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Thread: Premier League 2017/18 Discussion Thread

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    Re: Premier League 2017/18 Discussion Thread

    For such a selfless player he still is the prems 2nd top scorer of all time, imagine if he was selfish.

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    Re: Premier League 2017/18 Discussion Thread

    Keep meaning to comment on Arsenal's performance this weekend and then forgetting. Can't claim I was overly annoyed - losses happen, even against teams you should be defeating. Rather, the annoying aspect was that it was so much the same stuff from Arsenal. For all the talk about changes under Wenger after he stayed, its clear that it will simply be the same. The same issues are there, which is no surprise. And I think that is going to make for a long season.

    I have tried hard to avoid jumping head first into the "Wenger Out" camp. What I've wanted is either he gives up some power and adapts to the modern game (unlikely) or walks away at a high point (like winning the FA Cup). Because I don't see things getting better with regard to the performance of the team, nor with the relationship with the supporters. I know that the Wenger Out crowd has never been the majority of Gooners... but if this season goes the way I fear it might, it will get a lot worse.

    All the things that ail Arsenal are pretty much down to Wenger. Lack of any real tactical vision - that's on him. Having a lot of players on expiring deals - that's down to him. Having too many players on the books so no more players will come until some are sold - that's on him. Issues due to having players on the pitch out of position - that's down to him. The defensive frailties that have ailed Arsenal for a decade are a combination of the players and the manager. But a genuinely astute tactical manager would have found ways to fix those problems. And Wenger never has.

    I have stopped believing anything he says. Its all media spin. Not the only manager to do that, but he most managers put a little spin in there with mostly truth. Wenger puts more spin that most, at least from what I see. Claiming that its "ideal" to have your 2 top stars and several other players on expiring deals? Asinine statement. Complaining about the market accomplishes what? Wenger seems to be begging poverty, but the club made almost 150m from TV rights and prize money last year, and our net transfer spend is about 20m. How exactly are we poor again? How are we being outspent by half the clubs in the Prem?

    I don't see him being set on using the 3-back formation. If he is, it seems really odd that he's choosing to play fullbacks at the spot instead of, you know, actual fucking central defenders. He keeps shoe-horning Oxlaide-Chamberlain into the side even out of position, but its a player who wants to leave and has apparently told Wenger that directly. And playing 3 center backs means you need more, but we are selling the ones we have (bye Gabriel).

    We don't have the worst ownership in football or anything. But we have an indifferent owner who only gives a fuck about making money. And he will keep Wenger forever because the way Wenger operates, the club makes money. Its going to take a relegation battle for the owner and board to make a move against the manager. And even then, I'm not sure because Wenger would spin a tale about how being relegated is ideal because it gives the club a fresh start and all kinds of bullshit.

    Heading into the season, I had zero expectations of success. I figured we would do well do finish in the top 7 and could easily sit mid-table. The Europa League will be taken "seriously" to some extent, but I still count on an elimination in the early knockout rounds. This isn't a reaction to 2 results - its just seeing the slow but continual erosion of the club under a manager who is, for all the great things he has done, past his sell-by date and is at an age where he simply doesn't seem to have the capacity or desire to change at all. I'm sure there will be moments this season where I get angry and frustrated, but I'm trying to avoid that - because its so repetitive and expected when Arsenal do Arsenal things.

    What I look forward to most this season is the moral superiority from supporters of other clubs. Not the ones having a laugh when Arsenal do Arsenal things - that's typical banter and fair play, because it goes both ways. No, its the other fans who like to tell Arsenal supporters that they are disloyal to the club and manager if they want to see change, but are pathetic and lack ambition if we are okay with the (slowly declining) status quo. Basically, being told you are wrong no matter what you want or feel is super awesome fun time.

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