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Thread: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

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    Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    AUGUST 11TH, 2017

    There's the usual explosion of pyro and fireworks as the camera pans all around the T-Mobile Arena and the FWA fans in attendance make a bunch of noise to welcome us to another edition of Fight Night. The crowd is laden with signs in support of their favourite wrestlers but it's clear that the likes of WOLF, Chris Kennedy, Shannon O'Neal and Cyrus Truth are the main focal points for the crowd tonight as most signs are nods towards them. However, a few others stand out such as a sign calling Zachary Kazadi the BETA Wolf whilst another claims that Phillip A. Jackson is the next North American champion. There's a support section for Bell Connelly whilst a bunch of dudes with shaved heads and sunglasses claim to be Hanz Gruber enterprise fans! There are also a few signs that indicate a belief in Starr defeating Bell Connelly also...

    As always, we are welcomed to Fight Night by the regular commentary team of Langdon Trafford, David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher --

    Langdon Trafford: It's Friday Night, FWA fans... and you know what that means! Welcome to another edition of FWA Fight Night - I'm Langdon Trafford and I'm joined by my co-commentators and best friends, Piers Gallagher and Dave Weinstock!

    Piers Gallagher: Best friends? Get a damn life.

    David Weinstock: As you can see, Piers isn't in a good mood... surprising given that Phillip is main eventing tonight!

    Piers Gallagher: Yeah, but I have to sit with you guys for it. But no worries, it's going to be great! Phillip's going to win and book his place in that tourney finals!

    David Weinstock: Against Bell Connelly or Starr? Speaking about matches to be excited in... that one will be FIRE!

    Piers Gallagher: It doesn't matter, Dave! Neither are good enough to beat Phillip! Tonight is the BEGINNING of the NEW Phillip A. Jackson. The man that's going to dominate this place! A return to form!

    Langdon Trafford: And speaking about returns... WOLF IS BACK!! HE'S IN ACTION TONIGHT!!

    Piers Gallagher: You know what? I'm excited about that too.

    Langdon Trafford:
    As we all should be! But let's not forget... we've got much more to get excited about tonight...

    Before Langdon can finish speaking, the arena darkens... there is almost a "calm before the storm" feeling before the entire arena explodes with excitement. The thousands upon thousands of FWA fans in attendance come alive as "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve plays and The Astonishing Chris Kennedy's theme music.'

    Langdon Trafford: Well, looks like I'll have to finish that thought later, here comes Chris Kennedy to kick off Fight Night!

    ♪♫♬ "Cause it's a bittersweet symphony this life,
    Trying to make ends meet, you're a slave to the money then you die."

    Chris Kennedy comes out smiling, the crowd elevating him. He takes his sunglasses off and tucks them into his front coat pocket. He stands at the stage for a moment before hitting his signature pose, turning around and raising his arms before quickly spinning back around. The fans chant his name as makes his way down the ramp, dishing out high fives and fist bumps.

    ♪♫♬ "I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down.
    You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah."

    Kennedy hits the ring and pauses a bit, nodding approvingly. One after another, Kennedy walks over to each of the four turnbuckles, raising a fist each time.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Listen to that crowd, boys!

    Langdon Trafford:
    That's the response you illicit when you are a four time WORLD champion, Piers. I think we are all interested in hearing what Chris Kennedy has to say tonight after the harsh words he had for Ryan Rondo last week.

    David Weinstock: In fairness, Ryan Rondo started it when he put Kennedy's name in his mouth, earlier that night. Kennedy's response was simple. "You want me? Come find me."

    ♪♫♬ "No change, I can't change, I can't change, I can't change,
    But I'm here in my mold, I am here in my mold.
    But I'm a million different people from one day to the next
    I can't change my mold, no, no, no, no, no, no, no" ♪♫♬

    The music fades and Kennedy stands in the center of the ring, microphone in hand. He lets the crowd settle before raising the microphone to his face and addressing the crowd.

    Chris Kennedy: Social media, believe it or not, is possibly the greatest innovation of the 21st century. Social media sparked a revelation that we, the people, have a voice, and through the democratization of content and ideas we can once again unite around common passions, inspire movements, and ignite change. Or, or we can post pictures of our food on Instagram, we can LOL at cats on Facebook or we can have dick measuring contests on Twitter with the likes of Michael Garcia, Kazadi and McGruber. It's fun to watch but the thing is, very rarely do I engage. The reason being, I think waging wars from behind keyboards is a pussy move and If I have something to say about someone, I'm saying it to their face. So when an insignificant little bitch like Ryan Rondo says "Chris Kennedy, you absolutely suck. Next time you hear my voice, brace yourself" on Twitter, I had two reactions. The first one, was laughter. Jubilant laughter from the bottom of my stomach that filled my heart with joy. I was having a shit day and I needed that laugh. As the novelty of your tweet started to wear off though, I then found myself somewhat irritated as I thought more about it, y'know? You called me out twice now. ME, the greatest professional wrestler of all time, an icon who paved the way for piss-ants like you. YOU, the guy who was entering Halloween costume contests back in 2013 dressed as Chris Kennedy. YOU, the guy who had been on the roster longer than I had and was a bigger Chris Kennedy fanboy than any 9-year-old kid in this audience. You little bitch, you really have forgotten who the FUCK I am haven't you?

    The crowd is eerily quiet as some of the old Chris Kennedy, the "shark from Jaws" as he was often called, starts to come out. They watch him speak with wide smiles on their faces, captivated by every word.

    Chris Kennedy: I'll be honest with you, Junior. I fought every urge to reply to that tweet, but I told myself that I'm not a sopping wet PUSSY like you who angrily hops on a keyboard when someone gets your blood pressure up. I'm a MAN, and if you ever dream of becoming one yourself, then bring your bitch ass down to this ring and tell me that I "absolutely suck." Tell me to my face. You said "The next time you hear my voice, brace yourself." Well then, a promise is a promise is a promise. Let's here that effeminate little bitch voice of yours, Rondo. Or are you going to keep doing your talking from behind titantrons and computer monitors? Well?

    Kennedy waits, impatiently, for about half a minute. When the fans realize Rondo is going to no-show, they start to boo. Suddenly, the lights in the arena dim a little bit and a live video feed starts to play on the titantron. The screen lights up but instead of a clear picture forming, there's a lot of white noise. Kennedy doesn't look very happy in the ring... but eventually, the white noise cuts out and we're left with a black screen and white lettering that simply says " THE VOICE OF RYAN RONDO" - there's a lot of boos as Kennedy scoffs. However, the voice of Ryan Rondo is heard and he begins to pay attention.

    Ryan Rondo: Chris... Chris... Chris... I'm not going to leave you hanging any longer, that would just be rude of me. Am I going to hide behind a screen? Yes, Chris, I am. Because I feel like it. Does that answer satisfy you? Or are you upset that your edgy words are nothing but you barking up the wrong tree? You've got zero power over me... don't you know who I am!? I'm Ryan Rondo. I'll do whatever I want. If I want to sit behind a screen and tell you that you absolutely suck... then I'll sit behind a screen and tell you that you absolutely suck. I'll tweet it. I'll post it on facebook. I'll post it on YouTube. I'll even send you it in writing. I'll do what I want... and there's nothing you're able to do about it other than go to that ring, mouth off and get nowhere. How does that feel for a response? Is that good enough?

    The fans let out a ton of boos at Rondo's words - clearly they're not happy with his antics or the way he speaks to Kennedy. Some of them begin a derogatory chant towards Rondo but it's quietened down as Rondo can be heard speaking once more...

    Ryan Rondo: After all, you just want the attention, Chris. Why not just find me in the back and we could sort out the beef face to face instead of you making a big deal out of it to get yourself over, huh? Come find me right now and we can sort things out. Or you can stay in the ring. I know the fans love seeing you in there and it'd probably make their night if you stayed out there a little longer. You're a somebody to them. But to me: you're a nobody. What are you going to do about it, huh? You gonna stay out there and do your thing for the fans? That's cool, you do that. Bye bye now...

    The tron turns off for a moment as attention turns to Kennedy in the ring. He's not very happy and drops his own mic to exit the ring in a hurry. It's clear that the knowledge of Rondo being in the building has provoked him into action. Just as he gets halfway up the ramp, the tron sparks back into life again with the same black picture with text as before, the voice of Rondo causing Kennedy to stop and pay attention...

    Ryan Rondo: Orrrrrrrrr maybe I'll stay here and do whatever I want too. Maybe I'll just stay on the tron and sing your theme song... ?

    Rondo then begins to hum "Bittersweet Symphony" which only seems to provoke Kennedy further and draw more heat from the crowd... Kennedy now begins walking faster...

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy has had enough of the games, he's going to go after Ryan Rondo!

    The fans are excited to see Kennedy push the issue but everyone is taking by surprise as he reaches the curtain and is propelled backwards by an unseen force. The crowd are taken aback as the camera shows Kennedy knocked down and bleeding heavily from the forehead... and out steps, from behind the curtain, Ryan Rondo to a vicious storm of hate from the crowd! He stands with a microphone in one hand and a dented steel chair in the other. It's clear that Rondo has taken Kennedy by surprise with the chair. Kennedy tries to recover on the ground as Rondo walks towards him slowly and whilst singing, badly, "Bittersweet Symphony"...

    "Cause it's a bittersweet ... symph-on-eee this liiiife..."

    He drives the chair into Kennedy's favoured kicking leg on the ground a few times as the crowd continue to let out boo after boo... Kennedy clutches his leg in pain as Rondo focuses back on singing...

    "Tryna make ends meeeet, you're a slave to money then you dieeeeee"

    He feigns a chair shot to the leg before slamming the chair against Kennedy's skull once more. He kicks at Kennedy before grabbing him and throwing him down the ramp towards some barricades. He takes in the 'adoration' from fans as he continues to sing.

    "I'll take you down the only roadd i've eveeer been down..."

    Kennedy is defenceless as Rondo stomps on his leg before planting the chair beneath it and continuing to stomp... He looks to continue singing but stops to let the boos soak up once more before taunting the crowd.

    Ryan Rondo: Is there a problem, guys? I feel like you don't like my singing. Do I not sound like a junkie enough? Am I not getting the lyrics right? Help me out here...

    He grabs Kennedy and hoists him down closer to the ring - he throws Kennedy into the steel steps and displaces them...

    "You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet.... yeah?"

    He speaks the last word and aims the question at Kennedy - who is in no condition to answer. Rondo grabs his leg and places it in between a set of steel steps and slams the chair on top, causing more agony for Kennedy, before rolling him into the ring. Rondo makes sure to taunt the crowd as he gets onto the apron. Kennedy tries to get up in the ring...

    "No change... I can't change, I can't change..."

    "The Last Star in the Sky" stands in the middle and laughs as Kennedy tries to stand on one leg and take a swing at him but falls at his feet instead. Rondo takes no pity on him and drives the chair into his spine before grabbing him and moving him over to a steel post. He positions him so that his leg is right next to the ring post on the outside. Rondo hops out of the ring.

    "But I'm here in my mold..."

    He's interrupted as several FWA EMTs and security officials come down and attempt to defuse the situation - far too late. Rondo teases swinging the chair at them as they all back away... but then he turns around and slams it into Kennedy's leg (and the ring post) as many times as he can before he's swarmed and moved out of the way. The EMTs check on Kennedy as Rondo turns around and begins to make his way up the ramp with a massive smirk on his face. The damage has been done. To add insult to injury, he continues to sing, slowly, as he walks to the top.

    "But I'm a million different people from one day to the next... I can't change my mold, no no no no no...."

    The current most hated man in the building turns around at the top of the ramp and speaks a last sentence...

    Ryan Rondo: Chris Kennedy. You absolutely suck.

    He drops the mic to thunderous boos, chuckles and walks away as the commentators are silenced and Kennedy is being helped onto a stretcher...




    We come back from the break with a replay of what just happened and then a few words from the commentary team.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentlemen, Chris Kennedy is currently being transported to the nearest hospital after what we just witnessed. Obviously, distressing scenes for everyone here but we understand that it's feared he has broken his leg and may have suffered a concussion. That's just speculation but Dave is the man who thinks that's what has just happened.

    David Weinstock: He didn't know where he was... he couldn't stand. That was a calculated beatdown. Rondo set the trap... I didn't think he'd do that.

    Piers Gallagher: Chris Kennedy will come back from this and wipe that smug little prick off of the Earth! How can this go unpunished!? This is unacceptable! You can't do THIS!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Even Piers is upset about this whole ordeal. This never should have happened. We will try our best, ladies and gents, to get continued updates throughout the night. Chris Kennedy may not want his status to be known. We, at the commentary desk, send him lots of well wishes. I know you do too. But... the show must go on...


    Backstage, the Fight Night logo hanging proud in the background, with a monitor in a corner. Katie Lynn Goldsmith has the camera zoomed into her, with a behind the scene cue, she starts.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ladies and gentleman, tonight’s main event features Phillip A. Jackson facing off against Zachary Kazadi in the semi-finals of the North American Championship Challenger Tournament. With me, I have one of the contenders, the Alpha Wolf, Zachary Kazadi.

    The camera zooms out and while Kazadi may be a recipient to a mixed reaction on a good day, today isn’t such a day, not when he’s facing the Immortal. He must have only recently arrived in the arena because he’s still wearing a suit with shades still hooked to his ears, lying on his slicked back hair. He raises an eye brow at the cold reception and turns his attention to Katie Lynn. He reaches for the microphone and Katie, after some hesitation, hands it over.

    Zachary Kazadi: With all due respect, Katie, I’ve seen you passed around by wrestlers who are, quite honestly, not at my stage. Paulie the Parrot… Hanz Grubber… Tommy Thunder? Tonight, I’m in the main event. I’m not facing a man dressed in a Walrus suit… I’m not the extra man in the bitter rivalry between a world champion and his challenger. I have the spotlight completely and utterly. I am facing a two time World champion, a fact everyone has made sure to remind me. A bonafide main event wrestler - at times to the detriment of my own opportunities. I’m facing a future legend. I am standing toe to toe with him and in this particular case… having beaten him twice… a fact I make to remind others… I stand, at the very least… his equal. With all that said, Katie… I won’t be doing an interview with you. You call ole’ Todd Salum, and you tell him that there’s a new top tier talent around, and he’ll have to earn his paycheck.

    Kazadi hands over the microphone and hands over the microphone. The slight clearly bothers Katie Lynn Goldsmith but the former X Champion is already out of sight and any objection would fall on deaf ears. At the very least, she hears the jeers following his exit, and she might remain in comfort knowing she’s not the only who thinks little of the North American Championship contender.


    The arena crowd, which had been anticipating the first match, is suddenly greeted by the sound of wailing sirens and flashing red lights. Some audience members look around nervously, thinking that its a fire alarm or an emergency.

    Traffic Cone #1: "DO NOT BE ALARMED!"

    Traffic Cone #2: "THIS IS JUST A DRILL!"

    The audience groans as two giant traffic cones with sirens affixed on top of their pointy heads waddle down the ramp, tossing neon yellow safety belts into the crowd. Behind them, walking a a slow, gingerly pace, comes Paulie the Safety Parrot, armed with nothing but a microphone in his hand-talons and a passion for public service announcements in his heart.

    Langdon Trafford: Ladies and gentleman, it seems that Paulie the Safety Parrot has followed us from Sacramento to Las Vegas, and despite taking an old-fashioned beating from Hanz Gruber last week, he's back here with something to say to the FWA Universe!

    Piers Gallagher: Viewers at home, if FWA goes bankrupt one day and someone asks 'How did Ashley O'Ryan waste all of FWAs money?', please reference them to this segment....

    Paulie gets in the ring while the traffic cones continue to skip around on the outside, passing out safety belts to the ringside audience. The siren wailing finally stops as Paulie squawks to clear his bird-throat.

    Paulie: "Last Fight Night, it seems that mean ol' salty cracker Hanz Gruber didn't take kindLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to what I had to say!"

    The crowd mock cheers. The camera catches one child at ringside who has turned himself into a safety belt mummy with around 15 of the free belts.

    "And yes, maybe Hanz was a little too much for your old pal Paulie last week, but the mission of SAFETYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cannot be deterred!! And what better place for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE to bring my message than to Sin CITTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!"

    Members of the crowd flinch at Paulie's squawking as boos ring out in the arena. Paulie whips out a pair of glasses and some papers from an unknown crevice in his blue body. He puts the glasses on his nose-beak and starts reading off his papers.

    "All this gambling that goes on in this town, its not SAFE!!! Gambling is RISKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE don't you SEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????? Instead of throwing your money away playing silly games and other questionable activiTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY, why don't WEEEEEEEEEEE explore 401k options, or RIAs or passive investment equiTIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS?"

    The crowds is full-on booing the financial advice segment, but bursts into thankful cheers as "The Motherlode" interrupts!! A piss-looking Mac Michaud bursts out from the curtain and makes a beeline for the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: Oh thank god! I've never been this happy to see Mac Michaud!

    Langdon Trafford: We haven't seen Mac Michaud since Back in Business ladies and gentlemen, and he does not look like he is in the mood for any kind of advice!!

    Mac gets to the ring but is stopped at the ring steps by the two traffic cones. Both cones offer him a neon yellow safety belt as gesture of friendship. Mac takes a took at the belts, then grabs one of the traffic cones and flings him into the ring steps!! The other cone waddles out of the way with surprising agility as Mac rolls into the ring. The ref calls for the bell as Paulie protests the ref taking away his glasses and papers, saying '...but I haven't even gotten to the part about ETFs yet!"

    Mac Michaud vs Paulie the Safety Parrot

    As Paulie turns around, Mac Michaud grabs him an hoists him up for a quick F5KO!!! The crowd roars with approval as Mac stands over the fallen parrot, with several loose blue feathers wafting in the air. Mac doesn't go for the cover though, and instead walks to the corner, crouching down while shaking his head from side to side!

    Langdon Trafford: Mac Michaud isn't done!!

    David Weinstock: This won't end well for Paulie....

    Piers Gallagher: Bye bye birdie!!!!

    As Paulie eventually struggles to his hands and knees, Mac ignores the pleads of the ref and charges out of the corner, smashing Paulie in the head with The Killshot (Punt)!!! Paulie gets flipped over by the force of the kick and ends up flopping down on his back!! Mac turns around with wild eyes, but the ref has already waved off the match!! A portion of the crowd starts chanting 'Thank you Mac!'

    Winner via KO: Mac Michuad



    Amy Duke is shown standing by in the backstage area, with none other than Miss De La Muerta and Zako Wrath himself. She stands with microphone in hand. Miss De La Muerta looks at Zako and simply shakes her head sternly, as if to signify "No." He of course massively towers over the both of them and Amy is obviously and understandably apprehensive and uncomfortable around them. Nonetheless she is determined to be professional as she takes a deep breath and moves forward though and turns to Miss De La Muerta.

    Amy Duke: I'm Amy Duke and as promised I'm here with the one and only, Miss De La Muerta and Zako Wrath. She has asked for this bit of time to meet with me and explain to everyone around the world, exactly who Zako is, where he comes from, and many more currently unknown details about him and his past. She has guaranteed by the end of this interview, all questions about "The Walking Disaster" will be resolved and clearly given truth and light. All of FWA has been deeply intrigued since their arrival, so I'm proud to say I'll personally be the one conducting this interview. Miss De La Muerta, I'm unsure where to even think to begin, so please take it away.

    Miss De La Muerta:
    I'm going to tell you something immediately before we begin right now-this is very, very important. No matter what you do , DO NOT, under any circumstances look at him. For no reason whatsoever are you to do so. You will not like what happens one bit. I know for a fact that you do not want me to have to get between the two of you and stop him.

    You speak only, to me.

    Now, with that out of the way, let me begin. Zako Wrath was born many, many years ago, in a place that was extremely superstitious and gravely afraid of certain things, and he came into this world under the name "Zako Cazzorre." Now imagine what happened in a place where they believe in such things as evil spirits, the walking dead, blood thirsty vampires and demons directly from hell, when a child with red eyes is born. He was feared, shunned, and even passionately hated. In fact, his own father disappeared the very same night he was delivered at the hospital because he wanted no association with what was believed to be an evil, cursed child, whose entire purpose was to maim, torture, and bring forth with him unspeakable chaos and carnage.

    Amy Duke: Very intriguing, since he was absolutely abandoned by his father without any hesitation, what you can tell us about his mother?

    Miss De La Muerta: He was literally treated like vile scum and absolute utter filth and complete garbage from the moment he arrived on Earth-like an offensive stench to run away from. His mother was no better, and between his lowlife coward of a father, I'm not sure who was worse. As he was thought to be carrying the true spirit of evil itself, this woman could NOT STAND the fact that she was the one who released this boy, who was believed to be a true monster upon the world. She hated herself and felt she deserved to be horribly punished, and could think of no other way...than death. One day, she hung herself right in front of him, leaving Zako completely alone, as an absolute outcast who no one could stand the site of.

    Amy Duke:...That's one of the most tragic and horrific things I've ever heard, so with no one left to care for him, what in the world did he do to continue living?

    Miss De La Muerta:At that point the madness and paranoia everyone felt about him had became worse and worse, and when the people learned of the death of his mother, they blamed him for it, as they firmly believed it to be entirely his fault. One night, many men and women attempted to attack Zako with fire, spears, and swords. By then, they only wanted him destroyed so that they may live in peace, and at the age of ten, he was forced to flee from town into a nearby forest that no one ever dared to set foot in. This would become the location where he would spend the next almost two decades of his life, and it was during this time he became an expert hunter, doing everything he had to do to continue to live. He became a nomadic wanderer, a loner and recluse, and never saw nor spoke to another living person for that entire time.

    Amy Duke:I can not even begin to imagine what that must have all been like, can you please tell us more about this stage of his life?

    Miss De La Muerta:
    He had no one or anything to rely on but himself and his own mind and body, so he became the perfect hunter and trapper, as well as feeding on the carcasses of already dead animals. He drank deposited dew from leaves, as well as rain water when it built up in areas, there were also many, many times he had no choice but to drink from the nearby stream. When not doing everything and anything he could to survive, he spent all of his time chopping wood with an axe he created from stone and a piece of a tree, and he would push and throw boulders, morning, noon and night. The one , single most important thing to him that kept him going all of that time? It was not the hunger for survival.

    It was this animalistic, savage, and ABSOLUTE psychopathic desire for revenge and retribution that he KNEW, he would one day receive. Within his soul laid nothing but bloodlust and burning passion to punish others, all of the Injustice he had suffered had given him this raw ballistic feeling that people were nothing but sickening animals, that needed to be hunted down and destroyed. All that he ever thought of was a fiery , seething, hatred, that he had swore he would eventually unleash upon the world. These are feelings that still guide him to this very day, minute, and second. I suppose you could call it, Wrath.

    Amy Duke:Miss De La Muerta, this is all stunning and nothing less than mind blowing. Zako was believed to be an unholy monster who would one day slaughter the entire village, was forced to live as a lone savage because of that, so my next question do I you fit into all of this? What way in hell do you know him? Could you shed some light on that please for us?

    Miss De La Muerta:
    I was walking in a forest one dark, stormy, and windy, star-lit night, as I had spent many times just like it before, when I turned and saw fierce lightning crash into an immense tree, and then it caused the tree to break and suddenly it had fallen on top of a man, pinning him to the ground by his chest. Then the next thing I knew, the man was pushing it off and lifting it up , then he rose to his feet and tossed it away. I approached him closer and the first thing I noticed were red eyes that were gleaming with... undeniable WRATH. It was the only thing I felt in his presence, and he was filthy, full of mud and dirt, as well as scrapped and bleeding from several different places. I tended to his wounds, and he told me his name was simply "Zako".

    It was at that very moment I told him he would now be known as "Zako Wrath", and shortly after I brought him here, and he actually refuses to speak to any one here because he DOES NOT speak with any others. He believes them to be inferior and unworthy of his words, which is why I'm the one you're speaking with. Besides, his out of control fury inside of him would never allow him to speak to anyone else but me. We've came so that he may gain his long awaited vengeance ,and it's already begun. The time of Zako, is here!

    This is the ultimate hunter and he WILL feast upon the carcasses...of all the men and women in FWA.
    Carnage, destruction, and chaos will be poured out onto any and everyone I allow him to devour...he will hunt, trap, and pick the bones of anyone who tries to get in the way of his path. There shall be nothing left of his opponents but bloody and broken bodies before him. He won't stop until all have felt EXACTLY what he has endured forever...pain and suffering! He will climb the mountain and unhinge his jaws and snap in half all of his prey as he ascends to THE TOP, OF THE FOOD CHAIN!

    Tonight, TONIGHT, it continues as Zako will make the ultimate example out of THREE women. It does not matter if is man or woman. His eternal hunger does not discrimate, as it will all be the same when it is done: Only Zako standing. Three women or three men...Two men and one woman...Two woman and one man...six women AND six men. Send whoever you want in however many numbers, Ashley O'Ryan.

    Zako will break them all.

    Ayano, Zoey Ellis, and Emilie Boucher: Your end is here. He's going to hit his 180 Kneeling Chokeslam on two of you at once, German Suplex every one of you at the same time, and whatever else all up to me. When I say "Detener" ["Stop"], Zako will stack your bloody bodies up in a broken pile and put his boot on the top and uno, dos, tres. Buenos Noches then we move on. It's only gonna get worse.

    Amy Duke:I just have one more question and I believe we'll be done here... would you mind giving us a first name please, Miss De La Muerta?

    *Miss De La Muerta says "My name is..." And then suddenly slowly turns to Amy, then grabs Zako's mask and looks him dead in the eyes coldly, ominously cutting her throat with her thumb and then drops a thumbs down gesture right in front of his face...saying "Si". Out of nowhere Amy Duke shouts in terror as Zako grabs her viciously around the neck, she continues to shout as she begs Miss De La Muerta to stop him and show her mercy, but it's no use as he military presses her, holds her high, then drops and kicks her with full force, right in the side of the head, directly In front of the camera. She falls unconscious as she crashes to the floor in a sickening display, as Zako has been unleashed. Miss De La Muerta now becomes almost frantic as Zako is roaring and growling primally, as she pushes his gloved hand away from Amy Duke's still body, then grabs his mask with both hands forcefully to get his full attention, shoving him away. The last words we hear are "No! Detener Zako! Se acabo Zako! Suficiente! No hacer mas a Ella! DETENER! AHORA ZAKO! ["No! Stop Zako! It's over Zako! Enough! Do nothing else to her! STOP! NOW ZAKO! ]*

    Langdon Trafford:Things are getting extremely violent tonight, it seems! Kennedy... and now Amy? This behaviour needs to be addressed!


    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Berlin, Germany, HANZ GRUBER!

    David Weinstock:Gruber said last week that he was tired of being treated as a joke around here and made that message known at the expense of Paulie the Parrot!

    Langdon Trafford: Some feel that maybe Gruber may have went a bit too far…

    Piers Gallagher:Not me! Look Trafford, it’s the squeaky wheel that gets the oil and it’s the squaking parrot that gets his ass kicked! Hanz Gruber is a future star in the FWA and it’s time that people take notice!

    Gruber walked down to the ring, toying with his claw as he ignored the overwhelming boos from the crowd. Gruber pounded his cane on the steel steps before entering the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, one can argue that this man made an equally effective argument that the man they call Deception made an equally affective statement last week at the haqnds of a man he once called a friend, Darius

    Piers Gallagher: Darius was a liar, a fraud, a loser! And Deception, he may not want to be a hero, and he may not be a hero we want, but boys, Deception is the hero we need!

    Kurt Harrington:And his opponent , from Parts Unknown, the man they call Deception!

    “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Gus Black blared over the arena speakers as the arena went black. There was a buzz of anticipation in the air as a single spotlight shone in the air, spinning around the crowd looking for Deception. The crowd was too busy looking at the stage and the aisles to notice that Deception was ziplining down to the ring from the rafters!

    Hanz Gruber vs Deception

    Gruber and Deception engage in a catch as catch can wrestling contest to start with Gruber gaining an early edge. Gruber uses his extensive knowledge of MMA style holds to keep Deception grounded early but Deception uses his size and agility to maneuver out of most predicaments. Eventually, Gruber attempts an enziguiri that Gruber ducks and sends him crashing down on his face. Deception takes advantage of the mistake by hitting a lightning quick Double Cross and then going to work on the head and neck area of the German born Superstar!

    Deception runs through a variation of holds such as the sleeper, the camel clutch, and a bridging STF to do more damage to Hanz’s neck. Hanz fights out of the sleeper attempt and begins fighting back with a series of knife edge chops to Deception backing him up in the corner!

    Gruber takes a few steps back before charging forward with a corner splash and grabbing a hold of the head and pulling forward for a running bulldog, but Deception shoves him off and into his own corner, where he drills Gruber with a Helluva Kick! Gruber stumbles out and right into a Sense of Justice from Deception!

    Deception covers but only gets a two count. Deception starts clapping his hands and calling for the DNR. He hooks Hanz but Hanz spins through the maneuver and shoves Deception away. Deceptiuon bounces off the ropes and on the rebound, gets caught in a reverse cutting neckbreaker! Deceptions head slams hard off the mat! Gruber awaits for his opponent to get up and awaits for the Die, Motherfucker, Die but this time it’s Deception that’s battles out by completely flipping over Hanz’s shoulder and landing on his feet behind Hanz, drilling him with a German Suplex! Deception bridges it but only gets a 2 count!

    Both men get to their feet and again Deception goes for the DNR and this time he connects with the move! He goes for the cover...1....2.....3!!!!

    Here is your winner @ 7:10 - Deception
    Piers Gallagher: The cleansing of the FWA continues!




    “The White Buffalo” hits the arena signaling the arrival of the mysterious Zako Wrath. It’s Miss De La Muerta that steps out onto the stage first though as black and purple smoke fill the stage. Muerta steps through the smoke with her signature black tank top, shorts, heels, and hooded vest as her attire. Her skull facepaint covers the expression on her face. She stops at the top of the ramp and waits for her client to join her. Slowly, Wrath makes his way onto the stage with his Black Lucha Lubre mask still somehow unable to hide the look of anger upon his face from Back in Business. Once Muerta begins to move down the ramp, Wrath follows.She instructs him to set foot in the ring where his opponents nervously awaited.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, guys, tonight we learned a little bit about Zako Wrath... and Amy Duke paid the price for it. What did we find out?

    Piers Gallagher: I know I’d never want to set foot in the ring with them. And I know I hope Amy is ok.

    David Weinstock: Ya’ll got your stopwatches out?

    Wrath aggressively stepped through the ropes and Muerta immediately instructed him to wait for the match to begin. The referee signaled for the match to start and Muerta signaled for Zako to maim.

    Piers Gallagher:I’ve got the EMTs on standby, boys.

    Zako Wrath vs Prem’s Angels (Ayano, Emilie Boucher, and Zoey Ellis)

    Zako looked over at Miss De La Muerta, who gave him the signal to maim and with wasting no time, Zako took off and speared Ayano nearly out of her boots! The crowd let out an “Ohhhh!” as Emilie Bouche, hopped on the beck of the Zako’s neck! Zako shook back and forth, unable to shake her, so instead he just dropped straight on his back! Zoey climbed up to the top rope and attempted a crossbody but Zako caught her in mid-air! Zako stomped around the ring with Zoey in his arms before literally tossing her in the air and catching her on his shoulders in position for a Samoan Drop! Boucher, charged towards Zako who drilled her with a running boot to the skull while he had Zoey on his shoulders! After mowing down Emilie, Zako dropped Zoey like a sack of bricks!

    Ayano back to her feet, only to receive a release Fisherman Suplex!

    Next up was Emilie who got a Wrath-Plex for her troubles!

    And then an Athletic Plex to Zoey!

    Zako then hoisted Ellis up, and with as minimal effort as possible delivered a ring-shaking Reaper’sTouch on top of Boucher and AYano! Zako stacked up all three ladies and pinned them all simultaneously.




    Here is your winner @ 3 :30 – Zako Wrath!
    Piers Gallagher: I’ve got to ask it, fellas….is there anyone on the roster that can stop Zako Wrath?




    Tag Team Match
    "Chicago's Favourite Gal" Izzy van Doren & Penny vs The Genocide (Graves & Sinn)

    The Match:
    To start the match off, Penny can't make her mind up with whether she or Izzy should go in first. She bickers with her for a few moments before deciding to let Izzy go first. In the opposite corner, it's Sinn. As Izzy gets ready to start the match, Penny suddenly slaps her on the back and smiles at her before jumping into the ring. Almost immediately, she clocks Sinn and decides to tag back out. Izzy isn't very happy but gets back in. The pair bicker again and end up super distracted as Sinn edges closer and knocks the pair of them down - Penny rolls out of the ring. Izzy is up against it as Sinn is able to beat her down with complete ease, she's totally unable to muster up any sort of fight against the big man. Penny doesn't seem very interested in the match as Sinn beats her partner down but when Sinn hits a chokeslam and goes for a cover, she comes in instantly to break the pin up - seemingly having had a change of heart as she makes sure to point out that she and Izzy are now friends. Graves makes a tag as Sinn's attention turns to Penny - she flees the ring as the big man looks to stalk after her. Penny, on the outside, is able to outpace Sinn but Graves cut her off outside of the ring. She is charged by Sinn but moves out of the way and Graves ends up on the mat for a second. As Sinn picks his partner up, a recovered Izzy comes flying over the top with a diving crossbody... but she's caught! Not to leave her new friend alone, Penny goes to the top and shows no regard for her health as she lands on Graves, Sinn and Izzy with a bombs away senton! Things soon get resettled in the ring with Graves struggling to deal with Penny and Izzy taking turns utilising various kick moves to keep Graves at range and away from tagging in Sinn.

    The Finish:
    The gameplan would only work for so long as Graves would eventually get to grips with the tactics used by Penny and Izzy. With Izzy knocked off of the apron and Penny kept in a corner near Sinn, Graves looks to utilise the mandible claw on Penny - he misses and almost connects with Sinn instead! But Graves is able to stop himself just in time. Penny uses the distraction to her advantage dropkicks Graves into Sinn and knocks the big man off of the apron! Graves strolls backwards and Penny rolls him up for the surprise victory!

    Winners: "Chicago's Favourite Gal" Izzy van Doren & Penny

    After the match, Graves is livid and Sinn enters the ring with clear intent on his mind to harm someone... but Penny escapes out of the ring along with the referee. The referee grabs both Izzy and Penny's hands and lift them up... but Penny appears to try and force the referee to put Izzy's hand down before reconsidering her actions.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Are we seeing... Penny form a new friendship?

    David Weinstock: I think she's bipolar, Langdon. Maybe she's just letting Izzy have this one.

    Piers Gallagher: A lucky win it was, too! Graves & Sinn don't look happy! I would stay out of their path!


    Instead of following the Fight Night program with the next match, the titantron opens with a blurry screen. A familiar voice can be heard.

    ''Attention please.''

    The video slowly clears and things begin to be recognizable. The guy's face is slowly revealed, showing no emotion.

    ''We would really like to welcome you, FWA, to our little, humble nest. But there is no point to do it since our hospitality will be not returned.''

    Of course, it is Christopher Manson, brains behind Sin City Vultures. He has a tissue in his hand, using it to clean up a red stain under his lips. He seems furious but still lets out a chuckle.

    ''This is not how you play the game. Once you let us in, you should know that getting rid of us won't be so easy. So, simply not putting us in the card won't be enough. We warned you, we are here to feast and haunt. Seems like nobody wanted to see us in the ring today. That's it?''

    Manson chuckles again, longer this time.

    ''But...I do understand. You have no idea what we are, and you are self-aware of that. Beating Genocide twice limited you to the only option: Wait and think of something. Try to calculate. Let me help you with that: Once we enter the equation, the whole math collapses. Backing up is not the answer FWA, nuh-uh, it isn't. We can't be analyzed. We DO the analyzing. We can't be predicted. We DO the predictions. And if you haven't got something for us.....we will eventually find something, and trust me, when we do, you're going to be in a world of regret.''

    Manson takes the camera into his hand and shows an antique table.

    ''This is where we eat. Every day, a great variety of food are put in this table. Some are already dead, and some are hunted directly by us. FWA is a big opportunity to fill this table even greatly. We already put Genocide's pride in this table. But we crave more. Tonight may be not The Vultures' night, but sooner or later, we will come to feast.''

    Manson covers the camera's lens with his other hand. The visuals are cut off, but his voice can still be heard.

    ''You may hide, or run. But don't let us find you.''

    This is the last thing we heard before the end of the video. Now, Fight Night can proceed with the announced schedule.


    Singles Match
    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder vs Mark Merriweather

    The Match: Instantly, Tommy Thunder is not impressed with his opponent as they meet in the middle of the ring. The opinion is reciprocated towards him by his opponent, Mark Merriweather. Both guys aren't extremely popular with the crowd but they take no notice of the reaction as they begin to bicker. Thunder claims that he's the bigger star so Merriweather should lie down for him... but Merriweather retorts that he's a global sensation, he's from Hollywood and Thunder should be lying down for him. The pair of them decide to take it to an audience vote as they take turns taunting to see who gets the bigger reaction - they're both booed a great deal and there seems to be no clear winner. Thunder, again, demands Merriweather learn his place and points a threatening finger at him. Merriweather holds his hands up and admits defeat as he goes horizontal on the mat. Thunder is pleased as he goes to kneel down for the pin... but he takes an extra second to address the crowd and tell them to stop booing. Turning his back on his opponent to do so isn't the brightest of ideas as Merriweather jumps up and rolls Thunder up for a pin! The match is over before you know it!

    Winner: Mark Merriweather

    Despite the crowd's dislike of Merriweather, they are obviously pleased at the embarrassment caused to Tommy Thunder - who is absolutely incensed with the referee in the ring and claims that he kicked out. The referee disagrees.

    Langdon Trafford: What the hell did we just see?

    David Weinstock: I think the "Division One Superstar" just got knocked down a few pegs!


    Thunder is enraged as Merriweather stands at the top of the ramp and mocks him with a 'L' sign. This causes Thunder to get out of the ring and storm up the ramp after Merriweather - but it's too late, Merriweather has escaped behind the curtain. Thunder stops and argues with a few fans at the ramp before disappearing from view.




    Backstage, cameras are back in the locker room, where they catch a glimpse of the former World Champion taping his wrists in preparation for his match against James Sync later in the evening. If Cyrus Truth notices the cameras, he certainly doesn't acknowledge it as he continues taping up. The atmosphere surrounding Cyrus is...not one most are accustomed to seeing with Cyrus. There's no stoic grimace, no angry fact, Cyrus appears rather...happy? Sure, he's smiling and even whistling as he gets ready for his next fight, but clearly seeing The Exile in this kind of mood is unsettling. It's made even more uncomfortable by the fact that, in light of Cyrus's recent assault on new FWA World Champion Shannon O'Neal, you'd expect Cyrus to not be so damn pleased with life.

    But even with this weird and unnatural happiness that seems to have come over Cyrus, there's a definite sense of aggression, a predatory hunger that rests just behind his eyes. He looks up, perpendicular to the camera, and lets out a low, sinister chuckle as he begins to speak.

    You, behind the camera. You look a bit confused. Actually, you look more nervous than anything, but there's some confusion in those timid eyes of yours. Oh, try and hide them behind that camera all you want, but I see right through you. I see everything so much clearer than anybody on this roster, whether it's the deadweight I send out on a stretcher tonight or our lovely new World Champion. But since you're here and too scared to do anything except record what I have to say, why not explain what last Fight Night was so that the feeble-minded among FWA's faithful can appreciate what was and what is to come?

    See, the short-sighted might see me dropping Shannon on her head as a retaliatory move, one in response to her beating me at Back In Business and taking my World Title. And while it's true I'm...disappointed in losing the World Title, that Journey's End wasn't given in anger or even spite. Shannon's now the World Champion, and well-deserved. What, you think I'm going to sit here and downplay Shannon's victory over me? Why? Why would I even consider that? Did she cheat? Did FWA give her some unfair advantage? No...nothing like that. She stepped into a storm and not only weathered it, but struck down the storm like a vengeful goddess. How can I not give her credit for that? How can I sit here as a man who prides himself on embracing the Struggle and not admit that I was beaten, fairly and definitively, at Back in Business? You see, for all that FWA wants you to believe about me, the Truth is I am a man of honor, of principle. FWA calls me a whiner and a coward, yet here I am admitting I lost in fair and glorious combat. I'm not hiding from the Truth, and have never done so. So, what does that say about FWA's rhetoric towards me, and about my claims of FWA's blatant hypocrisy and desire to profit from rather than promote professional wrestling glory?

    Cyrus holds his finger up and makes a "tsk tsk" sound, as if to suggest he's getting off-topic. That low, unhinged chuckle returns as he continues speaking.

    "But Cyrus," you may ask, "if you're a man of principle, why did you attack Shannon last Fight Night?" First off, good on you if you're actually asking that question instead of doing what you fools normally do and assume you understand the Truth. Secondly, I did what I did for a couple of reasons. The first was to get Shannon to understand what being the champion truly means. What it entails, and what comes with bearing the weight of the crown. Trust me, I could've done far worse than I did to Shannon had I wanted to out of some short-sighted notion of revenge, but I didn't because Shannon beat some respect into my soul at Back In Business. Now that she's the one who bears the champion's title, this is what awaits her. There's no safety, no calm port to weather the hurricane as long as you hold that belt and choose to hold it as a true champion should. The world that once held some small comforts for you, Shannon? That's gone now. KAIZEN once said that I had a lonely look in my eyes during my reign, and he was absolutely right. Being World Champion means being constantly, unrelentingly alone. Those you count as your allies? They now become your opposition. The minute you win the World Title and commit to being a champion, you commit to a life full of sorrow and misery as you hunt for those fleeting, but rapturous moments of ecstasy in the throes of combat. It is in battle that we as champions, as legends find our solace from the loneliness, and soon enough you'll start to feel that too. Has that weight settled on your shoulders yet, Shannon? If not, I at least hope that my Journey's End at least gave you some perspective as to what you can expect moving forward with that title belt around your waist. Feel free to be angry at me if you want, but know that one Journey's End is the tip of the iceberg that threatens to sink your title reign should you choose to not see the bigger picture.

    Now, I would be remiss if I didn't admit that the other reason I attacked Shannon was purely selfish. Not for the World Title, even though I wish to reclaim it so that I can continue to shine a light on FWA's rotten, bloated avaricious body. It's a necessary task, but not the most pressing need I have. See, Shannon beat me in a way I have never been defeated in professional least, not for a very long time. I've been beaten before, but even then it wasn't as...DEFINITIVELY as I was at her hands. Even when Rondo beat me at the previous year's Back in Business, he did so after me stomping the hell out of him and getting lucky with a three-count. And again, if anyone including Rondo wants to dispute that, see what happened the following month and what happened to him after I corrected the error. But Shannon...she didn't just win as Rondo had. She hit me with all the force she could muster and actually forced my body to reach a limit I didn't know I still had! I wanted to keep fighting, but I COULDN'T. Now, if I were any other man, such a loss would have ruined me. This sport is driven, oftentimes to its own detriment, by egos. Replace me with any other competitor and have Shannon do what she did to me to them, and they would either be ashamed or try like hell to rewrite history and make it seem like a fluke. But I? I am Cyrus Truth. I do not feel "ashamed" for losing and I refuse to perpetuate any delusions about what happened. What I do feel...and why I can't help but smile? It's PRIDE. It's the thrill of having a proper challenge again. It's the jubilation that Shannon has become something more than I ever imagined she could be and given me something to strive for again! Shannon, you've given me something far greater than any title or any accolade FWA has begrudgingly bestowed upon me. Do you get it now? This feeling, this drive to surpass my limit and beat you...THIS is what I was missing! THIS is why I came to FWA! And it took you beating the hell out of me at Back In Business to FINALLY get what I spent a year hunting for in this miserable company. Do you realize just what exactly you've given me? Or how utterly grateful I am to you for it!? I LOVE THIS! I may even love you, I don't know! But this is how a warrior should feel. To not have his mind clouded with hate and having his glory supplanted for someone else's greed, but to feel the fire that burns inside the heart of any warrior longing to hear the horn calling them to battle for glory and honor! You've given this back to me, Shannon, and I cannot ever repay you for that...

    ...But I will try. Because I felt it at Back in Business. You did too, right? That passion that drove you to hit me again and again and again to prove the doubters wrong, and revel in true glory. I saw just a hint of it after you won Carnal Contendership and we started down this path together, but I couldn't be sure of what it was. But now I am. After Back In Business, I can say without any doubt: you and I? We are cut from the same cloth. You and I want the same thing, even if you aren't yet willing to admit it. We do what we do because we refuse to be forgotten in the annals of history. We fight because it is necessary to prove our greatness and silence the critics too afraid to step into the arena. We are professional wrestlers, first and foremost! Loyal not to a company's dogma or to a master who does not deserve our allegiance, but to the pursuit of gold, glory, and legacy! Let the rest of the plebs burn and rot, because that's all they're good for. Forget what a corporation tells you a champion should be. Forge your own path! Leave your own scars so deep and so jagged that none who see them could EVER forget who left them! That is who I, who WE are, Shannon! This is what we were born to, this is the path we have chosen! So let's not let Back in Business be the end of it. Let's not stop this dance before the drums of war and glory have stopped beating. Let me feel this rush again, Shannon...let me prove that I CAN surpass my limits. And let me give you everything back that you've given me. Face me, World Champion...face me in the ring for the title you took from me and let's burn this motherfucker to the ground.

    Cyrus stands up, having finished taping his wrists. He grabs his ring jacket that was laying beside him and slides it on before turning to face the camera directly.

    I know saying this is going to cause your phone to ring incessantly. FWA officials are going to do everything they can to convince you not to face me again. They just got a reprieve from the reign of a tyrant and aren't too keen to let that happen again. But you know, don't you? You know they don't care about what you want. You are a tool in their eyes to sell tickets, PPV buys, and network subscriptions. Be more than that, Shannon. You are World Champion, not them. They do not deserve your deserve their respect. You know what I want...and you know it's the same thing you want. World Champion Shannon O'Neal...challenger Cyrus Truth. Another round. Another battle. Further glory to be had. Do not disappoint me.

    Cyrus pushes the cameraman back as he leaves the locker room and heads down the hallway towards gorilla. It seems his match is next. But beyond that, will he get his rematch? And is he right? Is Shannon, at her core, no different from the glory-seeking Vagabond King? Shannon has a match herself later in the evening...will that shed any light on this rivalry?

    James Sync's theme music, "The Wrong Side of Heaven," hits and the crowd turns its attention to the stage. The former X-Champion and Back in Business main-event participant comes to the ring hoping for an upset, especially after a stretch of losses piling up. But he looks confident as ever as he finds a spot in the corner.

    Cyrus Truth's theme music follows, and the aura inside the arena turns dark. The violin begins playing as Cyrus Truth slowly walks out to the stage, for his first match since losing the FWA Undisputed World Championship to Shannon O'Neal. However, he smirks as he closes his eyes and digests the feeling of weight lifted off his shoulders.

    Langdon Trafford: I don't know about you guys, but Cyrus Truth's transformation since losing the belt has been ... eery.

    Piers Gallagher: He is finding peace with the loss. Now it's just a matter of when, not if, he rights the wrong.

    Cyrus Truth vs. James Sync

    Match Summary: Cyrus dominates the match from the start, using quick forearm shots to the forehead as Sync struggles to block them. Cyrus whips Sync into the ropes and hits a back body drop. Sync is on the receiving end of repeated knee thrusts into the ribs as he crouches down and barely holds himself up against the ropes. Cyrus has his whip reversed but hits a DDT after a running kick to the gut. A pinfall try nets a quick two count. Sync battles back with his "Encore" spinebuster and abdominal stretch hold. Cyrus sidesteps a top rope moonsault and hits a running neckbreaker. That sets up a shoulder breaker for a two-and-a-half count.

    Match Ending: Cyrus whips Sync to the turnbuckle but misses an elbow. He redirects his body to bounce off the ropes next to the turnbuckle and Sync meets him with a kick to the gut. Sync tries a Crucifix Powerbomb but Cyrus flips his head back and sends Sync over the turnbuckle and to the apron. Cyrus smashes Sync's face into the ring post and pulls his foe through the middle and top ropes. Cyrus hits Wanderer's Wrath and then "Journey's End" to finish the match.

    Winner: Cyrus Truth



    Fight Night returns from commercial break and the sound of "Viva Las Vegas" rings out as an Elvis impersonator struts on out with a guitar in hand, the crowd finding this amusing cheer on the impersonator, he walks around the ring strutting like Elvis and slapping hands with a few fans along the way.

    Langdon Trafford:
    It looks like that Elvis has entered the building tonight!

    Piers Gallagher: I'm at a loss for words

    David Weinstock:
    That's a first!

    Elvis enters the ring and waits for the crowd to quiet down.

    Elvis: Thank you, thank you very much!

    Cheap pop from the fans.

    Elvis: How are ya'll doin out there tonight? The King is alive and well here in VIVA LAS VEGAS!

    He belts that out as if he's singing the song with the move with his hips.

    Elvis: Now, don't be cruel!

    Another pop from the fans.

    Elvis: Well since my baby left me, I found a new place to dwell, it's down at the end of lonely drive, it's the Heartbreak Hotel!

    The crowd seems to be enjoying this but soon their mood turns sour as the sound of "Gangster's Paradise" fills the arena and Jason Randall steps out with a look of disgust on his face. His title slung over his shoulder and Penny on her leash being dragged along.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Here come the party poopers!

    Piers Gallagher: Thank god, I don't think I could have handled another second of that!

    David Weinstock: If I were Elvis I'd be hightailing it out of there because this may not end well for him

    Piers Gallagher:
    If you were Elvis you'd be dead Davey!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Dave is right though Piers, it would be wise of him to get out of dodge while he can

    Jason steps in the ring with Penny on the leash still and steps up to the Elvis impersonator as his music fades out. Jason suddenly begins to laugh and clap, in the process releasing Penny, who sneaks up behind Elvis while he's distracted and wraps the leash around his neck, instantly bringing him to his knees while gasping for air. Jason picks up the guitar that Elvis dropped and cracks it over the impersonator's head, shattering it all over the ring. The crowd is showing their displeasure for this, showering Jason and Penny in boos. Jason picks up the microphone and soaks in the hatred for a bit before speaking.

    Jason Randall: Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building!

    He laughs at this, eliciting more hate.

    Jason Randall: You should all be thanking me for doing what I just did to this piece of trash because he doesn't belong in this ring! Besides, Elvis is overrated!

    Piers Gallagher: Agreed!

    Jason Randall: I don't seem to understand why the stooges in the back thought this was a good way to pass the time yet they couldn't find time to book me for this week's show! Of course I had to take matters into my own hands and our friend Elvis here had to find that out the hard way that you don't get in my way!

    He paces around the ring a bit.

    Jason Randall: As you're all aware by now, last week you saw me dispose of that pretty boy Mark Merriwether, yet he's here tonight booked in a match but I'm not? Book the guy that I beat in a match yet don't book the man that actually beat him within an inch of his life, makes sense! I get it though, I really do. I know the reason that I wasn't booked because everyone in the back in that locker room is too scared to face me one on one. They've seen what I've done to countless others like Zaire Wyoming and Vincent Blackbird for example, the latter got beat so badly by me that he tucked his tail between his legs and ran off back to nGw...

    No one wants a piece of me because they know that I'll do to them what I did those guys and everyone else that has decided to to step up and face me. I mean as much as I'd love to face the big, bad WOLF, I know that he'd back out at the very last minute and DUCK me because he knows that deep down inside that I'd rip him apart and show the world that he's not some big, bad wolf but nothing more than a puppy dog, all bark and no bite. Don't think I'm just singaling you out WOLF because I know there's a plethora of other big names back there that feel the same way you do. People like Cyrus Truth, Ryan Rondo, Chris Kennedy, PAJ, hell even our World Champ Shannon O'Neal and her little lackey Bell couldn't stand up to me even if they tried because I'd embarrass them and leave them for dead in the middle of this ring. As a matter of fact I'll give you a sample of what I'd do to any of them if they had the guts...

    He tosses down the microphone and jumps on the impersonator, who had started to stir, and begins wailing on him with several punches. Then Jason orders Penny to grab a chair, she does so and slides it back in the ring and sets it up for Jason, who has the impersonator in position...DROP DEAD ON THE CHAIR! The impersonator is out cold now with blood pouring from his head but the demented duo isn't done yet as Penny wraps the leash once more around his neck, holding his head up so Jason can berate him and taunt him while the crowd boos heavily. Jason the picks up the microphone one more time...

    Jason Randall: This is what lies in the future of those that wanna try and face me!

    He tosses down the microphone again, causing it to thud and he and Penny take their leave while medical staff and referees come in to check on the Elvis impersonator.

    Langdon Trafford: What a sickening display by those two maniacs! Just what the hell has gotten into everyone tonight!?!?

    David Weinstock: No one is safe when they are around!

    Piers Gallagher: Don't be expecting any encores from this guy anytime soon, ha!


    A small promo package plays that highlights the return of WOLF in order to hype up his return match, coming up next...


    With heart as cold as ice
    Only paying the price
    Lonely and forever lost
    Fear his wrath by far the most

    “Broke, Beat and Scarred” by Metallica blared over the speakers of the arena as the lights slowly dimmed to black. As the drums and guitar intensified, the crowd buzz picked up in anticipation. When the vocals started, the stage lit up and

    David Weinstock: And this, folks, this is the return of a true legend here in the FWA. He wants Kazadi....Ashley said 'You've got to earn it'. And here he is....


    Piers Gallagher: And he's going to find out first hand tonight the the competition level has changed here in the FWA! Michael Garcia is no slouch, and after being upset by Kazadi last week, he's more motivated than ever!

    David Weinstock: One might say that Garcia is Hungry like the Wolf then?

    Piers Gallagher: Only if you're stuck in 1988, David.

    Appeared in big red letters on the tron above. The moment that Adrian Wolf set foot onto the stage the roof nearly blew off the arena! With adrenaline coursing through his veins, Wolf ran out and let out a howl on each side of the stage! Wolf ran back to the center of the stage where a single spotlight shown on him as he made the walk that the FWA universe has been waiting for far too long. As he reached the center of the ramp, he stopped and let out one massive howl that preceeded an arena full of howls as Wolf soaked in the spotlight. He savored every second as he slowed down the pace and paused on the steel steps before stepping between the ropes and beating his chest, keeping the sdrenaline pumping. Wolf waited few seconds before…

    Langdon Trafford: Don't you just get the sense that Adrian Wolf is ALWAYS ready for a fight?

    David Weinstock: He almost killed a baby once, ya know.

    Piers Gallagher: Well, Garcia's almost killed fully grown adults before.

    David Weinstock: But what Wolf HAS done is win the FWA Championship twice!

    Piers Gallagher: Oh yeah, back when anyone could be champion, weren't you a three time champion, Weinstock?

    “Monster” by Imagine Dragons cut off the Metallica favorite. The crowd began to rain down a deafening chorus of boos as man formerly known as The Carnegie Carnivore stepped out on the stage. Garcia walked down the ramp, seemingly a little annoyed by the reaction, but very much focused on the task at hand as his eyes remained locked on Wolf the entire time. Wolf motioned for the big guy to come get himself some. Garciagrabbed the middle rope and hoisted himself onto the apron and then into the ring. Adrian gave Mike a smirk that drew the big man’s ire but the referee ordered both men into a corner before starting the match.

    “The Crowned Wolf” Wolf vs “Reignited” Michael Garcia

    Wolf sizes up the 7 footer and smartly keeps his distance, waiting for Garcia to make the first move. Wolf and Garcia circle the ring, before Wolf takes a step back and unleashes a howl! Garcia charges forward with a clothesline but Wolof ducks it and turns around, striking Garcia with a series of knife edge chops to the chest! Garcia backs up into the ropes so Wolf takes his arm and whips the big man into the ropes. Garcia rebounds and Wolf hits him with a spinning back elbow and then a kick to the gut. Garcia’s rocked by the kick and as Wolf grabs him, Garcia shoves him off but Wolf bounces off the rope, coming back with a huge clothesline that knocks Garcia to the mat! Mike quickly rolls to the outside, and gets to his feet, holding the back of his neck.

    The referee started his count of 10, but Wolf made no effort to win this match by countout as he refused to let Garcia get any time to recover. Wolf immediately slid out of the ring, ran up behind the behemoth and began clubbing him in the back! But Wolf poked the bear too many times, and Garcia immediately turned around, grabbed Wolf by the neck and tossed him HARD into the barricade! Wolf landed like a crash test dummy on the floor and Garcia wasted no time in grabbing Wolf by the hair and tossing him back into the ring. Garcia immediately tosses Wolf into the corner and begins leveling him with a barrage of right forearms, but Wolf throws a few punches of his own and fights out of it! Wolf turns the tables and puts Garcia into the corner and begins to level the big man with a series of rights and lefts, but eventually Garcia powers out, shoving Wolf back to the center of the ring. Garcia checks his mouth for blood, before going back to Wolf, who catches Garcia with a standing Savate kick and drops the giant to the canvas! Garcia starts to stagger to his feet, and Wolf sees an opportunity to end it early as he goes for a spear, but Garcia avoids it and Wolf hits shoulder first into the barricade! Wolf falls to a knee upon collision as Garcia realizes how close he just came to being in a really bad spot so early on. Garcia walks over to Wolf and drills him with a shoulderbreaker, sending the former FWA champion down to the canvas. With Wolf down, Garcia takes advantage with a running elbow drop before stomping away at the joints of the fallen champion. Garcia picks Wolf up the hair and walks him over to the corner of the ring where he begins to slam Wolf’s head into the turnbuckle several times, viciously before rubbing his face in the ropes. Garcia usually takes this time to taunt the crowd but this time he seems way more focused on the match than usual. Garcia tosses Wolf into the far corner before following in like a freight train and crushing Wolf! Wolf staggers out of the corner and Garcia nails him with a hard right hook that causes Wolf to fall back to the ropes but he immediately bounces back with a right of his own! Garcia goes for another right but Wolf ducks and on the turnaround begins drilling Garcia with rights and lefts! Garcia ends the assault with a kick to the midsection of Wolf and then charges forward but Wolf ducks down and manages to deliver a Samoan Drop! Both men take a minute to get to their feet.

    They again exchange blows before Garcia goes for a clothesline, which Wolf ducks and comes back with a clothesline of his own! Then another one! A third one gets countered and Garcia tosses Wolf into the ropes, but Wolf comes back with a leaping forearm! But Garcia catches Wolf in mid-air and sends him crashing down to the mat with an Alabama Slam! Garcia covers!



    Wolf kicks out at 2 and Garcia immediately goes back to the shoulder with an aggressive assault of stomps and elbows. Garcia allowed Wolf to desperately claw to the ropes for assistance, only to kick away at the shoulder when he reached for them. Garcia grabbed the arm and outstretched it, before clubbing down on the shoulder and then applying a version of the Crossface Chickenwing to Wolf! Wolf struggled to breathe but after about a minute in the hold started to show signs of life! The crowd started to come alive and a loud Wolf chant erupted! Wolf pushed his way to his feet before managing to create separation and fight ing out of the hold! Wolf threw a few headbutts at the giant before whipping him into the ropes but he ducked down and Garcia kicked him right in the bad shoulder and then just mowed him down with a hard shoulder tackle! Garcia then dragged Wolf by his hair over to the corner, before hoisting him up onto the top rope! Garcia hooked him up for a suplew but Wolf desperately fought it off, before flying off the top rope with a moonsault onto the standing Garcia!

    Wolf rolled to the corner and slowly pulled himself up to his feet! Garcia used the ropes and got their as well, noticing Wolf’s position. He immediately charged towards Wolf, who rolled out of the way and Garcia crashed into the turnbuckle allowing Wolf to charge in, crushing Garcia! Wolf ducked down and dug his good shoulder into the abdomen of the big man as the crowd chanted to 10 with him! The referee pulled Wolf away, allowing Garcia out but Wolf was ready with his Double A Style Spinebuster! Wolf covered Garcia!



    Garcia got the shoulder up! Wolf waited for Garcia to get up and again went for another spear but Garcia was ready for it and nearly took Wolf’s head off with a Running Boot! Wolf collapsed to the canvas but Garcia wasn’t ready to go for the pin just yet as he pulled Wolf up and drilled him with a Homewood Heart Attack!



    Again, Wolf got the shoulder up! Garcia couldn’t believe it as he argued witht the referee that it should have been three! He grabbed the referee by the shirt, but then got control of his temper and let go, taking a deep breath, and turning around right into a Spear! Wolf covered!



    Garcia kicked out just after 2! Wolf called for his Final Howl and the crowd roared!

    He pulled Garcia up by his hair and tried to, he lift…hescoop…no, try as he might, and as strong as he is, even Wolf wasn’t able to Military Press Slam a man of Garcia’s size and when he tried, all of Garcia’s weight fell back on him into a pinning predicament for Mike!



    Wolf almost got caught offguard and nearly got pinned, but it didn’t matter because as soon as they both got up, Garcia hit Wolf with a devastating Pittfall!



    WOLF KICKED OUT OF THE PITTFALL! Garcia was incensed, literally slamming his fists down to the mat, wondering what in God’s name he has to do to win! Garcia did a throat slit gesture before climbing up to the top rope, looking for some sort of Moonsault (Say what?) and steadying himself but Wolf regained his composure and pulled Garcia’s leg, crotching him on the top rope! With Garcia out of commission, Wolf put himself in position and eventually, sent Garcia crashing all the way down with a top rope powerbomb!


    3! in the front row started freaking out when Garcia still managed to kick out!

    Wolf and Garcia both laid motionless on the mat as a “Holy Shit” chant broke out. Both men giving it their all and worn out, exhausted, and nearly broken they still managed to stagger to their feet and engage in a fist fight one more time, until Wolf kicked at Garcia’s kneecap, sending him to one knee and looking for the Wrath of the Beast!

    But when he ducked his head down, Garcia grabbed him by his hair, pulled him down to the mat and locked him into the Steel Curtain (Gogoplata)! Wolf desperately flailed his free arm and tried to fight his way to the ropes but Garcia was too much weight to pull around at this stage in the fight and when Garcia grapevined the legs, Wolf wasout like a light. The referee raised Wolf’s arm three times, and each time it hit the mat!

    Here is your winner at 16:45 – “Reignited” Michael Garcia



    Singles Match
    Dionysus w/Ares & Zeus vs Ryan Martin w/Julian Watson & Madison Banks

    The Match:
    It's a little tense to begin with as, on the outside, Watson/Banks appear to have words for Ares/Zeus and it distracts the duo in the ring. As action starts, Martin goes for a rollup but Dionysus kicks out almost instantly. He explodes in rage as he gets back to his feet and uses forearms to send Martin back towards a turnbuckle before taking a run up and nailing him with a dropkick. He lands another one to the seated Martin just for the sake of it. The Tag Team champion doesn't give his opponent any breaks as he continues to pelt him with forearms in the corner until the referee pulls him off. It's clear Dionysus has a chip on his shoulder after the loss on the previous Fight Night. As the referee speaks to Dionysus, Martin is pulled out of the ring by Watson and given a pep talk by Banks. Dionysus comes outside of the ring and backs off Martin's entourage but the distraction is enough for Martin to take advantage and level him with a superkick and send him back into the ring. It's not enough for the win, however. With the momentum shifted, Martin dominates the match by using kicks and suplexes to keep his opponent grounded. He also makes sure to let Ares and Zeus hear about it as he taunts them after landing every single move. It's not a good match for Dionysus.

    The Finish: After turning things around, Dionysus has Martin near breaking point after a close fall from a running knee and standing moonsault. He picks Martin up and hits him with the turnbuckle powerbomb before knocking him down with the superkick, he gets a close pinfall and looks set to go for the Chaos Alert curb stomp... but Madison Banks climbs up onto the apron and distracts the referee! There's a little argument between Dionysus, Banks and the ref - Ares and Zeus come around to join in also. Out of the sight of them all, Watson is able to get a hold of a tag belt and throws it into Martin's grasp. The referee is still distracted by Ares, Zeus and Banks whilst Dionysus turns around and is clubbed with his own belt! Martin passes the incriminating evidence to Watson as he drops down for the cover...1...2...3!!

    Winner: Ryan Martin

    As the referee makes his count, Ares spies Watson with the title belt and realises what has happened - he makes right for him and takes him down with a spear on the outside! The crowd break into cheers as she shows some fight - but inside the ring, Martin is standing victorious over his brother. Ares slides into the ring and squares up to Ryan - both of their managers enter the ring, Zeus tries to defuse the situation whilst Banks mocks Ares and tries to egg him on.

    Langdon Trafford: This is all going to come to a head! Madison Banks is going to force Ares to throw down with this trash talk!

    David Weinstock: Zeus needs to get him and Dionysus out of there now, they can't lose the head like this!

    Suddenly, the crowd's attention is focused elsewhere as two individuals leap the barriers and begin to assault Ares and Martin - it's Christopher Manson and BUCK! The Sin City Vultures!

    Piers Gallagher: This is EXACTLY what we need!

    Langdon Trafford: The Sin City Vultures had a message earlier tonight... and now they're making sure that it's been noticed!

    The crowd boo as BUCK beats down Ares whilst Manson gets tore into Martin - throwing Banks out of the way as he does so. Watson's still down on the outside whilst Dionysus is still laid out in the ring - there's no support to prevent the attack from the Vultures! With everyone down, Manson goes outside and grabs both of the tag belts - he and BUCK hold them aloft to a chorus of boos from the crowd. The pair then throw down the belts with looks of disgust on their face - the message is clear.


    We go backstage to Ashley O'Ryan's office where the Fight Night General Manager is rewatching the incident from the previous match. He turns his TV off and shakes his head. The assistant standing next to him poses a question...

    Assistant: What are you going to do, sir?

    Before he can answer, the pair are interrupted by someone bursting in through the door - it's a dishevelled Tommy Thunder. Ashley shoots him a puzzled look as he slowly walks forward...

    Tommy Thunder: O'Ryan!

    Ashley looks at him as if to say "what do you want?" - Thunder shoves the assistant out of the way...

    Tommy Thunder:
    Get out of my way, idiot!

    He then puts an elbow on the desk, breathing slightly heavily for some reason, and points right at O'Ryan.

    Tommy Thunder: Do you know who I am?

    Ashley goes to answer...


    Ashley O'Ryan:
    Riiiiiiight.... and.... ?


    Ashley sits for a minute and ponders the thought as Thunder tries to throw an intimidating stare at him.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Since you clearly put in a lot of effort in finding him, Tommy.... fine. You can have a rematch.

    Thunder's expression turns to a smile...

    Tommy Thunder: I always knew I liked you, O'Ryan. You're a smart guy. You'll be grateful I gave you a chance.

    Thunder smirks at him before turning around, shoving the assistance once more and leaving. The assistant sorts himself out and clears his throat to prompt Ashley.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Yes? What were we speaking about? Oh right... there is not much forr me to do. I think we've got a clear tag title matchup on the horizon, wouldn't you agree? The Vultures... Heartbreak Express... Olympians... it all makes sense to me. They're the least of my worries right now. I've got Jason Randall getting too big for his boots, I've got Amy Duke put into hospital by a monster and... where the hell is Mike Parr!?

    Assistant: I don't think he's here tonight sir.

    Ashley O'Ryan: Yes, well, that's obvious, isn't it? It's clear to me that Mike Parr thinks he's gained a divine right to do what he wants. Perhaps he thinks it isn't worth his time to show up? I don't know. It's about time I stamped some authority on this place once more. I've got plans for Mike Parr... and trust me... he'll show up. He wants to be treated like a big star, a champion? Then he can defend his belt on my say so.

    Assistant: Against who, sir?

    Ashley O'Ryan:
    Whoever wants it. Let them make themselves known... and earn it. I'm not waiting for this tournament to conclude. I need Parr to learn respect right now.

    Assistant: What about the others?

    Ashley O'Ryan: Zako Wrath has to be punished for his actions. And that's why, on the next Fight Night, he will face Mac Michaud. Let's see how Zako deals with someone that's just as much of a bully as him, eh? Let's see if he can bully Mac like he did Amy. Disgusting behaviour. As for Randall? He thinks he can take on everyone? Let them have it. I have a plan for that. Jason Randall... the X division in general... let's say we shake things up? Let's put down a... gauntlet for them. I'm sure Mr Randall will have invoked some intrigue from his would-be challengers. So let them all go at it. Let Jason Randall create the carnage he obviously desires... and let it be the reason that he falls from grace.

    Assistant: ... And Rondo? He kind of... overstepped the mark.

    Ashley O'Ryan: I don't need to do anything about him. You don't do those things to Chris Kennedy and get away with it. Chris'll be back, I'm sure. I have word that he will be just fine. A small leg injury is all he has to worry about. That's all the punishment Rondo needs - knowing that Chris Kennedy will be back and will be gunning for him.

    The scene fades out as O'Ryan swirls his drink and smirks...




    Backstage, we see Katie Lynn Goldsmith standing with a microphone in hand. At her side, Shannon O'Neal stands upright with the FWA World Championship over her shoulder.

    "Earlier tonight, we heard from Cyrus Truth, the former World Champion. He had some very direct words for Shannon O'Neal. Now ... we hear from the World Champion."

    The microphone moves in front of Shannon's face. She looks at Katie for about one second longer than necessary and then begins talking.

    "I wanted to be in a good mood for Fight Night. But nah ... Cyrus Truth, man ... he ain't lettin' it go. So now ... now I'm a pissed ... off ..."

    Shannon pauses, with the crowd joining in for the second word and the next one.


    The crowd cheers as Shannon pauses again.

    "That's what this is. And it's 'cause Cyrus Truth is bein' a little whiny brat who is upset he lost his toy. ... a toy he didn't even WANT for like the last eight months!

    It's like a lil' kid, a brat. Kid doesn't play with a toy for years, and then the parents give the toy to the younger brother or sister. Now it's a thing. That's Cyrus Truth. Throwin' a fit. I couldn't care LESS about his lil' psycho drama mind-game bullsh*t he's tryin' to pull on me. I was stalked by a bastard named Jack of Diamonds. So I don't much give a sh*t how Cyrus Truth reacts to losin' the belt. Whether he is laughin', cryin', sh*ttin' his pants, pisses all over the bathroom walls, puts his shirt on inside-out. Couldn't give a flyin' sh*t less 'cause the only thing that happened, the only thing that is for certain ... is I beat Cyrus Truth at Back in Business. I beat him. I am the Undisputed World Champion. The FWA now has a queen. And everyone — man, woman, dog, cat, bird, moose, chicken, goat, duck, alligator, elephant, zebra ... SNAKE ... porcupine, lizard, flea, monkey, lion ... WOLF ... and hell, throw the ghost of Matt Boudreau in there, and those white-eyed zombies comin' for all the Game of Thrones people — they ALLLLL should be throwin' their punches 'n fightin' their way for a shot at me. As for me ... I'ma go to that ring and show everyone who wants to be champ what bein' champ means, and what bein' a champ looks like. Go to work, put on a show, make all those fans happy, and make holdin' this belt worth somethin'."

    Shannon walks off from the scene, leaving Katie happy with the interview she got despite not having to work very hard to get it.


    "Let Me Clear My Throat" begins and the crowd turns its attention to the stage, where the reigning FWA World Champion is welcomed with a lively ovation. Shannon struts out to the ring for her first match since winning the World Championship, although she doesn't look all too pleased.

    Langdon Trafford: We saw Cyrus make a point on the last show. Then we heard what he had to say. We heard from Shannon right before.

    Piers Gallagher: But will she live up to the billing as THE World Champion?!

    "Turn the Page" hits and Tristan James Galloway comes to the ring with an inspired look, hoping to pull off an upset win against the new World Champion. Shannon waits in the ring as Tristan steps through with his 6-foot, 7-inch frame compared to Shannon, who doesn't even reach a flat 6 feet.

    Non-title match
    Shannon O'Neal vs. Tristan James Galloway

    Match Summary: Shannon O'Neal dodges Tristan's power by using her quick-hitting strikes to keep her foe at bay. It holds Tristan off for a bit, but the former Number one contender to the North American Championship eventually presses Shannon against the turnbuckle. Tristan overpowers Shannon to the opposite turnbuckle and charges, but he misses a corner splash. Shannon lands one WICKED right-hand punch to the cheek and Tristan is stumbling back, shaking off the cobwebs.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon's whole offense is based around those punches, those strikes to the face. If she can land like eight to 10 of those, I think she has a shot, even against the larger Tristan Galloway.

    Piers Gallagher: But she has to land them first. That was one.

    Shannon's second try is blocked, her fist going right into the clenched hand of Galloway. He twists Shannon's arm, and then hits a fireman's carry slam. Galloway shows his strength throughout the match while Shannon finds openings here and there to leap and lunge for striking offense. Galloway lands a side slam and covers, but it's only a two-and-a-half count.

    Shannon lands a spinning wheel kick after ducking a boot. Then she sits atop Tristan for repeated strikes down into the face. Three or four hit the mark good, and Shannon rises off so she can try for her "Paradise City" bicycle kick. But Galloway moves out of the way for a gorilla press slam! Another cover, but this one is a near-fall two-and-three-quarters kick out.

    Match Ending: Shannon uses a drop-toe hold to trip Tristan, who lands face first into the turnbuckle. Shannon lands a rope-aided double stomp to the lower spine. She fires off another big right hand punch to the jaw, the ninth one of the match, and Tristan goes down hard, his back on the mat for the first time. Shannon seizes the opening as Tristan is nearly unconscious. The World Champion lands a top-rope double-knee drop to the chest! Tristan took it hard and Shannon waits for him to rise and hits her "Paradise City" bicycle kick finisher. She covers and gets the 1-2-3 win.

    Winner: Shannon O'Neal
    Shannon exits the ring, leaving with her World Championship belt and a hard-earned victory. Tristan James Galloway looks disappointed as he sits up inside the ring.


    "Tell the World" rings out, popping the crowd which claps along with the start of the song. After a pause, Bell Connelly comes out onto the ramp, giving the ramp camera a smile and a wink as she makes her way down to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford:
    A spot in the NA Challenger Tournament finals beckons for one of our next two competitors, and making her way out first is the woman who overcame Tristan Galloway in the first round of said tournament, the woman who has her sights squarely locked on the NA Championship! Ladies and gentleman, Bell Connelly has arrived in Las Vegas!!

    David Weinstock:
    Sinatra may have said 'Luck be a lady', but it wasn't luck which carried Bell to this point! What she did to Galloway, she's going to need more of the same to get past Starr!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Give it a rest guys, we all know Bell Connelly is a choker extraordinaire! Always the bridesmaid, and an insane bridesmaid at that!!

    Bell enters the ring and jumps onto the far turnbuckles, acknowledging young fans near the barricade who are decked out in Bell gear.

    "The Past Should Stay Dead" then blares in the arena. The smoke rises, and Starr leaps out of the smoke for a dramatic entrance on top of the ramp! Starr takes a moment to observe the view of the arena from the top of the ramp before sprinting down towards the ring.

    Langdon Trafford:
    It would not have been wrong to say that there were many doubters, many naysayers! But last Fight Night, any notion that this young man doesn't belong with the best of the best in this NA Challenger tournament was cast aside!! Ladies and gentleman, Starr is in the building, and he must defeat his most serious challenger yet if he hopes to keep advancing in this tournament!

    Piers Gallagher:
    One in a Million? More like a dime a dozen!! The only good thing about this matchup is that at least one schmuck is guaranteed to go home!

    David Weinstock:
    Keep underestimating Starr, Piers, how well did that work out for Tommy Thunder last week?

    Starr slides into the ring and jumps onto the middle ropes, arms spread out. The crowd is making noise but the noise is also uneven and uneasy, and the choice between Starr and Bell has clearly split the crowd. Starr jumps down from the ropes. Starr and Bells eyes meet for a moment, and almost on cue they both seem to give each other a quick nod of respect before the referee ushers them into opposing corners. The ref calls for the bell!!

    NA Championship Challenger Tournament Semi-finals
    Bell Connelly vs Starr

    The two wrestlers slowly walk towards the center of the ring as the crowd finally breaks out in competing chants of 'BELL!' and 'STARR!' Bell extends her hand out over their heads, challenging Starr to a test of strength! Starr takes a look and is game. The two lock up, and after a moment Starr pushes Bell back towards the corner. Bell uses her foot to kick off the bottom rope and move Starr back towards the center of the ring. Bell drops down and tries to armdrag Starr, but Starr blocks the attempt, kicks away Bells grip, and tries to grab Bell by the ankle. Before Starr can snap down on her leg, Bell rolls backwards onto her feet! Starr throws a punch but Bell blocks it goes behind for a hip toss, only for Starr to float out halfway and ground Bell with a Hammerlock! Starr sits his knee onto Bells locked arm and tries to grab Bells other arm for a Jim Breaks Armbar!!Bell pops out of the hammerlock just in time, but Starr then scoots under Bell and leverages her for a sliding pin!!


    Bell kicks out after one! Starr tries to follow up again, but Bell just misses Starrs face with an upkick off her back!! Starr spins away and lets Bell get back up to her feet!

    Langdon Trafford: This young buck Starr is proving he can most definitely hang with Bell Connelly here! Is this a smart strategy by Bell, trying to out-technique Starr?

    David Weinstock:
    Not in my opinion, no. Bell needs to make her championship experience count against the more inexperienced Starr, and basic holds isn't the way to do it, its only going to build Starrs confidence!

    Starr charges but Bell sidesteps him. Starr hits the ropes, but as he comes back Bell Connelly stops him with a spinning back elbow! Starr reels, and Bell tries to pull him in for a snap suplex. Bell gets Starr up but Starr again uses his agility to slip out, and instead snares Bell with a beautiful Backstabber!! The crowd 'ooooooooh's at Starrss midair twist. Bell is hurt but tries to get up quickly. Starr runs the ropes again and as Bell gets up, shes flung out towards the ring apron by a running Hurricanrana! Starr is feeling it now, and encourages the crowd to start clapping to a beat, and most of the arena obliges. Starr again runs the ropes as Bell uses the ring ropes to pull herself up on the apron. Starr flings himself towards Bell, but Bell steps up on the bottom rope and throws up a knee!! Starrs face smashes into Bells knee, sending Starr collapsing in a heap back towards center ring!! Bell grabs her own knee in pain, but the pain seems to have awakened something in Bell. Bell measures Starr, slingshots over the ropes and wipes out Starr with a flying forearm!! Bell gets on top of Starr and starts raining down punches on Starr!

    Starr tries to cover up and rolls on this stomach. Starr tries to scoot out from under Bell, but Bell lets him scoot out by standing up, and then as Starr gets to his knees, drops Starr back down with a snap DDT!! Starr rolls towards the ropes as Bell takes a momenT to wipe the hair out of her face. Bell then goes towards Starr aDn starts stomping away at his legs! A few boos ring out, but theyre also mixed in with the cheers of those who approve the more vicious side of Bell. Bell grabs Starr by the hair and tries to get him up, but Starr kips up and grabs Bell, sending her right into the ropes with a jumping STO!! Bells torso bounces off the ropes and she flies backwards, while Starrs landing leads him to slip out of the ring and onto the floor!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Bell has turned up the aggression, Starr showing god ring awareness to stop the offense of Bell Connelly momentarily!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Whats wrong with her? Why is she making those stupid faces??

    In the ring, Bell has recovered, but as she looks out at Starr, the camera catches a face not of anger or determination, but one of some kind of anguish, her lips quivering and her eyes discombobulated. As Starr pulls himself up on the outside barricade and tries to clear his head, Bell is mumbling something to herself inside the ring, looking forlorn. She suddenly gets up, and with the same facial expression, runs the ropes and flings herself out of the ring with a huge suicide dive!! Bell spears Starr against the barricade with the dive, sending people seated there scurrying away in shrieks! Starr is hung up on the barricade, and Bell slides back into the ring, runs the ropes again, and lauches herself out for another suicide dive, which catches Starr again flush!!! Bell, with the same vacant look on her face, rolls back in the ring and does it a third time!!!!

    Langdon Trafford:
    A hellacious assault!!! Bell Connelly is using her own body as a weapon, a battering ram against Starr!

    David Weinstock: You heard it from her directly, this is a must-win for her, and it looks like the light bulb has finally turned on inside Bell Connelly!!

    Starr writhes in pain on the floor, having absorbed three suicide dives to the midsection. Bell grabs him and rolls him back in the ring. The damage of throwing herself outside finally catches up to Bell, and she is slow to get back in herself. As she climbs through the ropes and back in, Starr trips her up with a toe hold!! Starr tries to transition into a Muta Lock but Bell is too quick and spins back onto her feet. Bell grabs Starr by the head and tries to give him a facebuster, but Starr stops her with punches to the gut! Bell grabs Starrs head with both hands and headbutts him in the jaw!!! The crowd alternates between popping and cringing as the *thud* is heard throughout the arena!! Starr almost collapses forward, but just as Bell lets go of his head, Starr lets out of a huge yell and absolutely hurls Bell across the ring with a sudden Belly to Belly Suplex!!! The crowd gasps as Bell crashes across the ring, her feet almost hitting the opposite turnbuckle!! Starr collapses to the mat for a few moments and tries to kip up, but his midsection is still too hurt and he falls back down!!The crowd picks up a thunderous dueling "BELL!/STARR!" chant again as both wrestlers stay down. Starr makes it back to his feet first and slowly walks over to Bell. Just as he reaches out to Bell, Bell suddenly gets up on her own! Starr then cracks Bell with a palm strike which sends Bells head snapping back... but Bell starts shaking her head and stares back at Starr with a blank stare. Starr is now staring bemused at Bell, who is just staring back at Starr and saying "No no no no no..." over and over again. Starr snaps out of it and gives Bell a huge knife edged chop! Bell barely moves, but Starr is relentless and gives Bell another, and this time Bell stumbles back into the corner!! Starr tries to irish whip Bell out of the corner, but Bell instead pulls Starr in and gives him a huge knife edged chop of her own!!!! Starr is spun around by the force of the chop, but as Bell takes a step forward, Starr keeps his body moving and CRUSHES Bell with his spinning enziguri!!! Bell is flung back into the corner and collapses into a heap!!

    David Weinstock:
    You can just tell that Starr wants to match Bell Connelly move for move! If he was ever overawed by this challenge, it isn't showing now!

    Langdon Trafford:
    This is Starrs way of showing the world he truly belongs on this stage!!

    Piers Gallagher:
    Uh, guys...

    Starr thinks about trying to kip up again but decides not to and just rolls up.... to find that Bell Connelly has used the corner ropes to pull herself up at the same time. Bell is still shaking her head, but Starr grabs her and irish whips her into the opposite corner!! Bell smashes into the corner face first, and as she stumbles back, Starr grabs her and gives her a Reverse Regalplex... but Bell lands on her feet!! Starr turns around and Bell flings him up with a quick Monkey Flip!! Starr tries to right himself up in the corner but Bell charges in and smashes Starr with a Glitterball (Cannonball Senton)!!! Starr is reeling out of the corner; Bell gets up, screams "STARR!!!!!!!!!" at the top of her lungs, and grabs Starr by the wrist for Footloose (Inverted Stomp Facebreaker)!!!.. but Starr pulls her in by the wrist and catches Bell flush with a Ripcord Elbow Smash!!! Bell is momentarily stunned but stays upright! The camera catches a look of shock in Starrs face as Bells face finally twists itself into an ugly look of rage. Bell drops down for Footloose!!! Starr is flattened out, but Bell is feeling the effects of the elbow and can't find Starr, stumbling towards the ref instead!! Bell finally finds where Starr fell and covers!!!



    Starr kicks out!! Bell shakes her head once more and tries to get Starr up. Both of them labor to their feet, and Bell grabs Starr by the head and tries to hit the Glitterbomb (Codebreaker)!!!... but Starr blocks Bell from dropping down, and tries to STO Bell instead, but Bell falls backward instead of forward, trying to sweep Starr with a Brisco Roll!!

    Langdon Trafford:



    Starr kicks out again right at 2!! Starr spins up on his knee but Bell is ready and smashes him with a thunderous knee to the face!!! The crowd gasps... but this time, its Starr who is powering through the pain!!! Starr lets out a huge scream, throws Bells knee aside, and leg picks Bell!! Bell tries to move but its too late; Starr pops himself up and leaps on top of Bell, driving the air out of Bell with a huge Double Foot Stomp!!! Starr collapses onto Bell, cannot hook the legs, but still makes the cover!!!



    Bell kicks out!!! Starr slips off of Bell and is now clutching both his own ribs and face as Bell coughs on the mat, desperately trying to get the air back in her lungs. Both wrestlers stumble to their feet as the crowd wildly cheers them both on! Bell and Starr both run at each other with clotheslines and knock each other down again!! Starr gets up a little quicker this time, and as Bell tries to stand, Starr throws a short superkick that... connects!!!!

    David Weinstock:HE GOT HER!!!

    Langdon Trafford:

    Bell is reeling on her knees. Starr moves in for the Overdrive!!!

    Langdon Trafford: STRUC-

    As Starr leans down to grab Bells head, she suddenly smacks both of his hands away with force. Bell grabs the exposed Starr and shatters him mid-ring with a huge Glitterbomb!!!!

    Langdon Trafford:


    David Weinstock:Championship experience is showing here!!!

    Bell is crawling around on her hands and knees looking for where Starr fell. When she finds him, she slowly drags Starr up to his feet. The camera catches Bell saying something, either to herself or Starr. As the crowd gasps in anticipation, Bell uses both hands to wrench Starr upright by the chin, then drops down and gives Starr a second Glitterbomb!!!

    Langdon Trafford:

    David Weinstock:Bells leaving Vegas bound for the finals!!!!

    Bell slowly makes the cover!




    Winner and advancing to the Finals: Bell Connelly

    "Tell the World" rings out again as the ref tries to raise Bells hand. Bell, however, collapses to the mat in exhaustion, almost tripping up the referee with her.

    Starr rolls out of the ring and is collapsed on the outside, not moving besides heavy heaves of breathing. A FWA physician scurries down the ramp to check on him. A moment later, his agent Anna Alexis also sprints down the ramp and joins the physician in checking on his condition.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Ladies and gentleman, we've just witnessed a classic, an absolute classic of a match!! These two warriors put it all on the line, all in hopes for a chance to challenge for the North American Championship, but tonight, its Bell Connelly who has ended the run of Starr and put herself only two wins away from the North American Championship!!! Bell Connelly, headed for the finals!!

    David Weinstock: Starr has nothing to be ashamed of. He pushed Bell to her absolute limit. One door closes, three doors open, there is no way, no way that management doesnt take notice how Starr brought it in this NA tournament!

    Piers Gallagher:
    I still think Anna Alexis is too good for him, but I'll give the kid this much.... he impressed me tonight. Still a loser though!! Princess Dork moves on!

    Bell slowly rolls out of the ring, takes a quiet look at Anna Alexis and the physician crouching over Starr, and then continues walking up the ramp while favoring the shoulder that she used to ram Starr with on the suicide dives. The physician asks Starr to give him some form of physical response.

    The titantron then catches Starr giving a weak thumbs-up to the physician.

    The crowd responds with a deafening cheer and applause.


    Todd Salum stands in front of the camera to a respectful reaction from the T-Mobile arena, though the reaction seems thinned and ready to pounce on the man that will inevitable revealed once the camera zooms out.

    Todd Salum: Ladies and gentleman, tonight’s main event will feature the semi-finals of the North American Championship Challenger tournament. One of the contestants will be Phillip A. Jackson who defeated James Sync for the opportunity and the other is the man I have with me, who defeated Michael Garcia to enter the next round. I have with me, the Alpha Wolf… Zachary Kazadi.

    The camera zooms out and Zachary Kazadi stands in gear, ready to embrace the rabid jeering that follows. He doesn’t grin nor finds himself angered at the reaction, to him, it matters little to who he is, how he’ll act or how he will perform. He offers Todd a handshake. Salum is slightly taken aback but chooses not to shake, Zachary’s hand. Instead, he raises the microphone to his mouth.

    Todd Salum: Zachary, I’ve interviewed countless men here in the FWA. Great men. Men who’ve deserved to be interviewed. World Champions. North American Champions. Even X Champions. And you are, of course, a former X Champion. Nevertheless, it seems you hold yourself to a much higher esteem than everyone else, but I can’t quite wrap my mind around why you believe yourself deserving of the praise you expect.

    Well, that might be the last thing Zachary expected. The fans erupt in cheers for the wily, old interviewer.

    Zachary Kazadi: You said it yourself, Todd. I’m an X Champion. A Quest for the Best finalist. A Carnal Contendership finalist. I’ve beaten Mike Parr already. I’ve beaten PAJ twice over. All in my first year here. All being screwed over and over by Ashley O’Ryan.

    Todd’s frown indicates he’s not buying much of what Kazadi’s saying.

    Todd Salum: You’ve proclaimed yourself the best in the past but the resume you just listed doesn’t hold you up to that. Only a single defense of the X Championship. You came up short in Quest for the Best. You came up short in Carnal Contendership. You beat Mike Parr with nothing on the line and with the assistance of Michel Garcia. You failed to pin PAJ on both occasions you faced him.

    Kazadi frowns and makes to reach the microphone but Todd keeps it just out of reach.

    Todd Salum: You wanted this interview, you’ll treat me with the respect you refused Katie Lynn. As I was saying - you can’t even begrudge Ashley O’Ryan, a man who offered you a second shot at the X Championship when you failed the first time. A man who honored your first X Championship title defense by giving you the choice of match. A man who allowed you participation in the Carnal Contendership after you refused to defend your X Championship and forfeited… and a man who allowed you to return and compete in the North American Championship Challenger tournament after you walked away from the FWA following your second defeat to Danny Toner. Why should these people treat you with respect? Why do you deserve to be in the main event of Fight Night? Why do you deserve to fight for Chris Kennedy’s streak?

    The barrage of questions provokes some rarely seen anger from Zachary Kazadi. He takes the microphone from Todd out of instinct but when he raises it to his mouth he discovers he’s got nothing to say. Salum looks at him expectantly but Kazadi’s eyes wander, looking for a way out. Cheers rise and there’s a very faint, “You Don’t Deserve It” chant that emerges. Even a “Todd Salum” appreciation once. For once, they’re words are getting to him. He lowers the microphone and grits his teeth and then takes a deep breath. The tension seems to slowly seep from him.

    Zachary Kazadi: You’re right, Todd. You’re right. I haven’t been living up to my standard. I’ve been falling short, time after time. I came all the way to the FWA to compete, and be the best… and now that I’ve been given this opportunity… I haven’t held my end of the bargain. Good enough to be a spoke on the wheel - but that’s not why I’m here. So - the answer to your question, Todd… I don’t have it yet. But tonight… either Phillip A. Jackson or Zachary Kazadi is getting pinned. We’ll get our answer and it lies there. Phillip A. Jackson, whatever I think of him, for all intends and purposes… to the people out there… he’s the best. If I lose… then the answer is… I don’t deserve it. If I win… and the if… Todd… is just a polite one… if I win… the answer is… I deserve all of that because I’m better than the best. In a roster… top to bottom… filled with predators… I’m the Alpha.

    He hands over the microphone. Whether to avoid anymore questions or to leave everyone watching with that final declaration, Zachary Kazadi leaves the scene as he gets ready for the main event to begin...




    "G.O.M.D." by Sickick begins and the crowd comes to its feet as Zachary Kazadi walks out to the stage. The superstar-on-the-rise receives a mixed reaction, about as close to a 50-50 split as possible, but he has no concern whatsoever for how the fans view him.

    Langdon Trafford: The second semifinal of the North American Championship tournament! Zachary Kazadi, who returned recently after last seen finishing second in Carnal Contendership, is considered a favorite to win this thing and unseat "The Prodigy" Mike Parr. That's if Parr is still the champion!

    Piers Gallagher: When he was X-Champ, he beat Parr in a non-title match. It's a fair prediction to make.

    Kazadi reaches the ring and, per usual, shows very little if any emotion. He finds his spot in his corner and mentally prepares for his next opponent, someone he's beaten twice already since debuting in the FWA.

    Langdon Trafford: To get there, a shot at the North American champ, he needs to win two more matches. The first ... against THIS MAN.

    "Universe on Fire" by Gloryhammer begins playing and the crowd changes from a 50-50 reaction of cheers and boos to a 75-25 reaction, with much more apathy. Phillip A. Jackson, the two-time FWA World Champion, comes to the ring looking confident. He's seeking the first win in three tries against Zachary Kazadi.

    Langdon Trafford: A two-time North American champion and two-time FWA World Champion, this man has gotten it done before and knows what it takes to hold up that title.

    Piers Gallagher: You said "two" twice. How about a third "two"? Phillip A. Jackson has faced Kazadi twice, and he has TWO losses to show for it.

    David Weinstock: Third times the charm, I guess? We'll see!

    Jackson reaches the ring and finds his position in the corner. The ref then takes center stage momentarily, and the bell rings soon after.

    FWA North American Championship Semifinals
    Zachary Kazadi vs. Phillip A. Jackson

    The bell rings, prompting Phillip A. Jackson to emerge from his corner first. Kazadi slowly follows as the pair circle one another once around. Jackson lunges at Kazadi, who sidesteps to his right and evades Jackson's grip. Another lunge from Jackson misses as Kazadi again sidesteps. Jackson backs off and again the two are circling one another. Jackson fakes a lunge, stops, and lunges again in the direction of Kazadi's sidestep. This locks Kazadi up in a grapple and the former X-Champion backs into the ropes, ducking his head down as Jackson is forced to let off by the ref's count up to two.

    They circle again, this time Kazadi lunging first and quickly pouncing with a side head lock. He transitions that to a back waist lock. Then a belly-to-back takedown as Jackson is slammed face down into the canvas. Kazadi keeps the grip as Jackson presses up to a standing position. Kazadi transitions again to a side head lock and Jackson shoves Kazadi to the nearest ropes, where Kazadi halts his momentum and watches Jackson hit the deck. Kazadi hits various arm strikes before the Canadian Cross Armbreaker.

    Langdon Trafford: Phillip A. Jackson just seems a bit overmatched tonight!

    Kazadi whips Jackson to the ropes and tries to apply a choke hold on the rebound, but Jackson slips through Kazadi's arms and hits the PAJle kick! That's a momentum-turner, in a BIG way. Kazadi stumbles back to the ropes and Jackson fires a flurry of lefts and rights into the middle part of Kazadi's body, hitting the ribs and sternum with force. Jackson walks Kazadi out and lands a backbreaker. He covers, but Kazadi kicks free at barely a two count.

    Jackson rises to his feet on his own and waits for Kazadi to do likewise. A kick to the gut is followed by a snap suplex. Another pinfall try nets a two-and-one-quarter count. Jackson continues the offense, hitting a one-armed bulldog and a samoan drop. His third pinfall attempt nets a two-and-a-half count.

    Langdon Trafford:
    All of the sudden ... Phillip A. Jackson looks to be the superior in this match! Like a light switched on after the PAJle kick!

    Jackson goes for a springboard inverted DDT, but Kazadi bumps into the ropes and Jackson flips forward and lands awkwardly on his side. Kazadi applies a French guillotine choke where his legs go over the arms and shoulders of his opponent! Jackson is taking a beating here as Kazadi tightens the hold, until Jackson is able to get under the ropes. Kazadi releases but Jackson is looking worse than just two minutes prior. Kazadi lands a beautiful head-scissors takedown followed by a French Canadian Triangle choke hold!!!

    Jackson stumbles slowly to the canvas as Kazadi repeatedly strikes down into the side of his foe’s head. The crowd rises to its feet as Kazadi’s MMA approach appears to be working, with Jackson fading fast underneath Kazadi’s body and within his tight Triangle choke grip. The strikes seem to add a little more oomph to the move, and Kazadi appears close to getting either a tap out or a knockout. Jackson pushes himself up and stumbles backwards, driving Kazadi into the nearby turnbuckle as a LAST-DITCH effort to stay in the match. Kazadi is squished between Jackson and the turnbuckle and loosens the grip on the Triangle choke. That leads Jackson to whip Kazadi across the ring and follow with a big running forearm. Kazadi stumbles out and Jackson hits a SECOND PAJle kick!

    Jackson goes for the cover and the win!


    Jackson slides off Kazadi and goes for the springboard moonsault! Kazadi, though, dodges the move by rolling inward! Jackson lands hard on the canvas and Kazadi springs to life for ANOTHER French Canadian triangle choke hold! Jackson tries to fight it but he finally succumbs as he comes down to the canvas. The forearm strikes again take form as Jackson is weakening, and he finally taps out as a second stint in the hold is too much!

    Winner via submission/tapout: Zachary Kazadi
    Zachary Kazadi wins for a THIRD time against Phillip A. Jackson, and this time there was no funny business. A submission win moves him to the finals of the tournament, where he'll face Bell Connelly. Kazadi shortens his celebration as he removes himself from the ring, where Phillip A. Jackson remains to figure out his next step internally amid the disappointing finish to his latest North American Championship aspirations.

    Kazadi doesn't look back or gloat. He simply walks up the rampway with the crowd giving a buzzing reaction, some cheers and some boos, and leaves the scene for the cameras to look directly into the let-down face of Phillip A. Jackson, still seated in the ring as the thousands of fans turn their attention his way.

    Langdon Trafford: Zachary Kazadi has beaten Phillip A. Jackson! He's going to the finals!

    David Weinstock: A superb effort!

    Piers Gallagher: ... I can't believe this.

    Langdon Trafford: You have to believe it, Piers! Zachary Kazadi is going on to face Bell Connelly for the right to face the FWA North American Champion at Mile High! We don't even know if that'll be Mike Parr after Ashley O'Ryan's words tonight! We're bound to find out on the next Fight Night!


    Big thanks to everyone who contributed towards the show. It's late here and putting this together was a major pain in the ass so I apologise if i've either missed something out or if there are some continuation mistakes or whatever. I'll edit tomorrow. Just making sure to get things posted so we can move on. Also, I owe reviews to certain people - they'll get them next show. The amount of segments put into this show was really good and a lot of angles have moved forward. DEVELOPMENT~!
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    - That first segment was absolutely brilliant. This is more or less what would've been great to see last year before Kennedy left so its great to see Kennedy stick around and have this with Rondo and I think the distance from last year might help the collaborative effort as well. Kennedy's bit was Kennedy at his best. Kennedy recognizing Rondo's seniorship but belittling him as a junior is great. Not a big fan of the feminized insult from a face perspective but I suppose that's just Kennedy's thing. Part of me wanted Rondo to come out for that face to face but him remaining behind the voice was the better heel move. Not sure how long Kennedy thought an entire search of the building for Rondo would take. All in all, both of them were pretty great and though a more clean cut exchange will be great to see, this was a hugely fun segment all around and hopefully the first of many in their feud.

    - Paulieeeeeeeeeeeee is king of promos. Good Mac squash.

    - I actually really enjoyed the Miss de la Muerta interview about Zako. Think its a bit much to run down his entire backstory on an interview like that and probably something that could've been spread out over time, but I enjoyed it. Actually, if I had come up with it myself, I probably would've stolen the entire writing style of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it would've made for a really interesting character and series of RPs because that's 100% the vibe I got from Zako. I think the Langon reaction at the end, which may have been shoehorned in when the show was put together had a Michael Cole circa-Christian's return vibe of being anticlimactic. A lot more insistence on how vicious of an action this was (punting the interviewer's head). Hopefully Amy Duke is kept off other people's RPs for a month or so just to further sell it.

    - Tough loss for Hanz Gruber against Deception but a decent technical match that had both on a relatively even-keel and should leave something to work on for future encounters. For Gruber, I think the loss will help him character development wise, it's a lower card enough loss where it'll be a real humbling, and unless he has heel justifications (IE: illogical ones) it'll be interesting to see how he deals with that loss going forward.

    - Dominant squash from Zako that makes Gruber look all the smaller for it. I'd love to see a monster heel properly built in the FWA but it would also require whoever plays him to be of a certain enough quality that there's a feeling he'll win most of his matches so there's an end reward game for it. Can't say whether that'll be the case with Zako yet. I'll add that it'll be great if y'all bust a Goldberg and have him surrounded by security and have EMTs at his matches. Alas, the latter might be pointless unless he's getting into a few squashes first. A Zako/Mac match or feud this early would be interesting. Or one with Garcia actually.

    - Good win for Penny & Izzy and seeming like a new team formed, with the very barren tag division, it should offer some new interesting match ups. Graves & Sinn have obvious motivations here to eventually get revenge.

    - Worthwhile Sin City Vultures vignette to keep them in people's minds.

    - Interesting match between Thunder/Merriwhether, two egomaniacs. A rematch already seems pegged but honestly, long term this going the way of the pair teaming up wouldn't be all that bad. Thunder's sort of fallen down a bit for what seemed like a momentary glimpse at a NA contender but a solid rivalry with Mark might give him the legs he needs to stand in for bigger competition. Or maybe Mark will take advantage of stealing Thunder's momentum himself.

    - That Cyrus Truth monologue was pretty marvelous. But I'll admit to being biased, Cyrus Truth's mantra and ideology is something I 100% support and I enjoy characters who have a set mentality/morality and let that dictate their actions as opposed to having opponents/alignments do it. Unless you outright hate Truth, it's hard to not see his point of view and accept it as right.

    - Sucks that Sync is probably out of commish for a while because this could have been a fun match, and it's real bad timing for him after facing two HUGE opponents in two shows. Truth gathers back some momentum on route to an inevitable rematch though. No O'Neal in sight?

    - Randall maybe FWA's most reliable midcard act at this point. A reliable segment guy, a solid and credible threat to anyone he faces. Like Sin City Vultures, a good maintenance segment to keep Randall in the spotlight.

    - Real credible victory for Michael Garcia after passing out himself to Kazadi. The pass out is typically something that's easy enough to out yourself of from a promo perspective especially vs. a tapout/pinfall so Wolf still remains rather legitimate. I think for Wolf, it's not a loss that'll stagger him much. He's got a lot of ways he can work it, especially as the veteran making his long awaited return. He can go from the perspective of trying to regain his peak fitness and momentum, or the way of self-doubt, among others. For Garcia, it'll be the first step in indicating what this birth will mean for him and how he'll alter himself going forward. Beating a legend clean could do wonders for him though both from a kayfabe and just a general RP'ing perspective.

    - Though Olympians have an out in their defeat, they look very fragile going forward with Watson/Banks outsmarting and beating them and of course the Sin City Vultures inviting themselves as an even bigger threat. It should reinvigorate a division that seemed non-existent at that point in the show.

    - Nice Ashley O'Ryan segment pushing along all the stories where they were expected to go. Thunder/Merriwhether. Triple Threat Tag Team match. Michaud/Zako (I may have stalled this a bit more and done the Corbin/Dempsey style, I watch you squash, you watch me squash, thing). Curious to see whats in store for Randall (Ultimate X ). And Kazadi will have a word about that NA title announcement if he wins e_e Would've been something I would've mentioned in my seg had I known.

    - Can't rate that Shannon segment, not sure if TGO had gotten a chance to read the Truth segment at that point but it felt like all too little of it was a real addressing of what Cyrus Truth said. It'd be more interesting to see a genuine reaction or opposition to Truth's perspective.

    - Tough loss for TJG who has sadly lost his star here in FWA. Even more than Thunder, he looked like a genuine NA title contender when he debuted but the quality hasn't been there or maintained since. Though he gives a good account of himself on-screen, he seems like he's a lost midcarder at this point. I do think this is an opportunity for Gambit to find a clear direction for TJG and a better way for him to stand out.

    - Starr is probably my favorite on-screen character at this point. FWA is missing a whitemeat babyface and he is slipping into that role perfectly! I think it's definitely going to take a two-legged effort on the mod part and on ONAMStarr's part to ensure that continues. On the mod part, it'll mean assurance that Starr performs in that sort of admirable way in matches, and has that very clean cut feel about him. On ONAMStarr's part, its maintaining the integrity and good-heartedness of Starr even if it might mean losses or a losing streak or a lack of titles. Not saying it does but being a whitemeat babyface does mean sometimes missing out on the blunt ruthless words guys like Truth/Rondo/Kennedy (or to a lesser note, Kazadi/Parr) get to use - but it'll also ensure Starr has a place and a role and will feel like a - no pun intended - star on Fight Night. Also don't take the criticism of your RP to heart, it was meant to elevate you, your RP was good with obvious room for improvement. Would love to see you become a reliable babyface on Fight Nights. But it'll take some effort on your part in delivering the RP goods, and the segments (a segment on this show, being in awe of your opponent, but determined to do your best, would've done wonders). On the flipside, Bell wins in a MOTN so far. It continues Bell's must-win journey to a North American Championship reign.

    - /selfcriticism that segment probably could've been a bit better and stemmed from my uncertainty at the PAJ/Kaz match. Perhaps I should've had him be ultimately more arrogant instead of putting over Todd Salum and making a more neutral-based response.

    - Piers putting over PAJ in the opening segment then doubting him in the main event segment Continuity error. Short no-nonsense win from Kazadi. In a list of matches filled with *, its nice to have a clean tapout victory. I'm not sure where this leaves PAJ from an on-screen perspective considering the length and decisiveness of this victory after an apparent repackaging. I wasn't sure which way the match would go personally (I liked my RP but I didnt feel confident about it) so happy to come away with a second credible victory en route to Bell Connelly. Kazadi not giving a shit about the post-match is as it should be and I like it. That said, I may be adding a manager to counter his refusal to acknowledge the peeps.

    All in all, tons of story development this show and I cant think of anything off the top of my head not moving forward. In spite of Humanity's lack of presence, we still got news on Parr which keeps the NA Champ into relevance as well.

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Thanks very much, there was definitely a bit of Frankenstein style in there for inspiration, and I'm glad you liked it lol.

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by 1000Deaths View Post
    Thanks very much, there was definitely a bit of Frankenstein style in there for inspiration, and I'm glad you liked it lol.
    Sounds like someone

    Anyway guys I really enjoy the show

    I am really enjoying the way your are using Tommy and Rondo whose easily one of my favs in the fed.

    Now im intrested in whats going to happen next ppv and where the feuds go overall to the matchs were really well written
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Awesome show, looks like everyone delivered where they should have and Bell/Starr was definitely my match of the night. Exciting match and well written, solid work. Also enjoyed the opening segment with Kennedy and then Rondo beating him down, that has me excited for this feud.

    Anxious to see what you all have in store for Randall, I basically wrote that with Randall wanting a challenge and he's crazy enough to take on any challenge thrown in front of him.

    Nice win for Penny/Izzy, new team forming? Interesting developments.

    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    A better show than the last one. We had a ton of storyline development and time devoted to the mid-card and tag members like Zako, Tommy Thunder, Jason Randall, Sin City Vultures, and Starr. And that's a really good thing.

    Shannon-Cyrus was basically tires turning in the mud. Didn't want to go backwards but nowhere to go forward this week. There's good and bad to that. The rivalry basically has one more big-banner segment left in it before it hits empty and loses its luster.

    Kennedy-Rondo was arguably the best segment of the year. At least in the top 3 or so. That was fantastic. This might be one of those times where a legend feud usurps a World title feud. It happens occasionally and I'd say in this case it's more due to the heat of Kennedy-Rondo than it is the rematch staleness of Shannon-Cyrus. More for good reasons than bad, in other words.

    No Parr is bad. No Humanity is worse. What once appeared to be a tasty rematch after Humanity's near-miss hopefully is now dead. I think it'd be a minor slap to Zako, Hanz, Starr, Thunder, Deception, Merriweather, or Randall to give someone who was non-existent for two straight shows a second NA title shot (more than what he was owed) over dudes who promo'd and/or in some cases delivered on quality segments. I know shit happens, but at the same time ... shit happens. Maybe this was never considered, but there was a bit of the sense that this was the route.

    Bell winning was right but Starr really got the light for his effort. I know multiple "moral victories" aren't ideal but it's still something to be proud of. Would like to see Starr given a bigger role in Fight Night going forward so he has the chances to win some of these big matches. Would personally love to see him — or Zako — get Humanity's shot, actually. Would have to make an angle where either one "earns" it because there's a lot of ppl who could theoretically stake more claim (whoever loses Bell-Kazadi, for instance).

    Kazadi winning was right, too. I wrote the match and wanted it done emphatically. Didn't feel like Jackson was buried. He got some offense in, but Kazadi was clearly a level better. A bit of a low-excitement ending to a show. I don't really know what else could've been done. Rondo-Kennedy was a good starter but it could've been just as good in the closing spot.

    Garcia getting that win was huge. And I mean huge. His promo, to me, was clearly better. Interested to see Wolf's next step. He couldn't beat Garcia, who couldn't beat Kazadi. So I'm wondering how he makes up the difference if a Wolf-Kazadi match is truly the end-game here.
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Great show guys!

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    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    I really enjoyed my match and Truth segment
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Apologies to Shake and the Mod team for not writing a segment or anything for the show.

    Honestly had to get away from home for a while, and I unfortunately got caught up with a terrible case of procrastination, so yeah, that's my fault.

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Maybe Rondo/Kennedy should have closed it, but we do want to press the importance of the NA title tourney. And PAJ vs Kazadi is a definite main event match.

    Thoughts on the show when I'm done work. Card should be up tonight.

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Just some things to address:

    Kennedy/Rondo was made opening segment so as to not take away from the main event as well as other developments later on in the show. I guess it could have went either way tbh.

    It's disappointing that there's no Parr/Humanity advancement but I'm not gonna take away a potential title shot for not having anything in this week. That's just the way it is. I wrote the Ashley segment to advance that story a little bit as well as advance others that needed addressed to some degree. I can't give out the shot to Starr as that defeats the purpose of the tournament, Zako needs to be built up a little more. HUMANITY's still in the frame, I guess. We'll see how the third FN plays out.

    My bad on the Cyrus/Shannon segment placements. I was just going off the card structure and thee idea that each segment should be used to lead in to their match. Shoulda flipped them around, I guess.

    Also, the tag title situation is weird right now. I didn't expect to push SCV so quickly but with RED being inactive, I don't have much choice in coming up with a way to get the belts off of him that isn't a straightup gimme for Heartbreak Express. Needs to be competitive at least so... you'll see what I mean by that on the next card.

    I'm unsure if the card will be up tonight because there's currently a few people I need to hear from regarding availability as well as some other booking hurdles.
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    I really fucking enjoyed that Kazadi segment and the match that it led into it. For me that was the shows highlight.

    Garcia beating Wolf is huge for him. Props to Sayer. I imagine Wolf will bounce back from this tenfold.


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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Really enjoyed the show and some of those loses are good for progress storylines/characters - Wolf, Thunder, me (Hanz). Have missed Humanity these past few shows though

    Deception winning was a good thing for his character. Graves promos have always been really good, he just needed to work on his grammar and formatting- which he stepped up with these two promos for the show.
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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    This show was very enjoyable. Rondo segments since his heel turn are god-tier. Merriweather's trick was cleverly done. Bell/Starr and Kazadi/PAJ stole the show.

    (and I got a title shot baybayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)

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    Re: Fight Night 11th August RESULTS

    Awesome, awesome show.

    Was absolutely torn in the Bell/Starr match. Starr udm lately, keep it going. Bell/Kaz has the next show sold already.

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