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Thread: Deco & Skeng Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!


    - According to sources coming out of the WWE Performance Center various wrestlers from the independents and across the globe have recently attended try's outs in Florida with the aim of signing with World Wrestling Entertainment. It's believed that with the Main Roster now being split across two brands and the ever expanding NXT brand that WWE are looking to bolster their options and sign up the best talent available. Some of the confirmed names are Rich Swann, Gran Metalik, Mustafa Ali, Matt Riddle and Adam Cole. It's also been noted that William Regal recently visited the United Kingdom to scout the UK scene with the aim of potentially signing Tyler Bate, Pete Dunne, Mark Andrews, The Alpha Males, El Ligero, Nikki Storm and Trent Seven.

    - While Heath Slater being the hottest free agent in wrestling is a storyline being shown on WWE Tv the reality is that soon it could become a shoot. It's believed that WWE officials are unsure with plans for Heath Slater currently and have genuinely not decided on future plans for the former Nexus member. It's believed that Heath has perhaps run his course in the WWE and that once the storyline is concluded- both parties will be happy to end terms amicably and go their separate ways. With Heath's reputation as a worker there will unlikely be any lack of offers and speculation is that he could try his hand in Japans, NJPW.

    - WWE officials are said to be very happy with both Raw and Smackdown ratings and reviews since the formation of the brand split. Both recent episode's have drawn some of the company's highest ratings for quite some time with the build of Brock vs Orton and AJ vs Cena getting the majority of the credit as seen with the "invasion" angle recently. There is also believed to be healthy competition among both brands and their respective creative teams with both Raw and Smackdown officials aiming to be the number one show in the company.

    - As shown above, Paige recently took to social media to confirm that she is back in training and is desperate to get back in the ring and compete. Paige has not been used for quite some time on WWE tv and was granted the time to go home, rest and take care of some personal issues. The believe is that Paige will return as part of the Smackdown brand in time for their first solo PPv, Backlash. As for Paige's role, there is heavy rumors that she will return under a new gimmick with speculation rampant that she could be "Sister Abigail" of the Wyatt Family.

    - With SummerSlam approaching the rumor mill is in full effect and the latest speculation seems to suggest that a major return could be about to take place. Firstly..

    One rumor that's popped up over the past few days and gained a lot of traction involves The Undertaker showing up at SummerSlam, presumably to start a build for a major match at WrestleMania 33.

    The Undertaker's last appearance in WWE came at WrestleMania 32 when he defeated Shane McMahon in a Hell in a Cell bout. Despite the fact that Undertaker's win guaranteed he could continue to compete at WrestleMania, he took off his gloves in the ring, a sign that he was retiring. 'Taker reportedly confirmed his intention to friends and family after the show, then cancelled a string of appearances on WWE's upcoming European tour.

    Many fans and wrestling insiders expect that Undertaker will be back for at least one more match but at this moment in time- there are no signs to suggest that will be the case. Could we see 'Taker return and cost Cena the match against AJ? For years many believed that this match would take place at WrestleMania and with time running out- might Wrestlemania 33 be the final chance?

    Or, secondly..

    There was already some speculation that Goldberg could make a WWE return when the company made him a bonus character in their latest video game, and the latest news will only add fuel to that fire. We reported a couple of weeks back that Goldberg has been training very hard with the goal in mind that should a deal be agreed that one more match could be an option. The former WCW and WWE wrestler will reportedly be in New York City the same weekend, with SummerSlam 2016 set for Barclays Center in Brooklyn on to promote WWE 2K17 as part of a media event.

    While nothing is confirmed- this seems more plausible then 'Taker returning and it's been hinted for years that Brock and Goldberg have unfinished business inside the ring. Could we see Goldberg return and cost Brock the match against Randy Orton?

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    15th August 2016 - Corpus Christi, Texas - American Bank Center

    Before the show begins- a video package plays as we see moments from last week's Raw. John Cena is shown beating Titus O'Neil- but Titus earns Cena's respect. The announcement of the Raw Womens Championship for Summerslam is also shown. We see Cesaro defeating Dolph Ziggler in a match before vowing to become Intercontinental Champion which led to an attack from The Miz! We see Paul Heyman talking trash about Randy Orton before Orton hits an RKO to Heyman out of nowhere. The clip ends when we see The Ascension defeating Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose due to Reigns/Ambrose's in-ring conflict before Ambrose nails Reigns with Dirty Deeds to end the show!

    The cameras cut to the American Bank Center...

    And the fireworks are exploding as Raw is LIVE in Corpus Christi! The fans in attendance can be seen cheering ahead of the anticipation for the show. The camera cuts to the commentators table as we have Michael Cole, Corey Graves & Mauro Ranallo. Ranallo welcomes the fans to Monday Night Raw as tonight is the go-home edition of Raw... and we are on the Road to Summerslam! Cole says that we have two separate sit-down interviews with Cesaro & The Miz lined up- along with an Ambrose Asylum segment with Roman Reigns as the guest to close the show! We also have a 6 Women Tag Team match in the main event as the duo of Summer Rae & Alexa Bliss team up with Eva Marie to take on Alicia Fox, Nikki Bella & Sasha Banks! Graves says that to kick things off... we have a contract signing for one of the inter-brand matches as Raw's Brock Lesnar goes face to face with Smackdown Live's Randy Orton!

    The cameras immediately cut to the ring as we see Raw's Commissioner in Stephanie McMahon! But behind her, there are three huge muscular security guards. The fans are excited, as there is a table set up in the center of the ring- as well as two chairs, with the contract for the Lesnar/Orton showdown being visible on the table. Stephanie has a mic in hand- as she's ready to speak.

    The atmosphere in this arena is electric tonight- and I wouldn't have it any other way! As tonight will be the final Raw before Summerslam- myself & Daniel Bryan couldn't think of a better way to kick tonight off with a contract signing as we build up to one of the marquee matches at Summerslam- as BROCK LESNAR will be representing Monday Night Raw to take on Smackdown Live's RANDY ORTON!!

    Huge cheers from the fans as Stephanie continues.

    STEPHANIE MCMAHON: This is a match which is 15 YEARS in the making- and it's bound to be a great one. But to fully assure that this contract signing goes off without a hitch... I have three of the biggest and baddest security guards to make sure that there is no chaos tonight. So without further ado... I'd like to welcome The Beast himself as well his advocate. They are none other than Paul Heyman... AND BROCK LESNAR!


    A HUGE mixed reaction here tonight as the music of The Beast hits on the speaker system! And out comes none other than The Beast himself, followed by his advocate Paul Heyman. The two men make their way to the ring as Lesnar looks composed, whilst Heyman swaggers to the ring in style. They enter the ring before Heyman shakes McMahon's hand. Lesnar begins to eye up the security- giving them cold stares as he clearly has no fear. Lesnar then stands in the ring with his arms crossed- as Heyman immediately grabs a mic. He wastes no time in beginning to speak as this contract signing is underway.

    PAUL HEYMAN: Ladies and gentleman... my name is Paul Heyman! And I am the advocate of The NIGHT-MAYUURRR of Suplex City... The Beast Incarnate himself... BROOOOOOCK LESNAAAAAAAAAAAR!

    Mixed reaction from the fans.

    Stephanie McMahon- you said it yourself! The Beast vs. The Viper is a match which is 15 YEARS in the making. A COLOSSAL bout which pits two of the most dangerous men in the same ring. And I think that it's safe to say that the issues between my client... and Randy Orton have been very heated and intense. The WWE Universe is READY for this mouth-watering bout... but I think that I speak for everybody when I say that last week was a night where the line was CROSSED! And as for the uninitiated... who DON'T know what happened? Smackdown Live's very own Viper decided that it would be perfectly fine... to enter BROOOOCK LESNAAAAR's turf... and hit ME... the advocate of The Beast with an RKO!

    More mixed reactions- as some fans seem to still be excited from last week's big moment. But other fans aren't happy that their show was invaded by the opposition. Lesnar stands there- with a stone cold look on his face.

    Stephanie... I want to say THANK YOU. Thank you for coming out when you did- because you stopped a situation from spiraling out of control. Randy Orton thought that he made a statement when he came outta nowhere to hit ME with an RKO.. but you didn't make a powerful statement at all! All you did was take out a DEFENCELESS... and INNOCENT man! Randy... your actions were COWARDLY and UNJUSTIFIED!! I know that you have issues with my client... but there is NO JUSTIFICATION for going after ME!!

    Heyman raises his voice as he speaks- with his fury over last week being visible.

    But it doesn't matter how big of a moment that was to anybody... because my client OVERSHADOWED Orton's big moment- like The Beast always does! Anything that you do Orton... my client can do BETTER! And the proof is right there... because the REAL statement was made when my client invaded the enemy territory! The Beast arrived to Smackdown Live in absolute style when he came out of a limousine! This FREAK OF NATURE took out Smackdown Live's scrawny security- and he was looking for VENGEANCE!!

    Lesnar smiles as Heyman continues to speak.

    I mean- it was only a matter of time, right? It was obvious that my client was going to come for REVENGE... so it was a stupid choice for Smackdown Live not to hire the BEST security- because my client took them out with nothing but ease. And then my client WALTZED into the arena- with NO care for anybody in his way.. and he interrupted a match that just WASN'T meant to be. My client absolutely DESTROYED The Vaudevillians! He DESTROYED The Shining Stars! And he made it very CLEAR that on that specific night? Smackdown Live was NOT Smackdown Live... and it was indeed SUPLEX CITY BITCH!!

    The fans erupt with a 'SUPLEX CITY' chant as Heyman continues.

    So Randy Orton... you really need to consider yourself LUCKY because you got away with that one. You managed to avoid what would have been a DEVASTATING beating from my client- who was fighting on MY behalf. You got away with it... but this Sunday? That's NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! You will NOT escape my client. Last week on Raw- you proved that you don't have the guts to strike with my client in SIGHT... and at Summerslam... my client will make Randy Orton's life in Suplex City nothing but an absolute NIGHTMARE!! So Stephanie... if you wouldn't mind- my client is more than READY to sign the contract... but the real question is- is Randy Orton ready for BROOOOOOOOOOCK LESNAAAAAAAAAR?!?!

    Heyman has finished speaking as Lesnar nods in approval- clearly agreeing with his advocate's words, and Stephanie then hands Lesnar the contract for the match, as Lesnar grabs the pen from the table... before putting ink to the contract as Lesnar makes himself official for the match...


    There is a HUGE pop from the Corpus Christi fans tonight as The Viper is here!! Smackdown Live's very own Randy Orton makes his way to the ring with a serious look on his face- showing absolutely no nerves despite being in the enemy territory here tonight. Orton enters the ring, not taking his eyes off his opponent for Summerslam- as Orton's music stops.

    Orton stands his ground as Lesnar wants to go over there and beat his opponent's ass already- but Heyman manages to stop his client from doing so. The tension is at an absolute high as the fans are loving it! The two opponents begin to stare off from their positions, as Ranallo says that he's surprised the two men haven't ripped each other apart already. The fans begin to shout 'THIS IS AWESOME' as the two animals look as cold as ever. The Viper picks up the mic from the table, as he begins to speak.

    RANDY ORTON: There is A LOT of things that I need to say... but before I address my opponent for Summerslam...

    Orton points at Heyman.

    RANDY ORTON: I'm gonna start off by addressing YOU!

    The fans cheer, as Heyman looks on, showing a bit of fear following Orton's actions from last week.

    RANDY ORTON: What's up Paul? It's funny how you have A LOT to say when I'm not standing in this ring.. but as soon as I'm here- what do we get from you? Absolute silence. And there's clearly no denying that you must still be reeling from that RKO.. you speak about how you're a defenseless... and innocent man.. but it doesn't matter WHAT brand we're on. EVERYBODY in this building knows that you couldn't be innocent even if you wanted to be.

    Cheers again from the fans, as Orton continues to speak.

    It felt good when I got you Heyman... but the question on my mind was... where was your client? Where were you Brock?! When I attacked your advocate.. I could have put him in intensive care for good!! But what if I did do that Brock? What if... I lined Heyman up like I have done to many, many people before... and took off Paul Heyman's head with a vicious Punt Kick?

    Orton ponders to himself as everybody in the arena is glued to this confrontation.

    If there's anybody that would've hurt the most... it's you Brock. Because without Heyman.. you couldn't talk a big game on the mic without slipping a little... you wouldn't have NO ONE to hype up your matches so your matches would sell. And if your matches don't sell well enough... then you lose what is the best thing about you- the attraction. On your own... you are The Beast- but everybody knows there isn't a Beast without Paul Heyman!

    The fans agree as Heyman begins to chuckle to himself.

    RANDY ORTON: To say that this rivalry between The Beast & The Viper is personal would be an understatement! We've spoke about each other's families... we've brought up the mistakes that we've made. We've spoke about everything that we have done in our careers.. and every single thing that me & Brock Lesnar have accomplished individually will be put to the test at Summerslam... and I've said it many times before... and I will say this again...

    I AM READY for you Brock! The moment that I challenged you to that match.. I KNEW what I was getting myself in for. I KNOW the threat that you pose.. I'm not going to stand here and underestimate you Brock.. you're damn right that I'm gonna go to Suplex City.. and I KNOW you're going to make my life a living hell.. but I'm ready for it. I'm prepared for this.. I've been prepared from the moment I came back for action.

    Orton speaks with fire and passion.

    RANDY ORTON: But on the other hand... Paul? You're an easy target Paul.. but that's not the reason why I hit you with an RKO. I did it because I'm sick and tired of listening to you constantly attempting to talk a big game... trying to build up your client to everybody when he doesn't need building up. EVERYBODY in this arena knows what Brock Lesnar is capable of.. but you STILL run your mouth like you're the one who is going face to face with me at Summerslam. I have heard absolutely enough from you.. and I don't want to hear from the walrus anymore... I want to hear your bastard of a client speak for himself!

    HUGE pop as the fans begin to shout 'OOOOHHHH' which provokes an even more angry Lesnar. Lesnar is refusing to take it- as he looks to walk over to Orton... but again, it takes Heyman, Stephanie & members of the security to calm The Beast down. Orton picks up the pen, and he signs the contract- as the dream match is finally made OFFICIAL!! But Orton isn't finished. He grabs the mic again, and speaks.

    RANDY ORTON: So Paul... I have done what has been required to do. Your client has signed the contract... I have signed the contract... so now? Why don't you do what everybody wants you to do... hand the mic over to your client so we can see if he has the balls to repeat everything that comes of his advocates mouth?!

    The tension just continues to increase and boil up as Heyman grabs the mic again- to the disapproval of Orton who simply sighs at the thought of Heyman talking again.

    Oh... you want to hear MY client speak? But the truth is Randy... my client DOESN'T need to talk!! My client let's his actions do the talking... and you must be sorely mistaken if you think that my client will listen to you. You must be having another one of your episodes if you think that my client will do what YOU tell him to do... because my client doesn't listen to ANYBODY. He doesn't even listen to me.. and the only reason why my client hasn't tore you apart already is because we're standing in this ring in a civilized manner to air our dirty laundry.

    Heyman pauses, before looking over to Orton with a face of determination.

    PAUL HEYMAN: So we need you to understand something... we need to understand that at Summerslam? It's not just going to about The Viper being taken to Suplex City.. you're not just going to enter the biggest fight of your life. You're entering the most DANGEROUS zone in Suplex City's golden history. You see... I have stated many times about what my client has done to the likes of The Undertaker... John Cena... and Roman Reigns. He took them all the Suplex City.. and he despised them all. He STILL despises them all... even to this day...

    Heyman points at Orton.

    But YOU? You are the WORST. My client doesn't despise ANYBODY as much as he despises you. Nobody has ever spoke about my client in public... the way that you have. The way that you have antagonized my client is something that will NEVER be forgiven or forgotten. You PROVOKED my client... therefore my client will VICTIMIZE YOU. My client is going to re-injure your shoulder... and tear you apart limb by limb. And make no mistake about it... my client is going to be The Legend that KILLS The Legend Killer! The Beast is going to SLAY The Viper... and at Summerslam?

    My client is going to DECIMATE you back to your hospital bed... and the people will no longer see you as The Viper that you used to be... and instead? They will see you for you truly are... nothing but an absolute DUD. And do you want to know what the worst thing about it is? The worst thing is that BROOOOOOOOOCK LESNAAAAAAAAAAAAR will hurt you so bad...

    That your wife... and your KIDS... will NEVER look at you the same way again you washed up DRUGGY!!

    BUT ORTON HAS HAD ENOUGH!! He grabs the table- and he THROWS it out of the ring in anger as the fans begin to cheer. Orton is set to grab Heyman- but Lesnar steps up to The Viper before pushing him out of the way with so much force that Orton is sent all the way the corner. Heyman & Stephanie manage to exit the ring to as they leave the security guards to take care of the potential mess. One of the security guards begins to grab hold of Orton... and the others grab hold of Lesnar to prevent the two men from brawling! One of the security guards has hold of Lesnar... but Lesnar wriggles out of it before spinning the security guard around...

    GERMAN SUPLEX TO THE SECURITY GUARD!!! The fans cheer as the other two security guards try to grab hold of Lesnar to stop this situation from getting even more chaotic, leaving Randy Orton on his own. However, Lesnar doesn't stop putting up a fight as he grabs hold of another security member... ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX!!! The fans chant 'SUPLEX CITY' as Lesnar is FIRED up tonight... but in the ring- the final security guard is left with The Beast. The security guard is just as big as The Beast... but the look on the poor man's face suggests that he knows what he's in for as he pleads and begs for The Beast to let him go- but Lesnar grabs the man before putting him position to finish him off...

    F5! F5 TO THE FINAL SECURITY GUARD!!! The fans are going absolutely crazy tonight as Lesnar continues to be fired up like the beast that he is. As Lesnar continues to go wild... little does he know that Orton- who was clearly playing possum on the floor... is secretly eyeing up The Beast... but as soon as The Beast turns around...

    RKOOOOOOOOOOOO! RANDY ORTON NAILS BROCK LESNAR WITH AN RKO FROM OUTTA NOWHERE!!! The entire arena has ERUPTED as The Viper takes The Beast down!! Orton begins to psyche himself up... but Cole says oh no! Orton lines Lesnar up for a potential move with devastating consequences... as Ranallo says that Orton doesn't wanna see Lesnar make it to Summerslam! Orton begins to set Lesnar up for a Punt Kick... and this time- there is NOTHING stopping him despite screams from Heyman & Stephanie McMahon. Orton charges at Lesnar as he looks set to finish The Beast off...

    BUT LESNAR ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!! The fans begin to boo, but Graves says that this was the best choice Lesnar could've possibly made. Heyman helps his client compose himself, as Lesnar still looks dazed from the RKO. Orton begins to taunt Lesnar from the ring- screaming 'IT ONLY TAKES ONE RKO!!' as he has clearly proved his point here tonight. Orton does his signature pose as Lesnar looks on- with the fans continuing to go nuts for the chaos that has opened the show.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    We head back from our first break of the night as the camera immediately cuts to the announcers table. Ranallo talks about how we've just witnessed an explosive confrontation between Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton, which ended in absolute chaos as Lesnar took out members of security- before being RKO'd by Randy Orton! Cole says that it was the perfect way to kick tonight's go home edition of Raw off, and their match at Summerslam is going to be a blockbuster bout. Graves moves on, and says that up next- we have our first match of the night as Sami Zayn takes on Erik Rowan!


    The music of Erik Rowan blasts on the PA system as Rowan comes out to a mild reaction of boos & cheers from the crowd. Rowan makes his way to the ring as Graves talks about how Rowan being split up from The Wyatts has clearly had a big effect of him, as Rowan is clearly lost without the guidance of Smackdown Live's Bray Wyatt. Rowan enters the ring- as he waits for his opponent.


    Corpus Christi ERUPT with a huge pop as Sami Zayn's music hits! Zayn comes out, and he begins to shuffle on his way to the ring, with quite a moody face. Zayn enters the ring, as some chants of 'OLE!' can be heard. Cole states that Zayn has had his fair share of wins and losses over the last few weeks- and he seems set to pick up some momentum here tonight.

    Match 1. Sami Zayn vs. Erik Rowan

    This match has gone on for 8 minutes so far- as Erik Rowan has been the aggressor, getting the most offense in. Sami Zayn has been the lovable underdog as you would expect- with the fans rooting him despite Rowan dominating. Back to the action, Rowan goes for a Big Boot to the face of Zayn- but Zayn sees it coming, and manages to duck it.

    Zayn spins Rowan around, and goes for a DDT but Rowan wriggles out of it... before locking Zayn in a Bearhug! Rowan increases the pressure as Sami does his best to break out of the hold, and Sami eventually does so as he grabs hold of the ropes. Rowan is forced to break the hold, as Rowan then begins to argue with the referee.

    He turns back to Zayn... but Zayn blasts Rowan with a Dropkick which sends Rowan to the corner. Zayn begins to hype himself up before running towards Rowan... HELLUVA KICK TO ROWAN!! Rowan lands on the canvas, as Zayn goes for the cover... and Sami Zayn picks up the victory!!



    The fans cheer loudly for The Underdog from the Underground as Sami Zayn has defeated Erik Rowan here tonight! Zayn eventually gets up, as Rowan slides out of the ring- and the referee raises Zayn's hand in victory... however, Cole talks about how Zayn doesn't look happy at all following this victory. The referee leaves Zayn to it- as Zayn calls for a mic to be given to him. Zayn waits for a while as he is eventually given one, and he's set to speak as he clearly has something on his mind.

    SAMI ZAYN: So how is everybody in Corpus Christi doing tonight?!

    Fans respond with cheers as Sami speaks.

    Man... I just fought tooth and nail in this match. Erik Rowan might have lost- but he just gave me one hell of a fight... and I haven't took a beating like this in quite a while. I know I should be happy after competing in such an amazing arena with great fans... and I managed to come out on top tonight... but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't frustrated right now.

    Sami continues as the fans are listening.

    SAMI ZAYN: Battleground was another huge night in my career- because I came out of an intense match against my long-time friend turned rival... Kevin Owens!

    Boos for the mention of Kevin Owens.

    And due to the brand extension... Owens got drafted to Smackdown- while I got drafted to Raw. I defeated Owens in a match that I put my absolute all into.. and that match was the biggest match of my career- and I defeated my rival.. but I'm just frustrated because I have nothing to show for it.

    Sami has a face of frustration, as he's not holding back here tonight.

    I've been having great matches on Raw... I lost to Roman Reigns a few weeks ago- but I gave him one hell of a challenge... and I know for a fact that I did because I had every single person in the arena that night chanting 'This is Awesome.' I also lost a Fatal Four Way match to gain the chance to compete for the Intercontinental Champion.. a match that I didn't get pinned in- but still lost.

    The fans chant 'OLE!' repeatedly to show that despite Sami's losses, they're still fully behind him.

    And this Sunday? We have the Hottest Party of the Summer in Summerslam! But my biggest gripe is... that I'm not even featured on the card. Despite the fact that I haven't been able to win all of my matches.. I don't think anybody can deny the work that I have been putting in over the last couple of weeks. So Corpus Christi... I want to know what you all think.

    Do you think Sami Zayn deserves a chance to compete at Summerslam?!

    A HUGE pop for the underdog as Sami's frustrated face immediately turns into a smile, as the WWE Universe have clearly lifted his spirits up. Sami nods in approval as he goes to speak again.


    The fans begin to chant 'YES!' repeatedly and loudly as Daniel Bryan comes out to the stage! Bryan joins in with the chants along with the crowd, before looking over to the ring at Sami Zayn... with a serious look on his face as he has a mic in hand. Bryan is set to speak.

    Well first of all- Sami Zayn! I'd like to congratulate you on defeating Erik Rowan tonight... it was one hell of a match, and you showed a lot of heart. You proved that you are indeed one of the hardest workers in the back, and I have nothing but respect for you.

    The fans cheer as Sami nods.

    You talk about how you're frustrated... and I feel your pain Sami- I really do. I know how it feels when you try your absolute best to succeed... and sometimes it just isn't enough for some people. You think that you deserve a chance to be on the Summerslam card... these people think you deserve to be on the card... and so do I!

    Huge pop as Sami looks on, and Bryan continues.

    DANIEL BRYAN: So I'm going to make a huge announcement. I plan to make sure that the Raw matches of Summerslam are nothing but the absolute best- therefore you WILL be in a match.

    Another pop as Sami looks very happy.

    And as for your opponent? Well... I'm sure that everybody knows there will be a debut at Summerslam... and I couldn't think of a better opponent for this person than you Sami- because I know you will go out there, and you WILL deliver whether you win or lose. So at Summerslam... Sami... you will go one on one with someone that you know very well! He is the man that will be making his debut at the hottest party of the summer. He is The Greatest Man That Ever Lived...


    The Toyata Center EXPLODES with a huge pop as Bryan makes a huge announcement! Bryan's music begins to play, as the fans begin to chant 'YES!' before Bryan heads to the back. Sami Zayn looks on- and he can be seen pondering to himself, but he's clearly a happy man tonight following this big announcement. Ranallo says that Austin Aries vs. Sami Zayn for Summerslam is going to be one HELL of a match!!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera cuts backstage as we see Sasha Banks- with Corpus Christi respond with a huge pop for The Boss! Banks looks into the camera as she speaks.

    SASHA BANKS: I have been pursuing the Womens Championship ever since I made my debut in the WWE... and every single opportunity that I've had to win the title- I've come short. It's my dream to be the Womens Champion.. I have been dreaming of this moment ever since the little girl in me was watching the likes of Eddie Guerrero wrestle their way to the top.

    Fans can be heard cheering for the mention of the great Eddie Guerrero.

    At Summerslam? I'm going to walk into the 6-Pack Challenge Elimination Match, and I'm going to accomplish my dream to become the FIRST ever Raw Womens Champion!

    And you can bank on that.

    The Boss smiles before showing off her 'Boss' ring as the camera cuts back to the announcers table.

    The camera cuts to the announcers table- as Ranallo talks about how The Boss is confident heading into the 6 Pack Womens Challenge Match at Summerslam, which will indeed now be an Elimination bout! Cole says that extra stipulation of Elimination rules will make the match even more intense. Graves agrees, and says that up next- we have an 8 Man Tag Team Match!


    The music of The Spirit Squad hits as Kenny & Mickey come out to a light reaction of boos from the crowd. Cole talks about how they haven't had the best of luck since their debut- but maybe tonight's 8 Man Tag Team match can change this? The Spirit Squad enter the ring, as they wait for their partners.


    Tyler Breeze comes out- representing Breezango as Breeze begins to take pictures of himself with his selfie stick...


    And out comes Breeze's partner... Fandango! The two men make their way to the ring- as Ranallo says that Breezango have been very hit and miss with their win/loss record since Battleground, but this match could change their momentum easily. The two men enter the ring as they join Spirit Squad. Both teams seem to be very civil with each other as they await their opponents.


    The fans erupt with cheers as American Alpha come out to the stage to make their way to the ring! Cole says that #1 contenders to the Tag Team Championships team up with their opponents for Summerslam.. and this should be fun to watch!





    It's a New Day... YES IT IS!"


    HUGE pop for the WWE Tag Team Champions as The New Day come out to the stage! The three men begin to shimmy their way to the ring. Graves points out that the trio would usually be speaking as they walk to the ring- but they must mean business. The New Day enter the ring- as they join their partners... and opponents for Summerslam, apart from Xavier Woods who stands outside the ring. The tension between the both teams is visible, as the match is on!

    Match 2: Breezango & The Spirit Squad vs. American Alpha & The New Day

    Finish: The babyface teams have absolutely dominated this match- as well as Breezango who have got a tremendous amount of offense in, unlike Spirit Squad, who were looking to get payback from their loss to The New Day last week, but they couldn't bring much to the table. Currently, Big E & Fandango are the legal men- as Big E grabs Fandango to nail him with a Belly-To-Belly Suplex... but Fandango manages to twist out of it, before nailing Big E with a Dropkick! Fandango heads over to the turnbuckle, as he jumps up- and he looks to nail Big E with his finisher. He launches for the Diving Leg Drop...

    But Big E moves out of the way as Fandango crashes onto the canvas! Fandango begins to stirr in the ring as Big E crawls over to his team-mates, with Jason Jordan, Chad Gable & Kofi Kingston all pleading to be tagged in. And as you would expect, it's Kofi who Big E is attempting to crawl over to- due to the obvious connection right there. Big E leaps over to tag Kofi... but Chad Gable puts his hand forward to tap Big E's hand as Gable is in the match!

    Kofi doesn't look impressed at all- as Gable heads into the ring. Fandango has tagged in Mickey from The Spirit Squad- as Mickey charges towards Gable with a Clothesline.. but Gable hits Mickey with a Crossbody! This leads to Tyler Breeze entering the ring, and Jason Jordan intervenes to nail Breeze with a German Suplex! Following this, Jordan rushes over to knock Kenny off the ropes as American Alpha have the momentum. The fans are rallying behind them- as The New Day look on. Jordan lifts Mickey up from the canvas- as American Alpha are set to finish Mickey off...

    GRAND AMPLITUDE!! The fans go nuts as Jordan goes behind the apron- with The New Day giving Jordan the evilest looks. Gable goes for the cover on Mickey... and the faces pick up the win!



    After the match, Jordan joins his partner in the ring- as the two men embrace. On the other hand, The New Day also enter the ring, as the referee has got their tag team title belts, which he hands over to the champions. The referee raises The New Day & American Alpha's hand, as he's in the middle of the two teams.

    The referee walks away, leaving both teams in the ring together. The New Day's serious looks immediately turn into laughter, as they begin to sarcastically applaud and clap at Gable getting the advantage with the tag over Kofi. This leads to Kofi shouting 'That was disrespectful' as Gable can be heard replying with 'No disrespect, I did what I had to do.' The New Day raise their titles high in the air- as American Alpha look on. American Alpha motion that the titles will be around their waists.

    Ranallo says that these two teams will go face to face at Summerslam in what should be an excellent match. American Alpha seem to have the most momentum going into this match- but The New Day have the veteran's advantage!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    We're back from another break as we immediately cut to the announcers table. Cole talks about how up next, we have a sit-down interview between The Miz & Charly Caruso as we continue the build for the Last Chance Intercontinental Championship match at Summerslam between Miz & Cesaro! Graves talks about how this match has big stakes, and this is as important as it gets for a title with such great magnitude.

    The cameras cut to the interview room- as we see Charly Caruso.

    CHARLY CARUSO: Ladies and gentleman, my guests at this time... the Intercontinental Champion- The Miz and his wife Maryse!

    The camera zooms out to reveal The Miz & Maryse sitting down as they look ready for this interview.

    CHARLY CARUSO: So Miz... your rivalry with Cesaro has been boiling up for a very long time. Cesaro claimed that you have took many shortcuts to retain your title.. how you feel about these comments?

    The Miz has a face of disgust as he speaks.

    THE MIZ:
    Let me be perfect honestly with you Caruso... whatever Cesaro says or claims- it is ALL false. None of it is true. I have NEVER taken any short-cuts to retain this title.. I have defended this title fair and square like a true man. It doesn't matter HOW I defend this title.. all that matters is that I defend it- and I WIN.

    Because in the record books.. nobody will see how I won the title. All that it will say.. is that The Miz has defeated Cesaro over and over and over again. All my wins COUNT, whereas all of Cesaro's losses count too. It all adds up, Caruso! We have had many, many interactions throughout our careers, but 2016 is the most relevant year of our rivalry because the stakes are bigger than ever.

    And last week, when I attacked Cesaro.. it wasn't because he just finished a match. I did it to send a message, for all the suffering that Cesaro has put me through! I want to know why this match at Summerslam is MY Last Chance?! I have done NOTHING but bust my ass in that ring to make this title the most prestigious in the WWE today.. and there is no doubt that I have accomplished my job! I have defended this title successful against EVERYBODY who has come before me... and I didn't do it just so I can get an unjust stipulation attached to my SACRED name!!

    This stipulation should only apply to Cesaro, NOT ME. Cesaro is the man that has constantly come up short in his quest to win this title, whereas I have been the superior man! I have said this before- and I will say it again... Cesaro is absolutely NOTHING compared to me.

    CHARLY CARUSO: That's completely understandable, I mean you have indeed defended your title successfully on multiple occasions. But last week, we had the announcement from Daniel Bryan that Maryse would be banned from ringside. What was going through your mind when the GM announced that?

    The Miz begins to get even more cold as Maryse doesn't look impressed with the decision.

    THE MIZ:
    What was going through my mind? I was angry... how the hell would you feel if your wife was unable to see one of the marquee matches of her husband's career?! I don't have my wife by my side this Sunday.. and I feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for the fact that she will NOT be able to witness me CRUSHING Cesaro to a pulp, therefore shattering his dreams to gain MY title!

    Miz looks at Maryse as his wife responds.

    MARYSE: It's such a shame I won't be there baby... but I have every bit of FAITH in you.

    Maryse looks towards Charly Caruso.

    MARYSE: I have no problems with whatever happens to Cesaro at Summerslam... because my husband WILL retain his title. He is a winner- and that's what winners do!

    The Miz nods in approval as Maryse states her words.

    THE MIZ: At Summerslam- Cesaro will get EVERYTHING he deserves. But who the hell does he have? The Cesaro Section? Well it's a shame because I don't feel sorry for Cesaro! All Cesaro does is lose- and then all his doubters begin to build up sympathy for him.. well let me break the news to everybody again.

    Cesaro does NOT connect with his STUPID Cesaro Section. He does NOT deliver in the ring. You can't win ANY match with the help of the fans, because I haven't needed them from the moment I came into this business. I have goddamn proved it by main eventing Wrestlemania... and by being WWE Champion! I have defeated a top superstar like John Cena on the biggest show of them all... but what has Cesaro done? He hasn't ever grabbed the brass ring in his miserable career.

    Miz continues to take shots as he isn't backing down.

    CHARLY CARUSO: I understand- so overall, you clearly feel that you are just as overlooked by the WWE as Cesaro is, so do you feel that the people are doubting you as Intercontinental Champion?

    THE MIZ: Do you want to know what's really going on? It's that NOBODY wants to see The Miz in the Intercontinental Championship title picture, because I have DOMINATED this division! Daniel Bryan doesn't want to see me as the champion, so he's added all these stupid stipulations to give me a disadvantage. Not one superstar.. and I mean NOBODY has came close to beating me. Not Darren Young. Not Zack Ryder. Not Sami Zayn.. Not Kevin Owens. So what makes Cesaro think he can beat me, HUH?!

    I am the man that's made that has made this Intercontinental title, the most prestigious title in the WWE today. I have made this title relevant, I have put everything into defending this title like a true man. Cesaro, you are NOT going to take that away from me. You wish that you were me. You wish that I had my looks.. and you wish that you could talk like me on the microphone. I mean... have you seen the way he dresses? He comes out- all suited and booted, only because I DO!

    Well guess what Cesaro? You couldn't even lace my shoes, and I VOW to put you down because you are a fraud! And at Summerslam? I will make sure that you NEVER compete for the Intercontinental Championship again as long as I am the champion! Because I'm The Miz... and I'M AWESOME!!

    The Miz begins to smirk before looking to his wife- and the duo share a kiss, even in front of Caruso, as Caruso thanks them for their time.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The cameras head to the announcers table- Graves talks about how those were huge words from The Miz during the sit-down interview. Cole says that we find out this Sunday if The Miz can back all of his words up, and defeat Cesaro. Ranallo moves on because up next, The Human Wrecking Ball competes. We go over to the ring- as we see a local talent named Wilson in the ring, ready for action!


    The music of Ryback blasts on the PA system- as the Texas crowd respond with light boos for The Big Guy! Ryback makes his way to the ring, as he enters the ring- eyeing up Wilson who looks pretty terrified of Ryback. Cole says that he doesn't fancy Wilson's chances tonight, as Ryback begins to laugh at his opponent- before the bell rings.

    Match 3. Wilson vs. Ryback

    As the match begun, Wilson begged and pleaded for Ryback to not destroy him... and Ryback nailed Wilson with a devastating Meathook Clothesline as Wilson went flying. As expected, Ryback dominated this match- and he absolutely demolished his opponent. The crowd also displayed sympathy for Wilson as he was being destroyed, and some members of the crowd even did a little 'Let's Go Wilson' chant.

    The finish came when Wilson still stood absolutely no chance as Ryback would continue to destroy him like a rag-doll in the ring! Ryback grabbed Wilson, who was out cold- and he lifted him up on his shoulders before nailing a Shell Shocked! Ryback went for the cover... and he got the win!



    After the match, Ryback begins to celebrate his victory. He repeatedly laughs at his fallen opponent, as Cole says that Wilson just couldn't handle The Big Guy. Ryback begins to shout Feed Me More in the ring as Ranallo says that Ryback continues to build up momentum as he has racked up two wins in two weeks. Graves questions what's next for Ryback, as he is looking to make a name for himself again.

    The cameras cut backstage as we see none other than Alicia Fox! She speaks to the camera and she is full of fire and excitement.

    ALICIA FOX: I've been in the WWE for over NINE years now! I have gave my all to this Womens division, and I am a veteran in this new era! Those other women in the 6 Pack Challenge Elimination match? I hate some of them.. and I respect some of them- but they're ALL gonna learn why experience matters the most because I'm walking out of Brooklyn as the Raw Womens Champion.

    Alicia speaks her words as she is clearly set on winning at Summerslam, and we head to another break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    We go backstage again as we see Nikki Bella warming up to a huge pop from the fans! Nikki looks into thecamera, and she speaks with determination.

    I thought that my career was going to end, and I didn't know if I'd be back in the ring. But I showed determination. I showed spirit. I fought while I was injured, and I rehabbed to be in better shape than ever. I am fearless because I didn't let my injury break me...

    And the competition is tough, I'm not going to deny that- but that just makes me even more motivated to work harder in the ring, and do my best to overcome these obstacles. I used to be at the top of the Womens division before.. and I want to taste that again. At Summerslam... I'm coming back for my throne.

    Nikki continues her warm up in preparation for tonight's main event as the cameras cut to the ring.

    The lights immediately go out, as the atmosphere is dark and gloomy...


    And the fans respond with loud boos as The Ascension come out with a spotlight on them. Cole says that the devastating duo are here! The Ascension make their way to the ring, as Ranallo talks about how The Ascension have been on great form in the last couple of weeks, especially with a win over Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose last week! Graves agrees, and he says that this is the real Ascension that dominated in NXT- and it looks like they've found their groove. The Ascension enter the ring... and the lights go back on. The two men look towards the stage...


    The music of The Usos hits- as the fans immediately respond with cheers. The twin brothers come out to the stage, and make their way to the ring with eyes on their opponents. Cole points out how the brothers don't have face-paint on again. Graves says that this must be a response from The Usos to their losing streak with a more serious... street side of The Usos! Ranallo says that this will be a tough test as The Usos battle The Ascension!

    Match 4: The Ascension vs. The Usos

    This tag team match has been full of excitement with back and forth action from both tag teams! The Ascension have got the most offense in tonight as expected, but The Usos got a great amount of offense in too. The Ascension have been the brawlers in this match, whereas The Usos have been more resilient with their high flying.

    Back to the action, Jey Uso & Konnor are the legal men. Jey Uso goes for a Running Forearm Splash to the face of Konnor with force but Konnor manages to see it coming- as he ducks the move! Both men turn around... and it's Konnor who strikes with a Clothesline to Jey Uso as Jey goes down! Konnor begins to scream as he tags in Viktor. Viktor enters the ring, and emerges with a vicious kick to Jey Uso's face! The two men go to double team Jey Uso...

    But Jimmy Uso hits the ring! Viktor rushes over to take care of his problem with a European Uppercut- but he misses as Jimmy Uso moves out of the way- and Viktor hits the apron. Viktor turns around... SUPERKICK FROM JIMMY USO! And Viktor goes flying out of the ring as Jimmy looks towards Konnor. Konnor & Jimmy Uso begin to stare down as Jey Uso is slowly getting back up to his feet.

    Jimmy charges at Konnor with a Clothesline but Konnor grabs hold of Jimmy's arms as Jimmy is in trouble... but Jey Uso makes the save as he pulls Jimmy off of Konnor! And the two brothers double team as they throw vicious shots to the face of Konnor before taking a few steps back... DOUBLE DROPKICK TO KONNOR! And both members of The Ascension are outside the ring- as The Usos begin to get themselves riled up with the fans cheering! The brothers get up on individual turnbuckles, as The Ascension are back up to their feet... and The Usos launch... DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE TO THE ASCENSION!! The fans cheer loudly again as both teams are down, and as time goes on- both teams are looking to get back up.

    After 2 minutes, Jey Uso manages to get up- as he picks up Viktor, and he puts Viktor in the ring. He enters the ring himself, as he gets up on the top rope again. He looks set to hit a Superfly Splash onto Viktor- but from out of nowhere, Konnor throws Jey Uso off the top rope! Jimmy Uso is back up to his feet, and he charges at Konnor but Konnor grabs hold of Jimmy- and throws him into the steel steps! Konnor rushes back to the ring- as he helps Viktor retreat as soon as he can. Viktor eventually gets up, and the two men pick Jimmy up before setting him up for their finisher... FALL OF MAN TO JEY USO!! Graves thinks that it's all over now but The Usos were so close! Viktor goes for the cover- as the referee counts... and The Ascension pick up the win!



    After the match, The Ascension stand tall in the ring as Ranallo states that the devastating duo must be the most deadly tag team in this division right now. Konnor & Viktor do their Ascension pose, before exiting the ring. On the other hand, The Usos are reeling in pain- outside the ring, as they watch The Ascension head to the back. Cole begins to question what might be on The Usos' mind right now? Graves states that they have been on a losing streak recently- and they haven't held the Tag Team title gold since February 2015. Graves wonders what it's going to take for The Usos to climb back to the top?

    Meanwhile, the cameras cut backstage as we see none other than Eva Marie! The fans erupt with LOUD boos for Eva Marie as she looks into the camera.

    I came to the WWE to make a name for myself- and when I made my Raw return... I had all the eyes on me. Every single person in that arena looked at me in awe as I showed them all what true beauty really is.

    And at Summerslam? My first ever PPV match since I was drafted to Raw- I will be competing for the vacant Raw Womens Championship. Let's just say- at Summerslam... I will prove why Raw is All Red Everything when I win the 6-Pack Elimination Challenge Match!

    Eva Marie blows a kiss to the camera as we go to another break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<
    We immediately go over to the announcers table as Cole talks about how up next- we have another sit-down interview backstage with the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship- Cesaro! Graves says that earlier on, Charly Caruso spoke to the The Miz, and we heard the champion's motives loud and clear. Ranallo says that it's time to hear from The Swiss Cyborg himself, as this rivalry has been very personal!

    The cameras cut to the sit-down interview area as we see Mike Rome.

    Ladies and gentleman, I am sitting in the sit-down interview room right now with the number one contender himself- The Swiss Cyborg... Cesaro!

    The camera zooms out to reveal Cesaro, as fans can be heard cheering. Rome speaks again.

    So Cesaro, at Summerslam- you have an important match with high stakes as you battle for the Intercontinental Championship. However, if you fail to win- this match will also be your last for the title. Now, there has been a lot of tense moments especially when The Miz said that you couldn't connect with the WWE Universe... are you looking to prove all your critics wrong on Sunday?

    You're right Mike- this match is going to be make or break for me. You see, my biggest critic here in the WWE is not The Miz, and it has always been Vince McMahon. I respect Vince and his opinions, because without him- there wouldn't be WWE today.. but at the same time? I feel like I have been proving him wrong ever since he said I couldn't connect.

    This whole idea that I don't connect is false in my eyes, because everytime I go out there- I get a reaction. When my music hits, the fans go nuts and they raise their Cesaro Section signs. When the WWE Universe sees me in the ring- I put in everything and they always go crazy. The people love to somebody get neutralized, or a superstar getting swinged in the air!

    But as for The Miz? Well he's just repeating everything Vince McMahon said about me- and he's doing it for the attention. The Miz is a bonafide attention seeker. I don't listen to criticism from people like The Miz because he talks nothing but rubbish... and I'm looking forward to proving The Miz wrong at Summerslam.

    Cesaro speaks with determination as Rome smiles. Rome asks Cesaro another question.

    MIKE ROME: Now, you have faced The Miz multiple times with the title on the line- but you have yet to defeat him to win the title. You pointed out all the short-cuts that The Miz has took, and at Summerslam- The Miz' wife Maryse won't be at ringside. Do you feel as if this is an advantage for you?

    CESARO: Definitely. I mean, the odds are stacked against the both of us right now. It's going to be a fair match at Summerslam. Maryse isn't at ringside, so she can't interfere. It's just going to be just me & The Miz for the very last time with the championship on the line... with no distractions... no interference... just pure action!

    I've lost to The Miz so many times. He has took short-cuts and I have built up so much anger from it... and I'm looking to take all my frustrations out on him! It's not about me wanting to make up for these losses... I NEED to make up for all these losses. The people don't want The Miz as Intercontinental Champion because he's not a real fighting champion. Sure, Miz has defeated many superstars like he has stated- but he has ducked more challenges than he's actually fought. And the fans don't want to see him as champion because they want someone who will fight EVERY single week.

    I've been chasing the Intercontinental Championship ever since I made my return from injury, and I know how important that title is. It has been held by legends.. and it's a known fact that this title is the opportunity to lead to better things. Look at guys like The Rock, Steve Austin & Triple H. They are three legends in the WWE.. and before they won became World Champions- they were Intercontinental Champions at some point in their career. I want to head towards that legendary path- and I KNOW that I can do it.

    Cesaro looks very calm and composed compared to The Miz who was more angry earlier- as Rome continues.

    That's fair enough Cesaro. Now last week on Monday Night Raw- you defeated Dolph Ziggler after an excellent back and forth match between the both of you. Following that match, The Miz attacked you brutally- and you landed on your shoulder multiple times in the ring, and on the steel steps. Does this affect your chances of winning at Summerslam?

    Definitely not Mike... I have wrestled in pain before, and I never let it affect my chances. But I don't care how my shoulder is.. because I'm fighting at Summerslam no matter what. This is the big opportunity that I NEEDED.. and The Miz is going to get the biggest fight of his career so he can cheap-shot all he wants... but we all know that he's too much of a coward to fight me face to face...

    The Miz attacked me because he wanted to make a statement... and he wanted to ruin my chances at winning this Sunday. He wanted to make sure that I didn't even make it to Summerslam. Well I say fool me once... shame on you. Fool me TWICE... shame on me. The only way that The Miz is going to fool me twice is if he beats me at Summerslam- but it's NOT happening.

    I'm grabbing that brass ring whether Miz likes it or not... and in the words of Mr. McMahon.. he doesn't have no chance in hell against me! The Miz might claim to be an A-Lister- but this Sunday, he's going to have to bring his A game into that ring. He doesn't have his wife to give him any help if he needs it... and he's going to have to fight me like a true man.

    Cesaro speaks with more fire in his tone.

    CESARO: I am NOT going to Brooklyn to lose.. I'm going to New York to fight my heart out- because everything is on the line. My whole reputation depends on this ONE match. The Miz is going outnumbered because I have the entire Barclays Center with me... but he doesn't have anyone. I have The Cesaro Section with me... and there will be 16,000 people rooting for me... clamoring for me to win- and I'm telling you guys right now.. I am going to DETHRONE The Miz to accomplish what I have been trying to do for the past year... and I WILL take the Intercontinental Championship home with me!

    Cesaro looks as focused as ever as Rome thanks him for his time- and we head to a break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The cameras cut to the announcers table as Ranallo talks about how we just heard from Cesaro before the break. Cole says that Cesaro is very focused right now- as is The Miz, and the two men know what's at stake. Graves moves on, and says that it's time for our next match!


    The lights go out as the fans begin to boo, as they know who's coming... and we see The Celtic Warrior in Sheamus as he comes out to the stage. Sheamus makes his way to the ring as Cole talks about how Sheamus picked up a win over Goldust last week, and he looks set to win another match.


    The music of Titus O'Neil hits as Corpus Christi responds with light cheers. O'Neil comes out- as Ranallo states that O'Neil is the CEO of Titus WORLDWIIIIIIDE! O'Neil makes his way to the ring, as Cole says O'Neil hasn't had the best of luck recruiting members for his brand. O'Neil enters the ring, but he asks for a mic to be given to him. O'Neil eventually receives a mic, as Cole questions what O'Neil is about to say? Graves says that it's no surprise- as Sheamus looks annoyed at O'Neil.

    It's lively here in Corpus Christi tonight!

    The fans erupt with cheers- whilst O'Neil turns to Sheamus.

    Now Sheamus... I know who you are. Everybody in this arena knows who you are.. you're The Celtic Warrior! A FOUR time WWE World Heavyweight Champion! There ain't no denying that you've done it all man!

    And I got a business proposition FOR YOU!!

    O'Neil laughs as Sheamus doesn't look impressed.

    Maybe you could be the luck that Titus WORLDWIIIIIIIIIIDE has needed? The four leaf clover! Sheamus... what do you say fella?! Do you...

    BUT SHEAMUS BLASTS O'NEIL WITH A BROGUE KICK!! Sheamus doesn't even let O'Neil finish his words as O'Neil lays on the canvas. The referee gets involved, as Sheamus shouts at him to ring the bell. The referee attends to O'Neil- but O'Neil wants to fight! The referee can be heard asking 'Are you sure?!' and O'Neil nods in approval as The Real Deal eventually gets up- and the bell rings!

    Match 5. Sheamus vs. Titus O'Neil

    Finish: When the match started- Sheamus knocked O'Neil down again with a Clothesline, before going for the cover- as Titus kicked out at 2! This match has been very brutal, as both men have really beaten each other up. Both brawler styles has clashed, and the fans have rooted for Titus O'Neil this entire match.

    Back to the action, the fans chant 'You Look Stupid!' at Sheamus as Sheamus is in control of O'Neil in the center of the ring. Sheamus takes a few step backs, and charges at O'Neil with a Running Knee Lift as he connects! O'Neil goes down as Sheamus picks him up again... and Sheamus is set to lift him up for a White Noise... but O'Neil uses all his strength to escape Sheamus's grasp!

    Eventually, O'Neil fights back with vicious shots to the head of Sheamus. The two men exchange blows until O'Neil BLASTS Sheamus in the face with a Big Boot. Sheamus stumbles back, but O'Neil grabs him to set him up for a Clash of the Titus... but Sheamus fights out of it- and he grabs O'Neil... IRISH CURSE TO O'NEIL!! Sheamus gets back up, as he screams at O'Neil to get up. O'Neil uses the ropes to get back up on his feet... and he turns around... BROGUE KICK FROM SHEAMUS!! Sheamus goes for the cover... and The Celtic Warrior picks up the win!



    After the match, Sheamus celebrates in the ring following his impressive victory over Titus O'Neil tonight. Ranallo talks about how Sheamus looks very, very strong- but O'Neil put up one hell of a fight here tonight. Cole agrees- and O'Neil also looks strong in defeat. Graves says that Titus did indeed up a good fight, but it just wasn't enough to beat The Celtic Warrior!

    We go backstage again, as we see Summer Rae & Alexa Bliss backstage- with boos from the crowd as Rae goes to speak.

    Me & Alexa Bliss are the most dangerous women in this division... and even though myself & Alexa Bliss are a team.. we both know full well that at Summerslam? It's every women for themselves. I will prove to the world exactly why I shouldn't have been forgotten about! The entire WWE Universe- and all the women will regret sleeping on The First Lady of WWE!

    Alexa speaks.

    ALEXA BLISS: Summer's right... we will make sure that at least one of us walks out as the inaugural champion. You see.. everybody seems to think that I am the dark horse in this match.. well we'll just have to see about that this Sunday because I'm going into that match to win. And there isn't anybody that will stop me or my best friend from taking our spot at the top...

    Because we are PRESTIGE!

    Prestige look set for Summerslam as we head to the announcers table again.

    Cole states that Summer & Alexa remain friends- but they know they're going to have to put friendship aside at Summerslam. Graves says that Prestige is a very interesting name for this tag team- and he wonders how they will fare in Brooklyn. Ranallo says that after the commercial break- we have a 6 Women Tag Team match as Prestige team up with Eva Marie to take on Alicia Fox, Nikki Bella & Sasha Banks!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    We're back from another break as it's time for our final match of the night!


    The music of Summer Rae blasts on the PA system as the fans respond with light boos for The First Lady of WWE!


    Alexa Bliss' music hits- with more fans booing for The Goddess! Bliss joins her partner on the stage, as Prestige make their way to the ring! Cole says that individually- these two are very talented, and together? They will pose a big threat to this Womens division.


    The music of All Red Everything hits as the fans EXPLODE with boos. The lights in the arena go red as a a voice over begins to play.

    From Concord, California, comes the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, contentiously charismatic, and fantastically fascinating woman to appear in this or any arena.

    Allow yourself to be seduced, enchanted, dazzled, and entranced by All Red Everything herself...


    Eva Marie comes out to the stage as the fans continue to boo. She poses for a while- before joining Prestige in the ring. Graves points out that this is Eva Marie's first match since the brand extension on Raw. Ranallo says that the pressure is clearly on.


    Alicia Fox's music hits as Foxy comes out to a light pop from the fans. Ranallo points out how Alicia Fox claimed that she is a veteran earlier tonight, in a statement that is very true as she has been in the WWE for 9 years. Cole agrees.


    Nikki Bella's music blasts on the sound speakers as Bella comes out to a pop from Corpus Christi. Bella is wearing a Fearless t-shirt along with a snapback. Bella joins Fox on the stage- and the two women hug. Graves reminds us how the two women used to team up together- as part of Team Bella.


    And a huge pop, the biggest one for all the women as Sasha Banks' music hits! And The Boss comes out, looking fly as usual with her 'Boss' gear on. Banks joins Bella & Foxy on the stage as the trio make their way to the ring for action.

    Main Event: Eva Marie & Prestige vs. Alicia Fox, Nikki Bella & Sasha Banks

    This main event has been great as all women have brought something to the table, apart from Eva Marie who has left Prestige to do all the dirty work in the match. On the other hand, the trio of faces have gotten on well- with the match getting more intense.

    Alicia Fox & Alexa Bliss are the legal women. Foxy goes for a kick to the mid-section of Bliss, as Bliss begins to bend over. Foxy runs from one side to another to strike with a Watch Yo' Face... but Foxy doesn't connect with the Scissors Kick as Bliss moves out of the way. Foxy lands on the canvas, and Bliss responds with a vicious kick to the face of Foxy!

    Bliss begins to scream at the fans, as she walks over to the turnbuckle. She gets up on the turnbuckle, as Cole says that this could be dangerous. Bliss launches with a Rounding Moonsault which she calls the Twisted Bliss... but Foxy quickly gets up and she manages to grab hold of a flying Bliss... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX TO ALEXA BLISS!! The fans explode with cheers as Foxy immediately goes for the cover. One! Two! BUT BLISS GRABS THE ROPES!

    Foxy can't believe it as she thought she won! But she wastes no time, as she begins to crawl over to her team-mates! Bliss does the same... Sasha Banks & Nikki Bella are calling to be tagged in.. and the fans begin to chant 'We Want Sasha!' as Foxy crawls over to Banks... and SASHA BANKS IS TAGGED IN! The fans go nuts as Banks enters the ring. But on the other hand, Bliss looks set to tag in Summer... but instead- she tags in Eva Marie!

    Eva Marie has no choice but to the enter the ring, as Graves says that Eva is screwed! Ranallo states that she has done nothing in this match- but it's time to put her abilities to the test against Sasha. Banks stares Eva out- and she charges at Eva with a Roundhouse Kick, but Eva dodges it. This leads to Banks running over to Prestige- and knocking them off the apron!

    Banks turns around, and Eva immediately begins to erupt with shots to the body of The Boss... before hitting Banks with a Shoulder Block! This leads to Eva taunting the fans by doing an evasive cartwheel, as fans begin to boo. Eva picks Banks up.. and she looks to go for her finisher. She puts her feet on the turnbuckles for a Shiranui (Sliced Red #2)... and she goes for it as the audience gasps...

    AND SHE HITS IT!!! The fans are going nuts with boos as Eva goes for the cover. One! Two! BUT SASHA KICKS OUT!! Eva can't believe it as Graves says that's the best thing he's seen from Eva all year, but she could have done more damage with that. Eva gets up, and she grabs Sasha by the hair. She goes to attempt her finisher for the second time...

    But Sasha fights back! The two women begin to trade shots- before Eva goes to a kick to the mid-section of Sasha... but Sasha grabs hold of Eva's feet... before throwing it and NAILING Eva with a Roundhouse Kick! Eva doesn't go down.. but Sasha has the opportunity for a rebound as she charges at Eva- who has her back to Sasha...

    And Sasha nails a Double Knee Backbreaker before transitioning into the Bank Statement! The fans begin to cheer as Eva is in the center of the ring!! Eva screams in pain, and she is doing her absolute hardest to crawl over the ropes. She crawls.. and she crawls... but Sasha tightens the pressure as Eva has no way out.. and Eva has no choice but to TAP!!



    After the match, Sasha Banks celebrates getting the win for her team as the fans cheer. Nikki Bella applauds Banks from the apron- as Banks looks towards Bella. She smiles at Bella, but the tension is visible between them as they will be opponents this Sunday. Bella enters the ring- as the referee raises hers and Banks' hand...

    PRESTIGE ATTACK FROM BEHIND! Summer Rae & Alexa Bliss erupt with a beatdown on Sasha Banks & Nikki Bella, clearly not taking the loss very well. Ranallo says that Prestige are out of control. Prestige continue to attack, and Bliss grabs Banks, and knocks her over the top rope as Banks goes flying! Bella notices this- despite brawling with Summer Rae, but Bella runs over to Bliss- and grabs her before putting her in position for a finisher... RACK ATTACK 2.0 TO BLISS! Bliss slides out of the ring... but Nikki Bella is grabbed from behind by Summer Rae! Rae spins Bella around...

    SUMMER CRUSH TO NIKKI BELLA! The fans boo as Rae nails Bella with her finishing move. Rae begins to shout at the fans, but little does she know that Alicia Fox has entered the ring! And Foxy grabs Rae before kicking her in the gut- and she runs from one side to another... WATCH YO' FACE TO SUMMER RAE! The fans begin to chant 'This is Awesome!' as Ranallo states that we have a frenzy of finishing moves here tonight- with each women looking to stand tall, and show who's the best! Alicia motions that she's winning the title at Summerslam...

    But the cameras cut to the steel steps, as we see Eva Marie- who has purposely hidden, and hasn't been involved in the brawl. She makes her move, and she enters the ring... almost stalking Foxy as Foxy doesn't notice... and she grabs Foxy by the hair before running over to the turnbuckles... SLICED RED #2 TO ALICIA FOX!!

    Eva executes the move for a second time with more damage, as she begins to laugh. All Red Everything begins to pose for the fans as they respond with LOUD boos... and that's until Sasha Banks enters the ring!! The fans cheer loudly as The Boss grabs Eva Marie- and she twists her around... BANKRUPT TO EVA MARIE!! And that's all she wrote!

    Sasha Banks stands tall in the ring- as the fans chant 'SASHA' repeatedly as she is fired up tonight! Ranallo says that this has been a fantastic main event, and there is no denying that Banks is the favorite to win at Summerslam! Cole agrees with Ranallo- as Graves says you can't count out the other women in this match, and he sees Summer Rae someone who might pull out a win in Brooklyn.

    The cameras immediately cut backstage again, as we The Usos who don't look too happy at all. The two men are angry at themselves... and at each other.

    JEY USO: Yo Uce- what the hell is goin' on between us, huh?! This ain't right man... this ain't cool at all! We used to be somethin' in this Tag Team division.. we used to run this division! And now? As much as I hate to say this... we're getting too used to losin' Uce!

    Jimmy Uso looks on, with a bitter look on his face.

    You're right man- somethin' needs to be done about this, you feel me?! We need to find that killer instinct that we need... because we ain't letting those other tag teams take OUR shots. OUR opportunities!

    Jey looks on at Jimmy in agreement... and with a cold look in his eyes.

    JEY USO:
    When Summerslam is over and done with... we gon' open up The Uso Penitentiary so we can lay WASTE to all these tag teams!! All we gotta to do is bide our time brother... and then we STRIKE!

    The Usos look set to plan something... as the two brothers look at each other deviously.

    Ranallo questions what The Usos have in their minds?! Graves moves on, and he says that we are heading to our last commercial of the night, but make sure you stay tuned- because to close the show... we are having an edition of Ambrose Asylum as Roman Reigns will be the guest! The two Shield brothers have a final confrontation before their marquee Summerslam match for the WWE Championship... this can't be missed!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The TitanTron shows another video package as we see various shots of Raw's newest talent Austin Aries posing and showing off wearing sunglasses and a suit.

    AUSTIN ARIES: I came to NXT to prove myself.

    The clip shows Austin Aries' debut in NXT, as we see William Regal introducing Aries to the fans in NXT. A picture of Aries with Triple H is also shown.

    AUSTIN ARIES: But the fact of the matter is? I never needed to prove myself.

    We see footage of Austin Aries brutally attacking No Way Jose on NXT, before the clip cuts to Aries winning championships in various promotions.

    Because I've always had the full package.

    Aries is shown hitting the Discus Fivearm on multiple superstars on NXT.

    The pool of talent on Monday Night Raw is simply good.

    The clip shows John Cena, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns.

    AUSTIN ARIES: But none of those guys are great like me...

    Aries is shown locking superstars from NXT in the Last Chancery.

    Because I'm The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

    Aries finally looks towards the camera, before taking his shades off with a confident smirk on his face...

    And I'm coming.

    A graphic of Austin Aries vs. Sami Zayn on a Summerslam card appears, before the date of the PPV event is shown.


    The cameras cut back to The Honda Center as the fans seem to be very excited for the Aries/Zayn match at Summerslam. Graves says that it's time for The Ambrose Asylum- before Cole cuts in, and he has just received word from Stephanie McMahon that The Ambrose Asylum segment has a stipulation attached to it. If either Reigns or Ambrose attack each other- they won't be in the main event of Summerslam. Ranallo says that is fair enough considering how the Orton/Lesnar contract signing ended.

    The camera cuts to the ring, as we see a whiteboard in the ring- with an Ambrose Asylum sign on it.


    Corpus Christi ERUPTS with loud cheers for the WWE Champion! Dean Ambrose comes out to the stage, wearing a black leather jacket with blue jeans as he makes his way to the ring. Ranallo says that The Lunatic is here- as Ambrose stands in the centre of the ring. The music stops, and fans begin an 'Ambrose!' chant as Ambrose speaks.


    A HUGE pop as Ambrose looks fired up, as well as the fans.

    DEAN AMBROSE: And my guest for tonight... is none other than my BROTHER who I will be going one on one with at Summerslam! He is The Big Dog... ROMAN REIGNS!!


    The fans go NUTS with a mixed reaction- with mostly boos as Roman Reigns comes out to the stage! Reigns doesn't look happy at all, as The Big Dog makes his way to the ring. He enters the ring quick, wasting no time- and Ambrose is happy to see him.

    The Big Dog is here! Ladies and gentleman, let's give it up for ROMAN REIGNS!!

    A HUGE reaction of boos from the crowd, as they simply don't like Reigns tonight. Ambrose goes to speak again but Reigns snatches the mic out of Ambrose's hand! Ambrose gets pissed off as Reigns speaks.

    It's nice to see that you're feeling excited tonight Ambrose.. but I'mma cut to the chase. You know.. last week- we faced The Ascension... and I apologized to you like a MAN for the Spear I hit you with because it wasn't intentional...

    So what the HELL were you thinking by hitting me with Dirty Deeds last week?

    Reigns gets in Ambrose's face, as Ambrose walks over to the other side to get another mic. He walks back to Reigns and the champion doesn't look impressed at all. Ambrose goes to speak- but Reigns cuts in.

    ROMAN REIGNS: It doesn't matter what people think of me- but everybody in this building knows that it was an accident! This match against The Ascension meant a lot to me just as much as it did to you... so what makes you think that I would've tried to cost us the match?

    Ambrose speaks as he begins to laugh.

    DEAN AMBROSE: To answer your question... I KNOW you wouldn't. I KNOW full well that the Spear was an accident Roman.. 'cause well I may be a lunatic- but I'm NOT stupid! I hit you with a Dirty Deeds to just even things up a little... one-up you a little! We lost the match anyway... but it's just a bit of friendly competition. So WHY are you getting so angry for? Do you need someone to wipe your tears away... or take your nappy off for you?

    The fans laugh as Reigns continues to get pissed off. Reigns speaks on the mic as Ambrose shows no fear.

    Oh, y'all thought that was funny huh? Well Dean... this ain't a joke to me! It's not a joke to you either! Because at Summerslam- we're competing for the biggest prize in the WWE. There's no friendly competition about it Dean...

    Reigns looks very serious.

    ROMAN REIGNS: This is as serious as it gets. There ain't no time for any fun and jokes. But when you hit me with Dirty Deeds? You best believe that it's going to get even more serious at Summerslam because you crossed the line! And I'm warning you Dean.. I'm gonna make you pay by winning the WWE Championship because I'm THE BIG DOG...

    And you can BELIEVE that!

    Reigns speaks with fire, but Ambrose just isn't fazed at all. As a matter of fact... Ambrose pauses before he speaks.

    DON'T! Don't you dare say that.. don't EVER use The Shield's phrases against ME. Because we all thought of that Roman.. not just you! It was me... you and even Rollins! But it doesn't surprise me Roman... not one bit at all! You always wanna make things all about yourself. And as much as I hate Seth Rollins.. and I will never forgive him for what he did to us. But the difference between you & Seth Rollins is one thing...

    At least Seth Rollins had the decency to move on from The Shield unlike you.

    It's getting very tense tonight as Reigns looks on, in confusion.

    Even I MOVED on from The Shield, Roman! We're all doing our OWN things right now.. so tell me something... why are you still living in the past for? Why can't you just MOVE ON?! Because you might see yourself as The Big Dog.. but I see you as nothing but a cheap knock-off version of The Shield!

    'Ooooooohhhhhhhh' shouts the fans as Reigns looks at Ambrose, with pure anger in his eyes. Ranallo reminds us that neither men can touch each other.

    DEAN AMBROSE: Everytime you come out- you disgrace everything The Shield stood for. But you just can't help yourself, could you? With the horrible remix of The Shield's music... and are you seriously telling me that you couldn't even be bothered to get your own ring gear? That right there... is an example of why the people DON'T like you. And that's the reason why when MY music hits.. the fans go wild because they know *bleep*'s about to go down!

    But when YOUR music hits... the WWE Universe boos because they hate your guts.

    Reigns continues to get angry, as things continue to get more tense. The fans are eating it up as they respond with cheers.

    DEAN AMBROSE: And the worst thing about it- is that you DO see it... but you can't be bothered to face it. That's why you tell everybody that you're not a good guy, you're not a bad guy... you're The Guy! And as much as you want to believe it... these people aren't having it! When you won your first WWE Championship? The fans didn't like it. When you won the Royal Rumble- the fans didn't like that either.

    Hell, they hated it so much- that you even got your own cousin THE ROCK boo'd!

    The fans cheer as Ambrose continues, but Reigns quickly cuts in.

    You better shut your mouth because you are seriously PISSING me off.

    Loud boos, but there are still some cheers for Reigns as Reigns looks into Ambrose's eyes.

    ROMAN REIGNS: First of all... don't EVER mention my family again!

    Reigns continues.

    ROMAN REIGNS: Secondly.. you might have a problem with me.. but I know exactly what all this is about... you're simply jealous of me Ambrose! You're still upset about the fact that I was drafted #1 and not you.

    Reigns gets in Ambrose's face as neither men is backing down with the exchange of words.

    You say that I haven't moved on from The Shield and yet I'm standing here as a three time WWE Champion- when you're only on your first ever reign... and that really grinds your gears, doesn't it? You trying to say that I haven't evolved is a lie because I've accomplished more than you ever have in the WWE.

    Ambrose has clearly just pissed Roman Reigns off- as the fans respond with mixed reaction.

    I'm gonna on to become a FOUR time WWE Champion and prove that I AM the face of Monday Night Raw. I'm gonna be the man that waves the flag on the flagship show... and if that means I have to destroy you at Summerslam...

    Reigns looks Ambrose cold in the eye...

    Then you better believe that I'm gonna do it.

    The fans boo as they disagree. Ambrose simply laughs in Reigns' face as Ambrose responds.

    DEAN AMBROSE: Are you kidding me? Let's rephrase that a little, shall we Roman?! Face of Monday Night Raw?

    More like the HANDPICKED face of Raw!

    Ambrose says that line with excitement as the fans seem to agree.

    DEAN AMBROSE: You are the man that has been handpicked to be not just the face of Raw.. but the WWE itself! The draft picks don't faze me anymore Roman.. because I see through it all. I see that you are the GUY that the system wants at the top. But as for me Roman... They NEVER wanted me at the top! I'm the one man that they dreaded to become the WWE Champion because I'm just too damn crazy for them!! You are the man with the good looks to be on the face of EVERY single billboard and poster to represent WWE..

    But let's not forget how you seem to have screwed yourself over multiple times with your FAILED wellness policy tests. I don't get how you STILL competed at Battleground in The Shield Triple Threat Match? But I can guarantee you that if it was me in your position.. I would have been taken off the card immediately.

    The fans continue to agree with Ambrose- as they feel he is talking the truth. Reigns just stands and listen, as he nods in disapproval.

    DEAN AMBROSE: The system still believes in you Roman. They are going to do whatever it takes to make you their GUY... but I don't give a crap about what they want. I'm putting a stop to all this because I'M THE GUY AROUND HERE!! And it doesn't matter what they think of me.. as long as the WWE Universe cheers me... everybody knows that I'M THE FACE of Monday Nights that the system just can't handle!!

    Ambrose continues to speak with fire as Reigns has a cold look on his face.

    So you can say that this is your yard all you want... but I'm not having any of it as long as I am the champion! We were once brothers in arms Roman... but at Summerslam? We're gonna be brothers at WAR. We're walking into that match as family Roman... but I can guarantee you that the moment we step into that ring? It's showtime... The Kingpin of the WWE will retain the WWE Championship by destroying his brother- and there ain't a damn thing you can do about it you son of a bitch!

    Ambrose drops the mic as The Honda Center goes absolutely nuts! But as Ambrose gets fired up, Reigns has also had enough. Reigns drops the mic- and he immediately begins to bump heads with Dean Ambrose as the two men begin to stare off. The fans then begin to get riled up for the staredown as Ambrose & Reigns look at each other in the eyes closely. Ranallo says that he's surprised they haven't ripped each other apart already- but Graves says that the rivalry has turned personal, but there is still that respect! The show goes off with Ambrose & Reigns staring each other down.
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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Been quite awhile since I had the time to read some shows- but as always, you guys still got it. Great shows- only read the last 4 shows. And you have an Ambrose that I like. In the real WWE he bores me now.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Quote Originally Posted by hanz gruber View Post
    Been quite awhile since I had the time to read some shows- but as always, you guys still got it. Great shows- only read the last 4 shows. And you have an Ambrose that I like. In the real WWE he bores me now.
    Thanks dude! Appreciate the support and your kind words.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Episode Two - 8/8/16 - Corpus Christi, Texas

    Immediately following Raw on the WWE Network- the cameras cut to the setting of Raw Talk, and we head over to Charly Caruso.

    Welcome WWE Universe to the second edition of Raw Talk as we are live on the WWE Network! Now, I am joined by none other the Hall of Famer- he is Jerry 'The King' Lawler, how are you King?!

    JERRY LAWLER: I'm doing great Charly- and it feels good to be on Raw Talk as tonight's Raw was the go-home show before the hottest party of the Summer!

    I agree, and tonight was such a big show- don't you think King? I mean, we had some great matches- and the WWE Universe had the chance to go deep into the mind's of all the superstars who are in key matches at Summerslam.

    To answer your question- it was a fantastic show! We had the contract signing between Randy Orton & Brock Lesnar which is big enough, but with the addition of Paul Heyman- it added that extra element to the confrontation, but it's a shame we still didn't hear Brock Lesnar speak!

    Well, in Paul Heyman's words- I agree when he says that Lesnar lets his actions do the talking... and the chaos after that showdown was unreal! Lesnar took out all these security guards that were much bigger than him, before Orton took advantage... as a true Viper would.

    JERRY LAWLER: With Randy Orton... I know exactly what he's like! I've had the pleasure of being in the ring with him, whether it's tagging with him or facing him. I can assure you that Orton hits hard- and having him clash with The Beast himself- it's going to make for great showing at Summerslam, I can't wait!

    CHARLY CARUSO: Neither can I! Another huge showdown we witnessed was The Ambrose Asylum- and oh my god, it has had the entire social media buzzing. The people were going insane over the comments that Ambrose & Reigns made towards each other!

    JERRY LAWLER: And that's how a rivalry between two CLOSE brothers gets personal. They're fighting for the WWE Championship at Summerslam- and that's how it has to be! You have the feel the energy that these men are going to bring to fight for the biggest prize in the WWE, it's incredible!

    CHARLY CARUSO: So moving on, I want to introduce our guest on Raw Talk tonight- and he is none other than the CEO of Titus WORLDWIIIIIIIIIIIDE- TITUS O'NEIL!

    Titus O'Neil enters the shot, as Caruso & Lawler look very pleased to see The Real Deal! O'Neil is dressed in a sharp suit as he still looks hurt from his match with Sheamus earlier on tonight and he takes a seat.

    Titus, I'd like to welcome you to Raw Talk!

    TITUS O'NEIL: Thank you Charly, and it's great to see you here as well King- it's a pleasure to be here with y'all!

    CHARLY CARUSO: Now earlier tonight, you went face to face with 'The Celtic Warrior' Sheamus- and you took him to his absolute limit! What was going through your mind after the match?

    TITUS O'NEIL: You know... it was a tough man! There ain't no denying it- Sheamus is a brutal competitor and I really did give it my all! I'm just a little bit disappointed because I gave Sheamus a real big fight but I didn't win man! And last week- I did the exact same thing to John Cena. Cena tried to ridicule Titus WORLDWIIIIIIIDE but I gave him a big fight, and we showed each other respect after the match. But I still lost, and that's something I know I need to work on- getting the wins.

    JERRY LAWLER: You might have lost those two nights.. but you've won me over Titus. You put up a great fight against those two men, and sure- you did lose, but you also stuck up for your BRAND- Titus Worldwide, and you proved you should be taken seriously.

    I wouldn't put it any other way- and I absolutely LOVE Titus Worldwide! I think that the idea of this brand is fresh and exciting.. but so far- you've approached John Cena to join your brand, but Cena refused. I assume you were about to do the same to Sheamus, before he attacked you?

    I knew I was gonna be asked that haha! I'm not gonna lie- I did have the proposition for Sheamus in mind because I want to make my brand a worldwide movement. Not JUST the US. I wanna go global- and Sheamus would've made a good addition! But as soon as he nailed me with that Brogue Kick... well, I didn't like that- and I hope the message got across during the match that I wasn't going to be a pushover.

    I too think Sheamus would've made a great choice.

    TITUS O'NEIL: But you know... it kinda sucks because I've stuck up for my brand- but at the same time.. sometimes I feel like just forgetting it because it's clearly not going nowhere. I mean, I've approached Cena & Sheamus and they just weren't interested.. so I feel like I'm wasting my time with it. I think I got the concept of it across very well, and it seems to have gotten very popular- but if there's no superstars that want to join, it's like what's the point?

    Well, in my opinion- I'll give you some honest advice. I think you're thinking too big when it comes to the superstars Titus. You're going for all these big names, but they're already successful. John Cena is a 15 time world champion. Sheamus has also won multiple world titles. They've both done well for themselves already, and they don't need anybody. You need to search for superstars that you feel actually NEED that extra boost.. I'd suggest going for the lesser known superstars.

    Ooooohhhh, I think that's a great shout King! Titus, maybe Titus Worldwide needs some fresh blood in it? The future, so to speak. You could even go over to NXT- and scout the talent over there because they're killing it over there. There are superb talent all around the world that you could even get signed to the WWE... it's a big world out there Titus!

    Titus smiles, almost as if he's had a lightbulb moment.

    TITUS O'NEIL: All I'm going to say is this... that's the BEST bit of advice I've heard all year! You're both absolutely correct. I'm done focusing on the present- and now it's time to look to the future baby! I appreciate y'all for having me on here, but I need to go- I've got business to attend to man, like you said Charly- it's a big world out there!

    Caruso & Lawler laugh as Titus gets up- and leaves the set.

    Thank you for being here Titus! Well that was pretty cool, wasn't it King? Looks like Titus Worldwide is still going be active! Looks like you sparked a fuel in Titus!

    JERRY LAWLER: I'm glad it is Charly- O'Neil shouldn't give up and lose faith in himself, and I'm glad to see he's
    got that extra motivation. I love the concept of Titus Worldwide- and it could really help elevate some young stars.

    Now, I have just received word from the General Manager of Raw Daniel Bryan as he has just stated that there will be a 12 Man Tag Team Match on the Summerslam Kick-Off show! It will be Dolph Ziggler teaming up with Titus O'Neil, Golden Truth & The Usos to take on the team of Ryback, Sheamus, Breezango & THE ASCENSION!

    Well the kick-off show is clearly not to be missed! There were a lot of superstars that didn't make it to the Summerslam card, and Daniel Bryan is doing his best of trying get these guys on the show! This match sounds crazy, and the superstars that are involved are going to make the most of this opportunity.

    CHARLY CARUSO: And that brings us to Summerslam- as we are just 6 nights away from the hottest party of the Summer! We've got a stacked card from the Raw side of things, and we bring that to you right now!

    Who's With Me by Flo Rida starts to play- as that is one of the official Summerslam theme tracks. Graphics of the Raw side of the PPV are shown...

    Pre-Show: 12 Man Tag Team Match
    Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus vs. Golden Truth, Titus O'Neil, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

    So as we stated earlier, we have the 12 Man Tag Team Match on the kick-off show, and I think that this will be a great match as we have names like Sheamus, The Usos & Dolph Ziggler! I think the team of Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus will be more dominant and get the win.

    JERRY LAWLER: Both teams are stacked with talent that are looking to prove themselves and show WHY they belong on Raw. I've gotta feeling that the team of Golden Truth, O'Neil, Ziggler & The Usos will win- and either Ziggler or The Usos will have a big part to play in the win.

    Austin Aries vs. Sami Zayn

    We have The Greatest Man That Ever Lived in Austin Aries making his debut from NXT to Monday nights at the big summer event- and he will go one on one with Sami Zayn! I've got a feeling that Zayn & Aries are going to tear the house down, and I think Sami Zayn will pick up the victory.

    Honestly.. this match could go either way- and Brookyln are going to love it, that's for sure! But my pick has to be Austin Aries. He's making his debut on such a big stage, and he HAS to deliver- and I feel he will.

    6-Pack Elimination Challenge Match for the vacant Raw Womens Championship
    Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie vs. Nikki Bella vs. Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae

    CHARLY CARUSO: Another match that I'm excited for- as the women of Monday nights get a huge opportunity! With the addition of the elimination stip, I think anything could happen! If there's anybody that that will get it done at Brooklyn, it's gotta be Sasha Banks.

    I have to agree with you Charly, there isn't a women on this division with as much momentum as The Boss does, maybe with the exception of Nikki Bella- but I think this Sunday, Sasha Banks will finally achieve her dreams to be Raw Womens Champion.

    Last Chance Match for the Intercontinental Championship
    Cesaro vs. The Miz (c)

    CHARLY CARUSO: Oh wow, the stakes are absolutely higher than ever. Everything is going to be put to the line. And as much as I love The Swiss Cyborg.. but after what I heard The Miz had to say face to face with me about this match.. I feel as if Miz is going to retain. What about you King?

    This is another match where anything can happen, and anybody could win. This will be the last time we see these two men go at it as long as the other is Intercontinental Champion. I think The Miz is going to put on the best match of his career- but he won't be able to handle Cesaro! Swiss Cyborg all the way.

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    American Alpha vs. The New Day (c)

    CHARLY CARUSO: A match featuring the present and the future- but who's time really is it! Will The New Day continue their streak with their winning ways, or will American Alpha be the ones to stand in The New Day's way? I think The New Day will win this match.

    JERRY LAWLER: I've gotta go with The New Day as well- I think American Alpha are a great tag team with a big future ahead of them, but The New Day are the present. They are running this tag team division right now, and I think that continues.

    The Franchise vs. The Phenomenal - Interpromotional Match
    John Cena (Raw) vs. AJ Styles (Smackdown)

    CHARLY CARUSO: I can't wait for this match! One of the Interpromotional matches with Smackdown vs. Raw- as we have The Phenomenal vs. The Franchise! I will always stick to Red and back the Red team- so my pick to win this match is The Franchise, John Cena!

    JERRY LAWLER: Both men have so much to prove, but in my eyes- it's AJ Styles who has the MOST to prove. Can he hang in the big leagues with The Franchise? I think he can, and I think he will. My pick is for AJ to go over Cena this Sunday!

    The Beast vs. The Viper - Interpromtional Match - 15 Years In The Making
    Brock Lesnar (Raw) vs. Randy Orton (Smackdown)

    CHARLY CARUSO: Another interpromotional match- and this time, we have The Beast vs. The Viper! This rivalry has been so bitter and personal.. and I feel both men have finally met their matches. But again, I've gotta stick to Team Red- and I truly do think that will The Beast conquer The Viper!

    I think this match is going to be so close... but I don't think I can think of a winner, honestly. The Beast has been unstoppable since he broke the streak, whereas Orton has just came back from injury- but I feel Orton will be in the best shape of his career. I don't know who will win and that makes things even more exciting for me.

    The Big Dog vs. The Kingpin: WWE Championship Match
    Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

    CHARLY CARUSO: The match that I am MOST excited for- Summerslam's Raw main event in The Big Dog vs. The Kingpin! And as Ambrose said- they were Brothers in Arms but now they're Brothers at War! This match is fulled by personal grudges and respect too... but I think Sunday will be The Big Dog's night!

    JERRY LAWLER: Man, the personal issues these two have been having the last few weeks have been intense. Their exchanges on the mic was even more intense, and I think these two are going to have a real fight at Brookyln. I think Reigns has a great shot of winning.. but I'm going with the The Kingpin to win!

    CHARLY CARUSO: And there you have it... the Raw side of things from the Summerslam card, and that's all we got time for. I want to say- thank you to everybody who has tuned in from the WWE Network, tonight has been a great Raw and I've had a great time with King, thank you to Titus O'Neil who agreed to be the guest tonight, and that's it from us! We are 6 nights away from Summerslam, so make sure you're there guys. Good night everybody!

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    Re: Deco & Skeng Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Smackdown Live, Episode Five (New Era) - 16/08/16 - Frank Erwin Center
    Austin, Texas

    Smackdown is moments away from going live but beforehand a video package plays showcasing the Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton situation on Raw. It highlights the crowd hype around the face-off and excitement for the contract signing as Stephanie Mcmahon and Daniel Bryan host the occasion. It then highlights the arrival of Brock with Heyman and Orton arriving in the ring before the heated promo exchange between Orton and Heyman. The video package then ends with the contract having been signed by both men before all hell breaks loose and the situation turns crazy!

    Brock snaps and attacks the security with suplex's before dropping the biggest of them with an F5 as the crowd pop. The footage then skips with various voice overs of announcers shouting "RKO!" as it then shows Orton landing the RKO out of nowhere on the Beast- Brock Lesnar! It finishes with Orton standing tall on the stage with him shouting "it only takes one!" in reference to the RKO as Brock and Heyman watches on. The footage ends with the crowd going crazy in anticipation before the video package ends and Smackdown is Live!

    Good ole' "JR" Jim Ross welcome's the fans to another episode of Smackdown Live from the Frank Erwin Center
    Austin, Texas! He introduces his broadcast partners- Booker T and "JBL" John Bradshaw Layfield. Jim Ross then announces we are firmly on the road to the hottest party of the summer, SummerSlam! Ross announces that this is the final stop, the go-home show and it's sure to be a good one! The commentary team hype tonight's show and the Battle Royal Main Event before speculating who will be the fifth man to join Apollo Crews, Finn Balor, Neville and Seth Rollins in the World Heavyweight Championship match?! Jim Ross then turns the attention to ringside where the stage is set and the ring is ready for the contract signing of AJ Styles and John Cena for their grudge match at SummerSlam.


    The Texan crowd pop's for the returning Smackdown Commissioner as he shuffles out from gorilla and around the stage as he beats his chest in appreciation for the support. Shane then walks down the ramp, shaking hands with some of the crowd before grabbing a microphone and entering the ring.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Yo! What's up, Austin?!

    Crowd pop as Shane smiles and continues on speaking.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Thank you Austin for the warm welcome, I appreciate it. Firstly I'd like to address the situation that went down on Monday Night Raw! Wow, that was intense!

    Cheers from the fans for the mention of Raw and the excitement for Orton and Brock at SummerSlam.

    SHANE MCAHON: Now, I'm not one to gloat but I do take pleasure in seeing my sister, the evil witch of the WWE, Stephanie Mcmahon loose control of a situation that she desperately wants to control and mother. Bringing out her security.. Three of the biggest and baddest she described them as and don't get me wrong- I'm sure they're tough dudes! But.. This is the WWE and you're in the ring with a Viper and a Beast.. What could possibly go wrong.. Right? Chaos! Those security members earned their money and Brock Lesnar exploded with suplex's and F5's and it was awesome.. I loved it. You had Stephanie Mcmahon and Daniel Bryan fleeing the ring in a panic knowing they had lost control of the situation! You had Brock Lesnar doing his thing as Heyman watched on proudly! Then... The Viper! 15 YEARS IN THE MAKING AND IT WAS AN RKO THAT SENT SHOCK WAVES AROUND THE RAW LOCKER ROOM! Randy Orton with an RKO OUTTA NOWHERE AND HE DROPPED THE BEAST! Did we get a preview of what's going to happen come SummerSlam? Will Randy Orton slay the Beast or will the Beast come back with a vengeance and take Orton to Suplex City?! Austin, Texas what do we think? Who's going to win.. Brock or Orton?

    The crowd are pumped and there appears to be a 50/50 split with cheers for both Orton and Brock.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Now, we are live and tonight is the go-home show for the blue brand and we are going to do it in style! In tonight's Main Event we will see a Battle Royal to determine the fifth entrant into the World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam! Apollo Crews! Neville! Seth Rollins! And last but certainly not least.. Finn Balor! You four men have earned the right to compete and follow in the footsteps of legends like Ric Flair! Hulk Hogan! Triple H and the Rock! And become the next World Heavyweight Champion! Tonight we find out who will join them! As for the match at the PPv, SummerSlam. It will be a chance for the victorious to take the next step in their careers, to climb the ladder of stardom and to reach that brass ring that the old man cares about so much! And as of now, they're going to need to climb that ladder literally because it's now going to be a World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match!

    Crowd pop and begin chants of "YES!" repeatedly.

    SHANE MCMAHON: I'm glad you all approve and we just took the match to another level. No false finishes, no roll up victories. If you want to become champion, you're going to need to do it the hard way, the right way, by fighting, clawing and scratching your way up to the top of the ladder, standing above all below you and grabbing the World title to become Champion! Good luck. SummerSlam might be a joint production but I want to make sure that the blue brand shines brightest and I know my guys will because we are hungry to succeed and motivated to perform and steal the show! Speaking of stealing the show, that leads me nicely on to two guys that might very well do it and have done so before! I'm talking about two names that have paid their dues, earned their stripe's, multi-time champions and are international stars! It's time for the contract signing for the grudge match between the Franchise! John Cena! And the Phenomenal! AJ Styles! Now I know this is the WWE and I know that the simplest of contract signings only ever end up one way, but there's no security and I'll treat you both like men and together like men, the three of us are going to get this signed and we are going to get this done! So introducing first and making his return to Smackdown Live! He is the fifteenth time World Champion! The Franchise! John Cena!


    Cena's theme blares from the Smackdown speakers and it's greeted with a pop and screams from the majority of the crowd before the vocal minority sound the boo's that get's Cena smiling at the top of the stage. John takes a moment to take in the crowd reaction before running down the ramp and sliding underneath the ring ropes before taunting for the crowd and then shaking the hand of Shane Mcmahon and awaiting his opponent.

    SHANE MCMAHON: And his opponent! He is the Phenomenal One! The self proclaimed face that runs the place! He is.. AJ Styles!


    Mixed response from the crowd as the sound of the Bullet Club's theme plays and AJ steps out onto the stage. The boo's then go up a notch when Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows walk out and take their place alongside the leader of the club as all three men make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. AJ and John Cena begin to walk to each other and are about to face off when Shane steps in and ask's both men for calm and says that we are going to do this correctly and get it done. John Cena and AJ then receive microphone's from Jojo at ringside before the contract signing is underway!

    JOHN CENA: Firstly Shane, thanks for the welcome back to Smackdown and it's good to be here! Boo'd or cheered, these fans know that I made my career right here on Smackdown and though I am now a member of Monday Night Raw! I will always have love and respect for Smackdown! Now, it's time to get down to business and for the reason that we are stood in this ring right now. AJ Styles vs John Cena! The Phenomenal One vs the Franchise- John Cena! It's a grudge match for the ages and SummerSlam might be the hottest party of the summer but I have no doubt that me and AJ are going to bring the heat and steal the show at SummerSlam! But.. that's where the pleasantries end because once again AJ Styles show's that without his club- He can't do nothing because Shane Mcmahon announced that we were going to do this right.. Man to man.. Yet, you come out here with Gallows and Anderson? Oh what a shock! AJ, if you can't do a contract signing without them, then jack, there's no chance of you beating me at SummerSlam without them! How about you grow a pair AJ and we do this one on one, face to face, man to man. Or does the Phenomenal one not have the stones?!

    The crowd "ohh" at Cena's words as AJ just rolls his eyes and looks away before replying.

    AJ STYLES: CUT THE CRAP CENA!! Stop pandering to the crowd like you always do! No one likes you! You don't think I can do this on my own? I'll do this on my own and I'll beat you this Sunday on my own because I am better on my worst day then you will ever be Cena!

    AJ turns to Anderson & Gallows and ask's them to leave, mouthing he's got this. Gallows & Anderson look surprised and ask if AJ is sure? AJ nods his head before all three throw up the "2-Sweet" before Anderson & Gallows leave. AJ then turns to John Cena and attempts to reply but John Cena speaks over him.

    JOHN CENA: WOW! Austin, Texas, you better rub your eyes and pinch yourself because it actually happened! AJ Styles has finally grown a pair of balls! Congratulations, AJ. Well done! Now, you should cut your soccer mom hair cut if you really want to loose the bitch image, chump.

    The crowd pop at Cena's words as Cena begins to laugh while Shane Mcmahon again stresses the need for calm, knowing that AJ is furious.

    AJ STYLES: Johnny boy, you're full of jokes today ain't you? You wanna' know a joke Cena? I'll tell you a joke. YOU! You're the joke, Cena! Your career is a joke! Your wrestling ability is a joke! Your desire to come out each and every week talking about hustle, loyalty and respect.. You talk about how much this business means to you and yet at every chance you get.. you're flying off hosting some kids awards, taking some B rated movie role or doing a guest appearance for some stupid TV program!

    While I'm here, doing my thing and doing it better then you ever have! The reality is Cena, you've become everything you despised, you've become a Dwayne Johnson wannabe, Cena. Since you like reality so much.. I'll give you some more. Had both of us started our journey's here in the WWE- there would be no John Cena because I'm twice as good as you at everything I do and unlike you, I've never changed Cena. I've been the best since day one. I've had the same hustle, loyalty and respect since day one! There's no movie role, no tv program and no damn kid's award that can take me out of this ring because this ring needs me! This business needs me! As for you Cena, you're done! I'll prove that at SummerSlam when I beat you once again and show the whole world what everyone knows already- I am the face that runs the place! I'm the Phenomenal.. A! J! Styles!

    AJ says every word with venom in his voice as Shane watches on- expecting chaos to erupt. Cena nods his head- almost like he knows AJ is bringing it and says "you want to do this? Okay, lets do this" before raising the microphone to his mouth and replying.

    JOHN CENA: Listen up AJ, there's a reason why those outside opportunities come to me and not you and it's got nothing to do with ability. Your ability is unquestionable, AJ. You're a massive talent but I work harder then everyone else and harder then anyone as ever have! I don't have the ability that you do, that you were born with but I'll work harder then you.. I'll hustle more then you, I've shown loyalty to this company and business and I'm still here! I carry the respect of everyone and I show everyone respect. My morale's don't change AJ but my ambition does and I never stop! I love this business and I'll never quit it unlike you.

    WWE is my team.. who's yours AJ? Who ever bids the highest? Who ever massages your ego best? You talk about being the face that runs the place but the reality is- You've been here a coffee break AJ and I wouldn't be surprised to see the next time the going get's tough- you pack your bags and fly of to Japan with your buddies. So WWE Universe, I wouldn't get used to seeing AJ around here for long. I mean.. I remember an AJ that was the face of another place and what happened there? The going got tough and the AJ got going! That's not me AJ, good or bad, I'm here every time the WWE needs me and right now they need me at SummerSlam where I'm going to slap some respect out of your mouth and humble you! You know what though AJ, your here, I'm here. Shane.. get yourself a Referee shirt and we can do this right here, right now!

    Cena rips off his shirt and throws it out towards the crowd before throwing up his hands and saying let's go to AJ Styles who takes of his jacket and Bullet Club shirt and too throws it out to the crowd as both are about to go face to face as Shane leaps in the middle of them and calls for calm as the crowd are shouting "let them fight!" in excitement.

    AJ STYLES: You wanna' go right now Johnny Boy?! I can do this all day, let's go, right now! Come on!

    Cena jumps up and down with a smile on his face as AJ throws his microphone out of the ring before flipping the table that the contract was placed on and begins to charge over to Cena. Shane though is there again and the crowd boo as Shane get's up in the face of Styles and pushes him back. Shane warns him that this can't happen now and will go down at the PPv but AJ pushes Shane who immediately pushes back and ask's him to watch himself and think about this actions. AJ then shoves Shane down as the crowd pop in surprise and when he does, there's loud boo's as Gallows and Anderson run down the ramp and surround the ring as Cena stops smiling and knows things are about to go down.

    Soon it's a 3 on 1 mugging as the Bullet Club began to attack Cena like a pack of dogs as Jim Ross berates their actions and again says that AJ can't and won't face Cena one on one. The club beat down on Cena who valiantly begins to fight back and tease a comeback but the numbers are too much. AJ then stops to sign the contract before shoving it in Cena's face and telling him it's on! Soon the crowd make some noise again and this time it's cheers as Enzo Amore comes sprinting down the ramp with a steel chair in hand and begins swinging for the fences as the Bullet Club try to flee the ring. Cena and Amore are standing tall as the crowd are cheering for both while the Bullet Club regroup and tease another attack. John Cena then picks up the contract and signs it before holding it up for all to see, the match is on! Shane though is back up and grabs the microphone and says..


    Shane O' then announces that the contract is signed by both men and it's official- at SummerSlam it will be AJ Styles vs John Cena in their highly anticipated grudge match! He then concedes that he can see that this situation can't wait till the PPv and that it's boiling over already. He announces that since Anderson, Gallows and Enzo Amore are out here- here's what we are gonna' do. It will be Gallows and Anderson teaming up to face Enzo Amore and John Cena and that match is going to take place next!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera returns from the break and Jim Ross welcomes us back to ringside where the first match of the evening is about to take place. The ring has been cleared, a Referee has entered the ring and Club members Anderson & Gallows are on one side of the ring while the team of Enzo & Cena are on the other. Ross reminds us that there is no Big Cass tonight after suffering minor injuries last week from the post-match attack of the Bullet Club. He then announces that AJ Styles has joined us at the commentary table.

    Match One: Bullet Club (Anderson & Gallows) vs John Cena & Enzo Amore.
    Finish: The match started very one sided with Enzo starting the match and the Club using there size and tag team experience to keep control of the outcome. They segregated Enzo from his corner and often beat him down on there own side of the ring- doing everything in their power to constantly stop the hot tag to John Cena. AJ would be on commentary and would play up how good his brothers are, reminding everyone of their New Japan Pro Wrestling achievements. Enzo would finally break free, fighting back Anderson and then sliding through his legs to tag in the Franchise! John Cena! Cena came in like a man possessed from the tag knocking down Anderson and the incoming Gallows with hard shots and clothesline's. Cena would duck a clothesline from the big man- Gallows before lifting him up and bringing him back down to the canvas before leveling him with the five knuckle shuffle as the crowd gave a mixed response. At this point, AJ would be critiquing every move and trying to convince everyone that Cena can't wrestle and will be no match for him come Sunday.

    Anderson would stumble back up before being lifted up by Cena and being brought back down with the Attitude Adjustment! John would then help back up a fatigued Enzo before playing the part of Big Cass and combining with the Air Enzo as Cena launched Amore out of the ring with a cross-body plancha knocking down Luke Gallows on the outside. John Cena then pointed towards AJ and the commentary table and locked in the STF on Anderson and after a few moments Anderson would tap out in the ring- ending the match.



    Enzo and Cena would celebrate in the ring as they were announced as the winners as the crowd were mixed due to the love/hate relationship with Cena. The noise then turned to cheers as Enzo started shuffling around the ring with excitement while AJ could be heard saying he's had enough and removing his headset on commentary. Styles would then attempt to enter the ring and blindside Cena but Enzo would alert him and Cena would duck a forearm before catching him and lifting him up in position for the AA! Booker would scream that AJ is about to get his Attitude Adjusted but before anything could happen- Karl Anderson would slide back in the ring and would drag AJ by his boot, freeing him and allowing him to escape. We see one last shot of the Bullet Club retreating while Cena shows with his hand that he was this close to getting AJ and that come Sunday he's going to walk out victorious. Cena and Enzo then embrace as the Bullet Club turn away to leave as the camera heads backstage to Charlotte Flair's locker room.

    Charlotte is pacing back and forth with her Women's Championship around her waist in the locker room, frustration etched across her face as Dana Brooke is repeatedly saying sorry and asking for forgiveness as she attempts to stop Charlotte pacing back and forth. Charlotte feels the arm of Dana holding her back and stops before raising her hand to Dana's face, stopping her from speaking anymore.

    CHARLOTTE FLAIR: Stop! YOUR queen and YOUR Women's Champion has heard enough of your excuses and apologies! Dana, don't you know how lucky, how fortunate you are to be allowed to be in my presence? To roam alongside YOUR queen and YOUR Women's Champion and yet you embarrassed me and brought shame to my Queendom last week when you tapped out to Natalya's Sharpshooter last week. Dana, you're lucky that I am forgiving and understandable! You're lucky that I am this nice because you should be exiled for your actions! I'm going to give you another chance, Dana Brooke. The truth is.. YOUR queen likes having you around and somebody needs to carry the bags! Dana, I need you to watch and learn because YOUR queen is going to send a message to Natalya by beating Becky Lynch tonight! Now though.. I want you to clean this Championship for me and get a nice shine while I ready and prepare for my match.. Have you got that, Dana?

    Charlotte holds out her Women's Championship as Dana clutches it happily and begins to shine it up, seemingly happy to follow Charlotte's instructions and to be given another chance. The camera headed back to ringside where a local talent was in the ring- stretching and warming up. Jim Ross would then talk about Charlotte and how she's on a power trip and is treating Dana Brooke like a peasant. "JBL" says that Charlotte is the most gifted women on the roster and perhaps the most gifted athlete in the world today! Layfield says that Dana should be thanking Charlotte and kissing the feet of the Champion for allowing her to walk alongside and learn from OUR queen and Women's Champion! Booker says that Charlotte is no queen and that her actions are questionable to say the least and she's going to have her hands full with the Lass-Kicker, Becky Lynch! "JR" then announces that the man in the ring is a local wrestler from here in Austin, Texas! He announces that he's going one on one with the United States Champion! Rusev!

    Match Two: Rusev W/ Lana vs Mark Roberts (Local talent)
    Finish: The bell sounds and Rusev immediately runs through Roberts like a train- knocking him down! Rusev then begins to stomp down on Mark Roberts before dragging him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle corner before launching at him with shoulder strikes to the stomach. Rusev then takes a couple of steps back before running at Roberts with a leaping Stinger like splash! Roberts falls to the ground like jelly, splattered across the canvas as "JR" calls for mercy from Rusev. The Bulgarian Brute then poses with a smile on his face before Lana leaps up onto the ring apron and calls for Rusev to CRUSH!! Rusev then allows Roberts to stand up before smashing him into the face with a jumping super-kick before locking in the accolade as Mark Roberts would fade and the Referee official would call for the ring bell to end the match.



    The crowd would boo heavily as the Referee raised Rusev's hand in victory! Lana would enter the ring, clapping and praising her Husbands victory before receiving his US Championship and a microphone from a ringside worker as Lana would place the US Championship across Rusev's shoulder before speaking. Lana speaks and congratulates her Husband, the United States Champion and the only man for her- the Bulgarian Brute- Ruuuseevvvv on his victory! Lana says that just like all the men in the crowd tonight- Ryder a couple of weeks ago could not keep her eyes off the Ravishing Russian and he paid the price!

    The Titantron then goes live and shows the backstage segment from a previous Smackdown.

    We see a delighted Zack Ryder fist pumping with a smile on his face and nodding his head with excitement- clearly delighted with his win against Jericho earlier as he walks down the hall way. He fist bumps and high fives a couple of backstage workers before stopping and looking towards his right with intrigue. The camera pans across to show the Ravishing Russian, Lana. Wearing a very short dress and a seductive smile across her face, she begins to giggle and motions for Ryder to come over with a wag of her finger. Ryder hesitates before looking over his shoulder and going across, asking what Lana wants? Lana just smiles again as Ryder is blasted from behind by the Bulgarian Brute with the US Title across his head- knocking him down and out. Lana then shouts for Rusev to crush and the United States Champion does so- dragging up Ryder and launching him back first into the hall way concrete wall before following up with a jumping super kick to the face of Ryder- knocking him down for a second time. Rusev then latches in the accolade after stamping on Ryder's back and Lana watches on as Ryder is out cold. Various Referee's and officials then rip Rusev off Ryder as Shane Mcmahon comes running into the picture- asking what the hell is going on?! Rusev at this point had already flee'd the scene of the crime with his Wife, Lana. The shot then fades to a break.
    The crowd are booing as the Tron finishes and the live camera returns back to the ring as Lana continues speaking. She says that Zack Ryder is just like all you Americans.. STUPID! Lana continues on and says that Ryder should have learned by now that he will never beat the Bulgarian Brute, the United States Champion! Ruuuseeevvv! Lana then smiles as again the crowd boo before passing the microphone to Rusev and he begins to speak. Rusev says that Ryder is a loser and will lose every time he comes face to face with him because he's the superior athlete and the greatest United States Champion of all time!


    The Texas crowd cheers as Ryder steps out from the stage and begins to make his way down the ramp. He stops just before the ring, receives a microphone and replies to Lana and Rusev. Ryder says that he's not a loser because losers run away like cowards, just like Rusev did last week when he showed up to confront him after his match with Randy Orton! Ryder says that he's never ever give up and he never will. Ryder says that he loves this business, he loves the WWE Universe and off course, he loves America! He says until there's a United States Champion that we can be proud off.. He's going to keep turning up and annoying Rusev because he's no more then a bully and he's not scared of him! Not to mention he's the worst United States Champion there's ever been in this company!

    The crowd would cheer on Ryder's every word as Rusev would be furiously animated in the ring as his wife- Lana tried to calm him down. Ryder would continue on and would finish by saying he wants to face Rusev at SummerSlam and challenge him to a match for the United States Championship! The crowd are chanting "YES!" but Lana is shaking her head and wagging her finger to say no. However, Rusev has heard enough and says that he's sick at the sight of Ryder and his stupid catchphrases! He says that he would love the chance to crush Ryder for good this time and promises him that at SummerSlam, it will be Ryder's ever last match! He accepts the challenge and the match is made!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera returns from the break as we are welcomed back by the commentary team and the theme of the Lass-Kicker Becky Lynch plays as she's already in the ring. "JR" reminds us that Becky is set to go one on one with the Women's Champion- Charlotte Flair and if she can pick up the win tonight- she would put herself in real contention to challenge for the Championship in the future!


    The crowd boo for the "Queen" as she struts out from behind the curtain with a smile on her face and her Women's Championship shining seemingly better then ever. Dana Brooke once more at her side, clapping Charlotte's every step and berating the booing crowd. Charlotte takes her time and soaks in the atmosphere, almost blanking the crowd completely before entering the ring and the match is on.

    Match Three: Charlotte Flair W/ Dana Brooke vs Becky Lynch
    Finish: The match bell sounded and Charlotte went on the attack, catching Becky off-guard with a shoulder block to the back of Lynch's knee taking her down. Charlotte would then show her ruthless streak through out the match, taking a page out of her fathers play book and she was looked on to the same knee all match. At every change she would home in on the now injured knee, kicks and stomps. Charlotte at one point would even wrap Becky's leg's around the ring post and would lock in the figure-four as the crowd would boo while Charlotte used up every second of the Referee's legal count she could.

    Becky though wouldn't give up and show great heart to fight back. At one point Charlotte would be in trouble after Becky would side step a big boot and would hit the Bex-Ploder to Charlotte into the turnbuckle that garnered a cheer from the crowd. Becky would cover only for Dana Brooke to show her worth and place Charlotte's foot on the ropes with the Referee breaking up the count. Becky would be furious and would chase Dana around ringside but would fall into a trap as Charlotte would leap of the ring apron with a body splash to take Becky down. Charlotte would then really show her malicious side as she would sling Becky into the steel steps, knee first and is the sound of the collision echoed around ringside and Becky screamed in agony. The Referee would almost stop the match as Charlotte and Dana were already celebrating only for Becky to wow the crowd as she would stand up and demand the Referee to continue the match. Charlotte would then argue with the Referee and tell him he should have ended the match- perhaps worried that Becky will not give up.

    The match continued on and Becky battled with everything she had- coming close one more time. Charlotte had Becky on her shoulders only for Becky to escape and roll up Charlotte for a near three count but as Charlotte kicked out- Becky would slide out and would lock in the DIS-ARM-HER! The crowd would pop as Charlotte had no way of escape and was in the middle of the ring. Dana again to the rescue! She would leap on the apron and try to enter the match as the Referee would get up and stop her. In the ring- Charlotte would tap but the Referee couldn't see it and the Texas crowd were furious! Becky would release the hold and would forearm smash Brooke of the canvas with venom and anger. As she turned back around though- Charlotte would nail Becky with a big boot and would follow it up..

    NATURAL SELECTION!! Shouted "JBL" as he says it's over! Charlotte then covers and "JBL" would be correct as the Women's Champion and Queen would pick up the victory! One! Two! Three! Booker would be quick to point out that Becky made the Champion tap out and had it not been for Dana Brooke, this match would have been over with Becky Lynch being victorious.



    The match was over but their was no celebration from the Queen and just like she said earlier in the show, she wanted to said a message to Natalya and did. She would lock in the Figure-Eight and Becky would scream and yell in agony as Dana Brooke stopped the Referee from break it up. Becky would being tapping but Charlotte had no intention of releasing the hold.


    The crowd popped as the Queen of Hart's came running down the ramp and entered the ring. Charlotte had already released the hold and would flee with her Championship in hand before Nattie could even get close but Dana Brooke would eat a spinning discuss forearm from Natalya before she would roll out of the ring. Natalya would go to Becky and would call down for help from the back as Chalotte looked pleased and would mouth that Natalya will get the same treatment at SummerSlam!

    The live shot would then leave ringside and pre-taped clips of Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and Bullet Club members- Anderson & Gallows are shown talking about the Battle Royal tonight and their plans to win the match and head to SummerSlam to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship! Del Rio says that SummerSlam without Mexico's greatest import is worthless and he's going to win the match.. Si! Si! Si! Swagger is up next and says that the All American is going to eliminate everyone else and become the next World Champion because.. WE.. The People! Henry is up next and says that tonight the Texas boy is going to win the Battle Royal and throw everyone else over the top rope! BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I DO! Lastly it's the turn of the Club and both Gallows and Anderson say that the good brothers are going to enter the Battle Royal and eliminate those.. NERDS! Anderson and Gallows suggest that one of them is going to bring the World Heavyweight Championship home to the Bullet Club and when they do.. It will be.. 2-SWWEEEEEETTTT! The vignette then ends and the live camera returns to Smackdown at ringside where the fourth match of the night is about to begin!
    Match Four: Shining Stars vs The Dudley Boyz.
    Finish: Bell to bell this has been a good contest with both teams shining and putting on a good tag team match for the WWE Universe. The match clock ticks around the 5 to 6 minute mark with Epico & Primo teaming after a tag and dropping Dvon with double dropkicks before running at Bubba and knocking him off the ring apron with double forearm smashes as Bubba Ray fell to the hard floor on the outside. Primo the legal man would take to the top turnbuckle and would look to sore before landing with a swanton bomb in the middle of the ring. Dvon would move and Primo would land back first on the canvas. Dvon would then use the ropes to stand back up before Epico would leap over the ropes and would look to clothesline Dvon before Dvon would strike first with a kick to the stomach before landing with a spine buster on Epico and sending him rolling out of the ring. Dvon would then scoop up Primo before slamming him back down with a scoop power slam! Dvon would then tag in Bubba Ray before Dvon would climb the turnbuckle. "JR" says that what goes up, must come down! Bubba would hold Primo's legs back and in the air as Dvon would leap of the turnbuckle and lands with a headbutt to the crotch area as the crowd shouted along... WAAASSSSSSSUUPPPPPP?! Bubba would then turn to deal with a re-entering Epico and would drop him with a Bubba Bomb before tagging back in Dvon and then swinging Primo into the ropes where Dvon would lift him up and right on queue..

    ..3-D! DUDLEY DEATH DROP! Shouted Jim Ross as Dvon Dudley would scramble and hook the leg of Primo before covering and picking up the win! One! Two! Three!



    The crowd celebrate as the Dudley Boyz have their hands raised in victory. The Shining Stars quickly exit the ring as Ross says that both team's put on a good display! Bubba and Dvon then ask's for microphones and receive them before speaking.

    BUBBA RAY: Shining Stars, you're lucky that me and my Brother, Dvon. We've got bigger plans then you two otherwise ya'll would have been picking splinters out of your ass because you would have gone through tables!

    DVON: Our attention is on one team! The Revival! Dash, Dawson, come out.. come out, where ever you are!

    BUBBA RAY: Revival, you were personally invited by the Dudley Boyz to be here tonight and it's time to put up or shut up! You claim that you are the best tag team in the world today. You claim that you are going to revive tag team wrestling. You claim that you can beat us? Well let's see boys, let's go!

    The Dudley Boyz are hot and the crowd are cheering them on. Attention turns to the stage as they await the debut of the Revival but the commentary team quickly identify that neither of them have seen the Revival backstage today and they don't believe that they are here tonight! "JBL" then says no way, that can't be? The camera then turns to the stage...


    Jim Ross shouts what the hell is he doing here? That's Jim Cornette! "JBL" says he loves "Corny" but he has no idea what Jim Cornette is doing here tonight! Booker says that he has a feeling that something is about to go down!

    Cornette stands with a smile on his face and his traditional Tennis racket in his hand and a microphone in the other as he's about to speak. The crowd are confused as to who's on the stage aside from a few hardcore fans who are shocked and begin to chant the name of Cornette. "JR" says that many of our fans might not be aware of this man but he's associated and aligned himself with some of the best wrestlers and legendary names in this business! People like Owen Hart, Yokozuna, Vader, the Rock N' Roll and the Midnight Express! Booker then says but what's he doing here, Ross? "JBL" then shushes Booker and says that "Corny" is about to speak!

    JIM CORNETTE: Surprise! I bet you didn't expect to see my face tonight did ya?! I'm back in the WWE to save you all.. I am sick to death of seeing wrestling die! You got these two! Dvon and Bubba Ray Dudley! People like these guys are the reasons why wrestling has become a joke and why fans are turning away and want nothing to do with wrestling anymore! Real wrestling fans like me, not sheep like all of you that have embraced bingo hall nobodies like Dvon and Bubba Ray that have allowed them to forge and steal a career in this business with little to no wrestling ability!

    The crowd are booing heavily while the Dudley Boyz are pissed in the ring.

    JIM CORNETTE: Real wrestling is on life support! However, there is hope! There is one team that has showed me that real wrestling still exists. No need for tables, chairs or ladders. No flips.. Just fists! It's time for a wrestling... REVIVAL!

    The Dudley Boyz have heard enough and are about to exit the ring and confront Jim Cornette when there's a small pop from the crowd and it's Dash & Dawson, the Revival jumping over the barricade and sliding into the ring and attacking the Dudley Boyz with a blindside attack. Dash & Dawson beat down on the Dudley Boyz as Jim Cornette encourages them from at the top of the stage. Dawson places Bubba in position for a German suplex as Dash Wilder nails Bubba with a European Uppercut combination to devastating effect. The Revival then turn their attention to Dvon and lift him up before bringing him down with the.. SHATTER MACHINE!!

    "JBL" Shouts that Cornette is leading Dash and Dawson in a wrestling Revival and it's awesome! "JR" says that real wrestling would have been the Revival coming down and facing the Dudleys face to face, not attacking them when their back is turned. Booker says that either way, Cornette and the Revival have made their mark tonight but that he has no doubt that the Dudley Boyz will respond in due time. Ross then says that speaking of revenge, we are going to go live with Tom Phillips who's guest at this time might have revenge on his mind as he's joined by the Demon King- Finn Balor!

    Tom Phillips thanks the commentary team and announces his guest as the man who will be one of five men heading to SummerSlam to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship! He is the Demon King! The Real Rock N' Rolla! Finn Balor! Finn Balor thanks Tom Phillips for the introduction as the crowd pop at the sight of Finn Balor appearing on the Titantron. Tom Phillips ask's Balor for his thoughts on last week's Main Event match and Seth Rollins backstabbing him and costing their team the match?

    Balor cuts a frustrated figure and says that he does not know why he's surprised because Seth has proven to be nothing but a snake his whole career and yet he expected more from him last week- he thought that Seth would have some honor and class to finish the match and have some desire to win but Rollins cares for nothing but Seth Rollins! Balor says that's now in the past and he's only focusing on the now and the future and he can't wait to perform at SummerSlam and become the NEW.. World Heavyweight Champion! Balor says as for tonight- he's got a preview match with Neville and that both are going to tear the house down and give the fans a show. Tom thanks Balor for his time and thoughts as the show goes to a commercial break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera returns from the break and goes backstage where an animated Shane and Eric are speaking about last week's show and the situation with Brock and how it happened, we should have been more prepared says Shane Mcmahon and Eric agree's but states he did his best but the Beast was on a war path of destruction! Shane then goes to speak on further but the GM door swings open and in walk a pissed off looking Dvon and Bubba Ray Dudley. Bubba says that him and his brother- Dvon are pissed and want the Revival tonight! Make it happen Shane or we are going to do this outside of the ring and it won't be pretty. Shane ask's the Dudley's to calm down and says that quite frankly, he's annoyed too! He's getting frustrated by wrestlers on his roster doing what ever they want at the moment and that's not going to fly anymore!

    Eric makes a suggestion and says that the tag division have two feuds bubbling right now and he see's this as a good chance to showcase the division! Eric says how about at SummerSlam- Enzo & Cass with the Dudley Boyz vs the Club and the Revival! Shane says he likes it and as long as the Dudley Boyz don't do nothing tonight and wait till Sunday, he will make it official. The Dudley's nod their head and agree before walking out of the office.

    The camera returns to ringside and over to the commentary table where Jim Ross confirms the breaking news that at SummerSlam it will be Enzo & Cass, teaming with the Dudley Boyz to face Gallows & Anderson and Revival who are seemingly being led by Jim Cornette! "JBL" says it's going to be a slobber-knocker as he mocked "JR's" voice while Booker T said he's excited for that.. but he's even more excited for the next match of the evening and it's coming up now- Neville vs Finn Balor!

    Match Five: Neville vs Finn Balor
    Finish: The crowd in attendance cheered and chanted for both men as both Balor and Neville made there way down the ramp and took there place in the ring. Real excitement surrounded the match as the commentary trio hyped that we could be about to see a classic from two young stars at the top of their game! Neville and Balor both then approached the middle of the ring- traded some words and shook hands as the crowd once again cheered before both men retreated back to their corners and the sound of the bell rung to start the match.

    The match went 8-9 minutes of solid action with both men impressing and wowing the crowd with their exceptional ability and wrestling skills. Near falls were plentiful and both Balor and Neville looked like they had the match won a couple of times with a last minute kick out or foot on the rope blocking the outcome. As things stand- both Neville and Finn are center of the ring- trading chops, punches and kicks as the crowd cheered along.


    Both men continued to trade strikes as Jim Ross announces that the match has a real Japanese feel to it with both men hitting each other with that Japanese strong style! Neville and Balor have lit up each others bodies with hard strikes but Balor would go for a spinning back fist only for Neville to duck underneath and attempt a back body drop but Balor would escape and fall on his feet before gripping Neville and hitting a German Suplex as Neville came crashing back down on his next and shoulders, rolling out of the ring. Balor would then stand up and look back before running at the ropes and leaping through the second with a..

    ..SUICIDE DIVE!! Yelled Jim Ross as Balor crashed into Neville with so much force it took both men close to the edge of the ramp as the crowd cheered for the collision. Balor then grabbed up Neville and began to drag him towards the ring as the Referee began to count the count-out. Neville would fight back as they reached the ringside, elbowing Balor in the stomach before leaping off onto the ring apron and then hitting a stunning moonsault from the second rope to the outside..

    ..landing perfectly on Balor as the crowd cheered for the athleticism shown as both men laid motionless on the outside as Jim Ross put over the bravery and ability of both men. "JBL" would point to the Referee now reaching the seven mark and are both in danger of being counted out. The crowd are willing both men to get back up and continue the match and right before the Referee shouts Ten- Neville and Balor slide in the ring to cheers from the crowd as the match continues on!

    Finn and Neville were clearly exhausted as Booker T says that both men are running on empty! Balor and Neville use the ropes to stand up on either side before running at each other as Neville would duck a clothesline from Balor before leaping up with a Hurricarana into a pin attempt.. One! Two! Thr-No! The match was almost over in a flash with Balor kicking out at the last split second. Both men then scrambled up and this time Neville went for a clothesline only for Balor to land a Sling Blade in the center of the ring and went for a pin attempt! One! Two! Thr-No! This time Neville would kick out at the final split second and Jim Ross would again praise both men for the display and desire shown. Balor though would then take to the turnbuckle and would stand over Neville before mouthing it's over and jumping with the.. COUP DE' GRACE! Double foot stomps to Neville ends the contest as Balor goes for the cover and picks up the victory! One! Two! Three!



    The crowd would give large cheers as Balor would stand tall with his arms raised in victory. There was bigger cheers though when Balor would help up Neville and both men would trade words before shaking hands once more. "JR" says that both men put on a great match but that it's only a taste of the action we will see at SummerSlam where both men will join Rollins, Apollo Crews and the Battle Royal winner to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship match! We get one final shot at Balor and Neville standing together with the crowd cheering for both as the live footage heads backstage.

    The live footage goes to the back where Seth Rollins is shown having watched the Neville and Balor match, unimpressed as he shakes his head. Renee Young then approaches Seth with a camera crew and ask's if she can have a moment of Seth's time. Seth breathes out and rolls his eyes before agreeing. Renee thanks Seth before asking him for his thoughts on the match that Neville and Balor just had and if he's worried about facing either of them at SummerSlam after seeing that? Seth then replies.

    SETH ROLLINS: Average! It was Average, Renee. I mean- You look surprised Renee? Here's the deal, you put two average wrestlers in there and guess what?! You're going to get an average match! It's that simple. Neither of them, nor Apollo, or anyone else that could enter the match after winning the Battle Royal can match up to the MAN- Seth Rollins!

    Renee will then ask Seth about his actions last week- low blowing Finn Balor and walking out on his partner costing them the match.

    SETH ROLLINS: I don't need to explain anything, to anyone. Balor deserved it Renee, he deserved it. I don't feel bad at all and I'm not going to feel bad come SummerSlam either when everyone is broken down and laid out below me as I climb the ladder to success, rung by rung and I grasp the Championship and become the World Heavyweight Champion!!

    The crowd boo the words of Rollins before there are a splatter of cheers as Apollo Crews enters the camera shot and has some words to say.

    APOLLO CREWS: I'm sorry to disappoint the "MAN" but you won't be winning the World Heavyweight Championship come SummerSlam because it's the Apollo era and it's my time! I've worked all my life, family struggles, the blood, sweat and tears. They've all lead to this opportunity and I'm not going to let it slip away. I am going to become the World Heavyweight Champion!

    Renee nods her head as Apollo finishes speaking with real passion. Seth then roll's his eyes and begins to laugh before finally tapping Apollo on his shoulder and walking past as he said..

    SETH ROLLINS: Nice dream, Kid. I'm going to.. Burn.. It.. Down!

    Seth and Apollo then bumped shoulders as tension rises while Apollo turned to confront Seth again only for Renee to grab Apollo's arm and calm him down. The segment then ends and heads backstage where the Vaudevillians are set for tag team action.

    The crowd boo'd the Vaudevillians as they stood in the ring with microphone's in hand ready to speak. The crowd jeers died down a little and both Gotch & English sensing their chance began to speak. Aiden the more vocal of the two would say how it's a disgrace that a match has been made to showcase the tag team division at SummerSlam and neither him nor this fine gentleman to my side are involved? Simon Gotch would say that you can't showcase a tag team division without the most talented team! Aiden English will say that the Vaudevillians would have added much needed class and sophistication to the PPv. Simon Gotch will say that it's a travesty that the Vaudevillians will not be at the Brooklyn Center and that someone is going to pay for this tonight because it's an open challenge to any team back there!

    Aiden English and Simon Gotch then throw the microphones out of the ring and attention turns to the stage where the eager WWE Universe await the opponents for the Vaudevillians.


    The crowd that are in the know pop like mad while those that don't are intrigued and stay glued to the attention of the stage where a theme that's not been heard for many years begins to play. Jim Ross immediately speculates if indeed it could be them?


    Jim Ross then screams it's two time WWE Tag Team Champions- Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin- The Worlds Greatest Tag Team! "JBL" then says first Cornette, now Haas and Benjamin? He says it's been a night for surprises. Booker says that Haas and Benjamin are two of the best pure wrestlers this business has ever seen and they've answered the open challenge. Haas and Shelton look delighted to be back as they make their way down the ramp and step inside the ring as the Vaudevillians are in complete shock.

    Match Five: Vaudevillians vs Haas & Benjamin.
    Finish: The match went 3 to 4 minutes with Haas and Benjamin in complete control and wowing the crowd with their grappling skills and ability as they cheered "You've still got it!" at both men. Aiden English and Simon Gotch had a short spell of dominance in the match but they seemed in awe at the Worlds Greatest Tag Team and their experience as they couldn't sustain the offense. Haas and Benjamin finish the match by delivering the Star Spangled Banner to Aiden English- a aided leapfrog guillotine before Benjamin would super-kick Gotch to the jaw, knocking him back into a big German Suplex and bridge from Charlie Haas. Haas would then pick up the win for the World's Greatest Tag Team! One! Two! Three!



    Haas and Benjamin would stand tall in the ring- celebrating their victory as the crowd cheered them. "JR" would highlight the talent and depth in the tag team division with the arrival of the Worlds Greatest Tag Team before announcing that still to come- it's our Main Event! A Battle Royal to determine the fifth man that will enter the "WHC" ladder match at SummerSlam! The show then goes to commercial.


    Before the live footage returns from the final commercial of the evening- a vignette begins to play. It showcases various pictures of a women at various stages of her life and career starting with her at a very young age in among wrestling fans watching her mother wrestle as the voice over says..


    The next picture slides shows the Young women a couple of years older in the ring with her mother- studying and learning the wrestling business with father and brothers watching on as the voice over says..


    The third slide then shows the women now at the top of her game, various pictures of her celebrating big victories and holding the NXT Women's Championship and the WWE Divas Championship as the voice over says..


    The vignette then skips and various negative headlines and bad press appear on the stage with numerous twitter comments painting the women in a bad light as the voice over says..

    "The end?"

    The video then goes dark before a primal scream can be heard and the voice over says..

    "Britani Knight..

    ...The story continues.

    The story is not over..

    ..More chapters are to be written. It's time for the next Paige."



    The vignette footage then fades and we are back on Smackdown Live as the commentary team welcome us back from the break once more. "JR" first talks about the return of the World's Greatest Team and what this will mean for the pending tag team division on Smackdown Live. Booker says their experience and ability is going to be a threat to everyone! "JBL" says that Haas and Benjamin are two of the best athlete's that the WWE has ever seen but times have changed. We got our first sight of the Revival tonight and with them being led by the managerial genius that is.. James E Cornette, not even Haas and Benjamin can match up anymore. Jim Ross then switches gears and says that up next is the Battle Royal Main Event and reminds us that the winner will head to SummerSlam and become the fifth man joining Apollo, Neville, Balor and Rollins in the ladder match to determine the new- World Heavyweight Champion!

    Pre-taped clips are once again shown of various wrestlers competing in tonight's Main Event and looking to win the Battle Royal this evening. This time it's Ryder, Baron Corbin, Rusev and "Y2KO"- Jericho and Owens. Lana speaks for Rusev and says that tonight the greatest United States Champion of all time will CRUSH the competition and throw everyone over the top rope! Ryder then speaks and says tonight he takes one step closer to the ultimate dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion! Woo, Woo, Woo, you know it bro! Corbin is next and says that unlike everyone else, he shouldn't be in this Battle Royal because he doesn't need to prove anything and should already be in the match at SummerSlam! Baron says that for the other 19 men he will bring their end of days and he will become the next World Heavyweight Champion!

    Lastly, it's the turn of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. Jericho speaks first and says that he's made a list and this is not any normal list.. It's not the list of Jericho baby! This is the list of Battle Royal competitors that have come forward and each one is going over the top rope and will be eliminated. You dig? Jericho says it's then going to come down to two men.. The GOAT and his best friend- Kevin Owens! Jericho then says that they're both then going to eliminate each other at the same time and will both go on to SummerSlam where they will both become the World Heavyweight Champion bay-bay! Owens then stops Jericho and says Chris, we've discussed this.. on Talking Smack? It's almost impossible. Jericho and Owens then began to squabble a little before Owens then turns to the camera and says that Shane and Bischoff have screwed up Smackdown from day one and continue to overlook the two best wrestlers and the two best friends on this planet. Owens says now everyone else in the Battle Royal is going to pay the price because tonight is the Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho show and at SummerSlam the "WHC" is coming home with "Y2KO!"
    The clip then finishes and the live footage returns to ringside where the ring is already starting to fill up with various wrestlers as the Texas crowd are cheering with excitement. Enzo Amore, Dvon & Bubba, Zack Ryder, Mark Henry, Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Epico & Primo, Rusev, Baron Corbin and Haas & Benjamin have now all entered the ring and begin sizing up the competition. Corbin and Henry go face to face as the Referee and remaining in-ring wrestlers split them apart as they await the others to enter the match.


    The crowd boo as all three members of the Bullet Club step out from gorilla position and onto the stage. All three men hit the "2-Sweet" pose before AJ wishes the good brothers- Anderson & Gallows luck before they make their way down the ramp and enter the ring. Gallows and Anderson immediately approach Enzo Amore and it looks bleak for him but the crowd soon cheer as Enzo is pulled back by the Dudley Boyz who step in front and have no trouble confronting the Bullet Club members ahead of their SummerSlam match up.


    Out next and the boo's continue as Owens steps out with his best friend and tag team partner- Chris Jericho alongside him. Both men are in discussion on their way down the ramp before teasing to enter the ring and instead they circle it instead- taking their time. Eventually Owens and Jericho enter and take their place in one of the turnbuckle corners when the lights go out.

    "Austin, Texas.. WE'RE HERE!!"


    There's a pop before a mixed response sounds for the arrival of Bray Wyatt and his monstrous black sheep- Braun Strowman who towers behind him in menacing fashion as everyone in the ring watches on with intrigue and possibly even fear running through their minds and body. The Wyatt Family reach the ring for the first time ever on Smackdown and as Bray blows out the lantern the lights come back on and the crowd pop again as Braun steps on to the ring apron and in the middle of the ring as those around him part like the Red sea. Bray then enters the ring with a smile on his face as the commentary team put over the monster among men and ask who can possibly stop him from winning this Battle Royal match? At this point- the Wyatt Family are on one side of the ring while everyone else is congregated on the other side. "JR" says that everyone else might need to team up and remove the real threat of Bray Wyatt and his black sheep- Braun Strowman. The wrestlers then prepare to circle around Braun when the lights go out again..


    An explosion of fire hits the stage and the crowd pop like crazy as "JR" screams that it's the BIG RED MACHINE- KANE!!

    The devils favorite demon walks down the ramp and the face of Bray Wyatt is a picture. Bray like the Texas crowd are totally stunned by the return of Kane. Kane reaches the ring and pulls himself up onto the apron before stepping over the ropes as the wrestlers all exit the ring. The crowd are chanting "this is awesome!" as remaining in the ring and on opposite sides are now Kane and Braun Strowman who go face to face. Jim Ross says that we have just found the answer on who can stop Braun or Bray winning this match tonight and his name is Kane! Booker says this is history tonight- Kane and Braun come face to face for the first time on Smackdown Live and it's awesome!

    The official then orders everyone else back in the ring and eventually the ring begins to fill back up. Kane and Braun remain locked in a face to face. Sizing up each other. The remaining wrestlers all surround them but the focus is solely on these two monsters until a small section of the crowd begins to cheer a wrestlers name that is not signed to Smackdown Live. Soon the rest of the Texas crowd follow on and to the surprise of everyone..

    IT'S THE ONE MAN BAND- HEATH SLATER! Shouts "JBL" before asking what the hell is he doing here?! Layfield goes on to say that Heath isn't signed with Smackdown before Jim Ross reminds him that Heath Slater isn't signed with the WWE at all.. He's a free agent! Booker says that it looks like Heath Slater has come to get a job and he's going to enter the Battle Royal.

    The crowd are cheering for Slater who's not even dressed for action as he enters the ring. He taunts with the crowd and is apparently oblivious to anything else as he bumps into both Kane and Braun before turning around and waving his hands in apology. Kane and Braun then give the fans another cool moment as both men at the same time grab Slater around the throat before picking him up and sending him to hell with a double choke slam as the ring bell is sounded and the Battle Royal is officially underway!

    Main Event: Battle Royal match (Dudley Boyz, Kane, Wyatt Family, Haas & Benjamin, Heath Slater, Epico & Promo, Gallows & Anderson, Jack Swagger, Rusev, Zack Ryder, Jericho & Owens, Mark Henry, Alberto Del Rio, Enzo Amore & Baron Corbin) - Winner will enter "WHC" match at SummerSlam.
    Match: The match started with a double choke slam from Kane and Braun on Slater as Jericho, Owens and Bray would exit the ring while everyone else would team up on the two monsters of the match. Braun and Kane would be tipping over the top rope before both would explode into action and fight back everyone else, punches left, right and center would knock down their opponents before Kane would grab Epico by the throat and choke slam him over the top rope for the first elimination of the match while not to be outdone- Braun would grab up Primo in a gorilla position and would launch him over the top rope before both monsters would go face to face one more time as the crowd popped again.

    (Epico & Primo eliminated by Kane & Braun Strowman respectively)

    Kane and Bruan would both be under attack again as once more the remaining wrestlers grouped together and attacked the two big men and this time the numbers were overwhelming as they would beat both down in their respective corners before it would become a free for all as intended. The Bullet Club would brawl with the Dudleyz while Del Rio and Swagger fought in another corner. Corbin would attack Henry and attempt to lift him over the top rope while Haas & Benjamin worked over Braun. Enzo and Ryder would work on the Bulgarian Brute as the action was all across the ring. The next elimination came with the Bullet Club and Dudley Boyz battling as Gallows & Anderson would separate Dvon away from Bubba before Gallows picked up Dvon close to the ring ropes and then Karl Anderson ran the ropes and smashed Dvon into the face with the BOOT OF DOOM! Dvon would fall off Gallows shoulders and hard to the floor on the outside.

    (Dvon eliminated by the Bullet Club)

    Anderson & Gallows were not done and would then team on Bubba Ray. They would beat him down before attempting to hook him over the top rope- only for Haas & Benjamin to make the save. On the other side of the ring- Corbin, Rusev and Del Rio were working over Mark Henry and looked to have him eliminated only for the founding member of the Hall of Pain to fight back. Henry would knock down Rusev with a series of head butts before running at Corbin and Del Rio taking them down with a double clothesline and shouting "THAT'S WHAT I DO!!" as the crowd cheered. Henry then turned around as he came face to face with Braun. Strowman would clutch his hand around the throat of Henry and would begin to choke him as Henry looked like he was going to fade only for Henry to fight back with his strength and chop away Braun's arm and begin to knock the bigger man back with punch after punch. Henry would have Braun on the ropes and would line up for a big clothesline only for Bray to enter and nail Henry from behind with a double axe-handle strike to the back of the head. Bray would then beat down on Henry as Braun would join him.

    On the other side of the ring Rusev and Swagger would now be brawling close to the ropes and Rusev would look to kick him over with a super-kick only for Swagger to catch him, bring him down and lock in the Ankle Lock as the crowd began to cheer. Rusev would try and fight out before tapping out as Jim Ross reminded us that to be eliminated- you have to be thrown over the top rope with boot feet touching the ground. Del Rio would break up the Ankle Lock with a super-kick of his own, knocking down Swagger. Del Rio would pose as Enzo Amore came charging at him. Del Rio would see this and would back body drop Enzo over the top rope but he would clutch on and pull himself back up on to the ring apron as Del Rio thought he was eliminated. Del Rio would turn around and Enzo would look to leap back into the ring only for Del Rio to react first and leap off the second turnbuckle and nail Amore off the ring apron with an enziguri off the second turnbuckle before posing.

    (Enzo Amore eliminated by Del Rio)

    As Del Rio was posing- Ryder was poised and would run at Del Rio with the ROUGH RYDER! Ryder would then chant along with the crowd.. Woo! Woo! Woo! Before teaming with Swagger to eliminate Alberto Del Rio throwing him over the top rope!

    (Alberto Del Rio eliminated by Ryder & Swagger)

    At this point- Rusev would be back up and would knock both Swagger and Ryder down with clotheslines. Rusev would then drag up Ryder and would place him leaning over the ropes. Rusev would then taunt before running at Ryder with the jumping high kick only for Ryder to move and Rusev would come tumbling over the top rope and was left clutching to the middle rope as he struggled to stay in the match. Ryder would then see his chance to eliminate Rusev and would be in position only for Owens & Jericho to enter the match and with Ryder focused on Rusev- they would launch Ryder over the top rope to his elimination as the crowd booed.

    (Ryder eliminated by Owens & Jericho)

    Y2KO would then turn their attention to Swagger who was getting back up. Jericho would then nail him with the CODE-BREAKER before Owens would charge at him on the way back up with a clothesline sending him over the top rope and thus eliminated from the match!

    (Swagger eliminated by Kevin Owens)

    Jericho & Owens would then both smile before embracing and hugging as the crowd boo'ed. Their celebrating was short lived though as Kane would grip both by the throat and with the crowd cheering him on- DOUBLE CHOKE SLAM! Jericho & Owens would again roll out of the ring- underneath the ropes. Kane would then turn back around to eye up who was next but Corbin and the Bullet Club would rush him with forearms and kicks. Gallows would then run the ropes and smash Kane with a big boot to the face knocking him down! Anderson & Gallows would "2-Sweet" each other but before they could even think about their next move, Kane sat up as the crowd cheered once more. The Club would begin to back away only for Anderson to walk into a WORLD'S STRONGEST SLAM from Mark Henry! Before Gallows could even react Bubba Ray was on to him with big right hands to the face, knocking him back. Bubba then called over Haas & Benjamin as the World's Greatest Tag Team leaped up with a double drop kick's knocking Gallows over the rope to his elimination.

    (Luke Gallows eliminated by Haas & Benjamin)

    Haas & Benjamin would both kip' back up as the crowd cheered but their celebrations would be cut short as Corbin and Rusev would attack Hass while Braun and Bray would attack Benjamin. Rusev slung Hass into the corner before following up with a big splash and then slinging him into the path of Corbin who nailed Charlie Haas with an END OF DAYS in the middle of the ring. Braun and Bray would be beating on Benjamin when Bray would go to the nearby turnbuckle and would do his "crab" like movement as he started walking towards Benjamin who would leap up in fear, his eyes white like he had seen a ghost only to walk into a reverse choke slam from the monstrous Strowman! Corbin and Rusev would then drag up a lifeless Charlie Haas and without any thought at all- would launch him over the top rope!

    (Charlie Hass eliminated by Corbin & Rusev)

    Baron Corbin and Rusev would be in discussion, perhaps looking to form a partnership before they turned to their next victim- Kane. As Kane was resting on the ropes, Corbin and Rusev would approach only to receive uppercut right hands that knocked each one back. Kane would nail Corbin with a big boot before catching Rusev with a sidewalk slam to the canvas. Kane would then raise his right arm and adjust his glove before waiting for either one to get up and eat a choke slam. Anderson though jumps on his back and tries to lock in a sleeper hold only for Kane to throw him over his shoulder and out of the ring. Anderson though would land on the ring apron and would even dodge a big boot from Kane as he side stepped out of the way. He then attempted to enter the ring once more only for Bubba to charge at him with a shoulder block and send him flying into the crowd barrier at ringside and now eliminated from the match!

    (Anderson eliminated by Bubba Ray)

    As Bubba Ray turned around he would be greeted by Bray who would kick him in the stomach before planting him with SISTER ABIGAIL! Bray would then stand with his arms in the air, taking in the mixed response from the crowd before turning to Braun and demanding him to throw Bubba over the top rope. Braun drags up a lifeless Bubba and does as Bray says.. launching him over the top rope to his elimination!

    (Bubba Ray eliminated by Braun Strowman)

    Braun would then let out a roar and pose for the crowd as they watched on with intrigue. The crowd then started cheering as Mark Henry approached and the two behemoths went at it in the middle of the ring- trading strikes and blows as neither man backed down. Bray observed before it looked like Braun was in trouble, getting involved by kicking Henry's leg from underneath him. On the other side of the ring- Corbin and Rusev turned their attentions to Benjamin as they tried to eliminate him. Shelton would fight back- punching Corbin and Rusev back before ducking a double clothesline attempt. Shelton would then fire back with a Super-Kick that connected sweetly with Rusev's chin- knocking him over the top rope. Rusev would hold the ropes on the apron and Shelton would land another one! SUPER-KICK! Rusev would fly off the ring apron and land hard to the flooring as the crowd were shocked. Shelton then took aim again and attempted the same with Corbin only for him to move and Corbin would throw him over the top rope! Shelton would look to be eliminated however he would defy the odds, holding onto the top rope and getting his composure on the ring apron. Corbin would then charge at Shelton but Benjamin would kick Corbin in the head knocking him back down. Shelton would then leap up onto the ring apron and launch himself back into the ring but he would land directly in trouble as Braun would catch him and swipe him out of the air before throwing him over the top rope with such force that Shelton would land on the bottom tip of the ramp way.

    (Rusev eliminated by Shelton Benjamin) & (Shelton Benjamin eliminated by Braun Strowman)

    Braun would let out another roar as the commentary team put over his domination in this match. Kane though would be back up and would confront the monster among men. Kane and Braun would stare at the each other before trading right hands as they edged closer to the ring ropes. Kane would strike with viscous uppercuts before charging at Braun with a clothesline and to the shock of the crowd, both men would go tumbling over the top rope and fall to their feet on the floor and continue fighting as the crowd are in shock. "JR" screams that the Big Red Machine and the Monster among men are eliminated and neither seems to care! Braun and Kane continue fighting as the Referee's at ringside try and break them up. Kane and Braun continue trading right hands all the way up the ramp and to the back of gorilla as the action in the ring continues.

    (Braun & Kane both eliminated)

    Bray Wyatt is the most in shock as he watched his black sheep and Kane tumble over the top rope and eliminated. "JR" says Bray's insurance policy has gone and the eater of worlds is on his own. The match then takes shape as Bray picks a corner and watches on. Baron Corbin is up and flexing as he paces back in the ring. On the other side the big Texan- Mark Henry is up and the crowd are behind him. Jericho and Owens then re-enter the match and the stage is set as the commentary team says we are down to our last five men and ask who's going to SummerSlam?! Suddenly Corbin, Bray and Y2KO turn at the same time to Mark Henry and the situation becomes clear as they rush the final big man in the match with various strikes and punches. Henry though explodes and knock's everyone off before picking them off with clothesline's and shoulder tackles. Henry would grab Jericho and would land the WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!! Henry would then do the same to Wyatt and Kevin Owens as the crowd cheered for this rejuvenated Mark Henry. Henry would then look at the lone wolf but Corbin would strike first with a big boot and knock Henry against the ropes. Corbin would then slap Henry across the face and run at him with a forearm only for Henry to back body drop him over the top rope as the crowd popped for the elimination of Baron Corbin!

    (Baron Corbin eliminated by Mark Henry)

    Mark Henry would smile as he enjoyed eliminating his rival- Baron Corbin. He would turn around and watch Baron throw a fit on the outside as he pushed and shoved over Referee's. Henry's attention though would be away from the match and it would be his downfall as Bray, Owens and Jericho would rush him again, this time hooking his legs and lifting the big man over the top rope as his balance was off and he tumbled to the outside as the crowd would boo. However the real shock that caused the crowd to go crazy would be Kevin Owen's gripping the tights of Chris Jericho and launching him over the top rope as the Texas crowd gasped. Owens would then step back behind Bray who watched on as Jericho fell to his feet and looked up at the culprit. Owens pointed to Bray as Wyatt just looked- wondering what's going on. Jericho on the outside is stunned and ask's Kevin what the hell happened? Owens points to Bray again and says "I will avenge you, Chris!" as the crowd begin to laugh. Booker says that Owen's just eliminated his best friend and pinned the blame on Bray Wyatt! "JBL" says that when it comes to the World Heavyweight Championship, there is no such thing as friend's. "JR" says we are down to two men! Bray Wyatt and Kevin Owens!

    (Mark Henry eliminated by Jericho, Bray & Owens) & (Chris Jericho eliminated by Kevin Owens)

    Owens and Jericho would pace around the ring before locking up as the crowd were mixed for both. Owens and Bray went through their arsenal of moves and teased each others elimination a few times, both men coming close. Bray and Owens would be battling near the ropes when out of nowhere- the crowd popped like mad and Heath Slater would appear from under the ring with a smile on his face and would slither in the ring as everyone had forgot about Slater. Slater would run at Bray and Owens with force and would clothesline both over the top rope and the crowd popped like crazy as Bray and Owen's were elimi- NOOOO! Bray and Owen's are both holding the top rope and are teetering. Heath think's he's won and is celebrating in the ring. Slater drops to his knee's and almost begins to tear up, assuming he's going to SummerSlam and will have a job! It's not to be though and it's Owens then enters first and he is pissed. Owen's rushes Slater with a forearm to the back of Heath's head and knocks him down before kicking him repeatedly. "KO" then throws Slater into the ropes and look's for the POP-IP POWER-BOMB but Heath reverse with a hurricarna attempt as Owen's holds on and we are now in a position where Heath is dangling over the top rope and has Owen's locked by his head with his legs. It's Bray's opportunity and he enters the ring, sliding between the ropes and grabs Owen's by the legs and throws him over the top ropes as Heath goes with him and both go crashing to the floor on the outside!

    (Heath Slater & Kevin Owen's eliminated by Bray Wyatt)



    Bray drops to his knee's and begins to laugh and smile as the crowd are split- some cheering and some booing as the commentary team hype up the victory and that Bray Wyatt is going to SummerSlam to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship! Owens on the outside is furious as he kicks the steps and blames Heath Slater for costing him his chance. The Titantron is now also live and backstage we see Kane and Braun still fighting as they knock down equipment and destroy everything in their path. Officials, Referee's and backstage workers are trying to break them up with nobody really wanting to get close to these two monsters. The live footage switches back to ringside and we get one final shot of Bray in the ring as he takes in his moment before "JR" thanks the WWE Universe for tuning in tonight and ask's that we tune into the hottest party of the summer, SummerSlam!

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Here's the prediction contest for Summerslam 2016 guys! Me & Deco would love to know what everybody's predictions are going to be. I'm sure y'all know the drill, just bold the winner & the finish that you think will happen- and there's some bonus questions for y'all as well! Would like to give credit to Hug Life also, for helping us out with these sick graphics!

    Summerslam 2016 Prediction Contest

    Raw Matches

    Kick-off Show Match
    Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus vs. Golden Truth, Titus O'Neil, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos - 12 Man Tag Team Match

    Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus/Golden Truth, Titus O'Neil, Dolph Ziggler & The Usos

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    The Debut of The Greatest Man That Ever Lived
    Austin Aries vs. Sami Zayn

    Winner: Austin Aries/Sami Zayn

    Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    6-Pack Elimination Challenge Match for the vacant Raw Womens Championship
    Alexa Bliss vs. Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie vs. Nikki Bella vs. Sasha Banks vs. Summer Rae

    Winner: Alexa Bliss/Alicia Fox/Eva Marie/Nikki Bella/Sasha Banks/Summer Rae

    Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    Last Chance Match for the Intercontinental Championship
    Cesaro vs. The Miz (c)

    Cesaro/The Miz

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    WWE Tag Team Championship Match
    American Alpha vs. The New Day (c)

    Winner: American Alpha/The New Day

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    The Big Dog vs. The Kingpin: WWE Championship Match
    Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

    Winner: Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    Inter-Promotional Matches

    The Franchise vs. The Phenomenal
    John Cena (Raw) vs. AJ Styles (Smackdown)

    Winner: John Cena/AJ Styles

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    The Beast vs. The Viper - "15 years in the making"
    Brock Lesnar (Raw) vs. Randy Orton (Smackdown)

    Winner: Brock Lesnar/Randy Orton

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    Smackdown Matches

    No DQ Match
    Braun Strowman vs Kane

    Winner: Braun Strowman/Kane

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    Tag Team Showcase Match
    Enzo, Big Cass & The Dudleys vs The Revival & The Club (Anderson & Gallows)

    Winner: Enzo, Big Cass & The Dudleys/The Revival & The Club

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    US Championship Match
    Rusev (C) W/ Lana vs Zack Ryder

    Winner: Rusev/Zack Ryder

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    Smackdown Women's Championship Match
    Charlotte Flair (C) W/ Dana Brooke vs Natalya

    Winner: Charlotte Flair/Natalya

    Decision: Pinfall/Submission/DQ/Count Out/No Contest

    World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 5 Way Ladder Match
    Seth Rollins vs Apollo Crews vs Neville vs Finn Balor vs Bray Wyatt

    Winner: Seth Rollins/Apollo Crews/Neville/Finn Balor/Bray Wyatt

    Bonus Questions

    1. Will we see any heel or face turns tonight? If so, how many? And who will turn?
    2. Will Heath Slater appear on the show?
    3. Will there be any debuts/returns? If so, how many? And who will debut or return?
    4. Which match will start the show? (Pre-show match not included)
    5. Which match will close the show?
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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus

    Austin Aries

    Alexa Bliss


    American Alpha

    Dean Ambrose


    Brock Lesnar

    Braun Strowman

    The Revival



    Finn Balor

    1. Not Sure
    2: Yep
    3. Samoa Joe & Bobby Roode?
    4: Cesaro/Miz
    5. Cena/Styles
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    Re: Deco & Skeng Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!


    Team Ziggler by pinfall

    Austin Aries by pinfall

    Sasha Banks by submission

    The Miz via pinfall

    American Alpha via pinfall

    Dean Ambrose via pinfall

    AJ Styles via pinfall

    Brock Lesnar via pinfall

    The Revival & The Club via pinfall

    Braun Strowman via pinfall

    Rusev via submission

    Charlotte via pinfall

    Finn Balor

    1. No heel or face turns
    2. Yes Slater will
    3. Yes. Goldberg
    4. Rusev/Ryder
    5. Ambrose/Reigns

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    Re: Deco & Skeng Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Breezango, The Ascension, Ryback & Sheamus

    Austin Aries

    The Miz

    Nikki Bella

    American Alpha

    Dean Ambrose

    Brock Lesnar

    Braun Strowman

    The Revival



    1. No heel or face turns
    2. Yes Slater will
    3. Yes. Samoa Joe
    4. Aries/Zayn
    5. Fatal Five Way Ladder Match

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