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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    JULY 14TH, 2017

    “A new era for CWA…”

    Afa Seanoa struts down the ramp, dressed in a suit, and staring down just about everyone around. Not something all too common in a general manager.

    “Means new talent…”

    Recent debutantes like Izaya Snowmantashi, Jackson Fenix, and Apollo Griffin all get some spotlights demonstrating talent, braggadocio, and athleticism.

    “And new talent means young lion thirsting for prey…”

    The Dark Watch appears, helmed by Lilith, they have taken out countless figures and athletes ever since the Dark Empress made her debut at Five Star Attraction.

    “Tonight… six of the newest CWA stars will go head to head…”

    Izaya Snowmantashi. Apollo Griffin. Brayden Bridges. Trevor Ocean. And even newer debuting wrestlers like Mendoza and Sammy Riggins get flashes shadow wrestling in a darkly lit ring.

    “To crown the first ever Young Lion Cup victor…”

    The trophy, similar to the Krash Tag Team Classic trophy in that it depicts an animal, this time a lion, gets a full revolution around.

    “And an opportunity to challenge for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship at Retribution in a Steel Roulette match…”

    The eyes of the former competitors to have participated in it last year are shown. Then just barest of glimpses at the structure itself.
    “This is Adrenaline Rush. This. Is. The Young Lion Cup!”

    The arena is fit to the brim but these fans aren’t happy in the slightest in this cold open. The ring is being pelted with heat and from some amounts of garbage. The reason being is because standing in the middle of the ring, wearing matching suits and ties are, quite possibly the most controversial Tag Team in all time, Drew Connor, Ethan Connor, AKA the Echo. Drew has an insidiously smug look on his face, holding his tag title over one shoulder, while his other hand holds a microphone. Behind him, to his left is his hot head brother pacing the ring his head bowed his hands rolling through his hair.

    Drew Connor: Let me reminds you people of who the hell we are….

    Drew points to himself.

    Drew Connor: Drew Connor

    Drew turns and points to his brother.

    Drew Connor: Ethan Connor.

    Drew taps the belts on his shoulder.

    Drew Connor: The longest, reigning, Tag team champions of all time, and for two years straight. We’ve treated the tag team division in CWA like our bitches.

    Naturally, the crowd continues to boo that assessment while Drew just shrugs

    Drew Connor: ....Oh yeah, boo all you want, boo like the dorks you are, but that is an undisputed fact, and trust me, the management of CWA don’t like it any more than you do, because, from day one, the management of this company, the higher ups, the suits have been trying to keep us down….And w-why is that. Because we don’t follow the company line? Because we don’t shake hands? Because they don’t like two hick poor kids from the trailer parks being the face of tag team wrestling? Because they can’t put a muzzle on us? Probably all of the above, in fact, the only reason we’ve here in front of you. Is because Uncle Afa gave us this time, so we can formally apologies to the wrestling world, the diamond dolls, to the boys in the back. For what happened at the Tag Team Classic.

    Drew looks to his brother smiling

    Drew Connor: What do you think E? Should we apologize?

    Ethan spits bitterly on the ground while his brother just smirks

    Drew Connor:
    Oh no no no, we’ve never apologized for anything in our damn lives and we ain’t started right now. We don’t have a DROP of regret for crashing his stupid little party, but you know what we do have? Live mic. Ethan get your colt 45, out. It’s time to go A-Shooting.

    Drew smirks a little at the idea of this clearly enjoying the idea of speaking her mind

    Drew Connor: Like I said before management has NEVER given a damn about me and my brother. They never wanted us to win the titles, on our first PPV, we were shoved on the pre-show, and the tag team champions had to defend their belt against one guy. One fucking guy.

    Ethan Connor:
    Fuck that FWA bullshit.

    Ethan finally sounds off in the corner as Drew nods in agreement

    Drew Connor: And when we finally did win the belts. Management. Did all they could to take our belts away from us. For TWO years CWA followed the same pattern. They would sign, some random tag team that’s hip with the Indy crowd and throw them in front of us, We beat them.They bitch. We beat them again, and they fuck off back to where they came from. Before we came along, CWA had a thriving tag team scene and it just took us a year and a half to GUT IT, until we were literally the only tag team on the block.: …See, Uncle Afa stood in this very ring; and told the world, that the reason for that was because of us, but here’s a question no one asked. How the fuck is our fault? Why is it our fault? That no team in the world had the balls to step up and challenge us? How is it our fault? That tag teams, the world over FEARED the name, Connor. You think we were cancer? No. We were the god damn life support system of CWA. If it wasn’t for us and OUR passion for tag team wrestling, these titles would have gone the same way as the woman’s division For two years we put CARRIED wrestling on our collective backs. Hey, we were JUST as upset as everyone else, when we ran out of challengers. IF there was no tag team division to the boss, how could we keep proving we were the best? With the tag team division gone, what the fuck was we meant to do? Knit? What’s the point of being champions of something that doesn’t exist? So you know what we did? We packed our bags, we packed up our belts and we said; Call us when you get us some challenges. See, Uncle Afa would like to have you think we took our ball and went home, but no, no no. We stood by that phone every day waiting for CWA to call us back and treat us like the stars we are. Oh, in fact; hey here’s an inside scoop for you. A few months ago, FWA came to us. Ashley O’Ryan got on the horn and promised us the world if we jump ship...Money, main events, all the things we’ve ever wanted but we didn’t. You know why? Because CWA is the house that the Echo made. Besides; FWA sucks! Buncha scrubs, bashing each other with garbage. Just a bunch of nobodies, a couple has-beens and a bunch of never-will-be. And here we are; two guys that managed to take down the great and powerful CWA from the inside. That took a damn good while, but we did it. FWA? Dude, that’d take us … what … a couple days? Maybe a week, if we had a good buzz on? Where’s the challenge in that?

    Drew looks over to his brother as if searching for answers from him his arms outstretched.

    Drew Connor: So were watching CWA, And Afa takes control...sure, whatever. But then he starts to talks about bringing back Tag Team wrestling and this Tag Team Tourney idea comes off...and you what? Fucking A. We were all for it! Finally, someone gives a shit….but then….

    Drew looks down for a moment a bitter smirk appears on his face shaking his head in disappointment.

    Drew Connor:
    Then he starts talking about us….About how we took our ball and big if we need to come back...and blah, blah blah,

    Ethan Connor: FUCK. FUCK. FUCK FUCK YOU.

    Woah, Ethan who was uncharacteristically silent during most of the promo suddenly explodes into life rushing towards the camera his belt held aloft his brother stepping back a little.


    Eventually, Ethan just devolves into incomprehensible ranting while Drew shakes his head looking as pissed as his brother

    Drew Connor: I know you’re new to this job, so let me tell you how we do things. We do whatever we want. WHENEVER. We Want. You think you can THREATEN to take away the one thing that matters to us? You think you can just snap your fingers and we’d come running to corporate daddy and we’d come running? You think you can spit in The Echo and we’d just take it? Let me remind you how this works; Tag team wrestling is OUR yard. And if any team wants to take charge of tag team wrestling, have to go through us, and Diamond Dolls? You’ve stood in our yard...and you got what happens to everyone who thought they could step into my yard.

    Ethan finally seems to be smiling as he remembers exactly what happened last week.

    Ethan Connor: See, you didn’t know it but you weren’t fighting for those titles...You were fighting to be our bitches. No, really, those titles, they’re trash, they might as well not exist, as a matter of fact…

    Ethan goes over to the ropes, lowers the microphone and gestures to someone in the crowd. None other than Celina Sasha steps up, there’s a mixture of base cat calling and jeers for the Echo’s lawyer. She climbs over the barricade with the help of a security guard and carrying a rucksack, gets into the ring. She hands over the bag to Drew who unceremoniously dumbs the content out.

    Drew Connor: This is what you guys were fighting for, right? This is what you made all of CWA about for two months? Wrong.

    Ethan has vanished from the ring and is actually under it, only his legs poking out until he slowly steps out with a… garbage can. There’s some murmur in the crowd and even more scattered boos as Ethan tosses the garbage can into the ring. Drew sits up and slowly lifts one title up, and tosses it in the trash. He grabs the other and does the same.

    Drew Connor: Trash. Trash. Trash. The real belts, belong to the real champions. Doesn’t matter how much gold you melt and staple onto straps of leather, there are only two real tag team title belts and we’re holding them. These are just trash. Wait… no… theses are worst than trash.

    Celina pulls out some match sticks from her brassiere and hands it over to Ethan Connor. Ethan is all too eager to grab a match, light it up, and without pause or making an issue of it, he just drops it down. The light from the flames illuminate the garbage can.

    Drew Connor: Who’s going to come out to put it out, huh? This shit isn’t even worth me pissing to put it out. The Diamond Dolls… Uncle Afa… they know that, that’s why they’re sitting down wherever they are, hospital beds or in an office, and they aren’t budging an inch. You wanted this show to be about the tag team championships… the tag team champions… well The Echo is back… and once more CWA is The Echo!

    The duo stand by the garbage can and the burning leather and gold within, holding aloft their own tag team belts in an image that will no doubt burn in the minds of the Diamond Dogs.

    The camera returns to a very different sight than when it left for a commercial break. The spotlight is solely on ring where all six competitors for the Young Lion Cup are standing. On the left side we have Trevor Ocean, Apollo Griffin and Mendoza and on the right side we’ve got Brayden Bridges, Izaya Snowmantashi and Sammy Riggins. They can’t help but cast weary glances at their fellow competitors but for the sake of harmony, say and do nothing. In the middle of the ring is a pedestal with the Young Lion Cup trophy on it. From the back emerges CWA trainer, Doc Adams. The competitors in the ring are well acquainted enough with him, having met him when signing contracts with CWA and no doubt learned a thing or two from the veteran. He grabs a microphone to leave a message for the six competitors tonight.

    Doc Adams: Gentlemen, tonight, you have a great opportunity. The spotlight is entirely on you. No doubt, you’re well aware that CWA is a business, it’s a sports entertainment business but a business nonetheless. A business helmed by stars. But tonight… CWA has decided to put the spotlight on you, you’re not stars yet, but one day you might be. Tonight, you should put it all on the line, prove to yourselves, and the people that will be competing with you on the way to the top, that you’re the head of the pack, that this is your den. This is a stage no other young CWA wrestler has ever gotten before, good luck, I’m not going to say don’t let me down, or CWA, better yet, do not let yourself down.

    He hands over the microphone to a road agent and makes the rounds of the group, shaking hands, at times exchanging words. He finally gets under the ropes and makes his way to the back. The lights are slightly dimmed as the rest of the competitors do the same.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Adrenaline Rush, for a special edition, it’s the Young Lion Cup, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: I have to compliment Afa on his decision to get this happening. We had quite a bit of new signings, even discounting the newcomers in the Krash Classic, and they were waiting but hungry for their chance at the spotlight. Doc mentioned it, it’s a risk, do these guys show up with the spotlight on them or do they shrink at that spotlight, we’ll see. But I looked in that ring, and aside from Izaya, and Aollo, I see talent, I see guys who could one day… maybe even at Retribution, become a World Champion.

    Jim Taylor: We’re still on the fall out from the Krash Tag Team Classic pay-per-view, and Tim, a lot happened. The Echo made their return - a bloody one. McGinnis… put Mr. Willis in the hospital. We saw the debut of the pair known as The Blacklist. Once more Lilith made her mark, winning a six man match, and XYZ defeated Shawn Summers in what was the first ever… McDonald’s Play Palace match.

    Tim Coleman: And last ever, Ronald McDonald has personally ensured us that they will never do business with us ever again. By the way, Jim, how is that Whopper Burger you’re eating right now.

    Jim Taylor: This Whopper Burger from Burger King? I’ve never tasted any burger so succulent in my life. And how about your Baconator?

    Tim Coleman: Well, you know my love for meat, Jim. This Baconator is hitting just the spot, I’m really loving it, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: Glad to hear that. Like you said the spotlight will be clear on the Young Lions tonight but before that could even happen - what should have been an apology from The Echo, turned into anything but.

    Tim Coleman: You can’t possibly be surprised, Jim, it’s The Echo! They do things their way and with how they’ve performed since they’ve debuted, who can blame them! They’re the most successful tag team on the planet!

    Jim Taylor: Tim, are you really going to condone their actions. They took the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championship belts and burned it. The remnants are backstage, and well, they’re a far cry from what they once were.

    Tim Coleman: Oh come on, The Echo pretty much sent a message. You want the belts, you’ve got to go through them. Isn’t that was Afa wanted in the first place?

    Jim Taylor: Afa is set to appear later on in the night, Jim, so I have no doubt we’ll figure out what he wanted in the first place. But before that, we’ve got our first match of the night and it will be none other than Apollo Griffin against Izaya Snowmantashi.

    Tim Coleman:
    Well, get rid of the underwhelming match first I suppose, but then again, we don’t want to lose viewers, do we?


    Lindsay Monahan: First, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred pounds… he is “The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn”… accompanied by Jeff Potter… APOLLO… GRIFFFFFFFIN!

    Apollo Griffin may have failed in his debut match at the Krash Tag Team Classic but he’s surely aware that tonight he has a clear cut opportunity to redeem himself. Jeff Potter is at his side, much like at the pay-per-view and whispering words of false wisdom in his ears.

    Jim Taylor: Caught up in the animosity of the match, Apollo Griffin was eliminated by Jackson Fenix at the Krash Classic when he chose flair and showmanship instead of focusing on a victory.

    Tim Coleman: That’s the difference between a man like Fenix and Griffin. Fenix knows how to get the job done, it’s why he’s been a constant success since his debut. On the other hand… Griffin was more concerned with a five second highlight than actually winning the match.

    Jim Taylor: You’ve also got to criticize, Potter. Now, I’m not an advocate for a manager, but if he’s going to take that role, Tim, it might have been best for him to have noticed Fenix but also that have advised a safer course of action.

    Whatta man, whatta man
    Whatta man, ara neoneun good man
    Whatta man, whatta man,
    Whatta man, maja neoneun good man

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, Izaya… SNOWMANTASHI!

    Izaya Snowmantashi has had a rough ride trying to live up to expectations here in CWA but that doesn’t do anything to remove the smile plastered on his face and the excitement to have another chance to go home with a trophy tonight. He slaps hands with fans and paces on the way to the squared circle.

    Jim Taylor: It goes without saying, but I think this man may be the only one who could push you to cheer against Apollo Griffin in this tournament.

    Tim Coleman: Well, if DFB were here then I’d even cheer for Izaya at that point, Jim. I don’t know why Izaya gets opportunity after opportunity. What has he shown? What has he proven? He’s still riding on his brother’s coattails and even his brother’s abandoned him. Afa should cut his losses. Shred that contract!

    Jim Taylor: In any case, both of these men know that this is the perfect opportunity to begin a steady rise up CWA’s metaphorical ladder.

    APOLLO GRIFFIN w/ jeff potter

    EARLY OVATIONS: Apollo Griffin and Izaya Snowmantashi step up to the middle of the ring and respectfully shake hands before circling about. Izaya goes for a tentative low kick that Griffin neatly jumps over. He goes for a roundhouse to the kneeling opponent’s head but Izaya ducks under it. He’s back to his feet in an instant and lands rapid fire strikes. Griffin smacks one strike away and goes for a spinning heel kick that Izaya has to cartwheel out of and then return with a dropkick that Griffin avoids. Izaya lands on his back and Griffin goes to stomp only for Izaya to roll one way - stomp - he rolls the other - double stomp - legs stretching to the ropes, Izaya pulls himself under. Griffin tries to grab at him but Izaya has swung himself under the ropes and is standing on the apron. Izaya goes for an elbow over the ropes but Griffin takes a step back and pulls Izaya halfway over. He runs to the ropes, and comes back with a dropkick to the rope hung Izaya - but Izaya manages to front flip over and out of the way. The two stare at each other in astonishment to a rousing ovation from the fans.

    The two incredible athletes circle around again before locking up. Apollo Griffin is able to win a shoving contest and push Izaya into the ropes. The referee comes to force them apart - oh what’s Jeff Potter doing on the apron. “Hit him with an elbow!” he yells at Apollo Griffin, Griffin isn’t sure about it, and the referee comes to demand Potter off the ropes, Izaya decides to pop Griffin with an elbow that lays him clean out. Izaya seems to ponder for a second if that was dirty but goes for the pin once he realizes the opportunity at hand. ONE… TWO… - KICK OUT! Potter yells “right idea, wrong person!” but that’s not really helping anyone.

    Izaya gets Griffin back to his feet but receives a vicious shove. Izaya looks a bit distraught but Griffin mouths off some criticisms of his decision to attack while the ref was clearly busy. Izaya claims he was busy with his own manager but Apollo wants to hear none of it. Izaya ponders it and decides that he’ll give Apollo Griffin a free elbow shot. He places his hands behind his back and closes his eyes, already flinching. Griffin isn’t sure what to do at first but decides he’ll go ahead with it and goes for an elbow - but Izaya ducks underneath it. Griffin frowns but Izaya claims it was just instinct! He says he won’t move this time and stands still. Griffin goes for the elbow again but this time Izaya smacks it off and hits an up kick that floors Griffin. His eyes go wide, he didn’t mean it. He again blames his instincts.

    Griffin slowly makes his way back to his feet, a bit dazed, but Izaya has given him space and again is pleading that it wasn’t intentional. Griffin doesn’t heed any of his words, and hits Izaya clean with an elbow shot, that should even things out a bit, but Griffin doesn’t stop. Izaya’s dropped to a seated position in the corner and Griffin unloads ELBOW AFTER ELBOW AFTER ELBOW. Izaya’s head is just bobbing viciously to the side with each shot. Apollo gets up and charges to the opposite corner before running back full speed ahead with A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Izaya’s squashed in the corner!

    FINAL SPRINT: Griffin pulls Izaya right out of the corner and hooks the leg - ONE - KICK OUT! Was that instinct too. Izaya gets to his fours and crawls away but Griffin is undeterred by the supremely quick kick out and gets Izaya from behind… DEADLIFTING HIM INTO A GERMAN SUPLEX! Izaya rolls right onto his feet, he shakes his reddened head and rushes up behind Griffin - DRAGON SUPLEX. Griffin is up on his feet in a hurry too. The two stand fiercely, staring at each other and then charge, DOUBLE LARIAT SENDS THEM BOTH TO THE MAT!

    SORROWFUL ENDING: “My care is like my shadow” ominously begins playing through the physical attendance system but the song ends after the first line and the light vanishes entirely. Flashlights pop up to get a glimpse at what’s going on and when it returns, The Dark Watch is standing in the ring over the still limp bodies of Apollo Griffin and Izaya Snowmantashi. This is not a good luck for them but nothing the referee does will stop the impending doom. Jeff Potter bravely slides into the ring - and SUPERKICK BY NOAH NITRO! Potter’s down and out. But at least he tried. Lilith gestures to Izaya Snowmantashi as the first victim and Thomas West drags him to his feet and then lifts him unto his shoulders. Noah Nitro is rightfully positioned on the top turnbuckle and THE CRUCIFIX DECAPITATOR! Izaya’s body goes flying with Nitro’s and as always, it takes a moment for Nitro to even get back to his feet. Anna helps lift Apollo Griffin up and Lilith comes from behind, wrapping him into the Crossface Chicken Wing. Griffin tries to put up some sort of fight but whatever he had left quickly fades. The bell rings continuously throughout the whole incident but it’s all but pointless. No one can stop this army.


    The Dark Watch stands atop, Noah Nitro in particularly groaning and holding himself together after his sacrificial move. Anna heads off to grab a microphone for Lilith.

    Lilith: They feared what darkness would befall the next torch bearers if I were to participate in their tournament and so they have excluded me. Here is my message, there is nothing you can do to stop The Dark Watch, no machination that will hinder us. The Age of Darkness… will… come.

    The microphone drops with a thud, darkness falls upon the arena, and when the light returns, The Dark Watch is all but gone. But their victims, they remain in the ring.

    Jim Taylor:
    Ladies and gentleman, I can’t quite explain what we just saw before the commercial break. I can confirm that Izaya and Apollo have been given medical help backstage… as for who will move forward with the main event tonight, we’ve heard that if one of them is able to compete tonight, they’ll be given a chance to take the third spot in the main event triple threat match.

    Tim Coleman: I won’t endorse their actions, Jim… but it couldn’t happen to better people.

    Jim Taylor:

    Tim Coleman:
    The main event will be all the better for it if neither of them can compete!

    Jim Taylor:
    In any case, Tim, we’ve heard that Uncle Afa will come out right now for an official announcement, particularly in regards to our upcoming pay-per-view, Retribution.

    Tim Coleman: I think we all know what’s coming. Last year we had an insane Retribution and I think Afa will be interested in recreating history.

    Afa Seanoa comes out through the curtains and has to sort of resist making obvious his anger at the actions that occurred at the start of the show by the Echo. He adjusts his fitted suit and makes his way to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Things haven’t been exactly smooth sailings for Afa. He’s seen Mr. Willis sent to the hospital, his tournament ended in ruins and even early tonight, we saw the Young Lion Cup already brought to question with the arrival of The Dark Watch.

    Tim Coleman: I think Afa is figuring out that CWA is an asylum and the best he can do is try to steer away the inmates from completely taking over. But that doesn’t mean they won’t have their finger prints over the entire establishment.

    Jim Taylor: You might be speaking wisdom, Tim. Noah Hanson and Isaac Richmann both struggled keeping CWA running smoothly, it’ll at the very least take some time before Afa can get everything in control.

    Afa Seanoa gets into the ring and has a microphone in hand. If there’s one thing the fans took too in the Echo’s opening promo, it was Uncle Afa and an “Uncle Afa” chant proudly begins and gifts Afa a tiny smirk that he quickly stashes away.

    Afa Seanoa: A couple weeks ago, we had the Krash Tag Team Classic. It was the culmination of some of the best tag teams going head to prove which one was the best of all. It came down to Krash, the namesake of this tournament, and the up and coming star Prince Ali against the newcomers from the east returning home, The Diamond Dogs. And boy, was it one hell of a fight. Everything I could ever hope for. And then… the Echo showed up. The Echo took the Diamond Dogs and they sent them on a trip to the hospital. But see… what the Echo don’t understand is that that trip… it was not a one-way trip. The Diamond Dogs are going to come back, in fact, I can guarantee you, at the very least, they’ll be here for Retribution… and I mean that in both ways. They’ll be at Retribution and they’ll be trying to get retribution and that… that is going to be on your heads. The Echo, when you came back, you made a decision… you decided you were going to compete… to defend. And let me make something else clear, I gave you boys an option, a chance to prove yourself, and you took the cowardly way out. You can burn as many belts as you want but … The Diamond Dogs… they’ve earned the right to call themselves CWA’s Undisputed Tag Team Champions.

    “Diamond Dooooooogs” gets a continuous chant from the arena, and no doubt the CWA fanbase, which has come to appreciate the oddball pairing, their two associates, Big Mac and their enterprise as a whole.

    Afa Seanoa: Right… but we can only have one pair of CWA Tag Team Champions… so I’m going to cut to the chase right here, right now. At CWA Retribution, it’s going to be the Krash Tag Team Classic winners, and the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions versus the CWA World Tag Team Champions… and after all is said and done, we’re only going to have one tag team standing.

    The arena can’t help but cheer for that announcement. After the performance of Diamond Dogs and having not seen the Echo compete in months, that’s already a thriller.

    Afa Seanoa: Now that that is dealt with. There’s something else that needs to get addressed. Last year, Retribution saw the first ever Steel Roulette match. A barbaric structure that shortened the career of the six competitors that competed in it. It also saw CWA get a new CWA World Heavyweight Champion. I can confirm, right here, right now, that the Steel Roulette will return at Retribution. In fact, I can confirm as to who will be getting an opportunity to even compete in it. Not only that, but right now, we’re going to find out WHO will be competing against WHO over the next two shows in Beat The Clock Challenges… without further adieu…

    Afa Seanoa gestures to the titantron. Ten images randomize in rapid fire and if you look closely enough, you can already get glimpses at surprise returns. The first image stops and its… PRINCE ALI!

    Afa Seanoa: Prince Ali proved himself, working with the CWA High Voltage Champion, Krash to make it all the way to the Krash Tag Team Classic finals. But Ali came here to compete for himself, and he’s going to get a chance to put his name in history if he can win the challenge and the Steel Roulette. Of course, it all depends on if he can beat his opponent…

    The number generator restarts and cycles through… it stops on XYZ! A much bigger reaction for CWA’s oddball here.

    Afa Seanoa: Look, even I can’t explain who or what the hell XYZ is. But he’s beaten one of the best in CWA, Shawn Summers, twice! I don’t have any doubt that both these men will surprise each other with their unique styles.

    The number begins generating again… and it stops on… JACKSON FENIX! There’s a reverse reaction from XYZ, and some pretty significant jeering for one of CWA’s rising stars.

    Afa Seanoa: Brought in for the Krash Tag Team Classic, and even if he may have come up short, Fenix has proven himself to be a worthwhile competitor.

    Tim Coleman: I was worried he wasn’t competing in the Young Lion Cup but an opportunity to compete for a CWA World title, that’s far better. Glad to see Afa sees his potential!

    We return to the titantron for some cycling, the images obviously narrowed down with three names out… it stops at… KRASH! Huge reaction for the Heart of CWA.

    Afa Seanoa: Our CWA High Voltage Champion and finalist of his namesake, Krash Tag Team Classic. Fenix, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But let me tell you first hand, if you can beat Krash, you know… you know there’s a title shot in your future, even beyond Retribution!

    Tim Coleman: What, you mean Jackson Fenix could become a double champion?!

    Jim Taylor: You know that’s easier than done, Tim.

    Titantron starts rolling against with two-fifths of the players gone… and it ends on LIGHTBRINGER. A big but mixed reaction for LIGHTBRINGER.

    Afa Seanoa: That’s right. We’re going to see the return of the main eventer at Five Star Attraction, the winner of the Wrestle Royale… LIGHTBRINGER. Without a doubt, if there was a man I want to see competing at Steel Roulette, it’s one of the very best in our business today. But it doesn’t matter what I want to see, like everyone else, he needs to earn his spot.

    Jim Taylor: A big return from an accomplished star in CWA, Tim. It’s a wonder what that man’s been up to since Five Star Attraction.

    Tim Coleman: That leaves five more, Jim! Where’s Nate Savage?! Jonathan McGinnis?!

    The number rolls on and…….. It lands on the image of the Young Lion Cup trophy. Afa rubs his chin and nods.

    Afa Seanoa: It’s not for nothing that I set the Young Lion Cup for tonight. Whoever wins this tournament will get an opportunity to compete against LIGHTBRINGER to participate in that Steel Roulette. I hope you boys in the back know the opportunity that’s at the tip of your fingers. A chance to not only beat the Five Star Attraction main eventer, but to become a CWA World Heavyweight Champion. You won’t get a more direct opportunity than this.

    Onwards we roll, past the halfway point… who could it possibly be… well Tim Coleman got an answer to one of his questions… NATE SAVAGE!

    Afa Seanoa: Nate… I’ve heard you complaining on and on, don’t think I forgot about you. You want to prove you’re the man. You’re a prize fighter. I’m giving you a chance at the biggest prize.

    Tim Coleman: Can you imagine if Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix both make it into that match. Almost a guarantee we see the pair fight for the biggest title in the business.

    Jim Taylor: That’s if they don’t turn on each other beforehand, Tim!

    Tim Coleman: Sacrilege, Jim! They’re friends. Friends don’t do that to each other.

    There’s only three images left and the cycle begins, far too fast to tell who it might be and it lands on… SHAWN SUMMERS! There’s some audible boos in the arena but Afa Seanoa looks more uncertain.

    Afa Seanoa:
    Look, Shawn Summers. I know you’ve been through a rough patch. And I know you’re struggling. Take it from me, the best way to get your mind off everything else to put your mind on your one passion, and I know that passion is wrestling. I don’t agree with your ego. Your views. But this is what you love. And Nate Savage, he’s not going to take it easy on you.

    Tim Coleman: Shawn Summers has been completely mistreated, Jim. His father was assassinated and he was forced to keep competing. He was put against goofballs. Made to wrestle in a Play Palace match. You have to sympathize, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: I’ll hold my thoughts, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: That says more than enough. I don’t think Summers will be in the right mindset to compete against Nate Savage, they surely could’ve given him some time off and found someone more appropriate to compete.

    Two pictures are left, flashing between each other and it stops surely enough on… LILITH. Another shower of boos rain down on the image. Afa doesn’t quite know what to say, he frowns to himself.

    Afa Seanoa: Well… I don’t agree with her methods but Lilith has won time and time again, especially at Krash Tag Team Classic’s six-way elimination match. I just wonder, whether your Dark Watch can find their way into the Steel Roulette.

    There’s only picture left and it stops on… ELIJAH EDWARDS! Again, it’s a mixed reaction. Much like LIGHTBRINGER, it’s a return but they aren’t sure how to react to the man considering his attitude towards Krash last time he was here.

    Afa Seanoa: Former two time High Voltage Champion. Elijah Edwards, you’ve already fought Jon Snowmantashi time and time again, you’ve fought the best here in CWA. You’ve learned and you’ve had a taste of what being the best is. Here’s another opportunity. And if you’ve been paying attention to Lilith lately, you’ll know, more than anyone else… that this will be a challenge.

    Jim Taylor: I’m not sure Romeo Rollings alone will be enough to even out The Dark Watch.

    Tim Coleman: It won’t, Jim. He’ll need many more friends if he wants to deal with Thomas West, Noah Nitro and Anna Malikova… but here’s my biggest question, Jim… where’s J-

    Speak of the devil.

    Jim Taylor: Jonathan McGinnis fought against Mr. Willis at the Krash Tag Team Classic, and he put him in a hospital, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: You’re right, and I agree. But whether you like it or not, he deserves a qualifying match, give him Summers’s place! The man won last year’s match! Give him another opportunity.

    Jonathan McGinnis steps through the curtains with a leather jacket and a horrifying shirt. Mr. Willis is depicted broken in half. McGinnis stops at the top of the stage, lowers some shades momentarily to look at the crowd, with the tiniest sliver of a smug grin on his face. Afa Seanoa is in the ring with a look of sheer anger but he stays still.

    Jim Taylor: What is he wearing?

    Tim Coleman: I just saw his twitter account tweet out a limited supply of those shirts.

    Jim Taylor: You’re not buying them are you?

    Tim Coleman: Of course not! That’s despicable. Also they’re one hundred a shirt… and they’re sold out.

    McGinnis circles around the ring and gestures to Lindsay Monahan for the microphone. He stares at Afa Seanoa who backs off to give him space to enter the ring. McGinnis slowly slides in, partially weary that Afa might act out. When he sees Afa standing his ground at some distance, he fully gets in and gets to his feet. He slowly raises the microphone to his mouth as a sea of jeers comes to a slow end. McGinnis inhales loudly.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Let’s cut to the chase, unless that sixth spot in the Steel Roulette is being given to me and you’re stripping that whale of the title that doesn’t belong to him, then we’ve got a problem.

    Afa Seanoa: We do have a problem, McGinnis. You think I’m going to reward you for what you did to Mr. Willis at Krash Tag Team Classic. YOU PUT HIM A GODDAMN HOSPITAL BED. NO ONE KNOWS IF HE’LL EVER WALK AGAIN, DAMN IT. YOU MIGHT HAVE CRIPPLED HIM!

    McGinnis doesn’t seem at all disturbed by this revelation. But the crowd is entirely astonished and shocked at the development.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Might have? Seems I missed the mark. You want to get mad, Afa. Get goddamn mad. You think I care. YOU THINK MR. WILLIS FEELS HALF THE PAIN I FELT? He doesn’t. You think anyone… ANYONE… feels the mental and emotional strain I FELT?! NO! DID ANYONE CRY? DID ANYONE WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS GONE? NO! I’ve accomplished more than Mr. Willis did in his entire career, and I DONT GET ANY *BEEP* APPRECIATION! Get mad! Afa! See if I give a damn. He signed the damn contract. He knew what was coming to him. I warned him. I warned you. I warned everyone. He stepped into the ring and I gave him what he had coming. And Afa, I said it, I said I was going to destroy wrestling and that was just the goddamn start. Now give me the spot that I deserve more than anyone else! You think these… Young Lions deserve my spot… I’ve paved the way for most of them - all of them! You don’t give me my opportunity then I’m going to one up what The Echo did. I won’t give you the satisfaction of seeing your creation come to an end, Afa, I’m going to end this tournament prematurely. I’m going to beat the shit out of every single one of the guys in that finals. You give me my spot and you give it to me now!

    Afa Seanoa doesn’t take too kindly to that threat and steps right up to McGinnis’s face. McGinnis doesn’t back an inch.

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    Try me. I’ll kick your teeth down your goddamn thr-

    THUD! Afa’s headbutted McGinnis and knocked him clean down. Security rush down the ramp in a hurry and while McGinnis tries to rush back to his feet, he’s grabbed before he can retaliate.

    Afa Seanoa: Get the hell out of my ring. And get the hell out of MY building! You don’t run this show! I do!

    McGinnis is resisting and trying to get back but he’s dragged out of the ring in a hurry, practically off his feet. Afa’s theme song begins playing again to a roaring chant of “UNCLE AFA! UNCLE AFA! UNCLE AFA!”

    Jim Taylor: Our general manager just floored former two-time CWA World Heavyweight Champion!

    Tim Coleman: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Noah or Richmann ever do that.

    Jim Taylor:
    And yet, Tim, you have to think of the ramifications of Afa assaulting what is effectively, one of his employees. I know you have to consider the business, but it is still, to a degree, inappropriate.

    Tim Coleman: Well, I don’t think the person who hired Afa didn’t see this coming. I mean, look at him. I’m surprised he’s not competing.

    Jim Taylor:
    We’ve still got most of the tournament left, Tim, two more matches before our finals.

    Tim Coleman: I’m already sweating so much.

    Jim Taylor: We’ll be right back with Brayden Bridges versus Sammy Riggins after this commercial break.

    The journey begins
    The road has it bends
    You think your lost
    But you will find the path again
    A man with no family
    No friends
    Just him
    Walks among the masses

    Lindsay Monahan: First, from New Orleans, Louisiana… weighing at two hundred and forty-five pounds… he is “The Lost Soul”… BRAYDEN… BRIDGES.

    Brayden Bridges is out with his guitar, singing another dreary song that has the crowd silently listening to the lonely words.

    Like Nelson said
    On the road again
    Hour clock is ticking
    Its almost hit 12
    Cinderella story
    Doesnt end with fairytale happy ending at all

    Tim Coleman: So who doesn’t get the happy ending, Sammy Riggins or Brayden Bridges?

    Jim Taylor: I think Brayden Bridges already lost his happy ending, Tim, so he might be referring to Sammy Riggins.

    Tim Coleman: Can you imagine Brayden Bridges versus LIGHTBRINGER. What do you think LIGHTBRINGER will make of him?

    Jim Taylor: I think LIGHTBRINGER will already be looking towards Retribution, Tim, he’s a very confident man.

    She says, we've got to hold on to what we've got
    'Cause it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not
    We've got each other and that's a lot for love
    We'll give it a shot
    We're half way there
    Livin' on a prayer

    Lindsay Monahan:
    And his opponent, from San Diego Claifornia… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds… SWEET… SAMMY… RIGGINS!

    “Sweet” Sammy Riggins probably already won the crowd over singing along with them “Livin’ on a Prayer”. He’s got a positive demeanor and is taking his time shaking hands and enjoying the sheer magnitude of the moment.

    Jim Taylor: A multi-sport athlete. Sammy Riggins is making his debut here for CWA tonight. In this Young Lion Cup, he’s one of two wrestlers who will be making their debut. You’ve got to consider what sort of accomplishment it would be if he can beat Brayden Bridges. Win the main event. Win against LIGHTBRINGER. Go on and win the Steel Roulette.

    Tim Coleman: It’d be one heck of an accomplishment, Jim, and you look at his physique, confidence, you think, that’s the sort of guy I can see doing it.

    Jim Taylor: You can remark on his physique, Tim, but he’s still giving up the size advantage against Brayden Bridges here.

    versus SAMMY RIGGINS

    RESPECTFUL START: Brayden Bridges gets ready to lock up but Sammy Riggins wants to offer a handshake at first. Bridges questions himself but ultimately shake hands. The two finally square off and lock up. Bridges uses his power to shove down Riggins numerous times, forcing Riggins, still grinning, to rethink his strategy. They meet again but Riggins transitions almost instantly into a waist lock. Bridges rushes to the ropes and bounces hard against it to force Riggins off. Riggins rolls through and comes charging with a jumping forearm!

    BITTERSWEET: Riggins decides he’ll capitalize on that momentum and immediately unloads a few forearms on Bridges. He then whips him across the ring and makes to follow but instead stops halfway to run back to the ropes, jump off, and land a kick straight to the face of Bridges to knock him down. He tries to keep that momentum going with a running senton that takes the gas out of Bridges. Confident that he’s already dealt sufficient amount of damage to Bridges, he decides its time to put Bridges to bed. He paces about, urging Bridges on and as soon as he gets up, he goes for his finisher, the Sweet Surrender but gets shoved right off and then FLIPPED UPSIDE DOWN WITH A CALL TO THE CORONER!

    Bridges looks distraught with himself after the offense he gave way. Not just distraught but pissed off. He gets Sammy Riggins up and then back down with a European Uppercut. Up. European Uppercut. Up. European Uppercut. Bridges shoves Riggins against the rope, sends him flying now, EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Fade to Black he calls it and the way Riggins is helpless on the mat, it might as well be. It’s Bridges turn to signal for the end as he gets Riggins up for the LAST RITES - but he gets shoved off, SWEET SUPERKICK. Bridges falls against the ropes. Bounces back. FADE THE MUSIC SUPERKICK! Riggins is down. Bridges gets him up in a hurry - LAST RITES. ONE - TWO - THREE!


    Jim Taylor: That was a short but intense affair, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: You tell me. Both of these men went hard at each other but it looks like one man hit harder than the other. Bridges has just assured his place in the finals of the Young Lion Cup!

    Jim Taylor: Sammy Riggins may have lost his first match, Tim, but if he could have gotten off the Sweet Surrender early on, it really could’ve been a different story.

    Tim Coleman: I’ll be honest, my money isn’t on him, I’m thinking Trevor Ocean takes the trophy home and an opportunity at LIGHTBRINGER.

    Jim Taylor: All that said, it looks like we’ve got some news from Afa Seanoa in the back.

    The camera transitions backstage where Michelle Kelly stands by with Afa Seanoa.

    Michelle Kelly: Just a bit earlier in the show, we saw you kick Jonathan McGinnis outside of the ring, is he even still in the building.

    Afa Seanoa: He’s not scheduled to compete tonight, so there’s no need for him to be in the building. He’s been sent home.

    Michelle Kelly: As for our main event tonight, have you gotten back word from Izaya or Apollo Griffin on participating in the Young Lion Cup finale?

    Afa Seanoa: Unfortunately not, Michelle. Izaya Snowmantashi and Apollo Griffin won’t be able to compete again tonight, so I’ve made a decision to change plans. Brayden Bridges has undoubtedly earned his spot in the finals. This may seem unfair to both him and Sammy Riggins, considering they had to try and earn this spot but instead of a final first round match between the newest wrestler, Mendoza, and Trevor Ocean, we’ve made the decision to give both men a bye to ensure we have our triple threat final. Which is why, the next match of the night will be Mendoza versus Trevor Ocean versus Brayden Bridges with the Young Lion Cup and a match against LIGHTBRINGER to qualify for the Steel Roulette on the line.

    Michelle Kelly:
    I’d say it sounds like Christmas come early for the fans. Is there anything else you’d like to add ahead of our main event.

    Afa Seanoa: Only an assurance, we’ve got security around the ring - I can assure you, these finals, and the subsequent awarding of the cup, will go off without any unceremonious display.

    Michelle Kelly:
    Thank you for your time, Afa. We’ll get back to you with the main event after the break.

    The Devil was once on God's side
    His right handed Angel
    The most beautiful
    Made by his mind
    He was a lost soul
    He lost himself to deep
    Envy Rage such Tradgey

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is the finals of the Young Lion Cup tournament and it is for the Young Lion Cup trophy and a spot in the Beat The Clock challenge to qualify for the Steel Roulette. Introducing first, from New Orleans, Louisiana… weighing at two hundred and forty-five pounds… he is “The Lost Soul”… BRAYDEN… BRIDGES.

    Brayden Bridges is right back out here after that hard-hitting match against Sammy Riggins. A trainer is trying to hold an ice to his face but Bridges shrugs it off to keep playing his guitar.

    The path is set
    The way is paved
    The shadows overtaken
    By the night falls
    We will have our grace

    Jim Taylor: Brayden Bridges has the hardest task here after just finishing a match against Sammy Riggins not long ago. On a second note, unlike his two opponents, he had to earn his way into the match.

    Tim Coleman: Sounds like you’re saying its unfair.

    Jim Taylor: Afa Seanoa stood by his decision and I don’t think he would’ve necessarily went through with it unless it was the best possibility, I think we can only assume that the man knows how to do his job. Other than that, Bridges is a tough man and he doesn’t seem at all like he’s going to complain about the fact that he has to wrestle more than any of the other two.

    Tim Coleman: He’s a bizarre man, Jim, odds are he even enjoys it.

    Lindsay Monahan: Second, from Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico… weighing in at two hundred and forty four pounds… he is EL UNICO… MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENDOOOOOOOZAAAA!

    The newest acquisition of the CWA roster and latest debutante, Mendoza, steps through the curtains. There’s a modest reaction from the fans but they are certainly grooving to the iconic rhythms coming through the physical attendance system. Mendoza stops at the top of the stage to soak in the atmosphere. He has a self-satisfied smirk on his face, then he walks on down the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Tim, we don’t know much about this man. He’s an experienced wrestler from Mexico, and that’s about it. That’s as much as we know.

    Tim Coleman: But surely you saw what Trevor Ocean had to say about him.

    Jim Taylor: Yes. We considering showing it but the nature of the remarks were so vile, we’ve chosen not to. Ocean was fine ten thousand dollars for discriminatory remarks made towards Mendoza on the Ringside Commentary Show, and there was even considerations to have this match be cancelled and for Ocean to be replaced.

    Tim Coleman: Afa took responsibility and of course James opted not to interrupt Ocean’s remarks. Our general manager said he was warned by Ocean on what would happen.

    Jim Taylor:
    We’ll see if that will spark a reaction from Mendoza who was tame and in control during the opening ceremony.

    Lindsay Monahan: And lastly, from Vancouver, British Columbia… weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds… Fullmetal… TREVOR OCEAN!

    Trevor Ocean comes out to an outright unpleasant reaction from fans who did not take kindly to Ocean’s statements. Nevertheless, he was asked to get his name out there, and he did, and you can’t say much more than that. He stops at the stage to take a look at Mendoza and Bridges, his two opponents, then makes his way down to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: An associate of Shawn Summers. An accomplished independent wrestler. Ocean was adamant that he is above a Young Lion tournament, that he was not an upstart but an accomplished veteran.

    Tim Coleman: Look, I don’t agree with his comments. But he is accomplished, Jim and he’s got potential to compete for the High Voltage Championship and maybe even the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. He slipped up in that six way, of course, but I think, with something to prove, he shows up tonight.

    versus MENDOZA
    versus TREVOR OCEAN

    BORDER CROSSING: The moment the bell rings, Mendoza sprints across the ring at Trevor Ocean with a flurry of forearms. Ocean is caught off guard and doesn’t have any substantial opportunity to get out of this. Bridges tries to interrupt, discontent with sitting on the sidelines but gets unceremoniously thrown out of the ring. Mendoza is heated and nothing will get in his way of giving Ocean a taste of what his words feel like. Mendoza charges to the other side of the ring then sprints back with a clothesline that takes Ocean off his feet. He lifts Ocean up on his shoulders and hits him with a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER right then and there. El Unico stands to his feet, jumps to the second rope and lets the cheers calm him.

    EVEN-KEEL: That moment of what might have been bliss is cut short. Bridges hops on to the apron and then jumps up to hit a Fade to Black uppercut that sends Mendoza flying across the ring and even gives Bridges a rough fall. He enters the ring after recuperating but gets a single leg drop kick flooring him from Trevor Ocean. All of a sudden, it’s Trevor Ocean the only man standing in the ring. He contemplates continuing his attack on Bridges but instead, offended by Mendoza’s behavior, goes after him.

    “SHINE MY SHOES”: Trevor Ocean gets Mendoza in a corner and unloads stiff knees to the gut of El Unico before letting him flop to the ground. Ocean glares down then spits on his own boots and demands Mendoza shine his shoes, lifting it near his face. Mendoza shoves it away only pissing off Ocean who shoves his boot into the face of Mendoza. He does it over and over again while Mendoza struggles to get to all fours.

    THE THIRD MAN: Bridges isn’t too happy to be dismissed again, and when Ocean remembers there’s a third man in the match, he’s turned upside down with a bicycle kick. Bridges gets Ocean up and tosses him into a corner, he grabs Mendoza from the ground and sends him to the opposite corner. He stands in the middle of the ring and charges first at Mendoza with a huge bicycle kick that gets Mendoza off the ground. He takes some time untangling himself then charges with even more momentum to Ocean and the kick takes Ocean right onto his ass.

    TEAMWORK?: Bridges takes a breather for a moment but that’s enough for Ocean and Mendoza to gain some measure of energy and charge - OCEAN LARIATS and MENDOZA with A LOW DROPKICK! They keep going with it and lifts Bridges up, they’re about to go for a double suplex - when Mendoza suddenly switches sides and with the help of Bridges, hits Ocean with the double suplex instead! Not the teamwork we were expecting but teamwork nevertheless.

    CONTEST OF ELBOWS: Mendoza and Bridges square off, with Ocean crawling away for a sabbatical from this match. Largely of the same size, it takes a second for either one of them to gain a substantive advantage in a test of strength. Both of them push off each other and Mendoza goes for a Discuss Elbow Smash while Bridges goes for his Call The Coroner Rolling Elbow and they clash against each other, bouncing off. Their strength tested, they attempt it a second time but again, they recoil.

    Just as they’re about to go for a third time, Brayden finds himself stopped mid journey as Ocean grabs his legs and the elbow smash floors him completely. Mendoza is clearly disappointed at the duel ending in such fashion and kicks at Ocean until he slinks back to his corner. Bridges is already back to his feet though clearly dazed. Mendoza sprints to the ropes and charges at Bridges hitting a clothesline that sends them both flying over the rope, though a hand on Mendoza’s part catches the ropes and he manages to stay in the ring.

    EL FIN: Mendoza pulls himself to the apron and in one fell swoop goes flying and lands a Springboard Leg Drop right onto Trevor Ocean. The crowd explodes and he anticipates Trevor Ocean getting up, grabs him and hits the EL FIN EXPLODER SUPLEX! ONE - TWO - The referee stops just short. There’s a commotion at ringside. The referee tries to see what’s going on and the camera focuses on front row seats where… Celina Sasha is yelling at a man next to her. She throws her drink onto him and he stands up completely enraged. Security has to step in in a hurry. The referee slides out of the ring to see if he can help - SUPERKICK! The referee drops flat. Who could it be?!


    He’s made his way to the ring through the commotion. He hurries to grab a chair and slides right into the ring. Mendoza and McGinnis have a stare down. Mendoza has an obvious disadvantage here. McGinnis swings! Mendoza ducks! DISCUS ELBOW SMASH! Oh god! McGinnis smashes the chair right into Mendoza’s elbow. And then one to the back! Mendoza’s down. McGinnis spots Ocean trying to get up and for good measure swings one down on to him. The clash of steel and skin echoes across the arena. He roars at Lindsay Monahan for the microphone. Lindsay hands it over.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Stop! You guys step into this ring and I’m going to break one of their backs before you can do anything about it.

    He places a boot on the back of Mendoza, the edge of the chair aimed at the spine.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Afa… get the hell out here!

    There’s no ceremonious song that aways Afa Seanoa as he steps through the curtains. His face is beet red as he starts removing his suit jacket and his tie.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Stop right there! Don’t get any closer. You think this is your show, Afa? This is my DAMN show! I BUILT THIS HOUSE! NOT ANYONE ELSE. I want in that Steel Roulette, Afa… you’re going to make it happen. I’ll be reasonable, Uncle… you give me a qualifier match! You put me in one of those qualifier matches. Make it happen.

    Afa stops at the top of the stage and considers the blatant blackmail. McGinnis chuckles and lifts the chair up -

    Afa Seanoa: Alright, alright, you’ve got it! You’ve got your damned match.

    McGinnis nods towards Celina and she pulls out a paper from her suitcase. She pushes past security and walks up the ramp. She hands it over to Afa.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Can’t have you pulling out, can we. Sign that contract, Afa. Make it official. I even made it easy for you, and chose the match I’ll enter myself in.

    Afa stares darts at McGinnis and Sasha but she just smugly holds out the pen. He snatches it away and slowly, reluctantly, he signs the paper. McGinnis nods towards Celina. She looks through the papers and nods back.

    Jonathan McGinnis: It’s official then. Jonathan McGinnis versus Prince Ali versus that retard, XYZ. They might as well kiss their damn chances behind. Nice doing business with y-

    CALL THE CORONER! McGINNIS HAS BEEN FLOORED FROM BEHIND! He rolls out instinctively and in a hurry. And thank god for that, Bridges looks like he was in a hurry to do more damage. McGinnis frowns but knows better. He got what he needed to get done, and this situation doesn’t favor him. He hurries out. Bridges looks around and seems to realize the match hasn’t been called yet. He goes over to Trevor Ocean and- ROLL UP! ONE - TWO - THREEEEEEE - NO - JUST IN THE SMIDGE OF TIME! Bridges kicks out. Ocean and Bridges rush to their feet, LAST RITES! Bridges hooks the leg on Ocean - ONE - TWO - MENDOZA WAKES UP AND DIVES TO SAVE IT - THREE - HE DIDN’T MAKE IT IN TIME!


    Jim Taylor: What a turn of events, Tim! I don’t think anyone expected this match to turn out that way.

    Tim Coleman: Bridges winning or McGinnis pulling off that stunt?

    Brayden Bridges gets to his feet and though he stumbles for a moment, he stands tall and firm. Mendoza rolls out of the ring, defeated, especially after coming so close and losing because of something that was completely out of his hands. Ocean is a bit more in pain but you can’t ignore that he took a chair shot as well. Afa Seanoa breathes heavily but nods to someone in the back. Doc Adams comes out holding the trophy and Seanoa accompanies him to the ring. He doesn’t look too pleased with the outcome - at least not how it happened, but it is what it is, and he has a trophy to hand out. Seanoa and Adams step into the ring and Adams hands over the Young Lion Cup trophy to Brayden Bridges. The Lost Soul contemplates the golden prize, is this a moment of light for a life that has been so tragic up to this point. A glimpse that he can finally move on? The crowd give him his due appreciation and both Afa and Doc shake his hands but Bridges seems far away, as he goes through the motions of the celebration.

    Jim Taylor:
    Ladies and gentleman, our first ever Young Lion Cup victor is Brayden Bridges. We’ll be sure to see you all for the Steel Roulette Qualifiers over the next two shows. Thank you for watching and have a great night!

    Editor's Notes: Credit to AON for most of The Echo segment. Life's been busy so sorry for the late episode. I intended on writing something longer to explain some stuff but that'll have to wait til tomorrow. Also cards will go up tomorrow too. Hopefully the show is enjoyable. Good night.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Very chaotic but entertaining episode. The indy God is reallly becoming a nuisance to one on the roster. Congrats to the lost soul Brayden Bridges for taken full advantage of his opportunity

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Man I was so pump I won its a honor to be the first winner of the Young Lion Cup. Bridges has been becoming my fav wrestler to write for I get to have this cool story hes dark but not sinster I love how he can transation from face to heel and it to make sense. Thank you guys for this chance I will not let you down!

    F yea the 2017 Young Lion Cup Winner


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Congrats to Brayden Bridges on becoming the first winner for the Young Lion cup, well deserved dude. Great show Jon, I like the progression of the stories thus far and the stuff with McGinnis was entertaining, further cementing himself as a truly despicable person and the top heel in the company no doubt.

    Happy to be apart of the steel roulette qualifiers, looking forward to the challenge for both Fenix and Savage.
    Rest in power, Flock U
    Rest in power, TCON

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy King View Post
    Congrats to Brayden Bridges on becoming the first winner for the Young Lion cup, well deserved dude. Great show Jon, I like the progression of the stories thus far and the stuff with McGinnis was entertaining, further cementing himself as a truly despicable person and the top heel in the company no doubt.

    Happy to be apart of the steel roulette qualifiers, looking forward to the challenge for both Fenix and Savage.

    Thank you man I am really proud and excited to win it xD


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Some comments here for the show.

    Drew Connor & Ethan Connor get the spotlight to start it off. AON had something come up so I had to write the tail end of this segment but this was something planned since I took over. I don't think I do a good job portraying assholes (even writing McGinnis, I realize I have a hard time, which may seem odd to you guys considering me in mafia games ) so it probably would've gone off better if AON had been able to complete this segment. Still Echo vs. Diamond Dogs is going to be GREAT. I know Shake/AON are probably tired of facing each other by now xD but they've got such great possibilities here. I tend to prefer shades of grey in characters but when you can have some really great faces against some really great heels, it makes for such a perfect match-up.

    Apollo Griffin & Izaya Snowmantashi were both meant to get a showcase here and look impressive. I tried to play on Jeff Potter screwing things up for Apollo and just a tad hilarity with Izaya using Potter's advice. Lilith makes her presence felt and in a show dominated by the big two heel sides right now, The Echo & McGinnis, it was good to remind people that there's another threat.

    Finally there was the Afa/McGinnis segment. I like Afa and I like his interactions with McGinnis which is why I keep inserting them whenever I get the chance. McGinnis keeps pissing off Afa and Afa keeps getting tempted to take him out. I needed to find a way to insert McGinnis into the tournament but Afa couldn't just give McGinnis a match after what he did. Later in the show that gets solved, tying back to McGinnis's old relations with Celina Sasha and McGinnis feels like a smart heel. I was reconsidering it, like, Afa could just call the match off after the fact, Sasha is a lawyer though and handles it. I mean, how did she have papers specifically for a match that got announced mid-show... uh... don't ask.

    I was sad to see Cocks no show with Riggins. I don't know if he'll stick around but I gave Riggins a solid showing in spite of it being short in case he does. Bridges still looks dominant though.

    Finally we've got the main event. The focus was meant to be on Mendoza and Ocean. Comeback Kid is really good at making very vile and disgusting heels that say the sort of controversial stuff most people might be reluctant to say. I genuinely wanted to see Mendoza beat Ocean which is a credit to Ocean's promo. Nevertheless, Comeback Kid did submit it two days late so it wouldn't have been right giving him the win.

    I completely missed the Shawn Summers story with his father and I'm pretty ashamed not to have addressed it beforehand. I made sure to do so this show and going forward. I feel like there was a detachment between how I was portraying him on screen, with regards to the XYZ feud, and what going on with him on your end. Also wanted to portray that the commentators agree that it's unfair on Afa's part to keep booking Summers after his tragedy, though Jim was more reluctant to say it.

    Anyways - onward to the next show.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Winner by default lol


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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [14/07/2017]

    Sorry for no showing but it was a really good show and I'm going to stick with Riggins.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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