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Thread: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9

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    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9

    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9

    The fireworks go off as the crowd gets hyped! It is time for Ground Zero. That rock version of "Everyday People" that the fans have grown to love is blasting through the arena as a graphic of all of our contestants is shown.

    Before the fireworks even finish blasting, Tyrone Johnson is storming down to center stage. He is wearing a pair of jeans and a white wife beater. He grabs a microphone from ringside and jumps in the ring to a large sound of cheers.

    Tyrone Johnson: Daiquan you get your bitch ass out here right now and you fight me like the man your mother was.

    Tyrone waits a moment, but nothing is happening.

    Tyrone Johnson: You want a fight brother? Well you got it. Come out here and fight me. The gloves are off refs, no DQ's happening. Just you and me brawlin.

    Again Tyrone waits, but no one is coming.

    Tyrone Johnson: Man that's just like you to bail. You start this shit with me, you attack my BROTHER. And then you aint even showin up to fight. You always been nothing Daiquan. You my sidekick. It's always Tyrone and Daiquan, you right man. You livin in my shadow. So congrats, big boy Daiquan tryin to get out of Tyrone's shadow. Well I got news for will never be out of my shadow. You are always going to be a step below me you jealous little loser.

    So come out here and let me prove it. Or are you gonna just go and run away...just like yo daddy?

    Out of nowhere the crowd begins to yell. Daiquan Andrews is sprinting down the ramp. He is wearing a nice pinstripe suit that he probably can't afford. Daiquan gets halfway down the ramp as Tyrone starts squaring up in the ring, when all of a sudden the host of Ground Zero Dave Sullivan comes sprinting full speed behind Daiquan. He gets in front of Daiquan and stops him right before he enters the ring.

    Dave Sullivan: Wow wow wow, calm down. No, we aren't doing it like this. Back up.

    Dave Sullivan jumps in the ring and grabs Tyrone's microphone out of his hands.

    Dave Sullivan: I am sick and tired of you two bickering. I think it's safe the say the whole theme of this little feud of yours is that there isn't enough room on this show for the both of you. And yet here we are in Episode 9. Six guys are left and you two are one of them. But I think we've pushed this as far as we can. Tonight it ends. You two are fighting in a sudden death elimination match. Loser goes home, winner moves onto the finale.

    Tyrone grabs the microphone.
    Tyrone: Man this bitch just gonna go and get himself DQ'd like the coward he is. Or he gonna cheat somehow, just like he does at Madden.

    Daiquan: "Oh da sun is in my eyes, that aint fair" - Tyrone

    Tyrone Johnson: Shuddup

    Dave Sullivan: NO! cheating, no DQ's...because this match is going to take place inside a cage. Because that's where you two animals belong.
    Daiquan Andrews and Tyrone Johnson: WHAT DA FUCK?

    Daiquan: MAN did that cracka just say what I think he said?

    Tyrone Johnson: Man this dude is racist.

    Daiquan: White people man...

    Dave Sullivan: You know what. Not only is this going to be a Hell in a Cell match, but I am going to spice it up. Last...Man...Standing. Good luck with that, both of you. Can't wait to see one of you off of my show by the end of the night.

    Tyrone Johnson *yelling at Daiquan*: You goin home fool!

    Daiquan Andrews: Pfft. Yeah right. When I send you to the hospital make sure you say hi to your retarded brother Wayne for me.

    The two continue their bickering as the screen fades to a commercial.

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9

    Gus Johnson: So before the break we got our main event scheduled. A Hell in a Cell Last Man Standing Match between Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews. The grand finale to this summer long feud. Someone has to lose and go home tonight.

    Cris Collinsworth: It is about time someone locked those two in a cage and let them just fight it out. Any chance they end up coming out as friends?

    Gus Johnson: No chance.

    Cris Collinsworth: In other news, there is going to be one more elimination tonight other than Tyrone or Daiquan. And to figure it out we're going to have a beat the clock challenge. Team Broc, Team Mac, and Team Chris will all be going at it tonight. The person out of the three teams to lose in the fastest time will be eliminated from the show.

    Gus Johnson: First up is going to be James Blake versus Dan Dulaney.

    James Blake (Team Chris) vs Dan Dulaney (Team Broc)

    The bell rings and James Blake and Dan Dulaney go right at each other. With the mentoring of Chris Kennedy, the forensic psychologist James Blake has really become finely tuned in the ring. But so has Dan Dulaney, who came into the show with a background in close quarters combat already.

    Dulaney has Blake in a hold, but Blake elbows him to get out of it. Blake throws Dan Dulaney against the ropes, and when Dulaney comes back he hits him with a clothesline. He tries to go for the quick pin.



    But Dulaney breaks out of it. Dulaney pushes Blake into the corner and starts pounding away. The ref has to start counting. 1...2...3..4...and Dulaney lets go. Blake starts punching his way out now, and takes Dulaney onto the ground.

    But Dulaney turns in into a submission armbar. Blake nearly gets loose, but Dulaney tightens it. It is locked in now!

    Blake has nowhere to go, they are right in the middle of the ring. It looks like Dulaney is going to break Blake's arm! James Blake taps out! He finally taps!

    Winner by submission: Dan Dulaney @ 6 minutes, 12 seconds.

    Gus Johnson: Well now James Blake is in the spotlight. If the loser of the next match doesn't lose before the 6:12 point, he will be eliminated from the show.

    Cris Collinsworth: Blake has been such a good competitor. I'm not sure if he has lost a match on the show yet. He has actually be one of the most undervalued stars, picking up wins week after week. Chris Kennedy has really turned him into a great competitor.

    Gus Johnson: Well now we have our next match. Sam Donovan vs Jack of those two or Blake will go home tonight.

    Sam Donovan (Team Chris) vs Jack Harris (Team Mac)

    The bell rings and Donovan and Harris circle each other in the ring. Each man is waiting to make their move. The former Navy Seal vet Jack Harris goes in low to try and take out Donovan's legs, but Donovan dodges it and starts stomping away at Harris.

    Harris quickly gets up, but Donovan launches himself at Harris and they both end up over the top rope and to the ring floor.

    The ref starts counting


    Donovan takes Harris and throws him at the commentary table, knocking over Cris Collinsworth's drink.

    Cris Collinsworth: Hey! That was my diet soda!

    2! Counts the ref.


    Harris gets up, and throws Donovan into the turnbuckle.

    4! 5!

    Harris then throws Sam back into the ring, and goes in there with him. Harris would love to eliminate Donovan from the show. He should've been eliminated anyway. Not to mention that his teammate James Blake will be eliminated if he can't eliminate Donovan in time.

    Both men are back in the ring. Harris goes for the cover. 1...2...

    But Donovan is up.

    Harris starts pounding away at Donovan now. He picks him up, and slams him with a spinebuster. He goes for the cover again!


    But again Donovan gets his shoulder up.

    Harris is getting frustrated. He knows he is running out of time to save Blake.

    He puts Donovan in an armbar! The same armbar that Blake tapped out to against Dan Dulaney. Harris has it locked in tight, Donovan has nowhere to go...

    Donovan looks like he is going to tap.....but he breaks out of it! Unbelieveable!

    Harris can't believe. He picks up Donovan, and slams him with a spinebuster. And then another one, and then another one, and then another one! And one more! Five straight spinebusters!

    Donovan isn't moving! Jack Harris goes for the cover!




    Jack Harris wins!

    Winner: Jack Harris

    Dave Sullivan is out now in the ring to announce the elimination...

    Dave Sullivan: Earlier tonight, James Blake lost to Dan Dulaney in 6 minutes and 12 seconds. Just now his teammate Jack Harris was put up to the task of saving him by beating Sam Donovan in a quicker time.

    He did in fact defeat Sam Donovan...and his time was...6 minutes...and 27 seconds.

    I am sorry James Cross, but you have been eliminated from Ground Zero.

    James Cross (Team Chris) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 9

    Gus Johnson: We are back from the commercial break and it is time for our main event.

    Cris Collinsworth: It is going to be a crazy one. Possibly one of the most hardcore matches I've ever heard of. A Last Man Standing match inside that Hell in a Cell.

    Gus Johnson: Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews have been tearing at each other's throats. They each faced each other in matches and each got themselves disqualified out of rage from the feud. Daiquan Andrews attacked Tyrone's brother Wayne.

    Cris Collinsworth: It is crazy how these two used to be best friends. They met in Kindergarten. They slept over at each other's houses.

    Gus Johnson: And now they're about to beat the living hell out of each other. There is no coming back from this, Cris.

    Cris Collinsworth: No, no there is not. But hopefully for one of them it will all be worth it in the end if they end up winning it all and getting into the FWA.

    Tyrone Johnson vs Daiquan Andrews in a Hell in a Cell - Last Man Standing Match (Loser Goes Home)

    The rules are simple. Last Man Standing...if you can't get up off the floor after the referee counts to ten then you lose. Only this time the two contestants will be locked inside a 20 ft cell while trying to knock the other down.

    Daiquan Andrews makes his entrance first, and he is greeted with large boos from the crowd. Tyrone Johnson comes out next and the crowd goes crazy. It is easy to tell who the fan favorite is, and it only fuels Daiquan's rage even more.

    The two men go to their respective corners.

    The 20 ft cell is slowly raised down over the ring. Tyrone and Daiquan are locked inside of that 5 ton steel structure.

    Finally it is time. The bell rings.

    Daiquan screams and goes right after Tyrone. The two end up brawling on the mat floor like a couple of thugs. They're throwing punches, pulling hair. I'm pretty sure Daiquan has even bitten Tyrone at some point in this quick brawl.

    Tyrone picks up Daiquan by his dreads, and throws him into the turnbuckle corner.

    Tyrone has Daiquan pinned in the corner now, just like Daiquan had Tyrone pinned a few weeks ago when he got DQ'd for not letting up. But this time there are no DQ's. Tyrone has Andrews pinned, and he starts to pound away at his face. The ref can't stop him as Tyrone just punches him over and over again. Last week Daiquan attacked Tyrone's brother Wayne. Now Tyrone is letting it all out.

    Daiquan finally manages to knee Tyrone in the gut and push him off. Daiquan takes Tyrone and throws him over the top rope of the ring. Tyrone goes falling hard on the floor.

    Daiquan follows him outside, picks him up, and slams him against the wall of the steel cage. Tyrone falls backwards hard onto the floor. The ref begins to count...




    But Tyrone makes it to his feet. Daiquan doesn't wait for Tyrone to make a move, he grabs him by the head and intends to slam him back into that cell wall. But Tyrone puts his hand out and stops it, and then grabs Daiquan and throws him against the ring steps. He then grabs Daiquan by the dreads again, and slams his head over and over into the steps.

    The ref begins to count for Daiquan now....





    But Daiquan gets up! Tyrone is pissed now, he kicks Daiquan right in the ribs, and then throws him face first right into the ring steps again.

    "BITE THE CURB" Tyrone says. He forces Daiquan to bite the looks looks like he's about to curb stomp him.

    But right before he goes, Daiquan elbows Tyrone right in the groin! No DQ's! Everything is fair game.

    Tyrone falls backwards to the floor holding his crotch, as Daiquan pulls out a steel chair...just like Tyrone did last week against him. Daiquan takes the chair and slams it against Tyrone's head. He whacks Tyrone with the chair over and over again just like he did to his brother Wayne. The chair is all bent up by the time Daiquan finishes. He throws the bent chair to the ground and screams at the ref to start counting.



    3! 4! 5!

    But Tyrone sprints up, and spears Daiquan! He spears him right through the cell door!

    Tyrone and Daiquan are outside of the cell now! They both start punching each other on the ground. Tyrone picks up Daiquan and throws him right into the security barrier. Tyrone goes back inside the cell and grabs something from underneath the's a crowbar!

    Daiquan is overwhelmed now...he's trying to get away. He starts to run away from the crazed Tyrone.

    "Tyrone man...let's talk about this man. No need to get crazy" says Daiquan as he tries to back up. Tyrone starts walking towards Daiquan with that crowbar like he's Jason Voorhees or something.

    Daiquan has nowhere to go. He starts scaling the wall of that 20 foot cell. Tyrone is right behind him.

    Both men make it to the top. Tyrone chases Daiquan all the way to the edge of the cell...Daiquan has nowhere else left to run.

    "Jump off" Tyrone says. Daiquan looks down below in fear, it is way too high of a fall.

    Tyrone swings the crowbar at Daiquan's head, but Daiquan moves out of the way. The crowbar falls twenty feet to the ground. Tyrone almost goes with it, but he grabs the edge of the cell wall with both his hands. He is trying to pull himself up.

    "Daiquan! Daiquan man help..ima fall...don't let me fall brother"

    Daiquan grabs Tyrone by the hands. The two look each other in the eyes. Daiquan has to make a choice, does he help Tyrone up?

    Daiquan stares Tyrone down and then utters four dark words "Long live the king..." he says as he lets go of Tyrone's hands and lets him fall 20 feet to the ground. Tyrone hits the floor hard.

    This thing looks over. Tyrone looks like he is out cold as the ref begins to count.




    Tyrone isn't moving.





    He is out cold!


    This match is over! Daiquan wins! Tyrone is eliminated!


    Out of nowhere, Tyrone sits straight up! Like an undead demon or some sort! Daiquan can't believe it! Daiquan is in shock. Tyrone looks like pure evil now with a look of emptiness in his eyes. Daiquan is scared as all hell, up on top of the cell he falls backwards onto his ass right in the middle of it.

    " Tyrone I'm sorry man. Please...please man I'm sorry I didn't mean it"

    Tyrone starts to slowly scale the 20 ft wall.

    "No Tyrone please man. You can win. I give up, I quit. You win!"

    Tyrone is still climbing. He isn't listening to a word Daiquan has to say. Tyrone gets to the top, and just stares Daiquan down.

    "We cool right?" says Daiquan...

    Tyrone screams like an animal as he sprints full speed towards Daiquan. He hits him with a HUGE spear right in the middle of the cell! Both men go crashing through the top roof! They both fall 20 ft down onto the mat below!

    They are both out cold! This could be a tie!

    The ref counts!




    Neither man is moving!

    4! 5! 6! Both men now start to move around. They're trying to get up on their feet. Who will get up first? 7! 8! Daiquan is almost up...but he falls back onto his back in pain...


    Tyrone...Tyrone is up! Tyrone is up on his feet!


    That's it! Tyrone has gotten up, but Daiquan is still on the floor! He's done it! Tyrone wins! Daiquan has been eliminated!

    Winner: Tyrone Johnson

    Daiquan Andrews (Team Broc) has been eliminated from Ground Zero.

    End show.

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