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Thread: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches (1996-2005)

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    Re: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches (1996-2005)

    Chris Benoit vs. William Regal – WWE Velocity, 16th July 2005

    Why I rated it #44

    For people that weren’t watching at the time and only became a wrestling fan after 2007, you’d be forgiven for never hearing of this match. After all, it’s never been on a DVD, you can’t find it on the Network, and WWE won’t ever mention it for obvious reasons. But this match has become almost a cult classic of sorts.

    If you’ve ever seen a Benoit vs Regal match, this is pretty much much of a muchness. It’s two tough fuckers beating the hell out of each other while exchanging holds. I love this sort of wrestling because there is a clear struggle between moves, and it feels like everything that they do is earned. I love that. And it’s quite coincidental that I’m reviewing this after Ego’s choice of Saturday Night’s Main Event because this shares a lot of similarities in the emphasis on making it seem as real as possible and making the holds feel important. At no point does it feel like they're moving from spot to spot, and the transitions in this match are really fantastic.

    This match feels more violent than most WWE matches ever have, despite being just your standard C show match. Some of the more violent spots include: Regal getting busted open hard way after some nasty headbutts from Benoit; Benoit delivering some chops to the bloody head of Regal; and Regal punching Benoit in the back of the head while trying to get the Regal Stretch locked in.

    Out of curiosity I would love to see what a newer fan would make of this match because it feels so different to almost anything that WWE have produced in the last 10 years. I wonder if they’d find it boring, or fail to see the hype around it.

    What is the legacy of this match?

    Raw, SmackDown and ... Velocity. This is the only non-Raw, non-SmackDown WWE TV match to make my list, and this appearance shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Velocity was known for being a place to get reliably good matches every week, much like Superstars was around 2009-2012, and Main Event thereafter. But of all the C show matches, I don’t think any has a reputation as big as this match.

    When I compare similar matches, I put this above their No Mercy 2006 match, about equal with the Brian Pillman Memorial match, and just below Finlay vs Benoit from Judgment Day 2006.

    If you liked this match, you might like:

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    #43 Teaser:

    Vader gives us his best WWF performance.

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    Re: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches (1996-2005)

    I fucking love this match. Might be my favourite TV match of all time. I had the pleasure of seeing this when it aired as I was flipping through channels.
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    Re: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches (1996-2005)

    Great match. He was rarely on Velocity, but Benoit had a field day when he on it.
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    Re: The 100 Greatest WWE Matches (1996-2005)

    Regal is a highly underrated competitor. I've always loved his style of wrestling.
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