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Thread: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

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    FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Scottrade Center, St. Louis, Missouri
    Friday, June 2, 2017

    Normally, an episode of Fight Night starts with a huge pyrotechnic display, camera panning out to a rabid crowd holding signs for their favorite wrestlers and cheering at the top of their lungs. It's an exciting, yet familiar tradition that has been opening Fight Nights for years now.

    But not this Fight Night.

    There is no pyro display, and no sweeping camera shots showing signs in the crowd. There is a lot of noise, but no cheers. Instead, the crowd is letting loose a torrent of boos spiked with rage and disdain. And as the camera focuses on the center of the ring, the cause of the crowd's ire is made all too clear.

    There, sitting backwards in a steel chair in the middle of the ring, is Cyrus Truth, dressed in his ring gear and overcoat. The FWA World Heavyweight Championship is draped over the back of the chair in front of The Exile, shined up and glistening under the bright lights of the arena. As for the champion himself, he looks...exhausted. Dark circles around his eyes suggest a lack of sleep lately, and based on the expression on his face it appears that something is truly bothering him. Something that has gone from minor annoyance to full-blown vitriol. Not that the crowd cares, as they're livid with the World Champion, no doubt stemming from that assault on number one contender Shannon O'Neal at the end of last week's Fight Night.

    And while it's not been definitively determined that Cyrus was the one who assaulted Shannon, the crowd seems to have made their own judgment as that now-familiar chant of "Fuck Cyrus Truth!" echoes throughout the arena. Cyrus, dispassionate, lets all that hatred and bile wash over him, not even giving the crowd the benefit of seeing him react. Only when the heat dies down does Cyrus even raise a microphone in his lips to address the FWA faithful.

    Cyrus Truth: Before I begin with the reason I'm out here, let's get one thing out of the way. Last Fight Night? I gave Shannon EXACTLY what she deserved.

    ...Oh. Wow. That was...surprising to say the least. And while it does get the crowd booing again, more than a handful of the fans look shocked at Cyrus casually admitting to attacking Shannon at the end of Fight Night. That confusion seems to amuse Cyrus a bit as the faintest hint of a smirk crosses his lips.

    Cyrus Truth: Oh, were you expecting me to say something else? Perhaps you thought I wouldn't talk about that. Or more likely, you expected me to deny that I had anything to with Shannon's beatdown. After all, you've all heard it from Shannon before. If not from her, then from just about everybody in FWA's locker room and even FWA itself. "Cyrus Truth is a coward," right? "He's afraid to fight me for the World Title." "He's too scared to compete in Mile High Massacre and Trial by Fire." "He's scared to show his face around FWA."

    Cyrus pauses for a second to let that sink in before finishing his train of thought.

    Cyrus Truth: "He's terrified of losing to Shannon O'Neal at Back in Business."

    That statement elicits a huge pop from the FWA fans as a loud "Shannon! Shannon! Shannon!" chant breaks out. Cyrus bristles as he listens to that chant, no doubt hating hearing that name be exalted by the FWA faithful. But just as it seems as if that anger will boil over, Cyrus surprisingly chuckles, which gets the crowd's attention again.

    Cyrus Truth: Perception is a funny thing, isn't it? You know the phrase, "Perception is reality?" It's not wrong. But there's two different types of perception. The perception that's founded on Truth, facts, and past history...and the perception perpetrated by lies and heresay. The perception that FWA, Shannon, and everybody in this wretched company wants to paint me as is the type of villain that FWA has seen plenty of times hovering around this title I hold. The cowards, the braggarts, the overly arrogant blowhards who talk a big game but shy away from the struggle and try their damndest to avoid a proper fight. It's the type of villain FWA loves, because it's easy to drum up your hatred and your support for the heroes FWA sets against them. Or, to put it more simply...FWA creates the image of a villain you've been conditioned to hate so that you have all the more reasons to cheer your hearts out for the heroes in this little play.

    The way Cyrus said that, the tone he used? It was thinly-veiled patronizing. And the fans pick up on that as they resume booing at The Exile, to which Cyrus replies:

    Cyrus Truth: Oh, don't pretend like what I just said wasn't true. And it's that exact reaction that's why I'm here in this ring tonight. Because the perception that I am somehow cut from the same cloth as your former reviled champions is not only blatantly false, but horrendously delusional. FWA has decided to paint me as the kind of champion Phillip Jackson and Gabrielle Montgomery were, and I cannot abide by that. Paint me as the villain if you must, but a coward? Have you NOT been paying attention to anything? Yes, I objected to defending my title in Mile High Massacre and Trial By Fire, but you fools truly believe that I'm afraid to FIGHT?! Me, whose history is one that soaked in blood and seeped in violence, afraid of ANY match? But none of you care about the actual Truth. Because thinking for yourselves is so HARD, isn't it? Why make your own judgments when FWA and superstars like Shannon can make it up for you? A delusion is comforting, cozy, and easy to dwell in...but it's all nothing more than a lie.

    You want some Truth? Allow me to enlighten you. Am I happy being the FWA World Heavyweight Champion? Hell no. I was, at one time. When I won this title, I was ecstatic. It was the culmination of the risks I took in challenging FWA's best and brightest on a journey to fully validate my career and my legacy, and this title was proof that all those risks had been worth it. But since then, this company has done everything in its power to suck even the most basic joy I get in competing in this ring. And it's not just the condescending attitude of these FWA "Superstars," or the fact that FWA management sees fit to not even have the common decency to talk to me about the matches that I defend my title in. No, what truly drains me of any sort of passion is this willful ignoring of the Truth to perpetuate a lie just because FWA can't stand the fact that I AM World Champion and they've failed time and again to rectify that. Call me a coward, even though I've shown up to fight time and again, even in matches I've objected to. Say I'm a braggart, even though I've been damn near unstoppable since I've shown up a year ago and have every reason to be proud. You want to so badly believe that I'm less than what I am that you all ignore what to anybody else would be obvious Truth. I fear nothing. I fear NO ONE. I fight, I dominate, I conquer, and I rule. To suggest anything otherwise suggests a severe disconnect from reality, and I refuse to allow people like Shannon to continue spewing that garbage and belittle everything I've done in FWA!

    The crowd is still ratcheting up the heat as they chant for Shannon to come out and shut Cyrus up. But Cyrus presses on unimpeded, perhaps knowing that after assaulting Shannon last Fight Night that she's not in any condition to be here.

    Cyrus Truth: Go ahead, cheer for her. Support her, love her, let her be your new hero! Believe what she tells you with all your heart and soul, as if it changes reality. Shannon says I have to earn respect. Tell me, how DO you earn respect in professional wrestling? I was unaware that smiling and being an pandering puppet equated respect. Me personally? I respect what goes on in this ring, the battles fought and the championships contended for. The glory in the struggle is what I respect, and anything else is peripheral at best and meaningless at worst. That is the kind of respect I choose to acknowledge. And let's once again look at our history, shall we?! When I first came to FWA, I humbled myself. I didn't boast, didn't brag...instead, I simply went about my business and put in the work to become World Champion. I was willing to show respect to FWA's locker room and this company despite neither giving me any respect in turn. So please explain how it makes sense that I should have to earn and show respect to an organization full of children and blowhards who are unwilling to show me the respect that I have CLEARLY earned?

    But that's not the only issue Shannon has with me, oh no! Because if we're going to blame me for all the problems that FWA has...and let's be honest, FWA has a lot of problems even if they're not the ones FWA fans and personnel seem to think they have...then we have to blame me for being a poor leader. I am, according to Shannon, a sorry excuse for a general who is incapable of "inspiring" the troops to make FWA great again. And while it's true I've not the leader FWA wants me to me to be, I AM the leader it needs. FWA seems to think that everything will be fine as long as nobody questions the status quo. And if I were the kind of leader Shannon would be, then I would agree with that. It's not that hard, really...come out here, wave that FWA flag, and proclaim this company's greatness to you fans while simultaneously calling you fans the best damn wrestling fans in the world. If I really wanted to, I could be that HERO FWA and you want...but then, I wouldn't be Cyrus Truth. Because that's not being a leader. It's being an enabler. A leader stands for his principles, while an enabler blindly toes the company line. A leader commands respect, while an enabler demands attention. A leader will question the status quo for the betterment of the sport, while an enabler will just simply spew the same bullshit even as the company burns around him. Here's another bitter Truth pill to swallow: FWA as it was and what you THINK you want it to be nearly KILLED this company. If it is to survive and bring glory to professional wrestling, it must CHANGE. And I wanted to help it change, to become something better than it ever was. Spectacle will amuse you for a little while, but eventually you will realize how pointless it truly was. Pandering to you may make you feel great, but it doesn't stoke a fire or passion. What this company needs is a champion like me, but this company refused to accept that. This company never gave me a chance to be a leader. So instead, I choose to be its scourge. And it's nothing less than what they deserve.

    Cyrus's tone turns more and more bitter as he continues to vent his frustrations. The crowd still boos...but Cyrus is in a completely different zone to where he doesn't even hear them.

    Cyrus Truth: You know what DOES bring me joy? The only thing left in FWA that brings me any satisfaction? You get a wrestler like Shannon, who believes themselves to be a special little snowflake. They have a little success and they start to believe that they're destined for greatness. What past failures they may have had are easily forgotten and they forge ahead, believing that they are chosen, that they are exceptional, that they are the very best. What brings me joy is taking those people and systematically shattering those delusions of grandeur. Seeing the look in the eyes of a wrestler who was wallowing in the delusions of their supposed greatness and seeing that bright, shiny outlook turn into fear and a sense of realization that their greatness was a lie. They are not special. They are not unique. And they most certainly are nowhere near capable enough of stopping me from holding on to this title belt for as long as I damn well please. You want to talk about cowards? A coward is a man or a woman who boasts that they can topple a king, but do nothing about it. Men like Garcia and Hughes? Kazadi and Toner? Men who clamor on social media that they should get a title shot but do absolutely nothing to try and get one? I've said it since day one. Anybody who wants a shot only needs to come out here and demand one. Tell many of those men who disrespect me have actually done that?

    Cyrus pauses to let the crowd answer the question (which they answer with more boos). The answer, of course, is obvious. Outside of Bell and KAIZEN, nobody has.

    Cyrus Truth: I'll let you all wallow in your delusions a little while longer. Let the idea that anybody can stop me from doing whatever I please give you comfort and joy. Let Shannon play your new hero from now all the way to Back in Business. Because it will not last. This fog of deceit will be lifted, whether you want it to or not. Because this isn't the first time you've had faith in a hero to stop me. Bell, Parr, put your faith in them to topple me. You wanted to believe so badly that they were better than me. And yet, they all failed. You want to believe that Shannon, the loudest voice of dissent, will live her dream and end this nightmare that is the reign of the Vagabond King. And when she fails like all the others, you'll feel those delusions crack just a little bit more. And they'll continue to crack little by little until you have no lies left to believe in. FWA will send challenger after challenger after me, and raise new heroes for you to delude yourselves into believing in. And one by one by one, I will end them all. And once FWA runs out of active roster members to throw at me, they'll get desperate and look to heroes of the past. They'll drag Wolf out of that den he's been hiding in and set his fangs against me, and I'll simply knock those teeth out of his throat. And as we approach year two of my championship reign, they'll dig up Matthew Bordeau to try and stop me from matching his record, and I'll simply re-retire him. Your most BELOVED hero, Chris Kennedy, will appear at next year's Back in Business and put his Streak against my title reign in FWA's last ditch effort to finally end this nightmare, and I will take the last thing Kennedy holds dear in this sport and snap his Streak. You see now? You understand? It doesn't matter anymore. Nothing FWA can do will stop me. Because I am Cyrus Truth, and I am the last real champion this company has seen or ever will see again. And Shannon can say and do anything she wants between now and our match at Back In Business, but the Truth is that nothing await Shannon at Back In Business except a death she so richly deserves, and a shattering of your reverie that you fans have earned.

    Oh, the heat. It is damn near nuclear as the fans are now starting to shout all sorts of vile obscenities. However, interspersed in the venom is a very vocal chant of "PAJ! PAJ! PAJ! PAJ!" that seems to have gotten The Exile's attention.

    Cyrus Truth: Oh, that's right...I've fighting Phillip again tonight, aren't I? At least you delusional fools were paying attention. I imagine you're thinking "How will you break Kennedy's Streak if Phillip manages to do it this year?" Well, that's simple. Because Phillip won't. Or to be more specific, he can't. I don't hold anybody in this company with any sort of respect, but if I did, the only one worth it would be Chris Kennedy. If he were here, he and he alone would represent anything resembling a challenge to my rule. But it seems that either Kennedy thinks himself too special to challenge for FWA's greatest prize, or he's afraid to be exposed. But neither is my particular concern. As for Phillip...oh, my. If ever there was a case for delusions clouding Truth, it would be your newfound love for one Phillip A. Jackson. Are your memories that short that you forget just who it is you're cheering? Phillip Jackson was the very definition of a braggart coward. He hid behind Thomas Princeton, Jimmy King, and anybody who'd give him the adoration of being a champion without having to actually earn in the trenches. The same man who, when he went one-on-one with me a year ago, walked out of the match rather than stand and fight! This man is your new hero? What exactly has he done to earn your love? He may be saying the right things to make you cheer for him, but me...I don't forget. I don't forget the man he was, the man he truly is. He cannot beat Chris Kennedy straight up. The only hope he has to beat Kennedy is to return to form...and cheat. And boy, how foolish will you feel when, after embracing the so-called "Immortal One," he returns your faith by screwing Chris Kennedy out of his Streak. Because Phillip A. Jackson doesn't care about glory. Phillip Jackson cares about accolades. Accolades are the cheap IKEA furniture that breaks down after six months. Glory is the handcrafted oak chair that endures for centuries. And I cannot tolerate anybody who doesn't know the difference.

    So be it. Let Phillip try and prove me wrong tonight. The opportunity's there, after all. All he has to do is just show up and fight. He doesn't even have to win. All Phillip has to do is just show up and not run away like he did a year ago. So how about it, Phillip? Want to prove that you're these people's hero? Want to show the world that you can actually beat Kennedy like a wrestler and not like a worm? The only thing standing in your way is me, a loathed and despised king whose country can't stand him, but cannot prove why he should be so hated. But mark my words, Phillip. There are two types of men in this business. The type like me who will endure hardships and not break, and the type that will do whatever it takes to avoid those hardships and look for the easy way out...the type like you. These fans may not want to believe it, but when push comes to shove, you will go back to being the scum that you've always been. And these fans that cheer you now will curse your name yet again, and those delusions they have of your virtue will be irreparably shattered. And in the end, I will again have some small sense of joy seeing your delusions broken yet again.

    Tonight, I expose Phillip for the worm and pretender he is. And Shannon? At Back in Business, I do the same to you. And to the next, and the next after that. And to any and all pretenders until there are none left, and you all have no other choice but to accept the undisputed Truth. That for all your hopes and all your faith in FWA...all of that was for naught. And in the end, when all you've come to believe in is left as a smoldering pile of ash and dust, will you repent for all your sins. Let the curtain rise...and the lies exposed.

    Cyrus tosses the microphone over his shoulder, stands up from his chair, and holds the FWA World Title high above his head. The champion's look is one of defiance, of unfettered conviction. To him, the delusions stop, and the Truth will be revealed. And there's not a damn thing FWA, Phillip Jackson, or Shannon O'Neal can do to stop the oncoming path of rage...

    A preview is shown for Back in Business, which is promoted for Saturday, July 1, from Seattle, Washington! The promo includes shots of Shannon O'Neal's win at Carnal Contendership, her attack on Cyrus Truth, and the back-and-forth interaction from last Fight Night. It ends with Shannon laying on the ground at the end of the show.

    The promo switches to a teaser for Chris Kennedy versus Phillip A. Jackson. The years of their friendship and rivalry are shown, and the tagline of "The Streak Goes for Payback" finishes it. Then we see a teaser for "The Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo, who assaulted Bell Connelly at Carnal Contendership and mocked the FWA Women's Championship on Fight Night. This is the reveal that Ryan Rondo and Bell will go one on one at Back in Business XII.


    July 1, 2017

    By the time we return, both Darius and "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards are in the ring. Cyrus Truth has left, headed to the back.

    Darius vs. "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards

    Before the match can even start Dairus attacks Ben Richards sending him shoulder first into ring post. The crowd boos as Darius looks at him again and hits him shoulder first three to four times before the ref breaks it up. The ref asks Richards if he wants to go on and he says yes and the bell rings.

    We go on a little later in the match as Darius is firmly in control as he has been working over the arm of Richards but also attacking the ribs which are very black and blue. Darius irish whips Richards into corner and hits a Shining Wizard which sends spit flying everywhere. Darius focused grabs Richard by the head and hits a Implar DDT however he doesn't let go but rolls over to hit another as Richard rolls to the corner. Darius sets him up crouched bouncing begging for him to get up after a few seconds he gets up but eats a sick spear as Darius stands over his body he looks down and runs to the corner again hits a spear. He still looks on not ready to pin him and hits yet another spear at this point Richards is seen gasping for air as Darius drops down for the count


    Winner via pinfall: Darius

    Darius has his hand raised by ref. Then as he is climbing under the ropes the tron goes off. Everyone looks to the video screen, which is black with snow flashing in every couple seconds.

    Darius has a confused expression, and suddenly the crowd and everyone else in the arena sees the word "LIAR" flashing on the screen in red letters. The crowd murmurs to itself as Darius looks at the referee seeking answers — but gets the same befuddled look he has.

    Langdon Trafford: What was that all about?

    Piers Gallagher: Someone has Darius in their sights, I guess...


    The lights go dark as the crowd turns its attention to the stage. Graves and Sinn slowly emerge from the entrance and onto the stage. Their smiles shine in the deep darkness of the arena, and the crowd watches as "The God Killers" come to the ring with face paint, a torture mask, and black jackets on.

    Langdon Trafford: These two ... let me tell ya', we've heard a lot about these two men. Brutal savages. They call themselves ...

    Piers Gallagher: Genocide!

    The team takes their spot inside the ring, awaiting their first FWA opponents.

    Much more upbeat music fills the air of the arena. The crowd begins cheering a bit as the lights return and the fresh-faced pairing of Julian Watson and Ryan Martin come out to greet the smiles of the fans.

    Langdon Trafford: It's like night and day between these two teams. The Heartbreak Express, another jolt of energy to the FWA's tag team division, is ALSO making its debut here tonight.

    Piers Gallagher: These two look like they're going to get eaten alive here. Look at Genocide, and then look at these two KIDS.

    The Heartbreak Express don't seem intimidated at all by Genocide. They hop up to the apron and enter the ring, taking a spot right in the middle for their tag team pose. The crowd cheers slightly as the music concludes.

    Debuting Tag Teams Collide
    Genocide vs. The Heartbreak Express

    Summary: Graves starts the match for Genocide and Julian Watson is the man for The Heartbreak Express. They half circle the ring before coming together in a strong grapple in the middle of the ring. Graves applies a back arm twist and walks Watson around the ring for a while. He transitions into a side head lock until Watson shoves Graves to the ropes and lands a big boot to the face. Watson hits a running powerslam and tags in his Heartbreak Express partner, Ryan Martin, who starts with repeated calf kicks to Graves.

    Martin gets repeated headbutts from Graves and a running tornado DDT to turn the tide. Tag made to Sinn, who grabs Martin by the legs and does the Cesaro swing. Sinn applies a choke hold as Martin sits against the bottom turnbuckle and the ref is forced to break it. Sinn hoists Martin up into the air and drops him for a military-press drop after a high throw up. Cover is broken up by Watson, though!

    Martin hits a superkick to the stomach and a running knee to the hunched-over Sinn. A hot tag is made to Julian Watson, who comes in firing with clotheslines to both Sinn and Graves. Watson hits a spinning facebuster to Graves, who rolls out the ring. Sinn is the legal man and Watson hits a slingshot sommersault senton. He covers, but Graves makes the save just in time!

    Ryan Martin comes behind Graves with repeated forearms. Then he applies a rear waist hold and lifts Graves up for a belly-to-back suplex. Watson is behind for the neckbreaker slam, completing the double-team maneuver!!! The crowd cheers as Watson turns in time to see Sinn rise up. His big boot misses the mark and Sinn's discus clothesline knocks Watson back toward the ropes.

    Ending: Martin makes a blind tag as Sinn receives a knee to the gut from Watson. Martin hits "Hotline Miami" running brainbuster finisher and The Heartbreak Express pick up the pinfall victory. 1-2-3.

    Winners: The Heartbreak Express

    After the match, we see Danny F'n Toner backstage. The crowd explodes as he exits his locker room dressed to compete and begins heading down the hallway. A very loud "DANNY! DANNY! DANNY F'N TOOOONER!" chant emerges as the announcers hype his upcoming match with former X Champion Zachary Kazadi.


    "Greenback Boogie" hits and the arena goes NUTS for the entrance of Danny Toner. He comes out wearing sunglasses and a broad smile on his face. Toner makes his way to the ring with a skip in his step as the chants continue to rain down for him.

    Langdon Trafford: Michael Garcia was eliminated by Danny Toner in a truck at Carnal Contendership. That has ... angered the Carnegie Carnivore. Now ... Toner is in the sights of the former challenger to the North American Championship!

    Piers Gallagher: You have a pissed-off big man who felt he was ROBBED of a main event spot at Back in Business. You damn well better believe he's coming for Toner!

    Langdon Trafford: Why don't we ask him, since he's sitting right next to us?

    Zachary Kazadi's theme music begins playing and the crowd changes its tune to boos. The former X Champion makes his way to the ring stoically, not showing any emotion, as usual. Although his entrance is much quicker.

    Michael Garcia: Danny Toner is one of those guys who gets chance after chance and forgiven for his errors every damn time. From the fans, from management. Not from me. He crossed me and cost me a title shot. I deserved that spot, not Shannon O'Neal. ME! You think Cyrus Truth is scared of a girl? But he would be scared of a machine, like me. But Danny Toner ruined that and I'm going to make him pay!

    Danny F'n Toner vs. Zachary Kazadi

    Summary: The back-and-forth action shows both men equal in skill. Kazadi uses technical prowess, submissions and swift kicks, while Toner goes for the brawling approach with forearms and punches. He hits a few high-impact moves like a backbreaker and release German suplex. Toner takes a snake eyes to the turnbuckle but hits a spinebuster on the rebound.

    Kazadi gets a nearfall after a leg lariat and Toner gets one right back after a DDT.

    The action spills outside, where Toner sends Kazadi hard into the fan barricade. Toner and Garcia lock eyes for a brief moment, causing Garcia to talk more trash about Toner's work ethic.

    Kazadi sends Toner hard into the announcer's table, where Toner is halfway laying on top. Garcia stands up, hovering over Toner. The fan favorite rises and meets his gaze, sticking up two middle fingers right in his face. Toner then turns in time to flip Kazadi back, nearly sending him crashing into Garcia!!!

    The match goes to a DQ when Garcia cold-cocks Toner with a furious right hand to the jaw. The ref calls for the bell.

    Winner via DQ: Danny F'n Toner

    Garcia doesn't care a bit that Toner got the win. Kazadi recovers on his own while Garcia shoves Toner into the apron and misses with a big boot to the face. Toner tries making an impact with furious forearm shots. But when he tries sending Garcia into the announcer's table, Garcia holds his own and yanks Toner in for a double-hand choke!

    Langdon Trafford: Garcia is choking the life out of Danny Toner!

    Garcia has his hands around the neck of Toner and moves him slowly toward the announcer's table. He lifts him up into the air with both hands and appears ready to slam him down with a double-handed chokeslam!


    Ashley O' Ryan's voice pauses Garcia, who turns just before dropping Toner. He still has Toner up in the air, although the grip around the neck is loosened so Toner can at least breath.

    "Me' thinks ya' don't wanna do that roit 'ere."

    Garcia lets Toner go, dropping him to the ground without much force. Toner gasps for oxygen as Garcia turns his massive physical frame toward Ashley.

    "Ya' see ... Garcia ... ya' used up all yer' chances at the North American champ. Can't get anymore one on one. But yer' gonna get Danny Toner at Back in Business one way or another."

    The crowd gives a decent pop for the news, as Danny Toner stumbles away and leans against the steel fan barricade.


    "But on the next Foit Noit ... it's gonna be Danny boy facin' Mike Parr for the North American Championship. So it makes sense for him to be ... at his best. In yer' best interest, Garcia, to not lay another finger on Danny. 'Cause if he wins ... yer' gettin' another shot at the North American title."

    Garcia's eyebrows raise as he looks over at Danny Toner, who is still recovering from the choke.

    "Aye, I knew yer' a smart one, Garcia. Always thinkin' of how yer' gonna get to the next level. Aye', good call. I need Toner to be able to compete for ratings, and yer' needin' him to be able to beat Parr for yer' own benefit. I knew we could reach common ground."

    Ashley leaves as Garcia walks away, making the right decision to leave Toner be ... for now.

    Langdon Trafford: BIG NEWS! Two huge announcements. Danny Toner and Michael Garcia have a date for Back in Business. But Toner is getting a North American Championship shot next week on Fight Night!

    Piers Gallagher: And if Toner wins, Garcia is BACK in the mix for the title. This is great!


    "Turn the Page" by Metallica begins to play to a huge crowd ovation as the lights go out. A spotlight hits the center of the stage as Tristan James Galloway slowly steps out to an even louder reception. An unhappy Galloway smiles at the approval of the crowd, tipping his hat before he makes his way down the aisle.

    Langdon Trafford: While it didn't breed the results he wanted, Tristan James Galloway put on one hell of a performance against North American champion Mike Parr.

    Piers Gallagher: And what did it matter? What did it matter? Honestly, the guy lost. He should be embarrassed. It was his moment in the spotlight, his time to shine and he lost!

    David Weinstock: Tristan Galloway is a hell of a competitor. He'll get another opportunity down the line. Mark my words.

    Galloway slides into the ring and climbs to the second rope, taking his hat off and poses for the crowd. He grabs a microphone and paces around the ring as the music dies down. Galloway stops in the center of the ring, staring into the hard cam.

    Tristan James Galloway: Last week, I laid it all on the line. I had the opportunity to earn my first trophy against one hell of a wrestler in the name of Mike Parr. There's a reason he is the North American champion. He's one hell of a competitor. He has all the heart and desire in the world... and he wanted it more than me last week. After our encounter, he has earned my respect.

    The crowd applauds out of respect.

    Tristan James Galloway: But it doesn't change the fact I let myself down. I gave a good performance, but it lacks personal satisfaction. I don't not aim to give a show, I desire trophies. Victories are what's important and matter. It's the only thing. It's not good enough to hold my head high and get a job well done. I need results. I--


    A lone spotlight shines on the top of the entrance ramp and on Tristan James Galloway. The tron fires up with a bright white flash, following that is a bunch of gruesome images of barbed wires and bloody people. Astute fans recognize the faces of such FWA alumni as Drew Stevenson, Michael Garcia, James Hughes, and Wolf. Words appear on the Tron stating "He is back to reclaim what is his", followed by the words "Two-time Television Champion, Two Time Tag Team Champion". There are flashes of a Tall man with long hair standing with his back to the camera, he looks familiar but you can't tell who it is. The words "He's Here" are the last things you see before the tron is plunged into darkness. Tristan has a perplexed look on his face, a look that is surely shared by most of the FWA universe. A slow haunting cover of the song The Motherload by Mastadon blares through the loudspeakers and the Tron fires up again signifying the return of The Malevolent One Mac Michaud.

    Piers Gallagher: What the hell? He hasn't been since in a year, What could he possibly want with Galloway?

    Langdon Trafford: Well if you would shut up you would find out now wouldn't you

    The Fans pop loudly, Mac Michaud hasn't been in the FWA Arena since June of 2016. He steps out into the spotlight and it looks like nothing has changed. His Hair is slicked back into a ponytail, His black suit is tailored and looks sharp. His black dress shoes are polished to the point that they reflect the shine from the spotlight. He stands in the spotlight and looks out as the crowd pops loudly. He raises one hand and the fans quiet as he begins to speak.

    Mac Michaud: It is great to be back in front of the FWA Universe. Tristan may not know who I am, but I sure as hell know who you are! I must first address my adoring fans. FWA universe, I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I tell you to SHUT THE HELL UP!

    The Fans boo loudly but Mac ignores them and continues on

    Mac Michaud: Like I give a shit about anything you guys think anymore. I used to care and it got me nowhere. I left the FWA one year ago, did any of you care? NO! There was no love lost when I left. You people never gave a shit about me, and Tristan they don't give a shit about you either.

    That line seems to piss the fans off even more as they boo loudly and start cheering for Tristan.

    Mac Michaud: You have accomplished nothing in your FWA career, and you never will until the time comes that u unleash the hold that these people have on you. I am unleashed and I feel freer than I ever have in this company. You will never reach success until that happens. I have nothing left to prove to anyone in this company, I am here to prove to myself that I still have what it takes to make an impact. You will be the one I have the impact one Tristan. You will either see the light, Or I will forever extinguish your light here in the FWA.

    Mac rips off the suit jacket, revealing the usual attire of The Monster Mac Michaud. The Monster is who has come back home to the FWA

    Mac Michaud: I am here to send a message to everyone in the back and that is watching at home. THE MONSTER is back to wreck havoc on the entire FWA and it is going to start with YOU! So you better hope and pray that the love of these people will keep you going, but Tristan I am going to show you that they will be your downfall.

    A bright white flash of light fills the arena when the light shuts off The Monster is gone leaving a confused Tristan standing in the ring.

    Galloway remains in the ring as a referee comes out. The lights go out as in the arena as the Deftones begin playing, signaling the entrance of the reigning X Champion.

    "The Wildcard" Jason Randall slowly walks out with the X Championship wrapped around his waist. His right hand clutches something in his hand, and a rope appears under the dim lights of the arena. It appears more and more and then finally everyone sees the end, where a dog collar shows Penny with her neck at the end of the leash. She follows Randall in a crawling stance and then pushes herself up more like a hunchback, walking with a forward lean right behind the slow-paced X Champion.

    Langdon Trafford: "The Wildcard" has turned ... a bit deranged in the past few weeks. Ever since he and Lord Vincent became rivals, it seems Jason Randall has gone to a new level with his behavior.

    Piers Gallagher: The X Championship has a new king, and sadism now rules the land. This is how it should be in the land of the X!

    Non-title match
    Tristan James Galloway vs. "The Wildcard" Jason Randall (w/ Penny)

    Summary: Randall and Galloway trade side headlocks to begin the match. Galloway gains the upper hand with a clothesline off a rebound into the ropes. Galloway hits a side slam and tries for a quick cover, but it's netting just a one-and-a-half count. Galloway goes for a backbreaker and tries another pinfall but it's a kick out right at two. Galloway puts his boot right into the throat of Randall until Penny hops up to the apron, distracting the referee and Galloway.

    Randall hits an inverted headlock backbreaker with Galloway's back turned and the crowd boos and heckles Penny, who looks back and gives a wink and a seductive grin. "The Wildcard" begins working on Galloway with mudhole stomps in the corner, an arm-trap cross-legged STF, and a fireman's carry neckbreaker. His pinfall try only gets him a two-and-one-third count. Then Randall hits a big double-underhook release suplex. Galloway rolls to the apron but Randall quickly knocks him off with a running forearm. Penny uses the leash, still attached to her neck but with the other end free, and wraps it around Galloway's neck!!!

    The crowd boos loudly as Randall keeps the ref distracted long enough for Penny to inflict quite a bit of damage choking Galloway with the dog leash! She releases in time and moves away, and the referee never saw anything to DQ Randall. The X Champion exits the ring and quickly puts Galloway down with a clothesline. He rolls Galloway back into the ring and tries another cover, but it's another near-fall.

    Randall keeps the offense going but Galloway counters with a running big boot. Then a back body drop. Then finally a big Samoan drop! That move leaves both men laying on the canvas for about 10 seconds, catching their second winds. Galloway is up first. Randall is right behind him. They trade punches before Galloway overpowers Randall into the corner. His whip across the ring follows with a big corner splash. Galloway walks Randall to the middle of the ring for a Double A spinning spinebuster! And a cover. But a near-fall kick out from Randall!

    Galloway isn't done, though. He brings Randall up and hits his Black Rainbow pumphandle suplex. Another pinfall try and ANOTHER kick out, this time a shoulder barely getting off the mat at a 2.9 count. Galloway brings Randall up again and sets up for the God Send Conspirator but Randall counters with his "Wildcard Special" over-the-shoulder belly-to-back piledriver! Randall lays over the top of Galloway for a weak cover!


    Ending: Randall looks to finish the match with his "Drop Dead" headlock driver. Galloway counters with a back suplex converted in mid-air into a falling neckbreaker slam! Randall's legs bounce off the middle ropes as he's dropped, and he flips to his stomach after the impact. Galloway hoists Randall up and sends him into the turnbuckle. His charging shoulder thrust misses the mark as Randall dodges, rolling under the ropes, and allowing Galloway to go shoulder first into the middle turnbuckle. Randall re-enters the ring and immediately hits his "Drop Dead" finisher, getting the hard-earned 1-2-3 win.

    Winner: "The Wildcard" Jason Randall

    Randall celebrates as Galloway again takes a loss, feeling the frustration.

    Langdon Trafford: After what Mac Michaud said about him, Galloway must be getting aggravated with the results of late.

    Piers Gallagher: Every newcomer deals with this stuff. It's the ones who overcome it who make it in the FWA. Every great legend — Devin Golden, Ryan Rondo, Chris Kennedy, Gabrielle, WOLF — they all had to handle moments like this where things didn't go their way.

    Galloway gets up, ignoring the ovation from the crowd for his effort. He heads to the back with his head hung.



    Jackson steps out from behind the curtain. Microphone in hand to a good pop from the crowd. Jackson looks out into the crowd and smiles. He poses at the top of the stage. Jackson walks down to the ring greeting fans with high fives. Jackson appears to be in a good mood. Jackson quickly climbs the steps and across the apron and into the ring. Jackson starts the pace around the ring before coming to a stop in the middle of the ring as the music stops.

    Jackson: I’m sorry…

    The crowd are confused.

    Jackson: I’m sorry…for everything. For everything that I did on someone else’s behalf. For the actions that were not my actions. For listening to too many people and naively listening to the wrong ones. For becoming corrupted by everyone around me. For betraying this company and for doing something last week that was falling back into that pattern. Last week, I let everyone down. I let everything come flooding back to me. I was overwhelmed and my solution was to do nothing. With the Rondo attack, the match being set against Chris Kennedy and guys I ‘need’ to know more about. I failed. I reverted back to a man I used to be. I became PAJ rather than Phillip A. Jackson. I screwed up. I have already let Chris Kennedy get into my head. Just his presence is enough to change me. That is the impact he has had on my life. Without Chris Kennedy, I am nothing, we all know it. He fast tracked me to stardom and shot me into orbit amongst the very elite of this company. Kerry Kennedy, his late father, was my hero growing up. My house littered with any posters of Kerry Kennedy I could get my hands on. He was the man who bought me back to FWA. I came back starstruck, like a tourist seeing Times Square for the first time. That is what the Kennedy’s have done for me. One got me to basecamp and one got me to the top of the mountain. The Kennedy’s have been nothing but my heroes for almost my whole life. It meant everything that I could stand beside Chris Kennedy as an equal. The two men who really made The Syndicate great. We dominated this company together, others came along for the ride, but it was the PAJ and Chris Kennedy show. The absolute best in FWA alongside the hottest young talent in the company. It was a match made in heaven from the second it came together but I couldn’t see that back then. I was stupid, young and I was just happy to finally be propelling towards the top. I wanted more. Chris wanted more. Mac Michaud wanted more. I killed The Syndicate. Chris Kennedy left FWA and I turned on Mac Michaud like that

    *Jackson clicks*

    Jackson: Because Chris engrained my greatness in me. He pulled out something buried deep within. I knew how to win. I knew how to wrestle but he drew out my tenacity. He drew out a cold blood killer, who couldn’t be stopped. Turning on Mac was the best thing for me but…I was still young and naive even when The Syndicate fell apart. I was lost, hopeless and I will admit, I was a little afraid. I sought advice wherever I could find it. Jimmy King, Thomas Princeton, Jimmy King again because I was stupid. Guys who would believe in me. Who would pick me up when I was down. I will admit, I did enjoy some of it. They get me reason and purpose. They were my audience. They were my reasoning and then it all went away. It all disappeared and I was alone. It was the reason I joined the NEO. I wanted companionship but FWA rejected me because of my past sins. I don’t blame. I was an asshole and again, I am sorry. I worked too hard to change. It took another man to draw something buried deep within, out of me. That man was Ryan Rondo. In my effort to destroy a man who wronged me. We changed each other. Rondo helped draw out my morality. He gave me a higher awareness of everything. There are things that cross the line. Rondo crossed those lines. I have always prided myself on having a code and having a line where I will not cross, even for the most hated of enemies. That man right there.

    Jackson points to the commentary position.

    Jackson: PIERS! Get up!

    Piers stands up and acknowledges Jackson with a small bow and waves his hand and get a warm applause from the crowd before Jackson continues. Piers sits back down.

    Jackson: That man is NOT a wrestler. That man is my friend. A man who sat behind that desk for 4 years telling everyone how I would be FWA Champion. He took crap for years because of it. People didn’t believe me when I came back but that man saw it. He is a man that I respect but he also a man who was totally innocent when he was attacked. It crossed the line and I couldn’t stand by while it happened. It was too much but now I see clearly. I lost track of that last week. I became clouded by Chris Kennedy. This is my DREAM match. Chris is one of my best friends in this industry. He was the first guy backstage when I beat Shane MacLean and he was also the guy whose arm I broke when I won my second FWA championship. He has waited a year longer than he had too. I have waited a year longer than I wanted too. We have been waiting for this moment for years. This is my I lost my head. This is a huge deal. It is a massive match for everyone involved and it is hard not to crack under that pressure and that only took me one week. I lost focus. I wanted to come out here and say a few things but it was hard to know what to say. So, I hid backstage. Like a coward. Chris made me revert back to the man I used to be. I need this match because I need to come out from under the influence of the Kennedy’s. I need to be my own man and it has lingered in the background and then started to flare up a few times before it settled down again. Now it is time to take care of the one thing that has lingered in the background for almost my whole FWA career. The one thing that my critics have always tried to beat me with ‘You are nothing without The Kennedy’s’. That is true. Without Kerry Kennedy, I don’t want to become a professional wrestler. Without Chris Kennedy, I don’t get fast track to stardom. I don’t learn all the little things and all the tactics in the art of professional wrestling.

    I miss Kerry everyday because he was a humble man. He was a man who believed in his family and pushed to to be great, without being too pushy. He wanted his children to succeed. In a way, Chris is nothing without Kerry Kennedy. His sudden passing, however, demonstrated why Chris was such an enigma. Chris is brilliant but he has heavily flawed and we saw Chris try to destroy himself with whatever he could get his hands on. I want to keep this respectful between us Chris and make no mistake, Kerry worshipped you. He also loved me, he treated me like a Kennedy. He took me in as if I was you and he taught me how to be great in a company this size but in his passing, I didn’t look for destruction. I wanted to build his legacy. A non-Kennedy trained by Kerry becoming FWA Champion. I made him proud and I will never forget that moment. You also made him proud, Chris. We both did it and when we get to Back in Business, I am sure will we again and I am also sure that you will have your own version of events and you can tell your story but this is my story and in my story, it is time for me to come out of the shadow. It is time for me to distance myself from the Kennedy’s once and for all. Next week, I want to show you everything you have done for me but I need to be my own man and not having something holding me back, weighing me down and slowing me down. It is time for Phillip A. Jackson to become a Jackson. Not a pseudo-Kennedy. Make no mistake, I am coming to Back in Business to break your streak. I want to be the man who ends it. Is that selfish? Yes but I need it. I need it more than ever. So I can stop relying on everyone around me. I can start propping them up instead of leaning on them because The Syndicate, for all the good it did for me, made me weak and now it is time to be strong. If that means beating the most coveted streak in the history of FWA then Chris, FWA and everyone else…I’m sorry…

    Jackson drops the microphone to the canvas as he stares intensely out into the crowd. Jackson waves to the crowd as Universe On Fire hits.

    Langdon Trafford: Folks ... Phillip A. Jackson has spilled his heart to us all. And he has made it clear: He is going to Back in Business to end Chris Kennedy's streak.

    Piers Gallagher: The only question left is whether Chris Kennedy will respond before then, or if he'll even show up!

    A promo appears for the next Fight Night, slated for July 16, 2017. It will be held in Portland, Oregon and feature a North American title match between Danny F'n Toner and "The Prodigy" Mike Parr. It also teases Bell Connelly facing the World Champion, Cyrus Truth, one on one.

    "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" by Weezer hits the sound system as Mark Merriweather steps onto the entrance ramp. The crowd boos actor as he makes his way down to the ring, a smile crossing his face. He steps into the ring and taunts the crowd, garnering more boos from the St. Louis crowd.

    "Wrong Side of Heaven" by Five Finger Death Punch kicks on next as the crowd’s reaction quickly changes. James Sync steps through the curtain to the cheers of thousands. Fans are starting to get more behind the returning veteran. Sync runs down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. He gets to his feet runs up to the middle turnbuckle and pushes the crowd to cheer louder. When Sync steps back down the bell rings.

    James Sync vs. Mark Merriweather
    (If Merriweather wins he gets points toward the World X Cup)

    The men lock up with Merriweather taking control. The two chain wrestle back and forth with Merriweather coming out on top due to his technical style. Merriweather starts a beat down on Sync. He hits a clothesline in the corner and pulls Sync out for a swinging neckbreaker. Merriweather gets Sync into a chin lock. Sync gets the crowd behind him as he starts work his way up. He hits Merriweather with a few elbow shots to the sternum. Sync throws him to the ropes and catches him in an abdominal stretch on the rebound. Merriweather is able to makes his way to the ropes. He grabs the top rope with his left arm, gets his legs free, lands a front flip breaking Sync’s hold and hits an enzugiri. He goes for the cover…

    1…2… KICKOUT!

    Merriweather goes to the top rope and goes for his Welcome to Hollywood elbow drop, but Sync is able to roll out of the way. Both men are down and the crowd starts getting behind Sync again. Sync hits a clothesline, followed by a shoulder tackle, and finishes up with the World Tour backbreaker. Sync is ready to end this. He picks up Merriweather for the Jeckyl and Hyde powerbomb, hitting the Tiger Bomb portion of it.

    But Merriweather counters the second part, landing on his feet in front of Sync and hitting a surprising Final Cutter finisher! The crowd is STUNNED as Merriweather hooks the leg.


    Winner: Mark Merriweather

    Langdon Trafford: Mark Merriweather picks up ANOTHER win, and this one again beats the time limit, earning him a three points in the X Cup!

    Piers Gallagher: I'm calling it now: Mark Merriweather will be a future STAR in the FWA.

    Langdon Trafford: And for James Sync, he cannot be down about this effort. He gave it his all and one slip-up is all that separated him from a win. He's definitely turning heads with his recent performance.

    Merriweather celebrates as James Sync pounds his fists into the canvas. He holds his head high, though, knowing there are bumps in the road on the way to redemption.


    "99 Problems" by Hugo hit the arena’s PA system as Richard Drake makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring and runs up the middle rope. He tries to get the crowd fired up. He jumps from the middle rope to the top rope and hits a backflip to a nice pop from the crowd.

    His music transitions into the eerie opening of Hanz Gruber. Gruber steps onto the entrance ramp and poses with his cane. When his music picks up speed he starts making his way down to the ring taking his sweet time. When he gets to the ring he stands there, patiently waiting for his music to be cut. Drake gets irritated and starts yelling for Gruber to get into the ring. Gruber just holds up one hand and tells him to just wait. Gruber holds up his cane and turns around to garner a bit more heat. When his back is to Drake, Drake hits him with a suicide dive. The crowd pops for this as Drake throws Gruber into the ring. Once Drake gets into the ring the bell rings.

    Hanz Gruber vs. Richard Drake

    The two start to chain wrestle for a moment with Gruber getting the upper hand. He starts laying in some very stiff strikes to Drake. He goes for an Irish whip to the turnbuckle, but Drake is able to reverse is. Gruber hits the corner and Drake charges in. Gruber goes to step out of the way, but Drake is able to grab his head as he runs up the ropes and hit a tornado DDT. The crowd is steadily getting behind Drake. Drake kips up due to their backing. He hits Grubeer with two dropkicks followed by a springboard bulldog. Drake rolls out of the ring and gets up on the apron. He climbs to the top rope and waits for Gruber to get to his feet.

    Gruber puts Drake down enzugiri and applies the Guten Nacht Schlampe (Sharpshooter) finisher, which Drake quickly taps out to.

    Winner: Hanz Gruber


    NEXT WEEK ...

    *A video of a man surfing somewhere tropical is shown, although the viewer cannot make out who it is except for bleached blonde, shaggy hair and tattoos covering his body.

    THE RETURN ...

    Another image of the man, this time walking on the beach with a drink in either hand.


    "DHARMA" is tattoo'ed between the man's shoulder blades, and the camera angle moves to the front to show his scruffy beard and black-stringed necklace.

    NATHAN ...

    NEPTUNE ...

    NOWLAND ...

    The camera now shows the man standing on the beach in full view, with sunglasses covering his eyes and aqua-colored shorts with sandals.

    As we return from the video, all three members of the triple threat match head to the ring. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird is still bandaged up from previous fights with Jason Randall. Humanity looks to be the freshest competitor.

    Humanity vs. Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird vs. "The Division-One Superstar" Tommy Thunder

    The action hardly gets going when Mark Merriweather, another member of the X Cup, hits the ring through the crowd! The fans all boo as he enters right when Humanity and Tommy Thunder grapple. Merriweather takes a hard forearm to the back of Vincent and then lands a double clothesline to Thunder and Humanity.

    Match Result: No Contest

    Merriweather scoop slams all three in the ring before repeatedly stomping down into the trio of X-Championship Division stars. Then he continues stomping down into Humanity's sternum, and he sends Lord Vincent shoulder-first into the nearby turnbuckle.

    When Thunder rises, he quickly leaves the ring, allowing Merriweather the opportunity to keep going. Thunder motions that he wants nothing to do with this and Merriweather hits a Final Cutter on Humanity AND Lord Vincent.

    Langdon Trafford:
    Mark Merriweather has made his presence known here in the FWA. In just a few short weeks, he has risen to the very top of the X Cup standings!

    Merriweather asks for a receives a microphone. With Humanity and Lord Vincent laid out inside the ring, Merriweather begins talking over the chorus of boos from the fans.

    Mark Merriweather: The FWA thought they were igniting and inspiring competition when they started the X Cup. What happened instead was ... they handed me a championship ... on a silver platter.

    The fans continue booing as Merriweather stands tall inside the ring.

    Mark Merriweather: The X Cup was decided the moment my name was included in it. And now ... my road to Back in Business is nearly finished. Humanity and Tommy Thunder got ZERO points tonight, whereas I got three more to help my case. Next show ... I'll finish the job. I'll etch MY spot in the X Championship match. Humanity ...

    Merriweather kneels down next to his fallen body and says the next words right into his face.

    Mark Merriweather: You're dreams are going to be crushed ... at my hands.

    Then he goes a few feet to the right, kneeling next to Jason Randall's most-notorious rival.

    Mark Merriweather: Lord Vincent ... let this be a warning to you. I don't care about you and Jason Randall's little playground beef. I AM ... the future of the X Championship. Humanity will not stop me. Jason Randall will not stop me. And you will not stop me. I am better than you. So be wise, you broken-down piece of sh*t, and stay the hell out of my way.

    Merriweather drops the microphone in the middle of the ring and exits to his music playing over the fans' mumbled boos and groans.

    Langdon Trafford: Mark Merriweather is a runaway train, and his next stop apparently is Humanity.

    Piers Gallagher: It's all leading to Back in Business! If I was Lord Vincent, I wouldn't even show up!


    Non-Title Match
    FWA North American Champion “The Prodigy” Mike Parr vs. Bell Connelly

    The match starts off with Connelly having fun at Parr’s expense. Every time they go to lock up, Connelly rolls through and panders to the fans. Parr is getting visibly more and more frustrated and yells at her to take this seriously. When they go for another lock up she instantly transitions into a headlock followed by a headlock takeover. Parr works his way to his feet and shoots Connelly to the ropes. She rebounds back and hits him with the Confetti Cannon Dropkick, forcing him out of the ring. He takes his time and even acts as if he was going to walk to the back. Connelly yells after him to take this seriously. Parr snaps his head back and charges to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Connelly attempts to drop and elbow on him, but he rolls away as soon as he’s in the ring. Parr takes control at this point, hitting Connelly with back to back suplex variations, attempting a pin after each one. After about five different suplexes he heads to the corner in frustration. Connelly is able to get up to one knee as Parr is turning around. He goes to hit her with a shining wizard, but Connelly gets to her feet and catches his leg. She hits him with a snap exploder suplex into the corner. The ref starts a double count. The crowd starts getting behind Connelly. They make it to their feet at the same time at a count of seven. Parr charges at her with a clothesline, but she bridges back to her hands to avoid it. When he makes his way back from rebounding off the ropes, she starts hitting him with rapid fire arm drags, finishing with a Japanese arm drag. She stalks him, waiting for him to make it to his feet. Once he does she hits him with Footloose and goes for the pin.


    Connelly makes her way to her feet and heads to the turnbuckle. She lifts herself and goes for Ode to Tinkbell. Right as she is flipping back for the split legged moonsault, Parr rolls underneath. Connelly sees this and lands on her feet. Parr charges at her and hits a knee to her face. Connelly is dazed, but no down. Parr backs up to the corner and goes for the Rolling Cutter. He hits and Connelly looks out; Parr goes for the pin.


    Parr has a look of utter shock on his face. He complains to the referee about the call, which gives Connelly enough time to get to her feet. She stands behind Parr with a vicious smile on her face. She taps him on his shoulder and he whips around. He is met by Connelly leaping into the air, grabbing his neck and hitting him with the Glitter Bomb codebreaker finisher.

    The crowd erupts as Bell crawls over and covers!


    Winner via pinfall: Bell Connelly


    Cyrus Truth is shown walking to the ring with the FWA World Championship over his shoulder. The crowd boos as the announcers interject.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal is not here tonight after the vicious attack two weeks ago by Cyrus Truth! He's set to face Phillip A. Jackson in our main event! But next is our FWA Tag Team Championship match between The Olympians and the new team of Risky Douglas and Starr!


    The scene begins to change to somewhere backstage, where two people can be seen standing before a backdrop of the FWA logo. One of them is recognized as the lesser-seen PCW interviewer Katie Lynn Goldsmith, , while the other is none other than Bell Connelly fresh off a win against Mike Parr, she’s sweaty and her hair is in tangled, but she’s bouncing from foot to foot still energized after her match and hyped up in a way only Bell can manage pacing back and foward as she did making various peppy noises looking more like herself than she had in weeks, over oyed having won the match which gives Katie enough security to start the interview without delay.

    Katie Lynn Goldsmith: Bell, after that rather impressive win over a game opponent, how do you fee--

    Bell pushes her forefinger after the interviewer’s face quieting her for a good moment, an exicited tangent ready to bubble over as she spoke

    Bell Connelly:
    How do I feel?! HOW DO I FEEL?! OH-HO KATIE CAT. WELLLLL. My head is pounding like there’s a gang of tiny elephants in there, jumping along, my legs feel like led my veins feel like they have lighting run and up and down them and I’m pretty sure I can taste my own blood. I FEEL GREAT. FANTASTIC. I’M STANING ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD LOOKING DOWN AT CREATION. LIKE A GOD, A BRIGGHT SPARKLING GODDESS OF WHOOP ASS. PEW. PEW.

    Bell throws out her fists in time with her words as she spoke witha fair amout of glee

    Bell Connelly: Oh I had a breakthrough tonight…. A breakdown? Possible! But regardless, It’s been awhile since I got what I wanted isn’t it? Well I also want ten million pounds and a machine that turns fish into ice cream, but ya gotta start low, ya know ? And what I want is-

    Just short of going further, Bell turns her focus off camera as she raises her eyebrow slowly in confusion. Stepping forward and into the scene, is a young man, with a pair of headphones crandled around his neck with seems to suggest that he’s some manner of stagehand or backstage worker and held in his hands a small blue gift box as he hands it off to Bell

    He told me to give this to you.

    Nothing more to be said he walks off leaving Bell tilt her head almost feline like curious of the mysterious box choosing to wave merrily at the stage hand

    Bell Connelly:
    Awww Thank you so much, isn’t that so sweet Katie!? I sometimes get this kind of thing. I have the BEST fans

    Her fingers playfully drumming against the sides of the box tossing it up and down as if testing the weight of it trying to find any clue what it could be holding it up to her ear her curiosity peaked

    Bell Connelly: Hey Katie, What’s in the box. What’s in the boooooxxx?! You get it? I’m so witty…

    Bell titters to herself noticing a note tied to the box

    Bell Connelly:
    'This is your fault.' Huh. Ominous.

    Shrugging her shoulders as she read the note she opened up the box and looked into the box frowning at the contents

    Bell Connelly: What even is this? Is it like modern art or-

    You could almost see something clicking and crystallization in her head as her face abruptly fotmd into a mask of horror uttering a sharp gasp that rings through the hallway her mouth forming into a perfect O of terror as the box falls to the ground, Ball dropping it like it really was ahead but it would be soon made clear why Bell had such a major reaction to what was inside as it scatters out.

    The Woman’s title, or at least what was left of it it, it looked like it was crushed or ran over with a steam roller, the metal plates utterly shattered like broken mirrors and the strap itself tattered like like it was a dog’s chew it’s hard to think of a more fitting word to use for the belt then destroyed…

    Bell looks utterly frozen to the spot looking at the belt that she carried with her everywhere for almost two years and constantly referred to as “Her” instead of it, backing away sharply breathing heavily as if she’s having trouble breathing tearing at her golden curls in a panic,Looking out and out like she’s about to have an attack looking more and more disturbed than we’ve ever seen her. Eventually she sinks to her knees before the belt her trembling hands tenderly running against the belt, before she hugs the damaged belt close to her chest like you might do to comfort an infant. Katie Lynn appears to want to ask her a question but Bell looks at her, saddened, and simply disappears from view.


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    Tag Team Carousel — Round One
    The Olympians (c) (w/ Zeus) vs. Risky Douglas and Starr

    Summary: Ares begins for the champs while Star requests the lead spot for the challengers. Starr and Risky seem to be on the same page early as the crowd is actually well in the favor of the former rivals turned tag partners.

    Starr lands a nice side headlock takedown and keeps the headlock applied on the canvas. Ares flips backwards with his legs around Starr's neck but the challenger slips through and hits a wheelbarrow facebuster! Quick tag made to Risky Douglas, who bounces off the ropes and hits Ares with a nice running crossbody.

    The Olympians eventually turn the tide a bit after Ares hits a samoan drop and Dionysus lands a standing moonsault. His turnbuckle powerbomb sends Risky hard into the corner, but the superkick to follow misses the mark! Risky makes a desperate tag to Starr, who hits his "Truly Out of Nowhere" cutter right from jump street. Then he follows hot with repeated chop blocks to both members of The Olympians. Starr hits his "Sweat the Technique" to Dionysus (parallel snapmare followed by a kick to the chest and a senton). He goes for the pinfall, but Ares breaks it up at two.

    Ares begins stomping down into the previously injured knee of Starr until the referee forces Ares back to his corner. Dionysus attempts to take advantage but Starr hits a reverse atomic drop and enzuiguri off a rebound to the ropes!

    Ending: Starr tags in Risky Douglas, who immediately hits a springboard clothesline as Ares enters the ring. He turns and grabs Dionysus' legs, trying to apply the sharpshooter finisher! Dio wiggles and squirms, delaying the move from being applied. He eventually turns Risky toward Ares, who charges and takes Risky down with a menacing SPEAR!

    Dionysus is still the legal man but Ares rolls out the ring and chops Starr down from the apron, targeting the injured knee. Dionysus goes to the top rope and hits "Red Wine" frogsplash, covering for the 1-2-3!

    Winners and STILL FWA Tag Team Champions: The Olympians

    Ares and Dionysus leave the ring with Zeus in tow, their tag team titles in each of the manager's hands. Starr limps up and hobbles into the ring. His first instinct is anger toward Risky Douglas for getting pinned, especially considering how close they were to winning. Starr clenches his fist as Risky is coming to consciousness, rolling to his side.

    Starr looks like he might go on the assault but instead grimaces, closes his eyes, and unclenches his fist.

    Risky looks up at him, sensing danger at first, but then sees an outstretched hand for him. Starr offers a hand up, and Risky accepts.

    Langdon Trafford: A big moment for this team here tonight!

    Risky tries to apologize for taking the pin, but Starr brushes it off. The two begin talking shop and strategy as the crowd cheers the newfound tandem.

    Piers Gallagher: Starr is showing WEAKNESS. He should've done what he wanted to do.

    Langdon Trafford: I disagree. They lost tonight but they still moved forward as a team. This could be the team of the future!


    Cyrus Truth's music hits as the crowd EXPLODES into a chorus of boos. The reigning FWA World Champion slowly walks to the ring, not paying any attention to the crowd's view of him.

    Langdon Trafford: Cyrus Truth has taken center stage yet again in the FWA. Shannon O'Neal is not here, from what we've been told, as she's recovering from the assault on her. Cyrus claimed earlier tonight to be responsible. Now he gets to face a former two-time World Champion.

    Phillip A. Jackson's theme music hits and the crowd's tune changes, to a rousing ovation. Jackson comes out at a much quicker pace, looking straight at the ring. Piers and Langdon talk about his challenge to Chris Kennedy earlier in the night and whether Jackson can be the one to end the streak.

    Main Event
    Non-title match
    Cyrus Truth vs. Phillip A. Jackson

    When the bell rings, Jackson and Cyrus remain still as can be in their respective corners. Cyrus leans against the turnbuckle as Phillip A. Jackson pushes off from his side and crouches in position. Cyrus looks down on Jackson as if he's inferior, and the two begin circling the ring. When they come together, Cyrus motions for a hand grapple in the air. Jackson meets him but blocks the kick attempt from Cyrus, trying to sneak in the first shot. Jackson was too wise and sweeps the other leg from Cyrus, who hits the canvas and quickly rolls away from his foe.

    Cyrus gets upright and the two come together a second time, this time with Jackson locking in a side head lock. Cyrus whips Jackson to the ropes, but he gets a shoulder tackle from the rebounding opponent. Jackson runs off the adjacent ropes and Cyrus hits the canvas for Jackson to dash over him, bouncing off the opposite side. Cyrus springs up, hitting a mid-air spinning wheel kick as Jackson takes it right to the jaw. Cyrus then applies a side arm twist, putting pressure on the shoulder. Jackson rises on his own and counters with his own arm twist variation. Cyrus walks around the ring and locks his free arm, the left one, around the top rope. The referee forces a break, and Jackson backs away.

    Langdon Trafford:
    The real question is whether Shannon O'Neal will be here next show! It's the last one before Back in Business!

    Piers Gallagher: My guess is it's a sign of weakness to not be here tonight, and I doubt she's going to be here next week, either!

    Cyrus finally turns the tide on Jackson, sending him into the turnbuckle but missing a clothesline. Jackson tries a corner clothesline but Cyrus dodges it. A forearm to the back of the head sends Jackson down, kneeling against the second turnbuckle. Cyrus puts his boot pressed against the back of Jackson's neck and Cyrus continues this pseudo-dirty tactic until the referee's count reaches four.

    Cyrus yanks Jackson up, pulling him toward the middle of the ring and delivering a hard knee into the ribs. He then lands a stalling suplex, keeping Jackson upside-down for about three seconds. The match's first pinfall try nets a short two count. Cyrus applies a ground choke hold immediately after, keeping his foe from gaining any traction of rest. The announcers commend Cyrus' technical prowess and ability to control the match's tempo. Jackson gets to his knees, then pushes upright as Cyrus tries to tighten the grip. Jackson counters with a big backbreaker as Cyrus releases, holding the middle of his spine from the hard move. Jackson rolls to the apron, and Cyrus rolls to the opposite side of the ring. Jackson is up first and lands a hard forearm, sending Cyrus to the outside floor.

    Langdon Trafford: Say what you will, but Phillip A. Jackson is a fighter. He has always been here, taking lumps and beatings. Ups and downs. But he's always a competitor and always in the mix.

    Piers Gallagher: He's a two-time World Champion and one of the few in the history of the FWA to be able to claim multiple World Championship reigns. He's great and he's challenging Chris Kennedy for a reason.

    Jackson and Cyrus continue their battle outside the ring. Cyrus eventually sends Jackson back first into the ring steps. Cyrus begins pummeling fists into Jackson's forehead, resets the ref's count, and does the same punches with his fist closed. The crowd boos as Jackson looks worn down and Cyrus stands over him, arms raised up, asking for the hate from the fans to continue.

    Langdon Trafford: He revels in it! He revels in the boos!

    Cyrus moves the action to the ring, where he lands a quick DDT and goes for another pinfall. Another two count. Cyrus lands a shoulder breaker, and then a fisherman's suplex. Another cover, another two count, although this one gets to two and two-thirds.

    Cyrus tries a whip to the ropes but Jackson reverses, sending Cyrus across the ring. The champ bounces back and hits a discus punch, sending Jackson down like a sack of bricks! Cyrus covers again!


    Jackson stays alive as Cyrus pulls him up to his feet. Cyrus drives him into the turnbuckle with repeated shoulder thrusts. Then it's "Wanderer's Wrath," driving a knee right into the face of a seated Phillip A. Jackson. Then it's "First Five Steps" as Jackson looks completely beat. Cyrus pulls Jackson's lifeless body to the middle of the ring and covers again!



    Jackson barely gets a shoulder up, and Cyrus runs both hands over his face and through his hair. He grabs Jackson by the wrist and quickly drives him again into the turnbuckle. And again he tries "Wanderer's Wrath!" But this time Jackson yanks himself up, using the ropes, and lands a stunning elbow to the mouth! Cyrus backtracks and Jackson hits a beautiful release German suplex! Suddenly the match has turned!

    Jackson hits a one-armed bulldog! Then a quick snap suplex! He goes for the cover!

    ..................1....................2..............Kick out!

    Jackson is fine with the result. Quickly, he grabs Cyrus around the neck, flings him toward the nearest turnbuckle, and stomps into his stomach against the turnbuckle. Jackson then lands a running elbow against the jaw. Cyrus spits out blood as Jackson backs away. And a second running elbow. Cyrus slowly stumbles out, and Jackson hits his PAJle kick!!!

    Langdon Trafford: THERE IT IS! JACKSON HAS IT!

    Jackson hooks both legs for good measure!


    A kick out from Cyrus, who expended TONS of energy to stay in the match. Jackson backs off, stepping to the other side of the ring. He is gearing up for the finisher. Cyrus slowly rises to his feet, leaning against the ropes as he grabs whatever oxygen he can find from the Phoenix arena. When he turns, Jackson is halfway toward him. His foot rises off the ground and the Supersweet Chin Symphony appears ready to hit the mark!

    Cyrus collapses, on his own, and Jackson misses. Cyrus then grabs the plant leg. Jackson grabs the top rope and Cyrus holds on to the leg. Jackson tries to kick free but Cyrus keeps a lock around the ankle. Jackson bends down and falls right into the trap, as Cyrus Truth rolls him into a cradle pin!

    ................THR....KICK OUT!

    Both men get upright at the same time. Jackson AGAIN goes for the Supersweet Chin Symphony but Cyrus moves his head out of the way BARELY! When Jackson turns, Cyrus hoists him up to his shoulders and then drops him with "The Journey's End" belly-to-belly piledriver!

    Piers Gallagher: GAME ... OVER! And Shannon O'Neal better be watching, wherever she is!

    Cyrus covers Jackson with the far leg hooked!


    A kickout! But it comes a split second too late!

    Winner: Cyrus Truth

    The champ's music plays as the crowd whines and groans over the result. Cyrus Truth emerges upright, raising his fists into the air. Nothing can be done about it, and Langdon and Piers discuss Cyrus' dominance as of late. His victory over Phillip A. Jackson is, according to Piers, "one of the most impressive wins for anyone in 2017."

    Cyrus Truth begins pacing the ring, holding his championship belt up in the air.


    The crowd EXPLODES into cheers as Shannon O'Neal's music hits. Everyone turns their attention to the stage, where Shannon slowly walks out with a bandage over her forehead and one of her arms nursing her injured ribs! Her other hand is hidden behind her back suspiciously. Shannon stands at the top of the stage for a few seconds, and Cyrus Truth motions for her to come and fight. The reigning World Champion still has the after-effects of the black eye he suffered from Shannon at Carnal Contendership, but he isn't limping like Shannon is and appears to be in much better condition.

    Plus, he has the World Championship in his hand as a weapon.

    Piers Gallagher: Shannon isn't fit to fight Cyrus Truth! She's a fool if she heads to the ring!

    Shannon, though, doesn't heed this advice. She slowly walks to the ring, down the rampway, to the raucous ovation from the thousands in the arena. Cyrus Truth smiles, like a shark smelling blood in the water. Shannon reaches the bottom of the rampway and stops right in front. Cyrus shouts, "COME ON! COME ON!" Shannon doesn't smile, instead showing a look of anger and aggression.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon must be thinking this over. She must know she's too hurt to get in that ring!

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus must've knocked some sense int...WHAT?!

    Shannon's look changes to a sly smirk as the other hand, suspiciously behind her back the whole time, emerges in front. And in it is a lead pipe!!!

    Langdon Trafford:

    Cyrus' look changes to concern. He backs away as Shannon walks up and hops to the apron. Suddenly, she looks completely healthy, as if she was playing possum earlier with the ribs injury. Shannon enters the ring and Cyrus backs away slowly to the other side. Just as he's about to leave...

    Langdon Trafford: YES! YES! JACKSON WON'T LET HIM OUT!

    Cyrus turns, but Phillip A. Jackson has recovered and is up, blocking the exit to the back side of the ring! Cyrus tries to side-step but Jackson blocks him AGAIN! The crowd is going NUTS as Jackson stares right into Cyrus' eyes, seeing a man on the edge between fear and anger. Cyrus takes a big swing at Jackson, but the two-time World Champ blocks it and lands a forearm right to the jaw.

    Langdon Trafford: JACKSON WITH A RIGHT HAND!

    Cyrus drops the World Championship, turns and stumbles right into a WICKED open-fist right hand from Shannon O'Neal that lands square into Cyrus' cheek, right under the black eye he was sporting!!!

    Langdon Trafford:
    Shannon is getting retribution tonight! Here's the answer about whether she'll be here next show!!!

    Shannon drops the lead pipe and looks down at Cyrus Truth, who is doubled over in the middle of the ring. Cyrus looks at Jackson, who puts his hands up and backs away, sliding through the middle and top ropes as if he had nothing to do with this.


    Shannon kneels next to Cyrus, who is coughing up spit into the canvas. She lifts up Cyrus' face, looking right into his eyes, and delivers a stark message in front of the thousands watching in the arena.


    Shannon drops the lead pipe to the ground, never once using it on Cyrus. With Cyrus still doubled over, she turns around and delivers her "Paradise City" bicycle kick!!! The crowd EXPLODES when Shannon drives her leg down into the back of Cyrus' neck! And the ring shakes on impact as both go down at close to the same time.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal has responded in a BIG way to Cyrus Truth tonight! We have ONE WEEK left until Back in Business! How will the Champ respond?!

    Shannon O'Neal stands up, hovering over the body of Cyrus Truth, and picks up the FWA World Championship. The final shot of Fight Night this week is Shannon gazing down lustfully into the World Championship belt, offering her a possible look into her future.
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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Great show everyone! Really hyped for BiB right about now.

    Congrats to CocksDynamite, can't wait to do it again

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Great work, boys. Glad we finally got a proper match between PAJ and Truth. Kudos to you, PAJ.

    Dear sweet Shannon should've just left well enough alone. Oh well, everyone dies.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Haven't read the show yet but will be adding in a segment later tonight.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Great show guys. I have to admit that you are doing an amazing work in this forums in the efed section. I really like the formation you are using for your shows as well, I really enjoyed it!

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Incredible show, and great matches James, Starr, and RED.
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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    6]I don't really have time for a detailed review but will say I like how it's set up here. Doing promos in one section and just having a few select promos in the actual show makes things flow really good, least for me as I read the promos the day (or next day) after they have been posted.

    The formating of the show also makes it very easy to read. Matches done as the are also makes the show flow better.

    On to the promos- it's a shame some didn't get done but that's life- stuff happens.

    Those that did get done were really good, yes some were better than others , such as the ones where their characters are higher up the card. And those that were formated/colored/coded whatever you want to call it in a simular way as the others we're much easier to read. I kept formating it the way I was used to but kept catching myself/fixing it.
    Also like the contrast in writing styles, always have when it came to reading efed shows.
    Overall it was a really good show and glad I got involved- I know a few of the guys here already such as Tommy, Daruis, OMBGRAVES and Sully (whenever he gets back into efedding) so I am familiar with how they write- OMB has not been doing it as long as Tommy and Daruis but he has grown as a writer and he has had quite a few characters , all very different than each other and I think that just made him a better writer. With Sully it's been a couple of years, but he always delivered.
    But what I really like is reading new people's stuff. Can't wait to see that NNN surfer guys work

    I posted this in the other thread with promo- new here and didn't know where to post reviews

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Lovely show, well done fellas. I liked the way Randall was written and had Penny by the leash, it's giving me ideas for future promos. Happy to have picked up the win, good match TJG, I'm looking forward to what looks like a program with you and Mac.

    Enjoyed the promos from Phillip and Cyrus as well as the closing segment.
    Rest in power, Flock U

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Welcome back Mac

    [I WIN]

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    I lost show sucked jk good show enjoyed the Cyrus Opening
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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Quote Originally Posted by The Altyrell View Post
    Welcome back Mac
    Thanks bro. Had felt the urge to come back for awhile now. Thanks to shake,tgo and sayer for welcoming me back into the fold

    Also thanks to Tristans rper for agreeing to be the focus of my return, let's have some fun bromigo
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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Great show by TGO, with Shake and I out. Yes, an important segment was missed and we do apologize for that, but this was a one man effort for the most part this week. Props to Sync and King and anyone else who stepped up this week in match writing. Big props.

    Next Fight Night is a No Promo show. We're looking for segments from Garcia/Toner, Belle/Rondo, Randall/Vincent, and Galloway/Mac. We'll talk about the X Cup this week. Not sure how We'll do that. Shows going up within the next few days. We want you guys to work with each other to get these segments done. Be creative. If you want to ask if something is okay, sure, but it probably will be.

    If anyone else wants to do something on the show, just ask.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Looks like I need to find the magic again after having a series of losses. Good show though.

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    Re: FWA Fight Night RESULTS 06/02/2017

    Edited in a Bell Segment just after her match with Parr.

    Thanks to AON for submitting it.

    We should have the next 'house show' up tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for the patience.

    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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