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Thread: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

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    BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)


    Before the opening hype video, the screen shows the exterior of the Qualcomm Stadium before taking us to the inside where we see a huge sell out crowd all hyped up with a multitude of flags and an assortment of signs representing their favourite wrestlers. But the hype quietens down as Kurt Harrington stands in the middle of the ring with a familiar looking blonde lady...

    Kurt Harrington: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome our special guest, singing the national anthem, Nolee LaCroix!

    The majority of the crowd recognise the former FWA superstar as she begins to belt out her rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" - and most seem to enjoy seeing Nolee in her return. Piers, Langdon and David all stand at ringside as they listen to the anthem. By the time it reaches it ends, the crowd break into cheers as they all turn to the big screens for the opening hype video.


    As the opening hype video finishes playing and hyping up the entire event, we come to the familiar commentary team of Langdon Trafford, Piers Gallagher and David Weinstock - they introduce us to the show.

    Langdon Trafford: It's time, FWA fans! The biggest event of the year... it's finally here and we're ready to go! It's BACK IN BUSINESS TWELVE! TWELVE!? CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

    Piers Gallagher: I've put up with you for that long? Incredible.

    David Weinstock: Here's to twelve more, guys.

    Piers Gallagher: Unh...

    Langdon Trafford: Come on, Piers, it's Back in Business! Be in a good mood! Let's have a good time! I hear ya, Dave. I'll take twelve more Back in Business shows, why not!? If they're shaped up to be anything like the past shows... and TONIGHT'S!

    David Weinstock: Big... big matches. For the FWA. Alot could change tonight.

    Langdon Trafford: For all the bluster about Back in Business TWELVE, we've only got ELEVEN matches tonight. We were so close to perfect synergy guys.

    Piers Gallagher: Blame Zachary Kazadi and Wolf.

    David Weinstock: What does that even mean?

    Piers Gallagher:
    I don't know. Just two guys I like to hate.

    Langdon Trafford: Anyways... guys... tonight... we've got alot to get through! What takes your eye, Dave, Piers?

    David Weinstock: I gotta say... I'm interested in Rondo vs Connelly. It's the match that could define Bell Connelly and her trajectory. If she loses this badly, then I don't know what that will do for her confidence. She was clearly upset about the Carnal Contendership and I think the personal insults and attacks from Rondo have taken their toll. He's been playing mind games with her throughout the entirety of their little rivalry... and I think he's been doing it to lull her into adopting a specific gameplan for tonight. I like to analyse what I see and I will be watching this one closely. Bell needs to win. It has to happen.

    Langdon Trafford: I think we're all behind her, Dave. Ryan Rondo's not been a pleasant guy lately! He needs to be taken down a peg.

    Piers Gallagher:
    I hate that chump. But I'm glad that THIS YEAR, my boy Phillip doesn't have to waste his time with him. I'm going to see Phillip end the streak of Chris Kennedy. Isn't that great, guys? It might be the biggest achievement one can get in the FWA nowadays. Being the guy that ended Kennedy's streak... it's the one thing Kennedy has left.

    Langdon Trafford: Do you believe Phillip can do it, though? Chris Kennedy ALWAYS shows up for Back in Business, Piers. This is a big test for Jackson.

    Piers Gallagher: Phillip A. Jackson is the best wrestler in the world, today. He can do anything. Who else do you think, on this show tonight, could do it? Cyrus Truth? HA! Shannon O'Neal? She almost got slept by the weasel on Fight Night! This is Phillip's destiny!

    David Weinstock: I mean, he has as good a shot as anybody would.

    Piers Gallagher: Just you fools watch.

    David Weinstock: We'll take your word for it, Piers. And you, Langdon? What is it that gets you excited?

    Piers Gallagher: Creep.

    David Weinstock: I meant the show!

    Piers Gallagher: So?

    Langdon Trafford: Stop the damn bickering! Come on, Piers. Just for one night, please don't fight.

    Piers Gallagher:
    We'll see.

    Langdon Trafford:
    But to answer your original question, Dave... I guess I'm excited to see who will face "The Prodigy" Mike Parr for the North American title! Back in Business is the stage for big stories - we saw that last year - and now here is a chance for someone to prove themselves! HUMANITY, Starr, Sync, Zako, Hanz and Risky Douglas have a huge opportunity tonight! Could you imagine if one of them managed to win the title? It'd be an instant classic Back in Business moment! And I think it'll happen too!

    David Weinstock: I'm certainly intrigued. What makes you think that?

    Langdon Trafford: Call it the magic of Back in Business, Dave. It's in the air tonight. We're going to see some great stuff. And guys... we forgot to mention.... OUR MAIN EVENT! SHANNON O'NEAL AGAINST CYRUS TRUTH FOR THE WORLD TITLE! COULD THIS BE THE NIGHT?

    Piers Gallagher:
    I don't think so.

    David Weinstock: Be optimistic, Piers. Shannon has proven herself a worthy challenger. I think the fact that she hasn't stood down from Cyrus will help her. But really, I don't know who will win. It's too close to call and this is Back in Business. Just, maybe.... Langdon, she can pull it out. Call it the magic of Back in Business or something like that, right?

    Langdon Trafford:
    That's the spirit, Dave! In any case, it's going to be a great night! We've got a ton of action packed matches! Cyrus vs Shannon, Kennedy vs Jackson, Rondo vs Connelly, Mike Parr against the winner of the contender's match... and much more! The Olympians continue to defend their titles in the tag team carousel as they face new boys, The Heartbreak Express! Mike Garcia fights Danny Toner... a match that's sure to have some intense violence after Toner begged Garcia to just try and kill him. It'll be a Falls Count Anywhere match! Also, Two monsters in Tristan James Galloway and Mac Michaud butt heads in an earth shattering collision....

    David Weinstock: And then there's the guaranteed violence from the X title match.

    Langdon Trafford: You're right! Could it be Vincent Blackbird's last stand against Jason Randall and Mark Merriweather? All those wars might have finally taken a toll on him. And speaking of wars? What about HUMANITY!? He's a crowd favourite and tonight, they might want to see him do the business AT Back in Business. He's facing off against Hanz Gruber, James Sync, Zako Wrath, Starr and Risky Douglas as they all vie for the right to face Mike Parr later tonight. It's a chance for someone to prove themselves. And we have the intriguing Sin City Vultures team up with Izzy Van Doren to take on the equally intriguing side of Penny and Genocide.

    Piers Gallagher: Freakshow match. Psychopaths, the lot of them.

    David Weinstock:
    Even Izzy?

    Piers Gallagher: Have you listened to the garbage music she does!? Only a lunatic would like that stuff.

    Langdon Trafford: Well... since you speak about lunatics... tonight, Darius will finally find out who has been stalking him!

    Piers Gallagher: Is it a lunatic?

    David Weinstock: I'd think so, genius.

    Piers Gallagher: Shut up, Dave.

    As Langdon looks to continue speaking, "Thrill of it All" by Black Sabbath hits and the debuting Flex Brody begins to make his way to the ring. There's not much of a reaction but his look and the fact he keeps showing off his muscles seems to get the crowd turned against him. He doesn't seem to care very much as he finishes making his way to the ring.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, up first... it's a debut! Flex Brody... an interesting individual judging from how he has approached the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: Guy's got big muscles.

    David Weinstock:
    He sure does love himself...

    Langdon Trafford: Well, guys, I'm sure he and his opponent will find some common ground in that... it's Tommy Thunder and well... he clearly loves himself!

    "Start Movin'" by Lions begins to blare as Flex sets himself up in the ring - the crowd roar with louder boos at Thunder as he comes out onto the stage looking slightly pissed off. He walks to the ring quickly and in a rushed manner - he makes a few stops down the ramp, though. He clocks a fan on the phone and snatches it from him before forcefully taking a picture with him - almost trying to act like he's just given him the greatest gift in the world. He spots a fan holding up a sign in support of Starr before taking it from him, pulling out his own marker pen and signing his name over Starr's face. He tells the fan to sell it on eBay if he knows what's good for him. Thunder then makes multiple gestures to the camera and declares himself the Premier athlete. The Division One Superstar. It all gets good heat before he jumps into the ring.

    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder vs Flex Brody

    Before the referee even has the match begin, both guys go to sneak attack each other but they stop and point at each other, realising what they were up to. Thunder seems to appreciate his opponent and puts his hand out for him to shake... Flex goes to shake it and grips his hand hard as they shake. Thunder pulls Flex in and drives a knee into the gut before throwing him to the canvas. He then rings his hand and exclaims how sore it is before delivering a boot to the face of Brody. Flex is in a sitting position as Thunder hits the ropes and delivers a soccer kick right to the chest of his opponent, knocking him down. But Brody sits back up, seemingly unfazed, and Thunder hits the ropes again and lands another kick. Brody sits back up. Thunders hits the ropes again and lands another! This time, Brody doesn't get back up so Thunder goes for the cover...1...2...NO! Brody kicks out and gets the shoulder up... but Thunder is on it in a flash and locks in a keylock. Brody struggles for a moment but manages to reach a rope and is forced to break the hold. The referee has to try and force Thunder to release the hold. Thunder does so - but rages at the referee for touching him. He warns him not to touch him again.

    Brody recovers whilst Thunder turns back around and charges at him - Brody catches him with a scoop powerslam and goes for a quick cover..1.....NO! Thunder powers out of it and rolls to his feet, furious that Brody would even dare try to pin him. He storms over to Brody and throws a kick but it's caught... no worries for Thunder though as he hits an enzuigiri! Brody stumbles backwards and hits a turnbuckle... Thunder charges him and lands a clothesline in the corner before turning around and delivering a bulldog to knock him down. Thunder then mocks Brody before climbing up top and going for a diving elbow drop.... but he misses! He rolls around holding his elbow in pain as Flex grabs him and hoists him up for a gutwrench suplex! He goes for the cover again...1...2...NO! Thunder is able to get the kickout and, a little less energetically, gets to his feet once more and complains that Flex thinks that's enough to beat him. Flex doesn't seem bothered though and hits Thunder with a punch to knock him down. Thunder gets right back up and complains again before being taken down again. He gets back up and complains once more until Flex nearly takes his head off with a spinning clothesline! This time, Thunder rolls out of the ring. He recovers at the ring apron - he even sneaks over to a fan and takes their refreshment from them. He casually tells the fan that he can consider the cup being returned as a treat - he even argues that the fan now has the means to clone the perfect human being.

    As he argues with the fan, Flex comes outside and looks to grab Thunder... but Thunder turns around and spits whatever he drank in Brody's face! The referee isn't happy with the move but Thunder, somehow, convinces him that it was an accident and says he tripped. The referee tells him to get back into the ring but, first, Thunder throws Brody into the ring post and the barricade before the pair get back in. This time, Thunder goes up top and delivers an elbow drop...1...2.....NO! Brody is able to kick out. The fans begin to chant "THUNDER SUCKS!" which angers him. He gets up and tells them all to shut up before grabbing a hold of Brody and landing a snap suplex. He gets Brody back up and delivers a northern lights. He appears to be in the mood to show off his suplex repertoire as he grabs Brody once more and lands a bridging Tiger suplex! 1....2......NO! Brody is able to kick out. Thunder isn't very happy with his opponent kicking out and the crowd's taunting. He vows to show them all who really sucks as he waits for Brody to get to a kneeling position before clapping him with a Shining Wizard! He doesn't give his opponent a second as he drops down and locks in the Anaconda Vise! Brody has no choice but to tap! Thunder lets go and jumps up, celebrating his victory!

    Winner: "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder
    Langdon Trafford: Win some, lose some... it looks like Flex Brody isn't division one material... but it's only a debut!

    David Weinstock: He didn't look too good, Langdon. Thunder had his way, for sure.

    Piers Gallagher:
    Somebody had to win guys. I'm glad it was the must see MVP! He deserves it! What a great start to the night!

    The referee checks on Brody as Thunder stands victorious in the ring - he leaves the ring and begins to make his way up the ramp. He points down to the ring and shouts about being the best and how the ring belongs to him and nobody else. He mocks Brody for thinking he could challenge him. Thunder caps off his night by grabbing what appears to be a scarf from a fan and cleaning away any sweat from his brow before giving it back to the, now disgusted, fan. He makes a declaration at the top of the ramp that he is the best in the world at what he does before making his exit.


    Paramore's "Brick by Boring Brick" hits and the crowd lights up with cheers as Izzy Van Doren makes her way out with an unknown male following her. The two embrace for a quick moment and then Izzy races down to the ring slapping hands with fans along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to ring from Chicago, IL and weighing in at 111lbs, she is "Chicago's Favorite Gal" and the "Loudest Front Woman"...IZZY VAN DORRREN!

    Langdon Trafford: Izzy Van Doren riding a wave of momentum here tonight after coming off a successful debut where she beat Penny

    Piers Gallagher: Who is this guy with her? She thinks she can just bring anyone along?!

    David Weinstock:
    Obviously a friend of hers here to show moral support tonight

    Her music is cut off by an instrumental version of Tech N9ne's "Dysfunctional" and the duo of Christopher Manson and BUCK make their way out to a negative reaction from the fans. Manson walks down to the ring with BUCK following behind him, Manson pays no mind to the fans while BUCK glares at each of them along the way.

    Kurt Harrington: and her tag team partners weighing in at a combined weight 515lbs, Christopher Manson and BUCK...THE SIN CITY VULLLTURES!

    Piers Gallagher: By the looks of it these guys are not here to make friends!

    David Weinstock:
    They'll be making their debut tonight for FWA and they hope to have the same success that their partner did the week prior

    Langdon Trafford: Completely different personalities between the three so it'll be itneresting to see how well they work together

    Garbage's "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" takes over the sound system and more boos fill the arena as Penny slowly crawls out from the back on to the stage. She stands up and looks out at the crowd with that crazed look in her eyes and slowly saunters down to the ring with a sinister smile.

    Kurt Harrington: Making her way to the ring from Long Beach, CA and weighing in at 115 lbs, PENNNNNYYY!

    Piers Gallagher: Based on her most recent behavior, I think it's safe to assume that Penny is a few fries short of a happy meal!

    David Weinstock: That's putting it lightly!

    Langdon Trafford: She'll be looking to exact some form of revenge tonight after suffering a loss to Izzy Van Doren last week

    Jen Titus' "O'Death" now hits and the duo of Graves and Sinn make their way out to jeers and boos. Graves has a wicked smile on his face while Sinn slowly follows behind him as they walk down towards the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: and her tag team partners from The Darkest Corners of Insanity, and weighing in at a combined weight of 530 lbs, "The Deranged One" Graves and "The Embodiment of Evil" Sinn...GENOOOOCIDE!

    Piers Gallagher: Something tells me that these two and Penny will get along just fine, call it a hunch!

    Langdon Trafford: I'm sure that Genocide would love to knock off Sin City Vultures tonight and spoil their debut match

    Intergender Six Man Tag Match
    The Sin City Vultures (Christopher Manson & BUCK) & Izzy Van Doren vs Penny & Genocide (Graves & Sinn)


    The bell sounds and it'll be Penny starting off Izzy and Penny has that same sinister smile while Izzy looks all business, and not in the least bit intimidated by Penny. The two lock up and immediately Penny shoves Izzy down to the mat with a thud. Penny giggles and skips around Izzy, who looks unfazed by Penny's mind games and trips up Penny with a sweep of the legs sending Penny back first to the mat. Penny kips right back up though and goes for a forearm smash but Izzy was ready and has answer for it as she blocks it and counters with a forearm of her own knocking Penny back some. She delivers several more forearm shots that have Penny stunned on the ropes before Izzy sends her to the opposite ropes and catches her with a clothesline taking Penny down again. Penny right back to her feet however though a bit stunned still as she stumbles a bit allowing Izzy to grab her by her head and delivers several headbutts before knocking Penny back down to the mat. That seemed to have taken something out of Izzy as she stumbles back a bit near her corner where BUCK makes the blind tag in to some boos from the crowd.

    Penny stumbles back up to a vertical base and notices the hulking figure of BUCK standing before her, she smiles and laughs at him before giving him a shove that barely moves the massive man.

    Piers Gallagher: She's crazier than I thought she was if she thinks she can take him on!

    BUCK takes Penny and whips her into the corner near her partners and BUCK makes a run at her in an attempt for a splash, but misses as Penny slips out of the way in time laughing all the while and makes the tag to Sinn. BUCK, however was unfazed by hitting the corner as Sinn comes in and clubs BUCK on the back, but BUCK has an answer for that with a back elbow knocking Sinn back. BUCK removes himself from the corner and goes for a big boot but misses as Sinn sidesteps him and wallops BUCK with a discus clothesline! BUCK is dazed by this but still remains standing and Sinn goes for his running bicycle kick that nearly knocks BUCK off his feet but he just falls into the nearby ropes. Sinn goes for a clothesline to take BUCK to the outside but BUCK moves out of the way in time, and Sinn catches himself and turns around right into a big boot from BUCK but he doesn't fall off his feet much like BUCK earlier yet he's dazed enough for BUCK to hoist him up in position and brings him crashing down with an earth shattering powerslam!

    David Weinstock: Ring rattling impact with that powerslam!

    Piers Gallagher: I think I felt the entire arena shake!

    BUCK runs off the ropes and hits a big time running senton onto Sinn and makes the cover...


    Sinn with the shoulder up before two and BUCK drags him over to his corner where he tags in Christopher Manson, and Manson comes in off the tag with several stomps to Sinn, with most of them focused on the legs of Sinn. He brings Sinn up to his knees and drives several elbows to Sinn's head, having little to no effect on the much larger man and only angering him. Manson realizes this and goes for a roundhouse kick but his boot is caught by Sinn and levels him with a short arm clothesline! Sinn then drags him back up and irish whips to his corner where the tag is made to Graves and he comes in like a madman stomping away at Manson until he's slumped down in the corner. Graves laughing all the while like a crazed lunatic and with Manson in the corner where he wants him applies a mandible claw submission hold! Manson struggles to break free while Graves laughs at him until Manson bites Graves fingers and Graves just laughs all the while before finally releasing the hold.

    Piers Gallagher: Did he just bite his fingers?

    David Weinstock: He did what he to do in order to survive Piers

    Piers Gallagher: That whacko Graves laughed about it!

    Manson spits and wipes his mouth before standing up in the corner after getting back his bearings. Graves charges at him but Manson manages to stop him in his tracks with a boot to the face, knocking Graves back a little. This gives Manson enough room to run out and hit a picture perfect single-leg dropkick that nearly knocks Graves out of his boots! Manson isn't done yet though as he brings Graves up in position...USHIGOROSHI! He makes the cover...


    Graves manages to kick out before three and is still laughing after being knocked silly. Manson goes to pick up Graves but Graves counters with a jawbreaker that has Manson reeling back now to his corner, giving Graves much needed time to make the tag to Penny and as soon as that tag is made, Izzy blind tags herself in and the fight is on! Izzy charges in at Penny with an attempt at a single-leg dropkick but Penny was ready as she swats Izzy out of the way and before Izzy can react, Penny connects with a spin kick! Izzy is stunned and this allows Penny to hit a swinging neckbreaker! Penny then climbs up top and wastes no time...TWISTED MALICE! She connects with the diving rounding moonsault and goes for the cover...


    Izzy just kicks out before three and Penny is furious as she slams her fists on the mat in frustration. She brings Izzy up and has her locked in position for The Bitter End but Izzy somehow manages to slip away in time and out of desperation hits Penny with a headbutt that she nearly knocks herself out with but manages to regain her senses enough to hit Penny with a spinning high back kick followed by an elbow, a combination she calls the Kick and Snare! She goes for the cover...


    Both ladies lay out on the mat in exhaustion as their respective corners are itching for a tag...

    They make the tag in time and it's Izzy tagging in BUCK while Penny tags in Graves, and BUCK despite his size barrels towards Graves and takes him down with a massive clothesline, nearly turning him inside out! BUCK lifts up Graves and then brings him crashing back down with a military press slam! BUCK then makes the cover...


    The count is broken up by Sinn and he grabs BUCK by the throat and hits him with a chokeslam! Manson comes in now and nails Sinn with a single-leg dropkick that knocks the big man back into the corner. He helps BUCK back up and has him set up in position...POETRY IN MOTION! Sinn stumbles out of the corner until BUCK levels him with a brogue kick taking him outside! While BUCK does that Graves has since recovered and he manages to take down Manson with a spear! With Manson out of the equation it's back to BUCK and Graves as Graves has clipped BUCK from behind on the leg bringing him down to one knee and Graves punches and kicks away at him and Penny joins the fray but not for long as Izzy runs in and tackles Penny to the mat and the two of them fight to outside. BUCK powers back up to his feet, towering over Graves who is smiling until BUCK hits a boot the gut and follows that up...GORY BOMB! BUCK hits all of it as he makes the cover...


    Kurt Harrington: The winners of the match, The Sin City Vultures and Izzy Van Doren!


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    part two

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is a Battle Royal scheduled for one fall and it is a Number One Contender’s match for the North American Championship!

    “Wrong Side of Heaven” by Five Finger Death Punch was the first song to hit as the Resident Rock Star, James Syncmade his way out! The high energy superstar slapped hands with fans at ringside before rolling into the ring.

    Hanz Gruber’s music hit next as the German-born superstar made his way to the ring to a chorus of boos. With his signature claw and cane in hand, he waited for his music tostop before entering the ring.

    “Once Upon a Time in the West” was cued upnext and Humanity came out as the arena exploded in cheers. Humanity was modestly surprised by the reaction but was business as usual as he walked down the ramp.

    “Uptown Funk” blared over the arena speakers as the crowd began to dance to the beat of Bruno Mars’ hit. Risky Douglas danced down the ramp as well to a sizable pop from the crowd.

    “The White Buffalo” cut him off as the mood got a lot darker with the arrival of Zako Wrath. “The Walking Disaster” was led to the ring by Miss De La Muerta and actually didn’t even wait for the match to start before he began viciously attacking an unsuspecting Risky Douglas! Zako tossed Douglas into the stairs and began relentlessly beating his head into the steps.

    David Weinstock: What in the hell is this….this monster…doing?

    Langdon Trafford: Risky Douglas was blindsided! This is sickening! Come on, Douglas hadn’t even gotten into the ring yet!

    Piers Gallagher: Serves him right for that ridiculous dancing!

    Zako manaiacly dropped knees in his opponent. Zako picks up Risky and drops him with a Jackknife powerbomb into the steps and then applies a version of the Coquinoa Clutch on Risky as officials beg with him tolet Risky go! Zako has no intention of releasing the hold until Miss De la Muerta instructs him to!

    Langdon Trafford: I…..I don’t get this at all! What is she to him?

    “Saturnz Bars” hits the arena and Starr immediately runs down the ramp To Risky’s aid and begins brawling with Zako on the outside of the ring!

    Number One Contenders Match for the North American Championship
    Risky Douglas vs Hanz Gruber vs Humanity vs James Sync vs Zako Wrath vs Starr

    The action inside the ring picks up immediately with Sync and Humanity going at it as Gruber takes the moment to stay out of danger. Humanity and Sync begin battling in the corner of the ring as Zako taks advantage of amistake by Starr and tosses him into the barricade. Humanity has Sync pressed up in the corner as Zako enters the ring and charges the corner, crushing both Humanity and Sync! Humanity staggers out and right into an Exploder Suplex by the newcomer to the FWA!. Next up, it’s James Sync’s turn as he staggers out and right into a kneeling Chokeslam from Zako! Both men roll to the outside of the ring as Zako eyes up Gruber in the corner! Zako points towards Gruber, but he’s blindsided by a diving Starr! Starr knocks Zako to the ground and begin pummeling him with a rights and lefts as EMTs tend to Risky on the outside.

    Piers Gallagher: I know he’s your friend! You’ve got to keep both eyes on Zako Wrath though!

    Langdon Trafford: Especially when the North American Championship is on the line!

    Starr notices the EMTs putting Risky on a stretcher and it catches him off guard as Zako rolls through and takes control. Starr manages to shove him off and as Zako charges forward, Starr does drop toe hold that send Zako face first into the bottom turnbuckle! Starr goes back on the attack until Gruber joins in clubbing Starr from behind! Gruber hits a couple of knife edge chops as Zako gets back to his feet. The two share a nod and began working together on Starr, beating him around the ring. Zako held Starr in place as Gruber ran the ropes and clotheslined him outside the ring! The two turned around and saw James Sync entering the ring and immediately double clotheslined him. Gruber pulled Sync to his feet and then threw him into the corner. Hanz grabbed a hold of Zako and whipped Zako with force into Sync and then charged in himself! Sync stumbled forward and the two hit a combination Atomic Drop/Yakuza Kick combination that took him out of the game. The two men looked out at their damage but didn’t see Humanity behind them! When they turned around, they went for a double clothesline but Humanity ducked and on the rebound, caught Zako with an Even Flow DDT! Gruberwas next on the list and he caught a Release German Suplex for his trouble! Humanity watched Gruber roll out of the ring but was caught off guard with a Rock Star Life by Sync! James wasted no time and as soon as Humanity got up, he connected with a Blue Thunder Bomb to Humanity! Sync covered…

    Broken up by Starr! Starr caught Sync with a running enziguiri and then did a standing moonsault to Humanity! Gruber stood upon the apron but Starr dropkicked him off and sent Gruber back into the arms of his “working ally” in the match, Zako Wrath! Zako had plans to toss Gruber to the side, but Starr never gave him the chance as he flew over the top rope with a somersault plancha! The crowd went crazy at the carnage on the outside but Starr got right back tohis feet and wanted to do it again! Starr got back to the ring,ran off the ropes and right into a Remix by James Sync! Sync covered!

    Piers Gallagher: I love it!

    Hanz Gruber reached in and pulled Sync out of the ring and tossed him into the barricade!

    Piers Gallagher: Sync thought he had it won!

    Gruber dove onto Starr for the cover!


    This time,Humanity broke up the pinfall! Humanity pulled Gruber up and Irish whipped him into the ropes but Gruber nailed him with a running knee on the rebound! Starr got back to his feet but Gruber countered a hold into a cutting neckbreaker! Gruber went back to work on Humanity, but Humanity shoved him off and right into the path of Zako Wrath who drilled Hanz with aPop Up Powerbomb! Zako turned around and walked right into a Death Valley Driver from Humanity! Humanity took no chances and delivered a second one to keep Zako down!


    Here is your winner @ 12:07- HUMANITY!
    Piers Gallagher: Each and every one of these men,at times, had an opportunity to take this matchup! But what a showing by Humanity! He moves on to face Mike Parr later tonight!

    David Weinstock: No one shouldbe ashamed for their efforts here tonightEach and every one of these men proved that they have what it takes to be the North American Champion title picture Zako nearly killed somebody tonight! Sync had the match won with the Remix!

    Langdon Trafford: but the question is…does Humanity have enough left in the tank to defeat the NorthAmerican Champion later tonight?


    Weezer's "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" rings out through the arena and Mark Merriwether struts out in an arrogant manner and throws his arms out, taking in the boos from the fans that wash over him. As he walks to the ring he looks into the camera and says, "HO-LLY-WOOD BABAY!"

    Langdon Trafford: This man has arrived on the scene here in FWA full of confidence and has earned his shot here tonight to be in this match, can he pull the upset?

    David Weinstock: His confidence has gotten him this far so it'll be interesting to see how well he fares tonight

    Soon the music is replaced by "Mein Herz Brennt" and a mixed reaction for Vincent Blackbird as he walks out to the ring with a look of determination and focus.

    Langdon Trafford: The former champion looking to take back the championship tonight

    David Weinstock: Vincent and Randall just went through a war last week with Randall coming out on top, so one has to wonder if Vincent is one hundred percent going into tonight's match not just physically but mentally as well

    Like A Storm's cover of "Gangster's Paradise" hits and a heavy mixed reaction for the X-Champion Jason Randall in his hometown, as he saunters out with Penny slowly keeping up behind him. The championship around his waist as he takes his time to the ring, eyeing both challengers before him in the ring.

    Piers Gallagher: I never thought I'd hear some acutal cheers for this man but here we are!

    David Weinstock: We are in his hometown Piers so he definitely has the homefield advantage, but at the same time there are still a number of his detractors out there that cannot get over how truly despicable he's become

    Langdon Trafford: This will be his first title defense since taking the title from Vincent Blackbird and these two as you mentioned Dave, had a war this last week with Randall coming out as the victor so he'll definitely be wanting to come out on top once again tonight

    Randall enters the ring finally and stands in his corner with Penny at his side on the apron while Vincent and Merriwether look over at him.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is a triple threat no DQ match for the X-Championship! Introducing first the challenger from Hollywood, CA and weighing in at 220 lbs, he is "The Megastar"... MARK MERRIWETHERRRR!

    Mark throws his arms out once more to jeers and boos.

    Kurt Harrington:
    Next, the challenger weighing in at 195 lbs he is "The Anarchist for a New Era"...VINCENT BLACKBIRRRRD!

    A mixed reaction for Vincent, who shows no emotion or care for what the fans' reaction is.

    Kurt Harrington:and their opponent he is accompanied by his girlfriend Penny, from San Diego, CA and weighing in tonight at 225 lbs, he is "The Wildcard" and the current FWA X-Champion...JASON RANDALLLL!

    A heavily mixed reaction for the hometown champion Randall as he removes his championship from around his waist and hands it off to the official. Then he shares a brief embrace with Penny before she hops off the apron and stands outside in his corner when the bell is rung.

    FWA X Championship Triple Threat
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall (c) vs Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs Mark Merriweather


    Right away as the bell sounds Vincent makes a beeline for Jason and the two begin trading lefts and rights while Merriwether watches from the side, wisely letting them beat each other down until he sees an opening. Randall gets the better of the exchange with a knee to the gut of Vincent, doubling over his rival and right away Randall looks for the Deuces Wild snap double underhook DDT but Vincent manages to slip out and backs away and unleashes a ballistic punching combination on Jason, who is unable to block this attack. Vincent then takes Randall and hits him with a suplex, then he follows up with a full-nelson slam! He sends Jason crashing to the mat in a heep and Randall quickly rolls to the apron before dropping to the outside where Penny comes to his aide right away. Meanwhile, Vincent has his back turned and has forgotten about Merriwether, who sneaks up behind Vincent and rolls him up for a pin attempt!


    Vincent kicks out before one and rolls back up to his feet but not quick enough as Merriwether catches him with an enziguri, stunning Vincent enough to allow Merriwether to run the ropes and come back with a running bulldog slamming Vincent face first to the mat! Merriwether showboats a little but it costs him as Randall has come back in with that dog leash of his that he uses for Penny and starts choking Merriwether with it, Mark desperately gasping and struggling for air before Randall soon applies a crossface chickenwing with the dog leash still wrapped around Mark's neck.

    Langdon Trafford:
    He's going to choke the life out of him!

    Piers Gallagher: Don't sound so surprised, it's anything goes! Besides, would you expect anything less from Randall?

    Langdon Trafford:
    I realize that Piers but not like this!

    Merriwether is beginning to fade but Vincent makes the save by breaking up the hold. Randall is forced to relinquish his grip on Merriwether as he shoves his nearly limp body aside, Vincent drags Randall up by the hair but Randall was ready and jabs two fingers in Vincent's eyes temporarily blinding him and begins to violently whip Vincent across the back with that leash, leaving red marks. Randall tosses the leash back to Penny and then drags Vincent over near the bottom rope by the apron where Penny is at and she chokes Vincent with the leash while Jason viciously stomps away at Vincent's chest.

    David Weinstock:
    Penny always finding a way to get involved!

    Piers Gallagher: How many times do I have to remind you two that this is no DQ?! Anything goes so it's perfectly legal for Penny to help out Jason!

    David Weinstock: It still doesn't make it right Piers

    Piers Gallagher: You must be fun at parties

    Jason orders Penny to release her hold and she obeys. Jason kneels down to Vincent and taunts him, trash talking him while laughing and he spits on him. Then he turns around only to be leveled by running double axe handle from Merriwether, who then follows up with a german suplex! Merriwether slides out of the ring and snatches up a steel chair and whacks Randall with it a few times, who writhes in agony on the mat but with a smile hidden beneath that agony as Merriwether goes for the cover...


    Randall rolls on to his side with that sadistic smile as Merriwether brings him in position for a powerbomb, but as Merriwether has Randall up he manages to drop down after a few punches to Merriwether's head and he boots Merriwether in the gut before hoisting him up and hits him with a death valley driver onto the steel chair! Randall makes the cover with his arm draped over Merriwether...


    It's broken up by Vincent just in the nick of time, he takes the steel chair and sets it up before grabbing Randall and has him position...SAMOAN DROP ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR! The crowd is going nuts now as Jason is laid out, folded up with that chair and Vincent drops down for the cover...


    This time it's broken up by Penny, who has gotten involved one too many times now as she hammers away at Vincent but all he does is shove her off. Then he stalks her as she crawls back into a corner with nowhere to go and he grabs her by the hair and brings her up...WRATH OF THE BIRD EMPIRE! He hits Penny with the Wrath of the BIRD Empire! The crowd is loving it as Penny lays flattened on the mat while Jason is still out of it after that samoan drop so he's completely unaware. Meanwhile, Merriwether has since recovered as he's stalking Vincent with his back still turned and as soon as Vincent turns around... FINAL CUT! The jumping cutter connects and Merriwether slowly but surely makes the cover...


    Vincent got a shoulder up somehow, he's still in it! Merriwether can't believe it and neither can this crowd as they have come alive for this match...

    Merriwether is looking for the Final Cut as he lies in wait for Vincent and just as he's about to hit it, Vincent shoves him away and then brings Merriwether in...WRATH OF THE BIRD EMPIRE! Merriwether is out of it and just as Vincent is about to go for the cover he's cracked over the back with a steel chair by Jason. Jason smacks the chair once more across Vincent's back until he's on one knee, then Jason places the chair on the mat in front of them and he has the dog leash in hand, wraps it around Vincent's throat and sets him up in position...DROP DEAD FACE FIRST ON THE STEEL CHAIR! Jason makes the cover...


    Kurt Harrington: The winner of the match and STILL your FWA X-Champion, Jason Randall!
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    part 3

    The crowd comes to its feet to give a largely negative reaction to the Heartbreak Express. Ryan Martin and Julian Watson are flanked in between them by the lovely and narcissistic Madison Banks. She has her arms intertwined with the arms of the challengers to the FWA Tag Team Championships, and the trio make their way down to the ring donning confident smiles.

    Ares and Dionysus come out together, with the elderly Zeus trailing a few steps behind. Contrary to the Heartbreak Express, the champions have a focused expression on their faces. No smiles, all business. They receive the usual cheers-to-boos ratio, mostly in their favor, and hastily walk to the ring before sliding in together as the challengers exit together.

    FWA Tag Team Championships
    The Olympians (c) (w/ Zeus) vs. The Heartbreak Express (w/ Madison Banks)

    Julian Watson steps in, and locks eyes with Ares, quickly moving in for a tussle, as Ares is first to act, taking over Watson with a headlock, holding it into the ground, but the Watson slips out, and both men quickly get up, as Watson strikes first, catching Watson with a solid right hand, followed by a kick to the gut to weaken Ares, then sends him off the ropes, but Ares ducks under a clothesline, comes off the opposite side, charging at Watson, but Watson leapfrogs him, as Ares continues on, into the ropes again, coming back out, but straight into a knee from Watson, followed by a hip toss. He quickly looks to apply a chin lock, but Ares fights away, and rolls to the ropes, quickly getting up, and meeting Watson for another lock up, and charges him into the corner with that massive power of his, easily over matching his foe getting the better of this tussle. In the corner though, Watson pulls away, holding his face, and pointing towards Ares, as if to say he gouged his eyes. The Referee quickly sees to Watson, but it’s all a ruse, as Ryan Martin, from behind on the apron, grabs Ares by the hair, and slams him onto the canvas!!!

    Banks applauded her boy's efforts as Watson spots the damage done, and miraculously recovers, quickly getting on Ares, and stomping him in the corner, then tagging out to Ryan Martin. Martin continues where his partner left off and goes to work on Ares with stomps to the grounded challenger, before pulling him up, and looking to send him off the ropes, only to get a big surprise on the return, as Ares rebounds back WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE KNOCKING MARTIN OFF HIS FEET!!! Ares quickly makes a beeline to his own corner, tagging Dionysus in for the first time.

    Dionysis leaps straight into the action, hopping over the ropes and connecting right away with a scintillating mule kick to Martin. Dionysus scrambles to the cover, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Dino doesn’t slow down for a moment, and batters Martin on the ropes with a barrage of shots, then looks for a whip off the ropes, but Martin reverses it, sending Dionysus instead, only for the lightning fast Dionysus to bounce back off, AND CONNECT WITH A FLYING FOREARM SMASH!!! Martin staggers to his feet, and into the corner, with Dionysus following in, pounding the challenger n the corner, with a flurry of messy punches, then looks to send Martin to the opposite corner, but once again, Martin is able to counter the Irish Whip, and again, Dionysus is able to think quick, this time leaping to the middle rope, looking to fly back off … BUT MARTIN SHOVES DIONYSUS LEGS … AND HE CROTCHES THE TOP ROPE!!!

    The Stadium groans, as Dionysus winces in pain, and falls off backwards, landing on the mat, allowing Martin to drop a simple elbow, and follow with a lateral press for the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Getting a little cocky, Martin playfully slaps Dionysus (With Banks screeching her encouragement at ringside) around the head as the champion attempts to pull himself up, before reaching over, and tagging Watson back in. Watson joins in on the insulting slap-fest, as The Heartbreak Express take turns to slap around the head, ignoring the calls from the referee to cut it out. He finally begins the mandatory five count for Martin to exit the ring, as The Heartbreak Express look to deliver a double team manoeuvre, dragging Dionysus up … BUT DIONYSUS SHOCKS BOTH WITH A DOUBLE JAWBREAKER!!!

    The excellent desperation move gets a nice cheer from the fans, with both members of the tag champions hitting the floor, feeling the effects of the unexpected move. (“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?! GET OFF YOUR ASSES YOU IDIOTS!” Is the screech from ringside) Meanwhile, Dionysus pulls himself back up and spots Martin looking to pick him off, quickly hauling the top rope down, and Martin momentum sends him tumbling to the outside. Watson is back up, but not for long, as Dionysus puts him back down with a front dropkick, before quickly rolling over to his corner, tagging in his fresh partner.

    Ares gets right back into the action, as he and Dionysus take the moment to double team Julian Watson backing him into the ropes, then sending him off, connecting together, and sending him down with a double reverse elbow, before both indicate to the other what comes next, as Dionysus hoists Watson’ legs, delivering a nice double leg drop to the groin region, as Ares drops an elbow. Ares quickly covers, as Dionysus exit’s the ring, and the count is made, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Despite the kick out, Watson doesn’t seem to be with it right now, as Ares continues to pile on the punishment, connecting with his trademark stiff right hands, with Watson having to absorb the blows. He pushes Watson into the ropes, but he comes back, with a stiff kick to the gut, then wastes no time, and quickly softens up Watson with an atomic drop. Sensing an opening, Watson decides to run off the ropes, but thinks wrong, as he comes back … RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF A SAMOAN DROP !!! Ares rolls into the hook of the leg…


    Instantly, Watson gets up, and clubs the back of Ares but The Ref quickly intervenes, stepping in and stopping Ares, who turns from Dionysus, looking to get back on Watson, but Watson uses the distraction to his advantage, connecting with a low blow to Ares whilst the referees back is turned. Dionysius sees it and tries to step in himself, but the ref is on top of him too, and cuts Dionysus off, but this also allows further HBE shenanigans, as Martin steps back in, with a running knee lift, putting Ares to the canvas. Watson follows with a knee drop and makes the cover, 1...Dionysus breaks it quickly.

    Again, the ref is forced to restrain Dionysus, whilst Watson backs Ares into the HBE corner, stomping the midsection, before tagging back out, bringing Martin back inside. Just like Watson, puts the boots to Ares, and pulls him from the corner, effortlessly delivering a perfect suplex, floating into a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Martin smiles, then gets back up, slowly backing into the ropes, then comes back off, dropping his elbow into the heart of Ares straight into another cover, 1...2...Ares pushes out. Martin is quick to reach his feet once more, stomping the head of the champ, then pulling him up, whipping the struggling Ares to the corner, looking to run at Ares, but Ares gets an elbow up, right into the face of Watson!! Ares pulls himself together, and catches a second wind, sensing an opening, and signals for the War Hammer … BUT WATSON ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!!

    Dionysus has seen enough, and he sprints into the ring, knocking the cocky Watson off his feet with a big forearm splash, and it appears control has been lost, with a four man brawl breaking out in the ring!!! Ares knocks down Martin, then helps his partner take on Watson, with the champs working like a well-oiled machine, as they appear to be setting up for some kind of double team as Dionysus begins to make his way to the opposite corner, and Ares punches on the mat - but HBE have other ideas, as Watson delivers a spectacular, thudding clothesline on Dionysus turning him inside out, whilst Watson kicks him in the ribs, then drops an elbow to the back!!! Watson stomps Ares on the canvas, keeping him down, whilst Martin backs Dionysus into the corner, with The Ref trying his utmost to restore order to no avail. Martin puts the boots to Dionysus then backs up, looking to crush his opponent, but Dionysus manages to move out of the corner, and Martin hit’s the turnbuckles hard.

    On the other side of the ring, Watson rams Ares into the corner, sending him right into the turnbuckle, before toppling him over the top, to the outside. Spotting his partner in trouble, with Dionysus mounting the corner and pounding Martin, Watson looks to help him out and runs to the opposite corner, but Dionysus spots him coming, leaps to the top rope … AND CONNECTS OFF THE TOP WITH A CORKSCREW MOONSAULT ONTO WATSON!! Right off the back of that though, Dionysus is up, and performs some more acrobatics, using the ropes to step up and flips his legs into the chest of Martin squashing him in the corner!!!

    Having taken care of HBE, Dionysus looks around for Ares r to help him out, and calls for the pair to team up, which they do, as Ares gets back onto the apron before delivering a double suplex Ares makes the cover, 1...2...WATSON BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Madison breathes a sigh of relief at ringside, before Dionysus attempted to cut him off, but Watson got there just in time. Now, as Dionysus looks to get his shots in on Watson again, The Ref able to stop him, having lost control of proceedings moments ago. He admonishes him to the apron, whilst Watson softens up Ares with clubbing blows to the back and head. He then innocently backs out of the ring, as Martin looks to pick up the scraps, ramming Ares into the corner, tagging out, wisely, as he looks worse for wear at the time being.

    Watson steps in, and sends Ares off the ropes, connecting with a heel kick, and quickly covering, 1...2...Kick Out from Ares. Watson now mounts Ares and begins to strike with fierce blows to the head, dragging him up, and throwing him into the corner, tagging out to Ryan Martin, keeping the freshman on the worn down Aries. Martin whips off the ropes, and goes for a reverse elbow, but Ares ducks, and runs off the opposite side, with Watson going for another reverse elbow, only for Ares to duck again, but as Ares comes off the ropes for the third time,.MADDY GRABS HIS LEG FROM RINGSIDE, Ares stumbles and that’s just enough for Martin to catch him with a big power slam, crushing him on the mat. The area erupts in boos as Maddy makes a show of checking her nail innocently Martin hooks the near leg, 1...2...Shoulder up!!! Ares survives, as Maddy rolls her eyes impatient

    Martin picks Ares back up, and drags him to his corner, making a tag back out to Watson. Watson steps in, and begins to stomp Ares relentlessly in the corner, before whipping him into the ropes and knocking him back down, with a Harley Race like High Knee. He rolls him over and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Maddy is starting to get irritated slaps her hands together three times, looking to the referee. Watson gets back up, and reaches for a tag, bringing Martin back in, and keeping the challenger fresh still, as Watson holds Ares arm up, with Martin putting his boot to the rib. Now, the deadly duo, nod knowingly, and go behind Ares, taking a glimpse at Dionysus - who is dying to get back in the action - and deliver a solid double Russian Leg Sweep, allowing Martin to quickly hook the leg with Watson exiting the ring, as the referee makes the count, 1...2...DIONYSUS BREAKS THE COUNT!!! It looked as though Ares would’ve got the shoulder up, but Dionysus took no chances, although he now pays the penalty, as the ref is forced to admonish him again, which allows HBE to double up again, as Watson slips back in, and together with Marton drops Ares with a double side suplex. He quickly slides out, and Watson hooks the leg again, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

    Backup and Martin tags Watson back in legally, before dragging Ares up, sending him into the corner- HARD - as Watson picks up the scraps, delivering a running bulldog as Ares bounces out, then hooks the leg once more, 1...2...ARES REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!!! Maddy slams the mat with both hands, looking up at the official again, looking for a quick count, Ares has a few seconds to regroup, then stands him up, but Ares is able to block two shots from his opponent, and begins to fire right hands of his own, putting Watson on the backfoot, then looks to dash to his corner, BUT WATSON STOPS HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD!!!

    Watson keeps his leg hooked around Ares making sure he can't tag out, and reaches up, with Martin tagging back in, and dropping an elbow to the back of Watson, snuffing out his short-lived comeback. Watson now rolls out, and Martin drags Ares further away from his partner, then turns him over, and hooks the leg tightly again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Ares resilience continues to rile the challenges, as Martin shakes his head, unable to believe the fight of Ares

    Martin, against the wishes of his tag team partner, now hoists himself onto the middle rope, waiting for Ares to pull himself up. On the apron, Martin has his face covered, not expecting this to go well, with his partner taking a risk by going airborne, and looks to hit Ares with an axe handle, BUT ARES CATCHES HIM AS HE COMES OFF WITH AN AXE HANDLE!!! Martin hit’s the canvas, as Watson looks to the heavens, knowing it was a bad idea, as Ares now turns his attention to making a tag to Dionysus slowly crawling over, as Dionysus reaches out … BUT MADDY PULLS DIONYSUS OFF THE APRON … NO ONE FOR ARES TO TAG!!!!! Maddy scurries away to the other side of the ring before she can be grabbed Ares pulls himself up in the corner, looking down at his partner, writhing in pain whilst Maddy innocently makes her way back to ringside … as Martin is back up, and attacks Ares from behind, delivering a side suplex!!! And just like that the express take back control, but this time, Martin doesn’t cover, instead, he gets to his feet, composes himself for a moment, and tags Watson back in, mouthing the words ‘HEARTBREAKER”’. Watson smiles, and nods in agreement, as the challengers prepare to finish the job, with Martin getting the groggy challenger into position, and Watson hoists himself onto the middle rope, looking to end it … BUT ARES HAS OTHER IDEAS AND BREAKS FREE … AND PUSHES MARTIN INTO THE CORNER, CAUSING WATSON TO LOSE HIS BALANCE.

    Ryan Martin looks to quickly settle Ares down again, but Aries looks to be fired up now, and whips Martin into the corner, charging in after him, connecting with a crushing clothesline, then drags him out … AND IN THE PROCESS OF DELIVERING A BULLDOG - USES HIS OTHER ARM TO CLOTHESLINE WATSON!!!!! The fans come alive as the big comeback looks to be on … as he gets to his feet … sees Dionysus back into position … AND MAKES THE TAG!!! Dionysus bounds into the ring, desperate to get up and running after a long spell on the apron … BUT THE REF STEPS IN FRONT OF HIM!!! HE DIDN’T SEE THE TAG!!! Maddy managed to catch his attention as the hot tag was made, and Dionysus, to his fury and disbelief, is forced back onto the apron!!! Meanwhile, Aries has been jumped by Watson, having been unaware his brother's tag wasn’t seen, which allows Watson to take advantage … AND DELIVERS THE TIGER BOMB It could be over, with the leg hooked……1………2………………DIONYSUS BREAKS THE COVER

    THE MATCH CONTINUES!!! Once again, the over enthusiastic Dionysus is forced out of the ring by the ref, which once again plays into the hands of HBE with the challengers taking the chance to double team again after Watson tags Martin back in as the legal man. The challengers continue their dominance, sending Aries into the ropes, and look to hit a double back body drop on his return … BUT ARIES COUNTERS … DOUBLE DDT TO WATSON AND MARTIN!!! Ares finally gets both members of HBE incapacitated and has a clear opening now to make the tag to!!! The fans are solidly behind Ares, as he makes the most out of the drama, slowly crawling across the ring while Maddy screams at her boys to get up and stop him … ARES IS REACHING OUT … THE TAG IS MADE!!!!

    The crowd comes alive, as Dionysus hops into action like a coiled spring, knocking Watson down with a forearm splash, then connects with a deep arm drag to Martin. He jumps up and connects with a running clothesline to Watson … then another, before taking over Watson with a big back body drop, before clotheslining Julian Watson once more, sending him tumbling out of the ring, through the middle rope, whilst Martin rolls out also. Dionysus is on fire and doesn’t want to allow HBE any time to recuperate, running across the ring, and jumping to the top rope … CONNECTING WITH A SPLASH TO THE OUTSIDE ON RYAN MARTIN!!! Dionysus has brought the fans alive here, as he is quick to pull himself back up after the high-flying antics, running to the opposite side of the ring, then running the rails … SPLASHING ONTO JULIAN WATSON!!! The response from the fans is electrifying, as the feeling grows that the tides are turning. Maddy stands there at the opposite side of the ring her mouth ajar and her hands on her head in horror as Aries throws Martin back inside, with Martin spotting it, and rolling back inside himself. The two link up, Martin staggers out, right into the path of Aries now …SPEAR!!! The area comes to its feet, as Dionysus scales the ropes, nodding to the fans …

    FROG SPLASH The match is surely won, with the legal man, Dionysus, hooking the leg, and Aries counting along, thinking it’s won…


    The boos ring out towards the entire arena as in a desperate move Maddy stops the sure fire three count, Screaming at the ref as if he was to blame. Meanwhile, in the ring Dionysus looks up sharply confused at the lack of a bell ringing, he quickly looks around to see Maddy arguing with the ref and manages to piece together what happened, his face began to twist in anger eventually Maddy looks up at him and shouts; “What's your problem?” It isn’t long before he lets her know EXACTLY what his problem. As Dionysus rolls out of the ring and makes a beeline for Maddy. With a screech of terror, Maddy takes off like her life depended on it, runs really fast screaming as Dionysus gives chase. The Heartbreak Express takes advantage of the distraction and bum rush Ares’s out of the ring. Meanwhile Maddy had rolled in the ring with Dionysus in hot pursuit, however, once they reach the centre of the ring Maddy suddenly ducks away leaving Dionysus in perfect position for THE BRAINBUSTER AND FROGSPLASH COMBO! MADDY SUCKERED HIM IN PERFECTLY! hERE COMES THE PIN….but it’s only a two!

    Maddy is losing her mind at ringside slapping her hands against the apron, having a breakdown. Screaming for her team to do something but before either Martin or Watson can even focus on their foe, Ares comes out of nowhere...SPEAR TO WATSON...SPEAR TO MARTIN, Watson rolls out of the ring holding his gut and now that Dionysus is in perfect position for the Chaos alert! It’s academic now! 1-2-3!

    Winners and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: The Olympians


    Langdon Trafford:
    Tristan James Galloway was ... the hottest up-and-coming star in the FWA around Trial By Fire and Payback. But his loss to "The Prodigy" Mike Parr was a setback.

    Piers Gallagher: Which ushered the return of "The Monster" ... "The Malevolent" ... MAC ... MICHAUD! And he had a very clear message for the FWA ... and that message was sent THROUGH Tristan James Galloway.

    FIGHT NIGHT 05/19/2017

    (Upbeat, positive-sounding music begins playing as we fastforward to the end of the main event of the show, the North American Championship match between Mike Parr and Tristan James Galloway)


    Galloway sensed the end was near by Parr barely kicking out of that move. He fought through the pain,pushed himself up to his feet, and hoisted Parr up for another attempt at the Carcinogen Crush! Galloway made sure he had a good grasp, ran forward and though Parr did wiggle,causing TJG to hold on longer than he expected, the move connected and the crowd stood up!

    3! what you would have heard had Mike Parr not out reached his hand and barely touched the bottom rope!

    This time it was Galloway showing frustration but he already knew his next move. He crawled back to the far corner and awaited Parr to pull himself up to his feet. When Parr was up, Galloway charged forward for the Shattered Symphony but Parr dodged it and Galloway went shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Parr took advantage by grabbing Galloway by the hair and drilling him with a second Rolling Cutter! But Parr didn’t go for the cover! Knowing Galloways resilience he decided to head up top and put the icing on the cake with a X Marks the Spot Split Legged Moonsault! Parr landed on top for the cover!



    Here is your winner and STILL FWA North American Champion:”The Prodigy” Mike Parr!

    (Slow, melodramatic music begins playing as the video changes to slow motion, focusing on the dejected Tristan James Galloway kneeling inside the ring after the loss.

    Additional camera footage shows Galloway leaving the arena, gym bag swinging from his right hand and his head held low.)

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/02/2017

    Tristan James Galloway: Last week, I laid it all on the line. I had the opportunity to earn my first trophy against one hell of a wrestler in the name of Mike Parr. There's a reason he is the North American champion. He's one hell of a competitor. He has all the heart and desire in the world... and he wanted it more than me last week. After our encounter, he has earned my respect.

    The crowd applauds out of respect.

    Tristan James Galloway: But it doesn't change the fact I let myself down. I gave a good performance, but it lacks personal satisfaction. I don't not aim to give a show, I desire trophies. Victories are what's important and matter. It's the only thing. It's not good enough to hold my head high and get a job well done. I need results. I--

    A lone spotlight shines on the top of the entrance ramp and on Tristan James Galloway. The tron fires up with a bright white flash, following that is a bunch of gruesome images of barbed wires and bloody people. Astute fans recognize the faces of such FWA alumni as Drew Stevenson, Michael Garcia, James Hughes, and Wolf. Words appear on the Tron stating "He is back to reclaim what is his", followed by the words "Two-time Television Champion, Two Time Tag Team Champion."

    A slow haunting cover of the song The Motherload by Mastadon blares through the loudspeakers and the Tron fires up again signifying the return of The Malevolent One Mac Michaud.

    Mac Michaud: You have accomplished nothing in your FWA career, and you never will until the time comes that you unleash the hold that these people have on you. I am unleashed and I feel freer than I ever have in this company. You will never reach success until that happens. I have nothing left to prove to anyone in this company, I am here to prove to myself that I still have what it takes to make an impact. You will be the one I have the impact on, Tristan. You will either see the light, or I will forever extinguish your light here in the FWA.

    (The video changes to show Mac attacking Tristan James Galloway during his match on the 06/23/2017 edition of Fight Night. The brawl outside the ring ends with Mac standing over Galloway with a steel chair in hand. Then a repeating of the last line, as Mac's sinister smile appears on his face.)

    "You will either see the light, or I will extinguish your light here in the FWA."

    "The Motherload" by Mastodon hits as "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud begins to make his way down to the ring - there are a few in the crowd who chant for him but it's mostly boos.

    Langdon Trafford: Another man who has returned recently...

    David Weinstock: Man? Don't you mean... monster?

    Langdon Trafford: My mistake, Dave. You're right. A monster. Mac Michaud. He's no stranger to Back in Business... he's no stranger to violence. He has faced a who's who catalogue of the FWA and crushed many of them. Tonight, he vows to crush another one: Tristan James Galloway.

    David Weinstock: But... Galloway stacks up to him. It isn't going to be as easy as he thinks.

    Piers Gallagher: We're playing with the big boys now! Predictions, fellas?

    David Weinstock: I don't think this will last long.

    Langdon Trafford: Both guys are going to go for it from the start. Just look at Mac in the ring right now! He's desperate for this to start!

    In the ring, Michaud is backed away from the ropes by the referee and checked as "Turn the Page" hits and Tristan James Galloway begins to make his way out - to a great reception from the crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: Galloway... put in a great effort against Mike Parr and seemed like he was on an upward trajectory... but it's levelled off. He's stagnated a little bit. But tonight? Mac Michaud is a name he can beat and use as a stepping stone.

    David Weinstock:
    It's easier said than done, Langdon. But he can do it. He has to have the belief in himself. He's a tough guy.

    Piers Gallagher: This is the FWA, Dave. We're all tough guys here.

    Galloway and Mac have an intense staredown as Galloway walks down the ramp - he gets to the steps and gets into the ring. The referee comes over to pat down Galloway but Mac forces him out of the way and charges straight for his opponent!

    "The Malevolent One" Mac Michaud vs Tristan James Galloway

    Mac charges at Galloway and backs him into the corner with consistent shoulder barges into the midriff. He delivers multiple before backing away - the crowd booing - and then taking a run up and trying for one last shoulder barge... but Galloway moves out of the way and Mac connects with the ringpost! Galloway recovers slightly as Mac stumbles backwards... he stumbles right into the arms of Galloway who sends him flying with a huge german suplex! Mac sits up with a smile creeping across his face - clearly enjoying the pain he has just suffered... or perhaps relishing the challenge. He gets to his feet and taunts Galloway... he pushes Galloway into the ropes... but Galloway comes back with a huge clubbing clothesline attempt that forces Mac backwards into the adjacent ropeset... he comes back and Galloway lifts him up into the air! The crowd gasp in shock as Galloway is able to keep Mac held aloft for a good ten seconds before dropping him down for a gorilla press slam! Galloway makes the cover...1...2......NO! Mac gets the kickout as he starts to breathe a little heavier, the smile gone.

    David Weinstock: I bet Mac didn't expect Galloway to be THIS strong!

    Langdon Trafford: I'm not sure any of us did!

    Galloway looks to get Mac back to his feet but Mac tries to drive him into a corner once again - he lands a few more shoulders barges before straightening up and landing a few shots to the head of Galloway. He takes a step back before running up and hitting his foe with a huge big boot to the face - Galloway stumbles forward and now it's Mac's turn to show off as he grabs Galloway and lifts him up for a suplex... but he keeps him in the air for a good while. He even does some squatting to show off and annoy the crowd before dropping Galloway flat onto his back. He goes for the cover..1...2....NO! Galloway is able to get the kickout. Mac isn't happy and he instantly tries to grab Galloway to lock in a kimura shoulderbreaker but Galloway is able to scout it out and get to the ropes. Mac, begrudgingly, lets go before standing up and dropping double axe handles onto the back of his opponent before kicking him into a corner. He then takes a step back and drives his boot across his seated opponent's face - much to the crowd's chagrin.

    Piers Gallagher: These idiots don't know what they're booing! This is a top performance from Mac so far! He looks swole!

    Langdon Trafford: He looks what!?

    Piers Gallagher:
    Swole. It's what the cool people say.

    Mac tries to choke the life out of his opponent with his boot but gets distracted as the referee appears to annoy him. He backs the referee off before turning back to Galloway. Galloway is able to boot Mac in the gut and hurt him - he lands an uppercut but Mac responds right back with a right punch. The crowd break into a frenzy as the pair suddenly increase their pace with each other - they go back and forth until their pace becomes equal. The duo finally slow down as they start to tire out... Mac delivers a right hand that gets returned by Galloway... the replies get slower and slower and Mac looks to have it won as he lands a few rights in succession... but Galloway grabs Mac by the head and delivers a huge headbutt! Mac is stunned!

    Langdon Trafford: Just when it looks like Mac was winning that incredible slugfest!

    Mac is turned around and dropped with the Teardrop Sunset Saito Suplex by Galloway - he covers...1.....2......NO! Mac is able to make the kickout. Galloway knows that wasn't enough... he gets Mac up on his feet and whips him into the ropes... he connects with a big boot but it only sends Mac backwards. He bounces into the ropes again and comes at Galloway with a big lariat... but that doesn't faze Galloway - who rebounds off of the ropes and heads for Mac. But Mac is aware and drops levels to pick Galloway up onto his shoulders before running at a turnbuckle and dropping Galloway onto it with snake eyes! Mac grabs onto Galloway and lands a release German Suplex... followed by another.... then another! He goes for the cover..1...2.......NO! Galloway is able to get his shoulder up and stay in the contest. Mac seems frustrated and bounces off of the ropes and hits a leg drop. He questions going for another cover and then appears to have a bright idea... He slowly gets out of the ring and begins to make his way up top...

    David Weinstock: You're kidding me...

    Langdon Trafford:
    Well... it is Back in Business guys. Special things happen!

    Piers Gallagher: He'll break the damn ring!

    "The Malevolent One" tries to set himself but Galloway interrupts him, having recovered. There's nowhere for Mac to go as Galloway joins him up top and begins to club away at him, bringing him to a seated position on top. The crowd are building in anticipation as the two big men trade shots up top. Galloway looks to have it won as he lands another blistering headbutt. He grabs Mac and signals its time to go for a ride... the crowd are on their feet....

    David Weinstock: Does he mean... a superplex!?

    Piers Gallagher: Get the ring crew out here... it's going to need fixed in a second! Mac's going flying!

    Galloway gets Mac in position for a superplex and lifts him up high in the air - he delays the superplex and keeps Mac held for a good 10-15 seconds as the crowd count. It seems the delay has given Mac time to recover as Galloway isn't able to finish the move and Mac drives his knees down into the dome of his opponent. Eventually, Mac is, somehow, returned to his original seated position on the turnbuckle with a worn out Galloway infront of him. Mac punches him a few times to keep him stunned before dropping down and grabbing a hold of Galloway in a powerbomb position. He hits the Airstrike sitout powerbomb! The impact almost breaks the ring! Shockwaves aren't even finished vibrating around the arena as Mac makes the cover..1....2.......NO! GALLOWAY GRABS THE ROPES! HE'S STILL ALIVE! Mac looks incredibly pissed at seeing his opponent make the kickout. His attention turns right to the poor referee. He lifts the referee off of his feet and threatens him... but he lets go when he sees Galloway begin to stir. He gets set for the Killshot punt strike...

    Langdon Trafford: Tristan Galloway needs to get out of the way! He's in danger!

    Mac runs forward and goes for it... but Galloway gets his head out of the way JUST in time and gets to his feet. Mac recovers from the miss and runs straight at his opponent... only to be lifted up and dropped on his back with the Spinning Double A spinebuster from Galloway! A surge of energy sees Galloway hit the ropes and deliver a big leg drop... followed by an elbow drop! He makes the cover..1...2...NO! Mac is still able to kickout... but Galloway seems like he's on fire as he lifts Mac up and bounces him off of the ropes once again with a Samoan Drop!

    David Weinstock: The big man appears to have a second wind! He's kicking off! Must be incensed from Mac's punt attempt!

    Galloway sees red as he delivers stomps to Mac's back before grabbing a hold of him and locking him into a position for a painful surfboard! The crowd are wowed by the show of strength from Galloway and applaud him the longer he keeps the hold locked in. Mac refuses to give up and eventually Galloway drops him down. He picks Mac back up and hits the Black Rainbow pumphandle suplex! He's not done there as he lands a german suplex followed by an inverted suplex. He considers going for the cover but the fired up Galloway signals that he's ready to end it... he grabs a hold of Mac and lofts him up into the air before nailing The Shattered Symphony spear jackhammer! He covers Mac and it seems that is all she wrote as the referee counts 1...2......3!!!

    Winner: Tristan James Galloway
    The crowd celebrate their chosen giant winning the match - Mac rolls out of the ring unceremoniously in defeat. Galloway, however, raises his arms to huge cheers and seems to be crowned a champion of the people.

    David Weinstock: Well... both guys are seriously powerful. And I think, on another day, Mac could have taken that.

    Piers Gallagher: There's one thing I learned from this match... never step into the ring with either of these guys.

    Langdon Trafford: I think Galloway could've killed an elephant tonight if he wanted to. Mac too. Both guys hit each other with ridiculously powerful moves! It's a wonder the match lasted as long as it did!

    Galloway gets out of the ring and begins to make his way up the ramp - he high fives as many people as he can before turning around at the top and raising his hands once more in victory. We then go to a quick hype video for the rest of the event.


    Darius walks to the ring as he is handed a mic he looks pissed as he is about to speak when the Tron goes off as the words 'Liar', 'False' and 'Prophet' play over and over. The static video changes to a distorted voice being heard, a silhouette is shown as we see a shadow on the wall. A dim light is shown as a cig is lit you can only see the figures mouth.

    ???: You may not know who I am but I know who you are. The Innavitor Of Insanity. The man who always been finger tips, from being the guy the world champion.


    I saw you go from place to place and being handed chance after chance and I saw you groomed made into the perfect little puppet watching as they molded you into the man you are today.

    (He inhales his cig. Smoke exhales from his mouth and he smiles)

    ???:I am not filled green with envy I am red filled with rage.

    A false Prophet, you will fail this crusade. Darius everything you ever have and had has been handed to you on a silver platter.

    You see you and I we go back you and I we come from the same place you and I are

    Ready To Evolve!

    The figure moves around in the until a light shines and we see its the masked man is shown.

    Hello there, for those of you who don't know me my name is Deception and I am the man opening your eyes to the true Darius a man that has always been the man been the champion been the face who ran the place. You see he has hid his true intentions he has hid he true past his true nature the man he really is.

    Do you know why I got the name Deception, it wasn't because I couldn't see the truth in front of my very eyes when I was a naive boy who got to team up with a man who was suppose to be my brother suppose to be my friend who left me to die at the hands of two monsters as my neck got snap like a twig We were suppose to be equals! We were to have each others backs from any evil. That though is a different story for a different day and that part of me has been replaced by a new hatred a new misson a new plan.

    Deception: You see Darius I am going to take everything from you just like you took everything from me everytime you think your that close fingertips from gold I am going to be right there just when you have your all time highs it will come with my sense of justice the true injustice as you come crashing with your all time lows.

    Deception: Then after awhile, your going to see the truth as everyone will see you as this fallen hero you think you are and see that you are just the so called hero himself become the villian of his own story. When your blood your sweat your tears stain that very ring your standing in the world will see you for the villian you really are.

    Deception: Darius it will be beautiful as lady liberty bell is rung as your name will be remembered in the books as the man who paved the way for my legacy the true genesis of justice in this place and the exodus of injustice as well. You can see that heroes aren't always what they seem Darius.

    Deception: Its Deception

    Deception laughs as his whole body is shown hes in a old apartment with Darius name written all over the walls old newspaper clippings are on the floors showing all Darius past accomplishments. We can hear and see police sirens and lights flash as the light up Deception body.

    (Deception's grabs a newspaper from the floor it shows Darius as RTE Champion. He then pulls out the RTE Championship and slides it on his shoulder you can see where Darius name is written but the title has Deception carved across it.)

    Darius has had enough he tells him to get his ass in this ring.

    Deception: This title right here was what you wanted. This title right here is what I needed this title right here meant everything to me. No matter where I go no matter what I do this title is the end all be all for me because this title I scratched claw bleed for this place is where I turn from boy to man this title may have been your's but it is me and now it is mine.

    The lights go out in the arena the flashes of cameras flick as when the lights come on the ring is filled all around with Deception look alikes all holding the RTE Title on themselves all moving the same they all jump onto apron and Darius looks as one tries to come in ring Darius goes to attack him when one Deception attacks him from behind using the title to crack him in the back of his head.

    The Deception motions the rest to leave as he begins battering him with the title over and over busting him open. Deception throws title on the ground. Deception picks him up and says this right here is my sense of justice this right here is only the beginning.

    Deception hits his move the DNR (Spinning Unprettier) onto the title belt dropping Darius whose body makes a nasty sound as he lays motionless. Deception rolls out of the ring in approval of his work after he is gone Darius is shown refusing help to back and is smiling as we end segment.
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    part four

    Piers Gallagher: Danny "F'n" Toner — as he likes to be called — made a BIG impact at Carnal Contendership. But ... some would say ... his impact was on the wrong person.

    Langdon Trafford: Danny Toner went so far as to drive a TRUCK into the arena, and he hit the ring so hard that it caused Michael Garcia to be eliminated from the match. A contender and perennial favorite due to his size and strength was now ... another failed attempt at a singles championship. So ... obviously ... the blame had to go somewhere.


    Danny hops into one of the nearby FWA equipment vans and hits about 10 mph going through the hallways of the backstage area!!!


    The fans go NUTS when Danny's big white van with "Fantasy Wrestling Alliance" written in red letters on either side's sliding doors pops through. He jumps the rampway with his huge wheels and speeds on down to the ring!...

    Garcia motions for him to "COME ON!" He even says, "COME ON YOU STUPID DRUNK!"

    Toner then hits the gas, the van speeding up and BANGS into the ring! The ricochet has Garcia sent into the ropes RIGHT behind him, and then he loses his balance and falls off to the floor!!!

    Elimination #25: "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia

    (A quick-paced drumming comes as we see video footage of Garcia throwing a fit on the outside of the ring. The tantrum continues backstage as Garcia leaves a wake of trash, overturned tables, and injured FWA employees in his path. All we hear is screaming as Garcia punches through three walls on his tirade through the backstage area, with a handful of security members surrounding him to keep him from going to Danny Toner's locker room)

    FIGHT NIGHT 05/19/2017

    “Greenback Boogie” by Ima Robot as the crowd exploded for Danny Toner! Toner ran out onto the stage, and incited even more cheers from the crowd! “TO-NER” TO-NER” “TO-NER!” chants filled the arena as Toner slapped hands with fans on his way down the ramp….


    Weinstock: Oh come on! What a cheap shot!


    With Toner almost completely incapacitated, Garcia picked him up one last time and set him up…for the Three River Bombs. And one by one he delivered all three powerbombs, right onto the bottom half of the steel steps. Security immediately ran down to the ring and got in between the two men.

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/02/2017

    Michael Garcia: Danny Toner is one of those guys who gets chance after chance and forgiven for his errors every damn time. From the fans, from management. Not from me. He crossed me and cost me a title shot. I deserved that spot, not Shannon O'Neal. ME! You think Cyrus Truth is scared of a girl? But he would be scared of a machine, like me. But Danny Toner ruined that and I'm going to make him pay!

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/23/2017

    Garcia: You honestly thought I was expecting something different?


    Danny Toner went out there tonight and did what I expecteg him to do. He proved each and every one of his doubters write. This was his big opportunity to prove he's just not one big fuck up and guess what? He fucked that up. Danny Toner will never be anything more than what he is right now. An utter and complete abject failure. The only thing that Danny Toner is good at, is fu


    Garcia never finished his sentence because he fell to the concrete in a heap. The crowd popped hard as the camera panned over to Danny Toner, who cracked Garcia in the back of the head with the Easton Stealth! Toner dropped the stick on top of the Monster of the Midway!

    (The music stops ... and the next images we see are Danny "F'n" Toner's highlights through his career. The FWA Tag Team Championships win with Christian Quinn in 2015. The top-four finish in the 2016 Carnal Contendership match. The Tag Team titles win with Randy Ramon last year. And then we are reminded of the failures and missed opportunities.

    For both men, Toner and Garcia. Numerous losses in title matches play. Numerous big moments gone to the wayside. And the last image we see is Danny Toner looking frustrated after one match ... and Garcia throwing his tirade after one of his losses.)

    Kurt Harrington:The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL….


    Kurt Harrington:and it is a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match!

    “Monster” plays over the speakers of the arena signaling the arrival of the ‘Carnegie Carnivore’ Michael Garcia. Garcia steps out onto the stage wearing a grin from ear to ear and a Lonzo Ball jersey. The crowd booed him even more than normal because of the jersey. Garcia motioned that he was going to end Toner before walking down the ramp.

    Piers Gallagher: Time for an execution!

    Langdon Trafford: The look on Garcia’s face tells the story….he’s here to eliminate a problem. For weeks, Danny Toner has inadvertently cost Mike Garcia opportunities. Tonight, Garcia says he’s going to cost Toner so much more.

    David Weinstock: As we saw this match has been brewing since Carnal Contendership, but let’s face it, Danny Toner and Mike Garcia have always been on opposite ends of the track and I can’t believe we’re just NOW going to see a collision.

    Langdon Trafford: These two have met once before and Danny Toner scored the win with a countout victory…tonight, there will be no countouts. Danny Toner must PIN or submit Mike Garcia to pull off the win.

    "Greenback Boogie" by Ima Robot begins and the crowd ERUPTS with a boisterous ovation. Danny "F'n" Toner comes out with his fists clenched and sunglasses covering half of his face. Toner walks slowly and meticulously to the ring, like he's scouting every inch of the arena for a possible fighting spot.

    David Weinstock: But this match…this ismore than juat any match for Danny Toner. Danny has something to prove in this match. I think part of what Garcia’s been saying has hit home for Toner! I honestly think that Danny Toner feels that he needs to win this match!

    Piers Gallagher: And you don’t think that Mike has something to prove! They both do! You guys realize that these two men may be the two greatest competitors to NEVER hold a singles championship in the FWA?

    Langdon Trafford: Great point, Piers! And a victory in this match would certainly make a strong case for one of them toclimb back into the NA title picture, one would think!

    “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs Danny “F’N” Toner

    Garcia holds the Stealth like a sword, guarding himself and daring Toner to enter the ring. Toner stands on the outside, bobbing and weaving a bit, before shrugging his shoulders and sliding into the ring! He gets up and quickly slides, ducking a wild swing from Garcia! Garcia swings again,slamming the stick down to the canvas but Toner rolls out of the way and out of the ring! Garcia decides to step outside as well and goes right back after Toner with the stick but Toner grabs a kendo stick! Garcia swings the Stealth again, as Danny holds the stick up high as a shield! Toner stumbles backward trying to block every swing that Garcia brings forth until one strong swing breaks the kendo stick in half! One more missed swing causes Garcia’s stealth to collide with the steel steps, and Toner makes a dive underneath the ring apron. Garcia smirks, and pulls up the apron, poised to strike but Toner sprays a fire extinguisher in his face, blinding Garcia! Toner swings the extinguisher right at the back of Garcia’s head and the hockey stick falls out of his hands! Toner sees the fallen monster in front of him and picks up the Stealth. The crowd roars in approval as a maniacal gleam enters Toner’s eyes! Toner raises the stick high in the air and sends it crashing down over the back of the monster! Garcia screamed out in agony as Toner took another shot and then a third! Garcia crawled over towards the barricade and began to pull himself up. Toner reared back for another shot but Garcia caught the stick under his arm and then broke it over his knee, clean in two! Garcia tossed the stick over his shoulder with a dead cold stare into Toner’s eyes. Toner had a slight look of fear and disbelief after what he saw, but ran towards the monster anyways with a leaping forearm but Garcia turned his shoulder toward Toner and Toner bounced off like he ran full force into a brick wall!

    Garcia picked up Toner and threw him face first into the steel steps! Toner grimaced in pain as Garcia shook off the pain. Garcia began rapidly striking his opponent with boots to the midsection and then pushed his boot straight down into the throat of the Irish superstar. Toner squirmed around, trying to get some air before Garcia let up on the pressure. The monster reached over and grabbed the top half of the steps, haphazardly tossing them onto Toner. Garcia grabbed Toner’s hair and yanked him to his feet before suplexing Toner onto the bottom half of the steps! Toner’s body draped over the bottom half as Garcia walked over, grabbed the top half of the steps and made a Danny Toner sandwich. With Toner in a helpless position, Garcia walked the steel steps, standing on the top half with Toner stuck underneath screaming in pain! Garcia feigned looking out to the audience, as if he was looking for Toner. After a confident laugh, Garcia leaped up in the air and dropped an elbow on the steps, further crushing Toner underneath! Garcia grabbed his elbow in pain, but quickly got back up and took the steps apart, grabbed Toner and rolled him into the ring. He reached under the ring and grabbed not one, not two, not three, but five steel chairs, trying to land each one of them on Toner’s body in the ring.

    Garcia entered the ring as Toner reached towards one of the chairs but Garcia placed his foot firmly on the chair, preventing any action. Garcia pulled Toner up by his hair, but Toner started throwing jabs at the midsection of the Carnegie Carnivore! Suddenly, Toner caught Garcia with a hard forearm to the jaw that rocked him! Garcia fell back towards the ropes and Toner ran forward with a clothesline that took Garcia over the top rope and to the outside! Garcia landed on the apron though and got back to his feet. Toner wasted no time in looking to hook Garcia up with a suplex back into the ring but Garcia blocked it! This time, Garcia tried to suplex Toner outside of the ring but Toner wrapped his leg around the bottom rope! He grabbed Garcia by the neck and dropped him down over the rope!Garcia laid down, hanging over the top rope, so Toner hooked him up and DDT’d the monster to the canvas, or should I say onto a steel chair below! Toner awaited Garcia to get back up to his feet and as the monster started to stir….Toner grabbed a steel chair! As Garcia started to stand, Toner blasted him straight into the skull with the chair! Garcia staggered but he refused to fall. A second shot to the skull caused Garcia to stumble into the ropes! Toner looked at Garcia in the eyes and screamed out “JUST FALL, YOU SON OF A BITCH!” and swinging a third shot! This time, Garcia fell to the mat! Toner looked at his surroundings and began grabbing the chairs, tossing them on top of the Pittsburgh Native, burying him! Toner pointed to the top rope and the crowd went crazy! Toner shrugged his shoulders and leaped off the top rope with a body splash but Garcia moved out of the way! Toner collided with a steel chair left in the wreckage!

    Garcia and Toner both lay motionless on the canvas before Garcia began to roll outside of the ring. After a few seconds of regaining his bearings, Garcia reached inside the ring, pulled Toner by his boot and yanked him outside the ring. Garcia grabbed Toner by his head and to slam it into the edge of the ring but Toner blocked it and slammed Garcia’s head to the mat and then the ring post! Garcia looked to retreat to the timekeepers area but crazy ass Danny Toner was giving him NO room for reprieve as he charged forward and tackled Garcia, sending him through the barricade and into the fans! A “HO-LY SHIT!” chant erupted! The referee ran over to check on both men as the announcers talked their way through the short break.

    Suddenly, both men began to get to their feet but Garcia managed to toss Toner into the time keepers chair, before stepping back trying to get some separation! Garcia turned around but out of nowhere Danny Toner ran across both announce tables and leapt off right into the arms of Garcia, who caught him! Garcia ran Toner’s back into the ringpost twice at full speed and then hoisted him up over his head….Military Press Tossing Toner over the barricade and onto an aisleway in the crowd! Garcia climbed over the barricade, grabbed Toner’s head and began fighting with him through the crowd. Toner threw a few punches but Garcia kneed him in the midsection as rauckus fans tried to get into the camera shot. Garcia pressed Toner’s head into a metal railing and began slamming it repeatedly. Garcia trash talked with a few fans and went back in,as Toner got in a few elbows to Garcia’s ribs! A fan handed Toner his beer so Danny chugged it and then took another beer and tossed it in the eyes of the Carnegie Carnivore! Garcia screamed out and rubbed his eyes as he staggered towards the stairs. Toner wasted no time in hammering shot after shot at his opponent and the two continued their brawl all the way up the stairs through the hot crowd! Suddenly as they reached the top, Garcia grabbed Toner by the collar of his shirt and tossed himlike a rag doll through the doors that led to the inside of the arena!

    After a back and forth through a small crowd of people in the concessions area, the two men made their way over to the up and down escalators in the arena. Toner managed to drill Garcia with a shot that knocked him down onto the “UP” escalator. He immediately mounted Garcia and began throwing hard rights and lefts until Garcia raked Toners eyes. Toner stumbled off and almost fell backwards down the escalator but he hung onto the side. Onlookers screamed out in terror as Garcia immediately tried to dump Toner over the side to the floor below but Toner hung on for dear life until he caught Garcia with a back elbow! As the escalator reached the top, Garcia grabbed Toner by his hair but another back elbow by Toner knocked Garcia down a step. Garcia reached forward again and Toner instinctively guarded himself by drilling Garcia with a Superkick right under the jaw! Garcia immediately fell backwards onto the step and began rolling down the up escalator all the way to the floor below! Before Garcia fell,Toner tried to turn and reach out to catch him but just missed! Toner watched in disbelief as Garcia rolled down to the first floor! Toner shook his head but then immediately ran over to the down escalator, ran down the steps,and scurried to the bottom of the up escalator but Garcia wasn’t there as the escalator had already carried his body back up to the second floor! Toner’s eyes grew wide in disbelief as he couldn’t believe that opportunity may have slipped through his finger tips! A young couple had gotten on the escalator but Toner shoved them to the side as he raced up the escalator. By the time he had gotten there Garcia began to stir! Toner realized that this wasn’t over, pulled Garcia up by his hair but the monster awoke….and in a rage, lifted Toner up and viciously threw him through a glass display case that had a local hockey jersey proudly displayed inside. A loud scream could be heard from the onlookers. Garcia pulled himself together and bent down and gingerly covered. The referee tried to not get any shards of glass in his hand as he also gingerly counted.



    Toner kicked out just before the three! Garcia argued that the referee’s count was slow as a bloody Danny Toner slowly emerged from the carnage! Toner wiped the blood from his eyes but the first thing he saw was Garcia’s boot connecting right to his face. Toner fell back to the floor and Garcia wasted no time in pulling him back up and, screaming obscenities and trash talking the entire way, tossed him into every wall he could find. Garcia shoved, bullied and tortured Toner through hallways before sending him back through another set of doors and back into the outdoor part of the arena, near the stage, where the crews work. Toner finally managed to regain his bearings and fought back, sending Garcia into a large crate! Toner searched the area until he found a large crate on wheels! The crowd was approving as Toner grabbed the mobile crate and sent it full speed ahead into Garcia! Garcia lay motionless on the floor as Toner climbed on top of the stage! He looked out to the crowd who were at full volume chanting “DAN-NY! DAN-NY!” and then…..he leapt off the stage….connecting with a picture perfect Simple Twist of Hate (Corkscrew Legdrop to the throat)! Toner was hurting but he bent down for the cover!


    Garcia kicked out just before the 3! Toner looked at the ref in disbelief, as the ref held up the two fingers.He screamed that it was three but the referee shook his head! Toner saw a nearby table with some electrical equipment on it and began to clear it. Toner reached over and grabbed Mike by his hair, pulling him up but Garcia fought back and immediately pulled Toner in and drilled him with one third of the Three River Bombs on the crate, and the second one on the second crate, and then finally turning around and drilling him with a third through the table. Toner shook in a small convulsion upon impact! Garcia dropped down for the cover!

    Toner kicked out but barely! Garcia got up and threw a tantrum! He grabbed the ref by his shirt and began yelling numerous obscenities at him before tossing him aside and then grabbing numerous items and tossing them aside. He grabbed a soundboard and smashed it off the ground before calming himself down . But behind him a bloodied, broken Danny Toner emerged from the wreckage. A dark, ominous look upon his face. Toner grabbed a metal sheet pan and smashed it over Garcia’s head and then drilled him with German Suplex on the floor! Toner then drilled Garcia with a Closing Statement! Toner covered!

    Garcia kicked out of the Closing Statement! Toner could not fucking believe it. There was no way. Toner looked to the crowd who chanted “ONE MORE TIME!”! Toner took a few small steps backward and acted as if he was measuring up Garcia. Toner charged forward looking for his Punt Kick to the skull, but Garcia dodged it and when Toner turned around, Garcia hoisted him up on his shoulders in position for the Steel Curtain! Garcia marched around with his victim on his shoulders like a trophy as he set foot on the entrance ramp and then walking to the edge of the stage…before dropping Toner off with the Steel Curtain off the fucking stage! Toner’s head and neck folded up like an accordion upon impact as the camera showed Toner went through a single table on the ground below but there was also numerous speakers and soundboards that caused a few sparks upon impact. Garcia looked up to the heavens before diving off the stage with an elbow drop of his own onto Danny Toner’s now lifeless body and covered…


    Here is your winner @ 17:04 – “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia


    Another video package alerts the crowd to the next match.


    Eeny, meeny, miny.....


    The chair is pointed right into the eyes of Bell Connelly. Shannon shouts "NO!" but Rondo drives a steel chair right into her ribs. Then when Bell charges, Rondo does the same to her. And a wicked, vicious chair shot comes across Bell's spine! The crowd groans and boos the holy hell out of Ryan Rondo, who mercilessly drives a steel chair into Bell's ribs with no remorse.

    Langdon Trafford: Ryan Rondo doesn't care who it is. He's just playing games now! He picked Bell randomly. Why is he doing this?!

    Bell is still in the match and could win it, but the damage to Bell has been done. Michael Garcia sees a perfect opening and hits his "Three Rivers Bomb" triple powerbomb move. Then he lifts Bell up in a powerbomb setup and tosses her out of the ring like a child.


    Mike Garcia laughs as he leans through the middle and top ropes to taunt Bell and the fans.

    Elimination #24: Bell Connelly

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/23/2017

    Bell Connelly: This one face just sticks with me. Like a ghost.

    She turns her head upwards craning her neck up softly.

    Bell Connelly: That face... haunts me. So I can’t sleep. My eyes just can’t stay closed.

    Bell bares her teeth to the camera.

    Bell Connelly: It’s the face... of Ryan Rondo….

    (The camera abruptly cuts to Ryan Rondo slowly creeping into the arena, interrupting Bell.)

    Ryan Rondo: We both know that you're all talk Bell. You're a bloated doolally bag of nothing. I'm out here so why don't you continue what you were saying? Why don't you stand infront of me and tell me that I've evoked the beast? It's because you can't look me in the eye without me being able to tell that you're full of shit. That's all you are. Big talk... but in reality, you're just too chickenshit. You're a woman... so it goes without saying that you just don't have the balls to stand up to me when it matters, Bell. Isn't that right? You're just speaking sweet nothings to the FWA universe to save face. You know, deep down, you're a joke. Isn't that right?

    (The camera cuts to Bell, standing in the ring taking the verbal assault by Rondo)

    Ryan Rondo: You want to hit me? Do it. Right here.

    (The camera crowd chants for Bell, but she doesn't move.)

    Ryan Rondo: You're a let down, Connelly. You're the biggest overhyped disaster this company has ever seen.

    (Rondo slaps Bell. Rondo pushes Bell down, but as Rondo turns..... Bell explodes.)

    Langdon Trafford:
    Ryan Rondo is going to have his hands full because Bell Connelly has been pushed to her limits!

    (THe scene then cuts to Bell interfering in the Rondo vs Shannon FN main event)

    Langdon Trafford: Bell's going after Rondo! I think pandemonium is about to break loose!

    David Weinstock:
    We're getting another Back in Business preview!

    (The scene ends with Bell Connelly shouting threats to Ryan Rondo, who is hobbling through the crowdwith a shit-eating grin.)

    The crowd quietens down and waits in anticipation as one of the 'big' matches of the night is ready to begin. They're not sure what to expect... a black and white countdown clock appears on the big screen as the arena darkens. It slowly begins to tick down - every tick is intercepted by the flashing of a word that becomes bigger and bigger with each tick. It eventually stops at 1 where the word is revealed as "ANTI FAITH" and signals the arrival of "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo. Boos ring out as it appears he has adopted a new theme song that starts to play. Rondo walks out onto the stage just as the music kicks in - wearing his standard ring attire as well as a leather jacket. Of course, the trademark shit eating grin is plastered on his face. He carries a small velvet sack also. The fans are unrelenting in their boos as he makes his way to the ring.

    Rondo completely ignores the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Langdon Trafford: Rondo finally has an entrance song. What else is new tonight?

    Piers Gallagher: He's still a slimy weasel loser jackass. That'll never change.

    David Weinstock: No overelaborate fancy entrance for Rondo this year? I guess he really has stopped caring. I wonder what's in that velvet bag of his?

    Langdon Trafford: I'm hoping it's not something that'll set Bell Connelly off.

    David Weinstock: I hope it isn't either... for her sake. She needs to focus. It's going to be a crazy match, Langdon. I can feel it in the air.

    The crowd's booing continues as Rondo walks over to the announce tables... he removes the velvet sack from whatever he's holding and produces the FWA Women's Title! It's in perfect condition! He holds it up high and mocks the crowd as they let their feelings continue to be known. He drops the belt down and leaves it at ringside. He even boots it out of view for good measure.

    Rondo's music cuts out and there’s a buzz, with the match now about to proceed. There’s quiet … then the stadium goes dark…

    “Some boys take a beautiful girl
    And hide her away from the rest of the world
    I want to be the one to walk in the su-”

    “Let’s tell the world all the things we’ve done
    Falling in love in the setting sun
    I got a song and a smile so bri-”


    “I used to want to save the world. To end war and bring peace to mankind. But then, I glimpsed the darkness that lives within their light. I learned that inside every one of them, there will always be both. The choice each must make for themselves - something no hero will ever defeat. I've touched the darkness that lives in between the light. Seen the worst of this world, and the best. Seen the terrible things men do to each other in the name of hatred, and the lengths they'll go to for love. Now I know. Only love can save this world. So I stay. I fight, and I give... for the world I know can be. This is my mission, now. Forever.”

    The theme music blast through the entire area and a single spotlight appears on the stage revealing Bell Connelly and oh has she dressed for the occasion. Crouched down clad in the iconic red and blue battle armour, trusty sword and shield on her person with golden headband upon her head and golden cufflinks crossed in front of her.

    David Weinstock: This is more like it! Bell Connelly is ready to go to war!

    Langdon Trafford: For one night only, the FWA’s princess has turned into an Amazon Warrior!

    Her eyes burning with an intensity she leans back to her feet her hands making for the hilt of her blade. She poses with it, holding it high in the air for the baying crowd. Her straight back graceful pose, running his finger against his blade, before with a grunt slams the sword down on the stage where it sticks and stands proud as Bell takes in the overwhelming reaction from the crowd, puffing out her cheeks sucking it up and proceeding purposefully down the ramp. Never taking her eyes off the man who has caused her so much pain. There’s no dancing or swagger in her step tonight. She was single-minded of purpose.

    Bell’s intensity comes through in her eyes before sliding into the ring looking around and pushing up onto her feet and making her way to the far right corner taking in the fiery atmosphere of the occasion. Before tilting her head, locking eyes with Rondo across the ring. And neither shifts their focus for a long time.

    David Weinstock: For the first time ever... Bell Connelly and Ryan Rondo are about to go to war.

    Langdon Trafford: This is it, folks! We're hitting the big time at Back in Business!

    Eventually, Bell drops down from the turnbuckle and paces on the side of her ring, removing the mental shield before pressing her back against the turnbuckle her hands gripping the ropes so hard her knuckles turning bright white itching for that bell to ring. Rondo leans down in his corner and stretches for a moment...

    Singles Match
    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs Bell Connelly

    The crowd are entirely on Connelly's side and makes sure Rondo knows it as he stands and slowly begins to remove his leather jacket. His opponent is chomping at the bit to get to him but the referee prevents her from doing so until the bell rings. Rondo takes his time as he slowly removes one arm from a sleeve... and then another... and the match looks finally set to begin. The referee rings the bell just as Rondo appears to get ready to dump the jacket over ringside... but he keeps a hold of it and throws it at the onrushing Connelly – she catches it but is not prepared for the follow up as Rondo goes down low and hits a dropkick to the knee. He's on her in a flash and tries to wrench her arm but she ducks under and goes into a rollup that's kicked out of immediately. Rondo rolls out of the ring. He throws his arms up and shrugs as the crowd boo him.

    Langdon Trafford: The crowd are not happy with Ryan Rondo.

    David Weinstock: Mind games as always. Rondo won't want to let Connelly settle into any sort of rhythm. It's the same as the Shannon match. He'll stop her getting close at any moment.

    The referee instructs Rondo to get into the ring and they get into a small debate as Rondo climbs up onto the apron. Connelly rushes over and looks set to attack but the referee backs her away as Rondo gets back into the ring. She rushes at her opponent and ducks an oncoming forearm before jumping up onto the rope and hitting a springboard corkscrew arm drag. Rondo gets back to his feet and rushes at her again but she lands another arm drag before Rondo decides to slip out of the ring and take a breather. The crowd cheer for Bell as she gets them hyped up before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a suicide dive through the middle rope – it knocks Rondo right into a barricade. Connelly stands infront of Rondo and delivers a chop – the crowd responding to it as it echoes – and delivers a few more in quick succession before Rondo brushes them off and drives a knee into her gut. “The Last Star in the Sky” grabs his opponent and lifts her up into a vertical suplex position before dropping her onto the barricade. He turns away to mock her and the crowd as they boo.

    David Weinstock: It seems like Rondo has been playing slightly possum so far. He let Bell think she was in control! The smug smirking, the taunting give it away.

    Piers Gallagher: I hope Bell takes that shit eating grin right off of his face!

    Langdon Trafford: You might not have to wait long, Piers!

    Connelly has a quick recovery and stands up on the barricade as Rondo continues to taunt – he turns around and gets levelled with a flying forearm that sends him reeling backwards. Bell sprints up to him and lands a dropkick that forces him backwards into the ring post! The crowd take great delight in this as she stomps at him – the referee has to come out of the ring and instruct her to step away and get back in. She does so – but makes sure to pick Rondo up first and roll him in. She goes for the cover but Rondo kicks out immediately. Bell then hits the ropes but Rondo is up quicker than expected and sends Connelly flying as she runs into his knee – Rondo then picks her up by the hair and leans her against the ropes, he feigns throwing a strike and steps backwards. Arms outstretched, he taunts her by shouting 'This all you got!?'

    David Weinstock: Don't fall for it, Bell...

    Langdon Trafford: Mind games. I remember when Ryan Rondo used to fight fair. He was a good guy.

    Piers Gallagher: He's always been a pipsqueak, Langdon, don't kid yourself.

    The former FWA Women's Champion is antagonised and rushes forward – Rondo drops down with a drop toe hold before bouncing off of the ropes and hitting a dropkick to the head of his opponent. Connelly looks to roll out of the ring but Rondo stops her by grabbing the hair, again, and ignoring the referee's orders to let go. He stands Bell up against the ropes once more and goes through the same process as before – he backs away and feigns throwing a punch... but this time, the crowd let out a huge amount of boos as Rondo decides to spit at Connelly instead. He stands and taunts her as she wipes her face in disgust before exploding forward and landing a front dropkick that sends Rondo flying backwards into the opposite corner. She comes running at him but he vaults her over the ropes before stumbling forward - now it's his turn to run forward but Bell counters with a pendulum kick and then looks to springboard... but Rondo recovers quicker than expected and turns around with a forearm that knocks Bell off of the top rope and to the ground below outside. Connelly nurses her leg as she is slow to get up whilst Rondo runs off the ropes in the ring and teases a plancha - Bell braces herself but Rondo slides out of the ring instead and gives her a full force slap to the face.

    Langdon Trafford: The disrespect Ryan Rondo has shown Bell so far... it's disgusting!

    Piers Gallagher: He's a goddamn weasel.

    David Weinstock: She has to show him who is boss eventually!

    Rondo goes one step further and boots her to the ground nonchalantly. He continues to kick at her as she tries to crawl back to her feet before grabbing her and throwing her into a foreign language announce table. He delivers stomps before crawling back into the ring to reset the count. He takes the time to taunt the crowd some more before grabbing Bell and lifting her up onto the apron. A suplex is teased but Bell shows fire to snap out of it and delivers a few strikes to Rondo - landing a final big one that spins him around - Bell grabs him and drops down with a neckbreaker on the apron! Rondo falls down and onto the floor below whilst Bell recovers on the apron. She jumps off with a flying forearm that sends Rondo backwards into the same announce table from earlier. Now it's Bell's turn to do some damage - the crowd let out huge cheers as she drives forearm after forearm into Rondo before transitioning into chops. Eventually, Rondo is put onto the announce table and Bell gets the crowd hyped up as she teases going up high. She gets up onto the apron but the crowd reaction tells the story - they're booing as Rondo gets off of the table and grabs Bell's foot. She kicks him off and turns around on the apron - she goes for another leaping forearm but it's ducked, causing her to stumble. Rondo then follows it up with a clubbing blow from behind before grabbing a hold of Bell and lifting her up onto the announce table with him. He delivers a few boots before going for what appears to be a lariat... but Bell shows off her matrix evasion technique as she bends all the way back. Rondo's taken by surprise and turns around right into a SUPERKICK! He falls to his back on the table and Bell now sees her chance! She doesn't waste any time playing up to the audience now as she jumps up onto the turnbuckle...

    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly's going to land the biggest move yet, guys! She's going for the jugular!

    David Weinstock: Let's hope Rondo gets damaged more by the table...

    Bell leaps off with a diving elbow drop! The tables breaks into pieces as the elbow drives Rondo right through it! Bell also clearly took some damage but it's obvious who got the worst of it. The crowd break into a chant for Bell as she tries to crawl towards the ring apron and get back in. Rondo slowly follows but is noticeably more hurt. Bell is first to get up onto the apron just as Rondo reaches it - she stands up and appears to want to do more damage to Rondo on the outside but suddenly, Rondo springs to life and grabs her foot before yanking it and causing her to fall on the apron and bump her head extremely hard. Rondo rolls into the ring to a chorus of boos before getting to his knees and grinning, lapping it all up. "It's gonna take more than a fucking spanish announce table to put me away!" he shouts. He grabs Connelly, by the hair, from the outside and gets her to a kneeling position on the apron before grabbing her and pulling her through the ropes and then planting her with a rope assisted DDT. He goes for the cover..1...2...NO! Bell makes the kickout.

    David Weinstock: I think Rondo's been trying his best to make Bell work too much early on. He's tiring her out. The taunting, the slow moves, everything he's doing is just an attempt to make her exhausted.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Why, Dave?

    David Weinstock: The quicker she tires out, the quicker she can be put away. Think of who has been expending their energy most of this match - certainly not Rondo.

    Langdon Trafford: You're saying he's been playing possum?

    David Weinstock: I'm saying he's been waiting for openings and taking advantage. Bell has to do the same. Don't go for the big moves, go for a high volume of small ones. Don't give Rondo any time. Rondo's changed how he wrestles to the point that it's a low effort moveset for him. He's using a high volume of low effort moves that gradually take effect whereas Bell has been going for big aerial moves. It has to change for her to win. Change how you fight to beat him.

    Piers Gallagher: Easier said than done, nerd.

    The crowd are beginning to have the life sucked from it as it seems Rondo is in control once more. He clubs Bell's back before pawing away her head with his foot. He continues to show a complete lack of respect for his opponent but she suddenly pops up and drives a couple of forearms into Rondo's skull. He takes them before firing back one much powerful and then delivering a knee to the gut. Bell falls to one knee as Rondo holds his arms out...

    "You hit like a girl!"

    This enrages Bell as she gets back to her feet and rifles off three or four powerful forearms before pushing Rondo against the ropes and looking for a whip - it's countered as Rondo ducks under her arm and delivers a kick before smirking at the crowd... he doesn't expect Bell to reply so quickly - she takes advantage and hits a series of quickfire open handed palm strikes before delivering a spinning back kick to the gut then a european uppercut then a spinning back elbow before capping it off with a jumping spin kick that takes Rondo down! She lets Rondo gets to his knees before charging at him and landing a crushing knee strike to the face! The crowd are suddenly energetic once more as Bell jumps on for the cover..1...2.....NO! Rondo makes the kickout! Bell only dwells on it for a brief moment though as Rondo begins to stir - she runs forward and lands the 'Ringing the Bell' natural selection cutter! She makes another attempt at the pinfall...1...2.....NO! Rondo is able to get another kickout. Again, this does not deter Bell. She points to the turnbuckle and the crowd suddenly get hyped up as she climbs up and begins to handstand, signalling what is coming.... but Rondo rolls all the way to the opposite end of the ring and sits up in the corner mouthing the word 'no' a few times. The crowd boo Rondo but the reaction changes as Bell resets herself in the middle of the ring before charging right at her opponent with the 'Glitterball' cannonball senton!

    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly is coming with the fire now!

    David Weinstock: This might be the best chance yet! She's got him hurt!

    Bell drags Rondo out of the corner as the crowd wills her on. She gets him a decent distance from the top turnbuckle before jumping up and this time she is able to do a perfect handstand before landing the Ode To Tinkerbell moonsault! She makes the cover..




    Rondo just gets the shoulder up! The crowd thought it was over! Bell appears to have thought it was over also as she asks the referee if he is sure of the count. He nods that he was sure and Bell looks noticeably disappointed. She thought she had it but she puts on a defiant face as she resolves to get the job done. Rondo had rolled to the turnbuckle to recover and begins to stand up using help from the ropes. The crowd know he's vulnerable right now and beg Bell to put the finishing touches on the match. She comes forward and grabs Rondo into a headlock - she jumps up onto the ropes and goes for a Belldog but Rondo throws her into the middle of the ring instead. He drops down to a knee to regain senses for a moment but Bell comes back with her Rainbow Road combination! A flawless cartwheel into a step up knee! Bell then transitions into a monkey flip... but Rondo is able to land on his feet! Still somewhat dazed, he turns around and charges at Bell in the corner - she tries to use her knees to push him away but he catches them and throws them in between the ropes, rotating Bell around. He grabs Bell by the head and drops her to the canvas with a neckbreaker! The former FWA Women's Champion hits the canvas with a sickening thud whilst Rondo crawls out onto the apron and shakes his head in an effort to get the cobwebs away. He climbs up onto the turnbuckle and leaps off with a missile dropkick that sends Bell across the ring and into the other corner. She uses the ropes to get to her feet just as Rondo runs at her - he kicks her in the face whilst vaulting to the outside before sweeping her leg and then using the ropes to aid him in a slingshot basement dropkick back into the ring! A slick combination that seems to have gotten some momentum back on his side as the crowd quieten down slightly. He makes the cover on Bell...1.....2.....NO! Bell manages to get the kickout at 2. Rondo gets back to his feet and puts a foot on Bell's head before taunting the crowd - drawing even more boos. He lets Bell recover slightly before grabbing her from behind and looking to lock in the dragon sleeperhold!

    Langdon Trafford: This is the move that started it! He put Sanada to sleep with it and stole the women's title... he almost did the same to Shannon... Bell has to fight this, it's dangerous!

    David Weinstock: This is the one move she won't want to lose to.

    "The Last Star in the Sky" tries his best to get the move locked in but Bell keeps fighting it and is eventually able to hit the ropes with her foot. She actually uses the ropes as a springboard to vault over Rondo and take him down with an inverted DDT! She lets Rondo up and drives few forearms at him but he counters the last one by spinning under and kicking her in the gut. He grabs a hold of her head and then uses the ropes to deliver a tornado DDT... but Rondo isn't done there yet, he gets her back up instantly and drops her with an inverted STO transitioned into a koji clutch! The crowd are now worried as Bell is stuck in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go! Rondo has it locked in! She fights it for a few moments but Rondo is able to keep it locked in tight and doesn't allow her to use any traditional counters. She rolls over a few times and eventually makes the ropes but Rondo doesn't let go when the referee asks! He continues to keep it locked in until the referee begins a count and forces him to let go. "The Last Star in the Sky" doesn't let his opponent take any breathers though as he grabs her and yanks her all the way to the middle of the ring once more... he lets her get back to her feet before exploding out of nowhere and delivering the Amazing KO CUTTER!!!! The crowd fall completely silent!

    Piers Gallagher: Ugh, I can't watch!

    Rondo smirks at them all before dropping down and making the cover....




    Langdon Trafford: Bell Connelly is still in this!

    David Weinstock: And Ryan Rondo, for the first time in this match, looks like he's struggling to comprehend what's happened. This is good for Bell!

    Rondo doesn't know what to think but he immediately grabs Connelly and delivers a few boots before dropping down and locking in another koji clutch! This time, Bell is too tired to roll anywhere... there's nothing she can really do. She tries to fight out of it with her hands but to no avail. She begins to grab Rondo's face and scratches him slightly near the eyes and he shouts at the referee... but the referee ignores his complaints! Rondo's broken the rules multiple times in this match and the referee is clearly fine with him being handed some payback! Bell continues to scythe at his eyes causing him to let go - the crowd clearly enjoy it. The man in control, Rondo, isn't happy with Bell's escape attempt and argues with the referee. He backs the referee into the corner and demands an explanation but the referee refuses to give him one. In response, Rondo assumes all bets are off with rules and begins to casually undo the turnbuckle cover. The referee tries to stop him but gets shoved away - Rondo holds the cover up in the air, proudly, as the fans boo. The referee tries to grab it back as Rondo dangles it infront of him and corners him. The cover is then thrown away and the referee is told to go 'fetch' by Rondo... but instead of going outside, he simply shoves Rondo backwards - right into a dropkick from Connelly that causes Rondo to squash the referee right into the exposed turnbuckle! The official flops to the ground and out of the ring, lifeless. Connelly tries to check on the referee on the outside as Rondo recovers.

    Piers Gallagher: Focus on Rondo! Not the referee, dammit!

    David Weinstock: For once, you're right, Piers.

    Rondo gets to the middle of the ring and measures Connelly up as she turns around and walks back... he runs forward and goes for a clothesline but Bell, once again, shows off her matrix evasion technique and bends backwards - Rondo's momentum keeps him going and he hits the ropes. Bell jumps up and tries to hit a hurricanrana takedown... but Rondo uses his strength to stop her pulling the move off... he lifts her up into a powerbomb position.... she fights back with hard forearms but Rondo runs forward and throws her into the exposed turnbuckle! She almost falls to her knees in pain, clutching her back, but she manages to stand straight up. Rondo comes running forward but she summons the strength to kick him away before sitting on the top turnbuckle. Rondo comes back and joins her up there - he drives a few forearms into her as he looks to jostle for superior position... but Connelly fights back by crunching a few forearms into his neck... she manages to stun him for a brief second and hits him with a headbutt! Rondo flops to the canvas as Connelly stands up and tries to set herself... Rondo returns to his feet and is hit with a top rope Glitterbomb codebreaker!!! Bell Connelly pulls out a huge last gasp move!

    Langdon Trafford: The referee is STILL down!

    As she tries to make a cover for pinfall, she realises the referee is still out and no pin can be counted. Rondo, smartly, begins to roll out of the ring. She tries to crawl and stop him but the pain in her back seems too much of a hassle. Rondo, exhausted and possibly beaten, lies on the apron of the ring and tries to get a breather. He drops down to the ringside canvas and begins to slowly crawl to where he left the FWA Women's title... the crowd know what he's up to and don't like it one bit. He gets the title and throws it onto the apron before slowly, but surely, getting back into the ring. Connelly, still struggling with her back, gets to her feet against the ropes - the world seems to go in slow motion as she turns around and Rondo looks to level her with the title belt... but she kicks him right in the groin area! It's a lowblow... but the referee can't see it as he's still out....

    Piers Gallagher: Take that, Rondo!

    David Weinstock: Why not, eh?

    The crowd love it as Rondo sinks to his knees in apparent pain as Connelly still struggles with her back... she manages to get up first and hits the Footloose (Eat Defeat) inverted stomp that sinks Rondo to the ground. The crowd are desperate for Connelly to do something big. This is her moment. She crawls, agonisingly slowly, towards the turnbuckle and begins to climb up... the crowd are choking for this to be the end as she manages to haul herself up for another handstand... she looks to go for the Ode to Tinkerbell moonsault once again.... she goes flying....

    BUT RONDO GETS HIS KNEES UP! Bell recoils backwards in pain, clutching her midriff, as Rondo suddenly gets to his feet...

    Langdon Trafford: Dammit, she took too long getting up there! Rondo was waiting for it... and NOW HERE'S HIS CHANCE.

    He walks over to the seated Connelly, next to the title belt, and simply paws her head with his foot before telling her, in no uncertain terms, what he thinks of her. This seems to anger her and she steps back up onto her feet and tries to explode with a series of forearms that becomes palm strikes that become flailing slaps. Rondo takes every one of them - they get weaker by the second - before he repays the favour from earlier and kicks her in the groin area as hard as he can. A torrential rain of boos hit the ring once more as he does so... but they go silent when Rondo grabs a hold of Connelly and drives her down onto the women's title belt with the Amazing KO cutter! He disposes of the belt and rolls over to a still recovering referee on the outside before yanking him into the ring. Rondo drops down onto the lifeless Bell as the entire Qualcomm watches in silence....





    As he tries to argue with a barely conscious referee, Rondo looks down to realise that Connelly is still a spent force.

    David Weinstock: A courageous kickout... but you have to wonder if there's any fight left. That... that was just plain defiance.

    Langdon Trafford: Say what you want about Bell Connelly... she's taken it, given it... and then some, tonight. It's going to take something extraordinary to put her away.

    Rondo, in a fury, releases a bunch of stomps to Connelly's back - using the ropes for leverage. The referee is able to muster enough strength to get him to back away but it seems that the damage is done. Rondo grabs Connelly and rolls her into the middle of the ring as he drops down for a cover... but he lets it go before the referee can begin a count. He wants to make sure this time. He lifts her up onto her feet - she can barely stand - and looks to go for another Amazing KO... the crowd boo but cheer when she pushes him away and onto the ropes... it's a short lived hope though as she doesn't have the energy to do much else. She drops to her knees as Rondo stops at the ropes, turns around and begins to smirk. He circles her like a vulture before getting her back to her feet and telling her to 'go for it'. She tries her best to hit him with forearms to the chest but she's just too tired. She's barely able to keep her balance as she resorts to slaps... she then falls to her knees. Completely spent. Her head hangs as she looks down at the canvas, hopeless. Rondo leans down and grabs her by the head, saying words to her and mocking her, she seems to have a surge of energy and slaps his hands away before slapping him twice and going for a third.... but Rondo catches her hand. He wiggles his finger at her as if to say 'No.' - he twists her arm and watches as she struggles on her knees. He takes a hold of one of her fingers and SNAPS IT!!! The sickening snap sound echoes around the arena as Rondo smirks... Connelly holds her hand in complete distress before Rondo bounces off of the ropes and drives a knee into her skull. He loses the plot and stomps away on her before picking her up and locking in the dragon sleeper hold!!

    David Weinstock: Ryan Rondo has become a violent individual. There's nothing he won't do to the other person to win. This is hard to watch.

    Langdon Trafford: Stay alive, Bell! You can do it! Not like this...

    Connelly tries her best to fight it but it's clear it's a losing battle. She's unable to get near ropes and Rondo is fully in control. It's looking bleak as she starts to fade... the crowd in complete silence as the watch the last of her energy completely drain away. But just before Bell looks to be separated from her consciousness, Rondo inexplicably lets the hold go... he wiggles his finger once again to mock the crowd and Bell before lifting her up and grabbing her into a hammerlock cradle hold before lifting her up and transitioning into a sitout side powerslam! It's a new move from Rondo that others haven't seen yet the and impact has the ring vibrating furiously. The crowd can barely look as he hooks the leg and the referee begins what appears to be the final count....




    There's no miraculous kickout this time. It's over.

    Winner: "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo

    The crowd are stunned silent as Connelly is horizontal, lifeless, in the middle of the ring. Rondo rolls out of the ring and ignores abuse from the crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: This is not a good day, gentleman.

    David Weinstock: He's a damn cheater. On an even playing field, Bell wins that match. I can't believe it. Bell deserved better than this... she gave it everything she had! This isn't right!

    Piers Gallagher: She'll dust herself off and get him next time. Have faith, Rondo's still a weasel. She'll crush him next time. She comes out of this looking better than he ever did.

    Langdon Trafford: We have to hope there is a next---

    Trafford is interrupted as Rondo grabs his headset off of him. He grabs a camera and forces it to face him before he speaks loudly into the headset mic.

    Ryan Rondo: You see THAT thing in there? That lifeless moron in the middle of the ring? That's what happens when you try to be a hero. That's what happens when you dress up in stupid fucking costumes and try to act like something superhuman. That's what happens when you're a fraud who pretends they can go. That's what happens when you think you can measure up to ME. This is only the start. Connelly might be the first but she won't be the last. You'll see.

    He throws the headset back at Trafford with contempt before turning around and picking up the FWA Women's Title on the outside. He rolls back into the ring...

    Langdon Trafford: The match is over, Rondo! Just stop it!

    He walks over to Bell and shoos away any EMTs and referees before putting his foot on top of her and raising the belt in a mocking manner. He drops the belt onto Bell with zero care for her health before turning around and walking out of the ring. Referees and EMTs go back to checking on Bell, who is now coming to, as Rondo makes his exit. The man is booed as he stops to taunt on his way up the ramp but he does it all wearing a smile and without a care in the world. He stops at the top of the ramp and looks down at the ring to see a struggling Bell Connelly trying to stand up at the ropes. She looks straight up the ramp with an expression that signifies pure hatred and fury on her face. Rondo simply shrugs his shoulders at her, gives her the thumbs down before turning around and disappearing.
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    Part Five

    The PPV feed returns to a close-up shot of the announcing duo sitting at the booth.

    Langdon Trafford: For nearly a year, Mike Parr has been the FWA North American Champion. At every pass and turn, he has been one step above every challenge. Michael Garcia, Danny Toner, you name it.

    Piers Gallagher: Now he has a new opponent: Humanity, who won the six-man contendership match earlier tonight. Can Humanity, on tired legs, beat the well-rested Mike Parr and take from his grip the championship that has defined his career?

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/23/2017

    FWA North American Championship
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Danny "F'n" Toner


    Parr lands an enzuiguri that stymies Toner, sending him into the ropes, and stumbling back right into a Rolling Cutter finisher! Parr eyes Garcia, who is steamed and fuming as he looks at the fallen Danny Toner laying in the middle of the ring. "The Prodigy" waves "goodbye" to Garcia and his chances of winning the title as he flies off, hitting X Marks the Spot moonsault-into-frogsplash aerial finisher, and pins Toner for the dominant 1-2-3 title defense.

    Winner and STILL FWA North American Champion: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr


    "This ... this is all we got? This is the BEST the FWA has to offer me? I've been the North American Champion ... for ONE YEAR!

    Is there ... NO ONE ELSE?"

    Just then, Hanz Gruber's theme music hits and the crowd turns to the stage. Hanz Gruber comes slowly out to the stage. In a matter of moments, his theme music pauses for James Sync's! The crowd erupts into a nice-sized pop as James Sync comes and takes a spot on the other side of the stage. Zako Wraith comes out next, Risky Douglas and Starr emerge together, and Humanity is out last. The six men stand on the stage as a well-rounded group, eager to show they SHOULD be given the next title shot.

    Then Ashley comes out, with the crowd perking up, eager to hear what he says.

    "Aye, Mike Parr, ye' 'ave been quite a champion. At Back in Business ... I'm thinkin' it'll be wise to ... let the field decide who is next, eh? So it'll be these six men ... in a battle royal. The winner ... face you later in the night ...

    for the North American title."

    The crowd cheers the announcement as Mike Parr nods his head, saying off the mic, "That's fine. None of them can hang with me. Danny F'n Toner couldn't even last six minutes!"

    (A video replay shows Humanity topping Starr and James Sync in the final three to win the contendership match, to a loud ovation from the fans.)

    (But that shifts to show Mike Parr's 11-month reign, including bringing back the defunct Television Championship and calling himself "the best thing on TV today." His wins over "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia are played over ...

    and over...

    and over again.

    Then a clip of the crowd with the "TRIPLE CHAMP! TRIPLE CHAMP!" chant.

    And then it shows Humanity sitting inside a church in Salem, Massachusetts, the site of his pre-show promo.)

    Humanity: I am he who conquers the conquerors, even above the greatest of men. I've overcome this shell of a body and overcome its own treacherous and fallible desires. I have but one true desire: to show man the truth. Those who do not see the truth, are often those who ask for too much... like Mr. Parr. I intend to show him much about his place and the secrets of this world.


    FIGHT NIGHT 02/10/2017

    Mike Parr: So in this moment that I stand before you as the Breakout Star of the Year, I give you all a promise. It's a promise that I will continue to be the best wrestler that this company has, the most marketable face this company possesses and the most courageous champion that this company has to offer........

    Actually, I'd like to thank everyone backstage. From Garcia, to Watkins, to Eyesnsane to Kazadi...the list goes on. Thank you for making it so easy to stand out....

    (The final shot is "The Prodigy" Mike Parr standing tall with the North American Championship raised above his head. It's from when he first won the belt, back in 2016, against "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy and Thomas Jordan.

    The second shot shows Mike Parr holding the belt above his head, standing in the ring, as he faces the six potential challengers to his belt on the most-recent episode of Fight Night.)

    The lights go out and the crowd comes to its feet. Humanity slowly makes his way to the entrance with a hood over his head. He doesn't show any signs of fatigue as he makes his way down to the ring and whips the hood back, revealing his sinister smile and peering pupils hidden behind his dark-colored eyelids.

    Langdon Trafford: Does ... does anyone think Humanity can do this? I'm starting to get a feeling that he has a chance.

    Piers Gallagher: Let me stop you right there. Humanity is GREAT! "The Prodigy" beat Michael Garcia THREE TIMES. I don't know how. I still think Garcia got screwed. But ... he did it. He's not losing tonight.

    Humanity stands inside the ring as the lights return to the arena. The crowd begins a very small and short-lived "TRIPLE CHAMP! TRIPLE CHAMP!" chant. When the music hits, it's a mostly supportive reaction as "The Prodigy" struts out with his prized possession over his shoulder.

    Piers Gallagher: Mike Parr is rested. Humanity is not, even if he looks fresh. Mike Parr has held the belt for 11 months. He has one year in his sights. Humanity is still newly returned, maybe a little rusty.

    Langdon Trafford: BUT ...

    Mike Parr makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the fans with their outstretched hands for shakes and high-fives and signs they want autographed. He has a moody look about him, pacing the ring as Humanity stands his ground in the center.

    Langdon Trafford:
    BUT ... Humanity is just ... he just has a different feel to him tonight. Like he's channeling some sort of hidden power.

    "The Prodigy" enters the ring, steps through the ropes, and comes face to face with his newest opponent.

    Piers Gallagher: I don't know anything about that, but I know one thing. Mike Parr doesn't care what Humanity is channeling.

    FWA North American Championship
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr (c) vs. Humanity

    Humanity stands on his side of the ring for about 30 seconds without moving after the bell rings. "The Prodigy" doesn't need to move much, either, more than keeping himself loose as he crouches down and pops up for a quick warm-up session.

    Humanity finally begins circling the ring, as does Parr. The two come together for a grapple, which Parr steps back from to apply a wrist lock. Humanity walks forward as Parr walks back, like a recited dance routine, and Parr continues to re-twist the wrist in hopes of making Humanity succumb. But it doesn't work. Humanity laughs in Parr's face and yanks him toward his body and drops Parr for a sweeping sidewalk slam!!! The ring shakes and the crowd gasps! Parr struggles to his feet as Humanity grabs him around the neck and pushes his head down between his legs. He lifts Parr up to his shoulders and repositions for the River Styx Powerbomb finisher!!! He LAUNCHES Mike Parr across the ring for the jackknife powerbomb and "The Prodigy" bounces off the canvas with a FORCE.

    Langdon Trafford: UNBELIEVABLE!

    Piers Gallagher: WHA...NO...NO WAY!!!

    Humanity kneels next to Mike Parr for the early cover and win!

    ...............KICK OUT!


    Piers Gallagher: It was too early, Langdon! Not enough done to Parr before that!

    Langdon Trafford: But that sure was a lot of damage inflicted in the opening two minutes of this match!

    Humanity yanks "The Prodigy" up by the neck and whips him into the nearby turnbuckle. He follows with repeated elbows to the throat. The champion is being worn down after the early finisher, and Humanity begins pummeling right hands into his forehead. Parr slouches down against the middle turnbuckle as Humanity presses his knee into the left cheek of the champion, squeezing him between the bony kneecap and the turnbuckle. The referee finally makes Humanity relinquish, and the challenger steps back briefly before yanking Parr upright for more bruising right hands, this time to the ribs and stomach.

    Humanity whips Parr to the opposite side of the ring and tries a corner splash, but Parr moves. Humanity turns and Parr delivers a sole kick to the gut. Then he tries an uppercut, but Humanity doesn't budge!

    He simply spits out the blood in his mouth and smiles, his teeth turning bright red in the process!

    "The Prodigy" turns desperate, throwing a wild right hand that misses the mark. Humanity wraps up a rear waist lock and hits a release German suplex! Parr is sent across the ring, and the champion rolls under the ropes and to the apron. He finally rolls off the apron, laying on the outside floor to recover. Humanity wastes no time going after him, stepping through the ropes and stomping down into the lower spine as Parr kneels on the outside.

    Langdon Trafford: Humanity is taking it right to the champion tonight. He's too strong, too tough, and ... he's just ... unaffected by whatever Mike Parr tries!

    Humanity whips "The Prodigy" into the nearby fan barricade, the steel crashing into the lower spinal chord of the champ. Humanity tries to clothesline Parr after, but the champ ducks and flips Humanity over, sending him crashing into the front rows where the fans sit. Parr has enough energy to reset the count and slide back out of the ring.

    "The Prodigy" grabs Humanity by the hair and slowly pulls him over the barricade. Then he begins stomping down into the challenger for his first continued offense of the match. Parr grabs the challenger by the neck and smashes his face into the steel ring steps. Then he rolls Humanity back onto the apron, pushing him under the ropes, and allowing himself the chance to hop up.

    Parr goes to the top turnbuckle and tries a flying knee to the face! It connects!!! Humanity falls backwards and Parr drags his body from the ropes for a pinfall try!

    ...................1....................2.......POWERFUL KICKOUT!

    Humanity is too much. Parr tries a double-underhook backbreaker but it's countered into a back body drop. Humanity then lands an exploder suplex and covers for a pinfall, but "The Prodigy" kicks out at two and three-quarters.

    Humanity attempts a cactus clothesline but Parr ducks and this time runs off the ropes for another flying knee to the face. Humanity stumbles backwards, falling through the middle and top ropes. He lands on the apron, where Parr throws clubbing blows over the top rope and down into the upper spine of his foe. Parr tries a rope-hung DDT, but Humanity steps down and drives Parr across the ring, about 20 steps in total, into the far-end turnbuckle! The champion winces in pain as Humanity continues to drive a shoulder into his ribs. Humanity walks Parr to the center of the ring and clotheslines him to the canvas. The crowd begins groaning, worried at the potential for one of their favorites to lose his North American Championship. Humanity covers a third time!


    Humanity tries again for the River Styx Powerbomb. This time, Parr is ready as he's lifted up to the shoulders. He pummels the forehead of Humanity until he hops off the shoulders and lands behind Humanity. An enzuiguri is followed by a tornado DDT!

    Langdon Trafford: The mood of the match suddenly has changed!

    Piers Gallagher: Parr is finding a second wind ... and now he's trying to end it!

    Mike Parr grabs the legs of Humanity and applies an inverted sharpshooter submission!!! The crowd yelps with approval as "The Prodigy" pulls further and further back, causing more pain to Humanity's spine. Suddenly, a smile emerges on the challenger. The announcers are sickened by the sight of Humanity bearing this unbelievable pain and LAUGHING it off.

    Parr releases, steps backwards, and waits for Humanity to slowly rise to his feet. "The Prodigy" charges forward and reverses the swinging sidewalk slam into ANOTHER tornado DDT, this time wrapping around Humanity before coming to the front with the head lock!!!



    Mike Parr goes to the top turnbuckle. Humanity is still down in the middle of the ring, and Parr flies off and hits "X Marks the Spot" moonsault into a frogsplash!!! He rolls back to Humanity and hooks both legs, using all his strength!


    Humanity kicks out with POWER a quarter of a second too late! The bell rings and Mike Parr rolls off his foe!!!

    Winner and STILL FWA North American Champion: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr (Match Time: 16:07)

    "The Prodigy" retains his title and rolls to the side of the ring. He exits under the ropes and raises his championship belt high in the air, with the referee's aide. The crowd cheers as Parr stumbles around the ring in exhaustion.

    Langdon Trafford: Mike Parr has DONE IT AGAIN!

    Piers Gallagher: He's going to get to one year ... one FULL year as North American Champion.

    Mike Parr makes his way to the front of the ring area and up the rampway. He's barely able to stay upright but does enough to turn and see Humanity, now sitting up in the middle of the ring, smile with his teeth stained red with blood. Humanity looks like he hasn't lost an ounce of energy, even though we know he has, and he starts ... laughing?

    Langdon Trafford: What ... I ... I just can't get this guy. He's ... he's insane. He's possessed!

    Piers Gallagher: He's nuts! He lost ... and he's laughing?!

    Humanity looks at Parr from inside the ring and says, "PRIDE WILL FOOL YOU! PRIDE ... PRIDE IS COMING! AND IT WILL FOOL YOU GOOD!" Humanity rises to his feet and leans over the ropes, looking at the exhausted Mike Parr watch him and hang on every word he says.

    "Tonight is your last night of celebration! Tonight ... will be your LAST night ... of happiness."

    Humanity smiles again, the blood stains now showing a bit on the outside of his lips. "The Prodigy" keeps stepping backwards with the championship over his shoulder, and he shakes his head and turns to leave, still the champ.

    Langdon Trafford: I ... I guess we'll find out soon enough what Humanity means by "pride will fool you."

    Piers Gallagher: It means he's a fool if he thinks he'll EVER get that close to beating Mike Parr for the North American title.


    Another video package alerts the crowd to the next match.

    FIGHT NIGHT 06/23/2017


    am not

    a human being..."

    The crowd pops wildly as The Astonishing Chris Kennedy's theme music plays over the arenas PA system.

    (Several shots of Chris Kennedys return to FN are shown)

    Chris Kennedy: PHILLIP A. JACKSON. I've always loved you like a brother and more importantly I've always respected you as a man which is more than I can say about most of the current FWA. I've seen in you the same things my father saw in you when he took you under his wing and you are goddamn right, everything you have, you have it because of CHRIS KENNEDY.

    At Back in Business, Chris Kennedy will retain his streak.

    7 and 0.

    (The shot cuts abruptly to a highlight reel of PAJ from all of 2017 before cutting back to PAJ on FN)

    Jackson: I heard you, Chris. I heard every WORD.

    The man you stood alongside is dead. The Syndicate, NEO, slimy manager, traitor that was PAJ is dead. I have evolved.

    (The camera then intercuts between Kennedy and PAJ)

    Chris Kennedy:
    Phillip A. Jackson is just another one of those check marks!

    PAJ: I finally step out of the Chris Kennedy shadow and becoming my own man!

    Chris Kennedy: Changing the world means bringing the universe back into alignment, and that starts at Back in Business, but it doesn't end until I've got the FWA Championship back around my waist!

    PAJ: No more, PAJ. That man is dead.....

    I don’t think you’re ready for that.

    The video ends, eliciting a roar from the crowd as they anticipate the next special singles match.

    Langdon Trafford: Here we go, ladies and gentlemen! Vengeance, closure, THE STREAK! It’s all on the line, and its right now!!





    “Universe on Fire” blares out as Phillip A. Jackson bursts out onto the arena stage. The San Diego crowd is more appreciative of Jackson than most FNs as Jackson stares up in the sky while slowly walking down the ramp. At the commentary booth, Piers Morgan jumps up and give Jackson a standing ovation.

    Langdon Trafford:
    He is the two-time FWA World Heavyweight Champion! A two-time FWA North American Champion!! But tonight is not any titles for Phillip A. Jackson! Tonight is about something more, it’s about taking something away from Chris Kennedy!! All the bad blood, all the lingering hatred, “The Immortal” wants not just to end this all! He wants to end it all at Back in Business, on his terms!!

    David Weinstock:
    He looks focused, he looks ready to go, like a man with a plan! PAJ has been here before on the biggest stages, in the biggest main events! I wouldn’t bet against him when it comes to rising to the occasion!

    Piers Gallagher:
    He doesn’t want to be called PAJ anymore!! You watch your mouth, David!! I tabbed Phillip A. Jackson as the start, back when everyone thought he was just a lackey, a joke! Well tonight he’s going to make all of you look like fools, and he’s going to rip the streak right out of Chris Kennedy and crush it into dust!!!

    Jackson hangs himself up on the ring ropes nearest to the ramp and stares out towards the back.

    Qualcomm Arena darkens.

    A remixed version of “Bittersweet Symphony” plays, the violin and synth bouncing around in the darkened cavern of the arena. Some women start screaming hysterically.



    Chris Kennedy slowly emerges on the stage, flashing a devilish smile as the crowd collectively loses their shit.

    Langdon Trafford: It was always a question of when, not if!! After being the first ever undisputed World Champion! After completing the Grand Slam! Just when you thought that there were no more worlds left to conquer, The Astonishing One has returned to put his Back in Business streak on the line, all for a shot at turning the page between himself and Phillip A. Jackson!!!


    David Weinstock:
    On the grandest stage this industry has to offer, I can’t think of a better way for us to get reacquainted with Chris Kennedy! The pageantry is over once he steps through those ropes though!! It’s time to work!

    Piers Gallagher:
    I’m as big a Chris Kennedy admirer as anyone out there, but the sheer arrogance of this man to think he can just waltz into Back in Business and take on Phillip A. Jackson!! All good things come to an end, and I got a feeling guys, tonight is the night Chris Kennedy learns karma is a b-

    Piers is cut off as Chris Kennedy jumps on the ring apron, where PAJ mockingly opens the ring ropes for him and invites him to enter. The crowd 'ooooohs' over this provocation! The music stops as Chris Kennedy stands on the apron while PAJ sits on the ropes, still mock-holding them apart for Kennedy. The two stare holes into each other.

    Chris Kennedy then hears a section of smarks still singing Bittersweet Symphony. He smirks and turns away from PAJ and starts conducting the crowd with his hands and fingers. More members of the crowd join in, singing the melody of Bittersweet Symphony acapella!

    Langdon Trafford: Qualcomm Stadium has turned into the Chris Kennedy Orchestra!

    David Weinstock: He still has all the FWA wrapped around his fingers… LOOK OUT!!

    PAJ is done waiting, grabs Chris Kennedy and hurls him over the ropes from the apron into the ring!!

    Special Singles Match: THE STREAK
    "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy vs "Immortal" Phillip A. Jackson

    PAJ drags Chris Kennedy up and unloads on him with rapid fire punches, but Chris Kennedy is equal to them and fires back with punches of his own!! the crowd goes wild as both men slug each other with fists and open palm strikes!! Kennedy finally slips a PAJ punch and smacks PAJ with a European Uppercut which bounces PAJ into the ropes, but PAJ drops down with a dropkick to Kennedy's left knee! PAJ swarms Kennedy, stomping and then dropping elbows onto Kennedy's left leg!!

    Langdon Trafford: Both men have stormed out of the gate but its Jackson with the upper hand!

    David Weinstock: He's working the leg! That's PAJ plan, he wants to take Bittersweet Chin Music away from Kennedy!

    Kennedy attempts to push PAJ off, but as he gets up, PAJ winds up and cracks Kennedy in the back of the left leg with a slapping kick!! Kennedy is hobble, but PAJ seizes the left leg and spins down for a Dragon Screw!! Kennedy is flipped across the ring as the crowd boos!!

    Piers Gallagher: Just genius, so so smart by Phillip. Take away Kennedy's favorite weapon and he's nothing!!!

    PAJ gets up and sneers at Kennedy, who is still down and clutching the left leg. The ringside camera catches PAJ yelling 'get the fuck up, Chris!!' as PAJ walks over to Kennedy. PAJ tries to grab the left foot of Kennedy, but Kennedy is playing possum!! Kennedy uses his free foot to trip PAJ and then snares PAJ in a Guillotine Choke!! After a moment of struggle PAj wrenches himself free, but as he gets up, Kennedy is ready for him and plants PAJ face-first with a jumping STO!! Kennedy tries to transition the STO into a Fujiwara Armbar, but PAJ breaks free and slides out of the ring!! PAJ tries to catch a breather on the barricade as Kennedy shakes out his left leg, trying to get some feeling back into it. Kennedy, confident that the leg will hold up, then charges the opposite ropes and flings himself out at PAJ with a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside!!! The crowd pops huge as Kennedy and PAJ collapse in a heap outside the ring!!

    Langdon Trafford: Suicide Dive!!!!

    Piers Gallagher: This crazy son of a bitch!

    Kennedy gets up first and rolls PAJ back into the ring. Kennedy tries to hang PAJ up for an elevated DDT, but PAJ wriggles his feet free of the ropes and pushes Kennedy away! Kennedy charges in, but PAJ catches him with a big boot!! Kennedy spins his body to mitigate the kick, and switches behind PAJ and attempts a German Suplex!! PAJ elbows out of it though, and instead drops Kennedy with a mid-air bulldog with one hand!! Kennedy tries to get up quickly, but PAJ again dropkicks the left leg!! PAJ then scoops up Kennedy and gives him a backbreaker!! And another!! And another!

    Kennedy is now writhing on the mat as PAJ stands up to admire his own handiwork. He then grabs Kennedy's left leg, pulls it up, and settles in on a Stretch Muffler! Kennedy gasps in pain as PAj tries to increase the punishment by also kicking Kennedy on the head while still applying the submission!!

    David Weinstock: The gameplan is working to perfection for PAJ!

    Piers Gallagher: Kennedy really thought he could take a year off and then come back and compete with a CHAMPION?? Chris Kennedy is getting a reality check right here right now! Underestimate Phillip A. Jackson at your own peril!!

    PAJ tries to kick Kennedy in the head again but this time loses his own footing, allowing Kennedy to scramble to the ropes. Kennedy is now breathing heavily as PAJ drags him back up. Kennedys left leg is shakey as PAJ decides to grab up, but before PAJ can whip down another Dragon Screw, Kennedy smacks PAJ with an open hand slap!! PAJ is momentarily stunned, so Kennedy steps up and cracks PAJ with an enziguri from his good leg!! PAJ falls backwards, buying Kennedy precious seconds of time to recover from the leg assault. PAJ gets back up and tries to wrench Kennedy up in a half nelson, but Kennedy counters with an arm drag! PAJ kips up to show off, drawing 'ooooooooh's from the crowd, but Kennedy snaps him back down with an Inverted Headlock Backbreaker!! Kennedy keeps it up close and hurls PAJ over with a German suplex!! PAJ tries to grab the ropes, but Kennedy keeps the hands clasped and lifts for another German... only for his left knee to buckle! Kennedy lets go and rolls to prevent his knee from giving out, but as he slowly gets back up, PAJ catches him flush with the PAJle Kick!!!

    PAJ rolls for the cover!!

    Langdon Trafford: To end the streak!!!!!!!



    Kennedy kicks out!!! PAJ sits up and shakes his head. He gets up and stomps a few times more on Kennedys leg. He notices where Kennedy is laying down, so he runs to the corner and starts climbing the turnbuckles, drawing the fans in attendance out of their seats! PAJ positions himself on the top rope, stands up tall, screams 'Goodnight, Chris!" and launches himself in the air for an Amazing Splash (Spinning Frog Splash)... but Kennedy moves and PAJ catches nothing but canvas!! PAJ knocks the air out of himself as Kennedy drags himself up in the corner, perfectly set up for Bittersweet Chin Music (Superkick)!! But a look of doubt has now crept over Kennedys face, and he looks afraid to let go of the ring ropes which he is using to hold himself up!!

    Langdon Trafford: Come on Chris!! What are you waiting for???

    David Weinstock: He won't throw it, he can't!! The knee is too hurt!! Something that PAJ did earlier in the match, I don't know what, but something has majorly hurt Kennedy's knee!

    Kennedy instead tackles PAJ down and tries to snare him in an Indian Deathlock! Kennedy is working quickly, but PAJ pulls Kennedy by the hair and headbutts Kennedy! As the ref admonishes him for pulling the hair, PAJ cracks Kennedy with another headbutt. PAJ frees himself from the lock, but Kennedy surprised him with a rollup!!!



    PAJ kicks out!! Both men try to get up but PAJ is up way earlier than the hobbled Kennedy, and scoops the hunched up Kennedy over and gives him a Samoan Drop!! PAJ sense the opening, and gives Kennedy another backbreaker! PAJ ragdolls Kennedy up and tries the half nelson slam again, but Kennedy elbows away and gets some seperation. PAJ charges to try and kick Kennedys gets out again, but Kennedy dodges and PAJ ends up kicking the ring ropes and getting his foot tangled up in the bottom two ropes! PAJ tries to free himself, but Kennedy smack him clean in the jaw with an elbow which slumps PAJ over. Kennedy then grabs PAJ, gets both of PAJs feet on the ropes, and plants him with a rope hung DDT!!

    Kennedy covers!!!



    PAJ kicks out again! Kennedy gets up and slowly tries to stomp some feeling back into his left leg as the crowd cheers him on, trying to energize him!

    Langdon Trafford: Chris Kennedy is short on options here! With a bad knee, no Bittersweet Chin Music, what else does Chris Kennedy have in the bag to try and seal the deal here at Back in Business??

    As PAJ gets up, Chris Kennedy meets him and sets him up for a suplex. PAJ blocks the first lift, but Chris Kennedy tries again. This time though, PAJ explodes out of the hold and LEVELS Chris Kennedy with a close-up SUPERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!!!

    Langdon Trafford: HE HIT IT!!

    Piers Gallagher: COVER HIM, PHILLIP!!!!!!!!!

    Kennedy collapses backwards!! PAJ spins around, desperately looking for where Kennedy fell!! He find Kennedy and rushes to make the cover!!!!!!




    Kennedy kicks out!! 2.75!!!!

    PAJ screams in frustration as Kennedy kicks out a second time even though nobody is covering him anymore, perhaps just out of muscle reflex. PAJ looks like hes going to pull his own hair out.

    Langdon Trafford: PAJ caught him with that short superkick, but Chris Kennedy, Chris Kennedy is not willing to relinquish his streak just yet!! But is it just a matter of time before Phillip A. Jackson makes history???

    PAJ drags Kennedy to the center of the ring and then rains punches down on Kennedy, bouncing Kennedys head off the canvas with a couple of shots!! PAJ then gets up and walks over to the corner, in an attempt to try for another Amazing Splash. He starts climbing the corner... and then stops and jumps back down. The crowd is confused until they see PAJ crouched in the corner, stomping and warming up for another Supersweet Chin Symphony!!

    David Weinstock: He wants to beat Kennedy with the superkick!! With full extension this time!!

    Piers Gallagher: This is it!!! The killshot which ends the STREAK!!!!

    Kennedy staggers up as females in the crowd scream 'noooooo' at PAJ. PAJ lunged forward with the kick, only for Kennedy to duck under!! Kennedy shoots low and ankle picks PAJ, causing PAJ to fall foward!!

    Langdon Trafford: Kennedy escapes!!

    David Weinstock: What technique!!!

    PAJ is on his knees and turns around. Kennedy grits his teeth and flings himself forward, smashing the kneeling PAJ with the BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!!!! PAJ slumps down face first as Kennedy collapses into a heap again, unable to make the cover or keep standing!! Kennedy massages his left knee, as the ringside camera catches him talking to himself inaudibly, willing himself on!! The crowd is at a fever pitch as Kennedy drags himself up with the ropes. Meanwhile, PAJ is also getting up but is still clearly loopy!! PAJ stands, only for Kennedy to scream, lunge forward, and connect with a second BITTERSWEET CHIN SYMPHONY!!! PAJ is spun around by the force of the kick and falls forward into Kennedy and they both fall to the mat, almost in slow motion. For a moment, it looks like the knocked-out PAJ is pinning Kennedy, confusing the referee. Kennedy pushes PAJ off of him and slowly drapes over a single arm across the chest for the cover as the Kennedy fans in the stadium scream for a finish!

    Langdon Trafford: THE COVER!!!


    David Weinstock: THE STREAK!


    Piers Gallagher: NOOOOOO!!!


    David Weinstock: LIVES!

    Winner: "The Astonishing" Chris Kennedy
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    Main Event

    The camera changes to a close-up again of the announcer's table. This time, the third chair is empty - there's no David Weinstock. The third chair sticks out like a sore thumb, but the crowd behind the announcing duo of Piers and Langdon begin to stand as a video package steals their attention on the in-arena screen.

    Langdon Trafford:Up next ... the LAST match of the evening. The main event, the one we've been dying to see all night. Gabrielle Montgomery, the two-time FWA World Champion, will join us out here as a special commentary guest! But first ... we must look back at how Shannon O'Neal versus Cyrus Truth became one of the hottest feuds in recent FWA history — and how the FWA World Championship match will forever shift the landscape atop the wrestling world.


    Kazadi lands on the other side, still alive on the apron! Shannon holds on to the middle rope on the way down to keep herself from falling and being eliminated! When she sees Kazadi laying on the apron, she rolls back into the ring! Kazadi is down for a good 10 seconds but finally begins stirring. Shannon runs off the ropes opposite the ring and charges forward with a full head of steam


    HE'S OUT!

    Langdon Trafford:KAZADI IS OUT! KAZADI IS OUT!

    David Weinstock:SHANNON WINS!


    (A triumphant music plays as Shannon O'Neal celebrates the victory. The music continues in this fashion until the video shifts to show Cyrus Truth leaving from his spot on the entrance way. Suddenly, the music shifts to a very low and dramatic sound.

    Shannon lands a few running forearms to the back of Cyrus Truth, and the champion is caught completely off guard. Shannon begins throwing WILD haymakers at the champ. She has him stumbling backwards, trying to find his footing. Shannon lands a few more open-fisted smacks across the face. Cyrus Truth is taking a beating, doubled over as he stumbles away from Shannon.


    Shannon O'Neal then backs up, and when Cyrus turns around to face her...




    FIGHT NIGHT 05/19/2017

    Shannon O'Neal: I made a promise eight months ago. I said ... I would win Carnal Contendership and I would go to Back in Business to compete in the main event, for the FWA Undisputed World Championship. I said that. ... In September. And I meant it.

    So I made my promise, 'n I kept it. I became the first female EVER to win Carnal Contendership.

    With that, I got somethin' else. I got ... someone else.

    Cyrus ... Truth.

    (The music again shifts, this time having a very dark aura about it as Cyrus Truth is shown standing on the stage with Shannon inside the ring in attention.)

    Cyrus Truth: Enough...enough! I imagine it's REALLY easy to stand there throwing stones at me just like everybody else associated with this Truth-forsaken company, especially when you conveniently ignore history that disagrees with you. I've been told since my first day in FWA that I can't do anything. They said I couldn't win Carnal Contendership in my first ever FWA match. They said I couldn't beat Stu at Back in Business. They said I couldn't beat Ryan Rondo and be the sole World Heavyweight Champion in this company; and even if I could, they said I couldn't hold onto it for long. But what they failed to realize and what YOU continue failing to accept is that, with Cyrus Truth, there is no such thing as "can't." I am not some run-of-the-mill journeyman despite what your peers insist on calling me. I am CYRUS TRUTH! I am the undisputed FWA World Heavyweight Champion, and the single most dominant competitor this company has seen or ever will see again!

    Until Carnal Contendership, you have failed at everything you've set out to do. Your Women's Revolution died with a whimper, you weren't capable enough to beat KAIZEN, and all that support you sent to Bell amounted to exactly NOTHING when I made her tap out.

    (And then it shifts back to Shannon in the limelight, speaking to her new rival.)

    Shannon O'Neal: I'm a pretty outspoken 'gal. I ain't denyin' that. ... Ya' know ... everythin' ya' said ... it's right. I wanted to start a Women's Revolution. That didn't work. I wanted Bell to beat ya' at Red, White and Bruised. That didn't work. I wanted to beat Kaizen at Trial By Fire. That didn't work.

    But ... I'm out here ... tryin'. And I'm out here movin' the needle. People pay attention to me. Whether I'm the best ever or just another pissed-off B*TCH with a microphone ... I make people pay attention to me. ... I'm a leader, Cyrus. I lead people. I don't always win. But I do always try. And I always put myself front and center.

    (The next clip shows Cyrus Truth looking on from the corner after Shannon was assaulted to end the Fight Night episode. Then Cyrus getting attacked by Shannon at the end of the next show, on June 2.)

    Cyrus Truth:Go ahead, cheer for her. Support her, love her, let her be your new hero! Believe what she tells you with all your heart and soul, as if it changes reality. Shannon says I have to earn respect. Tell me, how DO you earn respect in professional wrestling? I was unaware that smiling and being an pandering puppet equated respect. Me personally? I respect what goes on in this ring, the battles fought and the championships contended for. The glory in the struggle is what I respect, and anything else is peripheral at best and meaningless at worst. That is the kind of respect I choose to acknowledge.-----------------------------
    FIGHT NIGHT 06/23/2017

    Shannon O'Neal: 'Cause Cyrus might be a b*tch, but he's not gonna just roll over and let me win the World Championship.

    He ain't.

    He's too damn egotistical. He's too damn psychopathic. And he's too damn prideful to let someone win the World title, even though he hates bein' the World Champion.

    Cyrus Truth: Pride, Shannon. That's what it boils down to. You can dress it up however you want, paint as rosy a picture to distract from the Truth as you please, but it's pride, pure and simple. Your pride is what stopped you from even considering taking this belt from me without beating me for it, and I actually respect that.

    Shannon O'Neal: I remember everythin' ya' said a year ago, Cyrus. Ya' were approachin' Back in Business after winnin' Carnal Contendership. Just like me. Ya' were tryin' to make history, tryin' to attain glory. Tryin' to usher in this new age of the FWA.

    Just like me.

    And now I see ya' ... before me ... and I see a man who has ... just lost everythin' that made him glow a year ago. And I know ... ya' don't really give much of a shit 'bout all that stuff. That was then. Now is now.

    And I can't say nothin' 'bout bein' better than ya' right now. Same as wrestlin'.

    But ... I'm gonna promise ya' somethin', Cyrus. I'm gonna' say somethin' to ya', and then I'm gonna' promise ya' somethin'.

    I would never ... EVER ... take fa' granted that I'm the FWA World Champion.

    (In the last part, a slow violin begins playing as the backdrop music to the scene. Cyrus Truth is standing face to face with Shannon O'Neal and delivers a clear, dark message to his rival.)

    Cyrus Truth: This title is mine, Shannon. And even if you could face yourself and come to grips with who you truly are, I'm afraid the title will still be mine. I refuse to lose my title as FWA's World Champion. ... All the potential that others, even myself, have said you've squandered, I want to help you realize. But I can't do that if you refuse to accept what you really are, if you're unwilling to admit what it is you REALLY want. Not what you think is best for FWA, not what these fans desire. What YOU want.

    Forget the fans, forget this hate that's built between us over the last few months. Set it all aside and fight the good fight for glory.

    Because if you don't?

    I will eat you alive, and pick my teeth with your bones.

    The crowd rises to its feet as the video package finishes playing. The lights dim for a brief moment, with strobe lights trolling around the arena for about 10 seconds. Everyone inside the arena is buzzing with anticipation for the red-hot main event that has been a grenade flying through the air for the past two months.

    And it lands right in the middle of San Diego, California.

    The fun-loving, upbeat theme music causes an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the crowd. Shannon comes out bouncing and jumping around herself, in sync with the thousands of fans who are jumping to "Jump! Jump! Jump!" Shannon hops from side to side on the stage and then sprints down the aisle at full speed, sliding into the ring in a time of 10 seconds between the start of her music and making it under the ropes. The crowd keeps cheering as Shannon hops up to the second turnbuckle and looks absolutely lit and fired up, her arms outstretched as she looks out to the thousands of fans standing and watching her and then up to the gorgeous night sky.

    Langdon Trafford:Tonight ... is without a doubt ... the biggest night of Shannon O'Neal's wrestling career. She once fought for the World Championship, three years ago against Gabrielle Montgomery, but that was on a Fight Night. She lost. This one ... is Back in Business. This one ... is against Cyrus Truth. Will the pressure be too much?

    Piers Gallagher:Of course! She can't handle this match! But let's ask Gabrielle herself! She's here with us!

    The camera shifts to show Gabrielle sitting next to Langdon and Piers, right in the middle of them, with her usual attire from her star career that made her infamous for sex appeal.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: Shannon has been in big matches. She had to win one, Carnal Contendership, to get here. Don't discredit her just because she's never been a World Champ.

    Piers Gallagher:A woman would defend another woman.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: ... Oh, Piers. Just wait. You'd be surprised what women can do. Three of us have won this belt before.

    Piers Gallagher:None of you have beaten Cyrus Truth, though.

    The music stops as Shannon turns her attention to the entrance way. The lights go out again, with just one light shining down to the entrance way. A single violin player appears, to a roaring ovation from the crowd, and begins playing. A small "Cyrus-Truth! Cyrus-Truth" chant begins as the violin's first chords hit, and then the player stops in cue for the full song.

    Piers Gallagher:THE CHAMP!

    Cyrus Truth walks slowly out to the arena, accepting the mostly negative reaction he's receiving in front of the thousands of fans watching. He smirks, listening to the music with his eyes closed, drowning out any crowd noise as he comes into a poised and focused mental state. His FWA World Championship belt glows underneath that single light shining down, right onto him and his upright stature. Then he opens his eyes, with a fire directed right at the ring where Shannon O'Neal awaits his arrival.

    Langdon Trafford:This match ... is a clash of styles. Cyrus Truth is the wrestler, the technician, and then man who will try to keep Shannon at arm's reach and playing his game. Shannon O'Neal ... is the fighter ... the brawler ... who relies on her strikes and punches. She can't outwrestle Cyrus. She can't overpower him. She can't move him where she wants with a grapple. She has to get creative, crafty, and she has to land the punches when an opening presents itself.

    Cyrus walks to the ring slowly, taking each step on his strolling pace as a reminder of everything Shannon has said about him to this point. And Shannon takes in each step as a reminder of what's at stake for her career. Cyrus reaches the apron, hops up, and steps through just as the lights go on and his music ends.

    Langdon Trafford:But it's also a clash of ideals. Shannon has been critical of Cyrus' reign as World Champion. She says he's not a leader. She says he doesn't earn the respect he vocally commands from everyone, fans and wrestlers of the FWA. She says he does not WANT to be the champion anymore, and that the only thing he has left to fight for is his pride. But Cyrus ... believes the respect he asks for is owed simply for what he's accomplished so far. And he believes the FWA has belittled him to the point where he doesn't need to do ANYTHING he doesn't feel is right for him or his reign as champion. And he feels Shannon is nothing more than a puppet fighting for everyone else but herself.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: Shannon said just a day ago ... she's fighting to put her name among the other women who have won a World Championship. The three trailblazers of the FWA's female dynasty! Jillian De Silva was the first. Moira Crawford and I followed. Will we see a fourth name added to the list ... of female World Champions? Will we have a queen again ... after two years of a king?!

    Cyrus hands over his championship belt while never taking his eyes off Shannon, who likewise never takes her eyes off Cyrus Truth. The referee lifts the belt into the air and hands it to the timekeeper. The introductions are made by the ring announcer, and the crowd is fairly well in Shannon's corner, although she does have a handful of boos and Cyrus a handful of cheers.

    The two wrestlers step backwards, again never releasing the eye lock they have on one another, and taking their corner as the match is seconds from beginning.

    FWA World Championship
    Cyrus Truth (c) vs. Shannon O'Neal

    The bell's ringing elicits a cheer from the fans, followed by a noticeable buzzing. Shannon is already dripping with sweat from the workout she put on coming to the ring. Cyrus crouches down as he stalks the outside of the ring, with Shannon closer to the middle. She moves her body around to face him with each side step. Finally, Cyrus lunges but Shannon pushes his arms to the side and steps away. She throws a wicked right hand that connects to the jaw, but wasn't fully extended, and Cyrus takes a step back and rubs the soreness now living in the left side of his mouth.

    Cyrus again stalks around the outside of the ring. Shannon holds her ground in the middle. Another lunging effort from Cyrus is again sidestepped by the challenger, who throws another wild right hand. This one hits the ear of her foe, and Cyrus is sent back with a ringing sensation in the left side of his head.

    Langdon Trafford:So far ... it is Cyrus trying to wrestle — but Shannon is just here to throw punches. And it's working a bit.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: That's what she has to do, but neither of those two landed right or were in full force. I've been on the receiving end of one of her fully extended punches. It's mean, guys. It's NASTY. Neither one of those were fully extended.

    Cyrus and Shannon do the same dance a third time. This time Cyrus fakes the lunge, waits for the sidestep, and lands a double-leg takedown on the challenger. He repositions to a front head lock as he tightens the grip around Shannon's head. From there, the champ starts his offense early. His methodical approach involves lifting Shannon up with a double-arm front headlock and planting her with repeated DDTs, sending Shannon's skull down into the canvas. Cyrus holds the head lock each time and lifts Shannon back up for another DDT, five of them, with his overpowering male strength.

    Cyrus locks in a rear waist hold and whips Shannon back like a doll, flinging her across the ring with a release belly-to-back suplex. Shannon bounces off the canvas and rolls to the ropes. That's where Cyrus stalks above her, using his boot to press against Shannon's left ribs as she slides under the ropes. She grabs the bottom rope and hugs it, causing the ref to force Cyrus back and away from the challenger.

    Piers Gallagher:For Cyrus, it's all about keeping Shannon close ... and keeping her down. Right where a woman should be.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: You keep going with that shit, Piers, and you're going to get put through that barricade.

    Cyrus waits for Shannon to rise to her feet, bounces off the ropes behind her, and tackles her down to the mat. He again positions himself to the front for a head lock. Shannon tries to rise up as Cyrus tightens the grip. He leads her to her feet and tries another DDT, but Shannon stomps onto his foot and then kicks the ankle like a soccer ball. Cyrus hobbles away and Shannon throws a fully extended left hand hook at him, right in the right side of his face! It causes a bright red mark as Cyrus hits the mat from the sting and rolls away.

    Langdon Trafford:That's what Shannon needs tonight! Those big punches! A lot of them! Cyrus said it. He won't stay down for a few of them. Shannon needs a lot, and even that might not be enough!

    Shannon walks toward Cyrus but the champ kicks her right in the shin. She hobbles back and Cyrus dives his shoulder into the back of her knee. Shannon hits the canvas and Cyrus covers quickly, but the challenger kicks out at one and a half.

    Cyrus grabs Shannon by the hair and whips her to the ropes. But that was a mistake. Shannon bounces off with a flying forearm to the face. Then a spinning wheel kick to the chest. Shannon bounces off the adjacent ropes for a running start into a wicked-hard right hand hitting the left of Cyrus' jaw. A crack can be heard from the front row as Cyrus crumbles to his side and falls to the mat! Shannon pulls him back to the middle of the ring and turns him to his back for her first pinfall try!

    ................1....................2.......Kick out!

    Shannon got a two count before Cyrus did, and the crowd cheers the early action. Shannon mounts atop Cyrus and begins landing rights and lefts, wild as they come across Cyrus' face. He puts his arms up to block, but a few still get through and connect to the mouth and nose! Cyrus eventually overpowers Shannon to her side and pushes her off of him. Shannon rolls backwards and tries a running dropkick! Cyrus raises his arms in time to push the feet to the side and his upper body to the opposite direction. Shannon hits the mat hard and when she rises, Cyrus is ready with his own dropkick, hitting Shannon in the chest! When she turns, Cyrus is ready with the Wanderer's Wrath running knee and knee drop combination!

    Piers Gallagher:HAH! Shannon has these bursts of moments, but Cyrus is ready every time. And she never has a counter to the counter!

    Cyrus Truth hovers over the exhausted Shannon O'Neal, who requires pulling on Cyrus' tights for support as she tries to go face to face with the champ. Cyrus lands a swift kick into the gut and Shannon again falls down to her knees, head down as she gasps for air. Cyrus looks down with a sense of contempt, and then his mouth does all the talking.


    Cyrus is shouting down into the beaten Shannon O'Neal, sending her a message in front of 60,000 fans watching in the arena. Most of them stand up and shout "BOOOOOOO" at Cyrus' actions.



    Cyrus gets right into Shannon's ear for that last one, and Shannon grabs Cyrus by the wrist in an attempt to pull herself upright. Cyrus laughs and looks at the crowd, shouting "THIS IS NOTHING!"

    Langdon Trafford:Cyrus Truth is telling the world that Shannon O'Neal is NOT on his level!

    Cyrus lifts Shannon up to his shoulders and teases a "Journey's End" finisher, but Shannon comes to life! She wraps her arms around Cyrus' neck and locks her legs around Cyrus' waist from behind to the front. And then she leans back, yanking Cyrus by the neck backwards!!!


    Cyrus tries to hold himself up, reaching for the top rope, but he can't get a grip and eventually the choke and the legs tightening around his ribs cage cuses him to succumb to Shannon's serious lean. Cyrus falls backwards and Shannon keeps the choke applied!!!


    Cyrus reaches for the nearest rope, but his fingers are a good foot away. He lays atop Shannon and then rolls his body toward the ropes, with Shannon wrapped around him on the back side and her arms around his neck! Cyrus can't quite get the fingers to the ropes, but he's six inches away. Shannon tries to roll back the other way, to move Cyrus into the middle of the ring. But she can only build momentum over time with rolling back and forth. She doesn't have the strength to overpower Cyrus that much!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Cyrus Truth is on the edge of losing this match!!! Shannon can't quite get him rolled back into the middle of the ring! But Cyrus can't reach the ropes! The choke has him fading! Shannon O'Neal could be SECONDS away from adding her name to that list, the women of the FWA who have transcended the Women's Championship!

    Finally, with one more effort, Shannon is able to turn Cyrus over and face him to the middle of the ring! The crowd erupts with a pop as Shannon keeps choking the oxygen and consciousness out of the World Champion! The announcing team goes wild seeing Shannon with her legs squeezing Cyrus' ribs and her arms tightening around his throat like an assassin.

    Cyrus raises his hands up to Shannon's wrists and tries pulling them apart and away from his neck. Shannon tries to resist but Cyrus has too much strength compared to the two-time Women's Champion. Her hands come apart slowly and pull away from his neck.


    Gabrielle Montgomery: Even if Cyrus gets out of this, Shannon took A LOT out of him with this choke hold! This really did some damage and Shannon needed something like this.

    Cyrus intakes as much oxygen as he can while he has a moment and then releases Shannon's wrists and rolls over toward the ropes! Shannon tightens again around Cyrus' neck and begins choking him AGAIN! The referee drops down to his knees next to Cyrus and the World Champion makes one final lunge to the ropes and BARELY grabs the bottom rope!!!


    Piers Gallagher:That's what World Champions do. They find a way to keep going!

    Shannon releases the grip around Cyrus' neck as the referee counts to two. She rolls back and slowly comes to her feet, albeit exhausted and needing to recover some energy. Cyrus Truth needs the support of the ropes as he gasps for air with his head between the top and middle ropes. When he gets to his feet and turns, Shannon is waiting with a FURIOUS open-fist right-hand hit to the left side of Cyrus' face. He falls backwards and bounces off the ropes. His stumble back toward Shannon nets ANOTHER one of those lethal open-fist punch-smack hybrids that puts a red mark right on Cyrus' left cheek. The World Champion loses his footing and falls between the top and middle ropes, landing on the apron and then falling down to the outside floor!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: That's what Shannon needs! She needs to hit more of those punches, and to do that, she needs space to extend her arms. Cyrus' strategy this whole match has been to keep Shannon close, at half an arm's length, so Shannon can't extend and get the full force of those punches. If Cyrus can do that, Shannon really has no chance. But Shannon O'Neal just got TWO in a row right there and has Cyrus at a good space from her! That's REALLY BIG right now.

    Shannon drops to one knee momentarily as Cyrus is laid out on the floor just next to the bottom of the ring. The challenger emerges upright and steps through the ropes, standing on the apron and holding onto the top rope. Cyrus presses himself off the ground as Shannon reaches down to grab his neck. Cyrus finds a jolt of energy and locks his arms around Shannon's feet and pulls the rug out from under her!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth capitalizes! AGAIN!

    Shannon goes face first down into the ring apron, causing the fans to gasp as she takes a hard fall right on the chest and mouth.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: That's a mistake, a huge one, by Shannon. She should have rolled outside the ring and met Cyrus at an even level, but she was on the apron above Cyrus and that left her legs and feet exposed. Cyrus is a crafty veteran and he knew what to do, grab Shannon's legs and whip them out. Shannon was defenseless. That's a big-time mistake.

    Cyrus goes to work from there, landing a knee thrust into the ribs and a backhand chop planting a red mark right under Shannon's throat. Cyrus yanks Shannon by the wrist toward him and shoulder tackles her to the ground with a vicious shoulder bump. The crowd groans as Cyrus hovers over his challenger like a hawk scouting for food. When the referee's count reaches seven, he slides into the ring and rolls right back out before Shannon can recover.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: This is the right approach from Cyrus Truth. He's keeping Shannon close to him, keeping her from getting one of those punches extended in full force. But to do that, he has to risk it a bit by resetting the count. If he sends Shannon back into the ring, that creates enough space and time for her to fight back and land a shot. Cyrus has to wear Shannon down outside the ring and roll in and out quick enough to keep Shannon from recovering.

    Langdon Trafford: And Shannon has to find some sort of opening here to land one of her punches. She has to find a way to recover in between whatever Cyrus does to her!

    Cyrus smashes Shannon's face into the apron. Then he shoves her back first into the sharp edge of the announcer's table. Cyrus lands a kick right to the groin, and then another of the chops to the chest, and Shannon falls to a seated position with the table behind her the only means for support. Cyrus grabs her around the back of the neck and pulls her upright, walking her to the apron again and hoisting her up, and then dropping her face first right to the edge of the side of the ring.

    Cyrus rolls back into the ring at an eight count and then rolls back out.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon has no time to recover. Cyrus just keeps coming, with more and more of a close-range offense, and Shannon is basically helpless. Eventually, she won't have anything left.

    Piers Gallagher: That's the strategy, and that's why Cyrus Truth is the World Champion. He is executing it to perfection!

    Cyrus has Shannon stumbling back after another chop. His running forearm to the middle of her back has her falling face first to the padded floor surrounding the ring. Cyrus slowly walks around her as she struggles to press herself up on her own energy. Cyrus grabs her around the neck again and again shoves her into the steel fan barricade, which smashes against Shannon's spine and causes her to grimace in pain as she slouches down to a seated position yet again.

    Cyrus rolls back to the ring and rolls back out, resetting the ref's count at eight.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: Notice that Cyrus Truth is taking juuuuust a little longer now to roll in and roll out. To do what he's doing, to constantly apply pressure and constantly run Shannon around the ring and constantly stay close to her and keep landing your offense ... that requires energy. And that can be draining. It's not just tiresome to take shots; it's also exhausting to constantly give them. You're seeing a liiiiiiittle bit of wearing down for Cyrus right now.

    Langdon Trafford: I am so impressed with how these two have competed tonight. Cyrus Truth with his strategy and also Shannon O'Neal, who is FORCING Cyrus Truth into a specific strategy. And she's taking EVERYTHING the World Champion has to offer and she's STILL in it, still fighting!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: This is a Back in Business main event. This is what it's like, guys!

    Cyrus Truth keeps the close-range offense going with more kicks, knee thrusts, chops, and even a forearm to the lower spine. Shannon falls face down on the padded floor and Cyrus hears the ref's count of six. He rolls into the ring and rolls back out, this count reset taking the longest.

    He reaches down and pulls Shannon up to face him, and Shannon finds a spurt of energy by shoving Cyrus in the chest! The defending champion steps back a little and when he catches his footing, Shannon fires a WILD right-hand punch that lands right on the outside of Cyrus' jaw!!!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: THAT'S IT! SHANNON HAS THE OPENING NOW!

    The crowd goes NUTS. Cyrus Truth is dazed as he teeters on the brink of falling. Shannon is down to one knee as she catches her breath and tries to stand up, her back still in pain from the recent shots she's taken.

    Langdon Trafford: This match ... is hanging in the balance! Cyrus Truth is seeing stars! Shannon O'Neal has the separation!

    Shannon finally gets upright and lands another open-fist right hand to Cyrus. Those red marks around his jaw and cheek only get more and more visible. Shannon shoves Cyrus backwards, sending him back first into the nearby ring steps right behind him! He lays atop the second step and Shannon quickly pounces with a running forearm right into the ribs. Shannon then grabs Cyrus by the neck and smashes his face into the ring steps! The crowd goes WILD as Shannon steps back, catching her breath again!

    Langdon Trafford: It'll be interesting what Shannon does next. She can't win the match outside the ring. She HAS to either pin Cyrus or make him tap out. She nearly got him to tap with that choke hold earlier in the match! But how will she get him into the ring?!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: And when she does get him in, will she try to roll in behind him? That gives Cyrus a chance to recover and come back with something when she's rolling in. And it has Shannon close to him. I'd think she would go around the ring, get into the ring far away, and take her chances at a coin flip from a distance.

    Shannon O'Neal rolls into the ring at a seven count from the referee, and then she sloooooowly rolls back out to continue her offense on the champ. She grabs Cyrus under the arm pits and exhaustedly moves him to the apron. From there, she tries to lift Cyrus' limp body up to the apron. But it's a mighty struggle. She crouches down and attempts to hoist the defending FWA World Champion onto the corner of the ring apron, but Cyrus locks both of his fists and comes down with a clubbing blow into Shannon's exposed upper spine!! The crowd gasps and groans AGAIN, and Cyrus does the same double-fist clubbing blow into the spine, forcing Shannon to go down face first to the padded flooring, where she lay at Cyrus' feet.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus was just too heavy for Shannon to physically manhandle.

    Gabrielle Montgomery: That's the thing. Cyrus is just too big. But Shannon HAD to try and get him into the ring. She can't stay outside it forever. She has to win with a sudden flurry of offense and get him in position for the "Paradise City" kick. That isn't happening on the outside!

    Cyrus resets the count at five and rolls back out. Shannon has yet to recover. The crowd is BUZZING with excitement, trying to WILL Shannon to her feet with a vocal and supportive "LET'S GO, SHANNON!" chant. Cyrus Truth does a cutting hand motion to signal the end is coming. The fans respond with boos.

    Langdon Trafford: If Cyrus wanted, he could just stay out here until either Shannon passes out from exhaustion or he does. He'd either win by countout or lose by countout, but he'd leave here the FWA World Champion! That's a strategy that I'm sure has crossed his mind.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus Truth is way too prideful for that. He wants to beat Shannon O'Neal in that ring, 1-2-3, or make her tap out. He DOES NOT want to take the cheap way out on the biggest show of the year!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: I agree. Cyrus Truth won't resort to that type of tactic. Not tonight. Not against someone who at EVERY turn has been critical of him as World Champion.

    Cyrus grabs Shannon under the armpit and lifts her up. He hoists her up to the ring apron and rolls her under the ropes, into the ring. The action finally heads back into the area where someone can rightfully win. Cyrus catches a breath and hops up to the apron, using the middle rope for support and a pull-up help. Shannon quickly rolls away from the ropes as Cyrus steps up to the apron, and then through the middle and top ropes!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: This is what Shannon has to do! She has to create separation between her an... OH! THERE IS THE SHOT!

    Shannon springs to her feet just as Cyrus darts toward her, and her WILD and wayward right hand BARELY finds the left cheek of Cyrus Truth! It's enough to stun him, putting him back a few steps! And Shannon falls backwards from how contorted and unbalanced her body was on the right-hand shot! She falls backwards against the bottom turnbuckle! And Cyrus Truth falls to one knee!



    Shannon O'Neal has a pool of sweat down below her legs and arms on the canvas. Cyrus is shaking off the cobwebs from the right hand punch Shannon delivered. The match is teetering in the balance as both wrestlers push themselves up with a second wind to their feet. Shannon steps forward and throws a big right hand that connects right at the bottom of Cyrus' jaw. He stumbles back two steps. Shannon throws a second wild one, and Cyrus ducks under and hoists Shannon up to his shoulders, applying an Argentine rack, and then drops her with a neckbreaker to complete "Exile's Edge!"

    Piers Gallagher:THAT'S IT! Shannon had her opening! It's DONE!

    Gabrielle Montgomery: You might be right, Piers.

    The crowd goes deafly quiet as Cyrus lays next to Shannon and lays atop her, not hooking either leg.
    ..................1....................2..................SHOULDER UP!

    Cyrus continues the offense. He lifts the nearly lifeless body of Shannon up to face him and places one hand on her throat, choking the life out of her, and hits the STO for "Memento Mori!" The ring shakes as Shannon is dropped down with force, and the announcers start to hype this as the ending. Cyrus slowly lays atop Shannon and this time hooks the far leg.



    Langdon Trafford:SHANNON GOT A SHOULDER UP!

    Piers Gallagher:Somehow ... she's surviving. But not for long. Cyrus is getting close to the end.

    Cyrus lifts Shannon up slowly, this time shouting that "This is over. This is OVER!" He bends down and lays Shannon down over his shoulders, hoisting the feisty challenger up as the crowd rises to its feet. Cyrus then tries to reposition Shannon to his stomach for "Journey's End" finisher. He looks out ot the crowd and snarls as he does this, but Shannon COMES TO LIFE!


    She wraps her legs around the neck of Cyrus, tightening its grip with each second. Finally, Cyrus crumbles to one knee. Shannon releases, does a front roll, and turns around in time to plant a punch right in the cheek of Cyrus Truth! He stumbles back and Shannon wraps her arms around his waist and pulls back for a SHOCKING back-roll bridging pin!!!

    Crowd: ONE.............TWO................



    Cyrus kicks out BARELY before the three count! The referee's hand swooped to the side just above the mat, missing it by a hair's length. Cyrus springs to life and quickly stomps the back of Shannon's knee and then hits the big boot to the chest, finishing his "Broken Path" combination! Shannon is sent across the ring, bouncing in a back roll as she lays underneath the ropes. Cyrus bends over, catching his breath as he wonders how he can finish this match off. We're 28 minutes in, and Cyrus is nearing the end of the road in terms of fatigue.

    Cyrus slowly walks over to Shannon and pulls her up, but she's on the other side of the ropes. Cyrus grabs a fist-full of her blonde hair and pulls, leading her through the middle and top ropes until she falls to her knees in exhaustion. Cyrus again bends down and AGAIN tries to lift Shannon up on his shoulders for "Journey's End"!! But this time Shannon slides off and lands on her feet behind him! She wraps her arms around Cyrus' waist and tries for the same back-roll bridging pin! A struggle ensues before Cyrus grabs the top rope and Shannon's momentum sends her bouncing back, releasing the rear waist lock. Shannon back rolls and springs up in time to land a HUGE right hand to the jaw ... RIGHT as Cyrus stepped forward!!!


    Cyrus stumbles backwards on the impact, falling in a 180-degree turn to his knees. Shannon is on her knees for a brief moment until she sees Cyrus is worse for wear and in a prime position for her to end it. She eyes Cyrus, and sees him turn his head to face her. As he presses his hands off the mat, trying once more to rise himself upright after one of her 30 or so violent punches, he crumbles back down to his knees. His hands fall flat against the canvas and cause his wrists to put in work as support systems for the rest of his upper body. Cyrus has blood dripping from his mouth as he looks to his left, seeing Shannon lean against the ropes with exhaustion overcoming her. But he knows she's upright, somehow, and he's still on his knees, with no energy to get off the mat.

    He looks at Shannon in this brief moment, catches her eyes, and then closes his and drops his face back down to the canvas.

    Shannon finds her last ounce of energy and runs herself off the arena entrance-side of the ring, hitting the ropes with speed just as Cyrus presses his body up to one knee in an expense of his last bit of energy as he brings in oxygen, and comes off with her "Paradise City" bicycle kick that chops down through the back of the champion's neck!!!


    Gabrielle Montgomery stands up from her seat behind the announcer's table to watch everything unfold. The fans are going wild inside the arena, not a soul sitting down in their seats. Langdon follows Gabrielle's suit and also stands to watch.

    Langdon Trafford:PIN HIM! PIN HIM, SHANNON!

    Shannon takes about a second and a half before she rolls to her stomach, pushes up with her arms, and jolts her body forward so it lays atop the FWA World Champion's chest!

    Crowd: ONE.....




    Cyrus kicks out 1/3 of a second too late! The referee's hand comes down, the crowd EXPLODES with cheers, and Langdon Trafford yelps through the microphone as Piers Gallagher is left speechless, mouth closed, looking dead-eyed at the ring.

    Winner and NEW FWA WORLD CHAMPION: Shannon O'Neal (Match Time: 34:48)

    Shannon O'Neal rolls off Cyrus' body a second after the referee's count. She takes about four seconds, recovering from the pain and bruises she's received during the match, before the reality sets in. Her wincing near-cry is changed to a swelling puff in her eyes as tears form and a smile takes over. She realizes it's done, she's won it, and now she's the FWA's World Champion.


    Gabrielle Montgomery: She did it because she's a fighter. That's how. Not because she outwrestled Cyrus, but because she outfought him. She threw everything she had at him and it was JUST enough tonight. She deserves this.

    Gabrielle stands and applauds from the announcer's chair. Shannon O'Neal glances her way for a brief second before raising the World Championship in the air and then crumbling down on the mat, crying tears of joy into the plate as she kneels face down into the ring canvas. The crowd continues applauding as Shannon's sweat continues to drop and mix with her tears, forming more stains on the mat making up the ring.


    WE HAVE A NEW QUEEN ... OF THE F ... W ... A!

    The final moments of the show is Shannon O'Neal kneeling, with her face still down into the championship as she's noticeably weeping her tears of joy, before lifting her face and looking out to the sea of fans and confetti falling from the rafters. She takes in every millisecond of the greatest moment of her life, and the last thing we see is Shannon making one big gulp before looking down at the championship belt resting in her hands and giving the biggest grin and laugh, knowing she made it.
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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Entire show has been posted. Thank you for your patience. The show was scheduled to be up on Wednesday but I botched it cause getting extremely high on a lack of sleep led to the inevitable of me passing the fuck out. It's my bad. My apologies to everyone inc the mod team.

    Big thanks to TGO, Sayer, Jimmy King, AON and KAIZEN for helping put the show together with various bits and bobs.

    Two matches required tiebreakers and were super SUPER close. I shall be posting grades soon. I will still review promos from this show unless people want a future review instead. I'm still committed to giving all my thoughts on all the promos.

    Big congrats to TGO on winning the big one with Shannon.

    We might take a small break/delay in getting the next card up. I want a proper discussion on show format going forward with input from you guys. I'm unsure if we should continue doing things the way we are or change it up. Look out for a thread on that soon.
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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Man what a fucking show. Congrats on the win Jimmy you did good!

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    First off, I do enjoy that poster, really well made. I do love a good poster, gives a PPV an extra little bit of zing.

    Speaking of detail, I do enjoy the typical mania like razz-a-mazz, so the national anthem thing is a nice touch, one draw back of the show I will say, beyond the main events a little bit bare when it comes to special entrances and special attire, but that’s just a small little gripe

    -Tommy Thunder is a bad ass no question, it’s such a shame that his opponent no showed, because his promo was pretty legit but I’m hopeful it’s a sign of thing to come for Mr Thunder, I could totally see him in the ME picture in the future

    -NEW GUYS SHOWCASE. I LOVE IZZY VON DOOM. I LOVE THE VULTURES and this match was just generally a massive love fest for me and I see big things in both teams future.God knows we need new blood around these here parts.

    -Not going to lie, I thought either James or Starr had this on lock. Not that any of the other promos were bad like anything like that, quite the opposite in fact. But I thought Starr and James had some really intense stuff. But Grim is consistently a pro so it’s hardly a pro but as always I hope the others don’t get discouraged because they’re all stars in the markers.

    -There’s only one Jimmy King and he was always going to bring it. It’s going to take something badass to Randel down and M double was so damn close. Rematch in the future?

    -Yup, no complaints here. My promo was a little rushed and I just tried to make sure I met the deadline, and B came to play, had fun writing the match and I hope that there’s a rematch in the future

    • Gambit is the single most underrated writer we have on the shot when he brings it. No joke he can take it straight to the big boys and I would be very surprised if he doesn’t get a World title shot in the near future. Battle of the bests really lived up to the hype and I’m so damn intrigued at the next possible direction for the two

    -I am curious about this Darius and deception thing. VERY creative debut and it certainly has my attention

    -No disrespect to MG or Sayer. Because Sayer is a cool dude and he’s consistently good, but I think Danny Toner and Tig are the biggest faces in FWA. I think I speak for everyone when I say we all love Toner and all want him to live up to his potential, We all know it. When Toner is on his game. There is no stopping him, all he needs is a bit of consistency and he’d be in the world title scene. No question. Hell, he would probably be world champ by now. But he looked strong in this match and MG was a total beast as he must be so all is right with the world

    -Well. Shit.

    First off; it was a wonderfully written match and Shake is a totally worthy winner, but I’m just going to point out something Tig said in the preview:

    I did initially think Rondo but this is must-win for Bell. She never fully broke through and she hasn't gotten the full backing she had at her hottest period. I think people are starting to doubt Bell and a loss here hurts her way more than a Rondo loss.”
    ...and I totally and utterly agreed with him on every point. Hense why I did the promo that I did, it had to be all or nothing…probably the most intense promo I’ve ever written. But still got pinned

    So yeah. Five PPV’s on the bounce losing. Bell is really and truly dead in the water now, and now I have no idea what’s next for her or how I can spin this, given the promo I wrote or how she can recover any shred of credibility at this point. Really a big bummer.

    -Mike Parr really got a bad deal at this PPV for reasons outside his control but he is so god damn good at what he does. Mike Parr is a boss and a true Main eventer.

    -Jiggy=GOAT. Simple as that.

    -God damn what the Main Event. MOTY candidate for sure and I’m so damn happy for YGO. it’s been a long time coming but it’s been a perfect character arch for Shannon especially when you consider how down and out she was last year. Cyrus is going to be back at it soon. Because he’s Cyrus Truth. But a win for Shannon was utterly perfect.

    On the whole, a fantastic show and I’m really positive about the future for the fed and I still do intend of doing reviewing promos

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Thank You Man, I have been so excited for the debut of Deception. He has always been a blast to write for simply because he is Jason Todd aka Red Hood. I thought adding him with the title gives it that was different. Im excited for the future and hope Dairus is around here haven't really seen him.

    I am a huge fan of Tommy Thunder promo and ring work I can only see big things and hope he is in ME picture soon.

    The Olmypians ( sorry if spelled wrong was a great match and prove that they are the team that runs the place.

    Shannon O Neil as champion is well deserve and I think its cool we got a female world champ.

    Also shoutout to Sayer who helped me edit my promo thank you good show guys very epic


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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Well boys and girls that was a phenomenal show and I can say that after nine years since my first BIB the show stills gets me revved up. Now we start the (early) road to BIB 13. Congrats to HUMANITY for the win and I look forward to another shot... at a shot at Parr.

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Nice work, boys. Helluva show.Congrats on the win, TGO. The tyranny is over...for now.

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Wonderful show from top to bottom, wonderfully written and wonderfully done. Congrats to all the winners, I honestly didn't expect Randall to retain because I felt my promo was not my best so I was quite surprised to find out that I would retain. Still congrats to to everyone involved that won and even those that didn't, well done.

    On another note, Qualcomm Stadium is an outdoor arena where the Chargers used to play so I don't know if confetti would be falling unless there was a plane flying above dropping it down. Also, Garcia wearing a Lonzo Ball jersey shouldn't have gotten him so much heat because the Lakers have a lot of fans here but then I realized the reputation of Ball and his Dad so that could explain the heat from the fans.

    Jus thought I'd throw that out there, don't mind me and my rambling. Enough from me, talk about the show more folks!

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    The confetti came from a balloon strategically placed in outer space.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

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    Shannon O'Neal
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    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Fantastic show. Glad that I won. A lot of close matches from great promos. Always a double-edged sword when you have a super-competitive show because while it's good, it also means someone who put a lot of work in and stepped up will still lose.

    1.) Big props to Starr, Humanity, Gruber, Tommy Thunder and a few others but those three specifically. They really showed out. I graded Humanity to beat Parr and win the NA title. Averages didn't work that way but it was close. I loved Humanity's RP. I also loved Starr's and Tommy Thunder's promos.

    2.) The NA title scene is getting intense. Starr, Humanity, Thunder, Sync, Gruber and others are all going to be gunning for Parr.

    3.) Big ups for Parr, who is about to eclipse one year as NA champ. That's awesome. The only one close to him (Cyrus) went down. I once thought Parr needed to be bumped to the World title scene — and drop the NA belt to do so — but now I think he should go for as long as he can and just test it and make it something special. Too often we try to think in terms of progression up the card, but it'll be interesting to just let someone hold a belt they might be a smidgen too good for until they actually legit lose it. Parr could go for 2 years. Or he could lose it the next title defense. But it'll be fun and pretty historic to see how long it can go.

    If he gets to 18 months or 2 years, then he just needs a 1v1 World title feud at that point. It's nearly unavoidable.

    4.) Kennedy winning was pretty clear but the feud never really got heated until the very last Fight Night. The match itself was well done, though.

    5.) Galloway getting a big win there reverses his momentum back in his favor. Randall, too, now looks like a really good X Champion.

    6.) Bell losing there was tough. I thought she needed a W more than anyone on the show and losing here puts AON in a tough spot. I hope Bell continues. Every character goes through this type of rough patch when they try to get established as a main eventer. I don't know if it's graders not being accustomed to the name or it's the writer trying to get that fourth gear of consistency and removing any and all blemishes, but it's true and real. It happened to me, happened to Shake, happens to nearly everyone. You get a bump up to the main-event scene and then you sort of come crashing to earth when you face the big dogs every show.

    Some go back down one leg of the ladder and focus on removing those blemishes. And that works. Others stick it out in the main event until a breakthrough. AON, for you, it's the grammar and spelling issues. There are a lot. And I would just re-read your promo once before posting. You have a lot of text and sometimes it feels like you hit the keyboard faster than your brain can move your fingers.

    Either way, I do think there are a lot of different ways Bell can go and I don't think her story is done. Not at all. Just go into the next match and get a W. All that matters.

    7.) I really thought Heartbreak Express should've won the tag titles. Good win for the Olympians but now I think there's enough depth to really make the tag division work.

    8.) Danny Toner definitely is the top face in the FWA. It sucks how the momentum Toner naturally gets just from being a well-written, believable, like-like character always crashes to earth with a no-show, but Toner isn't the first character in FWA history to not reach his full potential. There's a long line of them. Big win for Garcia here, but I do think Toner will be back some day.

    8.) I'm gonna jerk myself off a bit here at the end and review my own promo, for the first time I can remember. It's been nine years, so I think I'm OK.

    My promo was not perfect. I overwrote it. I tried too hard. I was maybe a liiiiiiittle too complex for the average reader to really connect to the story being told or follow it at the end.

    But it was, without a doubt, one of my five favorite promos I've ever written. I don't usually "really want to win" efed matches because it's just a game. I much prefer telling good stories in feuds and promos than worrying about wins and losses. But for the first time in about a year and a half, I really wanted to win. And part of that is due to the quality of the opponent.

    Cyrus' promo was awesome. It was classic Cyrus Truth. And he brought it, as well as he has any time in the past. I knew going in I couldn't out-monologue him. I had to out-creative him. That's a testament to his writing ability and the fact that he knows what he does really well — and knows he can beat anyone else who writes even close to his style of storytelling.

    Golden's title wins (all 6 or 8, depending how you count them) mean a lot, especially the last one, but this one might rank No. 1 or 2 when my efed-writing days are over. Because of the angle, the heat, the feud, the show, the road it took to get here, the opponent, and the promo itself. All were awesome. All were elite. All were what I envision a BIB main event feud looking like.

    I'm proud to call Shannon O'Neal the fourth woman World Champion in FWA history. And I'm proud to call myself one of only three FWA members to have two different characters win a World title. I'll never be quite as good of a pound-for-pound writer as Chris Stallings was or ETE probably still is, but I am honored to be on a list with just them.
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    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Great stuff, glad to have been a part of .

    Already taking into consideration the critiques from before, separating actions from dialogue, possibly translating the Spanish, etc.

    So there a no grade for Risky Douglas?

    He didn't show and got jackknifed into the stairs and choked lol.

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Phew! What a show that was! Excellent matches presented.

    I will say that I'm not a fan of inter-gender match-ups. I'm just of the opinion that men and women should be kept separate. Not saying that women shouldn't main event as I'm of the opinion that they absolutely should if they deserve it (I've had women main eventing e-fed shows I've booked and written in the past). I do however respect that the FWA has taken the chance on going down that road and you can't deny that Shannon O'Neil has done excellent and deserves the title.

    Congrats to all who participated in this show and of course to the winners! Looking forward to what's next!

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommy Thunder View Post
    Phew! What a show that was! Excellent matches presented.

    I will say that I'm not a fan of inter-gender match-ups. I'm just of the opinion that men and women should be kept separate. Not saying that women shouldn't main event as I'm of the opinion that they absolutely should if they deserve it (I've had women main eventing e-fed shows I've booked and written in the past). I do however respect that the FWA has taken the chance on going down that road and you can't deny that Shannon O'Neil has done excellent and deserves the title.

    Congrats to all who participated in this show and of course to the winners! Looking forward to what's next!
    #Rapture lol I enjoy Tommy Thunder here feel hes lil different then one im use to


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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    This was a damn fine show and a joy to read.

    I got close to beating Parr and that's something I can be proud of at least. I'll just have to turn it around and come back with a better promo next time.

    Bell losing was incredibly tough to see. She certainly needed the win.

    To be honest, I was really rooting for Cyrus to get the victory. Congrats to TGO nonetheless for what was an awesome victory.

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    Re: BACK IN BUSINESS XII RESULTS (in multiple parts)

    Quote Originally Posted by OMBGraves View Post
    #Rapture lol I enjoy Tommy Thunder here feel hes lil different then one im use to
    Thanks man. I'm using the gimmick I used in HWA back on EWN (I think HWA was perhaps before your time?). Definitely the most fun gimmick I've used for Thunder and I get to expand further on the gimmick here with the emphasis on providing backstory and so on.
    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with Deception vs Darius!

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