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    Post promos here.

    Promos are due on Wednesday the 5th of July at MIDNIGHT PACIFIC TIME. This is Thursday the 6th of July at 3AM EASTERN TIME and 8AM BRITISH TIME. That's more than a week. There will be no extensions.

    Good luck to everyone.


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    *The screen cuts to Miss De La Muerta in a dimly lit room, she is kneeling in a circle of burning black candles as she lifts her head, removes the hood, and stares with a grave and haunting look in her eyes. She has a steel chain with a large gleaming skull wrapped tightly around her right fist, and six large displays of beautiful black flowers can be seen, as Zako Wrath stands behind her, watching down over her.

    Miss De La Muerta: Estoy aqui para varios. I am here for several. Zako Wrath has arrived and I have already sent Jugem onto the final step of his long journey. His time, has ended. Let his example show that none can run from me when I call.

    This summer night in New Orleans will be a very busy one for me. Six different men have reached the end of the road at the same time. Again, this is something completely without emotion-the highway men and women travel known as "Life", is always leading to a dead end. Turn around, and there is Zako Wrath. I didn't set those rules, I simply cause the results of them to flow as they are meant to.

    This could all end very quickly and suddenly, or, on the other hand, it could end up being very bloody, and drawn out. It all depends upon the will of six men and if they choose to accept the fact that they MUST slip away from it all tonight. Zako Wrath is prepared to end their suffering. If they make feeble attempts to fight their fates, then, they will only make the ending benevolent and agonistic. Whether it is acceptance... anger...sorrow...terror, or absolute madness, their is no escape.

    I have closed my eyes and looked upon the faces of six men: Hanz Gruber- You are a self-absorbed and vile piece of garbage...when it all ends will you wish you had chose to live differently? Where you arrive at may make you ponder that thought.

    Humanity- I am fully aware of your story and who you have fought troubles and addiction to alcohol, a true have destroyed so many parts of yourself over time that some could consider your end tonight a true sign of mercy within the world.

    Starr: An arrogant young man from a small town , who at a one time used to like to impress those who watched him. You hit a bump in the road and you're after one of the true corrupters of man-Fame and fortune. I understand, but you will take nothing with you as the pitch black darkness swallows you. Anna Alexis-It's not your time yet but I'm aware of you-DON'T get in the way or I will have no choice but to improvise.

    Risky Douglas- An interesting name but you don't appear to be much more than a happy man that dances and fights. You must now embark upon your true last dance. The time for fighting is over.

    James Sync- "The man with nothing left to lose." Does this mean you will ultimately surrender when I arrive? I know you're after "Redemption", but I must tell you that you will not grasp that goal. This is because your number has come up, so all things you are after currently, they will escape you. When it's all said and done...maybe you will be redeemed. That is not my decision though.

    Last but certainly not least...Mike Parr- You have fought valiantly for over 300 days...defeating, slipping away from, and denying all who have came for you. I will tell you one thing immediately: I solemnly vow you will be able to do NONE OF THOSE THINGS TO ME. You have clutched an honorable prize for a very long time, but nothing last forever and you certainly can not take That "North American Championship" where you must venture to. I will simply relieve you of that and allow Zako Wrath to watch over it for you. Will it make your ending easier if you know your precious treasure will be safeguarded after you're gone?

    As this explanation and telling of what's to come draws to an end, I want all of you to keep one thing in mind before we meet: You have done nothing to truly gain what must happen to you. I don't hate you, I don't like you, I've never met any of you. None of those things matter at all. You simply are eternally finished.

    *With that, she rises to her feet within the circle of burning candles and spreads her arms, and shouts passionately "TODOS DEBEN PERECER"...all must perish., And the candles suddenly burn out, all at once, as The red eyes of Zako Wrath slowly turn to the camera, just as darkness fills the room.*
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    Get to tha Choppa!!!!

    A helicopter lands in the parking lot of the Sumitoma Distribution Building in Oceanside California. FWA interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith in a short red dress, along with an FWA cameraman exit the helicopter and are waved over by a man on a cart.

    Man on cart: Please hop on, I'll take you to Mr Gruber.

    They both hop in the cart and are driven towards one lone open cargo door- they drive up the ramp , drive down a hall way and start to hear loud music and explosions.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Whats going on here?

    Man on cart: Rehearsals

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: For what?

    Man on cart: Vegas

    As they get closer to the sound, Katie ask another question but its so loud the man can not hear. They come up to one more ramp- drive up it and stop at lone man leaning over an edge, singing along to Rammsteins Links 2, 3, 4. He is so into it he drops his cane. He goes to pick it up when a sexy pair of legs catch his eyes. He looks up and sees that its Katie. He smiles at her and motions for to come over- he points down to the warehouses floor and she sees that the band Rammstein is rehearsing. They both stand there watching as they end that song and play one more. Hanz then takes Katie and the camera man down to meet the band, They all talk for awhile, then the bands lead singer Til and Hanz walk over to the side- Til pulls what looks like a gun hooked up to a tank(gas tank) out in the middle of the room and they both talk a bit. They then walk back to everybody- the band say their goodbyes and leave.

    Hanz Gruber: Was the flight ok? Somebody stole my car. I had to charter a chopper for a few days.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: It was fine. Sorry about your car

    Hanz Gruber: Danke. I should have known, don't leave the top down. I can do that in Germany, France, Italy and nothing ever happens. But this is America. How did you like meeting the band?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Pretty exciting- thanks for that.

    Hanz Gruber: You are very welcome Katie. They are playing in Vegas the same night as Back in Business. And since they have been rehearsing here at one of my properties in California, I have access to watching them rehearse anytime I want. Plus they are all good friends. Now we should get to business at hand yes?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Of course- lets get set up

    Katie and the cameraman set up the lighting and the scene while Hanz walks behind a wall. He comes out carrying a few life size card board cut outs- but you can't tell who they are. He tosses them onto the floor and walks over to where the interview is to take place. He sees that they are set up and Hanz motions for them to start.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I am here is Oceanside California with Hanz Gruber. A relative newcomer to FWA. A newcomer who is also undefeated. Thats gotta be a great feeling.

    Hanz Gruber: Maybe, but I have not been properly tested, I have not had opponents that are at my level.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Can I ask you what those cardboard cuts are Hanz?

    Hanz Gruber: Its , how you say? A play thing for later for both of us

    Katie's blushes- her face is as red as her dress- Hanz notices this.

    Hanz Gruber: Es tut mehr lied. I am sorry. Did not mean to make you uncomfortable. I chose wrong words. I will show you in a bit. Again, sorry

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Its alright .I know English is not your first language.

    Hanz Gruber: But still, I am sorry. Lets proceed- you want to know what those cut outs are? Lets get to that now.

    Hanz starts walking towards them.

    Hanz Gruber: As you know, I am one of six in a match to see who goes up against Mike Parr for the FWA North American Championship. There are eight cut outs. Care to guess who the cut outs are of?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Well I know some have to be your opponents and of course Parr. Not sure about the other two

    Hanz was about to start picking them up but turns around

    Hanz Gruber: Sie sind sehr schon, und sehr schlau

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Thank you, I think

    Hanz laughs, as does Katie

    Hanz Gruber: You are welcome

    Hanz gets back to the cut outs, then starts leaning them against a bare cinderblock wall

    One is Richard Drake, one is Daruis, one is Humanity, one is Risky Douglas, one is Starr, one is James Sync, one is Zeko Wrath and the last is Mike Parr.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ok, two men you have defeated, the rest are men you have a match with- Mike Parr if you win against the others.

    Hanz Gruber: Correct. You see Drake and Daruis were probably just test by FWA higher ups. You know like anybody new that comes in, you have to start at the bottom. And my first matches here were just that- talent from the bottom. not the very very bottom, but close enough. But management saw I was way beyond that- hence me being added to the contenders match so early in my career here. And all the others, well most of them, well they deserve to be in the match too.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Agreed, they all...

    Hanz Gruber: Pardon my interuption, what I ment- They deserve to be in the match with me- some like James Sync are as close to my level as anyone here in FWA. And I admit, I was not annoyed that he shared the stage with me at Fight Night- but I was annoyed his theme music cut mine short. Nobody does that to me, nobody. And about the others- they will bring me to the limit no doubt, We will all bring more to the match than Danny Toner, I mean Danny F'n Toner, did at Fight Night against Mike Parr.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: It was a good match- but yes Mike Parr retained.

    Hanz Gruber: Its because Mike Parr is a better wrestler. That and Danny ain't no Hanz Fucking Gruber

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Is there anybody you don't think deserves to be in the match?

    Hanz Gruber: Sure- his name is Zeko Wrath.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Why?

    Hanz Gruber: What has he done? Sure he won his match- his one match here in FWA, His debut match- against who?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Off the top of my head, I am not sure

    Hanz Gruber: Jugem Jugem, thats who. Do you think that warrants him being in the match? Please answer honestly

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Honestly? No

    Hanz Gruber: Thank you.. Now do you to have some fun?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Sure

    Hanz walks over to the gas tank with what looks like a gun attached to it, He wheels it near to the wall where all the cut outs are.

    Hanz Gruber: Know what this is?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Not sure, looks kind of weird

    Hanz Gruber: Its a flame thrower. Til uses them in concert. I have one at my Austrian house. Does it scare you?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: A little.

    Hanz Gruber: It should- but with me, you are safe. I am a licensed pyrotechnician- I went thru training with Til. I would like you to use it- thats if you want.

    Katie looks a bit nervous

    Hanz Gruber: You would not be in any danger, but if you don't want to do it, thats ok. Its really fun though. Gives you a rush

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: You know what, I will give it a try.

    Hanz smiles, then sets the gun up, putting a safety harness on Katie so the gun does not move around too much. He then lights the flame- which shoots out about ten feet

    Hanz Gruber: Now I will help you, if you want to stop just let me know. You ok?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Yes, its not that bad

    Hanz helps guide her towards the first cardboard cut out- Richard Drake- it quickly goes up in flames. He then guides her towards the Daruis cut out, it quickly burns

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ok, this really is fun

    Hanz Gruber: I told you

    Hanz then guides her towards Humanity's cut out, which as the others have- goes up in flames quickly, he then guides her to Risky Douglas's, Starr's, James Sync's and Zeko Wrath's- they all quickly burn

    Hanz Gruber: And then there is one. You see, I will do just what you did to them all, I will burn thru them all. Their spot in the company will drop a few spots while I rise to the top. It will be me, one on one later in the night, facing Mike Parr and taking his North American Championship. I mean my North American Championship

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Can I burn him too?

    Hanz laughs

    Hanz Gruber: Please do

    Katies lights up Parr's cut out- it too burns quickly.

    Hanz turns the flame thrower off and gets it off from Katie- he places it to the side to let it cool down. He then grabs a fire extinguisher off the wall and sprays all over where the cut outs burned. He then gets his phone out, makes two different calls. One was evidently to a clean up crew as 4 people enter the area and start cleaning up the mess, and cleaning up from the bands rehearsal too

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Thank you, that was pretty awesome. Not everyday you get a chance to do that.

    Hanz Gruber: Glad you had fun. Seriously though- none of those men know exactly what I am capable of. What they have seen in my matches here is just a small taste. We should get back to the arena- don't want you getting in trouble with your FWA bosses- The chopper will be here in a few minutes.

    Hanz, Katie and the camera man head off to the chopper

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    A Monstrous Return!

    The slow haunting version of The Motherload by Mastodon blares over the loudspeakers as Mac Michaud stands on the entrance ramp. A lone spotlight shines brightly own on him. The Monster is wearing a long black leather jacket with bits of barbed wire wrapped around the sleeves and shoulders, woven into the jacket itself. His hair is slicked back in a tight ponytail, He has on his trademark dirty wifebeater that is still stained from the destruction of those that have come before him. His dirty jeans however, have been replaced with jet black wrestling tights with rips in the knees and a blood spatters pattern on the legs and back. He slowly stalks his way down the entrance ramp holding his custom FWA microphone that is tightly wrapped in razor wire. As he reaches the ring he steps over the top rope and the long time FWA fans start a light welcome back chant but are quickly drowned out by the newer fans with a chorus of boos. Mac slumps himself into the corner and begins rocking back and forth, swaying to the music that is playing. The lone spotlight that followed him down the ramp is still fixated right on him, while the rest of the arena is bathed in darkness. Very similar to the darkness of The Monster's heart. Mac raises one hand and the music stops as he begins to talk.

    Mac Michaud: Back In Business 2017, I never thought I would see myself back in this ring. I have had some of my greatest triumphs and most crushing defeats at this event. The long culmination of my feud with Drew Stevenson occurred at Back In Business, My first title loss to Ryan Rondo also occurred at BIB. See I don't bring this up to brag about past accomplishments. If I wanted to brag it would be easy to bring up the rise of The Syndicate, Hell its been years and PAJ is still talking about how Chris and I finally made him relevant in the FWA. No, I bring these up because it goes to show just how in over his head Tristan James Galloway has found himself.

    Mac clears his throat, The FWA universe that was very mixed upon his return is deathly quiet entranced by his every word.

    Mac Michaud: Tristan James Galloway likes to talk about title belts being trophies. He has never held anything of note in the FWA. Yet he likes to think he can compete with me? I have had numerous long title reigns in this company. I defeated Ryan Rondo for my first X championship, I smashed Darnell Porter to win the Television Championship. A title that I defended for 8 long months and won back shortly after i lost it. I even destroyed Wolf in a street fight, temporarily putting his career at risk. I have done almost all there is to do in this business. So u must ask yourself why? Why did I focus in on Tristan James Galloway upon my return to this company? The simple fact of the matter is that Tristan James Galloway MAKES ME SICK! Tristan, you want your name in the lights, You want to be spoken of in reverent tones like the true greats of this business. Yet, you don't want to put in the work. I hold no delusions, I am not one of the greats in this company, but I have gone to war with each and every one of them. Some I have beat, and some beat me, but without a shadow of a doubt, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM knew at the end of the night they had been through a war.

    The fans surprisingly pop fairly loudly for Mac here, the nostalgic factor takes over the crowd as they remember the wars The Monster had been through over the years.

    Mac Michaud: SHUT UP, I am trying to talk. Tristan James Galloway, you had a golden opportunity last week. You had the chance to win your first ever championship in the FWA. A Tag Team Title match with one of your mortal enemies and you FAILED. Just like you always do, you came up way short! You think it was easy for me to be tag team champions with not only one, but TWO of my biggest rivals. You put the shit aside when you are trying to achieve greatness. You failed in every regard, It was too easy for me to just wipe you out without a second thought. You see, when I get attacked from behind it sparks a fire in me that encompasses my entire being. You lit a fire that you had no idea just how bright it would burn boy. You made a critical error, You didn't finish the job. You brawled with me, but I was still standing. Can you say the same? I left you a crumpled mess. The only reason I didn't go further is I don't want any excuses tonight. I sent my message but I left you breathing! I will not be holding back tonight. Back In Business is the night that puts people's names in the stars. Careers have been made and broken in a Back In Business ring. Which is going to happen to you, Tristan James Galloway? Are you going to be able to overcome almost insurmountable odds? Are you finally going to rise up for the first time in your career? I have seen the bright lights of a Back In Business win and I have felt the crushing defeat. There is no middle ground here at Back In Business Tristan. One man's name will forever be known as being the better that night.

    Mac pauses for a moment, Reliving his past Back In Business triumphs and disappointments. He rises to his feet and as he does the lights come back on in the building. There is a slow trickle of blood coming from his hand from carrying the microphone but he doesn't seem to notice.

    Mac Michaud: Tristan James Galloway I don't hold anything against you When I was new to this company I took on the biggest and baddest I could find. I talked trash more than anyone in this company and more times than not I backed it up. I earned the respect of that locker room and these people who pay their money to watch the FWA. No one has to like me, but you better be damn sure they have to respect me! I don't respect you, Tristan James Galloway. You have done nothing to earn that respect. You pander to these people, living for that big pop of cheers. I just do what needs to be done. We are both in this business to win titles but you are going about it in all the wrong way. I see a lot of myself in you Tristan, A poor naive fool who thinks their self-worth is tied up in these fans. On my last run in this company I embraced these fans, I fought my heart out for them every night. I left blood, sweat, and tears in this ring for these people. What was I left with? A torn up knee that required surgery, A broken down body that required rest. When I sat at home there was no talk about The Malevolent One! No one cared that I was gone. If you keep focusing on those people, you will get hurt Tristan James Galloway. You are entering the ring tonight with a monster that has no emotion. That has no sympathy. That enjoys the pain and anguish of others. If your mind isn't 100 percent on how to defeat me then you will not survive! I am The Monster Mac Michaud, and destroying people's hopes and dreams is what I do best. I survive and even thrive in anguish. There is no one in that locker room that is more sadistic than me. I didn't come back to "play" I came back to demolish those who stand before me. Tristan James Galloway tonight that person is you. I will not hesitate, I will not show any remorse, and I will not stop until your bloody body is down for the count. This David Vs Goliath battle will not have a happy ending for you boy. You see I came back to the FWA, but nowhere did I say I came back alone. Next week on fight night you will see the celebration of a lifetime as I revel in your destruction. I will not be reveling alone I can guarantee that. Tristan James Galloway the time for talk is OVER! it is time for you to put up or shut up. I intend on destroying you tonight, I will break your will and leave you as nothing but a cautionary tale to those coming up the ranks in the FWA. and I WILL ENJOY EVERY SECOND OF IT.

    Mac grabs the microphone and smashes it into his own face, opening up a small cut on his forehead that starts a steady trickle of blood. Mac wipes some of the blood off his face and onto his chest. The last image you see is Mac staring deep into the camera, his head titled and leaking blood. The Monster has a huge smile on his face however. A bright white flash goes through the arena and when the light returns to normal Mac is back slumped in his corner awaiting his victim for the night.

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    ‘’I’m telling you man… you gotta do what you gotta do. And even if that involves going to the extremes, you should not hesitate.’’

    The view opens in a ratty bar, which seems to be located in a dirty suburban. Focus is on two people sitting on a table in the back. The one who is talking is can be recognized: Christopher Manson, one part of a new, mysterious FWA tag team called ‘’Sin City Vultures’’.

    ‘’You say you already got the guy in your web. Why are you hesitating now? Don’t be ashamed. Weren’t you the one who was crying about how you are broke and you can’t help your sick daughter?’’

    His questions were answered by a dead silence. Finally the man decides to speak.

    ‘’Y-yes… I mean I must help her. And the idea looked perfect to me..until now. ‘Cause I’m scared. I’m scared of what it can do to me. I don’t know man…I just don’t want to be a criminal.’’

    A slight chuckle from Manson surprises the man.

    ‘’It is about morals with you, then.’’

    A small nod confirms the assumption. Manson chuckles again.

    ‘’So naive. Let me tell you this: There are some people in this world. People who are bad as your wife, who left you homeless, penniless and with a sick daughter. They are flat-out bad. And you know what they do, buddy? They prey on naive. They prey on people like you. And you should know this, since your ex-wife preyed on you alrea-‘’

    Manson is interrupted when the man stood up and grabbed him tightly by his collar.


    Manson sighs with a ‘here we go again’ facial expression.

    ‘’I suggest you to calm down and think twice before doing something you will regret.’’

    The man unwillingly takes him up on his 'suggestion' and sits down once again, but he still looks angry and is seen breathing very sharply.

    ‘’Good boy. Now tell me, do you want to be preyed on?’’

    The answer is quick this time.

    ‘’N-no. Of course not..’’

    ‘’THEN DO SOMETHING! I told you a dozen times buddy. Taking no action is literally the worst possible action you can take. You got this man where you wanted. He believes you with all his money. Talk him up. Ease him up. Take him to the point where he can never return. Then take all he has got. You deserve it. Don’t fear anything. Nothing can pull you to a level which is below your current one. Not ‘sinning’ anytime soon won’t help your daughter, can it? Save her. She is begging you. She is begging her daddy to save her. What will you do?’’

    ‘’I….I think I will do it…’’

    ‘’Of course you will.’’

    ‘’I have to save her Manson…I have to save her…and I will by all means neccesary.’’

    ‘’Then save her.’’

    The man puts his left hand in his pocket and pulls his cellphone.

    ‘’I will call my guy now and arrange the meeting.’’

    Our focus is now on the phone. The man dials up the number: ‘616-244-5666’ Manson is shown smiling sinisterly.

    ‘’Yes…yes it’s me…’’

    There is a little time-skip. The man hungs up in the end and thanks the guy he is talking to.

    ‘’I have to say Manson…thank you. I wasn’t so sure when I decided to talk to you about what I wanna do. When I had doubts, you showed me the way. And my head is now clearer than ever. And I have to thank you for that.’’

    Manson chuckles again, but this time he puts a little effort to act genuine.

    ‘’No problem. I will see you after your ‘heist’, buddy.’’

    ‘’Yes, see you later.’’

    The man stands up again and leaves. After his departure, Manson is still chuckling like crazy and he continues chuckling until his phone rings. He picks up his phone and sees this number calling him: ‘616-244-5666’. He smiles once again and answers the phone.

    ‘’Hello BUCK, yes, yes, the usual bar, yes, come pick me up.’’

    Christopher closes his phone, puts it on the table and lights a cigarette before beginning to wait for him.


    The scenery now is in a car. Christopher sits in the back seat while the other half of Sin City Vultures who is known as BUCK is driving the car.

    ‘’You must have done a good job.’’

    Christopher smirks.

    ‘’I had the guy eating out of my palm, what do you think?’’

    ’He sounded so desperate.’’

    ‘’Because he was desperate, my friend. So, what news you got?’’

    This time BUCK is the smirking one.

    ‘’They got our message.’’

    This news creates a silence that lasts a few seconds before ending in the hands of BUCK.

    ‘’Our vignette was on Fight Night.’’

    Christopher looks very excited about the news.

    ‘’You know what that means, right? They just didn’t get our message, they also want us in. Theyb asically invited us in.’’

    ‘’Yes…but that is not the best news I have.’’

    Excitement of Christopher seems to grow after what BUCK said.

    ‘’We’re going to Back In Business. They want us in their biggest show. I am not the smartest man myself, but I can see what they are trying to do. They want to strike back. We said we will feast, and they are daring us. They want to see it. Look at this.’’

    BUCK opens his phone, presses a few buttons and hands it to Christopher. What he is trying to show is a flashback of last Fight Night.

    ‘’ David Weinstock: You know, just when you think things can't get any more wierd here in the FWA.... Two more nutjobs show up. This place is turning into an... What the hell? ‘’
    The expression on Christopher’s face sours a little bit.

    ‘’Weird? Nutjobs? Is this what they really think of us? This is unacceptable.’’

    ‘’That cameraman guy gave me a lot of phone numbers. Maybe you should have a talk with him.’’

    ‘’Yes, I think that is neccesary.’’

    Manson dials the number. After a few seconds a familiar voice can be heard.

    ‘’Hello, who is this?’’

    ‘’Am I talking to Mr. Weinstock?’’

    ‘’Yes…but who might you be?’’

    ‘’Oh, sorry, how rude of me to not to introduce myself. I am Christopher Manson. You might know me as one of the weird nutjobs from last week.’’

    ‘’….I don’t get it.’’

    ‘’Yes, yes, I figured that much. Either you are not man enough to back up your word or you have the memory of a gold fish. Either way, I’ll have you know that you have offended us.’’

    ‘’Jesus Christ, will you tell me who you are before I hang up?’’

    ‘’No, I assure you, you won’t hang up. Because we will be in San Diego. If you do hang up, then you will leave us no choice but to find you and have this conversation face-to-face. And it won’t be pretty Dave. We are Sin City Vultures…now…do you remember?’’

    ‘’The guys from that weird vignette?’’

    Christopher has an irked expression on his face now.

    ‘’Here we go again...Mr. Weinstock, you seem to have misconceptions about us. We are not going to be in FWA to cause chaos, no, no, no, we are going to take our fair share of the chaos. And believe me when I say that our share is quite huge. Just like vultures, who eat dead prey, we feed on the chaos that already exists. And that is what brings us to your promotion. FWA is a chaotic place. And I told that in the vignette, that FWA is the perfect place for us. The order is non-existent. ‘Weirdos’ and ‘nutjobs’ can pop up anytime. Just like we did. We met with a camera man. We filmed a little vignette and what did we found? The vignette was on next Fight Night! You guys think you are sooo smart, aren’t you? You guys were ready to accept us so quickly. You think you can take on us. This is why you showed the vignette immediately. To sum up; You accepted our little challenge. And guess what Dave?The ‘nutjobs’ will be at Back In Business. We will be making our debuts in your biggest show. The world will know who the Vultures are. And we want to be known properly as who we really are. Do you really think we want people to know us as ‘nutjobs.’? I mean, I can get it. The word ‘crazy’ is thrown around a lot these days. But when we use the word, we really, really, mean it. Ah, I can see. Your opinion of us just went ‘they are crazy’ to ‘they are bloody mental.’. I can get it, too. But Davey boy, in this world, we are the only sane ones. We can see things that nobody can see. We actually think outside of the curtain. I will tell you what is bloody mental: It’s the world. You see, it has a system that is entirely dysfunctional. People are trying their hardest, and I mean hardest, to adjust it. You all are expected to be good. To follow ‘moral codes’. What is the ‘moral code’? I ask you David, who wrote that crap?’’

    A few seconds of silence shows that Manson expected an answer.

    ‘’I don’t know! Just leave me alone!’’

    ‘’No…no. We can’t leave you alone, buddy. We have a LOOOOOT to talk. You put your posterior in the commentator’s booth and you talk about us. People listen to you and they follow your word. So, we will talk and you will understand what the Vultures is about. I asked you a question about moral code. And you couldn’t reply. Why? Because there is none! Nobody wrote it, so it doesn’t exist. Why are people following something that differs from person to person? You may be not Einstein but you can think, so I will ask you another question: Are the morals of a murderer and a kindergarden teacher the same? No? Exactly. Then which moral code will we follow? It is complicated. Living is simple Dave, but the hard part of it is living simply. If you bother yourself with conflicts like this, then life will be a hell of confusions for you. We don’t want that. What we want is simply anarchy. Each person will have their own rules and own rights. We want people to stop being scared of doing things that improve..or even save their miserable lives. Just like we told you: ‘Sin’ isn’t a thing that anyone should fear. It is the right way to live. And we want all the people to understand that.’’

    ‘’….you are sick.’’

    ‘’Now, now, Davey boy, what did I told you? We are the only sane ones. The sooner people realize that the merrier our feast will go. It looks like they made our first meal already. BUCK, please show me our first match.’’

    BUCK picks up his phone again and shows him the match card.

    ‘’You know what I think of that? I think that you guys want us to feast. It’s a little challenge that will show you what we are capable of. But fear not Weinstock, we plan to show-off. You will see that in your biggest stage. To how much of a big deal we are. Maybe then, you will show us some respect. But first, we will show Penny and Genocide who we are. And our little partner Izzy can learn some things too. Izzy wants to be different, but life taught me a lot of lessons and one of these goes like this: the more you try to be different, the more you stay the same. Don’t get me wrong, I do think she will be useful, she has to, if she doesn’t want to be preyed on. But she has a lot to learn herself to be saved. I think that is wonderful because a lot of people can’t be saved. Penny and Genocide, they are on that side. You can see it is too late for them or it is not worth the effort…but they have no destiny but to fall. They will fall by the hands of the Vultures. And once we see that our prey is ready…we shall feast. And we won’t let anybody ruin it. The ring will belong to us. And you Dave, you will tell everbody. You will spread the word. You will tell that to Penny. You will tell that to Genocide. You will tell that to Izzy. You will tell that to your buddy Langdon. You will tell that to Piers. You will tell that to the entire FWA. This…is our playground now. And we like to run the things a little bit different than usual.’’

    Christopher finally hangs up, then closes the phone. BUCK asks:

    ‘’You think they got the message now?’’

    Christopher let sout a final chuckle before the camera closes:

    ‘’They damn did my friend, they damn did.'’
    Worker bees can leave.
    Even drones can fly away.
    The Queen is their slave.

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    The camera fades in to show FWA headquarters. the camera pans down to show a car angrily pulling into the parking lot outside. The car screeches through the car park and pulls up right outside the door of the building. Tommy Thunder, clad in a purple shirt, sleeves rolled up, with a silver waistcoat and matching trousers and his trademark aviator sunglasses jumps out and angrily slams the door. A security guard rushes out of the building door to confront him

    Security guard: Excuse me! Hey! Sir, you can't park there, please take your car to the guest parking area and...

    Thunder: Excuse me? EXCUSE ME?! I think you mean excuse you, you clown. Do you know who I am? I don't park in the guest parking area. I'm a Division On Superstar, I park in the Divison One parking, right here. You wanna play valet and take my car to be parked? Huh? Do ya? Here, you go park it.

    jangles keys in front of the guard

    Thunder: Wait, I can't do that because I wouldn't trust you to park a rental let alone my car. Now get the hell out of my way.

    Thunder charges past and marches in through the door, heading straight for the elevator. The young woman at reception calls to him

    Receptionist: Excuse me sir, what are you doing and where are you going? Do you have an appointment?

    Thunder: Are you talking to me?

    Receptionist: Umm...

    Thunder starts walking towards her

    Thunder: What did you say to me? You think that I need an appointment to see anyone, let alone our esteemed Fight Night General Manager, Mr O'Ryan? I don't book appointments for anybody. I ask and I receive, you got that? So unless you want to be fired then you'll sit there and let me do my thing, do you understand what I'm saying to you right now? If there's one thing I can't stand in this world it's stupid idiots who don't know their place. You're a receptionist and I'm a world class, division one superstar. You see the difference there?

    The elevator door opens and Thunder walks in

    Thunder: Why is everyone so fucking stupid?!

    Thunder presses a button and the door closes after him.
    The camera cuts to the 12th floor where the elevator door opens. Thunder marches out

    Thunder: Get out of the way dumbass!

    Thunder shoves the cameraman aside

    Thunder: O'Ryan?! Where are you?!

    Thunder angrily opens the first office door he sees

    Thunder: O'Ryan?!

    A few surprised employees stop their work to look up nervously. One of them even dares to speak.

    Employee 1: I don't know what you're dong in here sir, but as you can see, Mr O'Ryan isn't in here. This is the... WHOAAAA!!

    Thunder clotheslines the employee over his desk, sending stationary sprawling, papers flying and even the desktop computer toppling to the ground.

    Thunder: Anyone else want to be a smart-ass, or does someone want to actually be helpful? I can tell that my IQ is higher than the combined one of all of you idiots but I trust that there's at least one of you smart enough to not want to end up like that tough guy!

    After a pause one man nervously speaks up

    Employee 2: Umm, Mr O'Ryan's office is the last one at the end of the hall, Mr Thunder sir.

    Thunder: Finally someone who has some common sense. You're a smart guy, I'll remember that. No clean this shit up!

    Thunder turns to leave the room but stops at the door as he sees a filing box on his left. He flings an arm and sends it flying all over the floor.

    Thunder: You better clean this crap up.

    Thunder marches down the corridor leaving the employees gobsmacked.
    He reaches the door at the end of the corridor and flings the door open.

    Ashley O'Ryan: what the hell?! Who the...

    Thunder: O'Ryan! There you are you squirmy sleezeball. What the hell's the big idea?

    O'Ryan: I don't know what you're doing here Thunder, but you need an appointment if you want to see me. You can't just barge in here!

    Thunder: Don't give me that crap! I've had enough of that for one day from too many people today!

    O'Ryan: Alright, alright simmer down. At least tell me what on earth you're talking about.

    Thunder: You know full well. Do you have any idea how insulted I am? Do you?

    O'Ryan: Thunder, please calm down and tell me what you're here for so that I can get back to my duties, I'm extremely busy with getting things ready for Back to Business.

    Thunder: Well it's funny you should say that, because it seems to me that you're anything but busy when it comes to Back to Business. What the hell are you thinking putting me in a match against a rookie? This...

    O'Ryan: Flex Brody? Yeah, you're facing him. He's one of our newest acquisitions and he's got a bright future ahead of him.

    Thunder: You've got to bee kidding me. I'm Tommy Thunder! I'm a division one superstar! Do you have any idea what that means? It means that I'm better than anyone else on your entire roster. There isn't anyone else in this company that can touch me. There isn't anyone else in this company that compares to me. They pale in comparison to me. I should be in the North America Championship contendership match.
    You've out in all these lower division clowns in the number one contender match instead of me? Hanz Gruber? Who the hell is that?! A nobody making his ppv debut! Him in the match instead of me?! Starr? I've beaten him before, you know that, right?! None of those names in that match deserve to be there ahead of me. I should be in there!
    Actually, scratch that, I should be facing Mike Parr for the title outright! The fact that you've put me in a match against a small fry Division 5 rookie making his debut makes me sick. It's a slap in the face to me, it's a slap in the face to the fans, because you know that they're paying for this ppv to see me, and it's a slap in the face to this business. So what are you going to do about it?!

    Ashley O'Ryan takes a seat and puts his hands together in front of his face as if he's deep in thought

    Thunder: You know full well that this ain't right, time to do the right thing and put me where I belong.

    O'Ryan: You know what, Thunder, you're right.

    Thunder: Damn right I'm right! Now put me in my rightful place!

    O'Ryan: I think you're exactly where you deserve to be on the card.

    Thunder: WHAT?!

    O'Ryan stands back up and points at Thunder.

    O'Ryan: You heard me. The fact is, you've not been proving that you're what you say you are as of late. The fact is, you're on a losing streak. The fact is, you need to do something to show me that you deserve the opportunities you want. You need to back up what you're saying, get back on the horse and earn what you want. And I'm giving you a chance to do that against Flex Brody. You think you're a Division One Superstar? Then at Back to Business, you need to get back to your business and show me.

    There's a pause, and it's not clear if Thunder's going to lash out again or not. Thunder steps closer to the desk and leans across so that he's almost nose to nose with O'Ryan.

    Thunder: You know what? You kneed to watch it, O'Ryan. Hear me and hear this good; I don't think I'm a Division One Superstar, I AM one. The ONLY one. You got that? I'll go out there at Back to Business and face this Brody. But let me be very clear; I will not be responsible for what happens to him. You just keep in mind that you'll be the one held responsible. When you're scrapping him off the mat and onto a stretcher I'm not going to bat an eyelid because that won't be on me. It'll be on you and I'll make sure that everyone's going to know that. Do you understand what I'm saying to you right now?

    O'Ryan: I wouldn't have it any other way. Now, would you please leave?

    Thunder stand back up straight and backs towards the door.

    Thunder: I'm leaving because I want to leave, not because you're telling me to, you got that?

    Thunder turns to leave down the corridor and doesn't close the door behind him. He shouts as he goes.

    Thunder: Better tell Brody to get ready, O'Ryan. Tell him I'm coming to send him back to the little leagues.

    The camera shows O'Ryan shaking his head before a smile cracks across his face before it fades out.


    The camera fades back in with Thunder's car pulling into the parking lot of a gym. He gets out stands there in front of the camera, puts one hand on his hip and the other he uses to pinch the bridge of his nose. After a moment he brings his hand down and addresses the camera

    Thunder: You see where I am here? World Gym, San Diego. You know what I'm doing here? I'm doing here being the Division One Superstar that I am. I'm here to improve myself. You wanna know why? Because FWA General Manager Ashley O'Ryan has put me in the ring with a Division 5 rookie; Flex Brody, at Back in business. He doesn't think I'm good enough to be placed where I should be. I should be winning championships, I should be beating the top guys in the company but instead, Ashley O'Ryan thinks that I should be put in matches with people making their debuts. Well as I told you, O'Ryan, I won't be responsible for making you latest acquisition look like a fool. I won't be responsible for making Mr Flex Brody, if that is his real name, look like the Division 5 Superstar he is.

    I wouldn't be surprised if I went into this gym here and he was there. But I wouldn't expect to see him lifting weights. I wouldn't expect to see him on the cross trainer. I expect to see him checking out his goofy body in the mirror and rubbing oil on his muscles. He's only here to pose for the fans and show off his body but that's not what this business is about, Brody. It's not about who has the best body. It's about being the best. It's about being a Division One superstar, which is exactly what I am.

    You may be able to intimidate some little nobodies but I'm not intimidated by you. I've done things in this business that you can only dream of achieving. I've been to the top I've won world championships. What have you done? You think that because you have some muscles in places that nobody else has that I need to fear you? No, sir, you are gravely mistaken. I am the best in the world at what I do and what I do is beat people. I excel. I am the cream and the cream always rises to the top. Now I'm about to head inside to do some fine tuning. I'll see you at Back in Business, Brody. You better call your Momma Brody to tell her that you'll be needing some comforting after the ppv, because like I said to GM O'ryan, I won't be responsible for any injury or embarrassment that you endure.

    Thunder walks off and heads into the gym as the camera pans up and fades.

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    June 25th 2017, Birmingham, Alabama

    Starr is sitting and waiting patiently with Anna Alexis as he awaits test results to come back on his knee. Starr is breathing deeply as Anna tries to calm him down. He finally falls back on the medical table. He looks intently at his knee and crosses his fingers. He wipes his face. Anna assures him everything will be alright. In walks Dr. Sherman Hutts with Starr’s test results in hand, Starr jolts up and looks worried to hear the results. He looks at Anna and back to the doctor.

    Starr: -With nervous excitement in his voice.- So… doc… how’s it looking? Should I be good to go for the next PPV?

    Dr. Hutts: Well… yes... -Starr sighs in relief and Anna hugs him around the neck.- ...but unfortunately there seems to be more complications involved.

    Anna: Complications? What do you mean by that?

    Dr. Hutts: Well… it seems that because of the matches Starr’s been in lately, he’s taken a lot of damage to his knee and it won’t be likely he’ll wrestle much after your next pay per view.

    Starr: -His heart sinks.- W-what?

    Dr. Hutts: But there is a solution here that will fix everything.

    Starr: Please anything. I don’t want to give this up.

    Dr. Hutts: You must take time off after the next event…

    Anna: What?!

    Starr: Doc, I have a title match at the next pay per view. -The doctor raises his eyebrow.- Well… it’s not a guaranteed one, but in my mind I’m going to be there.

    Dr. Hutts: Unfortunately, son, that gold will only be around your waist for a short time. You wrestle the next night and you’re looking at a career ending fight. Sir, you have all kinds of tears and loose cartilage around your knee. The fact you barely walked in here is a miracle.

    Anna: He’s stubborn. -She laughs making Starr scoff.-

    Starr: Doc, this is my opportunity to win my first championship here! I can’t hold it just 24 hours. I’ve been a fighting champion everywhere I’ve gone… If I have to be leaving, how much time am I looking at off TV?

    Dr. Hutts: That’s the only unknown factor here. By my guess, it’s anywhere from 6 months to a full year.

    Anna: -In protest.- A full year! Oh no no no! My client -Starr rolls his eyes.- has finally gotten to these fans and if he’s gone up to a year like you say, that guarantees they’ll forget about him.

    Starr: I just started gaining traction in FWA and if I leave now, I’m going straight back down to the bottom. Doc, I’ve done everything I can to make those people get with me. I’ve shown a lot of personal stuff there. I can’t just let that all go. They can’t forget me, doc!

    Dr. Hutts: They won’t, my friend. From what I’m told by your colleagues you are one of the shining lights of the future there in that wrestling company. And your fans will not forget you as long as you have that. -The doctor points at Starr’s phone remembering the vlog he shot a couple weeks back.- Record your recovery! Post it everywhere and I guarantee your fans will be waiting with open arms and ready to accept you when you’re healthy again. You and that lovely lady beside you are one powerful team. By no means am I saying you’ll need the entire year off, I’m just saying that’s the worst that could happen.

    Starr: Okay… yeah… okay! Thanks doc, I needed to hear that… I hope the next time I’m seeing you I’ll be a champion.

    Dr. Hutts: Don’t mention it, son. It’s what us doctors are here to do. Go on and start training for your match.

    Starr gently lowers himself off the table and reaches for his crutches. He shakes the doctor’s hand and he stands to the side. Anna stands up next and hugs the good doctor around the neck and the duo of Starr and Anna leave together.

    Later that night...

    Starr is lying in bed waiting for Anna to come out of the bathroom. He looks at the stars in the night sky out his window and thinks to himself. Finally, Anna walks out wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of black lace underwear and climbs into bed with Starr. She sits up and reads her Twitter timeline and checks her email.

    Starr: Anna… do you think I’m making the right decision here?

    Anna: Well I’d rather you be happy, wrestling, and making me money than you being depressed and broke.

    Starr: You made a pretty big fuss about me being gone a year at most.

    Anna: Well yeah? A whole year is a long time to take off from any job, but on the other hand you really need it. Not just for your injury, but I think you needed a vacation anyway. You’ve been going nonstop for what? Two and a half years? You only took off for holidays and the funeral. And I’m gonna continue to be with you by your side through it all like I have before. -She smiles at him.-

    Starr lies there and keeps thinking.

    Starr: -He struggles to word it but decides to just blurt it out.- Anna… what are we? You called me your client earlier, but here we are in our underwear in the same bed.

    Anna: -She sighs and puts her phone down and looks at Starr.- This again huh? I’ve told you before, we’re nothing more than a talent-agent duo. We’ve flirted with each other and we’ve gotten more… intimate on the odd occassion. But I can’t have the image of me or my agency being me on top of one of my clients. It’s just bad for business and puts us both in a negative light. Sorry…

    Starr: It’s okay. Just forget I asked… Goodnight, Anna.

    Anna: Goodnight Ian- -She quickly catches herself again.- Starr. Sorry again.

    Starr: Hey, it’s okay...

    Starr turns over away from Anna but instead of going to sleep he stays awake staring at the night sky. Eventually both Anna and Starr fall asleep together.

    July 1st, 2017 Los Angeles, California

    A sound test image pops up and fade into the outside exterior of the Alexis Enterprises building. Static fades in and we see Starr is sitting at his desk. His feet are on the large wooden desk in front of his chair. Starr looks at the ceiling and fiddles with his thumbs. He’s thinking about something.

    Starr: -Very sentimental.- Six months ago, I came here to FWA in search of what might be my greatest achievement on the biggest stage. My first night here was Trial By Fire almost six months ago when I defeated my biggest rival and now my best friend, Risky Douglas. And a lot has changed over the last six months… I’ve challenged for both the X Division... -Footage from the Ultimate X match.- ...and Tag Team Championships -Footage of Starr and Risky tagging together.- ...I’ve taken on some big challengers... -Footage of Starr’s match with Jhunha.- ...hell I’ve been fighting Risky Douglas for what seems like forever… I’ve won… I’ve lost… but there was one time where I really felt like… I was actually going to go somewhere… -His tone shifts a tiny bit, becoming a tick more aggressive.- You see, I realized I may not be the most articulated person in this locker room, I’m not the one who has to spell out his thoughts meticulously, I’m not gonna be the biggest, I’m not always the fastest, but two things I do have are heart and determination. I blew out my knee four years ago in a match and I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop when management kept me down -He mimics pushing down.- in the lower card waiting to see if I’d crack under the pressure. No, instead I kept pushing my boundaries and I proved that I should be higher up there. My knee… after the abuse it’s taken these past few weeks, it hasn’t made me want to quit. Quitting, no showing, that’s not something I do. -He goes back to a more somber tone.- I wanted to see this journey reach its final destination, but by no means does this mean I’m leaving FWA for good… just taking some time off. You see, I was told this week that Back in Business will be my last FWA event for a while. My knee has taken so much abuse -Footage of the matches he’s been in over the past few weeks.- that I need to take time off for me to get it repaired and heal. My doctor says I may miss up to a year of action and if that’s so… I’m gonna make sure I’m going out with the biggest bang there ever could be… So here goes nothing…

    Starr pulls out a giant book from below his desk. Emblazoned on the back and front is “The Big Ol’ Book of Jobbers” in gold cursive lettering. He licks his finger and begins to flip through the pages.

    Starr: -He looks directly into the camera.- First stop, Hanz Gruber -He smirks and returns his gaze to the book, but notices something’s off.- wait that’s not Alan Rickman… you stole that name from the greatest Christmas movie ever? Listen, I don’t know who the hell you are, but you quite honestly, truly, freak me the hell out. You walk around here with your jet black mohawk, thick as hell German accent, and some weird claw on your finger looking like a reject out of bad horror movie. Except the only horror I’ve seen involving you... is your wrestling. Seriously, I fall asleep every single time you talk! Jesus Christ, you talk more than Cyrus Truth and that man probably has iron lungs! And also your obsession with Katie is a little on the stalker side… and that really makes me uncomfortable. No permission needed, kicking your damn head off. -He shudders and flips through more pages.-

    Starr: -He finds his next bookmarked page.- Humanity… kinda an edgy name, huh? Don’t know ya. You’re a legend here and that’s pretty good for you, but I don’t give a crap. You stand in between me and what I’ve wanted for a long time now. I met you at Carnal Contendership when you returned and you shrugged me off. Now, I know that was a different me then, but I’m the type to hold a grudge so yeah… I gotta kick ya in the face. Nothing personal, just business… and the business is good to me. -He smirks and turns the page.-

    Starr: -His eyes widen and looks delighted.- Oooh… James Sync… interesting to see you here. I haven’t seen you since you beat my friend Risky at a house show. Admittedly, that was kinda my fault. Risky’s not gonna let me live it down either. Jimmy, you fought Risky, but you see I am a different beast entirely. I’ll admit it’ll be kinda interesting to meet you face to face in the ring, but you see, just like Brian back there, just cause you’ve been around the block here doesn’t mean you’re gonna run through me so easily. Nobody uses me as a catapult to take my spot higher on the card. You like to say you’re on your “Road to Redemption”, but that road hits a dead end at Back in Business when my boot cracks your jaw out of place.

    Starr: -He flips through more pages and hits his next page of interest. He looks puzzled.- Zako… Wrath? -He looks off camera.- Am I saying that correctly? -Someone tells him Starr his actual last name.- Oh... Wraith! Zako Wraith... Oh like that Juggalo album! -He laughs.- I remember you now you’re that big Latin guy with the little lady in sugar skull face paint. Yeah, yeah… -A bit of silence.- suck, dude. -He breaks out into laughter.- Thanks for the compliments, but I don’t care if you’re bigger than me, have more muscles than me, because I’ve proven I can beat anyone like you. Just ask Jhunha. I sent that big hunk of Mongolian beef packing… no one’s seen him since. But as for you Miss de La Muerta, you can make all the vague threats all you want to me, but neither you or your big boytoy intimidate me with your doom and gloom and death talk. I’m not afraid of death. I’m not afraid of anyone. Zachary, I’ll chop you down like a redwood and when it’s time, you’ll get the same treatment as the rest.

    Starr: -He turns the page and winces at the sight.- Ooooo… Risky… you and I just got on the same page too... Listen, bud. I know you’re mad at me because we didn’t make it to the finals of the X or Tag tournaments, but you see that’s all your fault. I would hand them on a silver fricking platter to you and all you had to do was cover them! But instead, it seems every time we got close, you found some way to mess it up in the end. -Regretting having to say what’s flowing out of his mouth.- Risky, I respect you pal, you’ve become a real good friend of mine over the past month since we’ve tagged, but you are so freaking stupid sometimes man! Come on! You gotta admit that! Don’t dance in the middle of a match! -He clears his throat and adjusts himself.- Dougy, I promised you a wrestling lesson. I’m gonna give you one in the middle of that ring in front of all of the FWA fans. I’m gonna have to teach you to get serious again. -He nods his head and flashes a smile.- That’s right I’m taking it back all the way to the 2nd time we fought. Ultimate X, where you and me stood toe to toe and fought our asses off for the X Division Championship. Bodies flying everywhere, weapons bashed over people’s heads until it’s just you and me… in the center of that ring… one more time… only this time Risky, I’m coming out on top… I’m putting our friendship aside for one night and I hope you’re ready for the mayhem we’re gonna cause.

    Starr closes the book and places it on the desk. He begins to look directly into the camera almost through it. He has one final person to address.His tone of playfulness turns a bit more intense.

    Starr: And finally that leaves me to you, Mike Parr… Huh… Parr... Starr. It’s almost kinda meant to be! -He chuckles to himself.- Mike, I’ve never met you, but I do know you’ve managed to squeak out a couple of victories here and they are against some big names here. Garcia, Toner… -He drifts off in thought.- ummm, that’s all I can really remember, but hey you won! So good for you! I’d give you a “Good Noodle” star, but I’m fresh out… Sorry, dude.

    Starr gets out of his chair and walks out from behind his desk. He readjusts his suit and fixes his blazer.

    Starr: -He smiles at his opponent.- You made your Back in Business debut last year against a certified Hall of Famer in James Hughes. But This Sunday, I make mine against 5 other men. Mikey, I have the battle of my life, on the biggest stage I’ve been on, and with the most determination I’ve ever felt in my heart. Mike, it does not matter how many people I go through to get to you. Whether it be five, five hundred, or five million, I will be seeing you later that night. I will leave San Diego and it’s gonna be with that FWA North American Championship on my shoulder… a hot as hell blonde as my side piece… and my head held high as I brought every man in my way to their knees, hearing them cry out in pain, hearing the ref count three, hearing the fans chant my name, and above all else I’m gonna hear the deafening sound of every one of them being absolutely…

    He takes a deep breath and smirks and laughs. He knows everyone that’s followed along knows the next word.

    Starr: Starrstruck… See you Sunday boys…

    He walks off camera and static fades back in as Starr’s logo flashes in and sticks around until the camera footage fades out.


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    Graves: Time after time, chance after chase yet here we stand in this cold dark room. We are suppose to be monsters we are suppose to be gods we are suppose to be feared by men feared by them yet here we stand again but this time not alone.

    They say war changes a person it really gets into their head and takes the part of you hold so close to your heart and it sends it corrupts it and destroys it until there is nothing left and you are a shadow of a man leaving yourself alone with the thoughts in your head.

    Does it scare you it should because being alone in your head really brings the sick out of you. For weeks since we arrive we have lost time after time shot after shot.

    You know after awhile your words start to become nothing and you start to lose it each and everyday.

    As of right now its like this, remember when you would as a young kid watch as mom and dad would look for the monsters under your bed? Everynight every inch of darkness in your room and every corner of it leave the light on don't close the door. Well sooner or later you grow up and you understand that monsters aren't there under your bed they are outside your window they are watching in plain sight the monsters are the ones with smiles on their faces and their hands and arms extended reaching for yours.

    Sin City Vultures , understand that we are not to be overlook we are not to be taken lightly . We are very real and we are very pissed. We came here to break bones tear flesh and commit the most sick acts you have ever seen and we will not go quietly into the night and they will remember our names as we carve it in your chest as we drive it in your skulls as we make it our mission our drive to drop your bodies and take you back to that time where monsters are gods and boys fear our names.

    You want to see true sinn?
    He is right here and hes 7 ft tall and trust me you wont wanna fuck with that.

    I could go on and on but im sick of talking. I don't think that the number of words I say should effect the things we do in that ring so you want the truth soon enough you will find it with a knee in your skull and your carcass in a unmarked grave. Welcome to the reckoning welcome to the exodus welcome to your genocide.


    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    Brayden Bridges

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    “Bell Connelly Doesn't Live Here Any More""

    Bell Connelly Vs Ryan Rondo
    Live from San Diego, California
    Saturday, July 1, 2017
    Cut me down
    But it's you who'll have further to fall
    Ghost town and haunted love
    Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
    I'm talking loud not saying much

    Where are we? How did we get here? Once again it’s not our place to know, but we know one thing for certain, we’ve not welcome here; we don’t belong here, we can practically can feel that coming off this dimly lit corridor, as if the very structure was insulted by our very presence the light sources coming from what look to be decade old lightbulbs hanging from tattered looking string and rust metal “shades” over them. But is corridor the right term? Not from the rows of metal bars going along the sides, the locks on the jail doors just being seen along with the dust that's all over them and any other surface that can be seen. This disused jail complex we now stand in looks like has been left to rot for years and has not seen another soul for many, many moons. So why are we here? And why is there an ominous sound coming from ahead in front of the camera? There are rather haunting footsteps a distance away, along with a second on and off sound – a rattling of metal against metal that goes back and forth every few steps, but not in a way to make any form of music – rather more creating an unsettling fright when it rings out, only making the scene all the more foreboding .Eventually the footsteps only get louder and louder as we see the figure that was walking these dilapidated halls for the first time; Bell Connelly with an ominous look on Bell’s face as she stands directly under the light-bulb, her face and body being clearly seen as she stands eerily still, the viewers still not feeling safe even on the other side of a computer screen. Wherever this was, see seemed to be familiar with this place and she seemed to know exactly where she’s going even if there was some trepidation in her slow measured footsteps as she made her way towards the end of the corridor, where there stood one lone cell, held deep in the bowels of the building as if hidden. Every step bringing us closer and closer to the cell. We can make out a shape sitting down in the middle of the cell, and by all accounts they seemed to be the only one in the building….and yet given the way she was positioned; she seemed to be expecting her eyes on her until Bell was closed enough to take in the captive held in front of her, Only a set of rusty bars separating, Bell from the shadowy figure that seemed to smile at her from the darkness.

    The Beast:Well hello gorgeous fancy seeing you here….

    Bell didn’t respond, she seemed to be too busy mentally wrestling with something to respond

    The Beast "
    If I knew you were swinging by my neck of the woods I would have spruced up; Willkommen! Bienvenue! Welcome! Fremder, étranger, stranger. Here let me give you the grand tour. Bell Connelly: “These are the chains you’ve locked me….I’m kind of doing my own thing with them, today it’s high heels and diamonds, tomorrow it’s going to be rusty chains and straight jackets. Oh speaking of which-"

    The sounds of clanking metal echoes throughout the building as the figure in the cage tries to raise its arms

    The Beast::
    I’ve had this itch I just can’t seem to scratch only for like...what? The last three years? Help a sister’ out? Or at least a physical manifestation of repressed emotion...Your brain kind of has a thing for heavy-handed metaphor huh?

    Once again, Bell says nothing

    The Beast:
    Annnnnway, back to the tour; There’s a wall….there’s a wall...There’s another wall and that’s about it; I know I know, the “In” thing is to have a grand total of four walls but I’m doing my own thing with my place kind of like “Feng Sei” You know? You know what the Japanese said about space right? “In order to-”

    Bell Connelly
    : “I’m letting you out.”

    This seemed to stop the figure dead in its tracks momentarily stunned silence by Bell’s frank words trying to make eye contact with her as if trying to tell if Bell was serious or not, after a few moments it seemed to have got its answer

    The Beast: “I knew this was coming, I knew you wouldn’t forget me…Not that you could, you can only hold back our mental scars for so long right? Oh, but I did worry Bell. I thought you were going to let me rot here just a blip in the back of your mind forever more, Two and a half years without so much of a hello. I thought for sure, you would let me out for Cyrus….I mean, world title match and you don’t let me out to play? Oh tisk. Tisk. Tisk.

    Bell Connelly
    : I didn’t need-

    The Beast:
    Right, right you didn’t need me, your demons don’t define you, blah blah...I’ve heard it before; ….That really worked out well for you, huh?

    Bell shifted her body weight just a little in discomfort seemingly acknowledged the point

    The Beast: I get it; Back against Cyrus, you weren’t desperate..but now? You lost your belt against Eimi….That had to hurt, you lost the Carnal Contendership. You lost to Cyrus….AGAIN. And you got pinned by the guy you’re facing at Back In Business…..You know what I think Bell? I think you’re starting to doubt yourself…. You want to punish him and you think you need little ol’ me to do that….because if you lose, what do you have left? Nothing...And you know that too don’t you? It’s why you came to me and not Mama.

    Bell Connelly: Don’t you mention her-

    The Beast
    Does she even know? You might want to make sure she doesn’t watch this match, We’ll probably make her weep...You more than me.

    This seemed to have triggered something in Bell, moving closer to the bars her face formed into a disgusted frown

    Bell Connelly: Shut up!

    The Beast
    : Oh for the love of God, we both know that bitch would deserve-

    Bell Connelly: “You can’t-”

    The Beast: Oh fuck you!

    Even though we can’t see it’s full profile with the way its head was tilted we can make an educated guess that it’s rolling his eyes

    The Beast
    If denial won you titles you would have beaten Cyrus a million times over!, here’s a new flash: You ready for this? You live in a damn fantasy world. Everything in here?

    The figure extends its arms out and twirled them around gesturing here and there

    The Beast….Is a lie!, Everything in your head is just a fantasy you tell yourself because you can’t face up to reality. In fact, there’s only one thing that’s real in your twisted little head. ME. When all is said and done, I’m all you have in the big bad world, Your only friend….

    Bell Connelly:
    That’s not true.

    The Beast:: OH FUN! We’ve playing the truth game, are we? Ok let’s talk truth; Our mom was a drug addled whore who only got clean just in time for us to see her die slowly.

    Bell Connelly: She changed.

    The Beast:: Holy crap on a stick, one thing you didn’t repress! A breakthrough. I’m so proud of you, Do you remember dad, I can’t imagine you would, how long has it been since you saw him? Six years?

    Bell’s eyes narrow just a little a vain beginning to pulse in her forehead as she started to pace a little as if trying to block out the words that were thrown at her

    The Beast: Speaking of recalling “Loved ones” You remember Chris Kennedy don’t you? You know, Tall, brooding handsome, mostly seen chewing your face off like a turtle digesting leaves…the one person you loved. I mean I KNOW you remember him, but does he remember you, he’s been back like what? Three weeks and he didn’t mention you in his big “Imma beat PAJ” promo! So what’s the deal are you still going out? Do you even know? Gosh, we got our hopes up for that one, didn’t he? Still, Shannon is probably going to stay though so I suppose that’s something, out best friend right? It’s such a damn shame you resent her so much. All you what is that world title to make you actually feel something for once in our lives. But who's there instead? Front and centre on the poster? In OUR spot. Stealing OUR destiny.That BITCH.She stole it from us! Oh but Ryan, Ryan Ryan, now HE’S special

    A low giggle escapes the beast’s month as its hands grazed lightly on the bars keeping it captive a squeal of excitement escaping its lips

    The Beast: : It's gonna be so much fun, watchin' him scream and yell and all of the sufferin' he's gonna go through it's gonna be even better watchin' the life get drained right outta' his body with every punch we throw, every kick we throw, every time he connects head first with the canvas. I might just--- Ohhhhh God. Watchin' him get put into an early grave I might just---

    The Beast begins to make a very.... Fuck it, It’s showing her 'O Face' for lack of a better term, to Bell holding its thumb and index finger just enough apart to see the space in them. It seems to legitimately get off to the thought of Ryan Rondo dying in the ring-- by its hands nonetheless

    The Beast: Just a
    lil' bit."

    Bell can only wrinkle it’s nose in horror at the Beast’s joy as if she’s severely regretting even thinking about freeing this….this...thing,

    The Beast: Oh, don’t look at me like….You know, you want the same thing why else would you come to me, we’ve so self-righteous you know that? It’s ok to indulge me for from time to time….Watch, you’ll see. Back In Business, we've going to have lots of fun!” Pinky promise

    Bell Connelly:
    ….The moment this match is over, you go back in your cage and you’ll never
    going to be let out again

    The Beast suddenly tosses it’s head against the bears leaning forward as far as it could causing Bell to recoil in alarm as it braces its teeth at Bell

    The Beast: "We'll see Bell..


    June 31st, 2017 A video posted by a rather unused YouTube channel has been posted. Nothing new of the sorts. Lots of people try to make their name known on YouTube. The weird thing is? This video spread like a wildfire. With views already in the thousands with less than a day of airtime, many are curious to see what this unknown uploaded happened to provide. A video with the title “imsorry.mp4” was uploaded and demanded the audience of thousands. With a click of a button and the patience to burst through some unskippable ads, the video plays. At first the screen was black, not a single thing appears on our screen for an awkwardly prolonged amount of time before, we begin to hear something soft at first but slowly getting louder

    "Des yeux qui font baisser les miens
    Un rire qui se perd sur sa bouche
    Voilà le portrait sans retouches
    De l'homme auquel j'appartiens"

    A somewhat auspicious start to the video and certainly the iconic beginning bars of Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose” certainly doesn’t give us any clues what the content of the video is if anything it makes us more confused. Eventually, the video fades out from black and what we see before is a brightly illuminated room with a table and chair placed directly in the middle. Sitting on the table is a Large CD player where we can only assume the music is coming from.

    “Quand il me prend dans ses bras
    Il me parle tout bas
    Je vois la vie en rose
    Il me dit des mots d'amour”

    Beyond the iconic voice of Edith Piaf. The room is quiet, nobody besides the cameraman appears to be around. The camera shifts it’s attention away from the table and moves towards the walls, which are decorated with miscellaneous FWA merchandise, such as autographed pictures and championship belts. Following the path set before it, the camera moves to see a blue velvet fabric being draped in the centre of the room. The camera pans back to reveal that the table and chair directly centred in the room are being placed before the velvety drape, used as a background. The camera remains still as the table and decor are the only things seen and only Madame Piaf to keep us company ...Once the video passes the one minute mark, the sound of footsteps could be heard in the distance. With each step, the sound gets louder and louder before abruptly coming to a halt. The sound of the door handle is heard, followed by the unsettling squeak the door makes as it opens. The footsteps are now loud as ever as they make their way into the room, closing and locking the door behind them. The camera refuses to break position, continuing its focus on the empty chair and the music box set before it, rather than the intruder. The sound of what appears to be feet draw closer before a figure stands in front of the camera. Judging by their midsection, it appears to be a woman in a pink shirt underneath. It becomes abundantly clear who the mystery woman is when she proceeds to sit down, revealing her signature blond hair, Bell Connelly, her head bowed, almost in an overly grim fancy as if she was in morning, her blond hair masking her face as she stayed totally still in the chair her hands on the table, silently taking in the song.

    "Il me dit des mots d'amour
    Des mots de tous les jours
    Et ça me fait quelque chose
    Il est entré dans mon cœur
    Une part de bonheur"

    Bell Connelly: Ryan. I’m
    truly, truly sorry it had to come to this, You will never know how much. This wasn’t supposed to be like this….

    Her voice is barely louder than a whisper regrets dripping off her every word, slowly her hand draws across the player lightly turning up the volume as if seeking comfort from it.

    "Dont je connais la cause
    C'est lui pour moi, moi pour lui, dans la vie
    Il me l'a dit, l'a juré, pour la vie
    Et dès que je l'aperçois"

    Bell Connelly: I was SUPPOSED to win the Carnal Contendership and fight Cyrus for the world title, that was my dream, that was my destiny, that was everything to me….but if that didn’t pan out, there was always plan b, the reason I helped convinced Shannon to come back….We were meant to team together and fight for the tag team titles….but in one moment….Piish, gone.

    Bell slightly raises one palm up and made putting out flame motion in time with her words

    Bell Connelly: ….And I know, you don’t understand what that means….what that meant or what you did….but before…..What has to happen, happens, I need to do the best I can to explain it to you….I need you to understand...Why I pity you.

    "Alors je sens en moi,
    Mon cœur qui bat
    Des nuits d'amour à plus finir
    Un grand bonheur qui prend sa place
    Les ennuis, les chagrins s'effacent
    Heureux, heureux à en mourir"

    Bell Connelly: I live by a certain code, that I never ever move from; Don’t kill if you can wound, Don’t wound if you can subdue, Don’t subdue if you can pacify, and don’t raise your hand at all until you’ve first extended it.: And I believe that In an industry just polluted with backstabbing, and hate, the best way to counter that, is with love….Because Light beats darkness every single time….and for two and a half years I’ve proved that again, and again. But no one has made me question that more than you…

    "Quand il me prend dans ses bras
    Il me parle tout bas
    Je vois la vie en rose"

    Bell Connelly: You know, all week, I’ve had this….this… weight in my this uncomfortable pressure. I even rang the doc, but he told me it was nothing, but I could feel it...right here

    Bell shifts uncomfortably in her chair as if she had some kind of indigestion taking her hand and lightly placing it on her chest

    Bell Connelly: It felt like someone was squeezing my felt hot and uncomfortable like I was standing in a sauna for too long….but I didn’t feel sick or anything like that...So I spent all week trying to figure out what was wrong with me…..And then it hit me….What I was feeling….I didn’t believe it at first, but then...I realized there was nothing else it could have been..I knew exactly what I was feeling.

    She stopped moving now, and a long pause ensues as if she’s trying to work up the courage to say the words, her breathing becoming much heavier as if she tasted something sour and she had to spit it out.

    Bell Connelly: Hate. I didn’t want to believe it, but….I think I hate you, Ryan.

    Bell paused as if she couldn’t believe the words left her mouth before an incredulous giggle

    Bell Connelly: “Huh, Hate...That’s a new one…”

    "Il me dit des mots d'amour

    Des mots de tous les jours
    Et ça me fait quelque chose
    Il est entré dans mon cœur"

    Bell Connelly: “....And … be honest? I honestly don’t know what’s going to happen now...This is all new territory for me; This hate just keeps building and building until Back in Business where it’s going to form into a monster...and that monster, that beast. Scares
    me , I look in the mirror … and I see it. I look into my eyes … and I see the hate being to expand outwards… but I don’t want to see myself like that...I can’t look at myself in the mirror anymore.because I’m scared of what I’d see … I’m scared of what I’m capable of … I’m scared of what lies behind my eyes …

    Once more, Bell slowly rocks in the chair not looking at the camera

    Bell Connelly: I’m scared that I may never be the same again … these voices in my head live … these voices are calling the shots now … I look into the mirror … I don’t know what I see. I’m living in fear of what I’m gonna do. I don’t seem to have control over myself anymore. Something else lives here … someone else … is in control. Most of all Ryan… I’m scared that if I don’t win, If I don’t do what my demons crave … I’m scared they’ll haunt me forever.

    "Une part de bonheur
    Dont je connais la cause"

    Bell Connelly: “That’s why I pity you, Ryan. Because all you wanted was to demean me you just wanted to show the world, that you can do what you wanted without consequences simply because you’re Ryan Rondo. But Ryan….I’m so sorry, truly I am, but there are opened a door inside me, that you really, really shouldn’t have.

    "C'est toi pour moi, moi pour toi, dans la vie
    Tu me l'as dit, l'as juré, pour la vie
    Et dès que je t'aperçois"

    Bell Connelly: Because now? I don’t want to beat
    you Ryan....

    "Alors je sens en moi
    Mon cœur qui bat-"


    Bell abruptly turns off the CD. The song is done, the music dies, and after a beat, Bell finally raised her head to reveal her face and more so, her tired blood shot eyes that drill a hole through the camera like her name was the terminator

    Bell Connelly:
    I want to put you in a pit and add the shovels of dirt slowly until your goddamn mouth is full of muck. I want to hear your cries as the rocks rain down on you thicker than a hail storm. I don't care if you run ...or beg for forgiveness I don't want to hear it. You should have done that back when it could have made a difference.You took what was beautiful in me and made it into what it is today. I hope you're proud, it's all your handiwork.”

    ….Her voice shifts, the tone changes, and Bell’s body stiffens as she stares into the camera breathing deeply, this was not The Bell Connelly we’ve come to know, this was something entirely different, it was like we were meeting Bell’s evil twin, outwardly identical but yet wildly different... she abruptly stands up and swats the chair away, and after a moment, the cd player suffers the same fate it clatters to the ground and Bell looks at all the broken pieces at her feet, her chest still heaving back and forth with each heavy breath.

    Bell Connelly:.This is the first time… The first time… I’ve ever been this angry. This is the first time… I’ve ever wanted to break someone this badly...And It’s hard. All this time, I’ve always tried to stay positive. I’ve always tried to keep a smile on my face, to look on the bright side and not let the negatives overwhelm me, but it… it just…”

    Bell puts her hand to her face like she’s trying to hide her emotional vulnerability from the camera. After a few seconds spent to recollect her thoughts, Bell lifts her head up, shaking her head as she goes back to her thoughts

    Bell Connelly“I… I can’t. I just can’t. I’m just overwhelmed. I know what I’ve been acting like this whole time. I know how I sound like. I took one little loss and I started kicking and screaming and throwing tantrums. I sound like a crybaby, a spoiled brat who’s just whining just because I didn’t get my way. And I swear, I don’t want to be that, and I never tried to be that but… I hate it. I just hate it. I hate everything about it. I hate that I lost. I hate how I lost. I hate how I’m reacting to losing. I hate who I lost to. I hate it all. I can’t stand any of it. I just… CAN’T STAND IT!”

    Bell’s scream echoes through the room, almost as if it was rattling all the broken things inside of it. Through the sound, Bell stands still, her head still dropped down in sorrow as she waits for the silence to return before starting to speak. This time, her breaths start to resonate, making it hard to distinguish from held-back sobbing.

    Bell Connelly: “I tried. I tried so hard. I really did. I wasn’t supposed to be like this I wasn’t supposed to be a whiner. I was supposed to win, The Carnal Contendership. I lost that night. I lost against Cyrus Truth, I got pinned by Ryan Rondo and...and..… this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen! THIS WASN’T HOW IT WAS SUPPOSED TO GO! AND GODDAMNIT, RYAN WHY DID I NEED TO SEE THIS HORRIBLE SIDE OF ME!? WHY DID I TURN OUT TO BE A WORSE PERSON THAN I EVER THOUGHT I WAS!? WHY!? Why…”

    Bell stumbles backwards like she was just thrown back by the force of her own frustration and sorrow, the pieces of the player crunching beneath her boots. She drops down to a squatting position, her hands held to her face like she was trying to hold in all the anger, although if the scene around her is any clue, she already failed at that a long time ago. Once she’s calmed down, she stands up again, taking a deep breath before she finally looks to the camera for the first time in the video

    Bell Connelly: Have you ever heard the saying… “You cannot walk straight when the road bends?” It’s a gypsy saying. You can’t keep going the same path when the situation changes. You need to adapt when things suddenly go in different directions than you intended. Ryan, I am the longest reigning Women's Champion. One year, four months and seven days, it was my honor to lead the women's division. To be the example. I was one who’s supposed to define what the word “champion” means with my actions. And because of that, I worked hard to make this division what it should be. I busted my ass trying to lead the women's division down the straight and narrow. And for the longest time people have seen the FWA woman's division to be one of the strongest female wrestling divisions in the entire world. This was a reputation this division held long before I ever came here. It’s not something I gained or earned. It’s something I inherited. I wanted to be worthy of that reputation. I wanted to be worthy of that type of praise and respect, and how do you gain respect? You do it with honor. You do it with integrity. You do it with dignity. Show respect for your colleagues, never lose sight of your goals, that’s what we’re supposed to be. The woman’s division is regarded as the best in the world. And for 509 days I was the champion and in that sense, it made me the “best of the best”. Whether I like it or not, people following my example, and everyone’s going to be watching my every move twenty-four seven, just to see if I screwed up. ...but I didn’t….because I had too much respect for that title, I loved that title. That title was my life work. Even when I lost it, I took comfort in the fact, that I left the belt on that straight and narrow road….and then you had to bend it…. Do you even realise what you’ve done? Do you know the repercussions your actions are going to bring to not just you, not just me, but to the woman’s division as a whole? To woman’s wrestling for the next generation? Whatever happens between Me or you., that woman’s title is bigger than the both of us….But in one foul swoop...You set back woman’s wrestling for FWA for the next generation. Tell me, did Izzy Von Doren deserve to never get a shot at the woman’s title? How about Penny? How about any other woman that might step through the doors of FWA? Because you screwed over them far more than you did me. When you crushed that title, you didn’t just spit in my face. You spit in the face of Shannon O’Neal, in Gabrielle’s face. In Jenny Igntio’s face. In Ayla El’s face. In Anyanka’s face. Every single woman who took pride in that belt and tried to make it mean something for the last nine years...You spit in the face of every future generation that’ll come after us...Hoards and hoards of gifted talented women, passionate about wrestling, who LOVE professional wrestling, brave strong FUTURE world heavyweight champions. That this Back In Business is going to mean the world too, and not just because they’ll watch Shannon do what she was BORN to. But I have my own role to play….and that’s to make sure the world knows what happens Ryan when you SPIT IN THE FACE OF WOMEN’S WRESTLING just because greed and your pride were way more important than the integrity of the entire division. How can you even DARE to think that you can try and put down an entire division, crush MY life’s work and just expect me to roll over? What? It wasn’t enough for you to take away my dream but now you try and take any my past dreams? Is that how desperate you are to try and get in my head? Is that how low you’ve gone?How did I get pinned by someone How did I lose such scum such as you!? HOW!?”

    Bell screams an anguished cry and turns, angrily kicking some broken parts of plaster out of her way as she throws her hands on her head in frustration. With a tight grip, Bell looks as if she’s going to tear her blonde locks clear off of her scalp, but soon releases her grip. Her breathing becomes noticeable and pronounced once again; it is heavy and heaving, just like before, although this time, it’s clear she’s not breathing hard because of any sort of fatigue,moreso anger and stress. With her hands back at her sides, she turns back towards the camera, her face filling with rage.

    Bell Connelly: You have no honor, you have no integrity, you have no respect, YOU HAVE NOTHING! I’ve said it before, You are garbage. You are scum! You are filth! You are everything that is wrong, not just with this company, but with THIS ENTIRE INDUSTRY! You are a self-obsessed prima donna with an ego the size of Jupiter and all four of its freaking moons! You sit there and you brag about how I don’t stand a chance against you, but when it's time to put up or shut up, what do you do? You damn sure didn’t put up, because you couldn’t do ANYTHING to keep me down, and as much as I wish you did...You ran!and you have the GALL to call me a scared little girl?! But-but you know what? You should be scared, but I have to become something I hate just to make sure you get what you deserve….and if I’m willing to do that? What I’m going to do to you when I finally get in the ring with you?See, Ryan you haven’t been properly punished for your actions yet. And why? Because I wanted the honor of punishing you myself. ”

    Bell stares coldly into the lens of the camera for just a moment, before turning back and walking into the rubble of the room. As she marches through the wood and glass and twisted metal, she soon reaches down and grabs something. As she lifts it up, the camera gets a good view of the object, as it is shown to be the very chair she was sitting on and tried to sit on at the beginning of the video. With a tap, she hits the chair, testing its strength before swinging it wildly at the air. With one practice swing down, she looks back towards the camera, staring straight through the lens and into the other side, where she hopes Bell might be watching.

    Bell Connelly: You can’t walk straight where the road bends, and while I tried to walk the straight and narrow, you’re the one who screwed things up and bent my road away from the world title so you know what? Screw it! If you’re going to lead me down that path, then I’ll go right down it with you! Why do we need rules when you’re just gonna break ‘em in the first place! Throw out the rulebook, set it on fire, then scatter the ashes to the winds! We don’t need them! You know what the only thing we need is? THIS.”

    Bell taps loudly on the steel chair with the knuckles on her free hand.

    Bell Connelly: “In case you don’t get it, this isn’t a match for you. This isn’t your moment to show how big and bad you are. THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT. And for the last few months, you’ve been giving me the incentive to just forget all the rules and fight however the hell I want to! Why do we need rules! Why do we need to be professional when someone’s just going to sink to the lows you have you’re going to fight dirty, then screw it, so am I! I’ve been practicing for this, I’ve been practicing, but not so I can face you, but so I can execute you. There are no rules! There’s no sportsmanship here! What’s to stop me from breaking you, huh!?”

    Bell angrily kicks pieces of a broken player out of her way, sending them clattering loudly at the wall.


    Bell tosses the chair into the corner of the wall with enough force to dent it even more.


    Bell throws her boot straight into the wall with staggering strength, going straight through it and cracking the wooden support beam behind it, before pulling her foot back out and turning to the camera.


    Bell steps closer to the camera, smiling the whole time, though it’s clear her smile is anything but happy. “

    Bell Connelly: See, Ryan if you had just stolen a victory from me, it wouldn’t have been that bad. I wouldn’t be as angry as I am now. I would’ve been fine just trying to beat you, just trying to take back the win that you never deserved, but that… we just couldn’t have that, could we? You took The Carnal Contendership. The chance to fight for the world title.,My very last chance….and you took that from, just because you felt like it...

    Bell smile instantly fades. All that’s left is seething hatred.

    Bell Connelly: You tried to take me down with a steel chair You didn’t try to beat me, you tried to end me!, Do you know what you did to me!? HUH!? You didn’t hurt me, you didn’t injure me, and you didn’t take me out.All you did was DROP A GODDAMN PROPANE TANK ON THE FIRE. All you did was piss me off! And don’t you dare think that I will EVER forget what you did! I will never forget the damage you did to me that night! I will never forget the feeling of that chair in your hands or the sound of your twisted laughter, and why? I can still feel the pain… I can still feel the bruises… I CAN STILL. FEEL. THE BRUISES!”

    As she says this, Bell goes completely insane, she picks up the chair again and starts swinging the chair all over the place and smashing it into the ground, causing bits of wood and glass to fly everywhere with each crash. With an absolutely horrifying feral scream, Bell throws the chair with all her might, sending it flying past the camera and right into the wall behind it, and while the chair had missed it, the camera still seems to feel the effects of the impact. The camera rattles as the chair bounces off the wall and the sound of the crash is loud enough that anyone who was listening to the video with earphones on likely just suffered hearing damage at that moment. With her short rampage appearing to subside, Bell stops and turns towards the camera, slowly approaching it with a menacing stride.

    Bell Connelly:“I still feel the bruises, Ryan. I feel them all over my body, but you better hope… you better pray that these heal by Back In Business because they are a reminder of what you did to me, and if I still feel them come Back In Business? They will remind me that for as much damage as you did to me that night, I will pay back to you tenfold. But that… that’s just the physical pain. When it comes to the emotional pain, the psychological pain, you… you have no idea what you did, do you?”

    Bell chuckles a bit, though her laugh is more frightening than comforting.

    Bell Connelly:“No… you have no idea what you did, so I think it’s only fair that you’re aware of the extent of your crimes. See, Ryan… for as much as you hurt me that night, for as much pain as you caused me with the chair … none of it compares to the psychological damage you did to me. NONE OF IT. The attack, the mind games even all the trash talk. All of that stuff? It’s NOTHING compared to what you did to my mind. What exactly is it that you did to my mind? You added the psychological pain of my failures right on top of that! Do you know how bad I felt,? Do you know how badly my soul was crushed, huh? and for that, I will NEVER forgive you. But you know what?
    , I’m not a negative person. I always see the bright side of things, and I can see the bright side of this too. Do you know why it’s a good thing you reminded me of that? Now, I’m not just going to beat you. I’m not just going to punish you. I’M GOING TO OBLITERATE YOU. l will survive anything you throw at me. I will take everything you have and I will stand up and look you in the eye, AND I WILL PAY BACK EVERY OUNCE OF PAIN THAT I WAS PUT THROUGH A HUNDRED FOLD UNTIL YOUR BODY IS SO BROKEN THAT THEY WON’T EVEN BE ABLE TO COUNT THE PIECES.”

    With a slow, determined walk, Bell marches towards the camera before viciously grabbing it with her hand. With a steady grip, she holds it up to her face, showing Ryan, as well as all the viewers, the full extent of the anger inside of her. There is absolutely no trace of the loveable Bell we have grown accustomed to. There is no sugar or sweetness, there is no happiness at all. There is only a frightening atmosphere and a piercing gaze that looks almost like intent to kill.

    Bell Connelly: “I AM NOT LOSING TO YOU, RYAN. I will fix the damage you’ve done to the woman’s wrestling and put my career back into the straight and narrow, but I damn sure won’t do it nicely. How the hell do you think you’re going to beat me, huh? What hope do you have of beating me, huh? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU WILL EVER BEAT ME!? If there’s one thing you need to understand, it’s that you brought this on yourself. If you didn’t cost me the main event of Back In Business I wouldn’t have had to hate you. If you didn’t destroy the belt., I WOULDN’T HAVE ANY REASON TO DESTROY YOU. But since you seem to hell bent on making things worse for the both of us, then fine. Go ahead and raise the stakes, but know this. If you’re the one pushing the limits of just how far someone will go to win, then I’m raising the bar. Despite what it says on the card, this match isn’t going to be the one who gets a pin that’s going to win. IT’S GOING TO BE LAST. WRESTLER. BREATHING. Get ready, Ryan Rondo. Say your prayers, reconcile with your loved ones, and hope that God doesn’t hate you for everything you’ve done, because once Back In Business comes and you step into that ring with me? I WILL BREAK YOU. I WILL CRIPPLE YOU. AND I WILL END YOU. Don’t believe me? Well step up, and watch what I do. Watch what happens when you step in the ring with me and learn what it means… to hit like a girl”

    Suddenly, the camera immediately moves as Bell whips her arm. The image becomes a complete blur as Bell throws the camera at the wall with all her might!



    Static overtakes the video for a few seconds before immediately cutting to black.
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    The scene begins backstage at the most recent Fight Night moments after the brutal rematch between Vincent Blackbird and Jason Randall. The latter sits in a chair in the locker room with a pack of ice resting on the back of his neck while still breathing heavy and sweat dripping from his forehead, wearing the cuts and bruises from the match with pride. Penny sits next to him and hands him his X-Division title, which he takes in his hand and looks down at it. The smudges of blood that he had put on there still remain, and sweat drips from his forehead onto the gold. Just then his cell phone rings and he notices who it is but chooses to ignore it and let them leave a voicemail, he justs to savor this moment after besting Vincent Blackbird once again. Soon the notification for a voicemail goes off, and Jason reluctantly opens it up to listen.

    Jason this is Mom, I'm going to make this as quick as I can because I don't want to take up too much of your time, but I know you will be in town soon for your wrestling show and your Father would like to see you and speak with you. I know that things have never been cordial between you two but he's willing to put that all behind him if you will, he really wants to see you Jason. Please, it would mean alot to me and him if you stopped by, even to say hi. Call me back soon please if you can. I love you, bye.
    The voicemail ends and Jason sits with his head hung low and his head in his hands. Penny rubs his shoulders in an attempt to console him as she can tell that voicemail made him uncomfortable.

    All of the sudden that bastard acts like he cares, why now?

    He takes the ice pack and hurls it at the wall in a rage. Startling Penny a little as she jumps.

    Are you going to go?

    He doesn't answer right away and stands there in silence, contemplating.

    I'll give him something to talk about.

    A devious smirk slightly forms as he says this before the scene ends.


    A few days later and the scene is now in San Diego where Back in Business will be held, but Jason came to town a few days in advance. He's alone for this part of the trip as he pulls up to a house in his car, grabs his title and gets out of the vehicle and walks to the door and knocks, soon enough his Mom answers.

    Oh Jason, I'm so glad you came, it's so good to see you!

    She gives him a hug, which he accepts a bit reluctantly.

    I didn't think you'd actually come even though you called...

    I'm here...where is he?

    Right here

    Says a voice, belonging to his Father.

    Good to see son

    His Father extends out his hand but Jason just stares at him.

    Ah well, I can understand that. I know that the last time we saw each other things didn't go so well but I'm willing to let that all go but I realize it may take some time for you...

    I may not be as easy to forgive as Mom here, god knows why she ever did in the first place...

    Jason, please...

    No, Marie it's fine. The boy is stubborn like his old man, it'll take time.

    Tell yourself that old man, make you feel better about yourself...

    Now son I don't want to cause a scene in front of your Mother but...

    Or what Dad, what will you do? Hit me like you did when I was younger

    That was only one time...

    Again, keep telling yourself that old man. You only choose to remember what you want to remember...

    There's a moment of silence before Jason's Mom breaks it up.

    Let's sit at the table and eat, come on I made some food. Like old times, please, for me?

    Jason brushes past them and takes a seat at the table, his parents follow suit with his Mom sitting at the end of the table and his Dad across from him. One chair remains empty at the other end of the table but a plate is set up there as if someone is going to sit there. Jason notices this and just stares emotionless at the empty spot.

    So what brings you to town son?

    Jason glares back at Father and doesn't answer but his Mom does.

    It's for that wrestling company he works for, they have an event in town coming up...

    You still do that crap?

    It beats being normal and working at a dead end job

    My job helped you get to where you're at today so don't you start with that

    Don't give me that crap "Dad", you don't know a damn thing about me or what I've been through

    I've seen what you do on the TV...

    Oh really, how come you didn't know why I was in town?

    I do have a tendency to forget

    Don't gotta tell me twice

    Do you really think what you're doing there is acceptable? Like hurting innocent woman or kidnapping them to get your rocks off? We didn't raise you that way

    You didn't raise me at all...

    Please, you two, can't we just have a nice meal for once?

    Marie's pleading with them falls on deaf ears.

    Oh yeah, well if I had you wouldn't be some sick freak on TV

    This seems to have set Jason off as he lunges across the table and pulls his Dad by his shirt collar across the table and throws him into the nearby wall, causing his Mother to scream in fear.

    Am I still some sick freak "Dad"? You gonna hit me back like old times? What's the matter old man, too weak?

    Jason grabs his Dad and puts him in a sleeper hold as his Mother tries to break it up before Jason seriously hurts his Dad. Finally he lets him go, his Dad coughing on the floor.

    I knew it was a bad idea to come here.

    Jason storms out and leaves the house, slamming the door behind him.


    Now Jason sits alone with a backdrop behind him in an unknown location with his title over his shoulder. He motions to it before beginning to speak.

    I said it before and I'll say it again, this right here is part of me. You see that blood on there, it's mine. No one is going to take this away from me no matter how hard they may try, this title gives me life. This is my heart, you take this away from me and I am no more. I am nothing without it and it is nothing without me. It doesn't matter who I have to beat in order to show that, whether it's Vincent Blackbird or Mark Merriwether....

    He rubs the scruff on his face.

    How many times Vincent? How many times am I going to have to beat you in order for you to understand that I am superior to you in every way? How many more little sluts of yours will have to be hurt? Their blood on your many more times Vincent? When will you get it? You can't beat me Vincent. Accept it and move on because you'll be better off. Accept the fact that I'm a better man than you'll ever be and that I'm more extreme than you'll ever be. Accept the fact that you're nothing than a shell of your former self. You're broken Vincent. Accept it. It's like what I told you last time Vincent, accept your fate. Just do it Vincent. Embrace the fact that you'll never be who you once were...

    It's like the story of Old Yeller, except this time no one is going to care when I put you down. This time you'll stay down for good too, no coming back from what I'm going to do to you. This isn't going to end well for you so you may as well not even show up and back out now and leave this fight to myself and pretty boy Mark. Your time is over Vincent, it's time for you accept that reality and back away now before it's too late.

    He smiles as he rubs his chin.

    Speaking of Mark, I don't really know who you are or why you're even in this match to begin with but even if I don't care about you doesn't mean I'll overlook you because that would be silly of me. You really are a non issue to me but that won't stop me from hurting you and your pretty face and making you suffer. Have you seen what I'm capable of Mark? Do you know what I do to people? Apparently you don't or else you wouldn't be in this match. This isn't one of those crappy movies you make in Hollywood, this is the real thing Mark. No stuntmen to protect you from what I'm going to do to you. When I'm standing across from you in that ring and see that fear in your eyes I'll know that I've already won. You haven't spoken a word so far about this match and that's probably because you're afraid of what I might do to you and you've got piss running down your leg knowing that you'll have to face me. I'm in your head already Mark and you don't even know it. I live off of the fear of others and your fear gives me joy Mark, it brings me happiness that I couldn't even begin to describe.

    What else brings me happiness Mark? Your pain and suffering. The misery you'll be feeling when you're in that ring with me. It soothes me Mark, it makes me feel alive. So again I ask you Mark, do you know what I'm capable of? Do you know what you're getting yourself into? I hope you're ready Mark. Don't worry, I'll try to make it quick. I want to spend most of my time with my old pal Vinnie...

    He holds the title out and stands up from his seat.

    Mark, be ready to face your fears, and as for you Vincent...accept your fate.

    His cold stare is the last thing to be seen as the scene ends.


    OOC Notes: Not my best work and not exactly how I had envisioned it but this is what turned out, hope it'll suffice. I wanted to try to dive a little into Jason's backstory and this was my attempt. I'll have Penny's promo up ASAP.

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    Chicago, IL

    -Camera opens up and we see Izzy standing in a Hot Topic-

    Izzy: Oh hey, didn’t see ya there... Hellooo I am Izzy Van Doren. Chicago’s Favorite Gal! Welcome to the Van Doren Diaries… and welcome to my home away from home!

    -Camera cuts to her sitting on a brown leather couch as she answers some questions from the camera crew.-

    Izzy: We’re here at Hot Topic doing an appearance to promote Back in Business XI and I get to meet all the fans and hopefully I’m gonna be walking out of here with some cool stuff.

    Q: Favorite store
    Izzy: Hot Topic, duh. Practically all of my closet comes from here.

    Q: Food you hate
    Izzy: Anything extremely sweet.

    Q: Food you can’t live without
    Izzy: Oh man I love Donuts. Perfect post workout food.

    Q: Wait donuts are sweet as hell
    Izzy: Anything with a LOT of icing just makes my teeth shiver, oh god that feeling makes me cringe. Donuts are sweet but I usually only eat them after a workout… usually.

    Q: All time favorite wrestler
    Izzy: Shannon O’Neal. She kicks major butt and I dig her style.

    Q: First concert
    Izzy: My Chemical Romance. I “went to a sleepover” at my friend’s house. Best night ever. Gerard is still my husband.

    Q: Favorite band
    Izzy: Paramore, MCR, Ramones, The Distillers, and of course NOFX. WAY too many to name to be honest.

    Q: What’s the last song you listened to
    Izzy: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

    Q: Music guilty pleasure
    Izzy: Oh god there’s a lot. Crucified by Army of Lovers is great, I grew up jamming out to Candy by Mandy Moore, and Escape by Rupert Holmes to name a few.

    Q: Question you hate
    Izzy: -in a mocking tone- “Why do you only listen to punk rock?” Like I listen to more things than just punk rock. For real, I love Chris Stapleton, Steve Miller Band, Tech N9ne and who doesn’t like to smash to Barry White or R. Kelly. So people I don’t just listen to punk, I listen to anything and everything.

    Q: Spirit animal
    Izzy: Probably a Corgi… an all black corgi.

    Q: Celebrity Doppleganger
    Izzy: Ruby Rose? -She shrugs.- I don’t know. I’m a little chubbier than her, but I seem to hear her name a lot.

    Q: If you could have a one stand with anyone, no baggage
    Izzy: Oooo… That’s tough. One night with Chris Hemsworth and Mercedes Carrera…

    Q: Where’s your happy place
    Izzy: I have two. One is in a wrestling ring when I’m about to dive. You just let everything go and let the rush of adrenaline kick in. Two is my bed after a long tour.

    Q: Alone
    Izzy: -she laughs awkwardly- Ahaaa... Yes, currently alone.

    Q: Are you looking for a mate
    Izzy: Nah… not right now.

    Q: Who do you think is your biggest threat in the FWA
    Izzy: I’m not threatened by anyone, but if you want an answer. Anyone who’s in my way.

    Q: Have you ever had a major injury
    Izzy: I did my top rope somersault and I got knocked loopy for a while. Other than that nothing. I’m oddly extremely careful.

    Q: We gotta wrap this up, any last message for the FWA universe
    Izzy: Hey, thanks for inviting me into the company with open arms. I got here a little late but I sure am glad to be here.

    -The interview footage fades out into black as Izzy laughs and the video ends.-

    Later that day; still at Hot Topic

    -Izzy has an armful of clothes picked out and keeps looking for more plunder. She’s browsing the band shirt section when another customer walks to her side.-

    ???: -Clears his throat- Excuse me, you’re Izzy Van Doren right?

    Izzy: -She turns her head to look at him and smiles at him.- Y-yeah. You a fan?

    ???: Sure, we can say that.

    Izzy: -She breaks from her trance.- Am I in your way do I need to move? I’m sorry, man.

    ???: You’ll never be in my way, you're where I want to be.

    Izzy: You’re a wrestler? What’s your name?

    Trystan: I’m Trystan, Trystan Sour. Yeah, I wrestle a bit. -He extends a hand to Izzy.-

    Izzy: Well it’s always nice to meet another member of the wrestling game. -She piles her belongings in one arm and shakes Trystan’s hand.- Wait if you wrestle, where is it? I thought I would’ve seen you around Chicago a bit.

    Trystan: -Trystan shakes her hand.- I’m new to the area. I’m from the L.A. area and have been in Japan for the last couple of years.

    Izzy: Ahh, big American gaijin in Japan, huh? -She giggles.- Well Mr. California, welcome to the Windy City. It’s cold and the wind cuts you like a knife, but it’s my home.

    Trystan: I’ve been here a few weeks but I plan on not being here when Old Man Winter shows up. -He laughs and gives Izzy a flirty smile as he pulls out a Bring Me The Horizon t-shirt.- This fuckin’ band is amazing!

    Izzy: You like them too? What’s your favorite song?

    Trystan: Hmmm, man there’s so many. I think I connect to Can You Feel My Heart the most? Happy Song has been my entrance song for a while. But to be honest heavy stuff I like a bit better, the Suicide Season album destroys every time hear it. -He takes off his shirt right in the middle of the store and tries on the new shirt. He covered in tattoos.-

    Izzy: -She hides her blushing face with her merch. She takes in his artwork.- Dude… that’s some sick ink! -Izzy’s mouth is wide open.-

    Trystan: Your work is pretty stellar as well Izzy. -Trystan reaches towards Izzy and closes her mouth.- You make it like you never seen a dude topless before?

    Izzy: Well thanks… Don’t expect me to take my shirt off in the middle of Hot Topic to show you mine. -She awkwardly laughs.- I’ve seen a dudes shirtless before. Just not one that does it to impress me...

    Trystan: Well… I’m not everyone there sweetie and when I’m trying to impress you you’ll know. -He give her a wry smile.-

    Izzy: Okay Mr. Smooth Talker… what’s the deal? Someone put you to this? This a dare your bros put you up to? Am I on Punk’d? Is that still a thing?

    Trystan: Really? What’s up with the Great Wall of China in front of you? Why couldn’t a guy know that a totally hot FWA female talent be doing a signing and show up. And I literally just got back from Japan a few weeks ago and they don’t have changing rooms and I kinda forgot. -He realizes he should have used the changing room. He picks up a another shirt.-

    Izzy: Just put your shirt back on please. People are staring over here and it’s making me feel really uncomfortable.

    Trystan: Okay. -He puts on the shirt he arrived in.- Well it was nice to meet you Izzy, I wouldn’t want to draw too much attention to you. -He heads towards to cash register.-

    Izzy: Hey you don’t have to leave? I just wanted your shirt back on.

    Trystan: Are you sure? -He says as he waits in line to pay.-

    Izzy: Yeah dude if you wanna talk more I’m free the rest of the day. I’m just collecting free stuff for coming here.

    Trystan: That’s interesting so do I, well that’s until the Fall of Troy show tonight of course. Are you going?

    Izzy: -She drops her mound of clothes on the floor in excitement.- I DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS ONE! HELL YEAH I’M GOING! -She realizes what she did and picks them back up.-

    Trystan: Yeah they’re playing with ‘68 tonight, but there’s one issue for you Izzy. It’s sold out.

    Izzy: Aw man, really? That would’ve been a sick show too!

    Trystan: Hmmmm, the lucky thing for you is that my buddy he in town bailed on me and I may have the only available tic in town. -He winks at Izzy.-

    Izzy: Oh I see… you want something in return for it right?

    Trystan: Man, there’s that wall again. Why would I need something to go see a show with you?

    Izzy: Wait what really? No picture of my… hooha or everything? Nothing? You just wanna hang out?

    Trystan: Who broke you? Wow… Just WOW! No Izzy I have the internet and if I wanna oogle at pics of you I can find it there. I was just looking for a cool person to go to a show with?

    Izzy: Well Trystan, you just found your concert buddy! Let me pay for this and get outta here first though. If I’m going to a concert I’ve gotta get back to my apartment and change. I can meet you at the venue if that’s okay with you?

    Trystan: Why not make a night of it? I got a new tee to wear and I ain’t got no plans till the show at the Metro. We’ll have to bite before, right? Who goes to a show on an empty stomach?

    Izzy: Yeah… now that you mention it… I am kinda starving. I’ve only had a donut today. Where do you feel like going? I’m open to taking you around and showing you some places or if you like to eat mainstream we can go somewhere else.

    Trystan: You’re the one from here, we can jump in the Jeep and I follow directions really well. But if I have to eat at another fast food joint all of this going to go away. -He lifts his shirt a little to show his abs.-

    Izzy: Well let’s get the hell out of here and we’ll grab some food. I’m just gonna grab some more stuff. -She laughs.-

    Trystan: I’m here, let me hold those for you. -He takes the pile of merch from her hands and waits patiently.-

    Izzy: Thanks man.

    -Izzy looks through more of the store. In total, she finds two pairs of pants, seven t shirts, four tops, and two dresses. Izzy grabs some pins and patches on her way out and her and Trystan leave the mall. They put Izzy’s large bags in the back of Trystan’s Jeep and drive to her apartment so Izzy can change as promised. She changes into a pair of black high waist shorts and a white crop tank top. She reaches into her closet and grabs a red flannel shirt and a worn pair of Chuck Taylor’s. She walks out of her room to see Trystan on the couch.-

    Izzy: What do you think? -She spins around showing off the spine printed on the back of her overshirt.- I got some of this today and I wanted to wear some of it out. You think I need anything?

    Trystan: -Trying to keep his cool.- Yeah you might wanna grab a hoodie just in case it’s chilly tonight? Wow you look really good.

    Izzy: Good idea. -She walks over to the chair across from the couch and bends over to grab her black hooded leather jacket. Trystan tries to avoid looking at her ass. She puts her jacket on and looks at Trystan.- W-were you watching me bend over?

    Trystan: Did you want me to, is that why you just happened bent with your perfect ass towards me? Yeah I looked do you blame me?

    Izzy: Okay buckaroo. I appreciate the compliment, you can look all you want but no touching.

    Trystan: -Trystan puts both hands up.- I’d never do such a thing without an invite, sweetie. No worries there.

    Izzy: -She smiles and winks at Trystan.- Good boy.

    Trystan: So you got a match at the Back in Business, right. Who you going up against? I got tix to that as well, I hope to meet some FWA brass that night. It’s a six person tag if I remember correctly.

    Izzy: Yeah it’s me and some guys called the Sin City Vultures against Penny and Genocide. It honestly feels really weird being the most sane person in a match for once.

    Trystan: Sanity is the most overrated word in the dictionary. I’ve met some people that society called insane that were really just misunderstood. That’s not me, but just sayin. I’ve been out of the country for a bit tell me about them, what the work here?

    Izzy: So from what they’ve sent out… the Vultures are coming in to “save” and “feast on the flesh” of the FWA… I don’t really know what that means, and I have no idea what side of the fence I’m on. I’m just hoping this is the first and last time I gotta team with them.

    Trystan: What about Penny and the other cats? I’ve heard of her before.

    Izzy: Penny… ooo boy… she is one crazy kitty. I had her as my debut opponent last Fight Night and I beat her. She’s got crazy beady eyes, crazy mannerisms, and a crazy boyfriend who just so happens to be X Division Champion. She’s carrying around this leash with her looking for a new friend and apparently that happens to be me. My lucky day…

    Trystan: That’s kinda weird? -He looks a Izzy with a scrunched face.-

    Izzy: Tell me about it. I had to get an earful of it when we fought. With her is this team called The Genocide, Graves and Sinn are their actual names. Graves looks like a clown college dropout and it’s probably because he scared way too many kids. Sinn is this big hulking guy. He’s 7’2’’, 345 lbs and I’m honestly terrified if we get alone in the ring. He’s the toughest person in the match. He’s like this silent masochistic monster and it freaks me out.

    Trystan: Are you sure that he’s the toughest one in the match. I’ve seen a few of you matches on YouTube.

    Izzy: -She laughs.- Oh please I’m just a girl who enjoys her music and likes hurt people.

    Trystan: Yeah... The hurting people part is what I was talking about! -He laughs as well.- Hey I got an idea, I used to do this all the time in Japan. How bout we make a vid a post it to the FWA website? Let them have it girl!

    Izzy: Heck yeah! -Trystan starts to record Izzy. He gives he a thumbs up when the recording starts.- Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am Izzy Van Doren. The Loudest Front Woman in Wrestling, Chicago’s Favorite Gal, a Fun Sized Firecracker and the Petite Punk Rock Powerhouse! AAAAnd welcome to another installment of the Van Doren Diaries… FWA fans, I can proudly say I was victorious in my debut when I defeated Penny. Unfortunately, I didn’t knock any of the crazy out of her like I had hoped I would have because at Back in Business XI I have a 6 person tag match pitting myself and the also debuting Sin City Vultures against Penny and her new friends The Genocide. Penny, you had your chance to beat me and you failed. You wanted a rematch and I was glad to give you one. Unfortunately, you had to bring in some extra muscle to help you. Graves and Sinn… now I’ll admit they’re a little intimidating, but knowing how they wrestle, they are just two Bozo and Jason rip offs that are going down. Luckily, I have some help of my own. Granted I didn’t find them, they found me. Izfit Fiends, it’s mind boggling to think that I’m the least crazy person in this match, but you know what beggars can’t be choosers. Vultures, I don’t know you or what importance I have to your goal but if it means we’re a team I’m all for it. It’s gonna be a good start to Back in Business I can guarantee that. By the end of the night, the Vultures and I will standing tall and we’ll have won our PPV debuts. What can you expect to see? A whole lot of craziness, a whole lot of headbutts, but at the end of the match one person is gonna say Adios Amigos and they’ll stare up at the lights. This will conclude our broadcast. I’ve been your host, Izzy “Xena the Windy City Warrior Princess” Van Doren and don’t forget to always wear your seatbelt when you rock out in your car. -Trystan ends the video.- How was that?

    Trystan: Very cool, I’m really impressed. We’ll get the vid up there right away. Hey we should get going so we can get that bite and then get our faces ripped off by Fall of Troy!

    -Izzy and Trystan rush out the door and into Trystan’s Jeep and go grab some food at a nearby Subway. After their small dinner the two make their way downtown to the Metro for Fall of Troy and ‘68’s show. Izzy is the first in the pit and gets down and dirty with some of the other concert goers. She encourages Trystan to join her and through some convincing from another girl he finally does. One night full of hardcore music later, Trystan and Izzy get back into the Jeep and drive back to Izzy’s apartment. Along the way, Tristan breaks their silence.-

    Trystan: That was an AMAZING show, thank you for joining me. But during our conversation earlier I hear a something you kinda keep saying. You don’t feel totally comfortable with anyone in this match do you? Your partners included.

    Izzy: -Slurring her speech a little.- I don’t to be honest. Penny and Genocide are a couple of insane asylum patients with no hospital and the Vultures are just now debuting and I just really don’t trust them. They’re way too vague about what they want to do there. But I’m not scared to be in a match with any of them, I look forward to it.

    Trystan: As you noticed I never said scared, Anyone that starts a moshpit is clearly not scared. And you blew that one kid up so hard I’m surprised he got up. But, what I’m saying is that I feel we really hit it off and I’m going to the event anyways. -Trystan looks for the was to say the next part.- I need to make a statement Iz, how’s about you list me as you valet and I insure that all is well for you in the crazy house?

    Izzy: That’s what you want in return? To be a valet? It’s a little too close to the pay per view for me to show up with some new guy. I don’t have much pull in the FWA because I just started, but I will see what I can do for you to get you a tryout.

    Trystan: I by no means wanna be a valet, but I do want to protect the coolest chick I’ve met in forever. You can bring anyone you want to the ring with you Iz, come on you know that. Don’t joke yourself Great Wall of China, you had a blast with me tonight and you keep asking what my return is. -They stop at a red light.- I know what I want in return is. May I touch your face, remember I told you I wouldn’t unless I asked first?

    Izzy: -She looks down, laughs, and blushes.- Well Speed Racer, I guess it’s the least I could do.

    Trystan: -He looks straight at Izzy in the eyes and right as he’s about to go in for a kiss the light turns green.- Damnit! Can I have a rain check on that moment?

    Izzy: S-sure. -She laughs and puts her hair back behind her ear.-

    -Trystan drive the rest of the way to Izzy’s apartment. When they arrive they have the moment that Trystan was trying to create at the red light. They end the night with these last words at the door of her apartment.-

    Trystan: So what do you think, do I get to guard this body at Back in Business? -He runs his finger from Izzy’s forehead down her nose to her chin.-

    Izzy: -Her breathing hastens and becomes more heavy.- You can guard it tonight if you’re up for it, tiger… -She opens her door and starts to undo her flannel top.-

    Trystan: I thought you’d never ask! -He grabs her by the face and the two kiss again as they make their way into the apartment and the evening end on a high note.-

    -Izzy wakes up on her couch with a blanket covering her. She yawns and the blanket falls revealing her body to the cold air in her apartment. She freezes up and covers herself looking for Trystan but he’s nowhere in sight. On Izzy’s coffee table, next to a condom wrapper, is a note saying “See you at BIB <3”. She can’t remember all of what happened last night, but whatever did, looks pretty awesome to her. She gets up and gets in the shower. When she get out from showering there’s a text from a number not stored in her phone… “Did you have fun last night beautiful?”-


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    Mind Games

    Following the June 23rd edition of Fight Night and their successful title defrense against Tristan James Galloway and Tommy Thunder, The Olympians have returned to Greece and to Hotel "Poseidon" where they will rest for a few days before flying to San Diego for Back in Business. While Dionysus - being his typical self - is throwing a party to celebrate the success of The Olympians in FWA, Ares has distanced himself in his room, waiting to see if the mysterious stalker who is dressing up as Hades has followed him back in Greece. Ares is prepared to get his hands dirty in case that person shows up as he walks back and forth in his room. Eventually, the lights in the room start to flicker and Ares spots a figure outside the window. He quickly goes to check it out but a noise from outside his door stops him. He quickly opens the door and finds the strange woman dressed in a robe and a large hood standing in front of him.

    "You...You were there that night. Who are you? What do you want from me?"

    The woman goes to lift her hood but suddenly she sprays something in Ares' face, blinding him. Ares covers his face unable to see as someone else comes from behind, turns him around and punches him down. The woman looks down at Ares and says...

    "There will be Four of us again. Very soon, Death will arrive."

    Then Ares receives a kick to the head that knocks him unconcious.


    About an hour later, Ares feel someone shaking him as he wakes up. He quickly jumps up and pushes that person down before going to throw a punch. He quickly stops though as he realizes that that person was Dionysus.

    "Shit man, what the hell?"

    "I...I'm sorry. It's just that..."

    "What's going on man? Why were you knocked out? Have you been drinking?"

    "No...I'll explain everything soon."

    "No, not soon. NOW. Something's off about you for weeks man so you are going to tell me what's going on right now."

    Back In Business

    Later, Ares and Dionysus are sitting across a table on the Hotel's balcony.

    "Man, that's some creepy shit! How long has this been going on?"

    "A few weeks."

    "Jesus man, why didn't you say anything?"

    "Say what? That some lunatic dressed as a mythological God is stalking me and along with some other weirdos they attacked and abducted me?"

    "You should go to the police. I mean this is way out of our paycheck."

    "No, not the police not now. I'm going to find who those bastards are and I'm going to take care of them myself."

    "Listen to me, these guys sound really dangerous. Like seriously dangerous, not like Eyesnsane dangerous. This isn't our typical go-to-the-ring threat, this isn't about competition and it has nothing to do with the Tag Team titles. I don't know who those freaks are but they are either crazy or really freaking crazy. What if they try to kill you man? You can't let this continue like that. I say call the police, have them investigate-"

    "With the police, reporters will come too and a day later we'll be on the newspapers and on tv. Believe me, we don't need this publicity. I'll do this quietly, I'll take care of those guys. They won't get the jump on me again."

    "Alright, alright...but you are not alone in this man. Whatever you need, whatever that might be, I've got your back bro."

    "Thanks man, Means a lot."

    "I know you've got a lot in your head right now but we have to get ready for Back in Business. We cannot let those jokers of the Heartbreak Express steal our moment. This is it, this is our moment to shine and show everyone what we've got. We will win."

    "We will retain the titles..."

    "...And then we will finally ditch the old man. Deal?"


    "Everything will change after Back in Business. Everything will change for the better."

    "Yes. And once I'm done with the stalkers I'll have everything I need to get my daughter back. I may have lost Dinah but I will not lose Zoe. My daughter is all I have."

    Carnival Of The Gods - Part 3

    We find Zeus sitting on his throne with his sons Ares and Dionysus by his side. Ares and Dionysus are wearing their tag team title belts as they stand next to their father.

    - Zeus -

    "So here we are. How do you call it? Oh yes, the 'big leagues'. This is supposed to be the biggest event of this organization. Back in Business. For us however it's mostly Business as Usual. Once again our request for worthy competition was ignored by Ashley 'O Ryan. Instead of providing us with a challenge he is giving us two boys and a girl. Instead of fighting a team of warriors we are fighting a duo of misfits and their whore. They call themselves "The Heartbreak Express" and what is it? Two months since they arrived in this company? And in less than two months they are handed a golden opportunity to stand face to face against two Gods on the grandest stage of them all. Do you know how I call this Mr. O'Ryan? I call this being desperate. You are desperate son because you know you've got no one to challenge us. If you are not able to do your job properly then perhaps you should consider handing your position to someone more suitable. Someone who would appreciate the fact that their Tag Team Division is the home of the Gods. We saved this division, we are carrying this division and what do we get as a tribute? Absolutely nothing."

    "And now apparently we have to address our opponents and next challengers for the Tag Team titles. Julian Watson and Ryan Martin; two boys led by a witch called Madison Banks. You know, some say that the Devil walks the Earth wearing the face of a woman. Pure evil that seduces you, leads you to a dangerous path, a point of no return. Now these boys, Ryan and Julian, they are the victims here. They blindly follow that woman and they do whatever she tells them to do. Like mindless husks."

    - Ares -

    "Like a bunch of losers."

    - Dionysus -

    "Like zombies."

    - Ares -


    - Dionysus -


    - Zeus -

    "What's that? Is it good?"

    - Dionysus -

    "Well, for those who are alive it is not. For the dead though...I don't know it may be some sort of honorary distinction."

    - Zeus -

    "Well...anyway, I'm sure there's nothing 'honorary' about those two. Now Madison Banks is trying to make a name for herself by using those two boys like a typical woman that simply cannot succeed on her own. Madison you are weak, you are pathetic and you will lose everything because you don't deserve anything. You wanted two men to use to get to the top but you choose the wrong people. Those two are only going to make you go even lower than you already are. I can see it now, how disappointed your mother will be, how angry your father will be and how devastated you will be when you realize that you are just a stupid little girl that has no place in this world. This world belongs to the Gods, this world was build by men and this world owes everything to Greece because we gave everyone everything they needed to survive and thrive! So we will not allow a woman to succeed by stepping on the shoulders of two man. We are going to crash the Heartbreak Express and by doing so we might actual help those fools realize that as long as they have this woman on their side they will never succeed. They will always be doomed to fail."

    "And so the Carnival of The Gods continues and it goes through Back in Business but believe me when I say that my patience is running out. We will no longer tolerate being disrespected by the management and we will no longer waste our time with unworthy opponents that do not deserve to even look us in the eye. We've warned you time after time, after time Mr. O'Ryan but you have yet to take us seriously. This shall be your final warning. After Back in Business we will be expecting you to find us a worthy competition. If you fail to deliver that then we will take matters into our own hands and you sir will be the first to feel the wrath of The Gods. The blood of those kids and that girl will be on your hands Mr. O'Ryan. Disrespect the Gods again and it will be your blood on Our hands."

    Heart Broken

    The man dressed as Hades, who has been torturing Ares for the past couple of weeks, enters a dark room in an unknown location. He stands there for a while until soon the woman dressed in a robe and a hood to cover her head enters the room as well. They stand next to each other for a few seconds and then finally the woman breaks the silence...

    "Are we close yet?"

    "Closer than you think."

    "And what about the Carnival?"

    "Don't worry babe..."

    He pulls off his mask to reveal himself as...Dionysus!!

    "I've got this."

    "That's what I like to hear."

    The woman pulls off her hood to reveal herself as Dinah, Ares' ex-wife!!

    "Now, come here."

    Dionysus and Dinah proceed to lock lips and make out as the scene fades to black.



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    Contritionem Praecedit Superbia
    Pride Precedes Destruction

    July 1st, 2017
    Church of His Most Holy Lord
    5 Miles From Salem, Massachusetts

    The candles upon the pulpit burn ever so faintly in the old church, built long before many a man walked the earth today and centuries past. It was but a monastery in the late 1600's, during the time of the Golden Age of Piracy, when men of all walks of life came together in the Caribbean to conquer and beset the region with strife between the four major colonial powers: England, Spain, France, and Holland. The monastery was set somewhere in the New England back country, several miles from the Massachusetts town of Salem, and also built as a coastal port for those traveling between Florida and the English colonies. It has had a long history of Indian attacks, witch accusations, remnants of the Revolution, and of course, the inevitable atrophy.

    The occupants of this monastery were an order of Monks who on the surface were veiled as a common Catholic missionary; this was recorded for much of history as an unimportant yet notable place for supplies from travelers along the Atlantic coast during post Piracy Age period, where man massively immigrated to the New World to seek a new life in the Americas. In truth, during the 1690's, the time of the Salem Witch Trials, a dark cacophony could be heard from the hills leading towards the missionary in the dead of night and there had been whispers and solemn rumors of fatalistic and egregious black magic by the local Salem townsfolk. The Indians on the other hand proclaimed it was the work of evil men calling forth dark spirits. One thing was for sure, nothing was ever truly known in regards to what the monks were undertaking.

    This was until the time of the American Civil War, in which the Massachusetts 2nd Regiment took hold of the then abandoned monastery and utilized it as a temporary headquarters during the war. It was then that secret tunnels were discovered in the subterranean areas of this missionary. Here the Union soldiers came across unreadable books and undecipherable symbols, as if they had found a long dead religion. They coveted the books and many of the symbols, including a fetish idol of Dagon; now they sit in the Restricted Areas of the library in Brown University. Since then, the items have been claimed to be haunted; the University agrees, as students are disallowed to borrow or even touch these articles.

    The monastery was refashioned into a church following Reconstruction and slowly had been rebuilt over the years. Now, in 2017, it remained reminiscent of the way it was during the late-19th Century. The pulpit was built from granite and smoothed out with niches and indentations of Christ the sacrificial lamb. The pews were fashioned from mahogany wood and varnished by the finest of carpenters, with the carpets made of true silk and hued into a majestic royal violet. The walls maintained their strange masonry from the time it was built in the Piracy Age; it seemed as if it was fashioned after Cyclopean architecture, not found during that time period but from ancient Mycenae of the B.C. Era. The windows of stained glass appeared middle-18th Century work from England. The sunlight peered through these windows with spectacular arrays of color; one could indeed see many hues and be blinded by the beauty of these rays. At night, candles upon the walls remained lit in consideration of those who dwell in the night and still believe in paying their respects to their God. The altar itself is quite old and made of the same Cyclopean architecture that the monastery itself was built from. Before it, a incredible and beguilingly large statue of Jesus on the Cross, made entirely of bronze.

    Here, at night, in this historic and fabled missionary for monks of a mysterious faith, sat in the furthermost pew towards the pulpit, in the corner, a peculiar person of estranged personality and mental aspiration. His body was cloaked in a dark cloth, seemingly a black coat; and his brown hair grew to his shoulders, frayed and seemingly unkempt from lack of proper hygiene. He held a King James Bible in his hands, delicately turning the pages before stopping at Proverbs 16:18, which stated, "Pride comes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall." His eyes lit up, as if finding an answer, and a wicked grin grew mightily across his face, which bore many scars from battles past.

    ???: In Christian Theology, there is a Cardinal Rule that man must not commit the Seven Deadly Sins. What are these sins? Greed, Lust, Envy, Sloth, Gluttony, Wrath, and Pride; they make up the foundation of the Christian ideology. They talk fearfully of the sins, and rightfully so, for they are the destroyer of man. However, it should be noted that irregardless their false religion and their indispensable "gods", they are fundamentally right to fear the destructive and seductive abilities of these emotions. For what has moved more mountains, destroyed more civilizations, enslaved more men than the most dangerous emotion of all: Pride.

    The man runs his hand against the aged paper of the Bible, knowing that it is many years old and has been handled by many a religious person. His fingernails looked wretched and black with decay and the look of poor care over the many years. His wrists and forearms, maintain scars, much like his face. He indeed, looks broken down and appears to be horrid, but there is a subtle vigor and entrancing way with words that makes him more pleasing than the jarring and deceptive looks make him out to be. He slowly stands and steps forth upon the pulpit, rising to the heights of which the Priest enters to give the word of his Lord. He looks out upon the empty pews and nods his head, as if understanding something we were not meant to.

    ???: Pride and Ambition are a deadly combination, of course. The greatest of conquerors had the ambition and pride that led to their downfall: Hitler, Pot, Napoleon... You get the idea. These men were at the top of the world and they fell from their perch, because they became too proud and too ambitious. That was their fatal flaw, of course. They could not understand their own limits and everything they built up fell apart, right before them. There has been many an empire that has conquered much of the world and fallen from inside, but listing them would be utterly pointless, because you already get the idea. That would just be me repeating myself.

    The man places both hands upon the stone tablet that lay upon the podium in the pulpit. It is a reconstruction of the tablet which Moses himself received from God on the mountain. The Ten Commandments are written out in Hebrew, and the stone itself is covered in effluvial grime, seemingly less taken care of in recent years.

    ???: I do mean what I say when I proclaim that Pride is the most dangerous entity in existence, as it has moved mountains and has caused great pain and death. Ambition has done much the same. So I say this in relation to my future... for I am the force that ends those with too much Pride. I am the force that destroys those with too much Ambition. I am he who will walk forth on his path in Reality. I stand here, as the man who will end he who has too much. I will take from those who do not deserve it.

    He raises his arms slowly, reaching outwards, as if preaching to the choir for his voice to be heard. He stands like a dark messenger, bringing news from terrifying vistas and valleys of darkness. The flickering shadows from which the candlelight highlights dances vigorously and ferociously at the words the brings forth.

    ???: The people who have too much do not even know it. They don't realize how perfect their position is, so they continue to ask for more in the hopes of someday satiating their hunger. Then, when they do realize their own place, it is too late. Everything around them has crumbled to dust and they are on the edge of a great abyss, with nowhere to go. Such a man is Mr. Parr, the subject of my concentration, the only thing I'm thinking about. Everything else doesn't matter.

    His hands lower and the smile on his face fades away sharply and quickly. A sneer rises forth and genuine disgust is seen upon his face and clearly visible in his pale blue eyes.

    ???: You see, my friend, you have too much and don't even know it. You should have been just happy being the champion you are, but you have too much ambition, much like many of those men of centuries past. You want more, even though you don't realize how far you've come. You are the North American Champion, and have been for nearly a year. You have survived wars with major foes and with Michael Garcia, a man who is far more like you than you realize. He too, wanted to be a conqueror; a man who could, with a flick of his fingers, could bring down his enemies and expand his own empire. Unfortunately for Garcia, he is nothing but a fraud, and always has been. You on the other hand are a bona fide conqueror. You have repelled attacks and expanded your own territory, ingraining yourself deep into the prestige of the North American Championship. Unfortunately, you have met the limits of your true strength and the end of your time as a champion draws near. It may not be at Back in Business, but the beginning of the end starts there.

    I've been wandering the world for over thirteen years, and I have seen much in those many years. I've seen the farthest that man has been willing to go to succeed and conquer. I've seen the darkest and blackest of hearts overcome the purest of blood. I was once a conqueror, a man who did not know my limits; but of course, I am no longer man, but a God. I do not accept the title of conqueror, I refuse to be like those who have failed. I am he who conquers the conquerors, even above the greatest of men. I've overcome this shell of a body and overcome its own treacherous and fallible desires. I have but one true desire: to show man the truth. Those who do not see the truth, are often those who ask for too much... like Mr. Parr. I intend to show him much about his place and the secrets of this world.

    This man, with conviction in his eyes and in his voice, steps down from the pulpit; he looks towards the altar, looking up upon the grimaced face of the Bronze Jesus. He grows a little smirk, before quickly wiping it away and stepping towards it.

    ???: The clock begins, my friends. Soon everyone shall begin to learn their place in the world. Dark glimpses of the unending aeons will bring on the crumbling destruction of empires, civilizations, and the great works of aesthetes and conquerors alike. Mr. Parr must learn that he is nothingness in the vast province of space and time. Very much like conquerors, he too, will show that his pride brings about his fall from grace. This is a common motif of Humanity, which is exactly why I have adopted the name in ages past.

    The man, now known as Humanity, steps from the altar and towards the entrance door, made of olden pine, which has whittled and rotted somewhat with grime from the passing centuries. His black boots step on the lovely velvet carpet and unsettle the dust on the ground. He stands before the door, taking on last glance at the old chapel and gives a small, delicate smile, showing some semblance of sympathy.

    Humanity: Y'know... this place reminds me much of myself. It's older, and it's been run-down over the years from neglect and many other factors. However, it continues to maintain its mystique despite falling from grace. Even after abandoning my true self and adopting pathetic human emotions, I never lost my mystique. People often wonder what I think, what I'll say, and what I'll do next. Sometimes, even I don't know... What I do know, however, is that I do it in the name of the truth. Even when I fell from my throne, I rose back up from the depths of despair and clawed my way out of the darkness and found my true self again. I've come to accept who I truly am... can you, the man with too much pride, find the true you?

    The man who claims to be Humanity steps pushes the broad wooden door with both hands, the light from candles illuminating the dark path just outside the church, which winds through the woods and hills of the Massachusetts back country. The doors close behind him, and the ancient and mysterious chapel, built in the Golden Age of Piracy, casts a wind upon its candles, blowing them out and allowing only darkness to creep through the pews and pulpit.

    OOC: Not really as long as I wanted, but I think I did alright considering. I'd really like some opinions on my promo though, I do need some constructive criticism to get better.

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    The feint sound of crying can be heard in the halls of the arena as our scene begins with Katie Lynn Goldsmith walking along the way when she hears the crying. She stops and follows the source of the crying until reaching it and realizing it's Penny, in a fetal position and tears streaming down her face. Katie's look of concern turns to disgust mixed in with a little fear as she looks to turn around and go back where she came but she's stopped as Penny puts her hand on Katie's shoulder.

    Don't go Katie!

    Penny says, through tears and sniffles. Katie on the other hand is having none of it and removes Penny's hand.

    Don't touch me!

    What's the matter Katie? You don't want to be my friend either?

    Why would I want to be your friend you psycho bitch?! You and your whacked out boyfriend kidnapped me just a few weeks ago, don't you remember? Or is your mind so warped that you don't even remember?

    Penny lets out a sniffles as her tears begin to stop.

    Oh we didn't mean anything by it Katie, we just wanted to play! Well, I did at least. Jason told me that you and I were going to be the best of friends if I did when he asked me to get you. I'm sorry if I hurt you Katie, I didn't mean anything by it I swear it!

    Do you really think I'm going to believe that? I'm not as gullible as you are! He's got you so brainwashed, you do realize that don't you? Again, why am I asking you this?

    Penny's head tilts to the side as she stares at Katie.

    What did you say about Jason, Katie?

    Katie realizing what she's done has set Penny off but before she can react Penny grabs her and pushes back into some steel fencing.

    What did you say about my Jason?! You don't speak about him like that, you hear me?! You're supposed to be my friend and friends don't talk about others like that, especially if it's someone that that friend cares about so very much! You're just like Izzy, she was supposed to be my friend and she hurt me last week! Do you know how that made me feel Katie, do you?! It made me sad Katie, it made me really sad. Do you know why it made me sad Katie?

    Katie tries to free herself but Penny's grip tightens. Katie begins to tremble and a tear rolls down her cheek, causing Penny to giggle.

    Oh you're so scared Katie, sweet innocent Katie! Don't be scared, we're friends I wouldn't really hurt you. Izzy on the other hand, she's the one that should be scared Katie. I'm going to have to hurt her so bad Katie, that's what makes me so sad. I have to hurt Izzy because she hurt me...

    Penny releases Katie and Katie drops down to the floor in fear, Penny backs away a little.

    My new friends and I, Genocide are going to hurt Izzy and her new Vulture friends. Genocide understands me, they don't judge. They don't want to hurt me like Izzy did, they want to help me. Just like Jason helps me and just like you would help me if I ever asked, wouldn't you Katie?

    Penny kneels down and crawls closer to Katie so they're face to face now. Katie nods her head, fearing for her life.

    Oh goody, Katie I'm so glad we can be friends and share this moment together! Izzy could have had this with us but she had to go and be selfish. She had to mean and do things her way, so now I'm forced to do things my way and when I'm through with Izzy and she's left on the mat, writhing in agony and defeat, she's going to regret ever hurting me and turning her back on me when all I wanted was to be friends. It could have been so much easier for her had she not made the mistake that she did but now she has no one to blame but herself...

    Penny slowly crawls back away from Katie, giggling to herself as she vanishes into the darkness. Katie sits there, still in fear as the scene fades out.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    It’s thirty minutes to midnight in the busy downtown streets of New York City. A few days before his departure to San Diego for Back in Business. The night live is vibrant and there’s not a care in the world. Tristan James Galloway walks among the sea of tourist and partiers, ushering his way through the crowd and moving like a running back to the end zone through the people. He rounds the corner to a much quieter street. It’s just Tristan and his thoughts as the muffled sounds of music fade away. However, a door to a bar flies open with a petite short girl flying out into him. Tristan catches her from falling and helps her stay upright. A stocky man steps out after her. Tristan doesn’t pay them any mind and continues on, yet stops when he hears the commotion.

    Man: You’re coming home with me, Lolo.

    Lolo: No!

    Man: Come one, Lolo. Stop being ridiculous.

    Lolo: Not a chance in hell.

    Man: I’m your father and you will do what I say!

    Lolo: Oh, now you want to pay daddy?

    Man: It’s going to be different, sweetie. I promise.

    Lolo: (scoffs) Because I haven’t heard that one before?! How long before you out again with Tina or some other hobag? When is the next hit? “Hey, Jeff. Got a ounce. Wanna hit it?” You do this all the time. I’m sick of it. That’s why I came here. Not to be suckered in to your bullshit again.

    Lolo goes to walk away, but Jeff grabs a hold of her arm, yanking her towards him. The grip is tight and Lolo wrestles to escape from his grasp, but his grip is vice like and there’s no escape. Tristan is watching, perplexed on what he should do. It’s not his place to interject and it could get uglier than it already is if he does, but he can’t bring himself to leave.

    Jeff: I’m the adult here, Lolo. And you’re going to do what I say. You’re not going to embarrass me out here. Alright? You’re not staying at Suzy’s anymore. You’re coming home and that’s it. Do you understand me? You’re being a brat right now.

    Lolo: I’m not doing shit, okay? You hear me?! I’m. Not. Going. With. You.

    Jeff strikes her across the face. Lolo’s face is already bruising. She bites his arm, drawing blood. He yelps in pain before pushing her into a car parked on the street. He advances to strike her once again, but Tristan shoves him back. Jeff, after evaluating the size of Galloway, takes a few steps back with his arms high in the air.

    Jeff: Hey, man. Relax.

    Tristan James Galloway: I’m cool as a cucumber, bro. It’s you who I think needs to take a time out.

    Jeff: This is a family matter. Stay out of it.

    Jeff tries to get around Tristan, but the big man pushes him back.

    Tristan James Galloway: You’re in public slapping a child. You’ve made it my business.

    Jeff: She's my daughter and I will discipline here any way I see fit.

    Tristan turns to the sniffling Lolo with tears streaming down her face like a raging river. He takes notice of the bruises not only on her face, but her arms. Galloway turns around and marches towards Jeff, who is back peddling into the window of the bar.

    Tristan James Galloway: Do you think you’re tough? Huh? Are you a man? Because I don’t see a man in front of me. I see a child… Is that your handy work over there? She’s a child. YOUR child. That’s not how a father takes care of his daughter.

    Jeff: You don’t know what you’re talking about. You-

    Galloway and the man are nose to chest. There’s no space between and Jeff has no where to go as he is pressed against the window. Lolo watches on even more frightened.

    Lolo: Please, don’t hurt him. Leave him alone.

    Tristan doesn’t listen to her pleas as he crouches down to Jeff meeting him eye to eye.

    Tristan James Galloway: I know enough… Either way, I’m calling the cops and letting them decide.

    Jeff: Decide what? How dead you are?

    Jeff produces a knife from his back pocket. He thrust it towards Tristan’s abdomen, but the 6’7 Polynesian powerhouse side steps him, catching Jeff in an arm bar. He unarms the man and wrestles him to the ground. Lolo runs over trying to get Tristan off of him. She starts punching and kicking at Tristan. Something he figured would happen if he did step in. Tristan knows better than anyone how scared and confused this poor girl is. He saw the contempt in her eyes for the man who’s supposed to be her father, but he also notices the heartbreak in why doesn’t he love her the way a father normally should. Eventually, he releases his grip on Jeff, but not before kicking the blade out of his reach. Jeff gets to his feet sprinting away from the scene. Tristan watches him leave before settling his gaze on Lolo.

    Lolo: Look, man. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-

    Tristan James Galloway: Are you okay?

    Lolo: Ye-yeah.

    Tristan James Galloway: Are you sure.

    Tristan steps towards Lolo to get a better look at the bruise on her face. Her right cheek has swollen several sizes since the strike.

    Tristan James Galloway: Alright. Well, I’m gonna call the cops. They’ll get you a doctor, too. I’ll stick around until everything is all good.

    Lolo: Can we not call the cops? …Please?

    Tristan James Galloway: I have to.

    There’s a moment of fear in her eyes, but a sense of calmness washes over her when she shakes her head in agreement mumbling, ‘Okay’.

    Tristan James Galloway: Is there anyone you can call as I do this?

    She's nods her head yes, digging into her pocket for her cell phone. As Lolo makes the call, Tristan looks around. People within the business are watching on in concern. One person is on their cell phone more than likely have already called the police. When he looks back at Lolo he feels as if this call she’s making has happened more times than she would care to count. Tristan thinks about to the times in his youth where he had to call upon his foster parents after an intense run in with an old family member or even his own mother. After a few minutes, police are there taking statements about the incident. During all of this, a young woman with bright orange hair comes running up to Lolo. Her name is Suzy Lee. She's dressed in torn up jeans and a vintage Ramones t-shirt.

    Suzy Lee: Oh my god, Lo. Are you okay? Jesus!

    Lolo: I’m okay. It’s alright.

    Officer: Ma’am. Are you her guardian.

    Suzy Lee: Yes.

    Officer: We’re going to need to talk to her with you present. Is that okay?

    Suzy Lee: Yeah. That’s fine. Where’s her father? He’s not still running around is he?

    Officer: We’re looking from him now, ma’am. Don’t worry. We’re lucky that this gentleman here before any other harm can be done.

    Tristan finishing his statement with the police notices Suzy Lee walking up to him. She gives him a warm smile despite the current situations.

    Suzy Lee: Tristan right?

    Tristan James Galloway: Yeah.

    Suzy Lee: Hi, Suzy. Lolo told me about everything on the phone… I just wanted to say thank you.

    Tristan James Galloway: You’re welcome. The least I could do.

    Suzy Lee: Most people wouldn’t get involved with something like this.

    Tristan James Galloway: I wasn’t about to let some guy rough up a kid.. what kind of person would I be? Ya know?

    Suzy nods her head. There’s a moment of silence between them. Suzy glances back the distraught Lolo sitting on the curb. She’s almost in a ball being pensive about the entire situation.

    Tristan James Galloway: It’s going to be rough for a while.. but it’ll work out. She’s got a good support system in you… Just unfortunate she’s got go through all of this. Mature earlier than she has had to.

    Suzy Lee: I know.. I wish I could go back and stop all this madness from beginning.

    Tristan James Galloway: I know the feeling… Well, it’s nice meeting you. I wish it could have been in better circumstances..

    Suzy Lee: Yeah.. I’m sorry, but have we met before? You look really familiar..

    Tristan James Galloway: No.. No, I don’t think. I just have one of those faces I guess. Who knows. Maybe we past each other at a show one night at Roseland Ballroom.

    Suzy Lee: Yeah.. maybe… I don’t know.

    Tristan shrugs with an awkward smile and light laugh. Suzy examine him closely, convinced she knows of him from somewhere.

    Tristan James Galloway: Take care… I hope she’ll be okay.

    He turns and walks away before he sees Suzy wave farewell. She folds her arms perplexed a moment before she joins Lolo on the curb as she begins to talk to police.


    It’s 7:30 AM in San Diego, California. The sun is peaking through the curtain of Tristan’s hotel room. The large Polynesian begins to stir. He lets out a grunt as he sits up along the side of his bed, stretching his arms wide. TJG picks up the tablet resting on the night stand by his bed. He turns it on to the FWA Network. Currently airing is a morning talk show featuring Katie Lynn Goldsmith, Harry Baxter, and Piers Gallagher.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Ladies and gentleman, we are days away from Back in Business XII live on Pay Per View. The biggest event of the year will emanate live from San Diego, California at the-

    There’s a commotion going on behind the camera. All three panelist look out at the events transpiring and unsure what to do on camera.

    Relax. Will ya? I just want to talk to them.

    Producer: Sir, you aren’t allowed here. I’m sorry.

    The figure walks into the frame and it’s Romeo Rollings with a microphone in hand.

    Romeo Rollings: I come in peace. Just here to talk.

    Watching from his hotel, Tristan becomes exasperated by Romeo Rollings’ random appearance.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Um, so, it appears we are being joined by Romeo Rollings, the agent of CWA’s Elijah Edwards.

    Piers Gallagher: C’mon, Katie. Show this man a little respect? He’s the reason Bryan Cranston became Bryan Cranston! And has led Elijah Edwards to being a two time High Voltage champion! Great to see you, pal.

    Piers and Romeo shake hands and joyous smiles.

    Romeo Rollings: Thank you for the kind words, Piers. I’m glad to know my reputation precedes me. Katie, looking ravishing I must say. Although you could have given me a better introduction.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I’ll be sure to work on it next time, but what are you doing here? The last time I checked Elijah Edwards is not employed by the FWA… unless circumstances have changed…

    Romeo Rollings: No, Katie. The status quo is the status quo. My client Elijah Edwards is still gainfully employed by the CWA despite being absent from their programming. Currently, Mr. Edwards is shooting a movie in Hong Kong with Jet Li and Jackie Chan. After that, he’s due back state side for a comedy with Hannibal Buress. The real Hannibal Buress, not some decoy. The reason I am here though is not to talk about the wonderful work Elijah Edwards is doing outside of the sport of professional wrestling, but to talk about one of FWA’s young and up coming stars in Tristan James Galloway.

    Harry Baxter: Okay, let’s go ahead and talk about, TJG. What’s on your mind.

    Romeo Rollings: Boy, I’m glad you asked, Harry. Lovely suit by the way. As a matter of fact, I think you and I go to the same tailor. Anyways, he’s got a match coming up against Mac Michaud, who’s fresh of a hiatus form the company.

    Piers Gallagher: It’s going to be an interesting bout. Two monsters of men colliding in battle! I love it.

    Romeo Rollings: Almost a hoss battle of sorts you could say. While Elijah and Tristan are very different people they share the same problem. Management puts him through the ringer.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: That’s a very bold claim. Care to elaborate for all of us?

    Romeo Rollings: I was about to before I was rudely interrupted. As I was saying, in the case of Tristan James Galloway, for the past couple of FWA events he’s had to face off against North American champion Mike Parr, X Champion Jason Randall, and Tag Team champions the Olympians. A rigorous match schedule on top of media obligations. They’re all champions and not push overs. Tristan, although coming out on the losing end, put up tremendous efforts against these top level wrestlers. It could argue all these outside the ring obligations have hindered his in ring performance. Though he’s a star in the making and it’s great for him, but I have to ask you this… What’s Mac been doing?

    Harry Baxter: He competed against Ben Richards.

    Piers Gallagher: That wasn’t a competition. That was an execution! Mac Michaud destroyed Ben Richards without breaking a sweat.

    Romeo Rollings: And who is Ben Richards?

    The room goes quiet for a moment. All three analyst staring at one another as Romeo Rollings folds his arms impatiently awaiting an answer. Meanwhile, Galloway is leaning forward intrigued about where this rant is going. Rollings finally speaks.

    Romeo Rollings: A nobody! A lower tier guy, a scrub. Answer me this question will you? Why is Mac Michaud given an easy ride into Back in Business while Tristan James Galloway is given the elite talent of FWA?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: I don’t think it’s out of spite. I think Galloway enjoys the competition. He may come out on the raw end of things, but he’s gaining experience.

    Harry Baxter: I’ll agree somewhat on that. I think the kid is asking for these matches and maybe in over his head a bit. He should have started in the lower tier and worked his way up a little more. Maybe his initial success catapulted him in the upper mid card to main event matches. Perhaps he still needs more time to get used to such a high level of competition.

    Piers Gallagher: Or maybe their playing favorites?!

    Romeo Rollings: I concur, good sir. Once again your expertise and brilliant mind shines through, Piers. Word on the street is this Mac guy. The self professed “Malevolent One”. Side note: how cringe worthy of a nickname is that by the way? Seriously? That strikes fear into the hearts of men? That’s neither here nor there. Back to my initial point. I heard the guy was begging, pleading, and politicking to get a match with Tristan James Galloway. This guy interrupts Galloway addressing the people, coming in like some old grizzled vet who’s won multiple World titles and career is note worthy and thumbs his nose at Galloway claiming he isn’t worth a crap. Spewing all the hackneyed and trite veteran speak to rookies on how “he hasn’t proved anything”. Which is hilarious considering this guy is nothing more than low level title holder.

    Harry Baxter: With all due respect, he’s won the X title, TV and Tag Team champion. He’s earned his keep.

    Romeo Rollings: Yeah, back in 2012! Five years ago. The business has changed. The talent is different and better and younger. Yet he’s walking in as if he’s Cyrus Truth!

    Harry Baxter: He competed over a year ago.

    Romeo Rollings: And it wasn’t of any note and nobody knew he was gone. Regardless, Tristan James Galloway doesn’t need this match with Mac. Mac needs this match with Tristan James Galloway. He even said so himself because he said he needs to prove to himself that he’s still got it… even though he said before that he had nothing left to prove. Which is sad considering he’s never been a World champion, yet he feels like he’s got nothing left to prove? Meanwhile, TJG is fighting against the cream of the crop to earn his keep, earning his spot in this company. Meanwhile the self proclaimed “monster” gets an easy win to prop him up and make him feel better. This move is one or two things, folks. Option A: the company realizes Galloway’s potential and wants to see him prosper against the name branded talent. Option B: it’s an old boys network and their doing all of this to soften up Galloway for Mac. Hell, the guy hit him with a chair in the middle of Galloway’s tag match against the Olympians!

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: While that was a cowardice act, why are you so impassioned by all of this? Why are you coming to Galloway’s defense?

    Romeo Rollings: Because I see a star. Just like everyone else. I see a guy who can be the future of this brand or any other organization he decides to go to. Here’s a secret for you. I’ve been meeting with Galloway over the past couple of months in hopes of signing him to the Rollings Brand. He can take care of himself in the ring. He doesn’t need my help there, but he needs help behind the scenes. Tristan James Galloway needs someone to protect him from the evil agenda’s of management or wrestlers. Someone to make sure he gets a deal for a match beneficial for him and not just the company. It’s scenarios like this that seem fitting for someone like me to be involve in. While I don’t agree with Mac on most of his idiotic diatribes, I will say though maybe he’s right about Tristan needing to be nasty. He’s a monster of a man who can whoop anyone in front of him. He’s holding back a bit. Maybe it’s because of the loyalty to the fans or maybe it’s competition. I don’t know. Tristan, if you’re watching this. You need to take my pleas seriously. Sign with me and you’re going to succeed more so than you are right now.

    Piers Gallagher: I’m sold. If I were Tristan, I would sign with you right now. However, I have to ask you this, Mr. Rollings. Galloway has all the potential in the world, but do you fear it will be the case of unrealized potential?

    Romeo Rollings: Why would you assume that?

    Piers Gallagher: He’s had a string of bad luck. He’s the underdog in this match up. Mac Michaud, like it or not, is an FWA veteran. Can Tristan James Galloway overcome Mac.

    Romeo Rollings: How many years did it take Michael Jordan to win his first championship? Payton Manning is the greatest regular season quarter back of all time, but he stumbled through the playoffs more often than not, but he’s earned championships. Tom Brady was a six round draft pick and turned that into four super bowl rings and an undeniable legacy. TJG has gone through his trials as of late. He can rebound in this match. Mac hasn’t had real competition in five years. He’s plagued with ring rust. While his exterior exudes confidence and a better than you mindset, on the inside he’s scared witless about whether or not he can still hang. After all, he attacked Galloway with a chair. He doesn’t want a healthy Tristan at Back in Business. He needs every advantage he can get. So he can thank the management of FWA for Galloway’s tough match schedule and the chair shot. Though I promise you he’s going to be in for a rude awakening.

    Harry Baxter: Well, this certainly is going to be a test for Galloway. This is the first time he’s going to be the shorter man in the fight. Which is crazy to think about because he’s 6’7. Michaud is 6’11.

    Romeo Rollings: Tristan is a fighter. He was an orphan boy going in and out of foster homes and a ward of the state. He’s had to fight for his meals and place to sleep. Tristan James Galloway is an odds beater and he’s going to do it again at Back in Business. It’s going to take more than idle threats of “extinguishing fires” and attacks with a chair to put him away. Now, with that said, thank you for your time. I have other business to attend to.

    Romeo Rollings drops the microphone and exits the scene. The show continues on with Tristan James Galloway shutting down the FWA Network app. He sits on the bed pondering everything he has heard. Would it be so bad to align with Romeo Rollings? Sure, he’s a man driven by wealth, but he’s been loyal to the talent under his charge. Elijah Edwards went from a diamond in the rough in EWE to a full fledge superstar in CWA winning championships and a upper mid card wrestler who’s still climbing. Currently, Tristan James Galloway has hit a wall with no signs of breaking through. He’s racked up loss after loss. Hopes and dreams are powerful agents, yet it doesn’t always breed results. His mind has been wondering on photo shoots, interviews, and television appearances and not on wrestling. Tristan has always been forced to remember a past he’s tried to move on from. Romeo Rollings representing him could free up the excess stress and distractions he’s been forced to deal with. It could let him focus more on the wrestling. However, Tristan wonders if he does allow himself to conduct business with Romeo Rollings does it conflict with the ideology he has believed and put out into the world? Does allowing Rollings to be his agent turn him into a fraud?


    The scene opens on a wide shot of a foam pit with a fifteen feet of tight rope above it. Tristan James Galloway enters the scene dressed in a very different manner we are used to. Gone is the the grey vest and tattered large fedora. Instead, he wears sweat pants and a tank top, yet enigmatic presence of Galloway remains.

    It would seem everybody has an opinion on the man Tristan James Galloway should be. One entity insist that I shed my relationship with the fans and live to serve myself and my own desires. In his assertion, the fans hold me as a prisoner to their whims and desires. This man feels as if I conduct myself in a manner to please themselves. Another suggest that I seek asylum under his guidance from the vile and corrupt powers that be running the organization I compete under. In their services, I shall become a household name outside of the sport of professional wrestling. These two individuals insist that I am nothing more than a pawn in my own life with others dictating my every move. That I don’t have a say in what I do. One of these men I am going to step into the ring against. That man is Mac Michaud. He once considered himself to be the one true monster in wrestling. His entire career is ruled on fear and intimidation of those who lack the same size and strength. Mac will take any avenue he can in order to win. Which is why I guess he took a chair to my back last week while I was in the middle of a match. Are these qualities that make him a monster? Cowardice maybe, but not a monster.

    Though he often refers to himself as the malevolent one. The definition of malevolent is defined as having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred. It’s safe to say Mac Michaud is malevolent towards me. Why? Because I air on the side of optimism? Because I choose to instill hope in the people around me? To be an example of the downtrodden and show them they are more than the circumstances they find themselves. All because I’m not inclined to act in an immoral fashion.

    Tristan climbs aboard the platform, making his way down the tight rope. Surprisingly for a big man, Tristan display great balance. His arms are stretched out as he walks across the rope.

    Mac believes himself to be liberated from the fans because he choices to ignore then. He believes he has power through being this malevolent monster. What he has isn’t strength. It’s easy to bludgeon a man with a steel chair to render them incapable of defending themselves. It’s easy to rake a man in the eyes blinding them to allow yourself a temporary advantage. You can break bones to ensure you get ahead. All of these underhanded tactics need no strength. Real strength comes from walking the straight and narrow path. It’s difficult to put in hard work, busting your ass every night in the gym to strengthen and gain muscle, and practicing your moves in the confides of the ring in between matches. It’s difficult to not lose yourself in the allure of excess and vices and making responsible choices because you know you have an entire world watching you. Sometimes though hard work doesn’t get what you want.

    Tristan quickens his pace and he begins to wobble, yet still advancing. He tries to stabilize himself along the way, but eventually loses his balance and falls off of the tight rope.

    And you fail. Much like I have as of late. Yes, I could have low blowed Mike Parr behind the referee’s back to gain the North American championship. I could have seriously injured one of the Olympians and exploit it to become tag champions alongside Tommy Thunder. I chose not to do any of those things. I chose to do it my way. Not to endear myself to the fans, but because I refuse to do it any other way. I’ve seen what taking short cuts do to a man. Sure, you get what you want, but what does it mean. Sure, it will be satisfying to reach the goal you set for yourself, but the happiness of success in a moment like that is fleeting. It doesn’t fill your or satisfy you long term. Exhausting yourself to the point of collapse, pouring out your blood and sweat into everything you do, giving it your all and then more and achieving your goal… is much sweeter. It means that much more. Because you did it. You won. It was your abilities that lead you victory and your ability alone. It wasn’t luck or dirty tactics. That’s the thrill of victory I want. The fans don’t control my life. They admire my efforts. They respect my integrity and that’s why the love me. It’s not because I “pander” to them.

    Galloway is in a slow march out of the foam pit.

    Will I give up because I failed? No. I will pick myself up and continue on.

    TJG lifts himself up out of the pit and back on to the elevated platform.

    That’s what a real man. I won’t cry or make excuses if things don’t go my way. Sometimes things won’t work out for you. It’s what you do after that matters. I lacked focus. I thought I was focused, but I really wasn’t. I allowed myself to be caught in the allure of the fame and notoriety. It’s crazy to imagine walking down the street and someone stops you because they know who you are from seeing you on tv. Who would have thought people would admire you after living a life of obscurity for the majority of your life? Suddenly, people wanted to know more about me, my history and where I came from. A concept that apart of me was none too happy about, but I know telling my story will help someone else in a similar position. My bank account had more commas in them than I have ever been used to. Before my wrestling career, I had only but a 125 dollars to my name. Now, I can buy a BMW or a Maestri if I desire to. That’s a long way from driving a 1998 Honda with bad tires and a horrible engine to and from high school. I was doing good in the ring. Good enough to be able to face champions for their titles. I thought I was putting in my maximum effort, but I wasn’t. I allowed myself to be distracted by this new world I have been thrusted into. If I want to become a champion, if I want to be worth anything in FWA, I need to give this my one hundred percent focus. I have to ignore the outside distractions. I can’t stop to worry about the next three moves. I must focus on just the next one. One step at a time, one move at a time, and one challenge at a time.

    Despite all the talking, Tristan’s focus is solely on walking across the tight rope. The balance he possesses his astounding, he’s as stable as he can be. He finally makes it across to the other side of the platform, taking a bow as he makes it off the tight rope.

    Hard work. No matter the setbacks you face will pay off. It’s just a matter of how much time you are willing to sacrifice to stay the course. At Back in Business, I will be focused. I will find myself back on the winning side of things. No more staring at the lights. Mac Michaud, you think you can extinguish my fire? I’m here to tell you can’t. More vile men than you have tried and failed. If being an orphan struggling to find my place in the world and searching for loved ones to give me what I needed couldn’t break me what makes you think you can? The people gave me the strength to stand toe to toe with the World Heavyweight champion. When I was hurt and exhausted their cheer were the shot of a adrenaline needed for me to dig deep into my reserves and fight on. They reaffirmed the belief within myself that I could beat Mike Parr, and I was seconds away from claiming my first championship. They will do the very same thing when you and I meet at Back in Business.

    For my entire life, I have walked alone. I have had no aid or support. While it’s on my skills alone that decides my victory or my defeat, they are right there with me. I may be the one taking the hits and dishing out the punishment, but the fans are right there with me giving me life. They invest in me because I invest in them. They want me to succeed because I tell them they can. And they will, and so will I. My past mistakes and losses will not be on my mind. They have long since been forgotten. I face you, a self professed monster, beating your chest and claiming victory before we have even locked up. You do not scare me, Mac. I will not cower in your presence despite the size you have on me. I will not give up because you may have a bit more strength on me. No matter how hard you hit me, no matter how much punishment I suffer at your hands, I will keep going. I will keep fighting, and I will slay monster standing before me.

    The enigmatic sly smirk Tristan James Galloway is known for appears as the scene fades to black.

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    Friendship, Betrayal, Obsession and Change - The Phillip A. Jackson Story.

    ‘What’s in a name?’

    Phillip A. Jackson says as he is being driven through a graveyard on a warm, sunny albeit windy day in the middle of June. His driver doesn’t respond. He knows when not to answer. His car stops to the side of the small road. Jackson’s door is opened by his driver and he steps out adjusting his jacket with a small bag in his hand. This graveyard is well kept. Every gravestone is in perfect condition and all the decorations and flowers are kept in perfect order for the families. Jackson walks up the cobblestone pathway, surrounded by rows and rows of perfect graves, Jackson ignores most of the rows but stops 100 yards from the road and turns left into a row of graves that are a few years old. Jackson counts the number of graves as he passes each one in the row. Jackson stops and stands behind the grave. Jackson places his hand on the grave and looks straight forward.

    ‘Overrated. Vanilla. Lackey. A Jackson.’

    Jackson walks to the other side of the grave and looks at the tombstone

    ‘Kerry Kennedy: Wrestler, Husband, Father’

    …‘My Hero’…

    ‘Power. Success. Elite. A Kennedy.’

    Jackson keeps his eyes locked on ‘Kennedy’ for a minute in absolute silence. The gravestone is surrounded by framed pictures of Kerry in his prime from his wrestling career. Jackson grows a bit more emotional with every passing second but manages to contain his feelings. Jackson finally breaks the silence.

    ‘Here I am again, Kerry. Another year has passed but this time I am not here to talk about me. I am here because a name in FWA matters. It has always mattered. There is no need to lie to ourselves about it like we have for the entire existence of FWA. A Kennedy gets an easier ride to the top and is handed everything and they believe that success is given. A Jackson, A Phillip A. Jackson. Started in this company like a disease. No-one wanted to be near me. No-one believed I was anything. I was scum. I was the bottom of the bottom and I rose through all the adversity to become the FWA Champion and one of the most respect wrestlers on the planet. There was a Kennedy that was different. Kerry Kennedy was different. Kerry Kennedy represented the good of the world. That is why a name matters because in the end that is all we are.’

    Jackson points back down to Kerry’s gravestone. Squatting down level with the gravestone being eye-to-eye with his name. Jackson clears off some of the moss growing on the gravestone and tosses it to the floor. He puts his hand back on the gravestone still peering at the name.

    ‘Kerry Kennedy made the Kennedy wrestling dynasty then Chris Kennedy pissed it all into the wind. Chris Kennedy threw away his family's name in a blur of booze, drugs and hookers. Chris Kennedy defiled his father’s legacy. Kennedy pissed it all away while he stood atop of FWA. I put you there Chris. I put you over the top through my hard work, through my tenacity not because you asked me but because your father needed someone he could trust. Your father, who brought me back to FWA, who saw my potential put us together because he knew that you couldn’t handle being a Kennedy. He needed someone who was free from restraints. Free from vices. He needed someone who had a clear vision and the ability to understand it. That was why I ended up on your radar. Your father needed a son. Your father needed someone he could rely on. I was the son your father wanted. I was the son you could never be. I bought respect to your father’s legacy because he got me back here when I vowed never to return. I owe all of this to Kerry. Through all of that we did become friends. We grew a friendship that will last a lifetime. Even if I felt like an outsider teaming with you out of the generosity of your heart. That’s the way you saw things. I was what a no-name first generation star is to a wrestling dynasty, a nobody. The way I saw things, was different, The Syndicate was not an opportunity to learn or ride your coattails. It was an opportunity to establish myself as a star. To do that I had to destroy. I took your vision of FWA. The Muscle, The Protege and The Legend. In sync for one goal…dominance. You muddied the water and you were too much of a coward to jump ship and remain loyal to this company when it was at the lowest moment in history and then I destroyed your vision for this company. You wanted it to be dominated by a group. You wanted everyone to bow to the mighty Kennedy family but I destroyed The Syndicate. I didn’t agree with the vision of bowing to a Kennedy dynasty because I wanted a Jackson dynasty. I am willing to admit that I am selfish. I want my name up in lights but even after I destroyed The Syndicate, I was stuck in a shadow, I was stuck as a former Syndicate member. I was not a Jackson but a faux Kennedy but I overcame it. I fought my way to the very top. I got my name the recognition it deserved but I kept working and growing. Even in the last year I have grown and matured into a man I am proud of. I can look in the mirror and be happy with how my career has gone. I can look in the mirror and feel no stress. Back then, you had me trying so hard to keep up some arrogant facade that it hurt. I hated the man you made me. I hated what you wanted me to be. You were a man who took shortcuts and made deals. Before you say another word. I know. I made many deals, The Movement, The NEO, Robbins Thurgood, G Rich, Thomas Princeton. The list goes on and on. I know people have always asked me the same question…’

    Jackson pauses and takes a breath.

    ‘...Why did I make all those deals with them? It wasn’t to take shortcuts and retain power. I always worked hard and did my own dirty work so what could I have wanted?…You…You are the only thing I have ever wanted and I know you feel the same way. We knew that this day would come and Thomas Princeton came to me just before Mile High last year with an opportunity. Princeton knew that you would destroy Christian Quinn and if you somehow screwed that up then I was there to pounce either way. Christian would have been shown mercy but when it was you I knew what I had to do. I knew that I couldn’t just beat you and take the title but that was only a bonus to me. You claimed I took what is yours and I agree and it is not the title belt. I took your dignity, your pride and I snapped the idea that you, Chris Kennedy, are the best wrestler in this company. I snapped the idea that you are untouchable. That the Great Chris Kennedy, no matter the odds, will always come out on top. You were my mentor, the man who guided me on this path but I started to see cracks in your armour. Maybe it was over the top. Maybe it was too much but that comes away from why I did and why did I want you Chris? What possible reason could I have had for betraying you? It boils down to a couple of simple questions that have been in the back of my mind for a year. How can Chris Kennedy just walk away for a year and be handed a match of his choosing at Back in Business? and How can I work my ass off, lose my title and never get the opportunity for a re-match in the year since I lost it? The all conquering Kennedy that wrestles one match a year of his choosing and the Jackson who works his ass off for a year, overcoming injury and struggle, gets nothing.’ ‘But there was something you could never conquer. The career you built. The man you called a brother. Your best friend. The man for whom you waited just behind the curtain when I beat Shane McLean for my first FWA Championship. You shook my hand and we had a moment, we looked into each other’s eyes and we saw the same thing. That we had finally become equals. We knew that was the moment we were going to collide. That is why you ran. It freaked you out. I don’t believe it was coincidence that we ended up on different shows way back when. The opportunity came knocking one year ago and you screwed it all up. All you had to do was deliver on your promise to win the Carnal Contendership and you couldn’t deliver. You made me wait another year. Waste a year of my career just waiting for you to come to me. When you came back I saw the anger remain in your eyes. I hurt you, Chris. The betrayal I committed last year for my own gain was brutal. I will admit, maybe it was a bit over the top but it sent a message to the world. Do you think I enjoyed it? It hurt. I didn’t want to be that brutal but I had too. It was me or you. As much as I spread my feathers like a peacock, it was a facade. It was painful. It was hard but at the time it was necessary.’

    Jackson finally opens the bag he had been carrying and places down a framed photo to go with the other photos. This one, however, is a photo signed by Kerry Kennedy of a young Phillip A. Jackson at a fan meet up. Jackson takes care to place down the photo so that it doesn’t intrude on the gravestone.

    ‘Do you know what I would have done a year ago? Standing in this exact spot awaiting this match?’

    Jackson taps the top of the grave and closes his eyes in reflection.


    ‘Did you see what I did to him? You would be so proud of me. I broke his arm. I struck the biggest blow in FWA history. I destroyed the FWA darling and brought back reality to the world and when we go nose-to-nose it will be death of Chris Kennedy. Not just his career. I am not speaking in some figurative, deep bullshit manner under a dark bridge. I am talking very clearly that this will be his actual death. Chris Kennedy will DIE. The symbol of Chris Kennedy and actual Chris Kennedy will DIE. The arm was the beginning and it was simple. A message to stay away. A message that I can do it anytime I want. He just couldn’t stay away and for that, well, I will break his other arm. I will break both of his legs. I smash his ribcage and I will leave your jaw alone so you retain the ability to scream when I strike the final few slow and painful blows to you. I will stand on your throat and watch you struggle for air and then I will crush your windpipe. I will put a chair around your neck and I will climb to the top rope and look down upon you and break your neck. Without any doubt in my mind and with no mercy. Chris Kennedy can finally follow in his father’s footsteps. The can live up to the Kennedy name and DIE in the middle of the ring. You will finally be daddy’s boy and just like daddy, people will move on because there is always another Kennedy waiting in the wings to be handed everything on a plate. That is why I am Immortal. One day, I will die but the world will forever be down a Jackson because there is no-one who can take my place. There is no family behind me. I am one man taking on the world and I will remembered forever. You will be another Kennedy that died in the ring. You will be another Kennedy spoke on the giant Kennedy wrestling wheel. You are Nine thousands nine hundred and ninety-nine in a million and I am the one. I am the shining light in a shitty family. You are a bulb in a torch. You get given power by an external source. You do your job and you light up for a while before you are replaced by another bulb. A shining light never dies because it guides the path to those who need hope. The three wise men followed a shining light and found Jesus. Seven Billion will follow this shining light and find God in human form. I bring hope to those who aren’t blessed by their father's legacy. I bring hope to those who have to claw their way to the top because Kennedy stands on their shoulders to keep them down. The political Kennedy’s were ‘cursed’ but the Kennedy wrestling family are just a curse to everyone one else in FWA.’

    Jackson looks down at the grave and rubs his fingers across ‘Kerry Kennedy’. Jackson bows his head, almost ashamed of what is coming, Jackson gets back up…Jackson wets his lips and spits onto the grave.

    ‘Kerry, you were my hero. Chris was my mentor. You brought me back from a stagnant, dying career and got me to FWA. Chris turned that career into what I am today. I got what I needed from him and for once I will return the favour to your family. I will keep Chris down by climbing on top of him and preventing him from getting revenge. I will hold the Kennedy family down because I was taught by the most arrogant, self-interested career killing family in wrestling history. A family I once admired, just makes me feel disdain, for wrestling and for humanity. You are The American Nightmare. The rich and successful multi-generational family continue to assert dominance at any and all cost. This time the real hero of wrestling.’


    Jackson opens his eyes and takes a deep breath as the wind begins to pick up. Jackson stands up, no longer looking at the gravestone. Jackson slowly turns away from it and looks out into the horizon, reflecting on what he would have done a year ago.

    ‘I would have disrespected your father. I would have attacked you viciously. I would have taken things too far because a year ago I was pissed at the world but I did stand on top of it at that point in time. You would have been furious. I would have burned our friendship forever but you would have been rattled by it.This year, I don’t want you to be angry. I don’t want to do what you taught me. I want you to be at your best, just like you want me at mine. That is how much I have grown, Chris. I want you to look at the man I have become in the last year. The man I have become without you. I refused to conform to the Kennedy way. You would have taken that leap. That is the difference between us. I understand the value of fathers. You had yours pave the way for you. Mine died when I was young. I had nothing for my whole life. We all know my history and I won’t need to go through it again, we have heard it enough. You don’t know how lucky you were to have your father around for as long as you did. You could cherish every moment and have vivid memories of him. I have one. My first memories. My mother telling me that my father wasn’t coming back home and then his funeral. Those are the first two things I ever remember. You wanna know how that feels? The only memory of your father being his death and his funeral? That is why my legacy is so important to me. That is why I want the name Jackson in lights on the biggest stage. That is what drives me. I don’t know what my father was like. I don’t know anything about him other than his name and the fact he was killed in action. That is why I try so damn hard to succeed. Why I will NEVER, EVER give in to anything and why I work so damn hard. It is what drives me. I look at what you had and I wanted that, standing side by side with my father but I never even got a chance to remember him. I never even got the chance to see him grow old. To see me become the man I am now. You got that. You got that much. Yet you almost destroyed yourself. The pain is better than the absence of a father. They both died doing what they signed up for and there is a weird sense of pride in that. It was what helped me for a long time.’

    Jackson turns back around and looks back at the gravestone and smiles. He indicates the general area with his finger and then continues to smile.

    ‘That is why I come here every year. To see my hero, the man who took a chance on me. This is a yearly tradition that is as important as Back in Business and now these two worlds collide. A man fighting for his name against a man fighting for his streak. A man who is fighting for an undefeated streak. You are on the defensive, you are defending a streak. Is that really worth fighting for? I am a man fighting for my pride and my honour. What kind of man wants to fight for something irrelevant? Chris Kennedy is a hero to many, including me, but he does this for the wrong reasons. He wrestles for pride, valour and acclaim. Kennedy has said it himself, he cares more for the FWA Title and his streak than anything else. It did cause me to have some shortcomings, I will admit that. My obsession with fighting for honour and to get my family name up in lights. It led me down the dark path that sewed the seeds for my success. For a long time it has driven me but now I understand. You were the devil on my shoulder, egging me on to destroy the world. You would have done exactly what I did to you. That is not who I am anymore. I understand what it takes. I understand that success in the ring is not the be all and end all of this business. It will ultimately cement your legacy but it is not what drives me anymore. You only have the streak left. Everyone else and everything else, you threw away. You discarded them or they were taken away because you ignored them. Your obsession with your in ring success destroyed everything else. I mean all this in the nicest way, but you have a problem. I know the streak is a huge part of FWA. I know what the streak means to Back in Business, which is why I don’t do this lightly but for me the streak is the final thing for me to achieve. It is a way for me to truly come out of your shadow. I have clawed my way to the very edge of your shadow but until I beat you, people will still doubt me. Even though I worked my ass off for six years. I am a self-made man. Again, no offense but you got everything in this company from your name. Does it cheapen what you’ve achieved? Sort of but you still deserved everything you got. Does it change things between us? No, that is why keeping this respectful was important. I have nothing but respect for your father but I want it to keep it respectful between us.’

    Jackson looks down at the stone again, as he takes a brief breath.

    ‘I have nothing but respect for your father but I want it to keep it respectful between us because it would cheapen everything had we taken shots at each other. It wouldn’t have been a wrestling match. It would have been a fight. I think we are both above that. We are both worthy of a proper wrestling match. We owe it to FWA because they made both of us. We were made in different ways but we both owe so much to FWA. The streak doesn’t deserve to be on the line in a fight. We must honour the streak. We must honour our friendship. We must honour the legacies of Jackson’s and Kennedy’s because they are important to who we are. At Back in Business when we step into the ring this will be years in the making. No-one else will truly understand how special this match will be. We will look each other in the eyes and know exactly how far things have come and when I finally cement my place in history we will all remember who broke the streak and ended your obsession with it. I just wish Kerry was still here to see the end of all of this because our world, just like the streak, is about to end.’

    Jackson looks back down at the gravestone. He touches the top of it and smiles looking out over the other graves. Jackson takes the photo he placed down and puts it back into the bag but places the bag close to his chest to keep it close. Jackson walks back to his car.

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    They aren’t going to chant for you, they aren’t going to cheer for you, you know that already so don’t even wait or depend on them to do so. You’re more than they deserve. Deep down that’s why they don’t accept you, because they know they don’t deserve to have you. Berlin haven’t earned the right to be the place that goes down in the FWA annals as the place where The Prodigy Mike Parr announced himself on the world stage. Besides…you aren’t really going to be able to do that with Eyesnsane are you? Does anyone really think he has a shot?

    Of course nobody thought that he had a shot. You could hear the Berlin crowd, the noise reverberating around the stadium as they were begging for action, baying for all the blood sweat and tears that the superstars of FWA were going to put on for the biggest show of the year. It was the card where the biggest stars in the company came together and battled to see who would be the Undisputed World Champion.

    They are going to remember you though. That’s all you can do. You know how the old expression goes, if you are given lemons make lemonade. Now…the lemons that you have been given are certainly a little underprepared, but if someone can turn bread into wine then I’m sure you can just about squeeze a decent glass of lemonade out of it. James Hughes is what he is, the perennial underachiever who will never break the glass ceiling. You know what he is tonight? He is your punching bag. He is your ticket to have people walk out of this arena thinking about how Mike Parr is the next best thing in this company. He is your passenger to get in the carpool lane to the North American Championship. When you get there…there’s really only one further place to go….

    It didn’t quite go to plan. I remember sitting there taping my fists and lacing my boots, pacing back and forth trying to get the adrenaline going. I love to be out in that ring, I’ll never tell you that and if you accuse me of it I will punch you square in the mouth, but why else would I do this if I didn’t love to be out in the ring. Saying that….I also love the women and the fame. That’s not too bad…..I digress…..I paced back and forth and tried to get my adrenaline going because it just didn’t excite me. James Hughes and I, we have a history. It’s a history where I beat his ass every time that he dared to step up and have another go to prove that he was better than he thought he could be. But he was all I had on the night that I knew I had to make an impression, that if I left parts of him scattered across the ring that people may not walk away remarking about how the biggest FWA show of the year was but how criminal that their biggest star didn’t get the chance to take a crap over his competition.

    It is a sea of people as far as you can see. The Olympiastadion is one of those locations that will enhance anything. You’re going to have to do something here though Mike, they don’t seem to be too engaged. I don’t mean go kiss some babies or shake hands but you need to do something here or else you are going to bomb on the biggest night of the year. They don’t care. You could rip Eyesnsane’s head off in the middle of the ring and impale it on the ring post and I think you will only have half the group let out a gasp. Do something Mike……MIKE…….DO SOMETHING….


    “And there you have it San Diego….that is where it all started….”

    After being lost in his thoughts, we cut to the present day where the reigning North American Champion, Mike Parr, is in the city of San Diego ahead of his second appearance at the premier event that FWA has to offer, Back in Business. A lot has changed since a year ago. There was a time where Parr would walk into an arena and every man, woman and child would, whilst begrudgingly enjoy seeing him perform, wait for him to take his smug and inflated sense of self-worth back behind the curtain. He would spend his entire time out there telling people how good he was before showing them exactly that, and making them all feel bad about how they could never get to a level where they could be considered his equal.

    “Most people when looking at their past would start at the beginning, but I’m not the sort of person that is about to waste their time spewing over irrelevant bullshit that doesn’t matter in the slightest. Do you care how I came to CrossFire? Do you care that Michael Garcia has been trying to one up and better me for the entirety of my employ in this company and he has not, and never will, succeed. No….what you care about is what happened one year ago and how that has lead you and me to the position that we are in today, and the position in which one unlucky winner is going to have the distinct pleasure of venturing up to what should be the main event of the evening and have a story to tell their grandchildren of the time that they stood across the ring from Mike Parr.”

    “And how’s that story going to end?”

    There she is. Kathryn. The stunning young girl from across the Atlantic always there to pick up the pieces and say the right thing. Are they together? Who has time for relationships and a girlfriend or wife when you’ve got championships to be winning. That’s the sort of dedicated to his craft that sets Prodigy apart from the average star in the back. You’ve got the rest of your life to father children and settle down. Prodigy is in his prime. She knows it and accepts it. It’s easy to fall for that perfectly shaped brown hair, chiselled physique and glare that could almost cause your clothes to fall straight off your body and land on the ground with a single second glance.

    “That story is going to end with Mike Parr standing in the middle of his ring, holding his North American Championship high above his head for the 11th month in succession, and daring anybody brave enough to come and take it from him. That story is going to end the way Back in Business last year should have ended, all thoughts on me.”

    Kathryn slowly approaches Mike as he stews in the corner, the thoughts of last year flooding through his mind. There is clearly something niggling away at him that it wouldn’t take a professional to identify. Evident by Kat’s sentence.

    “Last year still bothers you?”

    Parr shakes his head and inhales deeply, trying best to gather his thoughts together and form a coherent sentence in his mind before releasing it to the world. It doesn’t happen. He shakes his head again, this time with such vigour that his jet black sunglasses become detached from where they were perched upon his head and go crashing to the ground. As the designer shades smack the ground Mike closes his eyes and shakes his head, again breathing in deeply trying to contain his anger. Kat again creeps ever close to the North American Champion, who still has his eyes closed but has now started to shake slowly back and forth. Just as she is about to come into touching distance, Mike holds out his hand with some sort of sixth sense that she is near, which stops her in her tracks. The two of them don’t move momentarily, before she slowly starts to move away as if backing away from a bomb that could be set off at any moment. In one swift and sudden movement, Mike jumps to his feet, and with a howl, kicks the broken sunglasses as if he is smashing a winning kick in the last minute of the SuperBowl, sending the shades tumbling from the balcony of his rented penthouse into somewhere hundreds of feet below in San Diego.

    “Still bothers me? It infuriates me. It gets me out of my bed that much earlier in the morning, makes me sweat and work that much harder in preparation and for one full year I’ve been waiting to return to the scene of the crime itself and put things right. I had my opportunity taken from me last year, who wanted to see Rondo? Who wanted to see Kennedy? Who wanted to see PAJ? They were the old guard, they were the relics of a bygone era where FWA wasn’t operating at the level it is today. The crowd packed into that Olympiastadion in Berlin because of the event Back In Business. They will buy their tickets months in advance because of the PPV name. They will still be buying their tickets to the PPV in 50 years because of the name, because of the reputation that it has built up. They didn’t buy it to see those frauds, they bought it to see moments. They bought it to see the birth of something special. Basically…they bought it to see the arrival party of The Prodigy. And what happened? I got the slot in the show that put me in the piss break. I got the slot in the show after the two World Championship matches opened the card, where people filtered out thinking that they needed to relieve themselves after back to back matches. My moment…my chance to make an example of James Hughes in front of the entire crowd was taken from me because half the stadium had left to take a piss.”

    Kathryn is certainly regretting her question at this moment in time.

    “You know the half of the crowd that stayed to watch, they walked away talking about me. They walked away talking about how Chris Kennedy had his work cut out for him because I had just become the number one contender for the North American Championship. They walked away thinking about how easily I had dispatched someone who had carved out a reputation in the FWA that was worth damaging. But what did the other half do? The other half came back in with the bladders empty and their hands full of beer or hotdogs or whatever the hell they decided to indulge in and they sat and watched the show and came away thinking about how Cyrus Truth was going to dominate as the Undisputed Champion of the world.”

    I know that you are definitely thinking it. Kathryn is too. She braces herself, and stops herself on a couple of occasions as Mike turns and faces outwards over the balcony, the same direction in which his sunglasses went moments before.

    “They weren’t too far away with their assessment. I mean…you were trouble for Kennedy and he has gone to pretty much…well….dominate.”

    Parr sharply turns his head over his shoulder and faces Kat. You can see the venom in his eyes.

    “They weren’t supposed to walk out of that building thinking of Cyrus Truth. This was supposed to be the moment where I stepped up, and I did, but only half the damn arena was there to see it and remember it. From that day, from that moment I walked back up the ramp in Berlin and back through the curtain, I’ve been playing catch up through no fault of my own. Let me ask you something Kathryn, from a neutral perspective living in Ireland, I bet you have heard stories about Cyrus’ domination at the top of the company? I bet you’ve heard whispers about how great a competitor he is and about how he is one of the best wrestlers that this company has to offer.”

    A short pause where Kat goes to speak.

    “Don’t you dare answer that.”

    That shut her down quickly.

    “Have you heard the same about me? I mean, I’m stood here and I’ve held this North American Championship for 11 months, just a few weeks less than Cyrus, but because he beat Stu St.Clair and Rondo on the same night he walks around with great fanfare, people gushing about how good he must be to be able to capture a championship and hold it for such a considerable length of time. In that year, we each hold one singles victory over each other. I’ve then beaten him in a tag but he beat me in a race to climb above the ring and capture the championship belt. Do you hear about how I’m his equal? Do you hear about my year? People think to Back in Business last year and think about it as the night that Cyrus Truth truly arrived in this company, so this year they are looking to see what he does next. So there he goes, in the main event defending the championship belt that he has yet to relinquish. After all…you need to get the dominant long reigning champion on the show don’t you….I said don’t you. You can answer now…”

    Clearly unsure of herself, he is never good company when he gets himself in this sort of rage, Kathryn offers a weak “Yeah” in response. How could you tell that this question was due a response when the preceding question allegedly had no response required.

    “You know what I had to do on the last Fight Night? I had to make my own match. I had to stand out there and announce to the world that I had no challengers to shame some people from the back to step up and try and prove me wrong. But if I didn’t do that where would I be? Would I be watching Back in Business from the hospitality area? Would the biggest star and the second longest reigning champion in the company have been left as an afterthought on the biggest show of the year for the second year running? You are damn right that I would.”

    Prodigy takes another deep breath in to try and compose himself. He stares over at Kat who has just been subject to his outburst, and he steps forward and wraps his arm around her and pulls her in for an embrace. He knows deep down it isn’t her fault and she shouldn’t have to listen to him. She returns the hug as Parr regains some semblance of composure, not letting the burning desire for better inside of him get the best of him.

    “Grab the video cam Kat, time to send a message.”

    She smirks. Mike Parr, the frustrated wrestler who feels he is being marginalised in the company when he deserves better, has had his say. We are about the see The Prodigy, the North American Champion, the man who the FWA fans if he has is way will carry him and his momentum from his dominant display in San Diego to next years’ Back in Business. Knowing that this is for public release, a few adjustments are obviously necessary. Parr ruffles his hand through his hair and ensures it is sitting the right way, and grabs his North American Championship and rests it on his shoulder, just in case the world forget who his addressing him. A silent 3,2,1 with hand signals from Kat means he is good to do.

    “It’s the eve of Back in Business and I figured that you all might just want to gain a sense of perspective about what you are going to witness and why. For one full year, I have run through anybody that has dared step in my way. After Eyesnsane was laid to waste at this event last year, it continued with Chris Kennedy, the Astonishing Chris Kennedy, whom I sent running scared when I took this beautiful championship from him. He saw the look in my eyes and he knew that I was the future. He didn’t even have the courage to step up and ask for his rematch because he knew he didn’t have a chance in hell of taking this championship belt back from me. And yes, that is the same Chris Kennedy that only now has developing the fortitude to stick his head about the parapet and see if the coast is clear to come out and defend the only thing that he has left, the streak at Back in Business. The streak that only stands because I got to him a month too late last year… heart, I’m not a bad person. He deserves more than his last imprint on the minds of the FWA fanbase being that of a coward, too scared to stare the future in the face and try and see if he still has what it takes. But he comes back and he and PAJ can enjoy the sun hitting their faces one last time with the lights shining brightly down upon them. Because gentlemen, lets be clear, that is my main event space going forward until I decide that I don’t want to carry this company on my back anymore and I relinquish it to someone else.”

    “So you can line up the names of anyone who has tried to take this from me and challenge me. Danny Toner. Jean Luc Watkins. Michael Garcia. Too many people to mention, all of whom undeserving of another wasted thought of mine. For one full year, from the point where I became the number one contender to this championship that I have never lost, I have swot aside anyone who has dared try to get close enough to dream about being good enough to beat me. So…I’ve got a question to everyone in the battle royal? What makes you think that you are going to be the one?”

    Moving from his initial casual demeanour from when the recording started, Prodigy now leans forward so the camera is clearly catching the whites of his eyes as he stares down the lens. He holds the championship belt up to his face so both are in shot.

    “Aren’t you all even wondering why you are in the position? Between you all, have you even had the common sense to sit and think about why, just for a second, you have even a sniff of sharing the ring with somebody who has chewed up opinions far superior to you and spat them out for just over a year now, all in the name of the North American Championship?”

    Parr smirks as chuckles to himself as he realizes the truth is that they probably don’t appreciate the position that they are in.

    “One week before the biggest show of the year and I didn’t have a match on the card, I’ve had nobody step up and challenge me since Michael Garcia was beat back into the hole from which he crawled out of. You know why nobody has stepped up and tried to take this championship from me? Galloway defaulted into the position and Toner was put into the match, they didn’t for it. The reason is because nobody, with good reason, thinks that they can beat me. Nobody was willing to back their own abilities against me and turn out to be embarrassed at the biggest show of the year. Nobody wanted their Back in Business moment, to be replayed year after year in a highlight reel of great performers in this company, to be laying sprawled on the canvas defeated at the ends of the dominant champion of North America. I looked around and saw that everyone had paired off with someone that they could feel confident against. Garcia crawled beaten out of that aforementioned hole in the ground that I put him in and paired himself off with Toner, who only gets a reaction because he has a bad word in the middle of his name. Kennedy has crawled from his retirement home and hobbled in to face PAJ. Yes, Phillip A Jackson, who has spent the entirety of the year that I have dominated at home feeling sorry for himself feigning an injury so I didn’t dump all over any sort of legacy he had left. Rondo has had to resort to insulting the fanbase to get anyone to remember who he is and Shannon managed to throw a couple people out of the ring to luck her way into a chance at ending the longest but second most impressive championship reign in this company at the moment…..”

    “So knowing all that I stood in the ring and I called out the entire company. I called out the FWA and I told everybody exactly how it is, much like I’m doing right now. And you six…although you won’t admit it…you were the unlucky six that got frog marched out by O’Ryan to try and save face, to try and show that the FWA doesn’t cower beneath me. Well…that’s one way of looking at it. It’s either that or you are all just lambs to the slaughter”

    No grin this time from Parr, the intensity is palpable. He again makes a subtle adjustment to how his belt is resting on his shoulder so that it becomes more prominent in shot, all the while not breaking his icy glare with the monitor.

    “So the six of you can fight it out for the chance to step into the ring for this North American Championship. You can punch, scratch and bitch slap your way to victory, and the best of luck to you all in that. I can only say to you that you just need to be sure. You need to be sure that you are ready for what you will find when you emerge from that battle royal….sure, the crowd will be that much louder and the lights will be that much brighter and the stage will seem so much more grand, but you need to be ready for the defending North American Champion of 11 months. You need to be ready to defend for your life. And even then…even if you make it to the ring and get over the noise of the crowd, the size of the stage or how bright the main event lights are, even if you defend life you never have before, you need to pray to whatever it is you believe in that there is a part of you that is left that is able to walk out of Back in Business.”

    “So when Back in Business begins and the crowd starts to filter in, you’ll realize that agreeing to be put forward was Risky, that it was the worst call in all of Humanity, that youre too Starrstruck to move, that your Hanz suddenly feel like lead or that you’d have been safer ordering your own funeral Wraith. Even if you all work together in Sync… just haven’t got what it takes to do what nobody in the entire company could do in the past 11 months.”

    “In case you still aren’t getting it. In case there is still any lingering doubt. It won’t be so much Back in Business in San Diego, it will be business as usual.”

    With that, and a subtle glance up towards Kathryn to kill the recording, the scene fades to black.

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    Click! You've, as per usual, explored the official FWA website with the efficiency and pointlessness of the ground crew in Alien: Covenant, aimlessly surfing from tab to tab, back and forth with your social media, that girl you met at a bar a few nights ago but haven't worked up the courage to contact's page, Reddit, and the site. You've nothing in particular in mind to partake in. That is, however, until you notice the recently uploaded video with the subtitle 'ALL HAIL' beneath it. The thumbnail preview, however, would be black. You click on it, prompting a new page to load and a rather large media player to ignite in the center of the window. After a moment, a set of white letters in an expressive font appears in the media player, reading 'ALL HAIL,' like the title of the video suggested. Soon, this fades away and the image that replaces it is a stone floor, greenish-gray in color, almost medieval in fashion. Slowly, the camera would trail forward, taking in quite a few steps of this stone, eventually reaching the bottom of a set of stairs. The camera pauses here, hesitating briefly before turning upwards, slowly taking in a step at a time as it rises. When it reaches the top of the stairs, it would come across golden sandaled feet, which would be connected to strong legs, the right crossed over the left. Behind these legs would sit a rather wide, rather large chair. However, this would be no ordinary chair, and would, in fact, be comprised of something other than the traditional means of chair construction. Wood? Nope. Plastic? Nope. Metal? Nope. Cushion? Nope. This throne would be architected out of... Of swords? Thousands of swords and daggers would comprise the makeup of this throne of iron, extending high over the head of any average human being and towering even higher than Michael Garcia. It would be asymmetrical and monstrous, in a way, twisted iron, jagged blades and edges. However, the being sitting upon this throne, however, could not possibly be described as monstrous. She would sport a black necklace, decently tight, that would hang around the base of her neck and almost seemed to be made of metal, as well. In addition, she would sport a low-cut (somewhat like a v-cut) dress, of a blue shade, that would seemingly be made of scales of, say, a dragon? The shoulders would jut out to a point, as if mimicking the sharp protrusions of the scaled exterior of said dragons. Her hair would normally be able to be characterized by a distracting dip-dyed set of ends, dodger blue and deep pink. However, at the moment, the regally dressed and royally dispositioned Madison Banks would have the bulk of her hair wavy, hanging from the back of her head, while most of the rest would be braided up upon the top and back of her skull, almost in the shape of a crown, even. From her own right side of her head, a few strands of her (enough to be noticeable, anyway) would hang, wavy, assisting in framing her beautiful face. Her facial expression, however, would speak a different tone. Resting softly against the chair's left arm, she would hold a golden chalice in her right hand, looking longingly into it. After smirking, she would open her mouth to begin to speak.

    Madison Banks "I was born to rule FWA... And I will."

    Her once bitter and contemptuous demeanor would be replaced by an arrogant smirk and a calm confidence that one could really only describe as terrifying. She would now sit up from her original position of being slightly reclined to the left, resting her forearms on either arm of the chair as she sits straight up, glaring ominously into the camera. The smirk would soon fade from her lips as she begins to employ them to speak, rather than to emote.

    Madison Banks"I am Madison Banks, Heiress, Manager of Martin Ryan and Julian Watson; The Heartbreak Express, ... And soon enough? Soon enough I will be the Queen Regnant of FWA. Y'see, ever since they first signed their contract here, We’ve beaten everyone they threw in front of us. Genocide? Beat them with ease in the center of the ring. Risky and Star? Just like usual, there ended up on their backs. But this Sunday? At Back in Business We add The Olympians to that list... The list of teams we’ve beaten... List of teams we’ve broken the hearts of.. And a list of tag teams we have humiliated in the ring that even, like, the company will have to recognize is officially mine this Sunday. When the Heartbreak Express shock the world and WIN the tag team title belts"

    Maddy may be short, but she is certainly not short on confidence.

    Madison Banks Julian Watson and Ryan Martin are the epitome of what the future is supposed to look like... Except that this Sunday, the future won't be, well, the future anymore. You people will never have to worry about the tag team being led by mistakes like anymore but The Olympians? Those idiots, on the other hand? they got a lot to worry about."

    With this, a soft and quick chuckle would escape Banks’s lips, only to be replaced quickly with a smirk and a nod before she continues on with her speech.

    Madison Banks "Dionysus and Ares are an arrogant excuse for a tag team. They are not wrestlers, They’re not athletes... I don't even really know, like, what they actually are I don't know if THEY know what they are….Do they even have brains? Can they do anything without that old fart telling them what to do? Senile as he is, One thing that he does seem to think he knows? Is that he thinks that..."

    Maddy can't help herself and is forced to pause to allow herself to calm down from the laughter that would escape her lips.

    Madison Banks "I'm sorry. He actually thinks that HIS team can stop the express! And y'know what? You think you can out manage me?! You think your Olympians can beat MY Heartbreak Express? , Shame, shame, shame."

    One could almost hear the tolling of a hand-held bell in the background.

    Madison Banks "Hopefully it will get through your thick skull sometime before I do it myself on Sunday... Well, hopefully for you, anyway... Let's get it in your head now that you, Zeus? Your little puppets? . You can't beat The Heartbreak Express It's honestly surprising that you've beaten... Well, anyone. Ever, sure you beat some random pairings but y'know what? That's not... Not really impressive. Like, at all. You think that because you did that, that you're... You're somehow, I don't know, better than everyone else? Let alone better than us?! Clearly? Clearly, you know nothing, Zeus"

    Maddy’s lip would curl as she chuckles to herself. Her Rose Leslie-esque delivery would only emphasise her point.

    Madison Banks And so while you and your little boy toys know nothing and have no answers…We have all the answers…"

    Banks would gesture to one side of the throne -- or the room, it's not clear -- with the action and to the other side for the reaction.

    Madison Banks "We will answer terrible wrestling with real wrestling… We will answer wannabes with talent... And we will answer injustice with justice."

    With this less-than-subtle quotation of one Unburnt, Banks would allow her smirk to slowly fade into her signature scowl. As her brows furrow, she would continue to verbally skewer her team’s foe, However, while doing so, it is clear that she's gearing towards something in particular, though at first, it might not be entirely too obvious. It is with this direction in her speech that she would allow her body language to mirror her literal language.

    Madison Banks: Julian and Ryan spent WAY too long watching people like you run this division... Into the ground, that is."

    Maddy’s smirk would seem half-hearted as if the visual of someone else running the division genuinely hurt her

    Madison Banks "Ever since we got here, we were disgusted with the wannabes, all of those tag teams that paved the way for other fakes like The Olympians. And the fact that, like, people like you still even exist, let alone have a job in a company like this one. And ever since that day? It became more and more obvious that The Heartbreak Express would have to win those belts., just to show you failures what being a tag team really is. And on Sunday? On Sunday We’ll show you what the best team in the world does"

    Maddy would sway her head slightly side to side with slightly pursed lips as her sass is simply radiating from her visage. She would grip the ends of the arms of the Iron Throne as she continues her speech.

    Madison Banks"It's something that The Olympians are not capable of. It's something that, like, you're not even capable of thinking is attainable for you. You two are a joke... A joke with no punchline."

    Maddy eyebrow would cock upward briefly as she internally high fives herself for the dig.

    Madison Banks Back in Business? This is war, mmkay? And I don't know if you think you're like, Hercules, or whatever else it is you're pretending to be this week... But you're not gonna' beat The Heartbreak Express. You somehow squeaked by Carousel -- which isn't something to be proud of, mind you -- but you will NOT be getting past The Express... Because their reign is just begun... And on Sunday I will take what's mine."

    Banks would nod, sitting forward and glaring deeper into the camera.

    Madison Banks "You're not fit to be our champions ,Olympians. You're not even fit to wear the title of FWA Employee. It's so sad"

    Again, Banks' voice would seem more childlike and saddened as she mockingly makes her statement

    Madison Banks:"That you even possibly think you're on the same level as, haha, The Heartbreak Express and Madison Banks? You're not gonna' beat us and you're DEFINITELY not gonna' to out manage me, Zeus?... You just don't have it in you."

    Shaking her head with her eyebrows sarcastically raised in an effort to emphasis and strengthen her point. However, after this brief pause, she would make her face a mixture more between stoicism and disdain.

    Madison Banks "And on top of that? For the rest of the girls in the company? No, Every single girl but past and present? You’re all small women. None of you is fit to lead an entire division, but I am. So I will."

    The delivery of this statement would make it so that it would appear as if Bank's entire demeanour shifts. From her once calm but traditionally sassy self to a channel most aptly described as volcanically charged and verbally horrifying. Swallowing, she would slide herself a bit further forward in her throne, glaring heatedly into the lens of the camera recording her. She would lift her hand and brush the isolated set of hair that hangs warily from the side of her head, allowing it to rest on the back of her ear. From here, she would continue.

    Madison Banks "Sunday marks the beginning of my reign atop the Tag Team Division... But know what else? It also marks the end of the waste of time that is The Olympians. We’ve gonna' embarrass you, mmkay, sweeties? You wanna' call yourself the 'Gods”' dogotcha', Well on Sunday my boys are going to show the world you’re VERY mortal, because when my boys finally get their hands on you? They'll start calling us the ultimate GOD breaker."

    Maddy’s fists would clench, clearly fueled by the hatred and contempt she clearly possesses for her foes this coming Sunday

    Madison Banks: "Not, y'know, that it would be hard -- at all -- to break you. If history has taught us anything -- y'know, if you're even capable of learning, Ares and Dionysus -- it's that you're as brittle as you are weak. Julian and Ryan don't even really have to do anything, you'll probably end up hurting yourself on Sunday... Whether that be hurting you thinking or hurting yourself on the mat, that's a whole 'nother thing."

    With this, Banks would shake her head, glancing off camera briefly before continuing.

    Madison Banks: "You’ll crumble... CRUMBLE under the pressure. Your bones will break. your muscles, they’ll tear... But your heart? Will BREAK, Sunday night, Olympians. Sunday night we’ll shut you up, which -- let's be clear, everyone and their mother want that. Sunday night, We get to get rid of you. Good riddance, by the way -- and show the world why the express has no breaks and that goes double when those belts are on the line... Sunday night, We can finally push this division in the direction it's supposed to go.

    Banks teeth would appear clenched as she continues her diatribe.

    Madison Banks "And trust me, fewer teams in our lives are something we ALL could use. You don't belong in this company, this business, mmkay? If I have to listen to you ramble on about flames or tributes or...II don't even know, I really don't pay much attention to the whining of glorified strippers. Anyway, the point is that your team is a joke. And it’s an insult to tag wrestling -- which, y'know, We’ve the future of, and all -- and it's an insult to FWA... And it's an insult to me. And if you think I'm gonna', like, stand by and let you insult your Queen? Oh, honey. You might have delusions of grandeur calling yourselves Gods but, like, you're not that delusional, are you? To think you've got what it takes to beat The Heartbreak Express

    She would nod as if someone had replied with an answer she likes, despite the fact that nobody else said anything and that it was a rhetorical question, clearly

    Madison Banks:"I'd hope not. Because... To be delusional on top of being desperate? That would just be sad. Well... Sadder than your lives already are if that's even possible."

    The near grimace on Maddy’s beautiful face would serve to further illustrate the contemptuous amusement she would possess in regards to her own comments. After a moment, she would nod her head and blink, raising her free hand with her palm slightly upward while still directed primarily towards the camera through which all of this is recorded. This motion would serve to strengthen her impending statements.

    Madison Banks:"I know, I know, they always say that thing about desperate times calling for desperate measures, but that's one thing. You being as desperate as you are for validation and attention and to have a job in this business? Could you BE any more depressing? Acting like Gods...ancient Greeks...blah blab...that’s even more of a joke as the idea... Of you beating us on Sunday!"

    Banks would chuckle heartily to herself, actually patting her knee once as if she were asking Spongebob and Patrick 'what'll it be fellas? Mustard or ketchup?' However, out of nowhere, her chuckling would cut out and her face would return to a stoic expression.

    Madison Banks "Now, I hate to burst your bubble, but here in FWA In my tag team Division? That crap? Doesn't fly. It might've in, like, whatever Crackhouse dumpster you two were found in, but not here."

    At this point, Banks would curl her lip in disgust, possibly at the mental image of a birth in a dumpster

    Madison Banks: On Sunday, it won't matter if you're brittle or how badly I break you... Because you're gonna' end up six feet down under."

    Banks would gesture downward with her scowling head, as if the ground beneath her would be the ground in which Banks would, in this hypothetical situation, be buried. After a moment, Banks would continue, her entire demeanour screaming of her confidence.

    Madison Banks "So you can take you jokes of a career and your whole schtick and get OUT of my ring and my company... Or you can stay here and get yourself hurt by the best tag team in the world. it doesn't matter to me. Or, really, to anyone."

    Banks eyes would blink rapidly and in a contemptuous manner.

    Madison Banks "When They’re done with you, Olympians -- and keep in mind, We’ve only just begun -- everyone will see just who you two really are and what you really bring to the table. When the express is through with you? When they're raising their hands? And I’m handing the gold to them? You'll finally understand... Understand exactly why it is that you've NEVER been champions... And why I've won everywhere I've been, be it wrestling or other things... And why we’ve the future of this company, of wrestling... When we’ve through with you finally see just how much a joke you two are, and just how little you deserve to be here. And if that's not enough?"

    Her fists would clench with the exception of her extended index finger, which she would point forcefully, contemptuously, and arrogantly towards the camera

    Madison Banks: "When we’ve through with you? You and literally everyone else will be given a choice... You'll either live in our new world, or you can die in your old one... But either way? Either way, Olympians... You and everyone else will drop down... On your knees... And bow to your queen... Because I'm Madison Banks and I manage The Heartbreak Express…. All hail."

    Banks' scowl would be flush with confidence and arrogance, as well as contempt and resent. After cocking her head slightly to the side with her final statement in a manner so sassy that even Beyoncé would take notice, she would lean back in the throne of iron and smirk imperiously, lifting the golden chalice to her lips and taking a sip, before holding it in front of her again, looking as longingly at it as she had prior to her tirade. With this, our segment fades to black.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    nGw Performance Center
    Vincent's Office

    I stand in my office looking fixatedly at my replica of the X Championship reliving the Hell on Earth Match I recently had against Jason Randall while Sonny and Bella are playing a game of chess behind me.

    Sonny (making a move on the chess board): Do you think he's ready?

    Bella (making a counter move): I'm not sure, but you know that we'll be there only to make sure Jason's girlfriend, Penny, doesn't get involved.

    Sonny: Yeah I know Looks over at Vincent I just wished that we could do more to help him out in his match against both Jason and Mark.

    Bella (taking one of Sonny's pieces): Mark will definitely be a major wildcard in this match.

    Sonny (growls after Bella takes her piece): Yes he will be. He didn't go through the nGw and when he does work out here.

    Bella (finishing Sonny's sentence): He keeps mostly to himself listening to music as he works out.

    Vincent (still transfixed on the X Championship that he has): Look at the whole board.

    Sonny and Bella both look at each other then turn the gaze towards me, before looking at their chess board looking confused at what I said. I crack my head side to side before taking a deep breath and turning around. I go over to the chess board, move one of Sonny's pieces that she hadn't noticed and moved her into forcing Bella into a checkmate.

    Vincent: Look at the whole board. I look at both Sonny and Bella You are both concerned about what I'll do, or keeping Penny from doing something, or that Mark is a wildcard. What you failed to realize, what you both are failing to realize, is that you need to look at the bigger picture.

    Sonny and Bella are both still looking confused.

    Vincent: The "bigger picture" is that this match will shape the future of the X Championship. Whether I win it, Mark wins it, or Jason retains it, it doesn't matter because whomever wins it will have dug so far deep into their well of reserves that they'll have realized that they have to go far to win a FWA Championship or to retain a FWA Championship. Because you see, the FWA X Championship is, has, and forever will be, the gateway Championship of the FWA. Not counting the Women's or Tag Championships, but a good majority of the North American, World, what have you, had all gone through the X Division and Championship.

    I walk towards the windows of my office that overlook the rings of the Performance Center.

    Vincent: Without the X Championship and Division, a good majority of the FWA Talents won't realize that in order to win the most coveted prize in the FWA, the FWA World Championship, that they will have to reach deep down inside of themselves to win it. More so now then ever before. I say that as I look up at the Banner showing current FWA Undisputed World Champion, Cyrus Truth, holding his Championship on his shoulder. Because you see, while I've never personally fought Cyrus Truth, I had been paying attention to his dominance and success he has had since signing with the FWA as well as his ongoing CWA Career. Do you, either of you, honestly expect or foresee Jason Randall or Mark Merriweather could ever legitably beat Cyrus Truth for the FWA Undisputed World Championship without having to go through the X Division?

    As I look out of the window, I notice one of the people from Dave Sullivan's "Full Ground Zero" reality show getting into an argument with one of the nGw Talents. I shake my head then turn and head towards my office door to go deal with it. Sonny and Bella get up and look out the window to see the nGw Wrestler and the FGZ guy start to come to blows. They both mutter "oh shit" under their breath before running out the office door and run to catch up with me to let me know what happened the moment after I left my office.

    [I WIN]

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    Fight in Her Blood

    On July 1, 2002, exactly 15 years ago, Shannon O’Neal boarded a Greyhound bus. She traveled 2,114 miles on a 30-hour, 16-minute highway and interstate tumble from midwest America to the Sunset Strip of Los Angeles, California.

    That choice forever altered her life. Instead of continuing to grow up — and grow old — in her hometown of Lafayette, Indiana, Shannon O’Neal made the choice to chase a dream of finding her mom and trying to become a rock musician. That was one of her passions growing up, and although she never fulfilled that dream, it led her to another sincere passion: professional fighting — and branching from that, professional wrestling.

    Shannon O’Neal’s decision — like any person’s decisions in life — led her along a series of events that eventually led her to the spot she’s currently. Shannon O’Neal, the rough-around-the-edges girl from “Middle America,” will be in the main event at Back in Business, the greatest and most prestigious annual event in all of professional wrestling, and she will face Cyrus Truth for the FWA Undisputed World Championship.

    From 2003 to 2010, she was a bartender and middling guitarist in failed 80s cover bands. From 2010 through 2013, she used her bartending jobs to fund her boxing training — and her mixed-results attempts at local independent boxing and mixed-martial arts competitions. Somewhere in between, living on the outskirts of Hollywood and working right in the thick of the Sunset Strip’s shell-of-itself party scene, Shannon O’Neal grew to love fighting — and the art of it.

    In the summer of 2013, she got a call from an agent, Robbins Thurgood, with the FWA. He asked her to come to Seattle, Washington, for a tryout. The rest is wrestling history — two FWA Women’s Championship reigns, a victory against then-FWA Champion Gabrielle Montgomery at Trial By Fire 2014, a miscarriage, being stalked by Jack of Diamonds, recovering from that nightmare, returning with an off-the-rails, loud-mouthed, no-filter personality that she rarely showed before and few have ever reached before in the sport.

    One Carnal Contendership win — and one “FUCK YOU, CYRUS TRUTH” — later, and she was where she is now. She is one win from history, from glory, and from fulfilling everything her mouth has said about the reigning champion for the past two months.

    It all started when she made that decision, at the age of 17, to board that bus and head to the Sunset Strip in search of her estranged mother. If not for that choice, that rash decision, she never would’ve gotten here.

    But there was another fork-in-the-road moment for Shannon O’Neal — one that occurred just two years prior.


    Sitting in the office of her high school counselor, the Jefferson High sophomore-year student sat across from her life-lesson superior and listened to a helpful speech about … priorities.

    “Shannon … do you hear what we're saying?”

    Mr. Johnston leans over his side of the desk separating himself from 15-year-old Shannon and her father, who sits to her right and looks down at her with the same judgmental-inquisitive look the counselor gives.

    “Shannon, it’s for your own good. Your father and I discussed this before you got here. You are an extremely talented musician, and you could go very far with more time committed to the craft.

    You’re also a very talented actress. The theater teacher and school play director raves all the time about Shannon’s ability to lead one of her shows and captivate the audience. But her band teacher … same thing. He’s never seen someone as talented on the guitar as Shannon, and her blues-based musical interests have developed. I don’t listen to much of the rock-type music you hear nowadays or back in the 80s but you have a gift, Shannon.

    Two gifts. Shannon, you need to pick one. The school — and I, and your father — believe it’s in your best interest to focus on one of those talents. We have one of the best musical-arts programs here at Jefferson High School. But if you truly want to go the theater route, we should consider a different school.”

    “That’s why this matters, Shannon,”her dad says for the first time during the meeting.

    Shannon looks briefly up at him. She doesn’t want to choose. As a 15 year old, even though she’s a teenager, this is a choice between two things she loves equally. When she’s on stage, nothing else but acting matters. When she has a guitar in her hand, nothing else but music matters. If only there was a way to combine both…

    As these thoughts race through Shannon’s mind — and she ultimately realizes it’s all a pie-in-the-sky dream — she looks up, over the right shoulder of Mr. Johnston, and notices a clock. It’s white with a glass covering the hands and numbers and a white outside covering. The only color is the red numbers, the same color as the school. For the first time, Shannon notices the audible tick-tick-tick of the second hand moving its way around the 60-tick interval.

    “Time is running out, Shan,” her dad says, as if he noticed Shannon looking at the clock. “Which way does your heart go right this second?”

    On this day, in the year 2000, this distraught-and-torn artistic 15-year-old girl blurted out the first thing that came to her mind in that moment. She chose music. Her reply actually was, in a very low, serious, final voice. “Music.” But it was a coin flip, essentially word vomit. If only she had let herself think for a second more…

    “Actin’ … I ...



    Her father looks down at Shannon, who trades off glances between him and her counselor. The latter has a very important question for her, though.

    "Why, Shannon? ...


    Why do you want this?"

    She grows more and more confident in the decision she made, and then finally speaks again.

    “I wanna be an actor. I wanna be a lead in a Broadway play. That’s my dream.”

    The feeling coming from the other side of the desk is one of mixed emotions — mostly happiness. Shannon’s father also smiles. It’s done, over, and although she’s still sad about giving up something she loves, she’s happy the stress is nearly dissipated. She anticipated this talk for a while now.

    “I honestly thought she’d pick music. She’s always talkin’ ‘bout goin’ to see her momma’ in L.A.”

    “Well … this was a good thing for her. There’s a great art school in Gary. The Wirt-Emerson Visual and Performing Arts High Ability Academy. I’ll make a call and see if we can get Shannon enrolled there, with a low-income scholarship due to your family’s financial situation, Mr. O’Neal. And then … well, Purdue University is right down the road from home, and they have one of the finest theater departments in the country.”

    Shannon came to accept this reality — this choice. And little did she know, it would be like all major life choices, a ripple effect sending her life on a very distinctly different path from the alternative. She reached a fork-in-the-road moment, and she chose her destiny.

    But not every path is different in every way.


    Standing in front of the same director for the past two years can grow a bit tiresome, but Shannon O’Neal puts her frustrations to the side as she listens to his advice.

    “Shannon … we’ve made progress. We’re oh so close but every now and then, I hear it. You have to pronounce your Gs. Ing. Ing. … Ing! Leave your country accent behind. You’ve done so well with ‘you’ and ‘you’re’. The pirate ‘argh!’ is all gone. But those Gs, Shannon. Those Gs!”

    She nods her head, looking down to the floor of the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in New York City and momentarily forgets where she current is. All she is aware of his everyone’s eyes on her — including the lead actor, Damien, one of the most well-known and well-established actors right now in the circuit. His smile pierces holes through Shannon’s body, but with extra determination, she puts on a brave face and fights back the thought of crying right then and there.

    “Alright, that’s enough for now,” the director shouts to the 20-something actors who have migrated onto the stage. “Tomorrow night … another show. Be here 45 minutes before.”

    Shannon shuffles her feet off the stage, down the steps, and past the rows and rows and rows of seats inside the theatre. Right then, Shannon’s smile returns. She, on this date of June 29, 2017, she remembers the long road to get HERE. Right here. Age 32, already having performed in four Broadway plays and musicals, now she’s on her second year in “My Kingdom,” which has become one of the more established shows on the scene. But people say it’s dying. People started saying it about a year ago.

    Shannon usually blocks out all the public’s criticism of the play, though, because she’s more concerned with her director chastising her for her midwestern slang.

    “God, Damien is such a douche. And he isn’t even good. Paul lets him get away with more flaws than your one ‘leadin’ moment. Also … NOT a big deal.”

    That’s the voice of Claire, one of Shannon’s closest friends in the circuit. Her long brown hair and soft, pale skin is perfect for … one of the many B-level roles in the upcoming show. Just as she’s always been, Claire is nothing more than a super-extra. Shannon has worked her way up. Damien is the long-standing lead actor in all of Paul’s plays. Oh, Paul Thurgood is the director, of course. And he and Damien have been working together for nearly a decade.

    “I know.”

    Shannon has grown weary of this conversation. She’s had it with nearly everyone on the set during the past two months.

    “I know I always say it, Shan, but …”

    “I don't want'ta. I’m tellin' ya'. Last time I tried …”

    “Last time you tried was three years ago and you busted down that director’s door and MADE him give you a tryout for the lead female’s role in ...


    ’A Quiet Truth,’ I think, right? Yep! That was it! And that director, forget his name, he ALWAYS chose that girl … what was her name?”

    A brief, awkward pause comes before Shannon answers.


    “YES! CIERRA! Incredible actress. But you demanded one shot, for ONE night, in that lead female spot. Not even the lead spot. Just the lead female, which is like the FIFTH spot in a lot of these plays. You know how it goes here, anywhere really. They can’t cast a female leading role for shit. But to go back to the story … you got the tryout … and you BLEW Cierra away. And it’s bullshit that the jackass director didn’t give it to you, Shan. It’s fucking bullshit. But you know what?”

    Claire and Shannon walk out one of the side doors of the theater. The clouds grow dark, like a storm is approaching, but Claire doesn’t heed the thunder’s warning. She continues her soap-box speech.

    “You gained the respect of so many people out here for that. They started noticing you. And so did Paul, right? He heard about it. Now look at you? You’re playing the fifth or sixth biggest role in one of the biggest plays to come out on Broadway this decade!”

    Claire has a very clean dialect. She comes from Chicago, Illinois — one of the rich north-suburb parts — and she doesn’t have the same problems forcing clean speech like Shannon does. Right when they met four years ago, Shannon noticed this. She was jealous of it. But she soon learned — from Cierra and with Paul’s direction — that she could eliminate her flaws with increased focus.

    She was clumsy, too. She couldn’t dance well. That made her, in some director’s eyes, limited in what she could do.

    “You’ve made it, Shannon. But …”

    Shannon doesn’t even hear the last word. With her wavy blonde hair pulled up into a pony tail and her white-collar T-shirt and long black pants to fit her part, she smiles again thinking about how far she’s come.

    After Wirt-Emerson Visual and Performing Arts High Ability Academy, she had a full ride to Purdue University. But she decided to take a nearly full ride to the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, away from her father and her home. At age 17 — she graduated high school one year early — she stepped aboard a Greyhound bus and made her way 703 miles and 11 hours to the eastern coast in search of a light at the end of her dream’s long, stressful tunnel.

    From there, she battled and fought and battled and fought. She was homeless for three weeks. She took any job she could — from infomercials to commercials, and finally an acting job in a play. That got her noticed by someone, which landed her in another play that got her noticed by someone else.

    Eventually, she made it to Broadway. Her first extra role in he first Broadway show was four years ago, seven years after she graduated college.

    “Shannon … I KNOW … I KNOW you want that lead spot. Look … look at me.”

    Sierra and Shannon are now outside, standing underneath an awning that covers the steps and walkway into a small, family owned Chinese restaurant right around the corner from the theater.

    “You made it … BUT … you are needed for something more. LOOK AT ME, GIRL!”

    The rain is coming down hard as Claire’s hair gets wet underneath the awning, which isn’t large enough to cover both women fully. Shannon’s makeup is fading — or she’s getting teary-eyed. She shakes her head and shakes Claire’s hands off her shoulders. In that moment, Shannon walks past her friend and out into the cold, heavy rain. Her body becomes a blur as Claire watches, her face turned long into a frown.

    Shannon becomes invisible among the thick and thunderous rain that covers the street.


    Back in her ratchet studio apartment on the far south side of the Manhattan island, down near Webster Hall, Shannon O’Neal parks herself on a wooden chair with three good legs and one splintered leg that wobbles when she moves and is sitting on a slant.

    But she doesn’t mind the cheapness of her home. It does the job. She can pay the rent and bills — barely — and still have enough for food, new clothes, public transportation, her bartending job, some social stuff, and student loans.

    One day, she might even put some money away in her savings account, which has sat static at $349.43 for nearly nine years.

    None of that matters. She’s been here for nearly a year. What matters is the reviews she’s reading of “My Kingdom,” which has now hit its eighth year on Broadway. And for six of them, Damien has been the lead actor.

    Now, one day after her and Claire’s talk, she is obsessing over public criticism.

    “While the show’s plot has hit high points for viewers for nearly a decade, the acting in the lead role has suffered from a seemingly apathy that has sept into other actors in other high-profile roles.”

    And another review, this one from New York Magazine:

    “Claire Astrauld and a few other female extras do their best to keep the show up, but it seems the play is reaching an end. Many of the male actors, especially lead actor Damien Pullsic, do not show the fire they once did when the show burst to the Broadway scene with an unmistakable force.”

    Finally, from the New York Times:

    “One of the things that was holding this play up is how enthusiastic some of the lower-billed actors and actresses were. Some of them have kept that fire — namely Shannon O’Neal, playing the role of the daring young princess from the rival land caught in a love affair with the king/main character’s teenage son — but many seem to be going through the motions under Paul Thurgood’s direction. It might be time for a chang…”

    Right then, Shannon closes the Chrome browser and quickly walks away from the computer. In the past few weeks, she’s become more aware of the dwindling crowds. What once was a sold out theater became three-quarters full, and now half full most nights.

    And everyone — Claire, the reviews, and many of the others in the play — are right. There really is a fire missing. And it really does start at the top.

    Whatever. It’s the night of the next show. Shannon has a role to play. She has a play to perform.


    And boy did she ever. Shannon acted her ass off in this one. In fact, she turned to Claire midway through and said she thought this would end up being her best performance yet. Claire simply smirked at her friend — still her friend, even after what happened a day prior.

    But the rest of the play? Hot garbage.

    Damien gave one of his most lackluster showings yet. Paul didn’t seem fazed. And the crowd, barely half full, at one point didn’t know an act was done. A good four seconds passed before the first round of applause came.

    Shannon, looking around and seeing long, downtrodden, uninspired faces, was absolutely pissed.

    “Paul … ya’ got a sec?”

    “I thought you were done with the slang, especially after how you did tonight.”

    “It seems to get back in when I get mad.”

    Paul looks up from his office desk, catching Shannon’s glare from five feet away. Similar to that decision she made 15 years ago in her counselor’s office, Shannon now stands opposite a male superior who can make or break her dreams in a matter of seconds. Unlike before … she’s ready to fight.

    “Damien blows, Paul. …


    ’n I know I ain’t speakin’ well but … I don’t think anyone can take another show with him.”

    “The play is written with a king in the main role. Kings are played by men. Damien is the best we have.”

    “No … he ain’t.”

    Shannon steps forward in this old, wooden room in the back corner of the theater. Paul was just then looking through the accounting from the show — tickets sold, concessions sold — and trying to determine how to squeeze every last penny from it before he needed to consider cutting some of the production staff.

    “I heard about when you challenged for Cierra’s spot in ‘A Quiet Truth.’ Heard you should’ve gotten the spot. Doesn’t make what you did right — and it doesn’t make what you’re doing now right.”

    “Paul … I’m from the midwest, man. I ain’t got filters naturally. All my life, ever since I came out here, I’ve had to hold back a liiiiiiiittle bit. But Paul, man, I’m a fighter. ’N I could just walk out that door and leave this damn play to die.

    I could do that.

    But I ain’t.

    ‘Cause after two years, I love this play. I believe in this play. I believed when I first saw it. I knew … I wanted on it. Now ya’ got a choice, ‘cause I can get work ‘round here. Hell, this work ain’t payin’ much to begin with.

    Ya’ can either give me a damn shot … just one ... or don't and nothin' gets better. Change the script. Make it a queen, not a king. Make the lead role a queen. It ain't hard and ya' know it, Paul. Ya' a damn good writer and director and we could rewrite and change the roles and we'd be ready by the next show!

    I know Damien is too comfortable. I know he ain’t tryin’ out there. I know the crowd sees it. The critics see it. The other actors and actresses see it. Hell, YOU see it. But ya’ didn’t fight it. Ya’ didn’t push back. And now ya’ just … like … him. Lettin’ ya’ dream die.”

    Paul is now sitting in his desk as Shannon leans over the other side. The commotion has caused a crowd outside the door. Their whispers are audible to both Shannon and her director.

    “I ain’t askin’ ya’ to give me the part. I just want … a shot. Let me fight for ya’. Let me show ya’ what it SHOULD MEAN to be in that role. Let me show ya’ what it means, Paul, to me to be a star on a Broadway play. ‘Cause to someone like me, who had to board a Greyhound bus to come out here and didn’t know WHAT THE FUCK was gonna’ happen to me … that means everythin’. Paul … I’m a fighter. I got it in my blood. And right now … I wanna fight for this, ‘cause I know I can help it. I know it needs me.”

    Paul didn’t need to hear another word. He told Shannon his plan — and then he told Damien. And then he told everyone else.

    Huddled around in a circle, Paul commanded his entire crew as he stood in the middle. Everyone at first was disgruntled to have another "staff meeting." Then their interest piqued as Paul began talking about complacency and drive and effort and ... motivation.

    “Open tryout for the lead role, the king, tomorrow in lieu of practice. Anyone who wants a shot can have one. Damien, you must try out.”

    Damien was irate. As everyone whispered amid their hopeful smiles and gossipy predictions, they all knew why this was. Shannon got this. Damien knew, too, and his piercing glare that once was given behind a smirk is now filled with hateful daggers thrown her way.

    Shannon catches it for a brief moment and looks away. Claire catches her attention quickly after.

    “You know it’s you, girl. This is IT! This is IT!”

    “You ain’t gonna try out?”

    “I will … but everyone knows, especially after last show, that it’s you or Damien. And I don’t wanna coach you up or nothing, but Damien is good when he’s on. And he’s going to be on. He doesn’t want to lose it, even if he seems like he does. He’s got too much damn male pride in him.”

    “We all do. No one wants to fail.”

    Shannon and Claire have made their way to the exit of the theater, but Shannon’s last words cause Claire to do a double-take.

    “What do you mean, girl? Don’t tell me you’re second-guessing this…”

    Claire tilts her head and takes a long sigh as Shannon tries to explain but can’t. No words come out. Shannon just looks back at Claire, and the two have a moment.

    “Listen … Claire … I can’t right now. I want it, but I … I just need ... to focus ... or somethin'.”

    Shannon walks off, out the door and into the sunlight that shines down in the alley, and Claire turns back to the rest of the crew waiting back near the director’s office.


    The crowd of people watching the auditions is more enthusiastic than any crowd that has come to the show in the last four months. Claire finishes her performance — a fine one — but she knows she isn’t good enough. To her, this is all experience.

    As she paces off the stage and behind the curtain, she immediately wipes the sweat from her brow and looks for Shannon. No sight of her. She didn’t answer her texts, or her phone calls earlier.

    Claire’s face drops as she looks around and can’t find her. Damien is on next, and then it’s done. Anyone else not here by the time Damien finishes will have missed their chance. And no one here right now is taking this spot from him. No one has the panache out there on that stage. No one, Claire thinks, but Shannon O’Neal.

    “That bitch.”

    Just as her last ounce of hope dashes from her body, the side door to the theater swings open. Shannon comes racing in, around the corner and nearly crashing into a prop ladder leaning on one of the walls behind the stage.

    “Where the hell have you been?”

    “No time. Is it over?”

    “No … uh ... Damien is on now. You’ve got about five minutes. Where have you been, Shan?”

    “Good, good. I … I need about two to get ready so give me a second to catch my br…”


    Claire’s thunderous voice echoes through the back. Damien, once smug in his belief this was settled, looks off to the side and grows a bit worrisome. He can’t see Shannon’s face, but he can see Claire talking to someone.

    “You … will tell me … where the FUCK you were.”

    Shannon takes one deep breath … and a second one. She looks up into Claire’s eyes and … lets it all out. Word vomit takes over.

    “Claire … I’m scared. … I … I know it’s me. I know I can do it but I’m so … so …


    so scared.”

    Claire comes in for a hug but Shannon presses her away. Not in a mean sense, but she has more to say before any mushy stuff comes.

    “No … I … I have’ta get it all out. I … Claire … I want this … SOOOOOOO bad. I really do. But *sniffle* … what if I don’t get it? What if Paul is like the other director, huh? What if I don’t get the part? Everyone … you … lookin’ to ME. And what if I don’t do it?”

    Shannon is crying now. Claire puts her hand up. She’s had enough, and it’s almost time.

    “I know it’s in you. I know it. I know you’re a fighter. Isn't that what you always say?! Yeah, well ... I fucking BELIEVE it.

    There are a lot of girls on this set who would NEVER have the balls you had when you stormed into Paul’s office and demanded a shot at that role. There are a lot of girls who don’t think their voices would be heard. They feel small. They feel limited. They feel like they will NEVER get as far as you have. Me, included, Shannon. Me … included. I went out there and I tried … but I know the reality, girl.

    I know my limit. But you …?

    Now … I know you want to do it. I know it’s in there, Shannon. But you CANNOT … you CANNOT be afraid of failure. Because even if you fail, knowing you gave it a fucking shot … Shannon … that’s enough, girl. That’s more than enough for us. For me.

    Now … you don’t do this for us. You do this for YOU. Why … at the end of the day … WHY do YOU want this?”

    Claire pauses and Shannon drops her head down to the ground. And in that moment, everything seems to slowly shift. Her dark makeup and eyeliner fades away. Her white-collared shirt changes to a black tank top. Her long blue jeans are now tight white shorts cut off right at her thigh bone. Her wrists are taped up. Her cheek has a bruise. Her left rib is a little thicker, with some bandaging underneath the shirt. Her arms are red, from scratches and bruises. Her lip is busted a bit. And now her blond hair dangles just below her shoulders in a wavy formation, no longer in a ponytail.

    When she looks up from the floor, all she sees is a white wall. No Claire. No other actresses. No Al Hirschfeld Theatre. No Broadway. No New York City. No acting degree from the University of the Arts.

    Right now, she’s standing inside Qualcomm Stadium’s backstage area. The entrance to the main arena, filled with 70,000 excited and anxious fans, is just around the corner.

    From the naked eye, Shannon is speaking to no one. But to her, she’s speaking to her mom.

    She’s speaking to her dad.

    To her high school counselor.

    To Claire.

    To Bell Connelly.

    To Damien.

    To Cyrus Truth.

    To everyone who has asked: “Why do you want this?”

    “BECAUSE … BECAUSE I WANT … to be one of THOSE girls.

    Jillian De Silva. Moira Crawford. Gabrielle Montgomery. The three women who have been World Champion in the FWA.

    This was never my dream when I left Indiana 15 years ago. Never.

    But this is my dream today.”

    Shannon is crying now, tears dripping out her eyes and down her cheek. The little makeup she had on — eyeliner — is now bleeding off her eyelids.

    “I am not exceptional. I am not special. I am not above anyone in sheer talent. I am not what Cyrus believes he is.

    But I am a fighter. And the FWA needs someone with fight in their blood now more than ever before. The FWA has long had a king, and it’s time for a queen. That’s why I am doin’ this. ‘Cause I wanna be the next queen of the FWA.”

    Shannon pauses, wiping away the tears from her face. She focuses again, now speaking to just one person on her list: Cyrus Truth.

    “Ya’ say you’re the leader FWA needs, and ya’ say ya’ the one to call out the FWA’s issues.

    I admit there ARE issues! Many of them!

    Because the FWA World Championship, THAT very belt ya’ hold, Cyrus, has been devalued month after month by champions who feel the climb to the top was everything and their stay at the top is boring. Cyrus, ya’ even admitted it! Ya’ don’t enjoy being FWA World Champion.”

    So let me help … relieve you of your duties.

    Because if ya’ don’t want to do this anymore, then you shouldn’t.

    But I know ya’ have too much pride to just lay down. I know you don’t like how I talked to you, about you, or how I carry myself in ya’ presence. Ya’ don’t like how I tackled ya’ off the stage and gave ya’ a black eye. And ya’ said it ya’self, Cyrus. Ya’ revel in puttin’ down the upstarts, the dreamers and those like me with their minds lookin’ to a grander future.

    So I know ya’ and me … we in for a war at Back in Business. I know that. Ya’ know that.

    But there’s one difference between us, Cyrus. One.

    I want to be the World Champion.

    Ya’ don’t.

    I love the FWA. And I will come out to the ring every fuckin’ week and make it better. I will DEMAND to make it better.

    But Cyrus asked me why I’m doin’ this. And everyone else has wondered why I’m doin’ this.

    And I wanna say it now: I’m doin’ this to be on THAT list of names. I wanna be one of them.

    I wanna be the FOURTH female to be an FWA World Champion.

    And I’m gonna fight for it … ‘cause that’s what I do. And no matter where I am in life, or what my dreams are … I’ll always fight for it.”

    Shannon wipes away the last condensation from her eyelids and finally has clear vision. She smiles and walks by everyone before her — all the actresses first. They all smile as a tunnel forms leading to the stage, where Damien has exited after his performance.

    Then she passes Bell, who gives one of her quirky, goofy smiles as Shannon passes her imaginary self. Then Claire, waiting this time right at the opening to the stage. And then an image of 15-year-old Shannon O’Neal, standing right in front of the entrance to Qualcomm Stadium.

    This teenage version of herself looks up, maybe 5 extra inches, and smiles. She’s proud of what she sees. Even if she never could’ve predicted this life when she sat down in that counselor’s chair 17 years ago, she’s still proud knowing Shannon is still chasing her dreams.

    Right as Shannon reaches the entrance, and right before “Let Me Clear My Throat” boots up over the loudspeakers … the 32-year-old wrestler hears one last voice of comfort from behind her. Her younger voice — as awkward as could be — is too recognizable to miss.

    “Ya’ got the part.”
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