AJ Styles vs Low Ki vs Psicosis vs Jerry Lynn[June 19th, 2002]

-I don't know how I didn't do a Impact Flashback with this match way before. This match would crown the first ever X-Division Champion for their company back in 2002. The rules were you needed to get pinned twice to be eliminated, which is a unique type of stipulation to add to this match. It's just not how you get the pin, but the amount of time and energy you use to get that pin. We had two veterans in Lynn and Psicosis known Wrestlers from their days in ECW and WCW, with two new young Lions in Low Ki and AJ Styles. This match is such a great showing to a new audience who paid their money for the weekly Impact PPV on what was Impact Wrestling going to look like going forward. You could tell the company was going to successful not just what the Main Event Scene was doing, but how good was the X-Division going to be.

Styles get early pins on Psicosis and Low Ki and find it funny Lynn came after all of that and beat Styles within moments. From here Lynn using his intelligence and Generalship on what to do there in the ring to lead Low Ki and Styles to a great match. You couldn't take your eyes off the screen, because it seemed like you we seeing styles that many fans didn't really see before. Once Low Ki was eliminated Lynn and Styles really tore it up at there, and fans knew Lynn could go in that ring, but a good amount of fans had no clue who Styles was, and what he could do in the ring. A great showcase of all the guys involved and it lead to some future great matches involving Styles, Low Ki and Jerry Lynn for the next few months.