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Thread: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

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    Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Promos are due on SUNDAY JULY 23RD at 11.59PM PACIFIC. This is 2.59AM EASTERN and 7.59AM BRITISH on MONDAY JULY 24TH. That's 6+ days. No extensions will be granted.


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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread



    We are backstage in the arena’s vehicle loading dock area, and Katie Lynn Goldsmith is standing by, giving her producer cameraman a look of bemusement.

    Katie: “So… this person is called what agai-“


    A man dressed as a giant blue parrot with two blazing neon yellow safety belts strapped around his torso suddenly jumps into frame, emitting a piercing high-pitched squawk. He furiously flaps his arm-wings around Katies face. Katie tries to cover her face and her ears at the same time. As she does so, two other men dressed up as giant orange traffic cones with red sirens on their heads waddle on either side of Katie and box her in.


    Cone 1: “You cannot leave this zone without a safety belt!”

    Cone 2: “Here, have this extra safety belt Paulie keeps at all times!”

    The giant parrot-man sees the mic in Katie’s hand and pecks at it. Katie stops covering up and holds it up to his beak-mouth as one of the cones loops a neon yellow safety belt over Katies head.

    “I’m Pauley the SafeTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Parrot, and its my calling to make sure you act REEEEEEEEEEEEEsponsibLYYYYYYYYYY!!! Now Hans Gruber, Hans Gruber is NOT the kind of cracker that I wanted!! But Hans Gruber isn’t safe, oh no no no! Hans Gruber likes to hurt people for fun, he likes to make things NOT safe!! So tonight, tonight, Sac ciTYYYYYYYYs one and only safeTYYYYYYYYYYY parrot and his safeTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY cone pals will make Hans taste my safeTTTTTTTYYYYYY talons!!!!!!! Paulie want a cracker?


    Paulie KICK! YOUR! ASS!…er.


    Paulie starts flapping his arm-wings and runs away towards the arena. The cones stop surrounding Katie and waddle-chase after him, making siren sounds out of their mouths.

    Katie gives the cameraman a look as the screeching echos down the halls. The safety belt, looped around her neck like a giant necklace, flashes brightly from the glare of the camera lighting.

    The producers hand is seen on camera giving her a thumbs up.

    “Oh fuck you…”
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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    We are at FWA Arena as two cameraman rush to the offices as they are holding a envelope, they give it to a official for FWA who looks at it and asks what am I suppose to do with this? It has no name. The cameraman is asked where he got this and is told it was sent to him by a man wearing a hoodie and a mask they told us to give this to you guys whoever the highest up is right now and left. The Official looks on a look of confusion on his face as he pauses and says he's going to open it. He does and we see that the words read me are on its case they open it up as it reads Darius.

    We are shown after a few moments the feed that is finally turned on. Standing in the rafters of what looks like the arena is...


    Deception looks on his mask is on camera as he places it down to where we can see his whole face and body.

    Deception: All our times have come, here but now they are gone.
    Except that's not true because the time that has come is for you Darius. 3 years ... 3 years I have waited to put my hands on you and for 3 years I waited. You see I waited not because I was scared I waited because I wanted you to feel at peace . I wanted you to feel like you had the whole world in your hands so that I could come and I could take it all from you. Darius trust me, I am going to do that I am taking everything from you until you are left with nothing and until these peoples eyes who are all focus on you are right here on me.

    I am a truth seeker FWA and I am here to open your eyes I know you are scared because you just don't know what is out there you made yourselves a perfect world but its incased in a glass house and I hold the stones in my hand. Darius is your hero in this world and he is a man of the people but little did you know he has his dark side little did you know he's just another puppet being strung along going as far as the puppeteer says. You see I was once like you and I was once a fool , I used to go around doing things in the name of justice.

    Hell, I was Kid Justice, I was a Knight Of Injustice I was a member of RTE Ready To Evolve and I was in a war I was in a war on the losing side of a fight I could never win and when that fight that battle was over I started changing they said. I put down his ways of injustice and I started my sense of justice a sense that started and ended with this right here.

    We are shown the RTE Championship with it reading Deception across it in red graffiti. There is still blood on the title we can assume its Darius's. Deception holds the title close to the camera and we can see where it says Darius.

    Deception: I told you that he was a liar, I told you he was a false prophet and come July 28th at Fight Night I become the reaper Darius I become the one who ends Darius once and fall all I am the one who will be on the rise where Darius becomes just another name in the books he becomes the statistic. He sees that karma has a way of coming around and his injustice that he committed becomes my sense of justice and I stand in that ring as judge, jury, and executioner.

    Deception takes the camera and starts singing creepily Don't Fear The Reaper as the feed cuts off.
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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    The phone call

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith is sitting across from Hanz Gruber at a desk in the FWA studios the a week after Back to Business, Hanz looks a bit focused at the claw he has on his finger, fiddling with it as Katie gets her notes together, she looks a bit out of breath and somewhat rattled. After about a minute she is ready. Hanz takes the claw off and lays it to the side

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I am here today with Hanz Gruber, who wrestles.....

    Hanz Gruber: Are you ok Katie?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Yes, but sometimes these interviews can be a bit weird and a bit too physical

    Hanz gets a concerned look on his face, looks down then back up to Katie

    Hanz Gruber: Did someone harm you? Is someone harassing you?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: No, its just the person you are wrestling tonight- Pauley the Safety Parrot and his, well traffic cones got....

    Hanz Gruber: Wait, what?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Some weirdo in a parrot suit and two even more weirder guys dressed up as traffic cones put a safety....

    Hanz Gruber
    : Wait, my opponent is a fucking parrot suit wearing motherfucker? And his muscle are two cone wearing motherfuckers? And they somehow got you upset in some way?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith pulls up the safety belt, lights still flashing, from under the desk

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: They made me wear this fucking thing!

    Hanz Gruber: What do you mean?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: You have your phone handy?

    Hanz looks a bit confused

    Hanz Gruber: Yes, why?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Can I see it? I will bring up Pauley's interview, if thats what you can call it

    Hanz hands his phone over to Katie, who gets on the internet and brings up the Pauley interview. She holds the phone as Hanz watches the video

    As the video is playing, Hanz shakes his head

    Hanz Gruber: Seriously, what the fuck is this? FWA had me as one of the contenders to the North American Championship at Back to Business, then a week later, others are in the running for the belt- I am out of it and wrestling a fucking parrot suit wearing mother fucker. And the parrot fucker and his cones are harassing you. What the fuck gives Katie?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I really don't know Hanz. I wish I could.....

    Hanzs phone rings, it startles Katie

    Hanz Gruber: Please answer it

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ok

    Katie answers it, the video had stopped when the phone rang

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I don't understand German.... Oh ok, here he is. Its someone named Oli

    Katie hands the phone over to Hanz

    Hanz speaks in German, At first he seems jovial speaking with his good friend, then quickly he sounds downright serious. The conversation goes on for about a minute, He gets off the phone and he starts crying, Katie sees this and grabs Hanz hand.

    Katie Lynn Goldstein: Are yo....

    Hanz looks up at her, still crying. He then stands up, leans over the desk, whispers something in her ear, then gives her a kiss on the forehead, then walks away. He leaves the studio room and starts down the hall. A camera man starts following him. Hanz becomes aware of that fact after about a minute, He darts back towards the camerman before he even has time to back away. Hanz shoves him against the wall, He then grabs the camera out of the mans hand, throws it to the ground. It shatters to pieces

    Hanz Gruber: FUCK OFF!


    2 days later- a cemetery in Berlin Germany

    Hanz Gruber is standing with his former Crofts Limited team mates from his time in EWA- Gerald Croft, Alex Kidd, Artemis Eclipse and Oli Panzer. Standing next to Oli, a rough and tough looking German- the type you would never fuck with, are his sisters Sasha, a beautiful brunette and Barbie, a beautiful blond. There is one former member missing- Karl Panzer. Yes, he is there, not standing with them- but laying in a coffin.

    Hanz looks around and one person catches his eye- an Englishman that nods at Hanz when they make eye contact. Hanz motions him over to stand right beside him- the man walks over and they give each other a hug- that man- his rival in EWA- Rob Rage. As the grave site ceremony is going on- Hanz translates everything the priest is saying to English for Rob.

    After the ceremony, everybody walks over to the near by community centre that Hanz and all the Panzers use to hang out at as youngster, Hanz sees more people from his EWA past and makes a point to thank each and every one of them for coming to Germany for Karl. As the evening goes on, people start to leave so the Panzers can have time for themselves. Rob Rage hands Hanz a note, then they hug and Rob is off. Hanz is about to leave too but Sasha Panzer runs up to Hanz and hugs him. Barbie Panzer walks up and grabs his ass, then says something to her sister in German.

    Hanz, still being hugged by Sasha who is now crying, turns his head to Barbie

    Hanz Gruber:
    Barbie, we are here for your fucking brother, have some fucking respect. Sasha really only had Karl. The rest of you all treated her like shit- hell I did too. Never again. You want a booty call- there's your guy

    Hanz points to the punching bag to the stars- JJJ

    Barbie Panzer:
    Fuck you

    Barbie walks off, pissed

    Sasha, wiping tears away, gives Hanz a quick kiss on his lips- says I love you in German and walks to see a few of her other friends that are heading out the door

    Hanz is about to leave when Oli Panzer stops him- as he is about to speak JJJ walk up to both of them

    Hanz and Oli both look at each other, then to JJJ and say the same thing at the very exact time-
    FUCK OFF! JJJ runs off and Hanz and Oli start laughing


    An hour later outside of the Olympiastadion in Berlin

    Oli Panzer and Hanz walk up to the arena- Oli reaches in his pocket, grabs some keys and opens the front door. They both walk in and start down a hall.

    Oli Panzer: I got something to show you in the office

    Hanz Gruber: I know I don't say this enough, but thank you for running this place for me. Well you and Karl. I just can't believe he is gone.

    Oli Panzer: Me either brother. And really, Sasha and Karl did most of the work this past year. Did you know that FWA, the fed you work for now, held a PPV here last year?

    Hanz Gruber: Vaguely, last year was busy for me

    Oli and Hanz get to the office and walk in. Oli walks over to a wall and points to one particular picture- its of Mike Parr holding up his newly won North American title at last years Back in Business. Hanz gets up close to it to study it.

    Hanz Gruber: So who drew a Hitler mustache on him and is that piss I smell?

    Oli Panzer: Sasha did the mustache as soon as she heard you may have a chance at his title. Karl took it down, pissed on it, for good luck when he heard you had that title chance.

    Hanz Gruber: Thats Karl. Was he drunk?

    Oli Panzer:
    No, we both stopped when your ex girl friend got killed by a drunk driver.

    Hanz Gruber: Really? Thats cool my brother. Its kind of ironic that that is how Karl died too. Fucking drunk drivers

    Oli Panzer: Yep

    Hanz walks back to the photo of Mike Parr- takes it off the wall and looks at it.

    Hanz Gruber:
    So, this is where it started for Mike Parr? In my homeland? In my fucking building?

    Hanz throws the photo into a garbage can. He then grabs some paper from a printer, crumples it up and throws it in the garbage can too. He reaches in a desk drawer and pulls out some matches. He lights one up and throws it in the can- it quickly catches on fire

    Hanz Gruber: Fuck Mike Parr

    Oli Panzer: Should have been you in the match instead of that Humanity guy

    Hanz Gruber: Damm right Oli

    Hanz looks at the fire, which is dying down a bit

    Hanz Gruber: You know what those fuck head bookers over at FWA are doing now? They have me out of contention for Parrs belt. And while they have one woman and seven men fighting it out to see who is the new number one contender for the belt, they have me wrestling a mother fucking asshole wearing a parrot suit. A fucking parrot suit.

    Oli Panzer: Thats fucked up.

    Hanz Gruber: Jawohl.

    Oli Panzer: So what are you gonna do?

    Hanz Gruber: I am gonna make an example of the fucking parrot. I'll stretch him till his arms break. I'll tear his damm suit off and shove it down his throat. And if his two stupid buddies stick around, I'll tear them apart too. I'll make sure that someone sends a copy of the match to Mike Parr and the eight people who are in contendership for his belt

    A custodian pushes the door open. He sees Hanz and Oli, then looks to the garbage can that has pretty much burned out.

    In German, Hanz instructs him to clean everything up. Hanz and Oli then leave the room and leave the building


    Next Morning

    Hanz wakes up in bed with Sasha Panzer: He looks over at a clock to see the time. As he has to get to the airport soon, he gets out of bed and gets dressed. He comes back to the bedroom and sees that Sasha is still asleep. He turns away and starts to walk away- but he changes his mind, walks over to the bed, wakes Sasha up and they say their goodbyes. Hanz then takes off to the airport for his flight


    18 hours later- Airport in Sacramento

    Hanz hails a cab and ask to be brought to the Golden 1 Center- just in time for his match with a parrot

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    vs. Michael Garcia at Fight Night, July 28th, 2017.

    Zachary Kazadi sits on a bench. It’s a hot summer night. We’re in Sacramento. You can tell we’re in Sacramento because there’s a big sign that says “Welcome to the Sacramento Zoo” in green and a Koala bear staring you down.

    “Should I wait for the last second. Take my time. Let my thoughts simmer. Prepare? After all, it’s been a while since I’ve stepped into a ring. Michael Garcia was wrestling Danny Toner at the biggest show of them all, Back in Business… and where was I? In a gym. Training. Biding my time. Maybe I’m a little rusty. Maybe I’m underestimating Big Mike. Maybe he’s going to surprise me. Surprise us. For once in his life, maybe Big Mike will step up to the plate.”

    He chuckles half-heartedly.

    “Right, I’ve said that already. Everyone’s said it. Toner said it on his way out the door. Rondo says it in between not-so groundbreaking takes on Bell Connelly and Shannon O’Neal. Mike Parr says it every month when he has his periodic North American Championship defense against him. So I’ll be generous. I won’t waste your time retreading the same words. I’ll keep that part succinct. Michael Garcia can’t cut it. Michael Garcia isn’t good enough. Michael Garcia gets opportunity after opportunity and he falls short. This is just another one of his myriad of opportunities that he’ll fall short at. And sticking to that note, I’d like to prematurely address Mike Parr.”

    There’s a pause, as he bides his time for, presumable Mike Parr, to listen closely.

    “You here, Parr? Alright. I’ll have time enough for you for your title defense against me so we’ll make this one quick. I just wanted to say… you’re welcome. I’m killing any worry you had about your millionth title defense against Michael Garcia right on this coming Fight Night. I know, I know. When you saw the announcements for the tournament, you almost offed yourself at the idea of defending against him again. Don’t worry. I’ve got you. I’ll take care of it. Just please, don’t try to interfere or anything. Alright, we’re done with that, back to what I was saying.”

    Again, he allows us a momentary pause.

    “In conclusion, Garcia is complete shit. But, I know you’re all tired of hearing the same take on him so we’ll try something new. Now, before we can even get to that, there’s a little monkey on my back. She’s called Shannon O’Neal. She’s our new FWA World Heavyweight Champion. She walked into Back in Business, in the main event, off the back of eliminating meto win the Carnal Contendership… and she defeated Cyrus Truth.”

    Kazadi sighs heavily.

    “Right, that’s my fuck up. I should’ve won that Carnal Contendership and I should’ve got my match with Cyrus Truth while I still had the chance. But what’s done is done. Cyrus Truth is off the throne and there’s Shannon O’Neal. Her women’s crusade is over so now her new shtick is the champ that cares. The locker room leader. The one who will genuinely, and truly, live up to FWA’s expectations of her. I won’t linger on her too much, I know my opportunity is coming. Sooner or later. But I heard O’Neal talking about motivation and inspiration following a compliment or two when referring to me. Let’s get one thing straight, I don’t need O’Neal’s approval, or anyone else’s for that matter. I don’t need inspiration and I don’t need motivation. Every time I show up, I fucking show up. I don’t half-ass anything. I spent Fight Night after Fight Night, pay-per-view pre-shows fighting scrubs dressed in lobster suits or sporting a leather jacket playing wrestling’s answer to Hell’s Angels. I came out there, and I performed better than the guys fighting with championships on the line. Michael Garcia? You know he’s not on my level. But here I am, ready to put on a fucking show once again. So a show is what I’ll put on.”

    He stands up and starts mumbling to himself for a second.

    “Talking about fucking motivation and shit. How the fuck is anyone gonna get motivated about Mike.”

    He rolls in his eyes, and shrugs off the insult. He starts slowly but purposefully walking across one of the zoo’s many pathways.

    “Michael Garcia - we’ve actually stepped into the ring, opposite sides of it twice. You’ve been in countless matches, and they all seem the same to you, I’m sure. I remember every single one of them, every detail, I replay it over my head, I recount every mistake, every success, and I make up for them. The first time we faced Mike, it was a three on three, a nice star-studded match. Of course, the only one who gave a fuck was me. Cyrus Truth walked out and costs me my chance to shine. Whatever. The second time though, Mike. The second time we got a real taste of each other. And you know what they say, you really start to know a man once you start exchange fists… or clotheslines… or six thirty splashes.”

    Kazadi, and perhaps all of us, picture the idea of Garcia hitting a 630 splash. Right… but this is Garcia we’re talking about, and he’s never been known for innovation.

    “For a long time, Mike, you’ve been talking about me, I’ve been talking about you. And we’ve retreaded the same tired criticisms. I’ve echoed everything everyone else has said about you. And you’ve echoed everything everyone else has said about me. That I’m dull. Which, quite frankly, I couldn’t give less of a fuck about. But hey, I’m covering that part for you this time so maybe you’ll say something new. There is one original thought you had. One small thing. One tidbit.”

    He mimes the smallness of the mention with his hands, but there’s evident frustration as he grimaces.

    “You kept saying we were so similar.”

    Kazadi bites his lips and grinds his teeth.

    “And I hate it Mike. Oh, man, you don’t know how much I hated it. Me. Me? The same as you. I worked my ass off to get here. When my name was called upon… I showed up. One hundred percent. But you, Mike. You’re the perennial failure. We’ve been through that. I don’t want to be anything like you. It bothered me so much. It pissed me the fuck off. I don’t like Ryan Rondo. Or Chris Kennedy. But shit, you tell me, I’m like them, fuck yeah. Hate them, but I’ll roll with it. But you’re telling me I’m Like Mike? I’m praying to God we’re talking about a different Mike here.”

    He looks down at his shoes, ones with the distinct and flashy logo of a man, spread-eagle with a ball in hand. Kazadi puts his hands together in faux-prayer that that’s the one we’re referring too but shakes his head.

    “But no, you’re talking about yourself. You’re saying Zachary Kazadi is just like Michael Garcia. I started wondering what you meant, man. I kept dismissing it at first, for my own sake. But eventually, I decided to take a step back. Zach and Mike, are we really so much alike? And I realized… maybe… just maybe… you were right.”

    He exhales, and looks down to the ground, hands on his hips. He scratches his head then looks up at the camera.

    “You bark loud, Mike, you bark loud, and from time to time, you back it up. I’ve seen you deal with Blackbird. I’ve seen you take a legend like Devin Golden and tear him to pieces. I’ve seen you wage war against Rondo. Right before our match, you nearly put Danny Toner in a hospital bed. Carnegie Carnivore. Monster of the Midway. You’re dangerous, Mike… And I’m dangerous too. No one’s going to deny that. Not even you. No one can. Call me boring all you want. I put Phillip A Jackson on the sidelines. I’ve made guys like Jean-Luc Watkins reconsider their career. I’ve made grown men beg the referee to end the match lest they can’t ever lift their arm up, or walk again. Mike, we hurt people.”

    He nods.

    “And like I said, we bark loud. Hell, it didn’t take long for either of us to start barking at each other. Any time the chance has popped up, we’ll be out there barking at Rondo, Wolf, Kennedy, Phillip A Jackson. Even shitty little scrubs like, Sullivan. Yeah, I know you hate Phillip just as much as I do. I know you think he’s a fraud. We both knew he was a walkover for Kennedy. That fatal four way, we weren’t concerned with the Immortal, we wanted to bury the shitty legend once and for all, expose him for the real man he is. And Toner, we both knew he was stealing the spotlight that people who put in the work deserved. Your thoughts echoed mine, Mike. For a moment there, I looked in the mirror, and I saw a seven foot giant.”

    The camera moves to the side and a big stone rock stands behind Kazadi. The light is just so. A shadow, much bigger than Kazadi, appears across the stone deriving from the camera’s light. Kazadi turns slowly around to acknowledge that doppelganger of his. It’s much bigger than him. A far greater presence.

    “And Mike, I assure you, it was only for a moment. Then that reflection, it was me again. And I saw that… in our similarities… in our like-mindedness… I could see everything that made us so different.”

    The shadow remains as it is, domineering behind him as he turns back to the camera.

    “Mike, for a second there, you had me. You made me believe, Mike, that I was just another you - and it took me a moment to realize Mike, that’s not true. We both bark loud, and we both back it up but in what ways, Mike? I’ve stepped up to Jackson and I put him in the hospital clean. I didn’t attack him from behind. I didn’t blindside him when he was busy pandering to overreaching fans. I beat him clean. When I had my title opportunity, Mike, there was no doubt as to who would emerge with the belt. When I had my first chance at the Carnal Contendership, I stood right there at the end. When I faced Mike Parr, with the world wondering who was the true prodigy, I won. I delivered. I lived up to expectations. I broke past that ceiling.”

    He points up absent-mindedly, and the camera momentarily follows. There’s a starry night sky. The camera hurriedly focuses in on Kazadi as he continues.

    “You know, when we step into a ring, Mike, no one likes either of us. You’re a bastard, Mike. You do despicable things for attention. But me, they hate me… because I don’t need them. I don’t. The FWA hates me because I couldn’t give less of a shit about them. I didn’t need Back in Business. But you Mike, you were begging for that spotlight. You were begging for a match, any match. You didn’t want to be forgotten. So you got your shot. You got another chance to be the despicable bastard you are. You took out Danny Toner, probably once and for all, and you got people talking about you again.”

    He nods and claps briefly.

    “And what did I do? No one heard from me… and yet… my name echoed. I missed the biggest show in professional wrestling but people were talking, Mike. They were asking where I was. Legends were talking, Mike. They were asking where I was. You know, for a long time, I had those same thoughts that probably linger in your mind every night, Mike. Did the FWA need me? Was I valued? No. No, to both. I think you know the answer is the same for you, Mike. The only role you’ll ever serve is giving up and comers like Galloway, and Starr and Sync pedestals to be elevated. I was alright with the knowledge the FWA didn’t need me. Truth was, I didn’t need them either. But you Mike, you’re nothing without the FWA. It’s why you push yourself to do whatever you can do to keep your name up there. I was ready to walk away… until someone put my name in their mouth. Wolf. Have you ever had that, Mike. Have you ever had one of these guys put your name in their mouth, other than to tell you to shut the fuck up? No. But Wolf, he put my name in his mouth. Rondo… he put my name in his mouth. Truth was sad I wasn’t the man facing him at Back in Business. Shannon O’Neal was counting her lucky stars she didn’t have to pin me. So I stood back up, I knew it was time to come back. It was time to make people scream they give up.”

    Kazadi starts his walk again, the shadow behind him becoming a distant memory. He stops by an enclosure that says “Cercopithecus wolfi”. He starts tapping at the bars and then turns back to the camera.

    “You know, I heard Sacramento Zoo got a rare wolf here a few years ago, and I thought I oughtta’ take an early trip here to see it. See what it was like to stare a wolf in the eyes, you know.”

    He turns back to the enclosure and starts rattling the cage again. Primal sounds emerge from it… but they’re far from a wolf’s cry. A tree rattles from within the dark enclosure and something jumps off, landing right on the bars, but just out of the camera’s light.

    “And as I stared into its eyes, I realized it wasn’t a wolf after all, it was just a monkey.”

    The camera illuminates the animal holding on to the bars to reveal a monkey, the Wolf’s guenon, or the Wolf’s mona monkey.

    “What’s in a name, right? And yet, it isn’t any different than what it would be like staring in Wolf’s eyes. Behind those eyes, there’s something… loud and annoying. Prone to throwing shit. Good at imitation. But at the end of the day, you’re a prey, not a predator.”

    He stares in disappointment at the harmless monkey before him.

    “There’s a name that’s been circling about… the Alpha Wolf. It’s a little on the nose. In truth, it’s a meaningless title… but it is your title, Wolf… and it seems I’ve taken that title from you.”

    He turns back to the camera.

    “I don’t mind holding onto that mantel…”

    A hand suddenly thrusts at the bar. The monkey jumps off it in a hurry, and tree leaves rustle as the monkey presumably hides within.

    “Until you find the courage to come down from your perch.”

    He lets go of the bar and continues his walk. That’s a fight for another time, and another day. Maybe.

    “So Mike, now, you’ve been given an opportunity to further our similarities. The Carnegie Carnivore and the Alpha Wolf. Two predators. And without a doubt, we are both hungering for a greater prize… Mike Parr’s head.”

    There’s a final enclosure, it remains the end of the pathway and the destination of Zachary Kazadi.

    “The thing about a carnivore, Mike… the thing about a predator… is that it needs to feed. It needs to eat. Otherwise, it weakens. It gets thinner. Skin and bones. What I mean is… if it doesn’t do its job, if it does not succeed as a predator… it has two choices… die… or find other sustenance. I’ve watched what you’ve done, Mike, you haven’t been a very good predator. Your prey… it just keeps escaping you. So you’ve found other sustenance, you’ve become a herbivore, preying after those below even you. You’ve become the worst of the carnivores, Mike. You’re a scavenger now, a waste picker. You grab the remains of others. You wait around the corner and you take what’s left. Whenever you try to live up to your billing, Mike, you wound your prey, but you let it escape. You don’t finish the job. Mike, I need to warn you, I don’t wound, and I will not simply howl and hope to scare you… I will embody every instrument given to me as an Alpha Wolf. I will hunt you down, fairly, within the ring, as an honorable man, but as a new wolf, still starving, I won’t leave anything behind besides bones. After seeing you weaken so much, Mike, part of me is worried you won’t have much to prey on.”

    Kazadi has finally reached the final enclosure. There’s a clear deterrent sign advising the necessary equipment to enter the enclosure safely but Kazadi is wholly indifferent to it. He pulls out a key, lord knows how he got it, and opens the door wide.

    “So Mike, I came up with a solution, I wanted to give you every possibility of meeting and measuring up to me. I’m giving you ample time to prepare yourself, Mike. And I urge you, take your time. Think about what you need to do. Study me. Study my words. Study what I do in the ring. I want you to bring the very best you’ve ever brought. Mike, I look at you, and I realize, you were never trying to convince me I was like you, you were trying to convince yourself you were like me. You were trying to convince yourself that you had the FWA in your hands, that at any given moment, you could beat the very best, given that opportunity. Here is your goddamn opportunity, Mike, you’re millionth opportunity. I’m giving you the same offer I gave Wolf…”

    He spreads his arms wide and the camera zooms out.

    “It’s fucking duck hunt season, take your shot. I’m here! Open field. I’m giving you all the time in the world. You miss, Mike, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. You miss, Mike, I don’t ever want to see you thinking you can ever step up to me again. Not even as a goddamned joke. You miss… I want you to stay in your fucking lane. I want you to turn the fuck around when you see me backstage. I don’t even want you thinking my name. You’ve got no excuse. Zero fucking excuse. Think long and hard, Mike. Don’t retread the same bullshit you retread every time. Don’t use the same strategy that came up to fuck all against Parr. I assure you, no one is going to come up to that ring and ruin it for you. Ashley O’Ryan is going to stay in the back. Danny Toner won’t be in that arena. Parr’s going to be sitting firm, on his ass, watching. No one is standing in your way. Likewise, no one is giving you any excuse. I’m giving you the ball. I’m giving you the playing field, Mike. Surprise me. Surprise us! For once in your life, show everyone you’re not a waste picker, show everyone you’re a genuine carnivore. I'm right here, Mike, ripe for easy pickings. It is all on you, Mike.”

    Kazadi lowers his hands again. He turns around and walks into the enclosure. The camera hesitates, and visibly trembles. Kazadi stops and turns around, he frowns.

    “What, you’re scared? Don’t worry, worst comes to worst, it’ll eat me first.”

    The camera slowly follows behind with a far more hesitant step than the man before it.

    “You know, I once heard a rumor. They say that last year, around Back in Business, KAIZEN was really desperate to get a win over Chris Kennedy. He needed it. You can tell he needed it. You saw what happened after that loss, man was never the same, couldn’t cut it against Truth and now, well, he’s fucking munching on sausages. He’s abandoned his passion. I digress. They say that when he was preparing to face Chris Kennedy, he went to Russia, these guys there had some fucked up ritual - or uh, training program. They’d go up a mountain with a slab of bloodied meat and then they would wait. And out from the snowy trees, a bear would pop up. I don’t know what follows. But KAIZEN was back around for Back in Business. I don’t know if he won, just survived, or if it’s even true. But I thought to myself, I’ll give Mike the respect he deserves. Mike… Mike’s a fucking bear. He’s a big fucking guy. He’s dangerous. Maybe I’m underrating him. So I have to prove to myself - not only that, but I’ve got to send a message to him, and I don’t want there to be any question of what I’ve done. No one… no one is going to be asking whether or not Kazadi beat the shit out of a bear. I want Mike to know fully, and truly, what he’s coming up again, I don’t want to give him a shadow of a doubt about it. Come on, let’s go.”

    Kazadi makes his way deeper into the enclosure but the camera doesn’t follow.

    “Look, man, mad respect for what you’re doing. But I can’t do this. It’s bad enough that this is technically b and e but I ain’t trying to get eaten by a bear.”

    He sighs heavily and frowns.

    “Fine, fine, gimme the fucking camera.”


    “Gimme the camera. Just stay out there, shouldn’t take too long.”

    The camera man hesitates, looks beyond to the darkness of the enclosure… and hands over the camera. His footsteps can be heard running out. Kazadi lazily holds the camera before stopping in front of a small faux-cave. He gently lays the camera on the ground, the lens angled upward.

    “Alright, where the fuck are you?”

    The sound of water splashing quickly gathers his attention. He turns around and for once, Kazadi doesn’t look quite so confident. He stands still, and swallows his spit. The shadow of the beast emerges, whatever shadow Kazadi cast before is a pale comparison to the monstrous figure that flashes against the wall.

    “Holy shit.”

    The figure approaches closer, the figure growing ever larger.

    “That thing is adorable. Much cuter than that wolf from the other cage.”

    Kazadi bends down, nearly out of the camera’s sight, and stands back up with a baby bear in hand. He’s momentarily dazed by the cub’s cute demeanor before he finally regains his composure to smirk at the camera.

    “Oh, come on, Mike, you really think I take you seriously? You really think you could be the Kennedy to my KAIZEN? You really… seriously think… I actually expect you to surprise me, or any of us? No. I’m getting the job done early because it’s an easy job. You could have all the time in the world and you would never be good enough to beat me. Now, this is the part where most people might say: don’t take it personally, it’s all fun and games, I didn’t mean it. But I mean it, Mike. All the time in the world couldn’t save you against me. You’re a jobber, you’re-”

    He stops abruptly.

    “Fuck, what more is there to say.”

    He chuckles and shrugs.

    “Well, time to get ready for Sync or Phillip.”

    He plays with the cub still in hand, miming a parent’s baby talk.

    “It’s probably going to be Phillip isn’t it? Isn’t it? How do you think he escapes getting pinned this time? Take some tips from Wolf, won’t he? Run away when he sees me? Climb up a tree? They’re not at all brave like you! You're a brave cub aren't you. I bet you're a real carnivore, fuck being an omnivore, right? Alright, I’ll be back tomorrow, you go on to sleep now.”

    Kazadi caresses the cub before lowering it back to the ground. He walks over to the camera, fiddles around, and the scene goes blank.

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Men Among The Monsters

    We are in a small dark room where we see Graves who is on the ground sitting he seems to be in deep thought and he is talking to himself. He is joined by Sinn who is just standing in front of him hunched over. After a few moments where Sinn looks like he's trying to get Graves attention he drives his fist and connects with Graves jaw. Graves doesn't move he's still talking to himself. We then see Sinn do it again and again but Graves just sits there blood flying from his mouth but he is just comatose. Sinn goes to leave when Graves grabs his arm. Graves face is telling the story as he is confused.

    Graves: I am losing control everything I ever wanted is slipping and I just don't know what to do. We are suppose to come out here and as I stare down here I fell into this empty abyss and I saw these demon's these monster's coming out from the ledges and they had razor sharp teeth and they were screaming and I found myself in a place I never thought I be I saw myself in that one feeling that is sending these goosebumps down my arms this chill down my spine these thoughts in my head and do you know what that is ?

    Sinn looks at Graves whose arm is still on him and shakes his head no as his eyes pierce through his mask. Graves stands up and now seems to be a bit more compose and has a huge smile on his face as he laughs and begins to speak again.

    Graves: Fear! I was scared and at first this was something I didn't want to accept something that I felt was a weakness that it made me just like everyone else but then I understood something and this is a huge thing for me as it opened my eyes as it dawned on me. Fear is good, fear is something everyone has but not everyone will admit to because you know what's more fearful then a man with nothing to lose, is a monster with fear of not knowing what comes next.

    Graves now has grabbed his partner Sinn and is talking at him with this new energy as he is yelling at him.

    Graves: I want you to focus, look at me alright go into your twisted mind and go to that place you never want to go. I want you to stare into the empty abyss and I want you to feel it! I want you let it take control I want you to look into the eyes of the monster and know where that fear is right here in your head as it pumps it into your veins as it freezes your blood as it turns it ice cold. Now take that and let it just take over let it drown you in your deepest darkest fears because it is going to make you into that monster!

    Graves looks into the eyes of his partner and nods. He says You Are There. Sinn falls to one knee and his eyes show a fear to them but after a few seconds he gets back up. His eyes are now crazed. He cocks his head. Graves now is speaking his words sharp.

    Graves: Sin City Vulture's we should really thank you because you helped open our eyes and we are now accepting the truth we are not looking forward or looking back we have are eyes set on you. We have lost battles, We have lost wars but now we are ready. Does anything scare you guys? I mean like really scared you do you go to that place because a piece of me thinks you might have. I see kindred spirits in you guys or maybe just maybe your the demon's with sharp teeth.

    I guess we will find out soon enough, but you better hope if your not there you get there because we will be there and there in that place you will understand you will learn you will accept it. Now will you hold your hand to the fire and walk with us into that place or will we have to drag you to the depths ourselves. Sooner or later boys become men heroes become villains and monsters become prey and are you on the hunt or are you the hunted? We look forwarded to seeing you again.

    Graves & Sinn walk away into the dark.
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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    *The gigantic frame of Zako Wrath can somewhat be seen standing in a darkened room as much smoke slightly parts, revealing the much smaller image of Miss De La Muerta. She stands with her hood up, head lowered and her seething rage is calm but immense. Fire is seen spreading all over the room, as they stand in a couple of the only clear spots. Wrath then turns and suddenly hurls a thick black concrete table into the wall, as she lets loose a chilling primal scream. The table has been destroyed as she then slings a glass skull into the wall on the other side of the room,with shards going everywhere.*

    *She begins punching the broken pieces over and over again, cutting her hand as moist crimson blood begins to trickle. Zako immediately notices as his red eyes flash with a look of almost, raw hunger and raging enjoyment, as he lifts her hand and begins to suck and lick the blood from her. She watches on briefly as she then pushes him away by the mask as blood continues to drip to the ground below in eerie fashion. He wipes the left behind wet liquid from his mouth with the back of his glove as she stares blankly at him. She then watches him lick the a trace more from his lips, with the same blank stare.*

    Miss De La Muerta: At Back in Business Zako Wrath unleashed true devastation and I watched as he reeked havoc upon soul after soul. Risky Douglas never even made it into the battle because he was utterly consumed by the power that I, and only I, wield right in front of your eyes. Zako Wrath pounced on him instantly, and eventually, I stopped him. There would have been an absolute and untimely end with all of those people watching that live PPV, if I had not said enough was enough. Security and officials will not stop Zako Wrath.

    Humanity will not stop Zako Wrath. Humanity may have gotten the lucky slip on him, but he's still here, more dangerous and furious than ever. Look at him. This is something that will only walk away when the desired effect has been reached, when I snatch him away from the bloody carcass before his boots. Mike Parr will certainly not stop Zako Wrath.

    That man is only in the position he is in because he has not faced him yet. This isn't about "wrestling" to us. It's about inflicting whatever amount of death and mayhem and destruction that we wish-however much he wants to send forth and however much I desire to see. You don't fight with him. You will claw tooth and nail to see tomorrow.

    Back in Business is buried and behind us now, and it's about tonight. Flex Brody will not stop Zako Wrath. Nothing offered to you and gained from working out in the gym will assist you in walking away from here the exact same way you entered. He is going to scar you...maim you, and most of all...exterminate you like the pest that you are. I say pest because you're just in the way. This is your final hour... prepare to have your energy snuffed out... by this man. Zako! Pronto voy a inhalar alma el Flex Brody!!! [Soon I will inhale the soul of Flex Brody!!!]

    *Thunder now heavily booms as she pushes her hood back and off her head, as Zako throws a shocking right hand towards the camera, which then suddenly cuts out...but not before the fire raging over the floor is seen to extinguish, as she is heard letting out terrifying, roaring, echoing laughter.*

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    The following tweet came just three minutes after a video was posted on Twitter. Within minutes, it had thousands of plays and over 2,000 retweets and favorites. When you scrolled to the video, it automatically started playing, showing a dark room filled with bodies, mostly white, middle-aged men. Loud music blares throughout the room, making any conversations nearly inaudible.

    However, two voices are distinctly heard over everyone else.

    "Ya' wanna' fuck with me?! Ya'll serious?"

    A white man in an oversized cowboy hat with his face unshaven gets in Shannon's face. His friends hold him back as Shannon takes three steps forward and continues yelling across the bar. As everyone seems to pick sides, Shannon turns toward the old brown-wood bar and quickly takes a shot of whatever alcohol now burns down her throat and into her liver. She licks her lips, shakes her head and lets out a Wonder Woman yell as she turns back to the drunk cowboy standing amid a sea of other drunk cowboys just 5 yards away.

    "I ain' afraid of no girl who can drink. I ain' afraid of hittin' no girl. How ya' think me 'n my ex-wife got together, huh?!"

    The men inside the bar laugh at the man's domestic-violence comment, and now you noticed from watching the video that Shannon and the bartender are the ONLY females inside this place.

    "I don't know what yer problem is, honey, but ya' ain' comin' in here 'n tellin' us what we can say about bitches like yer'self."

    Shannon takes two big steps forward and absolutely DECKS the man behind those words. He falls to the floor, unconscious, and Shannon backs up slowly, nonchalantly, as if she didn't just knock another person out in a 1-second bar fight.

    "Now ... y'all gonna' shut the fuck up and let me drink. And ya' AIN'T gonna' talk to ya' bartender the way ya' was.


    Shannon sits down on the barstool where she previously resided and asks for another of the same shot she took just seconds before. As she looks down to her phone, the now-inebriated Shannon O'Neal, the new FWA World Champion, bangs her right fist down into the wood in a violent manner that causes the men inside to pause and look, making sure another right-hand swing isn't coming their way.

    "These motherfuckers," she says in a lower tone, mixing sincerity with frustration.

    "I ain't got a match on Fight Night. I'm the World fuckin' Champion, and they don't want me to wrestle. Son of a bitches."

    Shannon gulps the shot of whatever it is and slams it down on the table. Quickly, she tosses cash on the bar and shakes the female bartender's hand and offers words of encouragement and a smile, which is returned with a proud "thank you." Shannon then turns, looks at the person holding the camera all this time and points her finger toward him in a paused step.

    Almost as if she's talking to the thousands of people watching from their computers, she delivers a stark message.

    "Fight Night ain't gonna be a celebration anymore. I've got a message for y'all, for the FWA management, for the wrestlers who think they can be World Champ some day. I wrestle ... every fuckin' show. EVERY...



    Shannon storms out of the dark bar just as the victim of her right hand comes to consciousness and is helped him to a seated position with aide from his cowboy-hat buddies.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    ''You know my dear BUCK, the good ol' Albert E. has some pretty interesting views on insanity. Can you tell me, buddy?''

    As the camera opens in a trashed room after Manson's question, the bigger guy of the recently debuted tag team Sin City Vultures is shown sitting before a small cage. What is inside of this cage is unrevealed at the moment. BUCK sighs before answering the question which is directed at him.

    ''The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I know this already, you have been asking me this for the fifth time today.''

    Manson is quick to answer.

    ''Well, don't make me ask for the sixth time then.''

    Manson's chuckling seems to annoy BUCK. The camera focuses on him, revealing a pink-ish meat in his hand. He hangs the meat inside the cage, waits for a few seconds and pulls the meat back when he realizes nothing is going to happen. As his failed expectations annoys him more, BUCK asks rather angrily.

    ''Is this one of your little games?''

    The camera's focus is now on Manson. He is looking outside the window, clearly watching something while smoking a cigarette.

    ''What games, BUCK? All I can see is you not following up your words. You're still trying to feed that rat, am I right?''

    BUCK answers with a defeated tone.


    ''I changed the rats. Charles won't eat meat, especially that meat. You tried to feed him with meat because you thought it was Alfred, the wilder one. You failed once. Then you failed twice, thrice. You should have realized my little trick already, or you should have stopped after a few times. Yet, you still tried, expecting a different result. I thought I taught you better than that. I wasn't asking you that question for fun. I was asking you to repeat that because I wanted you to learn what that meant.''

    This causes a silence that lasts a few seconds.

    ''Yes. You are right. I should have realized.''

    BUCK takes a hazelnut from the table and gives it to Charles. Charles quickly takes the hazelnut and starts chewing.

    ''But I do get the point. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. Just like Genocide. The guys we faced at Back at Business. They come in, like psychopats. They are embracing the trope. Wacky things are thrown all over the place and they come up short, every time. That's because they are doing the same thing....and expecting a different result.''

    This analyze by BUCK causes a slow clapping. Christopher smiles before putting out the cigarette.

    ''Bravo, bravo, bravo. So you get the message. That message was needed because apparently, FWA put them against us again in Fight Night. Now, what can you say about this? Think for a while until I bring Alfred.''

    Manson gets off the chair and walks into another room, making it unable for the camera to see him. There is a short time skip in the clip, the footage of BUCK thinking is obviously cut off. Manson is shown walking into the trashy room once again, he holds a rat cage this time. He puts Alfred's cage next to Charles' cage. There isn't seem to be huge differences between the rats except for their hygiene levels.

    ''So BUCK, what is your answer?''

    ''FWA has seen what we can do. They were not expecting that. They realized how dangerous we are, and that made their plans about us postponed, or maybe even cancelled. One thing I know for sure is, they are not sure what is next. So, they are taking their time. This Genocide thing - or rivalry if there can even be a comparison between us - just a distraction. A waste of time. It is crystal clear that they are no match for us. The sooner we are done with them, the better.''

    Manson seems to be impressed by the answer. He points at the two rats before speaking.

    ''These rats are different from each other for a purpose. Charles is tame. He doesn't know how to fight to save his life. The only thing matters is your ability survive when you are on your own. He looks pretty, right? He is hygenic, cute and fancy. If you put these two in a pet shop, Charles will obviously more recievers. But this look, this good look is just a make-up. If I make them share the same cage, Alfred will rip Charles apart. That is why Charles doesn't eat meat. He can't hunt for it. He can't earn the meat. Charles is like Genocide. Their look, all these is just a make-up. They try to hide the fact that they can't hunt for glory. They aren't cut out for success. But no one can hide the truth. We are...Alfred. We earn the meat, while Genocide has no choice but chasing for the wastes. This is a game of survival. And Genocide has no place in here, as long as feasters like us exist. And they will finally know their place. And soon will all of FWA. They will either leave the table to us...or they will lie on that table, lifeless and taught their lesson by the hard way. Vultures, they have fascinated me since I was a little kid. They showed me that one lost life may benefit another life. And their loss will benefit us greatly. Genocide will be just an example. Remember, we are chasing the big fish. Like the Olympians and their shiny gold belts. Soon BUCK, soon they all will realize there are no stopping us. And when they do, they better pray that it wasn't too late, or else, they will know they will be on the table.''

    Manson grabs two pictures from the table, one picture of Graves and one picture of Sinn. He crumbles the papers and throws it into Alfred's cage. Alfred wastes no time before jumping on the papers and scratching them. Manson walks to the door while BUCK is watching the crazed rat.

    ''I will go birdwatching again. Feel free to join me whenever you want.''

    Manson shuts the door. Meanwhile, BUCK sees a familiar piece of old newspaper in Alfred's cage. He takes advantage of the rat's business and grabs the newspaper.

    3 OCTOBER 2002

    The hundred-year old Mother Theresa Orphanage in Lafayette, Louisiana was caught in a huge fire yesterday night. The cause of this fire is currently unknown. It is reported that no lives were lost in the accident but the owner of the place, Laurel Rogers is now in a comatose state. Also, two kids from the orphanage - named Christopher George and Lennie Bronson got lost during the fire. More details on page 6...''

    ''Old memories...they always come into your mind the most unexpected way possible.''

    BUCK folds the article after reading it, then puts it into his pocket. This is the last sight our camera can catch before fading away into darkness.

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Division One Diaries

    The camera fades in to show Tommy Thunder in gym. He's wearing black knee length shorts and a grey baggy vest. He has headphones in his ears and he's going hard on a cross trainer. The camera keeps rolling as Thunder doesn't seem to stop, despite seemingly noticing that the camera is there and rolling. After about 5 minutes or so he eventually stops the machine and steps down. He whips out the headphones, grabs a water bottle and a towel and he dabs himself down before swigging away. He takes his sweet time before finally addressing the camera

    Thunder: Before you ask, yeah, I did notice you standing there. Oh, you thought I was going to stop? Just because you were standing there huh? You think you're more important than my workout? You wanted me to interrupt my workout for you? I don't think so. Let me tell all of you peasants out there what I'm doing here, because I'm sure you're wondering; "Why is a Division One Superstar like Thunder in the gym? I thought he was the best in the company?". Well you're right, I am. I am the best in the company. But let me tell you something you obviously don't know; To be the best, and stay the best, you need to keep bettering yourself. That's what I'm doing right here. You think I'm the type of guy to rest on my laurels? NO! While the rest of the hypocrites who like to think that they're the best in FWA are lounging around at home, stuffing their faces with junk food, partying all day every day I'm here actually backing up and practicing what I'm preaching.

    And before any of you choke on your potato chips and start jumping at your keyboards in your mommas basements and go all keyboard warrior on me, Tommy Thunder does have a life. I party and I party hard. But guess what, I work equally as hard too which is what separates me from the rest of the pretenders and wannabees in FWA and it's what separates me from all of you sitting at home. That's why I'm a Division One Superstar and you're, well division one losers sitting on you asses.

    Thunder takes a seat on a bench

    Thunder: Now I've got a clue for you; how about all of you get up, get out of your houses and start doing something with your life? You'll never be me, but you never know, you may find some happiness if you start trying to be me. As for me, well, I've got to head over to the Golden Center for Fight Night where I'm going to continue to prove myself to be the best in the world at what I do.
    So time for you to shit that camera off and time for you to set your DVR's to record Fight Night, and you never know, you may learn something.

    Thunder gets up and with a smug look on his face he heads to the locker room as the camera fades.


    The camera fades in to show that we're at the back entrance of the Golden Center, Sacramento, and we see Tommy Thunder strutting through the main back door to the building (where all the production trucks and crew trucks park) with his roller suitcase. He has a slate grey suit jacket and trousers with a salmon pink, open collared shirt on. He has brown shoes on his feet and his trademark aviator sunglasses covering his eyes. We see Katie Lynn Goldsmith slightly enter the shot with a mic in hand.

    Goldsmith: Mr Thunder? Mr Thunder? Could we have a word?!

    Thunder slows down to stop alongside Katie Lynn and he takes off his sunglasses

    Thunder: Wow, I'm impressed, Katie, you remembered to address me as Mr Thunder. Well done you. Now, what do you want?

    Goldsmith: Well first of all, may I ask you about your match at Back in Business? You faced and beat the debuting Flex Brody. How was that match for you?

    Thunder: Was the result of that match ever in doubt, Katie? I mean seriously? Ashley O'Ryan put me in the ring against a rookie. Me! A Division One Superstar! The best that this company has to offer! It was an idiotic move and now, who knows what's next for Mr Flex Brody. As for me? I just proved what everybody is in denial about; the fact that I am the best in the world at what I do.

    Goldsmith: Indeed. Now this was your first ever Back in Business pay per view, the FWA's biggest show of the year. How was it for you competing at such a huge event?

    Thunder: It's nothing I'm not used to and nothing that I've never done before, Katie. A drop in the ocean in what is my illustrious career. I've main evented Destiny's Calling, EWNCW's biggest show of the year. I've main evented Victory Point, the Hardcore Wrestling Alliance's biggest show of the year. I didn't main event Back in Business but that was the only blemish on my participation on the show. A point that I made VERY clear to Ashley O'Ryan, and I trust that that is a mistake that he won't do again in a hurry. I expect that from this point onward I will be put in a position that reflects my status as the best talent in this company.

    Goldsmith: Mr Thunder, you have been announced as one of the participants in the FWA North American Championship Challenger Tournament, how do you feel about this?

    Thunder: Well it's certainly an improvement on facing a no talent hack like Flex Brody in the opening contest of a pay per view, that's for sure. I should be competing for titles, I should be in contention and in the conversation each and every time. And let's be honest, doesn't 'Tommy Thunder, North American Champion' have a good ring to it? Yes, it does. I think the only travesty here is that I have to wade my way through the Division 2 talents in the rest of the field of this tournament in order to get to the Champion, Mike Parr.

    Goldsmith: Well speaking of which, what do you think about the rest of the field?

    Thunder: Well as I said, the rest of the field are nothing more than Division 2 pretenders. They're nothing more than hypocrites who believe int heir own hype. They're trying to convince themselves and the audience that they're as good as they think they are. And let's not forget that the real parasites here are the audience themselves who feed these pretenders egos by cheering for them. they chose to follow these false athletes like the sheep they are and it makes me sick. They'd rather cheer and support inferior talents who pander to them each and every week than recognize the true, real talent. And believe me, talent doesn't come more true and real than me, Katie.

    Think about it. One man who calls himself 'Immortal', another who calls himself 'Reborn' one who calls himself the 'Alpha Wolf' and of course, a 'One in a Million'. You can't tell me with a straight face that these, hypocrites are honestly what they say they are? They believe they are, but they're only fooling themselves and the idiots in the audience who cheer them. But that will be their ultimate downfall as they're all exposed one by one in this tournament as they fall by the wayside due to their inadequacies and shortcomings.

    Goldsmith: You've been announced as being in the 'A' bracket and tonight you have your first match of the tournament against the aforementioned 'One in a Million', Starr. Have you got any thoughts on him?

    Thunder: Starr. The man who constantly says that he's going to leave us all 'starstruck'. Well let me tell you something; I'm yet to be starstruck by this man. When I see Starr, all I see a man that's always going to fall short of reaching the stars of his dreams. I'm not a dreamer, I'm not in the business of wishing upon stars to make my drams come true. I'm a realist. I'm someone who just goes out there and gets the job done because I can. And tonight, I'm going to bring Starr back to reality. I'm going to bring him crashing and burning down from his journey among the stars and crush his dreams when I pin him or make him tap out, I haven't decided how I'm going to beat him yet.

    Goldsmith: Do yo think that perhaps you're underestimating your opponent?

    Thunder: What did you just say? You better watch it, Katie.

    Thunder points a finger right in Katie's face

    Thunder: I'm not underestimating anyone or anything. I'm just speaking the truth to you. I'm just doing your job for you so that you don't have to probe and poke me for the answers you're looking for. I'm simply giving the answers to you on a silver platter. You should be thanking me, Katie. Are you going to thank me?

    Goldsmith: ... Thank.. you?..

    Thunder: That's right. You're very welcome. I should expect some sort of payment for that but I suppose that's too much to expect around here. You could take me to dinner as thanks but I would have to check my schedule for a free slot. You best get back to me on that some other time.
    Now, I think you've taken up enough of my time. Please come and find me later if you want an exclusive on how I beat Starr this evening, or indeed if you decide when to accompany me for that thank you dinner you owe me.

    Thunder replaces his sunglasses and with a 'shit eating grin' on his face he strolls past Katie and towards the back entry door to the building, leaving Katie bewildered look that has her lost for words but with a slight smile on her face as if not surprised at all by Thunder's behavior.

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    The scene begins to what looks to be a funeral but not any ordinary funeral. There's a closed coffin and surrounding it are photos are Vincent Blackbird in his last moments at Back in Business before being taken out once again by Jason Randall. A podium has been placed in front of the coffin and standing at the podium is the X-Champion, Jason Randall. Standing next to him is Penny, wearing all black because it is a funeral after all while Jason is wearing a black suit and tie, which is different for him. Sitting atop the podium place in front of the microphone is the X-Championship, while the room they occupy is currently empty with them being the only occupants and this room's location being unknown at this time makes it all the more unsettling as Jason clears his throats before speaking.

    Friends, family we are gathered here today to mourn the loss of the man known as Vincent Blackbird. Not just him though, no we mourn the death of his career in the FWA because what was witnessed at Back in Business was Vincent's final match. Vincent walked into that match thinking he was going to finally defeat me and take back what he believed to be rightfully his, this X-Championship. He was sadly mistaken when I once again beat him at his own game and put an end to him once and for all like I had promised to do. Now this is where we would normally share memories of Vincent Blackbird but no one cared to even show up, probably because no one actually cared enough about Vincent and to be honest, what memories are there to share? Besides, I feel like I've wasted more than enough time on Vincent that I've run out of things to say about him, honestly I'm beginning to feel like a broken record at this point so I'm not going to waste any more time on Vincent and move on to my next subject...

    The two leave the room and walk into another room where it's just like the next room but instead of a closed coffin, this one is open and it has a dummy replica of Mark Merriwether inside of it. Surrounding the coffin are photos of Mark, also from the match at Back in Business. Again, the room is empty with Jason and Penny being the only people occupying it as they stand at another podium set up like before with his title placed in front of him.

    We are now gathered here to say goodbye to another fallen soul, Mark Merriwether. The man that couldn't hack it in Hollywood, went to CWA and couldn't cut it there, went back to Hollywood and still couldn't hack it so once again tried his hand at wrestling only to once again show up as a failure at one of FWA's biggest events of the year. Yes Mark, I know all about you and your failed Hollywood career. You put on this facade as this playboy, megastar but deep down you know it's all just for show because you know that whatever you say that the fans will eat it up and they won't know that you're just a hack. Try and hide it all you want Mark but they will know, hell the cracks are already beginning to show.

    He walks over to the spot on lookalike fake corpse of Mark Merriwether and looks down at it with disappointment.

    You tried so hard Mark at Back in Business, you tried your very best to slay me and slay Vincent but it just wasn't meant to be. You almost put Vincent down but he had to go and be a hero and ruin your moment, typical of him to do that. You thought you could hit him again with that Final Cut but that's where Vincent managed to be one step ahead of you and put you down where you stood. You couldn't get the job done Mark, so I had to come in and pick up the pieces and put away Vincent. In a way you did me a favor because you allowed me to end the career of Vincent Blackbird, so you accomplished something I suppose.

    He turns to look back straight ahead at the camera while Penny looks down at the faux Merriwether in the coffin, feigning crying as she does.

    It wasn't good enough for you though, wasn't it Mark? You just had to ask for more and now you got it. You and I in the main event of this next Fight Night. You got your wish Mark, you went on social media and demanded a one on one shot and you were granted this match. Ask yourself this though Mark, do you really want this? Do you really want to face me one on one? You've seen first hand what I'm capable of doing. You've had a taste of what I can do in that ring at Back in Business. Now it's time for you have the full course meal and let me be the first to tell you that you won't like it Mark, not one bit. You've bitten off way more than you can chew Mark if you think you have a chance in that ring with me. There's no turning back now though because we are in the main event, we'll be in front of all of those fans in the arena and millions at home watching around the world. They'll be watching to see if you can back up all your claims of being this megastar and see if you can actually pull the upset and beat me.

    He takes his title from the podium and holds it in his hands, he looks down at it and then looks back up.

    Can you handle that pressure Mark? Do you think that you can handle the pressure of holding this title if you somehow manage to beat me? These thoughts should be racing through your head Mark. Another question for you Mark, do you know what this title means to me? This title is a part of me and I am a part of it. Take this title away from me and I am nothing, and this title is nothing without me. I made this title one to be sought out for, you saw what Vincent put himself through to get this back, that should tell you something Mark. This title means more to me than you could ever know Mark and I am willing to do whatever it takes to keep it in my possession. I am a man with no fear Mark. I fear no one and nothing. Can you say the same about yourself? I ask you again, do you think you can handle the pressure Mark?

    He proceeds to close the casket, slamming it shut loudly.

    I'm going to bury Mark, right next to Vincent. You can't run back to Hollywood after this one Mark, once it's over for you, it's over. Say your prayers and tell yourself how great you are, anything to keep your confidence boosted but in the end it won't even matter.

    He slings his title over his shoulder and points a finger gun at the camera and fires a shot, ending the scene.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Back in Business XII: After the NA Battle Royal

    -Starr is walking, well limping, backstage and is helped back by medic staff. Starr tells them to leave him there and to go check on Risky. The two men sympathize with Starr’s frustration and does as they are asked. Starr pulls himself up onto a production box and lies down flat on top of it. He stares at the ceiling, undoes his wrist tape and closes his eyes. He reopens them to see Anna Alexis staring down at him with a bright smile on her face.-

    Starr: Hey…

    Anna: Hey. You okay?

    -Starr sits up on the box and scoots over for Anna to sit with him. She does so and jumps up to rub Starr’s back.-

    Starr: I went out there and lost on the biggest stage in FWA. I feel like a failure. I tried to step up this time and I fell back down again… I need to prove I’m a valuable asset here, and I’ve tried absolutely everything I could… what am I doing wrong?

    Anna: Well I don’t think you’re doing anything wrong… You just need something for you to really sink your teeth into. You’re far from a failure. You went out to that ring and you kicked ass! And a lot of people had you picked to win that match.

    Starr: Yeah and one move took me out of it… One match where I could’ve made my big break and I just blew it.

    Anna: You’re worried you’re losing your luster?

    Starr: -in a dejected tone of voice- Yeah I guess so...

    Anna: Well you’re not. Not in my eyes at least.-Anna puts her hand on Starr’s knee and looks into his eyes.-

    Starr: Thanks… By the way, it’s weird finally having you at an FWA show.

    Anna: Well you all finally came to the Cali coast so... I was finally able to be here.

    Starr: I’d say it’s good to see you again, but I really wish the circumstances were better.

    Anna: Don’t worry about it, come on let’s go get some catering. I’m sure you’re starving after those flips you pulled off.

    Starr: They’re not the easiest of things to do when you have a bum knee, that’s for damn sure.

    Anna: -Anna lowers herself back to the ground and helps Starr down as well.- I can imagine. Come on, big boy!

    Starr:-Starr braces himself with Anna.- Food sounds so good right now....

    Anna Alexis’s Home/Office in Los Angeles, CA
    Anna: You’re doing what?!

    -Starr is sitting on Anna’s couch as Anna walks into the room from the hallway.-

    Starr: Anna, I have to do this!

    Anna: No, you don’t?! You said you were taking time off to heal!

    Starr: I’m going to be in a North American Championship Number One Contender’s Tournament!

    Anna: Time off to heal! That was our deal!

    Starr: Listen, I was waiting on something like this to come through for me.

    Anna: -Anna squats in front of Starr and talks to him in a somber tone.- But you’re not ready Ian, not even close. Do you want to create permanent damage to yourself?

    Starr: Anna, I don’t care if I hurt myself. I’ve poured out my heart and soul since I finally started giving a damn! I have every match since Carnal Contendership. Besides, I did a flip for the first time in what feels like years! If my knee was as hurt as that doc said it was, I wouldn’t be able to do that! Besides it’s against Tommy and I need to erase that win he has over me.

    Anna: That was all you being so hype up and adrenaline, we both know that.

    Starr: Regardless of what it was, if I can feed off that again, I’m making it to the finals.

    Anna: What if ME as your agent made you ineligible?

    Starr: Anna, you and I both know that I need wrestling too much to do something like that...

    Anna: But you need to be well to be able to be the champion you so desire, you know I’m right?

    Starr: Anna! I am fine…-Starr stands up but his knee buckles and falls back down-

    Anna: Clearly, you’re just fine. Look at yourself for two second and realize you're not in this alone, Ian. This isn’t Starr against the world here. You have me.

    Starr: Anna look into my eyes and take time to realize, this match, this tournament, I need this. Please you have to understand that. Whether I do this alone or not, I’ve obviously proved myself to the higher ups and they’ve granted me another opportunity here!

    Anna: Fine, If you win you can continue injured, but if you lose or if your body gives out on you as it looks like it will, you are getting the medical attention you desperately need.

    Starr: That’s fair. -He pulls Anna in for a tight hug.- Thank you, Anna...

    Anna: I care about you Ian, I really do. And I wish it was on just a agent client basis, but it’s not. Not anymore. You need me to look out for you because you clearly can’t look out for yourself. I’ll be at every match from now on because you’ve become you priority now. Your health and well being is the utmost importance to me.

    Starr: -Starr’s taken back by the sudden out pour of emotion.- Anna, you don’t have to do that.

    Anna: I do because I care about you. And anyways, who wouldn’t want to walk out to the ring with all of this. -Anna stands up and does a sexy dance for Starr.-

    Starr: When did this Anna show up? I’ve tried for months to show you that I was invested, and I got… I guess client-zoned is the word here.

    Anna: That was before I saw how much all of this really means to you. All of my other clients would gladly take the time off and collect the check. Your need to compete is very attractive and I really like it. I want to be a part of that, NO, I need to be a part of that! I’ve never had a client… A client like you Ian and I… I like you… God that sounds so juvenile, but it’s true! -She looks him in the face with the look of desire.-

    Starr: Well, I guess it’s no secret that I want to be with you. You rejected every advance I made, are you trying to tell me that’s changed?

    Anna: I’m so sorry for that because until recently I saw you as the guy that was in the sport that was a joke. But, oh my god was I ever wrong. You have all of the qualities I want in a partner and before I was to blind to see that. Can you forgive me for that?

    Starr: I believe it’s doable. -Starr grabs Anna’s hand and puts his fingers between hers.- This is your last chance to say this was you joking, hell it wouldn’t be the first ti-

    Anna: -Anna cuts him off and makes it so he’s unable to speak anymore by planting a huge kiss on his lips.- Is that enough of a sign for you? I need you to be the biggest Starr in FWA, in my company, and in my life, please stop resisting. It’s really unbecoming of you.

    Starr: You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that...

    Las Vegas, NV
    We see a busy Las Vegas street at night. The city is filled with color. Cameras panning left to right of all the different casinos and bars and hotels. Catching every single shade of neon signage there is. In front of some motel in the desert outside Las Vegas, we find Starr is dressed down compared to what he normally is. Behind him is a beautiful blonde lady almost looking like Sandy at the end of the movie Grease sitting on the hood of a car. Starr’s dark round sunglasses reflect the bright colors and he takes them off and looks into the camera.

    Starr: Ya know… it was six months ago that I walked off of that strip and into FWA with a chip on my shoulder and goosebumps all over my body. I debuted at Trial By Fire and made my presence known. Risky Douglas was the first person my name quickly became attached to. We’ve fought tooth and nail ever since, until… we’ve become somewhat of best friends. An odd couple for sure and I hope he gets better. My next match after that, however, didn’t go according to my plans.

    -He strokes his chin and bites his lip.-

    Starr: You see on February 10th, just a couple days before my birthday I had the opportunity to face someone who some say is like my evil doppleganger... Tommy Thunder… The Division One Athlete… We’re both young, talented, are egos are through the roof, but when our cocky and brash attitudes collided, my career was never the same again. One in a Million vs Division One in a battle of technical prowess, speed, and confidence. -Starr drifts off from his excited tone and begins to mellow out.- I made one mistake…

    Anna: -Anna gets up from on the hood of a 1972 Chevrolet Impala Convertible in the background. She steps up to him in her tied denim crop top and almost Daisy Duke-like shorts.- Let them know the truth, babe...

    Starr: ...Unfortunately, I ended up on the losing side... To this day, five months later… that loss still eats me up inside. After all, every one remembers their first loss. Right?

    Anna: But that loss never has to defined you!

    Starr: And the difference between me and everyone else is I took that loss and I made myself better from it! Every time I lose, I learn from my mistakes and learn to eliminate them from my move set. It’s all a part of the mantra, One in A Million. Taking everything and putting it in your arsenal. But lately, I’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster. Up and down again... and again... and again. But... where am I going with this?

    Anna: You were going to tell all about your new mantra, babe. The key to your “ReStarrt”!

    Starr: Yeah, lately I’ve been keeping one phrase in my mind. “Deshi basara”… it means “He rises.” And that’s exactly what I look to do from now on! I look to rise up from the hole that I’ve regretfully dug myself. I will crawl out on my damn hands and knees if I have to! -With as much passion as he can put into words.- I will not die digging! That means I’m not only coming back up to where I’m supposed to be, I’m going to be right where I should’ve been this whole time before I met you… Tommy Thunder.

    Anna: Because, Tommy Thunder, what kinda name is that ways? -She and Starr have a laugh.- My client and BOYFRIEND is the next big thing here in the FWA. There’s a NEW Starr in the sky and it’s headed straight for the top of the FWA and this one shines so much brighter than before! -Anna does a hair flip and turns back towards the car.-

    Starr: ... Anyway...You see, as bad as my win/loss record has been lately, yours hasn’t been any better, Tommy boy. You’ve been on a losing streak as of late. I’ve sat in the back and watched all the losses you’ve racked up for… what a month now? You beat one guy on our biggest pay per view, meanwhile, I performed at my peak in a battle royal. And if you think that was a one night thing, then I’m sorry to say… but you’re absolutely dead wrong. I will not only be beating you Tommy, I’ll be erasing that 1st loss to you. And I’m going on in this tournament and I’m gonna be facing whoever comes out of the fight between Tristan and Bell. My path to the gold starts with you Tommy. I’m sorry to say that this train is running right over and through your Thunderstorm. The railway leads to the “ReStarrt” of my career, it’s coming, and the line ends with the North American championship on my shoulder…

    Anna: Ohhh, I like this fire! Bring it in, babe. -Starr takes a moment to calm down and regain his composure.-

    Starr: The Thunder it’ll pass… The Bell will have her ball… the rootinest and tootinest cowboy will be tamed… and The former champ will duck again... Whether you’re “Immortal” or a “Carnivore” or on a “road to redemption”… it won’t make a difference… Go ahead... make all the jokes you want about me being “some jobber” or “some kid” you want… they’ll all come to bite you in the ass when I leave everyone in my way… well you know the rest.

    Anna: -She’s standing at the passenger door of the Impala.- Come on babe, I’ve grown tired of all this and you have important business to tend to back at the suite… -The camera pans in on her face as she gives a wicked smile and wink.-

    Starr: -The camera pans back to Starr who smirks and rolls his eyes.- What can I say? The woman beside me is now my One…

    Anna: In a Million! Be prepared to be Starrstruck, FWA universe! We’re out!

    -Starr is all smiles! He takes the wheel as the new FWA power couple hop in the car and haul ass toward the bright lights of the Vegas Strip.-
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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Of course, in the aftermath of an epic pay-per-view like Back In Business, the superstars and ladies of the FWA roster are not the only ones hoping to make their mark or get noticed and so, with everyone still buzzing about the excitement of BIB, fans visiting the next morning are treated to the first (and perhaps last) edition of a new segment: " FWA;s On The Box,"... and the advertised special guests in this debut episode? None other than Julian Watson, Martin Ryan, and of course their manager Madison Banks; The Heartbreak Express!


    "On The Box" - Episode One (Take One...)


    The interview segment opens with a ringside shot, in the Golden 1 Center The stands are clear and the production crew are in the process of putting together the desks, clearing the mats, and getting ready to put up the ring itself. But while all of this is going on, a dark-haired young man in a grey suit and tie is standing beside the ring. He has a microphone in his hand and flashes a nervous smirk at the camera, even as a small graphic in the corner of the screen reminds the viewer exactly what show they are watching before the debuting host has even opened his mouth.

    Danny Troy Welcome to "On The Box, with Danny Troy". I'm Danny Troy...

    He stalls a little bit, apparently realizing that the introduction might have been a little redundant But he sticks to his guns and carries on with what is effectively an audition piece for a permanent job on the FWA team

    Danny Troy: And I'm coming to you, as FWA is just recovering from a massive Back In Business And he's going to be joining me right now as the very first guests of "On The Box"...are coming off a losing effort in Back in Business: The Heartbreak Express

    Danny gestures to the side, where his guests walk into shot. The one-of-a-kind bitch Madison Banks is leading the way, dressed, in a too-tight purple top and a black pencil-skirt with several revealing slashes along the side. She is closely followed by the self-proclaimed "Perfect Tag Team", who have redemption on their minds; The Heartbreak Express after his big Redemption match. Both clad in black hoodies, with the lettering "#Heartbreak" printed down their chests. They stand next to Troy, who does his best to warmly welcome his guests... but before he gets much of a chance, Maddy pipes-up with a loud complaint.

    Madison Banks: RUDE!

    She shoots an unimpressed glare at the host when he reaches past her to try and shake the hand of the express.

    Madison Banks: Did you just welcome them as your first guests, but I didn't even get a mention? I'm Madison Banks, I’m the greatest manager in wrestling today, and one of the most powerful women in this entire industry. If you want to make it in this business, the very least that you can do is give me the kind of introduction that I deserve.

    Danny Troy: Huh? Oh, of course... of course, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snub you, Maddy…

    He starts trying to get himself back onto the fiery heiress's good side with some hasty brown-nosing

    Danny Troy: I know how important you are. I know I wouldn't have a chance like this to have my own show for the FWA Universe without your approval, so -

    Julian Watson: Hold on, let's not go crazy. Maddy can pull a lot of strings around here, but let's not forget we are the ones of us actually gets things done.

    Ryan smirks confidently, while Maddy gives a little-unamused snort at his comment

    Martin Ryan: Don't get mad, Maddy... it's the truth. If it were up to you, I'd still be putting up with Katie’s lame questions and sweaty palms as FWA's go-to interviewer. Or even worse... bringing Todd Salum’s back out of retirement for another flashback to the eighties.but just like. Because just like I've revitalised Tag Team Wrestling we 've also thought about the bigger picture. And I want to make sure that the company gets a face lift from the tag teams.. ... right down to the interviewers.

    Danny Troy: Well thanks for the kind words, just want to -

    Unfortunately for Danny, his first "On The Box" derails fairly quickly. While the young host is still talking, Maddy completely takes over the conversation. The formidable spitfire turns to face Ryan, ignoring Danny who lamely splutters out the last words of his sentence. Meanwhile, Maddy takes exception to some of the things that her boys have said.

    Madison Banks: Oh really? Getting things done?!You think you're the only one that gets things done around here? RUDE. How can you two of all people, even say that to me when I literally handed you the tag team titles at Back In Business and you BLEW it.

    Julian Watson: Hey! You saw that match. We were DOMINATING them, all match.We were smacking them around left right and centre,

    Ryan Martin: It’s not our fault, that The Olympians they cheated!

    Danny Troy
    : Uh, guys... if we could get back on track here, I'd like to ask -

    Madison Banks: RUDE!

    She screeches out her favorite word (Apparently), as her face goes bright red with anger

    Madison Banks: I don't need to stand here and listen to this!

    Maddy storms off, leaving Danny Troy wondering how his first attempt at hosting an FWA segment could have gone quite so wrong in such a hurry. He tries to turn to the Watson and Martin for some help, but they just shake their head in acceptance

    Julian Watson: Well, at least she’s moved past the slapping phase....

    Martin Ryan: You're going to need to give me a minute to deal with this.

    Without waiting for a reply, they both heads off after Madison Banks... which brings the interview to an unscheduled end. Danny is left watching his guests walk out on his show in disbelief, and he turns to face the camera with a very lost look on his face. He seems totally unsure what to do and hazards his best guess about the only way to salvage this train-wreck.

    Danny Troy: So, uh... can we cut or something?

    There is the sound of some muttered voices from the off-camera crew before the scene abruptly cuts to static. It's only a brief interlude, thankfully, as the wonders of video editing allow the scene to be picked up with "On The Box"... take two!


    "On The Box" - Episode One (Take Two...)


    The picture returns with just Danny with The Express Madison Banks is still conspicuous by her absence. But despite the manager’s disappearance, Danny tries to make sure this second attempt at his interview gets better than the first. He tries to pick it up where things fell off track before, acting professionally in his role as the host of this segment.

    Danny Troy: I'm joined by The Heartbreak Express

    Martin Ryan: They have eyes...

    Danny Troy: But I guess we won't be joined by Madison Banks?

    Julian Watson: She'll be fine, she just needs a little time to calm down. You know how these things can be…

    Ryan Martin: She took, what happened at Back In Business really hard, by the time we got back backstage she already left the building. We didn’t hear from her for a few days after we lost….We actually started to worry….

    Julian Watson: Until she walked up to us in catering, slapped us both and told us everything we did wrong in that match.

    Danny Troy: “Guys, I gotta ask. Why do you keep her around? She seems -

    Julian Watson: “What the hell is that meant to mean?!

    Martin Ryan: “You got a problem with Maddy?

    Both men instantly tenses up leaning forward some what aggressively in defense of their number one girl

    Julian Watson: Like we said, she pulls a lot of strings. She got us our jobs… and she’s the best manager we could ever ask for and besides...she’s just….Temperamental. She’s great if you stay on her good side.

    Martin Ryan: You don’t want to end up like Sammy Roberts

    Julian suddenly leant forward and punched Ryan Martin on the shoulder

    Julian Watson: We don’t mention Sammy Robert, Ever!

    Ryan holds his hands up in mild acceptance as if acknowledging he said a bad word

    Martin Ryan: Alright, alright.

    Danny Troy:
    Who's Sammy Roberts?

    Both members of the HBE exchange looks as if trying to debate if this is something they really want to get into before somewhat reluctantly begins to speak measuring every word

    Martin Ryan: He was a small time wrestler on the indy scene. Based in New York…

    Julian Watson: ...AND the first wrestler Madison tried to manage, they actually did quite well, he was making a name for him….

    Martin Ryan: “Of course he was, He had Maddy watching his back. Since when did she fail at anything?

    Julian Watson: He was on the verge of making a big name for himself…And if you believe the rumours he and Maddy had a ….”Thing” going on

    Julian waggles his eyebrows somewhat suggestively as if making sure Danny knew exactly what he was getting at

    Martin Ryan: God, can you imagine? I always imagined she would just rip the heads off her mates like a black Widow

    Julian Watson: “So you can imagine, how she reacted when Maddy caught him in bed with a ring rat….

    Ryan Martin: Then her dad got involved….

    An abrupt and somewhat awkward silence suddenly came over the scene...

    Danny Troy: So, What happened to him?

    Julian Watson: It’s an ongoing investigation….

    Martin Ryan: Probably best not to speculate…

    Watson shudders while Martin blesses himself subtly in the background

    Danny Troy: Ummmmooook. I actually wanted to get on track talking about your upcoming match...a big six match tag which will feature you two facing The World Tag Team Champions, The Olympians

    Martin suddenly leans forward and spits on the ground bitterly

    Danny Troy: ...And Humanity while
    you team with the North American Champion Mike Parr and some could say that, this is your big chance to re-establish yourselves as the top contenders to the Tag Team-

    Julian Watson: Wait, who says we’ve NOT the number one contenders? Are people BLIND?! Did they NOT see our match against those weirdos?

    Ryan Martin: You watch the tape back and you’ll see we had Di and Aries on the god damn run for 99% of that match. They got one lucky shot in and they think they’re hot stuff? No, no no. We were clearly the better team. All throughout that match and suddenly go to the back of the line? Yeah, like that’s happening….

    Julian Watson: This week is about proving a point. That we are the REAL premier champions. The Olympians? Over rated.

    Martin Ryan: I'll happily stand here and tell the whole world that the Olympians are amazing athletes, second-to-none, and two of the only men that I've ever met that can actually hold their own in purely athletic terms with us. But that's where it ends with The Olympians. That's all they got in their bag of tricks, just the athleticism. And honestly? Being able to jump really high might be enough to make you the best in the business... if this was basketball. But unfortunately for them, we're actually in the pro-wrestling industry. And they need a few more strings to their bow than just a crazy vertical leap and the ability to do a nice kip-up off of their backs to make it all the way to the top. They got the natural physical talents, but that's only going to take them so far. I mean, let's face it... when it comes to natural talent, we’ve personally hit the genetic jackpot. We don't have to work or try hard to be great at what we do...

    Julian Watson: But we DO work, and we DO try hard. Harder than anybody else around us. Which is why We’ve not just settled for being "good" or "great", but the very best there is! The Olympians, on the other hand, is still relying on the same All sizzle no substance. We saw it first hand at Back In Business and it’s good for getting a reaction out of easily impressed crowds with all of the leaping around, but not for being taken seriously as a wrestler. While someone like us has evolved over the years, adding moves to our arsenal, refining our style, and perfecting every single aspect of our game. Do you think we’ve going to do the exact same thing we did against them at BIB? No no, we’ve learned and we’ve going to evolve. The Olympians? are still going to playing exact same cards that he’s been, what? A year? And that might be enough to get them the victories against most of the guys on the roster, just working off of his athletic ability and that "heart" that he's always bleating about. But we’veI'm not "most guys" on the roster. That trick may have worked once, but never again.

    Danny Troy:
    Sure, sure... But all that being said, You’ve not just facing The Olympians, are you? So are you at all worried about facing Humanity

    Martin dismissively shakes his head, as Watson mutters "Worried? Why would I be worried?" in response to Briley's questions

    Danny Troy: Well, I just mean, if Humanity beat one of you….

    Both of them stares at Danny like the other man has just lost his mind, which causes the host to start doubting himself

    Danny Troy Uh... I mean it is possible right?t

    Julian Watson: Okay, I know you're still new at this... but take a deep breath, and think for a second about what you just said.

    An amused smirk starts to spread across Ryan Martin’s face, as Danny retraces his mental steps and can't quite see the problem

    Ryan Martin: You actually stood there with a straight face and threw out a question that started with "If Humanity pinned you..."

    Watson’s smirk is only getting bigger and he shakes his head at the interviewer

    Ryan Martin, You might as well ask me what would happen if Janet the Make-Up Lady got a three-count on us because that's got about as much of a chance of happening as Humanity ever keeping our shoulders down for a three count! Oh man, I knew getting you to do these interviews would be a good idea. You always make me laugh!

    Danny Troy: But I'm serious!

    He tries to look professional, but it's hard when they both dissolve into laughter beside him

    Danny Troy: Hey, Humanity is one of FWA’s premier stars!

    Watson tries to wave him off, still laughing it up, and manages to splutter out "Stop it, you're killing me

    Danny Troy C'mon, you know that one powerbomb can end any match! If that hits you -

    They break into absolute hysterics, as he still seems to think Danny is living in some fantasy The Heartbreak Express is too busy laughing at the idea of Humanity pinning them in any kind of match to care about more questions! a very UNamused Danny turns to the camera and makes a slashing motion to call for another cut...


    "On The Box" - Episode One (Take Three...)


    The third time might be the charm, as the image cuts to a new image of the interview scene. The Heartbreak Express has composed himself, although an amused smile is still on their face. But Danny looks determined to get a more serious answer out of the team this time around.

    Danny Troy
    : Okay...

    He takes a deep breath before rephrasing the question in a way that hopefully won't send the two into fits of uncontrollable laughter again.

    Danny Troy:
    As we were discussing, Humanity is a multi-time former champion and someone that a lot of people would consider being one of the very best in FWA

    Danny can see the first signs of a chuckle starting to come from THB, and tries to put a stop to that with his most serious tone of voice

    Danny Troy, It's the truth! He’s a tag team specialist And anybody can beat anybody on any given night.

    Watson isn't laughing this time, and Martin rolls his eyes

    Danny Troy So... for the sake of argument... IF Humanity, managed to pin either of you what would that mean to you?

    Watson tilts his head and Martin strokes his chin thoughtfully. It looks like they’re thinking it over, while Troy keeps his fingers crossed that this will keep his flailing segment on-track. In the end, THB locks their eyes onto the interviewer and shakes their heads at the same time

    Julian Watson: You want us to answer that seriously? Fine. don't care what he's done, or whether he thinks 'anybody can beat anybody', I still say that it's NOT going to happen.

    They is definitely not laughing this time, and Danny can see that continuing down this line of questioning might actually have touched a nerve!

    Ryan Martin
    We’ve worked too damn hard to get where we are
    today to be dragged back down by Humanity a man who spent the last decade getting his head scrambled by chairs. Since, we’ve arrived we’ve been outclassing everyone that's been put in front of us. And that is NOT going to stop just because Humanity feels like the world owes him something. He's had his chances. At the big time AND tag team wrestling and he blow it So if Brian wants to shut us up he's welcome to try. But if he seriously thinks that all it's going to take is him is some hardcore bullcrap? Then he really needs to get a clue and figure out just who he's dealing with. Because if Humanity plan is to trade kicks? We’d be MORE than happy to SUPERKICK his head so far down his neck, he'll be using his disgusting hair as a couch cushion!

    Martin shakes his head again when it looks like Danny is about to speak-up in
    defense of chances his partner tags in

    Julian Watson: Listen, we don't need anyone to tell me that Humanity is a tough competitor... we don't need anyone to tell me what he's capable of. Because we already know what he's NOT capable of, and that's beating us when we’ve at the top of our game! Humanity might be one of the best that FWA has on the roster, but that doesn't mean a damn thing to us. We can beat literally ANYBODY on this roster, and everybody knows it! And that includes The Olympians, that includes Humanity and that even includes Mike Parr;

    Ryan Martin: You mean the guy
    were carrying tonight right?

    Madison Banks
    : Well at least
    HE has a title!

    The absent manager comes sauntering back into the shot, after her earlier emotional meltdown. Martin and Watson instantly become a little more uncomfortable as Maddy interjects herself into the interview without missing a beat

    Madison Banks: At least he has a brain in his head. At least he’s a champion. At least he doesn’t need titles HANDED to him on a silver platter

    Julian Watson: But Babe-

    Madison Banks: What did I say about you calling me babe?!

    The bickering continues, as an exasperated Troy turns to the camera, a look of utter despair on his face as he is forced to once again call for another cut...


    "On The Box" - Episode One (Take Four...)


    For the fourth and hopefully final attempt at a successful segment, Danny Troy is joined in the shot by the fully formed Heartbreak Express. They appear to have calmed down and are standing side-by-side... which has got to be a good sign that everyone will be able to get through this in one piece. Danny seems to have lost a lot of his initial enthusiasm after having to deal with their volatile relationship up-close and personal, and he just gives a silent go-ahead for someone to start talking, hopefully picking up from before the last breakdown.

    Julian Watson: Look as long as Mike Parris is smart enough to get his head in the game, and listens to everything Maddy tells him and follow the Team Captains is telling him? (

    He points to themselves when he mentions the 'team captains', obviously already nominating themselves for that role

    Martin Ryan: Then we should get along just fine.

    That seems to surprise Maddy, who relaxes and starts smiling slightly at this positive words who seems content to let her boys speak

    Julian Watson
    Listen, we are the perfect tag team for a reason, and being flawless is about more than beating every single
    challenger that comes my way. It's about rising to EVERY challenge. And if that includes teaming with someone like Mike Parr? Then that's what we’ve going to do. And together, Martin and I will rise to the challenge, and make sure that The Olympians and Humanity are the next added to our personal hit-lists. And before you say anything...

    He turns to Troy, perhaps trying to encourage some words from the auditioning interviewer who seems to have lost the will to live …

    Julian Watson, I know that we can’t take that team lightly

    Watson nods in agreement before looking over to Maddy as if for approval, after all, it sounds like something she would tell her boys

    Madison Banks: Keep going...

    Julian Watson: But when you’re perfect. You’re just one. Step. better.

    Martin Ryan: ….And that includes Maddy. She could probably bench press everyone in that match

    Madison Banks: “You know something? I probably could”

    Danny Troy: “Well, let's be honest; not really

    The smiles and somewhat cocky demeanor fade away suddenly from the group as Maddy frowns at the interviewer speaking out of turn

    Madison Banks: “What are you talking about?

    Danny Troy: “Well, for starters, everyone in this match is around six feet or thereabouts-

    Danny trails off as Julian Watson and Martin Ryan suddenly become very animated behind Maddy, maybe already knowing where Danny was going with this they make wild “Cut it out” gestures, shaking their heads and mouthing the words “No” basically doing anything they can to tell Danny not to go down this road. But Maddy for her part doesn’t seem to have noticed

    Madison Banks: ..I don’t follow…

    Danny Troy “...Ummm, know you’ve…..You’re-”

    Madison Banks: “Beautiful? A genius? What? What I’m I? Spit it out

    Danny Troy: Short. Really short.

    The entire mood in the room drops like Danny had just dropped a racial slur. A thick tense silence now descends as both Julian and Watson begin to look very uncomfortable and they subtly begin to back away from their spitfire of a manager whose face has totally drained of colour and emotion..but the glare she was giving Danny was utterly murderous her breath becoming deeper and more vocal and aggressive with each one as a large angry vein begins to form on Maddy’s forehead. Danny looks to both Julian and Martin in bemusement trying to figure out what he’s done but both are avoiding eye contact with him.

    Danny Troy: I mean it’s not a bad thing, it’s just-

    Madison Banks: TURN THE CAMERAS OFF. NOW!

    A few moments later the feed cuts bringing the awkward segment to the close.

    ….We probably won’t be seeing Danny Troy again anytime soon
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    The Blood of a Family
    Part 1
    The Book of Skin and Blood

    Men who wander towards strange and mysterious places find that which they should never find. The deserts of Egypt and the Sahara remained vastly unfamiliar to even the most intellectual denizens of the ancient Nile empire. Many men wandered the desert in search of glory, but rarely did man ever return; one valley, through which is only rumored to exist, even with today's powerful sciences, was the challenge of which many a proud archaeologist and theosophist sought with promises of glory. The sciences of map making and surveying, have hitherto failed to discover this valley, which in ancient times the Hebrew people whispered of it and proclaimed it (roughly translated from Hebrew itself) as "The Valley of Reckoning", and according to folklore of the local Egyptian priests, was where the Gods watched over us, which was why it was nigh-impossible to discover.

    The Hebrew people, on the other hand, believed this Valley of Reckoning to be the home of the burning bush, of which Moses met God himself and sent him on an ancient prophecy. These of course, were never covered in traditional materials and would only be known to the most staunch of theosophists. The truth, hitherto remains but a grain of sand in the unending aeon that is time itself, a mystery beyond even the origin of man itself. Though theories exist, they are less concrete, more as they are baseless rabble from a grouping of men who refuse to give up the search.

    What is known in the ever-growing annals of history, is that only two men ever returned from the expansive desert in search of the fabled Valley of Reckoning. One was an American man who began his search and was assumed missing for over a month in the year 1916. The other, a rather insignificant Roman philosopher who's name remains as much a mystery as the sacred valley itself.

    This Roman philosopher is only known in modern history by the name Brutalis Ignatius. What is documented about him comes from the accounts of his own son, Sillius, whose last name has been lost to the horrid entropy of time itself. Brutalis was born sometime between 2 BC and 6 AD. He was born to a wealthy Roman family in the capital itself, during the reign of the great and mighty Emperor Augustus. By all accounts, Brutalis lived for the entire duration of the Julio-Claudian Dynasty. Brutalis grew in a true noble's household and was renowned in Rome as a philosopher, artist, and author of poetry. All but one of his works were lost in the Fire of Rome in 64 AD. According to Sillius, he was a firm believer in the ancient stories of the fabled Valley of Reckoning, and eventually took break from his renowned authoring in November of 61 AD and traveled to Egypt. There he remained for over three months, contact seemingly having been lost.

    He eventually returned in February of 62 AD; he maintained in his possession a book he had claimed to have written, called the "Mortuus Libro", which over time, was gradually translated from Latin into English, and was thought to be read as, the "Book of the Dead". Nothing is truly known about the book, except that according to Brutalis himself, it was bound in the skin of Arab slaves and written in the blood of Egyptian virgins. What is written inside remains a mystery, as it is, for strange and unknowable reasons, unopenable. For what source of mystic magic had been cast upon this demented and heretical book of seemingly dark intent that mere man could not peruse upon it's unknowable writing? When "generously" donated in 1917 to Brown University, in Providence, Rhode Island, the donator left a note stating that "it could only be opened with the blood of a true descendant of Brutalis." The donator of the Mortuus Libro was the American whom was the only other man to survive the trek for the ancient and rumor riddled valley. His name was insignificant but was of a very old family, whose lineage could truly be traced back to a voyage to America in 1670: Robert Zewbowski.

    Now Brutalis maintained an almost obsessed-like death grip on this book of seemingly modern construction. Sillius never once handled the thing until 67 AD, when his father handed the book to him, giving him a grave warning to never attempt to open the thing, as it was not meant for any man's eyes. Shortly following this, Brutalis disappeared and never appeared again, having seemingly been taken in the night with nothing disturbed. Not even his son could venture to guess where the man of great age had gone to. Sillius believed, however, that his father's disappearance had some dreadful and terrifying relation to that thing of skin and blood that laid before him.

    Never once did Sillius attempt to open the book, loyal to his father, and it was recorded in his last manuscript that it was to be handed off to one of his own sons, whom he hoped would hand off to his next of kin in time. So it was believed that the Mortuus Libra was passed from generation to generation of Brutalis Ignatius's descendants. How it came into the possession of Robert Zewbowski, is not exactly known, except to him, and only him...

    But Robert would not be the only Zewbowski to take hold of the Mortuus Libra, for even now, his great-grandson walks the earth in search for the evil manuscript of aeons past. This man of wicked countenance and deceptive nature approached professors and of course the provost of Brown University, introducing himself (truthfully) as the great-grandson of the gracious donator of the inexplicable and truly ancient manuscript, the Mortuus Libra. He tested and questioned the professors and provost of Brown with strange curiosity in the object, wanting to know with perked ears and heightened attention as to what they knew about the book and the ancient history behind it; included in his questioning that intrigued and maintained a curious fancy within the professors were his questions on Brutalis, whom it was thought impossible that the general public would know such of such a man, especially a man whose great-grandfather disposed of the book from his possession before ever having any next of kin to speak of, supposedly.

    It was concluded that this descendant of Robert was no mere common man, as he was quite intellectual, despite all haggard appearances hinting otherwise. His eyes were of dull blue, seemingly having not slept a wink in his journey, and he hunched forward, as if tired from traveling nigh-constantly; his frayed, greasy brown hair was left unkempt and allowed to grow to his shoulders. He did not give a first name to the provost of Brown, only initials: BZ (his last initial was presumed and later identified as indeed being Zewbowski). When all was said and done, Miskatonic was not truly willing to hand over the Mortuus Libra to this man (for they had never handed out ancient artifacts), but were willing to make an exception for Mr. Z, as accounts have named him... The reason given by a Mrs. Christina Paxson, President of Brown University, was intriguing and beguiling to his own professors and archaeologists, for she made the statement that, "t'was a property of the Zewbowski family, as written in Mr. Robert's note from 1917." Indeed, this Mr. Z arrived as if from shadows and retrieved into his possession that most otherworldly and occult-like manuscript, bound in skin and blood.

    July 10th, 2017
    Church of His Most Holy Lord
    5 Miles from Salem, Massachusetts

    We return once again to that place. That monastery of ancient construction, from a bygone era of piracy and discovery. Indeed, we return to that hallowed cathedral of mystique and quasi-abandonment. However, we do not stand amongst the cross-crested pews, nor at the Cyclopean construct altar for the sacrificed lamb. Instead, we find ourselves deeper inside this monastery. In the olden and grimy stone hallways, left unused for more than three centuries, enters our leading figure. The ever-mysterious and aggressive magistrate of the occult: Humanity. Standing in his black robes, as usual, he steps forth towards an old and rotted door, left to entropy for reasons unknown. There is writing on the door, but appears to have been faded away from age. A smirk rushes across his face, but is wiped away quickly as a small handling of the olden brass handle causes rust, dust, and grime to blow into the air. The door handle has fallen apart, unkempt for countless ages.

    Unfortunate... isn't it. Age is truly the one thing that no matter may defeat... It comes, and sweeps us away... just like religion of old, but it should be noted, that those religions never truly die...

    He drops the remains of the brass handle, and places his scarred, and filth covered hands upon the aged and rotted pine wood. Its texture is soggy, gross, and grimy. He pushes the door forwards slightly, and with little force necessary, the hinges of this old door fell apart from rusting. With the door out of the way, we see only a dark, empty room. It appeared to have not been used for a long time. The floor is settled in ageless dust and the dilapidation of the room remains obvious enough.

    Humanity: Some religions lay dormant for a long time before somehow making a return from the darkest recesses of the earth. You know what they say... "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die." Many a religion has come and gone, but they have never truly disappeared. The great ancient religions of the Philistine worship of Dagon, the Egyptian ancients Horus, Aten, Osiris, and Ra... and of course, the mighty Grecian gods & goddesses: Zues, Ares, and of course, Dionysus... all have made resurgences sometime between the 20th-21st century, in the form of what has been considered cults and mad cacophony, ravings of mad men. I have spoken my bit on the idea of religion and faith before, so I shall not continue to speak my piece. However, my focus continues on the foolish emotion of pride and the role it plays in the downfall of many of these religions, many people, places, things, and of course, ideas. It was foolish pride that was a caustic factor in the ill-fated Napoleonic Wars. It was pride that led to the fall of the Roman Empire. Empires crumble to dust as proud leaders commit to ill-fated expeditions and military commissions.

    The man pulls what appears as white waxy substances from his robes and places them in a circular pattern on the floor. They are in fact candles, and he sets them alight one by one...

    Humanity: There is something other than pride, that too, creates the fall of man... and that is ancestral sin. There is a saying, "the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children". The past may be the past, but it never truly goes away. It comes back to haunt the present, one way or another. I wonder if there is something in the proud Parr, or the ever so haughty Heartbreak Express have ancestors that have committed some sort of act of evil or a sort of taboo of times. There is no escaping the ancestral sin... You need look no further after all.

    Humanity produces a brown, leathery item from his cloak. It is in fact a book. The leather cover, or what appears to be as close to leather as one would believe, appears to be stitched together through some means other than medicine, and is warped with great age, and appears to be on the brink of freshness and rotting. It is nearly blank, with little writing on the cover, and at first glance, could pass for nothing but a unremarkable manuscript. There is far more to this unassuming thing than meets the eye, for its aura fills the room with the feeling of dread and general... unpleasantness. Humanity smiles at the sight of this ancient tome and handles it with much care.

    Humanity: This is my book. Mortuus Libra, as it is commonly referred to. The Book of the Dead, as it is translated in English. It is unknown what is inside, as it is un-openable through mystical means. Writing by the Roman philosopher Brutalis Ignatius in the first century... it has survived almost aeons and handling from men of many generations. My great grandfather beheld this book, and he attempted to hide this from family, to hopefully end the ancestral sin of Brutalis's indignities... unfortunately, it is my destiny. It is stated that only a member of Brutalis's bloodline may peruse upon this book of occult and "evil". Well... I cannot say for certain, but there is only one way to find out. This is not the time, however. The great reveal shall come in time.

    Fight Night comes, and here we see my good self participating in a cordial greeting and alliance with the great Ares & Dionysus. They stand as the representation of war and the arts, wine, and fertility. On the opposite side of the battlefield, stands men who are true representations of all that is "immoral" in theological conditions... they are Proud and Envious, a true coupling worthy of the bards of Rome to create legends of; contemptible heathens, much like so many men of time immemorial. What is there to say? Truthfully, nothing much. They will fall, like the others at Back in Business; as for the "elephant in the room" as it were, Mr. Parr's championship... I told you that you may have been successful at Back in Business, and I was not wrong, for it only grows your ever so tiring pride and distracts you from what truly matters. That would be reality and truth, of course.

    A decrepit, low-toned voice echoes across the empty chambers; it's suddenness causes the air to stir and the candle's flames dissipate. A shadow emerges from the somewhat dim light of the doorway, and an elderly man in priest's robes appears. His face is pale, and aged, with wrinkles

    ???: Could it be thy master?

    Humanity turns to face the elderly man, whose voice is reminiscent of an early colonial Englishman. He slowly nods his head in acknowledgement.

    Humanity: It is I, Brother James.

    Brother James: Master! Doth have returned... could it be that master has the Mortuus Libra he seeks so very much?

    Humanity: I do, Brother James. It is good to see you have survived thus far. Who would suspect that a man of your advanced age could continue to minister this fine missionary?

    Brother James: Of course, not a single man would truly be capable of grasping the truth, except for you, master.

    Humanity: I cannot stay for long, Brother James, I must attend to other matters... I leave in your possession, the Mortuus Libra. Care for it with your life, you must not lose it for whatever reason. I must continue my mission. I shall be heading to Egypt as soon as I am able... I must find that hidden valley. I must follow my great grandfather's footsteps.

    Humanity steps forward, placing a hand on Brother James's shoulder, and places the Mortuus Libra in the hands of the aged priest figure. He looks in awe, and clutches the ancient tome tightly around his arms. Brother James bows his head and nods acceptingly.

    Brother James: My master... you are too generous... I shall never let thee down. You have my humble word...

    Humanity: Good... I shall be taking my leave...

    The master steps past his loving servant, Brother James, and makes a swift exit from the room, entering the dim light of the hall, through which sunlight permeates through old windows. Humanity takes one last glance into the room, where Brother James could audibly heard chanting something in Latin, though it is for certain not Catholic prayer.

    Humanity: The mighty and proud shall continue their fall, and I will follow my destiny... but I must question whether you shall decide to embrace your destiny... or allow it to destroy you from the inside out? Something to ponder...

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Tiny inpatient footsteps clattered off the College dorm floor as the girl thundered down the hallway like a quickly gathering human tornado, or a heat seeking missile making a beeline for its target and judging by the angry fire slowly bubbling over in her eyes as she charged forward with purpose getting in her way would be JUST as fun. Taking time to adjust the books she was carrying under her arms-All the while muttering angrily- her eyes zipping from dorm door to door, like her life depended on it….until her eyes settled on one door in particular which she regards with a snarl.

    She found her target.

    She stomped over to the door in question,
    balled the fist on her free hand and hammered it rapidly against the wood of the door setting up a hail of hollow thuds echoing through the hall with machine gun like precision.




    Letting out a group of frustration, the girl looked about ready to stay there all day, kick down the door if she needed
    to...but in a instant that proved to be all rather unnecessary as the door slowly opened out releasing in its wake a veritable wave of a combination of strong booze and stale clothes caused the girl to wrinkle her nose in disapproval as apparently the girl she was looking staggers into view, d seemingly forgetting that company usually meant she had to actually dress more than just a t-shirt, her Batman boxer briefs and stripey socks and carrying a half empty water bottle that quite clearly is holding something a LOT stronger then water She frowned slightly at the stranger through a mess of raven black hair, curious why this girl would be disturbing her rest so early in the morning.

    Bad Student: "What chu want?

    Good Student: Seriously? What the hell are yo-Are you drinking?

    The girl with black hair snorted a little in derision before shrugging her shoulders tapping her bottle lightly

    Bad Student: It helps wake me up in the morning

    Good Student: It's 4 in the afternoon

    The girl in the doorway frowned a little in slight surprise before looking at the watch on her wrist her eyebrows raising a little as if to say “Huh, well what do you know” it was quite clear that the girl was slightly tipsy and she didn’t seem content on just tipsy as she brought the bottle to her lips once more and nonchalantly took a sip

    Bad Student "Morning for me.

    Good Student: You had a party last night didn't you?

    Bad Student:...

    The student peaked in from the door way trying to peer in

    Good Student: "Your room is a mess!

    Bad Student: "Do you have a point or are you here to make a collection of declarative statements?

    Cue another nip.

    Good Student: “ We have a project remember? We were meant to work on it today

    Bad Student:“Oh right, that. Yeah, I was going to but then I decided that I rather do anything else so….

    Good Student: This goes to our final grade! If I need to get the A get an A!

    Bad Student: “So just suck off the teacher like half the girls do”

    The girl in the hallway lets out an audible horrified gasp at these words reeling back a little

    Good student: How dare- You can’t-

    Bad Student: “Oh come on, I’ve seen the way you look at him, being such a good teacher’s pet for him, laughing at his stupid jokes. Kissing his ass so much I can practically smell his taint from here...So just suck him off. Put out, that’s what everyone else does. What makes you so high and mighty?”

    A brief silence descends over both of them, the student in the hall way looking like she’s trying to resist the urge to strangle her eyes narrowing she leans forward and spits out the next words with venom

    Good Student: “Fuck you Bell”

    Smirking Bell rubs her hands through her raven black hair smiling just a little in derision

    Bell Connelly: Sorry babe. Not really my type but….

    Bell shook her bottle in front of the student

    Bell Connelly: Give me till the end of this and then...well...who knows?

    She laughed a little taking another nip of her bottle

    Bell Connelly: Oh, you can go now.

    And indeed she does with yet another dirty parting look she stomps back down the hall while Ball carelessly steps out and waves her hand cheerily

    Bell Connelly: Always a party talking to ya girlfriend!”

    With a flourish, she steps back in and shuts the door behind her, twisting her body so her back is leaning against the door, so she could fully observe the scene before her…..Glasses and half way empty beer bottled scattered around carelessly like a tornado had hit the dorm, sheets were thrown asunder...Food everywhere….It was like a bomb had gone off in her room

    Bell Connelly: “Always a fucking party…”

    Her mind and everything around her was nothing but a misty haze still hungover and only coming down from a recent drug indulged high, She didn't register much, just bits and pieces. She kept falling in and out of consciousness, which honestly, was a regular late night for the teen. She didn't remember much either. She had gone out fairly late, ready to hit the clubs and have a good time for one. It had been a while since she had last done something like that -- not before she had arrived at the academy. Of course, that also meant popping a few pills too many, and well, needless to say, after a few drinks, things had blacked out.

    She had remembered being cold, and wet. Whether that was from the snow, or spilling drinks all over herself, Lucy didn't know. She didn't care either. She wasn't capable of caring right now. She was too far gone in the dark spiralling haze of escape.

    Sliding down against the door she sat down against door and let the world spin around her she tried to remember something from last night...there was some kind of police officer holding her straight asking her about her phone, contact list and trying to reach anyone who cared enough to come pick her up. If she had been capable of doing so, Bell would have laughed in their faces and told them that no one cared, and that was just how she liked it. It didn't become dangerous until you started relying on people, and then got burned because of it.

    Her entire body felt heavy and numb. It was a nice feeling. It was a nice escape. She felt dizzy too as if she had been spending her entire day in carousels. Speaking of which, she was running low on her supply of weed, but he knew a guy that would give her a good deal, she took out her phone and punched in the numbers

    Bell Connelly: Yo, Mike. I'm running low, you got anymore green?

    Mike: You see THAT thing in there? That lifeless moron in the middle of the ring? That's what happens when you try to be a hero

    Bell frowned her head starting to hurt and a ringing in her ears beginning to ring

    Bell Connelly: Wait...What?”

    Mike:: That's what happens when you're a fraud who pretends they can go..

    Bell Connelly: What are you t-Mike stop my head hurts, the ringing in her ears getting louder and louder, the room beginning to shake somewhat as she spoke, and it was getting faster and faster still.

    Mike: That's what happens when you think you can measure up to ME. This is only the start. Connelly might be the first but she won't be the last. You'll see….

    Bell Connelly: “R-Mike stop, my hurts so much…..

    There was so much pain it felt like her mind was breaking in two. Where was she right now? The past, The future? Reality? Fantasy? Maybe a mix of all four? She honestly couldn’t tell the difference anymore….

    All she knew was it hurt.


    For a moment you'd feel as if you were a part of a somewhat 'cutting edge' style documentary. The cinematography was enough to distinguish this fly-on-the-wall type feature as the camera shook lightly as it roamed free around the sleeping quarters of someone quite... well, ordinary. It was your usual run-of-the-mill hotel room, nothing fancy. The walls were white-washed, in fact, the whole area was quite contemporary yet plain. I guess that's what you call 'modernism' nowadays. The camera spun in a three hundred and sixty-degree turn rather slowly, picking out objects within the room which could easily lead to the identification of whom they were following. An open suitcase adorned with Ninja Turtle stickers took pride of place upon the Queen sized bed, clothes were strewn across it... overflowing from the case. A pair of destroyed denim short, shorts... various vintage t-shirts cut into intricate patterns upon the back and shoulders, but one thing that stood out the most happened to be the various pairs of Chuck Taylor's all in different assortments and colours. Batman... Thundercats. You name it, they were there. An avid collector, perhaps? Or simply frozen mentally in a five-year-old state. You decide. It continued to search for other clues until it was greeted with the clearing of a throat - it wasn't that authoritative, to be honest - however, it did the trick. The camera swiftly jolted and swished around, the HD picture swirling into an array of rainbow colours before eventually landing upon the perpetrator. Luckily for us, we were greeted with Bell Connelly who was sat before a dressing table reminiscent of most hotel rooms. Dressed in a plain black blazer, white shirt and skinny before turning her attention back towards a small cardboard box that she had placed before it. The box was ever-so slightly worn, its once sharp edges had instead corroded and its previous light brown colouring had turned to a rather rustic antique shade. Scrawled across the side of it in a black sharpie marker were the words 'BELL’'S DO NOT TOUCH', the writing was extremely child-like... its formations slightly jagged. It was clear this was a relic of her past. The camera zoomed in upon its contents that were strewn across the mirrored top... tickets, letters, magazine cuttings and photos were the many objects that occupied the small amount of space within it. But yet Bell didn’t move from her perched position her head downcast until she notices the camera for the first time….her face pale.her eyes red from lack of sleep and her hair messy and unkempt, it looks like she had been pulling at it recently tearing at it. But that’s not the most alarming thing about her appearance….

    ….Her right hand clenched in front of her appeared to be bleeding…

    Bell Connelly: “I think I punched a mirror and cut my hand”

    Bell holds up her hand showing it off to the camera palm first showing a shallow cut on her hand that was caked in dry blood, but the way in which Bell was speaking was somewhat alarming. It was a dreamy almost drugged out tone of voice slur that made it sound like this was happening to someone she knew a million miles away and as such only deserved a mild curiosity

    Bell Connelly: I don’t remember doing it….I don’t think there’s a mirror even in this room? Is there?Maybe you could check. I sat down, I blinked and my hand was like this...I think that’s funny. Don’t you?”

    Rather abruptly and somewhat unsettling Bell titled her head back and admitted a hysterical sounding breathless laughter that was way too strong and way too loud for that kind of thing…

    Bell Connelly: It just seems like something I would remember you know? I wonder why I did it….maybe I just needed to feel something….I’m having trouble feeling anything to be honest….I feel numb...Like….

    Bell suddenly trailed off a far away look in her eye as she stares off into space before blinking rapidly and turning towards the camera tilting her head at it almost confused by his presence.

    Bell Connelly “Oh hello, what are you doing here….OH RIGHT. I have that match. The Tournament...The North American title...I’m fighting,...I’m fighting….

    Bell says scrunching up her face and tapping her head repeatedly as if trying to realign her thoughts.

    Bell Connelly: “Lister...Listen. Mister. Kristen. Fister. Fester. Bingo. Bango. Tango. Omega.. Alpha. Beta. TRISTEN. THAT’S IT. TRISTEN. JAMES GALLOWAY.” HEY!”

    Bell suddenly waves overtly cheerily at the camera her smile never exactly reaching her eyes

    Bell Connelly: My my, my AREN’T YOU A BIG LUG! You look like Tazian but I’m sure you don’t hit like Jane! Am I going to find out this week huh? Oh-ho-ho I hope not, because believe you me, Mr. big stuff… because I’m coming to win….Hey, has anyone ever asked you your story?

    Wow, that was an abrupt subject change, Bell’s all over the place, but that just speaks to her state of mind at the moment to change track some bluntly

    Bell Connelly" Oh you know what I mean right?Where are you from? Who do you know? What was it like? People even ask me for comparisons - which if I'm honest - I find kinda weird... not because it's a stupid question or anything, but because each story is different. Each story has a different moral basis and everyone has a different one to tell. When you visit different parts of the world, this is plain to see, especially when you look at many classic tales. Take the Three Little Pigs, for instance. Each of them differs slightly, like a game of Chinese whispers, which is why when people ask me to explain mine, I often refuse. Not because I don't want to. But because what I necessarily say sometimes isn't translated into its purest form, you know? ...and as much as I'd love to compare myself to the story of Kal-El and claim to have Kryptonian links - which, if I may add... I do have striking comparisons to - mine is much simpler than that. I know, I know. But it's not a bad thing... it just makes me slightly more relatable than I already am."

    She smiled, as she continued to look through the bunch of pictures before her. It wasn't until she came across one that struck her so heavily, it was almost as if a lightbulb has switched on in her head. She snapped her head over her shoulder, enough to look dead into the lens of a camera.

    Bell Connelly "In fact, if I were to compare it to anything... it's much like that of Jay Gatsby. Minus the boot-legging, of course. Now, I know what you're all thinking. Gatsby wasn't the most desirable character in the world... but the two of us share something in common. A dream. And it is through pursuing such a dream, going through the notions of attainment, that the two of us care not for the path we take. But does that really make us bad people? You see, growing up for me was a tough time. I'm not gonna lie and I certainly don't want the sympathy, but it's a story I like to tell. It's MY story. You see, it may sound extremely cheesy, but the only thing that got me through those long nights but the burning desire to better myself. A formulation of a dream that one day I knew I would achieve. A rather glamorous career in professional wrestling."

    She scoffed somewhat at the adjective she had indeed just used to describe her career. Oxymoron, much?

    Bell Connelly
    "I guess this is the part where I talk about how this ultimately led me to where I am today and blah, blah, blah. But I won't bore you with the formalities. I always had this dream, whether it was written for me or not. Whether the stars aligned or the moon eclipsed, I would always be granted this moment. Why? I hear you ask. Because I've earned it, because my plan worked. But it wasn't enough. I had my career, yet I wanted more.,,,,and I will get it….

    Bell’s eyes begin to flash dangerously all of a sudden

    Bell Connelly: “I will win this week, And I will win the North American title because I don’t have a choice. I have nothing left. I have nothing left to fight for, can’t you see that Tristen? PEOPLE ARE LOSING BELIEF IN ME AND WHAT I STAND FOR. Do you know what happens to a fairy when no one believes in it….it dies. And if I lose to you….I might….”

    Bell pauses taking a deep breath her head twitching just a little before she calms a little and looks back to the camera.

    Bell Connelly: “What happened at Back In Business will not define me. This is not where my story ends and I won’t let you write my final chapter...I need to win...I need to feel again

    She spoke with such determination, the look in her eyes projected much more than a will to succeed at Defiance. It
    was do or die. She needed this. She paused for a second, a small half-smile creeping upon her face. She almost didn't want to say it as she was too modest, but it seemed more than fitting at that given time.

    Bell Connelly: This might be my last stand TJP and you might be the one to drive the dagger in my heart at last…...but I will never go down without a fight….I will die on my hill if I have to….but you have to climb it first. I'm not going to end up like Gatsby. I'm reaching my damn light house This week I’m taking my life back.

    And with that, we fade to black...On a rather unnerving segment indeed
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Tales of Redemption.

    We open to water droplets dripping on a road. Water falling in spots. Rain? No. We look up see a man standing roadside in the middle of the Desert somewhere between San Diego and Las Vegas There is nothing around for miles apart from a car parked off the road about 500 yards behind the man. The mans head is dropped as sweat drips off him to the road. The man wipes his forehead with his sleeve. As he moves his arm away we can see it is Phillip A. Jackson. Jackson is wearing a light beige suit but is heavily disheveled with his black tie loosened, the top two buttons of his shirt undone, with no jacket on. Jackson rolls up his sleeves and is clearly affected by the heat of the sun in the middle of the desert. Jackson clutches his jaw and rubs it after Back in Business. Jackson looks at all the little cuts on his arms that haven’t healed. Jackson stares down at them.

    Jackson: I am a scarred, bruised and somewhat broken man with another chance to rebuild after my failure at Back in Business. That is what this is to me. Restoration. Not redemption. Not a fresh start. Not a clean slate because our pasts are not forgotten. They are scars, bruises and breaks that define us. I am proud of the road I walked. I have had my redemption. I am proud that I walked a road less travelled to be where I am. I have enjoyed the ups and the downs in my career because it makes me human. It makes me treasure my success even more. It makes me look back with glee at my success and it makes me treasure future success. It has made me understand that my wins and my losses do not define me but the journey to those wins and losses is what defines me. I returned to this company at the absolute bottom of the card. I was dark match fodder for Sean Moore, or at least that was the plan. I focused, I worked and I won. It was a small, insignificant victory on a dark match for a pay-per-view but it was the start of the journey. This wild, topsy turvy journey that has seen me win the FWA title twice but also have crushing defeats and slumps that almost broke me. They almost broke me because I am imperfect. I am not some Godlike figure who is unbreakable. I am not some hero who can run into a fire. I am a human. Who experiences good and bad. Who doesn’t always succeed. That is what I have always been. I work hard because I know I can never take this for granted. I know what lies on the other side. I have experienced what a lot of young wrestlers in this company aren’t even aware of. I have been in a place where no wrestler wants to be.

    Jackson motions out to the nothingness behind him and begins walking out into the desert.

    No mans land.

    Jackson walks about 50 yards out into the desert away from the road and puts his arms out to indicate all the space.

    No mans land is a place where you are stuck. Where you are not accepted. Where you are laughed at and shamed because of something you did. The men not in no mans land turn around and they look at you differently, they stare at you when you don’t think you see them. You walk in on them telling jokes about you that they cut short when they see you. They treat you like a disease because that is what this business does. There is no-one else who will help you get out. There is no-one who will help you get accepted. You have to work your way out and that is what drove me for years. It was what drove me to crave success. What drove me to push everyone away and be my own man. It got me out of no mans land but it came at a cost...

    Jackson walks back to the road with a smile on his face. Jackson stops before he reaches the road again.

    ...It isolated me from the rest of the locker room. It put me on an island from which I could over see FWA. Where I could rule FWA.

    Jackson starts walking again and reaches the road. Jackson wipes the sweat from his head, struggling with the heat. Jackson walks towards his car continuing to speak.

    But I have re-established who I am. I have constantly re-invented who I am. I have been a traitor, a man with a failed plan, a man feuding with and teaming up with general managers, I have been the most feared wrestler in this company and I have won the Golden Opportunity. Now, I am a guy sweating his ass off in the desert after Back in Business. I have a rap sheet a mile long for what I have done in this company. One thing cannot define me. Back in Business may hurt but it doesn’t change things. Beating Chris Kennedy was not the ultimate goal of my career. It was something that I wanted but I fell short. We cannot accomplish all our dreams but we can try to. It leaves me with something to achieve. Something to strive for. I want to return the favour. I will do so one day but for now, Back in Business is behind me. Chris Kennedy is in my rear view mirror and I have to look forward. I have to get over it. I am frustrated but that is natural. I am upset that I couldn’t deliver at Back in Business again. I have to forget the pain because if you dwell on it, it destroys you. My focus is now this tournament. The chance to become a three time North American Champion. The chance to face a man who I bought to this company, Mike Parr. A chance to forget all the other bumps and bruises. It is about restoration. It is about history. I understand my place in FWA history. An immortal who will be in the hall of fame. It is up to me to work hard to ensure that I am worthy. To ensure that when I am ready to hang them up that FWA is ready to welcome me into immortality. That is my goal. That is what I strive for. The road between here and there is irrelevant to me. My legacy is important but now it is about giving back to this company. A company that finally believed in me. I want to help a new generation because I was once the new generation. I am the last man standing from the new era and I am proud of that. They might have been more talented but they didn’t have the most important thing, longevity. Whether they disappeared into the ether or they just spent all their time on Twitter trying to keep themselves memorable in FWA. I know the one thing that I will always have is that I will be remembered. That is why I am the immortal because nothing will see my name fade from FWA. Even so, I am rebuilding. My fall from grace doesn’t need to be the end. Even the greatest works require restoration and I just need to rebuild.

    Jackson climbs up onto the roof of his car and looks down the road both ways seemingly enjoying the view of nothing stretching to and from the horizon.

    We stand at the opposite ends of the same road. From this end you can see for miles. You are at the very beginning of this trial. It will test in ways you never though because it is a long, winding road. Full of blood, sweat and tears. For James, he is at the start of this road. I am the finish line. I have finished my road but it is our road to redemption. It is a journey that was defined by mistakes in our careers. James Sync was a name that was dragged through the mud. He became a parody. FWA made him a mockery. There was a jobber named after him. He was lower than I ever have been but James came to same realisation that I did. You can’t deal with the regret that FWA leaves you with. When I came back to FWA it was to prove to everyone that I could commit to a ‘bigger’ company and succeed. It was to prove that I was capable of overcoming everything thrown my way. It was to end the doubt I had. James is at the start of this road. James has to work his ass off to get back on the right track. People will doubt him. He will doubt himself and wonder whether or not he can push through it and make it in this company. I did it. I came out strong, I came out swinging and I took down big names. I won the North American Championship in a shocking upset but James, will not be doing that. James can try to do that but you will not be successful in this road back.

    Jackson hops down off his car and lands on his feet. Jackson opens up his car door and reaches into a cooler for a bottle of water. Jackson pours the water over his head before taking a swig of water. Jackson puts the cap back on puts it in back in the cooler and stuffs the cooler into the seating well to protect it slightly from the heat.

    For everyone like me, who claws their way back from the dead, you get many more who fail. They fail for the same reasons too. They let their ego get in the way when they start to stagnate. They set these crazy expectations about how quickly the will rise up the card and they start to get sloppy. Then they slowly tumble back down and fade away back to nothing. It is the truth. I look back down the road and I see where I made mistakes. I see where I almost fell apart. I know I have almost fallen apart in the last year. I am imperfect but I achieved something that required something greater than even the most perfect human. I turned my FWA career around. I have done it a few times. I have fallen prey to my greatest enemy. My mind. It will be your greatest enemy on this journey, James. It will be a long road. It will be boiling. It will feel like everyone is watching but no-one is. The journey will try and break you. Redemption isn't earned overnight. It is earned only after the one seeking it has suffered enough. You are older than me and maybe even a bit wiser but I know this business. I know what it takes to come back from where you are. You maybe even had a head start on me. You have titles in your history. I had nothing in this company when I made my return but I was in that boat because no-one believed in me. No-one wanted to believe in me because they couldn’t see where it mattered.

    Jackson taps the side of his head.

    In here.

    Jackson takes a breath.

    I always had these great plans but those hiccups in the road screw you up. There is pearl of wisdom that I like to share with people. It keeps me going through good, bad and indifferent. “The road to your success is not a highway. You have to create it as you go” because for all the best laid plans it only takes one thing to mess with it. I have experience in this sort of thing. I know what makes a guy on this path tick and crumble. I know the ups and the downs. It may have been years ago but it stays with you. Every detail is still vivid in my mind. I see past the scars and bruises because I have overcome. I am what you should be aiming to become. We in all our time in this industry, in FWA and in LOW, have never, ever cross paths before. I know you in passing but I know you more for your reputation in this company and I used to get that a hell of a lot. I remade my reputation. I became confident in myself. I grew into a wrestler that is not to be messed with. I don’t envy your journey but I will not be the stepping stone that launches you. I will not help you in the ring but I will offer my advice and that is all you will get. My story of redemption is over. I have embraced all the good and the bad because it is the only way to accept who I am. I am at peace in this company and where I am in life. There is no pressure on my back. There is no weight on my shoulder. There is no self doubt trying to bury me. For you James, That is where this road ends. At least when it comes to the North American title. This is my chance to begin my restoration. Taking a step back to move forward again. The North American title would look good around my waist. This tournament has good wrestlers that are going to bust their gut for a chance at the North American Title and I am sure that people will think I am going to take it easy but I will not. This will be a historic night as this will be the beginning of what will be known as ‘The Phillip A. Jackson Project’. It will take my blood, my sweat and my tears but the project launches because if nothing else I will always survive.

    Jackson opens his car door, puts the keys in the ignition and smiles. Jackson speeds up quickly and pulls out into the road and drives off as the scene fades.

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    Disappointment. It's a word seldom heard by Mark Merriwether. It's something he became at Back in Business. Since that night where Jason Randall successfully defended the FWA X Championship and Vincent was defeated one last time the Megastar has been sleepless. He knows if it wasn't for one crucial mistake he could have been champion. He could have ended Vincent instead of Jason. His usual crew have not heard from him since that night and they are worried. There's been time where it's been a couple days and they don't hear from him but this is different. The cameras show Mark's undisclosed Downtown San Diego apartment. Mark is shown sitting on his couch wearing sweatpants and a Seattle Seahawks shirt. He's watching the match from BIB and is looking very focused. A knock is heard but he doesn't get up. His phone starts ringing right after and he ignores it. A louder knock is heard and he finally gets up to answer it. He opens the door and it's Mitch White and "Big Bad" Mike Jones.

    Mark Merriwether: Listen guys, I'm sorry I've been nonexistent these past few weeks but I've been studying.

    "Big Bad" Mike Jones: Studying what?

    Mark Merriwether: My match. I have an important rematch with Jason Randall coming up at Fight Night and I need to be better to beat this lunatic.

    Mitch White: Next time just send a text or voicemail when you won't be around.

    Mitch and Mike go to play video games in the guest bedroom while Mark grabs a glass of water and sits back on the couch.

    Mark Merriwether: Jason Randall might be the only person I've truly feared in my entire life. His psychosis is something else and so is his intelligence. He's an absolute master of getting under the skin of others. And now with Vincent out of the way his focus is one hundred percent on me. That means I have to be better. I was good at Back in Business, at Fight Night I need to be great. It's all about focus and it's all about intelligence. I need to be smarter to best Jason. It just makes my blood boil when thinking that some lowlife crazy like him is a champion, a role model. He doesn't deserve to be champion. I have a better look, a better personality, and I'm even a better wrestler. The clothes I'm wearing now are still better than Jason Randall's best clothes. I'm the one that should be representing the X Division, there's a reason that I am the Modern Day God of the X Division!

    Mark grabs his phone and sends a text message to an unknown recipient. He quickly gets an answer and a smile forms on his face.

    Mark Merriwether: Now there's your little pet Penny. Per usual she got involved in our match at Back in Business. I know she will get involved in our match at Fight Night. I'll have some backup as well. I just sent a text message and got a response. My crazy cousin Chris Johnson will be in my corner and he isn't afraid to get in a fight with your Penny. He's got a vicious temper and is extremely loyal to me and is a perfect match for her. You see Jason I may fear you but there's a reason why fears exist. Fears exist so they can be conquered. I know you feared Penny at first but you beat that fear and she now fears you. Come Fight Night I will make sure you will fear me. My strap Buddy will make sure of it. You will feel my wrath and by the end of the match you will beg for mercy.

    Mark gets up from the couch and walks over to a calendar and July 28th, the date of Fight Night, is circled. July 1st, the date for Back in Business XII, is also circled.

    Mark Merriwether: We go from one incredible city in San Diego to one absolute shithole in Sacramento. Let me tell you, once I win that title I'll be out of that city in a heartbeat! Jason your streak of good luck is about to come to an end. My inner-psycho will once again be unleashed and I will finally face my fears. That X Championship is my golden goose, once it goes around my waist it will elevate my already tremendous reputation. I used to do my own stunts in Hollywood. I put my body on the line to make an incredible art form. Pursuing this title has been just like that. I'm putting my body, hell even my sanity, on the line to make an incredible art form. Despite my severe dislike of you Jason I still respect your commitment to what you do. You and I will indeed tear the house down. Those losers in the crowd and watching at home will be in awe that two people they hate are so damn good. Also speaking of commitment, you and your psycho Penny should be committed as soon as possible.

    Mark goes back to the couch, but not without pouring himself a glass of scotch on the rocks. He pauses the video after the match and Jason is holding his precious title.

    Mark Merriwether: Jason it's time your cute little reign came to an end. Sure you've sickened some people, ended a career, and made a name for yourself. But what if you lose to me? A man who is your polar opposite. I'm good looking, well-spoken, and successful at life. You're hideous, you speak like trailer trash, and you're just a psychotic mess. With that said and like I said earlier you have incredible intelligence and that is your biggest strength. This match I'm currently watching. I see my mistakes, I see Vincent's mistakes, I see your mistakes. Vincent made the ultimate mistake earlier this year by pretending to be a hero. And a hero he definitely was not and that's what ultimately cost him the X Championship and his pathetic career. However I'm no hero, I know I'll never be one. I will forever be a villain, sometimes maybe even an antihero. At Fight Night I will make you suffer and you will finally fall. I will make you wish you hadn't gotten rid of Vincent. You made Vincent your bitch and I will make you mine. When that idiot ruined my chances of being victorious he signed his own death warrant. Now it's you, me, and our crazy friends. My friend Buddy and my own two hands will make you bleed your own blood. You will face the Final Cut. And I'm sorry Jason but this will be YOUR Final Cut.

    The cameras fade out as Mark downs his scotch and rewinds the match to watch it once again.
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
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    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Fight Night July 28th Promo Thread

    “This isn’t going to work…..”

    Whilst nobody else was in the room, it just felt like it was something that had to be said. You need to show people that you can have fun. You need to connect with the younger fan base. You need to make sure that your star has never shone as bright as it does over the next few weeks. That marketing team behind Mike Parr are having a field day as he officially became the longest reigning singles champion after Back in Business and Cyrus’ defeat. In Mike’s eyes, of course, he was already the more impressive individual. But then again, Mike would also have said that he thinks people know that he can have fun, that he already connects with his younger and that his star has never actually shone any brighter than it does currently. Matter of opinion really.

    However, here he stands as your reigning FWA North American Champion. You don’t get there by just being brilliant, which he believes he is, but you get there by taking advice and counsel from those that should have an area of expertise in whichever field it is you are getting counsel about. So it was time to have an attempt at all the aforementioned….

    Perched in front of a huge green screen, Mike is dressed as your Roman God stereotype. Nobody seemed to bother to say it wasn’t exactly appropriate, but it was close enough. He has paint smeared across his upper body, with what can only be described as a white skirt and sandals covering his lower body. In his hand, in a move clearly inspired by Gandalf in Lord of the Rings, he has a staff. The idea is simple, the projection behind will add to what is a completely unimpressive image at present and he will be perched upon the top of Mount Olympus. Mike has been told there is no better way to connect with the younger fan base than self-depreciating humour. Still doesn’t make him feel all that comfortable as he cuts to some pre-written dialogue that clearly hasn’t come from himself.

    “Whether or not it is your modern day……”

    Mike winces. This is brutal.

    “What the hell are we doing……cut……..I SAID CUT….”

    Take 2

    We are back in the same location, large green screen in the background ready to project whatever is required. Into shot walks Mike Parr, not as we expect, but dressed in what can only be described as a dishevelled fashion. His hair has been purposely sprung out, he has a jumper tied around his waist hanging loosely with a leather jacket covering his upper body. Neither of these two items of clothing are complementing his jean shorts. He may have won the battle about dressing as what can best be described as a Roman stripper but apparently in this need to connect with a wider range of fans he has been talked into giving something else an attempt. The lights in the room dim as Parr takes a seat in the corner. The CGI screen in the background lights up and brings us to a derelict monastery, as it becomes apparent now who’s spirit Parr might be attempting to be channelling. Again, he breaks into dialogue that you can’t say is pre-rehearsed as it certainly looks like this is the first time Mike has been faced with these words, but most certainly pre-written.

    “No……..Nope…not happening. CUT. TURN IT OFF.”

    Take 3

    Maybe we have finally found a weakness in Parr’s arsenal. Maybe a career in acting isn’t going to take him away from the FWA anytime soon. For the third time, we end up in a room with nothing but a green screen for company. Mike walks into shot and this time he is The Prodigy, the sharply dressed, smug and brash but confident and indomitable (the last adjective directly quoted from the online reviews of Back in Business) North American Champion.

    “There is a reason why I haven’t been tag team champion.”

    Parr smirks as he makes eye contact with one of the workers behind the camera lens, who clearly is thinking the same thing he is.

    “Mac Michaud aside”

    Nearly 18 months later and that still hurts. Parr had the Garcia’s beat nearly on his own only to be let down by his tag team ‘partner’. You say partner because they were really just adversaries but together with a common enemy.

    “I have never been tag team champion because I don’t think that there is anybody that is on my level, and I look around the locker room and I don’t see anybody that is worthy of hitching a free ride to the top of any division. You team with me, and you are essentially jumping on my back as dead weight and coming along for the ride. That’s why I’m as good as I say I am. Now… will say that if I was that good then why couldn’t you carry Mac Michaud to the tag championships? Because I’m good, not a miracle worker….”

    The disdain Prodigy still feels about that situation is still more than evident but is certainly indicative of his burning desire to succeed regardless of what situation he may find himself in.

    “However, while I have to sit here and wait for 8 pretenders to battle it out to see who gets the honour of being the next name added to the list of conquests in what is becoming a history making North American Championship reign, the powers that be decide that they need to get me on the show somewhere. And it just so happens that somewhere is with our tag team champions and someone who has already chiselled their name onto the list of those that have been dispatched in my all conquering reign. So you 8, you can shout and scream for attention all you like but whenever you are finished with the child’s play in the corner then Daddy will be there to put you in your place. Until then, keep screaming and making all the noise that you want but just know that even if somebody could hear you…nobody cares.”

    Prodigy adjusts the championship belt that he has taken from Chris Kennedy on his shoulder so it reflects nicely off the lights in the studio.

    “Nobody cares because they about to witness Ares and Dionysus finally encounter their true Zeus. I am the true King of the Gods, I am the ruler of Mount Olympus, I am the God of the sky. Far from standing across the ring from me, you should dropping to your knees and bowing down in either worship or bowing down in begging for mercy. I have heard stories, you know, when I’ve been busy making history far further up the card that you could ever hope to reach, that you are the perfect combination. Ares is the God of War, the one with the bloodlust, the one who enjoys bloodshed and is violent. Then you have Dionysus, the slightly eccentric one who enjoys the finer things in life….”


    “The perfect combination they say. The problem is that “they” are mistaken. You are looking at the perfect combination and that perfect combination is Mike Parr holding the North American Championship. That perfect combination isn’t two individuals combining to make one dangerous unit, it’s one individual possessing all the traits and abilities to make one dangerous unit. Enjoys bloodshed and violence? I can beat your face in with my fists until the only chance of identification you will have is if I left any teeth left for dental comparison. Enjoys the finer things in life? When I’m finished beating your face in I’ll get my fists tended to before going to the nearest bar, having my favourite whiskey before deciding which lucky patron is in for the greatest night of their lives if I so choose. It takes two of you to, combined, possess the skills that I hold as an individual. Why do I win against you both in spite of the numbers disadvantage every time? Because I don’t have to depend on anyone else. The chances, the remote chances, of the both of you being 100% switched on and at the top of your game are astronomical, and unless both of you on the same night put in the performance of your lives then you really do stand no chance standing across the ring from me….”

    Prodigy paces impatiently back and forth, the adrenaline slowly beginning to pump through those veins. Sure, he doesn’t want to be in a tag match and sure, he doesn’t want to be in a tag match where all eyes will likely be elsewhere but there is that competitive instinct that always comes to the fore.

    “And then there is Humanity. I showed compassion to you. You can seek whatever solace in whoever’s arms you wish after finding out that you just weren’t good enough at Back in Business, but you should have cowed away back through the dark hole from which you emerged because you escaped Back in Business through an act of mercy. I’m sure you can go look up some Latin history that will tell you about the time where somebody chose to go into battle that they knew they weren’t going to win, and paid for it with their life. Go find the literature about the great warriors across time, and go see how many of them are remembered years from now having chosen to partake in a battle that they weren’t equipped to win…..”

    “Better yet, in which is beautiful symmetry, go look up the Aeneid. Grab Ares, grab Dionysus, and try to learn lessons from those that have made mistakes in the past before it’s too late. Because should you walk down to that ring at Fight Night and dare to try and cross my path once more, we will be looking back in centuries from now and I will be the modern day Aeneas.”

    “And if you are sitting there scratching your head, wondering what the hell I am referring to, then I’m afraid Fight Night is going to be the scene of you gravest error. I mean….I could spell it out for you, but part of me wants to see if you are smart enough to try and work it out and the other part of me will enjoy beating the shit out of you when you three inevitably fail to do so. Karma. Justice. Survival of the Fittest. Whatever you want to call it, the end result is this championship raised above my head in the centre of my ring.”

    In what is surely designed to be an image for the preceding video package, Parr raises his championship above his head much like he verbalised as the camera slowly zooms back. Sure….he may not have the self-depreciating humour that his team were looking for, but you can’t say that the confidence, arrogance and charm won’t resonate regardless of your age. And if it doesn’t, then he’ll just wow them again in between the ropes at Fight Night.

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