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Thread: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

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    Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    JUNE 6, 2017

    “Eight Teams.”

    Rapid shots of the eight teams competing in the Krash Tag Team Classic fly through.

    “Will compete to win the first ever of its name.”

    A grand golden trophy in an empty ring holds a spotlight.

    “Seven matches.”

    Shots appear of the brackets for this tournament. From top to bottom we see Fire and Oil, In-Ring Royalty, The DFB, Shawn Summers and XYZ, Diamond Dogs, Snowmantashis, The DiMiacos, Savage and Fenix.

    “Culminating in the main event of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV.”

    The arena is once more darkened and empty and and the eight that will be competing in the tournament stand in the ring dressed in fine (or as fine as can be in specific cases) suits.

    “This is the first ever CWA Krash Tag Team Classic!”

    Last week on Adrenaline Rush…

    "Mr… WILLIS…"

    The CWA Hall of Famer steps through the curtains with varying shots of the crowd shown sporting the retired wrestler’s classic gear. A genuine smile is on his face as the man absorbs a scene he hasn’t participated in first-hand in a long time.

    “I’m really excited for the future of the CWA… the roster pool has never been so stacked.”

    Flashing pictures of the top members of the roster and even of the newer talents appear. One picture isn’t present.

    "WAY UP… I feel BLESSED!"

    Jonathan McGinnis makes his arrival and the feeling excitement and jubilation instantly turns somber at the sight of such a sorrowful figure.

    “How dare you… How dare you spill that hot garbage.”

    Everyone is tense, and in a sort of awkward stunned and nervous silence. McGinnis is unhinged, you never know what he might do.

    "Where were you?”

    He asks. A shot of the back of McGinnis, on his couch, watching one of Snowmantashi’s title defenses show him all alone.

    “My career in jeopardy… where were you?”

    Mr. Willis doesn’t have an answer to that.

    “What do you want?”

    There’s a McGinnis smirk.

    “Me and you, one on one.”

    Mr. Willis seems to consider it. The fans partially want him back but on the other hand, Jonathan McGinnis is a dangerous individual. This won’t be an ordinary ‘one more match’, far from it.

    “The answer is no. I’m retired.”

    A tense silence then… Superkick!

    “You’re a fraud!”


    "A flash in the damn pan!”


    "You just don’t match up with me!”

    Tossed into the ring post outside.

    “You aren’t worth the praise…”

    Steel chair shots after steel shots break apart Mr. Willis.

    “Me and you, one on one.”

    Piledriver right on the announce table. He might be completely broken. McGinnis meets Afa Seanoa at the top of the stage.

    “Ask your friend if we have a match or not.”

    The final shot is of Afa looking over Mr. Willis in a stretcher and McGinnis’s back heading through the curtains.

    Jim Taylor: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the last Adrenaline Rush before the Krash Tag Team Classic! I’m Jim Taylor alongside Tim Coleman and tonight Tim, we find out who will compete in the main event of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classsic pay-per-view.

    Tim Coleman: That’s right. The DFB versus Krash and Prince Ali as well as the Diamond Dogs versus The DiMiacos. You know, for everything I’ve said, this is still a total of seven brand new talents that have made a name for themselves and gotten this far and we could have a main event comprised of four completely brand new wrestlers next show.

    Jim Taylor: As we just saw though, not everything is filled with excitement. Last show, we were expecting Mr. Willis in our main event, to give him a moment of our appreciation but unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. Jonathan McGinnis made an appearance and… well… he left Mr. Willis to be stretched out to the back and brought to a hospital. He’s fortunately recovering back home and… we also got a major announcement on his part over the past week.

    Tim Coleman:
    Mr. Willis versus Jonathan McGinnis has been made official… but I think we’re all wondering if Mr. Willis has it in him to not only beat Jonathan McGinnis but to even compete. It’s not just the fact that he hasn’t wrestled in three years, Jim… but he was piledriven through our announce table. You don’t just come back healthy after that.

    Jim Taylor: Mr. Willis has made his decision, Tim, he’s a former world champion and has proven in the past how tough and skilled of a competitor he is. McGinnis appealed to the one thing Mr. Willis couldn’t ignore, and that was his legacy. All we can do is hope that Mr. Willis has prepared himself appropriately for that match. All that said, Tim, up next we have a singles match between two men who were eliminated from the tournament and who will be making their singles debut: Jackson Fenix versus Izaya Snowmantashi.

    Whatta man, whatta man
    Whatta man, ara neoneun good man
    Whatta man, whatta man,
    Whatta man, maja neoneun good man

    Lindsay Monahan: First, from Tokyo, Japan, weighing in at one hundred and eighty pounds, Izaya… SNOWMANTASHI!

    Izaya Snowmantashi steps through the curtains and though he’s initially uncertain at his theme song of the week, the lyrics seem to give him some motivation and it’s not long before the fans can’t help but mouth off “Whatta man, whatta man” alongside it. He’s not with Jon Snowmantashi this week and has elected to leave the pump at home.

    Jim Taylor: Izaya Snowmantashi made his debut to try and help his brother to a CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championship reign but was unfortunately pinned in the main event last week, costing them their spot going forward in the tournament.

    Tim Coleman: Like I said, Jim, Izaya is here because of his last name and not because of any sort of talent. Sure, he can fly, but plenty of people are athletic, that doesn’t make them good wrestlers. I imagine that this singles match will serve as an expose.

    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    I'm winnin', yeah, yeah, I'm winnin' (What?)
    Rich kid, asshole, paint me as a villain

    Lindsay Monahan: And his opponent, accompanied to the ring by Nate Savage, from Las Vegas, NV and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, Jackson Fenix!

    Jackson Fenix steps through the curtains accompanied by his tag team partner, Nate Savage. Fenix doesn’t seem all too disappointed at what happened last show, a smirk on his face, and his mouth chewing away at gum while he taunts the crowd and talks to a much grumpier Savage.
    Tim Coleman: You know, Jim, Fenix is still technically unpinned here in CWA. He had a terrific debut pinning Izaya Snowmantashi and was nearly going to win that match against the DiMiacos too. Unfortunately, Nate Savage took the fall and Fenix saw his dreams of early success dashed. But you know what, maybe he’ll find some success on his own.

    Nate Savage: Tim, you better watch your mouth before I knock your teeth loose. What are you trying to say?

    Jim Taylor: Thank you for joining us at the commentary booth, Nate. Any expectations out of this match, seeing the man you brought into the company for the tag team tournament, make his singles debut?

    Nate Savage: I wouldn’t have looked to Jackson Fenix if he wasn’t talented. He’s going to beat Izaya and it’s not going to be pretty. His big brother’s lucky he isn’t out here or I might have hurt him too, Jim.

    versus JACKSON FENIX w/ nate savage

    THE REAL SHOWMAN: Jackson Fenix decides to offer up a handshake to Izaya at the start of the match and the fans instantly shower the crowd with “No’s” and boos. Izaya doesn’t heed those calls however and goes to shake Fenix’s hand only to get the bird flipped on him and shoved in his face. Izaya turns halfway, his head drooping, then he hits a huge roundhouse kick that sends Fenix tumbling to the ground. Izaya quickly goes for a standing shooting star press then hooks the leg… ONE! TWO! THR-KICK OUT! He nearly had the crowd in crazed celebration.

    NO MERCY: Izaya doesn’t seem to have any sort of pace control or sense of restraint. He’s wholly aggressive against Jackson Fenix, unloading a wide range of strikes to send Fenix back to the mat over and over again until Fenix decides to roll out. Izaya quickly runs to the ropes and then fakes out an aerial maneuver, landing deftly on the apron before kicking his boots off with a penalty kick straight to Fenix’s chest. It takes him a moment to get back up before he jumps off the apron and hits a double foot stop into Fenix!

    VETERAN EXPERIENCE: Izaya rolls Fenix back in and goes onto the top rope, taking the time to signal to the crowd that he’s about to end it and perfectly measuring his opponent. He finally goes off for a Phoenix Splash but Fenix is long gone. Fenix tries to go for a quick pin but at least Izaya kicks out after a quick one. Fenix shows the same ruthlessness on offense though is a lot more calculating. He cheats in any way he can, eye pokes, pointing to the crowd to distract the ref then low blowing, Izaya, using the ropes, exercising his five count, spitting in Izaya’s face and even biting his forehead.

    After a long streak of offense, Fenix becomes increasingly more comfortable with control. There’s a longer gap before offense and he takes his time taunting both the crowd and Izaya. He crotch chops, flips the bed, dances while holding a dazed Izaya and even teases the crowd with a high flying maneuver before instead hoping onto the bottom rope and hitting an easy leg drop. Deciding to put an end to the match, as Izaya gets up, he flips the bird again, yells out “SUPERKICK” but that wakes up Izaya who ducks under and hits a Dragon Suplex!

    FINAL SPRINT: Izaya feels the momentum of the crowd behind him. He gets Fenix up and hits SOMETHING LIGHT - a move that gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. It catches him off guard but he turns his attention back to Fenix and then goes to the top rope. He prepares for a Snowfall but Fenix is already up and grabs him off the top rope - SUPERKICK! He’s not done there, lifts Izaya up and SIN CITY HANGOVER! ONE - TWO - THREE


    Tim Coleman: I, for one, am not surprised at this result.

    Nate Savage: Stop sucking up, Tim.

    Jim Taylor: Jackson Fenix gets another victory on the books, once again pinning Izaya Snowmantashi and certainly establishing himself as a player here in the CWA.

    Nate Savage goes in the ring to join with Jackson Fenix and raise his hands. Izaya is left in the corner, recovering, and also wondering why he couldn’t get the victory. Savage has a mean look in his eye and seems tempted to pile on the damage but he’s quickly interrupted -

    Jim Taylor: It’s our general manager, Afa Seanoa out tonight. I have heard that he had an announcement tonight regarding Jonathan McGinnis, maybe we’ll get it right now, Tim.

    Tim Coleman:
    Maybe Afa will do the smart thing and call that match with Mr. Willis off. Give McGinnis a proper opponent instead of having him pick on legends. Well… to be honest, Jim, I’m just afraid he’ll challenge ME to a match next!

    Jim Taylor: Oh, I’m sure you're at the top of his list.

    Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix as well as Izaya Snowmantashi look to exit the ring, the former satisfied with their success tonight, and the latter, ready to return to the drawing board. Afa signals to the trio of men that they can stay put and grabs a microphone before heading into the ring. He offers a handshake to Fenix who decides that a bird flip isn’t the best choice here and accepts the handshake. Then one to Izaya, Izaya is quick to shake and do a half-bow. Savage strangely gets snubbed and the frown on his face makes it obvious what he thinks of it.

    Afa Seanoa: Subjectivity aside, both you Jackson Fenix and even in defeat, you Izaya Snowmantashi, proved your ready to start pulling your weight here in CWA. Now, both of you may have found failure in the Krash Tag Team Classic but I wouldn’t have even got you onto this show, if I didn’t believe in the talent you guys had, no matter your connections.

    That message seems more clearly aimed at Izaya.

    Afa Seanoa: And just like the both of you, there are a ton of guys in the back lining up for their opportunity, guys who’ve signed contracts and are eager to make their debuts in CWA… or hell, who just need that one big opportunity to make their names heard.

    Fenix communicates with Savage, wondering at the direction of this speech. Izaya is fully attentive.

    Afa Seanoa: Which is why right after the Krash Tag Team Classic… we’re going to have another first… a one night only tournament to give all of the newest talent a chance to demonstrate what they’ve got. I call it the Young Lion Cup - and I guarantee you, you showcase yourself there, you’re putting yourself in a position not only to challenge for the High Voltage Championship, but maybe to even challenge for the CWA World Heavyweight Championship. And as a little preparation for that… I’ve arranged a Young Lion Showcase match for the Krash Tag Team Classic PPV. It involves you Jackson Fenix. And you Izaya. And you may have seen these guys preparing for their debuts recently… a certain Trevor Ocean… Apollo Griffin… Brayden Bridges… and a recent debutante too… L-

    Darkness enshrouds the entire arena.

    The eerie chorus echoes throughout the arena, and the flashlights popping up show all four men in the ring with wandering heads. The light opens up again and… Thomas West… Noah Nitro… Anna Malikova… and Lilith are around the ring.

    Tim Coleman: The Dark Watch has arrived, Jim, and I think they’re here to send a message. It’s almost an even amount, I think!

    Afa Seanoa is tense standing in the ring. Lilith stares at him mainly.

    Afa Seanoa: Lilith.

    He finishes his sentence. He lowers the microphone, perhaps wondering at her intentions. She steps aside, standing on the rampside and allows him exit outside of the ring. Afa considers the offer, and accepts.

    Jim Taylor: Afa making a professional decision here. He is not here to compete, as capable as he might be and I think he’s demonstrating that the men in the ring may need to learn to take care of themselves.

    Tim Coleman: That’s not what I see! Maybe Lilith’s taken control of our general manager! MAYBE SHE’S RUNNING THE SHOW NOW!

    Lilith turns her attention back to the three men in the ring and nods. Anna, Noah and Thomas all head into the ring. Fenix duels with Noah, Izaya with Anna and Nate with Thomas. Izaya and Fenix are well enough able to take care of Anna and Noah but Savage has a bit of trouble with the monstrous Thomas West. Fenix goes to help and Izaya decides to offer his own assistance - SUPERKICK! Fenix doesn’t need it! But that might have been a terrible idea because now the number’s game is really against them. Anna and Noah are back into the ring ganging up on Fenix until Nitro hits his own superkick. Savage is all that’s left and they beat him down to size. Lilith indicates with a nod that she wants the focus on Savage. West lifts Savage up into a Crucifix Powerbomb and Nitro climbs to the top rope… MISSILE DROPKICK TO THE CRUCIFIED SAVAGE! All of that weight goes crashing down into the mat. Nitro, as with last time, is pretty bruised up from the sacrificial attack but Anna helps him up. Lilith enters the ring to stand with the trio. Final shots of Izaya on the outside nursing his jaw, Fenix on the other side, caught between friendship and self-preservation, and Savage out of it in the ring.

    Izaya Snowmantashi is backstage with an ice pack on his head. He runs into his older brother, and CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Snowmantashi.
    Izaya Snowmantashi: I could have used your help back there.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Nonsense, little brother. I spent months dealing with Makuginisu-kun and his young boys assaulting me and before that, in Japan, the very same. It builds character and strength. And just as well, it serves as fitting punishment for your performance there.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: She could have kidnapped me and turned me against you.

    Jon seems to balk at the idea.

    Jon Snowmantashi: Don’t underestimate your will. And if worse comes to worst, I would knock you back into your senses, even if it meant breaking some bones. And of course, it goes without being said that I have dealt with such wars of the mind before. Shedo-kun and Osutereo-kun, there is nothing to fear. Within the ring, these games only go so far. Now, I’ll get the tape ready so we can review what you did wrong. Come and find me when you’ve rested a bit.

    The CWA World Heavyweight Champion walks off screen and from a corner comes… to a rowdy and jeering crowd, Jonathan McGinnis! Izaya Snowmantashi slowly turns around, and his eyes widen at the sight of the self-proclaimed Indy God.

    Izaya Snowmantashi: Senpai! I’ve been waiting so long to meet you!

    McGinnis cracks a smirk that doesn’t feel murderous for the first time since he made his return to CWA.

    Jonathan McGinnis: You might be the first man happy to see me here. I saw what you did in that ring, not bad… that Something Light was something special. And you know what, don’t worry about that loss… of all the new guys CWA is signing… guys who don’t deserve to step into my ring, the very ring I built… you might be one of the few that deserve it. It’s just a shame… just a shame that you won’t get the opportunity to really rise… no, I’m going to be the very last legend in professional wrestling. I’m going to be the last true star. I suppose… the one thing you could do… the one thing that might allow you to live in infamy would be to… well, it’d be to destroy all of this with me, wouldn’t it?

    Izaya’s back is turned to the camera and only McGinnis’s devilish and crazed grin is in view. Before we can even get a response from Izaya, the camera cuts away to some boos.

    Born down in a dead man's town
    The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
    End up like a dog that's been beat too much
    Till you spend half your life just covering up

    Lindsay Monahan: First… from New York City, New York… weighing in at a combined weight of 540 pounds… they are the New Patriots of Wrestling… Joe and Paul DIMIACOOOOOO!

    The two prideful Italian-American step through the curtains and take only a moment to absorb the intensity in the arena before sprinting down full sprint ahead to the ring.

    Jim Taylor: Joe and Paul DiMiaco managed to overcome the team of Jackson Fenix and Nate Savage in the first round of the Krash Tag Team Classic when Joe hit Nate Savage with what he calls the Patriot’s Day to ensure their passage into the first round. The pairing are new three and zero and undefeated since making their debut here

    Tim Coleman: I love our country, Jim and I love that Joe and Paul are so prideful in our country… but I just don’t like them, Jim. I can’t stand them actually. Big, dumb, and loud.

    Jim Taylor: Are you sure you’re not just mad that they eliminated Jackson Fenix from this tournament.

    Tim Coleman: Of course not! I’m a professional. Damn it, Jim.

    Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?
    Ooh, heaven is a place on earth
    They say in heaven, love comes first
    We'll make heaven a place on earth
    Ooh, heaven is a place on earth

    Lindsay Monahan: And their opponents, accompanied to the ring by Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi… from Miami, Florida… entering at a combined weight of 375 pounds… Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli… they are the DIAMOND DOGS!

    Whistles quickly spread throughout the arena at the sight of Alina Poonzaretti and Maya Shagaguchi. Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli both appear a mixture of excited and focus in this match but you can never really tell if they’ve got their heads completely in it.

    Jim Taylor: This is not the first time Diamond Dogs face off against the DiMiacos. Last time, it was a four on four match and they were making their debut, Tim, alas, it did not end well for them.

    Tim Coleman:
    Yeah, because Izaya was there to take the pin and Fenix was there to make it. That was a very obvious result.

    Jim Taylor:
    That said, they had an impressive showing last Adrenaline Rush and a win here could grant them a pay-per-view main event match, a trophy, and a new pair of belts, Tim.

    Tim Coleman: Well, with Fenix and Savage out, I suppose as long as its not the DiMiacos, it doesn’t really matter who wins, does it?

    THE DIMIACOS (joe dimiaco & paul dimiaco)
    versus DIAMOND DOGS (ricardo vance & santino dongarelli) w/ alina poonzaretti and maya shagaguchi

    OUTSIZED: Ricardo Vance steps up to the plate to start this match with Paul DiMiaco. The size difference is clear the moment the two step up to face each other. With a combined weight difference of nearly two hundred pounds, and Vance in particulary being under average male height, it’s going to take some effort the junior heavyweights to beat these heavyweights. Vance isn’t at all deterred by that size difference though, he still goes all out with his strike heavy game and Paul is completely motivated by this. He gets increasingly fired up with each forearm, or slap to the chest, redenning and eyes going wide until on one of Ricardo’s charge, he flips him inside out with a lariat!

    OUTCLEVERED: Paul throws around Vance like he weighs a hundred pounds less than him (he does) and Vance crashes into turnbuckles, on the ropes, gets big booted, gets belly too belly suplexed (Vance tries to counter that but it’s a pointless endeavor). Eventually Paul whips Vance into the ropes only for Vance to catch himself on it. He taunts Paul who charges in for a spear - Santino pulls down Vance and Paul crashes outside and into the barricade! It’s like he suicide dived into it!

    DONG MEASURING CONTEST: Santino steps into the ring, sprints to the ropes, dives to the outside with a SOMERSAULT PLANCHA and crashes into Paul DiMiaco. Ricardo gets into the ring and runs to the ropes - but Joe grabs him by the tights - GERMAN SUPLEX. Santino runs in to come to Ricardo’s aid and attacks Joe from behind. He hits a couple of strikes, hustles to the ropes and SKULLFUCKER! Joe stumbles to his ass. He gets back up though, to Santino’s urging and runs at him with a clothesline. Joe flexes - Santino hustles back up SKULLFUCKER! JOE IS UP! CLOTHESLINE! Santino is back up - SKULLFUCKER! But Joe doesn’t drop, he stays on his feet and roars with the crowd getting behind him - ROUNDHOUSE KICK! Ricardo gets him down to his knees - MONEY SHOT! Joe is down! He hooks the leg - welp, Joe isn’t the legal man!

    DIMURDERERS: Paul is in the ring and gets Santino with a running big boot! He lifts Ricardo off of Joe and urges his brother up. They lift Ricardo up, military-press style and in combination, hurl him high into the air, he gets ridiculous air time before crashing into the ground and then practically rebounding off it. Paul waits for Ricardo to get up and hits him with another running big boot into Joe - PATRIOT’S DAY! That’s what put away Nate Savage - ONE - WAIT! Damn it, Joe! You’re not the legal man either. The referee demands Santino and Joe out of the ring so we can get some civility here.

    FIRST TO A TAG?: Paul lifts up Ricardo but gets a shoulder to the gut, and another to double him over. Ricardo lands some shots to Paul’s back and then grabs him by the head, he keeps hitting him on the spine. Paul lifts him up and drives into the corner but that’s a bad mistake. Ricardo climbs up to the middle rope and then spins around, TORNADO DDT! Both of the men are sprawled on the mat now, Ricardo recovering from the patriot’s day and Paul from the Tornado DDT. The count begins and both men begin the slow crawl to their corners. Paul gets to his feet first, and Ricardo soon follows, Paul goes for the tag - SLICK RICK’S ROHYPNOL ROTATOR! Ricardo decided to avoid the tag. He hook’s the leg, Santino is there in time to grab Joe’s leg and stop him from going in - ONE! TWO! THREE!


    Jim Taylor: You’ve gotten your wish, Tim! The Diamond Dogs have booked themselves a spot in the main event of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic.

    Tim Coleman: Wait… the match is over? Does that mean Alina and Maya have to go?

    Ricardo Vance and Santino Dongarelli celebrate in the ring alongside Alina and Maya within the ring. The DiMiacos on the other hand, are recovering at ringside, already coming to the realization that they’ve been eliminated from this tournament.

    Jim Taylor: Mr. Seanoa made it clear to both of us, Tim, that he was going to call out Jonathan McGinnis with regards to his vicious assault on CWA Hall of Famer, Mr. Willis, last show. An assault that left him hurt, and hospitalized.

    Tim Coleman: I’d say Mr. Seanoa should watch out about McGinnis, I mean, the man seems unhinged enough to attack a damn fan, but I imagine Mr. Seanoa can handle himself, can’t he.

    Jim Taylor: I do think it might take a couple of super kicks to bring him down to size, Tim.

    General Manager, Afa Seanoa makes his second appearance of the night. He’s even sterner and tense than earlier in the show when he walked away from a possible assault at the hands of Lilith’s Dark Watch. He has a microphone in hand and as if urging the production crew to cut the music as soon as he’s in the ring, the music does precisely that. He waits for a mildly cheering crowd to quiet down before he speaks.

    Afa Seanoa: Last Adrenaline Rush, I welcomed a friend of mine, a great contributor backstage to every event we host, a legend, a hall of famer, a former World champion… I welcomed him to the ring as a token of appreciation for everything he did. As a selfless man, he thanked the crowd instead. He showed his appreciation for the guys in the back… but you know what they say… we can’t ever have good things.

    There’s a mild boo for that statement and Seanoa nods, saying that he agrees.

    Afa Seanoa: I’m not going to sensationalize what happened last Adrenaline Rush any further than it already has been. Jonathan McGinnis came out here and attacked Mr. Willis like a coward. And make no mistake, McGinnis, that is what you are… a coward. I won’t say you’ve always been a coward, but for the past year, further than that, you’ve forgotten what it means to be a wrestler, you’ve forgotten what it means to be a competitor. How… McGinnis… how can you destroy an industry you don’t even understand… but that’s besides the point. McGinnis, I want you out here, now.

    A silence follows. Afa Seanoa stares focused on the stage.

    Jim Taylor: I’m not quite sure McGinnis is going to comply.

    Seanoa’s chest is heaving with impatience.
    Afa Seanoa: McGinnis don’t make me rep-

    That’s the sound they were waiting for and its immediately rained on with jeers. Jonathan McGinnis steps through in a leather jacket, a “Superkick Gawd” t-shirt and some black jeans. He has some shades on too and brings it down to gaze a venomous look at the crowd. He appears like he wants to murder just about everyone in the arena. McGinnis takes his time to make it to the ring. He stops at the top of the stairs to stare at Afa Seanoa and then gets into the ring.

    Jonathan McGinnis: I thought Mr. Willis had something to say to me himself, I was even going to give him the leeway of talking from his house like a damn p**** but he can’t even do that? We’ve got our match, what else is there to say?

    Afa shakes his head.

    Afa Seanoa: McGinnis, if Mr. Willis didn’t give you this match, I would have suspended you indefinitely for what you did.

    Jonathan McGinnis: Oh, man. You really think you’re in charge. Because you’ve got a nice suit, you feel big? You can’t control me! You can’t stop what’s going to happen to CWA. You’ve inherited a dying company, and nothing you can do will stop me from shutting this s*** down.

    Afa Seanoa: Nothing, I can do maybe… but there’s something Mr. Willis can do. See, as far as I’m concerned, you’re a liability, McGinnis. It’d be one thing if you were worthwhile, but you’re not. The last time you wrestled, you were destroyed and dropped on your head. Before that, your Echo boys had to bail you out of every fight. But they’re gone, McGinnis, and guess what, the same man who dropped you on your head is still at the top of the mountain. So what good are you? How are you going to take this company down… when no one here believes you can actually beat Mr. Willis?

    McGinnis’s sneer somehow grows even darker and the crowd “oooh’s” at the bold declaration.

    Afa Seanoa: That’s why you gave yourself an advantage isn’t it. Three years off the shelf, retired, that wasn’t enough, you needed more, you needed to leave him in a hospital bed but deep inside, McGinnis, maybe part of you doesn’t think they can beat Mr. Willis. A genuine, beloved legend.

    Jonathan McGinnis:
    Keep taunting, keep trying to push me, Afa. I said I’d beat Mr. Willis’s ass and I will. I’m not going to give him a short stay in the hospital, you might as well look for a new employee entirely. I am going to put Mr. Willis in a coma. If I’ve got to super kick him a hundred times, piledrive him a dozen. I will.

    Afa’s chest heaves up, perhaps he’s mildly worried about this but he doesn’t give too much of an opening in that regard.

    Afa Seanoa: McGinnis, in a way, I’m glad you’re so motivated. You should be. You see, I wasn’t lying about you not being worthwhile. If you can’t defeat Mr. Willis… it won’t just be an ordinary loss… you’re going to be fired. Permanently. You will NEVER ever step foot in a CWA ring ever again. And if you try, if you so much as try, I’ll have you arrested McGinnis, I’ll sue you and take back every single penny we’ve ever spent on you, and then some. McGinnis, if you lose, you’re done McGinnis. Your dreams of ending this industry. Done. Your dreams of ever being remembered. Done. You got that McGinnis? You’re match with Mr. Willis, it’s do… or die.

    Seanoa’s said his part. He drops the microphone and walks past McGinnis, not subtly bumping shoulders and walking up the ramp. Seanoa doesn’t turn around to hear what McGinnis has to say but the Indy God has some last words above Seanoa’s theme song.
    Jonathan McGinnis: You just put another nail in your friend’s coffin, Afa. You just gave me all the more reason to put Mr. Willis to bed permanently.

    McGinnis drops the microphone, staring at the fading back of Afa.

    Jim Taylor: A major change to Jonathan McGinnis’s match with Mr. Willis, now Tim. Jonathan McGinnis could see his career for CWA end as soon as our next pay-per-view.

    Tim Coleman: That’ll show him! You try to end us, we’ll end you!

    Jim Taylor: I don’t know, Tim. It’s like McGinnis said, all this will do is motivate him. McGinnis did not need another reason to win heading against Mr. Willis, and now he’s been backed into a corner. Considering how insane he is right now, Tim… I’m afraid for Mr. Willis’s health.

    Tim Coleman doesn’t answer immediately, clearly he agrees as well.

    Jim Taylor: With all that said, we still have our main event left to go and this will decide who will face off against the Diamond Dogs for the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic trophy and the new CWA Undisputed Tag Team Championships! But before all that Tim, we’re going to find out in what match XYZ will be challenging Shawn Summers to at CWA Krash Tag Team Classic.

    Tim Coleman: XYZ is going to have to come up with something clever and unfair to be able to overcome Shawn Summers and Jim, I can’t wait for Summers to incapacitate him so we don’t have to hear anymore of his inane interviews. I guarantee you Michelle Kelly will be glad to move on to more intelligible interviews.

    Michelle Kelly is backstage with a microphone in hand. The crowd erupts into a cheer not for her, though, but for the man standing next to her. XYZ's bug eyes are bulging out of its sockets and his dirty blond hair curls down past his ears and to his neck. A green cape is tied around his neck and white boxer briefs bottle up and screen his genitals from the public eye. Aside from that, he's wearing absolutely nothing.

    Michelle Kelly: XYZ, last week Shawn Summers made a point to atta...

    XYZ: Shawn ... Summers ... *breathes heavily with his eyes closed* ... Shawn ... Summers ... the God ... King ... Man ... Child ... Toy.

    XYZ continues breathing heavily with his eyes shut closed, until finally he pops them open with his eyes bulging out toward the camera.

    XYZ: Margaret ... Margaret ... you have ... no idea ... what I've been thinking ... the past few weeks. The world ... is upside-down for XYZ. You see ... everything I knew ... has toppled over.

    Shawn Summers decided ... to make this personal. He came at ... ME!

    Attack me after a tag team match? Fine. I can put that ... in our past.

    But mock me. Ridicule me. Insult me. Attack me. For no reason?

    XYZ ... is now ... on ... tilt.

    XYZ tilts his head to the side as he says the last two words. The crowd cheers as he brings his hands up to his chin and cheek and straightens his face out, as if he needed help readjusting back to the center.

    XYZ: Shawnald Summers ... thinks he is ... a sabertooth tiger. He thinks he is ... the gift of the heavens, sent down on the world, to bring forth ... perfection.

    But Shawnald is nothing of the sort. No. He is ... a one-eyed moose ... with the black heart ... of a bullfrog ... and he came up ... from the crumbled dirt ... to bring everyone else ... down with him.

    And he picked ME, Margaret, ME ... because he knows ... I am the one who will rise above the hate, above the greed, above the war, above the terror. I am ... the giraffe ... ready to take his place on the mountain of rugrats, where I will lead the world ... INTO THE LIGHT ... for-----ever.

    Tim Coleman: Every show, this guy gets more and more off his rocker.

    XYZ pauses, letting his nonsensical words resonate with the fans listening inside the arena. A small "XYZ! XYZ! XYZ! XYZ!" chant erupts.

    XYZ: Shawn Summers ... cannot handle the thoughts ... that someone else ... will lead this world into the future. Shawn Summers ... cannot allow himself ... to let someone else ... be the world's bastion of hope. If it was up to Shawn Summers, I would fade into non-existence like SO MANY BLOCKBUSTER LOCATIONS!

    The crowd cheers and laughs as XYZ pauses, breathing heavier than he has the entire time. A standing ovation emerges, but XYZ talks right through it.

    XYZ: Shawnald ... Summers ... you sent me a message. You told me you were ... frightened. You were frightened of ... my unorthodox ... powers. My abstract ... light. You were scared of the messiah, coming to this world ... this ... place of greed and hopelessness and hunger and strife and selfish competition ... and turning this world into a ball of sunshine, where smiles resonate for years and laughter can be heard through the thickets of the urinals and out into the pavement where the swaying trees rustle and the flowers bloom underneath the cantaloupes.

    Jim Taylor: Cantaloupes?

    XYZ: Shawnald ... you and me cannot fight a normal fight. We cannot settle this in a normal place. You have sought me out ... and now you will seek me out in my home palace, the place I am most comfortable.

    Shawnald ... I will see you ... soon. ... And I will see you ... Godking ... where Kings are not allowed.

    The burgers made by the king ... is no match ... for the red-haired man with the yellow overalls and big white shoes. The meals bring happiness, and the Macs are ... so ... so big.

    Shawnald ... we will meet at the grandest place of them all. We will meet where I cannot be defeated. It is the place ... I learned how to put men like you down. And when you enter enemy territory, and plastic balls cover your feet and legs, up to your knees, and a plastic slide is the only way up and down ... just remember ... YOU asked for this.

    YOU asked for me. And I grant me to you ... inside the biggest ... McDonald's Play Palace ... in the woooooorld.

    The crowd goes wild as XYZ walks off from the interview, where Michelle Kelley shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head at the camera.

    Jim Taylor: Is that ... even allowed?

    Tim Coleman: XYZ challenged Shawn Summers to a match inside a McDonald's Play Place?!

    Jim Taylor:
    We’ll go to a commercial break before our blockbuster main event, Tim, and maybe we can get word from our general manager as to if this is actually going on!

    Lindsay Monahan: Ladies and gentleman, this is your main event of the evening, first, from Reno, Nevada, weighing in at a combined weight of 441 pounds… they are the DFB… CODY MUNDZ AND BOBBY “SMOOOOOOTH”.

    Cody Mundz and Bobby “Smooth” get a shower of boos and it’s evident enough that no love has been lost since the last time the pair were on Adrenaline Rush. Cody and Bobby are very much self-absorbed in their verbal burial of the crowd as they make their way down the ramp. Bobby has a bottle of beer in hand and showers some fans with it in between his own takes. Cody turns to one outreached hand and audibly yells “I aint touching your clammy ass hand.”

    Jim Taylor: Tim, we could see the DFB face off against Diamond Dogs in the finale of the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic and it’ll be, perhaps, something unprecedented in CWA history. Two new teams, making their PPV debut, with the world watching. Afa Seanoa has very much opened the doors of CWA to the newest talent to prove themselves.

    Tim Coleman: As much as I hate the DiMiacos, I’ve just been reminded of how much more I hate Cody and Bobby. I have to sympathize with Lindsay in the ring, she does not look comfortable at all with them.

    Jim Taylor: I’d love to say that their recent fining and a threat of further consequences if the actions are repeated would deter the DFB but I’m not sure they care much for rules, Tim.

    Lindsay Monahan: And one half of In-Ring Royalty … from Melbourne, Australia… weighing in at 205 pounds, he is the current CWA High Voltage Champion, The Heartbeat of CWA… KRASH!

    The High Voltage Champion makes his trademark and iconic entrance and there is a loud 180 from the fans whom wholly support the, some would say, face of CWA. Krash stops at the top of the stage with a small smirk on his face looking down the ramp at DFB who roar insults and urge Krash to haul ass into the ring. Krash is cautious in climbing into the ring and to the top turnbuckle, never taking his eyes off DFB who have to be restrained by the referee.

    Jim Taylor: Before we get to that legend right there, Tim, we just had word that… well… we are officially having the first ever, I think in wrestling history, McDonald’s Play Place match!

    Tim Coleman: What is the world coming to, Jim? Afa is the general manager for a reason, why is he turning over his powers to the competitors?

    Jim Taylor: Tim, at worst, it’s bound to be, uh… an experience, right? Returning to the matter at hand, Krash is coming closer and closer to becoming a four time CWA World Tag Team Champion… or I suppose the first ever CWA Undisputed Tag Team Champion. He’s a triple crown, Tim, former CWA World Heavyweight, a three time CWA Tag Team Champion, Five Star Attraction Tournament winner, Wrestle Royale winner, and a Ruler of the Ring finalist, there is just about nothing in our history that he hasn’t done, and here he is, hoping to add even more to his long list of accomplishments.

    Tim Coleman: Hate him, or love him, Jim, I suppose what you cannot deny is that you must respect him.

    Lindsay Monahan: And his partner… weighing in at 215 pounds… from Monrovia, Liberia, Africa… he is The Standard… PRINCE AAALIIIIIIIII!

    Prince Ali walks through the curtains with his now trademark composure and sophisticated presence. He stops at the top of the stage and clasp his hands behind his back as his eyes survey the arena, stop by his partner and then land on the two opponents, still rowdy in their desire to start the match.
    Jim Taylor: So far undefeated here in CWA but we saw one undefeated streak broken earlier tonight when the DiMiacos lost to the Diamond Dogs, will we see a second undefeated streak brought to an end with DFB?

    Tim Coleman:
    I’m not sure and I hope. Prince Ali has the look of a champion, Jim. He’s professional, focused, and determined, but part of me would prefer to see him face off against Krash for the CWA High Voltage Championship. I think I’ll have to stall that interests for the sake of seeing DFB gone for good from this company.


    THE DFB (cody mundz & bobby “smooth”)
    versus IN-RING ROYALTY (krash & prince ali)

    The DFB seem to turn their attention away from trying to start the match early on when Cody Mundz smirks, calls out to Lindsay who is walking to her seat on the outside and goes to spit on her again - only to get dropkicked right to the outside by a running Krash! The referee decides he best get the bell rung right then and there. Cody Mundz eyes go wide and he charges into the ring, Krash, in his own brand of pissed off at Cody’s terrorizing of Lindsay, meets him in the middle of the ring! The two are exchanging fisticuffs, but much to the crowd’s chagrin, its Cody that gets the better of the exchange.

    COME ON CHAMP!: Cody beats down on Krash until he’s on his knees and then he swishes some spit in his mouth and after kicking at Krash’s head spits it full in his face. Krash rolls around rubbing the spit out of his face and the fans are voraciously booing the act. Goddamn disgusting. Cody bathes in the cheers while Ali tries to urge on Krash to come to his side, urging the champ to get back up. Krash manages to get up, and caught by a rash anger, is spinebustered straight to the mat by Cody. Cody goes over to his corner and tags in Bobby!

    SMOOTH DOMINATION: Bobby gets Krash up to the corner and drives some shoulders to the gut real quick. He exchanges quick tags with Cody in order to wear down Krash, piss off the crowd and keep fresh themselves. The fans try to urge Krash into some momentum but its a nearly futile attempt. Any time Krash tries to break out, he’s caught with a stiff European Uppercut or a knee to the gut. Bobby grabs Krash from behind, lifts him lightly off his feet and then Cody gets to the top turnbuckle to take flight hitting a diving leg drop into Krash to force the Belly to Back suplex. They quickly hook the leg ONE… TWO… THR- KICK OUT!

    ADRENALINE RUSH: Krash just gets a shoulder up, pissing off Bobby who had the bridging pin locked in. Bobby lifts up Krash and delivers an uppercut, and then another. Krash gets up slowly the first time but that span seems to slow down with each uppercut, as if he’s weirdly getting the energy beat into him. Yet, Bobby gets increasingly stiffer with each uppercut, the last one echoing loudly across the arena but thats the one that gets Krash back up in a split second. He kicks Bobby in the gut, ROUNDHOUSE TO THE CHEST, AND SUPER KICK TO THE CHIN, BOBBY FALLS FLAT ON HIS BACK AND SO DOES KRASH COLLAPSE TO THE MAT!

    PRINCELY ARRIVAL: Krash gets a rowdy chant behind him after that rush of strikes. He lies prone on the ground for a moment and then begins a slow crawl to the corner. Bobby turns slowly around to try and grab at Krash’s leg. Krash kicks away the first time and gains some distance. He goes to jump and make the tag but Bobby catches his leg just in time. Bobby shakes his head and tugs on Krash’s leg only to get a forearm straight to the dome. Krash divers and Prince Ali enters the match.

    LONG LIVE THE CHIEF: Prince Ali jumps over the turnbuckle in a single motion. Bobby charges at him only to get a running knee taking him down. Cody decides to do away with the rules and enters the ring to go for a european uppercut but Ali flips away. Cody is stunned by Ali’s stance, they don’t brawl in the caporeian style from his streets. He tries to throw some hooks but Ali is able to swerve out of sights before stringing together a kick to the jaw, two elbows and then an up kick that drops Cody straight to the match. Prince Ali stands in the middle of the ring, arms clasped by his back and the fans come proudly behind The Standard.

    CONSTRICTION: Prince Ali gets Bobby up with Cody rolled to the outside by the referee. Bobby is quick to charge Ali into the ropes and really keep the space constricted and hinder the caporeian style he utilized. He hits some hooks to Ali’s ribs but Ali does well enough to protect himself. Ali catches one of those hooks and then the other and with immense strength - BUTTERFLY SUPLEXES BOBBY TO THE OUTSIDE!

    ROYAL HEIGHTS: Prince Ali clearly is weary from the strength he put into that but he’s far from done with his offense. He takes a glance at Bobby and turns his back to him for his arm clasps before charging to the opposite ropes and coming back with a CORKSCREW SPLASH! My word, what a sight! He crashes into Bobby and the referee quickly begins the count underneath some chants from the fans.

    RETURN OF THE FRENCH REVOLUTION: Prince Ali might think he has the match in hand but Cody comes right from behind him with a european uppercut from behind. Krash might have come to help but he’s still recovering on the opposite side of the ring in his corner. Cody urges Bobby to get the hell up and fast. Bobby wearily does so and Cody puts Ali’s head between Bobby’s thighs. He climbs up to the top rope and Bobby wearily lifts Ali up, he turns his back on his partner and Cody flies with a diving clothesline - DECAPITATING ALI WHO IS THUNDERED INTO THE MAT WITH A POWERBOMB! Whatever momentum Ali had is all but gone now.

    DIRTY HIT: Bobby and Cody hustle Prince Ali into the ring. Cody whips Ali into the rope and then lifts him up on the rebound - DIRTY BIT! Prince Ali is out of it but he never gets pinned! THE KILL STRIKES STRAIGHT AT THE HEART OF BOBBY “SMOOTH!” and Krash hooks the leg instantly - he must have made the tag when Ali bounced off the ropes! Cody had already rolled on the outside and completely missed the instant exchange, in fact, he’s nodding his head off to what he’s surely presuming is Bobby making the count! ONE! TWO! THREE!

    Jim Taylor: A twist of fate if I’ve ever seen one, Tim. That’s ring experience. That’s something only a man with the list off accolades as long as Krash could have orchestrated, a perfectly timed tag, a perfectly timed The Kill and Cody’s head was already in the clouds!

    Tim Coleman: That’s what you get for being overconfident. He took his eyes off the ball, Jim, he stopped paying attention to the match, thought he already had it won and now he’s lost that twenty-five grand he was hoping to get.

    Cody Mundz turns around at the sound of the names of Krash & Prince Ali uttered by Lindsay Monahan not far from his face. His eyes go wide as he witnesses the referee lifting up the hands of battered and bruised Krash and Prince Ali.

    Jim Taylor: In many ways, Tim, the DFB lost out of inexperience. This could have well gone the other way! But we officially have our main event for CWA Krash Tag Team Classic, it’s going to be The Diamond Dogs facing off against the In-Ring Royalty pairing of Krash & Prince Ali! Ladies and gentleman, we’ll see you around again for what is bound to be an exhilarating pay-per-view!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    Editor's Notes: Thanks to TGO for the XYZ segment.

    Smaller show length wise with less segments as well but this was all just a set up to get the card for the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV mostly settled and we more or less got that done.

    Young Lion Cup is set to follow the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV. We've had a few new signings that haven't had the chance of a spotlight because of the tournament so the follow up show will be wholly focused on giving those characters the spotlight with the PPV match giving them something to work on for the actual one night tournament.

    With regards to Nate Savage and Jackson Fenix. I've enjoyed subverting expectations with that. Fenix feels like he should be the one taking pins and such considering his personality and bad habits while Savage is the hard working guy but Fenix ends up finding success in two matches and Savage took the pin last show and the brunt of the assault this show. Hopefully from a writing perspective it gives him some stuff to address.

    Izaya & McGinnis being in a segment together was bound to happen. Still finding my footing with how I want to write with Izaya and obviously McGinnis isn't my character so its rough walking

    McGinnis got his match with Mr. Willis and with his career on the line to add further incentive to make sure he comes out with a win.

    The other stipulation that got established was the McDonald's Play Place match between Shawn Summers & XYZ. TGO suggested it and I felt like why not? No way it'll be as bad as anything Orton/Wyatt, right?

    Tournament wise:

    We've got our two finalist with Diamond Dogs and Prince/Ali. With regards to DFB who were close to making it into the final two, there was a complete lack of actually addressing the match which took away from the RP (similar to that Danny Toner promo from our fatal four way). I really enjoyed the promo tbh, and if you had added in a second scene to follow up that introduction, I think you very well could have made it into the final two. As it is though, only addressing the match in a last second thing really took away from it, unfortunately.

    Card for the CWA Krash Tag Team Classic PPV will go up tomorrow. I realize one of the main eventers, Shake, is on vacation so there will likely be a 10 dayish deadline for that but I'll make sure to get results up within the month of June (2 ten page essays, and 2 exams means this works well for me too).

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    Excellent show as always Jon, good and well deserved win Shake.

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    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
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    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    Let's dance in the Play Place, Shawnald!

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    Quote Originally Posted by The Golden One View Post
    Let's dance in the Play Place, Shawnald!
    Risky Douglas approves

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    The only time WWE came close to a good story line post Attitude Era was Undertaker/Mordecai - Dakstang
    [06:01 PM]Dakstang
    Yeah I guess you are right. And I only want to be Daddy to my own kids. Sorry.

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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    Another awesome show, nice work Jon.

    The stuff with Savage and Fenix definitely gives me something to work with on the next promo.
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    Re: Adrenaline Rush: Live [05/06/2017]

    This show was short and sweet. The new formatting works wonders. Makes things easier to differentiate. I love how many different kind of personalities we have now between the dimacos, dfb, lilith, xyz, Ali and our new GM who steals the show everytime. I feel like that with the return of Mr. Willis and McGinnis we have a rising roster. The Young Lion Cup sounds like an amazing next step and im excited to see the new signees debut. One suggestion i have is maybe we can have a talking smack kinda of show after every show to break up the emptiness between each show. Other than that another dope show.

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