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Thread: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2

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    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2

    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2

    The show opens with host Dave Sullivan standing right in the middle of the ring of the small arena. After some black and gold fireworks cast off, Dave begins to speak to the crowd. Coaches Chris Kennedy, Mac Michaud, James Hughes, and Broc Flucker are all on the side. Commentators Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth are at the commentary table.

    Dave Sullivan: THIS...IS...GROUND ZERO!

    The free admission crowd cheers.

    Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen...we have quite the show in store for you today. Soon we will have our first fans voted over the course of last week to determine who your two least favorite every dayheros were. Those two will compete to open our show, and the loser will be eliminated on the spot. But before I reveal who those two were, I have one more thing to reveal.

    Over the course of the week, our four coaches have drafted their teams based on how they competed in last week's main event. So, here are those teams.

    Team Chris

    1. Jeff Crowe
    2. James Blake
    3. Sam Donovan
    4. Magnum Jackson
    5. Randy Porter

    Team James

    1. Tyrone Johnson
    2. Tommy Morris
    3. Luke Turner
    4. Tanner Gaskil
    5. Big Steve

    Team Broc

    1. Daiquan Andrews
    2. Dan Dulaney
    3. The Butcher
    4. RamJam
    5. Ralph Maddox

    Team Mac

    1. Chang Hoi Sun
    2. Rusty Keener
    3. Sticky Finger Joe
    4. Jack Harris
    5. Jackson DeBolt

    Dave Sullivan: So those are our teams, but sadly one of those coaches is going to lose one of their draft players right off the bat. The two contestants with the most votes were...actually, it was a three way tie. Magnum Jackson from Team Chris, Randy Porter from Team Chris, and Rusty Keener from Team Mac.

    So because this is a two person match, here is what we are going to do. Mac, Rusty has to participate
    ...but who he faces is up to Coach Chris Kennedy. He can choose to put up Randy Porter or Magnum Jackson.

    So Chris, who is going to face Rusty Keener in a sudden death elimination match?

    Chris Kennedy: I am a winner Dave, you know that. And I will be damned if I am the first one to lose one of my competitors. I think Randy Porter is more tuned when it comes to wrestling than Magnum is right now. I like his chances to win this match.

    Dave Sullivan: Fair enough. When we come back from commercial, it will be Randy Porter vs
    Rusty Keener...the loser will become the 7th person eliminated from the first season of Ground Zero. Coaches you may get in the corners of your respective team members.

    *Commercial Break*

    Gus Johnson: WELCOME BACK to Ground Zero folks. We are about to get started with our first match, and boy it is a doozie. Someone will be eliminated when this thing is all said and done.

    Cris Collinsworth: Here is the
    fun thing, the coaches are right in their corners. Chris Kenendy and Mac Michaud certainly aren't the best of friends, what is going to stop these guys from getting in the way here?

    Randy Porter vs Rusty Keener (LOSER will be eliminated from Ground Zero)
    The bell rings and Porter clotheslines Rusty Keener right away. Porter picks up Rusty, and throws him against the turnbuckles. Keener comes back and swings at Porter, but he misses and gets a boot to the face instead.
    Chris Kennedy: That's right, kick his ass!

    Mac Michaud: Come on Rusty, you can do this brother! Get up and fight.

    Rusty tackles Porter to the floor and begins to ground and pound.

    Cris: You know Gus, what's interesting about these rights is...these guys have no experience whatsoever in the ring.

    Gus Johnson: You're absolutely right Cris, most of them don't. Randy Porter is a stunt actor in Hollywood, and Rusty Keener is a farm boy! None of them have any real training at all.

    Porter rolls off of the floor, and throws Rusty into the turnbuckle. Keener's face smacks right into the padded turn buckle, and when he bounces off, Porter
    hits him smack in the nose. But the farm boy is unfazed! Keener goes right at him like an animal. He takes Porter's head, and he throws it into the turnbuckle over and over again. Porter falls back to the ground holding his head in pain.

    Rusty Keener then jumps on the turnbuckle in Chris Kennedy's corner. He is going to jump! But right as he gets up to the top, Kennedy pushes Keener off and back into the ring. Out of nowhere Porter goes to cover Keener, but the bell has rung!

    Winner by DQ: Rusty Kenner

    Gus Johnson: WHAT! Kennedy just got Randy Porter DQ'd! I can't believe it.

    Cris Collinsworth: Oh boy, the drama is starting already.

    Kennedy is raging and getting in the ref's face, as Mac and Rusty cheer. Rusty Keener has survived and will stay on the show. Randy Porter on the other hand will be going home.


    *Commercial Break*

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2

    What appears to be a commercial begins to play on the Jumbotron...

    Alex Crowe: Hot Diggity Dog do I have a deal for all of you. This upcoming 4th of July weekend we are having a 10% off sale on all of our Ford Model cars!

    Check out this 2004 Ford Explorer right here. This thing
    is smokinsweeet. The girls will be wet in the crotch when they see you driving down the road in this dark green goddess of a car.

    Or go with something a little more economical, and get this nice ice white 2007 Ford Focus.

    stop in to Crowe's Cars and check it out. But whatever you do, don't go to Wheeling Willie's down the street...because that would be so uncool. In fact you have no idea how uncool that shit would be.

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 2

    There are several more matches throughout the show.

    • Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews competed in a tag team match against Tanner Gaskil and Jackson Debolt, with Tyrone and Daiquan getting the win.
    • Ramjam faced Sticky Finger Joe in a battle of the bums, a match that ended in a DQ.
    • And in the main event, Jack Harris fought against Sam Donovan in one of the most competitive matches yet, with Sam Donovan pulling out the win via pinfall.

    By the end of the night, everyone had competed. The wins were tallied up, and the scores were in.

    Dave Sullivan: The team with the most points would be completely safe from any sort of elimination. That team would be...Team Chris! The next two teams will be forced to put a player up in the sudden death elimination match to start next week's show. The team with the second most points...Team James, and the team will the third amount of points...Team Mac!

    Team Broc, that means one of you will be going home tonight. Broc, please choose two people from your team to face off in a sudden death elimination match...NO DQ.

    Broc Flucker: Oh dammit...I really don't think any of these guys are ready to go home yet. I see a lot of potential in all of them. Dan Dulaney...a NYPD Police officer, he has a lot of fight in him. And Daiquan, man that dude loves suits. He may be dumb as a rock, but I think he has a lot of potential and plus he got the win. Ralph Maddox, I mean that dude already fought for his life today and won.

    So I am going to go with Ramjam and The Butcher.

    Ramjam vs The Butcher in a Sudden Death Elimination Match (NO DQ)

    Ramjam The Clown is a child's birthday party entertainer, but he has a dark side to him. He's been quite depressed with his life, and has been drinking away his sorrows. The Butcher is a prison guard who loves to torture the inmates, real sick son of a bitch he is. He also took one semester of law at his local community college so he thinks he knows a lot about how criminal justice works.

    The Butcher is a methodical fighter. He is slow and deadly in the ring, always looking at how he can pick apart at his opponent.
    Meanwhile RamJam is just the opposite. He just dives in, and that is just what he does. He goes straight towards Butcher and attacks. The two roll around on the ground, and roll out of the ring. The fight still goes on without a count from the ref because this match is No DQ. The Butcher throws RamJam right into the announcer's table.

    Gus Johnson: OH MY GOD!

    Cris Collinsworth: Man they almost took our heads off!

    Butcher has Ramjam on the ground, and he's stomping away. Ramjam can't escape, but all of a sudden he reaches out under the ring and grabs...a BEER BOTTLE. He smashes The Butcher in the head with it. The Butcher is now on the floor crying like a little girl, as Ramjam laughs...Ramjam then grabs a pie from underneath the ring now, and smashes it right in The Butcher's bloody face.

    But Ramjam isn't stopping there. He grabs a
    balloon, and waits for The Butcher to get up. Right when Butcher gets up, Ramjam pops the balloon right in his face. The Butcher is pissed now. He grabs the ring bell from ringside, and smashes it right in the clown's face. Ramjam goes down hard, and the crowd begins to boo.

    The Butcher throws the lifeless Ramjam back into the
    ring, and follows him in. Ramjam is laying flat on his back, all the Butcher has to do is pin him. The crowd is booing very loudly now and The Butcher is loving it. He's eating up the attention, yelling at the crowd and taunting them.

    The crowd begins to chant "CLOWN LIVES MATTER!"


    The crowd keeps going, and The Butcher keeps yelling at them. With his back turned to RamJam, the Butcher keeps taunting the crowd. Suddenly the crowd begins to cheer. Ramjam has gotten up...The Butcher turns around when the crowd
    cheers, and Ramjam launches himself at The Butcher and...HE BITES HIS EAR OFF!


    Cris Collinsworth: This is supposed to be a PG 13 show for crying out loud!

    The Butcher is screaming. There is blood everywhere! Ramjam goes for the rollup. 1...2...3!

    Winner: Ramjam The Clown
    The Butcher is screaming in pain and crying as blood pours from his ear. The medics are trying to help him but they can't get to him because he keeps running around. Mothers are covering their children's eyes.

    The medics finally get a hold of The Butcher and have to hold him down.

    The Butcher yells out...



    Gus Johnson: Well folks, that is the end of our show. We are now down to 18 contestants...but only one will win.

    Cris Collinsworth: Tune in next week,
    hopefully we don't see anything as graphic as we just did there.

    Gus Johnson: Goodnight everybody!

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