The following are results and any notes of interest from the FWA House Show that took place between the 2nd and 3rd Fight Nights on the road to Back in Business:


The crowd inside the arena let out a powerful storm of boos as the now detestable figure of "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo begins to make his way down the ramp. As has been the norm for the last little while, Rondo does not use any entrance music and walks incredibly slowly to the ring - letting the fans try to antagonise him. As he gets to the ring, he teases step in but steps back down and appears to be just trying to fluster the crowd even further. He grabs a microphone from ringside before getting up onto the apron...

Ryan Rondo:
Look, I'm only here for five minutes so could you all just can it if you want to hear the most important person on this show speak.

The crowd noise eventually dies down as Rondo stands on the apron with his arms outstretched. He gives a small sarcastic applause as the fans quieten before he gets into the ring.

Ryan Rondo:
So I hear Bell Connelly isn't around tonight. That's a massive shame right? You're all mega upset about it. I'm real torn about it because I was going to come out here and challenge her to a match. I thought it was only fair. I've been a real asshole lately and I guess I had to offer her the chance to redeem herself. But I guess she had somewhere else to be. Then again, can't blame her, can I? She did seem pretty upset on Fight Night. Anyone have any idea why? No? Is she just a little girl who can't stand up for herself when it matters? I mean... come on.

There's boos from around the crowd and some chants in support for Connelly.

Ryan Rondo:
Ok, guys. I get it. You feel sad for her. But... you have to admit.... it is pretty funny though, right?

He smirks and the crowd start to boo him more.

Ryan Rondo:
Lighten up a little bit. Or Not. I don't really care. I, personally, find it HILARIOUS with everything that's been happening to Bell. I mean, she had a glorious chance to get herself into the main event of Back in Business... but she took an unfortunate dive out of the ring and poof... her chance disappeared. A real shame. And then the division that she ruled for a year... has suddenly... evaporated? And the belt she used to love? That's gone now too. You could say some real misfortune has fallen upon Bell Connelly. And... well... I think she deserves it. That's what you get. She doesn't deserve praise for anything. I find it funny because I think Bell Connelly's mask will slip further and further and you'll all start to see what I see. You'll find the funny side of it too. One day.

Rondo then looks at his watch and acts surprised.

Ryan Rondo:
Well, that's all we have time for, people. Looks like my scheduled five minutes is up and I really don't want to stay in this shithole more than I have to. Fortunate for me. Unfortunate for all of you. I'm sorry that this is the highlight of your evening. Enjoy the chumps that follow. You could've had Bell Connelly vs Ryan Rondo tonight... but yknow, she's too busy crying in a land far far away somewhere. Maybe she'll show up on Fight Night or something, right right? Whatever.

Rondo throws down the mic and cups his ears as the crowd boo him as he makes his exit. He makes sure to turn around one last time to the crowd and simply shrug his shoulders at them before disappearing.


“The Malevolent One” Mac Michaud vs Triple J Security

Michaud shakes his head in pity at the “competition” standing across the ring from him. Jugem-Jugem, Jiggy John, Jobber Jimbo all argue amongst themselves as to who should make the first move, so Mac decides for them! Mac grabs Jiggy John by his neck and tosses him across the ring! Jimbo tries to make his move but Mac mows him down with a running Big Boot that takes him to the mat! Seeing his team going down in flames, Jugem ries to run out of the ring but Mac grabs him by his tights, pulls him back and delivers a Release German Suplex that folds Jugem up like an accordion!

All three members of Triple J look for refuge by retreating to the turnbuckle. But what they found was certainly not refuge as Michaud charged in like a train, and crushed all three of them. Jugem and Jimbo stumble out and Michaud levels them with a Double Chokeslam! Jiggy John nearly falls into Mac’s arms, as Mac lifts him onto his shoulders, and sends John into a coma with the F5KO!

Here is your winner: “The Malevolent One” Mac Michaud!


Darius vs Hanz Gruber

Gruber made his entrance wearing his signature trenchcoat, cane, and claw. His entrance really does give off a cool old school ambience that really resonates with the FWA universe, even in a house show setting. Gruber was very cold to the crowd, even though there were some cheering him in what was mostly a sea of jeers.

Darius was next out and the Innovator of Insanity came out to his usual high energy entrance. A lot of young fans for the FWA newcomer, and it’s easy to see why the crowd has taken a shine to him. He slaps hands with some fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and locking eyes with Gruber.

Gruber and Darius started off with Gruber being cautious against the more aggressive Darius. Everytime Gruber tried to lock in a hold, Darius would manage to maneuver his way out. Frustrating Gruber, Darius taunted him which pissed Gruber off, who moved in with a clothesline, that Darius ducked and catching Gruber with a cutting reverse neckbreaker! Darius had early control, but went for his spear too early and Gruber sidestepped it, sending Darius shoulder first into the turnbuckle!

With Darius in pain, Gruber took over using a series of hard kick to the kneecap and then several kicks to the head and neck region. Gruber kept Darius grounded using a series of submission holds focusing on the neck region. Darius tried to mount a comeback but Gruber cut it off with a DDT that scored a two count. Gruber clapped his hands together, calling for the Die, Motherfucker Die, but Darius spun his way out and delivered an Impaler DDT to Gruber that got a two count! A shining wizard and a top rope crossbody also got a two count for Darius! Darius took a few steps back and waited for Hanz to rise before….

Strange dark music filled the arena and the lights went out. Red lights swirled around the audience before a demonic voice could be heard.

“The Innovator of Insanity? More like the Deliverer of Deceit! Your day is coming, Darius…. Your day is coming….”

The music stops. The lights come back on. But the lights went out for Darius as Hanz Gruber snuck up behind him, delivered a DMD, and scored the pinfall over The Innovator!

Here is your winner: Hanz Gruber!

The crowd are shown a backstage interview on the big screen in the arena.

Todd Salum: Backstage with me at this time is the FWA's most recent returning star, James Sync.

Sync steps into view with a giant grin on his face.

Todd Salum: James, after returning to the FWA after a several year hiatus, you were able to steamroll over Triple J Security. What has people talking more though is your loss this past week on FIght Night to Mark Merriweather. Can you tell me what happened there?

James Sync: Well to be perfectly honest with you Mark is great in that ring. I would go as far as to say he is above this X World Cup. When I came back I was told they were going to put me in there with guys who I could easily take out to get the rust off, but I told them HELL NO! You see, the last thing I want is for people to think I'm just going through the passes. I told management that I didn't want a series of matches against bottom of the barrel guys, but I didn't demand to be put straight into title contention. I told them I wanted to be put in the ring with those who were hungry and wanted something to prove. I wanted to fight someone who has a chip on their shoulder. When I saw I was gonna be in there with Mark, I knew I was gonna be in for a hell of a ride. I knew Mark wanted to do everything he could to beat me. Hell, he got points towards the X Cup for beating me. He was the better man that night, and I can't even be mad, he's damn good between those ropes.

Todd Salum: Well James, there's only one more Fight Night before Back in Business. When you first came to the FWA years ago you main evented the biggest show of them all against Nate Richardson and Tony Juvenille. This year though, you are going in with no direction. What do you think Back in Business, and the months after, will hold for James Sync?

James Sync: I couldn't begin to imagine what I'll be doing at Back in Business. I'm not in the X Cup, so I don't have a chance to be in the X Championship Match. The FWA World CHampionship match is locked in. I guess the only other options are the North American Championship and the Tag Team CHampionship. I might be one of the randomly selected guys for the Tag Team Carousel title match, wouldn't that be something? I'm a two-time tag team champion, and lemme tell you, I still got something to prove in that division. However, if Parr can retain his championship against Toner next Fight Night, he's gonna need someone to dance with at Back in Business. I'm not saying I'll be that guy, but if I am, you can bet your ass he's gonna get a rust-free, determined James Sync. If Toner wins the North American Title, he'll defend it against Garcia at Back in Business, but whoever walks out of that match will have me waiting on the other side, just itching for a chance to win a new championship. Mark my words, James will be the North American Champion by the end of the summer, and this reign will last longer than a single month.

Todd Salum: The North American Championship is a title that has eluded you during your career. You are a former X Champion and two-time Tag Team Champion. If you are to win the North American Championship you will only have to win the FWA CHampion and you'll be the eighth Triple Crown Champion and only the fourth Grand Slam Champion. Do you think this is a likely scenario for you?

James Sync: Hell yeah I think it's likely! One step at a time though. I have to beat Parr or Toner or whoever is holding the North American title. I guarantee that'll happen in the next four months. I don't want to put a time on the FWA World Championship though, because I don't plan on losing that North American Championship once it's around my waist. At the very least I'm gonna hold that thing longer than Nate Richardson, adding longest reigning North American Champion to my list of accomplishments. You see, James Sync's Road to Redemption isn't just about me coming back and that's it. It's about the long, arduous journey I have to go on to clean all the mud that has accumulated on my name and my legacy. I need to build a new legacy that shows I am everything I have ever said I was and everything Tony Juvenile said I was, AND everything Matthew Robinson said I was. Back in Business is upon us, and it doesn't matter what the hell they have me doing, or who I'm facing, James Sync's Road to Redemption will run through them!

James Sync vs. Risky Douglas (w/ Starr)

Match Summary: Risky Douglas gets support from Starr throughout the match and the crowd seems to be warming up to the new duo.

Sync is mostly in control here with repeated spinning wheel kicks and rebound arm lariats and jumping forearms. Risky lands a break-dancing sequence into an enzuiguri that gets a nice cheer from the crowd. Sync hits a snap suplex for a two count and Risky lands a rebound running crossbody for his own two count. Starr tries getting involved for the benefit of Risky Douglas, but Risky denies the help.

Sync is able to clothesline Risky out of the ring and take the fight outside. Starr again tries getting involved but the ref sees and DQ's Risky.

Winner: James Sync by DQ

Risky Douglas and Starr have a very brief argument, one that Risky wins when he successfully explains that he doesn't want to win "that way." Starr accepts that he was in the wrong and apologizes, and Risky offers a hand-shake and "bro hug" that elicits a cheer from the crowd.


Non-title match
"The Prodigy" Mike Parr vs. Tristan James Galloway

Match Summary: Parr and Galloway go at it just like three weeks ago on Fight Night. Galloway hits a big gutbuster and gets a two count. "The Prodigy" lands a kneebreaker and a low-angle dropkick to the shins. He works Galloway with arm and shoulder twists but Galloway fights back with his power offensive moves. Parr hits a big superplex when Galloway makes a mistake and goes to the top turnbuckle. But it only gets Parr a count of two and two-thirds. "The Prodigy" goes for his finisher but Galloway counters and sends Parr out of the ring.

Parr and Galloway keep the fight going outside but it's stopped when "The Monster" Mac Michaud, hidden in the front row as a fan, lands a big right hand to Galloway! The ref calls for the bell and DQs "The Prodigy," who gets pissed and begins shouting at "The Monster."

Winner: Tristan James Galloway via DQ

Mac hops over the guard rail and goes face to face with Parr, but Galloway whips Mac around and begins throwing wild haymakers to his jaw. Parr scoots away from it and Galloway clotheslines Mac back over the guard railing and into the front two rows of the fans! Galloway shouts at him from over the railing as "The Prodigy" watches from a few feet away. Galloway gets a few shots in to retaliate for Mac's comments on Fight Night and the crowd cheers.


The big screen flickers to life in the live event arena showing what looks like a pre-taped interview featuring the X-Division Champion, Jason Randall alongside interviewer Todd Salum, who looks like he doesn't want to be there. Jason can sense this as he looks at Todd with his sick smirk while holding onto to the leash with Penny on the end of it, hunched over a little as she stands beside Jason.

Jason Randall: What's the matter Todd?

Todd doesn't answer and just stares at Jason with a glare.

Jason Randall: Something is telling me that you're triggered Todd, did I do something that triggered you?

Todd remains silent.

Jason Randall: This isn't much of an interview if you don't say anything Todd, so you've got to say something, Aren't you supposed to be a professional? This isn't very professional of you Todd

Todd shoots him another glare before speaking.

Todd Salum: It's not going to be very professional of me to stick my foot where the sun doesn't shine!

Jason Randall: Is that a threat Todd? Really? I would have expected better from you, you're really disappointing me Todd. You know who wouldn't disappoint me in an interview? Katie Lynn Goldsmith! Where is Katie at? Hmm, she must be tied up right now with something really important

Jason smirks and cackles with an evil laugh, Penny straightens up now and smiles.

Jason Randall: You should have seen it Todd, the fear in her eyes when she was tied to that chair, I can still see it and it brings me great joy. The tears that rolled down her cheek as she feared for her life, oh I can almost taste them now, they brought me so much...pleasure. You should have heard her begging Todd, the trembling in her voice. It was so pathetic to see someone like her beg, like a worthless mutt...

Todd has had enough and slaps Jason across the cheek. This brings a smile to his face while holding his cheek and he laughs like a madman. While doing so he "accidentally" drops the leash that Penny is attached to, and in an instant Penny is behind Todd before he can even react and wraps the leash around his neck and begins choking the life out of him while Jason still cackles madly. He composes himself, still giggling a little as Todd is brought to his knees while being choked with the leash by Penny, Jason leans in close to Todd so they're face to face.

Jason Randall: Feeling a little blue Todd?

Jason motions for Penny to release her grip, she obeys as Jason grabs hold of the leash and she goes back to his side now on all fours like a dog and in Todd's face as well. Todd coughs and gasps for air, holding his throat.

Jason Randall: I'm going to make this short and sweet Todd because I can sense that security is soon on there way along, so before I go just know this. What I did to you just now is nothing compared to what I have in store for Vincent Blackbird, that is if he even decides to show his face after what I did to him in our last match, and if he thinks that was bad Todd oh he's in for a surprise. I've got a whole slew of tricks up my sleeve that I've just been dying to use and when I get in that ring again with Vincent, you and the rest of the world will see but until then you'll just have to wait...with baited breath

Jason giggles madly and security shows up just as he suspected and Jason backs away holding his hands up in defense while dragging Penny along with him.

Jason Randall: I just wannna watch the world burn...

He cackles all the way down the hall while security and medics check on Todd as the scene fades out.

Humanity and Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall and "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

Match Summary: Humanity and Jason Randall start the match in the ring and hold their own. Humanity lands a nice back body drop and a scoop slam. Randall lands a corner splash and one-handed bulldog for a quick two count. Tommy Thunder with a school boy rollup that nets a two count on Humanity and his dropkick sends him back. Vincent lands a furious clothesline and a big boot. Blackbird tags in Humanity, who lands a standing elbow drop. Randall breaks up the pinfall try and it results in mayhem. The referee can only call for the bell and a no contest.

Result: No Contest

Tommy Thunder rolls to safety before Humanity can do more damage to him. But as Thunder distracts him, Mark Merriweather emerges behind with a forearm to the back of his head! The crowd boos as Merriweather hovers over the fallen Humanity for a second consecutive show. Tommy Thunder laughs from outside the ring.

Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird lands a running powerslam onto the ring steps on the other side and savages Jason Randall with a leg drop onto his chest while the X Champion is laying on the ring steps!!! The crowd begins a very vocal "VINCENT! VINCENT! VINCENT!" chant. The two-time X Champion walks away with Randall feeling worse for wear. Mark Merriweather watches him from inside the ring.


The feed inside the arena shows Shannon O'Neal standing outside of an arena, the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. In fact, she isn't standing on the ground outside of it.

Shannon O'Neal is standing ON TOP of the arena. The crowd cheers as Shannon looks at the camera with a very serious and lively expression. Her blonde hair comes just past her shoulders, waving down around her ears and the curves of her neck and chest. Her tight black shorts go well with a white T-shirt with the words "THE CHURCH" on the front, calling out the famous Goth dance club in Denver.

"Cyrus Truth ... on Fight Night ... we need'ta have a little chat. Ya' and me ... we ain't seein' eye to eye. And I expected that much. But when ya' come at me like a little b*tch with a lead pipe, ya' gonna get got, son."

Shannon O'Neal looks around at the clear, beautiful dark blue sky of Denver. She soaks in the gorgeous scenery, with the Rocky Mountains behind her.

"I might not seem like it all the time, but when ya' come at me, ya' callin' out the pissed-off b*tch that's waitin' inside. I got myself a little tent over here..."

Shannon points off camera to a literal tent, pitched and set up, at the very peak of the arena's height and right in the middle of its top.

"I ain't movin' until Fight Night, Cyrus. Ya' got me aaaaaall riled up, ya' damn a**hat! I got more to say but I'ma save that sh*t for Fight Night. Just know that all ya' bullsh*t from the last show is just that — a bunch'a bullsh*t. But ya' did say one right thing, one very revealin' thing, and it's 'bout time someone came along and ... helped ya' out."

Shannon puts two middle fingers toward the camera and shouts more profanities. The crowd cheers again as the scene cuts off, going back to a black screen as the next match is set to begin.


Main Event
FWA World Heavyweight Champion Cyrus Truth and “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs Phillip A. Jackson and Danny “F’n” Toner

The crowd gave it’s biggest pop of the night to PAJ, as he made his entrance. PAJ was given the longest entrance of the night, as he posed for pictures and did all of his signature motions once entering the ring. PAJ took off his sunglasses and handed them to the referee as Danny Toner’s music took over. Toner excitedly ran out and interacted with fans down the ramp, even allowing one fan to pour his beer into his mouth. Toner took a sign that read “Danny Fuckin’ Toner is The Fuckin’ Man!” and brought it into the ring, holding it up for all to see.

The cheers didn’t last too long before Michael Garcia’s music played and Garcia wasted no time in making his way down the ramp and setting foot into the ring. The FWA universe absolutely exploded in jeers,as perhaps the only person more hated in the FWA than Garcia, came out next….Cyrus Truth. Truth very non-chalantly walked down to the ring, polishing his FWA championship and looking at his opposition in a very deameaning fashion.

Cyrus started things off with PAJ. The two men know each other very well and were able to get things started off with some old school chain wrestling. After a good back and forth, both men retreated to their corners and the crowd applauded. The chain wrestling started again, this time with PAJ getting the upper hand until Cyrus squirmed out and tagged in Big Mike. PAJ immediately went in to his technical wrestling but Mike easily over powered him and drove him to the corner. PAJ took advantage of a Garcia mistake, dropkicked him in the knee and hit a standing enziguiri. PAJ tagged in Toner. Danny immediately took control with some basic offensive maneuvers before connecting with a Regal-Plex. Danny attempted a Superkick to Garcia, but Main Event Mike blocked it, spun him around, and drilled him with a Pittfall! Toner laid motionless on the mat, as Garcia rolled across the ring and tagged in Truth.

Cyrus immediately went to work on Toner, using a few of his signature moves, The First Five Steps, The Broken Path, and The Wanderer’s Edge to wear Toner down. Danny hit a desperation DDT on Cyrus and crawled over to his corner, but Main Event Mike ran around the ring and pulled PAJ off the apron before he could get the chance! Cyrus pulled Toner back into the corner and applied an Anaconda Vice submission hold. Toner struggled and reached out for the ropes, but they were out of reach. After a plethora of agonizing seconds, PAJ dove into the ring, breaking the hold, but the referee forced him out. Cyrus held onto Toner’s arm and tagged in Garcia.

Garcia took control of Toner with a series of basic power moves and taunting Toner as he laid there in pain. He pulled Toner up by his hair, and began to trash talk him, but Toner started laying into him with rights and lefts! Garcia nearly fell backwards, as Toner charged off the ropes only to get hit with a Black Hole Slam! Garcia regained his bearings and delivered a Yakuza Kick to PAJ before dropping down and covering Toner for a two count. Garcia argued it was three before pulling Toner back up and dropping him back down with a High Angle Spinebuster! That move got a two count as well! Garcia slammed his fists into the mat in frustration before claiming that this is it. He picked up Toner, put him on his shoulders and called for the Steel Curtain…BUT TONER SLID OUT! Toner began throwing a whirlwind of punches to Garcia, and then a bevy of dropkicks! A discus clothesline and then a snap German Suplex! Danny Toner was on a roll as he climbed up to the top rope but Garcia met him up there! A few punches later, Garcia lifted him up and sent Toner down with a Superplex! Both men were down! Toner began crawling to PAJ, and Garcia began crawling to Truth! Toner leaped ahead and made the tag to PAJ,just as Garcia got to Truth! But Truth dropped off the apron, and refused to tag in! Garcia looked on in shock as Truth shrugged his shoulders and walked over to his championship belt, smirking all the way. Garcia screamed out obscenities at Truth, before turning around…right into a PAJle kick! Garcia dropped like a ton of bricks as PAJ looked to the crowd, who roared when PAJ extended his hand to Toner! Toner tagged in, nodded to PAJ, and when Garcia turned around…Toner delivered a Superkick right into a Release Tiger Suplex from PAJ, completing an old Executive Excellence finisher! The fans popped for the move,but even more for the resulting three count!

Here is your winner: Danny F'n Toner and Phillip A. Jackson


Thank you to those that sent in any segments or matches. Going forward, house shows are going to act as supplements to main Fight Nights and fill in gaps here and there.