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Thread: Sweet Sammy Riggins

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    Sweet Sammy Riggins

    Name*: Samuel "Sammy" Riggins
    Nickname: Sweet
    Date of Birth*: June 14th, 1994
    Place of Birth: San Diego, California
    Currently Residing*: San Diego, California
    Height*: 6'1
    Weight*: 205 lbs
    Gimmick*: Fun-loving multiple-sport athlete
    Disposition*: Face

    Wrestling Style*: Technical high-flyer
    Wrestling Abilities*: 1. Charisma 2. Technical 3. Speed 4. Power 5. Brawling

    Signature Taunts/Poses: None
    Catchphrase: I'm Sweeter Than You!
    Entrance theme: "Livin' on a Prayer" Bon Jovi

    Basic Moves*: Chops to numerous body parts, running clothesline, running bulldog, hurricanrana, multiple suplex moves
    Signature Strike Moves*: Superkick, Diving Elbow Drop, Frogsplash
    Signature Submission Move*: Ankle Lock
    Regular Finishing Move*: Sweet Surrender (dirty deeds)

    Name of character representative*: Matt Riddle

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    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Sweet Sammy Riggins

    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Sweet Sammy Riggins

    Was not expecting Matt Riddle with the name like Sweet Sammy Riggins, but I'm curious to see the character.

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