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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017]

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017]

    Editor's Notes: Foreword before we begin. This show is long overdue, I wanted it up earlier but I'm pretty fatigued juggling summer school and an increase in hours at work. I also take part of the blame because fact is I should be working on the show when I've got free time. Getting past that, this is only 1/3rd of the show. I'd like to try something different from now till likely throughout September - that'll be my trial period. Shows (mainly Adrenaline Rush, PPVs are structured differently so I'll have to consider that part when we get to it) will be posted as they are written, in three parts. This will 1) force me to make quick progress on the show 2) make sure there aren't these huge lulls between deadline and the show getting posted which from a RPers perspective would perhaps be a bit demotivating or draining in interest. I know that in the BTB section I wouldn't be a big fan of this approach so no doubt some people may also be against it here, hence a trial period to see if it works. If at the end of September it's something that isn't working out, I'll freely return to the all-in-one approach. This show and the next are exceptions (they're long overdue so I will try to get them up asap) but the ultimate goal will be to get a 1/3rd up every two days post-deadline (instead of all together a week from deadline). Considering we only had 1 show in July, I'd like to be able to have these two Steel Roulette Qualifiers plus the Retribution PPV itself done this month so we're on track for 2 shows a month at least. I'll be doing my best to get the next two parts up asap. Feel free to complain, I totally understand that the delay of the show is pretty bad. In any case, here's part one...

    AUGUST 3rd, 2017

    "A structure meant to shorten careers…”

    The briefest glimpse at the steel-based chamber.

    “The only escape is when you can no longer stand…”

    The body of Enigma rolled around by road agents, bloodied and broken, in the 2016 edition.

    “But why do we make this sacrifice?”

    A shot of Johnny Vegas climbing up the pods, ready to put his body on the line.

    “For the greatest prize in professional wrestling.”

    Jon Snowmantashi stands atop the ramp with the CWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    “And for that prize, we… will… do… anything.”

    Rapid montage of the competitors that will be participating in the qualifiers and the moments leading up too this. Lilith’s destruction. XYZ in the play palace. LIGHTBRINGER in the aftermath of Five Star Attraction.

    “Ten matches. Five spots. And a timer.”

    A buzzer goes off.

    “It’s not only about getting a spot in the Steel Roulette. It’s about putting yourself in the best position so that you can call yourself the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. This. Is. The Steel Roulette Qualifiers!”


    Instead of heading straight to the ring, the cameras are backstage featuring one of the eleven competitors that will be participating in the Steel Roulette Qualifiers. Michelle Kelly stands backstage with a microphone in her hand. She has a bit of an annoyed expression, and her voice matches it. Her long, dull tone is proof she's not in the place she wants to be, and who can blame her?

    As she goes into her introduction, the camera pans out and shows the curly blonde hair of CWA's resident crazy person, XYZ. He has a green cloth ties around his neck, a matching black bath robe covering his shoulders, pecs and most of his ribs and abs, and short green wrestling tights as his only bottom-half attire.

    Michelle Kelly: The man who beat Shawn Summers in a McDonald's Play Place match and the man who will be in tonight's Steel Roulette triple threat match against Prince Ali and Jonathan McGinnis ... XYZ.

    His eyes look outward and upward to the ceiling and walls of the backstage area, and Michelle Kelly finishes her emotionless introduction before swinging the microphone to her side, in front of XYZ's body, and looking off camera.

    XYZ: Emily ... we have …

    Michelle Kelly: It's ... Michelle.

    Her voice shows more emotion in those two words than ever before in this segment. XYZ pauses, closes his eyes, and looks off to the side.

    XYZ: You glow ... like a sunset shining down on the moon. You are ... radiant. Your voice ... soothes me ... my heart ... beats an eternal destiny.

    Michelle ...

    Tim Coleman: He got it right!

    XYZ: You will fly.

    Michelle blushes and even lets out a smile as XYZ looks at her and then looks to the camera.

    XYZ: The world has waited ... for the champion of the lowly, the lion of the forgotten, the rising tide that lifts ALL ... boats ... and they have wondered what words XYZ, the savior of the dreamers, will estrange.

    I have no words of wisdom to share with you, my little poignant pea-swingers. I have nothing to tell you, except that XYZ rose UP ... against a TYRANT ... someone who called himself a God-KING ... and he showed the world that God-KINGS do not exist. Only one thing exists, and that's ...

    the dream ... of the dreamers.

    Michelle keeps the microphone in front of XYZ's face, and the crowd continues to cheer after each pause.

    XYZ: I will always fight ... for the dreamers of the world. ... And tonight ... we will continue to dream. A roulette of STEEL ... awaits us. We will either succeed ... or we will fail. ... But failure is only temporary. There is ALWAYS ... another day to dine. Always another night to WINE.

    But success ... if we can attain it ... IF WE ... the dreamers ... me, a dreamer, and YOU ALL the dreamers with me ... down on the mountain, CLIMBING UP TO THE TOP TO TAKE ...

    OUR THRONE! ...

    If we can succeed tonight, or ANY night ...

    that lasts forever. Just like the dreams themselves.

    Because the dreams are ... forever. And dreamers live ... with those dreams.

    The crowd cheers as XYZ pauses amid one of his most passionate speeches since coming to CWA.

    XYZ: If they say ... who cares if one more light goes out? ... Well ...

    I do.

    The crowd cheers loudly as XYZ raises his left fist to the sky, closes his eyes, and looks down to the floor. Then he starts singing.

    XYZ: Always dream with me, dreamers.

    And we will make sure ... win ... or lose ... today or any singular day ...

    that the stars in the sky stay bright ... and the lights stay on.

    We will make sure ... together ... arm in arm ... that ...

    XYZ opens his eyes for the final part, looking sternly and uber-seriously into the camera. The crowd chants along with him once they hear the first two words.

    XYZ: ... the dream

    ... never

    ... dies.

    XYZ opens his eyes and walks off the set. For the first time, Michelle Kelly looks on from her spot not with disdain, annoyance or looking freaked out but rather with sincere admiration for this oddball of the CWA roster.

    The camera returns to the arena and surveys the crowd, earning cheers and admiration as select fans get the briefest opportunities at fame. It settles down on the broadcast team of Jim Taylor and Tim Coleman at ringside.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman welcome back to Adrenaline Rush. It’s been a while but boy oh boy do we have a SPECIAL night for you. Or two special nights, Tim? The Steel Roulette Qualifiers.

    Tim Coleman: Eleven individuals will have the opportunity to compete in the Steel Roulette to become the next CWA World Heavyweight Champion. But you’ve got to think about how hard it is to get to that end goal. Look, Jim, the Steel Roulette SHAVES years off your career! You’re competing to be in a match that will reduce the span of your wrestling career. But not only that, you’ve got to compete to even participate in that. It’s almost twisted. And it’s not like it’s a guaranteed title. You get to that Steel Roulette and you’ve got FIVE other competitors to go through INCLUDING the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. Honestly, I bid all of them good luck.

    Jim Taylor: Snowmantashi must be worried himself, the last time he competed in the Steel Roulette, Jonathan McGinnis was able to pin him and obtain the CWA World Heavyweight Championship to himself. He knows first hand that the odds are against him in that sort of match.

    Tim Coleman: And for these guys, there’s another element. The timer! The faster they can beat their opponent, the better their chances in that match. You think about it, Jim. There’s a five minute delay between each pod opening. That’s twenty opponents the wrestler with the best time can have of an advantage over the guys that will be breaking their bodies apart in this match. It’s a huge advantage.

    Jim Taylor: We’ve already seen one of the competitors competing in the first qualifier. The extremely bizarre, XYZ. But if you want to talk about the most talked about competitor in this match well…

    How you feeling everybody hope you had a nice day
    Sometimes I feel all alone
    Sometimes I can't get away
    I feel my life is in danger every night when I lay
    So can you do me a favor, smile for me?

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a triple threat Steel Roulette qualifying match. Introducing first from Montreal, Canada, wrestling out of Los Angeles, California, and he weighs in tonight at 207lbs, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis!

    Jonathan McGinnis steps through the curtains through the loudest shower of jeers you may hear in a CWA event. He’s wearing the same shirt as last show, a broken Mr. Willis with a severed spine. He’s smug but straight-faced with just the slightest hint of a sneer. He stares holes through the crowd before making his way down to the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: Jonathan McGinnis was not supposed to compete in these qualifying matches after his actions towards Mr. Willis. He has put this man in a hospital. He may never walk again. McGinnis threatened and blackmailed his way to this position, Tim. He ruined the Young Lions Cup - not to take away from Brayden Bridges’s victory, and he forced Afa Seanoa’s hands.

    Tim Coleman: I understand what you’re saying and I CANNOT under any good conscious, endorse the actions of Jonathan McGinnis - but, you have to consider the repercussions of Afa’s actions. You never surrender, no matter what, to the blackmails of… well quite frankly, a terrorist here, in Jonathan McGinnis. You start submitting then you’re showing a sign of weakness everyone in the back is going to pick on and try to take advantage of.

    Jim Taylor: You might be right, but I wouldn’t want to be the man who truly pushes Afa to the brink. You saw him floor McGinnis before, I think he’ll be open to doing far worse if someone pushes him to that very edge.

    Niggas fighting over rings
    Niggas wanna be the King, but
    Long Live the Chief

    Lindsay Monahan: Second… from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa… weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… he is The Standard… PRINCE AAALIIIIIIIII!

    Prince Ali steps through the curtains with his hands clasped behind him. His eyes wander the arena with a calm serenity. They focus on McGinnis who may very well stand against everything he stands for, and then he begins walking to the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    Prince Ali has proven himself since coming to CWA. He made his way to the finals of the Krash Tag Team Classic. And now he has a chance to become a CWA World Heavyweight Champion. We saw him interviewed by Michelle Kelly ahead of the show, here’s a sound byte from the full interview you can find on CWA dot COM.

    The entrance is brought to a corner of the screen as we get an “Earlier Today” logo in the other corner and the sight of Kelly and Ali in mid-interview.

    Michelle Kelly: Well, let’s talk about your match tonight. It was originally supposed to be a one on one match with XYZ but then McGinnis squirmed his way into the match. Were you already mentally preparing for a one on one math? How do you access both your competitors? And what is your strategy going into the match?

    Prince Ali: When it was first announced I started to mentally prepare to face XYZ in a one on one match. XYZ debuted around the same time that I did. I have only had one singles match since debuting and XYZ has had a few more. He has shown the ability to win. Behind the goofy outfit, the funny way he speaks and the names of his maneuvers, he is a talented competitor but I think his greatest strength is the mind games that he plays with his opponents. He is either throwing you off with his weird posturing or infuriating you to the point of making simple in ring mistakes. After dealing with Krash’s… um… unique behavior… I’m not going to be thrown off my game. He is a gifted high flier and I will keep him down on ground to stop all momentum. Now for the late edition to our match the self-proclaimed “Indy God”. The gutless, Jonathan McGinnis. When he first arrived in the company he was probably my favorite wrestler when I watched from home. He came in and he had honor and he super kicked his way to the top. Slowly but surely, he let the fame and his superficial stature get to his head. Instead of continuously honing his craft, getting better… he surrounded himself around a bunch of yes men who helped him squirm his way to keeping the world title. Then when things got too hard for him he took his ball and went home. Now he is back and he thinks he deserves an opportunity for beating on a retired hall of famer? Well I promise you Ms. Kelly… The Chief will not allow it. I will out wrestle the “Indy God”. I will beat the honor back into him because if it’s one thing I can’t stand is a gutless pig who think he deserves everything for doing nothing.

    The camera cuts back away to a split glimpse between Ali and McGinnis.

    Tim Coleman: Ali is just one of countless people who were once fans of McGinnis and have become soured by his behavior over the past year. You want to talk about fall from grace, there is no greater fall than Jonathan McGinnis.

    Jim Taylor: For Ali, it is no doubt personal. For McGinnis, business. For XYZ? Well, lord knows what goes through his head, Tim.

    So long ago, I don't remember when
    That's when they say I lost my only friend
    Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease
    As I listened through the cemetery trees

    Lindsay Monahan: And last, from Sitka, Alaska, weighing in at two hundred and four pounds… EXXXXXXXXXXX… WHYYYYYYYYYYYY…. ZEEEEEEEEEEEE!

    The weirdest man in professional wrestling takes the stage. He stands atop the ramp and spreads his cape, eyes closed, inhaling the very atmosphere he is in. The crowd delight in the man and you can probably see a mutual frustration in both McGinnis and Ali at the theatricality of XYZ.

    Jim Taylor: XYZ has had a bumpy ride here in CWA. A victory over Summers to start, a defeat partnering with him in the first round of the Krash Tag Team Classic and then a victory in the first ever McDonald’s Play Place match at the recent pay-per-view.

    Tim Coleman: First and last ever.

    Jim Taylor: But XYZ has a huge opportunity tonight and having seen success in two tough matches with Summers, he has to be a favorite to shock and surprise his two opponents here.

    Tim Coleman: It’s also a triple threat match which just increases the odds of the absurd possibility of XYZ winning. All it takes is one superkick from McGinnis and then XYZ can suddenly come in and roll up McGinnis while Ali is down and steal the win. We’ve seen it before, wouldn’t put it past that happening in this match!

    versus PRINCE ALI
    versus XYZ

    ONE MINUTE: The bell rings and there’s only a hint of acknowledging each other before the horses are out to the races, all knowing very well that there is absolutely no time to waste here. McGinnis is quick to duck under a grapple from Ali and turn it into a roll up. XYZ breaks it by pulling McGinnis onto his back, pulling the legs back and bridging through with an odd pin of his own. Ali, back on his feet, hits a caporeian leg drop on XYZ to quickly break the hold. The match has already reached a fever pitch with none of the men relenting.

    TWO MINUTES: XYZ, having been hauled out of the ring, has left the battleground for McGinnis and Ali to do battle over. Both of them are instantly hard hitting. Ali initially due to his desire to upset the former world champion, and McGinnis to match the aggression of the foreigner from Africa. McGinnis goes for a super kick but Ali, well scouted, catches the foot and turns it into an ankle lock. McGinnis only gives in to the pain for a brief moment before flipping forward and sending Ali through the ropes for a HUGE dropkick from XYZ.

    THREE MINUTES: XYZ takes Ali’s role now and slides into the ring. He ducks under a McGinnis clothesline and bounces off the ropes. Baseball slides under McGinnis on the rebound and gets right up. He ducks under a roundhouse kick from McGinnis and lets loose a loud low kick to the back of McGinnis’s leg. A kick to the thigh. A kick to the shin. THIGH. SHIN. THIGH. SHIN. We’ve seen this from XYZ, but doesn’t he realize the clock is ticking? THIGH. SHIN. Maybe he doesn’t care? THIGH. SHIN. Spinning low kick floors McGinnis - hook of the leg - ONE - TW - Ali breaks it at the same time McGinnis kicks out.

    FOUR MINUTES: Ali gets XYZ to his feet and gets an instant drop kick to the chest for his troubles. He must have eyes in the back of his head because he also sees McGinnis getting up and with incredible acrobatics walks on his hands to get his feet around the neck of McGinnis. He starts spinning around at an increasingly rapid rate - we know where this is going, he’s going to make the Indy God fly - DROP KICK! Ali had enough of that! McGinnis nevertheless goes flying too though!

    FIVE MINUTES: Ali gets XYZ up, his attention for McGinnis temporary sidelined. He unleashes some boxing jabs to the chest, hook, caporeian elbow that sends XYZ stumbling to his knees and onto the ropes. A ruthless and sneering Ali gets behind him, grabs him by the waist and DEADLIFT GERMAN SUPLEX - BRIDGES THROUGH - ONE - TWO - THR - DOUBLE FOOT STOMP THE ABDOMEN OF ALI! HOLY SHIT THAT WAS VICIOUS FROM McGINNIS!

    SIX MINUTES: McGinnis gets Ali up instantly - SUPERKICK! He turns to XYZ, helps him up, SUPERKICK! He roars at the jeering from the crowd, and declares CWA his, the talent his, he can do what he wants to them. McGinnis grabs Ali up, in between his thighs, lifts him up, SOMETHING LIGHT - NO - Ali jumps behind him. Back kick to the chest - PELE KICK!

    SEVEN MINUTES: SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT FROM XYZ ONTO THE FLOORED McGINNIS. He hooks the leg but it’s only a half-second before Ali gets him up. XYZ goes for a low kick - Ali jumps over it. UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! UPPERCUT! XYZ is dazed now - SUPERKICK! Not to Ali but to XYZ. Ali ducks out of the way just in time and XYZ goes flying out of the ring. You can tell that took a lot of McGinnis because he’s back on all fours - Ali gets him up - BROKEN DREAMS! McGinnis falls spread-eagled to the mat. Hook of the leg - ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Jim Taylor: Tim, I think that was just a taster of what’s to come. Relentless. Fast paced. Hard hitting. Fever pitch. Not a second to rest. And an absolutely huge and shocking result. McGinnis WILL NOT be participating in the Steel Roulette this year!

    Tim Coleman: He’s got no one to blame but himself, Jim. Prince Ali was, dare I say it, excellent in this one. And even XYZ nearly pulled out a win.

    Jim Taylor: Ali has set the benchmark and now everyone else knows the time they have to beat for a placement in the Steel Roulette. Seven minutes and fifty six seconds. And that was with three men in the ring, Tim. We’re not sure if the next four singles matches will make it easier or harder to beat that time. Before we get onto Jackson Fenix and Krash, we’ve just got word that a certain couple of talents have demanded the spotlight for a moment.

    Tim Coleman: IS IT THE ECHO?

    The scene opens up with the close up of the back of a luxurious swivel leather chair. Nothing else can be seen. A familiar male voice comes from behind.

    ????: We've been expecting you....

    Suddenly, the chair swivels around and we are greeted with the man behind the voice. A tan complexion, a huge fur coat, a signature eye patch (that is placed on top of an eye bandage) and a big grinning smirk: It's Ricardo Vance, one half of the Diamond Dogs.

    Ricardo Vance:
    CWA. It's abou--
    He is unable to continue speaking as he appears to have miscalculate the chair's swivel velocity and the chair suddenly has its back to the camera again before slowly starting to come to a halt with him side on to the camera. Out of nowhere comes Santino Dongarelli, wearing his trademark leather jacket and neon pink hairband, to stop the chair spinning.

    Santino Dongarelli: I got you man! It's all good!

    After the kerfuffle, the pair compose themselves as Santino decides to stand next to the seated Ricardo. The camera zooms out slightly to get both in the shot and reveals that we are in the luxurious office of the Malibu Vice nightclub. However, there's not much of interest to note as the pair of them take up most of the picture and are very clearly intent on delivering a message.

    Ricardo Vance: Thanks, Santino.
    Ricardo then coughs to clear his throat.

    Ricardo Vance: As I was saying, it's about time that we addressed a certain elephant in the room.

    Santino nods his head...

    Santino Dongarelli: Yeah. That's right, Rick. Why don't I have a chair, huh?

    Ricardo Vance: What? That's not what...

    Santino Dongarelli: It's not!? But... I thought that was... the whole deal... like... no? Then what the hell is going on!? I want a damn seat too!

    An unknown figure from off camera hands a fold out chair to Dongarelli who takes a seat.

    Ricardo Vance: Now we have that out of the way... we can address the real issue in the room: The Echo. The Echo are MOTHERFAKERS!

    Suddenly, Dongarelli bounces up off of his seat in such an angry rush that it flies away from underneath him and he points at the camera, raging. This is a mannerism that Santino continues to display throughout the scene as he repeats what Ricardo says.

    Santino Dongarelli: MOTHERFAKERS!!!

    Ricardo Vance: That's right, Santino. They're nothing but slimy little snakes. False champions.

    Santino Dongarelli: FALSE CHAMPEENS!!!

    Ricardo Vance: See, they're upset that they're no longer the stars of the show. They're upset that they're not the centrepiece of a glorious tag team division. They're upset that the didn't have the balls to enter a tag team tournament. A tournament that we won.

    Santino Dongarelli: DIDN'T HAVE THE BALLS!!!

    Ricardo Vance: So what do they do? They attack us when we're celebrating a glorious triumph. It should've been a great occasion. But no, they ruined it. For what? To prove a silly little point? If they wanted a championship match, they could have just asked. The Diamond Dogs, being honourable champions, would have given it to them! We're nice guys.

    Santino Dongarelli: REALLY NICE GUYS!!!!

    Ricardo Vance: But instead you try to hurt us. You try to take us out. This... this we cannot forgive. We know you're out there bragging about it all. But we're going to put an end to that. You think you could beat us down and we'd just stay away? Nononono. That doesn't work. Why? Because your moves are weak.

    Santino Dongarelli: YEAH YOUR MOVES ARE WEAK, BABE!!!

    Ricardo Vance: That's why, on the next Adrenaline Rush, the Diamond Dogs will show up. We have a very special offer for you, Echo. You see... we have our own lawyer - he's in this room with us right now. He's drawn up a contract agreement for a match to decide who the real champions are.

    Santino Dongarelli: THE REAL CHAMPEENS!!!

    The camera pans around to show the 'lawyer' - some would say that the lawyer looked like Big Mac wearing spectacles, a blonde mullet wig and a pinstripe suit. The 'lawyer' hands over a clipboard to Ricardo - who reads over it.

    Ricardo Vance: You see... right here... is the contract.

    Santino Dongarelli: DA CONTRACT!!!

    Ricardo holds up the clipboard and wiggles it around - written on the back in pink marker it states, very clearly, "DA CONTRACT" - Ricardo then puts it down on his lap.

    Ricardo Vance: So, assuming that at least one of you morons can read...

    Santino Dongarelli: IF YOU CAN RE--- wait a minute...

    Santino bends down and audibly whispers into Ricardo's ear...

    Santino Dongarelli: But Rick, I can't read, man...

    Ricardo Vance: It's okay, Santino, It's okay. They don't have to know that.

    They both get back to business as Santino straightens back up.

    Ricardo Vance: So, on the next Adrenalin Rush... we'll be there with DA CONTRACT... and if you aren't a bunch of pussies, Echo, you'll be there too. And you'll sign it. And we can have our match to decide who the real tag team champions are. You better be ready, boys, the Diamond Dogs are coming!

    Ricardo leans back and lights a skinny cigar with a smirk across his face as Santino makes the exclaimation point and tries to mean mug the camera as the scene fades out.

    Santino Dongarelli: WE'RE COMING!!!


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 1 of 3

    If I'm being entirely honest, I kinda like this experimental format. Breaking up separate matches/segments into individual posts helps bring more attention to the matches & characters involved instead of people just skimming the results to see if they won their match. Like, every match is important enough to justify it's own post rather than getting lost in the shuffle. Plus, by the sounds of things, it helps ease pressure off the writers to get a whole show done in a small amount of time. With this, they can update as they go along, and avoid so much pressure to get everything done.

    plus breaking things up like this with 'commercials' makes it feel like a Live Discussion - albeit extended over a few days-ish -where we shitpost about what just happened and make predictions about what's next.

    That being said, solid stuff insofar. Ali probably just picked up the biggest win of his career yet - and could very well top that once Steel Roulette arrives - and has a bright future ahead of him irregardless. The Diamond Dogs are just... just an absolute delight, and I can't wait to see how this 'contract signing' turns out.

    btw Jon if you want an extra hand to write a match, throw me a line bruh


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 1 of 3

    If its easier this way for creative and the writing team im all for it. Keeps the thread active for longer. Its not going to be as intimidating or as exhausting to read. I just wanna say WOAH! I won! Huge for me i wanna say it was an excellent match and im excited the rest of the best the clock matches.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 1 of 3

    Franchise what's up man? Long time no see

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 1 of 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Morgan View Post
    Franchise what's up man? Long time no see
    Yo! Definitely been a long time. Glad to see your active on site again. I just came back like a month or so ago.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 1 of 3

    Editor's Notes: Thanks to Jimmy King for writing this match sans finish. Oh, and side note, I wrote that XYZ segment hence far from the quality of the original work e_e

    The cameras head backstage to see one of the competitors from earlier in the night, XYZ, in his own little world wandering the Valley View Casino Center. He seems to be half-singing, half-dancing (if you’d like to refer to the dancing as that) through the halls. Occasionally engaging backstage staff members who awkwardly shuffle away at the first point. His travels are put to a halt when he spots one of CWA’s Young Lions sitting atop a production box, looking downwards and sulky. The pump in hand isn’t even enough to arise the Izaya Snowmantashi’s mood.

    XYZ: If the little mountain sheds tears… it shall create… an avalanche! No… a little avalanche - a snowslide!

    Izaya raises an eyebrow at XYZ and though most might shuffle away, Izaya takes the opportunity to unload his issues on the newcomer.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: You know, XYZ. I came to CWA with the world waiting to see what I could do. My brother’s the CWA World Heavyweight Champion. He trained me first hand - and look what I’ve done. I keep losing. I keep getting pinned. I couldn’t even brave my injuries to compete in the Young Lion finale. I just feel like… all my dreams are coming apart.

    XYZ’s eyes widen at those last words.

    XYZ: No! No, no, no. Have you not heeded my words, have you not heeded my call?

    Have I not warned you? Here… in the land of dreams… No!

    If you fear your dreams are being crushed - maybe you should stop being a little mountain…

    Little mountains remain still.

    Be a mountain GOAT!

    Climb the mountain and keep climbing. The mountain is everlasting, if you keep climbing, the dream will always be there.

    If you keep climbing…

    The dream…

    Trevor Ocean: Oh, would you give it a break! What about your dreams of being in that Steel Roulette, huh? Dead. Just like this kid’s career. Dead. Matter of fact, that last win you got at the Classic? That’s the last win you’ll ever get. And as for you, Izaya. It might be that me and Shawn have a message to send to the champ - so just about the only use left for you is to be that message. In which case, I’d say either watch your back or maybe leave CWA while you can still do it conscious.

    Ocean breathes heavily, but his two verbal victims seem to simply be staring back at him.

    Trevor Ocean: What?!

    XYZ: Never…


    XYZ walks away and Izaya, not eager to remain, tails the bizarre CWA wonder. Ocean is left sneering that his words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

    The camera returns to the ring - and the attention is instantly turned over to the titantron.

    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain
    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Steel Roulette qualifying match. First… accompanied to the ring by Nate Savage, from Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, Jackson Fenix!

    The opening to "Sweatpants" begins to play and as the lyrics start Jackson walks out on stage with Nate Savage at his side and smirks at the booing fans. He walks down to the ring mocking and taunting the fans along the way, feeding off the boos he's getting.

    Once he reaches the ring he throws up his index finger, fist bumps with Nate and heads to his corner. Nate then walks over to the commentary table taking a seat next to Tim Coleman.

    Tim Coleman: Welcome Nate!

    Tim holds out his hand but Nate refuses to shake.

    Nate Savage: I don't know where your hand has been nor do I want to know so I won't be shaking your hand Tim

    Jim Taylor: Pleasure to have you here with us Nate, as always

    Nate Savage: Cut the pleasantries because I'm not out here for that so let's just get this over with

    What if I wanted to break
    Laugh it all off in your face
    What would you do?
    What if I fell to the floor
    Couldn't take all this anymore
    What would you do, do, do?
    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… from Melbourne, Australia… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion, The Heartbeat of CWA… KRRRRRAAASH!

    The arena dims to a thin blackness, as the tapping of slow, purposeful footsteps play over the arena speakers. 'The Kill' begins playing as a spotlight shines on the middle of the entranceway, illuminating Krash as he has his back towards the crowd. He glances over his shoulder at the fans as colorful, purple pyro explodes from the corners of the stage, before he whips around, facing the crowd and spreading his arms out as if to welcome them all. After a few seconds of posing, he begins making his way down the ramp, ensuring to high-five and otherwise interact with the crowd.

    Jim Taylor:
    The fans are on their feet in excitement to see Krash!

    Nate Savage: I hope Jackson kicks that stupid looking mustache right off of Krash's face

    He climbs onto the ring apron and leaps over the ropes, onto the second turnbuckles, where he gazes out at the fans, nodding or pointing at a few, before bouncing back into the ring and into his corner handing over his High Voltage title to the referee.

    JACKSON FENIX w/ nate savage
    versus KRASH
    The two competitors approach each other in the center of the ring, evenly matched in height and the timer starts up, the goal being to finish this match in under eight minutes. Jackson wastes no time running his mouth, trash talking Krash before flipping him the middle finger right in Krash's face. Krash looks out at the fans, who are clearly behind him, and then out of nowhere he levels Jackson with a right fist that knocks the cocky upstart a few steps back. Jackson stumbles a bit but Krash doesn't let up and throws another fist that sends Jackson back into the corner, slightly dazed. Krash continues the onslaught of his strikes until being backed away by the referee, Krash throws his hands up in defense while Jackson recovers in the corner. Krash comes back up to Jackson but Jackson orders the referee to get Krash to back away some giving Jackson ample time to remove himself from the corner. Once he does so Krash has gently moved the referee from in front of him but he's caught by Jackson with a forearm smash and Jackson sends him to corner now and unloads on Krash with a barrage of punches and kicks much to dismay of the fans until the referee forces Jackson to back away momentarily. He does so but he goes right back on the attack, dragging Krash from the corner and looks for a basic suplex but Krash blocks it with boot and then hits Jackson with his own suplex!

    Jackson springs back up only to be drilled with an uppercut that rocks him back and Krash finishes him off with a beautiful standing dropkick that sends Jackson toppling over the rope to the outside. Jackson gathers his bearings and slams his fist on the announce desk in frustration.

    Nate Savage: Pay attention to the match, don't look at me!

    Just as Jackson turns around he's taken down by Krash with a suicide dive!

    Nate Savage: I warned him

    Jim Taylor: That you did Nate and it may have cost him if he's not careful.

    Krash tosses Jackson back in the ring and comes back in with a leg drop straight across the throat followed by a pin...

    Jackson gets a shoulder up in time and Krash goes for a headlock submission, but Jackson fights out of it before Krash can get it fully applied and both men on their feet now as Jackson doubles over Krash with a back elbow to the midsection. Jackson follows up with several clubbing blows to the back for good measure, then Jackson hooks him in position and brings him back down with a falcon arrow into the pin!

    Krash with a kick-out! Jackson immediately applies a chinlock and for extra added pressure he digs his knee into the lower spine of Krash.

    Jim Taylor: Nate, I've got to ask what will happen if Jackson and yourself both make it to the Steel Roulette?

    Nate Savage: I guess you didn't listen to what I had to say earlier this week in regards to that. I'll humor you though, it's quite simple actually. We'll wrestle each other because we both know that it's every man for himself, nothing more. There isn't any tension between so I just wish that people would stop trying to drive this wedge between us or coming up with these false reports. Now that you've gotten that out of the way, do you mind if we focus on the match Jim?

    Jim Taylor: By all means…

    Tim Coleman:
    Come on Jimbo, get it together!

    Nate Savage: Nobody asked you to speak

    Back in the ring, at five minutes through, Krash had escaped the chinlock and snapmares Jackson over his shoulder and instantly nails Jackson with a low dropkick right to Jackson's lower spine. Jackson winces at this as he rises up only to eat another standing dropkick! Krash brings Jackson up and hoists him up in place with a stalling suplex but Jackson finds a way free as he flips over behind Krash, clubs Krash in the back and then locks him in position and plants him with a dragon suplex followed by the pin...

    Jackson wastes no time and applies a figure four leg lock submission in the center of the ring. While the hold is applied he's taunting Krash and smack talking some more, even spitting at Krash, who is struggling to break free. Krash momentarily turns the tables and transitions the figure four leg lock to favor him and bring Jackson some pain going through his legs. Jackson though is quick to turn it around right back to where he wants it. He relinquishes it and mocks Krash some more and even begins to showboat for the fans.

    Nate Savage: Come on Jackson, focus!

    Jackson climbs up top and takes his time up there before leaping off looking for the diving high knee, but Krash moves out of the way in time and Jackson manages to catch himself before he crashes and burns yet Krash catches him as he turns around and takes him down with a spear! Krash hooks the leg...

    Both men lay sprawled out on the mat, the spear taking a lot out of both of them as a hush falls over the crowd with the knowledge that they’ve now passed the seven minute mark.

    Jim Taylor: Unless either man can finish this match within the next minute, they’ll deal with the knowledge that Prince Ali will get to enter later in the match.

    Nate Savage: One minute, you say?

    Jim Taylor: Wait, what are you doing?

    Nate Savage gets to his feet and circles around the ring. He starts smacking the mat, urging Jackson Fenix to get back to his feet, serving as a direct reminder that he’s on the clock. Fenix is struggling to even hear what he’s saying let alone grasp it. Krash seems to be the one urged by the knowledge that he’ll need to hurry for a win. He begins using the ropes to get up. Seven and a half minutes left now. Savage shakes his head and circles around to where Krash is. He berates the champion but Krash does his best to ignore him. Savage rushes around back to the announcer’s table and grabs the High Voltage Champion! That gets his attention. Seven minutes and fifty seconds - Fenix with the roll up -



    Krash is back up and rolls through with a pin of his own in one seamelss moment -



    Fenix just about kicks out but the bell rings, Krash’s eyes are on the titantron…


    Jim Taylor: I… uh… I think Nate Savage just stopped his own partner from cheating?

    Tim Coleman: Nate Savage has children, he’s just setting a good example.

    Jim Taylor: I’m not sure if that was his real intention, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Either way, the wrong man lost, Jim. Jackson Fenix was robbed, I’m not sure that was a three count.

    Fenix may be feeling he’s been robbed too, his eyes widened as he searches for Savage whom, for once, does not look like he quite has the words for his predicament. Krash on the other hand, has rushed to recover his High Voltage Championship on the ground. There’s some obvious disappointment in missing the timer but he knows he has a chance to become a double champion once again, and that is comfort enough. He makes his way to the back to leave Fenix in a heated one-sided discussion with Savage. Savage may feel guilty but he doesn’t take too kindly to being berated either.

    Backstage, Afa Seanoa is walking in a too-small suit with the phone in hand. He looks far more jovial than is the norm for him.

    Afa Seanoa: I’ll be honest, it’s great to hear from you. Former Continental Champion, former World Heavyweight Champion. I respect what you’ve done and I know the fans will be ecstatic to see you back - but look, I’ve got to do my due diligence. You saw what happened to Mr. Willis, I can’t risk another incident like that. You’ve gotta promise me this isn’t just nostalgia, you’ve gotta promise you’re in peak physical shape and ready to compete. I can’t have another legend in the hospital, on my conscious… Right… right. Look, I’ll trust you. You’ve got the spotlight. Phoenix will love you, man. Alright, Ro- uh, sorry, I’ll call you back, something - someone came up.

    The camera zooms out and jeers instantly shower the arena at the sight of Jonathan McGinnis. Whatever jovial mood Afa was in is gone. McGinnis’s chest is heaving up and down with anger he can barely stiffle.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Find. Me. A way… into that Steel Roulette.

    Afa Seanoa: You had your chance, McGinnis. A chance you orchestrated.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I shouldn’t have had to orchestrate it in the first place, I deserved a one on one match of my own.

    Afa Seanoa: You even picked your opponents.

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    This isn’t an argument. You saw what I’ve done since I’ve returned. I GET MY WAY, AFA! Now, you can try to act tough, but you’ve seen what happens. Let’s skip me embarrassing you, let you keep the last shreds of authority you have, and just give me my match.

    Afa Seanoa: You know what, McGinnis. I hate you. I hate your guts. But… you make the CWA money. You’re disgusting. Vile. People want to hate you. They want to berate you. You have no morals. And people want to see what next horrific act you’ll commit… but that only goes so far. It only goes so far as you have even an ounce of talent behind you. What I saw out there… you losing to Ali and XYZ, two very talented men - but they aren’t former World Champions. That was your match to lose and you lost it. You really aren’t the man you once were. That contract of yours, its starting to weigh heavy on my pocket too. So, I don’t know, McGinnis. It seems like you need to focus on your opponents in the ring before you starting taking on the whole wrestling world…

    McGinnis is redder by the second and whatever Afa had to say must have gone in one ear and out the next. McGinnis takes one last heavy breath and has the shadow of a smirk on his lips.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Returning legend, huh. This oughtta be fun.

    Afa frowns at that but McGinnis walks away before a reply can be given. The camera follows McGinnis stopping in front of… Krash! The High Voltage Champion has a towel draped over him and the two former CWA World Heavyweight Champions eye each other. One emerging from a victory. The other from a defeat. Krash moves out of the way, hands up, and McGinnis continues his walk.

    Krash: Mr. Seanoa…

    Krash approaches the general manager who looks skeptical at the sight of one of his champions.

    Krash: You look like you’ve seen a ghost. Don’t see many champs on an Adrenaline Rush, do you?

    Afa Seanoa: Right. Congratulations on your victory…

    Krash: Thanks, thanks. But that’s not why I’m here. Well, not totally, at least. You see, you mentioned Jackson Fenix getting a shot at this belt if he won… but… he kinda lost. Which brings us back to point A, who am I going to defend this belt against, and how are they going to earn their shot?

    Afa sighs.

    Afa Seanoa: You just don’t take any answer that doesn’t sound right your ears, do you?

    Krash: Wouldn’t be here if I did.

    Afa Seanoa: Well, look, the month of June put the spotlight on the Krash Tag Team Classic. July, on the Young Lion Cup. August has been on the Steel Roulette and the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. I’ll give you this. September’s pay-per-view… Flashpoint… it’s going to have you in the main event… defending that CWA High Voltage Championship… and trust me… if you think Snowmantashi is gonna have a hard time at Retribution… I hope you’re prepared for what’s coming then.

    Afa pats Krash on the back and begins walking away. The camera remains on Krash who is at once bemused at his future prospects but, as with any competitor, excited. One question seems to remain on his mind.

    Krash: Are you sure that won’t be a lawsuit?


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 2 of 3

    Entertaining segments and Jackson vs Krash was pretty good. Mystery legend returning. Im predicting Cyrus Truth! If its Roberto Superstar ill mark. So quick question. You win and you enter the steel roulette but what does your time mean?

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 2 of 3

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Franchise View Post
    Entertaining segments and Jackson vs Krash was pretty good. Mystery legend returning. Im predicting Cyrus Truth! If its Roberto Superstar ill mark. So quick question. You win and you enter the steel roulette but what does your time mean?
    Kayfabe purposes. Time affects how late you get to enter.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017] 2 of 3

    Back from the commercial break and the camera is catching up to Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix. Fenix looks uncharacteristically angry while Nate Savage is rolling his eyes but clearly he cares enough about his friendship with Fenix to try and come to a resolution.

    Nate Savage: Jackson…

    Fenix continues to ignore him, tossing a towel he was using to dry off to the side.

    Nate Savage: Jackson…

    Still, Savage gets little indication of being heard.

    Nate Savage: JACKSON!

    Fenix finally turns around, red-faced.

    Jackson Fenix: WHAT?!

    Nate Savage: Look, I get it, you’re pissed off, you lost-

    Jackson Fenix: I lost because you didn’t have my back.

    Nate Savage: Come on, you know that’s not true. How was I supposed to know you needed the ropes to beat an old man like Krash?

    Fenix frowns but doesn’t reply. He’s not quite ready to acknowledge the actions he tried to take to steal the win.

    Nate Savage: Hell, I even tried to help you get a better time. No matter what, the best odds of me winning that Steel Roulette was with the both of us in it, you know I wanted you to win that.

    Jackson Fenix: I don’t want to hear it, Nate. First the Krash Tag Team Classic, now this. Two titles - heck, three, if I would’ve won, I’d have been first in line for thee CWA High Voltage Championship… or was it that you did not want to me hold the title you lost? That’s three championships I’ve missed out on now, Nate. Call it a mistake the first time, fine by me. Second time, I start to get suspicious.

    Savage is pissed now, offended at the thought process Fenix is going through.

    Nate Savage: Now look, I got you this job, Jackson. If I wanted you to fail, I wouldn’t have helped you out. You’ve got the whole world in your hands, Jackson, lord knows you didn’t need CWA. I do. And yet… and yet… I still put my ass on the line to help you out. And now… you think I’m out here to screw you? A worse man, might, Jackson, but I was under the impression that we were friends.

    Jackson Fenix: I don’t know, Nate. Like I said, suspicious. But you know what, maybe you should take your mind off me, Nate, and focus on Shawn Summers.

    Fenix starts walking away and Savage can’t help but shake his hand.

    Nate Savage: Can I expect to have your back against Summers.

    Jackson Fenix: At least as much as you had my back against, Krash.

    He says over his head and walks off. The look on Savage is clearly worry as the camera heads back to the arena.

    Through this little game we play
    Through all this the result
    Will be the same
    The battle that goes so far back
    The battle of Light vs. Dark
    Good vs. Evil is always intact

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Steel Roulette qualifying match. First… from New Orleans, Louisiana… weighing at two hundred and forty-five pounds… he is the first ever Young Lion Cup winner… “The Lost Soul”… BRAYDEN… BRIDGES.

    As solemn as Brayden Bridges usually appears, he’s got an all the more depressing and somber feel tonight as he walks down the ramp with his guitar in hand.

    Jim Taylor: It was a tough night for Brayden Bridges last show, he beat debuting star Sammy Riggins in a hard-hitting match, and then had to wrestle against two fresh opponents in Trevor Ocean and the debuting Mendoza. Of course, controversy ensued but at the end of the night, The Lost Soul walked away with the Young Lion Cup… and yet, Tim… and yet, he looks none too happy.

    Tim Coleman: This man could win the lottery, be handed over the world title and have the women of his dreams at his side and it STILL wouldn’t make him happy. He’s a scarred and broken man, I’m not even sure why he competes.

    Jim Taylor: Some might say he enjoys the physical punishment, Tim. He’s got a tough challenge tonight facing a former High Voltage Champion, a former Wrestle Royale a winner, a former Five Star Attraction main eventer, and a returning LIGHTBRINGER.

    No more sorrow
    No more lies
    The rapture is coming
    Say your goodbyes
    When death beckon's
    Don't matter if your good or bad
    Death the darkness always
    Down the bend

    Tim Coleman: You know, I don’t think any of those accolades matter to Brayden Bridges.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent… from Tokyo, Japan… weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds… he is the 2017 Wrestle Royale winner… TOKYO-KISAI… LIGHTBRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGER!

    The crowd actually seem mildly pleased to see LIGHTBRINGER back. There’s a somewhat positive reaction to the main eventer of Five Star Attraction. Particularly high pitched actually. LIGHTBRINGER is at the top of the stage with his manager BoBo and he begins his walk down the ramp after embracing the adulation.

    Jim Taylor: LIGHTBRINGER showed what he was willing to do to become CWA World Heavyweight Champion, and that meant turning his back on the crowd in his determination to overcome Jon Snowmantashi.

    Tim Coleman: It was all for nothing too, in the end, like many before, he fell to the KAIJU.

    Jim Taylor: Some might say he came closest to beat Snowmantashi. We hadn’t heard from him in a while but Afa announced his return last show and it looks like LIGHTBRINGER is determined to do what he failed to accomplish the first time, become the face of CW- OH GOD!

    Jim and Tim must have stopped paying attention to the ring because they only notice far too late that Bridges is in front of LIGHTBRINGER who was distractedly talking to BoBo on his way to the ring and gets his head SMASHED in with the GUITAR! My word! BoBo tries to shove Bridges off but gets a CALL TO THE CORONER for his troubles. BoBo is completely down and out. Bridges turns his attention to LB and rams him into the barricade. He stops to scan the crowd whom are quick to boo the dishevelled man. Bridges lifts LB up and brings him near the ring, whipping him back first into the apron! The pain on LB’s face is all too clear. He gets him up and WHIPS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS. No mercy from Bridges right now. The match hasn’t even begun. He lifts LB onto his back now, prepares to aim for the steel post - LB slides off! BRIDGES FACE FIRST INTO THE STEEL POST!

    They’re on even grounds now.

    LIGHTBRINGER doesn’t hesitate a second, PICTURE PERFECT DROP KICK RAMS BRIDGES INTO THE STEEL POST AGAIN! LB takes a bit more time to recover now that Bridges can’t immediately turn the tables again. He watches Bridges skeptically while he recovers and once he sees Bridges using the steel post to get to his feet, he runs to the nearby barricade, jumps off it and TRIANGLE DROPKICK INTO THE STEEL POST ONCE MORE! Bridges slides down the steel post - and what’s that bloody mark, he’s leaving. Oh, he may have been busted open! LB climbs up the steel steps, walks to the middle of the apron… ARMS WIDE and the camera ZOOMS WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY OUT! The fans are going crazy for LIGHTBRINGER and it zooms back in as he turns his head to a recovering Bridges.

    LIGHTBRINGER walks to the opposite turnbuckle and crouches, anticipating Bridges getting up and he charges full speed ahead, SLIDING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT - Bridges moves away and LB GOES FLYING INTO THE STEEL STEPS. What a horrifying sight?! LB looks completely out of it and they don’t even want to review the tape, brutal as that was. LB looks helpless as Bridges goes over to him, gets him up and lets LB FACE THE MUSIC with a flooring super kick. Bridges takes some heavy breaths and then gets LB up and slides him in the ring, he follows. He stares at the referee until he reluctantly rings the bell.


    versus LIGHTBRINGER w/ bobo

    ONE MINUTE: Bridges wants to get at LB immediately but the referee gets in between and forces Bridges back. The clock is ticking and Bridges knows it. After a half minute, he shoves the referee away and grabs LB by the neck, and then has him locked into the Mercy Kill Elevated Triangle Choke. He’s swinging LB around with reckless abandon and by god it looks like LB might pass out at any point, he might have already passed out the way Bridges is swinging him about. The referee doesn’t check though. He’s at the apron urging a furious BoBo back. LB must still be aware because he notices the referee distracted and gets a blow straight to Bridges’s nether regions.

    TWO MINUTES: LB is on all fours, crawling away as he tries to regain his breath. Can you blame him for the illegal hit at this point? Bridges did have that guitar shot! Bridges proves tough enough to get back up, though with a hand still cupped below. He goes over to LB and LB is quick to pull him by the belt and send his bloodied face into the middle apron. He crawls over to the opposite corner and uses it to get back up. He urges the crowd on their feet and Bridges on his feet. Once Bridges is nearly up, he charges full speed ahead, SLIDING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT - Bridges bounces onto the apron from the velocity of the strike.

    LB is back to his feet, regaining some measure of momentum and he eyes Bridges seated in the corner. He goes to the opposite corner and takes a running start - FLYING DROPKICK INTO BRIDGES! He drags Bridges out of the corner… ONE - TWO - KICK OUT. LB is up on his feet in a hurry, using the ropes for assistance. He waits for Bridges to get back to a knee and KNEE STRIKE TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL! He turns Bridges over - ONE - TWO - THRRRR - KICK OUT! Bridges is not an easy man to put down ladies and gentleman. He looks to the clock and calms himself down, there’s still some time left.

    FOUR MINUTES: Krash pops up at the top of the stage with his CWA High Voltage Championship in tow. LIGHTBRINGER spares him a single glance but dismisses the sight. Krash has a slow walk towards the ring. He lifts Bridges up to his feet and then onto his shoulder, he has him in position for the TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER - Bridges is wiggling his feet and manages to reverse it - TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER OF HIS OWN! He hooks the leg - ONE - TWO - THRRRRRRRRRRRRRR - KICK OUT!

    This time its Prince Ali out. He’s got his hands clasped behind his back as he heads on down to the ring, quite attentive to the two men exhausted in it. He spares a nod for Krash standing at the top of the ramp and the two continue watching the match.

    FIVE MINUTES: Bridges and LIGHTBRINGER struggle to beat a ten count and LB hits a stiff forearm to the face of Bridges. Bridges doesn’t retaliate, HE WANTS ANOTHER ONE - bloodied as he is. LB obliges him and hits an upper cut. It makes Bridges stumble just a bit but he refuses to be cowed. Fine, LB demands he go for one too. Uppercu- FLYING ARMBAR! LB PLAYS BY HIS OWN DAMN RULES. He’s wrenching the arm like he wants to pull that shit out of its socket. Bridges has to struggle not to tap out but the apron smacking of BoBo is urging him to do it. He’s resisting though and forces LB on his back - ONE - TWO - LB gets a shoulder up but he still has that armbar locked in. The countdown continues.



    Jim Taylor: With over a minute to spare, LIGHTBRINGER has ensured that so far, he will be one of the last to enter the Steel Roulette, and more than that, he has confirmed his place in the match.

    Tim Coleman: What a brutal match! I daresay LIGHTBRINGER is lucky Bridges started this match on the outside, they got to shave a ton of energy on each other before the timer even started.

    Jim Taylor: Yet, it still took a great deal for either man to stay down with the damage they took. Bridges continues to show himself as an incredibly tough man but tonight, he was facing someone fresh, at the peak of his game, with unmatched determination, Tim.

    Bridges rolls out of the ring, crawling on the outside at first but using the barricades, he shoves medical assistance aside, wearing his crimson mask with pride and hobbling backstage. LIGHTBRINGER is left in the ring with BoBo raising his hands. Krash and Prince Ali step into the ring with the third man confirmed to be in the Steel Roulette match. LIGHTBRINGER flexes his jaws as he awaits to see what they’ll do. Krash and Ali offer out handshakes to LIGHTBRINGER. He takes a moment to look at both hands, scrunches up his face, then spreads his arms out as the camera once more zooms wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy out - KICK TO THE GUT! Ali doesn’t like the lack of respect, lifts LB UP - BROKEN DREAMS! BoBo is outraged but Ali shoves him off. Ali rolls out of the ring and though there’s a mix of jeers and cheers, he seems sure of what he’s decided to do. Krash is left in the ring with a slight grin at the edge of his moustache. He looks down at LB, a glance at BoBo and goes out onto the apron, walking over the steel steps… he shrugs, drops the belt, climbs up the top rope, THE KILL! STRAIGHT IN THE HEART OF LB!

    Jim Taylor: If ever LB wanted a welcome back party, Tim, I think he got it.

    Tim Coleman: That’s a two on one beatdown. There’s nothing charming about that, Jim. LIGHTBRINGER was exhausted from a hardhitting match where he, need I remind you, got a GUITAR… to… the SKULL! And they’re assaulting him after the match? They deserve to be fined.

    Jim Taylor: I’m sure Afa will do what he needs to do in terms of disciplinary action, Tim. Ladies and gentleman, thank you for watching, we’ll be back soon with Night Two of the Steel Roulette qualifiers featuring the debut of the BLACKLIST!

    Editor's Notes: Hopefully it shan't be too long for the first part of the next episode. I'll hopefully get started on it tomorrow My inbox is still open if you guys wanted to get a segment on it, based off this show or something on the next card

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017]

    What a hetic match. Very impressive outting for Brayden b7t Lightbringer is so talented. Didnt expect for Ali and Krash to crash the party(pun intended). Interesting to see where that leads us. Im on Felix side Savage has been holding him back. Well see if uts a falling out.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017]

    I lolled at keeping the N words in the lyrics, that's crazy son.

    Is XYZ a character that took too many hallucinogenics and has gotten his brain stuck in trip mode? This dream stuff would go well with Michelle von Horrowitz, I'm sure.

    What a fucking result for Prince Ali. That's huge for momentum. And of course, he attacks my dude. All my dudes getting that sneak attack rub in the CWA. Intrigued in this returning legend for McGinnis... it can't be, can it? I'm curious. It's certainly something that keeps McGinnis interesting if he's not in SR.

    It's a good SR lineup so far. We'll see how the stories play out and stuff but fair bit of good linkage and history between them all really. I think it's building well.


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/08/2017]

    I like the new format, and glad you guys are trying different things

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