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Thread: New Champ, Same Bitch

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    New Champ, Same Bitch

    Sports Illustrated magazine published an article about Shannon O'Neal's FWA World Championship win at Back in Business XII. Dan Patrick, former host of ESPN's SportsCenter, invited Shannon to be his participant in the every-issue Just My Type column. The question-and-answer format resulted in some pretty hot takes from the fire-hot female.

    In a digital-only column published on the magazine's website, a 2,000-word profile dove into Shannon's victory, her fighting style, the motivation behind her pre-match promo depicting an alternate universe, and more about life after Back in Business.

    Below are some of the highlights from the Dan Patrick interview.

    Dan Patrick: What do you think about some of the people who still criticize inter-gender matchups of a man facing a woman?

    Shannon O'Neal: Well ... it's kinda dumb now. I mean ... I just beat Cy. Beat him so hard he couldn't get up. The dude's a competitor in that ring. I never once doubted his talents when he's motivated. And he was. I got to him. I got under his skin. But go watch that match. Watch the science behind it. One of the pitfalls in FWA when we've had these matches before is we've had girls tryin' to outgrapple dudes. That ain't happenin'. Bell ain't pullin' that on Cyrus. But alright ... let's say we had a girl with a wicked punch that could just throw punches non-stop and hit her way through a dude. Like she just had a massive right hand. That could work. So go watch the match again. It's obvious that the FWA tried to make it fly. And you don't even have to squint real hard to see it.

    Dan Patrick: You're pulling the curtains back a little there.

    Shannon O'Neal
    : Yeah, a little. The other issue people have is they get uncomfortable when a dude commits physical violence to a 'gal. And I get that. Especially in a culture where domestic violence is up. But me goin' out and puttin' myself in a situation where Cyrus kicks me or slams he ain't what caused that to happen. That was already happenin'. What I did is I also went out there and kicked him back, and punched him back. If this match never happened, then the uncomfortable violence would still be in our society. Now ... maybe ... I can be an inspiration for other 'gals to go fight back when a dude wants to be an asshole.

    Dan Patrick: Let's play a game. I'll say someone's name and you give me your honest thoughts. ... Cyrus Truth.

    Shannon O'Neal: Helluva wrestler. I can speak from experience now. But ya' could see ... he was growin' tired of bein' champ. He wasn't mentally prepared for what he'd have'ta do as champ. He thought he could say how things go but all he did was look like a b**** when challenges came up that he didn't like or prefer.

    Dan Patrick: Ryan Rondo.

    Shannon O'Neal
    : A shtick.

    Dan Patrick: Bell.

    Shannon O'Neal
    : No comment.

    Dan Patrick: Kazadi.

    Shannon O'Neal: I like Kazadi. He's a punk-ass b**** but I've been, too, at times. Glad he's back. He's got all the talent in the world and he's got that nonchalant-ego thing goin' on. Unfortunately, he's one of the worst in the FWA at needin' to be inspired instead of goin' and makin' somethin' for himself.

    Dan Patrick: Wolf.

    Shannon O'Neal: Go away.

    Dan Patrick: Chris Kennedy.

    Shannon O'Neal: 7-0 is 7-0 but I'd rather see Chris Kennedy from 2015 and earlier or nothin' at all than the one we got now. He's a sleep-walker.

    Dan Patrick: Michael Garcia.

    Shannon O'Neal: Star jobber.

    Dan Patrick: KAIZEN.

    Shannon O'Neal
    : He should stop feelin' sorry for himself.

    Dan Patrick
    : Gabrielle.

    Shannon O'Neal
    : We couldn't be more different personality-wise, and I think she made mistakes. But I also was a punk-ass b**** and took advantage of it. She's a legend. I deserve a Round 3, though.

    Dan Patrick: Mike Parr.

    Shannon O'Neal: Another sleep-walker.

    Dan Patrick: Floyd Mayweather.

    Shannon O'Neal: I'd knock him out. I know that might get blasted everywhere, and yeah, that's irrational confidence. But ya' gotta have that in this sport, especially as a 'gal. It's how I got to this point.

    Dan Patrick: Do you think it's smart to say some of the things you've said about the other FWA'ers?

    Shannon O'Neal: I don't hold back. That's the FWA right now, star jobbers and sleep-walkers. One of these dudes or 'gals — Starr, Thunder, Izzy, whoever — is gonna' bust up to the top on these "stars." I said before Back in Business that I'd be a better leader of the FWA. I know what I'm doin'. I'm not gonna' wait for someone to sleep-walk into a title shot. Queens get their hands dirty. That's why everyone loved me and Cyrus' rivalry. I'll go after ya'. Like Anya Stark, I don't wait.
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    Re: New Champ, Same Bitch

    "No comment"

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: New Champ, Same Bitch

    Shannon O'Neal pretending she watches Game of Thrones. fucking poser.

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