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    World Wrestling Federation: The Montreal Fallout

    Survivor Series 1997
    November 9th, 1997

    The opening bout saw The New Age Outlaws emerge as survivors as they teamed with The Godwinns to take on The Headbangers and The New Blackjacks. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn last eliminated Thrasher of The Headbangers to grab the victory with a great double team move that saw them once again prove they are the hottest tag team in the WWF today.

    Kurrgan of The Truth Commission was the sole survivor as he lead his team to victory over The Disciples of Apocalypse. Kurrgan looked dominant throughout the match as he eliminated all four members of D.O.A., last eliminating Crush with an impressive looking sidewalk slam.

    In a feel-good moment for the partisan Montreal crowd, The British Bulldog lead Team Canada to a win over Team USA. Bulldog was joined by Jim Neidhart and The Can-Am Express, while Team USA was represented by Marc Mero, Vader, Goldust and newcomer Steve Blackman. Close to the end, things looked bleak for Bulldog as he was left facing Goldust and Vader, only for Goldust to turn his back on Vader, allowing Bulldog to grab the win with the help of the ringbell.

    Mankind put up an incredible fight against Kane, but ‘The Big Red Machine’ was just too powerful as he put Mankind away. In a match that was fought under an eerie red light, Mankind and Kane engaged in a brutal battle which saw Mankind suffer a lot of punishment, which lead to Kane picking up the win.

    The Legion of Doom joined forces with Ken Shamrock and Ahmed Johnson to battle The Nation of Domination, with Shamrock impressing everyone as he emerged as the lone survivor. In an embarrassing turn of events, The Nation’s lead Faarooq was their first man eliminated, which set the stage for The Rock to show exactly what he’s made of. However, it was Shamrock who won the day, seeing off D’Lo Brown and then The Rock to win the match.

    The Intercontinental Title was on the line as the champion, Canada’s own Owen Hart defended the title against ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin. In what was a rematch of the infamous match at SummerSlam 1997 where Austin suffered a broken neck at Owen’s hands, Austin rallied to beat Owen in just over 4 minutes to become Intercontinental Champion for the second time.

    And then the main event, Bret Hart defending the WWF Championship against Shawn Michaels. Before the match officially got under way, Hart and Michaels engaged in a ferocious brawl around the ringside area, until finally the match started. In a controversial moment, Michaels locked Hart in the sharpshooter, and as Hart tried to reverse the move, referee Earl Hebner called for the bell to be rung. It was announced that Michaels was the new champion, despite it appearing that Hart never actually submitted.

    In the moments immediately after the match, Hart would spit in Vince McMahon’s face and then trash the ringside area, before signalling to his fans that he was indeed signing with the rival WCW, bringing an undignified end to his illustrious WWF career.

    The World Wrestling Federation
    Roster Accurate as of November 10th, 1997

    Ahmed Johnson
    Bart Gunn
    Billy Gunn
    'Blackjack' Bradshaw
    'Blackjack' Windham
    Bob Holly
    Brian Christopher
    British Bulldog

    Devon Storm
    D’Lo Brown
    Doug Furnas

    Flash Funk
    Henry O. Godwinn
    Jeff Jarrett
    Jesus Castillo Jr.
    Jim Neidhart
    Jose Estrada Jr.
    Kama Mustafa

    Ken Shamrock
    'Marvellous' Marc Mero
    Mark Henry
    Miguel Perez Jr.
    Owen Hart
    Phil LaFon
    Phineas I. Godwinn
    Road Dogg

    ‘Road Warrior’ Animal
    ‘Road Warrior’ Hawk
    Salvatore Sincere
    Savio Vega

    Scott Taylor
    Shawn Michaels

    Steve Blackman
    ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
    Taka Michinoku
    The Patriot
    The Rock
    The Sultan

    The Undertaker
    Triple H

    Tag Teams and Stables

    D-Generation X; Shawn Michaels and Triple H
    Los Boricuas; Jesus Castillo Jr, Jose Estrada Jr. Miguel Perez Jr. and Savio Vega
    The Disciples of Apocalypse; Crush, Chainz, Skull and 8-Ball
    The Can-Am Express; Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon
    The Godwins; Henry O. and Phineas I. Godwin
    The Headbangers; Mosh and Thrasher
    The Legion of Doom; ‘Road Warrior’ Animal and ‘Road Warrior’ Hawk
    The Hart Foundation; British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart and Owen Hart
    The Nation of Domination; D'Lo Brown, Faarooq, Kama Mustafa and The Rock
    The New Age Outlaws; Billy Gunn and Road Dogg
    The New Blackjacks; 'Blackjack' Bradshaw and 'Blackjack' Windham
    The Truth Commission; Kurrgan, Recon and Sniper


    Chyna; Currently Managing D-Generation X
    Doc Hendrix; Backstage Interviewer
    Gerald Brisco
    Howard Finkel; Ring Announcer
    Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler; Colour Commentator
    Jim Cornette; Colour Commentator
    Jim Ross; Play-by-play Announcer
    Linda McMahon; WWF Chief Executive Operator
    Luna Vachon
    Kevin Kelly; Backstage Interviewer
    Michael Cole; Backstage Interviewer
    Pat Paterson
    Paul Bearer; Currently Managing Kane
    ‘Ravishing’ Rick Rude; Currently Managing D-Generation X

    Sable; Currently Managing Marc Mero
    Sgt. Slaughter; WWF Commisioner
    The Jackyl; Currently Managing The Truth Commission
    Tony Chimel; Ring Announcer
    Vince McMahon; Play-by-play Announcer


    WWF Champion; Shawn Michaels
    Intercontinental Champion; 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin
    European Champion; Shawn Michaels
    World Tag Team Champions; The Legion of Doom

    Uh... hullo. This thread, like a few others on this forum right now it seems, started on another well known BTB forum. Unfortunately, when I started this thread about a year ago, the level of activity on that sight was pretty poor and it's somehow gotten worse. I, however, have a ton of ideas and a story I want to tell and have done a fair amount of writing the last few weeks. Hopefully guys like Stojy and Wolf Beast remember me ( ) and I'll get to know some of you here.

    Shows are in recap form with a weekly update post containing news bits and results for Shotgun Saturday Night (remember that?). Signings have been relatively realistic I think, and I'll continue in that vain. And obviously since I started this thread elsewhere, I'll be posting the older shows first before getting onto the new stuff. There aren't that many of them to catch up on.

    But yeah, it's 1997. Austin~! Austin~! Bah gawd! It's the start of the Attitude Era~!
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