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Thread: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

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    Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Promos are due at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME on TUESDAY THE 8TH OF AUGUST. This is 3AM EASTERN AND 8AM BRITISH on WEDNESDAY THE 9TH. That's 6 days and 8 hours.

    Good luck.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Um yeah, I'm an asshole

    FWAs Amy Duke is rushing down a hallway in the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, being followed by a cameraman. She runs to one door that is marked Hanz Gruber Press Conference. As she is about to open the door she looks directly at into the camera.

    Amy Duke: Hello FWA viewers, Amy Duke here. We are just about to enter Hanz Grubers first press conference here in FWA- a few weeks after the death of one of his friends named Paul Lancer in Dutch Land and a week after he brutally beat up a human parrot. Lets go in!

    Amy just about has her hand on the handle to open it- but the door opens and people start coming out. Amy sees Dave Meltzer and Bill Apter walking side by side with Hanz Gruber, all three making small talk. Hanz with his gym bag and his handy cane. She grabs Hanz by the arm and tries pulling him back. Hanz stops, turns around and forces a smile.

    Hanz Gruber: And whom would you be?

    Amy Duke: What?

    Hanz Gruber: Who are you?

    Amy Duke: I am with FWA, my name is Amy Duke. I have some questions our viewers just need to know.

    Hanz Gruber: Excuse me, I'll be with you in a minute

    Hanz, Meltzer and Apter say their goodbyes to each other, each giving the others their business cards

    Hanz Gruber: Its Amy correct? Why were there no FWA representatives at the press conference? Mr Apter set it up for me and everyone was there. Former bosses from federations I use to work for. All the federations in the area. Press from my home land. Everybody but FWA

    Amy Duke: Well they told me it was at 1pm

    Hanz Gruber: It was at 11am. Catch it on Apters website. I gotta go.

    Hanz starts walking away but Amy grabs his arm yet again. Hanz stops and looks back once more, this time he looks a bit pissed.

    Hanz Gruber: If you keep up with me, you can ask some questions- I don't have time to stand around

    Hanz starts walking down the hall and Amy is right up there with him. She grabbed a few index cards out her bag and shuffle thru them

    Amy Duke: Ok, first question- Mr Gruber, where in Amsterdam were you born? Is that where your friend Paul Lancer died?

    Hanz stops, stares at her with a puzzled look on his face

    Hanz Gruber:
    Why the fuck do you think I was born there? And do you mean Karl Panzer?

    Amy Duke: Somebody said you were born in Dutch Land. And yeah, I guess thats the name of your dead friend

    Hanz Gruber: Are you being serious?

    Amy Duke: Yeah. Um, can I touch it?

    Amy is staring at Hanzs mohawk

    Hanz Gruber: NO! Where is Katie?

    Amy Duke: I don't know. You don't think I am hotter than her?

    Hanz Gruber: I'm not gonna answer that. She does seem to have one thing you are missing though

    Amy Duke: Whats that? I am pretty sure our boobs are the same size

    Hanz Gruber: How can I put this nicely? hmmmm, She is much more professional, she does her home work, she comes prepared

    Amy Duke: I, uh, don't understand

    Hanz shakes his head

    Hanz Gruber: Nevermind. Look, why don't you just piss off. I don't have time for this.

    Hanz starts to walk away- but Amy starts to follow. Hanz stops, looks back at Amy

    Hanz Gruber: Fuck Off

    He continues his way down the hall as Amy just stands in the hall way. He sees a door with a temp sign marked-
    Ashley O'Ryan GM. He also sees the card for the night.

    Hanz knocks on the door- no answer. He knocks harder- still no answer. Hanz takes reaches into his gym bag and pulls out his finger claw and puts it on. He carves this into the door-

    Find Me You Motherfucker

    Hanz then looks at the card and laughs. He looks to the side and Amy Duke is waving at him, the biggest smile on her face.

    Hanz Gruber: I thought I told you to fuck off.

    Amy Duke: Maybe later as I really like your mohawk

    Hanz Gruber: You ain't so bright are you?

    Amy Duke: I tan pretty easily, so yeah the light doesn't reflect off me as good. Can I please get an interview with you Mr Gruber? The more interviews I do, the faster I can get promoted

    Hanz Gruber: As long as I do all the talking and you keep your mouth shut.

    Amy Duke: Then what do I do?

    Hanz Gruber: Just stand there, hold my bag, hold the mic and look pretty

    Amy Duke: Coolbeans! And thank you for saying I am pretty on air for everyone to hear

    Amy grabs the bag out of Hanzs hand and holds the mic. Hanz looks into the camera and smiles.

    Hanz Gruber: O'Ryan, I left you a note. You are lucky I didn't knock down the door, tear up your office and burn all your shit after the crap you pulled on me last week. You had me wrestling a joke. You are lucky I didn't break his fucking arm. You are lucky I didn't snap his neck just to prove a point that you should never ever treat me like shit again. I will wrestle whoever you put in front of me- but if its another joke I will end their career. Don't believe me? Look at my work in other federations- I got kicked out of way too many for inflicting injuries. Look at what I did in my last MMA match- I broke my opponents arm- just because I felt like it. I don't think you want me to cross the line here.

    Hanz looks at the card again, grabs it off the door. He looks at it once more before crumbling it up and throwing it on the floor.

    Hanz Gruber: And tonight you have me going against Deception. Its a small step in righting your mistakes O'Ryan. You see Deception and I do have a few things in common. We are both new here. We are both here to make a mark. We are both here to rise above the piss and shit that wrestle here. We also have wrestled in the same areas- though we have never met before. The biggest reason being is I only wrestled in the major federations. He only wrestled in a tiny federation called RTE- it was what you call a farm system. It was what you have to go thru before being called up to one of the majors- EWNCW. I walked right into EWNCW myself. Just like I walked right into FWA.

    Hanz laughs

    Hanz Gruber:
    But Deception- the biggest difference between the two of us- I have always been a leader. You see while I was a member of a stable in EWA with Alex Kidd, Barbie, Karl and Oli Panzer and Artemis Eclipse- the stable was built around me. Yes I consider the Panzers my equals, but they were cool with me being the centre of attention. Alex Kidd and Artemis were just along for the ride- and boy was it a ride. And none of us ever turned on each other- we were there for each other. And we were there for our fallen brother Karl week before last.

    Hanz looks away for a second, wipes a tear away, then looks back into the camera

    Hanz Gruber: But you Deception- you're a follower. A fraud. You're whole LIAR campaign against Darius couldn't even hide the fact you are a fraud. Darius is a weak minded simpleton so you getting into his head was no big feat. And I was not surprised when you beat him- you probably hit him with a bat backstage before carrying him out to the ring. I beat the crap out him twice here in FWA in the ring, in front of everybody. Paulie the Fucking Saftey Parrot would have beat him too.

    Hanz leans back against the wall

    Hanz Gruber: What makes you a fraud Deception is your start in wrestling and what you have become. You see, I keep tabs on as many wrestlers as I can- I watched you in RTE where you and your buddy Knight Wing played comic book characters. You as Kid Justice and some other geek playing him. Then you got hurt and returned as the EVIL villain Deception. How original. Do you really think people can not see thru the fact that you are getting your shit from fucking comic books? You are even less original than Zako Wrath. Maybe you both should form a tag team and see who sucks worse. Least you have a cool entrance going for you, but thats not enough.

    Hanz Gruber: But Deception- you want to try to make a name here? Bring it in the ring tonight. Try your best- don't pretend to be some evil villain straight out of a comic book. Be yourself, try to beat me. With me, what you see is what you get. The fans can cheer me, they can boo me- but one thing I don't do to them- I don't hide anything from them. I am not gonna lie to them. I am an asshole at times, I will do what I have to do to win. I do respect most of my opponents. So Deception, be yourself, try your best

    Hanz walks to the door and carves an
    arrow pointing to what he carved before. He then carves- PS Amy Duke said I could do this

    Amy Duke: HEY! Why did you do that?

    Hanz Gruber: I'm an Asshole

    Amy Duke: Oh Yeah. Um, can I please touch your mohawk?

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber: No

    Hanz grabs his bag from Amy and walks off.

    Amy looks towards the camera

    Amy Duke: Well there you have it FWA viewers- my first interview with the one and only Hanz Gruber and his awesome mohawk. That and his pretty cool carvings. He also said I am pretty. So I might root for him in his match

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Amy Duke is shown standing by in the backstage area, with none other than Miss De La Muerta and Zako Wrath himself. She stands with microphone in hand. Miss De La Muerta looks at Zako and simply shakes her head sternly, as if to signify "No." He of course massively towers over the both of them and Amy is obviously and understandably apprehensive and comfortable around them. Nonetheless she is determined to be professional as she takes a deep breath and moves forward though and turns to Miss De La Muerta.

    Amy Duke: I'm Amy Duke and as promised I'm here with the one and only, Miss De La Muerta and Zako Wrath. She has asked for this bit of time to meet with me and explain to everyone around the world, exactly who Zako is, where he comes from, and many more currently unknown details about him and his past. She has guaranteed by the end of this interview, all questions about "The Walking Disaster" will be resolved and clearly given truth and light. All of FWA has been deeply intrigued since their arrival, so I'm proud to say I'll personally be the one conducting this interview. Miss De La Muerta, I'm unsure where to even think to begin, so please take it away.

    Miss De La Muerta: I'm going to tell you something immediately before we begin right now-this is very, very important. No matter what you do , DO NOT, under any circumstances look at him. For no reason whatsoever are you to do so. You will not like what happens one bit. I know for a fact that you do not want me to have to get between the two of you and stop him.

    You speak only, to me.

    Now, with that out of the way, let me begin. Zako Wrath was born many, many years ago, in a place that was extremely superstitious and gravely afraid of certain things, and he came into this world under the name "Zako Cazzorre." Now imagine what happened in a place where they believe in such things as evil spirits, the walking dead, blood thirsty vampires and demons directly from hell, when a child with red eyes is born. He was feared, shunned, and even passionately hated. In fact, his own father disappeared the very same night he was delivered at the hospital because he wanted no association with what was believed to be an evil, cursed child, whose entire purpose was to maim, torture, and bring forth with him unspeakable chaos and carnage. [/B]

    [Amy Duke: Very intriguing, since he was absolutely abandoned by his father without any hesitation, what you can tell us about his mother?]

    Miss De La Muerta: He was literally treated like vile scum and absolute utter filth and complete garbage from the moment he arrived on Earth-like an offensive stench to run away from. His mother was no better, and between his lowlife coward of a father, I'm not sure who was worse. As he was thought to be carrying the true spirit of evil itself, this woman could NOT STAND the fact that she was the one who released this boy who was believed to be a true monster upon the world. She hated herself and felt she deserved to be horribly punished, and could think of no other way...than death.
    One day, she hung herself right in front of him, leaving Zako completely alone, as an absolute outcast who no one could stand the site of.

    Amy Duke:..That's one of the most tragic and horrific things I've ever heard,
    so with no one left to care for him, what in the world did he do to continue living?

    Miss De La Muerta: At that point the madness and paranoia everyone felt about him had became worse and worse, and when the people learned of the death of his mother, they blamed him for it, as they firmly believed it to be entirely his fault. One night, many men and women attempted to attack Zako with fire, spears, and swords. By then, they only wanted him destroyed so that they may live in peace, and at the age of ten, he was forced to flee from town into a nearby forest that no one ever dared to set foot in. This would become the location where he would spend the next almost two decades of his life, and it was during this time he became an expert hunter, doing everything he had to do to continue to live. He became a nomadic wanderer,a loner and recluse, and never saw nor spoke to another living person for that entire time.

    [Amy Duke: I can not even begin to imagine what that must have all been like,
    can you please tell us more about this stage of his life?

    Miss De La Muerta: He had no one or anything to rely on but himself and his own mind and body, so he became the perfect hunter and trapper, as well as feeding on the carcasses of already dead animals. He drank deposited dew from leaves, as well as rain water when it built up in areas, there were also many, many times he had no choice but to drink from the nearby stream. When not doing everything and anything he could to survive, he spent all of his time chopping wood with an axe he created from stone and a piece of a tree, and he would push and throw boulders, morning, noon and night. The one , single most important thing to him that kept him going all of that time? It was not the hunger for survival.

    It was this animalistic, savage, and ABSOLUTE psychopathic desire for revenge and retribution that he KNEW, he would one day receive. Within his soul laid nothing but bloodlust and burning passion to punish others, all of the Injustice he had suffered had given him this raw ballistic feeling that people were nothing but sickening animals, that needed to be hunted down and destroyed. All that he ever thought of was a firey, seething, hatred, that he had swore he would eventually unleash upon the world. These are feelings that still guide him to this very day, minute, and second. I suppose you could call it, Wrath.

    Amy Duke: Miss De La Muerta, this is all stunning and nothing less than mind blowing. Zako was believed to be an unholy monster who would one day slaughter the entire village, was forced to live as a lone savage because of that, so my next question do I you fit into all of this? What way in hell do you know him? Could you shed some light on that please for us?

    Miss De La Muerta: I was walking in a forest one dark, stormy, and windy, star-lit night, as I had spent many times just like it before, when I turned and saw fierce lightning crash into an immense tree, and then it caused the tree to break and suddenly it had fallen on top of a man, pinning him to the ground by his chest. Then the next thing I knew, the man was pushing it off and lifting it up , then he rose to his feet and and tossed it away. I approached him closer and the first thing I noticed were red eyes that were gleaming with... undeniable WRATH. It was the only thing I felt in his presence, and he was filthy, full of mud and dirt, as well as scrapped and bleeding from several different places. I tended to his wounds, and he told me his name was simply "Zako".

    It was at that very moment I told him he would now be known as "Zako Wrath", and shortly after I brought him here, and he actually refuses to speak to any one here because he DOES NOT speak with any others. He believes them to be inferior and unworthy of his words, which is why I'm the one you're speaking with. Besides, his out of control fury inside of him would never allow him to speak to anyone else but me. We've came so that he may gain his long awaited vengeance ,and it's already begun. The time of Zako, is here!

    This is the ultimate hunter and he WILL feast upon the carcases..of all the men and women in FWA.
    Carnage, destruction, and chaos will will be poured out onto any and everyone I allow him to devour...he will hunt, trap, and and pick the bones of anyone who tries to get in the way of his path. There shall be nothing left of his opponents but bloody and broken bodies before him. He won't stop until all have felt EXACTLY what he has endured forever...pain and suffering! He will climb the mountain and unhinge his jaws and snap in half all of his prey as he ascends to THE TOP, OF THE FOOD CHAIN!

    Amy Duke: I just have one more question and I believe we'll be done here... would you mind giving us a first name please, Miss De La Muerta?

    *Miss De La Muerta says "My name is..." And then suddenly slowly turns to Amy, then grabs Zako's mask and looks him dead in the eyes coldy, ominously cutting her throat with her thumb and then drops a thumbs down gesture right in front of his face...saying "Si."...out of nowhere Amy Duke shouts in terror as Zako grabs her viciously around the neck, she continues to shout as she begs Miss De La Muerta to stop him and show her mercy, but it's no use as he military presses her, holds her high, then drops and kicks her with full force, right in the side of the head, directly In front of the camera. She falls unconscious as she crashes to the floor in a sickening display, as Zako has been unleashed. Miss De La Muerta now becomes almost frantic as Zako is roaring primally as she pushes his gloved hand away from Amy Duke's not moving body, then grabs his mask with both hands forcefully to get his full attention, shoving him away. The last words we hear are "No ! Detener Zako! Se acabo Zako! Suficiente! No hacer mas a Ella! DETENER! AHORA ZAKO! ["No! Stop Zako! It's over Zako! Enough! Do nothing else to her! STOP! NOW ZAKO!

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    There is a scream as a camera turns on and we are in a old broken building in what looks like a interrogation room. There is a table with a few folders on there and their is a person with a sack over their head two men come in not saying a word they unmask the woman and we see it is Barbie Panzer.

    Panzer: I swear whoever is doing this I am going to kick your ass.

    The door opens and out walks Deception he is walking around Barbie Panzer.

    Panzer: If you put one finger on me.

    Deception gets right in her face.

    Deception: I am not going to hurt you there are places even I won't go I just want to ask you some questions.

    Barbie looks on confused but is still trying to get free.

    Deception: If I let you go will you talk, that's all I want you have my word no harm will come to you.

    Barbie looks on nods her head in agreement. She sits down and ask him what he wants.

    Deception: As you know, Fight Night you see Hanz and I we face off in the ring for the first time ever and I would like to get to know him before we do.

    Panzer: Oh damn course it is about him. It always is.

    Deception cuts her off.

    Deception: You did not let me finish this isn't just about him its about you as well. There is something I find quiet interesting about you something in your eyes the way you hold yourself the battles in your head.

    Panzer: What do you mean?

    Deception walks closer to her goes to reach out towards her face as she flinches.

    Deception: You see, he is in your head he is the one that keeps you up at night in those cold sweats the one that just makes the moments when you do actually fall asleep turn into nightmares. He you and I don't mean assault you physically I mean mentally. He has you so twisted up on the inside that you don't know what is up and what is down.

    Panzer: He didn't.

    Deception cuts her off again.

    Deception: This isnt the first time it has happen to you either because there were more men but you see you have already helped me.Panzer looks at him with this kinda guilt look in her eyes.He feeds off emotion he likes to be in control with him its a chess game and you got to be two steps ahead because behind that calm cool collected mask he wears lays the face of a villain a mad man a liar, false prophet and he is going to fall and his true face the one behind that mask will be torn from his flesh and Hanz will be shown to this world himself at his most vulnerable and you are going to be the one who sets this whole thing in motionIts going to be beautiful.

    Deception looks at Barbie as he walks into the corner his face covered by the shadow. He tosses his mask onto the table and lights a cig the end of it beaming in the shadows you see a the five o clock shadow on the face of Deception and then little flash of his eyes you could quickly see a scar across face.

    Deception: A scar for a scar huh. Do you want to know how I got it. I figured I take this off show you that I am not like the rest that I can show you my true face. So do you want to know?

    Panzer looks on moving to his side looking at him deeply as she nods ok.

    Deception: You saw me back in the day this you naïve kid ready to challenge all bad doers and members of the darkness as you know I had a partner Knight Wing. You know the story there do you not? The truth is Knight Wing he wasn't this paragon of virtue this saint of justice he had his dark side. This was right around the time where I started to see this world for what it really was as I took some liberties with the rules after someone did it to me. This lead to an argument backstage which ended up with me and my mind set to go and leave Knight and him using a broken beer bottle to explain the workings of justice and how we are it's protector.

    Deception puts his hood up and grabs his mask on the table he puts it on and turns around.

    Deception: I used to blindly stupidly follow in the footsteps of others because I was content. I thought I was just but at the end of the day I would go home and feel empty worthless. I wouldn't sleep at night I just toss and turn. I felt like the walls were closing in and the tide was coming up until I couldn't hold my breath anymore. You know that feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. I had it because every time I thought I get justice they would always come back its a never ending cycle and I wanted it to end just like you do. I can sleep at night now. There is no staring at the mirror asking myself am I just because I am. There is justice in this world now it is swift it is deadly and it is final just ask Darius. Hanz has his coming to and he will have to answer for his sins and this time it won't be swift. No I will take my time maybe bring him here tie him up have a similar talk watch as he tries to talk his way out then see as his brain puts it all together that his deception that his lies that his real face sees the light of day and he becomes the man he really is.

    Deception stares at Barbie as she seems to be conflicted

    Deception: Even now through our talks he still has his claws in you. Why?

    Panzer: He loves my sister he loves my family and parts of me love him to.

    Deception goes to speak but is caught off mid sentence as two men dressed like Deception walk in. They say he is here.Barbie looks up overhearing that.

    Panzer: Where is Hanz?

    Deception quickly turns around and speaks.

    Deception: It's not him, you are free to go my men will take you wherever you need to be but there is something I need to do.

    Deception shakes her hand but before she leaves he turns around

    Deception: It's Deception.

    Panzer: What is?

    Deception: Those feelings you think he has for you I have known Hanz longer then he thinks he always just cares about one person himself ask him about his part in your brother's death ask him about Berlin. He was there.

    Panzer watches as another man in a black sack is brought in. She sees as its taken off that it's Knight Wing. Deception & Knight Wing are speaking as she is being escorted but she begins to scream as Deception begins to strike Knight Wing with a crowbar as blood flies out.

    Inside the room we now are with Knight Wing & Deception.

    Deception: I have been waiting to do that for a very long time.

    Knight Wing looks up the one side of his face completely closed and bruised he tries to speak.

    Knight Wing: I have failed justice you will be stopped Hanz is going to succeed where you fail you are going to fall.

    Deception starts yelling grabs Knight Wing by the throat.

    Deception: You didn't fail justice you failed me, you saw what they did to me. You just accepted me as a casualty to the war on injustice me. I was suppose to be your best friend your brother I was your mentor and all of this that I am is on you. You say I will fall. No! You see Hanz is smug and where places of respect I have for him I see places of hatred. I see what he has done. The thing is I don't think him or yourself know what I am really capable of. Let's go for a walk.

    Deception knocks on the door and we see two Deception's walk in. They grab Knight Wing and we walk outside to what looks like an abandoned back lot.

    Deception: Welcome to Berlin! You see, Hanz is smart he is cunning and smog but he does have a weakness just like you just like everyone else he has a heart . You see his heart isn't that thing beating in his chest his heart is right here in Berlin. You see I have been watching him for awhile and I know him better then he may even know himself. This thing has been set in motion way before the Fight Night card. Darius he was only the start. Hanz is a big part of this story it's time to show the world what he really is all about I am going to take that heart of his and force him to watch it break as his world crashes. Then when he is at his lowest point when his family the Panzers and this company see him for what he truly is this liar, false prophet a man with the billon dollar smile fall just like everyone else his true face exposed his real intentions know to the free world he will no longer hide behind his masks.

    Knight Wing: What are you going to do?

    Deception: All due time, everything will be clear just a puzzle piece at a time.

    Knight Wing is escorted to the building again and we see Deception walk away until he is at a graveyard and he stands there looking down at it. The camera pans to the grave where it reads in German. Here lies Karl Panzer, Beloved brother & friend. We fade away with Deception saying something inaudible but you can hear him at the end say Hanz.

    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    "The Lost Soul"
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Fight Night July 28th

    Bring'em all. The local talents, The Academy students, The Academy rejects, The Champs and The Chumps. Bring'em all. Tonight, training starts, tomorrow it continues. And I'm gonna keep on comin'... Every week on Fight Night, at every house show, at the local bars, it doesn't matter until you give me Kazadi.


    Step One:
    Michael Garcia

    Las Vegas, the city where lives are made and destroyed. As the camera fades in a smaller competitor in blue tights is hefted up, by Wolf, into position for his Final Howl. Wolf holds the man there for a second before launching him toward the mat back first... Sam McDonald's commentary is barely heard over the cheering mob.


    The ref counts the three. Sam's voice is heard once again...

    Sam McDonald: You saw it folks... Your winner, Wolf!

    "Number of the Beast" blares over the P/A. Wolf walks to the right side of the ring soaked in sweat, the recipient of his Final Howl trying to shake the stars out. Wolf motions for a microphone, he takes it to the middle of the ring and looks down at the man he just trounced. His music fades out slowly. He does a full 360 slowly taking in the size of the arena. You wouldn't believe that just through the doors stood one of Las Vegas most famous casinos and hotel suites. So much had gone on in the MGM grand, prize fights, hits heard around the world. It was certainly a place where big things happened. The camera closed in on Wolf as he turned to it, he pointed directly at the camera narrowing his eyes.

    Wolf: F*ck you!

    He said, raising his eyebrows. It certainly wasn't the usual way anyone would open up a promo. But this was Wolf.

    Wolf: Town to town, city to city, state to state, all over this planet every time I show up at the arena, for a radio interview, for a magazine interview, for, everyone wants to know my opinion. People know I'm the type of guy that will tell you what you probably don't want to hear. I fear no man, woman or Kennedy. But I will only tell you...what I think you need to know, when I think you need to know it. So what do I think of the current state of FWA? What do I think about the up and coming talent in FWA? What do I think of the O'Ryan running Fight Night? What do I think of Donald Trump building a wall? What do I think about unimaginative douche bags stealing my lines? What do I think about ANOTHER women's revolution with FWA title? What do I think about the fact somebody sat down and thought it was a good idea to give James Sync a big boy contract?What do I think about the south?, what do I think about the North? What do I think about the hooker who just proposed me on my way in here? What do I think of Chester Bennington letting it hang?, of Tom Brady?, of The Bible?, of Nickelback?, of Humanities ugly face?, of Kazadi's retarded promos?, of how much surgery Bell Conelly would need to have a normal vagina again?, What do I think about my match with Michael Garcia this week?

    He leans in to the camera.

    Wolf: F*ck you

    He shrugs, taking a few paces around the ring, pointing back to the camera every now and then.

    Wolf: F*ck you for thinking I won't win, f*ck you for thinking I can't win. Y'know what? I stayed on the independent circuit longer than I had too, why? Because I enjoyed it there. I enjoyed performing in front of a hundred people because it was a hundred people who knew their shit, it was a hundred people who would clap for me, show me respect even if I spat in their face. Because they knew, they KNEW that when I go out to the ring I leave everything I have out there. I'm not making that shit up, it's not hype. It's true. Because no of these pimple faces on this roster puts their life on the line like I did. I walk around here with a f*ck you attitude because I don't like any of you, I don't want to get to know any of you. I'm sick of pimple faced, piss break wrestling rookies coming up and thinking if they try verbally run down Wolf that somehow, some way somebody might take them seriously. I have done more in this company than almost everyone, if not everyone. I'm a work horse, I'm the all rounder. I take title divisions to new levels and yet for some ridiculous reason you douche bags think you've got something over me. I've had wrestlers not fit to pick the corn out of my crap tell me they're the best in the world at what they do, nimrods who think if they smile at everything you say, laugh a little that it makes them look like a hardcase. Wrong. It makes you look like a tool. If I come across as unapproachable, its because I don't want you to approach me.

    Wolf chuckles to himself as he takes out his trademark cigarette.

    Wolf: Garcia and I? We've never really gotten along. We're professional, we can work with one another as needed, but when you get down to it? We're like Peanut Butter and Mustard, we don't mix well. Garcia and I don't have some dark and complex past, we're not arch nemesi or anything like that - is it nemesi? Doesn't matter. What matters is this: tomorrow night, I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Tomorrow night, I can take that special kind of piss and vinegar into a match with a guy that I simply don't like. It's not personal, he's not Kazadi. Garcial is just a guy that I don't get along with, a guy I don't like, a guy that's going to see what I've got left in my tank. Garcia, tomorrow night, you're a step. Not a step up, a step foreword. I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to be a full length mirror so you can see the gaping flaws in 'Michael Garcia the Wrestler'. I worry about the state of wrestling when people like you slip through the cracks. Oh sure you've got all the talent a guy could ask for, all the talent in the world. You are GOOD but you can never be great because you have the mind of a child. You're annoying, your not dislikeable. You're an itch, not a wound. If it's what matters inside the ring that counts Mike then you wouldn't make sure the cameras catch up with you in random locations. You'd cut a promo from inside the ring if it mattered that much to you. That is the problem with sport entertainers that take camera and SHOOT A PROMO AT A F*CKIN' ZOO. What kind of self respecting wrestler would shoot a promo at a ZOO? This is wrestling, no ABC I don't have to set the scene for you Garcia. All I need is me, a camera and the ring. It's not about winning an Oscar, it's about wrestling and that's where

    He shrugs, half-a-smile on his lips. He takes a long drag off his cigarette. He exhales as he continues, the half-smile is gone...

    Wolf: You're so wrapped up in being a trained, dancing monkey for these people that you've lost sight of why you got into the business to begin with. Being the best isn't reading and re-reading your scripted promos to make sure you nail them and get the punch lines in the right place. Being the best is about letting the talking subside and getting into the ring and allowing your style, your ability to yell from the roof tops. Where I yell Garcia I've grown to think all you do is whisper. I don't need to beat you, I need to beat you. That's all. Because, as you can tell, I'm a little preoccupied and that is definitely going to have an effect on my performance. But this isn't one of those things where I'm going to be looking over my shoulder, no sir. I wouldn't do that to you, I don't like you Garcia - but I've got a little respect for you. So my eyes will be foreword the entire time. You're younger, you're faster, that's fine. I'm bigger and I'm stronger, shit, I'm probably little meaner - if I have to be. Which I probably will, because if you are one thing consistently, Garcia? It's relentless, which exactly what I like about you. The only thing, really. It's something we have in common. It's not ability that separates us. It's years. For good or ill, it's my time versus your time. Yours is just starting, mine is winding down, but both bring their share of strengths and weaknesses...

    Wolf punches his knee to get some feeling back into it as he walks around.

    Wolf: You're fighting a pissed off old man that knows exactly what it's like to step into the ring from a pissed off old man. Because I've had my share of generational dust ups. But that's not what this is about, y'know what it's about? It's about nothing. Nothing at all. It's about me and you, Garcia. If it's about anything at all. All that matters is bell to f*cking bell and I've got a lot of aggression to work out. You're not going to be able to keep up. Because once I start tomorrow night... I'm afraid that I may not be able to stop.

    Wolf's face begins to harden...


    He takes one last drag off his smoke, then holds the butt out - ember up.

    Wolf: I've got another piece of the puzzle and my ultimate goal is one step closer. This is the torch, if I ever had it. This is me passing it, if I ever could.

    Wolf flicks the butt off into the wind as he stand in the center of the ring, his opponent is being helped out of the ring by backstage staff and EMT's...

    Wolf: That's right... There you go jerk-off, that was a sneak peek for you! I am back!

    The image quickly fades from the screen, the FWA 24-7 logo fades in. It too fades... to black
    "You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang."

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 21

    "Desire and Chaos"

    Back In Business XII
    July 1st, 2017

    Our scene opens with the final minutes of the main event match between Shannon O'Neal and Cyrus Truth for the FWA World Championship. It's been a clash of styles, pitting the scrappy striker Shannon against the well-rounded, surgical assault from The Exile. But more than that, it's been exactly as advertised: a clash of will and ideals as Shannon fights like hell to overcome this monumental challenge and Cyrus seeks to impose his will and dominance to what is approaching a full year as the top guy in FWA.

    In other words, it's exactly what Cyrus was hoping for.

    As he continues to fight back against Shannon's second wind, feverishly hitting her with his heaviest artillery shots...struggling like hell to either cinch in the Long Road to Nowhere or connect with Journey's End to put a period on this match, inside the heart of the Vagabond King is a fire that he had hoped against hope would be enkindled. Shannon, either by listening to his words and taking them to heart or just to spite him, is giving him EVERYTHING he wanted this match to be. At this point, glory and greatness has been tested and, once Shannon was finally put down, earned fully.

    For months, The Exile has been miserable, feeling slighted and insulted by the choices FWA management made towards how they wanted his title reign to go. For too long, he has been fighting an uphill battle against hate and disdain. But this night? This night has given him a fight worth fighting. An enemy driven to beyond their prior limits, pushing him to his. A fight worth remembering, worth RELISHING.

    And Cyrus is reveling in this. Sure, some caustic words were said. Sure, there was a lot of anger in the blows exchanged. But it is RIGHT. This match was EVERYTHING right about professional wrestling. Hate replaced with hunger...a hunger to prove one's mettle and prove why they are the ones most worthy of bearing the mantle of champion. This is what Cyrus craves more than anything. This is what his Long and Winding Road is supposed to be. Cyrus is more than content with this match as it is, and all that's left is to finish it.

    Not that Shannon is making it easy. If there is anything outside of ecstasy that Cyrus is feeling, it is a twinge of frustration that he can't drop Shannon on her head with Journey's End. Three times, Cyrus tries to use his signature piledriver, and three times Shannon escapes and keeps swinging away. The third time, she tries the same pinning trick she did earlier, but Cyrus isn't having any of it. Feeling the bruises and welts of Shannon's punches, he knows he's quickly running out of energy. But there's enough...just enough to finish this as long as he can complete Journey's End...


    Cyrus's face feels like it's on fire due to the pain of Shannon's straight right hand to his jaw. Shannon's been hitting him hard all match when she's been able to, but this one was harder than any of them. Cyrus falls hard to the mat, down on his hands and knees as Shannon backs off. She's spent too as she tries to get her wits about her. In Cyrus's mind, however, he's trying to set aside the pain and will himself up.

    "All right...that hurt. Good one, Shannon. But still not enough. I won't be put down like that..."

    But even as he says this, though his mind is willing to fight forever if need be...his body won't acquiesce. Cyrus, incredulous, is ranting in his head, trying to will his body to move.

    "Get up. Get up. GET UP, DAMN YOU! This fight is not over. I'm not finished. GET UP, EXILE!!! WORK, BODY! WORK!!!!"

    Despite his will, his body is too banged up. Iron he may be, but that iron has been dented to the point of no return. And after one final attempt to get back to his feet, that realization finally sets it.

    "This...this is my limit? Am I...done? How is this...?"

    Cyrus looks up back at Shannon, who seems a bit surprised. He glares at her, not wanting to give up this fight, not wanting to lose...but knows that there's no victory tonight for him. As he puts his head down, the last thing he feels is the boot of the soon-to-be new World Champion be driven into his head and neck as darkness falls not only on his consciousness, but on his reign.

    Several minutes later, Cyrus is awakened by the foul stench of smelling salts by some of the FWA medical staff. Cyrus feels some control coming back to his limbs as he sees, over his shoulder and past the entrance curtain, a still celebrating Shannon O'Neal with what used to be his title belt to a jubilant crowd. The FWA medical staff, already reluctant in having to tend to a wrestler who's not exactly the most well-liked to FWA's brass, now show panic at how Cyrus will react.

    There's an uncomfortable silence that only seems to deepen that sense of foreboding dread...a dread broken finally by a rather unexpected sound coming from the mouth of the Reaper of the Long and Winding Road. Something unexpected...and unmistakably unhinged:

    "...heh. Heh heh heh. Hehehehehehehehehahahahaha! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


    It's the night before the August 11th Fight Night. In a video uploaded to, we see the former FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth standing in what looks to be a zen garden. Various flora and sand mosaics surround small burbling creeks. The sound of crickets and birds offer a background track to this place of rest and rejuvenation.

    And "rejuvenated" is the word, as Cyrus looks to be far more rested and at peace than he's been in a long time. The dark circles of restlessness that enveloped his eyes are gone, the lines of worry and stress have subsided. The hate and bile that he's been carrying for months have seemingly subsided. However, before one might assume that this zen garden has finally mellowed out the hardened warrior, the eyes tell a different story. Eyes brimming with fire and passion, with renewed focus and a spark of madness. The sneer crossing his lips completes the look as Cyrus, looking more and more unbalanced, begins to speak.

    "James Sync. James Sync steps into the ring against me this upcoming Fight Night. James Sync should really think long and hard about that reality and think twice about actually stepping into that ring with me. Because, my children, you should know that nothing good awaits James Sync should he decide he wants to try his hand at fighting me. And do you know why? Because James Sync does not matter in the slightest."

    Cyrus chuckles a bit at that. His tone,'s something we've not heard from Cyrus. Usually he speaks with a sense of conviction, usually either in a commanding or angry tone. This time, however, he's speaking in a tone that wouldn't be too out of place coming from the mouth of a serial killer. A compelling one, to be sure, but one that's wholly insane. It's unnerving to hear Cyrus speak so casually, yet so menacingly.

    "I don't know who James Sync is, and I don't care who he is. I know he has some history with FWA, and that apparently matters to people. Why, I don't understand. Or, maybe I do. After all, it's a lesson FWA seems doomed to have to continue being taught time and again until it eventually dies. FWA's history before I showed up DOES NOT MATTER. Therefore, James Sync does not matter. Now, I know...I KNOW you hear me say that and roll your eyes, but trust me when I say I don't speak out of some blind arrogance or as some mask for my failings. I state this as a declaration of fact, one that's been seen in wrestling promotions around the world. I am chaos...a force that changes the fate of any company I choose to wrestle for. Did people like Bell Connelly, Mike Parr, or Shannon O'Neal even register as potential heirs to the throne before I showed up? Did FWA even give misfits like these a second look as to the people who'd lead a company as its champion? Of course they didn't...not until I showed up. Not until I stared down the pillars they had built their company around and crumbled them. You've seen it before in CWA, and you saw it here in FWA. Jackson, St. Clair, Rondo, Kennedy...NONE of them have even come close to sniffing World Championship gold since I broke them, humbled them, and cast them aside. When I became the Undisputed World Champion, my reign ushered in a new chapter in FWA's history, one far more important than anybody will ever give me credit for. Which, fine. But to think that anything before my arrival even so much as interests me, much less gives me anything to be concerned with, is laughable. If James Sync wants to ride on some old times in FWA, he's simply driving himself to a bludgeoning.

    "What exactly have you accomplished since you've returned, Sync? What great victories have you earned, what glory have you attained? Your past has lent you several opportunities that, in my estimation, should have been granted to someone else, but even then you still could've capitalized on them. And yet, you have failed. That seems to be a recurring trend with you, Sync. People talk about how good you were or how important your return was...but reality sets in and you show yourself to be a loser. The pinnacle of FWA hubris: thinking their history matters even the slightest in my presence. That's all you are, Sync. Now think long and hard about what I say next, because it may well save this farce you call a wrestling career: do you think hype and hubris without action and victory are enough to stand against me? I would hope you're not so stupid to not have paid attention to what I've accomplished in my year in FWA, both at the beginning and most recently. I would hope you're not so naive to think that your absence has made FWA weaker, when in reality my shadow has only served to elevate the wills of its competitors, even if it's only the will to stop a tyrant king. I don't know if you were this much of a loser in FWA's past, but you most certainly are one in the here and now. So when someone like you steps into the ring with someone like me, there's no outcome where you end up a winner. There's no scenario that ends well for you. Even if by some miraculous fluke you manage to score a fall, you WILL not be able to enjoy that fleeting victory. you think you're Shannon O'Neal? You think you can match her fire, her passion, her RIGHTEOUSNESS and do to me what she did at Back In Business? Hehehehe...the thought of it is absurd. If you decide to step into that ring on Fight Night, the only thing you will have accomplished is making yourself into an obstacle, a roadblock standing between me and what I NEED. You will DIE simply because I don't have time to deal with you. I will crush you like the insect you are and make sure this little comeback tour of yours ends in a far more bloody and finite fashion than your last run. If you value your meaningless, worthless existence, the best thing you can do is just go home and forget ever thinking about stepping into the ring with The Exile. It would be the smartest and most respectable thing you could do."

    Wow. Cyrus's words drop like an anvil. It's rare for him to be so dismissive of an opponent, but even then nobody expected him to be this caustic about it. And yet, despite the fact that his words drip with so much venom, that fiery and twisted glean in his eyes and smile on his face never leave. As he finishes his verbal evisceration of James Sync, he walks towards the sand and stones and grabs a nearby wooden rake. Cyrus just stands at the edge of the rock garden as the camera looks as the intricate waves already raked into the sand.

    "What does matter...WHO DOES matter is the FWA World Champion...dear, sweet Shannon. I have to say, Shannon...I saw a lot of potential outcomes for our match. Most of them where I won, but even a few where I would lose. Like lines in the sand, I saw them all as they ebbed and weaved in our dance at Back in Business. But the way you beat me, broke my body down to where I couldn't even stand...darling, I NEVER saw that coming. I didn't think you were capable of it! You performed beyond my wildest expectations, and I just have to say "Thank you!" Not for taking the World Title off my shoulders, because I do need that back. Not for giving me a match worthy of the crown, even though you most certainly did. But for helping me remember that there are still limits to what I can do. There are still mountains to climb, rivers to cross...CHALLENGES to be met."

    As Cyrus says the word "Challenges," you hear in his inflection a...craving. A desire. A longing. A sense that's only compounded by Cyrus's continued speech as he enters the garden and starts dragging the rake in a jagged, not-at-all peaceful way.

    "Not since Rondo beat me at last year's Back In Business have I felt this way, and even that didn't come CLOSE to this feeling I have. This feeling I thought was all but lost, you've given back to me! So thank you, Shannon. I hope you appreciate that gift of Journey's End last Fight Night for what it was. But that's far from the only gift I have in store for you. Hell, if you want James Sync's bloodied corpse tossed at your feet, I'm more than happy to oblige. But don't think I've giving you these gifts without expecting something in return. You have something that once belonged to me. Something I want back. And you are going to give me the chance to reclaim it. You're going to give me that rush of fighting you again and the chance to surpass my limits. Our dance is not yet over, and we're only just getting faster."

    As if on cue, Cyrus speeds up his raking, making a complete disheveled mess of the peaceful repose. Lines are going everywhere in the sand as Cyrus feverishly scribbles jagged patterns and etchings before lifting the rake up and smashing it against one of the rocks, breaking it. Cyrus, without missing a beat, jabs the broken handle into the sand as he glares at the camera.

    "So Shannon...don't be afraid. And don't be angry. Be a champion. Face me, defend your title, and fight me again. Let's not let what we started at Back In Business wither and die. Let's pour some gasoline on this fire.

    Cyrus chuckles softly as the camera pans back to see the mess the rock garden has become...a representation of the mind of The Exile? Either way, whether it's James Sync or Shannon O'Neal, one thing's for certain. They face a Cyrus Truth unlike anything FWA has seen before...and that is far scarier than any could possibly imagine.

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    The scene opens up inside of a bedroom that looks like it belongs to child, a young girl to be exact. Soon enough the camera zooms out enough to reveal Penny sitting cross-legged on the floor near the side of the bed. The bedroom is decorated with pictures of typical things that cater to little girls like ponies, fairies, princesses, and the color pink seems to be the theme of the room. Penny sits there with her legs crossed, slightly rocking back and forth with a sweet, demented smile on her face while humming a tune to herself. She stops humming and retrieves a book from underneath the bed, and then opens up the book before looking up the camera with that same smile.

    Today is your lucky day because I'm gonna tell you all a story, do you wanna hear a story?

    She waits as if someone is going to answer.

    Of course you do! It's a story that teaches you why a friendship is such an important thing to have, let's begin!


    This story begins way back when this little girl by the name of Penny, moved into a new neighborhood with her Mommy and Daddy. Now, Penny was nervous about making new friends in the neighborhood because she had never had much luck making friends wherever else her family had stayed before. After a few days of getting settled into their new home, Penny's parents go next door to the their new neighbor's house to introduce themselves and of course they bring Penny with them in hopes that Penny can make friends with the little girl that lives there. The door opens and the neighbor lady introduces herself and invites Penny and her parents inside, then calls her daughter down to come meet Penny. The little girl is bubbly and friendly but something about her seemed off to Penny, yet her parents and the little girl's Mommy had them go play in the bedroom while the adults talked.

    "It's okay sweetheart, don't be shy!"

    Penny's daddy said with a smile, ensuring her that it would be okay.

    "Come on!"

    The little girl shouted and took Penny by the hand and they raced up the stairs carefully to the bedroom where there were a whole bunch of toys scattered about, including a plethora of Barbie dolls. Penny had never seen so many toys before in her life. Penny wanders around the room in amazement, her mouth agape in shock. One Barbie doll in particular really catches her eye, it's one that she had always wanted for herself. She goes to grab the doll and just as she's about touch it her hand is slapped away by the little girl, holding her hand in shock Penny looks up the little girl.

    "That's my favorite Barbie! You can't play with her!"

    The little girl tells Penny in a snotty tone, Penny's suspicions of this little girl were correct.

    "Can we play something?"

    Penny asks timidly.

    "I don't wanna play with you!"

    Says the little girl with that same snotty tone.

    "Why are you so mean? I just wanna be your friend"

    Penny says with a sniffle.

    "I don't wanna be your friend, you're weird looking!"

    A single tear streams down Penny's face as this is said.

    "Can we please play something?"

    The little girl sighs and reluctantly agrees to play with Penny.

    "We can play house. I'll be the mommy and you be the baby since you're already crying like one"

    Penny excitedly nods and the two begin to play with the little girl bossing around Penny at any chance she gets. This little girl is so mean and all Penny wants to do is be her friend, but if this girl didn't want to be her friend, well Penny would make her be her friend whether she liked it or not. The little girl is pretending to wash dishes as they play house while she made Penny sleep, but Penny is done being the baby and decides to play a different role in their game of house. She takes a book off the girl's dresser and smacks it over her head, knocking her to the floor. Before the girl can start crying loudly covers her mouth with a sock and drags the little girl over to a chair and ties her up. She walks in front of the little girl and grabs the Barbie from before and puts it in her face as tears stream down the little girl's face.

    "Now we play house and I'm the robber, and you're the person I rob, okay?"

    Penny leans in close to the little girl, who nods franctically. Penny, takes a bag and puts the Barbie doll in the bag, along with various other toys. Just then there's a knock at the door and before Penny can do anything, the little girl's Mom screams in horror and rushes over to her daughter's aide. Penny's parents quickly come in to find what she has done, and apologize profusely about her behavior but the girl's Mom is not having it and asks them to leave as she comforts her little girl. Penny takes the bag with all the toys while being dragged away by her Dad, and takes one last look at the little girl with a smile and waves.

    "Bye bye new best friend!"

    *THE END*

    Present day Penny closes the book and looks back up the camera with that same smile from before.

    I never saw that little girl again, just like she never saw her favorite Barbie doll again. All I wanted to do was be her friend but she was just so nasty and so cruel, why did she have to be so mean? It's just like now when I want to be friends with Izzy but all she ever does is hurt me over and over again, which forces me to hurt her and it hurts me to hurt her because I don't want to but she makes me do it. I didn't want to hurt that little girl in the story, but she was so mean that she made me do it. It was her fault just like it's been Izzy's fault whenever I've hurt her.

    Penny grabs something else from underneath the bed, a box. She opens the box and it has two homemade looking dolls, one resembling Penny and the other is Izzy Van Doren.

    I made this for you Izzy, for us. I still want us to be friends so please I hope that you can forgive me. This is another chance for us to become close and become the best of friends! We get to team up this week and show everyone that we really are friends and all those mean things we did to each other wasn't right. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me Izzy, because I have forgiven you. We have to stick together and be friends now if we want to beat those mean bullies in Genocide. I tried being friends with them too but they didn't want to. The little one, Graves, was really mean to me and said some nasty things. The big one, Sinn, didn't say anything but he was scary and really intimidating. I thought they would want to be friends with me but they are too selfish. They are filled with too much hate. They are blinded by it. The little one speaks of things that I don't quite understand and wears funny looking makeup on his face while the big one wears that scary mask and breathes heavy. All I know is that they are not nice, I thought they were but I was wrong. I thought that they were like me, different from the world, but I was wrong.

    We can change that Izzy! We can show them what true friendship is all about! We can show them the light because they could probably use a little bit of brightness in their lives because all they ever do is hang around in dark areas. If anyone can do it, it's us Izzy! Together we can take down Genocide! We can put the past behind us and hurt Genocide for hurting us, and I won't feel bad doing it and I know you won't either Izzy. I know, deep down in your heart, you felt bad for hurting me but don't feel bad for hurting Graves and Sinn. They need to learn the hard way that you can't always be mean and be a bully. We can show them they aren't so scary after all!

    Penny holds the two dolls up to the camera.

    What do you say Izzy? Friends till the end? That's all I've ever wanted Izzy so it mean so much to me, please don't hurt me because I don't wanna have to hurt you again. It makes me cry having to hurt you, so please don't make me cry and let's team up and take down those mean old bullies in Genocide...BEST FRIEND!

    Penny hugs the two dolls, squeezing them tightly as the camera zooms in on them before fading to black.
    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Graves & Sinn are shown walking down a dark road. Graves looks like he hasn't slept in weeks his face paint starting to fade he stops in the middle of the road.

    Graves: I just don't know anymore I really don't this world is crashing all around us Sinn and we just are lost and I am at the end of this road I got nothing left. These word's are falling on deaf eyes and I am out of option's the truth is this week we face Izzy & Penny. I am thinking to myself why bother we should just go home and we should never come back. I am sorry this is not me!

    Take a look in my eyes Sinn I am still very much here and we may have not had the success that we dreamt of but the truth of the matter is it only takes one time. The thing is it only takes one body. The thing is that the whole world forgets everything you do except the bad. They say the only news is bad news and man I got breaking news. We are still here we are still ready to do the things that we said we were and we are going to bring this place to it's knees it may not be today may not be tomorrow but we are on the warpath and the walls are closing in. Izzy you are teaming up this week with someone who less then a month ago was ready to put her hands on your throat and choke the life out of in honesty I got to admit when we face off it may not be Genocide you should have your eyes on it should be those eyes in the back of your head because at any moment that little spitfire that cold blooded creature could snap. I have looked into those eyes Penny and deep inside your head in that head of yours in the places you have blacked out it knows that you Sinn & myself we aren't very different and that may scary you but really it should scare everyone else because like I said that day will come and you got to ask yourself the question which side are you on? Scar's heal but wounds of the mind never seem to really heal do they?

    I am looking into the eyes of Penny & Izzy and I am understanding that at Fight Night I am going to have to hurt you Penny. The one thing about this is I don't wanna hurt you. I see something in you that is making me feel something deep in my soul is it compassion is it pity, or is it fate? So come Fight Night please remember that we don't wanna hurt you Penny but we will do what we must. Izzy poor little old Izzy take a good look at yourself then close your eyes and feel the goosebumps on your body as you start to understand that you are alone "Chicago's Fav Gal" is just alone left in the dark waiting and watching as the storm takes her apart.

    Graves looks onto Sinn who is not listening his mind seems to have drifted away. We are then taken into the mind of Sinn as he is thinking about his past. We are now in a small white room there is a boy sitting he has long hair his ice blue eyes piercing through a mask with a bloody hand print on the head. He is just looking at the table he is not moving. He just stares at the table. The door to the room opens as the little boy stares still are the ground. There is a man in a black suit older early 50's he has a black beard with some grey in it and has little hair around a bald spot on his head. He looks at the boy and begins to speak.

    ????: Hello my name is Victor Slater you can call me Dr. Slater what is your name?

    The boy is still looking down as Dr. Slater begins to talk again.

    Slater: Well, if I am correct your name is Spencer is it not?

    The boy looks up after answering he hears his name . He is now looking at the doctor and he cocks his head as if saying what do you want?

    Slater: You know where you are? Do you know what happen to you?

    The boy looks at Dr. Slater shakes his head and nods yes.

    Slater: I am so sorry that your parents did that to you and I am here to tell you that you are safe. You know this world is full of bad people at least that's what our parents tell us I cant even understand what you feel . How alone and scared you were when you find out that the two people who are suppose to protect you go on and do that. I promise you now that they won't hurt you I promise that no one will ever again. This place here will make sure of that we are going to teach you things. We are going to save you Spencer and you will make amends for the sins of the liars the sins of the wicked the sins of everyone who dares to hurt you. You will not have to hide you will not have to be scared you will only have to learn can you do that?

    The Boy looks up this time he smiles nods his head ok. Dr. Slater grabs the boys mask and lifts it . The boys face is disfigured there is what looks like burns on his face. He has a Glasgow Smile. He is looking at Dr. Slater now and he seems to smile.

    Slater: That is it dear boy, I will teach you everything I know. Now come let's meet the other children.

    Slater leads the boy into another room full of kids who all have disfigured faces and are also wearing masks on top of their heads they all come towards Dr. Slater who smiles and tells the kids to welcome Spencer to The Institution. The kids walk away with the boy each hugging Slater before they go as Slater leaves to talk to two men in black suits. We flashback to the present where Graves is talking trying to get the attention of Sinn.

    Graves: You went back there again huh, It's ok remember though you aren't with that fiend anymore I am here and I won't let him haunt you my friend.

    Graves nods to Sinn telling him to come on we got to get to the show we are leaving the demons to haunt in these woods.
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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Two of FWA’s trusty ring crew are relaxing behind the scenes, waiting for the show to wrap up so they can get to work dismantling the ring and lighting apparatus, and load it up ready to be taken to the next FWA event. Both men are wearing black jeans, and non-specific T-Shirts featuring the FWA logo. One of the guys - middle aged and slightly overweight - is enjoying a cup of coffee, while his younger colleague watches the show on a backstage monitor.

    : Wow, this is the best job ever! I can't believe I get to travel around the country with the FWA wrestlers... and
    actually, get paid to watch these shows. You must never get sick of this!

    Max: Heh, ya say that now. But trust me, kid... after a month or so of having to put up with all the egos
    and;hthey've got around here, ya won't think this is half as cool as ya do now. Take some advice - just keep ya head down, put the stuff where they tell ya, and don't give any of these clowns the chance to go off on ya. They might be a bunch of yahoos, but they're the ones that put asses in seats, y'know what I'm saying? The Boss man won't think twice about firing a couple of working stiffs like us; not if we've done anything to upset his precious "Superstars"...

    : Aww, you're just a miserable old fart. I can't even think of a better job than this. And the guys around here aren't that bad. Just the other night, Bell Connelly signed an autograph for me... everyone around here seems nice to me. Down to earth.

    Max gives another laugh, figuring that he'll just have to let Sam experience some of FWA’s larger-than-life egos for himself before the message can sink in. As the older guy leans back and takes another slurp of coffee, he sees the perfect example of self-proclaimed superstars with a highly inflated opinion of themselves striding down the corridor, heading in the two stagehands' general direction. It’s none other than The Heartbreak Express

    Max: -Gestures with his styrofoam coffee cup toward the trio- Here ya go, Sammy-Boy. If ya think everyone around here's such a nice guy, why don't you ask them for their autograph? I'm sure they’ll be real friendly to ya...

    Despite knowing their rep, Sam can't really resist Max's challenge. He confidently nods his head, takes a few steps toward the tiro'... then reconsiders. It seemed like Maddy Banks was in a particularly bad mood today (Surprise, Surprise) Sam turns back, only to see Max with an irritating smirk on his face that is just screaming "I told you so!" Not willing to give the older stagehand the satisfaction, Sam takes a deep breath, followed by a nervous gulp, and walks over to the trio. For their part, they haven’t seemed to notice: Ryan Martin And Julian Watson, deep in their conversation as if trying to figure out how to calm their silently stewing Manager.

    Excuse me, guys? Uh, sorry to bother you. I just wondered if you could -

    Although they had been standing just over the other side of the corridor to the two stagehands, it was only now that the HBE realised he was even there. They were too fixated on whatever had got Maddy so worked up that they hadn't even noticed he was alive. Maddy glared at Sam, looking the young stagehand up and down. While Watson and Martin frowned in his direction. Both were wearing a pair of tight-fit jeans, a rather stylish "Heartbreak Express” T-Shirt, (Black Shirts bearing the logo of a white heart broken in half) Banks for her part wore a thoroughly irritated scowl that caused Sam's request for an autograph to die on his lips.

    Madison Banks: What?! Who the hell are you? Why are you bothering us? Don't you know who we are? We’ve The Heartbreak Express! We are the biggest stars this industry has ever seen! Don’t you dare disrespect us you got that? We should be treated like the stars that we are. But nobody around here seems to understand that! All I get is constant crap from people that don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. Like Ashley O’Ryan.. like The Olympians ... and now from you! RUDE!

    Sam desperately waving his arms and backing off, in an attempt to make Maddy understand he meant no disrespect

    Madison Banks: No, no - it's not like that! I just... I work here, see?

    He starts brandishing the FWA logo on his T-Shirt as his life depended on it

    Sam: And... I was hoping... you'd maybe sign an autograph for me? If you don't want to, I'd understand. It's just... I'm such a big fan of yours.

    Madison Banks doesn't say anything at all; she just continues to stare at Sam. The young stagehand notices that he has started to sweat with nerves under Maddy’s signature death glare But luckily for him, Martin and Watson take the lead, They always has some time for their fans...

    Ryan Martin: “Woah, Woah, Woah...Maddy take a step back, a fan? Well, why didn't you say so?

    Julian Watson: Sure, if you're a fan, We’ll sign something for you.
    You got a pen?

    Sam shakes his head; Maddy tuts and mutters “idiot..”

    Ryan Martin: Well, what the hell are we supposed to sign it with, dumbass?

    Julian Watson: Man, who knew a fan of ours could be such a moron?

    A nervous Sam looks worried that his head might be put his head through the nearest wall. Meanwhile, in the background, an amused Max watches the whole exchange. But Martin and Watson calms down again before any harm can come to Sam:

    Ryan Martin: Ok, Look, things are just a little bit tense here at the moment, alright? We didn't mean to take it out on you... you're one of our fans

    Almost instinctively, Watson slapped his chest, kissed his fingertips, then pointed them straight at Sam….If this was meant to mean anything to Sam, he made no sign of it as he just stare awkwardly back, smiling nervously
    Sam: Hey, don't worry about it. If you're in a bad mood, then it's no prob-

    Maddy suddenly pipes back up talking right over Sam like she didn't realise - or just didn't care - that the younger man was already saying something

    Madison Banks: It's just the people around here! They don't treat us with the respect we deserve. When we first signed with FWA, it was the greatest thing to ever happen to this company. Before we came along, this place was a second-rate promotion with a distinct lack of star power. I turned that around, all by myself! By bringing you, Julian Watson, and Ryan Martin. But did we get so much as a "thank-you"?! We get nothing but abuse and disrespect! First, we have to WAIT to get our shot at the tag titles; THEN The Olympians CHEAT at Back In Business.Then last week they try and ASSAULT us after the bell! And this week? We’ve STILL waiting for our rematch for their belts.Can you believe that?

    Before Sam can answer, Madison cuts him off again

    Madison Banks: I know, me neither! It's ridiculous! What did those idiots think was going to happen trying to attack us? Martin and Watson could have beaten the Olympians to a bloody pulp right there and then, but they decided to be the bigger men. That's the difference between someone like The Heartbreak Express and people like….like….Like those THINGS that call themselves Tag Team champions.We settle our business in the ring, not after the bell!

    Maddy finally takes a breath, and fumes while Watson and Martin try to calm her

    Sam: Man that sounds terrible. If I were you, I'd have beaten an apology out of them right there! I'll bet you guys have plenty of pent-up aggression to work
    out after you lost at BIB you-

    A perplexed Madison Banks holds up a hand to cut Sam off in mid-sentence yet again. She makes a winding motion, to indicate he wants to go back to something the young stagehand just mentioned while Watson steps

    Julian Watson: Yeah, hold that thought a second, kid. What's that you just said? Did we hear you correctly?
    We LOST the match? You're trying to tell me that we LOST to them?. WRONG. They cheated, and last week we just got payback and proved that the Gods? Are moral and tonight?

    Watson pats his partner on the shoulder

    Ryan Martin: “....Everybody knows I can beat Dionysys any day of the week...

    Martin notices the look of disbelief on Sam's face

    Ryan Martin.. ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! If you're thinking about what happened in Back In Business, well. I had a severe head-cold at the time. But even though it meant defying doctor's advice, I still went out there and wrestled the match... all because I didn't want to deprive any of our fans And I paid the price, didn't I? They got lucky but tonight? So it'll be a cold day in Hell before you catch Dionysys getting the better of Ryan Martin The guy's not only an idiot, he's a menace in that ring! In fact, I'm tempted to go straight to go to the suits office right now and make a formal complaint against him. His conduct is completely unprofessional. I'd love to see that guy fired from FWA! See. I've done a lot of thinking this week, and one thing stuck in my mind. I'm Ryan Martin... and I don't need ANYBODY ELSE to help me win matches! I am, simply put, a member of the GREATEST superstar this industry has ever seen. And tonight, I'm going to prove it once and for all when I SINGLE-HANDEDLY beat Dionysius.Trust me, after I annihilate Dionysys and silence all the critics once and for all, The Heartbreak Express will be riding high on our way to tag-team gold. And what better way to prove to the world we've the best than with brand new Tag-Team Champions? So that's how it is, Everything that needs to be said has been said. It's simple, really: He’s good, but I'm better. And tonight, the whole world is going to see exactly how dominating we are. I'm going to prove to everybody that - no matter what kind of match we’ve in - The Heartbreak Express will always find a way to come out the winner. Because THAT’S how we roll!

    Ryan smirks as his latest plan begins to take shape. However, Maddy notices that Sam isn't smiling along with him. Instead, the young stagehand still has a look of doubt in his eye…

    Madison Banks: Oh what, you don't agree? You think he’s afraid of Dionysys, is that it? How can you even think that? Any self-respecting person would have more sense than to doubt him.

    Julian Watson: That's it, isn't it? You're not a fan at all! You're just a poseur!

    Sam opens his mouth to try and dispute Julian Watson’s accusations, but saves himself the trouble; by now, he's figured out that they aren’t going to listen to a word he says anyway, so why even bother?

    Ryan Martin: Man, I can't believe I've just wasted the last five minutes of my life standing here listening to you ramble on about your crappy little life! You're such a loser...just like D So why don't you run along and go clean the toilets, or whatever the hell it is that you're supposed to do around here. Just get out of my way!

    An annoyed The Heartbreak Express barges his way past Sam, almost knocking the much smaller man down on his backside. While they storm off, a satisfied-looking Max comes strolling over. He tosses his empty coffee cup into a nearby trash can while smirking at his young colleague

    Max: So, what do ya think of the "Wrestlers" now, Sammy-Boy? Still, think they're a nice bunch? (Shrugs his shoulders) I mean, those Heartbreak guys are charming ain't they? Always so friendly and polite. And not-at-all into themselves, or self-absorbed, or anything like that...

    Sam :
    Yeah, very funny. Man, I can't believe those guys! He's got to be the biggest jerk I've ever met! I hope they get their ass kicked one of these days. I would love to see that!

    Max: You and me both, kid. You and me both.
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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    0.1 - An Introduction to The Phillip A. Jackson Project

    We open to a studio with Phillip A. Jackson stood in front of a green screen with a camera straight ahead of him. The director is sat in his director chair just off camera. Jackson is being prepped for the shot before the camera starts rolling. Jackson’s makeup is checked and he takes three deep breathes in. Jackson is wearing his wrestling shirt and he is quickly handed a product to hold. Jackson looks at it. Jackson never does endorsements but he believes in this. He is willing to try. Jackson nods to indicate he is ready.


    Jackson smiles and turns to the camera, full of passion and enthusiasm.

    ‘Hi Im Phillip A. Jackson, This is-


    Jackson looks at the director.

    ‘I thought I nailed that.’

    The director scoffs and climbs off his chair and looks at Jackson.

    ‘Aren’t you supposed to be a professional talker? You think you are better than this commercial don’t you?’

    Jackson looks taken aback by the comment.

    ‘No, I am taking this seriously. Let’s go again.’

    The director nods and sits back on his chair. He stares at Jackson, who nods before taking a deep breath to settle himself. The silence is broken by a loud


    Jackson summons up a smile and turns to the camera and holds out the product to the side.

    ‘Hi, Im Phillip A. Jackson! This is th-


    Jackson bows his head and just stares back at the director who begins to walk over to him. The director gets right in his face and just stares back as the whole crew looks on.

    ‘You are lying to me. That was worse than the last one. Just because you are some big shot wrestler doesn’t mean you can come into my studio and half-ass this. You are meant to be some hotshot but you keep doing the same thing over and over again.’

    Jackson just stands in silence and takes it from the director. Jackson just nods as the director reprimands him. Jackson looks back at the director and nods. The director heads back to his seat.


    Jackson takes a deep breath, summoning something from deep within…

    ‘Hi, I am Phillip A. Jackson…’

    But he falls flat and the inevitable happens.


    The word grates Jackson’s ears like fingers down a chalkboard. Jackson grits his teeth. Jackson sighs deeply. The director just stares at Jackson, he shows no emotion just staring out Jackson. Jackson avoids eye contact and stares doing his lines in a different way to himself. The director doesn’t even wait.


    Jackson takes a second to calm himself with all eyes on him in the studio. Jackson rubs his eyes, takes a deep breath and tries again.



    The director stands up and gets right in the face of Jackson. Jackson stares right back at him and drops the product to the floor.

    ‘OUT!’ screams the director. Jackson looks down at the director and just shakes his head.

    ‘Do you want to continue to punish yourself? Get off my set! I will find a professional.’

    Jackson stares at the director again before silently walking off the set. Jackson kicks open the door and slams it shut. Jackson punches the air in rage, perhaps capturing the emotion and passion he lacked while being shot. Jackson’s agent runs up behind from the studio. His phone in his hand, he shrugs at Jackson before going back to his phone call.

    ‘Dude, I am gonna have to call you back’

    The agent hangs up his phone.

    ‘What happened?’

    Jackson takes a second.

    ‘So you know that old phrase, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?’

    ‘Yea, Bro, Hawking! I love that cripple.’

    Jackson face palms and gives his agent a weird look.

    ‘It was Einstein who- never mind. Well take after take it screwed me up. I came into it with such passion and drive. It worked in the audition but when I keep doing it but never really correcting things and hoping it wood keep working. I just, stop being passionate about it. I stopped caring. I just didn't believe it was just a relentless grind where the formula was the same. A passionless pursuit that ended in greatness.’

    The agent looks confused.

    ‘Uhh, bro…It was just a commercial’

    Jackson shakes his head.

    ‘No, this is about everything. I told you I wanted to branch out and you got me this gig. This isn’t what I meant. The director was right. I was too good for this job. I am a wrestler. I am complex. I have built up my career based on actions and it’s confusing and muddled. It is time to clear it up. This is the rebuild. This is our rebuild. We are in this together. My passionless pursuit ends. This is the core concept of the Phillip A. Jackson Project. It was soft-opened with a victory and it is time to grow.’

    ‘This is growth, Phillip. This is expanding your brand. We don’t need a project to rebuild you. We just need to get people to love you. Put you on TV. Get people to see your face everywhere. That is it.’

    Jackson rolls his eyes and puts his hand on his agents shoulder.

    ‘It is wrestling. It is not that simple.’

    Jackson steps back and takes his hand off his agents shoulder. As the agent asks quizzically

    ‘What do you mean?’

    ‘Fans don’t care about brands. Fans don’t care about image. They care about the ring and if you are good enough on the microphone. It is simple but not that simple. They won’t love me if they see me on TV advertising some bullshit. They need to see the real me. I need to unlock the real me because that is who they need to see. I don’t want to be stuck in some crap middle ground where I am now.’

    ‘So you want things to be real?’

    ‘I want to find the real me. I have been stuck protecting an image. That is all I am to people. An idea. An imperfect, broken wrestler with no real image. There is nothing real about me. I have always faked my reality. I am struggling now because of it. I didn’t want to openly admit that to you but it’s true. That is why I need this project. That is why I need you to come through with the thing we talked about.’

    The Agent pats Jackson on the back and smiles.

    ‘That can be ready to go whenever you need it but I am glad you are talking to me again. That injury messed you up. You stopped talking to everyone. You really had us all worried.’

    Jackson and the agent hug but quickly break the hug.

    ‘I am ready. I need to get over what happened. I need to have confidence again and if that means breaking my routine then that is what I will do. More importantly, I need to get away from this crap and focusing on what matters. Wrestling. So the final part of the project is ready to go whenever we need it?’

    ‘Ready and raring to go.’

    Jackson smiles with delight.

    ‘The key part of the project is ready then?’

    His agent returning to the smile nods.

    ‘So I have nothing to worry about?’


    ‘Excellent. Then we can finally move on from this and get ready for Fight Night?’

    ‘Yep. I have your plane sorted and there will be a car picking us up in about 20 minutes.’

    ‘Got the timing wrong on the car?’

    ‘Nah, just thought you would last longer in there.’

    The pair laugh. Jackson stops laughing suddenly and the agent realises and sheepishly stops laughing before Jackson laughs again. The pair laugh before they both come to a natural end.

    ‘Anyway, It is round two of the tournament’

    ‘So, Kazadi?’

    ‘Kazadi. We are ready for this. You are gonna get reven-‘

    Jackson shushes his agent by putting his finger on his agent’s mouth.

    ‘This is the Phillip A. Jackson project. We do not take revenge. We do not redeem. We rebuild. We are not destructive. We build. We grow and we continue the search for the real Phillip A. Jackson. I understand this is an important step in the grand journey but revenge it is not.’

    ‘Ok, so how will you approach this step?’


    Jackson takes a breath and begins to really think. He looks up to the sky and closes his eyes.

    ‘The important step is to overcome all doubt. That is our goal. Remove doubt because I cannot doubt myself if the project is too succeed. Zachary was the creator of the doubt. Zach Kazadi broke my ankle and I could not go on. I could not fathom that I wasn’t unbreakable. It was the first truly serious injury I have had but it will be forgotten because I cannot let that arrogant ass laud it over me. He brags online to all his friends and fans about how he broke my ankle and he brags and brags about everything little thing. I am expecting him to tweet out that the gracious way he excretes from his body is the most glorious and better than everyone else’s. A broken young man who believes every single bit of his own hype. Do you know what Kazadi has actually achieved?’


    ‘Nothing. One X division title win. Yet he is God’s gift to wrestling. He is way, way too big for his boots. Injuring me. Winning the X-Division title. A runner up in the Carnal Contendership. Not even a winner but a runner up. Yet he is God’s gift to wrestling. Is he aware of who they called to make this tournament special, to add star power to this tournament?’

    Jackson nods at his agent.

    ‘They called me. The agent. Phillip A. Jackson’s Agent.’

    ‘I am the star power. I am the history. I have held the North American and the FWA title twice. That is why I remove all doubt. People fear Zach but they shouldn’t. Zach is too busy digging his own grave. Zach doesn’t know what he is in for because he got too cocky. This isn’t even about me. It is about Adrian Wolf. My old friend. I have been to hell and back with Adrian Wolf.’

    ‘He pissed off Wolf?!’

    ‘The Adrian Wolf. He has no clue about Adrian Wolf. He may be older now but he is dangerous and all the power to him, huh?’

    ‘We are just worrying about you.’

    ‘Exactly, I am not going around digging my own grave. I am not baiting the most dangerous man in the history of FWA because I don’t have a death wish. I don’t have anything to prove to anyone because I can walk into a room and command respect. My methods are outdated but I can change. I have to adapt to survive and this is how I adapt. My rebuild is me adapting. I need to embrace the new style in FWA. The project will change all of this. Then Zach and everyone will see the real me. Zach saw a broken, washed up, hate-filled Phillip A. Jackson in the ring. Times change but one constant remains in FWA. Phillip A. Jackson. I am one of the old men now. I am of a different generation. I have outlasted pretty much everyone in the locker room. I no longer need to prove anything. I have no chip on my shoulder. I have muddled sense of who I am but no-one is perfect. No-one is alpha. Kazadi is fragile. When the brightest light of his career shined. He fell. Over the top rope and to the floor. He failed in the biggest moment. I failed him. We are failures but I have legacy. I have history. I have respect. I have tried to change my ways to better my career. I have continued my journey beyond achievement. I focused on the big picture. Who I am rather than What I achieved. Zach is another wrestler coming into FWA calling the shots because they believe they are perfect but reality knocks for Zach. Reality knocks for all of us and we will face ups and downs in our careers. This tournament is part one of The Phillip A. Jackson Project. This tournament is a building back to yet another Jackson run to dominance. What are the other parts? We will see but it will be a monumental end to the Phillip A. Jackson Project.’

    ‘But how does it begin?’ Asks the agent.

    Jackson takes a deep breath and does something that he couldn’t do early.


    Jackson nails his delivery because he is talking about something he believes in. A horn toots outside the studio. The Agent taps Jackson and the pair walk towards the car, heading to the airport to fly to Vegas.

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Everything to Lose (Again)

    The night after Back in Business XII, and also the night after Shannon O'Neal's huge victory. She can't remove the smile from her face, even 24 hours later. The new FWA World Champion stands inside her own Los Angeles apartment and stares down at her championship belt. Every time she looks at it, she smiles. Every. Single. Time.

    She sweated more than a pound for it.

    She took a beating for it.

    She took harassment for it.

    She bled for it.

    There's so much pride she has in it. So much. She's so ... so ... happy right now. In this moment.

    And then, as she's sitting on her couch, looking at the championship belt, everything changes. She takes one look — just one — at the computer screen. And she sees one of the replies to her post-championship-match tweets.

    And it sets everything off. One troll, with one smart-ass comment, and everything changes.


    Dusk is setting in as the sunlight drops down below the desert horizon. Las Vegas, Nevada's scenery has an entrapment that is quite soothing, if you're not looking at downtown. Shannon O'Neal isn't. She's looking out to an endless sight of sand grains and vacant parking lots.

    Before that, we see a graveyard. A very small one, too. Like a personal family plot situated nearby the last residential community on the outskirt suburbs of Las Vegas. Just five gravestones are resting there, clearly illuminated by the low-angle and bright-orange sunlight coming in from the western sky.

    Shannon O'Neal, no longer smiling, stands right in front, dropping her eyes down to the gravestones with a look of sadness mixed with fury. Something set her off, and we're certainly about to find out.

    "He'd be turning 1 year old right 'bout now."

    Shannon drops her eyes and looks at the gravestone again. It's not for her son. She doesn't even know the person who was buried here, or if someone even lays below this ground. It could just be a token of memory. Doesn't matter. Any time Shannon walks through a graveyard, it hurts a little.

    "Someone sent me a tweet sayin' ... somethin' 'bout my kid.

    It said ... 'You'll lose the belt faster than ya' lost your own child.'"

    Shannon was in pain repeating it, but she needed to. Her fists were clenched throughout, and her eyes closed.

    "I hate that person for sayin' that ... but ... whoever that is ... I needed to hear it, too. Just some asshole fan but I needed it. Wrestlers on this roster ... are gonna be out ... to take somethin' from me. Again. They're gonna want to hurt me ... again.

    I have'ta be ready for that. I can't think they'll take it easy on me. Not 'cause I'ma 'gal. Not 'cause of all the shit I've been through. That's why Cyrus hid until he could strike. That's why everyone looks at me like a fresh piece of meat.

    They see a weak champion, one they can beat so much easier than King Cyrus. That's just like a bunch'a men, seein' a 'gal as the enemy across the battlefield and thinkin' it'll be easier than if there was a man.

    But they don't know what I went through to get here.

    They might think they know, but they can never truly know unless they experienced it themselves."

    Shannon also is still hurt every time she sees a family pushing an occupied stroller, or a young child struggling to walk as he is supported with both arms by his parents, or even a child reaching 7 or 8 years old eating ice cream with his or her parents. Any children, no matter the age, with their parents and it hurts Shannon a little bit, even as World Champion.

    "I want it all, but I can never get it all. 'Cause I can never get my baby back. And one day, I'ma lose this World Championship. And that day won't be as tough as the day I sat in a doctor's office and listened to someone tell me I lost my own child, with it still inside of my stomach.

    There will never ever ever be another feeling like that. Never. Not even if I lose my first title defense. Not if I lose every match from here on out. Not ever."

    Shannon looks up from the gravestone and out to the vacant parking lots and the lowering sun, which is now completely hidden behind the never-ending horizon.

    "But tha--that doesn't mmmmuh...mean I'm jus---t FINE ... losin' somethin' ... e-else ... I ... cc-care 'bout.

    It'll still hurt ... a lot ... the day I lose this belt ..."

    Shannon pauses, and then looks down at the nearest gravestone positioned upright out of the sand.

    "'Cause that'll be the day I have nothin' left.

    Shannon was shaking, stuttering a bit, as she said that last line.

    "Tristan James Galloway is my opponent, my first one as World Champion. ... I have nothin' against this guy. He seems like a dude who works hard, who tries his best, and who wants to improve. He seems like a dude who will do good things here. I dunno 'bout great things. But good things? Yeah, I can see that.

    But Tristan James Galloway also looks like a hungry dude who wants to make a name for himself at MY expense. He looks like someone who sees a weak champion — a weak ... new ... champion — and sees an opportunity. 'Maybe Shannon isn't in the right mindset.' Or, 'Maybe she'll overlook me.'

    Nah, Tristan. Nah."

    Shannon shakes her head as she looks at her World Championship. It's all she has. No family. No parents. No child. Hardly any friendships except Bell Connelly, who hasn't called or talked to her since Back in Business XII. Shannon texted, but it wasn't until a week after the show. Shannon expected Bell to text or call her, so she didn't want to rub it in. But she still expected SOMETHING from her friend. Even a one-word "congrats" text. Nothing, though.

    Bell never replied to Shannon's text message, but she assumed it was due to her being busy. She called, and no answer again. This has Shannon worried, but she doesn't want to make a "thing" of it. So she's rather trying to focus on her own stuff.

    But not having Bell around means Shannon has ... no one. Just the World Championship belt.

    "I will NOT take ya' for granted. I will not think of ya' as anythin' but someone who wants to take the ONLY thing I have from me ... THIS."

    Shannon points to the championship belt as her face begins to quiver, with tears building at the bottom of her eyes. We figured we'd see a celebratory Shannon, but the reality of her aloneness has set in.

    "Tristan ... I saw ya' beat Mac. I saw how ya' handled him at Back in Business. I also saw ya' get close to winnin' the North American title. But I've also seen ya' hit losin' streaks, havin' disappointment. All the works of it.

    Everyone goes through that shit. It matters how ya' respond to it. Look at me! I lost to Kaizen at Mile High. Six months later, I won the World title. I beat the dude Kaizen couldn't beat ... on TWO TRIES.

    I won Carnal Contendership. I beat Cyrus Truth, the man who no one else seemed to be able to beat.

    So whatever ya' went through ... whatever ya've done before this ... don't matter. What matters is ya' a rookie tryin' to up his game a level and hope I'm off mine by a level. And I'll give props to ya' if ya' bring it hard, Tristan. I'll look ya' in the eye after and KNOW that I got the best of ya'. That's what I want! I want people to come at me! I want people to take their shot!

    But ... your best shot right now ain't good enough to beat me if I'm on my game. ...

    If Cyrus Truth ain't around to screw me over."

    Shannon took a breath before saying that last line. Now she looks back up, sensing it's time to go and leave this place.

    "So don't blame me for sayin' now ... I am not gonna be a weak champion. I am NOT gonna let someone come 'n' take this from me so easily. I am gonna be the fightin' champion I said I'd be. Ya' know why? 'Cause I've had dead parents, a dead child, broken friendships, disappointment, regret, sadness, depression, and everythin' in between. And I'm still here. I'm still fuckin' focused on doin' right by the people who cheer for me, who give me a shot, and even those who criticize me. So I ain't 'bout to just go back on my word like nothin'.

    Tristan ... ya' a good kid with a bright future here. I don't know why they had us facin'. I don't really care to know. All I know is ya' got lucky 'n' unlucky at the same time. Ya' got lucky enough to get a shot at the reignin' World Champ.

    Ya' got unlucky 'cause ya' caught me on a really bad week ... and I ain't 'bout to let some kid with a spring in his step boost his moral at my expense. Whatever ya' got in life ... I got less. So whatever I got ... matters a whole lot more to me than ya' own shit does to ya' own self."

    Shannon walks off, leaving the graveyard to be as she holds her only thing she has, the FWA World Championship, over her shoulder with pride. But her face isn't one of smiles; she's frowning, looking ahead as she realizes her worthwhile possessions stop and start in this image.
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    Shannon O'Neal
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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Mark Merriwether gave it his all. He had another incredible fight against Jason Randall and once again came up on the losing side. He wanted nothing more than to defeat Jason and win his first singles title in wrestling. Unfortunately it was not his night. He admits that he'd rather lose to Jason Randall than Lord Vincent and gives props to one of the best fighters he's ever been up against in Jason. Tonight we're at an undisclosed high-end restaurant where Mark is with Mitch White, "Big Bad" Mike Jones, and "Mean" Mark Jones. Noticeably absent is Mark's cousin Chris Johnson. Mark is dressing more casual than usual but still looking better than most people do in a lifetime.

    Mark Merriwether: Hello FWA. Welcome back to the life you wished you lived. I would introduce myself but you should already know who I am by now. If you don't know who I am then I really do not have time for you cause you're clearly an idiot. Now let's talk about the elephant in the room. I lost to Jason Randall. I put in my absolute best effort and lost again. I have no regrets about the match. I was better that night than I was at BIB XII and I'm happy for Jason Randall. He may dress like a street rat but he is a very committed wrestler and for that I give him respect. Let it be known, however, that I am not finished in my hunt for the FWA X Championship. I will figure Jason Randall out and I will finally be the one to defeat him. Now you may notice somebody is not here with us tonight. My cousin Christopher Johnson will no longer be seen. He was supposed to back me up at Fight Night and no-showed. You see he got so confident that I was going to win with his help he had a few drinks too many the night before. He is no longer my employee and is just my relative now. I will see him at family events and that is it. If he had been there who knows what would have happened. He let me down on one of the biggest nights of my life and I don't know if he will ever be forgiven.

    Mark Merriwether: Tommy Thunder. Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You look so familiar but I just cannot figure out why. Like somebody I used to know. Anyways you're one wrestler I've been dying to meet in the ring. You and I are so similar. We both look down on others, we have similar wrestling styles, and we both look like stars. I mean, who does your suits? Is it Anton? It's Anton, isn't it? He's the best in the business that's for sure. If you don't go to him I'll give you his card after I beat you at Fight Night. I may respect you immensely, I may be your biggest fan in the FWA, but I cannot lose a third match in a row. I was on a roll for so long. I defeated well known wrestlers James Sync and Humanity. A win against a rising star such as yourself would do wonders for me. I cannot believe this match is on free television! Letting those losers see The Megastar vs. The Must See MVP! It's pretty much a free lesson on how to be an intelligent, well-dressed, handsome human being. Tommy Thunder I'll see you at Fight Night and you'd better bring your A+ game!
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread


    You know, I remember it like it was yesterday. Cheesy line, I know. But it’s true. Hell, I could say that for all of the big moments. All of those instances that wind up talked about endlessly, recalled, and fawned over. I fawn over them. Those moments. Those instances that make up professional wrestling.

    I was called arrogant. An egomaniac. You think that of me too, no doubt. Your perception has changed over time, of course, but either way, you still think I’m arrogant. I’ve gone from someone not worth stepping into the ring with, to a usurper, someone out to get your spot. I’d like you to know that you’re wrong. I’m not arrogant. Not an egomaniac. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. I know one day I’ll be forgotten. I don’t live for the legacy. That’s just one of the things that differ between you and I. Immortal… Immortal… Immortal. Everytime I face you, that name, it bothers me so much. You… everything you’ve done… you’ve done for a legacy, to leave a mark. To be immortal. You don’t live for the moment, you live for the end game, that’s the difference with us. Arrogance. Egomania. That’s you. The arrogance to look so far ahead. The self-centered confidence it takes to believe you’ll be there at the end of that journey for the result you’ve falsely fabricated. You should know, Phillip, I don’t want your role. I don’t want to fill your spot. I think you need to understand me better.

    I’m a humble man. I’m a modest man. I look at professional wrestling, Phillip A Jackson, and I feel like that little boy… little girl… that kid… sitting at the front row seat for his first ever event. He doesn’t know who you really are Phillip, he sees the exterior, the person you pretend to be. The Immortal. The larger than life, PAJ. In that kid, there’s pure, unadulterated love and admiration. You see it there too, and in spite of who you are deep inside, I can only assume that that’s the reason you put on this false front. That’s how I feel about this thing we put our bodies on the line for, Phillip. I feel admiration. And… when I see someone tear up what I adore so much, I break inside. The same way millions were heartbroken when Ryan Rondo turned his back. The same way millions were heartbroken when Chris Kennedy did the same a year before. All those millions, they can’t do anything about that. They have to wait, wait for Kennedy to have a change of heart. Wait for Rondo to see the error in his ways. But I have an opportunity to rectify that first hand. I have an opportunity to ensure that what I love so much is no longer tarnished the way you have tarnished it, the way you’ve been doing so for years.

    Let me tell you about when it all really started. I think you remember the moment as much as I claim to. More than I do. That moment… it cemented the rest of your career. But let me tell you how I saw it. You see, perspective is key. It was Red, White and Bruised. 2014. The main event was Shane McLean… FWA World Heavyweight Champion, defending against Ryan Rondo and Phillip A Jackson. I know, people seem to think I don’t know what you’ve done. They think I’m so absorbed in my own bubble that I forget to be in awe when I am confronted with the name and faces of legends past. But Rondo and you, Jackson, I know every single success you’ve ever had. In the both of you, the world saw the future. Of course, at the time, you both had different roles. Rondo was the honorable up and comer. You were the pompous ass. Rondo might argue that nothings changed since then. The both of you were poised to start a new era, the question was, who would helm that era. I think McLean, deep inside, he knew it. McLean knew honor. He knew it was time to pass the torch. His time was done. He was no longer the best but he’d force the next man in line to earn his spot. That was his intention. A true passing of the torch.

    Remember what you said in the build up to that? Probably not. You talk a lot. You have a lot of empty words. “Time is the ultimate killer. It never stops and we can't do anything about it.” It resonated with me. Turns out, some of the stuff you say is true. Some. You fuelled me. Pushed me. I was in Japan at the time. The end goal though, the end goal was always the FWA. Kennedy. Hall. McLean. Stu. Gabrielle. All the big fucking names. I wanted to be in the ring with those people. Ryan Rondo, too. A man I wanted to replicate. You were right, Phillip. Time was of the essence. I had to fight harder to reach that stage. To reach your stage.

    You spoke of something else - you were right about something else. Thinking back to then, I feel like your words resonate now more than ever. “Faded glory.” That was the FWA you inherited, wasn’t it. But there was glory, that’s the catch. In Chris Kennedy, in Ryan Hall, there was something to be admired. There was talent. Integrity, to a degree. In McLean, there was honor. And you PAJ, you had an opportunity to re-instate that glory.

    But you refused.

    I was in Japan at the time. I was with my roommate, NARUTO. We were both on our sleeping mats. We should’ve been sleeping, we had to be back at the KUMA dojo early in the morning, training for that opportunity. But instead, we were streaming Red, White and Bruised. We were all three the next morning when we hit the dojo and lacked the energy to perform.

    “He’s gonna tap out, he knows its time,” I said. I wanted it so bad, for Ryan Rondo. There was a man to admire. He’d done some terrible things in the past, but even as young as he was, he had quickly turned the page, he’d learned what was worth fighting for. Rondo was a man I wanted to mirror. In hindsight, it seems the saying holds true, everything goes to shit sooner or later. But at the time, there was Rondo, a man poised to be FWA’s ace, to lead them into renewed glory. A man that would rival McLean as a star. He wrenched the Muta Lock, and for all the respect I had for McLean, I wanted him to give up, to leave the throne to his heir. NARUTO disagreed with me. He saw a lot of himself in McLean, the humor, the subtle humility. He wanted to see McLean continue on. Our teacher KUMA, he wasn’t a big fan of American wrestling, but he used to say McLean was a lot more like me in the ring. A dismantler. A man who knew his opponents and how to break them down.

    But you ruined everything. We should’ve known when you snuck your way into that match. You emerged with a chair, smashed Rondo’s face in, and you soiled a contest of honor. “For fucks sakes.” I dashed my laptop across the room and it broke like a twig.

    “You should have expected it,” NARUTO tried to rationalize.

    And I did. We all fucking did. He couldn’t understand why I was so mad. This happened all the time. It was common place. You would’ve thought NARUTO should’ve been angered, he was raised in a place where honor is paramount. I grew up on this sort of wrestling though, I grew up knowing that there were Rondos… and then there were Jacksons. People that would do anything to win. People whom competition meant nothing too, just the victory at the end of it all.

    “Just because it happens all the time, doesn’t make it right.” I sounded like a child, I know. “I don’t care if Jackson’s an asshole. But what’s the point of everything he’ll accomplish if he didn’t earn it. Where’s the value? The World Heavyweight Championship, the only reason it matters is because people have fought for it, on even ground, with the sole goal of proving their superiority. But it’s on even ground! And its hard. It’s difficult. That’s what makes it worth it, that’s why we’re here. You think it takes ingenuity to cheat? You think it makes you intelligent? It doesn’t. You think it would’ve taken Rondo or McLean any effort to grab a chair of their own? Be an asshole, and when you win, people will hate you, but they’ll be forced to respect you. Phillip Jackson… they’ll hate because he’s betrayed the integrity of it all.” And here I am, years later, still bitter.

    “I don’t know. At the end of the day, he’s a champion now, isn’t he? What about the countless people that’ll never be champions.”

    I was fuming. I was pissed NARUTO was even arguing with me. “The end doesn’t justify the means.” I felt like a smart ass saying the same shit so many people have said before me. “Worse than losing, is an undeserved victory. The manner of a defeat or a victory matters so much more. Why do you think I came here? Why do you think I came to learn? Why do you think people come to KUMA? This is real professional wrestling. Professional wrestling should be like… like chess. A game of skill. And as many have shown over time, who you are doesn’t matter, we are all on even ground, inside an even squared circle, skill and experience are paramount above all. What Jackson does is like adding another piece on the board - it’s no longer a game of chess. No longer even. A victory there, at that point, it doesn’t really mean anything, does it? Who cares if he won when he had an extra piece in play. We do this for the sake of being unquestionably the more skilled competitor. Agh, I can’t explain myself!” I left to go for a walk then, so frustrated was I at a man who couldn’t give less of a fuck about the consequences of his actions. Who didn’t care about what he destroyed for that victory.

    So here I am, years later, and I’m ready to stand in front of you for a third time, aiming for a third victory. Does this one matter more than the last? And the one before that? I’ve beaten you twice. If you were in my position, Phillip, this would be just another meaningless victory to bury me in the sand. But that’s where we differ, Phillip, I look back at those victories, and I don’t feel proud. I’ve boasted Phillip. I’ve yelled my victory proudly. I’ve berated Kennedy for choosing you over me, after all, if you couldn’t defeat a man of few accomplishments, why did you deserve to fight for one of the greatest honors in professional wrestling, the quickly value-depreciating streak. But deep inside, I knew that all my boasts were empty. I’m a self-critical man, PAJ, I don’t satisfy easy. And I am not satisfied with our story yet.

    The fact is Phillip, I haven’t killed your legacy yet, I haven’t solidified the end of your story but when we meet on Fight Night, this will be the end of it, this will be the moment I fulfill something long in the coming. Either I’ll pin you, or I will submit you.

    I know that means nothing to anyone else. But to me, it means the world. There is no greater assurance that you’re the better man than that. When Kennedy speaks highly of you being a former two time champion, and I retort that I’ve beaten you twice over, I know it’s an empty retort. I know those victories are built on technicalities. I need to rectify that. I need to leave no doubt. I need to do to you what I’ve done to Garcia. I need to do to you, what I will do to Mike Parr. I need to remove the asterisk.

    The first time we face Phillip, I could’ve been ushered up the ladder, ready to face the great names in FWA - but you stole my chance. And that fatal four way, I cursed it. Here I was relishing the opportunity to face you and redeem myself and Garcia and Toner had to ruin my chance. Not this time, no one will ruin this. No, I’m not even going to give Wolf the slightest bit of attention. Parr will wait. Bell will wait. Phillip A Jackson, former two time champion, Immortal, you have my sole attention now. I want victory, Phillip, but I don’t want victory for the simple sake of it, I’ve had that, Phillip, and I cannot imagine how it has satiated you all these years, it tastes - like nothing. Bitter, if anything. No, I want a genuine victory.

    Phillip, of late, men like Rondo and Truth… and myself, we’ve questioned the worth of the FWA. Long ago, you spoke of inheriting fading glory when you won your first world title… beating you… I will not be inhering anything. Any glory once fading has completely vanished with you at the pinnacle of the FWA. Rondo has completely abandoned any hope of regaining it. Cyrus Truth and Shannon O’Neal, they fight desperately to re-establish it. They’ve done well enough, but I know that to reignite that glory, we have to get rid of the last vestige of an era of shame, and cowardice, and that’s you Phillip. I have no intention of ending your career, Phillip. When I gain a true victory over you, it’ll be the victory no one else of our new era has managed to establish since you lost your golden prize at Back in Business last year. No doubt, you’ve lost plenty since but your pride remains, the knowledge that only men like Kennedy and Rondo and matches like fatal four ways and Carnal Contenderships have managed to be your undoing.

    I don’t want to leave any doubt. I want to beat you, Phillip. I want a pure game of chess. No extra pieces on the board. You can question my character but you can never question my integrity. You know the values I fight with. As much as everyone might hate me, they know my values. My convictions. You may not respect me. You may not acknowledge me. You may disregard me. Hell, you don’t seem to give a fuck that I’ve shaved years off your career. Even after I’ve proven myself time and time again. So here I’ll accomplish it one last time, one true time. I’ll beat you. Phillip, I want to be the pivotal point of your career’s lifeline. I want you to look back a month, a year, or two from now, when you’ve finally quit, and I want you to see this moment - not losing at Back in Business last year, not me snapping your ankle. But this moment. I want this to be our moment. It doesn’t matter what others will see it as. This is the moment, when I’ve beaten you, undoubtedly, we’ll both know that this was the moment your reality… your era… was up.

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread


    While we may not be able to see anything, we can hear the voice of Tristan James Galloway speaking.

    I am lost. I know not where I’m going, but I know where it is I would like to go.

    Finally, we are greeted with a visual of Tristan walking down a dirt path in the middle of the night. The only light comes from a lantern in his hand, illuminating a good bit of his face as the rest is cloaked by the darkness that engulfs him.

    In our minds, our journey is nothing more than a straight path, yet that is not always the case. More often than not, the road meanders. And you’re supposed to veer from the road you are on and go onto a different path. You may find yourself reaching a dead end and forced to turn around or in an area far from your intended stop, so you seek another road that ultimately brings you back on to your original path.

    Tristan comes to a fork in the road. He stands in the middle looking down both paths debating on which one he should take.

    In all honestly, when I began this journey, I had no end destination in mind. I just knew where I was was no longer good enough for me, so I needed to venture out. I need something new. Something worth while. And that was professional wrestling. It was my escape from a previous life no longer useful for me. No longer worth living.

    He begins to play a game of a “ini mini miny mo” to decide which path he should take.

    My journey brought me to foreign lands with the promise of riches and excess should I have been victor. The path becoming brighter and brighter with every victory and equally as dull should one suffer defeat. But this journey took me farther away from where I was at the start. That’s all that mattered to me. I had no plans on this journey giving me championships, but they were dangled before me like bait on a lure for a fish. If I wanted it, I would have to reach out and grab it before it was pulled away from me. With my arms extended out reaching for the trophy, I end up hitting a road block. I needed to find my way around the road block. Which means I needed a new path.

    Finally, Tristan settles on the left hand path in front of him to walk down. This path is covered in debris. Rocks and other various thing litter the path like land minds. Galloway navigates his way around.

    The road may not always be smooth because of the prize being out of reach, but it’s okay. You’re having to regroup and fight your way through a field of land minds, hoping you don’t become derailed again. Sometimes the terrain becomes so much more rough that you’re put of commission. Whether permanently or temporarily, it’s up to you. Should you choose to brave the path again, you may find the road becomes smoother and less daunting.

    There is another path on the right he takes, leading to a smoother walk way.

    After I lost against Mike Parr for the North American title, I was on a damaged road, trying to get back on the road I desired to be on. It took beating Mac Micaud to do that for me. With that victory, I have found myself coming face to face with the World Heavyweight champion Shannon O’Neal. It mirrors the encounter I had with the former champion Cyrus Truth. It’s a non title bout, but it’s a means of proving my worth. If I were to use the analogy of FWA and its wrestlers being a pride of lions, this is me taking on the king of the pride to see if I deserve more than scraps on the carcass of a recent kill. It’s a barometer to gauge that I am on the right path. It could make my journey to gold easier or more difficult. Shannon, much like Cyrus, walks around with a chip on her shoulder. Despite wearing the most prestigious prize in our sport, they still feel as if there is more to prove. That she has not received her just due. Heavy is the head that wears the crown I guess.

    After a little bit of traveling, Tristan comes across an area that leads into four different directions. He glances at each new trail with deep contemplations, deciding which one to take.

    Some would say I am out of my depth taking on the champion. It’s an easy win for her. Another example of the caste system at play. Shannon, the experienced championship wearing veteran and the new wide and bright eyed unranked contender. The balance of power is as it should be… but I can disrupt that balance. I could be the Conor McGregor to her Jose Aldo, catching her on the back leg with a heavy left to put her out, thus cementing my right to be among the elite in FWA. I began this journey with no real concrete destination in sight, but my end is very clear. The desire to be the very best in this company. I yearn to wear a trophy around my waist as the recognition of the work I put forth in my journey. Shannon is without a doubt my biggest challenge to date.

    Tristan takes the path to the to his far right, brushing his way through the thick over lapping trees.

    A couple of weeks ago, my opponent aimed to dethrone Cyrus Truth because he simply didn’t want to be champion anymore. You declared your love for FWA, yet now you sing a very different tune. One that mirrors the hymn Cyrus song… have you already become what you have hated Shannon? Are you exactly what you fought against? I may still be navigating the battle field that is FWA, but I am adept enough to hold my own and win battles some people think I should not win. This being one of them. I, much like everyone else on the roster, desire the championship you hold. If upsetting you at this week’s Fight Night puts him in contention, I am all for it. I welcome and embrace it. The waters may be rough, but I can more than capable of paddling along to keep myself afloat. I can disrupt the status quo. I can defy conventional wisdom and upset the established order. I may put myself back into the race for the North American championship by beating you, too. My journey so far may have been rough….

    The path Tristan chosen has lead him out towards the parking lot. Large baseball stadium style lights illuminate the area. Galloway turns the lantern off and walks towards his vehicle.

    But I see a path of smooth sailing ahead of me. I see streets paved in gold that await my riches and my prize. I will no longer be fodder for your ilk, Shannon. I tug at superman’s cape knowing full well I have a fist of kyrptonite ready to push Supes in the jaw to knock ‘em out. I just hope you’re ready for your Doomsday.

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread


    vs Adrian Wolf

    Fight Night 8/11/17

    It’s a midsummer day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The PPG Paints arena is in preparation for the arrival of the Shrine circus. Yes, the circus. And if there was one memory that Michael Garcia absolutely detested about his childhood, it was attending the damn circus every year. The music, the pomp, the annoying little ankle biters begging their mommies and daddies for more cotton candy (as if they needed it), but most of all, he absolutely detested the clowns. Those motherfucking clowns.

    The camera takes us inside the tent where various crew workers were setting up for tonight’s event. The giant rings were set up on the dirt ground. Several long beams were placed in position on the ground for a structure that would be set up later. The crew was almost finished setting up the giant Shrine Circus stage to the right side of the building with it’s sparkling purple, pink and red lights. There were giant elephant structures set up to the left and right of the entrance area. Rings of flames were set up just in front of those structures. Several ropes were being hung high above for the trapeze artists later on in the show. And down below, in the center of the arena, under a single solitary spotlight, on a single stool, sat Michael Garcia wearing a top hat and holding a magician’s wand. Garcia felt at home because to him the FWA had just become every bit of much as a circus.

    “I know what everyone expects me to say.”

    Garcia clears his throat.

    You’re all expecting me to say that what happened last week was a fluke. You’re all expecting me to come up with some reason as to why I lost to Zachary Kazadi last week. You want me to say that Kazadi cheated, used an illegal hold, raked my eyes, kicked me in the balls when the referee wasn’t looking, or paid off the ref. You’re all expecting me to cry, bitch and moan about my loss last week and vow that the next time I get my hands on Kazadi that I’ll snap his neck like a fucking twig. You’re all expecting me to talk about how it doesn’t matter who walks out of this tournament with the North American Championship on the line because I will be back and I will become their worst fucking nightmare. You’re probably expecting me to remind you of Jason Gryphon and the number of careers that I’ve ended. I get it.

    Fact of the matter is this; I lost to Kazadi because on Fight Night, he was just a little bit better than I was. That’s not easy for me to say. I may be a lot of things, most of them can’t be said in the presence of children but one thing I am is a proud man. For me to come out here and say that Zachary Kazadi beat me straight up, it pierces my prideful soul like a dagger to the heart. I may be an arrogant son of a bitch and I may talk a big game, but when a guy with my size and physical attributes gets caught off-guard and gets his ass kicked by a loud mouth, pint –sized attention seeker like Kazadi. It’s fuckin’ embarrassing.”

    Garcia stands up from his stool and walks over towards the lighted stage, twirling his baton.

    So, now you’re thinking, “Yeah, Mike, we’ve seen this before. This is about the time where you start talking about your next mission. This is where you talk about how shit’s going to change and you’re going to come back twice as dangerous as you were before! All Heroes Must Die? Michael Garcia: Reborn? The Monster returns?’ Nah. I’m not that guy anymore. I’ve had a lot of time to think, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just not the ‘Carnegie Carnivore’ anymore. I’m not the “Monster of the Midway”. I can’t be. Because that guy…that guy coasted on his size and his reputation. That guy never had to try hard, he never had to train hard, and he never had to commit to the rigors of everyday FWA because well, he never had to. Zachary Kazadi beat me because he was prepared for me. He worked harder than me. He was straight up better than me. He wasn’t lazy. He wasn’t complacent. He didn’t walk into this match thinking he could just bully his way through. He wasn’t fooled by his ego. I was. That’s…that’s the story of Michael Garcia. One step forward, one giant step back. Never making any progress. Always staying in the same spot…. talking about where he’s going and how he’s going to get there but never leaving that damn spot.

    The FWA has become a circus anymore and I was guilty of falling into the act. I had become just another part of the fanfare. I’d become a novelty act like the bearded lady and the human pretzel. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s seven feet tall and three hundred and seventy five pounds! Come see the Amazing MONSTER OF THE MIDWAY!, right? Not anymore. I’m not some trained seal. I’m not a freak show. I’m not a fucking slave. I outright refuse to be a slave in this sideshow anymore. I’m not a slave to this company. I’m not a slave to the fucking people. And starting today, I’m no longer a slave to myself. This isn’t a rebirth. This is a death. The past of Michael Garcia no longer exists. The slate has been wiped clean. From this point forward, the Carnegie Carnivore rests in peace. The Michael Garcia that you once knew is no more.”

    Garcia takes a walk back to his stool and takes a seat.

    But as the FWA gets acquainted with the new Michael Garcia, it seems that we’re about to be reacquainted with the same, old, broken down Adrian Wolf. If you’re wondering what my problem with Wolf is, well, it’s really fucking simple. Wolf represents everything that’s wrong with the FWA. My God, how I cringed when his music hit the arena last week and each of you jumped to your feet and gave him such a rousing ovation. What the fuck has Adrian Wolf ever done to warrant a heroes welcome? Adrian Wolf is just another worn down, broken nostalgia act begging for his final fifteen minutes of fame…. looking to ride the coattails off the newfound popularity of the FWA. Ratings go up, fresh new blood sign on to the show and suddenly every old fuck in the world is picking their ring gear out of the attic and giving Ashley a call. First Kennedy, then Michaud, then Sync, now Wolf… Hey, someone take the phone off the hook before Ryan Hall tries to come back to work for another week! Where were you, Wolf, when the company wasn’t in such a hot place? Where were you when the rumors about merging with the CWA were running through the grapevine? You’re all about the competition, now, right, Wolf? Bullshit. This isn’t about competition. This is about your ego. Feeding your over inflated ego and defending your honor. Newsflash: Nobody in the back gives a single fuck about Adrian Wolf.

    There are a lot of things I don’t like about you, Wolf, but at the top of the list is your overinflated sense of importance around here. I bet you think that there’s a line a mile long of people waiting to step into the ring with ya. No such line exists. There’s far more value in getting a victory over a Kazadi or a Parr right now than there is beating Adrian Fucking Wolf. But you, you don’t see that. Your ego has blinded you to the fact that the business has passed you by. Don’t worry; it’s happened to Mac and Sync, too. If I had continued going the way I was going, it’d have happened to me too. This isn’t the FWA of yesteryear where SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS WAS ALL YOU NEEDED TO DO TO PUT YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!!! The competition is a lot tougher now, Wolf. Take it from me, you can’t just come in here and coast on your name value or your past accomplishments. They’ll eat you up alive. Parr. Kazadi. Cyrus. Hell, even Princess Bell will tear you to shreds.

    Don’t you find it interesting Wolf, that you kept barking from the sidelines for anyone who would listen about the current state of the FWA yet no one bothered to respond? You’ve shared your thoughts in the past on me, for instance, and I could have barked back and made a little something of it, but I had bigger fish to fry, like Cryos. You’ve called out the supposed future stars of the FWA, like Toner, and any of them could have used the opportunity to make a name for themselves against a star of the past? I mean, that is, if that star had any shine to it. If Chris Kennedy or Gabrielle had made the comments you were making, I guarantee you they absolutely would have jumped at the opportunity to start a little something with them. But, Wolf. All you got is crickets. Desperate Adrian Wolf, looking for someone new to clutch on to and rocket back to his glory days. Here’s the thing, Wolf, none of them were desperate enough to respond until you found the one man who was tired of not being noticed. You found a guy that had grown frustrated in his own position in the company and was looking for an easy way to put his name on the map. Zachary Kazadi. And, for as hard as the man works, Kazadi has a history of picking out the weak links like Phillip and the X Division to stand out above the rest. Another weak link has appeared, Wolf, and Kazadi is poised and ready strike.

    It does please me, though, that for once, Ashley O’Ryan has actually made the correct call. I know he didn’t make it for guys like me, though. He did it because it’s what’s in your best interest. Even Ashley O’Ryan knows that you don’t belong in the ring with the new generation, because you’d get exposed. I begged him, Wolf, literally begged him to give me a match with you this week for this very reason. And why? Because if I’m going to begin to reinvent myself, I need to find an easy target for myself this week. That’s where you come into the picture. You’re here to make me look good. You’re here to hand me a victory on a silver platter. You’re here to help me show the world that this isn’t going to lead to the same old broken promises and idle threats, no, you’re here to be my bitch, Wolf.”

    Almost catching Garcia off guard, “Entry of the Gladiators” plays over the arena speakers. Garcia starts to smile as the classic carnival tune signals the arrival of the circus performers, running a trial entrance for their performance tonight. The ringleader comes out first, wearing a tuxedo and bow tie, along with the same style top hat and baton that Garcia had in his possession.

    “Oh, damn, look the show’s starting!”

    The ringleader takes center stage, standing right next to Mike, and as the music lowers, he begins to speak.

    “Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and Girls! Are you ready for an evening of fun and laughter? Are you ready for an evening of an excitement and fanfare? Well, then…. Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, The Shrine Circus is extremely proud to present to you….”The Greatest Show on Earth!”

    And with that, the music reaches maximum volume as the circus performers begin to pour out of the entranceway. A small parade of dirt bike riders came out from the sides, circling the arena floor. Acrobats began flying around the ceiling of the arena, flipping from one bar to the next. Elaborately dressed dancers pranced down the center stage to the music. A small float with a dragon on it was next before the circus animals like llamas and circus dogs were showed off to the crowd. Then there was a small parade of horses before some lions and tigers and elephants. Finally, the clowns made their arrival, which prompted Garcia to take a small step back when they got near. The music stopped and the production team pulled the ringleader off to the side to discuss some things. Garcia stepped right onto his platform.

    “Oh, indeed, this place is so much like the FWA. Don’t believe me? You see those guys up there? The bike riders? Constantly going in circles, capable of doing so much more outside of this place but just content to keep doing what they’re doing? You can almost see Mike Parr, The Olympians, and Tristan James Galloway on those bikes, can’t you? Just happy to keep spinning their wheels. The acrobats? Those are the guys who are wanting to do anything right now to get your eyes on them, working their asses off night in and night out and yeah, you’re impressed when you watch them but they’re never going to be the focal point of the show. Hi, Belle! Hi Starr! Oh it’s the dancers! Poor souls who fill the time for the chosen few that are allowed to break the glass ceiling. Nothing more than a filler act. I guess you could call these people a “Sea of Humanity”.

    Garcia stops and looks at the caged animals…. the lions, tigers and elephants. The animals were very docile, at the moment. He clenches his fist and looks down at the ground, taking a deep breath.

    “Might as well just a hang a sign over these cages that say ‘Carnegie Carnivore’. A beast that had been restricted and tamed until he became resigned to the fact that he could go no further, giving up the fight. “

    He paused for a few moments, reflecting on what once was. That is until those damn fuckin’ clowns started honking their horns. Garcia waved as they drove by in their Pinto.

    “Hey there, Hanz! Randall! Deception! How you guys been?”

    Garcia walked back over to his platform, twirling his baton the whole way.

    “Everyone has their role that the play in the circus, Wolf, if they choose to be a part of it. Your role has already been picked, Wolf, but me… I’m choosing to not be a part of it anymore. I’m not a monster. I’m my own fucking man. But you, you’re already settling into your role quite nicely. Getting people’s attention. Taking center stage. Spotlights on you Wolf. So take your place and get ready.”

    Garcia takes off his hat and baton, and places them under the spotlight on the platform.

    “It’s showtime, Wolf! Let’s see if your act still holds up.”
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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    The unattainability of dreams remains the one constant in her life.

    The manner of the distance varies. The distance does not.

    In this world, or reaching that fabled wonderland and the peace they might finally bring her is so far away was something she read about in a book, is a promise, a pledge that kept her warm on lonely nights. A lone beacon of light to hold her mind together with a shining allure that is so powerful that it doesn't matter that she has no idea how to get there.

    Wonderland was real, and she resolved to reach it, no matter what.

    She eats it she reads about it, she dreams about it. She wishes for it; she envisions it every second of every day. She crafted a monument to it in her mind

    Wish fulfilment, right?

    It's not quite the same as actually having it, but when you had her overactive imagination, it was pretty close. It may be as close as she'll ever get. That’s what she had. The promise of Wonderland and memories, hazy recollections...of places...people….of course, SHE was the centre of that place in her mind, but from time to time she considered him...

    Her father is her father..Private investigator. Drunk.

    Her mother has been gone since she was young, one leaving behind only memories that had begun to wane. But we don’t talk about her, won't talk about her, can't talk about her, I don't want to talk about this right now, Bell

    His face gets sad, and his eyes get distant, and his grip on the bottle gets a little too tight, and now she knows to leave well enough alone.

    His life before her mother, that's another thing to let lie, because the same dull, crumpled, vacant look falls over his features when she fishes a paper out of his desk, asks, Daddy, is this yours? What’s a medical bill? And he grabs it from her hand, tucks it in his pocket, and the look he gives her lets her knows that there are just some things he keeps buried in the corners of his mind, things that need to stay where they are.

    Their life is small, and it is cramped, existing solely between the four walls of the one-bedroom apartment that doubles as an office. He works at his desk, sleeps on it as well, and Bell often wakes in the morning to find her father gone, off to work or off to gamble away his paycheck.

    It's easier if she doesn't know which one.

    On good nights, he would hold her close and tells her a bedtime story and it doesn't matter that mother told it better, or she's heard it fifty times, or that sometimes he forgets her favorite part, or that he usually falls asleep before he gets to the end, because he holds her close and he doesn't let her go and even when he's gone in the morning, she knows he'll come back.

    Here she was closer to that Wonderland...

    It's close, but it's not enough….but soon...Maybe...just maybe…

    Hello, Starr.

    So first off, Hey. Probably not who you were expecting to get an email from huh? Normally I tend to do this live and in person, because of the whole….wrestling thing? It’s so un-personal don’t you think? I mean, I I don’t even have the time to say Ta-ra before we start to mambo, so that’s why I before every match I like to send everyone I face a little vid just to say “Wazzzup!”

    …..but recently my heads been in a….well...let’s just say I’ve been in a weird place….e. So I thought this would be a better way to get my point across.

    Before I start to do my thing, let me introduce myself, because I’ve been such a busy bee these last few months that I never got a chance to.


    “I said a hip hop Hippie to the hippie The hip, hip a hop, and you don't stop, a rock it out
    Bubba to the bang bang boogie, boobie to the boogie To the rhythm of the boogie the beat Now, what you hear is not a test I'm rapping to the beat And me, the groove, and my friends are gonna try to move your feet See, I am Bell Connelly, and I'd like to say hello To the black, to the white, the red and the brown The purple and yellow, but first, I gotta Bang bang, the boogie to the boogie Say up jump the boogie to the bang bang boogie Let's rock, you don't stop Rock the rhythm that'll make your body rock”

    Probably not as impressive if we were doing this live, but trust me I could do it live. I sang it as I wrote it. It was awesome.

    But yeah, My name is Bell Connellly You can call me… Bell...Or Belle...B-Cizzy. And for the last two years, regardless of what people like Ryan Rondo or Cyrus Truth will tell you, I have been kicking ass and proving to anyone who has stepped into the ring to face me that I am a warrior. Since the moment I’ve arrived. I have been defying the odds with every opportunity. Given to me. Women’s wrestling and Bell. Women Wrestling and FWA… We have been on this ride together. Countless people have doubted us, just as many names have made claims that they could defeat me and yet, like my name is O’Neal I am still here, standing tall…. Defying you.

    I am one of the best there is at what I do.

    I get to say that.

    My story is somewhat unorthodox. Yup. It may even wrinkle a few sheets. I can take the backlash. I can take the hits. I’ve been doubted. My back is against the wall, and the pressure is on but … Here I am, again defying the status quo. You don’t have to like the things that come out of my mouth. You don’t even have to appreciate the work that I do in the ring for that matter. That’s the beauty of free choice! The wonder of life, I suppose. What you can’t do, however, is deny that I have overcome the odds at every turn and opened the doors once again for fresh talent to walk into that locker room so that they can chase their dreams…

    Just like I never stop doing

    Since I was a kid. I sat in front of that television and watched the heroes of yesterday as they got it done inside of that ring Little known fact? So did my best friend, Shannon O’Neal. As another warrior who dared to step into that damn ring and live his dreams to its fullest. She did it, not for gold title belts but because of her heart. She did it because she loved this business.

    That love transitioned her into leading FWA.

    Meanwhile, I sit back in my room and watch her, you know it’s funny. I’m the one that brought her back to FWA from CWA….See, MY plan was for us to challenge for the tag team titles at BIB. Then she would the Carnel Contendership that I was supposed to win. She went and won the world title at BIB….My dream…

    ….I think that’s funny….

    Anyway, she gives me the courage to ignore the doubters in the locker room. She helps me to see that a champion stands tall because that is simply who she is...

    What I am saying is that there is more than title belts that matter. I say this when we’ve in the semi finals for a shot at the North American Championship...Heh...


    See….Starr, honestly? Truely? Really? I’ m looking forward to this week, I like you. I do. I mean, it’s not every day I meet someone that might be faster than moi! You’re good, my starry eyed friend. I saw you last week doing your thing….or your thang….which ever you prefer and now….oh boy oh boy oh boy. Aren’t things getting exciting for you today? You’re one step away from the big time. You’re one move away from the finals. It’s your break out moment. It’s your time to twinkle twinkle twinkle little Starr. Time to shoot yourself off into the stratosphere and get to the finals…..

    …..Or, it would if you weren’t standing in my way….

    Which is KIND of an awkward position for you to be in…..because….this is my moment too….This is my comeback. Winning this tournament doesn’t just mean I got a shot at the big shiny belt….This means so much more to me. You see, I don’t know if you noticed or not but things have not’ been going well for yours truly…..If I lost last week, that might have been it for me…..but...i’m clawing my way back….I’m giving people a reason to believe in me again, and that’s so important to me....

    You’ve seen Peter Pan right? You know what happens if children stop believing in fairies….

    ….What happens if they stop believing in me?

    So this is my message.

    My name is Bell Connelly, and this is my story. This IS my story. That story is ever evolving. It hasn’t reached its peak, how many times I got knocked back and I won’t allow this tournament to be the end of my story. Just like I won’t like Ryan Rondo write my epilogue.

    So let me wrap this up….

    I hunger for this tournament and to defeat me, Starr? You will need to want this more than me…..And that’s. NOT. POSSIBLE.

    Starr… I love you to pieces. And I want you to know, that on any other night, I’d love to be able to come out here and tear this house down with no real focus on which one of us came out the winner. I’d come out here and wrestle for fun But, I don’t have that chance tonight. I lost a lot more than people might realise at BIB And tonight is a chance to reclaim it. You’ve run through all the guys on this roster that they’ve put you up against, They look at you now, and they see all those amazing things they remember you for. The spotlight, Starr, is literally on you. You’re the man to beat right now, man; you’re hotter news than half this roster. But THIS is so important to me! Don’t you see, Starr?What you got right now? It’s momentum and me kind of need that right now at Back In Business II had that perfect moment taken from me. I had that golden ticket pulled out’my hands, and I don’t think I’ve gotten over that yet. But tonight is another opportunity… It’s round two in the tourney Starr and you gotta know I ain’t about to let this one slip through my fingers. Don’t get me wrong, man – when this one’s over, I wanna shake your hand and tell you what a class act you are straight to your face. I wanna go to the back and find the guys applauding, and I wanna look back on this match in ten years time and feel nothing but humbled to see myself in the ring with a guy like you. But for tonight? I’m sorry, but I’m on the hunt. You’re just another match to me right now, and I ain’t got time for anything else. I’m not t gonna make fun of you, I ain’t gonna scold you – I got too much respect for you. But I ain’t going down to you, STARR. I ain’t gonna be starstruck. I ain’t gonna make this match an exhibition. I’m coming to take you down, and make sure that I book my ticket in the finals.

    You may be from the stars but, I’ve had stars in my eyes and my heads in the clouds all my life

    Let’s have fun out there.


    -Bell Connelly :D
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Starr is helped backstage by FWA officials and med team. Waiting just beyond Gorilla Position is Anna Alexis. Starr sees Anna standing with her arms crossed and a worried look on her face. Starr waves off the team and they disperse leaving the couple to themselves. Anna’s expression switches back and forth between angry and worrisome.

    Anna: Jesus Christ, Ian... -Anna quickly unfolds her arms and hugs Starr around his body.- Please, don’t you ever scare me like that again… I was worried sick back here! Are you okay?

    Starr: I’m fine. The Backstabber kinda knocked me loopy for a bit.

    Anna: Ian, if you have a concussion you need medical attention now! And your nose is that okay?

    Starr: Anna... I am fine… There’s nothing to worry about. I’m just a little woozy and a little banged up from that battle I just went through.

    Anna: I’d say so, you really gave people a match. I was checking Twitter and everyone is already saying it was match of the night.

    Starr: Well, that’s some good news. First match of the night in FWA. I just hope I showed some people that I’m serious about this whole “ReStarrt” thing. Maybe I convinced a couple “Thunder Buddies” to come over to the “Starrboys and Starrgirls” side of things. I just want to bring back the fun of wrestling. I want to make this fun again.

    Anna: No more making me stay back here. Got it?

    Starr: I just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t get hurt. I wanted to protect you... -As Anna leans in close to kiss Starr, Anna places her hand on the back of his head.- Ah! Ffffffffuck! Anna what the hell did you do?!

    Anna: I didn’t do anything! Oh my god, babe! The back of your head is bleeding! -Anna reveals her bloody palm.- Come on we're taking you to the EMT office, right now!

    Anna hurriedly brings Starr to the Trainer’s room. Anna almost in tears from how scared she is for him, but Starr couldn’t be any calmer. They explain the situation to FWA’s in house EMT, Dr. Yaser. Starr sits tall on the medic’s table as he combs through his hair to find the cut.

    Dr. Reyas: Okay. I’m seeing. A small, but kinda deep cut right below his hair cut. Nothing too bad. By the looks of things, this cut is why you were stumbling around the ring. Lots of blood here. -He comes around to the front of Starr kindly moving Anna out of the way and inspecting Starr’s face.- Your nose is okay. No breakage... probably just something got knocked loose from that facebuster. Just let me sew you up real quick. I'll go get my tools.

    The doctor steps out of the room leaving Anna and Starr alone.

    Anna: How in the world did you get a cut on the back of your head?

    Starr: The backstabber maybe? Maybe it was my tope? Could’ve been anything, really.

    Anna: I never realized how “real” this sport really is, you’re bleeding here. I thought everything was faked.

    Starr: The realest thing about wrestling is all the bumps you take. Ain’t no faking that stuff.

    Anna: Yeah... I guess when a human being falls to the ground even if they do know ways to do so it will have its chances for injury. But, now that I have a man that I… uh... am involved with is doing this, it’s all different. It’s no different than being with any other combat sports competitors. I’m so sorry I gave you shit for the business before.

    Starr: It’s water under the bridge, Anna. As long as I have you in my corner, I’m happy.

    Anna: But I wasn’t in your corner,. Ian. Why did security stop me from coming out there with you?

    Starr: Listen I’m sorry. I knew something might happen so I asked to beef up security around the entrance. I wanted to make sure you didn’t get hurt on the outside, babe. Tommy likes to play dirty. And I knew if I did a flip, he might try to pull you in the way or he might try to strike you. All I wanted was to protect you. If I hurt your feelings or something like that, then I’m sorry.

    Anna: If that’s the logic babe, then everyone of the maniacs you work will be a threat to me. I have an idea. How’s about in our off time you teach me a few things and then I’ll be better equipped to protect myself.

    Starr: It sounds do-able. I’m not much of a teacher, but I’d like to give it a shot.

    Anna: You are my man and investment, I need to be around for you if something happens.

    The doctor returns with a small bag containing his suture kit.

    Dr. Reyas: Okay just hold your girlfriend’s hand right there. This may sting a little bit.

    Starr grabs Anna’s hand and holds onto it as the doctor injects novacaine into Starr’s cut on his head. He squeezes Anna’s hand a bit when the needle enters the open wound.

    Starr: Ah! Son of a bitch, doc! -Anna can’t help giggling a bit-

    Dr. Reyas: Don’t worry that was the hardest part here. You won’t feel anything after.

    Anna: The big bad wrestler is crying over a little needle?

    Starr: I mean it’s not like my open flesh is exposed! -Starr gets a little flustered from Anna laughing at him.- I’m just a little tender is all… And I might me a little afraid of needles.

    Anna: I like this side of you Ian… You almost seem, dare I say, vulnerable?

    Starr: I’ve been vulnerable before. I’ve made myself vulnerable on TV multiple times. Hell I’ve admitted to the world my mom is dead. It’s just showing my vulnerable side to you is hard for me. I want you to think I’m a tough guy.

    Anna: I’m learning so much about this business at a rapid pace. I truly thought that was all show too. -She leans over and kisses his forehead, and whispers.- I’m sorry for giving you shit, this has been the most exciting evening of my life. Now, man up and get these stitches.

    Starr: How is it looking, doc?

    Dr. Reyas: I’ll have you done in a jiffy.

    Anna: Thank you sir, is there a fee for that or does the FWA cover it?

    Dr. Reyas: Completely covered. I mean I’ll be more than happy to take a tip if you’d like to give me one! -The small group laugh at the doctor’s joke.-

    Starr’s phone begins to ring... it’s Risky Douglas!

    Starr: Risky! Bud, how’s everything going?

    Risky: Hey man! I just wanted to say congratulations on making it farther in the tournament.

    Starr: You watching from the hospital bed? Thanks bud I really appreciate it.

    Risky: Nasty looking bumps you guys were taking too. You okay man?

    Starr: Yeah it turns out I busted my head open somehow and I got a little woozy after a while.

    Risky: Hey man as long as you’re not joining me here in the hospital!

    Starr: Yeah I guess so. How’d the surgery?

    Risky: *in a less than enthusiastic tone* It went well…

    Starr: Hey man… don’t sound so down. At least we had fun while it lasted.

    Risky: Yeah. You still owe me that dance lesson, dude! I’m never forgetting that! -The two chuckle.- Hey man I just wanted to say congratulations and I hope you and Anna are still good. Bye brotha!

    Starr: Really appreciate it. Hey, if I win this I’m coming to see you! Okay? Later man.

    Risky ends the call and Starr puts his phone back in his bag. Anna’s white smile gleams as Starr lies on the table.

    Anna: He really is one of your best friends isn’t he?

    Starr: Oh don’t get me wrong, he was annoying sometimes, but when FWA put us together as a team, we realized that we’re not all that different. He showed me wrestling isn’t always about seriousness and black and white promos. There’s color, there’s fun, and that’s what I want to get back to. Somewhere along the way I lost that.

    Anna: Hopefully this new journey you’re on will lead you to that. You’re already smiling a lot more.

    Dr. Reyas: And there you go, sir. All patched up and ready to get out of here.

    Starr: Thanks, Doc. I know I’ve already been in here way too much, I’ll be safe next time.

    After the doctor laughs, the new couple leave the trainer’s room hand in hand.

    Anna’s Home/Office
    Starr is in bed looking at his iPad. He scrolls through his email. He receives one from the FWA Manager Ashley O’Ryan detailing the next Fight Night’s card.

    Starr: Well it’s official, me vs Bell next Fight Night… It’s been a couple days and I still feel like I’m dreaming. This tournament is the key I needed to get to the title picture.

    Anna: -from the other room- Ooooo babyyy, you’re gonna kick their butt I know you can!

    Starr: Ah, I don’t know about that, babe. Bell..she’s a former Women’s champ and I-

    Anna: Wait… Did you say she?

    Starr: Uh yeah, Bell’s a woman.

    Anna: They have intergender fights in the FWA. How is that fair?

    Starr: Babe, our world champion right now is a woman. Shannon O’Neal?

    Anna: No way? Shannon is a man’s name too… -She’s so confused.-

    Starr: Well I promise that Miss O’Neal is a woman. But getting back to what I was saying… Bell’s a former champ and especially with her weird darker attitude, I absolutely can’t take her lightly. I just don’t know babe… some people online said I should be a heel again but “Dark Starr” isn’t something I wanna bring back right now. That Starr made me leave Alexis Enterprises... and I never want to do that again.

    Anna: Oh my god, babe… You passed the test there! That isn’t you and I totally never wanted you to be that guy again. -She runs to Starr and hugs him.- I so proud of you right now, you need to be the ReStarrt version of the brightest Starr in the sky. The “Dark Starr”? That’s the person I never want to see again. You be you and you’ll win, male or female.

    Starr: Thanks babe. I knew you’d understand. And I’ve already cleared it with FWA officials, you’re coming with me to the ring this time. I made a promise to you and it’s time I keep it.

    Anna: Nice, because I was going to push my influence if you didn’t. I love this Starr! I love it sooo much!!!

    Starr: I’m so glad you do. -Anna stands on her toes to kiss Starr.-

    Anna: My man fighting a girl? -She shakes her head.- Wow, just wow!

    Starr: I’ll admit it’s gonna be really weird hitting a girl…

    Anna: Is this your first match against a woman?

    Starr: Uh... yeah. I kinda don’t know what to do...

    Anna: What’s she like? How can you beat her? Let’s build a strategy.

    Starr: A strategy… Sounds good to me. But strategy isn’t something I want discuss while I’m in bed with you.

    Anna: But we’re not in- -Starr lifts Anna up and lowers her onto the bed.- O-oh… I guess we are now. Get the light babe?

    Starr: With pleasure…

    Nevada Desert
    It’s sunny day in the Nevada desert. A camera is pointed at a city off in the distant. From the right we see a man step his way in. The camera climbs up and zooms out as we see Starr standing in an all black suit.

    Starr: Las Vegas, Nevada. The FWA It Couple are back… home. The announcers will say I’m from the 216, but Vegas, that’s where I became Starr. This city among the bright lights and the imagery, there’s a dark underbelly.

    Starr looks back at the city. Suddenly, the time of day drastically changes to a night sky. The city’s neon lights shine out in the background. An ominous breeze comes through the shot. Zoom out and we see Starr lit up by some headlights on the old Impala. Anna is sitting on the hood taking drags from a cigarette. A cloud of smoke comes out her mouth.

    Anna: Starr used to be a part that underbelly, a guy that tried that life and it didn’t work. You see he’s now ReStarrted himself and he’s better than ever. This is the man that I love!

    Anna takes another drag off of her cigarette. We see Starr pacing the parking lot.

    Starr: I was absorbed in my own ego, a corrupted youth that the city spat out. I knew that I shouldn’t be one of those people, but something made me gravitate towards that life... Whatever it was, it no longer has control over me, because I control it! But you see Bell… I’ve taken it upon myself to ReStarrT my entire career. The first one to feel it was Tommy Thunder, and the next is you. And then I’m going onto the finals in this tournament and I’m going to win that North American championship. After everything I’ve been through, everything I’ve lost, this tournament is exactly what I need to show the world that I am the talent I say that I am. You see before this, I was just someone stuck in no man’s land opening shows and not doing much else. But it took one opportunity to show the FWA universe that the arrogant youngster that this city created, is gone. I used to obsessed with money, power, fame, but I realized that’s not me... Now, I just want to get back to the fun of wrestling being in there creating moments that will live on forever.

    Anna looks at Starr from the hood of the car.

    Starr: Bell, I respect you. I respect you as another superstar that wants the same prize as me. You’ve been a champion and I’ve just been well... a body. I’ve hardly come close to winning gold here. You were in a marquee match at Back in Business! I know you’ve got tons more experience in FWA than me. But that was all with you as the bright and bubbly Bell Connelly. But this new “broken” Bell, hasn’t been all that successful for you has it? You won last week against a big opponent in Galloway, but what about before that? You lost to Rondo, and before that you lost to Cyrus. Bell, I know that deep inside you is that girl that has fun like I am right now. The glittery, bubblegum pink woman that threw parties after every event! I don’t know if me alone is going to bring that back, but it’s damn worth a shot. So I’ll give absolutely all I can to break you out of this sophomore slump.

    Anna tosses her cigarette off and walks to Starr. The sudden sight of her calms him down.

    Anna: Babe, there’s nothing to make you get so escalated.

    Starr: I know it’s just this is the first time I’m facing someone, only in card placement, bigger than me. Bell’s got tons of experience here, we’re about equal in speed, what she has in mind games, I have in power.

    Anna: Then you use that power and get closer to that championship. For me, for everyone that you need to prove wrong… for Lilith...

    Starr’s head perks up. Something’s gone off in his head. Anna rolls his sleeve back so Starr can see his tattoo on his wrist.

    Starr: ...I’ve said this before… but everything I’ve wanted is right at my fingertips and all it takes is one huge win to get my seat at the table. Bell there’s no stopping the roll I’m on right now.

    Anna smiles looking at the refocused Starr.

    Anna: That’s it babe, give them that raw emotion.

    Starr: This time I will rise up and go through everyone! I will never die digging! I’m getting closer, and there’s nothing that will hold me back! Now, I am reaching the level that a lot of people never thought I’d be, but I don’t care what they say. I know that this load is a lot to bear, but I’ll do everything I can until I know my job is done. And that means going through you Bell... This Fight Night we throw down in The Meadow. All just to make it to the finals of this tournament. The lights, the lies, and sensations, they’re all blinding and numbing here in Vegas. A feeling that leaves everyone who witnesses it leaves them…

    Anna: Starrstruck… Come on babe... I'm getting tired of staying here.

    Anna grabs Starr by the hand and brings him back to the car. Starr enters the driver's seat and the two pull out of the parking lot.


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    Re: Fight Night August 11th Promo Thread

    Backstage at Fight Night

    Backstage, Izzy is sitting around, just chilling on some production boxes. She has a pair of Beats headphones on, listening to “Idiots Are Taking Over” by NOFX, it's making her expel a lot of energy. Up walks junior interviewer Amy Duke, looking for a new scoop. Not wanting to interrupt her she waits until Izzy notices her. After the final chorus hits Izzy looks over and is shocked to see Amy and her camera crew. She’s a little surprised and embarrassed to be in the spotlight.

    Izzy: Uh… Hey Amy what’s going on?

    Amy Duke: -She’s so caught off guard by Izzy’s moshing.- Ummmm… So yeah? I was ummm… Sent to interview you?

    Izzy: Oh uh… cool. Hey... have those cameras been rolling this whole time?

    Amy Duke: Yeah they have. Let’s people see more raw stuff if we film before we see someone.

    Izzy: Oh… okay…

    Amy Duke: Who’s are the idiots and what are they taking over? You were singing that.

    Izzy: Uh… it’s lyrics to the song I was… dancing to.

    Amy Duke: Okay… I thought you were saying it to me for a sec there. It wouldn't be the first time someone said that to me though. -She looks sad.-

    Izzy: Noooo, chica. You’re no idiot. You’re smart just look at where you are! You’re in the FWA interview wrestling’s biggest stars!

    Amy Duke: Speaking of stars, were you talking to our Starr the other day. I heard that from a little birdie.

    Izzy: Oh yeah! Me and Starr go waaaay back. He’s a pretty good friend of mine.

    Amy Duke: Cool… Do you like ice cream?

    Izzy: Dude, I love ice cream! Halo Top Chocolate is the bomb for me right now!

    Amy Duke: I like sherbert, yeah rainbow sherbert. Are you friend with Starr’s friend Anna? And where’s Trystan?

    Izzy: I haven’t met her yet. She seems like a nice lady though. Trystan… I have no idea. I last saw him in Chicago, but he didn’t show up with me to work.

    Amy Duke: I saw him earlier. He was talking to Ashley O’Ryan. I heard he needs four more weeks before his shoulder is rehabbed. Did you know that?

    Izzy: I didn’t know that… I wonder why he didn’t text me he was here.

    Amy Duke: So why weren’t you on Fight Night tonight?

    Izzy: FWA just didn’t book me. Wanted to give me a week off I guess.

    Amy Duke: Did you know… Oh wait I forgot. When do you wrestle again?

    Izzy: Next week… I have Penny again, but someone decided to make us tag partners this time.

    Amy Duke: Oh yeah, that’s what I forget… You and Penny go up against Genocide. Girls vs Guys. And all of them are crazy and you’re not. Are you worried?

    Izzy: Well me being crazy, that’s dependant on who you ask. -She giggles to herself.- Am I worried eh, a little. I think I should be considering how much Penny wanted to strangle me before.

    Amy Duke: Well I like it when the girls beat the guys. So please beat them. I have one last question?

    Izzy: Sure, Amy! Do what you have to wrap up this video.

    Amy Duke: What is Halo Top Chocolate ice cream? I’ve never heard of that before. Does it have a halo like an angel?

    Izzy: No, honey. That’s the ice cream company. Like Ben & Jerry’s? Chocolate is the flavor.

    Amy Duke: Wait just plain chocolate? That’s kinda boring. But anyways this has been my interview with Amy Duke and I’m Izzy Van Doren. Byes!

    Izzy laughs at Amy’s flubbed line as the cameras fade to black. Amy thanks Izzy for her time and walks away. The camera man lets her know of her mistake. She turns to try and fix it but Izzy’s already gone. Izzy looks around all the corners in search of Trystan. Finally, she happens to see him talking to a female in the back. She marches towards them, the extra runs off leaving Trystan alone.

    Izzy: Well hello there, “friend”. How are you? -Izzy’s obviously ticked off by Trystan’s actions.-

    Trystan: Hey beautiful, I’m good. Where have you been?

    Izzy: Where have I been?! Where the hell have you been?! You haven’t responded to a single text from me. I have to walk all around this damn building and I find you chatting it up with some other girl?

    Trystan: Whoa… I’ve been at the Docs, remember how I thought I might be able to roll a little coming up here soon? Well I can’t… They want me to wait four more weeks and then I’ll get another MRI to see if we can avoid surgery. And the chick was some fan that wanted and autograph. To tell you the truth she was asking where you were, she’s a huge fan of yours and you inspired her to start in school herself. Damn girl!

    Izzy: If she’s a huge fan... why’d she run away when she looked at me?

    Trystan: Because she has a huge crush on you and and she asked me to get the sig for her. -He hands Izzy her t-shirt with a sharpie.- She really is a cutie that sees you as the best thing ever.

    Izzy: -Izzy takes a deep breath.- Ah man. I’m sorry, Trystan I just saw you with another girl and I thought that maybe you were avoiding me to be with her. I don’t usually get like this. The whole not being booked thing kinda got to me I guess. I’m sorry...

    Trystan: I haven’t wrestled in two months and now they’re telling I got at least another month. I get it, it sucks to not be booked. But it could be worse. -He takes the merch back from Iz.- Give me a sec and see if Kelly would like to meet you. -He goes around the corner where the fan is waiting and she will not come meet Izzy.- She’s just too nervous, I’d be like you meeting Gerard face to face. Maybe you should surprise her?

    Izzy: -She goes around the corner and meets face to face with Kelly.- Hey… -Kelly perks up.- Sorry for coming over here stomping mad earlier, I didn’t mean to scare you off. So… I hear you like wrestling… more specifically me wrestling.

    Kelly: -She stands there almost at attention.- Yep.

    Izzy: So I tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna sign your shirt… and I’ll throw in some other FWA stuff for ya. How about a selfie?

    Kelly: -She looks so nervous that she may pee her pants.- Yep.

    Izzy: Jeez Kel, you say anything other than “Yep.” -The joke loosens Kelly up.-

    Kelly: Yep… Sometimes. I’m just really nervous to meet you, I-iiizzy.

    Izzy: Hey I get that.

    Kelly: Do you? You s-sseem so confident all the time.

    Izzy: HA if only. When I’m alone, I’m a nervous wreck. This whole confident me comes out when I meet fans like you.

    Kelly: W-wwhat about one that has a tattoo of your logo on them. Have you ever met one like that? -She getting slightly less awkward.-

    Izzy: My logo?! No way!!! Show me!!! -Kelly rolls up her pant leg and right there on her calf is Izzy’s logo.- HOLY COW!!! THAT’S AMAZING!!!

    Trystan: Oh my, that fucking cool...

    Kelly: I followed you ever since I saw you back in Chicago. You make sense to me, and when I saw you kiss Lexi. -She gets red in the face.- I was sooo jelly. -There is clearly a pride flag tat on her chest in between her breasts.-

    Izzy: Ooooooh… I see.

    Kelly: Well… I got to go before I pee my pants. Thank you for the sig.

    Izzy: Hey you’re not leaving before I get a picture of your ink and a selfie. You are one cool little lady! Just meeting you has made my day so much better!

    Trystan: Phones now!

    Kelly: ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh

    Izzy takes a picture of Kelly’s calf tattoo and hands the phone to Trystan.

    Kelly: I can’t believe I’m getting a picture with you!!! -Kelly lets out a tiny squee.- Can I ask you one last question?

    Izzy: Not the first time I’ve been asked that today… Shoot.

    Trystan: Smile everyone. -They take the pic.Their pose is a little comcal. Izzy faking a kiss on Kelly.-

    Kelly: Ummm… How long did it take for you to get the flip bump down? It terrifies me.

    Izzy: Well I kinda realized that wrestling is a lot about a willingness to hurt yourself. And I’ve always loved doing something cool. It took a while to get comfy with it, but as soon as I got it. I couldn’t stop. The ones to the outside, those are a lot scarier.

    Kelly: That’s what my trainer says too. -She almost looks comfortable at the point.-

    Izzy: What’s your trainer’s name? I’ll try and get in contact with them.

    Kelly: His name is Brian K, I’m sure you know who he is. He doesn’t like us to use his last name. You’ll never guess who started training at the gym the other day! Wait… I’m not supposed to talk about that.

    Izzy: Oh, Cali girl... Trainer named Brian… I know who you’re talking about. I’ll get in contact with him. Hopefully I can take some time off and help train you guys. That new girl, I heard she can get pretty rowdy. I’ll see ya later Kelly. -Izzy gives Kelly a big hug.-

    Kelly: Thank you so much, I’m gonna catch the bus back home now.

    Izzy: Be safe!

    Trystan: Wait, going home? Don’t you have tix to the show tonight?

    Kelly: Nope... Izzy was the whole reason I wanted to even come to the show, but since you’re not on. I might as well go home.

    Izzy: You can hang out backstage with us? You don’t have to go home! Come on stay!

    Kelly decides to stay with the tandem all night. Kelly meets all the big stars of FWA. After the show ends, Kelly thanks Izzy and Trystan for the amazing night she’s had. Kelly leaves the arena. Our punk rock duo decide to turn it in as well as they head back to the hotel and sleep off the awesome day they had with Izzy’s superfan.

    Somewhere on the interstate between California and Nevada
    Izzy is sitting in her car. She turns her phone on and takes a deep breath before turning the video camera on.

    Izzy: Welcome back to the Van Doren Diaries ladies and gents. First off, I want to send a shout out to Super Iz-fit Kelly Lombard. She got a tattoo of my logo on her body! That's the first time I've ever seen that! -The photo of the two appears on screen.- Secondly, I want to thank Trystan Sour for helping us meet. This week... boy oh boy have I gotten myself into quite a pickle here or what? Not only do I have to fight Graves and Sinn again, but this time, I have Penny in my corner. Just my luck…

    Izzy: Luckily, I can see things on the bright side. Graves is a clown. I don’t like clowns. They freak me out. Especially crazy talking clowns that enjoy masochism. So I get a little help in beating one of my worst nightmares. Hopefully I’ll send that clown back to the college he came from… Sinn, on the other hand, is a 7 foot tall silent, death machine held together with duct tape. He’s the stuff of nightmares. Hell I was afraid with two other guys in the same match as me. But you know what? I still won that match. And if I can just take him down again, I’ll be rid of that problem for good.

    Izzy twiddles her thumbs and looks out the window.

    Izzy: Now onto the more uncomfortable subject. Penny… I know we don't see eye to eye on a lot, and yeah we’ve been at each other's throats a bit lately, hell you’ve had your throat around mine a couple of times. But since I have to team up with you… maybe we should bury the hatchet? Preferably not in each other's backs of course. I believe there could be a real sweet girl in there underneath that layer of crazy and insanity. Come Fight Night, Pen, our own business has to take the backseat to a threat to both of our safety. I'm not a huge fan of being dead. And don't you dare get any ideas about turning on me in the middle of the match.
    Izzy looks into the camera with a little bit of a puppy dog eye stare.

    Izzy: Penny, please let’s just put all this stuff behind us. Let’s start over as friends. Okay? Okay.

    Izzy takes another deep breath.

    Izzy: Well Iz-fits that’s all the time I have this week for a Van Doren Diary. Really busy keeping up with the travel. I’ll check back in next week! Peace out!

    Clips of Izzy wrestling at an FWA house show end the vlog.


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