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Thread: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

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    Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Promos are due on Monday, 19th June at Midnight Pacific Time. This is 3am Eastern Time/8am British Time on Tuesday, 20th June. The card has been posted for a short while hence why this promo deadline is shorter than expected. You've had time to prepare any potential promo. No extensions.
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    The Roof, The Roof,The Roof is on Fire- Let the M'fer Burn
    ok, ein mantel des feuers(a coat of fire)

    Fight Night backstage interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith is standing inside the parking garage, level 2, of the Pepsi Arena in Denver, Colorado along with an official FWA cameraman. She is eating something and chatting with the cameraman when a black BMW convertible with its top down, drives up right near them.

    The man, wearing all black, pulls off his shades and throws them to the side in his car. He stops the engine, gets out, grabs his bag and his cane out of the trunk. He walks around to the front then gently lays his bag and his cane on the cars hood.

    Hanz Gruber:
    I presume you must be Miss Goldsmith? I was told to meet you here

    Katie swallows what she was eating, then lays it, along with her drink, down at her feet

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Yes, and please call me Katie, Katie Lynn. And you are Hanz Gruber. Excuse me for eating, I...

    Hanz Gruber:
    Nonsense, I arrived early- please finish eating. I'll just make a quick call

    Hanz gets his phone out, makes the call and starts talking in all German. He turns around to have a little privacy. Katie gets her food and accidentally knocks over her drink- it streams right to Hanz's feet. Hanz looks down to see he is standing in what looks some sort of cola. He then looks to Katie who looks a little upset. He quickly gets off the phone, turns around.

    Katie looks up at him

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    I am soooo sorry. Those shoes look expensive

    Hanz Gruber:
    They are, almost as much as my car. But it was an accident, please finish eating

    Katie grabs her food and the now empty drink cup and just tosses it into the nearby garbage drum

    Hanz Gruber:
    You didn't have to do that. I can have food delivered here for you if you want or we can do the interview at a mensa, um an eatery I think is what you call them here

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    That is very nice of you but I am ok. We can just start the interview

    Hanz Gruber:
    Please commence

    Hanz opens his bag, grabs 3 waters out, hands one to the cameraman, one to Katie, then opens his and starts taking a sip. Katie and the cameraman both thank him and drink some of their water. Katie then has the cameraman stand to the side and get set up- she looks into the camera

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Katie Lynn Goldsmith here. My guest tonight made his debut on the last Fight Night- coming out with a win. He is from Berlin, Germany, trained by the Panzer brothers, a rough and tough tag team- I would like to introduce the FWA fans to Hanz Gruber.

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber:
    You did a little research, das ist sehr gut.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Thank you. So Hanz, you have wrestled for a few different companies- HWA, EWA and EWNCW, you have wrestled all around the world. You have gotten into MMA. You show up here and win in your debut against Richard Drake. Can I ask what your feelings were going into the match?

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber:
    Ok, you did a lot of research. And Katie, I will not lie- going into the match all I felt was victory. I told Dick Drake I was ready for anything he threw my way. I told him I would stand victorious. He did put up a little more of a fight than I expected. Normally I would scout every opponent or perspective opponent before hand. But Dicks choice of kino- film, is pornos, as in he stars in them. Yeah he did impress some in Japan with his wrestling before coming here- but they love gaijin there. Any gaijin

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:

    Hanz Gruber:
    Ein Auslander, Extrajero, Estrangere. A non resident

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Oh, the word is foreigner in English

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber:
    Ja, est tute mehr lied. Forgive me, I mean I am sorry- but yes, any gaijin who can wrestle decent like Dick Drake can make it there. But they really love gaijin that can keep up and surpass their headliners- much like me. But enough about Dick Drake- he is in my rear view mirror so to say. I am here to talk about tonight- and more importantly my opponent....

    two men, one wearing a sombrero and a woman's fur coat, the other is a mexican with short bleached white hair, run up yelling
    HANZZZZZZZ! Hanz gets in front of Katie and motions for the cameraman to back away- which he does. He continues filming though

    Hanz Gruber:

    Who the fuck are you and how the fuck do you know my name?

    Man in sombrero:
    I'm Paco Torres- dis my brutha Taco Torres

    Hanz Gruber:
    Fuegos Artificiales?


    YESSSS! But we go by Nachos Hombres with Salsa on the Side

    No, its El Taco Hombres and I go by Terry now. Mr Gruber- its good to see a fellow EWA wrest......

    Hanz Gruber:
    What the fuck are you suppose to be?

    He is American now. Say, Senor Hanz, can you get us a job here?

    Hanz Gruber:
    Why the fuck are you wearing a fur coat?

    I snuck backstage at the last FWA show to see the Greek God tag team wrestlers when a short lady grabbed me and told me to take her bags to her room. I never could find a room so I found a spot to hang out, lit up a joint and looked in the bags. I sold all the rest of the stuff but kept the coat because it looks cool. Its hot though, makes me sweat a lot. I can carry my burritos in the pockets

    Hanz Gruber:
    Give it to me

    Paco takes it off and hands it to Hanz

    You give it to Ms Bobbies there and make sex with her?

    Hanz punches Paco and he goes down. His brother Taco/Terry starts laughing- but stops as soon as he sees a serious look on Hanz's face

    So Mr Gruber- can you get us a job he..........

    Hanz Gruber:
    Get your brother and the two of you can piss off

    Taco helps his brother up and they stagger away. Hanz gets from in front of Katie

    Hanz Gruber:
    Sorry about that- you both ok?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Yes, thanks. Who were they?

    Hanz Gruber:
    Nobodies, Jokes. They disrespected me- and they really disrespected you Katie. I would rather talk about my opponent tonight if thats alright.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Yes by all means, lets do that. And its alright- you have to have a thick skin when talking to some of the guys.

    Hanz smiles and then nods his head at her

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Tonight your opponent is Daruis- another new comer- another victor in their debut match. Correct me if I am wrong- but don't you know him?

    Hanz still has the fur coat in one hand- he walks over to the garbage drum and throws it in. He reaches into his pocket and gets out a lighter

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:

    What are you doing? I know whose coat that is.

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber:
    I do too, and didn't she disrespect you too?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Well yeah but...

    Right as the word 'but' comes out of her mouth, Hanz had lit the coat on fire

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:

    .... that comes with the job

    Hanz looks on as the coat becomes fully engulfed in flames, he turns around

    Hanz Gruber:
    Maybe so- but you are just an interviewer, shouldn't have to put up with crap.

    Hanz looks back at the fire, then looks back at Katie

    Hanz Gruber:
    Oh yeah, Darius. Yes I know him, he has wrestled promotions I was part of. He was always on the undercard of shows I was on- but like everybody, including me, you gotta start somewhere. After I left those promotions behind- he stayed. He went on to wrestle in a lot of promotions around here in America. ICW, IWA, HWA, EWA, JBW, RTE. And you know what?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    He thrived?

    Hanz looks back at the fire which has died down a bit and walks towards it

    Hanz Gruber:

    Yes, he thrived in the mid cards- but thats not what my train of thought was

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Then what were you thinking Hanz?

    Hanz Gruber:
    This fire reminds me of Darius

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    How so?

    Hanz Gruber:
    You see how the flames got pretty high, but quickly died down when the fur burned down. Its like, how do you say in English?- the fire, or more so the coat burning- its a metaphor of Darius's career. Is metaphor the word I am looking for?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Yes. You mean he rose to the top fast, then quickly faded away?

    Hanz laughs

    Hanz Gruber:
    Well he rose to the mid card and in a few wrestling companies who rose a bit higher- but those places- the talent was pretty bad. The worst talent here could out wrestle those wrestlers

    Hanz grabs his cane off the cars hood and starts poking around the few remaining burning embers in the garbage drum

    Hanz Gruber:
    What I meant- all those companies he wrestled for- they all folded- all of them. He went down in flames with them all. He was part of the problem, Nein, he may have been the problem. The higher ups probably just judged him by his looks- they thought he would light the place up- but all he wound up doing is dousing the flames- he made the cards worse- he drove the fans away. And he was too stupid to see the writing on the wall in each of those companies.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:

    Well FWA isn't going anywhere- our company has grown bigger year after year- and its the new talent such as you- Genocide, Richard Drake, Darius, The Heartbreak Express, Nathan Neptune Noland that are the stars that will bring us to the future

    Hanz Gruber:
    Kommen sie heir bitte

    Hanz motions Katie over to the garbage drum, she looks in

    Hanz Gruber:
    And what do you see?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Nothing but ashes, with the name Darius written in the them

    Hanz Gruber:
    But no embers? No flames? No spark of life?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Nope, just his name and just ashes

    Hanz Gruber:
    Well thats Darius's career here in FWA. He won't be one of the stars to bring the company into the future. People will see right thru him, they will see he brings nothing to the table. He will be gone within the month. I have already beaten him here in a house show

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Ok, you just said people will see right thru him. Are you the one behind the word LIAR flashing on the screen after his victory on his first Fight Night? And at the house show, the lights going out and a voice coming over the PA system that essentially called him a liar once more?

    Hanz laughs

    Hanz Gruber:

    Nein, if I were to call him a liar, and wanted everybody in the arena and everybody watching at home to know bare witness- I would do it right in his face

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:

    Do you know who it could be, seeing that you know Darius?

    Hanz Gruber:

    Nein, and really, I don't care. Whoever it is, they are wasting their time. He will be a non issue after tonight. Now if you will excuse me- I need to get ready for my match

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:
    Sure. Its a pretty stacked show tonight, have a few more interviews. Good luck tonight.

    Hanz smiles

    Hanz Gruber:
    Luck? I don't believe in luck- but Danke Katie, du bist wunderbar

    Hanz shakes her hand, nods to the cameraman, then grabs his bag and heads off to the elevators
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    The scene somewhere in an unknown location in the arena where Fight Night will be located and the faint sound of laughter can be heard, soon it starts getting closer and more audible until it's revealed to be Penny. She's roaming around the arena, still wearing the dog collar with the leash but she's holding the leash which means Jason has let her loose for now and that can't be good for anyone else in the arena. She has a smile on her face as she looks like she's looking for someone.

    Penny: Oh Izzy! Where are you Izzy? Don't you want to be my friend Izzy?

    She giggles to herself as she gets on all fours and begins to crawl on the floor and she still has the leash in her hand. She crawls towards the camera, it slowly and cautiously backs away.

    Penny: Have you seen my new friend Izzy? We're supposed to meet up and play in the ring later tonight but I'm just so anxious and I wanna meet her now! We're going to have oh so much fun Izzy!

    She stops crawling and sits in the middle of the floor with her legs crossed, and still wearing the same insane smile.

    Penny: I don't have very many friends around here so I'm glad Izzy is here so I can make a new friend! All of the other girls are too scared of me because they think I play too rough but I promise you Izzy that I'll try to not be so rough when we're playing tonight. Maybe you'll be like the other girls and think I'm weird too, do you think I'm weird Izzy?

    Her smile turns to a frown and her head tilts to the side as she looks into the camera.

    Penny: That would really hurt my feelings if you thought I was weird, I mean I just wanna be your friend Izzy. Don't you wanna be mine? I don't know what would come over me if I found out you thought I was strange...

    She starts to fein crying a little before snapping out of it and going back to her insane smile.

    Penny: But you don't think that do you Izzy? We don't want that. All we want is to be bestest of friends where we can throw slumber parties, and stay up late talking about boys, but we'll keep the boy talk a secret because I don't know if Jason would like that too much. Maybe I'll bring my Barbie dolls over, they are missing their heads though, is that okay Izzy? Oh, I'm so excited I can't wait for us to be best friends Izzy!

    She starts to crawl again until she stops and finds an arena worker, who looks alarmed by her behavior as she crawls up to him and gets up in his face nearly pushing him against the wall.

    Penny: Have you seen my new friend Izzy? We're supposed to meet and I'm just too excited I can't wait! Have you seen her?!

    The poor worker looks confused, and she grabs him by the collar and shakes him a bit before hurling him back into the wall knocking him out. She laughs and shrugs and gets back to roaming around the halls leaving the worker hunched over against the wall unconsious. She stops walking and begins to think.

    Penny: I hope Izzy doesn't make fun of my collar and leash, what if she does? Izzy wouldn't do that she seems like such a sweet, fun loving girl just like me! If she did though I'd have to teach her a lesson that it's not nice to make fun of others. Maybe she'd like to wear it too! Oh, I'll have to share it with her, after all sharing is caring! I'm so excited I could just squeeze this around her neck right now until her face turns blue and she's gasping for air! Oh Izzy, come out and plaaaaay! Please come out and play!

    She walks down the halls, running her fingers along the wall. She stops and leans against the wall, looking down at the leash.

    Penny: I guess Izzy isn't ready to play just yet, that's okay I guess! We'll just have to wait until tonight, it'll be worth the wait! Jason probably needs me back anyway, toodles Izzy!

    She wanders back down the hall as the scene ends.
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    -Black screen. We hear the sound of a car beeping. A door closes and the beeping stops. The camera fades in and we see a small pale, tattooed woman sitting in the front seat. The footage seems to be taken from a phone camera. She's looking down in her lap. She looks up and smiles.-

    IVD: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, I am Izzy Van Doren. The Heat Seeking Miss-le, the Fun Sized Firecracker, the Loudest Front Woman in Wrestling, and Chicago’s Favorite Gal! Welcome to my car… and welcome to the Van Doren Diaries...

    -Izzy pauses to look out the window. She looks back to the tiny camera mounted to the dashboard.-

    IVD: I know you all have never seen or heard from me. So you may be wondering who I am, and I want to fix that for you all today.

    IVD: My name is Izzy. I like punk rock, alternative, metal… Generally anything loud and aggressive… I have a LOOOT of tattoos. I grew up in Chicago with my parents. My parents are... well I don't really talk to them… and they don't talk to me… I still live in Chicago, with my friends, in an apartment… we like bum around and drink. Uhh, -she struggles to find more things to say- I like… dogs… I'm sure this is interesting to you so I'm gonna talk about wrestling now. SO, When I found FWA, I realized this is where I wanted to be. I scrolled through the channels on the small TV I had living with my parents… and almost instantly thought “that's my goal”. I wanted to be with all the big boys and girls and do what I love… wrestle. I wanted my legacy to start in the best place possible. Among people like Shannon O’Neal, Bell Connelly, James Hughes, and even Cyrus Truth. I want to be like them, being the absolute best I could be.

    IVD: I wanted to rock the women’s division, I wanted to be the one who was the rising star of the division…-her smile fades a bit- I would've loved to be FWA Women’s champion… -she looks away, her expression turns neutral- but then I found out that the division is going under… the champion is injured, the division has 2-3 people in it, and it's become a laughing stock to people. Everyone is getting moved out of the division and into the X, Tag, and World divisions.

    IVD: -She shakes her head and tries to pick herself back up.- So you see the crossroad I’ve been at. Which way do I wanna go? Do I start a rebirth in a dead division? Do I go on and start to work on a new goal? -She scratches her head- To be honest, I still don't know just yet… but what I do know is that I debut this week on Fight Night… and I have a match against Penny.

    -Izzy readjusts herself and looks into the camera.-

    IVD: Ms. Penny, let me just say… big fan… I would love to be your friend, but something tells me you’d try to gnaw my face off like Mileena when we were alone. I know it's your big return and all, Penster, but you see I got a big debut to make and I damn sure ain't gonna let you springboard yourself back into the spotlight using me. I’ve worked too hard for too long to get here. I’m going to come out there, kick some faces in, win my match, and celebrate with all of the Izfit Fiends. When I hit you with the Adios, you won't be as threatening to anyone anymore. Who knows? Maybe kickin’ your crazy ass straight will help me clear my mind. -She laughs at her joke.- Penny, I know you're schtick. The crazy girl with the crazy eyes, the crazy boyfriend, and the crazy body contortions. I’ve seen it plenty of times, and I think I still have the TShirt for it. I’m not afraid of you or anyone...

    -Just then someone knocks on the window making Izzy jump. He motions Izzy to come in, she gives him a thumbs up and he leaves.-

    IVD: Gotta run, it's my last show for my home fed. I’ve been Izzy Van Doren, and please mosh responsibly. -she gets up to leave but comes back in.- I’ll see ya out there in the FWA ring, Penny.

    -Footage from Izzy’s farewell match in her hometown promotion fades in. We see best friends and tag partners Izzy and Lexi May wrestling each other. Lexi covers Izzy and she wins. Izzy sits in the ring and Lexi hands her a microphone and gives her a hug. –

    IVD: “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to thank you for coming out tonight… and thank you for coming out... to my last match right here in Chicago Pro Wrestling” -Izzy starts to swell up with tears as the crowd applauds and chants “Izzy! Izzy! Izzy!”. – “Today I got a message that said I was debuting for FWA this week. Now, I might be leaving, but that damn sure doesn’t mean you guys can stop coming here! These men and women put everything they have into this company. I should know I was one of them. I promise you that I will be back! I love you people, I love everyone in the back, and I love this company damn it… I don't care if you're Jobber J to Cyrus Truth, if you call me out, chances are you will find yourself in a whole mess of trouble… To cap this evening off, there’s no better way I could say goodbye to the person who’s been there for me for it all… than to finally give Lexi what she’s wanted for a long, long time… Lexi, I know you. What you are… and although I don't see you like that… there’s nothing better as a farewell present than this for you… and me…

    -She drops the mic, and stares at Lexi. The camera pans over and we see Lexi standing in the corner looking confused. Avery familiar song plays, the lights turn pink, and the crowd goes crazy. Lexi has a shocked look on her face. Izzy walks to Lexi’s corner and brings her into the middle of the ring and the two begin to slow dance. Lexi is blushing very hard, she’s flustered and in bliss at the same time. The crowd is singing along to the song. As the chorus hits, Izzy pulls her in and plants a kiss right on Lexi’s pretty face. The two pull apart and Lexi, with mouth covered in Izzy’s worn off lipstick, faints in the middle of the ring and smiles. Izzy laughs, her theme starts playing and blows a kiss to all the fans, waving bye to them, and thanking them for coming out. Lexi lies in bliss in the middle of the ring. The footage fades out. –
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    We're at an undisclosed gym in Manhattan. So exclusive this gym is, it can't even be found online. Just the elite of the elite know about this gym to avoid interacting with "normal" people. Risky Douglas wishes he knew about this gym. Mark Merriweather is shown working out with Mean Mark Jones and Chris Johnson. Chris is up to his usual self talking up one of the female trainers and Mean Mark is in a very intense weight-training regime. Mark is doing some squats wearing only the best workout gear money can buy. He's sponsored by Under Armour and is shown wearing all of their clothes. Another female trainer walks by and slips him her number and he smiles.

    Mark Merriweather: Here we are at my favourite gym. We workout here almost daily. Even after a night full of partying and enjoying our incredible lifestyle we come here. Sundays are always our rest days. Normally you wouldn't see us doing this, you would see us celebrating my latest victory like last time. This is different however. I did what I said I would do, I beat James Sync. I will admit he was quite the battle. I was caught off-guard, he almost had me beat. That's why we're here. I was good, I need to be better. James Sync said that I'm just like him when he was younger. I'm nothing like him. There's a difference between a suave, debonair, elite megastar like I am and a some ugly, sloppy, talentless hack like he was. He realizes I have one of the best personal trainers in the world, right? This is a man who has taught me how to properly detox your body after alcohol consumption. I'm in the absolute best shape of my life thanks to him and I will never end up like James Sync. For him to even imply that I will is offensive to me. I worked hard for what I have, who cares if I like to flaunt it? I'm paid to wear what I wear from my numerous sponsors. What sponsors do you have, James? Oh that's right you're a has-been rocker with nothing to show for it. I'm done with you James, may me beating you forever be in your memories.

    Mark moves to do sit-ups and Mitch shows up with his wife, Tori. He slaps hands with everybody and they both go on the treadmill. Chris comes over to Mark and they the sit-ups together.

    Mark Merriweather: One more match. Humanity. Another damn freak. Between him, Lord Vincent, and Jason Randall it's like a damn Psych Ward. I'm the only sane one and I'll use that to my advantage. Humanity is just like James Sync, on a Road to Redemption. Just another easy victory for me. Another significant size difference for me, but that has never bothered me before. I'll THRIVE against any competitor, any size. I'll speak weird like Humanity and James Sync and say size is just an optical illusion. It's an obstacle that needs to be conquered. My god that seriously sounded weird. Why can't those idiots speak normally? The X-Division Championship is finally going to have prestige and class brought back to it. When people see that one of the most famous people in the world is X-Division Champion they will watch. I've heard some people are doubting my "extreme" tendencies. Let me tell you a story. I was a young man, only 19 years old. I had been wrestling for over three years now and I had my first "Anything Goes" match. My match was against John Lazarus, the man who trained me. He was known for this type of match and I was extremely nervous. John told me just to feel the stipulation and I did. We proceeded to have an absolutely brutal encounter. The crowd was against me against my mentor. It's still one of my favourite matches I've ever been in. Despite losing the match I was a changed man. Believe me guys, I can go to the extreme. I can be crazy when I choose to be.

    Mark decides to join Mitch and Tori on the treadmills.

    Mark Merriweather: Come Fight Night I will erase Humanity. He will become irrelevant just like Ben Richards. You're looking at the winner of the X Cup, you can bank on that. Lord Vincent and Jason Randall should be afraid, very afraid. For once Jason Randall will not be the Wildcard, I will. But that's at Back in Business, this is Fight Night. Humanity, twice in the past month I've shown you what I'm made of. This will continue. You're scared of me, I know it. I took you by surprise. You might as well cancel your so-called Road to Redemption cause you won't finish it. You'll be back to being Brian before you know it. I mean look at you. You make James Sync look like a movie star! You're not stylish like me. You're not handsome like me. I am simply better than you in every single way. You call yourself The New King of the X-Division?! I didn't think you were a liar, I am very disappointed in you. Everybody and their dog knows that I, Mark Merriweather, am the TRUE King of the X-Division. And I will prove it against you at Fight Night!

    The cameras fade out as Mark laughs with Mitch and Tori
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

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    I'll be fine Daddy.
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    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    You've gone too far this time

    Those were the words that were said by Phil Lawson, agent to Jason Randall. The two sat in Phil's office along with Penny at Jason's side, Jason has her by the leash as she sits near him on her knees. Jason has his X-Division Championship over his shoulder.

    Phil: I mean, what you did to Vincent Blackbird's girlfriends was despicable, but kidnapping a poor innocent interviewer just for the sake of pushing people's buttons...that's a new low

    Jason is leaning back in the chair, looking across at Phil. He runs his hand over Penny's head and his fingers through her hair, she smiles with sick pleasure from it.

    Jason Randall: I didn't hurt her, did I?

    Phil: No, but surely she's been traumatized by the entire incident

    Jason laughs at this.

    Jason Randall: All we did was tie her up, well before that we got a towel covered with a substance strong enough to knock someone out and covered it over her mouth after sneaking up on her. Then after that all I did was have a nice, friendly interview with her. I mean, it's not like I pulled a gun on her, that wouldn't be right would it?

    He continues to laugh and it gets louder, to the point where it makes Phil uncomfortable. Suddenly, the laughter is cut off as Jason pulls out a gun from his pocket and points it at Phil, back to laughing. He gets up from his seat and begins to wander across the desk towards Phil with the gun still pointed in his direction, Penny stays put but smiles as she watches and clutches onto Jason's title.

    Jason Randall: What's the matter Phil? Have I really gone too far this time?

    Phil holds up his hands in defense, shaking with fear as Jason gets closer with the gun until it's pointed right against his head.

    Jason Randall: Scared yet Phil? I can sense your fear. I can feel it. I can smell it

    He closes his eyes and takes it all in. Phil tries to move but Jason holds him down.

    Jason Randall: No sudden moves Phil, or else you might make me go as far as I can go because I've got an itchy trigger finger. Your fear brings me a sense of joy, Phil. I can't really describe it but it's giving me this feeling that makes me feel like I'm more alive than ever before...

    Phil: I...I...I..t-think they call someone like you a s..s..sadist

    Phil says, trembling still.

    Jason Randall: You say that like it's a bad thing...

    Jason starts humming a tune to someting, with his eyes still shut. He opens them and leans down close to Phil.

    Jason Randall: I've got a surprise for you ready?

    Jason puts his finger near the trigger as sweat trickles down Phil's forehead and he gulps, and as the trigger is pulled a flag pops out of it revealing it to be a toy gun and the flag says "BANG!" Phil's eyes narrow in and see that it's just a toy while Jason laughs like a madman.

    Jason Randall: You should see the look on your face Phil...I mean you actually thought...

    He laughs some more.

    Jason Randall: What do you think Penny? Was I jumping the gun there?

    He cackles loudly and pats Phil on the shoulder, who remains motionless.

    Jason Randall: You gonna be alright Phil? You might want to get yourself cleaned up and a new pair of pants while you're at it. Before you do just know this, all of this...was to prove a point...that point being...accept your fate...

    He cackles some more like an absolute lunatic. He can't contain himself as he walks over to Penny, takes the leash and walks out of Phil's office, cackling all the while.


    The scene now opens up inside of a ring, but not just any ordinary ring. There's barbed wire ropes in the place of normal ring ropes and the ring is surrounded by a steel cage. The X-Divison Champion, Jason Randall stands in the ring near one of the barbed wire ropes and runs his fingers over it, nicking himself causing some blood to trickle out bringing a smile to his face as he looks his own blood. He has the title around his waist and looks down at it before taking his bloody finger and smearing it over the gold into the form of a smiley face.

    Jason Randall: Tonight is the night, oh yes. Tonight is the night where Vincent and I step foot in between those ropes, and do battle once more. It won't be just any ordinary match though, oh no. You see it couldn't be just an ordinary wrestling match because the powers that be realize that Vincent and I, the hatred we share for one another cannot be controlled in some ordinary wrestling match. That's why they've devised something that's never been done before as far as I know in the FWA, something so sadistic and barbaric...a Hell on Earth match!

    Jason chuckles and leans against the barbed wire rope like it's a normal thing to do.

    Jason Randall: A match right up my alley because you see I'm no ordinary wrestler nor am I an ordinary man, oh dear no. I do unimaginable things to people and find great joy in doing so. I find the pain, misery, and suffering of others to be so fascinating and fills me with such an overwhelming amount of happiness to see the misery in someone's face or the humiliation in their eyes after I'm done something that some would deem too horrific...

    He runs his fingers over the barbed wire again but this time he does it faster and without any care for his own well being. Cutting up his fingers until his entire hands is covered in red. He looks at his blood soaked hands in awe before smearing the blood on his arms until they are covered in smeared up blood, and then runs his hands through his hair, getting some of his hair bloodied up mixed in with his wet, sweat covered hair.

    Jason Randall: I'm just a sick guy. There's no other way to describe it, I'm just a sick guy. The thing is though, is that I embrace it. I embrace my inner sadist. I'm proud of who I am and what I have become. Why would I want to be normal? That sounds too monotonous. Normal people take one look at me and think I'm some sick, disgusting piece of human flesh. They're right too but at least it beats being a normal...

    He sits in cross-legged in the center of the ring now, holding his title in his bloody hands now.

    Jason Randall: Where am I going with this? It's simple really. Vincent used to be just like me, he used to be this sick, disgusting piece of trash that thrived off of torturing others. Somewhere along the way though, Vincent lost that. One day it just up and vanished. It was then that Vincent became an everyday, normal person, just going through the motions with little to no care. He's tried so hard lately to resurrect his old self but he hasn't been able to properly succeed. It hasn't gone as well as he would have hoped. Each time he gets close to it he drops the ball and goes right back to being a normal, everyday failure....

    Vincent, you can keep on trying and keep on failing. You can keep on telling yourself that maybe that this will be the day that you'll overcome it all and come out on top and go back to your old ways. Try as you might Vincent but you'll just keep failing because that's what you do. It's what you do best and it's what you'll always do best because you're not as good as you once were. You may still think that you have it in you, but you don't. You can deny all you want that you never lost it Vincent, but we both know that's just a lie so stop kidding yourself. Accept it, accept the fact that you just can't measure up to me or anyone else for that matter...

    He stands up now and saunters over the steel cage and begins to scale the cage, climing until he's at the top and positions himself up there. His title dangling between his finger tips.

    Jason Randall: You'll never be as sick and as sadistic as me Vincent. You may think that you were back then but that was then and this is now, and there is a new king running this land of extreme in FWA. The stuff you did back then Vincent was child's play in comparison to what I've done and what I will continue to do. I rule this division Vincent and this title I hold so dearly is proof of that. This title has become a part of me and I a part of it. Luckily this is just a non-title match but if you were to ever take this away from me you would be taking a part of me. You would be taking my heart. This title...

    He brings it up to his bloodied face.

    This title is my heart...I need it Vincent, more than you'll ever know and I'm not about to let it slip away from me so easily, especially to someone like you. This is my world now Vincent and you're just living in it so that means I can just as easily banish you from this world as easily as you came and I will do exactly that. There will be no coming back from this Vincent. There will not be another encounter between us because what I do to you there will be no coming back from it, mark my words Vincent...

    I will send you back down to hell where you belong. This is your fate Vincent, accept it.

    The camera then closes in on Jason's cold stare, fading out.
    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    With the press of a button and fifteen seconds of ads, the FWA exclusive video begins. Fading in from a black and vacant screen, we see Julian Watson and Martin Ryan better known as The Heartbreak Express, in what appears to be a hallway backstage fresh off their win slapping each other in an all together bro like fashion pleased with themselves

    Ryan Martin: “WOO! THAT’S HOW WE DO IT, MAN!

    Julian Watson: “One down, goodbye Genocide. Hello, Tag Titles.”

    They both slap each other’s chests happy with themselves

    Ryan Martin: “I mean….it’s kind of weird that Maddy wasn’t out there with us right?

    Julian Watson: “Yeah, where the hell was she?! I mean she talks up how much she was looking forward to this night and then goes AWOL? That’s not like her. She was so pumped for this and everything

    Ryan Martin: I know right, What did she tell you when you told her it was time to leave?
    Julian Watson: “....What?”

    Ryan Martin: “Yeah she was still in the tanning bed, and she told you to tell her when were up. So what did she say-

    Julian Watson: “.....I thought she told YOU”

    Ryan Martin: “No, YOU were meant to -Oh holy crap

    Both of them seemed to come to the same conclusion at the same if the matching expressions of horror is anything to go by, Martin looks like he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown as they continue walking

    Julian Watson, Just get to the car before she-”

    Like a horror movie villain, the Heartbreak Express turn a corner and there stands Madison Banks standing as still as humanly possible her arms crossed in front of her, freezing them both in place with the MOTHER of all death stares.If it was physically possible to murder someone via eye contact alone. The remains of The Heartbreak Express would be plastered to the walls.

    Ryan Martin: “Oh HEY!

    Julian Watson: Hey Maddy, how’s it going?”

    Madison Banks: “.....”

    Ryan Martin: “Did you see?! We won our match!

    Julian Watson: We’ve all going out to celebrate! Now that we won there’s no way we won’t get a title shot

    Madison Banks: “.....”

    Ryan Martin “....Ok I know you’re probabl-

    Madison Banks: “Ryan, bend over…”

    Ryan Martin: “But I-”

    Madison Banks: “I said bend over”

    Ryan looks at his partner who just shrugs passively signing remorsefully resigned to his fate he bends over slowly giving Madison ample time to reel back and unleash with the mother of all slaps causing him to stumble back like he was just jabbed in the face by Mike Tyson, Watson whined


    Julian Watson: “Maddy we didn’t kn-”

    SMACK! Watson stumbles back his face distorting in pain Madison’s hand already making an impression

    Madison Banks: “Don’t call me Maddy. You ungrateful IDIOTS. THIS WAS OUR FIRST MATCH. OUR FIRST NIGHT AND YOU ALREADY UNDERMINED ME. THIS WAS MY FIRST IMPRESSION. AND YOU TOOK THAT FROM ME. Was this your plan all along?! Use me to get a free ride to the top and then HUMILIATE ME The first chance you get?! YOU RUINED MY DEBUT. YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!”

    Julian Watson: “But...But...We won I-

    Madison Banks: “Let me make myself clear, Let’s nip this in the bud, NOW. You two, work for me and you always play second fiddle to me!”

    Ryan Martin: “But we just thought-”

    Madison Banks: NO. THAT RIGHT THERE. STOP THAT. YOU DON’T THINK, YOU’RE INCAPABLE OF THINKING. I THINK FOR THIS TEAM. YOU JUST MAKE ME LOOK GOOD AND WIN ME TITLES. So I’d suggest you drop any ideas you might have of being anything more than the rocks around my neck that I have to carry before I call Daddy and he can have every one of your fingers broken. Are. We. Clear?”

    Ryan Martin: “ Yeah Madison….”

    Julian Watson “Crystal”

    Madison Banks: “Good. Now Come on...the limo is waiting...My Limo, After Tonight you’ve lost limo privileges

    Click! We're here live on the WC Network, about an hour prior to Fight Night kicking off at eight o'clock in the evening -- also live -- from The Pepsi Arean, in Colorado, Our segment opens up with the image of a triangular desk, glistening in cleanliness. The point of the triangle would face directly away from the camera, allowing the two adjacent sides of said point to serve as seating for the hosts and guests. In keeping with that, the hypotenuse would serve to display the FWA emblem briefly before fading into across the scene before uscross the bottom of your screen would be a ticker tape with updates and Tweets and the like. Behind the triangular desk would hang a rather large TV monitor, showing highlights of past weeks of Fight Night.! After a moment, the camera would settle on the triangle again, revealing a woman seated comfortably. On the left, Katie Lynn Goldsmith: whose sporting a tight red dress with no straps, a small upside-down triangle directly in the middle of the top, with a black slip of fabric beneath it. Her lipstick would match the shade of her dress and her hair would be styled in her usual fashion. She would, too, wear a happy smile -- she clearly loves her job.

    Katie Lynn-Goldsmith: "Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Fight Night Pre-Show I am Katie Lynn Goldsmith Tonight we have a special episode for you. Very special, indeed. First and foremost, we have a couple of guests ready to let us pick their brains about tonight's show, Our first guest,....Or should I say guests are the new kids on the tag team division block; Martin Ryan, Julian Watson’ collectively known as The HeartBreak Express

    With this introduction, the camera would pull back to reveal...NOT The Heartbreak Express but Madison Banks who has already entered the set, seated cross-legged where the number would dressed to the nines as always. Her hair would rest upon her shoulders, the ends of which would be dip-dyed in the same exact deep pink as typical. However, the most telling bit of her attire would be the imperious smirk she would wear upon her beautiful face. She would take a seat opposite, nodding to both Katie briefly before resting her forearms on the edge of the desk, interlacing her fingers as if waiting to be thanked for even showing up

    Madison Banks: “Hello”

    Katie Lynn’s face turns into a mask of confusion frowning uncertainly making eye contact with someone off screen presumingly a stagehand hoping for some kind of explanation before turning back to Madison smiling confused

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith
    : Ummm. Hello, Madison, We’ve actually awaiting the arrival of your clients who you can bring in at any time”

    Madison Banks:
    “You got them”

    ...and that’s all Madison says blinking not missing a bit her face totally neutral as Katie tries to rationalise what’s going on

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: No really, we’ve all set up for The Express. You can just send them in so we can do the interview

    Madison Banks: “You got them”

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:.....You’re not making any sense”

    Madison Banks “The Heartbreak Express aren’t going to be here, I will be speaking for them. Keep up Katie, my time is limited. Ask me relevant questions

    It seems like it’s all Madison can do not to roll her eyes while Katie can be seen frantically shuffling her notes clearly not prepared for the abrupt change of guest

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: “Well, I was originally going to ask Julian and Ryan a few questions, but since you’re here I might as well ask you a question that many have been asking ever since last week. Given that The Heartbreak Express won their debut match last week and you weren’t at ringside. Many people are questioning your position with the team. I mean if they can win without you….Why do they need you at all?”

    Madison Banks: …..Excuse me. What the hell did you just say?”

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Well you can’t deny-

    Madison Banks: "RUDE! How dare you?!"I came out here tonight... As a favor. I'm a very busy woman, you know, and I've got a match to prepare for later tonight. A VERY important match for my clinics, For you to try to waste my time here by slinging mud my way?!. Not only is it rude because it's spending time talking about rumour and things designed to cause a rift between me and my boys and try to minimize my role? When it’s better spent talking about relevant things and relevant people, like Madison Banks and The Heartbreak Express? But it's rude because I'm your guest. I might not have any championships -- yet -- but I still deserve respect... And you'll give it to me."

    Madison would slightly raise her eyebrows as she nods to herself

    Madison Banks "So instead of, -and I really don't mean to interrupt you-, Katie, talking about your past? Why don't we talk about FWA’s present... And it's future: Namely The Heartbreak Express."

    Unsurprisingly, Katie looks taken aback by the blunt and arrogant words of the Manager.Blinking to attempt to compose herself in light of this. After a brief moment of awkward silence, Bank’s ' eyebrows cocked in a "let's get a move on" manner, Katie would clear her throat and begin to speak.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Well...Ummm, it’ll be an interesting night for your team, with the challengers for the tag team titles at Back in Business yet to be confirmed and with several new tag teams jockeying for position the winner of this match might well be considered the unofficial number one contenders, but you coming up against two monsters in Genocide and two established stars in Starr and Risky Douglas….How do you feel The Heartbreak Expresses skill will stack up, against the size and aura of Genocide and the individual talent of Starr And Risky?

    Bank’s ' eyebrows would launch upward as if they were Julian Watson executing one of his frog splashes. Begrudgingly, The heiress would shake her head, scoffing softly before blinking and glancing downward, appearing almost disrespected by Katie’s remarks. Placing an open hand on the desk, she would flick her eyes up to her hosts and respond to the line of inquiry in the only way she knows how: bluntly.

    Madison Banks: "Okay, now, let's get something straight real quick, okay? I don't care if you put ten teams against us. That's not going to be a factor tonight. Y'see, Katie, both Starr And Risky has been in the company for, don't get me wrong, a long time... And we may have only been doing this for about a week, but know what? When it comes down to it, my Heartbreak Express could be going against anyone tonight and it wouldn't really make much of a difference. We’ve going to win. It's just going to happen! Starr and Douglas have been in this company for like what? A year? They’re played out. Boring. Old. People fall asleep watching them perform, Katie. Fall asleep. But when they watch Julian Watson and Ryan Martin? They're invested. They're jumping around the room! Sitting on the edge of their seats, whatever you wanna' call it. They're excited because WE’VE exciting. The FWA Universe -- sorry, let me rephrase... The entire wrestling world has been getting so sick and tired of watching tired tag times lose to the Olympians ... Not as tired as they probably are, but you get the idea. They’re is washed up... They’re worn out! You can see them every time they’re out there in the ring. I mean, they’re not even a tag team! They’re just two random wrestlers forced together to stay relevant. Any cohesive unit will tear them apart. So no, we’ve not intimidated by them In fact, to even put it into words is rude."

    Give the girl a break, she's only doing her job!

    Madison Banks: The only thing that Starr and Risky have in common is what their faces are going to look like by the end of the night when their hearts are broken…

    Banks would shoot her eyebrows up swiftly and briefly to signal that she'd finished answering the question asked to her. After a brief pause to take in the words that Banks had just spoken, attention would shift back to Katie who would be tasked with posting the next question to the highly volatile Five Feet of Fury on the other side of the table.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "You sound pretty confident, Madison

    Madison Banks: -- Because I am.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith:--Right, uh, and, well, I guess the next question I have for you is that... Both you and your opponent appear not to be short on confidence at all. You both have been outspoken about this match, about yourselves, and about this Queen of the Ring Tournament. Would you say your -- or the other teams- Are you at all concerned that you're maybe overlooking Genocide and Starr and Risky? I mean if you win-

    Madison Banks:"Let me stop you right there If we win tonight? If? Listen and listen good, because I shouldn't have to say this more than once... I shouldn't even have to say it in the first place! The Heartbreak Express is winning this match tonight. I don't care if it's Genocide, or Starr or Risky Douglas or The Olympians or whoever we've confident because we have every reason to be. Genocide and Starr and Risky's confidence is arrogance. Do you know the difference between confidence and arrogance, Katie?

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: W--

    Madison Banks: Of course you don't. You idiot! Confidence is what Me, Julian and Ryan have because we can and will and do back it up... Regularly. But arrogance, Katie? Arrogance is when you talk a big game every single time you open your mouth and can never deliver. That's Genocide, in a nutshell, isn’t it?

    Again, Banks would raise her eyebrow in an effort to emphasis her rhetorical question.

    Madison Banks: Genocide can talk a good game, and try to scare us….but really at the end of the day is the cold hard fact is that we beat them in the middle of the ring. One. Two. Three. In front of the entire world. We know we can beat them, We’ve PROVEN we can. So why should we be afraid of them? I can NOT WAIT to tear them down to size. One more BIG fall for two BIG talkers and two SMALL walkers."

    From here, Katie would glance off screen getting a gesture from a member of the stage crew off camera to signal to him that they're approaching the time when the next guest is expected to partake in the panel. Nodding, Katie would turn to the self-proclaimed Manager of champions to launch her next, and possibly the final, inquiry of the evening -- at least for Madison

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "So tell me, Miss Banks..."

    Katie would pause to compose her thoughts and formulate the words effectively.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith Your charges aren’t here, FWA is the number one professional wrestling company on the planet. The competition here is brilliant, the best in the world. Do you truly think you're prepared to dominate the tag team scene let alone for your match this evening?

    Madison Banks: "Rude. We were born ready for this, Risky and Starr That's nothing.Look, guys, I'll make this pretty clear for you since you've obviously not gotten it yet... We’ve a better athlete than every team on the planet. From the day I was born until the day I die I'll be better than everyone else. And after we’ve done tonight, Everyone will have no choice but to admit that... Have no choice but to realise that we should be champions by nowYou're right,l... FWA is the number one wrestling company on the planet. But what you clearly haven't realised yet? What will become painstakingly obvious after tonight? Is that The HeartBreak Express is the number one tag team... That's fact and that's what matters. I said it before, didn't I? She's old, boring, unexciting... She's never met a challenge like me before, and I'm one hurdle that she can't jump over. Tonight we’ve going to show you just how much the times have changed... Show you that the torch is about to be passed…

    With this, Banks would scowl disapprovingly at the camera, push back from the desk and rise to her feet, nodding brief thank yous to her host she would turn on her heels and strut off into the distance, heading off to prepare for her clients match

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: "Ladies and gentlemen... Madison Banks Now, our next guest..."
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Free To Be You & Me

    During the FWA House Show, Ares is in his locker room, sitting in a chair, thinking about what happened a couple of days ago in the parking lot. The Olympians have the night off so Ares didn't have to get ready for a match. Suddenly, Dionysus interrupts the silence as he bursts in the room.

    "Sooooo...Is is time yet?"


    "Helloooo! You there? I said 'Is it time yet'? As if, is it time to ditch the old man yet or not?"

    "Not now Tyler."

    "For real? What's the matter with you? You've been like this since we left Greece last week. We the two time tag team champions dude! We are the duo that slaughtered Eyesnsane and his gang! We are at the top of the tag team division! We are the best team in FWA! At a bit."

    "I can't tell you anything yet. But I will tell you everything soon...I have to figure something out first."

    "Alright, and what about the old man? It's time we move on from him. We don't need him anymore...right?"




    "Yes what?"


    "Ahh! It's like talking to a damn wall! You know what? Figure out what you have to, do your thing and I'll do mine and if pushing comes to shove I'll do what needs to be done for the both of us."

    And with that, Dionysus storms out of the room.


    Carousel of the Gods - Part 2

    Zeus is sitting on his throne with the tag team titles wrapped around his shoulders.

    "The Carousel of the Gods continues. This time The Gods are being placed in a match against...A Thunder and a Rock-Star. That's what we get for our efforts to bring humanity back to it's old glory. This is the competition we receive, this is the treatment we get for everything that we have done for this company. Tristan James Galloway and Tommy Thunder. Two footnotes standing in the same ring with two Gods. How can you even compare these two idiots to My Ares and Dionysus? That is pure insolence and it comes straight from the office of the Fight Night general manager, Ashley 'O Ryan. Last time We respectfully asked that you do not insult Us by putting Us in a match against two pretty boys. We asked you to find Us some real and challenging competition, a team that will actually stand a chance and for the 2nd time you fail to deliver. This is your 2nd strike my friend. Do not challenge Our wrath. You will take Us seriously, you will respect Us and you will give Us everything that we ask for and more. Or else...We will have a problem. And by "We"; I mean You."

    Death Is Coming

    Two days before the 6/23/17 edition of Fight Night, The Olympians arrived in a hotel near the arena at Denver, where the show is set to take place. Ares has finished unpacking his stuff in his room and lies down on the bed to relax and think about everything that has happened to him over the past couple of weeks. After a few seconds, Ares hears a noise coming from under the bed. As if someone is breathing heavily. He shakes it off at first but eventually he decides to check it out so he gets off the bed and kneels down to look underneath but there's nothing to see there. He then hears the same noise coming from the closet. He slowly approaches the closet and then opens it with a quick move and a fist ready to throw a punch but again there's nothing there. He shakes his head before turning around to see the dark figure that attacked him last week, standing right next to him. The man in the Hades costume ducks a punch from Ares and delivers a stiff right hand to the throat - straight to adam's apple. He then kicks Ares in the knee to make him kneel, before driving a knee to his head. Hades kneels next to Ares and pulls his head up by his hair.

    "Death Is Coming..."

    He then smacks Ares' head against the floor, leaving him down unconcious.


    Hours later, Ares awakes to find himself tied up in a chair in a dark room. Three individuals are standing in front of him staring him down. One of them is the man in black with Hades' mask, the other is a female figure wearing a robe and hood to cover her face while the third is wearing a black tuxedo with a red tie and a sheep-mask.

    "Who are you people? What do you want? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"

    After a few more seconds of silence, the man in the tuxedo approaches Ares.

    "We are four. We always were...we always will be. Four. There will always be four of us."

    "What are you-"

    Ares is silenced when the man dressed as Hades punches him in the jaw to knock him out again.


    The next morning Ares wakes up in the bed of his hotel room. He quickly gets up and searches the room to make sure there's no one else there.

    "What is happening...What is happening to me?"


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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Exile Chronicles: Volume 19

    "What You Fight For"

    Our scene opens in an small, Old World-style bookstore. This place seems to be a rather unusual hub of activity, as there's a dozen or so people perusing the shelves for various thick, leather-bound tomes and grimoires. The people in this store are dressed rather strangely, many of them in rather antiquated coats looking like men and women out of time. Still, it's clear that this is present-day from the sounds of cars driving outside and the general noise of modern civilization. It's night time, and the sun has completely set leaving the streets in shadow pierced only by a few dinghy street lamps.

    There's an old woman sitting at a counter near the entrance wearing spectacles, who by her demeanor and her appearance is the owner of this bookstore. She's busy cataloging several books and making notes presumably to help her put these misplaced books in their proper spot. She's completely focused on said task, so much so that she doesn't notice the bell on her door ringing signaling someone new coming in. We don't get a good look at this newcomer as the camera zooms in on the figure's heavy-leather boots and the back of what appears to be a heavy woolen trenchcoat. Slung over the figure's shoulder is what looks to be a brown leather rucksack, with something angular rummaging around in there. The figure walks up to the counter where the old woman is sitting, who barely looks up from her work to say:

    Old Woman: Somethin' you need?

    ???: I have a book I need to return.

    The old woman looks a bit annoyed at this as the figure unslings the bag from his shoulder.

    Old Woman: We're not a library. If you bought somethin', it can't be returned. All sales are...

    Before the old woman can finish her sentence, the figure unceremoniously drops the bag on her countertop, which now has gotten her full attention away from her cataloging. At first, she looks incensed and about ready to chew this stranger's head off...until she looks up and sees the figure's face. Her expression...well, it doesn't soften, but any anger seems to dissipate as she opens the flap of the rucksack and looks at what's inside.

    Old Woman: I see. What happened to it?

    ???: Isn't it obvious? I thought you've read every book that's come through here. Don't you remember how the story ended?

    The figure slowly slides the object out of the bag until the object is fully revealed as he says plainly:

    ???: The heroine thought she had won, only to get burned for her hubris.

    The camera takes a closer look at the book. It's a heavy tome, one that looks like it most certainly belongs in this store. Or at least, it would if it wasn't badly charred and scorched. The brown-leather cover is now blackened and peeling as the what few pages left in the book are barely holding together, just one step away from disintegrating into ash and soot. But the letters on the front of the book, though scorched, are still legible.

    The title of this book?

    "Tales of Fantasy."

    We see a flashback to FWA's 11th Anniversary Show, specifically the main event of that show. The hard-fought conflict between challenger and then Women's Champion Bell Connelly, and defending FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth. The battle rages as the voice of Cyrus speaks, a familiar message that he sent to Bell Connelly months ago before their match:

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth: FWA's 11th Anniversary Show
    Cyrus Truth: Bell Connelly. At FWA's 11th Anniversary, your greatest dreams become a terrible nightmare. This isn't the proclamation of an arrogant titleholder, nor is it the impassioned plea of an honorable champion. This is simply a statement of intent, a warning of what's to come and what will pass. To show my greatness and bring glory to my legacy, I must hold the FWA Undisputed World Championship. I must defend it again, and again, and again and again until there is no doubt in the minds of FWA fans, wrestlers, and all who hold an interest in this company that I am great.
    We show clips of Bell hitting her Glitter Bomb finisher, and Cyrus kicking out.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyrus Truth: FWA's 11th Anniversary Show
    Cyrus Truth: At FWA's 11th Anniversary, my reign as champion continues. And Bell's dreams of World Title gold? They'll be left as nothing more than ashes...
    As this is being said, we see the final moments of the match that saw Cyrus lock in the Long Road to Nowhere, forcing Bell to tap out and securing his first title defense. We cut back to the present as the old woman looks at the charred remains of the book with almost a slight sorrowful look in her eyes as she addresses the figure.

    Old Woman: It's been a while...Exile.

    The camera finally pans up to the figure's face to reveal that it is indeed the FWA World Heavyweight Champion. His hair's slicked back and there's stubble on his face...but more than that, the bruise is still there after last Fight Night, where Shannon once again drilled The Vagabond King with her vicious right hand. More than that, there's a tired look in the World Champion's eyes, one that suggests that he's finding it more and more difficult to keep pressing forward.

    Cyrus Truth: I have a name, you know.

    The old woman scoffs at this as she continues poking at the burned book Cyrus has returned to her.

    Old Woman: I'm aware. A name you gave yourself. You and all those like you? Nobody ever gave you names. Just a Road to follow and principles to uphold. And you Exiles couldn't even do that right!

    Cyrus Truth: You talk as if you know anything about it.

    Old Woman: And you talk as if I shouldn't. You think you're the only Exile that's ever walked through my door?

    The old woman makes a general sweeping motions towards the rest of the patrons, who for their part haven't really paid any attention to what's been going on at the front counter. They're far too engrossed in searching the shelves for whatever they came into this store to find.

    Old Woman: Wayward souls always seek somethin'. Exiles ain't no different. The Truth is something always bein' sought after, although finding it is harder than anything else in this world. And here, in my store, I see those wayward souls all at one time or another. So don't stand there and pretend what you are is any great secret to me, boy. There's a great many things in this world I don't understand...but you? You're an open book.

    Cyrus Truth: Very funny.

    The old woman scoffs amusingly at her own little joke and Cyrus's reaction to it.

    Old Woman: So what ARE you here for? Besides messin' up my countertop with a ruined book.

    Cyrus Truth: Answers.

    Old Woman: Answers to what?

    Cyrus Truth: Answers as to why I can't focus. Why I can't get back on my path, the path I chose. Why I can't seem to keep walking the paths that others insist I must walk. Why is it that my principles have to be mocked and tested whereas the principles of others are lauded for no good reason.

    The old woman furrows her brow a bit. She's used to customers coming in and speaking in roundabout ways, so she's not perplexed by that. Moreso...she's contemplating what exactly is is that this Exile is asking.

    Old Woman: All principles have to be tested. Otherwise they ain't worth a damn. Without the Struggle, principles are just hollow.

    Cyrus looks a bit annoyed by her answer, as if she was telling him something he already knew.

    Cyrus Truth: You claim to know who I was and am, and you think I need to be reminded of that?

    Old Woman:
    Do you?

    Cyrus Truth: No.

    Old Woman
    : Are you sure?

    Cyrus Truth: Very. I'm well aware that principles have to be put to the test. That's not the issue.

    Old Woman: Then what is?

    Cyrus Truth
    : The fact that it seems that only mine are the ones being tested, being questioned...being mocked. All of my opponents? Nobody's ever questioned where they stand or what they believe. The mob buys into them not because of what they stand for, but WHO they stand for. And I don't understand why.

    Old Woman: Explain.

    Cyrus snarls a bit as he thinks about it. It's something that he's been talking about for weeks with regards to FWA, its fanbase, and its wrestlers. And yet, even after all this time, it still never fails to get his blood boiling.

    Cyrus Truth: A warrior must stand on his own two feet. He should have something to his own that he believes in. Call it respect, call it valor...whatever it is, it doesn't matter. But that belongs to HIM and him alone. It's not something given to him. The men and women I fight? I don't know if any of them understand that. The lords they serve seem to want to make it look like they have principles of their own, but are they truly? Or are the servants just serving a master instead of serving a greater purpose? It is infuriating that I can't seem to figure that out...but it's even more infuriating that it seems like I'm the only one who cares what that answer is. I know the Road is testing me...testing me harder than I've been tested in the past. But it seems

    Old Woman: ...Unfair?

    Cyrus's train of thought is broken as the old woman finishes his sentence. It wasn't the word he was looking for...or was it? It's been such a trying time with FWA that, perhaps, it seems unfair to The Exile. But to use that carries something with it. Something that Cyrus loathes more than anything: the thought that he's angry at the world for the path he's forced to walk. It is the most heinous of thoughts for Cyrus, because it suggests that the world owns him something.

    Despite what Shannon may want to rant about, Cyrus knows the world owes him nothing. If something is not given to him, then he is entitled to fight for it. But owed? No. All that a follower of the Long and Winding Road has is what he or she is willing to fight and die for. The rewards at Journey's End are great and many, but they are not given out like some kind of entitlement...and they are not sought after by the faint of heart. And yet, despite all this, that word "unfair" continues to rattle in the brain of the FWA World Champion like some kind of specter haunting him, taunting him with an admission of his own weakness.

    These thoughts are broken somewhat by the hoarse, throaty laughter of the old woman. Cyrus snaps back to reality as he sees the formally curmudgeonly elder laughing to herself.

    Cyrus Truth: What's so damn funny?!

    The old woman stifles her laughter long enough to blurt out:

    Old Woman: You, you idiot! Hehehehehe...

    The old woman laughs for a bit longer before regaining her composure, all the while Cyrus looks steamed. But as the woman speaks, Cyrus's anger subsides, replaced instead with...something else.

    Old Woman: You forget you're human sometimes, don'tcha boy? You like to think with what you've seen and been taught that you're above it all, but you ain't. Those feelin's you get? They ain't anythin' any person has felt before. You're just different in that you recognize it for what it is and what it shouldn't be. As for those people you fight? Have you even thought to ask them what they're fightin' for? You want answers, right? Well, you ain't gonna find what you're lookin' for in my books. Now, they may try and lie to you, or lie to themselves, but the only way you'll get those questions answered is to go directly to the source. It ain't gonna make the Road easier, and it ain't gonna give you any sort of peace since I can tell you're on a warpath that's not endin' until you get those rewards you Road followers look for. But it'd be a start and give you some answers when you didn't have any. Better than nothin', right?

    Cyrus isn't exactly fond of the woman's condescending, ornery tone...but what she said does resonate with him. For months, he's allowed his frustration with FWA cloud his vision with his opponents. And while his anger with FWA is, in his mind, righteous and well-deserving for ignoring what he's accomplished in lieu of making him out to be the villain, it's hard to say that it's the same with his opponents. Was KAIZEN truly a puppet of FWA's vision, or simply misguided and lacking the understanding that experience teaches?

    ...Is Shannon something more than what she appears to be?

    Even more questions, but unlike before, there seems to be some direction this time. It's more than Cyrus had when he came into this bookstore, for sure. And with Back in Business just days away, it would have to be enough.

    Cyrus slings the bag over his shoulder as his tone softens a bit, perhaps as a mild show of respect to this store's keeper.

    Cyrus Truth: I'm leaving. There's work to be done. And about that...

    Cyrus points to the charred "Tales of Fantasy" on the countertop. The old woman sighs, but replies:

    Old Woman
    : Leave it. It's clear you can't be trusted with it, and I might be able to find a bookbinder to make a new one if I can transcribe anythin' from this mess. Just do an old woman a favor and stop gettin' upset about the fickleness of people. Do what you think you have to do and let folks like me sort it out in the history books.

    Cyrus cracks the smallest of smirks as he turns towards the door. As he walks out, the camera fades to black, with the last sound being that of the door's chiming bell...


    A new video is uploaded to the night before the final Fight Night before Back in Business, where both FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth and challenger Shannon O'Neal are slated to fight in separate matches. Shannon faces the man Cyrus beat to win the title, Ryan Rondo. And Cyrus's opponent? None other than his first challenger to the title, Bell Connelly.

    Our video shows Cyrus sitting in a dark void of a room, illuminated by three spotlights. The first is on Cyrus himself, sitting backwards on a steel chair, his arms crossed and resting on the top of the chair. He's in his ring gear, something that's been a constant on Fight Nights, a sign that he's been preparing for war. The spotlight to his right shows, hanging on a wire, the FWA World Heavyweight Championship belt. It shines in the light as it slowly sways, as if caught in a slight breeze. To Cyrus's left, a spotlight shows a hanging poster for Back in Business XII, where both he and Shannon feature prominently as the signature bout.

    The expression on Cyrus's face is...odd. It's not one that suggests any sort of joy, as to be expected with recent events. But it's not one of hidden rage as has been in the past. It's...calm. As if something has clicked in the head of The Exile that has allowed him to, at the very least, temper that rage and disdain that's been all too common lately. And as he speaks, he speaks in a tone that's he's not used in a while. Not one of hateful tyrant, but one of regal warrior.

    Cyrus Truth:
    Here we are again, Bell. Once more, into the breach. I hope you weren't expecting this to end differently than the last time we fought, because it won't. With Back in Business so close, and a match of such enormous consequence in my future, faltering now is unacceptable. Just like what happened back at the Anniversary Show, you can fight and scrape all you want, and I will put you down like I've done before. The outcome of this match will not change, and you will gain nothing from it and take nothing away from me. So I hope you can accept that as your fate and instead refocus your efforts on your match with Rondo at Back in Business instead. Because if you want to try and test me again, I will crush you as I did before, and with far less hesitation than I had when we fought last.

    Cyrus Truth: But there is something I have to ask, Bell. Why take this match? If it's to try and get back into World Title contention, I fail to see how this will accomplish that. At least, how this would accomplish something beating Rondo at Back in Business wouldn't. FWA's desperate to get this title belt off me, because they know I see through their deceit and their lies. Truth be told, had you asked O'Ryan to make this a title match, he probably would've given it to you, if for no other reason than to give Robinson something to smile about. After all, he's not had many reasons to smile since I took his belt, dominated his company, and told him and his corporate suits to burn in hell for being so unbelievably blind to what their company is and should be. So if not the World Title, then what? Redemption? Trying to reset the balance back to zero? Understandable, but ultimately fruitless if the title you want isn't on the line. Still, that is part of it, isn't it? You remember how you lost at the Anniversary Show, having your body wracked in relentless torment, being forced to swallow your pride and submit. It'd eat at me...I can only imagine how much it would eat away at you, especially having lost your Women's Title not long after. But that's not it?

    Cyrus scratches his chin as he carefully chooses his next words.

    Cyrus Truth: Shannon's your friend, isn't she? And she's made it clear that she despises me. And a good friend stands with her friend, right? Holds their beliefs with respect, and fights their battles for them...oh wait, that last thing. Not that last thing. Fighting "alongside," not "for," right? Regardless, is that all this match is for you, Bell? Is that all you have to fight for? I've come to realize that FWA will burn and die and there's nothing I can do to try and convince the overseers to open their eyes. So instead, I choose to focus on what I can do. I seek glory, and fights to stir the soul. But what I don't want are fights where my opponents don't have something their own to fight for. I'm through feeling like I'm fighting wind-up tin soldiers and want to get back to fighting warriors. So, then...what is it, Bell? Why do you fight? What is it that you want? Not "who" you're fighting for, because I know you say something ephemeral like fighting for the fans. If you seek anything in this wrestling business, it must be something you need. I need glory to build my legacy. I do this for nobody but myself, and will continue to do so until such a time my legacy is secured. What about you? What do you want? What is it that your heart desires? Please, Bell...if you must fight me, don't fight for FWA. Don't fight for Shannon, and do not fight for the fans. Find something worth fighting for yourself. Give me at least one meaningful, worthwhile fight before I sentence Shannon to her execution...

    As Cyrus speaks, his phone starts beeping. He sees that Shannon's posted another Tweet showing her camping out on top of the arena in Denver. Cyrus rolls his eyes as he pockets his phone.

    Cyrus Truth: Well, it seems another princess wants an audience with the king. I'm rather tired of hearing her drivel, but perhaps...all right then. You want to speak to me, Shannon? Fine. I'll be there, right in the middle of the ring at the start of the show. If you want to say something, I'll allow you to. Say what you feel you have to say and let the rest be silence. On Fight Night, I crush Bell. At Back in Business, I extinguish you. I only hope you say something on Fight Night that convinces me that you're challenging me for something worth fighting for...

    The spotlights cut out as the video goes to black...

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    The Road to Redemption
    The Rebirth of James Sync

    Chapter 3: With Sprinkles!

    The camera comes to life in front of an establishment on the corner of a busy intersection. Cars are flying by and people are rushing down the street in what can only be described as organized chaos. The camera pans up to see a sign mounted to the top of the building that reads “cRiSiS Parlor.” The camera person opens the door and audible bell ding follows. The camera person moved into the building which looks to be an ice cream parlor. There is a large employee only area located behind the counter, blocked by a sneeze guard. One can only assume just how many different flavors of ice cream are stockpiled back there. The walls are decorated with posters of rock bands, signed music memorabilia, and a plethora of skateboards. The camera person moves toward the counter where a man with long dirty blond hair is sitting. His hair is held back by a black bandana and his arms on display coming out of a black denim vest. It’s James Sync and he is occupied by watching a wrestling match on the television. One of the men in the match has messy black hair and is tall and lean. A door opens behind the counter which draws James Sync’s attention. The camera pans over to the noise and the same man who is on the TV wrestling walks up to the counter. He puts his hand on the counter and looks at Sync. Sync shoves his chest a bit to get some space and chuckles.

    James Sync: You aren’t doing too bad for yourself, cousin. You got this amazing ice cream shop, you’re still one of the best skateboarders in the world, AND you can still put on a damn good match. You ever think about coming back the FWA, Chris?

    The man in question is James Sync’s cousin and former tag team partner, Christopher “cRiSiS” England. England laughs and leans back on the counter behind him. He looks above himself and on the wall are three replica championship belts. The one above the other two is a replica of the FWA Tag Team Championship.

    Christopher England: You know, James, I’ve thought about it. That’s just it though, I thought about it. I got so much on my plate right now that I don’t have time to commit to the FWA. Since I held the tag titles with you, I have had an incredible drive to improve myself. Since you were last at my shop I got those two other titles, one of them you should recognize. Not too long after you left SCW I came in and won the Paramount Championship. The other one is the LOW United States Championship. I held that one longer than the other two, but the FWA Tag Title is ranked higher since my time with the FWA was a blast. While I love tagging with you James, those singles title mean a lot too. I know I can go out and do this thing on my own, and I don’t wanna come back to the FWA and get partnered up again. I did the tag thing, and sure it was fun, but I got stuff to prove to myself, just as you do. Maybe one day I’ll come back, but not until you get yourself another singles title. If you can do that, I’ll feel safe enough to not get forced into another tag title reign.

    James Sync: You think if you come back we can get the tag titles just like that? I mean, you’re probably right, but not just about that. We both got stuff to prove, and every week I’m proving something to myself, and proving someone else wrong. Don’t make any long term plans though, I plan on getting the North American Championship in the next few months. I know you’ll be watching and when I get that title, you better pick up that phone and tell them you want back. If you got something to prove to yourself, you can prove it to me too. Imagine the battles we could have with each other! Let’s face it, every tag team that breaks up, someone ends up coming out with a new lease on life. Look at Vodka and Venom. Sure, Ashley O’Ryan made some advancements, but the real top dog from that was Stu St. Clair. When the Unholy Uprising ended, it was while Matt Boudreau was in the middle of the longest FWA Championship reign in history and G-Rich was on his way out.

    Christopher England: Aren’t you going against a former tag champ this week?

    James Sync: Yeah that’s right, oh! Thanks for reminding me, get me a bowl of Cherry Garcia!

    Both of them start laughing hysterically. Sync is banging the counter and England is just trying to breath. England is making his way over to the ice cream bar as the laughter starts to fade away.

    Christopher England: Did you really just Segway that on purpose? Were you trying to get me to ask about your opponent?

    James Sync: Guilty as charged I guess. I couldn’t help it okay? I’m going against Michael Garcia next, and yeah, he used to be a FWA Tag Team champion with his brother. They held the titles for a couple months and that title reign ended about a year ago. Garcia hasn’t done much of anything since then for being such a monster. He has all the physical gifts anyone could want. He’s tall as hell, big as hell, and quick as hell. The only thing he is missing is the ability to pull of wins in big match situations. He lost the tag team championship rematch, the Titles on a poll match at the anniversary show and just at Payback he lost his shot at the North American Championship in a Casket Match. Now, as long as Parr is champion, Garcia won’t get another chance. If Toner can beat Parr this week, then Garcia will get another shot at the title at Back in Business when he faces Toner. All signs point to Garcia taking a trip to CHOKEville, though. This week he’s going to have a blow to his self-esteem because I’m not about to let this beast get the better of me.

    At this point, James Sync has been rambling on while his ice cream sits in front of him just melting away. Sync sees this and shoots England a dirty look.

    James Sync: You know, you could have stopped me at any time.

    Christopher England: Now why on Earth would I ever do that? This reaction is so much more priceless.

    James Sync: You know what, Chris? I’m about to do to you what Mayweather is about to do to McGregor.

    Christopher England: You know, your ice cream is still melting.

    Sync starts taking bites of his Cherry Garcia ice cream. He takes some time to speak between bites.

    James Sync: Thanks, ass. This is actually a perfect analogy for Michael Garcia. Both of them are named Garcia and both of them melt because of the heat. Eventually when something melts completely, no one wants it. I have a feeling that come Back in Business, this bowl of ice cream is going to be melted to the point it evaporates and just disappears. Those lights are bright; I know from experience. Garcia won his first Back in Business match, but since then he lost the last one which was for his tag team championship. Going into Back in Business this year, I’m going to extinguish any fire inside Garcia. My Road to Redemption runs through him this week and I have the North American Championship in sights. I don’t care who I end up facing for the championship: Parr, Garcia, or Toner. James Sync is going to be the North American champion by the end of the summer.

    Christopher England: You know you don’t have to sell yourself to me.

    James Sync: Shut up and get me another bowl!

    Both of them start laughing again as the camera fades to black.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread



    A handheld camera feed jolts into life - Ryan Rondo wearing a shit eating grin on his face is the full focus.


    It's not quite certain what he's going for but the grin he wears totally evaporates just as fast as it appeared. Now he just looks peeved. It's not quite sure where he is - it's clear he is outside from the light surrounding him but there's not much to make up due to his mug taking up all the screen. It appears to be either very early in the morning or very late at night due to the Sun's position in the sky. It's either just beginning to rise or it's just beginning to set. It's difficult to tell.

    "Did that scare you? No? Well, I promise you that'll all change after I say what I've got to say."

    He brings the camera away from his face and instead decides to display his surroundings. Rondo is, again, by his lonesome and appears to be outside of a square building. It seems slightly dated judging by the faded red brick that makes up the building's exterior. However, it doesn't seem to be completely derelict or ancient judging by the few windows it has being clean.

    "Know where I am? No? I bet someone watching does. Or maybe they've forgotten. Let's find out? I'm sure their brow is raised already. But let me tell you all where I am. I'm in Los Angeles. A wonderful city, of course... besmirched by the absolute moronic shitheads that parade themselves around it. But... I'm not here to insult them. No. I'm only here to ensure I get the attention of one person in particular. Just incase she hasn't clued in yet: I'm standing in 7574 Sunset Boulevard. And this absolute monstrosity of a building behind me? Oh, it's only the 'famous' Fortune Gym of Los Angeles..."

    Rondo pretends to feign confusion - almost as if he's responding to the viewer, he's clearly assuming that they have no idea what he's going on about.

    "What? You mean you haven't heard of it? Well.... why don't we go inside... take a little tour? It'll be fun. It'll be like old times... isn't that right, Shannon? Let's do it. Let's relive the past. Let's explore a little bit of Shannon O'Neal's history. Let's see where she has crafted her mediocre skillset."

    "The Last Star in the Sky" takes a few steps forward and approaches the main entrance to the gym. He rests the camera down on the ground and allows the viewer to see him in full. He's wearing his trademark leather jacket and jeans once more. He proceeds to try and open the frail looking wooden door... but there's no success. He turns around to the camera and shrugs his shoulders.

    "Well. I guess that's it. No tour today. Place is closed. I must be too early. Damn. Show's over, ladies and gentlemen. That's my shit ruined."

    Rondo walks away out of picture. Seemingly bringing this scene to an abrupt close. The camera is left focusing on the door.


    Suddenly, Rondo's face appears infront of the camera as he bends down on the ground. He speaks with a slight snarl.

    "Just kidding, Shannon. You think I'd give up that easy? Come on, now. We're going on that tour."

    He gives a slight wink at the camera - probably intended for Shannon O'Neal. He breaks into a brief smile before turning around and cracking the door down with a thunderous boot - it flies off of its hinges. Rondo turns around and appears to be proud of his work. He even cackles a little as he walks over to the camera and picks it up.

    "Well, then, let's get to work."

    The 'tour' begins as Rondo steps over the fragments of the door and gets into the main building. The wooden floorboards creak - Rondo pans the camera down to focus on them and you can see just how worn out everything is. There's high potential for skelfs here if you were trudge along it with your bare skin.

    "This place really is a fucking shitpit. Did you really feel at home here, Shannon? This is no place for a lady. But it all makes sense why you're such an embarrassment now... seeing where you came from. Christ. For all the talk of standing up for women and shit... I can't help but think you might have been better served just living up to the stereotype of being a designated sandwich maker."

    He turns the camera back on himself and feigns being aghast at his own words. His next spiel is absolutely dripping with sarcasm.
    "Oh my god, did I just say that? I'm so sorry. I shouldn't stoop to such low levels."

    He smirks.

    "Yeah right. I'll say and do whatever the fuck I want. Deal with it. Shannon O'Neal - you're better served being in the kitchen than you are being in this absolute fucking dump. Look at the state of this place. Who the fuck cleans this place? Certainly not you. And THAT is shocking for a woman. Holy shit, would your mother be happy with this? I bet she was a good woman. I bet she would clean this shit right up nice and good. I wonder if she was as rebellious as you are when it comes to proclaiming independence from men?"

    The camera turns back to focusing on the gym - we're able to see the main 'area' with a couple of boxing bags as well as the ring. There are pictures - some black and white, some coloured - on the wall. They feature fighters of all kinds. There's obviously a lot of inspiration to be found in this gym. But Ryan Rondo doesn't see that. He sees nothing but a shithole that created nothing but a brat in Shannon O'Neal.

    "I'll give it to you - the pictures are a nice touch. But you wanna know something funny, Shannon? For someone who honed themselves here... alot of the people pictured here appear to be men. The gender you've been battling against... but yet the sources of inspiration here seem to be mainly men. Isn't that just a little hypocritical? You lambast us. You big yourself up for being a women. But you're a weapon shaped by the men that have stepped through these doors before you. How fucking hilarious is that?


    But you know what? I didn't come here just to point out how much of a shitpit this is. I didn't come here to point out how this place seems to be shaped by men. I came here to get a sense of who Shannon O'Neal is. What makes her tick. How she's trained. Believe it or not - I want to beat you. And to do that, I need to understand how you've worked and how came to be at the top of the FWA's totem pole it seems. and I have to say...

    I don't get it. I don't. There is nothing special about this place. Nothing.

    Maybe what's special is that the ghosts of your deceased parents seem to haunt here, right?"

    He pretends to feel shivers down his spine.

    "Eerie stuff. Do you think they can hear me now, Shannon? Do they think they can hear me spit venom about you? I really want to know... because I came here to let them know all about you. I want them to know how their daughter is viewed by someone superior to here. Someone who outclasses her in every single way. Someone that she will NEVER live up to in terms of legacy and accomplishment. I want you to watch this and tell me if you can see them and their disappointed, cold, dead faces. I truly disdain you, Shannon Cletus O'Neal and I want you to feel the sting of everything I say."

    The ring gets Rondo attention and he raises his eyebrows - he puts the camera on the apron and decides to hop in. He pulls on the ropes and tests them out. They appear to pass the test. He seems satisfied with the ring's quality.

    "Not bad. Honestly. It's a good ring. Maybe I can understand a little how you've gotten here. And, you know what, you slept in this gym for months, Shannon... that's to be respected. At least you have loyalty. But that doesn't change what I think about you as a person or a wrestler. You're garbage. I mean it. You're riding a wave of momentum right now and you stepped up when it mattered at the Carnal Contendership. You've got big boots now and you're making sure Cyrus Truth knows allllllllll about it right? You're going to be this great hero for the FWA and ladies everywhere. You're going to prove that women can be the best. Except... it won't mean shit. Women have been at the top of the FWA on and off. You're nowhere near some of them. Oh, I know you beat Gabrielle once upon a time and all when she was the champ... but so did I. Moira Crawford, Gabrielle, Jenny Ignito, Ayla El, Jillian DeSilva... fuck there's probably others that have all come before you and made a splash. You're nothing special. You and your little mongoloid friend. The women I named above didn't hide behind some bullshit gender equality mission to facilitate their title pushes and hide their selfishness. We all know Bell Connelly is a phony dopey fuck... but you, you're smarter than that. You aren't trying to hide it. You're just trying to disguise it. And it seems by how people react to you that they are gobbling that shit right up!

    But you know what? Anyone in your position would have their shit gobbled up. Cyrus Truth is disliked. I hate that guy. I'll probably even cheer for you."

    He stops for a moment and composes himself .. he lets out a stifled laugh but keeps it under control.

    "Yeah. That isn't happening. I don't give a fuck about the Back in Business main event. It's like the presidential election over again - both sides are full of shit and nobody really likes either. Where's KAIZEN Sanders when you need him? That's right, too busy crying over the fact he's a choke artist and finding solace in the arms of some chumpy kickboxing bitch. The FWA has become a place of fucking losers recently - you know that's true when Shannon O'Neal is headlining Back in Business. That's sickening. Sickening. And I know I'm to blame a little bit. I should've tried at the Carnal Contendership match. I should've dumped your ass over the top rope along with Bell's. But I guess I just want to see the shitshow go down either way. I think, deep down, you know that I let you win that match, Shannon. You know that I would've won that match if I tried. Everyone else knows it too. Nobody thinks you're a worthy winner... I don't think you're worthy of sharing the same ring as me never mind winning the Carnal Contendership match. But I guess you have the chance to prove me wrong, right? You have the chance to shut me up and show that I'm full of shit. You have the chance to prove to me that you deserve your place against Cyrus Truth, right?"

    He snorts derisively.

    "But we both know you won't take that chance. You're just not that good. You're the weakest Back in Business headliner the FWA has seen in some time. Quite possibly the weakest headliner the FWA has ever had for Back in Business. How does that feel?"

    He cups his ears and shouts - there's a furious tone to his voice now.


    Now, in stark contrast to the previous few sentences, Rondo lowers his voice and whipsers.

    "I don't think they're here, Shannon. I don't think they're listening. That's a real shame. But you know what? It's ok. I'm fine with your parents not knowing what an absolute redneck you really are. And I don't mean redneck in terms of a knuckle dragging hillbilly shithead, I mean how fucking shameless you are with the shit you spout."

    There's a slight realness to Rondo's words here. It's almost like he's showing he cares about this a little. A slight departure from how he has acted recently.

    "You talk such a big fucking game against Cyrus Truth. You're here to save the FWA and all this dumb shit. The fans gobble it up, like I said... but not me. Don't you see? You're on the same path as Cyrus Truth. He jumped to the FWA from the CWA just in time for the Carnal Contendership, won, was paraded as some sort of hero then he eventually got the title. And now the fans see him for what he truly is: a prick. You? Well, you're doing the exact same thing aren't you? Maybe it's a little different. Maybe it's fucking WORSE. You ditched the FWA for the CWA... and came back when you spied an opportunity to serve yourself... and lo and behold, you won. Now what? You're the hero the FWA needs. Give me a fucking break. It's fucking shameless. Your neck is made of brass. It's an embarrassment. I can't wait for the next chapter, though. If you win that belt... oh boy.... that's going to be something. EVERYONE knows where it's going with you but they're all too afraid to speak up and call it what it is: a fucking ego trip for you and humpty dumpty ditzy dipshit Bell. You're going to win that belt and I GUARANTEE the first thing you do is get Bell involved, right? You'll drone on and on and on about how Bell deserves a chance... how you guys can finally main event a show together... and it's all just one massive crapshoot. Bell Connelly deserves fucking NOTHING. You deserve NOTHING. All it will be is you handing your friend a title shot. Nobody wants to see that shit.

    What you really should do - the pair of you - is get together and prepare a little apology. Apologise to the likes of Eimi Sanada - who I hope isn't dead... if I killed her, that's my bad. I guess women are weaker than men? But yeah, you should apologise for DESERTING the women's division. You two are to blame for the fall of the FWA Women's Division - because all you cared about was furthering your own careers and winning the world title to prove such a dumb point. Nobody gives a shit about this gender divide but stuck up feminazis that can't get laid. Is that it, Shannon? Are you not getting the D? There's plenty of fuckboy nerd chumps on wrestling forums that'll give you a good pounding and curb your shit if you need it. Not your style? Then I guess I'll just have to beat it out of you. And trust me, I'm going to make you regret thinking you could ever step up to men like me in the ring. This is the first time you've ever faced me, little girl, and you'll realise why you've stayed out of my way all this time.

    You feel proud that you can stand up to Cyrus Truth? I'll take that away in an instant. Cyrus Truth isn't the biggest threat in the FWA anymore.

    I am."

    He runs the ropes for a moment before stopping and looking back into the camera.

    "You know what, Shannon? Why don't you just come down here and we can fight now. We don't have to wait until Fight Night. Bring Bell and she'll get a little glimpse into her future. Bring everyone. Fuck, I want your parents to watch me beat the ever loving piss out of you. I want your parents to see just how much of a failure... a joke you really are. They'll be turning in their graves at the sight of you soon enough."

    "The Last Star in the Sky" looks like he is done but he raises his finger as if to make one last point - you can almost see the shit eating grin begin to form once more.

    "Never mind, Shannon. I guess Fight Night will do. All is not lost..."

    He reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out two tickets for Fight Night.

    "Usually I charge for these... but I'm not sure if your parents are able to pay me. But here..."

    He throws them down in the middle of the ring.

    "Make sure they pick them up. I still want them to see what I'm going to do to their little girl. Go get a shovel and dig them up so they can enjoy the show. Maybe I'll bury you with them as a favour. Thanks. Now... where's the pisser? My backteeth are swimming. Maybe I should hold it in so I can piss all over you and that dumb fuck."

    He disappears out of view of the camera for a moment. There is an audible noise of what appears to be a zip being undone followed by the splashing of... liquid. After a few moments it stops and the camera is picked up.

    "You know, Shannon, someone really should clean this place up a bit better. It fucking reeks of urine, man. Do something about it, you stupid bitch."

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    "This is Your Fault"

    Fury rushes through her body as she sees what has happened. The Women's Championship, the belt she once carried with so much pride, was destroyed into bits and pieces, scattered about in a wooden box. She looked into the box and her mouth drew open, with both anger and depression sweeping through her veins. The championship looked like someone took a hammer to it, over and over again. And now it's headed to the trash, broken into little pieces. And the strap, oh the strap itself, had the look of a dog's chew toy.

    Watching through a TV screen, seeing this scene unfold hours after it actually happened, Shannon O'Neal can only clench her fist and bang it on the table of her hotel room.

    When she looks back up, she sees Bell's face. One of sadness, sheer grief, and even a bit of self-blame her way. She just read the note on the box, and now she's putting the pieces together. Shannon wishes she could be there for her friend, tell her it's not her fault at all, and that the man responsible is obviously someone who doesn't know what it's like to be Women's Champion.

    The man responsible is a piece of work.

    Shannon wants to tell Bell this — and to tell her it'll all be OK.

    But she knows it won't do any good.

    The only thing Shannon can do ... she can't do until June 23rd.


    The date is July 21st, two days before the last Fight Night on the path to Back in Business XII. It's now 19 days since Shannon O'Neal sat in her hotel room and watched a replay of Fight Night — and saw what Bell Connelly saw, only through a TV screen.

    Shannon has moved beyond her momentary and temporary grief and sadness. She now has a smile on her face, although that is in part due to where she currently is.

    Denver, Colorado is home to Rocky Mountain Pro Wrestling, and Shannon O'Neal is live for Episode 13, the season finale. With a smile on her face, she's watching Nannie AC, Allie Gato and The Unholy Trinity go at it in the Lockettes Championship triple threat. The fact-paced, high-intensity action has Shannon on her feet, standing to watch with her eyes glued to the athleticism of Nanny AC.

    And the ruthlessness of Allie Gato.

    And the ... undefined it-factor of Unholy Trinity.

    No one outside of Denver will know who these three outstanding female athletes are, and neither did Shannon before tonight, but she's amazed at them right now. The camera following Shannon is an FWA camera, although the Rocky Mountain Pro cameras already spotted her and broadcast her on the live web stream on the fed's website. Shannon gave a nice wave and a wink with a middle finger for that. When the FWA cameras approach, having asked to follow her for the night out with Fight Night looming, Shannon's smile diminishes juuuuust a tad bit, as if she's disenchanted by the distraction from the in-ring entertainment.

    "I never really get the chance to ... watch wrestlin' as a fan much no more ... so I'm a little put off by y'all gettin' so close. It's kinda pissin' me off."

    Shannon turns back from the camera and continues watching. Nanny AC lands a nice back-flip counter into an arm drag and a running knee, and Shannon gives a light applause, truly gripped by the three-way action.

    The FWA cameras back up a bit, as the crew considers another time during the show to stop by. But Shannon changes her tune quickly and beckons them back to her.

    "Nah, nah. ... Nah ... This is actually perfect. Nah, stay here. Stay. ... I gotta' few things to say about Fight Night, and now is the right time with what we're watchin'."

    Shannon points to the in-ring action, and the camera quickly turns to see it before looking back at the main attraction.

    "Ya' see ... Ryan Rondo and me had problems at Carnal Contendership. Way back to then. 'Cause Ryan decided to take my friend's dream and crush it. And I don't know why. ... And I don't really care, to be honest. I don't care why he did it. He might'a said it recently. I haven't really cared what he's had to say. But when I saw the Women's Championship in that box, broken into bits n pieces, that anger and beef with Ryan came rushin' back.

    There's a lot of things goin' on in this. First off, it's mah friend. Bell don't deserve none of this shit. She really don't. And all the shit I've had buildin' up for Cyrus Truth, I got some stored away for Ryan Rondo, too. This shit personal, man. This shit way personal, way more than people realize or wanna admit.

    Rondo is tryin' to be a bad man, but he's bein' a little bitch. And he's tryin' to spit on the history of the women in the FWA who have made this place great. He's tryin' to tear down what Bell and me and many others spent years buildin' up."

    Shannon looks back to the ring, where the match is getting close to its climax. Shannon smiles yet again watching it unfold.

    "Ya' see ... this is some legit shit. This is ... this is some badass women's wrestlin'. This is the type of shit Ryan Rondo wishes he could still put on. This is the type of pride Cyrus Truth ain't got anymore. This is the type of love, the type of passion, the type of work ... that has been missin' from the top spot in the FWA for a long long time.

    And that's why I wanted ya' to sit here and watch it. 'Cause I been sayin' a lotta shit 'bout Cyrus Truth the last few weeks. But Ryan Rondo, man, he ain't much different. Could say some shit 'bout him, too. So let's do it."

    Shannon pauses for a brief moment as a fan introduces herself to Shannon O'Neal gleefully. She gladly turns her attention to the fan's admiration and takes a quick selfie photo with her. Shannon then offers words of encouragement after hearing the fan wants to be a wrestler in the future.

    After about 20 seconds, Shannon turns back to the camera, with a smile on her face still.

    "I love that shit.

    Anyways, where were we? Ryan Rondo and Cyrus Truth pretty damn similar. Both of them are egotistical psychopaths who struggle to find personal happiness. Ya' see, though, they got some differences, too. Cyrus Truth is an egotistical psychopath who refuses to admit it — and instead would rather suffer in his own disappointment with his life but is too egotistical and hateful to give somethin' up when he knows it don't make him happy. Cyrus Truth don't wanna be World Champion, but he won't just walk away. He won't just let someone come take the belt. And that's fine. But it ain't because of some noble pride he has for the belt. It's 'cause he can't allow himself to ... lose. And if that's a good thing or not don't matter, 'cause the truth is he is gonna' be unhappy either way. And instead of tryin' to find the best in situations, Cyrus decides to sulk and pity himself and make everyone else have to listen to the bullshit."

    Shannon is on a roll now.

    "Ryan Rondo ... see, he knows he's an egotistical psychopath. He knows it. He don't care, either. He makes himself happy by ... hurting other people. He brings himself up by tearin' others down. He goes out of his way to ... wreck other people's dreams and that somehow brings him a sick pleasure. What he did to Bell ... that's an example. What he did to the Women's Championship, that's an example.

    Ryan Rondo ... is just gonna' do whatever he wants in a search to find happiness while he suffers through whatever he's goin' through. And yeah, I'm playin' psychiatrist with Ryan Rondo. I used to be a bartender, remember? I see sadness when I know it. Rondo's got it. He might smile and put on a show when he's actin' out, but the class clown makes everyone laugh with his antics except for the teacher, and himself when no one is lookin'. Rondo is the same, man."

    Shannon turns just in time to see the ending to the championship match here at Rocky Mountain Pro. Unholy Trinity gets the pinfall and the crowd watches as the weird, dynamic, gothic-looking wrestler is handed the championship. Shannon applauds the effort as she takes a moment away from the camera.

    "But man, Rondo really ain't been doin' that much the last year. Let's go through it.

    Ryan Rondo has ... lost the Undisputed World Championship to Cyrus Truth. Then he left. Then he came back and rivaled with Phillip A. Jackson. Then he lost two times out'a three. Then he attacked and hurt an announcer. Then he ruined Bell's chances at winnin' Carnal Contendership. Then he destroyed the Women's title.

    So let's recap. He's done nothin' substantial in a match. He hasn't really won a feud or rivalry. He hasn't done a thing to show for. All he's got is his annoying little actin-out moments when he decides he doesn't have'ta play by the rules for anyone.

    So here's the thing, Ryan. Congrats. Ya' smashed the Women's title into pieces. I was pissed. I used to carry that title around with pride. I had it on two occasions, once for more than eight months and once for less than eight minutes.

    But I ain't mad anymore. I ain't. 'Cause when I watch 'gals like these three compete and steal a show, I am reminded somethin'.

    The women, like Bell and me, we have risen ABOVE the Women's title. We ain't restricted by it no more. We don't need to just be 'bout the Women's title. We made that division, and then we graduated above it. And we brought other women with us. We're followin' in the footsteps of others who came before us, who did similar. They made the Women's title great, and then they carried that history with them to North American title, tag team titles, and World title reigns. They defined the Women's title, but the Women's title ain't define them. And it ain't definin' us.

    Not anymore.

    So ya' smashed the belt. Big move, big man. But ya' ain't smash what I'm gonna do to Cyrus Truth at Back in Business. And ya' ain't smash what Bell is gonna do to ya' at Back in Business. Ya' ain't destroyin' the fact that at Back in Business, in one night, Bell and I are gonna' have our biggest wins, at our biggest shows. We're gonna succeed in our biggest moments of our careers. And we're gonna do it in part 'cause of what we did, how we grew, and who we became 'cause of our time as Women's Champion.

    We helped define that belt, and we helped continue the proud tradition of that division from the years and legends before us. That proud tradition don't die just with a broken belt. That tradition, and us bein' part of it, helped make us who we are."

    Shannon stops the three girls who competed as they walk back up the aisle. She congratulates all three as they walk through and gives her own little message to each. The three break kayfabe to give their appreciation, and Shannon even hugs the new champion, Unholy Trinity. The crowd nearby, the ones who have stayed, cheer Shannon's act. To her, though, it's just helping groom three future stars of women's wrestling. Three who could carry the pride, with or without a Women's Championship.

    "So nah, Ryan, I don't really give a shit in the end if ya' broke my belt, smashed it, burned it, whatever. But that don't mean ya' don't deserve a good ass-woopin' for what ya' been doin'. So come Fight Night, I'm gonna bust ya' ass 'cause it's 'bout time ya' little actin-out shit got smacked in the damn face."

    Shannon gets right into the camera and headbutts it before walking out of her row and out of the arena, foregoing the upcoming Rocky Mountain Pro matches on the card featuring all male wrestlers. Shannon doesn't care, though, and heads out after seeing everything she wanted at the show.

    "The Golden One" Devin Golden

    3x FWA World Heavyweight Champion
    2x FWA X Champion
    4x FWA Tag Team Champion
    Final record: 94-58-10

    Shannon O'Neal
    2x FWA Women's Champion
    1x FWA World Champion

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    -We see Starr and Risky standing in a black room.. The camera cuts off at their waist. Starr is a bit in front of Risky since this is his usual style. The odd thing is Starr is in his usual red suit; however, Risky seems to be wearing nothing. Starr smirks while Risky stands with his arms crossed.-

    Starr: Risky I couldn't be any more proud -he looks over to see the naked man that was next to him the entire time.- … RISKY? WHERE THE HELL ARE YOUR CLOTHES!?!?

    Risky: -thinking nothing of it- What? You said wear my best suit?

    Starr: -His mouth hangs open and he responds angrily.- NOT YOUR BIRTHDAY SUIT!!

    Risky: -Risky realizes his mistake.- Well slap my ass and call me Sally! Boy, wouldn’t that be embarrassing if the camera panned down, right? -He nudges Starr and laughs.-

    Starr: -He doesn't think this is funny at all.- Please! Just go put on one of my suits… or some underwear at least

    Risky: -Returns his request with a thumbs up.- Got it. What colour should I choose?

    Starr: I don’t care...

    -Risky walks off camera, and Starr turns and rolls his eyes. Risky returns wearing one of Starr's suits. -

    Risky: Better?

    Starr: -he answers very quickly- Yes! Very…

    Risky: Excellent! Continue… -motions for him to keep talking-

    Starr: As I was saying… Risky, -he repeats his motion of turning to face Risky.- I couldn't be any more proud of us as a team. We came together as total opposites and by the end of it… I’d say we left as friends. Did you hear Langdon last week? He said that WE are the team of the future. That whole arena was chanting our names. Buddy... we were semi main! We were on fire! We were this close Fight Night. We had those two greek god posers beaten! ...Until someone got pinned.

    Risky: -He grimaces- Well it wasn’t EXACTLY my fault.

    Starr: Hey, I'm not naming names, but an L is an L, buckaroo. We lost, BUT, through some of my… connections... I had a few strings pulled. Listen to this Risky, tonight we got us a Tag Team Triple Threat match against Genocide and The Heartbreak Express!

    Risky: Well that does brighten my mood! Forget those Olympians, those two got lucky against us! They can’t handle these moves, and your striking ability! We’re two great individuals coming together to form one of the best athletic teams in FWA ever!

    Starr: Yeah man! I love that confidence! Say Risky, you ever hear about these Genocide guys?

    Risky: -he thinks about the name for a second- I’ve heard a couple things.

    Starr: Well you know, I saw both of them and uh that big guy, what’s his name... Sinn? He's most definitely gonna be our biggest problem here.

    Risky: What makes you say that, Starr?

    Starr: Because he's SoOoOOoO CRAZY! -Starr gets a little over the top.- And that Graves hobbit? He's SoOOoOOoOO WHACKY! -He grabs Risky’s blazer and pulls him close.-Just look at them both! They’re both so edgy and… dark and... brooding. They're like that one movie… uh… -Starr drifts off trying to think of the name of the film.-

    Risky: -Risky scratches his head and comes up with an answer.- Twilight?

    Starr: -Risky guessed correctly.- Yeah! Except instead of vampires, one looks like a really bad Joker cosplay, and the other one looks like a bad Michael Myers cosplay! We can't combat that craziness, Risky! -Starr grabs Risky’s blazer again and starts to comically weep.- WE JUST CAN’T!!!

    Risky: -Risky leans down and whispers.- Starr, you're supposed to be talking bad about them.

    Starr: -he jolts back up back to normal.- Risky, I'm being sarcastic...

    Risky: -Standing corrected.- Oh… Well what about those other two guys?

    Starr: The Heartbreak Express? -He lets out a large, belly laugh. - PFFT, you think those two pea brained jocks are a threat? Those two aren’t a threat without that Little Miss Sunshine between them. I'm pretty sure that tiny blonde chick is there dominatrix or something.

    Risky: -Risky laughs.- Sounds kinky.

    Starr: -He continues to joke with Risky.- Seriously, the bleach from that little girl’s hair is probably seeping into her brain and rotting it. Those poor things are delusional.-he turns to address the camera.- Maddy Banks, every time that me and Riskerton over here got in that ring against each other, we tore that house down and we brought out the best in us. You see, unlike the two Slab Bulkheads that you got beside you, and I’m gonna let you in on a secret here… people actually LIKE us. Madeline, you just don’t understand that those two boytoys ain't got nothin on StarRisky!

    Risky: -Risky winks at Starr and shoots a finger gun his way.- Oooo, niiiice job on that name drop.

    Starr: It was pretty good, huh? We have another chance at beating the tag champs... All we gotta do is make it through these guys and we'll be Tag champs in no time...

    Risky: How can you be so sure we're gonna win? What if one of them beats us?

    Starr: Dougy, that ain't gonna happen. We've got this in the bag! You'll see, just follow my lead and-

    Risky: -He puts a hand on his chest, making Starr stop talking.- Wait a second, follow your lead? You cheat constantly and you bend the rules! I don't follow you! I want to be a good wrestler, not a good scam artist...

    Starr: -He’s a bit angered by the comment, but he still tries to calm the situation.- Risky, I know at the house show we had a spat, but we're passed that now... If you wanna take the lead this time, then I will follow in your footsteps. Teach me how to, Dougy. Just don't expect me to dance... yet.

    Risky: -He sounds quite enthusiastic about Starr becoming more technical.- Yeah man! That's exactly what I want to hear! So let's plan out our entrance, then we'll get some matching gear, and-

    Starr: -This time Starr puts a hand on Risky's chest stopping him in his tracks.- Risky... hold on... let's just focus on winning as a team first before we think of that stuff...

    Risky: -He mulls it over, but nods and agrees.- Okay, man. But I have some killer dance moves if you want some lessons.

    Starr: I’m sure you do… -He tries to get Risky to focus on the task at hand.- Listen, you're always talking about being a good wrestler...

    Risky: Yeah... -He looks off camera.- That guy at the gym really got to me.

    Starr: Risky! -He snaps his fingers which brings Risky back into the conversation.- We have to focus! I understand your self doubt. I'm going through it right now, -he looks down at his knee- but we can't let that get in the way. We've got 2 fresh, new teams coming up and I am not going to let those... those... amateurs come in and try to knock us off of our perch! Risky, you ARE a good wrestler. I'm a good wrestler. and together we can be unstoppable in this division. Risky, I want to talk moves with you...

    Risky: Dance moves? -He starts to get loose and takes off his blazer.- Gotcha check out this one right he-

    Starr: -Starr stops him from starting to do the cabbage patch.- NO! -he pauses- None of that... I want to talk to you about wrestling moves. You're good, I know you're good, but I want to help you become better...

    Risky: -in a hesitant tone- O-okay? I don't know if I'd like a training seminar from you. I don't want to learn ways to cheat.

    Starr: -he explodes- I DON'T CHEAT! -he takes a deep breath- Sorry… let's just talk about our opponents okay? -He clears his throat. He and Risky both look into the camera. - Boys and girls, after tonight, we are gonna: 1.) Dig a hole for Graves, 2.) Put Sinn to rest, and 3.) Make sure that The Heartbreak Express are gonna get their pretty boy hearts broken when we pick up our W. And we are known as The Greatest Team Going and The Tag of the Future! And then it’s onto the Olympians at Back in Business!

    Risky: And then we’ll go dancing in celebration after?! -Risky looks at Starr, trying to coerce him.-

    Starr: -he just laughs, looks down, puts his hand on Risky’s shoulder.- Maybe… Hey Risky, I've got an idea for a finisher...
    Risky: Oooo...

    -Starr puts his arm around Risky and they walk off camera together talking shop and mumbling strategy.-


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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    We are shown to be in a old warehouse broken glass is spread on the floor a red substance is moving across the floor. We see Graves on the floor his head busted open his face pale his body looking weak his words are weak as he talks. Sinn is standing over him with barb wire wrap around his hands.

    Do it again!

    Graves is struck with a close fist by Sinn as he falls to the ground. His breath is heavy and he is coughing up blood.

    Not again, time after time whereever I go it seems im like a hamster on the wheel stuck just going and going and wasting away in the end. I am tired of it. I know you are too Sinn. They take a look at us and think they know who we are.

    I spent my whole life screaming and all i feel like is I am screaming in a padded room and those walls are closing in around me. Sinn you have spent your life voiceless a victim in a world that built you as a monster a bottomless abyss where they could just do what they want to you because you could say nothing back.

    Funny though, maybe this whole time we should of felt this. This feeling that is pulsing through our bodies laying these little eggs of doubt and this feeling that turns these eyes red.

    Graves gets up his back against the wall.

    I am going to tell you a story. So tuck the kids in and kiss them goodnight.

    There once was a boy this boy was bright this boy was smart this boy had love in his heart and this boy had a smile on his face. This boy one day was walking home one day and saw this animal he was on the ground and there was blood everywhere and the boy ran home as fast as he could and opens the door. The boy losing breath goes to his step dad and he says theres a animal theres blood everywhere you got to help him. He takes his stepdad and he brings him to the animal he tells the boy go home I am going yo save the animal. The boy goes home as he is told and the stepdad comes home later tells the boy he saved him.

    However this little boy, goes for a walk later and he goes to the alley and he looks and sees the animal. The boy happy runs over to the animal but his joy turns to horror as he sees the animal is not moving and its neck broken.

    So the boy goes home but he doesnt tell the step dad and life goes on as the boy grows up he starts becoming a man he starts to lose his smile he starts to stop seeing the world in white and he starts to see the world for what it really is. He starts to hear crashes at night he hears screaming in the streets he sees mommy with shades on at night and bruises on her arms. He sees a sea of beer bottles on the ground that almost drowns him into the fade.

    He sees a smile on his stepdads face and terror in his moms eyes. Then he starts to hear voices in his head and things that aren't there. So then one night he comes home and step dads got a belt in one hand and a beer in another and moms in the corner bruised battered and broken.

    Moms screams go upstairs as the step smiles.

    However tonight the voices in his head and they are ringing in his skull drilling like a nail going in his head and says No!

    He gets into a fight with his step dad and the voices they stop and he goes back to the day of the animal and looks down to see his mom yelling as his step dad neck is snap and her screaming what did you do! They took him and sent him away and he saw this world for what it is and sees the world for what it will be he sees that there is no such things as happy endings there is no white knight riding off into the sunset.

    It brings me turn my point Heartbreak Express last week you thought you made it to the final chapter that you slained the wicked beast but you did not take us behind the shed and put a bullet in our brain and for that you will fall for that you will perish for that you will pay.

    As for you other two listen to these words and just understand you are in the wrong place at the wrong time in what maybe a winning fight but a clear minded losing war.
    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    "The Lost Soul"
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    As I sit at my desk at the FWA Performance Center, I look over the documents from the FWA Board of Directors and Ashley about me retiring from in-ring action to focus on being the General Manager of the nGw. After a few minutes of reading it over, I sign it then get up and look out of my office window looking out at the nGw Talents working and teaching the newest FWA Recruits. I turn back and go over to my desk, collecting the documents and head for the door but when I open it, I'm greeted by River.

    River: Sir, they've arrived and are being checked out by the FWA medical staff.

    Vincent: Thank you. I hand off the documents to my secretary Please make sure that the FWA Board of Directors get these.

    April: Yes sir.

    I head out the door and down the stairs to the main room where I see the nGw 24/7 Hardcore Champion, Charity LeGrange working with some of the new recruits while Wally Tusket makes sure no one attempts to take the Championship from her. I walk past them and head into the workout section of the building, then stop at the door when I see both Sunny and Bella lifting weights already. But before I can approach them, River touches my right arm to get my attention.

    River: Sir, one of the FWA Directors is on the phone. He's wanting you to integrate some of the work-out equipment, medical staff and equipment that the BIRD Empire uses into the FWA Performace Center.

    Vincent: Tell him that I'll think about it.

    River: He's pushing hard on it, saying that the Board will only okay you leaving in-ring action if you integrate the tech and stuff.

    Vincent sighing and taking the phone from River: I'LL THINK ABOUT IT!

    I then hang up and toss the phone back to River before heading over to where Sonny and Bella are at.

    Vincent: Don't be pushing yourselves too far

    Sunny drops the weights, jumps up and gives me a giant hug.

    Vincent: I should be the one giving you guys the hugs.

    Bella: She's just worried about your match against Jason.

    Vincent: I've been in much worse.... Just don't either of you two come down and betray me.

    Sunny buries her face into my shoulder mumbling "don't be joking about that"

    Bella: What are you going to do?

    Vincent: I'm going to do what I've always done. Push my opponent beyond anything they've thought possible and I'll fight till my dying breath.

    Sunny: But..... Aren't you going to try and beat him?

    Bella sighs: I think that he's resigned with the fact that after BIB he's done wrestling.

    Vincent: Pretty much, now both of you get back to working out.

    I kiss both Sunny and Bella then head back to the main room as they get back to working out.

    River: Sir.

    I stop and look at the door where River stands holding the phone again.

    Vincent: Oh for fucks sake.

    I head into the main room yelling at the Board Member who has been trying to get access to BIRD Imperial stuff.

    [I WIN]

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    In camera view is Bell, wearing her ring gear while leant back in a steel chair. She looks lost, as well as somewhat disappointed

    Bell Connelly: "I remember it like it was yesterday... it was sunny because the universe doesn't care for the grief of man."

    A rather grim way to start off the promo, but what a poetic way to describe what we can only assume is Bell’s mindset. Just talking about everything that happens, we see Bell slowly begin to slip away behind the eyes - not showing much emotion. She still stares away from the camera, but there's no hiding the pain she's in just remembering-

    Bell Connelly: "I honestly thought I could... I really wanted to. But looking back, it's come to my attention that I just can't. Somewhere in this-this-this-this Suger coated, mixed up head of mine I think it's possible. I mean, it's happened with so many of you. It didn't matter what they said to me, what they did, or what they tried taking from me-- at the end of the day I could still do it.

    Bell starts laughing a bit maniacally, whatever it is she's talking about is driving her further into the depths of insanity. She looks into the camera for the first time, addressing someone
    With you, it's just so different. I've done all I can, I went after you, I stood strong but you Instead of bein' a man and ownin' up to your mistakes, you thought it was best to tear away at my life, using what I loved against me l! You want to try and expose me, That's fine, good for you. But y'know what I have a problem with? Instead of showin' even an ounce of respect for what you steal you trashed HER. You’ll tell everybody that She wasn't important and you only did what you did to get to me. By TEARING THAT PIECE OF HEART OUT OF MY CHEST and you're right...opening up that box was...was...was-

    Bell doesn’t even seem to have the words to describe what that was like

    Bell Connelly But Ryan-

    For the first time in the video, Bell lets everybody know for sure that he's speaking to Ryan Rondo

    Bell Connelly: She would want me to do somethin' I can't-- and that saves you."

    Hold on, let me get this straight- It’s sometimes hard to get Bell’s meaning at the best of times but here? She’s coming across as particularly nonsensical, as if the bounds between reality and Bell’s own magical dream world have loosened significantly, going off on context clues alone we can only assume that “Her” is Bell’s beloved woman’s title that met an untimely end last week and we know she often talked to it like it was an actual person which is rather odd but this is taking it to the next level. The dismay on Bell face tells the story here, No anger on her mind, no blood boiling, Bell starts speaking with a hint of sadness that gradually becomes colder.

    Bell Connelly: Not just her of course. Everyone. Everyone up here.They’re trying to fight back, I’M trying to fight back, but Ryan, Mr. Rondo. Mr. multi-time world champion, Last Star in that twinkling sky and crusher of all my dreams, past and present… When you destroyed that title, you have no idea what you did…. “There are new voices now, and these ones, aren’t that nice

    Bell suddenly bolts up out of his seat and starts pacing around the screen now, trying to calm herself down. She's mumbling to himself, but with her rubbing her hands down up and down her face, the words aren't picked up by the camera. We might be seeing her finally breaking out into full-on insanity, the last anchor to her fragile sanity removed by Ryan Rondon Or maybe she is on something. That would explain the way she’s jittering. She looks like a full blown psychopath, and it's at this point she stops dead in her tracks. No more pacing, just pure silence in the room, and with her face buried in his hands she nods. She takes his hands away from her face and begins talking to... we're not exactly sure.

    Bell Connelly: "No no no, you're right. I can't get angry, I can't let him do that to me. Not tonight. Not Cyrus, Just 'cause I can't save Ryan, doesn't mean I should him get under my skin. But with everything he said-- everything he’s done.

    …...Who the hell is Bell talking to? Certainly, she’s not addressing us, her eyes darting anywhere BUT the camera, right now for instance she’s busy staring at the ground as if ashamed by something

    Bell Connelly: Look, look! I knowI can’t let Rondo go, but this is Cyrus! I can’t let Ryan Ruin this for me. I've been working myself for months. JUST so I can this moment. This Night. This match. One more shot at him, Ok, so true, it’s not what I wanted….It’s not for the title and it’s not the main event of Back In Business….Well, I agree yes it should….NO. don’t say it like that! Shannon deserves that spot...I’m not jealous of anyone!

    Bell stops speaking and sits back down in her chair, listening to the 'silence' that she perceives as ….Something reasoning with her. She's been talking so much about how voices speak to her, but we're seeing it for the first time and it's creepy. Very Son of Sam-esque

    Bell Connelly: Listen to me...No, listen. I HAVE to beat Cyrus. Almost a year ago, I had the damn match of my life for the world title….and I blew it. I tapped out and it may have taken this long to get him in the ring again...but I got my shot and I can’t let it go down the way it did the last time. I win, I show that I CAN beat Cyrus Truth and who knows I might be one step closer to that world title shot. I can’t lose to him again I’m not tapping again. There's-- No I-- I SAID I CAN'T DO IT! I CAN'T I CAN'T I CAN'T

    The sudden outburst from Bell is.... kinda confusing. Is she arguing with ...herself? Wait a second, she's screaming at her own thoughts? Jesus, Ryan Rondo must have really gotten to her….Which you have to imagine doesn’t bode well for her match with the world champion. After all, we all know what happened the last time Bell faced Cyrus Truth, and THAT was when she was fully focused. In this mind set she’s in...who knows?)

    Bell Connelly: Look Every single time we have to do this your way, but this time it's different! I told you, it’s me who said we can't do it like that. And if we can't do it your way, we gotta do it my way,

    Bell pauses momentarily seemingly having won the war in her own head, she stares blankly to the side rather abruptly trailing off silently lost in thought..Until she suddenly blinks and once she does something of that typical twinkle returns to her eyes as she looks to the camera her head tilted as if she’s never seen one before

    Bell Connelly: “...There’s a camera here...Was I doing something with this? What was I talking about again…. Where was I- OH RIGHT. Cyrus. Truth.

    These words seemed a lot more light in tone and her body language, in general, seems to be returning to normal she seems to have recovered from that odd episode and got right back to the issue at hand

    Bell Connelly: It’s a awhile hasn't it? You remember me right? Oh because I remember you. There isn’t a single moment when I don’t think back to that night. That match.It's never easy losing a title match. Especially when you try so very hard to achieve something you know that, deep down inside you can do. You just... haven't done it yet. And you know, that's exactly how I feel about Cyrus Truth right now. I ask myself the same question over and over, and over again. I ask myself; Why? Why couldn’t beat him that night? I mean sure, he's... he's good. He's... he's great. He's excellent. He's the Champion. He is the guy to beat, the one and only. The guy that.. doesn't often lose around these here parts and, I'm the gal y who... many expected to be the one to shut his mouth for good, and take that Undisputed Title but... I lost.I, think about it. All day, every day, every week, for months on end.I seemed to have it all planned perfect and... I believed it myself. I believed that... not only could I beat Cyrus, but I believed I could do what many people told me before was impossible. And you know I... I accepted that. I thrived on that. But you know when that final bell started to ring, and they held Truth’'s hand up in victory? I knew, right then and there that... I needed to bring something...more. Because... for as obvious as it is about who I’m supporting at Back In Business If there's any one thing I would like to admit, right here and now? It's easy; I was wrong.

    She swallows hard having finally admitted it, but at the same time feels as though she's lifted a slight weight from his shoulders. Benched a weight that would only result in "muscle" gain when the time was right

    Bell Connelly: "Cyrus Truth has, for as much as I hate to say it, for as much as I hate to admit it; he deserves it I had my shot, now it’s Shannon’s turn and I know at Back In Business she’s going to do me proud. But make no mistake about it, Cy-Cy the wrestling guy. ; it's not over between us. And I really mean that, Buddy. Because you know what? for as much as I... crave getting another world title match? It doesn't matter anymore. But don't get it twisted now, because... believe me; I still wanna be The Champion. And I WILL BE... THE CHAMPION... soon enough. But between you and I, Cyrus? Wiping out everything that’s going on with….You know,

    Bell pauses her face looking like she was trying to hold something back, can’t even bringing herself to say the name “Ryan Rondo”

    Bell Connelly: There's only one thing I want a little bit more that then that title right now. And you know what it is,? It's one of my new goals. One of my missions...Kind of like Mission Impossible except without the adorable midget running around the place for like a bajillion films. The next stage, the next level, the final boss if you will. And that boss, Cy? That boss is you

    Bell points directly down the barrel of the camera before him, trying as best he can to get his point across

    Bell Connelly: "My goal, cy, my next goal? is one thing and one thing only. And that thing is something I PROMISE to achieve tonight. Somehow, someway, I WILL... BEAT YOU! Because that's all I want...To show I can, because I know you don’t believe that I can...You don’t believe in much these days though do you, Cy. Well, anything beyond Cyrus Truth Unber Alles.See back when we last fought. I was facing somebody else entirely. That was a real turning point in your career. Back then you were focused because you were desperate. Determined. Obsessed with bringing honour to that belt But this time around, tonight? Now that you actually do hold the title?"

    Bell shrugs her shoulders, weighing her hands out beside himself in emphasis of thought)

    Bell Connelly: "...Not so much. Nowadays, you’re overconfident. According to you, because of the title upon your shoulder, the matches you have are apparently over before they even begin. You’re becoming careless. Cocky. Arrogant. Even more so than before. Truth is, Cy? You’re in denial. You'll claim to be the very best, but you’re not. Everything you had when you won that title in the first place? It's gone….You know what I’m talking about right? Honour, dignity, respect….I mean attacking Shannon backstage like you did? I remember a time you would have rather died than do something like that….but now? Absolute Power corrupts absolutely….Saw that line in a Doctor Who Episode.

    Bell winks at the camera clicking her tongue against her cheek

    Bell Connelly: Y'see Cy; I've been watching you, and re-tracing your steps, but more importantly than anything else? I've been listening. Listening because I know you've been questioning me behind the scenes, wondering what in the world gives me the right to even challenge you tonight in a non-title match. And you know what I say to that? Simon’s says I fought my way BACK into the title picture. I found myself BACK in the title hunt. I found my way BACK into another match with you, Champ. A non-title match, yeah. But a worthless match? NOPE.By beating you tonight Cy I would not only be doing the entire world a favour. I’m not just setting the tone for Back In Business. But I would be proving to you, the biggest doubter of all, exactly why I deserve to be in the highest echelon FWA has to offer!

    Bell Connelly, So You wanna doubt me, Cy? Fine. Do as you please, but know this. Tonight? Tonight I won't guarantee victory, but I will promise defeat. Because win or lose,? Tonight, one way or another; I will defeat you. I will hunt you. But more importantly than anything else? I WILL TEST YOU LIKE YOU'VE NEVER BEEN TESTED BEFORE.

    Bell nods with determination with every single word a typical confident smile on her face...

    Bell Connelly: Because….And I know you’ll probably laugh at this….I think I understand you more than you’d ever think was possible, We both got to find the love of my life…

    ...and just like that...The smile leaves as Bell slowly glances over her shoulder as if expecting something to be there...her tone becoming more dreamy not taking her eyes off her shoulder

    Bell Connelly: It’s nice to have that isn’t it? They don’t judge us because of the things that we’ve been through or the wars that I've fought. They know our pain, and they are one that makes it all better with Her? I feel safe. I make sure nobody hurts Her, and She makes sure nobody hurts me. That's love, Cyrus. I loved Her, and She loved me….She did…

    ...Ummmmm yeah this was getting weird again, as Bell seemed to be getting somewhat choked up talking about all this in danger of having another Episode….she shakes her head as if trying to get certain thoughts to leave her before getting up suddenly

    Bell Connelly: “See you at Fight Night.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Ooc: I'm sorry guys work emergency fucked me up I had a promo on my computer at home.

    Mac walks into the arena with no music just a lone spotlight and a microphone.

    Mac: what kind of competition is this? First I get triple j security and I wipe the floor with them and now I get this fool? All this is, is a distraction from my ultimate goal. That goal is to destroy you Tristan Galloway. Destroy everything u stand for. I am going to use this fool as an example of what I'm going to do to you!

    Mac slams the Mic down and crawls into the ring.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Despite the fact that some considerable time had passed since the last Fight Night was broadcast, in contrast to the popular phrase that indicates that time heals old wounds, Mike Parr wasn’t healed. Far from the wound being healed, it was as if somebody had taken a knife and dug it in that much deeper just for good measure to see how much he could bleed. Mike has taken himself out of the spotlight for the following number of days after he got caught cold by Bell Connelly on the last Fight Night. We join him as he is surrounded by nothing but fresh air and the best of country life, the place where we goes to reflect. Parr is slightly unshaven, his hair is slightly unkempt, and he is dressed not in one of his tailor made suits but an old t-shirt and pair of shorts that are worn for circulation purposes as opposed to any sort of fashion sense. Looking around, as he sits on the front porch of this isolated cottage, you cannot see another house for miles. He has mountains and fields in the background and one single dusty lane leading away from the cottage into further isolation in front of him.

    “When I was 10 years old, I hated coming here. I’ve always been the type to enjoy being the centre of attention. I was the kid in school who stood up and cracked the joke that everyone was thinking that nobody wanted to say out loud. I was the child in class who made sure that when the teacher turned their back that I threw the paper airplane I had building in secret at them. I was the one who on the soccer team would always shoot and go for the headlines as opposed to pass for the benefit of the team. My parents knew that. So every year, without fail, we disappeared for a couple weeks to this place. No prying eyes, no hustle and bustle of a city, nothing but peace and tranquillity. It gave us all time to reflect…..”

    “Never did I think that over a decade later that I would be coming back here out of choice to come and reflect, but sometimes life just doesn’t pan out the way you think it will…….”

    Parr remains largely stationary as he rocks back and forth in the chair on the front porch, staring out into nothingness, as a light wind ruffles through his hair.

    “It is a common misinterpretation of me and the way I conduct myself that every time something doesn’t go my way I spit my dummy out, I go to the nearest bar and take home a girl of my choosing before downing as much whiskey as one person can handle. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy that on occasion, but I know myself well enough by this point to know what I require to move forward. I had that engrained in me from an early age when my parents took me here. Sometimes I require downtime, sometimes I don’t need to sit and look over how a match panned out again and again thinking about what I could have done differently, sometimes I don’t need to paw through footage of my next opponent to work out their strengths and particularly work out how to exploit their weaknesses. Sometimes I just need to take a step back, recharge and reflect, and turn up to the next even ready to unleash one hell of beating on the unfortunately soul who has to contend with me….”

    This is definitely a different Mike Parr. The key to that sentence is that it is just that, Mike Parr, as opposed to The Prodigy. He is not the amplified version of himself, he is the stripped back version who we very rarely, if ever, get any sort of deep insight into.

    “So to firstly address what everyone would be thinking…, I should never have lost to Bell Connelly. I should never have lost to the person who makes their name by holding a championship nobody really wants for over a year. I should not have lost to somebody who when they didn’t get their own way just upped and left until they felt ready to come back and grace everyone with their presence. I shouldn’t have lost to somebody who turns up when they want, but is perfectly happy with just mailing in a performance against a weaker opponent just to add to some faux legacy that they are trying to create for themselves. People look at the title reign of over a year in length and immediately think about how great that person must be, to have the stamina and motivation to dispatch all newcomers night after night, show after show. You know what sitting with that belt for a year tells me? It tells me there is no ambition. It tells me there is no drive to succeed. I’ve held the North American Championship for ten months….and in that time I’ve never backed away from a fight but I’ve also never indicated that this is my end goal, that this is Mike Parr sitting here fulfilled with what he has achieved. Far from it. I’ve made it known that I have eyes on the prize that I was fingertips away from securing from Mile High. I’ve made it known that my end game is to capture that prize and not relinquish it until somebody is willing to rip it from my cold, dead grasp. I can sit here, place my hand on my heart right now, and tell you that this run with the North American Championship is not going to be my lasting legacy, but it is going to be just one of the many accomplishments that will have me recorded as the greatest wrestler FWA has ever seen.”

    Content with that, Parr rises from his seat and walks over to fix himself a glass of what looks to be home made lemonade. Again, one of the perks of staying out here is going back to basics completely, a physical and mental detox if you will.

    “So whilst I am here reverting back to how I used to spend some time in my youth, my mind then turns to someone who has seemingly never matured beyond the age of 10. I mean, when I was that age or even younger I used to think it was quite cool to put F’N in the middle of my name too. You know what happened to me? I grew up. Danny “F’N” Toner is the epitome of everything that I despite about this company and everything I despise about wrestling. In the same way that I am the definition of how incredible natural talent along with an undeniable work ethic can lead you to greatness, he is the epitome of how a half assed attitude but a bit of luck can forge a living for you in this business. Danny Toner is representative, one of the last, of an era in FWA that is of very little relevance and that will pale into insignificance in decades and centuries from now when people look back at the history of this company. He is somebody who made his name when there wasn’t a Mike Parr in the business to slap him back down into the place that he belonged. He is somebody then who has been living off that reputation he created for himself so much so that if you look back over recent memory you would be hard pressed to remember any significant achievement of his. He seems to saunter from match to match hoping that a sense of nostalgia will get him through and disguise the sad fact that nostalgia is all that he has anymore.”

    “He hasn’t recently captured any championships, he hasn’t had any memorable matches or feuds…the only time that anyone gets in anyway excited is if he enters an arena and it gives everyone who wants it the chance to shout “F’N” and not to be reprimanded by their parents because it is part of the show. The only time he usually gets anywhere near a main event is if he is paired up with somebody who can tap into the one thing that Danny Toner has going for him….nostalgia. But for some completely baffling and insane reason, those that are in charge have decreed that Danny Toner and his years of meandering from nothing to nothing, has done enough to constitute a shot at my North American Champion and has done enough to share in the bright lights of the main event that he will only experience if somebody with my talent and charisma brings it to him. Gone are the days where there was no competition up top where Danny Toner could attract a main event slot, he should be grateful that he is now even getting to share in a piece of mine.”

    Parr has now returned to his initial seat, at ease with himself and his surroundings. In the very faint distance, you can hear the calling signs of some wildlife but aside from that there are no engines, no cars, no murmur of people. Just wildlife and the natural elements, a stripped back setting for a stripped back and reserved Mike Parr.

    “A few weeks back I sent Tristan James Galloway back to the lower card with a message. I sent him back to tell his tales of woe about how he tried to step up and challenge Mike Parr but ended up with nothing but a few moments in the spotlight. I sent Galloway back to warn anyone who was getting delusions of grandeur about stepping up and potentially challenging me of exactly what their outcome will be and what they will be facing. FWA management should look around the locker room and see people cower away when they know they are looking for opponents for me. They should look around the room and not one person should be making eye contact, everyone praying that they are not the next one to be shown up as a glorified amateur when in the company of someone who is destined for greatness.”

    “Danny Toner didn’t receive that message. Danny Toner didn’t receive that message because he is too tied up thinking that he is somebody. He is too hooked on trying to recapture the glory days of past, which if you look at it objectively, weren’t that filled with glory even to begin with. Danny Toner would see someone like Galloway limp back to the locker room and tell the tale of the time that he would tangle with Mike Parr who let him escape, barely, with the ability to go again another day, and he would think that the same fate wouldn’t befall him. He wouldn’t take the warning seriously. He wouldn’t consider the evidence overwhelming.”

    “I’m here to tell you that you are wrong. Galloway was just trying to make a name for himself, trying to take advantage of an opportunity that he earned. I respect that, which is why he walked away. You, Toner, will allow me the pleasure of completely shattering any sort of notion that you are someone to be revered…that you are somebody that we should all look back on years from now and think about what a great time it was that Danny Toner was around to grace us with his presence.”

    “I’m here to tell you the Mike Parr is turning up to ensure that Danny F’N Toner is going to be remembered not as the man who ended my North American Championship reign, but as nothing but an F’N joke.”

    Just as some signs of The Prodigy come back, the scene slowly fades away to black.

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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Everything old is new again…

    “Come on, damn it, there has to be something here….”

    A dark condo, lit only by the light of the TV flicking from scene to scene as Michael Garcia pressed down impatiently on his controller. An endless stream of FWA segments being forwarded through, showing such blasts from the past as “Rockstar” Randy Ramon, Ayla El, Chris Kennedy, Gabrielle Montgomery, Jack of Diamonds and mor . A pan around the room shows that the Monster of the Midway is sprawled out on the couch. He’s laying on his left side, facing the TV. His hair is a mess, and he looks like he hasn’t shaved in days. Lexi Monroe’s been out on business for the past few weeks, and Garcia has had a rough couple of weeks. With no shows being scheduled, Garcia took a day off, doing completely nothing, but watching some “film” about his upcoming opponent. A bag of doritos lays on the floor, some of the contents pouring out into the carpet. A half drank bottle of Vodka rests on the table, the cap next to it. If it weren’t for his stomach moving in and out, showing he’s obviously breathing, and his vigorous thumb movement then one might mistake him for dead.

    “The Mist? The fuck ever happened to that guy?

    Garcia reached down and grabbed a handful of Doritos and basically stuffed them straight into his mouth. With a massive muffle from the numerous Doritos, he managed to get out the next phrase…

    “ Oh, yeah….I crippled him.”

    Garcia reached down beside him and this time pulled out the Jameson. He, rather haphazardly, swung the bottle to his lips before pulling his head back and taking a giant swig of the Irish whiskey. After carelessly putting the bottle back on the carpet, Garcia pushes himself up a bit so that he could reach his phone on the end table. He quickly checks the notifications. Free coins now available at 8 Ball Pool! Cavaliers showing interest in Chauncey Billups! And a new update available in Clash of Clans! But the one thing he wanted wasn’t there…No missed calls. No voicemails. No text messages. No missed Skype. Nothing. Lexi hadn’t called, so back to the bottle it was. The camera spun around to show the TV, back to the FWA network, and now going through the final match…Gabrielle Montgomery vs Jack of Diamonds in lightening speed. It was actually kind of amusing to watch Jack move at the speed of a cruiserweight. As the show reached it’s end, with Gabrielle’s hand raised in victory, Garcia tossed the controller aside in frustration.

    “Jesus, how far back do I have to fucking go?”

    Mike took another swig of the bottle before pulling himself up to an almost seated position.

    “Ya know what, I’m tired of this shit. I don’t need to watch anything about this Sync fellow anyways. Kind of telling when you go back through the annals of FWA history, and find absolutely nothing about a man who claims to be such a big fuckin’ deal here. Seriously, James, do you know just how many men have walked through the FWA halls in the short time I’ve been here, trying to relive whatever short amount of success they managed to fluke their way into in their glory years? Do you know how many people I’ve watched fall short in their quest of their return to glory? Let me rattle off a few names for you: Drew Stevenson, Jason Gryphon, Mac Michaud, Aux Pat Aux Bellum, PASSION, Broc Lobster, Ryan Hall….All of them coming back with the same reason, the same goal being their driving motivation. It’s a popular little buzz word that flies around the FWA from time to time in these situations. In fact, almost every single one of them mentioned this word upon their return. The word, James, is redemption. They were all on the road to redemption, but each and every single one of them caught a flat tire and veered off into obscurity, where they belong. That’s where you’re headed, James. Sure, you’re a fun little nostalgia act for those that remember you but once the new car smell wears off and people remember you for who you are, your star will fade. James, what you’ve got now, it isn’t real! So while you wait for reality to Sync in, and that other shoe to drop, the true talent around here, like me, has to sit back and listen to the announcers gush over every minor accomplishment you scrape up.

    And you know what, James? I’m tired of it. I’m tired of the old guard coming in and trying to atone for their previous failures. I’m tired of the crowd going crazy every time some blast from the past would come out to their old familiar entrance music. I’m tired of FWA management treating them like royalty right out of the gate. I’m tired of them all expecting some sort of pity party by claiming their doing it to make their wrong’s right. And above all else, I’m tired of these washed-up has beens, or in this case, never-was, showing up and taking the spots of men like me, who bust my ass for this company day in and day out! I see it already online. I pay attention to what people say. James Sync is the next North American Champion? What the fuck has James Sync done to warrant him getting a shot at the North American Championship? Who has he beaten? As a matter of fact, didn’t he lose last week? To Mark Merriweather? Don’t you see, James? A leopard never changes his spots. Don’t believe me? Ask Danny Fuckin’ Toner. As a matter of fact, if you stepped up to a mirror right now, you’d probably see that drunken’ fuck starin’ right back at ya.

    You and Toner are almost mirror images of each other. Getting’ opportunities ya’ don’t deserve and then pissin’ away each and every one of ‘em. Skating your way through life being handed everything and taking no responsibility for your failures. And it’s the same thing that pisses me off about Toner, that irks me about you. Danny Toner walks around this earth acting like the world revolves around him. Toner believes that he can just blindly and carelessly bumble his way through life, and here’s the…

    Garcia drunkenly stands up, knocking over a small folding table that had an ashtray and a few empty beer bottles on it.

    "Here’s the part that really eats away at me…..Somehow, someway, he gets away with it! Somehow, there are still people out there that believe in Danny Toner! There are still people out there that believe that one day, Danny Toner can hone his craft well enough, that he can get to the point where he might one day become consistent or passionate enough about what he does to become a World Heavyweight Champion. There are still people out there that believe that Danny Fuckin’ Toner can change. And ya know what sucks? Is that right now, I have to be one of those people! I have to hope that the most erratic lush that’s ever laced those boots can take the North American Championship from The Prodigy? I mean, seriously, you cannot imagine how much it absolutely sucks that my future right now sits in the hands of the FWA’s Drunk Mister Magoo! But ya know, James, I know what’s gonna happen….Danny Toner’s gonna show up at the last second, put in the minimum amount of effort required, and he’ll come up short again…but you know who loses the most out of this? I DO! Because He’s Danny Toner and he’s got potential! Right? Someday he’ll get it figured out, right? Someday he’ll get his shit straight, right? WRONG! A leopard doesn’t change his spots, James, and that man is living fucking proof of that.

    So forgive me, James, if I don’t scoff at the notion of your Road to Redemption, but I’ve heard the story all too many times. Hey, you know who you can talk to about that journey? Go give Dave Sullivan a call. Find out how his wrestling career is going. He’s got a failing show on a low rated cable network in the graveyard time slot, so he’s doing well for himself I guess. Catch up on Drew Stevenson’s last run in an FWA ring on the network. I did last week when I ran out of my sleeping pills. You see the problem here, James, is that all of these men stepped back into the FWA expecting the talent level to be the same as was it was back in 2010. What they don’t realize is that people like me have come in and we’ve raised the bar to a point that simply is not obtainable for people you. You’re trying to reach, James, but the problem is your arms just aren’t long enough to pull yourself up to my level. Try as you might, little boy, the men standing at the top of this company are so far out of your reach, you’d have to have Gadget arms to get that brass ring.

    This isn’t the days of Clay Reitmeir, D-Mac, Prince Abdullah Assad, or Shane McLean. This isn’t an era where you can maintain relevance at a high level, anymore. Just like those that wandered that road before you, James, you’re going to come to that realization. Your glory days are behind you. I’m taking it upon myself to run you off that road and leave you for dead in a blazing inferno. In every match I ever fight in, I always make it my goal to take what matters most to my opponent. I wanted Parr’s championships. I wanted Gryphon’s career. I wanted Vincent’s reason for living. Sync, when you set foot in the ring with me, I’m going to take what matters most to you.

    I’m gonna take your delusions. I’m taking your hope. I’m taking whatever fleeting thoughts run through your head that make you believe that you belong here. I’m taking out every single frustration I have for you, Toner,and everyone of those flash-in-the-pans who left once because they couldn’t hang, and refuse to accept the truth. I’m taking back my rightful spot in this company as THE rising star! I’m the guy with the most promise, the most potential, the most drive, the most ability, charisma, passion, fire, and overall talent in this place! I’m the guy everyone should be talking about! Not you! You’re just a proven failure and a quitter! The James Sync Redemption Tour is gonna hit another pothole, and this time, the wheels are coming off! The Carnegie Carnivore is gonna speed up this whole process, your downward spiral back into obscurity.

    And just like before, in a few months, absolutely no one will know who the fuck James Sync ever was."
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    Re: Fight Night 23rd June Promo Thread

    Open on a line of shots. The camera pulls back to reveal a hole in the wall bar. The paint on the walls are chipped and fading adorn with holes in various spots. Smoke fills the room with a booming jukebox in the background. Sitting in front of the lines of shots is Tristan James Galloway, dressed in his trademark vest and hat. Tristan twirls a bottle of Jack Daniels in his left hand.

    Tristan James Galloway: When times are hard for the average person, they seek comfort. More often than not, they turn to vices. It could be food, television, music; more often than not though it’s drugs or liquor.

    Tristan gestures to the shots in front of him.

    Tristan James Galloway: Things haven’t gone my way as of late. After a couple of months of success, my once bright star gliding high into the stratosphere is now plummeting back down into earth. Championship opportunities squandered and Main Event matches expecting to be triumphs shifted into blunders. Feeling the highest of the highs after enduring years of lowest of the lows could drive a man insane. I could render a man depressed. I could wallow here at this part in self pity, drinking away the night with the desires to numb away the pain…

    Tristan takes another glance at the bottle of Jack Daniels, twirling it around once more. He picks up a shot and brings it up to his mouth with the glass centimeters away from his lips.

    Tristan James Galloway: It was Pete’s go to whenever things had not gone his way. Whenever the ex wife gave him grief, if he fell behind on bills, or owed some shady businessman a debt- the bottle was his sanctuary. Many of the people charged with rearing me turned to these devices. It could be easy for me to do the same. It’s easy for me to be down and consider myself a failure…. but I’m not a failure. And I’m not cut from the same cloth as those supposed guardians of my youth.

    He begins to pour out the content of the shot glasses one by one.

    I will not give in to this destructive seductress. I will not allow other people’s thoughts and feelings shape me. Monsters will not deter me either.
    The hat is removed from Tristan’s head and placed beside him on the bar, pressing his elbows against the bar’s edge.

    When you look into my eyes, Mac Michaud, do you see fear? You don’t. Because I don’t have fear in my heart for any man. You claim to be liberated from the chains the fans bind you to when you receive their adulation while I’m subservient to their whims. I am not oppressed by the fans. I am empowered by the fans. I am embolden by them. They are a driving force in my quest for trophies. I fight for them because they need and deserve a hero. Someone who is here for them and not just their own personal gain. Don’t think I don’t see through your facade, Mac. Our time for battle is drawing near, but it is not yet time. Because at this week’s Fight Night, I take one two men who present themselves at deities. Immortal paragons of intellect, strength, and greatness. Dionysus and Ares wear the trophies of tandem warfare. They aren’t alone. No, they are guided by a man who assumes the identity of the King of the Gods. In most circles, these three women would be described as suffering from schizophrenia or maybe even DID… yet some how they are fit to compete in combat sports. I could argue the merits of their mental health, but I’ll refrain. Instead, I’ll turn my attention to the prizes they possess. Apparently, I and Tommy Thunder, the very man who I have been fighting against since my arrival to FWA, have been given the chance to claim those championship titles from the self proclaimed “Olympians”.

    Tristan sits back in his chair in deep, troubled thoughts. He ponders the entire situation he’s found himself in by facing The Olympians and the man is he made to team with. It doesn’t sit well with him. Not even in the slightest. After all, how does he trust a man who considers him to be an inferior athlete? How dangerous are two men who are under the impression they are living, breathing Greek deities? Galloway shakes his head and removes the loose hair from his face.

    Management’s rationale behind this move baffles me. Why pair two men who are complete opposites and have a history of animosity for one another together? We have no mutual ground. He does not respect me, nor do I have respect for him. I have no trust in him, yet I’m supposed to rely on him in order to succeed against these false gods. If they really wanted to get spectacle out of this match, perhaps they should have thrown me together with Mac… then I really would have had to have eyes in the back of my head.

    Regardless, the allure of accolades calls out to me. Teasing me. Seducing me. It holds my attention and demands my focus. Glory is within arm’s reach and gold could be with in a finger tip’s brush, but I must dispense of Ares and Dionysus. Perhaps a beating shall wake you from your delusions… but maybe not. It’s no concern of mine. Believe what you will. I believe that I am on the road of redemption. I will change my trajectory to that of promise. I will exercise my recent failures one way or another.

    TJG slides the chair back as he stands up. He scoops up his hat and places it on his head before sliding the chair in.

    Monsters of my past, and my present, will not triumph over me. Not if I have anything to say about it.

    Galloway tips his hat and exits the scene.

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