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Thread: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

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    Extreme Rules Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

    Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

    The show opens with a great shot of the Roberto Clemente Bridge in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania spanning across the Allegheny River. Standing on the bridge is none other than former FWA star Dave Sullivan, dressed in an expensive looking suit. Dave has an earpiece in his left ear.

    Dave Sullivan: I am standing here in my native home of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where we are about to meet 26 people whose lives will be forever changed by one credible journey.

    These contestants that you will see on your TV are just like you. They
    are every day people who have been living every day lives. But they have an once in a lifetime opportunity to make their life into something completely new, and fulfill a dream of becoming an FWA Superstar.

    Over the next ten weeks these every day men will be showing their worth. They are wiping the slate of their previous lives clean, and will venture into a completely new territory. They will be sent home one by one until there is one man standing. The last one left will get a contract to become an FWA Superstar, and will be managed by one of the greatest FWA wrestlers to have played the off course.

    26 men...only one will win. Ground Zero.

    January 18th, 2017

    Dave Sullivan is in an office interviewing potential candidates for the show. The scene has sort of a documentary film style to it, with office phones ringing in the background.

    Dave Sullivan: So tell me about yourself. Tell me why you think you'll be a great superstar in the FWA.

    Bobby Yu: Well...uh, I mean I'm pretty awesome. Like, do you see that water jug out there in the annex? I could probably go over and punch it like really hard, and it'd fall right off. Probably.

    Dave Sullivan: Hmm, about this. Tell me who you are. What do you do? Who is Bobby Yu?

    Bobby Yu: Well, I guess I'll start with childhood. I grew up in
    those pretty terrible house out in New Orleans. Foster house they're called, many poor boys like myself have lived there trust me.

    Dave Sullivan: Oh wow, ok. Tell me about your parents. What happened to them?

    Bobby Yu: Well my mom, she uh...she sewed clothes. She was a tailor I guess they're called. I remember she sewed me this really nice pair of blue jeans right before she left. And my father, he loved to play poker. Always going down into New Orleans and gambling...

    Dave Sullivan: Wait, are you just telling me the lyrics of House of the Rising Sun?

    Bobby Yu: Uh....

    Dave Sullivan: Get the hell out of here.

    *Cut to Present Day inside the Ground Zero Arena*

    The live crowd is cheering loud as host Dave Sullivan is standing in the middle of a black and gold ring.

    Dave Sullivan: Ladies and Gentlemen. You know the idea of the show already. 26 every day citizens will compete for an FWA contract. But there's a part that I did not tell you...

    Each of them will be split up into four teams, and each team will be led by a coach. The coach is responsible for training every member of their team, and will
    occasionally be responsible for sending someone from their team home. These coaches are not just any ordinary coaches though. They are more competitive than ever, and they will try to be the winning coach at all costs. Why? Because these coaches, like me, are FWA superstars!

    Introducing the first coach....from Edmonton, Alberta Canada...he is a
    two time FWA TV Champion....

    Mac Michaud!

    Strutting down to the ring is Coach Michaud. He shakes Sullivan's hand and joins him as Dave announces the next coach.

    Dave Sullivan: Our next Coach is recently retired from the FWA. He has at times ruled the Tag Team division, and was a former partner of mine and Mac's in the stable Over The Edge long long ago...his name is...

    James Hughes

    James Hughes heads out to a mix of a boos and cheers as he joins Mac and Dave in the ring.

    Dave Sullivan: This next coach may not have the accomplishments of Hughes and Michaud, but dammit he is like a cousin to me. And that's because he is my cousin. Please welcome.....

    Broc "Lobster" Flucker

    Broc heads down to the ring without his Broc Lobster gimmick and his lobster Larry. He is here in a more serious role as he looks to coach some young superstars.

    Dave Sullivan: And now I have one last coach to introduce. And don't think I saved the best for last, because there is no reason to think I did...but...well...I did. Because let's face it, this guy is a 4x World Champion. A Carnal Contendership winner, a rookie of the year winner. I mean basically every award you could have won he won it, and here he is trying to win something else. He is here because, and I quote "I have nothing else better to do so sure why not".

    Chris Kennedy

    Chris Kennedy makes a big show of his entrance as he smugly heads down to the ring. The crowd goes crazy at the sight of one of the biggest stars in FWA history. Dave extends his hand to Kennedy for a handshake as he enters the ring, but Chris pretends he doesn't see him and runs right past him to jump on the turn buckle and hype up the crowd.

    Dave Sullivan: So we have our coaches. At the end of this show they will draft their teams. Each team will start out with five contestants. But Dave, how can there only be four teams of five contestants whenever there are 26 contestants total you ask?

    Because our main (and only) event of the evening...we will have a Ground Zero Showdown.

    And I will explain what that is after this commercial break.

    *Commercial Break*

    April 14th, 2016

    Dave Sullivan is seen riding in a van with his camera crew. They are driving through the streets of Paterson, NJ.

    Dave Sullivan: Hey, hey stop! This is the place.

    They stop the van and head outside to a very Ghetto looking neighborhood. Right outside the van is a very run down basketball court, with some very...urban...looking gentlemen having a game.

    Dave, in his suit, heads up to the gentlemen to introduce himself.

    Dave Sullivan: Hello, my name is Dave Sullivan and I'd like to invite you fellas to apply to our new reality sh-

    Black Guy 1: YO WHO DA HELL is this
    cracka on our court?

    Black Guy 2: LOL I think
    dat fool tryin to talk smack on you Tyrone. You should kick his white little ass.

    Tyrone: You
    talkin smack dawg? Daiquan says you betalkin smack.

    Dave Sullivan: No, I'm a host of a-

    Daiquan: Oh man he totally
    talkin smack Tyrone. Whoop his ass.

    Dave Sullivan: Wait you guys don't understand, I'm from the FWA and
    I just wa-

    Tyrone: SHUT you mouth cracka. Daiquan
    hold him down.

    Daiquan grabs Dave's arms as Tyrone is about to get ready to fight until...


    Tyrone: God dammit...Wayne, go back inside man. This
    don't concern you.


    Daiquan: LOL Tyrone
    tell your fat retarded brother to go back inside and cry about his knee.


    Tyrone: What, no I
    aint gonna tell him you don't bite man why would I say that. He gonna think you bite if I tell him that.

    Daiquan: Well he does bite Tyrone.


    Dave Sullivan: Guys! I hate to interrupt this, but you don't understand. I'm from a TV Show. You know FWA Wrestling? Tyrone, I think you have potential to become
    a part of it.

    Daiquan: Yo why the fuck Tyrone the one who's on it?

    Tyrone: Daiquan is right, I
    aint going on without my boy Daiquan.

    Daiquan: Yo man you
    aint going on at all. This fool out his mind. I say we whoop him now, and if he wasn't wearing such a nice suit I would've kicked his ass already.

    Dave Sullivan: What if...what if I beat you guys in a basketball game?

    Tyrone: LOL! Beat us in basketball? Daiquan you hear that man?

    Daiquan: you gonna beat us both man? You
    aint even got another partner...

    Dave Sullivan: Well what about...him?

    Dave points towards Wayne...

    Daiquan: HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Tyrone: Oh my god this is too funny. Smh.
    Ight man you and Wayne versus me and Daiquan. And if we win, we get to kick yo ass. First to ten.

    The basketball game is about to start. Wayne and Dave are on one side and Tyrone and Daiquan are on the other. Tyrone and Daiquan pull ahead with the first basket. And another, and another. But Dave and Wayne come back and tie it up 9-9. Game point coming up.

    Dave: Ok Wayne, we need a play. Gotan ideas?


    Dave: *sigh* Ok...let's do this.

    Tyrone passes the ball to Daiquan, and Daiquan passes it
    back..Tyrone pushes into the paint, but passes it back to the outside. Daiquan is about to hit a deep shot when out of nowhere comes Wayne! Wayne bites Daiquan right in the shoulder.

    Daiquan: AH! Goddamn, he bit me!

    Daiquan drops the ball and Sullivan scoops it up. Dave sprints down court and hits the
    game winning dunk to pull of the upset.

    Dave Sullivan: So I guess I can write you guys a paycheck to be on the show then?

    Tyrone: Paycheck? Why aint you say we gonna get a paycheck? WE IN MAN.

    *Commercial Break*

    We are back to Dave Sullivan and his coaches in the FWA ring, where Dave will announce just what a Ground Zero Showdown match is.

    Dave Sullivan: So where was I? Oh yes. A Ground Zero Showdown. You see we only have 10 Weeks to find our next FWA Superstar, and we have 26
    contestents. It just doesn't work. So we need to figure out who deserves to be here, and who doesn't make the cut.

    So here are the rules for a Ground Zero Showdown...

    Rule Number 1: Everyone starts in or around the ring. All 26 superstars.

    Rule Number 2: If you get a pin, you are safe. You can leave the match and head back to the locker room.

    Rule Number 3: The last six contestants remaining without a pin will be eliminated from the show.

    And ladies and gentlemen let me introduce our commentators...famously known for their work in the NFL...

    Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth!

    Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth both trot down to the ring as we head to another break.
    *commercial break*

    We come back from the break to a scene taking place at a shooting range. With host Dave Sullivan standing with another man.

    Dave Sullivan: I'm here with Ground Zero contestant Jack Harris. He is a former Navy Seal, and he is one of the toughest contestants I have met so far. He has been through and seen it all, and yet here he is trying to go for me.

    Jack let me ask you...there have been some concerns with our production staff, that you may not be mentally fit to participate in our show. There are some questions on whether or not you have PTSD. If you do we do have doctors and a lot of professionals who can help you, but we want you to disclose this information now...

    Jack Harris picks up a glock off the table
    and loads the clip into it. Dave takes a step back. Harris moves his arm up, and shoots the shooting range target. Bullseye.

    Jack Harris: Dave...are you seriously talking to me about mental illnesses?

    Dave Sullivan: Touche Jack...Touche.

    *commercial break*

    Ground Zero Showdown Match
    Rule Number 1: Everyone starts in or around the ring. All 26 superstars.

    Rule Number 2: If you get a pin, you are safe. You can leave the match and head back to the locker room.

    Rule Number 3: The last six contestants remaining without a pin will be eliminated from the show.

    Contestants: Sam Donovan, Derek Silver, Tyrone Johnson, Daiquan Andrews, Wayne Johnson, The Den Lion, Bobby Yu, Jack Harris, Dan Dulaney, Captain Insano (he shows no mercy), Alex Flocker, James Blake, Chang Hoi Sun, Big Steve, The Butcher, Randy Porter, Sticky Finger Joe, Magnum Jackson, Ram Jam, Luke Turner, Rusty Keener, Jeff Crowe, Tanner Gaskil, Jaskson Debolt, Tommy Morris, and Ralph Maddox

    Gus Johnson: Ladies and Gentlemen, are you ready for the first ever Ground Zero match?

    Cris Collinsworth: Man this is crazy, aint it? 26 guys all fighting at the same time. And the best part is, none of them have never had any experience or training before. They are all just fighting for the first time. Well we'll see who stands out huh?

    Gus: Yes we certainly will. Well everybody is out here. Let's get it started...

    The bell rings, and it turns into an all out brawl. Things get absolutely crazy. It is hard to keep track of everything because everybody is attacking each other. It looks like a straight up riot out here.
    Ramjam is the first one to get a pin. He went right for it after kicking Big Steve in the face.

    Gus Johnson: OH MY GOD. The midget just got pulverized.

    Ramjam is Safe.

    Some other guys take the opportunity to pin Big Steve while they can. Magnum Jackson jumps on him, Randy Porter, and The Butcher too. They are all safe.

    The fighting continues. Sam Donovan and Tyrone Johnson are going at it in the ring, and Daiquan Andrews come in to assist Tyrone. In fact The trio of Tyrone, Daiquan, and Wayne seem to be controlling things. Tyrone pins Sam to be safe. Then Daiquan turns around and rolls up Wayne!

    Tyrone Johnson and Daiquan Andrews are safe.

    Derek Silver is going crazy in the
    ring. He wants some redemption. He's attacking everybody, but he can't get a pin. Instead Jackson Debolt and Tanner Gaskil get the cover on Silver.

    Jackson Debolt and Tanner Gaskil are safe.

    Sticky Finger Joe sneaks up on Big Steve for the roll up pin. He laughs as he throws some spare change in the face of Alex Flocker. Distracted, Alex Flocker gets pinned by the lawyer Tommy Morris. Ralph Maddox also gets in on it.

    Sticky Finger Joe, Ralph Maddox, and Tommy Morris are safe.

    Captain Insano is going into rage mode. He hasn't gotten a pin yet, and he is ready to show No Mercy. Meanwhile, Sam Donovan and Jack Harris are starting to cause some damage in the match. Throwing people through barricades and using steel chairs. Jeff Crowe starts to take advantage of Luke Turner, sneaking up behind him and hitting a low blow before sneaking a pin.

    Jeff Crowe is safe.

    Jack Harris and Sam Donovan are safe.

    Angry, Luke Turner quickly recovers and attacks Alex Flocker. Turner gets the pin, and Chang Hoi Sun jumps on that pin as well.

    Luke Turner and Chang Hoi Sun are safe.

    Police officer Dan Dulaney teams up with psychologist James Blake to take care of business. The two of them get pins on Bobby Yu and The Den Lion respectively.

    Dan Dulaney is safe.

    James Blake is safe.

    The Den Lion is pissed. He starts screaming and running around the ring screaming I am boss. Before he's clotheslined by Rusty Keener out of nowhere. Rusty the farm boy gets the pin to ensure his spot on the roster.

    Rusty Keener is safe.

    And just like that there are just seven people left. Most of them are flat out dead and destroyed, regretting being talked into coming onto the show by that slimeball Dave Sullivan. Wayne Johnson tries to get some energy. He wipes out Captain Insano. He crushes The Den Lion, and punches Derek Silver right in his stupid silver face. He grabs Bobby Yu by the throat, and gives him a chokeslam. Alex Flocker runs towards Wayne, and Wayne hits him with a huge boot. Wayne looks to be the last man to join the roster, when Daiquan Andrews comes out of nowhere from the locker room!

    Gus Johnson: DAIQUAN ANDREWS? What is he doing here! The man was already safe. He already is out of the match. Daiquan Andrews nails Wayne in the head with a steel chair in an act of pure betrayal and scurries out of the ring.

    Out of nowhere, Big Steve the midget comes crawling out from under the ring. He covers Wayne for the pin. 1...2...3.

    Big Steve is safe.

    Eliminated from the show are: Wayne Johnson, Alex Flocker, Captain Insano, Bobby Yu, The Den Lion, and Derek Silver.

    Gus Johnson: Well ladies and gentlemen that was our show for tonight. What a match that was. I cannot wait to see who gets drafted to which coach's team and how they improve.

    Cris Collinsworth: My money is on Big Steve. What an underdog win for him right at the end there.

    Dave Sullivan comes into the ring with a microphone.

    Dave Sullivan: Well that is
    that, we have our 20 man roster! But guess what folks, those twenty still aren't safe.

    This week, I want some things from the fans. I am going to ask that you all head over to, and you vote on our poll. All 20 guys who were safe tonight will be on there. I want you to vote for who you think should go home next. The two guys with the most votes will face off in a match to open up our show next week, and the loser will be eliminated on the spot.

    In the meantime, check out for some other great clips on all of our superstars. We have so much more to show about our contestants that didn't make it on the live show tonight.

    Have a great night guys and see you next Wednesday night!

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

    Awesome show and mostly great coaches haha

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

    I have missed your writing Sully- and Brocs.

    Always wondered what the Broc Flucker character looked like.

    I really liked the show, glad to see some familiar announcers and glad to see Ramjam is still in the running- but the Den Lion is out? That makes me sad.

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    Re: Ground Zero Season One: Episode 1

    Quote Originally Posted by The Mac View Post
    Awesome show and mostly great coaches haha
    Thanks Mac. Teams will be announced for each coach at the beginning of next week's episode.

    Hope you guys enjoy this one. I felt a little rushed because I really wanted to get it this started (I've been putting this off for over a year) but there was just so much to cover for one episode. I started writing at like 7pm, but there was just SO much to cover.

    I plan to go over each character a little more in depth very slowly over the course of the next couple of weeks. These will be posted in the thread. I also hope to make Episode 2 flow more like a wrestling show.

    Everyone if you could please vote for the two characters you'd like to see face off in the elimination match next Wednesday, I'd really appreciate it!

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