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2K17 is great, and I'm still playing it heavy. If they improve MyCareer, that would get a launch day buy from me but if not I will hold off. The updated commentary sounds promising but not enough to justify shelling out $60 for basically an updated roster of last year's game.
To be fair I it's not a roster update. Or just a roster update between new match types and new versions of current match types( Royal rumble was worked on as well as the EC) with 8 people in the ring at once plus the news about Mycarrer becoming a more straight forward story mode and the fact that they re wrote universe mode(don't play it but a lot of people like it) makes it clear it's not just a roster update.

Now if this was on last gen and you were getting it on last gen then yes it would be a roster update. But I don't see how it can be called a simple roster update with all the new stuff announced. Sorry for this but I just want to be clear that unlike the other game(15 16 and somewhat 17) this one looks like it'll actually have more new great things vs the other games.

I also still play 2k17 never Downloaded the patches tbh because I feared it would make my game worst and they did as of 1.03 lol.