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Thread: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10 (Season Finale)

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    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10 (Season Finale)

    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10

    Season One Finale

    Before the show even starts, the camera starts right in the office of the host Dave Sullivan. He is sitting at his desk and is going through some papers. Probably some sort of schedule for the episode tonight.

    When all of a sudden a thick envelope is thrown on Dave's desk. Sullivan looks up and says "What the hell are you doing in here...again?"

    Sam Donovan: Look in the envelope, Dave.

    Sullivan opens up the envelope to find a thick wad of $100 bills.

    Dave Sullivan: What is this, a bribe? Sam I can't take a bribe.

    Sam Donovan: No. It's a payment. My job is done.

    Sam takes a flashdrive out of his suit jacket and flashes it at Sullivan.

    Sam Donovan: Thank you for your help.

    Dave Sullivan: Wait, done? I thought you needed to get onto the FWA roster.

    Donovan chuckles.

    Sam Donovan: No Dave...that's just what I told you I was here for. Do you think I really would have told you what I needed to do? That was just to keep you and everyone else distracted long enough for me to do my job. And's done. I no longer have a need to be on this show. Consider me "eliminated" or whatever you guys do.

    Dave Sullivan: Are you kidding me...after all of that. Come on Sam, are you sure you don't want to try and win? Become a wrestler. Start a new life for yourself.

    Sam Donovan: Sorry Dave. It doesn't work like that. I've got places to go.

    Dave Sullivan: Like where?

    Sam Donovan: Ha...if I told you, I'd have to kill you.

    Dave Sullivan: Brazil?

    Sam Donovan: What? How did yo- not that place. Just...goodbye Dave. Good luck with everything.

    Sam Donovan (Team Chris) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

    The fireworks go off as it's time to finally start the last episode of Ground Zero! The theme song plays one last time as the crowd gets pumped.

    Gus Johnson: Welcome to Ground Zero's season finale! We are set to have what might be one of the biggest and best episodes yet. By the end of the night we will know just who will be the winner of our very first season.

    Cris Collinsworth: Well just moments ago Sam Donovan removed himself from the competition. We still have Jack Harris, Tyrone Johnson, and Dan Dulaney. But the winner isn't limited to just one of those three. From what we are told there is going to be a 20 man Royal Rumble consisting of twenty eliminated contestants. The winner will get the third spot in the triple threat finale.

    Gus Johnson: So literally anyone can win this thing.

    Cris Collinsworth: I don't know if you would want to though. I mean the winner supposedly gets to be "managed" by Dave Sullivan in the FWA. What kind of reward is that? What does he know?

    Gus Johnson: Speak of the devil, here he comes now.

    Dave Sullivan struts down to the ring with a microphone in his hand. He adjusts the tie on his suit before entering through the ropes and hushing down the very lively crowd.

    Dave Sullivan: So during the week we had one last Fan Interactive. We asked fans who they thought deserved to win Ground Zero the most. The winner of that poll would get immunity all the way to the final match. The winner of that a landslide...Tyrone Johnson!

    The crowd goes wild with excitement. It's obvious Tyrone has become a fan favorite here on Ground Zero.

    Dave Sullivan: With that being said, there are two more contestants left after Sam Donovan removed himself from the equation.

    So to start us off...we have Jack Harris vs Dan Dulaney. Winner goes onto the ladder match. The loser is eliminated. Let's get started. Oh and one more thing...this match is going to be a first blood match.

    Jack Harris vs Dan Dulaney - First Blood - Sudden Death Elimination

    The bell rings and Jack Harris goes right after Dan. But Dulaney grabs Harris and throws him over the top rope.

    Dulaney doesn't wait long before jumping off the top rope and onto Harris. But Harris catches him and tosses him onto those steel steps.

    Dulaney grabs his back in pain. Harris grabs Dulaney by the head and starts slamming it into those steel steps with fury. It looks like Dulaney's forehead might crack open right here, but the cop puts his hand out and finally stops it. He elbows Harris in the stomach, and then throws him into the security barrier.

    Harris gets up and he's pissed. He starts running full speed at Dan Dulaney, but Dulaney grabs the ring bell and smacks Harris right in the face with it. The bell rings and Harris goes straight to the ground. Dulaney starts throwing fists down at Harris' face. He then picks up the groggy Harris, and tosses him back into the ring.

    Dulaney grabs a steel chair and takes it into the ring with him. He waits for Harris to get up and swings it at his face like a baseball bat. But Harris ducks and kicks him straight in gut. Dulaney drops the chair and Harris picks it up. He smacks Dulaney in the back with it, and then in the back of the head. He then takes Dulaney's knee and sticks it right inside of the chair.

    Harris goes to climb the corner turnbuckle while Dulaney desperately tries to get his leg out of the chair. He's almost out right until Jack Harris jumps off the top of the turnbuckle. He lands right on Harris, crushing his leg in the chair.

    Dulaney screams out in pain.

    Harris keeps going at it. He starts pounding his fists into Dulaney's face. He's actually hitting him right in the nose hoping for a nose bleed.

    Finally, Dulaney knees Harris in the gut and pushes him off. But Harris kicks Dulaney in the head and gets him down again. Jack Harris goes over to the same turnbuckle he climbed and begins to take the cover off of it.

    That turnbuckle is now exposing pure steel. Harris grabs Dulaney by his shorts and pulls him up to the turnbuckle. He is about to slam his face in it, when out of nowhere the goodie two shoes cop hits Jack Harris with a low blow!

    Dulaney is doing whatever it takes to win. He takes Harris' face and starts slamming it into the turnbuckle with a rage. Over and over again Dulaney is slamming Harris' face with full force into that exposed turnbuckle.

    Finally Dulaney lets up. He pulls Harris' face up and it is crimson red! Harris' face is covered in blood as he falls backward to the mat.

    The ref signals for the bell to be rung.

    Winner: Dan Dulaney

    Jack Harris (Team Mac) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

    Gus Johnson: Wow! Dan Dulaney, the babyface cop, just did whatever it took to win.

    Cris Collinsworth: He hit that man in the nuts! What a dirty move, but Dan is moving on and Jack Harris is eliminated.

    Gus Johnson: Well Harris still has one more chance, because when we come back it is a 20 man Royal Rumble featuring all of our eliminated contestants. The winner will join Tyrone Johnson and Dan Dulaney in that triple threat ladder match!

    *Commercial Break*

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10 (Season Finale)

    20 Man Royal Rumbe (Winner Gets Final Spot in Main Event Finale)

    The order is essentially based on the order of which they were eliminated. Those eliminated first will appear first. Making Jack Harris the confirmed last entrant. The first four are entirely random however, considering they were all eliminated at the same time.

    Numero Uno enters first, and it's none other than Atlanta weatherman Derek Silver! The Silver One struts down the ramp and into the ring, shaking his jiggly ass with each step.

    Next is Number Two. It's....Captain Insano! "Show No Mercy" chants the crowd as Captain Insano stomps his way down the ramp and into the ring. He stares Derek Silver fact he points at him and then does the cut throat jester. Derek Silver looks a little startled.

    The bell rings and Captain Insano grabs Derek Silver by the throat. He lifts Silver high above the ring and goes to throw him over the top rope. But Derek Silver pokes him in the eyes and falls to the ground.

    The two continue to brawl, as number three comes down to the ring.

    It's Wayne Johnson! Tyrone's brother who was beaten down by Daiquan Andrews a couple weeks ago. Wayne is back and he storms to the ring. The crowd goes wild!

    Wayne starts throwing punches towards Captain Insano, and Derek Silver joins in. Silver and Wayne join up and toss Captain Insano over the top rope!

    Captain Insano has official been eliminated.
    Silver and Wayne start to brawl now as the fourth competitors enters. It's Bobby Yu! Bobby Yu joins into the fight, but is quickly thrown into the turnbuckle by Wayne. Then Wayne knocks Silver down!

    Here comes #5...Randy Porter! Porter joins the fight just as Derek Silver is tossed over the top rope by Wayne Johnson!

    Derek Silver has officially been eliminated.

    Randy Porter and Bobby Yu begin exchanging blows, but Wayne Johnson out of nowhere clotheslines both of them over the top rope!

    Randy Porter and Bobby Yu have been officially eliminated.

    It's just Wayne Johnson now in the ring as he awaits's...Big Steve! The midget trots down to the ring as fast as he can. He slides under the bottom rope and begins kicking Wayne Johnson in the shins.

    Wayne doesn't know what to do as Big Steve just keeps hitting him with those BIG blows. Here comes #7...Sticky Finger Joe! The dirty hobo walks down the ramp and into the ring. Wayne picks up Big Steve and throws him like a football at Sticky Finger Joe. Joe catches him, and they both fall backwards! Sticky Finger Joe hadn't entered the ring yet, but Big Steve falls over the top rope and to the floor!

    Big Steve has officially been eliminated.

    Magnum Jackson heads down the ramp now as #8! He tosses Sticky Finger Joe into the ring as the trio begin to fight. Magnum Jackson and Sticky Finger Joe try to team up on Wayne as the 9th contestant heads down. Rusty Keener heads down the ramp.

    Jackson and Sticky Fingers toss the big loveable teddy bear Wayne Johnson over the top rope.

    Wayne Johnson has officially been eliminated.

    But Rusty Keener clotheslines Jackson and Sticky Finger Joe, knocking them both over the top rope and down to the floor.

    Magnum Jackon and Sticky Finger Joe are officially eliminated.
    #10 Jackson Debolt joins Rusty Keener in the ring as the two begin to exchange blows. Debolt almost has Keener over the top rope, but Keener hangs on.

    Keener makes it back inside of the ring and pushes Debolt into the turnbuckle as #11 begins to come out. It's fan favorite Jeff Crowe! Crowe runs down the ring and joins the fight. The trio all begin to attack each other. Everyone is fighting for that last spot in the ladder match, but only one person can win this rumble.

    Tommy Morris comes down as #12. Jeff Crowe kicks Jackson Debolt in the gut and is about to throw him over the top rope before being attacked by Tommy Morris.

    Meanwhile Rusty Keener is on the top turnbuckle! He does a moonsault onto Tommy Morris!

    #13 is here! It's Luke Turner! Five men are in the ring now as Turner goes after Keener! Meanwhile Tommy Morris and Jeff Crowe are attacking each other and Jackson Debolt is recovering in the corner. #15 comes out now, it's Ralph Maddox! Maddox enters the ring and starts hitting Jeff Crowe.

    Crowe takes Maddox and throws him against the ropes. When Maddox comes back around Crowe hits a huge spinebuster on him!

    Here comes #15! It's...RAMJAM!

    The crowd goes wild!

    "Clown Lives Matter!"

    "Clown Lives Matter!"

    "Clown Lives Matter"

    Ramjam is getting pumped fro the chants. He enters the ring and immediately goes after Jackson DeBolt. He clotheslines him over the top rope!

    Jackson Debolt has officially been eliminated.

    Tommy Morris goes to eliminate RamJam with a big swing, but RamJam ducks and sends Morris over the top rope as well!

    Tommy Morris has officially been eliminated.

    Keener and Crowe go at it as RamJam starts stomping on Luke Turner. Ralph Maddox starts to attack Crowe, but Crowe throws him over the top rope just like that...and then Luke Turner goes right behind him after RamJam tosses him over!

    Ralph Maddox and Luke Turner have officially been eliminated.

    Here comes's Chang Hoi Sun! Chang enters the ring and starts cleaning house right away as he kicks Keener in the gut, and throws him into Crowe. But RamJam comes out of nowhere with a big clown-themed sledgehammer! Where did he even get that from???

    Ramjam starts swinging his sledgehammer all over when all of a sudden #17 comes down to the's Tanner Gaskil!

    Gaskil knocks RamJam down, and throws his sledgehammer out of the ring. He tries to get Ramjam to go with it, but Crowe gets up and tackles Gaskil. Meanwhile Chang Hoi Sun gets up and grabs Keener by the trunks and forces him over the top rope!

    Rusty Keener has officially been eliminated.

    #18 James Blake sprints down to the ring. He clotheslines Gaskil, he knocks down Chang! He punches Crowe right in the gut. But before he can find RamJam, the crazy clown takes him out from behind.

    Meanwhile Jeff Crowe and Tanner Gaskil team up to eliminate the elusive Chang Hoi Sun! But Chang hangs on somehow! They can't get his feet to hit the floor as he dangles from the top rope!

    Uh comes's none other than...Daiquan Andrews! The crowd boos as Daiquan runs down the ramp and into the ring. He takes out RamJam first. Jeff Crowe tries to take out Daiquan, but Andrews ducks and sends Crowe over the top rope and to the floor!

    Jeff Crowe has officially been eliminated.

    And last but not least comes the final contestant...#20...Jack Harris!

    Harris runs down the ramp and into the ring as the final competitor. We have RamJam, Chang Hoi Sun, Tanner Gaskil, James Blake, Daiquan Andrews, and Jack Harris left in the match. Only one man will be the last one standing and get the final spot in the ladder match.

    Harris is an animal! He starts attacking everyone! All at the same time somehow! He grabs Chang Hoi Sun by the throat and throws him into the turnbuckle, then he throws him over the top rope! He then takes RamJam but his ugly looking clown hair, and he throws him over!

    Chang Hoi Sun and RamJam have officially been eliminated.

    It's down to Blake, Andrews, Harris, and Gaskil. Andrews is suddenly cornered..being the villain of the show seems to have it's drawbacks as all three begin to team up against him. Andrews has nowhere to go as he's getting attacked from all over...

    When out of nowhere, here comes Tyrone Johnson! Johnson sprints down the ramp in a t-shirt and jeans. He enters the he here to help eliminate Andrews? No! He attacks the trio! He takes James Blake over the top rope with him as Johnson and Blake fall to the floor. Security swarms Tyrone and drags him out of the area. Daiquan gives his old enemy and older friend a nod...signifying possibly a reunited friendship on this Ground Zero finale.

    James Blake has officially been eliminated.

    It seems like Harris and Gaskil are still intent on teaming up against Andrews though. Andrews tries to hold them off, but two of the strongest competitors on the show up against one is a hard battle. They have Andrews over the top rope, but he's still gripping on from the outside apron.

    Just when it looks like Harris is about to kick Andrews off...Gaskil attacks Harris out of nowhere! Gaskil betrays Harris, and tosses him over the top rope!

    Jack Harris has been officially eliminated.

    It's now down to two! Tanner Gaskil and Daiquan Andrews! Andrews gets back in the ring and goes after Gaskil. The two begin to roll all man will win! Gaskil or Andrews who will it be?

    Daiquan throws Gaskil into the corner. He starts picking apart at every limb! He grabs Gaskil by the arm and throws him into the ropes! He kicks Gaskil in the gut, and then gives him a huge DDT! Gaskil looks groggy as Daiquan slowly picks him up! Andrews goes to throw him over the top rope!

    Gaskil is now on the outside apron as Andrews begins to push him off! Gaskil is almost Andrews takes a step back...he wants to get a good running start here and knock Gaskil off for good.

    Andrews runs full speed at Gaskil...and Gaskil ducks! Andrews is launched over the top rope and onto the floor!

    It's all over! Gaskil is the last man standing!

    Winner: Tanner Gaskil!

    Gus Johnson: Tanner Gaskil is moving onto the main event finale!

    Cris Collinsworth: Wow what a rumble that was! I thought Andrews was gonna win for a minute.

    Gus Johnson: Well in a way I think he did win. It looks like he and Tyrone have rekindled their long friendship.

    Cris Collinsworth: I knew they would. Those kinds of friendships never died.

    Gus Johnson: Oh bullshit, Cris. You said just a few weeks ago that their feud went too far. That it was far too much damage to be repaired.

    Cris Collinsworth: I don't think so Gus, I would've remembered.

    Gus Johnson: Oh whatever. When we come last match. The grand finale...a triple threat ladder match between Tyrone Johnson, Dan Dulaney, and Tanner Gaskil! Whoever grabs that briefcase with that FWA contract inside of going to be crowned the winner of Ground Zero!

    Cris Collinsworth: Right after this short word from our sponsors.

    Gus Johnson: Short? Why do I have the feeling like we're going to be sitting here for 18 hours or something.

    Cris Collinsworth: 18 hours what? I don't know what you're referencing Gus but we have to take this commercial break now.

    *Commercial Break*

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10 (Season Finale)

    Dave Sullivan is sitting in an interview chair on a set backstage. With him is a man in a suit named Joe Anderson who was brought in as Ground Zero's official media coordinator. When he agreed to work for Ground Zero, Dave Sullivan promised him many interviews on the show. It wasn't until earlier tonight that Joe reminded Dave he hasn't gotten a single interview yet. So here we are...

    Joe Anderson: We are just minutes away from crowning the first winner of Ground Zero. With me right now is the very host of Ground Zero. He is a three time X Division champion in the FWA, he has a winning record in fights, and here he is hosting his own television show. The winner of this season will get the pleasure of being managed and coached by Dave as they start their journey into the FWA world.

    So Dave, I have to ask...what approach are you going to take when coaching and managing your winning superstar?

    Dave Sullivan: Well Joe...for me, I think I've hit my ceiling. When I first started out in the FWA I had aspired to be the best that there was. I wanted to win world championships left and right. Even at the peak of my last run I thought that I just had a chance to win a world title. Though sometime around the Carnal Contendership last year I realized...I put in my maximum effort and be my very best, but I will never get that high. So I kind of accepted the fact that I was a role player in the FWA. I rule the X Division, and you know what I am comfortable with that.

    But my goal for the winner of this season, is to make them better than I was. They're going to be like a son to me, and we always want our kids to grow up to do the things we never could. That's my goal. I'm going to take one of these guys under my wing, and I am going to teach them everything I know. And hopefully that combined with everything they learn and have learned on this show will help mold them into a main event caliber wrestler.

    Joe Anderson: Wow. So you have some pretty big aspirations for the winner of this show. So we have narrowed it down to just three men. Tyrone Johnson is obviously the fan favorite. Dan Dulaney earned his way in by beating a tough competitor in Jack Harris, and Tanner Gaskil won that redemption Royal Rumble to earn his way back on after being previously eliminated. Which of those three do you think has the best chance to win tonight, and who do you think would be the easiest to manage in the FWA?

    Dave Sullivan: Dan Dulaney hands down is the best physical competitor left standing. We had a handful of guys who came into the show in great physical shape and a background in fighting. Chang Hoi Sun and Jack Harris were both great competitors, but ultimately they didn't make it this far. Dan however is someone who has been trained to fight for his life and the lives of others. Having that training, knowledge, and experience in the ring physically puts him ahead of the rest. However with that being said, I feel like when it came to listening to my advice in the FWA...Dan may not exactly be open to suggestions. We're close in age, and I feel like he might already think he knows more than I do. He's a great guy though and I don't see him acting like a jerk or anything...but I just feel like Gaskil or Johnson I would be able to teach more.

    With that being said, Tanner Gaskil is the underdog here. He is the only contestant that was actually eliminated before, so he is coming into this with a lot to prove. If I remember correctly he was one that didn't even "earn" his elimination, so this match could very easily be his. Tyrone Johnson however is coming in with a lot of fan support. He won the fan interaction poll by a landslide, and the crowd goes crazy anytime they see his face. As a fighter I know how much having the crowd on your side can make an impact in your performance in the ring.

    These three guys are all here for a reason, and I think it could be anyone's to win.

    Joe Anderson: Well Dave it is time for us to find out. They're just about to make their entrances to the ring...

    Tyrone Johnson vs Dan Dulaney vs Tanner Gaskil

    Triple Threat Ladder Match

    Winner of this match will win Season One of Ground Zero

    Gaskil, Johnson, and Dulaney have all made their way down to the ring. Hanging high above the ring is a briefcase, and inside of that briefcase is an FWA contract. Whoever unclips the briefcase for themselves gets the contract and will be crowned the winner of Ground Zero. There are ladders surrounding the entire ring, as well as a couple at the top of the entrance ramp. Dan Dulaney looks somewhat damaged from his first blood bout with Jack Harris earlier in the night, where Harris crushed Dulaney's knee inside of a steel chair.

    The bell rings are we are underway. Gaskil and Johnson both go after the physical threat in Dan Dulaney. The stomp him to the ground as Dulaney rolls under the bottom rope to get away.

    Johnson focus on Gaskil now and those two begin to fight. Back and forth go the punches, as Johnson throws Gaskil against the ropes and knocks him down with a clothesline. Gaskil however gets back up right away and tackles Johnson by the legs. They end up on the ground and continue to throw punches at one another.

    Gaskil picks up Johnson, and throws him against the ropes now. But Johnson comes back and blocks the elbow he was about to get hit with. Johnson and Gaskil are now grappling inside of the ring, when out of nowhere they both get hit by a LADDER! Dan Dulaney knocked them both down with a ladder he brought from the outside.

    With Gaskil and Tyrone both on the ground in pain, Dan Dulaney sets up the ladder underneath that briefcase and begins to climb. He reaches the top and gets to the briefcase with a big smile. But that smile fades quick as he looks down and sees both Tyrone and Tanner at the bottom of the ladder with sly smiles of their own. They look at each other and know exactly what to do, as they both simultaneously tip the ladder over...Dan Dulaney is sent crashing down to the floor below.

    Gaskil and Tyrone give each other a high five, before realising that now they have to focus on each other again. The two start fighting over the ladder. Tanner pushes Tyrone off it and sets it up in the ring. Tanner climbs it fast, and Tyrone begins to climb the other side. Both men are at the top now trying to grab the briefcase. Tanner throws a punch towards Tyrone as they are high above the ring on that 20 ft ladder. Tyrone Johnson throws a punch back towards Gaskil.

    Gaskil throws a punch.

    Tyrone throws a punch.

    Gaskil throws a punch.

    Tyrone throws a punch. Tyrone throws a punch, and Tyrone throws another one.

    Gaskil is about to fall off, but instead he throws a hugh punch! Tyrone falls backwards off the ladder and to the floor. Tanner Gaskil looks like he's about to win it. He grabs the briefcase, when here comes Dan Dulaney. Dan begins to shake the ladder from the floor. Not wanting to go crashing down, Tanner decides to do something else...

    Tanner jumps from the ladder! He jumps onto Dan Dulaney. Gaskil starts throwing punches at Dulaney on the ground, as the cop and EMT start rolling around. Both men roll to the outside of the ring and take their fight there. Dulaney throws Gaskil into one of those standing ladders. Dulaney limps over to Gaskil, still hurting from his match from Jack Harris earlier. Falling from the ladder didn't help either. Dulaney takes Gaskil and throws him into the steel steps.

    Gaskil is hurting now, but Dulaney is not done. He pulls a steel chair out from under the ring, and slaps Gaskil on the back with it. Gaskil screams in pain, as Dulaney hits him over and over again. Gaskil looks down and out for awhile, as Dulaney throws the steel chair to the ground.

    When out of nowhere comes Tyrone Johnson. He takes out Dulaney from behind. The crowd cheers for Johnson, as he grabs the police officer by the back and throws him into the security barrier. Dulaney bounces off the barrier like a soccer ball, as Tyrone Johnson drags him over to the ladder.

    Tyrone has an evil look in his eye, as he drags the hurting Dulaney over to the ladder and opens it up. "No! please no!" screams Dulaney, as Tyrone takes Dulaney's knee and jams it inside of the ladder. Johnson then takes duck tape out from under the ring! What? Duck tape? Why do we even have duck tape in there? Tyrone duck tapes Dan Dulaney's leg to the inside of the ladder!

    Dan Dulaney can't get it out, as Tyrone now grabs another ladder and sets it up INSIDE of the ring! But not under the briefcase, no instead it is near the ropes...near the ropes and near Dan Dulaney! Dan Dulaney had that very same leg crushed inside of a steel chair earlier by Jack Harris, and now it looks like it might end up even worse as Tyrone climbs 20 ft in the air on that steel ladder inside of the ring.

    "NO!" Dulaney screams, as Tyrone looks around...even the fans look worried as Tyrone contemplates jumping...

    When in comes Tanner Gaskil. He slides into the ring with a ladder of his own and sets it up right underneath that briefcase. Tyrone sighs as he gets down from the ladder to chase Gaskil up once again.

    Soon, both men are on top of the ladder and it's deja vu all over again.

    Johnson punches Gaskil!

    Gaskil punches Johnson!

    Johnson punches Gaskil!

    Gaskil punches Johnson!

    Both men continue to go back and fourth, as Dan Dulaney desperately tries to get the duck tape off of his knee and away from the ladder.

    Gaskil punches Johnson!

    Gaskil punches Johnson!

    Gaskil punches Johnson!

    Tyrone Johnson falls off the ladder, but he falls on his feet. Gaskil thinks he won the battle, but he really didn't. Gaskil tries to grab the briefcase, but Tyrone is tipping the ladder...he's tipping it right towards the side that Dan Dulaney is on!

    Johnson tips it...and TANNER GASKIL falls off the ladder! He falls all the way to the outside of the ring and lands right on top of Dan Dulaney! The ladder crushes Dulaney's leg and Tanner Gaskil's fall is broken by that very same steel ladder!

    Tyrone Johnson is all by himself now as his two opponents are hurting bad! He sets the ladder up in the middle of the ring, and slowly takes his time climbing to the top. He has the briefcase in his hands and is about to unclip it when...

    RAMJAM??? Ramjam comes through the crowd out of nowhere. He enters the ring, and drags Tyrone Johnson off the ladder. Tyrone has no idea what is going on as Ramjam is beating him down! The crowd does not chant clown lives matter, in fact the crowd is heavily booing RamJam for interfering in this match...and uh oh! Here comes another! It's Daiquan Andrews!

    Is Andrews here to get his last licks in on Tyrone? Andrews grabs a steel chair...RamJam and Tyrone are both standing in the ring, and Andrews is with them now with the steel chair. RamJam keeps telling his former Team Broc member to hit Tyrone with the chair, and Tyrone is begging him not to. Andrews looks at both of them and....HE HITS RAMJAM with the chair. Andrews beats down RamJam with the chair as Tyrone quickly sets the ladder back up to try and grab the briefcase.

    But here comes Dan Dulaney! Somehow Dan Dulaney has gotten out of the duct tape. His knee looks like a mess, but he hobbles into the ring and up the ladder.

    Johnson and Dulaney begin exchanging blows on top of that 20 ft ladder, as now Tanner Gaskil is on his feet! Gaskil enters the ring now.

    Tanner Gaskil is about to tip that 20 ft ladder over and send both Johnson and Dulaney to the floor. This could effectively win Gaskil the match!

    Tanner Gaskil tips the ladder and....the ladder falls! But Dan Dulaney and Tyrone Johnson are still hanging on! Johnson and Dulaney are hanging 25 feet in the air on that briefcase! Tanner Gaskil can't believe it! Tyrone and Dan begin punching each other but to no avail. Tyrone and Dan are hanging high above the ring with no ladder below. Tanner Gaskil is watching from below unable to do anything, and RamJam is getting his ass beat by Daiquan Andrews far away on the entrance ramp.

    Tanner Gaskil picks up the ladder again, and swings it like he's hitting a pinita! He hits Dan Dulaney! Dan Dulaney falls 20ft to the ground, but Johnson is still hanging on! Dulaney falls, and he falls right on top of Tanner Gaskil!

    Both Dulaney and Gaskil are now out on the ground, as Tyrone Johnson is hanging all by himself 25ft in the air. Johnson finally gets a good grip, and unclips the briefcase!

    Tyrone Johnson falls to the ground with the briefcase in his hand and the bell is rung!

    Winner: Tyrone Johnson

    Gus Johnson: He wins it! The fan favorite Tyrone Johnson wins it all!

    Cris Collinsworth: What a brutal match that was! I don't know if anyone is going to even be able to continue any sort of career after the intensity of this match! Is Dulaney's leg ok?

    Gus Johnson: I don't know, but what I do know is that Tyrone Johnson is the first winner of Ground Zero! It was a tough road. Johnson came into this show with his best friend Daiquan Andrews. But his best friend turned into his biggest enemy. Now after it's all said and done, Johnson has reunited with Daiquan once again. He gets it all! He wins the show and his friend.

    Cris Collinsworth: Tyrone Johnson is officially an FWA Superstar. His FWA contract is in that briefcase, and all he has to do is sign it!

    Tyrone Johnson is celebrating in the ring holding that briefcase high. He is joined by his best friend and former rival Daiquan Andrews, who gives his buddy a huge. Andrews raises Johnson's hand high as the two celebrate in the ring.

    They are soon joined by host Dave Sullivan. Sullivan shakes Johnson's hand inside of the ring, and grabs a microphone.

    Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen...the winner of Ground Zero Season One....Tyrone Johnson!

    Confetti falls from the roof as fireworks blast throughout the arena. Tyrone Johnson can't imagine feeling more on top of the world than he does right now. Little does he know that this is only the beginning. He is now an FWA Superstar. He will have his first match in the FWA. Soon he will have his first win. Then maybe his first championship. His first Back in Business match, and so so much more. He is an FWA Superstar, there is literally nothing can get in his way now.

    Winner of Ground Zero Season One:

    Tyrone Johnson

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 10 (Season Finale)


    Black Lives Matter.
    Trans Rights are Human Rights.

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