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Thread: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

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    Summerslam The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    Ah, Summer. Full of the smell of sweat in the air, good-looking studs wearing swimwear a size too small, and a sense of overwhelming joy quickly followed by billowing regret. Wait, are we talking about summer, or summer... SLAM? That's right! It's time for WWE's Biggest Party of the Summer assuming you're in the northern hemisphere and aren't freezing your bollocks off with the joint-brand Pay-Per-View SummerSlam to highlight it! For this year's SummerSlam, the Four Hossmen collide! Enzo Amore is locked in a shark cage with no promise of sharks! Shinsuke Nakamura sacrifices Jinder Mahal to the Strong Style Gods! And with it all, we host yet another riveting edition of the WC Roundtable! Sit back and relax, as our lovely guests offer their thoughts, opinions, critiques, and suntan lotion for all ten eleven twelve thirty-seven THIRTEEN marquee matches!

    Sitting on the Roundtable for Summerslam this year:
    Considers a neon green mankini to be perfectly acceptable beach attire - Darling Nicky
    Only wears striped full-body swimsuits from the 1920s to the beach - CGS
    Includes so many floating devices in their swimwear they're in genuine danger of floating into the heavens - Hobbit
    Doesn't believe in swimwear. LET THE BODY BE FREEEE - Ed

    The Hardyz & Jason Jordan vs The Miz & The Miztourage

    Darling Nicky: I think this is an acceptable use of each talent. Wrenches have been thrown in programs, and this is a good solution. After all, there was a chance we were going to have Miz versus Jordan and Hardys versus The Revival on an already large card. Unfortunately, The Revival continue to have the worst luck in the universe and the bookers set up Jason Jordan to instantly fail to get over. But I think this is a fine match for the pre show. The elephant in the room is that Miz deserves better than the pre-show but I don't think it's worth complaining about. Plus, this will be much better accepted by the Brooklyn crowd than him going one on one with an un-over Jason Jordan.

    Predictions: One of the several matches they ran on Raw, babyfaces get the rematch victory. They continue to attempt getting Jordan over after Summerslam.

    CGS: I still can't believe they actually made Jason Jordan Kurt Angle's "son" christ. So unnecessary. Couldn't they have moved AA in the superstar shake up and have him be a sort of mentor for them instead. You know something believable. Also such a shame the Revival went down with another injury. Them v The Hardyz would have been a solid enough feud but it is what it is. Can't say i truly care about the Miztourage. The Miz is still great but Dallas & Axel are still meh.

    Predictions: No way Jordan loses now. He's basically the next IC champ so a pin over Miz is very likely.

    Hobbit: Such a shame that The Revival has been halted again due to injury! Clearly the best tag team the WWE have had in such a long time, but this is a blessing in disguise for The Miztourage! The rumours of Jason Jordan vs. The Miz for the title is too early to happen, they need a slow build for it. Get the fans behind Jason, or it just won't work, so teaming him with Matt and Jeff may help so much! It is a shame The Miz isn't in a high profile match after the year he has had, but at least he is getting a match!

    Predictions: The Hardy Boys & Jason Jordan. Jordan to pin The Miz.

    Ed: It's a real shame The Revival got injured because Hardys Vs Revival was something I was looking forward to. I like Jason Jordan to an extent but so far this being Kurt Angle's son angle hasn't done him many favours, the crowds aren't taking to him. I feel like this match has been made just so the fans at Summerslam get to see The Hardys, because otherwise this is largely pointless and a 3rd rematch from last week's Raw.

    Predictions: Jordon to pin Miz.

    WWE Cruiserweight Championship
    Akira Tozawa (c) vs Neville

    Darling Nicky: Shame this is getting the stigma of the pre-show. Everything done on Monday and Tuesday sold me on this rematch. Tozawa winning the Cruiserweight title turned out to be a very good moment. A lot of it has to do with how well Neville has been working. He's really ran away with being the face of that division. He's been doing a lot right and a lot to perfection, including his attitudes as champ and after being champ. He made the title feel very important once he lost it just as much as he did during his reign. The disheveled appearance, the twitter rant, the facial expressions. I can't believe how well Neville has been since turning heel, and because of his hard work, and how likable Titus Worldwide is, I'm digging the rematch.

    Predictions: I think Neville pulls a fast one on Tozawa and gets his "crown" back.

    CGS: Similar thoughts here to that of Bray/Finn. Now I understand why they put this match on free TV and I understand why they did the title change but once again it was their own stupid laziness and lack of foresight that caused it to happen. This match getting moved to the preshow was no shock and so I understand why they did the title change (to make sure more people saw it) but this should have been decided weeks ago. Why are pre-show matches only decided once the card is complete and the company realize “oh no this won’t fit in 4 hours”. Of course, it won’t fucking fit, anyone with a brain could tell you that squeezing more than 10 matches into a 4 hour show would be doing the impossible. Yet they seem to fall into the trap time and time again. It’s such a small-time mentality for the biggest wrestling company in the world.

    Anyway, good stuff for Tozawa and I’m glad to see a change of pace in the title scene. Neville’s title reign was great but I feel he had a few months left in his reign at best. I hope Neville doesn’t just win it back at Summerslam but that is such a typical WWE move I wouldn’t be shocked if it actually happens.

    Predictions: WWE to actually doing something good and let Tozawa retain.

    Hobbit: I'm still shocked that Akira win the title. Always thought Johnny Gargano will be the one to dethrone Neville but it's nice that they are giving someone else a chance! I can't see him dropping the title just yet!

    Predictions: Akira Tozawa.

    Ed: I think it's a real shame they already changed the title here because the moment of Tozawa beating Neville to end the super long title reign deserved a bigger setting. It's not like they had to wait too much longer, it was only 6 days, where's your patience lads? I've seen some criticism online as to why Titus has to be involved as a manager and I disagree with it. While I'm sure Akira Tozawa is talented enough to get over with American audiences (they're eating up the HA HA HAs), I do think Titus (and Apollo) helps Tozawa come across as a babyface and helps Vince McMahon make the decision to push the Dragon Gate alumni.

    Predictions: The quick change got me thinking that they are going to do a hot-shot back to Neville, but then seeing how much Neville nailed the broken man look on 205 Live this week, I think that's too good to be a one off so Tozawa will bring this home for the Titus Brand.

    WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships
    The New Day (c) vs The Usos

    Darling Nicky: The best angle on Smackdown lately. These two teams have already had chemistry together, but the peak has been Battleground and beyond. We praise how well they have managed to revive Ambrose and Rollins as likable babyfaces, but I feel like we're ignoring how well The New Day have been in the last month. The booking has been strong, The Usos have been doing their thing, and the New Day have been acting like valiant, confident babyfaces and they're actually cutting great promos again. This is the most I've enjoyed The New Day in the longest time and on what will definitely be a long night, this benefits from being on the pre show where it's guaranteed time and should have a lot of work put into it.

    Predictions: The New Day retains in another fun match.

    CGS: Welp, the good praises for the WWE didn’t last long. Rant no 3 incoming. So my friend told me a few days ago that this match was getting moved to the preshow and it legit pissed me off. #1 because the Uso’s don’t deserve it, they’ve been the default preshow team for many years now and its really annoying when you consider how well they are doing, their heel run has been a joy and 2) while I don’t like the New day and haven’t been a fan of them for the better part of 2 years now they’ve been great since moving to SD. These two teams had the MOTN with ease at both MITB & Battleground. They deserve the spotlight of the main show. I understand that some people don’t get the stigma attached to the preshow but for me the simple fact that the preshow is aired for free on YouTube alone justifies the stigma. For me it sends the signal out that “sure this is a good match but if you wanna see some GREAT matchesm you gotta pay for it”. Really harsh for both guys. Still, this will probably be a sleeper for the MOTN.

    Predictions: New day retain and both teams move on with their lives.

    Hobbit: I'm over the matches these guys have, they didn't need a third. What this match should have been is a multi man match with Breezango & the reunited Harper & Rowan! Either way, New Day won't drop the titles yet, I can't see them dropping them in 2017, it will be beginning of 2018 they drop them, or at WM34!

    Predictions: The New Day.

    Ed: I've got nothing negative to say here, both teams have seemed really motivated during this program and put on the best match at Battleground and maybe the best tag team match from the company all year. I do wonder what the direction is after Summerslam because Smackdown doesn't appear to be heating up any tag teams underneath these two leaders. Hype Bros aren't really doing anything, and Breezeango and The Ascension are just doing Fashion Peaks segments without wrestling anymore.

    Predictions: The Usos will win the titles back so the feud can continue.

    Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

    Darling Nicky: Fuck the Demon. Fuck Bray Wyatt. Fuck this match. Fuck this angle. Fuck red paint. Fuck repetitive Wyatt angles. Fuck subjecting us to this nonsense. Fuck you for watching. Fuck me for watching. Fuck your mom, fuck your dog, fuck your car, fuck your job, fuck the president, fuck Nazis, fuck everything.

    Predictions: THE DEMON conquers the least enjoyable talent in the history of the WWE after several failed mind game attempts and DERPS.

    CGS: As soon as I saw these guys were feuding I assumed that it was a ploy to bring back “the demon” Finn balor so no shock there.

    Now. 2nd rant of the roundtable incoming from me. Another big issue I have had with the WWE over the last few years is the fact that they tend to give away PPV matches on TV mere weeks before the show. Whats the fucking point? if you’re gonna do it just end it after 5 mins in a dirty fashion to set up the PPV match or enhance the story, don’t do the whole fucking thing with a clean finish. Now I’ve seen Balor & Bray only a few days ago and I don’t expect that becoming a “demon” is gonna make the match instantly better. why should i now care to see it again? There were so many avenues to get to “the demon” vs Bray yet WWE picked the lazy one as per usual.

    Predictions: Balor wins with ease.

    Hobbit: I honestly don't understand why they gave this match away in Raw this week! I get they want Finn to be the Devil King, but they didn't need to have him and Wyatt do a match on raw. Makes me even less interested in this match. Let's hope it's on early!

    Predictions: Finn Balor, though wish it would be Bray.

    Ed: This feels like a match between two guys that WWE are never gonna get right. Bray Wyatt started the year better than he's looks in years with a couple of quality matches and a big WWE title win; the highlight of his career. Then he lost it to a guy who never needs to win another world title and they jumped off the crazy diving board giving us maggots at mania and the house of horrors at Payback. Then with Balor, he gets the big return after mania, they release the WWE24 documentary, Heyman puts him over big in that promo and it all looks set for him to win the Fatal 5 Way at Extreme Rules and for him to face Lesnar. Then it all collapses when he gets choked out to Samoa Joe and he spirals back down into an Elias Samson program after a few weeks away and then enter Bray for his textbook interference to kick off a program. A feud with Bray Wyatt never does anyone any favours, but hopefully Balor will prove an exception to the rule and gain some momentum with a win here. I expect this will peak with the theatrical entrances.

    Predictions: Balor will win and Michael Cole will say THE DEMON at least 30 times when calling the match

    Big Show vs Big Cass
    Enzo Amore suspended above the ring in a SHARK CAGE

    Darling Nicky: This angle suuuuuucccckkkkks. It sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks. It. Sucks. I'm sure it's obvious to everyone that an Enzo versus Cass angle would have never worked out, and we're seeing this disaster unfold before our very eyes. Neither guy has many redeeming qualities on their own. Enzo is a nightmare right now. His only strong suit in cutting promos is tarnished by cutting them for ten minutes and coming across as a delusional, unsatisfied asshole. Cass is almost worst than Baron Corbin.

    So let's take a very horrible feud, take an uninteresting Big Show, and add our new favorite gimmick: the shark cage! Sounds like a good idea right? Jesus, I fear for where this ends up on a six/seven hour show.

    Predictions: I don't care. Let's say this is all a ruse, Enzo is locked in the cage but Show and Cass never show up and it ends up being another rib on Enzo because of his backstage heat. He never is let out of the shark cage and he's there hanging in the Barclays Center forever.

    CGS: Jesus Christ I can’t believe this match is actually happening. A third cage match in 12 months in such a godawful feud. Enzo & Cass should never have been broken up to begin with. Both have real limitations (Enzo being poor in the ring and Cass being slightly poor on the mic) but they were able to compensate for the others limitations. As single competitors, both are bound to fail.

    Also, a major gripe I’ve had over the last year in particular is WWE constantly booking heels as faces and faces as heels. I’m watching this feud and other that Cass attacking Enzo from behind I see no reason to actually hate Cass and love Enzo. Cass fights his own battles, Cass has made legit claims as to why he did what he did, He’s been open and honest and showed no fear for Enzo or Big Show and yet Enzo has insulted Cass and needs Show to help him fight his battles….and also Enzo is the one that’s locked in the cage now. They need to understand that we are not going to boo someone just because they tell us he should be booed.

    Predictions: Hopefully Cass wins and ends this awful feud.

    Hobbit: So I've ready a few places that Enzo Amore will end up costing Big Show the match and rejoining with Big Cass. I seriously don't see the point in that. With The Club helping Cass out on Raw I am hoping this becomes a thing, three big bad guys looking to dominate on Raw. Seems an odd pairing but in my opinion it works. A way to prolong this feud into a tag team feud is have The Club win the tag titles and feud with Enzo and Show. Show needs one last title match before he hangs up his boots! Back onto this match, it seems that Enzo being in the shark cage is purely just to help market those toys. 3 shark cage matches in one year? I fully expect Cass to win this match.

    Predictions: Big Cass.

    Ed: As far as an undercard angle goes, this has been fine and told an understandable story. Big Cass turned on Enzo who has been holding him back and after squashing him time after time, it's time he picked on someone his own size. That's all well and good but they've made a mistake in splitting them; Big Cass sucks and won't be able to cut it on his own, Enzo has great mic skills but also sucks as a wrestler and you've denied the fans one of the only babyface acts in the company that actually gets babyface reactions. It's like splitting up the New Age Outlaws, nobody wants to see Road Dogg wrestle on his own, you're not gonna gain any game changer singles superstars out of it so leave them together for another few years.

    Predictions: I see no reason why Big Show should go over here otherwise that's sort of killing Cass' push 1 month in. Cass to win.

    Randy Orton vs Rusev

    Darling Nicky: Two guys who aren't the most interesting right now, but two guys who do not need a loss right now. Randy Orton is reeling from two back to back terrible programs, but he hasn't necessarily been as terrible as the angles would lead on to be. I genuinely think Orton tried during that Mahal angle. The problem was that carrying isn't Orton's wheelhouse. I think this match and program with Rusev is more up his alley. Rusev is far from his most captivating right now and just continues to be piled on with garbage. The chances are slim, but this Orton feud could help him out big time. I don't expect this to steal the show. I don't even expect this to feel like nothing more than a TV match. But I think it could be good.

    Predictions: Rusev wins either via countout or DQ from Orton kicking too much ass.

    CGS: Don’t really have much to say on this match. I mean on such on a large card this is one match that could have easily been skipped and used as a tool on a weekly SD to try and get people to watch that instead. There’s no real story, no actually heat, it’s just two men who need an ego stroke after months of being losers.

    Predictions: Hopefully Rusev but I feel they’ll give it to Orton to give him a win after 3 straight losses to Jinder.

    Hobbit: Both of these guys need a win here. The build hasn't been anything special but with Rusev it doesn't need to be. Orton has been lackluster this year and I'm hoping with it being SummerSlam that he goes all out. Out of the 2, Rusev needs the win so much more! Handsome Rusev just lost to Cena in a throw together match, Orton defeated the WWE Champion on SD Cleanly.... just shows who needs it more.

    Predictions: Rusev.

    Ed: My biggest disappointment in Smackdown has been the return of Rusev. When you consider the amount of work put into Jinder Mahal, a turd, on his arrival on Smackdown and then compare it to Rusev, a very good wrestler, who has just been thrown back onto TV with the same gimmick and prospects, it's depressing. It's ridiculous that in the brand split era that Rusev is just bouncing around directionless when really he should be floating around that main event scene on Smackdown. There's not much to say about Randy Orton other than this is his chance to get his year back on track with a good match.

    Predictions: Orton will win because Rusev never seems to pick up a significant win.

    WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
    Naomi (c) vs Natayla

    Darling Nicky: I totally forgot this was the Smackdown Women's Title match because there has been zero heat between the two and not very much interaction.

    Predictions: Naomi will win a match that I'm sure I'll probably talk over to with other people in the room and not pay attention. I'm not going to predict a cash-in.

    CGS: Its incredible just how bad the SD womens division truly is. Nattie sucks, Tamina sucks, Lana is meh, Carmella is alright I guess, Naomi isn’t actually as good as she seems & the only really good divas in the division right now are an afterthought (Becky & Charlotte). Honestly for me Ellsworth has been the biggest highlight in the womens division over the last few months. The way Becky has been treated in particular has been criminal. I get they want a face vs a heel but Nattie? Couldn’t they just do a four way or triple threat or something. I mean off the top of my head they could have done a false finish between Nattie & Charlotte battleground and used that as a tool to set up a three way at Summerlam, on a very basic level I feel it works and at least adds some extra technical ability to the match.

    Predictions: Probably a Nattie win because fuck doing the logical thing. she needs to be thanked for her years of service obvs.

    Hobbit: After everything Natalya has done in her career I'm so happy she has been given a huge profile match for the title at SummerSlam! Naomi has had a kinda halted title reign, and that's down to a small roster and the MITB happening. But if they keep the belt on her, throw some new females in the division (Liv Morgan, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay) she can really prove why she's champ!

    Predictions: Naomi.


    Predictions: I can't see them changing the champion anytime soon with the money they've invested in the glow in the dark belt. Naomi to win.

    WWE Raw Women's Championship
    Alexa Bliss (c) vs Sasha Banks

    Darling Nicky: It honestly does suck that Bayley got injured because this was looking like her ticket to redeem all of the poor booking she had to endure in the spring. But in hindsight, this is the match they should have been building for Summerslam. They had something somewhat decent to continue after Great Balls of Fire. The gears now shifted back to this match, but because Great Balls of Fire feels like years ago, I doesn't feel like the heat is still there because of the Bayley detour.

    Predictions: Sasha Banks becomes the brand new Raw Women's Champion.

    CGS: I still believe this would have been the perfect moment to book Bayley/Sasha Brooklyn II but obviously WWE have to have a hot young sexy Blonde in the picture (<3 Alexa). But I guess in hindsight it wouldn’t have happened anyway so eh. This is a good 2nd choice (much better than Bayley/Alexa again). I would have preferred a triple threat with Nia to add a tiny bit more intrigued but again this match is more than suffice.

    Predictions: Alexa retains & we hopefully get some movement towards Bayley/Sasha

    Hobbit: The Raw Women's Division to me is so dull! It revolves around 4 females and it needs to expand. Asuka going to Raw will help, but I'm worried it'll then just be 5 females in the title picture. If they do a shakeup, Raw needs some strong females, throw over Becky for Nia! Switch some out. I can't see Alexa dropping the title here. I see her dropping it to Bayley or Asuka!

    Predictions: Alexa Bliss.

    Ed: I like this more than Bliss/Bayley because there is legit heat between Bliss and Banks and that seems to produce a more entertaining match. Their Great Balls of Fire encounter had an aura of danger and excitement to it that we haven't seen since the Charlotte/Sasha matches and with Sasha training with Amazing Red this week, I think we can expect to see her take another crazy dive as she goes all out to win the title. Whatever the result, Raw has to move on to something else and I feel that might be on the cards with a potential call up for Asuka if she drops the NXT Womens title this weekend.

    Predictions: Sasha was certainly not positioned as someone that was going to take the title on this show before the injury to Bayley, and it doesn't seem like we're talking months and months for her to recover so I think the status quo is going to remain here and Bliss walks out with the title and no rash changes made to their long term plans.

    WWE Raw Tag Team Championships
    Sheamus & Cesaro (c) vs Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

    Darling Nicky
    : THE BEST ANGLE heading into the show. They've done a very terrific job setting up this match. I loved the pacing and effectiveness of the Rollins and Ambrose reunion. It's been the freshest use of Ambrose in all of 2017 and it has been the much needed adrenaline needle for Rollins' babyface run. I'm all in for Ambrose and Rollins mixing it up in the tag division, and this should be a really fun match. Cesaro and Sheamus really are, well, "the bar" of that division and one of the highlights of the show. I'm very excited for this match.

    Predictions: Might feel too soon, but Ambrose and Rollins win and take the titles.

    CGS: Yay a match with an actual decent build on the show. Now the stuff between Rollins & Ambrose hasn’t been perfect in the slightest, but it’s been interesting and easily one of the best thing to watch over the past month. I’m so happy they didn’t just try and pretend that nothing happened in the past and just make Ambrose & Rollins friends again in the same way they did with Reigns & Rollins, it at least shows they haven’t tried to insult our intelligence. A rare good job shoutout for the WWE. I’ve also enjoyed Sheamus & Cesaro as a team (not saying that godawful name). They’ve got decent chemistry and this way both men get a decent amount of limelight. As single competitors, they would have been swept to the side and forgotten about until the WWE decided they needed a fall guy for a match.

    Predictions: Sheamus & Cesaro retain and we see a bit more tension between Ambrose & Rollins.

    Hobbit: The slow build of Dean and Seth joining forces has been one of the highlights of Raw and it's worked wonders! I still think the fist bump should have been saved for SummerSlam, but this is where they will win the titles, and Dean Ambrose will become the first Shield member to become Grand Slam Champion!

    Predictions: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins.

    Ed: I think this has been a tremendous storyline from WWE; I take the rough with the smooth with this company so I think it's only right to praise them when they're hitting a home run with something. The amount of times we've seen tag teams break up and then lazily put back together a few years later with no explanation is frustrating to a guy who loves his continuity, or to make it more specific, how many times we've The Shield reunite for spots here and there, but never address the issues and history they all have together. The way Seth and Dean have been back and forth about reuniting has been great, from Dean's POV especially there shouldn't of been a quick forgive and forget approach because Seth betrayed him big time and they were rivals for a long time. This has been right up my street and from the sound of the crowds week after week, it's right up their street too. A lesser talked about point in this story is that a year ago it was Sheamus and Cesaro at each others throats and they managed to eventually put their differences aside to win 2 Tag Team Championships together, so that's a lesson to be learned for Seth and Dean.

    Predictions: They've already given us the first fist bump to suggest Dean and Seth are on side and working together for this one so I'm pretty darn sure The Shield is picking up the tag team titles on Sunday. Believe that.

    WWE United States Championship
    AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Owens
    Special Referee: Shane McMahon

    Darling Nicky: The only compliment I can give about the build to this match is that they tried. You can tell that they tried to bring people into another AJ/Owens match with some of these recent segments. I just don't think it got them very far or win many people over. Certainly didn't win me over. This feud is just a giant bore. Both men are capable of doing better than they are right now. In a better environment the idea of a third Styles/Owens PPV match could be tasty but instead everything has been mishandled, the motivation isn't there for multiple people, and now the expectation for this match is another heatless, poorly paced affair with Shane McMahon chewing all the scenery.

    Predictions: AJ retains, we build toward Owens/Shane.

    CGS: Ahh this match. Another “can’t say I really care about this” match for me. I feel as if both these guys have a real lack of chemistry. With the ability both men have I feel like they should be producing MOTN to MOTY quality stuff but so far we’ve been given matches that’s been ok but forgettable. It’s a feud that’s really halted both men’s 2017 so hopefully this is the last match in the series.

    Predictions: Hopefully AJ retains and both men move on with their lives.

    Hobbit: YAWN! I'm over these two, they don't mesh well together. The hot potato of the title is also killer as well! This whole saga is clearly building to Owens v McMahon so I suspect a win from AJ!

    Predictions: AJ Styles.

    Ed: This has been a really weak feud and hurt the post Wrestlemania babyface momentum AJ Styles had after his match with Shane McMahon. I'm putting that blame at the feet of Kevin Owens who is consistently having the most disappointing AJ Styles matches since the hit and miss Chris Jericho feud. This has to end at Summerslam because I've had enough of it. Bring me AJ Vs Rusev for a couple of months over this title please wrestling gods. I think they've done a good job teasing Shane's involvement in the match, saying he's a guy that can take a couple shots and get back up again - I just wonder how he works the table elbow drop spot into this one as an impartial referee~!

    Predictions: Oh AJ Styles is gonna win, I've no doubt about that, one of the locks of the evening.

    John Cena vs Baron Corbin

    Darling Nicky: If it wasn't for Baron Corbin's failed cash in (the best booking decision in 2017), I probably wouldn't be that into this match. Prior to the failed cash in, this was just a hastily put together 'step up to John Cena' feud that we've seen done better or with conflicting results in recent years. I wasn't buying it because Baron Corbin has totally regressed as a worker since Wrestlemania and I don't want to see that as the future of my product watching at all. Nakamura has had an unflattering WWE main roster run but that match with Corbin might be the worst of Nakamura's career.

    However, now with Baron Corbin losing his briefcase because Cena was there for a distraction, there's a story to play off of and you can easily add heat to the match now to make it something worthwhile, so I'm not completely down on this match like I was before. Now all you need is a motivated Corbin.

    Predictions: It's like Dave said, now is where you see how much stock the WWE has in Corbin right now. I say Cena puts over Corbin.

    CGS: Gonna keep this one short and sweet as I don’t have much to say on it. I don’t mind Corbin as much as others but I understand why many don’t rate him. He was another victim of being called up too early from NXT and is now paying for it. Shame he lost his MITB cash in too, the WWE must have felt that they made a mistake in the end. Cena is Cena. Yeah that’s all I got for him . Really not fussed about this match, similar to Rusev/Orton on a show filled with so many matches this would have worked so much better on a weekly SD.

    Predictions: Cena to BURY Corbin.

    Hobbit: I'm still in shock at the ending of Smackdown this week. Surely if Cena is confident he can beat Corbin he shouldn't have got involved, and could have battled for the WWE Championship to win a record 17! I get why they did it, to add more fuel for Corbin to beat Cena but it just makes Corbin look silly. I really hope Corbin wins here, I just can't see it happening.

    Predictions: John Cena.

    Ed: You can read my thoughts in the Smackdown thread this week about how good a decision I thought it was to do the failed cash in this week. Baron Corbin has very little upside as a wrestler and shouldn't be someone within touching distance of the WWE Championship, so I think the right call was made this week to hit the reset button on a poor decision to give him the briefcase. The decision also added a lot of juice to this match because in Corbin's mind, Cena is the reason his cash in blew up in his face, so I expect him to work super aggressive in this one. This will be a big test for him, arguably the biggest match of his career going up 1 on 1 with John Cena.

    Predictions: DYK that John Cena has only won 1 Summerslam match between 2008-present, and that was the match against Nexus? This is certainly not Cena's show. They've buried Corbin pretty hard in recent weeks with Cena calling him skinny fat and a dumpster fire, and then obviously the failed cash in. Would seem ridiculous for him to beat Cena after all that because that signals he's a guy on the rise. It also takes away from Nakamura's big win over Cena if Cena loses to Corbin as well. Yeah, I've convinced myself, Cena's gonna break his bad record of Summerslam defeats after a 2nd AA.

    WWE Championship
    Jinder Mahal (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Darling Nicky: I've tried really hard to be optimistic about this match. I really have. But there's no way of beating around the bush. Working with Mahal will guarantee a sub-par match and this form of Nakamura is extremely lazy and miscalculated. It's not a recipe for a good WWE Championship match and it just continues to make you long for the days of Styles, Reigns, and Ambrose having solid championship defenses PPV after PPV. However, I think the crowd will be completely be on board for Nakamura and could very well bring life and excitement to whatever Mahal and Nakamura decide to do (unless they're that terrible and completely neuter Brooklyn).

    Predictions: Shinsuke Nakamura becomes the WWE Champion.

    CGS: Christ, complaining about the WWE is getting pretty exhausting and now I’ve gotta do it again.

    Jinder sucks. He sucks in the ring, he sucks on the mic, he has no real charisma, he has no real ME ability…he just sucks. I legit hate the fact that he’s been given the title solely based on the fact that they wanna break into the Indian market. It’s such a bullshit thing to do. I could handle Jinder winning the title if they actually made an effort to build him up but he went from being a A* jobber to the WWE champ in the space of weeks. It’s a joke and this company wonders why they are losing ratings, viewers & profits year on year.

    I also hate just how poor Nakamura has been in his WWE stint. I wasn’t a New Japan viewer while he was there but since I’ve started watching it I’ve gone back and seen just how good he can be and it’s a shame to see what he’s become. He truly did peak at NXT Dallas. They need to stop putting so much stock into his entrance and actually put stock into him as a professional. I skipped Mahal’s match at both Backlash & Battleground and I may skip this too.

    Predictions: So many people see Nak winning the title here but with the WWE going to India next month I can’t see Jinder dropping the title now. If he drops it it’ll be in October when they can see just how much the Indian expansion is paying off. Jinder wins.

    Hobbit: I feel like the only person who approves of Jinder Mahal as champion! People complain they want new people in the main event, but because it went to Jinder Mahal not Sami Zayn they don't like it. Well I for one loved it! Jinder Mahal is playing his character brilliantly! Yes he may not be the best in ring or the best on the mic but he is what you call an old school heel! A heel who is actually getting heel heat! I am praying we don't see Nakamura as WWE Champion!!! It's too early and he's done nothing for me to like him since coming to SD! live.

    Predictions: Jinder Mahal.

    Ed: It speaks volumes of how historically bad the Jinder Mahal title reign has been that I'm now actively hoping and praying that Shinsuke Nakamura who has been largely a bust so far and only turned up to 2 nights of his WWE career (against Zayn and Cena) because a Strong Style reign is gonna be an improvement no matter how much Shinsuke decides to phone it in.

    Predictions: As Morrisey used to sing, "please please please let me get what I want"....END THE FUCKING AWFUL WWE TITLE REIGN OF JINDER MAHAL. I think I can get away with a Morrisey reference in a paragraph that includes Jinder Mahal.

    WWE Universal Championship
    Brock Lesnar (c) vs Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

    Darling Nicky: ALL ABOARD THE HOSS TRAIN! CHOO-CHOO! The meatiest match in recent history and I couldn't be more excited. Unlike the Mahal/Nakamura match, this has the recipe for a really fucking good World Title match. Four very fun workers in the same ring that are all excellent at brawling and mean guy fighting and it's very believable that they all want to murder one another. Plus if they're not dead or exhausted by the time the bell rings, you've got a great crowd to do it in front of. I'm so into this match not only because all four men are great, but this is the first multi man match in a while where I believe each man could possibly win. I love that unpredictability and intrigue. Fuck, can't wait for this match. Should be incredible.

    Predictions: I want to go bold and say Braun wins, but I think Lesnar finds a way to retain.

    CGS: Man, I feel like I’ve ranted so much on this show that it feels really nice to finally be able to say something truly positive. This match has been built pretty damn well. I’m invested in all 4 characters, Reigns & Strowman have a good cause for feud of the year and Lesnar’s actually been ok to have around. It’ll also be nice to see him in a match where he can’t just throw the other guy around for 5 mins hit the F5 and then pin him. I still feel it was a bad move to make him champion though, I get they wanted someone who feels legit but it’s hard to do when you’re champ only shows up once a month. I really hope they’ve changed their minds on the whole Lesnar holds the title for a year thing.

    Predictions: With Lesnar booked on shows going forward it pretty much makes the stip of “it Lensar loses he leaves the WWE” pretty much null and void. So Lesnar is pretty much guaranteed to retain here.

    Hobbit: This is going to be amazing, and I CANNOT WAIT to see this match! I'm watching the show live purely for this match! But the one think that has put me off it was Paul Heyman saying Lesnar will leave WWE if he doesn't walk away with the title. Why do they do this, because this gives away the winner IMO! Lesnar isn't leaving until Reigns has pinned him at Wrestlemania! I'm all for Braun to win the title here, do what Heyman did back at Survivor Series all those years ago and screw Lesnar by pairing him up with someone new, unfortunately that won't happen and we will continue to have a part time champion!

    Predictions: Brock Lesnar.

    Ed: Raw's main event scene has been much improved since Goldberg took off after Wrestlemania and Kevin Owens was moved over to Smackdown. This is more like it. 4 bad asses in the ring together to see who the toughest man in the company is. I fucking love it. The 4 way rules does open up the opportunity for Brock Lesnar to drop the title without being pinned and those situations are the one where I suspect a title change is going down. This is so unpredictable, which will make the match even more awesome.

    Predictions: I think Reigns somehow being the one that costs Lesnar the title is going to be the theme that kickstarts them having a program at Wrestlemania so I think the title is either dropping to Strowman or Joe to shake things up for the fall PPVs. I think Joe's gonna sneak a win here like he sneaked the Fatal 5 way win.

    And something new, a closing statement of sorts from our esteemed guests:
    Expert analysts, are there any other thoughts or comments you'd like to share with the Roundtable?

    Darling Nicky: I'm exhausted just by writing my portion of the roundtable. Welcome to the era of the unnecessarily long supershow, where it's hard to be intrigued by the idea of a six hour show no matter what's on it.

    Oh and watch Progress and fuck Shake and fuck Omega vs Okada

    CGS: Final thoughts? Go watch some G1 climax instead of this shite and then watch the Fatal Four (and maybe the tag title matches) in the morning. You’’ll save yourself 6-7 hour of pain (I’m only half joking btw )

    Oh and the fashion Files are GOAT.

    Hobbit: Where is Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Breezango, The Club, all of these superstars should be on SS! Even if it's a pre show match! I was hoping we would get James Ellsworth vs. Becky Lynch but that is too obvious for WWE, yet that would have had the crowd going CRAZY! Or even Becky & Charlotte vs. James & Carmella! I am kinda hoping we get a random tag team match pitting Tamina & Lana vs. Charlotte & Becky, but who knows!

    Ed: I know it's gonna be a slog, but I am looking forward to this show to give me a nice change of pace in my wrestling after a month of workrate heavy G1 shows from New Japan. Also, be on the lookout Monday evening for the launch of a secret project I've had up my sleeves for a while. Finally, god speed to Punker for editing this whole thing together~!


    I'd like to thank all of my guests, from grizzled veteran to welcome newcomer, for their comtributions in putting together another stunning edition of WC's Roundtable. All of it is valued. And thank you, handsome viewer, for reading all this. Be sure to join us in the Live Discussion Thread when Summerslm kicks off in what is sure to be a show to remember.

    oh god the formatting. kill me.

    CWA: A Decade of Decadence
    Maybe the end of something great.
    Maybe the start of something new.
    Stay tuned.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    Shout out to Ed for quoting Morrissey.

    I imagine this wasn't fun for anyone because it certainly became a task after match one
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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    I actually wrote half of this at work and then forgot to transfer it to my USB so had to start from scratch on Saturday, that's probabaly why my parts come across even more bitchy than they initially would have

    Good job all around boys

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    A great read as always, would of loved to see a question about favorite moments from Summmerslam over the years as a add on.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    Nice work lads, and to Punker for putting everything together.

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    What's the deal with every single photo of a champion having them hold the title on their right shoulder, whether the belt is actually there or it's just photoshopped in?

    A fun drinking game while reading this is to take a shot every time someone says "Shame".

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    Re: The Wrestling Clique Roundtable #29 - SummerSlam 2017

    Nice read. Nice dicks.

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