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Thread: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

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    Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Pepsi Arena, Denver, Colorado
    Friday June 23, 2017

    Cyrus turns, but Phillip A. Jackson has recovered and is up, blocking the exit to the back side of the ring! Cyrus tries to side-step but Jackson blocks him AGAIN! The crowd is going NUTS as Jackson stares right into Cyrus' eyes, seeing a man on the edge between fear and anger. Cyrus takes a big swing at Jackson, but the two-time World Champ blocks it and lands a forearm right to the jaw.

    Langdon Trafford: JACKSON WITH A RIGHT HAND!

    Cyrus drops the World Championship, turns and stumbles right into a WICKED open-fist right hand from Shannon O'Neal that lands square into Cyrus' cheek, right under the black eye he was sporting!!!

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon is getting retribution tonight! Here's the answer about whether she'll be here next show!!!

    Shannon drops the lead pipe and looks down at Cyrus Truth, who is doubled over in the middle of the ring. Cyrus looks at Jackson, who puts his hands up and backs away, sliding through the middle and top ropes as if he had nothing to do with this.


    Shannon kneels next to Cyrus, who is coughing up spit into the canvas. She lifts up Cyrus' face, looking right into his eyes, and delivers a stark message in front of the thousands watching in the arena.


    Shannon drops the lead pipe to the ground, never once using it on Cyrus. With Cyrus still doubled over, she turns around and delivers her "Paradise City" bicycle kick!!! The crowd EXPLODES when Shannon drives her leg down into the back of Cyrus' neck! And the ring shakes on impact as both go down at close to the same time.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal has responded in a BIG way to Cyrus Truth tonight! We have ONE WEEK left until Back in Business! How will the Champ respond?!

    Shannon O'Neal stands up, hovering over the body of Cyrus Truth, and picks up the FWA World Championship. The final shot of Fight Night this week is Shannon gazing down lustfully into the World Championship belt, offering her a possible look into her future.

    This capacity crowd filling the Pepsi Arena are all on their feet with excitement as the Fight Night begins, and what a Fight Night it is. The Go-home show before Back in Business, the stakes have never been higher. Pyro rains down from the ceiling and the chants of the FWA universe are deafening.

    The camera pans down the ramp, all the way to the ring, then to the commentary table.

    Langdon Trafford: Welcome once again, ladies and gentlemen, to FWA Fight Night! Not just any Fight Night night, mind you, but the final Fight Night before BACK IN BUSINESS! As always, I'm Langdon Trafford, along with Piers Gallagher and David Weinstock.

    David Weinstock: The Road to Back in Business is coming to a close and the match that has everyone talking is, without a doubt, Shannon O'Neal vs Cyrus Truth for the FWA Championship. Shannon, the winner of the 2017 Carnal Contendership match, has more than proven that she has what it takes to stand toe to toe with the FWA Champion.

    Piers Gallagher: False. I wouldn't expect you two to factor logic and common sense into your trashbag opinions but I think now's the time for Uncle Piers to hit you with a hard dose of truth. Shannon has proven NOTHING. Cyrus Truth is one of the greatest superstars to ever lace up a pair of boots, he is a champion truly deserving of the Back in Business main event. Shannon O'Neal isn't just unproven, she's unworthy. What Shannon and Phillip A. Jackson did to Cyrus Truth last week was collusion! Wake the hell up, people.

    David Weinstock: Regardless, Shannon made a big statement last week. "I'm not scared of Cyrus Truth"

    Piers Gallagher: She should be, otherwise she's as stupid as you two.

    Langdon Trafford: We have a stacked card on our hands, people. A double main event that sees Ryan Rondo taking on Shannon O'Neal for the first time ever! The FWA Champion himself, Cyrus Truth, takes on Bell Connelly and you have to wonder where his mind is at.

    David Weinstock: We all see the North American championship defended live on TV as Mike Parr takes on Danny F'n Toner. The tag team titles will also be defended in the Tag Team Carousel match. A hellacious X Division Championship match! I can't wait, boys. This is going to be a good one!


    am not

    a human being..."

    The crowd pops wildly as The Astonishing Chris Kennedy's theme music plays over the arenas PA system.

    The FWA universe are besides themselves as the FWA icon makes his way out. Four Time World Heavyweight Champion. Grandslam Champion. First man to hold the FWA Championship and the World Heavyweight Championship at the same time. The self proclaimed "Greatest Of All Time." He struts down the ring and he just oozes with charisma and electricity. The fans have their hands extended for high fives, which he gives them as he makes his way down the ramp.

    Chris Kennedy slides into the ring and climbs the first of four ring posts. He soaks in the attention, breathing in deeply and then exhaling as he hops down the turnbuckle and over to the next one. After climbing all four turnbuckles he stands in the center of the ring, waiting for the crowd to calm down before speaking.

    Chris Kennedy: When I was a little boy, my mother was my entire world, man. My father, The Legendary Kerry Kennedy, was always on the road and my mother had to play both roles, you see. Mother and father. While the entire world looked at my father as their hero, to me it was my mother that I admired more than anything. I thought she could move mountains, man. There wasn't a kinder, gentler soul in this goddamned cesspool of a world. I was 13 years old when my mother died of cancer. She was too good for this wold and just like that, she was no longer part of it. That was a major turning point in my young life, a hole was cut deep into my heart, with every ounce of innocence I had left bleeding out over time until I started to become someone my mother wouldn't have been very proud of at all. I was lost without her and it showed. My dad was a World Champion and pop cultural phenomenon, plastered on the walls of other boys and girls my age, and I resented him for that at the time. He was everyone else's father at a time when I needed a father the most. One day, when he was off the road nursing an injury, he caught me out in the backyard with a bottle of jack and lit joint between my lips. I was 14 years old. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" he asked, but I didn't answer him, not at first. After he asked again, I raised a middle finger and asked him why he cared and when he decided to start. He grabbed me by the back of my hair, pulling it hard as he dragged me into the house and took me into the kitchen.

    Chris Kennedy pauses for a bit as the crowd sits silently compelled.

    Chris Kennedy: He sat me down in the kitchen and told me to shut my mouth and pay attention. I sat there, my arms crossed and a scowl on my face. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed some potatoes in one pot, some eggs in the second pot, and then some ground coffee beans in the third pot. So then he let them sit and boil, without saying a word to to me. The little shit that I was, I pissed and moaned while I impatiently waited, wondering just what the hell he was doing. Twenty minutes, went by, my father not saying a word to me. He turned off the burners. He took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them on a plate. He pulled the eggs out and placed them on another plate. He then ladled the coffee out and slowly poured it in a cup. Turning to me he asked. “What do you see?”

    “Breakfast,” I said.

    “No, son. Touch the potatoes.” And so I did. I touched them and noted to myself that they were soft, softer than they were than when they went into the hot water. He then asked me to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, I made note of the hard-boiled egg, which went in soft and came out harder, firmer. He then took a sip of the coffee and then smiled, before offering me some. It was the first time in my life I had black coffee. He then explained that the potatoes, the eggs and coffee beans had each faced the same adversity– the boiling water. Each one reacted differently. The potato went in strong, hard, and unrelenting, but in boiling water, it became soft and weak. The egg was fragile, with the thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior until it was put in the boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard. However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After they were exposed to the boiling water, they changed the water and created something entirely new. My father then looked at me and said "When life throws you into the boiler, how are YOU going to react? Are you going to get softer, or harder?" I opted for option C. I was the coffee beans. I was going to change the world around me. Yeah, I know I said I was retiring, but I'm still young and the thing about changing the world is, you can't very well do it from your living room, now can you?

    The crowd erupts, sheer pandemonium as Kennedy subtly announces that he's here to stay.

    Chris Kennedy: PHILLIP A. JACKSON. I've always loved you like a brother and more importantly I've always respected you as a man which is more than I can say about most of the current FWA. I've seen in you the same things my father saw in you when he took you under his wing and you are goddamn right, everything you have, you have it because of CHRIS KENNEDY. You, me, and Mac Michaud. We were on top of the world as The Syndicate. We dominated the FWA and while it was my father who initially believed in you, it was ME who taught you how to fly and boy, did you. You soared to unimaginable heights and together we had it all. However, you and I have some unfinished business that's been brewing for over a year and a half, and if you think you are going to walk down to the ring, sing my fathers praises and blow smoke up my ass, and that's going to set things right between us, then you aren't as smart as I initially gave you credit for. If you think, for one second, that you have what it takes to break the greatest streak in the history of professional wrestling, you are not the intellectual that you fancy yourself to be. Streaks are made to be broken, and one day, my streak may actually come to an end but it won't be at your hands. I respect you, but not nearly as much as I respect myself. As long as I'm alive, Back in Business will be MY domain, and you may think that you want this match, but trust me Phill, you DO NOT WANT THIS. This isn't one of those situations where, win or lose, you come out looking good by association. Ask Wolf, Jack Severino, MC Fromage,
    Stu St.Clair, KAIZEN, Eyensane, Anthony, or Aut Paux Aut Bellum how they feel about being check marks on my list. No matter how storied their careers are, the fact that they could never beat me on the grandest stage of them all is a blemish they will never get rid of, try as they might. Again, I stress, you don't want this, Phillip.

    Kennedy paces the ring a bit, taking a second to find his words as the crowd chants KEN-ED-DY! KEN-ED-DY! KEN-ED-DY!

    Chris Kennedy: At Back in Business, Chris Kennedy will retain his streak. 7 and 0. Phillip A. Jackson will have finally paid for stealing the FWA championship from me. I'm not going to beat the same dead horse I was beating over a year ago but I'll simply say this: Phillip A. Jackson, as great as he is, never truly beat me for the championship. He cashed in a brief case after somebody else had already taken me to war. This is a tidbit he often leaves out when bragging about that one time he broke my arm and catapulted himself to greatness. Why am I even bringing this up? Because after this all said and done, after Phillip A. Jackson is just another one of those check marks, I'm setting my sights on a championship I never truly lost to begin with. Because changing the world means cleansing it of all it's false kings and self professed icons. Changing the world means bringing the universe back into alignment, and that starts at Back in Business, but it doesn't end until I've got the FWA Championship back around my waist. This is only the beginning.

    Kennedy drops the mic and his music hits. The entire arena is chanting his name as we cut to commercial.


    Genocide vs. Starr & Risky Douglas vs. The Heartbreak Express

    Ryan of the Heartbreak Express starts off the match against Risk Douglas. Risk gets the upper hand for a moment hitting Ryan with several arm drags. Risky goes to hit the ropes, but Ryan grabs his tights and hits a back suplex. Ryan tags in Julian and they hit a double suplex. The Heartbreak Express make several quick tags, keeping Risky in their corner. Julian foes for a delayed vertical suplex, but Risky is able to aim several knees at his head. Julian drops him on his feet and Risky stumbles back into a tag from Sinn of Genocide. Julian falls backwards and scrambles to the empty corner. Sinn charges at him like a bull, but Julian dives out of the way and tags in Starr. Starr has a look of terror on his face as he steps into the ring. He goes for several forearm shots on Sinn, but he doesn’t budge. He hits the ropes, but is met with a big headbutt. Sinn picks up Starr by the back of his neck and throws him into the corner where Graves is waiting. Sinn hits a big splash on Starr, causing him to crumble to the canvas. He tags in Graves who lays into Starr with a flurry of kicks and stomps. The referee pulls Graves off Starr. Starr is able to make it back to his feet and stumbles out of the corner. Graves go for a running tornado DDT, but Starr doesn’t let him hit it and throws him over the top rope with a back body drop. Starr falls to the mat as the crowd is finally behind him. He crawls to the corner to tag in Risky, but Graves is already back in the ring. He grabs Starr’s ankle, but he rolls over and kicks him off.

    Starr is able to tag in Risky who comes in off the hot tag. He hits Graves with a big clothesline, dropkicks the knee of Sinn. Hits Graves with another clothesline. Goes for a double dropkick on the Heartbreak Express, but they side step it and Risky gets hung up in the corner. Ryan makes the tag and Julian goes into the ring. He picks up Graves and hits him with a running brainbuster and Ryan follows up with a frog splash, a combo called the Heartbreaker, for the pin.


    Winners via pinfall – The Heartbreak Express


    Our view opens with slight visual snowing. After the snowing reduces to a level that the viewers can tell what is going on, it is seen that the camera is going through a narrow hallway and the view suffers from it. Considering how much the vision shakes, the person holding the camera seems to be in a hurry.

    ‘’Don’t trip.’’

    The careless cameraman has no choice but obey that order, as he looks like he is intimidated by the man who walks in front of him. They stop in front of a steel door. Noticing the cameraman’s shaking, the large man glares at the camera, then presses a button and speaks.

    ‘’We are here.’’

    The steel door opens after three seconds of silence. The large man pushes the cameraman inside before following him. The camera starts focusing on the room. It looks like a dusty bedroom. A slender blond man who is sitting on a bed is noticed by the camera. The man is now the focus. He slowly raises his head, revealing a cigarette in his mouth. He stares at the cameraman longer than it would make anyone comfortable. He finally speaks before lighting his cigarette.

    ‘’Is this our guy?’’

    The large man nods, resulting in a creepy grin in the blonde’s face.

    ‘’Sit down.’’

    Cameraman obeys once again.

    ‘’Good. What is your name?’’


    ‘’Alright Tim, you see, my friend BUCK and I heard that…you….have ties in Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. Is that true?’’

    The blonde man was not happy when his question was replied with silence. The large man – or BUCK as we recently learned– decided it was the best for him to get involved.

    ‘’My friend asked you a question, didn’t you Christopher?’’

    ‘’Yes BUCK, I did. So Timmy…Is. That. True?’’

    An answer finally came.


    His answer made the blonde – or Christopher as we learned – clap very slowly.

    ‘’Was that hard, Tim?’’

    ‘’What do you want from me?’’

    ‘’We want to send a message to them. To FWA. And we want you to film it.’’

    Christopher stands up and tells the cameraman to take his position. BUCK walks next to Christopher.

    ‘’This world must be full of beauties…considering how hard the mankind struggles for them. They believe in a good ending. They believe that the beauties can be enjoyed equally with all of them. But when they take one little sip from the beauties, they go…crazy. They forget sharing. They forget caring. It finally dawns on the humanity that the most important thing above oneself. And when they realize that, they go…berserk. They do things that they never thought they would or could do. Acts of selfishness are what they fear as well. Ironic, isn’t it? In their point of view, the biggest obstacle in front of salvation can be summed up with one word and one word only….’sin’.’’

    ‘’People don’t like sinners.’’

    ‘’They hate sin because they believe in a path which is free of it. Being free of sin equals the salvation of humanity they say, but in reality being a sinner equals a personal salvation. Everyone is so confused about it and we find it amusing to watch. And we damn well know how it will end. With chaos. With blood. And we smell chaos like how sharks smell blood. When we sense it, you can be sure that we will be there in the twinkle of an eye.’’

    Christopher steps forward.

    ‘’We are ready. We have chosen you..little unfortunate Timmy because you are involved with our target. You are the path that brings us to Fantasy Wrestling Alliance. A wrestling promotion that reeks the smell of chaos. I mean, look at yourselves. A world champion that does not represent the company and is hated by everyone in the locker-room , and most of the fans as well. Former top guys are falling one by one... and before falling, they turn on everything they used do stand for. The reality is becoming a lie, and lies are becoming reality. There is so much confusion in that place. Too much mayhem for us to resist. FWA is simply the perfect place for us.’’

    BUCK steps forward.

    ‘’We are coming.’’

    ‘’We are Sin City Vultures. And we shall......feast.’’


    David Weinstock: You know, just when you think things can't get any more wierd here in the FWA.... Two more nutjobs show up. This place is turning into an... What the hell?

    Piers Gallagher: What in God's name? Is that a man in a chicken suit?

    El Taco Hombres (w/ El Chickeno) vs. The Job Squad

    Match Summary:
    The crowd is big fans of El Taco Hombres, two Hispanic wrestlers with a fun-loving flair. They ride donkeys to the ring and eat burritos, with Paco Torres passing his half-eaten burrito out to the fans in the front row. A man in a chicken suit, El Chickeno, joins them along the way as their mascot.

    Paco Torres lands the TP for my Bunghole and a poke to the eye. Taco Terry Torres lads a headbutt to the groin region. El Chickeno celebrates outside the ring as Paco finishes it with "Massive El Dumpo" leg drop from the top. A 1-2-3 pinfall is inevitable.

    Winner: El Taco Hombres

    Langdon Trafford: I....I simply cannot explain what we've just witnessed. I need an aspirin. Now.

    We're back from commercial break and were taken right back to the ringside arena where Bell Connelly is seated cross-legged in the middle of the ring, both of her hands clapped around a microphone. Her head bowed as if in quiet contemplation almost in prayer, sitting there in her own little world almost in near silent before she bends her head down further to speak into it. Ever so softly

    Bell Connelly: I am having... the worst insomnia right now.

    She finally raises her head up she wiped her face with his hand, as if tired.

    Bell Connelly:
    Every night – nothing. I can’t get to sleep, no matter what I try.

    Bell grips the nearest rope loosely...

    Bell Connelly: And each time I think I’m drifting off – a face appears in front of me.

    ...and her hand slips off.

    Bell Connelly: This one face just sticks with me. Like a ghost.

    She turns her head upwards craning her neck up softly.

    Bell Connelly: That face... haunts me. So I can’t sleep. My eyes just can’t stay closed.

    Bell bares her teeth to the camera.

    Bell Connelly: It’s the face... of Ryan Rondo….

    Immediate boos for Rondo as Bell jumps to her feet and begins to pace the length of the ring one hand cupping the mic and other running frantically through her hair.

    Bell Connelly: Bec-because--because...I don’t understand. I just- Why? See, that’s the thing, Every single person that’s every stood in front of me in the ring. I never believed they were truely malicious. There are no bad people, just misguided people that feel they need to take short cuts..So that’s why Ryan and the things he’s done...I...I just don’t understand….and that’s keeping me up all night, and that’s? That scares m because Ryan...he has no idea what he’s woken up….

    Bell pauses a moment letting her words sick into the audiences ears before she continues.

    Bell Connelly: And sometimes... sometimes when I’m awake at three in the morning, I get up and go outside, go out into the street and just – stand there. Oh, I never used to do that….

    She looks to the ceiling, then back down, and closes her eyes for just a second.

    Bell Connelly: But I find it... peaceful. There’s something about it which sends shivers down my spine. Lookin’ up at the moon. And something I love about the moon is how it can change shape, change size, every night. But in the end, it’s still the same thing. It’s always still there; it never truly goes away.

    A small mysterious smirk playing on her face.

    Bell Connelly: And it reminds me – of myself. Because I evolve, I change.I become capable of so... much... more... every day that passes.

    The crowd pop with intrigue.

    Bell Connelly: So as it turns out, this insomnia was the worst thing that could happen to me in a long, long time. ‘Cause now I know exactly what I’m capable of….and that should scare you...and after last week? I don’t think I could hold it back anymore. I know what kind of beast I can become and-

    Before Bell can continue speaking, her attention is drawn up the ramp - as is the crowd's. They all look and let out hisses and boos as the detestable figure of Ryan Rondo slowly creeps his way down. He points at himself and sarcastically questions why he is getting booed... Connelly watches him like a hawk at the ropes. He slowly climbs up the steps and gets into the ring - Connelly with a balled up hand looks ready to strike as he approaches. He holds his hands up in the air before yanking the microphone from Connelly.

    Ryan Rondo: Really? You've got the stones to come out now and act all tough when you've got a proper audience, Bell? Where were you when I was calling you out all of the last week? Never mind. It's ok. I know you just want to make a show infront of everyone. I understand. But if you're going to do this whole act where you pretend some deep beast from within has been awoken... then save it. I don't buy it. You're nothing. You're just setting yourself up to be let down, again.

    There's eye contact between the pair but the chance of a flareup seems slightly minimal.

    Ryan Rondo: You heard that, right? I don't care what you're saying. Though I appreciate you're having wet dreams involving my face but, cmon, did you have to tell us all this on the night Chris Kennedy actually shows up? Talk about timing.

    Rondo cuts a smirk but Bell isn't very impressed and some people in the crowd appear to try and egg her on and start a confrontation.

    Ryan Rondo: We both know that you're all talk Bell. You're a bloated doolally bag of nothing. I'm out here so why don't you continue what you were saying? Why don't you stand infront of me and tell me that I've evoked the beast? It's because you can't look me in the eye without me being able to tell that you're full of shit. That's all you are. Big talk... but in reality, you're just too chickenshit. You're a woman... so it goes without saying that you just don't have the balls to stand up to me when it matters, Bell. Isn't that right? You're just speaking sweet nothings to the FWA universe to save face. You know, deep down, you're a joke. Isn't that right?

    "The Last Star in the Sky" storms over to her and stops just short as she stands at a turnbuckle. Bell doesn't exactly look intimidated and is still, somewhat, ready to go.

    Ryan Rondo: You want to hit me? Do it. Right here.

    He slaps his check.

    Ryan Rondo: You want your chance, here it is, take it.

    There's a moment of silence as the crowd chant for Connelly but she doesn't seem to move. Rondo's almost daring her at this point.

    Ryan Rondo: Come on, Bell. Saving your energy for Cyrus? Don't bother. We all know the outcome of that one. Everyone knows you're a failure and you'll be proving them right tonight, anyway. Just take a punch. Go. Surprise me.

    There's a bit of hesitancy as Connelly clearly thinks something is up. Rondo becomes frustrated now and shove her into the corner. He begins to taunt her as he backs away - she's defiant and meets him in the middle of the ring with a vengeful stare in her eyes. She still doesn't throw a strike, though.

    Ryan Rondo: You're a let down, Connelly. You're the biggest overhyped disaster this company has ever seen. You and Shannon. Both nobodies that have lucked out. Both people who have lost sight of themselves for the sake of a belt. You're a disgrace. If you ever locate your balls, let me know and I'll give you the beating you clearly desire. I'll even give you a preview of what's in store when I beat the shit out of Shannon later tonight. Maybe it'll spark something in you... or is Shannon going to be just like the women's title, destroyed because you're a loser?

    Rondo laughs for a slight moment before slapping Connelly - she falls to one knee and looks up to see him chuckling at her. He pushes her backwards so she falls on her back. There's a silence in the arena now as Rondo smirks at her before turning around and looking to make his way out of the ring. But suddenly, Bell gets up to her feet and makes a run at Rondo - he isn't ready for her as he turns around and she nails a Lou Thesz Press before delivering punch after punch after punch. The crowd become electric as she explodes into life. Rondo is able to get to a turnbuckle before being hit by a dropkick and proceeding to fall out of the ring - but Bell isn't done there yet. She gets onto the apron and leaps off with a dropkick that sends Rondo backwards into the announce table - he smacks his head hard. Connelly stomps on him before lifting him onto the announce table (with the subtle assistance of a certain Piers Gallagher) before getting the crowd pumped up. She signals herself ready to go to the top rope for a BIG moonsault chance but Rondo is able to shrug off Piers and get off of the table just before she can reach the top turnbuckle. She jumps back down into the ring as a slightly seething Rondo retreats through the crowd. Bell has the crowd chant her name as she proves she's ready for a fight against Rondo.


    A small promo package begins to play regarding the X Cup and hyping up the potential challenger making his way to Back in Business.

    Langdon Trafford: Well, here's the story with this match. Whoever wins here, gets added to the X Championship against Randall and Vincent at BIB. M question is, what kind of deranged individual would want to fight those two in No Disqualification?

    X Cup
    Humanity vs. Mark Merriweather

    Match Summary: Humanity meets Merriweather out on the rampway with raging and wild right hands. Merriweather goes into defense mode as he blocks most of them, but a few get in some good damage. Humanity tries making it a hardcore match as he works Merriweather outside the ring, sending him into the ring steps and apron and fan barricade, with the steel wrecking Merriweather's side and lower spine. Merriweather turns it by a drop-toe hold sending Humanity face first into the steel fan barricade. Humanity is nearly unconscious, and at least a bit woozy, as Merriweather assumes complete control of the match.

    Merriweather hits a German suplex. Then a swinging neckbreaker. His pinfall only gets a two count, but Humanity really looks like he might be injured from the crash with the barricade. Merriweather hits a double axe handle from the top rope and goes for a second pinfall. This one gets a near-fall, two and three-fourths, but Merriweather isn't at victory yet. He tries a running single-leg high knee to the face but Humanity dodges it. Then he lands a clothesline. Both men lay on the mat for a while and Humanity tries a DDT, but Merriweather drives him into the turnbuckle. Repeated shoulder thrusts wear down the ribs of Humanity. Merriweather then lands a back sole kick to the ribs and a big uppercut forearm to the jaw. The "Final Cut" jumping cutter finishes it off for the 1-2-3, and Mark Merriweather officially wins the X Cup.

    Winner and X Cup Winner: Mark Merriweather
    Merriweather celebrates by motioning around his waist for a championship belt. The crowd boos, but the announcers hype his chances of winning the X Championship at Back in Business.


    David Weinstock: LISTEN TO THIS OVATION!

    Langdon Trafford: What a journey it's been for Shannon O'Neal! And it all culminates in 9 days at Back in Business, when she finally gets the opportunity that she's waited her entire career for! But will that road lead her to the FWA Championship or will Shannon's journey end at the doorstep of Cyrus Truth, who should he retain his championship at Back in Business, will have held the championship for one calendar FWA year.

    "Let Me Clear My Throat" hits the loudspeakers as Shannon O'Neal comes out bouncing around on the stage, hopping and hollering with the music. She makes her way down to the ring as the fans in the arena all cheer and shout for her. Shannon's blonde hair bounces with her, waving in and out of her shoulders and down to her neck and upper back. She slides into the ring, looking radiant and pleased with herself, as the crowd quiets down.

    Shannon's tune changes to pent-up aggression before she is handed a microphone and gets the crowd to get as close to silent as possible.

    "One week away. ... 8 days. ... July 1st. That's where we're at now. That's all we got.

    Shannon O'Neal and Cyrus Truth for the FWA Undisputed World Championship. The clock is tickin' ... down for one of us. Either everythin' Shannon O'Neal has been sayin' is false and everythin' she's been shoutin' 'bout has been hot air.

    Or Cyrus Truth's reign as World Champion is gonna end."

    Shannon pauses and the crowd begins a "Shannon! Shannon! Shannon!" chant. Then one supporting Cyrus Truth begins right as the Shannon supporters end. Then one calling Cyrus a "b*tch" erupts in the arena, and this requires Shannon's input.

    "Nah, nah. We don't need'ta be callin' names. Leave that to me. 'Cause Cyrus might be a b*tch, but he's not gonna just roll over and let me win the World Championship.

    He ain't.

    He's too damn egotistical. He's too damn psychopathic. And he's too damn prideful to let someone win the World title, even though he hates bein' the World Champion. It's a weird f*ckin' thing, I know, but it's the truth. Cyrus don't wanna be World Champion, but he's still World Champion. So he's gonna keep f*ckin' bein' World Champion. And he's gonna keep f*ckin' bringin' people and, worse, the FWA down in the process while he f*ckin' sits in the corner 'n pouts about how life ain't f*ckin' fair and he can't find f*ckin' happiness."

    Shannon gets a nice ovation from the crowd as she pauses.

    "Man, I'm tired of hearin' that sh*t. And y'all shouldn't have to put up with that no more.

    That's why at Back in Business I'm doin' y'all a favor, the FWA a favor ... and Cyrus Truth a f*ckin' favor, and I'm takin' that World title. And I'm gonna make the damn thing mean somethin' again. I'm gonna' make bein' in the FWA be 'bout puttin' in the work and bein' f*ckin proud of where ya' are.

    But I'm not just doin' this for everyone else. I ain't doin' this for everyone but myself.

    For me, Shannon O'Neal, this night is gonna' be 'bout..."

    Piers Gallagher: It's gonna be about knowing your place, Shannon! And this man will guide you there!

    Shannon's cut off by the entrance music of the FWA World Heavyweight Champion, followed closely by the emergence of Cyrus Truth from behind the curtain, dressed in his ring gear. But there's a bit of a different look to The Exile. For weeks, he's looked haggard and exhausted. Tonight? He seems...somewhat normal. Oh, there's still disdain in is eyes as he surveys the crowd booing the hell out of him and Shannon standing in the middle of his ring, but the weariness is replaced instead with a sort of fire not seen for months out of the champion.

    As he walks down the ramp and enters the ring, he doesn't pose, doesn't posture...simply walks with purpose and steps between the ropes to stand eye-to-eye with Shannon. The World Title is fastened securely around his waist as the music dies down, and both challenger and champion stare one another down for what feels like an eternity.

    Cyrus's left hand fidgets a bit as something slides down his coat sleeve. He catches it, revealing it to be a lead pipe.

    Shannon, seeing this, tenses up and reflexively goes into a fighting stance, thinking this is going to get messy rather quick. However, Cyrus doesn't so much as move and seems more than content with just glaring at Shannon in that dismissive, regal stare. And, in a move that surprises both the crowd and Shannon, Cyrus tosses the pipe away, letting it roll harmlessly out of the ring.

    Shannon eases up (but still looks ready for a fight) as Cyrus is handed a microphone.

    David Weinstock: As usual, Shannon ready to fight.....Cyrus ready to talk.

    "It's almost sad, really. You and I have been walking this path on the Road for weeks now. And yet, even now with Back In Business just right around the next bend, here we are no different than what we were. You've said a lot of things about me in the past month and even some things before that...and yet, throughout all that, you've done exactly nothing to try and actually understand me."

    Cyrus scratches his chin as Shannon continues clenching her fist, looking like the last thing she wants to hear is Cyrus spit more drivel.

    "I've tried, you know. To get to understand you. I really didn't want to, admittedly. I still hate you for everything you've said and done to me and what you claim to stand for. But as I've said time and again, hate is something I despise far more than I despise you because hate is a distraction on the path to glory. So to beat this hate, I needed understanding. Maybe not of your pointless goals of saving FWA from the fire it so richly deserves, but you as a a fighter. And it's rather chilling how similar we really are at our..."

    "Hold up, Cyrus. I know what yer tryin' to do, but let's get one thing straight. We ain't ANYTHIN' alike."

    Cyrus raises his eyebrows at Shannon's interjection before he cracks a slight smirk.

    "Oh, really? Let's test that, shall we?"

    Cyrus unfastens the World Title belt from his waist as Shannon looks on with just the slightest hint of confusion as to what exactly The Exile's ploy is. Cyrus holds it up and looks at it, seeing his reflection in the gold.

    "You've seem to have taken what I said last Fight Night to heart, haven't you? About how miserable being FWA World Champion has made me. And while I didn't say it, you've run with the idea that it's also making everybody else in FWA miserable. You say that if you were to take this off me, you'd solve the problem for me and everybody and you'd bring back the joy and the 'good ole' days' of FWA. That about sum it up?"

    Shannon barks back "Damn right!" as Cyrus looks at the title belt, shrugs and holds it outstretched, saying:

    "Then take it."

    It's rare that an FWA crowd is silent. Rarer still when an FWA Superstar is left speechless. And yet, for a moment, you could hear a pin drop in the arena when Cyrus said that and held out the title belt, seemingly offering to surrender it. The silence doesn't last long as the crowd ratchets up the hatred, booing Cyrus louder than ever as Shannon looks confounded.

    "You've been saying for weeks that you're a better fit to lead this company. You say that if I'm so miserable being the champion, I should just give it up without a fight. Fine, then. Here it is. If you think you can do a better job of leading this pathetic excuse for a wrestling promotion back to glory, then do it. Take it and prove it!"

    Shannon's wary, to say the least. This is NOT something she was expecting, and rightly suspects it's some kind of trap. As if reading her thoughts, Cyrus chimes in:

    "What are you so afraid of, Shannon?"

    That snaps Shannon back to the here and now as she glares at Cyrus, who laughs.

    "Right, right, sorry. Not "afraid." Fear's a poor quality to have in a hero, right? I keep forgetting these sort of things. "Cautious," then? Yeah, cautious is a better word. You really are way too cautious, Shannon. As much as you keep stewing over that backstage assault you suffered, you fail to realize what that was. It was a receipt...for my eye, remember? If I had intended to end your career and stop you from making it to Back In Business, we wouldn't be in this ring having this conversation. You're tough...but not THAT tough. I told you before, remember? No half measures. Now, are you going to take this or not?"

    Cyrus continues holding the title belt, dangling it like a piece of meat trying to bait a hungry carnivore. The crowd is chanting "NO!" as if wary for the trap this clearly appears to be, and Shannon doesn't seem to be going for it...but she is silent for an uncomfortable amount of time. Does part of her believe this to be true? And if so, should she take it? It's hard to say, but we finally get our answer in the tone we've come to expect from Shannon:

    "Fuck you, Truth."

    Well, that pops the crowd as Cyrus pulls his arm and the World Title belt back towards him.

    "Fuck your games an' fuck this bullshit. I know damn well you ain't givin' that up, and even if you were I wouldn't want it. I don't need your charity, especially since I'm gonna whup yo ass at Back In Business for it anyway!"

    Cyrus, as he's listening to this, fastens the belt back around his waist. As Shannon finishes speaking, he mutters in a soft tone a single word:


    It's hard to hear it over the noise of the crowd, and Shannon looks at Cyrus as if she didn't catch it. Regardless of whether she did or not, Cyrus repeats it, louder.

    "Pride, Shannon. That's what it boils down to. You can dress it up however you want, paint as rosy a picture to distract from the Truth as you please, but it's pride, pure and simple. Your pride is what stopped you from even considering taking this belt from me without beating me for it, and I actually respect that. Admire it, even! Because for all your talk of FWA's glory and valor, you and I both know that, if I had offered the same deal to everybody else in that locker room, more people than not would take the belt and run for the hills. But your pride compels you to fight, to earn the glory rather than have it be given to you. An accolade not earned in battle is meaningless and has no value, right?"

    Cyrus is getting more and more animated as his voice becomes more preachy.

    "Do you understand now, Shannon? It's not "faith in FWA" that truly drives you. It's not "having the favor of the mob" that moves your hand and bunches it into a fist. It's your own personal pride that motivates your actions. How is that any different from me? I've not taken any shortcuts on this journey of being FWA World Champion, despite what FWA would have you believe. I've not cheated or robbed anybody of a victory over me, and have time and again defended this belt like a champion should, something your past champions have a MUCH harder time claiming. You called me a "egotist," a "psychopath," and you are absolutely right on both counts. But that same pride that drives me to say the things I say and believe the things I believe about FWA is the same pride that refuses to just give up what I have earned. You are right...there is no way I would just hand this over to you. My pride refuses to acknowledge anybody as better than me unless they can actually prove in this ring. And it's not just from a wrestling standpoint, either."

    Cyrus walks up to close the distance between him and Shannon, getting right in her face as he expounds.

    "Everybody I've fought for this belt has claimed to be better than me. A better wrestler than me, a more virtuous person than me, holding the higher moral ground than me. But what they and you are either to stupid to see or too scared to admit is that, when you strip away all the window dressing and get right to the core, that they're no different from me. It's pride that drives you just as it drives me...a deep, personal pride that we hold onto that is separate from any sort of loyalty to a cause or an individual. So for once, Shannon...stop lying. Stop lying to FWA, stop lying to your friends and your fans, and stop lying to yourself. Just give me one Truth, one shining ray of light from the fog of deceit you and so many others wallow it. Admit it, in front of these people...admit that differences aside, you are no better than me."

    Shannon paces around her side of the ring, going back and forth as she contemplates the moment before her. Every now and then, she looks up from the canvas and her moving feet to glance into the eyes of her rival. And she sees a fire, a hopeful fire burning in the World Champion's eyes. She turns back to the canvas and her quick-pacing feet. Then she looks up again, and then she looks back down.

    "Heh. ... This is an interestin' spot.

    'Cause I can't deny what ya' said, Cyrus.

    I can't."

    The crowd begins booing a bit, unsure of Shannon's response, as she turns and stands upright, eye to eye, mere two feet from the proud World Champion. Cyrus smiles back as Shannon shrugs her shoulders.

    "I'm no better than ya' ... in this ring.

    I don't know if anyone really is.

    But I don't gotta be better than ya' at wrestlin' right now ...

    I just gotta' be better than ya' ... at Back in Business."

    The crowd cheers, and Shannon's final words sink Cyrus' smile into a long, stoic, expressionless look.

    "And I will be.

    BUT ... I don't think that was ya' request. This ain't 'bout who is better ... wrestlin'. This is 'bout who is the better ... person, right?

    And ... even that, I can't really differentiate myself to ya' right now. I remember everythin' ya' said a year ago, Cyrus. Ya' were approachin' Back in Business after winnin' Carnal Contendership. Just like me. Ya' were tryin' to make history, tryin' to attain glory. Tryin' to usher in this new age of the FWA.

    Just like me.

    And now I see ya' ... before me ... and I see a man who has ... just lost everythin' that made him glow a year ago. And I know ... ya' don't really give much of a shit 'bout all that stuff. That was then. Now is now.

    And I can't say nothin' 'bout bein' better than ya' right now. Same as wrestlin'.

    But ... I'm gonna promise ya' somethin', Cyrus. I'm gonna' say somethin' to ya', and then I'm gonna' promise ya' somethin'."

    Shannon gets right up to Cyrus, about 6 inches away, and looks right into the champ's eyes as she says the next part.

    "I would never ... EVER ... take fa' granted that I'm the FWA World Champion. Never. And I would never ... EVER ... let the FWA down while I was leadin' it. I would go to the ENDS of the earth to make DAMN SURE ... that my time as World Champion ... is a good one, an entertainin' one, and a thrivin' one. People would remember, whether it lasts 6 months or 6 days, the time when I was champ 'cause I would go in with a bang and I'd keep that MOTHER-F***IN' BANG goin' the whole f***in' time.

    And ya' ... didn't.

    So that's how I'm different than ya'. I don't get to say if that makes me 'better' than ya'. That's for THEM to decide."

    Shannon points to the crowd for the last part, resonating a loud ovation and a "Shannon! Shannon! Shannon!" chant.

    "But when I'm the champ, the FWA and all the people who come to watch, they're gonna be lovin' it.

    And as fa' my promise ... I promise ya' Cyrus, if I win ... WHEN I win ...

    there will not BE someone ... a year down the road ... who has the legs to stand in the ring, opposite of me, and criticize me for the lack of effort ... care ... love ... and leadership that I put in. They won't be able to stand there and say that sh*t, not like I've done to ya' tonight and all the nights before. And THAT ... THAT ... is my promise to ya' ... and THAT is how me and ya' ... we ain't the same.

    So if ya' got a f***in' problem with my answer, Cyrus, then ..."

    Shannon takes a step back, drops the microphone, and raised her arms to her side to show she's "defenseless." Then she shouts the final part of her monologue as loud as she can, right into Cyrus' face, and leans forward for added emphasis on her vocal delivery. This is without a microphone's aide, but the cameras nearby easily pick up every syllable.


    Cyrus bristles under Shannon's taunting as he clenches his teeth and tightens his grip on his microphone. It looks as if he's more than happy to throw down and let this degenerate into an all-out brawl...but it doesn't come to that. Surprisingly, Cyrus's expression softens just a smidge as his grimace turns into a cocky smirk.

    "You were doing so well, too. Just couldn't keep FWA out of your mouth, could you? So disappointing."

    As Cyrus continues speaking, he begins pacing a bit. Just a little at first, but as he continues to expound it becomes more and more frantic. While he's not ranting with anger and hatred, his speech becomes more and more frenetic as his eyes suggest something...wilder. More primal.

    "How is it at this point you STILL don't get it? Do I have to literally spell it out for you? Based on what you just said, you seem to think I owe some loyalty or respect to FWA for the right to compete in their ring, that I need FWA to validate anything I do or say as FWA World Champion. You have it twisted, Shannon. It's not that we as wrestlers need's the other way around. Professional wrestling has existed long before FWA and will exist long after I crush this company into dust under my heel. But FWA cannot exist without those of us willing to spill our blood and sweat in this ring on this canvas. It's sad that O'Ryan doesn't understand this since he paid his dues in this ring time and again, but the suits on FWA's Board of Directors? What do they know of the sacrifices this sports asks of us? What could they possibly understand about the pain we feel as we pummel one another, for the thrill of victory and the glory of combat? They are able to line their pockets solely because we choose their promotion as our battleground, and as such it is not THEY who should decide what FWA should be. We as wrestlers should be the ones to plot the course for FWA's future.

    "The X-Division guys want to beat each other over the heads with flaming barbed wire 2X4's? If they're willing to stand and fight, so be it. The women in this company want to be equal to the men? Excellent, as long as they put in the effort and prove it. Our voices, our desires...that's what FWA should be guided by, Shannon. And as World Champion, shouldn't my voice carry some weight? I absolutely hate repeating myself, but if that's what it takes to get this through your skull, then I'll repeat myself as much as I need to. I only asked for ONE THING. Just one thing. A simple request compared to the vain and egotistical demands of former FWA World Champions. All I asked that, when it came time for me to defend my title as champion, that my challenger have to BEAT ME for it. Not "climb a ladder," not "catch a lucky break;" BEAT ME. Get it now? Great men are forged in the fire of battle and strife. It is the duty, responsibility, and privilege of the lesser to light that flame, stoke it, and continue to tend to it until that greatness is realized. Don't you see, Shannon? Yes, I seek to prove my greatness. Yes, I want my name to be the one that stands above all others. But what good does victory alone achieve me if I do not forge the ones who follow me into worthy successors, so that in their greatness my own can be reflected? To have to be properly beaten for a championship...what was so wrong with that?! And even then, had FWA simply talked to me and said "We understand you, Truth...but we had expectations to meet," we wouldn't be in this situation. I would've still grumbled about it, sure...but I would've at least accepted the situation and coped."

    Cyrus pauses to let that sink in for a moment as Shannon softens her fighting stance...but still remains on guard. Especially as Cyrus tone turns more and more commanding, more impactful...more haunting.

    "...But they didn't even give me that simple courtesy. They forgot their place in this relationship, so I chose this path to remind them. That for all their wealth and position, they are ultimately powerless when one wrestler, one single solitary man stands up and tells them they do not control this sport and will not control him. I didn't want this, Shannon. I simply wanted to fight for glory and bring the wrestlers in this company to greatness, to help them realize their full potential. But FWA says I'm the bad guy, that I disrespect FWA and therefore disrespect its wrestlers, and so I should be silenced. My words are treated as venom threatening to choke the life out of wrestling itself, and are ignored. Pride and the pursuit of glory cast aside simply to allow hate to defile the championship. FWA has done far more damage to this sport than I ever will; and so FWA has to die, as a reminder that it's wrestlers who make wrestling what it is and not a company. Call it "overreacting" if you want. Say I'm insane and that I've lost sight of whatever it is you think I've lost. But you will not stand there and talk like I've betrayed who and what I am. I've taken being FWA World Champion for granted? No, no, dear sweet Shannon. It's FWA who's taken me and all of us for granted, and I say "no more.""

    Those words...there's a certain underlying madness to them, as if they're the ramblings of a lunatic. But as Cyrus speaks them, it's not with the rage of a violent tyrant or a petulant egotist. Rather, they're the heavy and mournful words of a lonely traveler who's just so tired of having to fight a battle that, while necessary in the eyes of The Exile given FWA's spiteful ignorance, should have never had to be waged. Shannon is a bit perplexed by this, not sure whether to actually believe what the World Champion is saying or whether this is all some kind of head game, or a trap.

    Her contemplation is shattered, however, by eerie and unhinged laughter. Cyrus's mood has shifted dramatically, as he looks dead on at Shannon with feral eyes and a wicked sneer.

    "But enough about that. One cannot reach Journey's End without walking the entire path, and we've got one big bend in the Road to go, don't we?! FWA rhetoric aside, you gave me the answer I was hoping for. I'll still walking out of Back in Business as World Champion, Shannon. That is still the end result of our fated encounter. But you've shown me something that I haven't seen for months. Something that I thought was lost on FWA's wrestlers, forsaken in place of spiteful hate and blind arrogance. Something that gives me...hope. It's not enough, not enough, not NEARLY enough. It needs to be a blazing inferno, and this delusion you continue wrapping yourself in is trying ever-so-hard to snuff it out. But your pride showed through just a minute ago...a tiny speck of smoldering ember. It's not much, but it's at least something I can finally take stock in. Yes...yes! It's faint, it's hanging on for dear life, but it's THERE! It's there, Shannon! And I want to fan the flame until it threatens to devour us both! No disgusting hate, no corporate agenda...just two warriors, fighting for the sake of their own pride and glory, colliding for the title of champion and for the right to dictate the future of FWA. Now THAT'S something worthy of the bright lights and big stage that is Back in Business, don't you agree?!"

    "This title is mine, Shannon. And even if you could face yourself and come to grips with who you truly are, I'm afraid the title will still be mine. I refuse to lose my title as FWA's World Champion, not until FWA realizes its mistake and comes begging for forgiveness on bended knee...or FWA's wrestlers realize that they control their own destinies, corporate ideology and outdated tradition be damned. But believe or not, I still want you to be great...greater than you've ever been. All the potential that others, even myself, have said you've squandered, I want to help you realize. But I can't do that if you refuse to accept what you really are, if you're unwilling to admit what it is you REALLY want. Not what you think is best for FWA, not what these fans desire. What YOU want. If you can face yourself, and if you can answer that question, then I promise you that you'll get the absolute best that Cyrus Truth has to offer at Back in Business, because I will need to be at my best to beat a fully realized you. So for just one night, Shannon...for one night, screw FWA. Forget the fans, forget this hate that's built between us over the last few months. Set it all aside and fight the good fight for glory."

    Cyrus pauses, and as if a switch is flipped, his tone turns from frenetic energy to deep foreboding.

    "Because if you don't? If you can't face yourself and continue to pretend that this fight has to be fought for FWA's sake? If this Shannon O'Neal faces me at Back in Business?"

    Cyrus gets right in Shannon's face, practically nose-to-nose. He speaks with all the bass in his voice and says, in a monstrously menacing tone:

    "I will eat you alive, and pick my teeth with your bones."

    Cyrus casually lets the microphone drop out of his hand as his music blares. He's not budging, instead choosing to continue glaring at his challenger, who though a bit shaken up by Cyrus's wild and crazed ramblings yet is showing no fear and staring down the champion. Both champion and challenger are locked in a staredown for what seems to be an eternity to see who will move first...and finally, it's Cyrus, who backs up, never breaking eye contact and choosing to flip himself over the top rope to exit the ring, still keeping his stony stare. Shannon grits her teeth as The Exile's scowl tells the tale. Come what may, and regardless of how we got here...Back in Business's main event is shaping up to be a war.

    Langdon Trafford: Abstract words abut pride and respect and accomplishment and representation aside it's all about Cyrus' power versus Shannon's strikes! If she can hit enough of them, she might have a chance at Back in Business!

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus is smart, and he knows about them now. He's been on the bad end of two of them now! He'll know to stay close during the match and wear her down with his strength!

    Langdon Trafford: This is about to boil over and EXPLODE before Back in Business, and these two are still in action later tonight!

    Cyrus backs up, with his World title belt in his hand, and Shannon stands tall in the ring as we go to another break.


    Langdon Trafford: Well, folks, we even have a debut on tonight's Fight Night. This is Zako Wrath.

    Piers Gallagher: And guys, I tried to find out anything I could about these two, but no one seems to know anything about them, outside of the fact that Zako Wrath is an absolute machine. They call him the Walking Disaster, and he didn't give himself that nickname either.

    David Weinstock: Zako Wrath joins the likes of Mac Michaud, Mike Garcia, and Tristan Galloway as big, physical wrecking machines here in the FWA. I can't wait to see a glimpse of what he's capable of tonight.

    "The Matador" by The White Buffalo plays as the crowd turns to the stage. Black and white footage shows of Zako Wrath dominating various opponents plays, even a bit of chokeslamming someone through the ring, then another of him spearing someone through a glass table.

    Zako Wraith (w/ Miss De La Muerta) vs. Jugem-Jugem

    Match Summary: Zaiko Wrath has no issues whatsoever handling Jugem-Jugem. A powerbomb into the ring post on the outside does the most damage and the mounted right hands bust Jugem open. Zaiko lands a spinebuster and then a spinning-choke STO before hitting his 180 kneeling chokeslam. He covers, but when the ref reaches two and a half, Zaiko yanks Jugem's lifeless body off the mat and his shoulders into the air. The crowd groans, and Zaiko lands his Military Press Drop transitioned into a kick to the side of the head, his vicious finisher.

    The 1-2-3 is academic.

    Winner: Zako Wrath

    Piers Gallagher: Well, gentlemen?

    Langdon Trafford :I think every single person in that locker room has the name Zako Wrath engraved in their mind right now.Simply impressive.

    As the victor's music plays, Miss De La Muerte speaks with a heavy Hispanic accent, as she appears on screen with her hood on, head bent. She lowers the hood to reveal eerie face paint, but marvelous beauty is still noticeable.

    "I am Miss De La Muerte. I have come here for my own personal reasons which shall reveal themselves soon enough. I have brought Zako Wrath to to take my victims to their final resting place. I choose, and he transports the... eternal darkness. Adios, FWA."


    Hanz Gruber vs. Darius

    Match Summary: Hanz Gruber is in complete control throughout the match. Darius can hardly get any offense in. His assorted chops and knees to the chest have stymied Darius for the time being. His one-armed bulldog is blocked and Darius lands a snake eyes and then a northern lights suplex. Gruber kicks out at two and reverses the tide with a clothesline. Gruber hits one of his enzuiguri kicks and covers, but a kickout from Darius at two.

    Gruber is sent into the turnbuckle and Darius begins choking him with a boot to the throat. That's when another message comes on the tron, once more distracting Darius.


    Those words, in white letters before a black background, are enough distraction to allow Gruber to hit his "Die, Motherfucker, Die" scorpion death drop finisher. The crowd cheers as Darius takes the loss and Hanz Gruber once more picks up a big win.

    Winner: Hanz Gruber

    David Weinstock: Seriously? Those messages...again? Who is doing this?


    We see Miss De La Muerta with Zako Wrath after the match, in a dimly lit room, behind a fire.

    She kneels before it, staring intently , as the flames dance near her face, illuminating then hiding different parts of her face paint over and over again- it's quite the sight to behold. Zako Wrath stands over her right shoulder, watching down on her calmly. She slowly blinks her eyes open and shut, then begins to speak.

    Miss De La Muerta: Ha comenzado. It has begun. Zako Wrath and I have stepped into the FWA, and the sands of time have run out for one man. Sure, the embrace of eternity can seem cold, dark, and even vicious, but I do not wish for any one to fear what approaches. Things must always end, and I'm simply here to advance what comes for all.

    It can not be avoided, everyone is simply giving their all knowing that they have a certain amount running out within an unknown time frame. I do not wish to be hated, liked, or even feared. I am simply an emissary of finality, and I'm not here to shout or argue. I simply must have what I came for, and my associate Zako Wrath shall see to that without hesitation. I receive names, he follows through.

    Simple. This isn't about who's the best or who's the most dangerous, it's about a natural order and process that can not be stopped. Each and every week, millions will watch as I come and collect. If you try to run, or resist -it will only become worse. Esta, terminado.

    It is finished.

    *With this, she slowly leans her head upwards and back, outstretches her arms, and shouts in a chilling voice "Jugem, sube y cruza, te deseo lo mejor en tu viaje!"

    The flames burn out suddenly as the room is engulfed with darkness...the last thing seen are Zako Wrath's red eyes, as lightning is shown flashing outside the dark room.

    As the Steel Cage slowly descends the ringside crew begins to carefully replace the ring ropes with barbed-wire. They exit the ring before the Steel Cage fully lowers, the referees and the ringside crew all help to secure the Steel Cage.

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is the "Hell on Earth" Match where the only way to win is via pinfall, submission or escaping through the door or over the top rope. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by his girlfriend, Penny, he is the X Champion, Jason Randall.

    "The Happy Song" by Poets of the Fall and the crowd boos loudly as Jason and Penny come out and head down to the ring. Jason sadistically looks onto the door of the steel cage and the barbed-wire ropes. Jason gives his championship belt to Penny, then heads into the ring.

    Kurt Harrington: And his opponent, representing the BIRD Empire, he is the nGw General Manager, Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird.

    "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein ft. Tatu plays and as Vincent comes out from the back, he looks on at the sea of cheers from the crowd. Vincent makes his way to the ring and smiles at the destructive nature before him. Vincent then gets into the ring as the referee at the door locks it, and puts the key around his neck as the referee in the ring calls for the bell.

    "Hell on Earth"
    Steel Cage match with Barbed Wire Around the Ropes
    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    After the bell rung, Vincent and Jason just begin laying into one another, not caring about breaking bones. Vincent goes to send Jason into the barbed-wire, only for Jason to block it; Jason then knees Vincent in the gut and sends him into barbed-wire instead. Jason pulls Vincent off of the barbed-wire ropes, then heads to the door. As the referee goes to open it, he is low blowed by Penny on the outside. The referee on the inside, along with the referees on the outside go to yell at Penny, whom shrugs them off, goes underneath the ring apron and pulls out a metal bat. Penny tosses the bat into the ring, then shoos the referees on the outside away before yanking the key to the door off of the downed referee's neck. Penny then goes and locks the door, keeping the key with her.

    Jason, circling Vincent, slams the metal bat hard into Vincent's back causing him to scream out in pain. Jason, smirks goes over to one of the corners and undoes the barbed-wire ropes and begins to wrap it around the metal bat then unhooking it from the other corner. Jason then proceeds to slam the barbed-wire metal bat even harder into Vincent's back, ripping flesh with each pulling up. Jason then walks around the injured Vincent before looking to use the barbed-wire metal bat as a croquet bat with Vincent's head as the ball. However, before he swings, "Mein Herz Brennt" plays again and coming out and down the ramp are Sunny and Bella Kendall, Vincent's girlfriends.

    Penny goes to intercept them only for Sunny and Bella to run down and tackle Penny. The three women brawl on the outside before getting the upper hand. Bella and Sunny then chase Penny to the back, not realizing she has the key on her. Meanwhile in the ring, Jason turns his attention back towards Vincent, whom had some time to recover, connects with a hard Spinning Heel Kick then attempts to get the pin fall. Jason kicks out at the beginning of 2, and shoves Vincent off of him. Jason picks Vincent up and sends him repeatedly hard into the side of the steel cage, making sure he hits the barbed-wire ropes at the same time.

    Jason stops after sending Vincent into the side of the cage about 10 times, with Vincent shadow punching before falling face first. Jason, using his feet, rolls Vincent onto his back and puts his right foot on Vincent's chest. Vincent somehow kicks out at 2 1/2, surprising Jason briefly before Jason grins. Jason grabs the metal bat, takes the wrapped barbed-wire off of the metal bat and puts it down on the mat. He then picks Vincent up and nails him with the Drop Dead sending Vincent's face first into the bundle of barbed-wire. Jason then rolls Vincent over, whom is now gushing blood, and Vincent is still somehow able to kick out at 2 1/2, frustrating Jason. Jason, gets into the referee's face, whom says that Vincent kicked out. Jason, momentarily "buys it" then kicks the referee in the gut and lays the referee out with the Drop Dead causing the referees on the outside to call for a bolt cutter.

    Jason smiles, then picks Vincent up and repeatedly hits Vincent with the Drop Dead about five more times, each time sending Vincent's face harder into the bundle of barbed-wire. Jason then gets up and goes to climb the side of the Steel Cage facing the Tron. Jason gets to the top of the cage when he sees Vincent somehow slowly getting up, his face full of blood. Jason looks to the outside then back into the ring. Jason stands up on top of the cage, uses his hands to "shoot" Vincent then jumps off of the steel cage into the ring, connecting with an aerial Kill-Shot taking Vincent down. Jason smiles as the crowd goes nuts and shouts "Holy Shit", he then starts to climb the steel cage.

    Just as he starts to clib, from the back, Sunny and Bella forcibly send Penny onto the entrance stage. Jason gets down off of the steel cage and watches what happens. As Sunny is about to lift Penny's head up, Jason sees on the Tron, Vincent getting up. Jason turns around only for Vincent to somehow connect with the Clan Blackbird driving Jason back first into the side of the steel cage. The impact and force causes the barbed-wire ropes to snap as well as causes the side of the steel cage to fall open. Sunny and Bella, seeing this, let Penny go and rush down to the ring where Vincent and Jason are laid out on top of the steel cage.

    Penny, seeing that Sunny and Bella are "preoccupied" sneaks down to where they are at, grabs Jason's arm and pulls him from underneath Vincent.Before Sunny and Bella could register and react as to what Penny just did, the referees signal for the bell after they see Penny pull Jason far enough off of the steel cage that his feet touches the floor first. Sunny looks on shocked yells at the referee to get help while Bella begins arguing with the referee that Jason shouldn't have won. This referee, having none of it, goes over to Kurt and tells him the decision.

    Kurt Harrington: Here is your winner via escaping, the X Champion Jason Randall!

    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    "The Happy Song" by Poets of the Fall plays as Bella yells and Penny helps Jason stand up. Jason, after getting to his feet, walks towards Vincent, sending Sunny, Bella, and the medics away. Jason picks Vincent up, yells at him, then nails him with the Deuces Wild, however Jason keeps a hold of Vincent, gets up and nails him with a 2nd Deuces Wild. Jason, still keeping a hold of Vincent, gets back up and turns Vincent around and finishes Vincent off with the Drop Dead. Each time Jason hit Vincent with both Deuces Wilds and the Drop Dead Jason had made sure Vincent's bleeding head would be driven hard into the steel cage and the barbed-wire that came down with them. Jason takes his X Championship and shoves it in Vincent's face, then gets up and heads up the ramp with Penny. At the stage, Jason turns towards the carnage and the crowd, then holds up the X Championship belt saturated in Vincent's blood.

    Langdon Trafford: Lord Vincent ay have asked for this match, but I think he got just a bitmore than he bargained for!

    David Weinstock: But Vincent will get one last shot to reclaim what he believes is his at Back in Business! Jason Randall has to be on his game because he's got both Vincent and Merriweather to contend with!


    FWA North American Championship
    "The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Danny "F'n" Toner

    Match Summary: The two have a solid back-and-forth match for a good five minutes before Toner misses on a flying crossbody. Parr begins dissecting Toner with his knees to the gut and a nice variation of suplex moves. His belly-to-back suplex nets a two count but his double-underhook backbreaker does real damage.

    Michael Garcia begins walking to the ring, igniting boos from the crowd, as Toner appears about to take the pinfall. This distracts Mike Parr enough for Toner to get a surprise roll-up from behind!


    Garcia thought Toner had it — and him an opening to win the North American Championship at Back in Business — but the near-fall elicits a groan from "The Carnegie Carnivore." Parr lands an enzuiguri that stymies Toner, sending him into the ropes, and stumbling back right into a Rolling Cutter finisher! Parr eyes Garcia, who is steamed and fuming as he looks at the fallen Danny Toner laying in the middle of the ring. "The Prodigy" waves "goodbye" to Garcia and his chances of winning the title as he flies off, hitting X Marks the Spot moonsault-into-frogsplash aerial finisher, and pins Toner for the dominant 1-2-3 title defense.

    Winner and STILL FWA North American Champion: "The Prodigy" Mike Parr

    Parr stays in the ring, with the North American Championship in his hand, and Mike Garcia stalks the outside of the ring. He's waiting for Parr to leave so he can have his way with the fallen Danny Toner to make him pay for the failure and letting him down. Parr never leaves, though, and Garcia must relinquish the opportunity for assault and head to the back. Parr stays in the ring, smiling, and celebrates with the belt.

    Danny Toner looks disappointed, sitting against the turnbuckle as he knows his shot at a title ended in just 7 minutes. Mike Parr moves around to the back side of the ring and demands a microphone.

    "This ... this is all we got? This is the BEST the FWA has to offer me? I've been the North American Champion ... for ONE YEAR!

    Is there ... NO ONE ELSE?"

    Just then, Hanz Gruber's theme music hits and the crowd turns to the stage. Hanz Gruber comes slowly out to the stage. In a matter of moments, his theme music pauses for James Sync's! The crowd erupts into a nice-sized pop as James Sync comes and takes a spot on the other side of the stage. Zako Wraith comes out next, Risky Douglas and Starr emerge together, and Humanity is out last. The six men stand on the stage as a well-rounded group, eager to show they SHOULD be given the next title shot.

    Then Ashley comes out, with the crowd perking up, eager to hear what he says.

    "Aye, Mike Parr, ye' 'ave been quite a champion. At Back in Business ... I'm thinkin' it'll be wise to ... let the field decide who is next, eh? So it'll be these six men ... in a battle royal. The winner ... face you later in the night ...

    for the North American title."

    The crowd cheers the announcement as Mike Parr nods his head, saying off the mic, "That's fine. None of them can hang with me. Danny F'n Toner couldn't even last six minutes!"


    Langdon Trafford:WHAT?! IT, WHAT?! THE SYNDICATE?!

    The crowd have a similar sentiment to Langdon as Here to Stay by Korn hits. The crowd quickly rise to their feet as Phillip A. Jackson comes out from the back wearing his old Syndicate T-Shirt under a suit jacket and trousers. Jackson has a mock North American Title on his shoulder, With The Syndicate logo as the main part of the belt. and has his hair perfectly styled.

    Langdon Trafford: Jackson is continuing his mind games heading into Back in Business.

    Jackson taunts as if he was still apart of the Syndicate and begins his ascent down the ramp. Jackson has a huge smile on his face and high fives a few fans on the way down to the ring. Jackson grabs a microphone from ringside and slides into the ring. Jackson holds his mock title as some of the crowd let out cheers. The crowd begin to split chants of PAJ! and Kennedy! in equal measure. Jackson smiles as the crowd continue to chant both names. Jackson waits for the crowd to settle.

    Jackson: I heard you, Chris. I heard every WORD. They are your weapon after all. I watched you come out here and I listened to your story about your father but we will get to that. I know these people have a more pressing question. Why am I out here dressed like this? Why am I back in Syndicate colours? Because this was the man you left. This was the man that stood alongside you. This man was just a young kid looking for attention, a man who does owe some of his success too but just remember that you came to him. He didn’t ever beg for attention. He went out and grabbed it. When you came to him, he thought ‘What better way to learn than from the son of my hero?’ The young, naive PAJ ate that up. This is the man you made me. This is the man that believed every word you told him. This is a stupid, naive kid who should’ve known better but he did one thing right. He destroyed your greatest creation and I mean this in the greatest respect, Chris. He did it because you were a coward. He did it because you ran from a problem rather than do what the rest of us did and just dealt with the move. This man, however, had fatal flaws. He cared too damn much about titles, too much about recognition and defying everyone who had ever even said the slightest thing against him. He was so consumed by revenge, achievement and just generally sticking it to everyone that he could never see the big picture. This man, though, tried sneaking back into existence. He tried when he saw you stand across the ring challenging me. Luckily, that man is dead and buried again. The man behind this however says, no more acting on such petty emotion.

    Jackson puts the microphone down and rips off his jacket before picking the microphone again.

    No more obsessing over titles and heroes.

    Jackson rips off the fake North American Title and snaps it in half. Jackson rips open his Syndicate T-Shirt to reveal a new Phillip A. Jackson t-shirt.

    No more, PAJ. That man is dead.

    Jackson goes to rip off his trousers but stops.

    I don’t think you’re ready for that.

    Jackson stands back up and smiles.

    Jackson: The man you stood alongside is dead. The Syndicate, NEO, slimy manager, traitor that was PAJ is dead. I have evolved. I have become a man who can see everything. I have become clearer in what I want to do. You still obsess over a title that lost a long time ago. I have moved on. You still ran from something that didn’t go your way. I worked through everything until my body gave up on me but I came back. No guarantees. No demands. I am not a diva anymore. What you need Chris is a friend. One that will help you. I can only help you in one way by telling you the truth. You are a diva. You are fine when you get your own way but when something unexpected happens or something that you don’t like happens then you are out the door before anyone has finished the sentence. You may have given me some great years but you didn’t beat Shane McLean to win the FWA Title. You didn’t use your advantage in the Golden Opportunity Chamber to get the Golden Opportunity. You didn’t shock the world and beat Darnell Porter for the North American Title. You gave me the opportunity to do it but you didn’t do it for me because I knew that success is all you wanted. You turned on anyone that didn’t deliver and I gave it to you. I was part of the most successful stable in FWA history but you didn’t hand me anything. I worked my ass to get the attention that put me on your radar, then I continued to out work everyone because I knew the reputation that I carried around in FWA. You didn’t pluck me from nowhere you bought me because I was successful because that just padded your ego more and more. You managed to get the hottest young commodity to stand at your side. How good does that look for you? It looks great. What looks even better? The guy you train besting you. I know exactly what I am doing, Chris.

    Jackson taps the side of his head as the fans listen on.

    Jackson: Unlike all those other guys, they don’t already have your stink all over them. I spent most of my FWA career in your shadow. I already have a blemish from you on my career. It already hangs over me but it no longer dominates my thoughts. It is an after thought but lingers in the back of my mind and people whisper about how I would be nothing without you but we just established that is not really true. Everyone saw what I could become, you were just the first to act. I have nothing to lose at Back in Business. The streak is the only thing that you care about. I don’t care about losing to you on the grandest stage because unlike Anthony, Wolf, KAIZEN and everyone else they were not already defined by you. I have spent so long in your shadow that I sometimes forgot what the sun looked like. Win or lose, I don’t care. I want to break the streak but either way I can say that I challenged the man who has led to people talking behind my back. These new guys don’t really know our history but they hear things from time to time about how I became a success. I may have cash in a briefcase to win a World title but I didn’t win the father lottery and get my path to this business handed to me. I had to wait in line, go through customs, get my bag checked and then finally get in, so don’t talk about shortcuts when you got the best one. Back in Business, my no lose situation, is where a Jackson, a man who worked hard for everything he ever got but knew the right people to get the opportunities, faces a Kennedy, a man who knew the right people to get the opportunities and worked hard. We are so alike, which is why we are good friends, it is why I respect, Chris and this is not personal but you can’t take shots and expect no response from me because you taught me these things. This is about me removing the blemish and finally stepping out of the Chris Kennedy shadow and becoming my own man. I would rather do that by taking a fair shot at you and failing than just leaving things where we left them because after all, seasons, just like the man speaking to you, change, old friend.

    Universe on Fire hits as the fans cheer but again are split on who to chant for so again it is split between Kennedy! and PAJ! Jackson puts the microphone down and heads back up the ramp as the chants get louder. The chants turn to cheers as Chris Kennedy waits for Jackson at the top of the ramp. The music cuts.

    Langdon Trafford: Here we go! It’s about to pick up.

    Jackson and Kennedy stare at each other and then shake hands. Neither Jackson or Kennedy give the other an inch, both men stare into each others eyes with steely determination on their faces. Neither man blinks or lets go of the other’s hand as the fans continue to eat it up. Both men are talking to each other and seemingly on a mutual count both of them let up and release. Both men attempt their super kicks at the same time but seeing the other attempt it they ease up and just smile at each other, almost laughing.

    Langdon Trafford:They almost BOTH ate some Chin Music, either Bitter Sweet or Super Sweet, depending on your preference.

    Both men give each other space and Jackson, being nearest to the curtain exits first before Kennedy taunts to the crowd to get the final pop from the crowd, allowing Jackson enough time to have a good distance from the curtain.


    “ The Resident Rockstar” James Sync vs “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Sync put his hands in the air, calling for a test of strength from his adversary. Garcia scoffed at the idea, noting that Sync doesn’t have the strength that he does. Sync insisted and raised his right hand in the air, so Garcia begrudgingly obliged. As soon as Garcia reached up, Sync immediately dropped his hand down. Sync repeated the same deal with his left hand and then his right. Garcia pressed his lips together, and then turned his back to Sync, pulling back on his own hair. Sync told Garcia “Let’s do it for real,now.” and once again, reached forward an pulled his hand back down…this time ending it in a fun dance that angered Garcia. When Sync was done, he ended the dance with a crotch chop and a “Woooooo!!!!!!”! Garcia responded by swinging forward with a wild clothesline that Sync ducked and caught him with a dropkick that sent Garcia toppling over the top rope to the floor below! Garcia slammed his fist against the edge of the ring before yelling a few obscenties at Sync.

    Garcia stepped up onto the ring apron only for Sync to catch him off cuard with a low dropkick to the kneecap. The crowd popped hard as Garcia fell back to the outside, his head crashing off the edge of the ring. As Garcia staggered back, Sync took advantage by slinging his body over the top rope to the outside of the ring, wiping out the Monster of the Midway! Sync sprung to his feet to the approval of the crowd! He grabbed Garcia by the shirt and tried to pull the big man back to his feet but Garcia grabbed Sync by the neck and tossed him to the side and into the steel steps! The steps separated upon impact and the upper half of Sync’s body draped over the bottom half of the steps. Garcia placed his right foot firmly into the neck and shoulders area of Sync and pushed down hard, causing Sync to scream out in agony. Garcia let up and grabbed Sync and slid him back into the ring. Garcia followed in and immediately began stomping away at Sync. He pulled on Sync’s long golden locks until Sync was in a standing position. Garcia whipped him into the ropes and attempted a clothesline which Sync ducked and came back on the rebound with a Lou Thesz press! Sync began striking Garcia once he was in the mounting position, but Garcia pressed his hand up against sync’s throat and thrust him off. Sync rolled to the side and both men got to their feet. Sync went back on the attack but Garcia caught him with a hard Savate kick under the jaw! The crowd “Oooh”ed as Sync stumbled backwards into the corner but found no reprieve as Garcia charged forward like a train, crushing his opponent! Sync nearly collapsed to the canvas,or would have, but Garcia prevented that by grabbing him, putting him over his shoulder and sent him colliding to the mat with a Running Powerslam!

    Garcia covered but only got a two count. He pulled Sync back up to his feet but this time Sync began to fight. He drilled Garcia with a surprising uppercut, and then began peppering him with some rights and left jabs that created separation! Sync took advatange by dropping Garcia with a vicious clothesline! And then a second one! He ran towards Garcia again, who tried a clothesline of his own, but Sync ducked and caught Garcia with a World Tour! Garcia hit the mat with a thud, and Sync looked around for his next move so he climbed up to the top rope! Poised, Sync awaited Garcia’s rise and when Garcia finally got to his feet, Sync leaped off with a crossbody but the mammoth Garcia caught him in midair and sent him crashing down with a Homewood Heart Attack! Sync grabbed his head and neck after the collision and Garcia went for another cover!

    Sync kicked out! Garcia screamed at the referee that it should have been a three count, giving Sync a moment to roll under the ropes. He used the middlerope to pull himself up to his feet. Garcia went over to grab his hair, but Sync reached up and dropped Garcia’s neck against the top rope! Garcia staggered backwards as Sync re-entered the ring and drilled Garcia with a Superkick! Garcia fell backwards into the ropes and bounced forward right into a Blue Thunder Driver! Garcia’s head bounced off the mat as Sync excitedly covered!

    This time it was Garcia who kicked out just before the count of 3! Sync made a throat slashing gesture, and began to climb the top rope,looking for his moonsault but Garcia shoved the referee into the ropes, crotching Sync! With Sync already in position, Garcia hoisted him up onto his shoulders and delivered a bone crushing Steel Curtain (Burning Hammer)! Sync folded up like an accordion as Garcia covered for the academic…


    Here is your winner @ 7:10 – “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia

    Piers Gallagher: And you guys think this man is going to lose to Danny Freakin' Toner at Back in Business? This man is motivated right now!


    Non-title match
    Cyrus Truth vs. Bell Connelly

    Match Summary: Cyrus and Bell, former rivals and PPV headliners, survey the ring for about a minute before Cyrus takes control with overpowering strength. Cyrus presses Bell against the turnbuckle with an elbow right to the jaw. Bell tries to fight free and uses her speed to dodge any move involving Cyrus running at her. Bell hits her spin kick and a leaping, flying forearm to the face. Cyrus stumbles back, woozy from the forearm, and Bell lands her running knee when Cyrus goes down to a pseudo-seated position against the middle and bottom ropes! Cyrus falls out of the ring and Bell follows suit. Cyrus is able to land a shoulder breaker and then a running neckbreaker off the apron and ONTO the outside padded flooring!

    Cyrus hits a fisherman's suplex back in the ring, but it only nets a two count. He tries a discus punch but Bell ducks and lands a spin kick and her Confetti Cannon. Then she does her "Footloose" running handspring elbow to the face. Bell covers but Cyrus powers out with a two-count kickout. Bell tries her Bell-Dog but Cyrus counters with a back suplex. Cyrus hits his "First Five Steps" repeated stomps to the head. The crowd boos him doing that move to a female, and he says, "SHE WANTS TO FIGHT ME!"

    Ending: Cyrus follows with "Exile's Wrath" Argentine rack into a neckbreaker. His pinfall try only gets a two count. He stomps the back of Bell's knee and tries his "Broken Path" running big boot, but Bell ducks under and hits a "Glitter Kick" superkick! Cyrus falls backwards and Bell hits her "Glitterball" running cannon ball!

    Her pinfall try does it!


    Bell's attempt at "Ode to Tinkerbell" lands on Cyrus' knees! And Cyrus kicks up and hits the "Journey's End" fireman's carry into a sitout belly-to-belly piledriver! The 1-2-3 pinfall is elementary.

    Winner: Cyrus Truth


    Katie Lynn Goldsmith is standing backstage with "The Carnegie Carnivore" Michael Garcia.

    Goldsmith: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, 'The Carnegie Carnivore' Michael Garcia. Michael, earlier tonight, we saw Mike Parr retain his championship against the man you'll be facing at Back in Business, Danny Toner. What are your thoughts on what happened earlier tonight?

    Garcia: You honestly thought I was expecting something different? Why, oh why, would I ever do that? You see, Katie, I'm not one of these bottom of the barrel drug addicts from Denver, Colorado. Who the fuck gives Danny Toner a championship opportunity in a place like Denver anyways? How much you smoke today, Daniel. Nah,I'm not one of these people that still has hope in Danny Toner. I don't believe in Daniel. I'm not a Danny Toner enabler.

    Danny Toner went out there tonight and did what I expecteg him to do. He proved each and every one of his doubters write. This was his big opportunity to prove he's just not one big fuck up and guess what? He fucked that up. Danny Toner will never be anything more than what he is right now. An utter and complete abject failure. The only thing that Danny Toner is good at, is fucking things up so bad that he costs ME opportunities. That leaves me no choice, Katie. I can't just beat Danny Toner. Now...Now I have to end Danny Toner. I have to get Danny Toner out of my way. So that's why at back in Business, I'm challenging Danny to a fight, not a match, a fight. I have no interest in abiding by any referee's rules. I'm no interested in winning by DQ or by countout. I'm not interested in any rules. I'm not even interested in staying inside that ring. Danny Toner, at Back in Business, you're in for the fight of your life. I don't care if I've got to chokeslam you off the Grand Canyon. You and me, Danny. Falls Count....

    Garcia never finished his sentence because he fell to the concrete in a heap. The crowd popped hard as the camera panned over to Danny Toner, who cracked Garcia in the back of the head with the Easton Stealth! Toner dropped the stick on top of the Monster of the Midway and said...

    "Falls Count Anywhere? Sounds like fun!"


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    The Olympians (c) (w/ Zeus) vs. Tristan James Galloway and "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    Match Summary: Galloway and Thunder never get on the same page like Risky Douglas and Starr did. Thunder refuses to work with his former rival and takes heat for it from the crowd. He also gets worked by Ares and Dionysus. Thunder never makes it for a tag, and Galloway is left with the conundrum of whether to help his partner.

    It doesn't matter, though, when Mac Michaud assaults him with a steel chair to the lower spine. Galloway slumps down to the apron and down to the floor outside. Mac leaves him there as a broken piece of meat. Ares and Dionysus finish Thunder off with their double-team set of moves — suplex into a flying clothesline — and finisher, and get the pinfall on Thunder in just four minutes.

    Winners and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: The Olympians

    Piers Gallagher: That's exactly what's gonna happen at Back in Business! Mac Michaud standing tall over Galloway!

    David Weinstock: You condone those sneak attacks?

    Langdon Trafford: Gentlemen, the real story here is the continued dominance of the Tag Team Champions! One has to wonder what the Carousel has in store for them at Back in Business!

    Piers Gallagher:But hey, look! Michaud isn't done! Ben Richards is on the way to the ring for his match!
    "The Monster" Mac Michaud vs. "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards

    Match Summary: Mac completely blows Ben up with a massive big boot out of the corner right when the bell rings. Mac hovers over Ben as the crowd begins a slight "Welcome Back!" chant. He whips Ben to the ropes and hits a huge samoan drop, and then a big running powerslam. Mac finishes it with the F5KO finisher, not once but twice, and Ben Richards is deemed unable to continue, with Mac winning via knockout.

    Winner: "The Monster" Mac Michaud via knockout
    Mac hovers through the ring as the crowd grants him a mixed reaction, with many long-time fans cheering yet the basic marks booing his destruction of a poor sap.


    Izzy Van Doren vs. Penny

    Izzy and Penny lock up and Penny gains the upper hand. Penny pushes Izzy to the corner, but Izzy pushes Penny right back to hers. The referee separates them and Penny hits Izzy with a cheap elbow. Penny takes control, hitting Izzy with a flurry of forearms and suplexes. Eventually, Penny locks in a guillotine body scissors. Izzy starts rallying the crowd behind her. She is able to get Penny’s legs from around her waist and hits a beautiful north lights suplex. Both are down and the referee starts a double count. Penny is the first to her feet at five and makes her way to Izzy. When she gets close to Izzy she is met with a Roadkillrana, sending her through the ropes. Izzy makes it to her feet , hits the ropes, and suicide dives out for her Stage Dive DDT. The crowd pops huge for this as she rolls Penny back into the ring. She goes for the pin.


    Izzy is in disbelief and heads to the corner. She gestures for Penny to get to her feet. Once Penny is up, Izzy goes for her Kick and Snare Combo.

    She hits it, grabs Penny’s head and nails her with the ¡Adios Amigos! Headlock driver and goes for the pin.


    Winner via pinfall – Izzy Van Doren


    Langdon Trafford: Well, folks, we are moments away from our main event in which Shannon O'Neal goes one on one with Ryan Rondo. But in just nine days, Ryan Rondo is going to have his hands full because Bell Connelly has been pushed to her limits. Rondo destroyed a huge part of Bell's legacy, can Bell take a piece of Rondo's?She's damn sure going to try!

    Piers Gallagher: And speaking of taking, Danny Toner has outright stolen two championship opportunities from Michael Garcia. The Carnegie Carnivore claims that he's going to take Toner's livelihood Forll Danny Toner this is about proving the naysayers wrong.Can Danny toner prove that he's not a failure? Can he finally have his moment?

    David Weinstock: And the X Division championship is on the line...has Lord Vincent finally met a man that is more sadistic than he is? Jason Randall has proven that he's willing to do anything to protect what is his.But Mark Merriweather has been on a huge roll as of late! Which one of these men walks out as champion?

    Langdon Trafford: Many men believe they have what it takes and we found out that it's official. Humanity, Starr, Risky Douglas, james Sync, Hanz Gruber, and Zako Wrath will compete in a 6 pack challenge and the winner of that match will get an opportunity against Mike Parr for the North American Championship later that night! A big time opportunity is up for grabs, which one of these men will take it and will they be able to upset the dominant champion?

    Piers Gallagher: And we all got chills earlier tonight when we heard the music hit. Chris Kennedy, "The Astonishing One", will set foot in an FWA ring for the first time since last year's Back in Business and his streak is one the line! But a very determined, hungry, moitvated and deserving PAJ is looking to be the man that puts that to an end. Will this be a BitterSweet return for Kennedy or will PAJ be the next name on Kennedy's list?

    David Weinstock: And then we have our main event. This folks, is what it's all about. The time for talk is over. Shannon's anthem has been Shut up and Fight but when the chips are down it's gonna be Put up or Shut up. A big match opportunity....the biggest in her career. Will Shannon O'Neal fold under the pressure or will Cyrus' year long reign come to a crashing halt?


    "Let Me Clear My Throat" blasts through the arena and the fans greet the appearance of Cyrus Truth's challenger at Back in Business, Shannon O'Neal! She walks to the ring with a purpose and looks extremely determined - her hands and legs appear extra taped up...

    David Weinstock: You see, Shannon looks extremely focused... and she clearly has a gameplan. Tonight, it's Rondo... Back in Business it's Cyrus... but I think she will have a similar gameplan for both, guys.

    Piers Gallagher: What's that, Dave?

    David Weinstock: Strikes. She can't lift these guys up and give them powerbombs. She's gotta wear them down with her speed and use her striking acumen. We've spoken about it... we'll get a glimpse into how it works tonight. Cyrus might be watching with interest. This is an acid test for Shannon O'Neal.

    Piers Gallagher: Rondo's a chump.

    Langdon Trafford: He hasn't done much recently in terms of victory... but I think this Ryan Rondo's changed himself a little. I don't know if Shannon knows what to expect... but he promised a gruelling fight... so I'm sure we'll find out if Shannon can handle herself.

    David Weinstock: I mean... what if Rondo wins? He might just decide to cancel Back in Business for everybody.

    Piers Gallagher: He's not winning, Dave. He's a loser. Did you see how Bell Connelly had him on the ropes earlier? Shannon can do more damage I'm sure!

    Langdon Trafford: I've got belief in Shannon, I think we all do. Remember guys, this match is happening for the first time ever too! It's a big occasion and Shannon is going to step up to the plate. She's done it in the past. Just look at her, she's raring to go!

    Shannon prepares herself at the ropes as her music stops playing. The crowd expect some entrance music for Rondo... but instead he simply walks out, looking uninterested.

    Piers Gallagher: Loser doesn't have any music.

    David Weinstock: I think it's a statement, Piers.

    Piers Gallagher: Of what, exactly? Is Rondo going through his angry virgin teenage phase!?

    David Weinstock: That he's not interested in playing 'wrestler' anymore. Rondo has changed his entire style up and that's the interesting thing about the match. We'd know that the old Rondo would rely on aerial technique... but now? He might just play right into Shannon's hands by engaging in a striking battle. But at the same time, what if he can beat Shannon in that battle? It really will throw Shannon for a loop.

    Langdon Trafford: Either way, guys, this is going to be a mammoth showdown!

    "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo vs Shannon O'Neal

    Rondo gets into the ring... and then instantly leaves before Shannon can make a move and draws the ire of the crowd. Clearly, he is intent on playing around for a moment. He jumps up on the apron after goading some of the crowd before slowly starting to get into the ring -- but as soon as Shannon comes near him, he backs out. The referee tries to instruct him to get on with it but Rondo wants explicit assurance that Shannon won't get near him until he is in the ring. It's clearly just mind games but Shannon shows some frustration before just deciding to let Rondo have his way. He gets into the ring but teases leaving as soon as Shannon shows any intent of coming forward. Rondo, instead, points at her and asks her to prove him wrong as he gets into the middle and puts a hand up, clearly looking for a battle of strength.

    Piers Gallagher: Just hit him, Shannon!

    Shannon decides to play his game and comes forward... but Rondo retracts his hand and mocks Shannon - continuing to annoy the crowd. They all decide to start a chant for Shannon as she lifts her hand up and seems keen on the battle for strength... but Rondo, again, whiffs his hand away just when it looks like he might take the bait.

    David Weinstock: Rondo's trying to psyche her out. Make her fall into traps. It's classic psychology.

    This time, Shannon shows a bit more urgency and tells Rondo to just do it. She's clearly intent on proving her point... but Rondo whiffs again and turns around to play to the crowd and mock Shannon. Shannon's had enough and explodes forward - she lands a huge front kick to the face as Rondo turns around - it floors him and he rolls out of the ring. She goes after him - stomping on him for a second before letting him get to his feet and strongly whipping him into the barricade. She grabs him again and whips him into the barricade once more - Rondo actually goes flying over it this time. There's no sign of Shannon wanting to let up though as she climbs the barricade and delivers strikes to Rondo in the crowd before getting him back over to the ringside. Rondo crawls along the base of the ring before getting up onto the apron and rolling into the ring. Shannon jumps up and follows him in... but Rondo shows some smarts as he rolls all the way across to the other side of the ring and out of it. He holds his arm in pain as he tries to recover on the outside. He looks up into the ring and sees Shannon taunting him and he decides to shake his arm out for a moment before getting on to the apron. Shannon insists that she will let him back into the ring but the moment he moves, she runs forward and hits another big front kick that sends Rondo leaping backwards and connecting with the barricade once more. The crowd are howling with amusement!

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal is bringing the fire! I hope Cyrus is watching!

    Shannon gets outside of the ring once more and drives a few boots into Rondo as well as a few forearms before getting him up and looking to whip him once more... but Rondo reverses it and throws Shannon into the barricade! He's right after her and delivers vicious boots as payback for earlier before. He seems to focus on her arm a lot before picking her up and throwing her into the next barricade and sending her over the top in a reverse from earlier on in the match! He doesn't jump into the crowd to beat her down, though, he instead lets her get up before wrenching her arm and driving it down on top of the barricade a few times. "The Last Star in the Sky" seems to be in full control now as he drags Shannon over just by the arm before wrenching it and smashing it into the ground, the ring post... anything he can find. He grabs her arm and hits her with an armbar DDT before slinking back into the ring and leaving her lying there subject to the referee's count. Rondo decides to perch himself horizontally on top of a turnbuckle and tells the ref to count quicker as Shannon slowly struggles to her feet - the referee's count reaches seven just as she tries to post herself with her arm - she can't support the weight and hits the deck again... but she JUST beats the count with a sudden surge of energy.

    David Weinstock: I think the tables have turned, drastically. Shannon was lucky to get back into the ring there.

    Rondo, again, continues the attack on the arm by wrenching it as hard as possible before driving elbows into it. Shannon clearly struggles with the pain as she rests on one knee... and Rondo decides to focus elsewhere as he hits the ropes and bounces back to hit her knee with a running dropkick. The crowd aren't very happy with Rondo's methodical approach but he shows no signs of caring as he grabs Shannon by the leg and drags her to the middle of the ring before driving his elbow down into the injured knee. He taunts her a few times before doing it again. He stands back up and holds her leg as she tries to scoot towards a turnbuckle for safety... Rondo lets her do so before trying to yank her away - but she is able to muster up the strength to kick him away instead. She uses the turnbuckle ropes to get to her feet as Rondo charges at her - she hits a rope assisted pendulum kick that stuns her opponent before climbing up onto the turnbuckle - she goes for, what seems to be, a flying forearm but Rondo scouts it and counters it into a modified fujiwara armbar as she lands.

    David Weinstock: This isn't good for Shannon. She has to fight through this! Rondo's too aware of the striking gameplan and is trying to keep her close.

    Shannon struggles to move under the weight of Rondo but she refuses to give any indication that she's wilting - she tries her best to move and she slowly shifts towards the ropes. Rondo doesn't seem bothered if she taps or not - he's more intent on doing damage. Eventually, Shannon is able to make the ropes. Rondo has to be counted before he lets go. He gets to his feet and begins to taunt to the crowd, he's enjoying the matchup it seems... much to the chagrin of everyone else. He lets Shannon get back to her feet and she hits him with a few forearms and looks to make a comeback... but Rondo instantly ices it by driving his boot into her kneecap, he repeats the process a few times before picking Shannon up and hitting her with a kneebreaker - she stumbles in pain on her feet as Rondo hits the ropes and lands another dropkick to the knee to send her flying. He makes the cover...1...2....NO! Shannon kicks out - the crowd applauding her. They're slightly subdued but a few are trying to will Shannon on. A small minority starts a clap for Shannon until Rondo hijacks it and claps along sarcastically with them, mocking them. Shannon tries to get to her feet but finds herself unable to - she takes a seat at a turnbuckle and is checked out by the referee with her face in agony. Rondo doesn't care for her safety, though, and forces the referee out of the way as he stomps at her knee before simply deciding to lightly brush her face with his boot - completely disrespecting her as he seems to have fully disregarded her already. Everytime Rondo's boot connects with Shannon's face, she rises up slightly. Eventually they come face to face and Rondo delivers crushing forearm after forearm into Shannon but she refuses to go anywhere as she stands her ground. Rondo turns his back on her and hits the ropes... and ends up countered with a Thesz press as Shannon suddenly explodes into life with lefts and rights. Rondo throws her off of him before getting back to his feet and charging at Shannon again - she gets the jump on him once more with the Thesz Press and the crowd suddenly become electric as she's able to punch the daylights out of Rondo for a second time! Rondo gets out of it once more...

    Langdon Trafford: A callback to earlier when Bell had Rondo on the ropes... now Shannon is doing it!

    He looks to run forward... but he fakes Shannon out and she ends up jumping into thin air and hurts her knee landing. Rondo laughs at her before spitting in her face with disgust - he then turns around and mocks her to the crowd... giving her the chance to recuperate and hit the PARADISE CITY BICYCLE KICK OUT OF NOWHERE!!

    Piers Gallagher: She killed him! What a day!

    David Weinstock: I don't think she can make the cover, guys!

    But Shannon can't capitalise as she falls to the ground and clutches her knee whilst Rondo lies next to the ropes, apparently unconscious. The crowd beg for Shannon to try and crawl to make the cover but it doesn't seem to be happening - the chance is lost when Rondo rolls to the outside. As the pair of combatants spend time recovering, the crowd's attention is drawn up the ramp as the FWA Undisputed Champion, Cyrus Truth, slowly walks his way to the ring. There's a torrent of boos accompanying him and his presence does not go unnoticed by Shannon. Cyrus makes it clear he's only there to watch as Rondo slowly gets back into the ring. Shannon hits a chop to Rondo's chest before cornering him at a turnbuckle and delivering a few more before grabbing him and whipping him to the opposite side - she chases after and delivers a kick to the dome just as Rondo makes impact. She hits a flurry of punches and a spinning back kick to the body that has Rondo in all sorts of trouble - but he's still standing. She grabs Rondo by the face and delivers a massively wound up forearm. She shakes her arm out and drives another into his skull. Another. And more as he slowly slumps to a seated position. She backs away from him and rings her arm out before charging back and hitting a big basement dropkick right to Rondo's face! She drags Rondo out and goes for the cover..1....2...NO! Rondo's able to make the kickout - Cyrus isn't impressed and shouts to Shannon that she has to do better. Rondo, bizarrely, wears a smirk as he uses the ropes to get back to his feet.

    Langdon Trafford: Is Ryan Rondo enjoying this?

    Piers Gallagher: I've always said he was a freak.

    Shannon tries to grind Rondo down with a headlock but he battles against it and grabs a hold of her hair to prevent her working properly - the referee is late to spot it. Shannon drives a knee into Rondo's gut and tries to grind him down again with another headlock... but Rondo pulls a surprise as he drops down of his own accord and rolls, he's looking for a kneebar! It ends up fully locked in and the referee seems almost intent on Shannon giving the match up - but she clutches onto his shirt and barks at him that she's fine! The crowd calls for her to get to the ropes but she's plunged further into this world of pain as Rondo torques his hold! But Shannon is able to make the ropes eventually. Rondo gets to his feet quickly and drags Shannon away - he tries to apply the submission again but Shannon reverses it into a heel hook attempt of her own!

    David Weinstock: The grappling chops on display by both have been outstanding. Shannon is holding her own!

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth doesn't seem very happy.

    Piers Gallagher: Good.

    The submission hold only lasts for a few seconds though as Rondo is still able to get to the ropes. Again, Cyrus Truth seems incredibly unimpressed on the outside. Shannon is visibly agitated by his taunts and is distracted for a millisecond that allows Rondo to get a body shot in. He delivers another before stomping on her injured leg - he throws her towards the turnbuckles and sprints at her - he uses her as a springboard to jump onto the apron and tries to sweep Shannon's leg away from her before slingshotting in and going for a dropkick... but Shannon's foot doesn't sweep and she reads it, catching Rondo's legs and throwing him away to the middle of the ring. He recoils and gets back to his feet and walks right into a spear from O'Neal! She goes for the cover..1...2....NO! Rondo kicks out again! The crowd are begging for Shannon to finish the match. She sets herself and looks to be preparing for the Paradise City bicycle kick... but just as Rondo gets to his feet, Cyrus Truth jumps up onto the apron and appears to have something to say... Shannon charges after him and nails him with the Paradise City instead!! The crowd LOVE it as Cyrus is planted on his ass on the outside - Shannon is fired up at the ropes ... but Rondo takes advantage of the confusion to turn her around, feed her his leg before landing a stunning enzuigiri... he prevents Shannon going down as he grabs her and locks in the dragon sleeper hold! The loudest boos of the night rain down as Shannon O'Neal is stuck in a perilous position in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go... she's fading...

    David Weinstock: Cyrus Truth has screwed Shannon over! She was about to win... and now Rondo's going to put her to sleep!

    Langdon Trafford: Sickening. This would've been a huge slice of momentum behind Shannon on the way to the title match...

    David Weinstock: She needs help. The crowd isn't enough!

    And just as the crowd had become despondent, Bell Connelly runs down to the ring! Almost instantly, the referee calls the match off as Bell saves Shannon from going out and proceeds to try and stomp a hole through Rondo. She beats Rondo down and sends him packing out of the ring as he's declared the winner by DQ.

    Winner via Disqualification (Interference): "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo
    Langdon Trafford: Bell's going after Rondo! I think pandemonium is about to break loose!

    David Weinstock: We're getting another Back in Business preview! Here comes Cyrus!

    Bell tries to check on Shannon but Cyrus Truth assaults her from behind and grabs her to send her flying with a german suplex!

    Piers Gallagher: Night, night, Bell Connelly! And... here we go... what we all want to see..... Shannon and Cyrus are the two left...

    He holds his title and measures up Shannon as she slowly gets back to her feet... the crowd aren't looking forward to what is going to happen next -- Cyrus charges forward and looks to level Shannon with the belt but she ducks under and hits him with a roundhouse kick! He drops the belt and flops out of the ring as Bell Connelly comes over and helps her friend back to her feet. In the meantime, Rondo is recovering by the announcer's table and watching the scene play out - he grabs Piers Gallagher's water bottle and pours it over his head as he begins to make his exit through the crowd.

    Piers Gallagher: I hate that guy.

    Langdon Trafford: We know, Piers. But look... Shannon and Bell are the ones standing tall in the ring!

    As Cyrus slowly gets to his feet, Shannon realises she has the belt at her's and lifts it up in the middle of the ring for the entire crowd to see - they cheer the notion immensely -- before she walks over to the rope and looks down at Cyrus, exchanging a fiery stare with him before dropping the belt over to him. He teases coming back into the ring but he begins to back up the ramp whilst holding his jaw and title. He gives Shannon some verbal warnings that she's not going to survive Back in Business. In the mean time, Bell Connelly is facing the opposite direction and shouting threats to Ryan Rondo, who is hobbling through the crowd.

    Langdon Trafford: The best friends, back to back, challenging their rivals to come get some... what a sight! LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!

    Both Shannon and Bell have their arms raised high as the crowd chant their name.

    David Weinstock: I wonder who they want to win at Back in Business?

    Langdon Trafford: The momentum is with them, Dave. That's right. Shannon O'Neal and Bell Connelly appear to have the wind behind them tonight. They're standing tall in the ring whilst their opponents are slinking away! It's massive! Back in Business is the next stop on the road for the FWA... is this a sign of things to come? I can't wait to find out!

    Fight Night goes off of the air.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Big thanks to Sayer and TGO for getting most shit done. Thanks to whoever contributed. This show went massive.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Great show guys! Also proud to be your X Cup winner!
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Good show everyone. Now let's nail BIB

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    That was cool and fun. Glad to have officially arrived here.

    It seems I may need to come up some sort of entrance and possibly name some signature setup moves , just finalising type of stuff.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Just popping in to say that Cyrus Truth & Shannon O'Neal promo was real fire. Characters felt layered af and it felt like the story definitely went above the competitive aspect of it. I think it'll make for some awesome promos to read come BIB!

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    The last FN before Back In Business delivered as expected. Surprised to see my introduction promo being actually used in the show, but it's normal considering the fact that I didn't wrote another piece with the Vultures. The biggest show of the year is next, and I'm Mojo Rawley-level hyped for that.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Fantastic show, can't wait for Flex Brody to get involved! I was hoping to see my match against a jobber in there but overall, I loved it.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Youre debut match will be at Back in Business, Reigns, sir.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Quote Originally Posted by Powerful Sayer View Post
    Youre debut match will be at Back in Business, Reigns, sir.
    Can't wait! Super excited to get involved.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Great show, awesome build for Back in Business. Kennedy-Jackson and Bell-Rondo got the lift they both needed. Garcia-Toner is still heated. Cyrus-Shannon is still hot and probably one of the best World title feuds of the last 2 years (since Kennedy-Gabrielle). Maybe I'm biased there.

    Merriweather is a great rising character and I'm happy we get to toss him into the fire of the X title match. Vincent-Randall was a blood bath, but that was the intention for these two in "one last match" one on one. The tag title picture is a bit weaker going into BIB but that's because we're still developing the new teams.

    Glad to see the rush of new people and I'm expecting big things from the NA title challengers — Zako Wraith, James Sync, Risky Douglas, Star, Humanity, and Hanz Gruber — to offer a strong challenge to the North American Champion, who has quietly put together a 10-plus-month reign.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Really enjoyed this show, there was some excellent promo and character work on show here. Very excited for Back in Business!

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June RESULTS

    Finally did get to read the show properly and it was vry good. Great promos all around, as was everything else.

    And whoever did the Los Taco Hombres match- Paco handing out his half eaten burrito was def something I would have had them do lol

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