Mcmahon.

    In addition to the new brand, several members of talent have been acquired from Turner Broadcasting, and many have been released. Below is a list of the former WCW talent that will not be continuing their efforts in the "New WCW" under the WWF umbrella. Head of Creative Shane Mcmahon has elected for the creative team to be made up of an equal distribution of former WCW minds and current day WWF with the signing of Kevin Sullivan, Dusty Rhodes, and Ric Flair, along with WWF mainstay and producer, Bruce Prichard. On the talent relations side, the WWF has picked up former WCW Head of Talent Relations, Terry Taylor, who will work specifically with the "New WCW" talent and brand. Vince Mcmahon is giving the reigns to his son Shane Mcmahon to act as both Head of Creative and the Executive Producer of the brand, by giving WCW as much of a "no hands approach" as possible. It is still unsure whether WCW talent will completely only specifically work on the WCW brand, and vice versa for the WWF talent, but it is being reported that for the most part all the major championships will stay the same, and many of the feuds from the "Old WCW" will continue on the new brand.

    In addition to the weekly television show on Saturday nights, the first official WCW pay per view "The Great American Bash" will take place on July 29th, 2001 from the great wrestling city of Atlanta, Georgia where WCW made it's mark originally. No details have been released on the direction of the WCW brand in moving towards the pay per view, but the weekly show "WCW Saturday Night" will be taking place LIVE each and every single week from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, with the debut edition kicking off on May 26th, 2001 with a doors open time of 6pm EST.

    WCW Talent Contracts That Were Not Picked Up for Renewal


    Hulk Hogan
    Lex Luger
    Dewayne Bruce
    Dustin Rhodes
    Evan Karagias
    Hacksaw Jim Duggan
    Jason B
    Jason Jett
    Kid Romero
    MI Smooth
    Mark Jindrak
    Norman Smiley
    Rick Steiner
    Scotty O
    Shawn Stasiak
    The Demon
    Terry Funk
    The Wall
    Yun Yang

    Free Agent Talents Picked Up for the WCW Brand
    Raven (former WWF talent and former WWF Hardcore Champion)
    Rob Van Dam (former ECW World Champion)
    Connor Thatcher (formerly Aaron Stevens in Ohio Valley Wrestling)

    Grant Lawrence (formerly Tyson Dux in Ohio Valley Wrestling)
    Theodore Long (formerly Teddy Long, referee in the World Wrestling Federation)

    Bubba Ray Dudley (former WWF talent and former WWF World Tag Team Champion)
    D'Von Dudley (former WWF talent and former WWF World Tag Team Champion)
    Boom Boom Ananta (former WOW Women's Wrestling talent)
    Lana Star (former WOW Women's Wrestling talent and former WOW Women's Champion)
    Malice (formerly Delta Lotta Pain in WOW Women's Wrestling)

    The Management

    Owner - Vince Mcmahon
    Executive Producer - Shane Mcmahon

    Head of Creative
    - Shane Mcmahon
    Creative Team - Kevin Sullivan, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Bruce Prichard
    Head of Talent Relations - Terry Taylor

    The Champions

    WCW World Heavyweight Champion - Booker T
    WCW World Tag Team Champions - The Natural Born Thrillaz (Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire)
    WCW United States Champion - Booker T
    WCW Cruiserweight Champion - Sugar Shane Helms
    WCW Women's Champion - Madusa

    WCW Talent

    Booker T | Goldberg | Scott Steiner | Sting | Diamond Dallas Page | Jeff Jarrett | Sid Vicious | Kevin Nash | Scott Hall | Bam Bam Bigelow | "Mr. Sports Entertainment" Mike Awesome | "The Franchise" Shane Douglas | Raven | Buff Bagwell | AJ Styles | Konnan | Alex Wright | "Sugar" Shane Helms | Billy Kidman | Rey Meysterio Jr. | Rob Van Dam | Lance Storm | "Primetime" Elix Skipper | Kaz Hayashi | Kanyon | Kid Kash | Chavo Guerrero Jr. | Jamie Noble | Chuck Palumbo | Sean O'Haire | Bubba Ray Dudley | D'Von Dudley | Brian Adams | Bryan Clark | Ron Harris | Don Harris | Shannon Moore | Paris (formerly Air Paris) | Connor Thatcher (formerly Aaron Stevens) | Grant Lawrence (formerly Tyson Dux) | Disco Inferno | Big Vito | Mike Sanders | Johnny The Bull | Hugh Morris | Kwee Wee | Lash LeRoux | Madusa | Asya | Daffney | Lana Star | Boom Boom Ananta | Malice

    WCW On-Screen Personalities

    Theodore Long | "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig | Sonny Onoo | Kimberly Page | Francine | Ms. Hancock | Major Gunns | Torrie Wilson

    Tag Teams & Stables

    The Filthy Animals - Konnan, Billy Kidman, Rey Meysterio Jr., & Torrie Wilson
    The Natural Born Thrillaz - Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire
    KroniK - Bryan Clark & Brian Adams
    The Harris Brothers - Ron Harris & Don Harris
    The Dudley Boyz - Bubba Ray Dudley & D'Von Dudley

    The Aerial Express - Paris & Shannon Moore
    Alpha Beta - Connor Thatcher & Grant Lawrence

    Other Personalities

    The "On Screen" Owner - Shane Mcmahon
    The Commissioner
    - "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair
    The Broadcast Commentary - "The Professor" Mike Tenay, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, & Ernest "The Cat" Miller
    The Backstage Interviewers - Jeremy Borash and Gorgeous George
    The Ring Announcer - David Penzer

    Television Programming

    WCW Saturday Night
    | 8pm EST/7pm CST | LIVE FROM UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in Orlando, Florida

    WCW TV Archive

    Upcoming Pay Per View

    World Championship Wrestling Presents: The Great American Bash | July 29, 2001 | The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia

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    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Dammit man, I was holding on to the hope that you would eventually bring back your Netflix ECW BTB! I'm excited for this, and if its anything like your ECW I'll be reading every post.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Good luck mate.

    This will be an interesting read as unlike ECW you can't just throw everything to the extreme. I'm keen to see how you keep WCW relevant compared to the WWF.

    Interesting to see Jarrett survived the cull considering his differences with The McMahon family.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Good luck with this. Love wcw btbs. If this is anything like your ECW, this will be awesome.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    I'm excited to read this. I, too, am surprised to see Jarrett on the roster. I'm also surprised to see Hall on the list, but it's going to be great to see.

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    World Championship Wrestling Presents: "WCW Saturday Night"
    Saturday May 26th, 2001 | FX Network

    Universal Studios | Orlando, Florida


    A New Day, A New Legacy, A New WCW

    The show opens up with a video package showcasing the history of WCW with "Lonely Road of Faith" by Kid Rock playing in the background of the video. A new WCW Saturday Night intro is introduced with American Alternative Rock band "Saliva" and their hit song, "Click Click Boom" playing in the background. The intro showcases all the current WCW talent, but especially focusing on WCW World Heavyweight Champion Booker T and the future of WCW being built up as the greatest assortment of new, hot, young talent in Rob Van Dam, Mike Awesome, AJ Styles, The Natural Born Thrillaz, and the exciting cruiserweights. The intro video ends and cameras pan the sold out Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida as the riotous crowd is deafening and commentary brings in the exciting debut of WCW Saturday Night LIVE, building up tonight as the most monumental day in all of professional wrestling. "The Professor" Mike Tenay hypes up the huge night and the first official word from WCW Owner Shane Mcmahon who has promised to bring a night that none of us will ever forget, along with major announcements to be made. It isn't long before "Here Comes The Money" blares over the PA and the crowd pops loud for the son of Vinnie Mac himself, Shane Mcmahon! Shane comes dancing out through the curtain in usual fashion, hyping up the crowd on the ramp and high fiving the fans on the side as he makes his way down to the ring.

    Mcmahon grabs a microphone from ringside and continues to hype up the crowd in the ring, as Mike Tenay stands up from the commentary booth and claps for the new owner of WCW, Shane Mcmahon. Shane welcomes the crowd and audience to WCW Saturday Night, and builds up how the new WCW is going to take the professional wrestling and entertainment world by storm, STARTING RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW TONIGHT! The crowd cheers as Shane continues his hype patrol, talking about the long journey all the old WCW fans have been on, along with all the new WCW fans that have joined us tonight, with Shane promising that unlike other administrations, he will never ever let them down again.

    Shane: "Because unlike other administrations, I will always listen to the fans. I will always listen to the W...C...W fans, which is why tonight I am going to name an official commissioner for World Championship Wrestling who will oversee all the daily operations of match making, championships, the talent, and everything else that goes into making a successful product that you, the fans can truly get behind so there is never an excuse as to why you aren't being given your money's worth when you come down to a WCW event here at Universal Studios!! Or if you turn on your TV to a WCW program at home. The fans make all this possible, and for that...we in WCW thank you for all the continued and renewed support!"

    The crowd gets louder with their cheering which eventually turns into a "Thank you Shane" chant that echoes throughout the soundstage. Shane continues his promo on continuing to build up WCW as the most dominant wrestling and entertainment brand in the world today, and briefs the audience on the current champions in WCW, starting with the current WCW World Heavyweight Champion AND WCW United States Champion, Booker T! The crowd pops at the mentioning of Booker's name as Shane pauses for a moment and smiles at the crowd before continuing on. Shane vouches for Booker T that Booker truly is the face of World Championship Wrestling and he will continue to support every direction that the five time WCW Champion takes this groundbreaking innovative brand.

    Shane: "Next is the reigning and defending WCW Cruiserweight Champion, "Sugar" Shane Helms who has done everything in his power to prove that he is pound for pound the greatest cruiserweight in the business today, which is why in just a few short moments we are going to have a Cruiserweight Open which will consist of 6 of the hottest and innovative cruiserweights in WCW to determine who will face Mr. Helms next week on

    The crowd cheers in excitement of the huge 6 man #1 contender's match tonight and that Mcmahon is clearly not wasting any time booking the champions in CHAMPIONSHIP matches right out of the gate.

    Shane: "Which leads me to my next order of all of you here in Universal Studios like Championship matches?"

    Fans: YEAH!

    Shane: "Well tonight, we aren't just going to see one championship match, like I said before we care about what our fans want, so tonight we are going to feature TWO CHAMPIONSHIP MATCHES RIGHT HERE TONIGHT LIVE ON WCW SATURDAY NIGHT!"

    Fans: YEAH!!!!!!

    Shane: "Because tonight the WCW Women's Champion Madusa will be going one on one in singles action for her championship belt, against an opponent who is single handedly the sickest and most deranged person I have ever met, DAFFNEY! AND....AND....because the current WCW World Tag Team Champions The Natural Born Thrillaz are so confident that they are going to keep their tag team title belts...and because they have issued an open challenge to any WCW team for their tag team title belts....well boys, you're in luck. Because earlier today I spoke with another couple guys who would love to oblige you in that challenge, the dominant six foot five Harris Brothers and that match will happen right here tonight!!"

    Fans: YEAH!!!

    "So let me just make this last sentiment abudantly clear to anyone and everyone in the professional wrestling and entertainment world, World Championship Wrestling is taking over this business once again! And on a personal note to Ole Vinnie Mac, anything can...and will happen in WCW. And just like WCW kicked your ass before, we're going to do it AGAIN....AND AGAIN....AND AGGGGAINNNN!!!"

    Shane throws the microphone down onto the mat and stares intensely into the camera shot for a few seconds in a challenging manner before jumping out of the ring and storming up the ramp, high fiving fans on the side of the ramp before he makes his way back through the curtain.

    WCW Cruiserweight Open
    Winner Earns a #1 Contender Shot for WCW Cruiserweight Championship Next Week
    Billy Kidman (w/Torrie Wilson) versus Chavo Guerrero Jr. versus Kaz Hyashi (w/Sonny Onoo) versus Jamie Noble versus Elix Skipper versus Kid Kash

    Like a typical 6 man cruiserweight match would happen, all six men immediately charge at each other and start exchanging stiff blows, with each set of two separating to different parts of the ring and ringside. Kidman attempts to utilize his veteran cruiserweight skills by trying to quickly hit a shooting star press on Kash and making the quick cover, but as the referee makes the count, Kaz Hyashi comes out of nowhere with a flying leg drop off the opposite turnbuckle, catching Kidman’s head and bashing it down onto the canvas. The match continues on with high spot after high spot along with attempted pinfall after attempted pinfall, but each time that it looks like someone is about to pick up the win, someone else will dart in to break up the count. Meanwhile at the commentary booth, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion “Sugar” Shane Helms comes out to sit at commentary using the entire play by play of the match to put himself over and talk about how “he could’ve kicked out of that” and “he would’ve gotten even more height with the 450 Splash”.

    Helms along with commentary build up the huge WCW Cruiserweight Championship match next week on WCW Saturday Night as commentary builds up all the men in this Cruiserweight Open and that they all have the ability to become #1 contender. Shane laughs on commentary and makes fun of the comment that even if they can become #1 contender, there is no way they will be able to become the Cruiserweight Champion.
    At one point during the match, Kid Kash leaped over the top rope with a suicide dive landing right on top of Chavo Guerrero Jr, sending him crashing into the barricade.But instead of Kid Kash getting back up to his feet and working on Guerrero some more or getting back into the ring, Kash grabs a bottle of water at the commentary booth, pours some in his mouth, and then proceeds to spit it out into the face of Helms! Helms immediately gets hot and flips the top of the commentary booth up, darting right for Kash and wiping him out with a hard shot to the top of his head with the Cruiserweight Championship belt!!! OH MY GOD!! Helms kicks Kash some more and screams in his face that he is the champion!

    Helms goes back to his seat and sits down as the match continues with Elix Skipper controlling most of the match at this point,
    connecting with a hurricarana on Kaz Hyashi of the top rope, sending him flying through the middle ropes and crashing head first onto the steel ring steps outside the ring! Skipper sees Noble dazed from the Northern Lights Suplex a few moments ago from Billy Kidman. Skipper darts over to Noble and quickly rolls him up into a small package, balancing his feet off the bottom rope trying to use the ropes for leverage. 1….2…but the referee sees Skipper’s leg and stops the count, screaming for Skipper to put his legs down.

    Skipper immediately gets hot and starts screaming at the referee to make the count and that he didn’t have his feet on the ropes. But as Skipper’s back is turned yelling at referee Charles Robinson, Jamie Noble staggers up from behind Skipper and dropkicks him in the back, sending him crashing chest first into the corner. Noble looks at the crowd with an ecstatic look on his face and then charges at Skipper finishing it off with a Stinger Splash out of nowhere on Elix Skipper!!!! BAMM!!! This time it is Noble who rolls Skipper up in a small package, 1….2….3!! Noble wins! Noble pins Elix Skipper!!


    Winner: Jamie Noble by Pinfall to Become the WCW Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender

    As soon as the bell rings, Elix Skipper looks at the referee with a shocked look on his face, in complete disbelief that Jamie Noble just pinned him in the ring! Noble jumps up to his feet and starts celebrating in the ring as the referee holds his arm up in victory, and Shane Helms laughs on commentary, building up the shock value that Jamie Noble was the one who stole a victory in the Cruiserweight Open. Helms slowly stands up from his chair at the commentary booth, holds up his Cruiserweight Championship in the air, and points to Jamie Noble screaming, "It's your lucky day! You and me, it's going down!'

    Helms smirks at the crowd, poses for a second and then proceeds to walk up the ramp as Noble continues to celebrate in the ring in an enthusiastic way while Skipper just sits on his knees in shock shaking his head. Noble slides out of the ring and high fives several fans while Skipper makes it back up to his feet and starts stalking down referee Charles Robinson.
    Robinson tries explaining to Skipper that he was using the ropes for leverage, which is why he stopped the count. Skipper's eyes get even wider and he is shaking with anger as he pushes the referee against the corner of the ring and screams that tonight was supposed to be his night and that he should be the #1 contender, screaming several times "CONSPIRACY!" at Charles Robinson.

    Finally, Robinson pushes Skipper off of him and quickly rolls underneath the bottom rope to prevent any assault from the raging Elix Skipper. Skipper looks at the crowd with a disgusted look on his face before storming out of the ring and up the ramp. As he makes his way up the ramp , commentary shows replays of the dropkick into the corner by Noble and the quick win, along with Skipper trying to use the ropes for leverage

    Commercial Break

    Big Poppa Challenger

    Cameras come back from the commercial break to show a long black limousine pulling up in the parking garage. The camera pans the tires of the limo to reveal the driver opening up the door slowly and two scantily clad women stepping out of the limo with a very determined and stern faced Scott Steiner following behind. Steiner screams at the driver, "GET MY DAMN BAGS!" before walking towards the door of the arena with one woman on each arm. As he walks to the door in anger, commentary sells his frustration of not getting his rematch for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship yet, and that he promised he would come here tonight and take what is deserved for him.

    Before the match begins, Lance Storm is the first one to come out already with a microphone in his hand. As Storm makes his way down the ramp, he starts to cut a promo that tonight is a fresh start and new beginning for himself in WCW, and that he will finally be taken seriously for all the hard work and determination that he puts into every single match in this ring. Storm in his typical vanilla-like tone attempts to put himself over, hyping up his superior ring skills and his ability to make anyone tap out when he snaps on his Sharpshooter. Storm finally gets into the ring and talks over the booing crowd about how he didn’t train in the Stu Hart Dungeon to be disrespected like he has been every single night he walks through the curtain. Storm holds his arms up in the air and screams, “THIS IS A NEW BEGINNING! THIS IS THE AGE OF STORM!!”

    But he is quickly cut off by the sound of “Walk” by Kilgore blaring over the PA, and the smattering of fans in the arena who realize that this must be the arrival of the former ECW World Champion, Rob Van Dam! Van Dam bounces out through the curtain to a huge reaction from the crowd, as
    commentary builds up how we all knew that Van Dam was coming to WCW, but no one knew he would be making his debut on the first night! Commentary builds up all the accomplishments of Van Dam, giving the listeners at home an idea of exactly who Van Dam is and how extraordinary of an athlete Van Dam is. Van Dam with a huge smirk on his face gets to the bottom of the ramp and does his signature “Rob Van Dam” taunt as the crowd gets louder and louder with their support for RVD. The smattering of fans in the audience who know about RVD are very vocal in their support, which feeds off the rest of the arena to get behind Van Dam. As Van Dam gets into the ring, Storm glares at him, clearly being very upset that he is being interrupted and seemingly disrespected by Van Dam already.

    Van Dam grabs a microphone and grins at Storm as commentary sells the huge moment that is happening in the ring right now, and how very few times do we ever get to see two premier athletes like Rob Van Dam and Lance Storm standing toe to toe in a ring together. Van Dam slowly raises the microphone up to his mouth to cut a promo, but Lance Storm interrupts him in a rage before Van Dam can say anything,
    “WHO IN THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE??” Van Dam chuckles to himself and looks at the riotous fans at ringside before throwing his right arm in the air and doing his signature “RVD” taunt.

    Rob Van Dam: “I think…I know…these people here tonight know that my name is ROB…”

    Rob Van Dam/Fans: VAN….DAM!!

    Rob Van Dam quickly drops the microphone and leaps up connecting with a spinning heel kick on Storm, laying him out in the center of the ring as the crowd jumps up to their feet with enthusiasm and Mike Tenay on commentary screams, “WELL HERE WE GO!!” The referee quickly slides into the ring and calls for the bell as the match gets underway.

    Normal Singles Match

    Lance Storm versus Rob Van Dam

    The match starts off hot from the very beginning with Van Dam taking an early babyface advantage over Lance Storm to get the crowd completely behind him. But momentum is quickly evened up when Storm reverses a double underhook facebuster in the corner with a german suplex of his own, followed by a dropkick to the top of the head to keep him down! The two battle back and forth with Van Dam utilizing his aerial and striking skills and Storm attempting to keep it grounded by utilizing his far superior technical and submission skills. Van Dam hits several high spots trying to pick up the pinfall on Storm, but Storm refuses to stay down and kicks out at the count of two every single time other than the final time when he was able to turn Van Dam over into a boston crab of his own!! Van Dam desperately tries reaching for the bottom rope, but Storm utilizes his veteran experience and pulls Van Dam back into the middle of the ring as the fans boo and commentary builds up the psychology and intelligence of Lance Storm that makes him a dangerous force for anyone facing him in the ring.

    But right as it looks like Van Dam is going to tap out to the vicious Boston Crab, Van Dam is able to twist his feet enough to break the hold and quickly scurry out of the way before Storm can sinch up tighter on the hold and keep him in his grasps. The crowd cheers with Van Dam getting out of the hold, but Storm once again pulls Van Dam into the center of the ring and goes to lock him into a Sharpshooter this time!
    But as Storm goes to lock on his signature Sharpshooter, Van Dam kicks him in the face and then follows up with a double knee facebreaker knocking Storm abruptly back laying on the canvas. Van Dam slowly struggles up to his feet and looks at Storm who is holding his chin in pain. Van Dam bounces off the ropes and connects with a Rolling Thunder on Lance Storm as the crowd gets louder with their support!

    Van Dam originally goes to cover Storm, but stops himself before he covers him and then looks at the cheering crowd who are screaming and chanting “FIVE STAR FIVE STAR FIVE STAR!”
    Van Dam staggers over to the corner, leaps up onto the top turnbuckle, does his signature RVD taunt, and then proceeds to leap off in exciting fashion, landing on top of Storm with his signature Five Star Frog Splash that shakes the ring as the crowd pops!!!


    Van Dam quickly scurries over to Storm and covers him for the pinfall, 1….2…..3!!! RVD wins!


    Winner: Rob Van Dam by Pinfall

    As the bell rings, the crowd immediately jumps up to their feet in a unison of cheering for their babyface free agent that signed from ECW, Rob Van Dam!!! The crowd chants "RVD RVD RVD RVD!" as Van Dam jumps back up to his feet and proceeds to pose for the riotous crowd. Commentary hypes the huge WCW debut of former ECW World Champion Rob Van Dam, while also commending Lance Storm on his hard-fought battle against Van Dam tonight. Van Dam gets out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp, strutting and celebrating as he won his first official WCW match. Storm slowly starts coming back to himself and realizing that he lost the match as the crowd continues to cheer and chant RVD's name. Van Dam stands at the top of the stage and looks back and forth at the crowd before raising his arms up in the air and doing the "Rob Van Dam" signature chant along with teh crowd right behind him. As Van Dam walks back through the curtain, Storm gets back up onto his feet and looks at the crowd with a distraught and irate look on his face. Storm grabs his head and starts shaking as commentary sells how big of a loss this has to be for Lance Storm, knowing that his first official match back in WCW is a losing effort against a man who clearly is moving up the ranks in WCW.

    Storm screams in a fit of anger at the crowd to shut up with the RVD chants, which only encourages them to get louder and louder with the chants, making Storm even more angry. Storm slides underneath the bottom rope, kicks the steel ring steps, and then storms up the ramp in complete disbelief and anger that he lost to Van Dam.

    "That wasn't supposed to happen!!! I was supposed to win! It's my time now!!! My time!!!"

    A Vicious Threat

    Cameras quickly cut to the backstage area where an irate Scott Steiner barges in Shane Mcmahon's office and screams that he told him he had until tonight to name him the #1 contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, and now it's time to do it. Shane shakes his head and tries to reassure Steiner that the #1 contender announcement will be made in due time, but there is no guarantee that #1 contender will be him. Steiner gets more angry and looks at Mcmahon with wide eyes getting in his face and screaming that he will break Shane in half if he doens't make this right by the end of the night. Shane doesn't handle the warning lightly and asks Steiner in a calm voice, "Are you sure about that Scott?"

    Steiner freaks out and pushes Shane up against the wall of his office and screams,
    "I'M WARNING YOU MCMAHON, DON'T FU**ING SCREW WITH ME!" before storming out of the office, leaving Shane standing there holding his back with a stern look on his face.


    The scene opens up backstage as it shows the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WCW United States Champion Booker T arriving to the building inciting a huge pop from the crowd. Booker T looks forward with a serious look on his face, clearly not wasting any time getting into the arena as commentary builds up how intense this is going to be right now with both Scott Steiner and Booker T in the arena tonight, both looking like they are just waiting for a fight.

    Mike Tenay: Oh boy, here we go! Big Poppa Pump wanted him, and it looks like he may get him tonight! I can just imagine what the five time WCW Champion and current United States Champion is going to do when he finds out that Scott Steiner is on his trail tonight! This is about to pick up, folks!

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: But Mike, that man right there ain't scared of nobody! I ain't doubtin' the Genetic Freak, but that man right there doesn't look like he's playin' tonight, and I know from personal experience, you don't want that man showin' up to the party! Scotty will get a run for his money tonight if he wants to put Booker to the test!

    Dusty Rhodes: Booka T is a 5 time WCW World Champion for a reason daddy! But ain't too many men in this bizness, that are gon make Scotty Steina run away! Mcmahon ya betta get security ready now, cuz this is gon explode baby!

    Mike Tenay: Booker T, Scott Steiner, what's gonna happen tonight?! We'll be back ladies and gentlemen right after these messages!

    Commercial Break

    I Was Robbed!!!

    Cameras open up from the commercial break to show an
    upset and distraught "Primetime" Elix Skipper pacing back and forth backstage, kicking trashcans and anything else in his path while screaming that he was robbed of his #1 contender shot at the WCW Cruiserweight Championship. Gorgeous George rushes over to him with a microphone in an attempt to interview him about what is going on, but as soon as she approaches him, he yells at her and starts to cut a scathing and incoherent promo that what happened tonight was a sham and a conspiracy against him in the effort of keeping the WCW Cruiserweight Championship away from him.

    Skipper backs up his claim by explaining that he had Jamie Noble in a small package pin, and instead of the referee counting the three when Jamie Noble did not kick out, he stopped the count and said that Jamie's foot was SUPPOSEDLY underneath the bottom rope to constitute a rope break. Gorgeous George looks at Skipper with a confused look on her face, and asks Skipper with uncertainity if the count should not have been broken up. Skipper's eyes widen and he gets even more angry at Gorgeous George pushing her out of the way and snatching the microphone out of her hand. Skipper looks directly into the camera and demands that not only does Shane reverse the decision and give him his rightful title match against Shane Helms next week, but that he also fires referee Charles Robinson on the spot next week as well!

    Skipper throws the microphone down and storms off in a huff as Gorgeous George slowly walks back over to the microphone and picks it up, waiting for the raging Skipper to get far enough down the hallway that she is safe.

    We Should've Expected This

    Cameras pan the inside of the arena once again as commentary continues to hype up the huge night we have had so far, while
    continuing to hype the uncertainity of what's going to happen once Scott Steiner finds out that Booker T is here in Universal right now! But after just a few moments, "DON'T HATE THE PLAYA, HATE THE GAME!" blares over the PA and the crowd erupts into a unison of cheering, seemingly showing their support for the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and WCW US Champion more than ever before! Booker T comes walking out with both belts secured firmly across each shoulder, staring towards the crowd for a few moments on the top of the stage before continuing his walk down to the ring. As he makes his way down towards the ring commentary continues to sell how Booker T not only became the WCW World Heavyweight Champion on the last episode of Nitro, but he secured his WCW United States Championship on the last episode of Nitro as well, and because of that, he holds the two most prestigious championships in WCW, and throughout the entire world.

    Dusty Rhodes on commentary
    brings back up that Scott Steiner is looking to rip Booker T apart, so Shane Mcmahon doesn't have long before he needs to get security down to this ring to prevent a riot. Booker gets into the ring and grabs a microphone as his music dies down and the crowd starts up a "Booker T" chant. Booker looks back and forth at the crowd, holding both titles firmly on his shoulders, not saying a word and just nodding his head with their undying support for the five time WCW Champion.

    Booker T: "Ya know, I was originally just gonna come out here and tell ya'll, about what I was gonna do as the WCW Champion and the WCW United States Champion going forward with the new WCW. I was originally just gonna come out here and tell you how I was gonna represent the new WCW...where I was gonna go with WCW and what my expectations were for all of you.....BUT THAT WAS BEFORE SOME PUNK ASS NAMED SCOTT STEINER STARTED GOING BACK AND FORTH RUNNIN' HIS MOUTH ABOUT MY TITLE!MY CAREER! AND WHAT I HAVE BUSTED MY ASS IN THIS BUSINESS FOR OVER A DECADE TO ACCOMPLISH!MY NAME IS BOOKER T, I'M THE FIVE TIME WCW CHAMPION....RECOGNIZE SUCKA, CUZ I CAN...


    The crowd immediately pops as Booker T starts getting more angry and raging with his promo, mentioning how he beat Scott Steiner back in March, and he will do it again tonight. The crowd feeds Booker T even more as commentary begs Booker T to calm down.
    But instead Booker starts getting more fueled up with his promo, throwing down his title belts and screaming for Scott Steiner to come out and fight him right now, because he isn't going to let anybody disrespect him. It doesn't take long before the lights dim and the siren of Scott Steiner's theme blares over the PA and the crowd starts cheering and chanting "Fight Fight Fight Fight!"

    All three members of commentary attempt to scream into the ring at Booker to not do this and to just let Steiner cool off. But Booker T just continues to pace back and forth in the middle of the ring awaiting for "Big Poppa Pump" to come out. Steiner storms out through the curtain without either one of his "freaks" that he arrived with,
    clearly looking for a fight with the WCW and US Champion. Steiner makes his way down the ramp as the two stare at each other and the fans await at fever pitch for the brawl to begin. Steiner snatches a microphone at ringside and cuts his music off, getting on top of the apron and looking directly into Booker T's eyes. Scott Steiner takes off his sunglasses and starts to cut a vicious and angry promo on Booker T, calling him a "paper champion" who is nothing but a place holder until the real champion comes back for his belt. Steiner hypes himself up in the process, building up how he has the largest arms in the world and that the champion wants his belt back. Booker T does not budge though and walks over to the ropes to get face to face with the former WCW Champion.

    Scott Steiner: "So if you think you're man enough to be the WCW Champion, why don't you take your pretty little sunglasses and qu**r looking vest off and fight me like a man right now FOR THAT BELT?? COME ON BOOKER, I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE MAN! I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE CHAMPION! COME ON! PUT IT ON THE LINE RIGHT NOW!"

    Booker starts aggressively nodding his head and screaming for Steiner to come at him, clearly not having any fear about putting his belt on the line tonight as the crowd goes wild and Ernest Miller on commentary reassures what is happening, "I told you that you don't want to put Booker T to the test!"

    Booker T: "You want a match, sucka? This ain't gonna be no match! This is gonna be a fight! And I'm gonna whupp your punk ass until you can't stand up!"

    Scott Steiner: "Get a referee down here! Let's put your money where your mouth is! I can understand if you're scared to step in the ring with the genetic freak, but don't come out here on MY SHOW and talk about how your THE CHAMPION! Because as I stand here lookin' at you right now, it looks like the only thing you're champion of, is the gorilla exhibit at the Orlando Zoo! And you want to talk about gym bodied? Listen you overrated son of a bit**, I don't care if you're the 5 time WCW Champion or not...that means you got your ass kicked four times in the center of this ring!And let me tell you something, if you don't get out of MY RING and give me back MY TITLE, I'm gonna make the fifth time you get your ass kicked in the center of this ring your last time!Because you won't be getting up when I kick the gold caps right out of your mouth and send your ass packin' back to cage you crawled out of!"

    Booker T: "I'M NOT HERE TO TALK, SUCKA!"

    Booker T slaps Steiner across the face and the two immediately start to go at it, brawling all around the ring as the crowd pops with excitement and commentary sells how chaos has erupted right here at Universal Studios! The two go back and forth with stiff shots, not letting up as
    security rushes down to the ring to break them up. As soon as security gets into the ring though, Booker T and Scott Steiner continue to fight and the two start hitting anyone in their path to stop them from brawling more. Ten security guards are in the ring trying to pull these two apart, as they continue to throw anything and everything they can at one another, screaming insults back and forth to each other. The brawl looks to have died down a little bit as both men are pulled to opposite corners of the ring, but then in a last ditch effort Booker T pushes one of the security guards to the right and leaps at Steiner, giving him a few more shots to the face, as they brawl for a few more seconds before finally being completely restrained by security away from each other. Security holds Booker T back in the corner of the ring as the other half of security starts to escort Steiner up the ramp and out of the building. Steiner looks into the camera with anger as he is pushed up the ramp by security,

    Scott Steiner: "This ain't over Booker! This ain't over not by a long shot! You want to show me you're a champion? You want ot show me you're a man? Prove it! Prove it you son of a bit**!"

    As security holds back a raging Booker T on the far right corner of the ring, Booker screams towards Steiner that if he wants him, he can have him anytime and any place!
    Finally once security gets through the curtain with Steiner, the security restraining Booker T escort him out of the ring, up the ramp, and then through the curtain as the fans continue to go wild in the arena.

    No Plan For The Chaos?

    Cameras quickly open up backstage to show Jeremy Borash rushing over to Shane Mcmahon's office in hopes of getting word from the WCW owner on what just happened between Booker T and Scott Steiner. But as soon as Borash gets to Shane's door, Shane frantically asks Borash if Steiner and Booker T have both been escorted out of the arena yet. Borash shrugs his shoulders and tells Shane that he isn't sure if they are out of the building yet, but they have both been restrained and are being taken out of the arena now. Borash tries to transition it into a series of questions about what he is going to do about the world title situation and what just happened out there. But Shane immediately stops him dead in his tracks and reiterates that he has a lot on his plate tonight, and if the Steiner/Booker T situation is done now, then it's done and any announcement about #1 contender or whatever can be decided on and made next week.

    Shane Mcmahon: "But I have to make a phone call to the new commissoner to make sure he is on his way to the arena right now!"

    Shane slams the door in Borash's face and Borash just stands there shaking his head in disappointment that Shane wouldn't answer his questions about what is to happen with Booker T and Scott Steiner, and if at this point any suspensions and/or fines are going to be handed out.

    Commercial Break

    Nitro Girls Segment After The Commercial Break


    The music of the Nitro Girls segment is cut off abruptly causing the girls to look around confused at what is going on, when all of a sudden a HOWLLL is heard echoing through the arena as the fans pop with excitement!
    The sound of the old "Wolfpac" music blasts throughout the arena as the fans jump to their feet and break into a frenzy as commentary sells the shock and awe that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are making their way out through the curtain presently.

    Mike Tenay: I had a stinkin' feeling that these two would be coming out here tonight on the debut edition of WCW Saturday Night! And boy, do these guys have a history here in WCW!

    Dusty Rhodes: The boys are back in town daddy! And it doesn't look like they missed a beat down on South Beach!

    Kevin Nash and Scott Hall pose at the top of the stage for the riotous crowd as they hold up their signature "wolfpac/kliq hand signal". The Nitro Girls start to dance to the "Wolfpac" theme as Scott Hall struts over to them and starts dancing on them, much to their delight as commentary sells how
    Kevin Nash and Scott Hall have arrived and they look better than ever! Kevin Nash laughs and walks over to Hall pulling him reluctantly away from the girls, as they continue to dance and Hall holds up his hand to his ear and whispering to the girls, "call me". The two make their way down towards the ring as the fans continue to cheer and chant "Wolfpac Wolfpac Wolfpac!" The two get into the ring and Scott Hall grabs a microphone at ringside. They pose in the ring for a few moments before their music stops and Hall rises the microphone up to his mouth. Hall smiles at the crowd and pauses before he leans into the microphone and says "Hey Yo" which pops the crowd in the audience as they cheer even louder and chant "Wolfpac" even louder at the clear babyfaces in the arena. Hall pauses and smiles at the crowd, getting the reassurance from Kevin Nash who stands next to him hyping him up.

    Scott Hall: "It's survey time here in Orlando, Florida!"

    Fans: YEAHHHH!!!

    Scott Hall: "You got to admit that being here in Orlando tonight is just....TOOOOO...

    Fans/Hall: SWEEEEET!

    Scott Hall: "So, let's get to it. So is everybody here at Universal Studios in Orlando tonight here to see, WCW?"

    Fans: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Scott Hall: " everybody here at Universal Studios in Orlando tonight here to see the,

    Fans/Hall: N...W...

    Scott Hall: "Ooops my bad, my bad. I mean, everybody here at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida tonight here to see the,"

    Hall/Nash: KLIQ!!

    Fans: YEAH!!!!!!!!


    The crowd erupts into a unison of cheering as Hall has seemingly put over the "Kliq" rather than his usual NWO schtick. But the crowd loves it and Nash grabs the microphone from Hall as Hall poses for the riotous crowd. Nash smiles at the crowd and starts to cut a promo about how not too much has changed from the old WCW...and the new WCW. Nash explains that whether it is the "new WCW" or the "old WCW" the Kliq still rules the wrestling business. Nash hypes how him and Hall still get paid, because they are still the hottest thing going in professional wrestling today, just like they have always been.

    Kevin Nash: "So, the NWO may be dead and gone here in WCW...but the Kliq is still alive and well in professional wrestling, and Shane-O we will never go away! Kliq4lyfe is not a monikor or some marketing slogan, its a promise. It's a promise that WCW and the world has never seen the Kliq like this before, and my man Scott Hall and I along with a few other friends of ours are gonna rule this business once again! So get ready, because the band is back in town!"

    The "Wolfpac" music blares over the PA while both Hall and Nash hold up their hands with the "Kliq" hand signal to each other and pose for the crowd, as the crowd continues to cheer and mimick the Kliq hand signal towards Hall and Nash. The two get out of the ring and start strutting up the ramp as the music continues and Scott Hall dances and laughs with his best friend. As they make their way up the ramp, the two meet hands with several fans on the side guardrail and commentary builds up how the first shot has been fired and that it isn't the NWO that the wrestling world has to worry about, it's the core of that group with the infamous Kliq.

    Commercial Break

    Filthy Animals Party Tour 2001!

    Cameras come back from the commercial break as it shows The Filthy Animals all standing outside in a circle full of parked low riders in the parking lot of Universal Studios. Several fans are present surrounding The Filthy Animals and a grill, as Rey Meysterio Jr. is flipping burgers on the grill and Billy Kidman is pouring Tequila into shot glasses on a long white table.
    Konnan rallies up the crowd surrounding them and explains into the camera that since the arena was sold out for the debut show of WCW Saturday Night, they thought it would be fitting to just start the official Filthy Animals Party Tour 2001 right here in Orlando Florida tonight! Torrie Wilson is prancing around teasing the crowd with a mock striptease as the crowd surrounding them start chanting "TAKE IT OFF TAKE IT OFF!" Konnan pulls up a fan to the table and tells him that he will give him 100 bucks right now, if he can down this entire bottle of Tequila in less than sixty seconds. The fan smiles and agrees to the challenge as Torrie takes off her top to reveal a red and white polka dot bra.

    Konnan: "Are you ready man? Let's do this. You got sixty seconds. Ready...go!"

    The fan start chugging the bottle of tequila as Konnan and Billy Kidman try and rally him up to chug faster and faster. The camera switches over to show
    Torrie slowly take off her short shorts to reveal a thong that gets a huge pop from the crowd surrounding them! The camera shot focuses back on the fan who finishes the bottle of tequila just in the knick of time to secure his 100 dollar bill. The fan gets done drinking it and Konnan slaps him on the back and congratulates him before turning his attention back to the camera shot,

    Konnan: "Filthy Animals Party Tour 2001, if you can't be inside, come outside! We'll be here same time, same place next week! Now Billy pour me some shots, come on people, everyone is doing a shot right now! Filthy Animals bring the party!!"

    The crowd cheers and starts chanting "Konnan Konnan Konnan!" as the scene fades and pans the inside of the arena as commentary sells how WCW is taking over Saturday nights right here on FX Network! Ernest Miller on commentary is disappointed that he isn't out in the parking lot right now with a barely dressed Torrie Wilson.

    Normal Singles Match
    Mike Awesome versus AJ Styles

    As the match begins, Mike Awesome is clearly the favorite going into this match with his unparalleled size advantage over the young upstart AJ Styles. Throughout the match commentary hypes how both of these men have a very bright future, with Mike Awesome being referred to as the future of WCW himself and AJ Styles attempting to make a name for himself without the monikor of tag team high spot artist. Styles several times tries to battle back and take an advantage over the 6 foot 6 monster, but the size differential is just too much for Styles to handle. Awesome seemingly breaks every single burst of momentum from Styles in the form of brutal power move that shakes the foundation of the ring and knocks Styles loopy in the center of the ring. Midway through the match, "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig struts out onto the ramp in a three piece suit, just surveying the damage being laid waste on the ring by the goliath like Mike Awesome.

    Commentary sells the suspense as to why Hennig is out here watching Awesome dominate Styles, and speculates that Hennig might be finally trading in his wrestling boots for a microphone mouth piece for good. Awesome doesn't even realize that Hennig is on the ramp as he struts around the ring throughout the match, taunting at Styles in typical heel fashion daring him to get up.
    But each time that Styles goes to get up, Awesome will just kick him in the back of the head and then slam him down viciously with a huge power move like a bully. Awesome finishes the match off by catching Styles in mid air and slamming him down on the hard canvas with a Choke Bomb (sitout two handed choke slam) when Styles attempted to hit a moonsault of the top rope. Styles lies completely motionless in the center of the ring, as Awesome smirks at the crowd before covering him, 1...2.....3!!


    Winner: Mike Awesome by Pinfall

    After the match is over, “Mr. Perfect” Curt Hennig nods with a sense of approval down at the ring as Mike Awesome just stands in the center of the ring looking up the ramp at Hennig with a confused look on his face. Hennig smirks at Awesome before turning around and walking through the curtain. The referee tries to hold Awesome’s arm up, but Awesome pushes him to the side and screams at him to “get out of his camera shot”. Awesome taunts at the crowd arrogantly as Styles slowly tries to make it back up to his feet, clearly still feeling the dire effects of the vicious Choke Bomb from Mike Awesome that ended the match. Before cameras cut to the commercial break, commentary sells the brutality and vicious force of Mike Awesome as absolutely extraordinary, and that even though Styles refused to quit for most of the match, Awesome’s devastating strength finally overpowered him. Commentary mentions and builds up that Awesome is going to definitely be someone to watch in the year 2001 for WCW.

    Commercial Break

    Before the match begins, the remixed "Smells Like Teen Spirit" blares over the PA and the crowd jumps up to their feet for DDP's old theme music. Page comes strutting out through the curtain with a big grin on his face and his signature cigar in his mouth along with wife Kimberly, posing for the cheering crowd as commentary hypes how we knew Buff Bagwell would be in action, but we had no idea it would be against "The Original People's Champion" Diamond Dallas Page! Page with a microphone already in his hand struts down to the ring with Kimberly cutting a promo about how when we heard that WCW would be going down every single week in Hot-LANDO, he knew it wouldn't be a party without D...D....P!! Page gets into the ring and continues cutting his over the top babyface promo about how what happened in the old WCW is all water under the bridge, and that now he is focused on one thing and that is becoming the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and forcing everyone who is unfortunate to come within his path to FEEL THE BANG!!

    Diamond Dallas Page: "So, I'm issuing the message loud and CLEAR tonight. I don't care if you're Booker T. I don't care if you're Scotty Steiner. Hell I don't care if you're any of those monkeyboys up the road in Stamford, CT...when you look at're looking at the next WCW World Heavyweight Champion! And if I have to run through some failed Chippendales dancer who couldn't lace my boots or Kimberly's bra strap, the only thing you're gonna feel tonight is your entire world crashing down on you when you turn around and are BROUGHT DOWN BY THE DIAMMMMMMONDDDD CUTTERRRR!!"

    DDP holds up his hands in his signature "Diamond Cutter sign" with the crowd as commentary sells that DDP's quest for the World Heavyweight Championship starts tonight, and it starts with a man he knows very well in Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell!!

    Normal Singles Match
    Diamond Dallas Page (w/Kimberly) versus Buff Bagwell

    The match starts off with DDP taking his early babyface advantage against Buff Bagwell, rallying up the crowd behind him and connecting with several suplex variations on Buff "The Stuff". But the momentum of the match starts to even out a little bit when Bagwell reverses a spinning spinebuster into a double underhook DDT of his own! BAM! But as Bagwell goes for the quick pin, misinterpreting his own momentum, Page is able to kick out at the count of two. The two brawl around the ring for a little bit longer as both men utilize their fair share of offense, the closest nearfall coming when Bagwell leaped off the top turnbuckle in dramatic fashion landing directly on top of Page, laying him out with a diving crossbody!! 1...2...Page kicks out just in the knick of time at 2 and 7 eighths. Bagwell looks at the referee with a shocked look on his face, clearly expecting the diving crossbody to be the end of it. The match continues on for a little bit longer with Bagwell seemingly controlling a large portion of the next couple minutes. Bagwell puts his final stamp on his assault when he connected with an Atomic Drop!

    Bagwell walks over to the ropes to climb up for his signature Buff Blockbuster, but instead he turns his attention over to Kimberly Page. As Buff Bagwell seems to have the match in the bag, he turns around to look directly at Kimberly standing on the outside of the ring. Bagwell smiles with a creepy look on his face and starts strutting his pelvis at Kimberly and screaming,


    As Kimberly looks at him with a disgusted look on her face, his taunting is immediately cut short by Diamond Dallas Page coming out of nowhere and connecting with a Diamond Cutter completely laying Bagwell out in the center of the ring!!!!!! BAMMMM!!! Page covers Bagwell as the crowd chants the count with the referee, 1...2...3!! DDP wins! DDP has beaten Buff Bagwell in his WCW return match!!


    Winner: Diamond Dallas Page by Pinfall

    As the match comes to an end, Kimberly Page quickly slides underneath the bottom rope of the ring and congratulates her husband Diamond Dallas Page. The referee holds Page's arm up in the air as he struggles up to his feet, while commentary builds up the huge return win for DDP and Ernest Miller screams on commentary,

    "Wow! Look at Kimberly! I guess she had that personality and character transplant that she needed! Standing by her husband, that's great!"

    Page poses for the crowd as Bagwell slides underneath the ropes and to the outside, sulking after his unexpected loss. But as Page and Kimberly go to leave the ring,
    "Perfect Strangers" blares over the PA and the crowd immediately dies down with their cheering, and Page stops at the ropes looking up the ramp with a confused look on his face. "The Franchise" Shane Douglas struts out through the curtain with a pissed off look on his face, with a scantily clad Francine on his arm. The crowd pops seeing Francine make her official WCW debut while in a silky see through top over her bra. Douglas already with a microphone in his hand stops on the ramp and paces back and forth on the ramp, intensely staring down Diamond Dallas Page while taunting and screaming at the fans to shut up.

    Shane Douglas: "Cut off my damn music!"

    Shane screams through the microphone with anger. Douglas pauses for a few moments to stare down Diamond Dallas Page again, who is standing in the ring waiting for Douglas to get into the ring. Shane slowly raises the microphone up to his mouth and starts to cut a vicious and scathing intense promo on
    the backstage politics in WCW for not featuring "The Franchise" on the debut edition of WCW Saturday Night Live, and that he is sick and tired of taking the backseat to the SUPPOSED REAL STARS like Diamond Dallas Page. Douglas continues to build himself up as the hottest free agent in professional wrestling today, and that WCW is scared to push a guy like him, because they know that with the talent he has, he will transcend this business and become bigger than WCW.

    Shane Douglas: "But Page I can understand why you fit their mold. You sit around waiting for a paycheck doing every single that you are told to do by the fat slobs in the back calling the shots, who have never drew a damn dime in this industry. I understand you do it to keep a job, and I can understand that. But whether you want to admit it and these sheeps in the audience want to admit it or not, you also do it to stroke your own oversized ego for your own overrated ability in this ring. You come out here to this ring thinking you're still the man, when you never truly were. And trust me Page, if I had to come out here with a bit** as ugly as that on my arm, I would be depressed too and feel the need to be praised by all the scumbags working backstage in World Championship Wrestling. You come out with your fat disgusting wife so that you can attempt to feel relevant in this sport once again!"

    The crowd boos as Douglas pauses and looks at the audience with a disgusted look on his face and Francine just stands there shaking her head and giving the crowd dirty looks. Page getting more and more angry at Shane's words starts to
    push Kimberly over to the side and motion for Douglas to get into the ring right now and settle this. Page grabs a microphone of his own at ringside and before Douglas can go to speak again, Page cuts him off,

    Diamond Dallas Page: "Hey Dynamic Dude...don't sing it, BRING IT!!!"

    The crowd pops at Page shooting with the “Dynamic Dude” comment and not backing down from “The Franchise.” Douglas looks at Page with a disgusted look on his face and shakes his head before continuing his promo on about how he has to do every single thing in his power to hold himself back from jumping in the ring right now and embarrassing DDP in front of all these fans. Page rolls his eyes and screams at Douglas that if he doesn’t want to prove himself, then he needs to get out of his arena. This completely sets Douglas off and Douglas starts screaming at Page with wide eyes,

    Shane Douglas: “Your Arena???? Did you just say, your arena?? Wait a minute! You are kicking me out of your arena?! First off let me tell you just who the hell I am. My name is Shane Douglas. I am The Franchise of this industry. I lay down with the sexiest women, I have the most money, I win the most prestigious world championships, and trust me when I tell you this Page, I kick ass the hardest you have ever seen in your entire life, and if you keep testing me Dallas, you’ll be the next one to find that out! I don’t prance around here like some creepy club owner suffering through a mid life crisis like you, I am the Franchise, because I live, breathe, eat, sleep the life of The Franchise. I have busted my ass for way too long in this industry to let you or anybody else disrespect me and what I have accomplished. I am a multi time world champion and quite frankly Dallas, I’m about to get in this right now and show you who runs things here in WCW!

    The crowd jumps up to their feet and starts chanting “Fight fight fight!” as Page motions for Douglas to get in and instructs Kimberly cautiously to get out of the ring and let him fight Douglas. Douglas jumps to the top of the apron, but just as Dallas runs over to him to drag him into the ring, Douglas quickly drops down off the apron and starts backing up the ramp with a smug smirk on his face. The crowd immediately switches gears and starts booing Douglas and screaming obscenities at him as Page just throws his arms up and looks in frustration at The Franchise.

    Shane Douglas: “Page, I don’t want to kick the ass of a worn and beaten down already Diamond Dallas Page. No no no no! That’s not good enough. Dallas, when I get into that ring and wipe that arena with your ugly and bloated face, I don’t want you to have any excuse as to why I kicked your ass other than you’re just a pu**y compared to the Franchise, Shane Douglas! I want a fresh Diamond Dallas Page, so the whole world can see just how pathetic you are, so as for kicking your ass in that ring tonight….NAHHHHH!”

    Douglas drops the microphone and starts storming up the ramp with Franchine as Page just paces back and forth in the ring laughing at the cowardness of Shane Douglas.

    Diamond Dallas Page: “Bro, any time anywhere and I’ll be ready to let your pansy ass FEEL THE BANGGGGG!!!”

    Page's music blares over the PA once again as the crowd again gets behind their top babyface, and the two stare each other down intensely while commentary builds up how Shane Douglas isn't seeming to scare DDP anytime soon, and that DDP will be waiting for him again.


    The scene fades into a dark room where the only thing that can be heard is the marching of what sounds like an army. A faint chant is heard in the background, "Gooooldberrrg, Gooooldberrrg" as scenes are shown of Goldberg running through everybody and laying waste to anyone in his path of destruction. Goldberg's theme starts to filter in as the "Goldberg" chants get louder and louder, while the clips of Goldberg wiping out his opponents get more and more intense and aggressive. At one point during the vignette, a clip is shown with commentary audio from the night that Goldberg beat Hollywood Hulk Hogan for the WCW Championship at the Georgia Dome. After several clips of Goldberg are shown, the cameras pan down a long dark hallway to reveal a locker room door with the name "Goldberg" on it.

    An arm appears from the corner of the screen and knocks on the door as the music abruptly stops and a black screen pops up with "Who's Next??"
    written in text and the faint "Goldberg" chants in the background can be heard.

    Commercial Break

    The Stage Is Set

    Cameras open back up from the commercial to show a winded but very ecstatic Jamie Noble standing alongside Gorgeous George, trying to catch his breath, still clearly very winded from his brutal 6 man Cruiserweight Open challenge earlier in the night. Gorgeous George congratulates Jamie for winning the match and becoming the #1 contender for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, and then proceeds to ask him how he feels going into his Cruiserweight Championship match next week on WCW Saturday Night, knowing that with the steep competition in the WCW Cruiserweight division, this may be his only chance ever to take a stab at becoming the Cruiserweight Champion.

    Noble smiles and thanks Gorgeous George for the kind words, explaining to her that what happens next week was the only thing that was driving him in the match tonight. Noble tells Gorgeous George that he
    knew the only way he would get an opportunity for ther Cruiserweight Championship is if he came out with both guns blazing right out of the gate tonight in this #1 contender's match, and that he would have to build a pretty strong case in order to beat the other five guys that were in the ring, some of them former Cruiserweight Champions themselves.

    Jamie Noble: "I don't know if anybody really looked the matchup tonight before the show started and thought to themselves that Jamie Noble was going to be the one who became #1 contender. I know I clearly wasn't a favorite by any stretch going into that match tonight. But I knew if I could just get in that ring and show what I could do, the world would take notice, and I would become the #1 contender without a doubt. As for the match itself I just kept grinding and grinding and grinding, but once I hit that dropkick on Skipper into the corner, I knew I had it in the bag after that. All I had to do was just follow through, and that's exactly what I did. And as for next week, you're looking at the new face of the cruiserweight division here in WCW."

    "Sugar" Shane Helms walks up to George and Noble with a confident smirk on his face, holding his WCW Cruiserweight Championship belt tightly on his right shoulder. Helms gets face to face with Noble and starts to cut a promo on Noble that the only problem with Noble's theory is that for him to become the face, he has to beat the current face of the division, "and this face, isn't going anywhere."

    Noble doesn't say a word and just stares deep into Shane's eyes as Shane continues his promo talking about how he worked his ass off to get on top of the division and become Cruiserweight Champion, and that he is not going to let anyone come in and take his place. Helms holds up his Cruiserweight title above both of their heads and then proceeds to walk away, staring Noble down and laughing,

    "See ya next week Mister Under-Study."

    A New Sheriff In Town

    Cameras come back on location inside the ring as WCW Owner Shane Mcmahon stands there with a microphone in his hand, not in the same enthusiastic spirits he was in earlier in the night.

    Shane Mcmahon: "So, let me just make this short and sweet. I said earlier tonight that there would be a new commissioner announced for World Championship Wrestling, and that
    commissioner would reserve all rights and priveleges to orchestrate, authorize, and officiate any move he sees fit for the betterment of World Championship Wrestling and it's respective talent. I will not always have the opportunity to be in the arena for every show, so this man has my blessing and endorsement. So without further a due, let me introduce your WCW commissioner...ladies and gentlemen, the sixteen time World Heavyweight Champion, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair!!!!"

    The crowd immediately erupts into a frenzy of cheering as Ric Flair's music blares over the PA and
    Flair comes strutting out through the curtain with a huge smile on his face, posing for the fans and doing his signature "Flair Walk" down the ramp and towards the ring. Commentary sells the moment as the single greatest move Shane Mcmahon could possibly make for WCW and that Flair now has control of it all! Flair gets into the ring and shakes Shane's hand before picking up a microphone of his own and cutting off his music.

    Ric Flair: "Boy it's sure glad to be back here In Orlando tonight!!! WOOOOOOO!!"

    Fans: WOOOOOOO!!!

    Ric Flair smiles at the crowd with his infectious smile before continuing on with his promo building up the history of World Championship Wrestling, with all of it's successes...and failures. Shane stands there listening to Flair with his hands crossed as Flair promises Shane and the fans that he will make sure that none of the fatal mistakes made before in WCW will ever be made again. Flair looks at the crowd with a serious and endearing look on his face,

    Ric Flair: "So as I stand here in this ring tonight, I am making it a personal mission of mine to always give you the most exciting matches with the best skilled talent holding the most prestigious championship belts. We work for you fans of WCW! But tonight is a night of new beginni..."

    Ric Flair's pro WCW speech is abruptly cut off by the sound of Double J Jeff Jarrett's music blaring through the loud speakers. Jarrett slowly walks out through the curtain with a disgusted look on his face as the fans immediately change tone and start booing Jarrett as he walks down the ramp, shaking his head and mouthing "This is unbelievable." Jarrett with his signature sunglasses on takes them off for a second, stops on the apron, and looks over at Flair shaking his head in disappointment. Jarrett grabs a microphone of his own at ringside as Flair stands there stone faced staring at Jarrett and Shane looks like he is starting to get aggravated at Jarrett interrupting The Nature Boy,

    Jeff Jarrett: "Cut it off. Cut my music off. Wow. So what is this I keep hearing about how the son of wrestling icon Vince Mcmahon is a creative and corporate genius? I just don't get it! You buy a company out from under your father, and instead of doing everything you can to build this brand up, like we all were hoping for, you set out to destroy WCW by hiring this idiot right here. Ya know it makes perfect sense to me though, why would a Mcmahon ever want WCW to thrive, hell even survive?? I just thought you had heavier brass balls than that and I thought you legitimately did want to kick your daddy's ass. But then you hire this idiot as the commissioner, and I think we all know where this company is going under him!"

    The crowd boos as Shane is getting more and more upset and Ric just continues to stand there with a discontent look on his face, letting Jarrett continue his promo on. Jarrett continues his scathing and
    hate filled promo on Ric Flair that Flair and his "good ole boys" are the prime reason why WCW failed before and was ran into the ground, and the reason that now WCW is going to fall to the same fate going forward with Flair as the commissioner.

    Jeff Jarrett: "I'm not saying this to you Shane because I'm bitter or I hate Ric Flair...I do hate Ric Flair and I am bitter of what happened. But that's not why I'm out here saying all this. I am saying all of this because I legitimately care about what happens to this place, and hiring that crooked tooth piece of crap right there is going to destroy everything that the faithful in WCW have busted our asses for. You think this guy can be the voice of reason for WCW? Are you serious right now, Shane?? This man, if I can even call him that, but this man right here along with that fat ass sitting down right there at the commentary booth, did everything they could to keep business as usual and hold down every single talented specimen that walked through those doors of WCW. Hell, they even tried to hold me down which is why I left this damn place originally. I went up north and made a name for myself just so I could come back down here thinking I would have an opportunity. But then yet again they still tried to robbed me of that opportunity!"

    Shane cuts Jarrett off and sternly tells him that he is not going to come out here and disrespect a legend like Ric Flair, but he is definitely not going to come out here and disrespect an authority figure in the form of the new WCW Commissioner. Shane demands that Jarrett show Flair some respect, or he will show him what happens again when a Mcmahon gets angry. The crowd cheers as Jarrett just stands there biting his lip and shaking his head in disappointment.

    Shane Mcmahon: "No I'm serious Jeff! You will show some respect to this man or I'll book Asya to come out here and kick your ass like Chyna did two years ago!"

    Fans: OHHHHHHH!!

    Flair tries to push Shane back a little bit, explaining to him that it is fine and that Jarrett deserves his voice to be heard.

    Shane Mcmahon: "No no no Ric! This man is gonna show you some respect, you deserve it! Don't let him talk to you like that!"

    Ric Flair: It's fine, it's fine, it's fine.

    Jarrett starts pacing back and forth in anger at Shane's "Chyna/No Mercy" comment as Flair holds an irate Shane Mcmahon back reassuring him that everything is going to be okay and that he will handle it.

    Jeff Jarrett: "And you want me to respect Ric Flair? You seriously want me to show this joke some respect?? Heh, well Naitch...respect this!"

    Jarrett slaps Flair across the face swiftly as the crowd is deafening with their booing and Mcmahon quickly takes control of the situation. Flair looks at Jarrett with a shocked look on his face and his signature "wide eyed crazy look" as Jarrett just stands there shaking in anger and staring into the eyes of The Nature Boy.

    Shane Mcmahon: "That's it! That's it! Get out of this ring right now Jeff! GO!!! Security come down here and take this man away!"

    Flair and Jarrett continue to stare each other down as Flair is visibly seething with anger of the disrespect that Jarrett has shown him.
    Commentary sells how disrespectful and despicable this is of Jeff Jarrett to come out here and disgrace a legend like Ric Flair. Flair clinches his fist and acts as if he is going to fight back, but instead Flair just takes a deep breath and chooses not to retaliate. Jarrett laughs at Flair not hitting him and drops the microphone before sliding out of the ring and making his way up the ramp with his hands held up in the air. As Jarrett continues to walk up the ramp backwards, he just shakes his head in disappointment and screams down towards the ring, "

    Jeff Jarrett: "I'll leave, but that man is a piece of garbage and I will not idly sit and watch that piece of garbage destroy this company again!"

    Before Jarrett walks through the curtain, a furious Shane Mcmahon stops Jeff dead in his tracks and announces that because of his actions tonight, next week Jarrett will go one on one against "The Beast From The East" Bam Bam Bigelow; and if Jarrett loses the match, he is gone from WCW forever.

    The crowd pops with excitement that Jarrett may be getting fired next week as commentary sells the excitement and great news of Jeff Jarrett being kicked out of WCW forever. Jarrett laughs to himself and shakes his head before spitting towards the ring disrespectfully and then storming back through the curtain. After Jeff is gone, Shane turns around to approach Flair and ask if he is okay. Flair tries holding back his anger and reassures Shane that it will be okay and that he has control of it. Shane thanks Flair and shakes his hand before walking out of the ring and the scene cuts to a commercial break.

    Commercial Break

    Cameras come back from the commercial break to show the commentary booth with the riotous fans behind them cheering. All three members of commentary put over what just happened as the most disgusting and disrespectful thing they have ever seen, and that they are all personally excited about what is in store for WCW with Ric Flair as the commissioner.

    "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: I've known Ric Flair for a long time baby, and let me just say this, it was nothin' but professionalism that he didn't knock that ole boy out in that ring! But take it from the American Dream, the Natchaaa Boy Ric Flair ain't gonna take it for much longer. That boy got his shot in tonight, but the next time he puts his hands on the 16 time World Champion, he'll get his receipt daddy!

    Mike Tenay: Oh I 100 percent agree with you on that Dream. Ric Flair has never been one to mix words and not have something up his sleeve to just let someone disrespect him like that. But just like you Dream, I am very excited for what's in store for WCW going forward after tonight. We have already had an explosive night, and it's going to get even better....

    Mike Tenay: "Next week, Double J Jeff Jarrett will be taking on the "Beast from the East" Bam Bam Bigelow in what is expected to be a brutal fight, and it may just be the destruction of Jeff Jarrett's WCW career. Because just announced by the owner of WCW Shane Mcmahon, if Jeff Jarrett loses next week against Bigelow, he loses his contract here in World Championship Wrestling."

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: "Say what you want about Double J Jeff Jarrett, but the man pulls no punches and even though Bam Bam is gonna be a hard feat, I definitely don't think we are going to see Double J go anywhere anytime soon. But speaking of going anywhere anytime soon, the match is official..."

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: "Next week on WCW Saturday Night the WCW Cruiserweight Champion Sugar Shane Helms will be defending his coveted championship against the new #1 contender, Jamie Noble, and if what happened earlier backstage during that interview is any indication, these two men are going to tear into each other and put it all on the line to walk out of Universal Studios next week as the Cruiserweight Champion. I don't know guys, I think I got my money on "The Redneck Assasin" Jamie Noble next week after coming off a huge victory tonight in that Cruiserweight Open."

    Mike Tenay: "But might I remind you Cat of what happened earlier in the night in the Cruiserweight Open when Elix Skipper almost had the #1 contender beaten in the middle of the ring, but unfortunately had his count broken by a rope break. And with the way that w..."

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: "No no no no come on! Let's just call a spade a spade here Tenay. I think we all know that Elix Skipper was screwed in the match tonight, no questions asked. Jamie barely had his foot even on the rope, and Skipper in every other way had dominated Noble and everyone else in that match tonight. I can completely understand why Skipper is as upset as he is, but the outcome is the outcome. There is nothing we can do about the shady outcome earlier in the night, we have a new #1 contender, and with the momentum and LUCK that Jamie Noble has going into next week's match...I don't see him walking out without that belt around his waist. Period."

    "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: "What are you talkin' about daddy? That boy lost that match fair and square in the middle of that ring!"

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: Yeah yeah yeah. You just don't understand Dream what it's like to be a man like Elix Skipper in the world. It's nothing new. I can understand the brotha, but Jamie Noble is the #1 contender like it or not.

    "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: Nah I think you got it all wrong baby. That man lost his match and they aint a damn thing anybody did to stop him. He had all the opportunity in the world, and he just lost. It's okay though, we all lose sometimes. Now he just needs to get his ass back up on that horse and take anotha stab at it.

    Mike Tenay: "Speaking of taking another stab at it, let's not forget that later this evening The Natural Born Thrillaz are going to be defending their WCW World Tag Team Championship belts against the destructive Harris Brothers in tag team action."

    "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes: "They called out every eligible tag team in WCW and put that offer on the table. These are guys I love to watch. They ain't runnin' from nobody daddy and they ready to fight to keep those titles. But I've known The Harris Brothas for a long long longgg time, and the Natural Born Thrillaz might've bitten off mo' than they could chew if you catch my drift baby."

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: "Let's just be honest here, The Natural Born Thrillaz are going to get their asses handed to them tonight in that tag team match. I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see these two goliath tag teams go at it, but I don't think there is any doubt in anyone's mind that The Harris Brothers are leaving tonight the four time WCW World Tag Team Champions. Both of these teams have been up to the top of that mountain, and they know what needs to be done to walk out victorious tonight."

    Mike Tenay: "And let's not forget coming up in just a few short moments, the WCW Women's Champion Madusa will be going one on one with the psychotic freak known as Daffney for that same Women's Championship. Guys, I just don't have a good feeling for the Women's Champion, Madusa."

    Ernest "The Cat" Miller: "Well of course you don't have a good feeling about Madusa's chances going in! She's gonna get massacred in this match against Daffney! Daffney is a sick and twisted specimen and she is going to wish Madusa never resigned with the new WCW, I'll tell you that much right now!"

    WCW Women's Championship Match

    Madusa (c) versus Daffney


    The match starts off with Daffney drilling Madusa from the the early going and Madusa selling for her like a champ. Each time that Daffney hits a vicious strike on Madusa, she screams in Madusa's face that "this is the end for her". Throughout the match Madusa attempts to battle back, but Daffney just cuts her off almost every single time with a striking combination that sets her apart from all the other women in WCW. At one point Madusa picks Daffney up for an attempted powerbomb, but just as she is about to slam Daffney down, Daffney leans over and starts to bite Madusa's face, causing Madusa to drop Daffney and immediately start holding her cheek. Daffney just smiles sadistically at Madusa as she circles her like a lion about to jump on his prey. Commentary continues to hype how psychotic and unhinged Daffney is, building how she will do anything to win, and for her this is nothing but a war with the women's champion.

    Each time though that Daffney attempts a pinfall, the WCW Women's Champion finds somehow someway to kick out at the count of two.
    After several attempts at picking up a pinfall, Daffney starts to lose it more and more, screaming at the referee that she was going to "eat him alive" if he doesn't make a quicker count. Daffney picks Madusa up to try and drop her again, but just as she picks Madusa up, Madusa the relentless fighting champion connects with a knee to the face of Daffney out of nowhere, followed up with a powerbomb on the lunatic fringe, wiping her out completely in the center of the ring! BAM! Madusa falls on top of Daffney for the pinfall, 1...2...3!!


    Winner: Madusa by Pinfall to Remain the WCW Women's Champion

    As soon as the bell rings, Madusa rolls off of Daffney and the crowd jumps up into a frenzy on their feet, cheering for THEIR WCW WOMEN'S CHAMPION! As she is handed the belt by the referee, commentary continues to build the shock of her being able to beat Daffney and hypes her up as a fighting champion who will just never stay down long enough to lose the belt. Madusa struggles up to her feet, clearly still very sore and rattled from a brutal match against Daffney. Madusa rolls out of the ring and celebrates with the fans at ringside, holding up her Women's Championship and posing with the crowd for a couple pictures before walking up the ramp and holding her belt up valiantly in the air.

    Commentary builds her up as the face of women's wrestling
    , but reiterates that they do not think Daffney is just going to take this lying down and that Madusa still has a long road ahead of her to keep that title.

    Hype Patrol

    open up backstage to show the WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Natural Born Thrillaz hyping each other up, pounding on each other's chests and screaming that they rule tag team wrestling. Sean O'Haire looks at Chuck Palumbo with a twisted smile on his face and tells him that tonight they need to show the world why they are the only tag team in the world today who deserve to hold these coveted championship belts. Palumbo smiles back at O'Haire and slaps him across the chest before they both storm out of the locker room and commentary builds up how the time has come to decide who is deserving enough to hold the WCW World Tag Team Championship belts.

    The scene switches to showcase
    The Harris Brothers who are dominantly walking down the hallway towards the ring, with their traditional biker vests and wrapped fists, as commentary builds them up as sheer dominance who have carved their legacy out in every promotion they have came in. Ernest Miller on commentary expresses how huge of an opportunity this is for the Harris Brothers knowing that this may be their last shot to ever hold the World Tag Team Championship belts again, and that he has a source who has told him that they have been training for this since WCW originally closed it's doors back in March so they might be bringing an approach to this match that is unfamiliar to The Natural Born Thrillaz tonight.

    Commercial Break

    The Stinger

    Cameras slowly come back from the commercial break to show a dark and an abandoned warehouse with broken windows and a thunderous storm outside. Sting's emotional theme music starts playing in the background softly as a man with a long leather trenchcoat, who can be assumed to be Sting, is slowly walking through the warehouse carrying a black baseball bat, and hitting everything in his path with the baseball bat.

    Several old framed pictures of Sting fall down to the cement ground shattering with every single swing of the baseball bat, tracking pictures from Sting's original early days in WCW as the "surfer gimmick". The camera zooms in quickly to the back of the man's head, the man slowly turns around to reveal the man is Sting. Sting stares deep into the camera for a few seconds until he swings his bat one final time completely shattering the camera lens.

    A graphic pops up on the screen with Sting's music still playing faintly in the background, "The Stinger Returns..."

    WCW World Tag Team Championship Match
    The Natural Born Thrillaz (c) (Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire) versus The Harris Brothers (Ron Harris & Don Harris)

    The match starts off with both teams just staring at each other intensely for the first few moments, as the crowd gets majorly behind The Natural Born Thrillaz and commentary builds these two teams as huge dominant teams who are going to rip into each other. The referee tries to calm the two teams down, but after just a few moments, The Natural Born Thrillaz act as if they are going to walk away, but instead they punch The Harris Brothers and the two teams brawl all around the ring with back and forth shot after shot. The two teams brawl and the referee tries to restore order, but neither team hesitates from the referee and the four just keep exchanging blows to each other.

    Finally, Chuck Palumbo and Ron Harris are the ones to stay in the ring and start the match, while the referee tries to push Sean O'Haire back into his corner as the crowd boos at O'Haire being pushed back by the referee. As the referee's back is turned restraining O'Haire though,
    Don Harris comes out of nowhere with a clothesline out of nowhere on Chuck Palumbo! The referee's preoccupation with O'Haire allows for The Harris Brothers to double team Chuck Palumbo and connect with a double vertical suplex on the tag team champion before the referee can turn back around and rush over to Don Harris and attempt to get him out of hte ring. The Harris Brothers brilliantly use their tag-ins to their advantage, not giving Palumbo the opportunity to tag in O'Haire in the first few minutes of the match. The crowd boos as The Harris Brothers beat down on Palumbo, not letting him get up and hitting power move after power move on the tag team champion, as Ernest Miller reiterates on commentary that he told Tenay and Rhodes that there was no way The Harris Brothers weren't walking out with the belts, and that his prophecy is coming true.

    However, the tide slowly starts to turn when Palumbo is able to reverse a sidewalk slam from Don Harris and connect with a big boot of his own, followed up with a Fall Away Slam that sends Don crashing down onto the hard canvas on the opposite side of the ring. Don tags in Ron, but as soon as Ron darts at Palumbo to prevent a tag, Palumbo is able to give the hot tag to O'Haire. In typical babyface fashion, O'Haire comes barreling into the ring dominating in typical babyface fashion, as he doesn't let up taking both Harris Brothers out and rallying up the crowd. The match turns out to be clearly match of the night as momentum switches back and forth with loads of nearfalls between both teams. The biggest false finish during the match is when Sean O'Haire is able to connect with a devastating crucific powerbomb off the top rope onto Don Harris, immediately followed by a death defying Senton Bomb from Chuck Palumbo on the laid out Don. The match looks to be over, but just as the referee is close to counting the three, Ron Harris leaps through the middle rope from the outside of the ring himself and breaks up the count in just the knick of time!

    The Natural Born Thrillaz look at the referee with shocked looks on their faces, having no idea what else to throw at the resilient Harris Brothers. Chuck Palumbo starts pounding his boot on the canvas and screaming for Don Harris to get back up to his feet, motioning for his signature superkick...but just as he comes running in for the superkick, Ron Harris leaps up and connects with a flying lariat on the tag team champion to stop Palumbo from connecting with his kick on Don Harris!! All four men lie motionless in the ring as the referee checks on them to see if they are okay. O'Haire and Ron Harris make it up to their feet simultaneously and then immediately launch themselves at each other, tackling each other onto the canvas and brawling around the ring with stiff shots back and forth.

    Chuck Palumbo and Don Harris who are the actual legal men in the match, slowly stagger up to their feet. Palumbo comes running in with a superkick, but Don ducks underneath the kick and then rolls Palumbo up in a small package! 1....2....Palumbo kicks out! And as soon as Palumbo kicks out, he bounces off the ropes and then finally connects with his signature Super Kick out of nowhere on Don!!! BAM!! 1....2....3!! Palumbo has finally pinned Don Harris!


    Winners: The Natural Born Thrillaz by Pinfall to Remain the WCW World Tag Team Champions

    As soon as the bell rings, Ron Harris stops unloading on Sean O'Haire and looks at the referee with a shocked look on his face, not believing that Chuck Palumbo just picked up the pinfall on Don Harris! Ron struggles to get back up to his feet and starts screaming at the referee asking him what happened. The referee grabs the title belts and The Natural Born Thrillaz slowly stagger up to their feet and are presented with their WCW World Tag Team Championship much to the support of the crowd in attendance. O'Haire and Palumbo hug each other with their tag team titles firmly in their hands as commentary builds them up as the team to beat in WCW and that they have officially served notice to the tag team division in WCW that they are at the top of the food chain.

    But just as they have their backs turned celebrating their huge victory, a huge commotion is heard to the side of the arena,
    and the WWF's Dudley Boyz quickly jump the barricade wall and jump into the ring. The crowd pops with immense excitement as The Dudleyz dart at The Natural Born Thrillaz and knock them down to the canvas with hard shots to the back of their heads. The Dudley Boyz start beating O'Haire and Palumbo down with some of the stiffest shots ever seen, screaming at them to get up and get some more.

    Commentary sells the huge shock and awe of The Dudley Boyz invading on the WCW World Tag Team Champions in the ring tonight! Bubba picks Chuck Palumbo up by his hair and screams into his face,


    before headbutting him and then sending him flying over the top rope and to the outside of the ring. As Sean O'Haire continues to get beaten down by D'Von Dudley, Bubba Ray Dudley darts over to his brother and punches his chest,

    Bubba Ray Dudley/Fans: "GET THE TABLES!!!!"

    Even though The Natural Born Thrillaz were the clear cut fan favorites in the main event match,
    the crowd goes back and forth now with their support of them and the Dudley Boyz. D'Von nods his head incesistantly and then jumps out of the ring to retrieve a wooden table out from under the ring, as the crowd gets louder with their cheering and commentary builds up how this has quickly turned bad for the World Tag Team Champions, while Rhodes screams for security to get The Dudley Boyz out of the arena.

    D'Von brings the table into the ring and The Dudley Boyz proceed to 3D Sean O'Haire through the table, completely laying him out with the thud of the wooden table completely shattering in half!! The Dudley Boyz hype up the crowd in the arena and then
    kick the WCW World Tag Team Championship belts out of the ring and to the outside as commentary continues to sell the shocking moment that is happening right now and how The Dudley Boyz have sent a clear invasion message to the world tag team champions!

    After just a few moments,
    security comes rushing down to the ring to get The Dudleyz out of the arena, but The Dudley Boyz quickly scurry out of the ring and through the crowd, taunting down to the laid out tag team champions and the security officers in the ring pacing back and forth! The Dudley Boyz hold up their signature hand signal together in a sea of people in the audience mimicking them as cameras come to a close and commentary ends with,


    © World Championship Wrestling Entertainment 2001. All Rights Reserved

    Quick Results

    Jamie Noble def. Elix Skipper, Kaz Hyashi, Billy Kidman, Kid Kash, and Chavo Guerrero via pinfall at 10:41 to Become the WCW Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contender
    Rob Van Dam def. Lance Storm via pinfall at 9:02
    Mike Awesome def. AJ Styles via pinfall at 7:10

    Diamond Dallas Page def. Buff Bagwell via pinfall at 6:44
    Madusa def. Daffney via pinfall at 5:30 to Remain the WCW Women's Champion
    The Natural Born Thrillaz def. The Harris Brothers via pinfall at 12:22 to Remain the WCW World Tag Team Champions


    WCW The Great American Bash 2001 Card
    (Card Subject To Change)

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    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Holy crap, what a way start this BTB off with a helluva opening show!

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    May 28th, 2001


    STAMFORD, CT - With the breakout success of the WCW brand and the positive feedback received in regards to the WCW Women's Championship match between Women's Champion Madusa and challenger Daffney, Shane Mcmahon has officially announced the partnership with WOW Women's Wrestling based out of California and along with this news the signing of three huge new acquisitions within the women's division for World Championship Wrestling. The most notable of the three is WOW Women's sensation and former WOW Women's Champion, Lana Star. Star not only has extensive experience in professional wrestling but has had many supporting roles in movie blockbusters and other various television programs. World Championship Wrestling is proud to announce this new partnership with WOW Women's Wrestling and the positive impact for both entities. Mcmahon has stated on several different occasions that not only is the WCW Brand going to be separate from and unlike WWF programming, but will lead the way for the entire industry with a women's division that the great WCW fans can get behind. In addition to Star being signed, Mcmahon has also signed tough girl and street thug Malice (formerly known as Delta Lotta Pain) and is expected to make an impact like never before felt in professional wrestling. The final signing for World Championship Wrestling is Maui native and superior ring technician Boom Boom Ananta. No information has been provided yet on start dates for either of these women superstars, but Mcmahon has promised that these three young mega stars will definitely make an impact in World Championship Wrestling!

    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    BY DAVE MELTZER | MAY 28, 2001 2:02 PM

    A lot of stock has been placed on this fledgling "other brand" for the World Wrestling Federation, and the WWF has made no bones about wanting to kick off this WCW brand hot right out of the gate. The WWF has invested a lot of money into this new project that has seemingly done exactly what it was designed to do on their debut show this past Saturday night, peaked interest of the WWF fan, but also the lost WCW fan. The WWF have signed huge names for this acquisition including Goldberg, Sting, Scott Steiner, Hall and Nash, Sid Vicious, and even Bam Bam Bigelow. This other brand has demonstrated right out of the gate that they are not going to rush everything at one time, with the debut edition of WCW Saturday Night not even showcasing two of their biggest signees, Goldberg and Sting. Reportedly there was a lot of flak backstage on creative for WCW not to showcase quite possibly the two biggest stars that WCW had to offer, on a show meant to attract viewers and capitalize on those ever long dream match scenarios. However, the ratings for the debut edition have proven that there is still an audience invested in the WCW product, and with the WWF umbrella over top of it, the brand is in a perfect place to have an even playing field, and succeed if it has the ability and can draw the standard viewer.

    The preliminary reports from Saturday night are that WCW Saturday Night opened up with a very satsifying collective 2.42 television rating, surprisingly with a very high 1.85 rating in the 18-49 demo, especially airing in the timeslot it is with a younger demographic. Feedback backstage is very strong for the new WCW brand, and Vince Mcmahon has reportedly given all the reigns to his son Shane to run the product any way that he sees fit creatively. WCW Saturday Night received rave reviews from wrestling journalists Bill Apter and Bryan Alvarez of having a perfect combination of wrestling and segment ratio on the show. Reportedly there are a number of talent on the WWF brand who want to jump over to the WCW brand in an effort to rejuvenate their characters, but insiders say that Mcmahon is very high on WCW maintaining their own individual brand roster with just a few cross overs from the WWF brand.

    One of those top commodities that have jumped over to the WCW brand reportedly are the former multi time and multi promotion world tag team champions, The Dudley Boyz. It was expected that WCW would attempt to make a huge impact on the debut edition and the closing of the show in order to build an audience for the following shows, but few people backstage expected a debut like this. For the most part, the arrival and debuting of the Dudley Boyz onto the WCW brand was kept pretty well behind closed doors and secret from the rest of the talent, in an effort to stop any leaks from making it's way into the IWC for the debut show. WCW delivered with the WCW debuting Dudley Boyz running rough shot on the defending WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Natural Born Thrillaz. Even though the feedback on the actual debut was good for the most part, many of the WCW talent are upset and concerned that the very highly WWF branded Dudley Boyz made such a huge impact on the closing of the show, that it may have in turn overshadowed everything else that was on the show, and more importantly everyone else on the show. The concern is that even after the hottest tag team in WCW The Natural Born Thrillaz beat The Harris Brothers for the WCW World Tag Team titles, that all the progress made during the match to build The Thrillaz as the premier tag team in WCW, The Dudley Boyz from the WWF came in and immediately made them look weaker than the WWF talent right off the bat.

    We can all safely assume that this is meant to jumpstart a huge supercard feud between The Natural Born Thrillaz and The Dudley Boyz for the WCW World Tag Team Championships, but it still remains to be seen if the WWF is going to let The Natural Born Thrillaz on the WCW brand look stronger than the Dudley Boyz at any given time; the same Dudley Boyz that they have spent the better part of two years making to look like they are toughest tag team in the entire professional wrestling industry. It will be interesting to see how the WCW brand handles these crossovers like The Dudley Boyz, and if this new innovative WCW brand exists solely independent on it's own, or if it just becomes a WWF 2.0 lite.

    After WCW announced that they would be picking up the contract of former WWF Intercontinental Champion, Jeff Jarrett, rumors started to catch like wild fire on why the WWF would pick up the contract of a talent that Mcmahon personally said "would never work for the WWF ever again." After the fiasco that was No Mercy 1999, it was apparent that the WWF had no desire ever to feature Double J in their company again. Jarrett himself said that he had no desire to ever work for the WWF again and that if WCW was ever bought out by the WWF, that he would take that moment to retire from professional wrestling altogether. So what is his signing and apparent big push on this fledgling WCW brand all about? Well, for starters this Jeff Jarrett push is not expected to last long. After his shock and awe program is done with "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Jarrett is expected to be designated back to the lower midcard scene on the WCW brand. Our sources have told us that even though the WWF offered quite substantial contracts to guys like Sting, Goldberg, and Steiner, Jeff Jarrett was reportedly offered a much lower contract than the two years that he had left on his AOL Time Warner deal.

    With many of the upstart talent like AJ Styles, Mike Awesome, Jamie Noble, and Shane Helms taking the buy out of their former deals in hopes of protecting their spot and securing an even bigger deal in the future once they get over as premier talent, a guy like Jeff Jarrett is not in that same situation. With the WWF, and Mcmahon specifically, still having harsh feelings towards Jarrett, it doesn't seemingly make good business sense for Jarrett to take this buy out, knowing the very high and real possibility that he will be handed down his "future endeavors statement" after his current one year contract with the WWF is up. It is no secret that the WWF was not interested in signing Diamond Dallas Page had he not agreed to take a slight pay cut for a contract buy out, but unlike Jarrett, the WWF does not have a bad taste in their mouth for Diamond Dallas Page. Page if he does well on the WCW brand over the next 12 months, could very well seal a longer term and big money contract on the WCW brand, because he will most likely have more and better opportunities to get over than Jeff Jarrett will. The only downside of signing Diamond Dallas Page to a multi year deal is that currently he is 45 years old and unlike guys like Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, he doesn't have the history in the WWF. Page is a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, but he doesn't have the "icon-like status" of a guy like Sting either, who is actually even a few years younger than Page.

    Jarrett reportedly has high hopes for his time on the WCW brand for the next year, but it seems unlikely that he will be given a chance to get over to the extent of guys like Diamond Dallas Page, Sting, and current WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T. Time will tell if this bad taste in the WWF's mouth slowly starts to fizzle out, and if more plans are developed for the former WCW World Champion, Jeff Jarrett in the coming months.

    OOC: Props to my man Obey for giving me permission to use this great Wrestling Observer layout. You da real MVP man
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    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Huge first show. Actual WCW was far before my time, but I always hear great things, so I do my absolute best to check out BTB's with it. I like a lot of the first show and I am hoping for very big things with this diary
    I'm STILL not finished with you!

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    WCW Saturday Night

    Saturday June 2, 2001

    One week after the debut edition of WCW Saturday Night and the entire wrestling world is buzzing over what happened on the explosive debut edition, and where WCW is set to go from here. The superstars of WCW came right out of the gate with both guns blazing ready to make an impact, and no other entity might've made an impact as strong as the former world tag team champions, The Dudley Boyz who showed up to wipe out the reigning and defending WCW World Tag Team Champions, The Natural Born Thrillaz. Is this Saturday night going to be another opportunity for the newly debuted Dudley Boyz to make an impact on the world tag team champions, or will the tag team champions be ready to unleash retribution and protect "their spot"?

    Also, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and United States Champion Booker T and Scott Steiner were ready to tear into each other last week on WCW Saturday Night. Booker T was not backing down from Big Poppa Pump's demands to relinquish the WCW World Heavyweight Championship belt over to him, and it took fifteen members of security to hold back these two beasts from ripping each other's heads off. With both men scheduled to be at Universal this Saturday night, will the tensions finally boil over to a point of no return? And with Booker T scheduled to defend his WCW United States Championship against the winner of an exclusive WCW battle royal earlier in the night, will Steiner capitalize on that opportunity to have Booker T in close enough range to finish the job that was started this past Saturday night?? Or will Booker T show Big Poppa Pump why they call him the baddest player in the game?

    Also scheduled for WCW Saturday Night on FX; after the disrespect shown last week from former WCW World Champion Jeff Jarrett on the commissioner Ric Flair, WCW CEO Shane Mcmahon gave Jarrett his own bullet to swallow. After Jarrett did not heed to Mcmahon's request to show The Nature Boy and new commissioner Ric Flair respect, Mcmahon announced that Jarrett would be going one on one against Bam Bam Bigelow this week on WCW Saturday Night, with Jarrett's WCW contract on the line! That's right folks, if Jeff Jarrett cannot beat "The Beast from The East", than Jeff Jarrett's WCW contract is null and void and he will be Double G, Double O, Double N, Double E...GONE! This will be Bam Bam and Jarrett's first official match back in WCW, but in Jarrett's case, will it also be his last?

    Expect to see all your premier WCW superstars this Saturday night; Booker T, Scott Steiner, Diamond Dallas Page, Madusa, and more! Tune in, 8PM EST/7pm CST, ONLY ON FX!

    Rob Van Dam will be in singles action
    "Sugar" Shane Helms is scheduled to place his WCW Cruiserweight Championship on the line against the #1 contender Jamie Noble!
    Newly crowned champion Madusa will be defending her WCW Women's Championship against Major Gunns!

    WCW Battle Royal to determine who becomes the WCW United States Championship #1 Contender when Booker T defends his WCW United States Championship later in the night!

    World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"
    -Review 4 Review-

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    Re: World Championship Wrestling 2001: The "Other Brand"

    Alright buddy, time to check out your first show of the WCW relaunch!!!

    - Shane with a typical start up promo was definitely expecting that
    - I could be wrong, but wasn't Booker only 4 time WCW Champion until he lost it to Kurt, then won it back?
    - Six Man Cruiserweight should be pretty damn good
    - Not very familiar with the WCW Women's division but a woman being " the sickest, and most deranged" person Shane has met sounds interesting
    - Natural Born Thrillaz!!!!! Always been a fan

    - Very well written Cruiserweight action. Was hoping for Kidman to win, but Noble is definitely an intriguing choice. plus, some set up for Helms Kash down the road
    - Plus Skipper vs Robinson haha

    - STEINER!!!!!! I know I probably shouldn't love Big Poppa Pump as much as I do, hopefully he gets his rematch soon

    - Storm Vs Van Dam
    - Prematch promo was great, captured both men very well
    - Van Dam with the win, definitely the right choice
    - Wonder what this means for the "Age Of Storm"

    - Steiner vs Shane!!!! haha I'm assuming that's not where its headed but it was a good segment anyway

    - Skipper seems hella pissed, wonder how the title match next week will go next week...maybe a four way at the PPV Helms Vs Noble Vs Kash Vs Skipper

    - Loved the Booker Steiner promo and brawl...looking forward to the inevitable match

    - Hall and Nash cut a good promo, I wonder what friends of theirs are coming...

    - Filthy Animals segment was fun, hoping Rey gets in the ring soon

    - Really playing up the brutality of Awesome, interested to see where he goes from here

    - Glad you're using what happened to his career once he hit WWF, Page Vs Douglas should be good


    - Ric Flair as commissioner, good move

    - Jarrett...hope Flair can get some revenge for the slap

    - Next week looks good, I'm anticipating Jarrett getting the win to keep his contract

    - Took me half way through the match to realize Daffney is Daffney from TNA, completely forgot she was in WCW....

    - Damn.. Sting and Goldberg coming back..gonna have one hell of a main card soon enough

    - Great tag match, glad Palumbo and O'Haire got the win

    - Wish I hadn't read the info post and had the Dudley's return spoiled for me

    Overall a very good first show, lots of set up for the future and I will definitely be continuing to read.

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