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Thread: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

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    Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]


    JUNE 26, 2017

    “Eight Teams.”

    Rapid shots of the eight teams competing in the Krash Tag Team Classic fly through.

    “Will compete to win the first ever of its name.”

    A grand golden trophy in an empty ring holds a spotlight.

    “Seven matches.”

    Shots appear of the brackets for this tournament. From top to bottom we see Fire and Oil, In-Ring Royalty, The DFB, Shawn Summers and XYZ, Diamond Dogs, Snowmantashis, The DiMiacos, Savage and Fenix.

    “Culminating in the main event of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV.”

    The arena is once more darkened and empty and and the eight that will be competing in the tournament stand in the ring dressed in fine (or as fine as can be in specific cases) suits.

    “This is the first ever CWA Krash Tag Team Classic!”

    The camera surveys the Scottrade Center spotting fans aplenty repping the newly released gear of some of the names that have joined the CWA recently. Diamond Dogs are rather popular with some DFB also getting love and a Prince Ali in a Black Panther costume highlighted as well. The camera eventually lands on the commentary booth.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the Krash Tag Team Classic. We’ve been building up to this for two months and finally we are going to not only crown our Krash Tag Team Classic tournament winners, but the new CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions AND their very first challengers!

    Tim Coleman: Boy, it’ll be a bit hard to choose between the DiMiacos and the DFB. But I can’t really support anyone who would spit on a woman, could I? As for Diamond Dogs and In-Ring Royalty, well I’m hoping a bit of appreciation for Diamond Dogs might uh… pay off for me… if you know what I mean.

    Jim Taylor: I’ll pretend I don’t. Also up for tonight, a six man elimination match in preparation for the Young Lion Cup edition of Adrenaline Rush following this tournament.

    Tim Coleman: Our general manager sure loves him some tournaments.

    Jim Taylor: No better way to see who is the best.

    Tim Coleman: You want to know a good way to see who’s the best? McDonald’s Playplace match. I’m being sarcastic, in case you weren’t aware.

    Jim Taylor: You can’t deny it’ll be something to talk about for a long, long time.

    Tim Coleman: We’re not a damn carnival, Jim. XYZ is giving us a bad name.

    Jim Taylor: No worse than, Jonathan McGinnis. He’ll be facing off against Mr. Willis with his contract with CWA on the line.

    Tim Coleman: It’s… certainly going to have us all on the edge of our seats. I just hope Mr. Willis has prepared for this match and is ready to take McGinnis seriously because I don’t think McGinnis is interested in simply winning, he’s going to try and break Mr. Willis.

    Jim Taylor: Mr. Willis has been there and back, we can only treat him with respect and acknowledge he’s made the decision to accept the challenge. But before that, like we mentioned earlier, a six man elimination match, let’s get to it.


    Lindsay Monahan: First, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at two hundred pounds… he is “The Fresh Prince of Brooklyn”… accompanied by Jeff Potter… APOLLO… GRIFFFFFFFIN!

    Apollo Griffin steps through the curtains to a polite but modest reaction from the Scottrade Center. Soon after him comes stumbling out Jeff Potter. Potter manages to gain his balance and tries to whisper some advice to Griffin who doesn’t here him under the roar of the arena and walks off down the ramp, slapping hands. Potter tries to do the same but there’s no hand for him to slap.

    Jim Taylor: Only twenty-two years old. Two time state champion in Freestyle Wrestling. A stand out athlete. He’s making his debut here in CWA.

    Tim Coleman: How about mentioning that he’s also never won a professional wrestling match.

    Jim Taylor: And that’s for one reason only. Apollo Griffin came with a baggage and that man is Jeff Potter, a former professional wrestler in his own right and uh… I imagine it’s already clear why he never wrestled on the CWA stage.

    Tim Coleman: I feel anxious just being in his presence, Jim. Apollo Griffin needs to watch his own tapes and notice what goes wrong in all his matches.

    Jim Taylor: It’s a new day, Tim! Apollo Griffin and Jeff Potter might finally find that key chemistry here in CWA.

    They all are the same
    There eyes act like the never felt pain
    They curse my name in vein
    Heroes never die
    Villians last through time
    Is this my legacy
    Or can I get by?

    Lindsay Monahan: Second, from New Orleans, Louisiana… weighing at two hundred and forty-five pounds… he is “The Lost Soul”… BRAYDEN… BRIDGES.

    Bridges continues walking down the sullen and darkened arena, a single spotlight on him, holding a guitar as he continues singing with the absence of an entrance theme.

    Walk along the shadows
    Scared of the day
    Monsters amongst the man
    Talking straight to your face
    Never trust the man
    With lust in his eyes
    You will perish
    Lost in the time

    Jim Taylor: A very broken, and eerie man is Brayden Bridges. We’ve seen glimpses of him on Adrenaline Rush, on CWA dot COM, and we’ve been awaiting his debut.

    Tim Coleman: Tonight, we’re going to see if Brayden Bridges can do more than sing, Jim… and I don’t think he sings all that well, personally.

    Jim Taylor: I would keep that to myself, Tim. Brayden’s got a history.

    Whatta man, whatta man
    Whatta man, ara neoneun good man
    Whatta man, whatta man,
    Whatta man, maja neoneun good man

    Lindsay Monahan: Third, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, Izaya… SNOWMANTASHI!

    Izaya Snowmantashi no longer has the air of a man who is just debuting or the reputation of his brother to uphold him. Those have worn off and tonight he has to prove himself against fellow young wrestlers who have recently signed with the company. He takes a deep breath at the top of the stage, surveys the two men in the ring, then begins his journey down the ramp.

    Jim Taylor: You’ve been an outspoken critic of Izaya Snowmantashi. He’s wrestled three matches here in CWA and has been pinned in all three of them, but Tim, you’ve got admit, if he can overcome the competition here tonight, he’ll be making ways into redeeming himself after those misfires.

    Tim Coleman: If Jim, and a very unlikely if at that. Izaya’s on borrowed time, eventually Afa is going to have to decide that Izaya isn’t cutting it and it’ll be time for him to be… cut.

    Jim Taylor: Clever way with words, Tim. One thing Izaya has ensured every time he steps into the ring is that he’s putting on a show, I think we’re going to certainly see more of that tonight, especially in such a chaotic match.

    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain

    Lindsay Monahan: Fourth, accompanied to the ring by Nate Savage, from Las Vegas, NV and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, Jackson Fenix!

    In a match with five other men, Jackson Fenix is more than ever grateful to have his friend Nate Savage by his side. Fenix is also looking all too confident and dismissive of the three men already in the ring, who are themselves looking warily at one another. Fenix and Savage talk some strategy but Fenix seems more concerned belittling the crowd than he is actually listening to whatever Savage is telling him.

    Jim Taylor: Outspoken critic of Izaya Snowmantashi, but outspoken supporter of Jackson Fenix. A debut victory over Izaya, and a singles victory against him most recently too. Still unpinned. Fenix would be establishing himself as a premier CWA wrestler if he can beat his five opponents and continue that unpinned streak.

    Tim Coleman: He’s my favorite, Jim, I think he can do it. I really do. And look, Nate Savage will be right there to back him up in case anyone tries to cheat… I’m looking at Apollo and his manager there, Brayden and his guitar, Izaya and his… uh… pump… I’m sure it’s somewhere around here.

    Jim Taylor: Fenix doesn’t look at all concerned about his odds, Tim, so maybe he’s got a plan to actually emerge from this chaotic match the victor.

    My care is like my shadow
    Laid bare beneath the sun
    It follows me at all times
    And flies when I pursue it

    Lindsay Monahan: Fifth, from Salem, Massachussetts… weighing at one hundred and seventy pounds… she is The Herald of Darkness… and accompanied to the ring by The Dark Watch… it’s LILITH!

    The arena is completely dark and the phone flashlights appear across. Lilith comes out in a very steady and slow walk, her skin is almost luminescent and does away the need for even a spotlight. Behind her are Anna Malikova and Noah Nitro and behind that pair is the intimidating, Thomas West. Everyone in the arena has their eyes on the four.

    Jim Taylor: So… you think Nate Savage can neutralize The Dark Watch.

    Tim Coleman: Well… if our general manager has any integrity and if the referee does his job, they won’t even be a factor, Jim.

    Jim Taylor: Gotta remember, as a multi-man match, this is effectively a no disqualificiation match. The Dark Watch could enter that ring and act like they are all a part of this match if they wanted to.

    Tim Coleman: I suppose if they all band up and take out Lilith, that might be their best strategy, Jim. But we’ve watched enough of these matches to know that putting aside personal goals in these sort of situations never works out.

    I feel you too
    Those things you do
    In your eyes I see a fire that burns to free the you
    That's wanting through
    Deep inside you know, seeds I plant will grow

    Lindsay Monahan: And lastly, from Vancouver, British Columbia… weighing in at two hundred and twenty two pounds… Fullmetal… TREVOR OCEAN!

    The last man in, and a third debutante in this one. Trevor Ocean narrows his eyes as he stares at the many opponents in the ring. He sneers at the crowd then makes his paced walk to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: We know that Trevor Ocean signed a contract with CWA in order to help support a friend of his, Shawn Summers. Both Canadians, both alumnis of the Honor Wrestling Alliance. Feeling that Summers was disrespected in lieu of other talent, he’s come here to help Summers either conquer CWA… or destroy it, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Quite frankly, I don’t think Afa cares about his relations with Shawn Summers. Trevor Ocean has to stand here on his own before he even thinks about supporting Shawn Summers. He needs to prove that like Summers, he belongs here. Well, he’s got the stage, Jim. Let’s see what he can do.

    APOLLO GRIFFIN w/ jeff potter
    versus JACKSON FENIX w/ nate savage
    versus LILITH w/ anna malikova, noah nitro, and thomas west
    versus TREVOR OCEAN

    CHAOS ENSUES: There’s the obligatory moment of “who will attack first” as heads (mostly) turn to one another to see who will make the first move. The arena is silent until… SUPERKICK! Fenix falls spread eagled to the mat - he tried to get a headstart on Izaya but the Snowmantashi kid was expecting it. That’s enough to start up the sounds of war and everyone is in a swift brawl for all.

    FULLMETAL: Griffin and Ocean, two-thirds of the debutantes are at each other, and Griffin is taken down with a double leg takedown. He quickly turns away from Griffin to drag Izaya out of his duel with Fenix and hit him with the Equivalent Exchange. Frenzied with that move struck, he then turns to Fenix who’s crawled over to the corner and sprints to hit the Bees Knees. Savage is quick to drag Fenix so he isn’t suddenly pinned by the concussion-inducing strike. Ocean sneers and looks around to see who is next. Brayden Bridges who has managed to physically dominate Lilith in another corner of the ring, is quite ready to meet Bridges.

    LOST SOUL vs. FULLMETAL: The two exchange rapid fire punches and its Ocean who is forced to stumble back first. Bridges gathers momentum and goes for a Call to the Coroner but Ocean ducks under the Rolling Elbow in the nick of time. He runs on to the ropes, bounces off and strikes Bridges down with a lariat. He shakes his head with intense fury and begins circling around Lilith in another corner of the ring, using the ropes to get back up. He quickly jumps onto her back and locks in the Glutinous Punishment, a Crossface Chickenwing, the very same move Lilith uses to put away her own opponents. Lilith’s frame makes her easy prey but she doesn’t seem to be struggling at all.

    THE WATCH WAS WATCHING: The referee never needs to bother checking if she is conscious because The Watch rushes in to break up the move. They quickly deal out boots to Ocean. He tries to fight them off but the MALIKOVA EXPRESS ends his resistance. Lilith lies calmly, back first on Ocean. And the referee realizes he has to make the count… ONE… TWO… THREE!


    LIGHT vs. DARK: The Dark Watch looks up from Trevor Ocean to see Jackson Fenix, Brayden Bridges, Izaya Snowmantashi and Apollo Griffin all starring at them from across the ring. They are all aware that if they don’t take care of this problem now, it’s going to haunt them later. After a brief staredown, and a rising cheer from the crowd, all four men put aside their differences and charge at the Dark Watch! Bodies are being thrown around everywhere. Fenix floors Nitro with a superkick, Apollo Griffin hits a Shining Wizard so hard it sends both him and Lilith tumbling over the ropes. Izaya charges at Anna with a shotgun dropkick that sends her flying right outside of the ring. Brayden Bridges has a harder time with the sizeable figure of Thomas West but after a second Call to the Coroner, even West goes over the rope.

    SHINING LIGHT: Izaya takes a moment of breather then sprints to the ropes, jumps onto the top one and hits the Golden Triangle Moonsault, taking out the Dark Watch! Brayden Bridges decides he’ll take a risk too, he sprints to the ropes, and then with incredible athleticism for a man his size, hits a senton bomb to the outside. Apollo Griffin gets the signal from Jeff Potter, it’s his turn, baby! He turns to start the sprint - but is lifted up by Jackson Fenix, SIN CITY HANGOVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!


    RENEWED RIVALRY: Fenix has reminded everyone that they’ve all got one goal in mind here and there’s no sense getting too bothered about people who aren’t even competing. He flips the bird on all the fans jeering him and crotch chops at Jeff Potter who is horrified at his client’s defeat. Izaya Snowmantashi slides into the ring, equally distraught at Fenix’s betrayal. Fenix gestures for Izaya to come on and so he does, the two go at each other while Bridges slides in Lilith and takes care of her in another corner.

    REVENGE: Izaya is surprisingly able to get the better of Fenix when he avoids a superkick to land a roundhouse kick that blurs Fenix’s vision. He transitions that into a German Suplex that floors Fenix in an instant. With all the momentum behind him, Izaya gets eager to get his first pin in CWA history. He rushes to the top rope, and hits a Phoenix Splash! The crowd cheers audibly in awe as the move is so hard hitting it has Izaya truly bounce off Fenix… only to land in the grasp of Brayden Bridges! LAST RITES! ONE - TWO - THREE! Never take your eyes off of all your opponents.


    COLORFUL SIGHT: Brayden Bridges mournfully looks down at Izaya and contemplates between going for Jackson Fenix and Lilith. He chooses both. He charges to Fenix and hits a clothesline in the corner that gets Fenix off the ground. He goes the other way and does the same to Lilith, whom practically flips over the ropes. Again to Fenix, again to Lilith, again to Fe-. Actually, he doesn’t turn back to Fenix. He’s having a hard time moving… there’s yellow mist on his face. Lilith stares, yellow mouth and all… but she notices the Lost Soul resisting - PURPLE SPRAY!

    THAT OUGHTTA WAKE YOU UP: Bridges is still resisting but he’s turned entirely to Fenix. Fenix is at a bit of a loss as to what to do, until he notices something in the corner of his eye, he hits a superkick to Bridges! Bridges stumbles around, just in time for Nate Savage to toss him up, NASTY BOMB! He gestures to Fenix and Fenix dives on top - ONE! TWO! THREE! All is fair in love and war. Fenix is quick to gyrate above Bridges.


    WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE: Jackson Fenix gets slapped on the shoulder by Savage who points out that the entire Dark Watch is now standing in front of them. Fenix is no longer gyrating. He sighs to himself then gestures that he take on Lilith and Savage take on the entire rest of the Dark Watch. They dont get any other chance to keep discussing when the Dark Watch launches their assault. Fenix manages to rid himself of Nitro a second time tonight with the superkick. Damn it, Nitro. Savage hits the Nasty Bomb on Anna almost instantly but West runs him over right after and the two go brawling to the outside.

    LILITH vs. FENIX: Fenix gets the upperhand on Lilith with a slingblade. “You’re not much on your own, babygirl.” He dances above Lilith then gets her back up and slowly lifts her up for the Sin City Hangover - but Lilith shows her athleticism by flipping out of it. NOCTURNUS! Fenix is flipped inside out. He struggles to get back to his feet - SUPERKICK! NO! Lilith manages to move aside and smoothly transitions into JUDAS KISS! ONE - TWO - THREE!



    Tim Coleman: No! Damn it, Jim! She cheated! She cheated over and over again. There’s no integrity in this sport.

    Jim Taylor: Well, Nate Savage was responsible for the elimination of Brayden Bridges.

    Tim Coleman: I’ll tell you this, Jim, if Lilith’s in that Young Lion Cup tomorrow, you and I both know, she won’t be able to cheat her way out of that one. No way is Afa going to let that happen… right?

    The Dark Watch stands as a unified force in the middle of the ring while Jackson Fenix walks back with the help of Nate Savage, finally tasting what defeat means, firsthand. The question remains, will either of these parties do better when the involvement of their partners could mean disqualification in the Young Lion Cup?

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just witnessed one rookie superstar make their mark against five others after a desperate, all-out brawl. Next, however, is something… completely different. Tim?

    Tim Coleman: Can I be honest, Jim?

    Jim Taylor: Of course.

    Tim Coleman: I have absolutely no idea how to explain what we’re going to be seeing next. The God-King Shawn Summers has to… lower himself, to the eccentric XYZ’s standards in a… McDonalds Play Palace Match? I’m still having trouble understanding what this entails.

    Jim Taylor: It all started the week after Five Star Attraction. Shawn Summers, fresh off a loss to Shannon O’Neal, looked to bounce back with a victory with a strange, eccentric newcomer known only as XYZ, in a match that ended controversially.

    Tim Coleman: ‘Controversially’ is right, Jim, Shawn was robbed! He had the Alpha Male locked in square and tight, but XYZ was lucky enough to convert it into a pinfall attempt that tricked the referee into giving him the three count. A sham!

    Jim Taylor: In either case, XYZ ended that night with a victory in his CWA debut. The next week, however, the start of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic began, and the two opponents would team together for a chance at gold. A chance that, unfortunately, slipped away from them in the first round, as they were eliminated by the DFB, Bobby ‘Smooth’ and Cody Muntz, after Shawn abandoned XYZ and turned on him.

    Tim Coleman: More like he righted the wrongs of the situation. Shawn deserved a teammate of his calibur, not some space wizard. And the next week, Shawn put an exclamation point on the situation after XYZ dared to place the blame on Shawn.

    Jim Taylor: That’s an odd way of describing the savage, brutalistic assault Shawn laid onto XYZ. Then, XYZ laid the challenge: Settle this inside a scene of XYZ’s choice, which as it turns out, meant a McDonald’s Play Palace.

    Tim Coleman: Are we being sponsored by McDonalds? Because half of my cutting remarks could potentially cause us to lose sponsorship.

    Jim Taylor: Best to play it even, Tim. Ladies and Gentlemen, what we are about to witness could be strange. Could be whimsical. Could be hard to watch, or easy to watch. Frankly, we have no idea, but please, join us in figuring out as we now go, live, to a sanctioned McDonald’s Play Palace, where Shawn Summers and XYZ will meet for an unholy war.

    versus XYZ

    ARRIVING AT THE PALACE: The live audience’s attention is directed to the big screen as we’re treated to an outside shot of the famous McDonalds franchise, and a roar spreads through the crowd as they realize what’s to come next. We cut to inside McDonalds, as several parents and security usher a handful of unfortunate children away from the Play Palace. Oh, CWA made this official and hired out the entire Play Palace area to ensure no kids are accidentally superkicked or anything. Last thing CWA need is a lawsuit, after all. We get a brief overview of the layabout of the Play Palace, the massive multicolored structure with stairs, tunnels, rope bridges, viewing pods, sliding poles, a ball pit, and of course, the iconic red slide, before…

    TWO MEN ENTER, A DOZEN CHILDREN LEAVE: An announcement for a cleanup in the men’s bathroom is foiled by the sound of Lana Del Ray’s ’Cola’ blaring through the intercoms, as Shawn Summers, flanked by two CWA security guards, pushes his way past the curious McDonalds crowd, a disgusted sneer across his features. He seems insulted to even have to set foot in a place like this, as he steps down into the designated McDonalds Play Palace area, on the watch for his fantastical opponent. Speaking of which, as Lana Del Rey’s ’Cola’ fades away and The Wallflower’s ’One Headlight’ replaces it, Shawn looks into the crowd forming behind the Palace barrier, fists twitching as he itches to beat XYZ to dust. But XYZ is nowhere to be seen, no security posse to guide him into the Palace. Shawn taps a foot impatiently, but suddenly the crowd lets out a cheer as XYZ appears, sliding into view via the red slide! Shawn has an inkling something’s off as The Wallflower’s ’One Headlight’ fades away, and he turns around just in time to catch a high kick to the chest!

    KICKSTART MY HEART: A flurry of high kicks sends Shawn Summers reeling, XYZ not holding back as he scores revenge against the man who abandoned, assaulted, attacked him mercilessly! XYZ had Shawn reeling, leaning back over the edge of the ball pit, and XYZ puts him in there with a running leg lariat that catches Shawn through the chest. XYZ goes into the pit with his momentum, and he continues the attack with fist drops and elbow drops as he screams a demon's voice out of his mouth, "AAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAH!" XYZ flings the larger Shawn Summers' lifeless body out of the ball pit and steps out on his own accord two seconds later. Summers is able to land his "Lights Out" roundhouse kick to the side of XYZ's head, and the eccentric athlete tumbles down on the padded floor used around the Play Palace for safety.

    A QUICK SNACK BREAK: Summers lands an inverted lifting DDT and goes for the early pinfall, but XYZ kicks out at two. The fast pace continues as Summers keeps throwing kicks and forearms XYZ's way. The crowd watching from outside are completely mystified by what is going on. Summers grabs a rogue tray of trash and scattered french fries and smacks XYZ across the head with it! XYZ stumbles back to the ground as Summers finds a half-eaten hamburger and smashes it right into the mouth and face of XYZ! Summers pushes XYZ's face down into the ground as he releases the crumpled pile of processed beef and cheap hamburger bread, much to the disgust of the viewing audience.

    RACE THROUGH THE MAZE: XYZ crawls away toward the tunnel leading up, via stairs, through the beginning of the Palace. Summers tries to stop XYZ from heading that way, but a kick to the groin creates enough separation for Summers to lose his foe and XYZ to begin climbing up the kid's plastic stairs. Summers begins his chase after, although XYZ every now and then lands a kick right to the face of Summers from 4 feet and 3 steps above, and this stops Summers momentarily. XYZ makes it to the top first and hides on the flat surface, waiting for Summers to arrive. Upon first sight, XYZ lands a fiery right hand to the forehead, but Summers was sensing this move and ducks. Summers then smashes XYZ's face into the side of the tunnel, standing 15 feet above the padded floor. The tunnel shakes as the two grapple within the enclosed setting, with no one really getting the upper hand.

    DOWN WE GO: XYZ finally evades Summers' strength and begins crawling through the tunnels. Summers at one point loses the track, and XYZ comes behind with a blindside tackle. XYZ begins smashing Summers' face into the plastic siding and begins dragging him to the edge of the slide. XYZ positions Summers there and tackles him, sending both men tumbling down the slide at a stop-and-start pace, sometimes the two getting stuck with their adult-sized bodies together in a large ball that barely fits inside a space meant for just one child at a time. When the two reach the bottom, neither one can really stand on their own. XYZ crawls off the edge of the slide and rolls to the padded ground. Summers tries to stand up as he exits, but the dizziness causes him to stumble backwards.

    INTO THE PIT: XYZ dodges a forearm and begins delivering his wicked kicks to the thighs and ribs. He then lands a leaping knee to the chest, knocking the wind out of his rival. XYZ lands a big forearm to the jaw as Summers again is teetering on the ball pit. XYZ grabs one of the plastic balls and looks set to hit Summers with it, but Summers dodges and lands the "Wipe Out" overhead belly-to-belly suplex INTO the ball pit! Summers stands on the outside of the pit and sits atop, delivering his "Red King" mounted punches to the fallen and beaten-down XYZ. Summers taunts him with his mouth and his lethal fists as XYZ becomes buried underneath the plastic balls. Summers rises up for a second and then looks back at XYZ, who struggles to get upright.

    UNORTHODOX DEFENSE: Summers approaches but XYZ begins throwing the plastic balls at him. The last-resort defence mechanism works, as Summers' charge toward XYZ is slowed. XYZ begins throwing the balls at a quicker, more desperate pace. Summers puts his hands up to block it and as he approaches, XYZ lands one right between the eyes. Summers stumbles backwards as XYZ pauses his ball-throwing assault and rises out of the pit. He drives Summers back-first into the padded post on one of the corner support beams of the Play Palace. Padding or not, it still hurts Summers on his lower spine. XYZ then hits an atomic drop, sending Summers stumbling again toward the ball pit. XYZ lands a running kick to the middle of his back, and Summers falls face first into the pit.

    ALMOST FAMOUS: XYZ begins climbing ... "WHY IS HE CLIMBING?" the announcers ask. "WHERE IS HE CLIMBING?" But XYZ just keeps on climbing, up the netting that surrounds and divides the kids from climbing on the slide and reaching the support structure and levels to the Palace. XYZ keeps climbing, going 15 feet up in the air. There's nowhere for him to climb to, though, and he realizes it. XYZ holds on, his feet too big to fit into the netting's holes and his hands beginning to burn from holding so tight. He looks like Mario in the first castle on Super Mario World.

    XYZ then moves to the side about 5 feet, until he is nearly directly above the exposed ball pit, which didn't have a plastic ceiling or any netting above it. XYZ then shouts out his final words, right before his fateful plunge.


    He leaps off, landing back-first down into the pit, and hitting the body of Shawn Summers somewhere along the way!!! Everyone watching live is just astounded at what's going on, and XYZ somehow emerges from the 15-foot leap just 20 seconds later.

    NOT OVER YET: XYZ takes a moment to catch his breath, before grasping Shawn Summers by the hair and dragging him out of the ballpit. Shawn’s arm snags on the frame, and as XYZ pauses to adjust Shawn suddenly strikes, his other arm plunging forward and throwing a bright blue plastic ball right into the groin of XYZ! Letting out a rather… strange moan, XYZ staggers away, and Shawn slowly, unsteadily, climbs to a knee, exhausted yet determined. XYZ soon recovers, and approaches Shawn – ALPHA MALE! Shawn Summers, having played the possum, with a burst of sudden energy leaps up and grasps XYZ in the Alpha Male Guillotine Choke! XYZ struggles, but Shawn locks in the knees, sinking XYZ to the mat as he starts to fade away…

    DÉJÀ VU: But perhaps, XYZ remembers how this all began, how he initially defeated Shawn Summers in his CWA debut all those weeks ago, and as he falls to the mat he bridges his body around, pinning Shawn’s back and shoulders to the mat! A pinfall attempt! ONE! TWO!

    NO! Recognizing the situation, Shawn Summers breaks the hold before the all-important three, shoving XYZ away. Furious over very nearly being played like that, Shawn rolls to his feet, grasping XYZ by the long, sweat-encased hair, and gives him a thunderous slap across the face! And again! He follows this by dragging XYZ towards the glass barriers that separate the Palace from the outside work, a parking lot full of curious onlookers, before signalling with a cut-throat motion that it’s over. He grabs XYZ in a belly-to-belly position, and heaves-

    THAT’LL LEAVE A MARK: XYZ blocks the attempt with a knee, and catches Shawn across the jaw with a forearm! Shawn is stunned, and XYZ quickly rotates behind him, arms locked around his waist, before throwing Shawn back & headfirst into the glass barrier with a destructful German Suplex! Shawn strikes the barrier and flops down, somehow neither the glass nor his skull broken, but the lights are fading inside him. XYZ rolls him towards the center of the mat, but he doesn’t pin him. Instead, he looks towards the rope bridges, aiming to put the final exclamation point on the battle.

    THE DREAM NEVER DIES: Shaky on his feet, XYZ approaches the rope bridge, judging the bounce and weight of the ropes, before carefully climbing onto the handheld ropes. Roughly the same height as CWA’s ring turnbuckles, XYZ balances himself, closing his eyes, before leaping into the air with a front-flip legdrop! He comes crashing down onto Shawn Summers, no ball pit to cushion his fall, and drapes an arm over his rival! ONE! TWO! THREE! By god, it’s over!


    XYZ rolls away from his defeated foe, panting in exhaustion as several security officers check on Shawn Summers. Letting a breathy smile encompass his features, the strange, the eccentric, the enigmatic, the victorious XYZ raises an arm in victory, before continuing his roll into the ball pit, disappearing from view as the sound of children’s laughter fade in.

    Tim Coleman: I’ll admit… that was mildly entertaining… up until the absurdity that is XYZ winning. Match advantage, and this was of course, not even a real match.

    Jim Taylor: Nevertheless, it was an even playing field and Summers failed to get the job done a second time. XYZ has won, Tim, and whether or not you’re against the type of match it was, there is zero controversy to be had about it. The better man won.

    Tim Coleman: Well, I don’t think this next match has a better men, Jim.

    Born down in a dead man's town
    The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
    End up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up

    Lindsay Monahan: First… from New York City, New York… weighing in at a combined weight of 540 pounds… they are the New Patriots of Wrestling… Joe and Paul DIMIACOOOOOO!

    The DiMiacos know that they let slip an opportunity to be CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions but they signal atop the ramp that they’re ready to stake their claim on the belts and motion for it around their waist before sprinting full speed ahead to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: The Italian-Americans have been impressive since their debut but were unable to cut it against the Diamond Dogs. They’ve got a chance at redemption tonight. Another chance at challenging for the newly established belts, if they can beat the DFB.

    Tim Coleman: I’m only cheering for them out of obligation, Jim, but we could use a team here worth supporting outside of the Diamond Dogs and the In-Ring Royalty.

    Take a little walk to the edge of town
    Go across the tracks
    Where the viaduct looms
    Like a bird of doom
    As it shifts and cracks

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at a combined weight of 441 pounds… they are the DFB… CODY MUNDZ AND BOBBY “SMOOOOOOTH”.

    The DFB is out next, looking as dirty and vile as ever. Mundz and “Smooth” are perhaps polar opposites to DiMiacos in their pride for their country. Quite frankly, they might not give a damn about their country, only whoever pays their bills.

    Jim Taylor: They have no respect for authority, Tim. They are here for the money. They don’t even care about this sport. But they’ve proven themselves, you cannot deny that.

    Tim Coleman: Proven themselves? Are they in the main event? Nope. They haven’t proven squat. They want to prove themselves? Get some belts. Then I’ll acknowledge them. Until then, they’re just dirty stinkin’ thugs that have no place in this ring.

    DFB (bobby "smooth" and cody mundz)
    versus THE DIMIACOS (joe dimiaco and paul dimiaco)

    NO, HE DIDN’T: First thing that happens in this match? Cody runs over to spit on an American flag?! That pisses off Joe royally who rushes at him in a relentless assault and sends a flurry of strikes to Cody who can’t quite resist the big man’s onslaught.

    MISSING MAN: Cody tries to hurry over to his partner for a tag but Bobby “Smooth” is nowhere to be found. Tim points out that its fitting that mercenaries like those two would be so quick to betray each other but Jim points out that Bobby is actually unconscious on the ground. And who are those two walking away from him in a hurry. Neither Joe nor Cody notice. Well, Cody is too busy trying to resist the renewed assault from Joe. On the other end, Paul finds himself a recipient of the assault from the two newcomers. He resists only momentarily before a knee strike makes him weary, and then one of the individuals hits him with a Pele Kick, he drops flat to the ground to the kick to the skull.

    THE BLACKLIST: The two individuals slowly enter the ring and Joe and Cody finally take notice of them. They’re perplexed but after Joe looks at the unconscious Paul, he realizes what’s going on. They’re on Joe like rabid dogs and Cody is too out of it trying to recover from Joe’s attack to help out, if he would even want to. The male member hits a Lifting DDT that takes all the fight out of Joe. Cody tries to roll out of the ring the but the female member grabs him by the leg and manages to pull him back in. The male one helps out and gets him up for a neckbreaker while the female one climbs onto the top rope, goes sky high and hits a CROSSBODY ONTO THE NECKBREAKER. They stare down at the body of Cody and in the middle of the ring, cross arms, left arm to right arm.


    The screen cuts intermittently with a graphic before returning to the commentary both.

    Jim Taylor: I’m not quite sure what happened, Tim but… it looks like we will not have contenders to our CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

    Tim Coleman: I’ll tell you what happened! A pair of impressive and talented individuals have showed up to give our tag team division a shot in the arm. They dismantled both those teams in less than five minutes. No one can do that. They’re just what CWA needed and I’d like to thank them first hand, personally, for their altruistic act.

    Jim Taylor: I’ll just be glad it wasn’t the main event they ruined, Tim. Talking about the main event, we’ve got Michelle Kelly heading to one of the teams competing in the back right now.

    We cut to backstage, as we find one of the final teams to the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic Tournament, CWA High Voltage Champion Krash & Prince Ali, making their way down the hallways. Prince Ali is focused, determined, stretching and swinging his arms in preparation for their soon-to-come match, while Krash appears to be talking, gesturing animatedly about something we can't entirely make out. If Krash's chatterbox talking is any annoyance to Ali, he's very good at hiding it, when the two are suddenly accousted by Michelle Kelly, CWA's lead backstage interviewer.

    Michelle Kelly: Prince Ali, Krash, you two are mere minutes away from competing in the finals of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic Tournament. Eight teams whittled down to two, sixteen promising athletes to four, and you two, the self-dubbed 'In-Ring Royalty', have made it into the finals despite not even knowing each other more than a month ago. Tonight, you battle Ricardo Vance and Sonny Dongarelli, the Diamond Dogs, with the winners being crowned CWA's Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share before the match?

    Krash & Ali exchange a brief glance, before Krash indicated for Ali.

    Prince Ali: It's been a... strange journey. Myself and my partner, we didn't get off on the right foot.

    Krash: I distinctly remember you German Suplexing some dude into my face before you even introduced yourself.

    Prince Ali: Yes, that happened. But since then, with the knowledge that we would have to team together for gold and glory, we've put that behind us, started over, and established a genuine rapport. A month ago, I would've said the time is now for my moment, but today? The time is now, for our moment.

    Krash claps a hand on Ali's shoulder, nodding in agreement.

    Krash: I think Ali's put it rather nicely. We don't have the years of experience teaming together that Sonny Dongarelli & Ricardo Vance do, no question about it. But we sense an opportunity here that won't come by easy again, and we want it, want it badly. So, bygones became bygones, and while there's still some bumps to work out, I think we've got enough of a friendly familiarity to win this prestigious tournament, those tag titles, and that trophy too. Which reminds me, since the tournament is named after me, is the trophy styled after me too? I couldn't get a straight answer from Afa.

    Michelle mumbles something unintelligible in response, depriving Krash of any straight answer. Nevertheless, Ali continued.

    Prince Ali: If the Diamond Dogs think were an easy task, they've got another thing coming. We're going to prove who the superior team is, and they'll have to go back to their disgusting nightclub, tail between their legs, the stench of failure on their breath.

    Krash: That being said, Ali, if the Diamond Dogs manage to beat myself and Prince Ali, I will personally shake their hands, tell them they've earned it, and present them the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships.

    Prince Ali: Will you do the same to myself and you when we win?

    A brief silence reigned, as Krash judged the question in his head, bobbing, before shrugging.

    Krash: I mean, yeah.

    Prince Ali: That's what I want to hear. Now, it's time to win some tag team championships.

    With that, Prince Ali & Krash continued down the hallway, the chance of a lifetime minutes away. The camera cuts back to the arena with Jim & Tim.

    Jim Taylor: It has certainly been an interesting journey for what seemed like two budding rivals. Perhaps, Tim, the main event will be a match of respect between two beloved teams. But… this upcoming match is far from that.

    Tim Coleman: A career match. A match that could have some ramifications on the lively hood of both men. Jonathan McGinnis has no intention of just beating Mr. Willis, Jim… he wants to hurt him. We’ve said it over and over again. We’re not confident in Mr. Willis’s decision to take this match, but he has, and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    Jim Taylor: I’m sure Afa has security in the back ready to come in if things get too dangerous, Tim.

    Lindsay Monahan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a career match, if Jonathan McGinnis loses, he will be fired. Introducing first from Montreal, Canada, wrestling out of Los Angeles, California, and he weighs in tonight at 207lbs, "The Indy God" Jonathan McGinnis!


    A new theme song for "The Indy God" as "Smile by Vince Staples play throughout the P.A system. From behind the curtain, Jonathan McGinnis steps out as the crowd quickly show their dislike for him. He steps out in body paint paying tribute to the Marvel character Moon Knight. He slowly walks down the ramp and looks ready for a war as his career is on the line against a CWA Hall Of Famer. He stands in front of the ring and puts up the TOO Sweet as pyro blasts all over the arena. He slowly enters the ring and stands in the center and waits for his opponent. You can see in his eyes that he looks focused, his career can end tonight by the hands of Mr. Willis.

    Mr...... WILLIS!!!!

    Lindsay Monahan: Introducing his opponent from Chicago, Illinois, "Mr. Sports Entertainment" Mr. Willis!

    The theme hits for the former CWA World Champion, Ruler of the Ring winner and 2014 inductee into the CWA Hall of Fame, Mr. Willis. Out he comes from behind the curtain and stands on the entrance ramp, we haven't seen him since the assault of McGinnis and the fire in the eyes shows that he hasn't forgotten about that either as he storms to the ring as the bell quickly rings.

    versus MR. WILLIS

    Mr. Willis runs and quickly goes after McGinnis with rights and lefts as McGinnis tries to block but with no prevail, Mr. Willis is rapid with the punches. McGinnis tries to punch back but Mr. Willis is into much of a rage to feel it as he hits him with a hard right that sends McGinnis back peddling. Mr. Willis then throws McGinnis over the top rope to the outside as McGinnis lands on his feet. Mr. Willis hops onto the turnbuckle and flies off on the outside and hits McGinnis with a flying ax handle. He then closes lines McGinnis over the guard rail and into the fans. The two trade punches in the fans with Willis getting the upper hand on McGinnis as the action has got out of hand in the early stages of the match. Willis takes McGinnis and rams him into a wall in the crowd as he takes a step back and charges at McGinnis but The Indy God catches him with a superkick to the face which dazes him and then McGinnis trams him into the wall in the crowd and then drops him down with a superkick!.

    He then mounts Mr. Willis and begins to rain down with punches. He picks up Mr. Willis and looks to try and DDT him on the concrete floor in the audience but Willis breaks out and hits him with rights and lefts and a hard closeline that sends everyone back to the right side of the guardrail. He and McGinnis brawl some more before McGinnis takes Willis and rams him into the guardrail and then rolls him in the ring. Inside the ring, he waits for Willis to get up as he superkicks him in both knee caps and that drops him to his knees and then a super kick to the face!. McGinnis then heads to the top rope and flies off with a flying elbow. He starts to taunt Mr. Willis as he flips him off. He then picks him up and tries for a Pile-driver but Willis blocks it and turns it into an Alabama slam and then hits another Alabama slam that slams him into the turnbuckle. He then follows that up with a bucklebomb as McGinnis staggers out of the turnbuckle into a DTE! (Rockbottom) Mr. Willis covers as McGinnis kicks out at TWO! But Willis quickly maneuvers into a cross face that has McGinnis in trouble in the middle of the ring. McGinnis is able to break out of the submission as he kicks Willis in the midsection, Mr. Willis takes a step back before returning and clocking McGinnis with a hard right hand, the punch dazes McGinnis, as Willis takes a step back and charges at him. McGinnis though with a POP-UP SOMETHING LIGHT! (Powerbomb dropped into a double knee backbreaker). McGinnis looks like he is going to cover but changes his mind and tell Willis, "Now, I'm going to kick your ass."

    He picks him up and rams a hard forearm into Mr. Willis back that sends him back down to the mat. He picks him up again and nails another forearm smash to his lower back as Willis is about to fall back down to the mat. McGinnis catches him and sets him up with a BUCKLEBOMB!. McGinnis is just laughing at Mr. Willis as tries to crawl to his feet but again McGinnis with the assault on Mr. Willis back. Rapid strikes to Willis back before McGinnis picks him up and hits a tilt-world backbreaker on him. He looks to cover again but changes his mind as he picks him up and hits a roaring elbow strike to Mr. Willis lower back that sends him through the ropes and to the outside. In front of the announcers table he falls, McGinnis leaves the ring as he picks him up and talks smack to him which allows Mr. Willis to hit a DTE on the outside of the ring. Out of nowhere, as from there, he removes the equpiment from the announce table and throws Mcginnis on it. Feeling the pain on his back, he slowly heads into the ring and heads to the top rope as he looks to fly off but McGinnis smartly rolls off the announce table and on to the floor in front of it. Mr. Willis heads back out and tries to put him back on it but a SPINEBUSTER on the outside, as McGinnis takes him and slowly rolls him back into the ring. In the ring, he superkicks Willis right in the back. He takes a step back and charges at Mr. Willis but Willis someone high telegraphs it and gets McGinnis on his shoulders, but McGinnis battles off and goes for a strike but Willis counters and places him on his shoulder and drops a DEATH VALLEY DRIVER! Which Willis isnt done as he is up and quickly takes McGinnis and drops a LEAPING PILEDRIVER! Though he is too hurt to take advantage and both men lay in the ring. Mr. Willis crawls over and drapes his arm over The Indy God as the ref counts 1.....2.........3....... NO!!!!! McGinnis is able to grap on the rope seconds before the final three came down ending his career in the CWA.

    Mr. Willis slowly get to his feet and climbs to the top rope, he waits for McGinnis to get to his feet and he leaps off as McGinnis moves out the way and then snatches his two legs and flips him over as he locks in an STF on to Mr. Willis as Willis fights and crawls to the ropes till McGinnis takes him and tries to drag him but Willis kicks himself free. He slowly gets, he charges at McGinnis as McGinnis tries for and hits another Superkick on Willis which Willis shows has no effects, he is moving on aderealine alone. He takes McGinnis and tosses him into the turnbuckle and goes rapid with chops to his chest. He then lifts McGinnis up in Alabama slam postion and spins him around in a airplane spin before dropping him down with a massive ALABAMA slam! He heads to the top rope from there and flies off with a DOUBLE foot stomp as he covers 1......2....... McGinnis gets his shoulder up. Now both men lay motionless in the ring as Willis used everything he had in the last few mintues to try and muster up this comeback as it was not enough to put away McGinnis and end his career. Mr. Willis gets up and mounts McGinnis and rains down with strikes to his skull which eventully busts McGinnis open. Willis waits for him to get up and tries for a DTE but McGinnis elbows out and quickly hits sets up and nails a SOMETHING LIGHT!, he then chains it together to another SOMETHING LIGHT!!!!! He from there locks in a LIONS TAMMER!! Where the back of Willis must be in the worse shape. He screams in pain as McGinnis pulls back even further and Mr. Willis has no choice but to tap out!


    Jim Taylor: He gave it his all, Tim, he gave it his all but his all wasn’t good enough. Jonathan McGinnis has forced Mr. Willis to tap out.

    Tim Coleman: No shame in that, Jim. Mr. Willis pushed McGinnis but McGinnis is a World Champion calibre wrestler, and he’s proven that even nearly a year out, he’s also still one of the best in the world. The fans are showing their appreciation for Mr. Willis here and now however. You can hear them, Jim, he’s still got it.

    After the match McGinnis rolls out of the ring, as he gets his hand raise by the ref, he slowly heads towards the back as in the ring Mr. Willis tries and pulls himself up. He can barely stand as he gets a standing ovation from the CWA universe. "You still got it"... chants as Mr. Willis is close to tears over the support of the CWA universe. He raises his hand as he is just taking in all, for years of his service towards them, the CWA universe so their gratuide.... TILL!!! McGinnis is back in the ring with a freaking sledgehammer in hand as he rams it into the back of Mr. Willis as the crowd is in shock.


    Mr. Willis drops to the mat as McGinnis again strikes the sledgehammer on the back of Mr. Willis. Security is out in a hurry! McGinnis won’t get the chance to do any further damage, but has the damage already been done. He’s crippled the damn man! Afa Seanoa is out in a hurry, practically tossing McGinnis back and he himself has to be held back by security. McGinnis sits on his ass on top of the stage, a smirk on his face as the arena is in complete silence. EMT’s hurry past McGinnis with a stretcher. He just sits there, arms on his knees, eyes switching between Afa who is red in the face and the ring where Mr. Willis is talking to the referee, pointing at his legs with tears in his eyes.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, we’ll be back as soon as we can… this is… I have no words.

    Tim Coleman: It’s alright, Jim. It’s alright.


    Jim Taylor: Welcome back to the Krash Tag Team Classic. As you’re more than likely aware, we had to cut away after a heinous, horrific attack on Mr. Willis. For the discretion of our viewers, we are unable to replay the footage of what just happened. Mr. Willis has been brought to the emergency room and we’ll provide an update as soon as we can on his condition.

    Tim Coleman: We’ve had Michelle Kelly backstage all night searching for the last two main events tonight and I believe she’s found them.

    We go backstage to where Michelle Kelly is standing outside what appears to be the locker room of the Diamond Dogs. Something appears to be different though - there's no bejeweled locker room door, there's no Big Mac standing outside as a bouncer and there appears to be no music playing. She is just a few inches away from knocking on the door but her attention is directed away as she hears a commotion from down the hallway. She's almost blown over by a speeding Santino Dongarelli as he gets to the door and begins fiddling with keys to open it.


    Kelly is taken aback somewhat at this development and tries to butt in but is interrupted as Alina Poonzaretti walks by carrying Dongarelli's bag whilst Ricardo Vance walks down the corridor in an intense discussion with Big Mac and Maya Shagaguchi. He casts a glance at Kelly for a moment before patting Dongarelli on the back. He is making sure to speak loud enough that Kelly can overhear him.

    Ricardo Vance: Good job, Santino. It looks like everything is falling into place. Our tactics are working!

    Dongarelli turns around and looks confused.

    Santino Dongarelli: They ar...

    Ricardo Vance: Shh now Santino! We'll discuss it inside.

    Santino Dongarelli: That's right, Rick. We've got them by the balls now!

    Dongarelli opens the door and the rest of the Diamond Dogs' entourage get in - Kelly appears to try and get in too but Big Mac turns around and puts his hand up to block her. Vance gives his bouncer a nod and he pushes Kelly back before stepping out from the locker room and closing the door behind him.

    Big Mac: No outsiders are allowed in.

    Kelly narrows her eyes...

    Michelle Kelly: Am I going to get an interview?"

    Big Mac: I don't know. Depends when boss is ready. It's a big day, you know.

    Michelle Kelly: That's why I am here - an interview about the big day! W...

    Kelly looks down beneath Big Mac's feet as the gap in the door suddenly starts to become illuminated with different colours and Spandau Ballet's "GOLD" starts blaring very loudly. Big Mac is expressionless throughout the whole thing as he pulls out a neon nametag from his pocket and plasters it on the door to replace the mundane one that CWA has sorted out. He turns back around and pays Kelly no heed once more.

    Michelle Kelly: Wh... what EXACTLY goes on in there?

    Big Mac: If I told you that... I'd have to...

    Michelle Kelly: Kill me?

    Big Mac: No. I'd have to tender my resignation. I wouldn't be a very good company man if I was telling you everything. Secrets are supposed to stay secret.

    Michelle Kelly: Oh I see. Do you have any idea when they will be rea----

    Before she can finish her question, the door opens and out steps Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli in their wrestling gear. They're wearing neon pink matching outfits with Vance wearing his trademark eyepatch and fur coat whilst Dongarelli has on a leather jacket and pink neon hairband.

    Michelle Kelly: That was quick.

    Santino Dongarelli: Well, Ms Kelly... I am known for being a quick guy...

    Dongarelli winks at her, clearly not understanding the implication he has just made. The goof just stands and stares off into space whilst chewing gum loudly as Vance prepares to do the rest of the speaking.

    Michelle Kelly: So... I guess I can ask you guys a few questions now?

    Ricardo Vance: That's right. Fire ahead. But make it snappy. We've got a party going on and well, the party doesn't last very long if the life of it is outside here, right? We gotta take it to the ring ASAP.

    Michelle Kelly: Right... I mean... you guys are focused on partying more than winning the belts?

    Ricardo Vance: I'm going to cut you off right there! That's not true. We're focused on both things equally. We want to have fun, Michelle, but we also want to be successful. I'd say we have found the right balance so far given our success in this tag tournament, wouldn't you? We're striving for greatness. We've overcome many obstacles - infact, today has been a war already. We've been battling uphill all day, Michelle and we're ready to keep doing that, you understand?

    Michelle Kelly: I'm not sure I do.

    Ricardo Vance: It's been a day of learning, Michelle.

    Sonny butts in.

    Santino Dongarelli: Yeah, I discovered the Japanese have their own sign language. How fucking crazy is that!?

    Kelly returns a blank stare as Dongarelli returns to staring into space and chewing loudly.

    Ricardo Vance: You see? Santino has been knocked off of his game by this discovery. Just one distraction amongst the many. We've had to knuckle down and focus. We've focused the entire way here and I think it's right we get to blow off some steam before our match.

    Michelle Kelly: I mean... I understand. But... aren't you worried your opponents might be more 'in the zone' then you? Shouldn't you be doing the partying first and then the focusing later... ?

    Ricardo Vance: Don't tell me how to live my life, mamacita. We're doing things the Diamond Dogs way and it hasn't let us down yet.

    Michelle Kelly: But... your opponents haven't been let down by their approach either.

    Ricardo Vance: Well, I guess we'll find out who has the better approach later tonight, right? Look. We've had a tough day. Big Mac here drove us to the wrong arena. I am now indebted to Vinny Blueballs - that's right, the multitrillionaire mobster ninja assassin dude - because I had to hire a jet to get us here. It was stressful, Michelle. As I said, we've overcome big obstacles today. What's one more to us? This entire tournament has been an obstacle for us. We've suffered some fatal casualties along the way...

    Santino Dongarelli: RIP Priscilla.

    Dongarelli looks up to the ceiling and blows a kiss

    Ricardo Vance: ...and we've had to fight some tough dudes along the way. Very tough dudes. It's taxing... but we're doing this because we have a business to expand. We know everything that is at stake. We've been in high pressure situations before. This is no different. We know the price we pay for failure. It's a price we won't be paying because we will win!

    Michelle Kelly: Aren't you just a little worried about your opponents though? Krash... is a legend. And Prince Ali seems to have learned well from him.

    Ricardo Vance: Of course, they're a good team. We're taking them serious. We're treating them with respect...

    Dongarelli looks slightly miffed and whispers into Vance's ear. He tries to be quiet but it is rather audible."

    Santino Dongarelli: Is that the zombie motherfucker, Rick?

    Rick nods in response to Santino's question - Santino then explodes and causes Kelly to jump back.


    Ricardo Vance: Calm down, Santino!

    Rick calms Santino down before addressing the situation.

    Ricardo Vance: You'll have to forgive my friend, Michelle. And Krash, if you're listening. He's just a little...

    Santino Dongarelli: I JUST HATE ZOMBIES MAN!

    Ricardo Vance: He's a little stressed after earlier today. And he's not fond of the undead. You see - Santino needs something to hype him up... to convince him to fight his opponents. Don't we all? We don't hold any true ill will towards the team we are going to face. But they are in our way and that we cannot allow. Not with what we are trying to do. We're trying to restore the Malibu Vice and winning this tournament is the next step for us to take in that restoration. We don't want to hurt Krash and Prince Ali... but we might have to do so to get to where we want to be. It's unfortunate but that is life. But let's not get things muddled here - me and Santino, we are wrestlers too, we take pride in our work, we don't like to lose. Nobody does. I want to win this tournament for the sake of raising our reputation as one of the great tag teams around today. We've fought our way in Japan and angered some very important people with our success... now we'd like to be successful somewhere where gangsters won't come after us. The CWA.

    Michelle Kelly: What about the DFB?

    Ricardo Vance: The who? Redneck hillbilly chumps don't scare us. They aren't even in the tournament anymore. They're nobodies. We're legitimate businessmen. We're focused on our opponents.

    Michelle Kelly: I see... so what's the gameplan, Mr Vance?

    Ricardo Vance: Same as always, Michelle. Just work together as a team and win. That's the advantage we've held over everyone so far: we're a better team. We both know Krash is respected as a singles guy and as a tag team guy... but he's working with a rookie. He's working with someone that's inexperienced. He might have had some success with him so far but I can guarantee you that they haven't faced a team with a bond like us. We've been together a long time and we've faced a lot of trials. We can overcome them. This situation... it's not dissimilar to our first round match with Jon and Izaya. You had the proven guy and the less experienced guy... and we were able to come out on top. Do I believe I could take Jon Snowmantashi's belt from him because of that? No. But I believe he is not up to my standard as a tag team wrestler. I believe the same of Krash now. He used to be great... that's why the tournament's named after him, right? But he isn't anymore. He's a singles guy now. So what's going to happen is that Santino's going to tighten his headband, tell you that the Diamond Dogs are going to win the Krash Tag Team Classic, we're going to walk out there and do it after showing that we have the best chemistry in this match. And afterwards, Michelle, if you are impressed enough and ever want another job... take my business card. And of course, Krash and Ali... they are cordially invited to the Malibu Vice for drinks and a party. We're all friends here at the end of the day.

    Vance hands his business card over to Michelle before walking away - the locker room door opens and the two valets follow suit. Big Mac walks after his boss. Dongarelli stands for a moment as Kelly continues to read - she finishes reading and looks up. The pair have eye contact. Dongarelli then slowly reaches up and tightens his hairband before shouting Vance's prophecy:

    Santino Dongarelli: The Diamond Dogs are going to win the Krash Tag Team Classic!

    He tries to mean mug the camera (terribly) before walking away. He is heard shouting from down the hall:

    Santino Dongarelli: Hey Rick, wait up man! I don't wanna get lost again!

    Kelly simply pockets the business card before returning a glare of confusion at the camera. The camera returns to the arena and…

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is the main event of the evening and it is for the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions and the Krash Tag Team Classic! First… one half of In-Ring Royalty … from Melbourne, Australia… weighing in at two hundred and five pounds, he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion, The Heartbeat of CWA… KRASH!

    The Heartbeat of CWA makes his trademark entrance. Back turned, lights down, with a single spotlight on him. He spins around and his High Voltage Championship glimmers in the arena. Tonight, this icon will seek to add another belt to his large array of ones.

    Jim Taylor: There is no man more accomplished in CWA history than Krash. Titles upon titles. Trophies upon trophies. There is a reason this tournament is named after him and tonight he is going to try to add to that accolade. Not only will he attempt to win the first ever CWA Krash Tag Team Classic but he will attempt to become the first ever CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champion.

    Tim Coleman: You’ve got to add that he has been paired up with a rookie in Prince Ali, an accomplished rookie, but a rookie nonetheless, and these two are working like a well-oiled machine, despite, in many ways, being rivals.

    Jim Taylor: We know Krash is a consummate professional, and there are few better in this business at focusing on what matters. Krash is where he is because he’s the best at it.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his partner… from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa… weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds… he is The Standard… PRINCE AAALIIIIIIIII!

    The man has proven himself since day one and it is all about to payoff as he makes his PPV debut in the main event with two rich prizes on the line, paired up with one of the best in CWA history. Ali may not show it, but as he stands there, arms clasped behind his back, there must be immense pride in what he has been able to accomplish to get to this point.

    Jim Taylor: Prince Ali is one of our many foreign athletes here in CWA, but he doesn’t come from a country known for its wrestling, in spite of that, he’s proven himself adept. He’s a student of the game, Tim. He’s a man who one day aspires to be one of the best to have ever stepped foot in CWA. Prince Ali could be well on his way to one day being able to truly stand on the same pedestal as Krash, particularly if tonight, he can win the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships and the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic.

    Tim Coleman: I was impressed the moment I saw him, Jim. The way he carries himself. His unique arsenal. His attitude. This is a future champion, and in less than a half hour, perhaps, he can be a champion, period.

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi… from Miami, Florida… entering at a combined weight of three hundred and seventy five pounds… Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli… they are the DIAMOND DOGS!

    Dressed in lavish pink neon gear, the Diamond Dogs have arrived with their two valets in hand. Santino Dongarelli is all too excited to this match started with Vance being the more composed and focused one as usual. They may have their attention split between parties and wrestling but right now, that attention is fully and entirely on the ring.

    Jim Taylor: A unique tag team, the Diamond Dogs have gotten most of the CWA fans behind them. They like to party, Tim, but it hasn’t affected their performance in the ring, and here’s the catch Tim, this is a tag team. For all we’ve said of Ali and Krash, Dongarelli and Vance are like brothers, they respect each other, they’ve gone through hard times together, they’re connected and a loss here, or a win, is the same, they’ll stick together. We can’t say the same for Ali and Krash.

    Tim Coleman: I’ve seen Ali with an entourage in the back, how come he doesn’t do a Diamond Dogs and get them around the ring, can’t ever have too many pretty things to look at right?

    Jim Taylor: Great on-topic statement, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Alright, alright. Look, CWA Krash Tag Team Classic, Undisputed Tag Team Championships on the line. Does a crack show in In-Ring Royalty or can they stay unified? That’s the question, Jim. I think Ali will be the deciding factor. He’s young, he might get too prideful, too rash, he might turn on Krash, he might think this is an opportunity to take him out. Or maybe he won’t listen to Krash’s advice? The alternative, he does. They work together. Diamond Dogs? Great pair of wrestlers. Krash and Ali, great singles wrestlers but if these two great singles wrestlers can become a great tag team, I think they beat Diamond Dogs. It’s all on Ali, Jim.

    IN-RING ROYALTY (krash and prince ali)
    versus DIAMOND DOGS (ricardo vance and santino dongarelli) w/ alina poonzaretti and maya shagaguchi

    GIVE US THE PRINCE: After some discussion, Santino Dongarelli decides to start off the match for Diamond Dogs and Krash decides to start the match off for In-Ring Royalty. Santino is quick, however, to demand he be given Prince Ali instead. Krash is doubtful but Ali wants in and though Krash may question that strategy, he also doesn’t want to hurt the chemistry that’s built with Ali, he makes the tag. Ali steps into the ring to meet Santino.

    NOT A DANCE HE’S USED TO: Prince Ali and Santino Dongarelli circle about and Santino is quickly taken aback by Ali’s stance. The caporeian style that has taken most of his opponents by surprise, takes another one. Santino may have been prepared if he watched enough tapes but he’s underestimated Ali and that’s clear enough. Ali manages to dance through strikes and evasions, infuriating Santino and pushing him into increasingly reckless attacks. An uppercut finally floors Santino and Ali clasps his hands behind his back to a respectful cheer from the arena.

    AND NOT A DANCE HE’S USED TO: Santino realizes he’ll need to change things up himself. He shocks Ali by avoiding an uppercut then returning with an ass strike that sends Ali flying back to the mat. Even Krash has to stiffle a chuckle. Ali looks outright furious at the dishonorable wrestling style and comes back with a series of vicious uppercuts. Santino won’t be cowed and hits a series of forearms until Ali is backed into a corner - The Diamond Dogs corner. Santino takes a running start and hits a flying forearm smash that sends Ali’s head reeling back.

    DIAMOND DOGGIN’: Vance tags himself in and the fans and Krash know that Ali is in trouble now. Vance hits a couple of forearms then runs to the halfway point of the ring and hits a clothesline, back to the middle of the ring, running around in a 90 degrees then clothesline, middle of the ring, 90 degree run, clothesline. Ali is dizzy now. He goes one last time, DOUBLE KNEE STRAIGHT TO THE CHEST! Ali falls to the mat.

    PART TWO: Santino tags in, hops to the top turnbuckle and points to his head, smacking it before - KOKESHI TOP ROPE HEADBUTT! He hooks the leg, will this one end early? ONE - TW - KICK OUT. Santino isn’t demotivated, he lifts Ali up and locks up his arms from behind, DRAGON SUPL-Ali lands on his feet. He hits a heel hook kick! Santino falls spread eagled to the mat. Ali turns around at the sound of his name, MUFF DIVE! Vance won’t let their tactic fall to the wayside.

    IT’S A TRILOGY: Santino is dazed but aware enough to tag in Vance. Krash can’t hide his frustration on his side of the ring, he’s completely helpless and more than ever regretting tagging in Ali now. Vance gets Ali up and after a couple forearms, lifts him to his shoulders and hits the The Vercetti Special. Ali is on his knees holding onto his gut and coughing ravenously. In a demonstration of insane strength for the little man with the big heart, Vance gets behind Ali, grabs him by the chest and hits a PERFECT DEADLIFT TITTYPLEX. He holds on for the bridging pin - ONE - TWO - THRRRRR- NOPE!

    FOURTH ONE IS NEVER GOOD: Ricardo gets back up and keeps the pace with a Santino tag. Ricardo and Santino point to opposite sides of the ring and as Ali gets back up, Santino his a shotgun dropkick while Ricardo hits a low drop kick to the back of Ali’s legs. ONE - TWO - THRRRR - ALI KEEPS FIGHTING ON! Santino gets Ali up and hits a couple chest chops until Ali blocks one and hits a stiff slap that has Santino holding his jaw. Ali tries to run at his partner but Santino catches him just in time to hit a German Suplex - that ALI LANDS PERFECTLY ON HIS LEGS. Santino gets the call from Vance to end his celebration because the deed isn’t done. Santino charges at Ali and Ali at Santino - Ali shows insane athleticism by jumping clean over Santino, rolling forward on the landing and hitting a diving tag, KRASH IS IN!

    HEART STOPPER: Krash charges in with a flying forearm to Santino. Santino is back up instantly, hoping to stiffle Krash’s momentum but that costs him and he’s lifted up and sent crashing down with a Samoan Drop! Krash points to the sky but oddly enough, he doesn’t go for the pin, nor does he try to stop Santino from crawling to his corner and tagging in Ricardo Vance.

    SLICK RICK vs. THE ZOMBIE: Krash and Ricardo circle around and then lock up in a more traditional encounter than Santino and Ali. Krash gets the better of it and whips Ricardo the ropes. Rick ducks under a clothesline attempt and returns only to be caught in a hurricanranna and flipped forward across the ring. He doesn’t let that impede his momentum and rushes to his feet, charging rashly at Krash only to get dodged like a bull, he jumps onto the ropes and springboards off into a dropkick, sending Krash to the mat.

    THE KRASH: Ricardo Vance gets Krash up and hits some rapid fire and relentless chops that gets even the Scottrade Center cheering the offense against Krash. He goes for an exploder suplex but a knee to the gut stops him still and then a snap suplex gets him on his back. Krash holds on and gets Vance back to his feet. He goes for another suplex but stalls it for the count of ten courtesy of the fans before landing him on the mat again. He holds on and Vance has to be wondering if it’ll be a snap or stalling. Krash goes for it, it looks like a snap but three-quarters there, Krash shows some shocking strength to get it back to stalling position, Vance has to be groggy by now. A fifteen count and Vance crashes to the mat.

    WELL-OILED: Krash throws a glance at Ali and nods to him, Ali returns the nod and Krash whips Vance to the In-Ring Royalty corner. Ali tags in. Ali hits a few jabs that come at an increasing pace until a hook sends Vance spinning around into a Facebuster from Krash. Ali hooks the leg, ONE - TWO - KICK OUT! Ali doesn’t falter, he gets him right back up and tags in Krash with his boot while still holding on to Vance. Krash nods to him and charges, crashing into Vance with a running lariat! He holds onto Vance as they land on the mat and Ali hustles with a RUNNING STANDING SHOOTING STAR SPLASH! ONE - TW - SANTINO HAS ENOUGH~

    ORDER OUT: Santino lifts Krash off of Vance and hits the Skullfucker! Krash lands flat on the mat but Santino turns around only to get lifted up by Ali and his brain is drilled into the mat with a Brainbuster! Ali has to wake Krash up and gestures to Ricardo Vance who has crawled under the ropes. Krash groggily nods and heads for the rope. Ali goes over to Vance and drags him below the top rope but above the middle rope, until his foot is barely hanging onto the ropes. He nods to Krash at the rope and Krash goes flying, THE KILL INTO A SPIKE DDT! HOLY SHIT!

    SONNY NO: Sonny D rushes behind Ali and DRAGON SUPLEX! He’s not letting his partner go down like that, not when they’ve gotten this far. Krash gets up but he’s still reeling from that Skullfucker. Sonny D inhales deeply and goes for a second Skullfucker! But Krash blocks it and hits a kick to the gut. Roundhouse kick straight for the chest forces Sonny D to recoil back. KICK STRAIGHT TO THE CHIN! Santino stays on his feet only by virtue of bouncing off the ropes and right into a dropkick!

    THE HEART THAT NEVER STOPS: Krash has his hands on his thighs as he tries to restore some sort of energy. He turns around to direct his attention to the legal man - ROHYPNOL ROTATOR! ONE - TWO - THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE - NO! KRASH KICKS OUT! This would’ve put anyone else away but Krash, through years of wrestling, instinctually kicks out in the nick of time! Vance’s eyes are wide, how many people have ever kicked out of the Rohypnol Rotator like that? Maybe he is a zombie. Even Dongarelli on the mat has his eyes wide, thinking his partner had won the match.

    CLUNGE PLUNGE: Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli confer to each other, very much exhausted as they can’t even be arsed to get to their feet to talk strategy. Santino nods to Ricardo and Santino goes over to Krash. He gets him up for the Nutbuster and Ricardo climbs up to the top rope. He takes a breath to regain his composure and goes flying - CRASHING INTO THE MAT AFTER A SUPER SPANISH FLY FROM PRINCE ALI! MY FUCKING WORD, WHAT A SIGHT! IT NEVER GETS LESS IMPRESSIVE.

    TIME IS A CIRCLE: Santino lets go of Krash instead of finishing the deed and goes after Ali, it’s right back to where we started! Santino grabs Ali - PELE KICK! Santino flops to the mat on his ass like a sack of dead weight. Ali is a gentleman and helps him get back to his feet. He lifts him onto his shoulders and with a straight face he nods to the crowd and tosses him up - BROKEN DREAMS! COULD HE HAVE VERY MUCH ENDED THE DIAMOND DOGS’s DREAMS WITH THAT MOVE.

    NEW MEANING TO SUICIDE DIVE: Krash has to get back to his feet, he’s the legal man and the other legal man is Ricardo Vance, lying over there in the corner. Ali decides to go back to his corner now that some sort of restoration has been established in this match. Krash gets Ricardo up and then locks in a GUILLOTINE CHOKE! DISCORDANT SERENITY! HE WANTS TO END IT RIGHT HERE AND NOW! RICARDO IS DOING INCREDIBLE JUST STAYING ON HIS FEET. He’s squatting to keep from toppling over, but his legs are shaky and trembling. Ricardo turns around to see Santino isn’t even close to being in a position to help him. If he wants this match to go on he has to think of something himself. He tries to reach for the ropes but he just can’t quite… get… there. Fuck it, he uses the last bit of energy and charges the ropes, not even grabbing it but tumbling out and to the outside, but Discordant Serenity has been broken!

    METEOR SHOWER: Prince Ali frowns but hops into the ring nonetheless. He measures Vance who is using the barricade to get up and then charges across the ring - SUICIDE DIVE! What a vicious one to, they both crash into the barricade and it budges with the sheer power Ali got into that Dive. Dongarelli is pulling on the ropes, finally waking up from his slumber and he looks outside. Oh, no. He just woke up too but he knows what he’s got to do. He shakes his head, slaps his face, psyches himself up and sprints, SOMERSAULT PLANCHA INTO KRASH AND PRINCE ALI! BODIES ARE LYING EVERYWHERE!

    THE END IS NIGH: The referee goes to the outside and has to individually advise each men to get either in the ring or to their corner. He doesn’t even make a ten count. This is the goddamn finals of the Krash Tag Team Classic. This is a PPV main event. None of that nonsense in CWA! Ali makes it over to his corner and so does Santino though he drags Ricardo with him and helps him into the ring. Krash is the last man in but he’s right on his feet ready. Krash and Ricardo stare at each other from across the ring and charge at full speed ahead - but did Krash gets tagged in the heat of the moment? He shows no signs of it! Forearm exchange between Krash and Ricardo! Roundhouse kick from Krash but Ricardo blocks it - HIGH SPEED ROUNDHOUSE KICK! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE. IT’S THE MONEY SHOT!

    PRINCE IS NEVER LATE: Ali gets in the ring, and it was indeed a tag because the ref has no objection to it. Ali gets Vance onto his shoulders in a hurry, he’s going to break some more dreams tonight. But maybe he should’ve made Vance groggy beforehand because Vance is struggling. Ali stumbles back… just within reach of - BROKEN DREAMS! Vance is out cold! SKULLFUCKER! But he’s not the legal man anymore and Dongarelli learned from Ali. He lifts Ali from his legs and gets him in a near piledriver position - THE DONGER! ALI’S BRAINS ARE MUSH! He’s folded in half - ONE - TWO - THREE!


    The Diamond Dogs have done it. They are the new CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champions and the first ever Krash Tag Team Classic victors! They hug each other and their valets, in complete exhaustion. Krash can barely crawl as he lies next to Ali who is completely out of it.

    Jim Taylor: They’ve put it all on the line, Tim, but there could only be one team coming out of this with the gold. And yet, we can say, without a doubt, that the winners, THEY DESERVED IT!

    Tim Coleman: Every man in that ring impressed. Every man in that ring, is going to be feeling this for weeks. I don’t even know how they could possibly party all night long in their condition!

    Afa Seanoa arrives walking down the ramp with two assistants rolling down two pedestals with drapes on them and glass cases. The two teams are in a corner, less out of patience and more just trying to recover, they’re completely soaked in sweat and some are still seeing double. Seanoa arrives in the ring and his two assistants hold the two cases on either side.

    Afa Seanoa: You know, when I announced the Krash Tag Team Classic, I was expecting something great. I was expecting people to put their blood, sweat, and tears on the line for this. Tag team wrestling matters. Krash… you’ve proven that… you’ve shown time and time again what a Tag Team Championship means and tonight, you did that again. And Ali, man, you’ve got a future. Whether that’s a High Voltage Championship, a World Championship… or… a Tag Team Championship… you’re going to find gold, I’m sure of it, man. But there’s only one team walking away with the gold and the trophy tonight.

    He lowers the microphone and goes over to the first case, he tosses aside the cloth and then gently removes the glass case. The trophy is shaped with two wolves, designating a sort of two-man wolf pack, in honor of the man whom the tournament was named after and the nature of the prize. He hands over the golden trophy to the pair of victors. Santino is quick to grab it and kiss it as the two victors are completely elated to have made it this far and completed the job. It’s not over yet. Afa goes over to the second case and again the cloth is tossed away to reveal the brand new CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships. The case is removed. Krash gestures to Ali, who finally recovered enough, nods. Krash grabs the microphone to speak up for a moment.

    Krash: Afa, I said it earlier in the night. I said that whoever wins, I would shake their hands, I would tell them they deserved it and I’d present them with the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships. So here I am… Ricardo Vance… Santino Dongarelli… you’ve earned these.

    Krash offers a handshake and Ali stands next to him, doing the same offer. Santino is hesitant because of his whole zombie fear thing but Ricardo urges him that it’s the right thing to do. They walk up to their opponents and shake their hands to a rousing ovation. Then they shake the other wrestler’s hands. Krash and Ali grab one of the CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championship belts each and hand them over. Santino and Ricardo hold them proudly and elevate them to the sky. Afa makes his way to the back first and Ali and Krash soon follow. Big Mac passes them on the way to the ring with a bottle of champagne and five glasses and enters the ring, handing one to Santino and Ricardo and Maya and Alina get one as well. He shakes the champagne bottle, pops it and the champagne splashes all about the ring. Everyone gets a nice glass. He even goes over to Jim and Tim and empties their glasses of water to give them some champagne too. Lindsay gets one! The time keeper gets one. Johnny gets one. Even the camera man gets one! Everyone is in the ring celebrating which might excuse why they and even the fans completely missed the two men sliding into the ring.

    BAM DOUBLE SUPER KICK IN STEREO TO THE DIAMOND DOGS! The entire ring is emptied in almost an empty, the announcers are gone, Lindsay, the referee, they all hurry out and glasses of champagne litter the ring.

    The crowd starts to boo and scream once they reveal what’s going on. IT’S DREW. IT’S ETHAN. IT’S THE CONNOR BROTHERS!

    Tim Coleman: What the-- THE ECHO IS HERE!

    What the hell is going on?! The Crowd is going nuts with anger, As The Echo has stormed the ring and are kicking the living shit out of The Diamond Dogs. It’s an absolute mugger as they both get on their knees punching and clawing in a totally primal way to Vance and Dongarelli. The Diamond Dogs are totally defenseless having just had a grueling match, in typical Echo fashion they take advantage. Big Mac tries to get involved - STEREO SUPERKICK SENDS HIM AND THE CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE FLYING! What isn’t typical is the lack of any kind of cocky air or showboating gestures. Quite frankly, they both look pissed to the point of insanity, Drew getting up and stomping around the ring, tearing at his hair his eyes bulging out of his head, while Ethan -and his infamous short fuse- looks positively rabid- as he walks up to the hard camera and starts screaming in it


    Ethan eventually tears himself away from the camera as his older brother starts directing traffic, having grabbed one of the new CWA title belts and leaned down measuring and waiting, Ethan eventually grabs Ricardo Vance roughly and pulls him to his feet and wraps his arms behind his back thus making him helpless as Drew approached with the belt



    Tim Coleman: OH...GOD!!! Drew hit Ricardo right between the eyes with that belt! They were barely able to stand as it was after that match!

    Thunderous “Oh’s” boom out, as Vance goes down in a heap from the heinous shot. Santino Dongarelli is still stirring on the ground unable to help his partner, as Ethan backs Ricardo Vance into the corner and begins to pound away on his now bloody forehead with vicious closed fist strikes, one after another! And he’s utterly helpful to defend against the blows

    Tim Coleman: He hit him right in the face with that belt, and Vance has been busted open

    Drew joins his brother in the assault stomping away on Vance.

    Jim Taylor: We need help out here, Ricardo is goin’ it alone. The Connor’s have snapped!

    The Echo continue the assault but not before a slightly recovered Santino pulls himself back up to the apron and swings Drew around with a swift forearm to the face...and there’s one for Ethan when he rushes forward to spot it. Going on adrenaline alone, Dongarelli fights like his life depended on it, alternating shots between the Echo….until Ethan stops him with a hard punt in between the legs!

    Jim Taylor: OH COME ON NOW! This is low, even for The Echo!

    Ignoring the baying disgusted crowd, Ethan rolls out of the ring while Drew stomps on Sonny D and grabs from under the ring a steel chair. He rolls back in while Drew hangs onto Santino by the arms keeping him from getting away ...AS ETHAN SMASHES A STEEL CHAIR ACROSS THE SKULL!!!


    Jim Taylor: They broke it! They broke the chair right on his damn head!

    More BOOMING cries of “OH” greet the sickening sound, as Santino Dongarelli gets The Echo treatment, writhing around in agony, clutching his head in pain, whilst Ethan and especially Drew look on with great satisfaction at their handiwork.

    Tim Coleman: Fans … this is chaotic!

    Jim Taylor: This is unbelievable!

    Tim Coleman: We gotta… they- WE NEED SOME HELP OUT HERE… we gotta try to clear it up--

    Jim Taylor: We can’t end the show now, we can’t end!!

    Tim Coleman: We have to! We’ll try to stay, don’t go away, we’ll keep these cameras tapin’! We’ll try to stay on the air as long as we can!!

    Seeing the shitstorm undoubtedly coming their way, The Echo make their retreat rolling out of the ring- Making sure to kick the Tag Team Classic trophy aside and to the floor as they did-The brother’s hop the rail, glancing over their shoulders, each wearing satisfied smiles on their faces, as they retreat through the crowd, leaving Dongarelli damn-near unconscious in the middle of the ring, still trying to stand and walk to help his partner, Vance, who is on the verge of collapse at ringside, as the referees and EMTs finally come running out to aid at last. Lead by Afa Seanoa, his face like thunder. As he rolls into the ring checking Diamond Dogs. This goes on, with the chaos and concern all around, from part way up in the crowd,… Drew and Ethan Connor look on with sinister smiles on their faces, happy with the knowledge that despite not even featuring in the Tag Team Classic, they STILL grab the headline. With the new belts in tow, they’ve left the building.

    Jim Taylor: This is not the way Afa intended for this night to go, Tim. Not like this. First Mr. Willis and now our new tag champs, are they even our new tag champs, Tim? I don’t know anymore.

    Tim Coleman: We barely had any EMT’s left in the building after Mr. Willis. It’s the worst storm for Afa and the Diamond Dogs. I don’t even think Afa knew the Echo were in the building, none of us knew!

    Jim Taylor: As with Mr. Willis ladies and gentleman, will give you all the information we can, all we can hope now is that the Diamond Dogs can recover from this.

    The camera leaves a lasting shot of bloodied Ricardo and broken Santino struggling to stay aware with the help of EMT’s.

    Editor's Notes: Woo, PPV is here. Sorry it was late. Hope it was worth it.


    Post-Main Event Assault: AON~
    DD Promo: Shake
    In-Ring Royalty Promo: Wolf (thank you and Shake for getting that done last second <3)
    XYZ vs. Summers: Wolf & TGO (love y'all)
    Willis vs. McGinnis: Willis himself <3

    And of course, everyone who showed for the show. Real post-show commentary coming soon.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Post-show commentary time:

    Firstly, this show no doubt looks a bit car crashy. The first match has some clusterfuck interference. The second match is a McDonald's Playplace match (or play palace, idk ). The third match is a no-contest with interference (not the original plan but seeing as there was a double no-show, it was a great way to debut Blacklist. Fourth match had the post match-assault. Main event had the post-match assault. If I was booking this as a BTB, unless the company was of that nature, it'd never all happen on a single show. But this is an efed and exciting shit happening is fun, so why the fuck not, right?

    We had three of six show up for the opener which isn't as bad as it sounds. Was sad Comeback Kid no showed entirely but Izaya is more a storyline/jobber character and AON obviously showed with Lilith with Apollo taking a backseat. Was glad to see Brayden Bridges show, even tho late, and I hope this is a solid enough start for his career~ Fenix & Lilith both had good promos (I'd probably solely advise to AON to avoid lists, I think you'll be involved in other multi-man esque situations hereafter and I don't think a lists sort of rp will be very effective compared to something that focuses on one or two more relevant opponents or something that's more character focused). Idk if it's Jimmy having more time but I've been really enjoying his RPs between here and FWA a lot more lately and I hope you keep it up Would love more Fenix & Savage interactions. Characters bouncing off each other is 100% fun, always.

    XYZ is still one of, if not, the funnest character in CWA and there's so many possibilities and people I want to see him, if not have a match with, then just interact. It's a shame Comeback Kid didn't rp for this one either, but it'll also be interesting to see if this was a one time thing or if we'll have to move on from that pair of Canadians. Is this the end of XYZ/SS, more than likely for now but that just means a newer, fun adventure for XYZ depending on what he gets involved in next!

    I was no doubt sad to see DFB vs. DiMiacos result in double no-shows but it left me able to give Blacklist the spotlight. Considering the focus for the next couple of shows will be the Steel Roulette build up, I'm happy I got an opportunity to debut the Blacklist now. Cocks has informed he won't be continuing with DiMiacos so if this isn't the last we see of them, then we might see them get a farewell storyline match later on. I hope Tig is still motivated with DFB, there was ten days here so I'm sad he didn't take advantage of that. Still, DFB vs. DD is something I'd like to see in the future so if Tig can get some sort of momentum going in terms of RPs, it'll be cool to eventually get that done. Otherwise, if the alternative is Blacklist vs. DD/Echo then I'm 100% for it. The original intention was for the victor here to get involved in a three way tag with the main event winner + echo but that's out the door.

    McGinnis vs. Mr. Willis was a great storyline to get McGinnis started here in CWA and honestly it has left the door open for a lot of possibilities. Huge part of me was like, man, McGinnis vs. Krash or possible Truth rematch is something I'd really love to see. Especially Krash. I'm glad he's back in time for Steel Roulette because it'll be pretty awesome if he qualifies and we see whether history repeats himself. Also cool that Echo and him are back at the same time. Will they interact? Who knows~ Obviously Mr. Willis has probably wrestled his last match ever, poor guy. You'll always be remembered. Good luck trying to find footage of that attack because CWA Network will have to heavily edit that, sorry. Cuts galore.

    Main event. I've really loved the interactions between Krash & Prince Ali and the evolution of that relationship with both of them coming to respect one another. Particularly like that they addressed the evolution of that relationship. On the flipside, I think the advantage that was spoken of kayfabe: Two individuals vs. One team is probably what gave Shake the advantage because he's more readily able to bounce between two characters in his own head. I really loved the limousine RP more than your first one and really post-first RP, your segments have been a real delight to read. The interactions between Dongarelli/Vance are the sort of stuff I love to read in novels, just two characters bouncing off each other and mostly fun, witty dialogue. You can 100% tell you're into what you're writing with that interview you spontaneously wrote for the show, and I was like, "man this could stand on its own as just a promo ". I hope I demonstrated how much I enjoyed both RPs with how close a match was, I wanted everyone to look good in it and I wanted to play on the strategies discussed in the RP (Dongarelli/Vance wanting to isolate Ali, and Krash/Ali realizing they needed to act like a team and managing to do it after Ali finally got away). I don't mind this result because it's how I would book it if it wasn't an efed either. Krash/Ali is something that will no doubt happen at some point and DD vs. Echo is a perfect match up from a booking and competitive perspective.

    Post-match attack was planned for a while, and the first thing I wanted to know was if Echo was down to comeback to feud with the tourney winner, fortunately, AON was and here we are. Echo are back and they're super pissed off and DD paid the price for that. Now Afa has to not only deal with McGinnis fucking shit up, Lilith fucking shit up but also Echo, so we've got some real great major heels running around. I do think that Afa is low-key, secretly happy to see Echo back, because now he's got a marquee match-up and whoever is tag champ after Echo/DD inevitably clash will have deserved it without the "*" that would follow DD if they are champs without beating the "real" champs.

    In any case. I hope y'all enjoyed the show, Young Lion Cup card coming before I go to bed then the build-up to Steel Roulette #2.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Nice work for your first PPV in e-fed land, Jon-boy. Give the man his due, folks.
    Something Witty!

    Cyrus Truth
    4x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    1x FWA North American Champion
    2x CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    1x PnH International Champion

    Konchu Hao
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    Ground Zero Winner (Season 2)

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    I did send promo in but i think i sent to wrong person my bad lol but great show i am really happy with the way u wrote bridges i like how you did the remorse of attack and such overall i will say this site goes in great depth diamond winning imo was no brainer i feel like good charcters all around


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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    The card looked great and the results were pretty good. Kayfabe wise the Opening match made total sense with Lilth cult helping her win. Everyone got a spot. The play pen match was not as bad as of a car crash as i thought. It was entertaining. Sad that the other tag match aas short and no contenst but i understand why. I knew Willis vs Indy God would be classic and it just gives him more heat. The main event was dope it used our rps as a basis. Congrats to the Diamond Dogs for the big win. Definitely was an honor tagging with Krash. This is was the biggest match ive been involved in with any of my characters. So that was dope. Oh yea F the Echo lol

    Credit to OMB

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Really good show Jon and I apologize for not getting an RP in.

    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    McDonald's play place match reads like something out of DDT. XYZ/Izaya team please Amazing stuff.

    Will give the rest of the show a proper read tomorrow and leave a more indepth review.


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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Great show all around Jon, top to bottom it was awesome. Thanks for the kind words about my promos as of late for all of my characters, I've felt more motivated as of late and I guess it's showing with my work. Writing for Fenix has been fun and the dynamic between him and Savage is fun to write. They're kind of like the odd couple, Jackson is the laid back guy but also an arrogant jerk, while Nate is mean old curmudgeon that hates everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    This was an excellent show Jon, excellent. I'm 100% still on board with DFB. You can book me on the next show. Tag division is stacked​.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Congrats, Shake! Those titles are well-earned, mate. Diamond Dogs are rapidly becoming my favorite team in CWA.

    Hope this recent wave of new debutees get the itch and decide to stick around, I'm seeing a lot of potential, both RP and story-wise, in all of them. Fair amount of different and unique characters that would be just a ball to play off of. Griffin, Bridges, Lilith, Ocean, DFB, DiMicos, Blacklist, El Unico/MENDOZAAAAA, and of course Izaya.

    Great show. Felt like a lot of pieces falling into place to set up future feuds, Blacklist vs DFB/DiMicos, Diamond Dogs vs Echo, Lilith vs some variation of Griffin/Ocean/Fenix/Bridges/Izaya - I'd kill for some variation of a six or eight person tag match, Lilith's team vs the new blood or something - and whatever's next for XYZ, McGinnis, Prince Ali, or Krash. Lotta ways to go and lotta good stories to make out.

    Excited to see how things play out over the next few A-Rushes. Excellent work, y'all.


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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Gotta give love to Wolf. He wrote a good 70%-80% of that match. I just wrote like 2-3 sections in the middle.

    Will give a bigger review later, Jon. This show earned it. Hope to find some time today at work and also send in a segment for the next AR.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Finally ...

    I love your intros and the amount of work and effort you put into them with the center-aligned lyrics for entrances. I'm also a big fan of the match format most of the time. I think for bigger matches you should consider going to the line-by-line style instead of the section style. Line by line keeps it from being broken up and stopping, sort of like a breaking-off point for the reader. It could mess with the flow. I know most written-out matches aren't anything of note but sometimes a gem comes in and it needs the line-by-line style to hit its ceiling.

    Lilith winning the opener is good. Glad, obviously, that XYZ won.

    I would work in some sort of transition between those first three matches. XYZ-Summers being out of the arena makes it realistic but it's still a pow-pow-pow to begin and even one segment in there would help the balance.

    Good for The Blacklist to hit the ring and it was a good choice to get the most out of two no-shows for the tag match. The announcers acting dumb after is my only gripe.

    The McGinnis-Willis match was nothing terribly special but the post-match stuff was great. Interesting to hear what McGinnis says on the next show.

    The Diamond Dogs segment was my favorite part of the show. The title match was well written and I feel it should've been line by line and not broken up. Meh. Small gripe. The match was well done. On the edge of my seat and without reading the ending, as I was scrolling, I started reading in full about 70% through and thought a couple times Krash and Ali would win. The Echo coming out was expected, in the sensible sense — not predictable.

    Overall, great show. You did well to make the most out of situations where you could've packed it in and let it be a stale fart. A couple things I'd do different but most are small and subjective.

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    Re: Krash Tag Team Classic [26/06/2017]

    Meant to give more of a comment, Jon, my bad. TGO's post has reminded me.

    Regarding the show - I think I've already told you in the SB that I like the match format and it works for me. It's something different and allows you to get the story of the match across without going move for move and getting mega burnt out. I can't write matches in that style either so extra appreciative. Altogether, the show is good in terms of segments and being put together and so on. So I won't go into extreme detail with that or repeat what's been said already. That goes for my thoughts on commentary banter and stuff too, always enjoyable.

    First match is a good way to showcase the new blood so to speak. I think there was an opportunity here for someone to stand out as winning a multi man match is never easy. It's a good win for Lilith. She's probably the person that should win as I feel like that character is the most developed and has something going for her right now. I would have thought the hint on commentary about her being in YL Cup would mean she'd feature in it but it doesn't appear that way. I'm guessing you might have had that planned originally? Idk. Reckon Lilith has a bit of momentum behind her and can be in the Steel Roulette. The others can consider it an opportunity missed. I'm guessing a Savage vs Bridges feud is in the offing or some sort of tag team feud maybe? In any case, I like the use of Savage. He's one of the top heels imo. Solid protection for Bridges too. Curious for the developments. Want to see what's happening with the lower part of the card as I think the 'High Voltage' division with a spark of life to it can be pretty fun.

    XYZ vs Shawn Summers was hilarious and read like it was a match from DDT as I said. It's right up my alley. Just really like the hilarity of imagining people seriously wrestling in ridiculous locations. At least there weren't any Ibushi fireworks moments. It's the next step though Again, curious where each guys goes next. You think XYZ might be in the steel roulette too but I'm not sure if the character really cares about stuff like that. Would like to see him interact with Izaya in future or even the Diamond Dogs. A Lilith feud could be kind of great too. As for Summers, not sure what the deal is but hope he can rebound. Big personality IMO and a good heel.

    Sucks the number one contendership match didn't work out in terms of someone winning but always good to have a back up plan and the Blacklist being introduced in this manner gives them a pretty good rub. I'm instantly intrigued by them. I want to see DFB and DiMiacos get some sort of revenge but I assume DiMiacos are out now. DFB/Blacklist feud could be interesting but not sure if you want to keep Blacklist protected for a wee while. Really depends. They've got an air of mystery about them right now and I hope the goods are delivered when they debut. At least you have a ready made contender.

    A good return win for McGinnis. But I'm in two minds about it. I think it's good for McGinnis as a heel to use this and brag about it despite the obvious fallacy in boasting about beating someone who hasnt wrestled in a long time and so on. Can make him a really good hate figure and stuff. But on the nonkayfabe side of things, it's kind of weird because it was Willis against himself and to someone reading, the effect of the victory is a little cheapened because of that. It'd be like me having Diamond Dogs job to LIGHTBRINGER, if that makes sense. I guess it depends how McGinnis is written and how the victory is utilised going forward. It should be something that gets mentioned but not relied on to make McGinnis look strong as I don't think it holds up particularly well from a competitive standpoint. I do like McGinnis being back though and there's a loose thread with Snowmantashi. Back at the right time too for Steel Roulette given he won the last one.

    Main event was my MOTN (of course) and really enjoyable read. Enjoyed being a part of the tournament with DD and writing for them. It's been a change of pace from the FWA and I feel like this was more 'fun' for me. That might just be down to it being a comedic team though. I didn't think I would win but pleased to have done so. I had the feeling Echo were coming back and there'd be a challenge against the winners of this tournament. They went uber heel here and I think they'd get incredible heat. I don't want to give full thoughts on them in kayfabe as that'd be giving away a few things for promo material. But I do think The Echo will get what's coming to them. Bunch of fuckboys. I do like how coincidental that it's the Young Bucks vs RPG Vice given that's been a common theme this year in NJPW/ROH

    I think the tournament done its job though and has sparked life into the tag division. I'm excited for things going forward - I think there's ready made contenders so it's not like this is going to be a one feud division or anything. Really solid job in putting this together, Jon. Well done. Looking forward to Steel Roulette and what comes after... shit's gonna get serious, I think.


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