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Thread: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Excellent show will review later and yeah fron buffalo lol

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Quote Originally Posted by OMBGraves View Post
    Excellent show will review later and yeah fron buffalo lol
    Thanks dude, shall look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Episode One - 26/07/16 - Buffalo, New York.

    RENEE YOUNG: Hello everyone, what's up and welcome to the first ever Smackdown Live exclusive WWE Network show, TALKING SMACK! We are live on the network, fresh from tonight's show, live from Buffalo and Shane.. It was a hell of a show, am I right?

    SHANE MCMAHON: Perfect, Renee. I mean, honestly, it was perfect. A perfect start to a new era of Smackdown- Smackdown Live and everything went to plan- I think we put on a great show for our fans tonight- I really do. Apollo Crews vs Neville, amazing. The tag team division, Orton's return, the announcement of the Demon King! Finn Balor, man, it was perfect, I'm happy Renee.

    RENEE YOUNG: Right?! I couldn't agree more, Shane. Now, you mentioned a few things and if we could- I'd love to talk about the match that everybody is talking about- Apollo Crews vs Neville! Shane, did both those guys take the chance tonight and steal the show?

    SHANE MCMAHON: Absolutely, Renee. They did a tremendous job and put on a great match. Honestly, it was one of those matches were both men just created magic and arrived. Neither deserved to lose. Apollo came out on top but do you know what- I'm going to announce right now that next week live from Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee, we are going to see the rematch! I'm challenging both men to raise the bar again and who knows, maybe we could see one of them in the World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam!

    RENEE YOUNG: Oh nice! Fans, you heard it here first- Apollo Crews vs Neville II next week. Shane, something else I would like to talk about and I'm sure you've seen the reaction on Twitter and social media outlets around the world- the arrival of the Demon King! Finn Balor! Next week! Huge, huge news, what kind of expectation do you have of Finn Balor and how far do you believe he can go in the WWE?

    SHANE MCMAHON: Oh! To the top, Renee. To the absolute top of the mountain- I have know doubt about it. Finn is super talented, super charismatic and he look's like a movie star, Renee. The kid has everything! Me and Eric sat down while we were drafting our selections and we looked at the NXT roster and he was the one we wanted and thankfully, we've got our man and I can't wait to see him arrive on Smackdown Live!

    Renee Young goes to speak and attempts to ask Shane another question when laughing is picked up on the audio from outside of the live camera footage. Shane and Renee both turn to face Seth Rollins walking onto the set wearing black skinny jeans and his "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim" shirt with a black suit jacket over the top as he takes a seat and picks up the microphone without prompt or an unofficial show welcome.

    RENEE YOUNG: Well.. A little earlier then expected fans, but Seth Rollins ladies and Gentleman!

    SHANE MCMAHON: Welcome, Seth. Good to see you. How'd you enjoy the show?

    SETH ROLLINS: Oh I'm sorry to break up this little thing but I couldn't control my laughter back there. Finn Balor? All the talk is about.. Finn... Balor? Oh come on! The talk should be about me.. Seth.. Freakin'... Rollins! The talk should be about how I should be standing here the WWE Champion! The talk should be how I didn't lose the match- Roman Reigns lost the match and it cost me my Championship! You know, I've been hanging out backstage and the look's I've been getting from people is a disgrace! People have been looking at me like some kind of failure for not bringing back the Championship when in truth- I'm the uncrowned WWE Champion because I didn't lose the damn match!

    Renee goes to speak and ask Rollins a question, however Seth continues to vent and rant. Continuing to speak.

    SETH ROLLINS: I'm not stupid, Renee. I know I have a lot of enemies due to my links with the Authority on Raw and because I've never been afraid to do what it takes to get to the top- even it means stabbing my friends in the back! I'd do it again, too! Redesign! Rebuild! Reclaim! It's not just a nice slogan, it's now a way of life and just like I was on Raw, I'm going to prove that I am the MAN on Smackdown!

    Shane then goes to speak- but Rollins clearly has come here to speak his mind and he continues on.

    SETH ROLLINS: Nobody... NOBODY is better then Seth Rollins! Not Apollo Crews, not Neville, Not AJ Styles and certainty not Finn Balor! Finn is nothing more then hype, a flash in the pan and it will soon become apparent that he's not in my league because I will become the new, World Heavyweight Champion! From next week- Seth Freakin' Rollins reclaims his spot on on top of the wrestling world and it starts by Showing the Demon King who's the.. MAN! Now, excuse me, I have things to do.

    Seth then gets up and drops the microphone before adjusting his suit jacket and walking away out of the camera view as Shane and Renee just stare before looking at each other puzzled.

    A small commercial plays and it's the World Heavyweight Championship one from Smackdown Live that broadcast with the announcement from Shane on the audio as the narrator ask's who will follow in the footsteps of legends like Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Triple H, Sting and many more! The commercial then finishes.

    RENEE YOUNG: SummerSlam, the hottest party of the summer and WWE Universe, I just know you're going to be there when we will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion! Shane, I've got to ask, why the World Heavyweight Championship? Why not make a new title?

    SHANE MCMAHON: It's a fair question, Renee. I cannot say that me and Eric Bischoff didn't think about creating a new one from scratch and calling it something crazy like.. I dunno', the Universal Championship and then shout to the heavens about how much bigger and better it is then the WWE Championship because the truth is- we did think about something like that. In the end though- Honor, prestige, history. That's what the World Heavyweight Championship means to the WWE and the wrestling business. Who will follow in the footsteps of legends? Well we are going to find out Renee and I can't wait to see it go down at SummerSlam!

    RENEE YOUNG: Me too, Shane. Now switching attention and I want to talk about what went down at the end of Smackdown Live. I'm talking about THAT confrontation between the now Smackdown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and the queen of harts, Natalya. I mean- it was intense!

    SHANE MCMAHON: There is a saying in this business Renee and that's when the show is live, anything can and will happen. Natalya took a chance to go out there, say what she really thinks and has got the fans intrigued. Her and Charlotte threw barbs at each other- I mean took shots at family members, degraded each others legacies and it got personal. So much so that what you didn't see- before we came live on the air here, Charlotte and Natalya had to be pulled apart backstage!

    RENEE YOUNG: Wow, I think we've got the footage Shane, let's take a look.

    A video then plays with a exclusive logo on the right hand side. It shows Charlotte backstage where Natalya is coming back from the attack and from behind the curtain. Natalya goes to confront Charlotte once more when Dana again attacks Nattie and a brawl breaks out. Various backstage staff and roster members are in between with Eric Bischoff finally stepping in to split them up. The video then stops.

    As the live footage returns from the video, Natalya has entered and takes a seat alongside Shane and Renee Young.

    RENEE YOUNG: Natalya, welcome!

    NATALYA: Hello Renee, I'm sorry to barge in here un-announced but Shane, I had to speak to you. You seen what happened out there right? Charlotte disrespected my family, my legacy, my Uncle Bret. I want to teach this fake queen that nobody talks about my family and disrespects them! Shane, I want to face Charlotte next week on Smackdown!

    SHANE MCMAHON: Nattie, take it from me, I know what it's like to have a family name legacy to live up to and deal with it- it's not easy. Now, I have the utmost respect for both the Harts and the Flairs, two of the greatest family's in the business and I mean it. I did see what happened out there and both of you got a little personal. furthermore, despite who might have started it- we can't have wrestlers take matters into there own hands and brawling around this arena, that's why we have matches, that's were differences are settled. That said, I love and respect the passion you both have and the crowd did too, it was real emotion. I think I speak for everyone on the blue brand when I say I would love nothing more then to see two of the best female athletes in the world today go one on one and have an absolute classic of a match! Nattie, you will face Charlotte at SummerSlam for the WWE Smackdown Women's Championship!

    Natalya looks delighted as Shane finishes his words. Nattie nods her head and thanks Shane before walking away out of the picture.

    RENEE YOUNG: Oh my goodness, block buster announcement from Smackdown commissioner, Shane Mcmahon. Our first official match of SummerSlam is announced and it will be Charlotte vs Natalya for the Smackdown Women's Championship! Amazing. Fans, that's all we've got time for tonight. I hope you enjoyed the show and both me and my special guest- Shane Mcmahon, will see you next time! Goodnight everyone!

    As Talking Smack came to a finish, the footage would roll into a vignette, teasing the arrival of NXT's hottest tag team!

    The footage would play showing some of there smash-mouth hard hitting action. Victories over the likes of DIY, The VaudeVillians and American Alpha! The narrator says they're the longest reigning NXT tag team Champions of all time and they're all about fists, no flips. The footage then finishes with a montage of them landing their famous "Shatter Machine" finisher before the words.. "Coming soon!" appear on the screen.

    A debut tease is then shown of a live tweet from the Revival in direct response to the Dudley Boyz before the footage fades and the show is done.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Raw & Smackdown front pages updated.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Alrighty time to review

    I enjoy the show I like how your building up Ryder in it as this underdog but I think it maybe a swerve with a heel turn and teaming up with Curt Hawkins which is really nice for tag division.

    I really like how you give your womens divsion the nod on SD being big part of the show.

    Wyatt saying he set Harper & Rowan free while him and Braun take over SD xD

    RKO > ADR anyday I never liked Del Rio so happy to see him lose

    KO & Y2J still together I love it hope they stick around

    Apollo Crews vs Neville was motn great read

    Also I like WHC on SD its nice

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Quote Originally Posted by OMBGraves View Post
    Alrighty time to review

    I enjoy the show I like how your building up Ryder in it as this underdog but I think it maybe a swerve with a heel turn and teaming up with Curt Hawkins which is really nice for tag division.

    I really like how you give your womens divsion the nod on SD being big part of the show.

    Wyatt saying he set Harper & Rowan free while him and Braun take over SD xD

    RKO > ADR anyday I never liked Del Rio so happy to see him lose

    KO & Y2J still together I love it hope they stick around

    Apollo Crews vs Neville was motn great read

    Also I like WHC on SD its nice
    Thanks for your thoughts dude, appreciate it man!

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Cheers for the review OMB!

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!


    - As seen on the recent Raw episode with the return of the Spirit Squad and the use of former NXT talent Leva Bates it's believed that both Raw and Smackdown Live are actively seeking and pursuing former talents to help bolster there respective rosters. It's believed that former talents will need less time to adjust and will be able to instantly work into the WWE lifestyle and schedule. Notable names include the likes of Carlito, Tommy Dreamer, Shelton Benjamin, Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal. As of now, no word on any confirmed signings but that is expected to change in the coming weeks.

    - Raw's Nikki Bella continue's to work and prepare for her comeback. Nikki Bella returned to "light" training on Monday at the Performance Center and posted this picture..

    ..It's worth noting that there is no specific time frame for her return but if all goes well and as expected, Nikki Bella could return to TV around September time where she will be a vocal point for the Raw Women's Division.

    - Eric Bischoff's return to the WWE was too many a surprise with a source stating that the former WCW man was not always the first choice by WWE officials. It's believed that original plans had Shane Mcmahon and Daniel Bryan on Smackdown while Stephanie Mcmahon would work with Mick Foley on Raw. Apparently Mick was seeking a return but it's understood that his hip issues and past injuries along with the schedule made plans change. It is understood that with Eric Bischoff now confirmed he could play a factor in a possible return of Hulk Hogan to WWE Tv due to there off-screen friendship. However this could just be rumors as it has also been touted that other former WCW stars like Goldberg and Kevin Nash are being linked with returns. While it is unlikely to see Hogan and Nash return for different reasons- Goldberg has been working hard in the gym and still keeps himself in shape and has not ruled out a return one day for the right deal.

    - Curtis Axel rebirth? As seen on Raw recently it's understood that there are small plans for a Curtis Axel push and that will come with a repackage of his character. There is no doubt backstage that Axel is very talented and the third generation star has been used to train with the likes of the Rock and Brock Lesnar to get them ring ready but backstage there is believe that Axel struggles to get himself across to a wider audience. According to a close source, this will be Axel's last chance and should this not work- he will be allowed to leave and released.

    - NJPW partnership with the WWE? Many were surprised to see AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson under there official Bullet Club gimmick from Japan. WWE often like to have complete control over gimmicks, characters and the official logo's for their own merchandise and protection but this represents a change in the company policy.

    It is believed that "the Club" name was struggling to resonate with the WWE Universe and that Bullet Club shirts and merchandise were becoming more noticeable on WWE Tv to the growth and popularity of the team. It's believed that WWE and NJPW have come to an agreement where WWE will be allowed to use the Bullet Club image and rights on TV but that NJPW will gain a percentage of merchandise profit sales while benefiting from the exposure on a global scale.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Before the show begins, the camera cuts backstage as we see Stephanie McMahon speaking on the phone.

    So it's official? The challenge from Randy Orton to Brock Lesnar for a dream match at Summerslam has been accepted?

    Stephanie smiles as the fans can be heard cheering.

    That's perfect, Shane. The Beast vs. The Viper- a match that is 15 years in the making. Two of the best superstars that the WWE has to offer today are going to compete in what will be a jam-packed Summerslam.

    It's revealed that Stephanie is talking to her brother, Shane McMahon as she continues.

    It's great isn't it? And things are about to get better as later tonight, we will have Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar on Raw as they address Randy Orton's challenge.

    More cheers are heard as Stephanie continues.

    It's going to be exciting, but with what The Viper had to say on Smackdown about Lesnar- it's going to get real tonight. I'll leave you to it Shane, the flagship show is about to begin.

    The cameras cut off as the opening video package for Raw begins to play.

    1st August 2016 – Phillips Arena – Atlanta, Georgia

    The fireworks erupt as we are live in the Phillips Arena tonight! The fans can be seeing cheering in anticipation for Raw to begin as we head over to the announcers table. We have Mauro Ranallo, Michael Cole & Corey Graves on commentary! Ranallo welcomes us to Monday Night Raw as he hypes up how we have a fantastic Raw in store for the WWE Universe tonight. The first match will have the #1 contender to the WWE Champion in Roman Reigns take on The Underdog From The Underground- Sami Zayn! And we will also see a big main event as Sheamus takes on the WWE Champion in Dean Ambrose in what will be some hard-hitting action! Cole talks about how Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman will also be here tonight, as we heard Stephanie speaking on the phone- and their match for Summerslam has been made official! Graves says that is going to be a fantastic match as it is 15 years in the making! And tonight, we're also going to see The New Day celebrate holding the WWE Tag Team Championship for 344 days as they have broken a record- this show is going to be awesome!


    The fans respond with a pop as Cesaro comes out to his old music. The Swiss Cyborg is suited and booted tonight as he has a mic in hand. He makes his way to the ring as fans can be seen lifting up Cesaro Section signs. Ranallo talks about how last week- Cesaro earned a shot at the Intercontinental Championship against The Miz for Summerslam! Cesaro enters the ring as he begins to speak.

    CESARO: The fans in Atlanta, Georgia are fired up tonight!

    Cheers for The Peak of Technique.

    CESARO: I see all the Cesaro Section signs that are being held up, and I really appreciate the support guys. It feels good knowing that I have the people backing in me in my journey to the top... and I'm out here to address my match for Summerslam, as last week- I won a Fatal Four Way match to become the #1 contender to the Intercontinental Championship.

    The fans pop.

    CESARO: However shortly after my match, I also heard what The Miz had to say about me.. and he was going on and on and on and on and on about how he was angry at having to face me at Summerslam. As a matter of fact, he is refusing to walk into Summerslam and face me as long as I am the #1 contender.

    Boos for the mention of The Miz.

    CESARO: But I understand exactly what is going on. The Miz claims that he has beaten me time after time, but that's not the real reason why he doesn't want face me. The Intercontinental Champion is trying to avoid me because one simple reason...

    The Miz is scared of me.

    Fans cheer in agreement.

    CESARO: Hell, I don't even blame him. If I was The Miz, I'd be scared of me too- but that's not the point. The point is that The Miz is the Intercontinental Champion but he is refusing to defend the title. And the last time I checked? That title represented the workhorses of the WWE.

    More cheers as the fans agree.

    CESARO: The Intercontinental Championship has a prestigious linage to it. We had legends such as Shawn Michaels.. Bret Hart... Ricky Steamboat... and they put on some of the greatest matches in WWE history by defending that title with honor and pride. They didn't care about who their opponents were- they put their heart into wrestling the best superstars to be fighting champions.

    The fans pop for the mentions of the legends.

    CESARO: But instead? The champion wants to avoid me because The Miz knows exactly what the score is. He knows that if he walks into Brooklyn- he's going to walk out of Brooklyn as a former Intercontinental Champion!

    The fans cheer as they agree with Cesaro.

    I EARNED my title shot- and I'm not going to sit back and watch The A-List Superstar do what he does best which is taking the coward's way out.

    More cheers as Cesaro goes to continue speaking but the lights immediately cut off...


    The fans begin to boo as they know who's coming.



    A HUGE negative reaction tonight as Atlanta erupts with boos for the Intercontinental Champion. The Miz comes out with Maryse, and the champion is wearing a red suit whereas Maryse is wearing a black dress. The Miz begins to speak as they stand on the stage.

    THE MIZ:
    You heard Cesaro, can we please have some quiet because right now? You're boring me... and you're boring my beautiful wife.

    The fans boo as Miz & Maryse make their way down to the ring. They enter the ring as Miz continues.

    THE MIZ:
    Who even cares about those so called legends you just named? Sure... the likes of Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels have held this title- but screw the both of them! NONE of them come close to me. There isn't a single man that you have named that is better than ME!

    Boos from the fans as Cesaro begins to laugh- clearly disagreeing with The Miz' words.

    THE MIZ: You claim that I am scared of you? Oh Cesaro, I find your accusations flattering because I'm NOT scared of you. I think it's time that I must do some reminding because I don't think you quite understand the reasoning behind my refusal for having to face you at Summerslam...

    So let's prove exactly how many times I have defeated you.

    Miz points to the TitanTron.

    THE MIZ: Roll the footage!

    The TitanTron shows Payback from May 1st 2016 as we see The Miz defending the Intercontinental Championship against Cesaro. The clip show Miz rolling up Cesaro for the win to retain his title. The cameras cut back to The Miz.

    THE MIZ: That's the first time I defeated you with the title on the line Cesaro- but it doesn't end there!

    We go back to Extreme Rules on May 22nd 2016 as it was a Fatal Four Way match with Miz defending his championship against Cesaro, Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens. We see Miz pinning Cesaro again as he successfully defends his title again.

    THE MIZ: Oh, you thought I was finished? Here's the last clip!

    Another clip is shown from May 26th 2016 on an edition of Smackdown before the brand extension. We see Miz defending his title against Cesaro yet again, with Miz nailing Cesaro with an SKF before covering him to retain his title. The cameras cut back to the champion and his wife as the fans boo loudly.

    THE MIZ: Well, well, well. The evidence is there, Cyborg. It isn't once... it isn't twice... it is THREE times that I have defended my title against you before pinning you- and successfully defeating you. Do you still want to question why I am refusing to face you at Summerslam because like you- I could go on and on and on and on.

    Maryse begins to laugh as Miz mocks Cesaro, whilst Cesaro just stares a dagger into Miz's eyes.

    THE MIZ:
    Did I hit a nerve? Because it doesn't matter what you say Cesaro... it doesn't change the fact that every single time you have faced me in a match- whether it was a multi-man match or a singles match... you have screwed it up by losing. So it's not that I'm scared of you...

    I'm simply not going to tarnish my reputation by facing a man that I have defeated several times!

    More boos for The A-Lister as Miz looks at the audience, and raises his hand.

    THE MIZ: When my hand goes up, your mouths go SHUT!!

    The fans continue to boo as Miz looks back at Cesaro.

    THE MIZ: How many times do I have to beat somebody for people to realize that there's just no hope? You will NEVER take this championship off me... but nobody wants to believe me. The entire world still thinks you have a shot at beating me. But we all know that's not going to happen...

    Because you are NOTHING.

    Loud boos for the champion as he rips into his challenger.

    THE MIZ: When I look at you? I see an individual that can perform well in the ring... but that's just about it. There's nothing special to you Cesaro. You're a boring man that is just too nice to be at the top. You lack the charisma that a real champion needs.

    The Miz continues as Cesaro is clearly getting more and more angrier by the second.

    THE MIZ:
    Nobody has any real faith in you... the idea of you succeeding in the WWE is as little as the chance of you winning this title... which by the way... is zero. So just face it Cesaro... you don't have what it takes to end my championship reign. I'm going to hold this belt for a VERY long time, and you won't do anything about it. And besides Cesaro, how do you expect to beat me at Summerslam...

    The Miz looks Cesaro in the eye.

    THE MIZ: When you can't even connect with the WWE Universe?

    Damn. HUGE boos for The Miz tonight as Cesaro has had enough! He begins to open the buttons on his suit as Miz' words have riled Cesaro up. The fans are cheering as Cesaro seems to be getting fired up as he takes off his suit and his shirt. Cesaro drops his mic- and The Swiss Cyborg goes for a straight shot to the face of The Miz...

    But The Miz predicts the move and he drags Maryse in front of him!! The fans go crazy with boos as Cesaro is unable to land the shot with the champion's wife in the way. The Miz exits the ring after taking the coward's way out. Maryse also exits the ring as Cesaro looks very, very pissed off...


    Atlanta erupts with a big pop as the music of Raw's General Manager hits! Daniel Bryan comes out with a mic in hand, as he begins to do the YES chant whilst the fans join along with him. Bryan smiles, clearly appreciating the reaction as he looks towards the commotion in the Phillips Arena. The Beard speaks as he has something to say...

    DANIEL BRYAN: I think I need to address a couple of issues regarding the match at Summerslam. Miz- you might be the Intercontinental Champion... but you're not the man that makes the decisions around here because I'M the General Manager of Monday Night Raw!

    The fans pop in agreement as Cesaro also nods. The Miz & Maryse begin to laugh from outside the ring, not taking Daniel Bryan seriously.

    DANIEL BRYAN: Yes, keep laughing Miz... I'm going to make something very clear. I understand your reasoning behind not wanting to face Cesaro at Summerslam- but I honestly couldn't care less because there WILL be an Intercontinental Championship match at the hottest party of the Summer. You will go one on one with Cesaro whether you like it or not... and if you refuse to go to Brookyln?

    You will be stripped out of the Intercontinental Championship.

    HUGE pop as The Miz & Maryse erupt in a fit of anger as Miz can't believe it!

    THE MIZ:
    Are you kidding me right now? THIS IS A JOKE!! WHY do I have to always prove myself against Cesaro?! I am the best Intercontinental Champion that this company has ever had- and I deserve...

    Bryan interrupts.


    Bryan isn't taking any of The Miz' complaining as he continues to speak.

    DANIEL BRYAN: I was not finished. Now I'm not going to deny that the series of The Miz/Cesaro matches have been very repetitive- and this is a new era of course! So at Summerslam? I'm going to up the ante. The fans want to know who REALLY wants that title, and they want to see the both of you do whatever it takes to win... so Cesaro? If you lose this match at Summerslam...

    You will not compete for the Intercontinental title again as long as The Miz is champion.

    The fans erupt with 'NO!' chants as they don't agree with Bryan's decision. Cesaro looks to be very confused with the decision as The Miz & Maryse are loving it.

    DANIEL BRYAN: I'm not done... because the same goes for you Miz. If you lose the match at Summerslam against Cesaro.. not only do you lose your championship- but you will also not gain a rematch clause or a shot at the Intercontinental title either.

    The fans then erupt with 'YES!' chants as Miz can't believe it! Miz can be heard shouting 'Are you serious?!' as he clearly feels as if he's being screwed.

    Cesaro vs. The Miz in a Last Chance Match for the Intercontinental Championship at Brooklyn? Now that sounds explosive to me. Atlanta, Georgia, enjoy the rest of the show!

    Bryan heads to the back as an angry pair of Miz & Maryse turn around, knowing full well that they can't do anything about the GM's decision. They turn to Cesaro as Cesaro stares The Miz down with a big smile on his face- mouthing the words 'it's on' as Miz begins to get very serious. The two men continue to trash talk each other as we head to our first break of the night.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The cameras cut to the announcers table as Ranallo hypes up how the Intercontinental Championship Match at Summerslam just got more explosive than ever! A Last Chance stipulation has been added into the match- and it applies to both Cesaro & The Miz, as the loser won't be able to compete for the Intercontinental title again as long as the other is champion. Cole says that he doesn't know who's going to walk out of Summerslam as champion. Graves says that up next, we have two of WWE's most popular superstars in action!


    Atlanta bursts into a frenzy of cheers for The Underdog From The Underground as Sami Zayn comes out to the stage! Zayn looks as fired up as ever as he makes his way to the ring, slapping the hands of the fans in audience. Ranallo talks about how Zayn lost the chance to be #1 contender last week, but he looks to pick himself back up with a win over The Big Dog.


    A HUGE mixed reaction for The Big Dog as Roman Reigns comes out to the stage! Reigns makes his way to the ring, as there are definitely more boos for him tonight- especially with who he's going up against. Reigns enters the ring, and the referee calls for the bell.

    Match 1: Roman Reigns vs. Sami Zayn

    This match has been full of back and forth action as it has gone on for a good 15 minutes so far. Roman Reigns has played the role of the aggressor as he has been very dominant, and the fans have displayed negative reactions for The Big Dog throughout this match. On the other hand, Sami Zayn has been the resilient underdog- taking everything that Roman has been giving him, and as you'd expect- Sami has the backing of the entire Phillips Arena tonight as they continue to cheer the underdog who is giving it his all.

    The finish comes when Reigns & Zayn are both exhausted as Ranallo hypes up how this has been a great opener. The two superstars begin to grapple each other as Reigns had hold of Zayn's arm- and Reigns immediately goes for a Clothesline with his other arm but Zayn dodges it! Reigns misses but this leads to Zayn being in control of Reigns' arm. Zayn takes advantage by running to the corner and jumping from the second top rope onto third top rope before launching in the air whilst having Reigns in his grasp...

    SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT!! The fans erupt as Zayn smashes Reigns' head onto the canvas, and Zayn goes for the cover. 1... 2... BUT REIGNS KICKS OUT! The fans can't believe it, and neither can Zayn- but Zayn is wasting no time. The Underdog from the Underground slowly picks himself back up to his feet... and he grabs Reigns before eventually being able to pick Reigns up to his feet... EXPLODER SUPLEX TO REIGNS! Reigns crashes onto the corner, as Zayn begins to hype himself up. The fans are cheering Zayn on, as Zayn lines Reigns up and motions for the Helluva Kick. He charges towards Reigns... BUT REIGNS CONNECTS WITH A SUPERMAN PUNCH!!

    The fans boo at the counter as Reigns knocks Zayn to the ground. Reigns, using the ropes for leverage- picks himself back up, before ROARING to the annoyance of the WWE Universe. Reigns motions for Zayn to get up as he slowly does so. Zayn turns around...

    SPEAR TO ZAYN!! Reigns immediately goes for the cover as the referee counts. 1... 2... 3... AND REIGNS GETS THE WIN!!



    Following the match, Reigns raises his hands up high in the air- but The Big Dog has no time to celebrate as he motions for a mic to be given to him. He's eventually given one before he looks to the audience.

    ROMAN REIGNS: Ambrose... I know you're watching, so listen up.

    Reigns looks into the camera as he looks very serious.

    ROMAN REIGNS: Last week... he came out to the ring after my match- and I showed the champion respect. We bumped fists, and it was game on for Summerslam... but then he decided to disrespect me by waving the WWE Championship around my face.

    Reigns doesn't look too happy as he continues.

    ROMAN REIGNS: So let me remind you of something Dean... that title you waved around my face? I have held that title THREE more times than you ever have in your career.

    The fans boo loudly but Reigns isn't finished.

    ROMAN REIGNS: Hell, the first time I won the WWE Championship? It was in this exact arena when I defeated the same Lunatic Fringe at Survivor Series 2015.

    More boos for Reigns.

    ROMAN REIGNS: And while I consider you my brother- at Summerslam? I'M the man who's gonna win, and you're gonna come second place to me.

    Reigns continues as the fans disagree with his words.

    Truth be told, even though you're the WWE Champion- you're used to being second place Ambrose. And if you don't believe me... then why was I drafted #1 on Raw and not you?

    The backlash in The Phillips Arena is unreal as Reigns continues with his fighting talk.

    Not even Smackdown Live considered you as their #1 draft pick because they went Charlotte over you... so Ambrose- I'm talking to you as brother to brother... man to man. Stay in your lane Ambrose... or you won't even make it to the finish line at Summerslam...

    Because this is MY yard now.

    Reigns drops the mic, and he exits the ring as the fans chant 'YOU SUCK!' at The Big Dog. And as usual, Reigns pays no attention to the fans as the only thing on his mind is the WWE Championship. Ranallo talks about Reigns was fiery with his words tonight as the rivalry between the brothers starts to boil.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera cuts backstage as we see Charly Caruso standing in the interviewing area.

    CHARLY CARUSO: Ladies and gentleman, my guest at this time... 'The Boss' Sasha Banks!

    The cameras zoom out to reveal The Boss standing beside Charly Caruso as the fans can be heard cheering loudly.

    Now Sasha, we've just received word from Stephanie McMahon that tonight- you will go one on one with Alicia Fox. How do you feel about having to face the women that backed you up last week?

    Sasha speaks.

    SASHA BANKS: You know what Charly.. I have respect for everything that Alicia Fox has done in this business. She's very underrated, and she doesn't get the respect that she deserves. And I really do appreciate how she backed me up against those wretched wannabes last week...

    But as Sasha goes to continue speaking, the camera zooms out to reveal Alicia Fox standing, watching and listening to everything that Sasha had to say. Alicia joins Caruso & Banks as she begins to speak.

    ALICIA FOX: If you're ever in a situation with Alexa Bliss & Summer Rae in which you're outnumbered- then I will be there to back you, that's not a problem girl. But I hope you understand that last week? Was simply a one-off... because we all have intentions of being the face of this Womens division- and despite all the respect we have for each other?

    You're simply another women that's in my way.

    Banks nods as she acknowledges what Fox is saying- before replying to Fox's comments.

    SASHA BANKS: I understand that... and the fact is- every single women in this roster has the same goal, and that is to be the best in the Womens division. It doesn't matter how I feel about you- because I'll have to treat you like I'd treat any of my opponents... and when me & you go face to face tonight?

    I'm just gonna have to show you who's The Boss around here!

    Sasha & Alicia begin to stare off following their confrontation as the cameras cut to the announcers table.

    Ranallo says that Alicia Fox will go one on one with Sasha Banks- and he can't wait to see what two of the most fierce women in the Raw division can bring to the table tonight. Cole agrees, and he says that despite both women having respect- Fox & Banks both know that they have to do everything in their power to win this match. Graves says moving on, we have some more singles action up next!


    The fans respond with a light pop for the music of Darren Young- as Young comes out with his life coach in Bob Backlund! Cole talks about how Darren Young lost his title match at Battleground, before losing his opportunity to go to Summerslam last week.. this is a match that Darren Young just HAS to win. Young enters the ring as Backlund cheers him on.


    A loud ovation for The Show-Off tonight as Dolph Ziggler comes out to the stage! Ziggler begins to pose and do his theatrics on the stage before making his way to the ring. Ranallo talks about how Ziggler also lost his chance to go to Summerslam with a world title shot last week. He states that Ziggler also NEEDS the win tonight.

    Match 2. Darren Young vs. Dolph Ziggler

    Finish: Both superstars have showcased their athleticism tonight as the fans have seen Darren Young & Dolph Ziggler pull out all the stops to gain a win here tonight. The finish comes when Young is in control. Ziggler is on the ground, as Young runs from one side of the ring to another before striking with a Leg Drop! Bob Backlund cheers Young on as Young slowly gets back up. He goes to lift up Ziggler in a Fireman's Carry to put him position for a Gutcheck- but as he goes to hit it... ZIG ZAG FROM ZIGGLER!! Ziggler reverses the move to a HUGE pop from the fans before going for the cover... and Ziggler gets the win!



    The fans cheer Ziggler on- as Bob Backlund attends to his mentor who looks very disappointed with the loss. Ranallo talks about how Ziggler looks very positive tonight, and he looked very motivated here tonight.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The cameras cut backstage as we see American Alpha! Atlanta erupts for the hottest tag team in WWE as Chad Gable & Jason Jordan are simply having a casual conversation.

    ???: Well look who we have 'ere Uce!

    Gable & Jordan look to the other side as the camera zooms out- to reveal The Usos standing beside them as the fans respond with another pop.

    JEY USO: Don't worry guys- don't be too shocked! We just came 'ere to congratulate y'all on your successful debuts last week. I mean... it's such a huge accomplishment, ain't it Uce? Beating none other than... THE SPIRIT SQUAD!!

    The Usos begin to laugh, mocking American Alpha's opponents from last week.

    Out of all the tag teams they put y'all up against... they pick The Spirit Squad? Damn! But to be completely honest... it don't make sense, does it Uce? After all.. American Alpha are gettin' ALL the attention around here.. yet The Usos couldn't even get on the show last week.

    The Usos then turn serious as Gable & Jordan look on.

    JEY USO:
    Hell, we ain't even booked for Raw tonight! Can you believe 'dat? We are former TWO time Tag Team Champions.. plus we been here longer than y'all... and as far as we're concerned? We DESERVE better!

    Gable & Jordan respond as The Usos look very annoyed.

    CHAD GABLE: Look... we have the utmost respect for the both of you. You guys are one of the best tag teams in the WWE today, and we can see why you two would want opportunities... but we're not the people you should be complaining to.

    Gable & Jordan look at each other, before Jordan speaks, looking back at The Usos.

    JASON JORDAN: And from what I can remember- the last time you two got an opportunity was at Battleground. You guys could have went a step closer to earning a shot at the Tag Team titles... but instead...

    You lost to Breezango.

    The fans can be heard cheering as The Usos begin to get angry.

    JEY USO:
    Oh, you wanna go there huh?

    The two teams begin to get in each other's faces as it looks as if a brawl is about to break out- but that's until Stephanie McMahon gets involved!

    : Stop it guys!

    Stephanie manages to split both teams up as The Usos & American Alpha look like they want to fight.

    I heard everything you guys had to say. Usos, you weren't the only tag team featured last week- but I understand your frustration. I've decided that I'm going to make a match that will feature ALL the tag teams on Raw. So tonight? We will have a Tag Team Turmoil match- and the winner of that match will go onto Summerslam to face The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships! How does that sound?

    The Usos & American Alpha nod in approval, before looking back at each other with cold looks as both teams go their separate ways.

    The cameras cut to the announcers table. Ranallo says that we have another big match for tonight as we will see a Tag Team Turmoil Match with implications for Summerslam! Cole states that the how the winner will recieve a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championips at the hottest party of summer. Graves says that up next- we have some Womens action!

    We go over to the ring as we see one of Raw's newest women superstar in Blue Pants! Cheers are heard for Blue Pants as Graves talks about how Blue Pants made her Raw debut last week as she was pinned by Alexa Bliss... but tonight is a chance for her to redeem that loss.


    The fans respond with boos as The First Lady of WWE comes out. Summer Rae begins to pose on the stage, before pointing to the back- as she has company... and Alexa Bliss comes out! Bliss joins Rae on the stage before they make their way to the ring. Summer enters the ring as Blue Pants looks on, with Cole pondering whether this is a new alliance being formed? The referee calls for the bell as the match begins.

    Match 3. Blue Pants vs. Summer Rae

    Summer Rae has been in control for the majority of the match- but Blue Pants was putting up a better fight than last week. This match has gone on for 7 minutes as Ranallo asks whether The First Lady or the underdog comes out on top. Alexa Bliss cheered for Summer Rae throughout the match- and the fans appreciated the fight that Blue Pants was putting up. The finish came when Summer Rae nailed Blue Pants with a Summer Crush before covering her for the win!



    The fans begin to boo as Summer Rae begins to celebrate- and the referee goes to raise her hand, but she refuses. Blue Pants is stirring in the ring as Bliss joins Rae in the ring with two mics in her hand, as she passes one to Rae. The duo begin to look at Blue Pants who is upset following her loss, and they begin to taunt her.

    SUMMER RAE: Awwwww... is someone upset that they lost? Blue Pants... please could you do us all a favour and get the HELL out of our ring!

    The fans continue to boo, clearly not happy with Summer Rae's words as Alexa Bliss begins to laugh. Blue Pants looks on, but she doesn't intervene as she does what she has been told to do. Blue Pants walks to the back with a face of disappointment as the duo in the ring smile.

    Last week, Alexa Bliss made her Raw debut in a match against Blue Pants... and as you would expect... Alexa came out on top as she looked to dominate. But tonight? I had to prove every stupid person in this arena wrong as I needed to show exactly why I, The first Lady of WWE, shouldn't have been forgotten about.

    Summer continues.

    SUMMER RAE: This Womens Evolution has needed me from the very start- and tonight was just the beginning! Me & Alexa Bliss... we aren't just any ordinary superstars. We are two ladies that will dominate this Womens division!

    The WWE Universe clearly disagree with Summer Rae as they respond with a negative reaction- but Alexa Bliss seems to be annoyed by the response, and she cuts in on the mic.

    ALEXA BLISS: WWE Universe... show some RESPECT for the First Lady of WWE!

    Atlanta continues to be in disagreement as they boo.

    ALEXA BLISS: You can boo us all you want- but I understand what issue is! You would all rather cheer for something pathetic like Sasha Banks' fairy tale dreams... and you're all too focused on rooting for crazy girls like Alicia Fox who have NO class or self-respect.

    Loud boos for The Goddess.

    Please... do carry on... but it really doesn't matter. There isn't anybody that will stop us because we are dangerous... we are beautiful... but most importantly... we are PRESTIGE! We're making it clear that whether you like us or not.. The First Lady & The Goddess are here to run TERROR on this Womens division.

    Alexa Bliss drops the mic with as the entire audience in the Phillips Arena are full of outrage. The two women exit the ring, and begin to walk to the back as Summer Rae's music plays.

    On the announcers table- Cole talks about how this alliance that has just been formed between Alexa Bliss & Summer Rae should have the Raw Womens division alert. Graves says that all the women in this division are individuals- so Bliss & Rae have clearly took it upon themselves to band together to get stronger. Ranallo says that after the commercial break- we will have The Beast in Brock Lesnar out here with his advocate in Paul Heyman as they address Randy Orton's Summerslam challenge!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The cameras cut back to the Phillips Arena as a video package for Summerslam is shown! We see various shots of the scenery in Brookyln, New York as well as the Barclays Arena. We also see shots of many superstars from Raw & Smackdown such as AJ Styles, John Cena & Dean Ambrose before the tagline is shown: The Hottest Party of the Summer!


    The fans explode with a HUGE mixed reaction for the music of THE BEAST as Brock Lesnar comes out to the stage with Paul Heyman! The pyros go off for Lesnar's entrance before Lesnar begins to walk to the ring- with his advocate swaggering ahead of him. They enter the ring as Heyman is given a mic, and is set to speak as some fans join along with Heyman.

    PAUL HEYMAN: Ladies and gentleman. My name is Paul Heyman... and I am the advocate of the one and only Beast of the WWE... BROOOOOOCK LESNAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

    Mixed reaction for Heyman & Lesnar as Heyman continues.

    PAUL HEYMAN: Now... it isn't a surprise as to why me & my client are out here tonight, but in order to refresh your memory- let's recap the entire situation, shall we? So firstly, at Battleground- we had the good ol' JR interview none other than The Viper himself... RANDY ORTON!

    Huge pop from the fans for the mention of Orton.

    Randy Orton had returned after a shoulder injury which must have been very, VERY grueling for him. He announced that he was fit and healthy to return to the ring, and Randy is focused as ever. But when JR asked Randy what his plans were for his return... he replied with my client's name... BROOOOOOCK LESNAAARRRR!

    Another mixed reaction as Lesnar begins to show a sadistic looking smile on his face.

    And there ISN'T any denying that you caused a storm Randy.. you generated plenty of excitement. You got the entire WWE Universe excited for even the THOUGHT of having The Viper vs. The Beast at Summerslam!

    Huge pop for the mention as Heyman smiles.

    PAUL HEYMAN: It's a match that EVERYBODY is craving to see... it's a dream match! It's a big match for the people at Summerslam.. it's a great cheque for my client... but the real question is... is it good for you? Because when I was watching the Battleground PPV, I thought to myself that maybe you hadn't thought this through. It kept going over and over my head. And then the match was made official. The Viper would go one on one with The Beast at Summerslam! But it was at THAT moment that something dawned on me. And that something is very simple...

    That Randy Orton had made the BIGGEST mistake of his career.

    Boos can be heard as Lesnar smirks- and Heyman continues talking.

    Randy Orton has ONLY just returned from his shoulder injury.. and he wants to go against MY Beast? Randy- there isn't no one disputing the fact that you have done it ALL in the WWE... but the difference between yourself.. and my client is the simple fact that BROOOOOCK LESNAAAR is the real deal! He's done it ALL in the WWE... but most importantly- he DOMINATED the UFC. My client has FLOURISHED by snapping shoulders and breaking arms... So tell me Mr. Viper...

    Whatcha gonna do when THE BEAST is coming for you?!

    Mixed reaction as some Orton chants can be heard.

    My client has proven that he can be successful when he goes OUT of his comfort zone.. but what about The Viper himself? We all know that a snake never strikes unless it's ready. A snake never escapes it's comfort zone. It's a known fact that a snake always stays on the ground unless it needs to... but you're not going to strike Randy. You're not going to be comfortable in your OWN comfort zone because my client is going to TEAR YOU APART.

    Lesnar nods in agreement as Heyman speaks with fire.

    And you had the AUDACITY to talk about how my client needs enhancements unlike you... well here's the thing Randy. That was just ONE mistake. ONE slip from my client. But you're not any different Randy! Who the hell are you to talk about failing drugs test...

    When you're the same man that got tested positive for marijuana?

    'OOOOHHHHH' says the Atlanta crowd as the excitement just gets even more bigger.

    PAUL HEYMAN: Is that why you hear voices in your head Randy? Did the voices in your tell you to challenge MY Beast because let me assure you of this. It doesn't matter WHO my client faces at Summerslam.. because either way he is walking out with a big paycheck to support his family. My client doesn't need Randy Orton... Randy Orton NEEDS my client. And at Summerslam? The Viper will be added to the list of people that my client has conquered.

    Mixed reaction as Heyman carries on speaking.

    The Viper says that it only takes ONE RKO to make my client sleep... but that's the thing Randy- The RKO... that's ALL you have? The Beast has an F5 in his arsenal that can shatter your face! My client has a Kimura Lock that can SNAP your arm and your shoulder! But most importantly? My client has MULTIPLE variations of Suplex's that will cause Randy Orton to CRASH and BURN on his path to SUPLEX CITY BITCH!!!


    Wait, what? The confusion in the arena is clear as Titus O'Neil's music hits, and O'Neil comes out- wearing an all grey suit and trousers. O'Neil makes his way to the ring, with Heyman & Lesnar looking just as confused as the fans in attendance tonight. O'Neil enters the ring as he's given a mic, and he begins to speak.

    TITUS O'NEIL: Ladies and gentleman, my name is Titus O'Neil! Paul, Brock- it's pleasure to meet you guys!

    O'Neil offers his hand out for Paul Heyman to shake- but Heyman begins to chuckle to himself whilst ignoring the handshake.

    TITUS O'NEIL: Okay... maybe I need to explain exactly why I'm out here right now. But you see.. this is a NEW era! And everybody has talking about how this is an era of change.. and I'm out here to officially announce that tonight is the beginning of TITUS WORLDWIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!

    Titus speaks with fire as Heyman & Lesnar don't quite understand. Heyman speaks.

    Titus Worldwide? Very cute Titus.. now tell us- what in the world do you want?!

    Titus begins to smile as he speaks again.

    TITUS O'NEIL: What do I want? Let me start off by saying that I want- has nothing to do with you Paul! What I want... has EVERYTHING to do with YOUR client- The Beast himself... BROOOOCK LESNAAAR!

    The founder of the Titus Worldwide looks at Brock Lesnar- as Lesnar seems to be listening. The fans are still wondering what the hell is going on.

    So Brock... I want you to hear me out. The TItus Brand is ready to takeover the WWE, and there isn't a superstar out there that matches your ability Brock! There isn't a man out there that has the aura that you do! So I came out here with a proposition that would change your life! A once in a lifetime opportunity. So Brock Lesnar- I'd like to offer you the chance of being MY client by joining TITUS WORLDWIIIIIIIIIIIDE!

    Titus drops the bombshell as the fans can be heard laughing. Some fans are even chanting 'YES' at the possibility of Brock joining the Titus Brand. Paul Heyman begins to laugh very loud, almost uncontrollably- as Titus gets serious. Brock just stands there, monotone- not knowing what to think.

    TITUS O'NEIL: What's so funny Paul? You see... when it comes to being an advocate for the best... it was you that everybody came to. Superstars were clamoring to be the next Paul Heyman Guy! But as I stated earlier.. this is an era of change. Being a Paul Heyman Guy simply ain't cool anymore! You wanna know what the new trend is? Joining Titus WORLDWIIIIIIDE and being a TITUS O'NEIL GUY! So Mr. Lesnar... what do you say?!

    O'Neil puts his arm out for Lesnar to shake- as O'Neil is clearly being very serious... but Paul Heyman himself, and some of the fans aren't taking O'Neil seriously at all. O'Neil is mouthing to Brock to 'once in a lifetime!' as Brock looks at his hand. 'YES!' chants can also be heard as Heyman speaks.

    PAUL HEYMAN: Look Titus... my client appreciates everything that you have to say about him- because you're right. There isn't a SINGLE superstar that matches the aura or the ability that my client possesses. So if he wants to join Titus Worldwide, then it's completely up to him. It's your choice Brock, do what is best for you.

    Heyman walks away, and exits the ring- still bursting in fits of laughter as he nods in disapproval. Meanwhile back in the ring, O'Neil still has his hand out. Lesnar looks to the crowd, and he nods in approval- before shaking O'Neil's hand... AND LIFTING O'NEIL UP TO HIS SHOULDERS...

    F5!! F5 TO TITUS O'NEIL! The fans are going crazy with cheers and boos as Lesnar DROPS Titus with his finisher... but Lesnar isn't finished! A rampant Lesnar picks O'Neil back up again, before turning him around... GERMAN SUPLEX!! Ranallo says that O'Neil is being taken all the way to Suplex City, as Lesnar lifts O'Neil up again... ANOTHER GERMAN SUPLEX!!

    The fans erupt in a 'SUPLEX CITY!' chant as Lesnar goes for another one... A THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX!! Lesnar gets off Titus, before screaming and holding his hands high up in the air- with Heyman looking on from the stage. Lesnar exits the ring, joining his advocate on the stage as Cole says that a message has been sent to not only Titus O'Neil, the fans- but to Randy Orton himself. THIS is what Brock Lesnar is capable of doing, and Orton should be cautious!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The TitanTron shows another video package as we see various shots of Raw's newest talent Austin Aries posing and showing off wearing sunglasses and a suit.

    AUSTIN ARIES: I came to NXT to prove myself.

    The clip shows Austin Aries' debut in NXT, as we see William Regal introducing Aries to the fans in NXT. A picture of Aries with Triple H is also shown.

    AUSTIN ARIES: But the fact of the matter is? I never needed to prove myself.

    We see footage of Austin Aries brutally attacking No Way Jose on NXT, before the clip cuts to Aries winning championships in various promotions.

    Because I've always had the full package.

    Aries is shown hitting the Discus Fivearm on multiple superstars on NXT.

    The pool of talent on Monday Night Raw is simply good.

    The clip shows John Cena, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns.

    AUSTIN ARIES: But none of those guys are great like me...

    Aries is shown locking superstars from NXT in the Last Chancery.

    AUSTIN ARIES: Because I'm The Greatest Man That Ever Lived.

    Aries finally looks towards the camera, before taking his shades off with a confident smirk on his face...

    AUSTIN ARIES: And I'm coming.

    A graphic of Summerslam appears, before the date of the PPV event is shown.


    The cameras cut to the announcers desk as Ranallo says that Austin Aries will be a fantastic addition to Monday Night Raw. He moves on, as he talks about how last week- Curtis Axel went one on one with John Cena. Axel gave the world a glimpse of what he is capable of, but he lost to John Cena which sent Axel into a rampage. A recap of last week's events are shown with Axel's backstage segment. Graves talks about how Axel was angry at being named Mr. Irrelevant, and we understand that Axel has decided to take some time off- but what does this mean for him? Cole asks whether this is the end of the road for Curtis Axel?- before saying that it's time for some Womens action!


    The music of All Red Everything hits as Atlanta erupts with heavy boos for All Red Everything. The lights in the arena go red as a a voice over begins to play and the crowd continue to react with a frenzy of boos as Eva Marie comes out to the stage in a glamorous white robe.

    NARRATOR: From Concord, California, comes the most stylish, elegant, bewitching, eternally beguiling, contentiously charismatic, and fantastically fascinating woman to appear in this or any arena.

    Allow yourself to be seduced, enchanted, dazzled, and entranced by All Red Everything herself...

    Eva Marie makes her way down the ramp as Ranallo questions why Eva Marie is out here? However it's made clear as Eva walks past the ring and joins the trio on commentary. Graves welcomes Eva to the announcers table as he asks her what brings her here? Eva puts on a headset, before stating that she's scouting the Raw Womens division to see her opposition and what they can do.


    Alicia Fox's music hits as the fans respond with a light pop! Fox makes her way to the ring as Graves reminds us how Alicia Fox is a former Womens Champion- and she is a women who isn't finished and she still has plenty to prove in the Womens Evolution! Ranallo says that this next match should be great.


    Atlanta begins to cheer even louder for The Boss as Sasha Banks comes out to the stage! Banks begins to show off her 'LEGIT BOSS' ring before making her way to the squared-circle. Cole talks about how Sasha Banks feels that she is the top women of this division so this match will be the best way for The Boss to back up her statement. Eva Marie says that there is only one women who is at the top of this division- and that's All Red Everything.

    Banks enters the ring as Fox looks The Boss in the eye- not looking away. The two women continue to stare at each other until Sasha Banks puts her hand out- with Alicia Fox shaking to a nice pop from the fans. The bell eventually rings as the two women go one on one!

    Match 4. Alicia Fox vs. Sasha Banks

    The two women have wrestled in a fantastic match so far as they really have took each other to the limit to prove who deserves to be the face of the Womens division. The finish comes when Banks & Fox are both grappling, and Banks goes for a punch to the face of Fox but Fox grabs her arm before putting her own head under Banks' arm before lifting The Boss up... NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! The fans cheer but Fox isn't finished. She begins to hype herself up, before going for an Officer Nasty (Somersault Leg Drop)... but Banks manages to move out of the way as Fox crashes onto the canvas. Banks slowly picks herself back up as the fans cheer her on, and Banks eventually gets up. She picks up Fox as Fox has her back towards Banks... and Bank hits her with a Double Knee Backbreaker... before transitioning into the Bank Statement! Banks has the move locked in as Fox begins to scream in pain! Banks increases the pressure.. but the attention moves to the stage as we see two women coming out...

    Summer Rae & Alexa Bliss begin to make their way to the ring- stalking Banks & Fox whilst Banks still has the move locked in... but Banks looks over to see Rae & Bliss on the apron! They enter the ring as Banks immediately breaks the hold, and Banks charges at Rae with shots to the face- but Bliss intervenes as she grabs hold of Banks before throwing her onto the floor as the referee calls for the bell!



    After the match, Summer Rae begins to beatdown on Sasha Banks as she is being absolutely relentless right now. On the other hand, Alicia Fox is laying on the canvas- and Alexa Bliss begins to erupt with vicious kicks to the face of Fox. Rae & Bliss continue their beatdown- as Eva Marie looks on from the commentary table, as she says that she's seen enough.

    Eva Marie takes off her headset- and rushes into the ring as she screams STOP! Rae & Bliss look on, not knowing what to think of this and the fans begin to boo very loudly as it looks as if Marie is sticking up for Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox... before a smirk occurs on the face of All Red Everything- and Marie unloads with elbows and punches to the face of Sasha Banks! The trio continue the attack until...


    NIKKI BELLA!! NIKKI BELLA IS HERE!! The fans go wild with as the former two time Divas Champion makes her return! Nikki Bella comes out- and stands on the stage with a face of determination as the trio of women in the ring stop their attack on Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox- and they turn to the stage. Bella walks down the ramp, and she enters the ring as the fans continue to cheer at the tension brewing in the ring.

    Summer Rae, Alexa Bliss & Eva Marie stare down Bella before a surprising move ensures as Eva Marie takes herself out of the equation by exiting the ring!! The fans boo loudly as Eva escapes from all the commotion with Rae & Bliss not looking too happy..

    But they turn their sights back onto Bella... and Rae steps up to Nikki. Nikki smirks towards Rae as Rae puts her hand out- seemingly a proposal for Nikki Bella to align with them as Nikki grabs Rae's hand... AND SHE HITS A SPINEBUSTER TO RAE!! The fans explode as Bliss then begins to attack Nikki- but this time- it's the heels that are outnumbered as Banks & Fox both slowly but surely get back up! Banks grabs Bliss from behind before spinning her around... ROUNDHOUSE KICK TO BLISS!! Banks hits a vicious kick to the face of Bliss to send her out of the ring as the fans continue to cheer.

    Nikki Bella, Sasha Banks & Alicia Fox all stand tall in the ring as Rae & Bliss back up to the stage. The faces then all look towards each other- clearly nodding at each other in respect. But on the other hand, Summer Rae & Alexa Bliss stand on the stage knowing they have been outclassed as it's game on. Ranallo points how all the women have their competitive faces on because they all know full well that it's every women for herself- and with the addition of Nikki Bella, the competition has just got a whole lot better!

    The camera heads to the announcers table as Cole says that up next, we have the WWE Tag Team Champions in The New Day LIVE on Monday Night Raw as the three men celebrate their historic reign as champions with the trio having held their titles for over 344 days!

    Big E:
    OOOHHHHH Atlanta, Georgiaaaaaaaaa...

    The fans respond with a mixed reaction.

    Big E: Don't you DARE be sour!

    Clap for your longest reigning Tag Team Champs...

    And feeeeeeeeeeel the POWWWAHHHHHHH!!


    Atlanta bursts with loud cheers for the WWE World Tag Team Champions! The New Day come out to the stage, with Kofi Kingston, Big E & Xavier Woods dancing around the stage with balloons saying '344' in their hands- and the atmosphere in the Phillips Arena is very exciting tonight. The three men enter the ring as we see the ring decorated unicorn balloons as well as normal balloons.

    Each men have a mic in their hand, as they stand in the centre of the ring. The fans chant 'NEW DAY ROCKS!' very loudly as The New Day look absolutely delighted with the cheers.

    The past couple of weeks has been absolutely historic for The New Day- and it's a great feeling that we have come this far... and last week at Battleground- we had the most toughest match of our entire careers... as The New Day faced The Wyatt Family.

    I saw the real threat that The Wyatts posed, and I'm just proud of the fact that we made out of that match alive! And while we didn't walk out of that match with the pinfall... we walked out as different men! We didn't lose because The New Day are still standing in THIS very ring as your longest reigning...

    The New Day begin to shake their hips round and round as Woods continues.

    W... W... E.... World.... Tag... Team... CHAMPIOOOOOOOOONS!

    The fans explode with cheers as Big E begins to speak.

    BIG E: You know... 344 days is a very, VERY long time to held any sort of titles! 344 days ago... The New Day had a dream that Booty O's would go global... and today? We are proud to officially announce that Booty O's is now a breakfast cereal which you can pre-order now from the FYE stores!!

    Kofi cuts in.

    Booty O's... They make sure you ain't BOOTY!!

    More cheers as Kofi continues to speak.

    KOFI KINGSTON: And following that brand extension- The New Day were the FIRST tag team to be drafted onto Monday Night Raw! We bring the power of positivity to Monday nights.. And we are honored to be representing the tag team division on WWE's flagship show... and speaking of tag team division- tonight? There will be a Tag Team Turmoil match with ALL the tag teams on the Raw division to determine our opponents for Summerslam.

    Now the real question is... WHO will face The New Day for the Tag Team Champions at the hottest party of the summer!

    The trio in the ring all begin to shout 'WHO' repeatedly as they then start to ponder the options.

    XAVIER WOODS: Firstly... we have The Spirit Squad!

    Kofi cuts in.

    KOFI KINGSTON: Ain't those the male CHEERLEADERS?!

    Big E: Look man... I don't know what planet Kenny & Mickey came from- but they bring the power of bad spirit to Raw whereas we bring the Power of Positivity! And I'm sure everyone in this arena can vouch for me when I say that The New Day are better dancers than The Spirit Squad!

    The New Day begin to twerk and shimmy as the fans cheer.

    Their dancing ain't got nothing on us! We can rightfully declare that The Spirit Squad are in need of some cereal because they are BOOTY!!

    Loud 'BOO-TY!' chants as Woods cuts in.

    XAVIER WOODS: Secondly... we have a vicious tag team which proved last week that they are big... they are bad- and they're a dangerous force in this Tag Team division- Konnor & Viktor of The Ascension!

    BIG E: OH NO!

    The three men's serious faces are back on as Kofi speaks.

    KOFI KINGSTON: That's the worst possible scenario for us- but we need to get prepared for this guys! We already walked out of one battlefield and we wasn't the same.. and if we face The Ascension at Summerslam? We're gonna be taken to the dark side again.

    The three men look at each other in horror as Big E talks.

    BIG E: But how about the veterans of this division... Golden Truth! Two men who have had long careers in the WWE- and they also like to play plenty of Pokemon... just like us! The fact is.. The Golden Truth are too busy catching Pokemon's whilst The New Day are busy catching record.. and if the Golden Truth walk out of this match as winners... they'll be nothing more than the Team Rocket to our Ash & Pikachu!


    The trio look at each other in amusement as fans cheer at the mention of Pokemon characters.

    XAVIER WOODS: And then we got Breezango... the funny thing is- A LOT of people have been wondering WHY they were just not called FeBreeze? Well I got the answer for you.. febreeze is an air conditioner whereas Tyler Breeze & Fandango are too busy polluting arenas with their repulsive hairspray!

    BIG E: Man... they use a LOT OF hair products! Breezango are two narcissists, whereas another team- The Lucha Dragons are the completely opposite! Kalisto & Sin Cara are two men that are shrouded in mystery.. there ain't a lot we know about them- maybe apart from the fact that they like to fly!

    We can't be dismissing these teams man.. you never know WHO will win this tournament which brings me to two of the top tag teams in the WWE today...

    More 'WHO' chants from the fans as Kofi smiles and continues.

    How about American Alpha?! They are fresh out of NXT.. and they came to Monday Night Raw to make an impact- and they certainly did that with their explosive victory against The Spirit Squad! We can't be overlooking these diamonds.. they're the future of this tag team division!

    Big E continues.

    BIG E: And last but definitely not least... we have The USOOOOOOOS!

    Mixed reaction for The Usos- with mostly cheers.

    BIG E: They are TWO time tag team champions- just like us! The New Day have had some of the best matches of our careers with The Usos... but damn! They looked better with the face paint, didn't they?

    Woods looks at Big E in confusion before he takes over.

    XAVIER WOODS: I think what Big E is trying to say is... that The Usos are a huge threat in this match. They haven't been on form recently.. but that may all change tonight. But it doesn't matter WHO wins tonight... because at Summerslam? We will welcome our opponents with The New Day at their very best- and the challenge will be ON because...


    The fans begin to chant New Day Rocks along with the trio in the ring as The New Day's celebration is over! The New Day exit the ring, and they join Ranallo, Graves & Cole on commentary as they are looking to watch the Tag Team Turmoil.


    The music of R-Truth blares on the sound system as Truth comes out to the stage with a mic- rapping for the WWE Universe! He waits on the stage for his partner...


    The fans cheer loudly as Goldust comes out to join his partner! Golden Truth make their way to the ring as the first participants of this Tag Team Turmoil. The two men enter the ring as we see who the second set of participants are...


    Atlanta begins to boo as The Ascension come out to the stage! Konnor & Viktor looking as devastating as ever, make their way to the ring eyeing up Golden Truth. Ranallo talks about how The Ascension defeated Golden Truth last week in a match- before brutally attacking them with serious force. Woods says that he understands that Golden Truth are seeking revenge tonight due to The Ascension's actions- and Cole states that we kick the Tag Team Turmoil off with these two teams, right after we head to a commercial break!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The camera cuts back to the ring as we see Golden Truth & The Ascension ready to kick this match off!

    Match 5. Tag Team Turmoil Match- Winners challenge The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam

    1: Golden Truth vs. The Ascension

    Finish:The Ascension & Golden Truth both had heat from last week- which was evident here tonight as Goldust & R-Truth turned up their tune of aggression as they looked to gain a bit of redemption from last week. The finish came when R-Truth & Konnor are the legal men. Truth is on the turnbuckle as he jumps off on Konnor to strike with a Dropkick but Konnor hits a Big Boot to a flying Truth! Konnor runs to the other side to knock Goldust off the apron, before tagging in Viktor. Viktor enters the ring- before picking Truth up... and The Ascension BLAST Truth with a Fall of a Man! Viktor goes for the cover as the referee counts 3!


    The Ascension then kick Golden Truth out of the ring as the fans begin to boo them loudly. Konnor & Viktor await the next tag team that they are looking to go through...


    The Spirit Squad come out to boos from the fans. Kenny & Mickey make their way to the ring as Big E plays down The Spirit Squad's chances of hanging with The Ascension let alone winning the whole match.

    2: The Spirit Squad vs. The Ascension

    The Spirit Squad do attempt to put up a fight- but it just isn't enough! After 2 minutes of The Ascension absolutely dominating, with Konnor & Mickey are the legal men- Konnor hits Mickey with the Full Nelson Slam!! Konnor covers Mickey as The Ascension eliminate another tag team!


    After gaining their second elimination, The Ascension begin to smirk in the ring- showing just how cocky and confident they are. They begin to shout 'YAH!' loudly as the next tag team's music hits...


    The fans cheer loudly for the music of The Lucha Dragons as Kalisto & Sin Cara come out! The mysterious duo make their way to the ring doing their 'LU-CHA!' chant as the fans join along. Woods says that he sees The Lucha Dragons giving The Ascension a run for their money!

    3: Lucha Dragons vs. The Ascension

    Fatigue begun to kick in for The Ascension- but they weren't finished just yet. The Ascension played the aggressors in this round as Lucha Dragons have been very resilient in their quest to go to Summerslam. Back to the action, the legal men are Kalisto & Konnor. Konnor goes for a Big Boot to the face of Kalisto but Kalisto dodges it! Kalisto then springboards himself from the ropes onto Konnor but Konnor sees it coming and converts it into a Powerslam!! Konnor runs over to Sin Cara and knocks him off the apron! Konnor turns back to Viktor- before calling him over as Viktor enters the ring. The Ascension set Kalisto up for the finisher as they look to hit The Fall of Man for the second time tonight... but as the two men run- Kalisto quickly manages to move out of the way, as The Ascension manage to avoid hitting each other. Viktor turns around to a Huricanrana from Kalisto as Viktor goes crashing to the ground! Konnor charges at Kalisto with a Clothesline but Kalisto ducks the move... before Kalisto rolls Konnor up into the small package... AND LUCHA DRAGONS ELIMINATE THE ASCENSION!!


    The fans are going absolutely nuts as Lucha Dragons have pulled off the upset elimination! Atlanta erupt into a 'LU-CHA!' chant again as the noise can be heard very clear, and Kalisto is in absolute shock- just as The Ascension are! The Ascension can't believe what's happened- as Sin Cara gets back up and joins Kalisto in the ring. The Lucha Dragons wait for the next competitors...

    BUT THE ASCENSION ATTACK THE LUCHA DRAGONS! Kingston shouts that The Ascension are sore losers as Konnor & Viktor go absolutely insane on the masked duo! They are clearly in fury over being eliminated by Lucha Dragons as they continue to pummel Lucha Dragons. Viktor gets up on the top rope as Konnor lifts Sin Cara up for him... and Viktor FLIES with a Diving Knee Strike onto Sin Cara as fans boo!

    And after this, Konnor picks up Kalisto as Viktor also stalks Kalisto... FALL OF MAN TO KALISTO!! The Ascension have attacked Lucha Dragons to the point where they can't even stand up, as Konnor & Viktor exit the ring- showing no remorse over their actions as they head to the back. Referees attend to Lucha Dragons in the ring...


    The music of Tyler Breeze hits as a vain Breeze comes out with selfie stick in hand- casually taking selfies before waiting for his partner...


    And out comes Fandango to join his partner on the stage! Breezango begin to make their way to the ring nonchalantly- not bothered one bit by Kalisto & Sin Cara's conditions. The two men enter the ring as they wait for the referee to call for the bell- but the referee is refusing to allow The Lucha Dragons to continue. Big E says that he doesn't think Lucha Dragons can continue this match.

    However, Kalisto & Sin Cara slowly help each other by getting back up as they are refusing to back down! They can be heard pleading to the referees to let them fight, and the referee is hesitant at first... but he eventually gives in to their requests! The referee calls for the bell as this next round is on!

    4: Breezango vs. Lucha Dragons

    Finish: Kalisto & Breeze are the legal men as this next one begins- but Fandango jumps out of the apron, and creeps up behind Sin Cara before laying him out with a Russian Legsweet! On the other hand... Breeze HITS KALISTO WITH A BEAUTY SHOT!! Breeze goes for the cover- and this is a quick one as Kalisto & Sin Cara are eliminated!


    Kofi Kingston plays up the determination of The Lucha Dragons- who had this round stolen from them following The Ascension's attack, but they still wanted to fight despite all that. The Lucha Dragons have earned The New Day's respect. Breezango wait for their opponents as Kalisto & Sin Cara make their way to the back after a valiant effort...


    The fans pop loudly as American Alpha's music blasts on the speaker system! Chad Gable & Jason Jordan come out- as both men show off their Ready, Willing & Gable rally towels before entering the ring. Woods says that these are two teams with different qualities- and we're going to see who the better men are right now!

    5: American Alpha vs. Breezango

    Finish: The fans are fully behind American Alpha as both teams have put it all on the line to advance to the sixth round. Breezango have resorted to using sly tactics to prevent elimination. Back to the action, Gable & Breeze are the legal men. Breeze goes for a Beauty Shot to the face of Gable but Gable grabs Breeze's leg... before putting Breeze in the Ankle Lock!! Gable has Breeze locked in as he increases the pressure- and Fandango enters the ring to break the hold but Jordan rushes in, and knocks Fandango out of the ring. Gable tightens the hold as Breeze screams... and Prince Pretty has no choice but to tap!!


    American Alpha celebrate their victory- as Cole says that it's time for the last tag team to enter the Turmoil! Big E says that this is about to get very interesting...


    It's The Usos! Ranallo hypes this up as the clash that was brewing earlier from backstage as The Usos make their way to the ring. Cole states that The Usos & American Alpha are looking to shut each other up- as Graves sees The Usos coming out as victors in this match! Kofi Kingston says that he's not sure who will come out on top- as Woods & Big E agree with Kingston.

    6: The Usos vs. American Alpha

    Throughout this bout, we've seen The Usos target Gable on his own- as they have tagged each other in before attacking Gable to prevent Gable from getting the tag into his partner. The finish comes when things start to get back and forth. Jey Uso grabs Gable, and throws him onto the turnbuckle before charging at Gable- and going for a Stinger Splash as he connects! A dizzy Gable stumbles to the centre of the ring- as Jey Uso goes to nail a Superkick- but GABLE DUCKS!! And Gable leaps over to his partner... AND HE TAGS IN JORDAN!! The fans are going nuts for the hot tag as Jordan rushes into the ring. Jey Uso runs towards Jordan but Jordan grabs Jey Uso... CAPTURE SUPLEX!! The fans cheer as Jimmy Uso enters the ring- and he tries to get one up on American Alpha by grabbing Jordan... before Jordan hits ANOTHER Capture Suplex!! Jordan gets up, and removes his straps as he gets the fans hyped up!! Jordan tags in Gable, as Gable enters the ring. Jordan lifts Jey Uso up before lifting him in position to finish him off as Gable gets in the sequence... GRAND AMPLITUDE!! The fans go wild as Gable goes for the cover... AND AMERICAN ALPHA ARE GOING TO SUMMERSLAM!!




    The atmosphere in The Phillips Arena tonight is absolutely ecstatic as the fans cheer on American Alpha's huge win! Chad Gable & Jason Jordan begin to celebrate their victory as The Usos are sitting outside the ring- knowing that they have been defeated.

    Ranallo asks for The New Day's reaction to American Alpha winning- as Xavier Woods says that American Alpha are a huge threat to their WWE Tag Team Champions, and they have the utmost respect for Gable & Jordan. Big E says that we're not looking to lose these titles any titles any soon, as The New Day then take their headsets off. The New Day walk to the stage before Big E & Woods raise their titles in the air, with American Alpha looking on.

    Gable & Jordan motion that they are going be the new champions at Summerslam- as Graves says that it will be American Alpha vs. The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships at the hottest party of the summer!

    The camera cuts back to the announcers table as Cole talks about how last week- we had a scheduled match on Raw which was cancelled as Heath Slater interrupted the show. Ranallo says that Slater wasn't drafted to Raw or Smackdown, and he labels himself as the Hottest Free Agent in Sports Entertainment today- here's what transpired last week. A video clip shows the segment with Slater as he wanted a contract for Raw, but he was interrupted by Stephanie McMahon- who said that Slater would have to earn it in a match against his friend Bo Dallas. This led to Dallas defeating Slater after using the ropes for leverage, to prevent Slater from signing to Raw. We go back to the trio, as Ranallo says that he feels Slater has so much more to prove in the WWE- but Graves dismisses Slater, and says that Raw is doing just fine without... therefore Raw doesn't need Heath Slater! The fans can be heard chanting 'SIGN HEATH SLATER!' as the chants get louder and louder, and we head to another break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    A video package begins to play. A clip shows John Cena making his return to the WWE on an episode of Monday Night Raw. We see Cena announcing to the world that if the future is upon us- the future damn sure must go through him because he's the face that runs the place. We then see Cena speaking to the camera.

    When I made my return to the ring- the WWE ushered into a new era which means that there are new superstars ready to go to the top. I have a lot of respect for the talent in the industry- but I had to make it clear that if they wanted to be at the top? They would have to fight The Franchise of this company and earn their spot.

    The clip then shows AJ Styles interrupting John Cena, welcoming Cena back- before Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson of The Bullet Club came to the ring looking for a fight. We then see Styles shockingly attacking Cena before the rest of The Bullet Club began to join in.

    I'm not angry about The Bullet Club targeting me because I made my intentions very clear- and AJ Styles was the first man to respond to my announcement. The Bullet Club aren't a joke either, because they have dominated Japan and they have won titles all over the world- but the difference between them and me? Is that they haven't dominated the WWE like I have.

    We see clips of The Bullet Club being a dominant force in NJPW before it then shows John Cena & AJ Styles going back and forth in a wrestling match at the MITB PPV. Gallows & Anderson interfered in the match whilst the referee was down- allowing AJ Styles to take advantage of the distraction and gain the pinfall.

    Money in the Bank should have been a spectacle. It was the first ever time that John Cena was going one on one with AJ Styles- but it ended up being a disappointment for me because AJ Styles had to get Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson involved in order to win. A a potential show stealer was ruined- and at that point? I knew I had to get back up.

    We then see The Bullet Club attacking John Cena yet again before Enzo Amore & Big Cass made the save- with the three men standing tall. And then we move onto Battleground- as we see John Cena, Enzo Amore & Big Cass defeating The Bullet Club after Cena pins Styles.

    I wish Enzo Amore & Big Cass the best of luck on Smackdown. Funnily enough, AJ Styles was also drafted to Smackdown- but I just couldn't let my grudge against The Phenomenal One go.

    The clip shows John Cena claiming that he isn't finished with AJ Styles- before challenging AJ Styles to a match for Summerslam. We then see AJ Styles accepting the challenge on Smackdown.

    The rematch will happen between John Cena & AJ Styles at Summerslam. We will battle one last time. We have both pinned each other once- and we will settle things at the Hottest Party of the Summer. But the problem is... I don't see this being a fair match at all. I think... no... I KNOW that The Bullet Club are just going to get involved again- and AJ will be unable to prove that he can hang on the big leagues on his own.

    We see clips of John Cena nailing Attitude Adjustment's on superstars and winning multiple titles in the WWE- before clips of AJ Styles hitting opponents with the Styles Clash are shown, as well as AJ Styles winning titles all over the world.

    JOHN CENA: I need to know exactly who The Phenomenal is, so AJ, are you finally going to leave The Bullet Club at home and fight on your own like a man, or are they gonna fight your battles for you? AJ needs to prove why he isn't just another addition to fill up the rosters- the real question is if AJ Styles is a man or a mouse? I'mma leave that for Mr. Phenomenal to decide because it's in AJ Styles' hands now.

    The video package ends with a clip of AJ Styles standing tall over Cena at MITB- as well as Enzo, Big Cass & Cena standing tall in victory over The Bullet Club at Summerslam. A graphic of John Cena vs. AJ Styles II is then shown on a Summerslam background.

    We go back to the announcers table as Ranallo talks about how John Cena had very strong and passionate words for AJ Styles as he posed the question- is AJ Styles going to leave The Bullet Club at home on Summerslam, or is AJ going to fight on his own? Graves says that AJ Styles will have to decide that on Smackdown- but if AJ goes up against Cena on his own, he can see John Cena vs. AJ Styles II stealing the show. Cole moves on, and he says that it's time for our main event! We will see The Celtic Warrior in Sheamus go one on one with the WWE Champion- Dean Ambrose in what should be a hard-hitting match!


    The lights go out as the fans start to boo loudly- knowing exactly who is about to come out. The Celtic Warrior can be seen on the stage- with the spotlight on him before he turns around. Sheamus makes his way to the ring for the main event as Graves says that Sheamus took the loss last week in the Fatal Four Way match- but there's no doubt Sheamus is looking to gain a victory here tonight to get back into the main event picture- and a win over the world champion would be huge! The fans begin to chant 'You Look Stupid!' as Sheamus waits for his opponent.


    WWE Champion comes out to a roar of cheers from the Atlanta crowd as The Lunatic Fringe is here! Dean Ambrose comes out with a serious look on his face, as he clearly looks ready for action- and the champ makes his way to the ring. Ranallo talks about how Ambrose won The Shield Triple Threat Match at Battleground- and Ambrose looks to continue his momentum as the WWE Champion by defeating Sheamus here tonight. Ranallo states that this match is going to be very fiery and intense! The two superstars are in the ring- as the referee calls for the bell!

    Main Event: Sheamus vs. Dean Ambrose

    Finish: This match has been very hard hitting and brutal as Sheamus & Ambrose have hit an extreme amount of offense on each other- with both men looking to seal a win tonight. The finish comes when Sheamus has Ambrose trapped in between the ropes. Sheamus then delivers the Beats of the Bodhran as he begins to repeatedly nail Ambrose's chest with multiple forearm shots. Sheamus eventually backs off as the referee gets involved, and Sheamus grabs Ambrose by hair before dragging him to the centre of the ring.

    Sheamus lifts Ambrose up, and puts him in position for a White Noise but just as The Celtic Warrior is set to hit it- Ambrose is one step ahead of him as the WWE Champion then clings onto the ropes! Sheamus is unable to hit the move, therefore he has to let go off Ambrose. But Sheamus wastes no time- as he grabs Ambrose to pick him up. Sheamus gets on top of the turnbuckle, before using his strength to take Ambrose up with him. Ranallo says that this is a risky move for both men as they both begin to trade shots.


    Sheamus goes for another shot but Ambrose manages to dodge it- before Ambrose is able to grab hold of Sheamus' head. The fans begin to go silent in anticipation as Ambrose lifts himself up onto the top turnbuckle
    with Sheamus- and he launches...

    SUPER-PLEX TO SHEAMUS!! Atlanta cheers loudly as the effect of the move could be heard all around the world! The two men crash on the canvas, with Sheamus getting the worst of it- and Ambrose crawls over to Sheamus before draping an arm over him. 1... 2... BUT SHEAMUS KICKS OUT!

    Ambrose has no time to react, as he immediately begins to start crawling over to the corner. He uses the ropes to lift himself back up- as he gets back on the top rope again with Sheamus stirring in the ring. Ambrose begins to point to Sheamus, which leads to the fans cheering as Ambrose launches again with a Diving Elbow Drop... BUT SHEAMUS MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!

    The Lunatic Fringe crashes on the canvas as the fans boo loudly- and Sheamus manages to slowly pick himself back up as he motions that he's going to finish Dean Ambrose off. Sheamus begins to kick the ground, as he's ready- and Ambrose is also slowly getting back to his feet. Ambrose eventually gets up, and he turns around not knowing what his fate holds as Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick...

    But Ambrose sees it coming and he dodges it as Sheamus kicks the air! The two men turn back around, as Ambrose goes for a shot to the face of Sheamus- but Sheamus grabs Ambrose's arm... before he lifts Ambrose up... WHITE NOISE TO AMBROSE!! Cole questions whether this one is over- as Sheamus goes for the cover. 1... 2... BUT AMBROSE KICKS OUT!!

    The fans cheer loudly as Ambrose refuses to give in. Sheamus has a look of anger and disbelief in his face as he knows exactly what is next, and the trio on commentary do too as Sheamus looks to finish Ambrose off for real this time. Sheamus walks to the corner before lining Ambrose up again- as he looks like a predator ready to pounce on his prey. Graves says that Sheamus missed the first attempt- but he looks to redeem himself. Ambrose gets up with his head towards Sheamus... and Sheamus charges at Ambrose to finish him...

    BUT AMBROSE GRABS SHEAMUS' FOOT! Ambrose sees the Brogue Kick coming as Ambrose drops Sheamus' foot to the ground before he kicks Sheamus in the mid-section. Ambrose bends Sheamus' head forward and hooks Sheamus' arms behind his head...

    DIRTY DEEDS TO SHEAMUS!! The fans go nuts as Sheamus' head hits VERY hard on the canvas- and Ambrose immediately goes for the cover as he seems to have this match in the bag. 1!.. 2!.. 3!... AND AMBROSE GETS THE WIN!



    Dean Ambrose celebrates his huge victory over Sheamus as the referee raises Ambrose's hand high up in the air. Ambrose walks over to the other side as he asks for his title- whilst Sheamus rolls out of the ring, not happy with his loss. Ambrose is also given a mic as Ambrose doesn't look happy.


    Ambrose's music is eventually cut off, as Ambrose continues to speak.

    DEAN AMBROSE: You know... earlier on tonight- my opponent for Summerslam... my BROTHER Roman Reigns- he had A LOT to say about me. He said a lot of things that we all know he wouldn't have the balls to say to my face... well Roman Reigns- this is my message to you! You come out here- and you talk about how you own this yard... well maybe you should focus on running this yard instead of running your mouth!

    Fans cheer loudly in agreement.

    DEAN AMBROSE: Roman... you spoke about how you was drafted before me on Raw- and I'm not going to sit here and disagree with you. The fact remains... it is what it is. You was drafted at #1 whilst I was drafted at #2... but the draft lottery is nothing but bull-*bleep* to me because EVERYBODY knows that Dean Ambrose is the man around here!

    More cheers as the fans begin a 'Let's go Ambrose' chant.

    DEAN AMBROSE: And why exactly did you decide to berate me earlier? It was because I waved my title around your face.. the same title that you've held more than me. You spoke about how I was the man you defeated to win your very first WWE Championship- and while that's true... we all know how that title reign turned out because the last time I checked- Roman Reigns' first ever title reign lasted the grand total of... FIVE MINUTES!

    Ambrose continues as The Lunatic Fringe is fired up.

    DEAN AMBROSE: I didn't have any intentions to show disrespect to you.. but you're playing with fire Roman. And since you started to disrespect me for no reason- I'm just gonna have to turn this fire up a notch because I can assure you that you're gonna get burned. You're meant to be my brother.. but after listening to everything you had to say earlier? Maybe I should start calling you my sister instead because you're acting like a big Samoan bitch!

    The crowd explodes with another frenzy of cheers as Ambrose isn't done.

    So let me make this very clear to you Roman... you really wanted to play these games huh? You wanted to go this far with me? Then so be it because I'm not playing around anymore. You've pinned me before when you won your first WWE title... and I pinned you at The Shield Triple Threat Match- so from the way I see things? This rivalry between two brothers has only just begun... and at Summerslam? I'm not looking to just beat you brother... I'm looking to obliterate you to retain MY WWE Championship because I am The Kingpin of the WWE- and I RUN THIS SHOW!!

    Ambrose drops the mic after a tense promo- with the fans cheering at Ambrose's words. Ranallo talks about how Ambrose said it himself.. this rivalry between two brothers is only just about to start. Ambrose raises his title in the air before...

    AMBROSE IS ATTACKED!! The fans boo loudly- as Sheamus comes out of nowhere and begins to explode with an onslaught of offense on The Lunatic Fringe! Graves says that Sheamus clearly looks angry and in rage after losing to Ambrose- and he looks to take all his anger out on the winner! Sheamus continues to pound on Ambrose until...


    ROMAN REIGNS IS HERE!! Atlanta erupts in mixed reactions- with mostly boos for The Big Dog as Reigns rushes down the ramp and enters the ring to make the save! Sheamus puts his attention onto Reigns, the same man who pinned him last week- as Sheamus gets away from Ambrose and gets up on his face. The Celtic Warrior & The Big Dog stare off before the two men begin to brawl! Reigns & Sheamus begin to trade shots...


    Sheamus goes for another shot but he misses as Reigns runs to the other side. The two men turn around as Reigns charges at Sheamus...

    SUPERMAN PUNCH TO SHEAMUS!! Reigns knocks Sheamus out on the canvas as The Celtic Warrior is down. Sheamus has no choice but to roll out of the ring- leaving Reigns & Ambrose together! Reigns looks down on Ambrose who is on the floor, as Ambrose looks back at Reigns- and The Lunatic Fringe begins to get back to his feet.

    The two men continue to stare deviously at each other, as the fans begin to cheer due to the tension in the ring! Reigns nods at what Ambrose had to say- but he doesn't look too fazed by it, as Reigns puts his hand out for Ambrose to shake. Ambrose looks at Reigns' hand- as the fans explode with mixed reactions of 'YES!' and 'NO!' chants with Ambrose looking to the crowd to help his decision.

    But the reactions are still mixed as ever as Ambrose turns back to Reigns. Ambrose nods in approval, as he goes to shake Reigns' head... but AMBROSE WAVES HIS HAND AWAY!! The fans shout 'OOOOHHHH' as Reigns has just been humiliated by the WWE Champion! Ambrose grabs his WWE Championship, and he exits the ring with Reigns looking- not looking impressed at all. Ambrose walks to the stage, before turning around- and raising his title with a bitter looking Reigns standing back in the ring- looking on at his opponent for Summerslam as the show closes.
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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Episode One - 1/8/16 - Atlanta, Georgia

    The cameras cut to the location of Raw Talk as we see Charly Caruso & Daniel Bryan sitting on chairs behind a table- with a 'RAW TALK' graphic on the background.

    CHARLY CARUSO: Hello everyone- and welcome to the Raw's first ever edition of Raw Talk! This talk show will commence every fortnight from tonight exclusively on the WWE Network! Daniel- tonight's Raw was absolutely exhilarating wasn't it?

    DANIEL BRYAN: I agree Charly- it went absolutely great. We had the rivalry between Brock Lesnar & Randy Orton get even more personal tonight when Paul Heyman was being Paul Heyman- and he proceeded to rip on Orton. We had Nikki Bella's huge return, and the Intercontinental Championship title scene just got heated up.

    Speaking of the Intercontinental title, earlier tonight- you made the huge announcement that Cesaro vs. The Miz would be a Last Chance Match at Summerslam, with the stipulation applying to both men. In my eyes, this was very big because it got the entire world buzzing on social media. What exactly was the thinking behind that stipulation?

    DANIEL BRYAN: Well to put it quite simply, before the brand extension- we had seen multiple matches between Cesaro & The Miz. This rivalry has gone on for a long time now, so I thought Summerslam would be the perfect place for the feud to come to an end. A Last Chance stipulation ups the stakes for an explosive title match, and it should motivate each guy more to give the best fight possible knowing they won't get a rematch.

    CHARLY CARUSO: That's fair enough Daniel- I agree that this stipulation will make the title match even more explosive. I mean, what The Miz had to say out there about Cesaro was very brutal. This wasn't the first time that Cesaro has been doubted... and almost singled out by people in the wrestling world.

    DANIEL BRYAN: The thing is with Cesaro, is that there is a thought that he doesn't connect with the WWE Universe- and I really don't agree. Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers we have on the roster today, and he brings a new level of excitement and brutality into the ring that we haven't seen before from anybody else.

    CHARLY CARUSO: I think that Cesaro is very underrated, and he looks set to prove his doubters wrong at Summerslam. Moving on, we have our first guest on Raw Talk tonight. Ladies and gentleman, we have the WWE Champion- Dean Ambrose!

    The camera zooms out to reveal Dean Ambrose walking over to the set. The WWE Champion puts his belt on the table, before grabbing the chair- and sitting down with Caruso & Bryan looking on. Ambrose nods at Caruso & Bryan as Bryan speaks.

    Welcome to Raw Talk champ. That was a great match between you & Sheamus. You both beat the hell out of each other, and I'm loving the level of physicality that you're bringing to Raw.

    DEAN AMBROSE: Well, you know me Daniel. I'm not a man that shies away from being physical, which Roman Reigns will find out at Summerslam.

    CHARLY CARUSO: It's great to have the world champion here on Raw Talk- and as you mentioned Roman Reigns.. I can't get out of my mind about the recent problems you are having with The Big Dog. Tension is brewing, and it just seems as if this rivalry is going to explode any minute- especially after you refused to shake Roman's hand.

    DEAN AMBROSE: Look.. I'm going to say this right here and right now- I'm not the man with a problem here. After everything that Reigns accused me of tonight of apparently disrespecting him.. I didn't wave my hand away because I don't like Roman... me & him are brothers. I love Roman because he's my best friend.. but I simply had to go out there and show him exactly what disrespect meant. Waving a title in the air isn't shoving it in anybody's face- because this title proves that I am the man around here.

    DANIEL BRYAN: There's no denying that when it comes to the WWE title, of course tension will brew. The WWE Championship is the most prestigious prize in the WWE today- and I'm loving this rivalry between yourself & Roman Reigns. It's almost friendly and serious at the same time.

    DEAN AMBROSE: I'm glad you're loving it Daniel.. I mean- I wish I could say that about your draft choices, but that's not really the case. After all man, despite the fact that I hold the most prestigious prize in the WWE- that doesn't warrant #1 draft pick, does it now?

    The look of shock appears on the faces of Caruso & Bryan as they really can't believe Ambrose just said that. Ambrose looks on nonchalantly, as Bryan responds.

    DANIEL BRYAN: Look Dean, I didn't know you was going to bring this up- but let's get this cleared up, shall we? The decision to have Roman Reigns as the #1 draft pick was a compromise between myself & Stephanie McMahon...

    Compromise my ass. I mean, what Roman had to say out there annoyed me- but I'm not gonna sit here and deny it because it's the truth. I am your WWE Champion- and yet Roman was picked before me. Not even Smackdown picked me as their #1 draft pick.

    CHARLY CARUSO: So what exactly is your mind-set on that subject Dean? Do you feel like you're being doubted as a champion?

    I know the way I won the championship may have been a bit controversial- but I don't give a damn. I had to give Seth Rollins a taste of his own medicine, so the fact that I basically stuck my middle finger up to Rollins was one of the best moments of my career. I don't think that I'm being doubted as champion.. from what I got from this whole situation is that Roman Reigns was being backed by Daniel & Stephanie to win The Shield Triple Threat Match... but he didn't because I won in what was the hardest match of my career in the WWE.

    DANIEL BRYAN: If it makes you feel better Dean- my decision for the #1 draft pick would've been you. Me and you have history from our independent wrestling days, and I know everything that you're capable of. But like I said, me & Stephanie had to compromise. On the other hand, considering the issues that you are having with your brother- I'd like to make a Tag Team match for the main event of next week's Raw! Let's test where your friendship with Roman really stands because I want to see you guys work well together again like you used to. So next week, it will be Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose against the devastating duo of The Ascension- how about that?

    DEAN AMBROSE: Sounds perfect to me. As we head into Summerslam, I don't wanna be all 'Anti-Roman Reigns' so maybe a tag team match will be good for our relationship. I've said all that I've had to say- I'm out of here.

    Thank you for your time Dean, it was a pleasure speaking to you.

    Ambrose nods at Caruso. Ambrose gets up from his seat, and picks up the WWE Championship from the table before walking away from the set as the camera heads back to Bryan & Caruso.

    CHARLY CARUSO: A big announcement made from Daniel Bryan for next week's Raw as we will see the WWE Champion team up with his opponent for Summerslam- as the brothers Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose take on The Ascension! Daniel, The Ascension have been on a ruthless run so far since the draft as they have decimated Lucha Dragons & Golden Truth.. do you think The Ascension will rise?

    DANIEL BRYAN: There's no doubt about it. At one point in NXT- where The Ascension came from, they were running things over there. They were the most dangerous tag team, and they went on a huge undefeated streak as well as being the longest reigning NXT Tag Team Champions. I don't agree with many of Konnor & Viktor's actions.. but you can't deny that they have recaptured that same magic that made them so dominant on NXT into Monday nights.

    CHARLY CARUSO: I think that The Ascension are a tag team to look out for. Another tag team that I think are definitely on the rise are American Alpha! They came onto Raw with a win over Spirit Squad, and now they are already challenging for the WWE Tag Team Championships against The New Day at Summerslam.

    DANIEL BRYAN: I agree Charly- American Alpha are a very unique tag team. I think that they have the most chemistry out of all the tag teams on not just Raw, but WWE as a whole. Maybe The Usos give them a little competition.. I mean, they are twin brothers after all.

    CHARLY CARUSO: That's a very good point Daniel. The Usos are two time tag team champions, and they must be disappointed after missing out on the opportunity to be in the title match Summerslam. I think that The New Day vs. American Alpha is going to be a show stealer, and it will definitely attract more eyes to American Alpha. But can they win the titles on their very first PPV appearance, that's the real question!

    As Caruso goes to continue talking- the camera zooms out to reveal that someone has interrupted the set. That someone is none other than The Human Wrecking Ball in Ryback as Bryan & Caruso look on.

    Ladies and gentleman, we have Ryback!

    Ryback has a headset on as he looks very, very angry- and he looks towards Bryan before speaking.

    Well obviously Charly, it's me... it's The Big Guy- who else would it be?! Now.. I'm not gonna be on here and sugarcoat anything- but I want to know why I wasn't on the show tonight? And yet we had irrelevant superstars like Dolph Ziggler... Sami Zayn... hell we even had Darren Young on the show tonight! Those embarrassing cheerleaders even managed to get a spot on the show.. but there still wasn't no room for me?

    DANIEL BRYAN: Ryback- I'm going to say this to you right now. If we could include ALL the superstars from the Raw roster on the show.. then we most certainly would- but there's simply not enough space to feature everyone.

    Not enough space to feature everyone? Hahahaha... are you kidding me?! Raw is a 3 HOUR SHOW. There's plenty of time to involve somebody of my caliber. The truth is.. I'm not happy about tonight's show- and there NEEDS to be a change around here. I'm a very hungry man.. and I need feeding. Ever since I lost the Intercontinental Championship last year- I haven't had a lot of success... so you're going to give me an opportunity to prove myself Daniel.. and you're going to give it to me now. I'm not leaving until I KNOW I have something for next week.

    First of all Ryback- you don't just burst onto the set of Raw Talk and ASK for an opportunity. You have to EARN them- and the last time I gave you an opportunity to earn a WWE Championship title shot- you squandered that.. so what do you want me to do? What exactly have you done recently that warrants for you to ask for a big opportunity?

    RYBACK: You think I asked you? No Daniel... hell no. I'm TELLING you. You give me an opportunity for next week right now... or I PROMISE you...

    But as Ryback goes to finish speaking- there is yet ANOTHER interruption on Raw Talk as The One Man Band is here! Heath Slater bursts onto the set from out of nowhere, as Bryan, Ryback & Caruso turn to Slater- with Bryan looking confused.

    DANIEL BRYAN: Heath Slater? How the hell did you get on here? You shouldn't even...

    HEATH SLATER: I know what you're gonna say Daniel.. I shouldn't be here. I'm not on Raw.. and I'm not even on Smackdown- but there ain't no denying that I am the Hottest Free Agent in Sports Entertainment today baby!

    Ryback doesn't look impressed at all as Slater continues.

    HEATH SLATER: Look last week... I think it's safe to say that things definitely didn't go my way. I had a match against my friend... Bo Dallas- and I don't know what the HELL Bo was playing at- by using the ropes for leverage to beat me.. but that's honestly not on my mind right now. I NEED an opportunity Daniel... I NEED another chance to earn a contract.

    DANIEL BRYAN: You do have a very fair point.. and I did indeed watch your match againt Bo Dallas- and he did use the ropes for leverage which gave him the advantage...

    As Slater nods in approval, Ryback cuts in- not happy about Slater's interruption.

    Are you being serious? WHO the hell do you think you are.. coming on Raw Talk and interrupting ME?! Do you not know who I am... look me in the eyes- and tell me that you haven't just made a mistake little man.

    As things begin to escalate- Slater isn't backing down.

    HEATH SLATER: To be quite frank Ryback.. I don't give a damn who you are man. But what I do know.. is that you've got your contract. You're assigned to a brand.. so you don't have a problem. I DON'T have a contract for any brand.. and that's the difference right there. You're doing nothing with your chances.. and it's not like Raw was any different without you. Whereas me? I wasn't on the show tonight either- but I had the world chanting 'SIGN HEATH SLATER!' So you wanna know who I think I am? I'm the One Man Band BAAAAABY!! And I'm here for a second chance which I KNOW I deserve.

    DANIEL BRYAN: Okay- that's it guys, let's simmer down for now shall we? Raw Talk is about to end right now, so I'll make another announcement for next week's show. Ryback... you want an opportunity to prove yourself... Slater- you want a shot to earn another contract since you have a viable reason to make your claims.. next week- we will have a match! It will be The One Man Band in Heath Slater taking on Ryback! And Slater... we're gonna do the same as last week. If you win.. you will earn your contract on Raw. But if you don't? Well you're just going to have to start looking for a job elsewhere.

    Slater nods with the opportunity he has just been granted- before walking off from the set. Ryback begins to stare Bryan & Caruso out- as The Human Wrecking Ball also walks off, with a cold look on his face, when really- he's also satisfied with the opportunity.

    Another match made for next week as we will see Heath Slater get his second chance to earn a contract on Raw as he goes one on one with The Big Guy in Ryback! That's it from us guys- we hope that you have enjoyed the first edition of Raw Talk... goodbye WWE Universe!

    The first episode of Raw Talk comes to an end as the show closes.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    I enjoy the show love Ambrose diss ending . The way you write your matchs are awesome has me really into matches motn was tag turmoil love the win by AA. Speak of AA cant wait for Aries. Sheamus may have lost but still could be huge part of show i think plus the club xD

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!


    - Nice start with Stephanie confirming the Orton/Lesnar contest. In an age of split brands you should always try and get a interpromotional match on the big PPVs.

    - Awesome opening with Cesaro reminding us about the prestige of the Intercontinental title before Miz reminds us that he's beaten Cesaro several times before. I like the idea of a Last Chance match, and right now my money is on Cesaro so that Miz can move up the card after Summerslam without having to worry about getting his rematch clause. Miz was very well written here.

    - Reigns was always winning against Zayn but the Canadian gave him a right good contest. The speech afterwards by Reigns was to the point, but I don't expect Ambrose to 'stick to his lane' anytime soon. He's not fond of taking orders.

    - I like the potential of a New Day/Usos/American Alpha feud for the titles. New Day and Usos have shown in reality how well they gel and getting Alpha to mix it up with these two teams is only good for them.

    - Nice segment with Heyman and Lesnar. Titus really put his foot in it by mocking Heyman. Glad to see that Orton and Lesnar will have to wait for any physical confrontation.

    - Loved The New Day stuff. Very well written and made me laugh.

    - It was always coming down to Alpha and The Usos but you built a nice little understory with The Ascension attacking The Lucha Dragons. Be interesting to see if you pull the trigger on American Alpha at Summerslam. The WWE never quite got them over.

    - Great little segment with Cena. I can see Styles agreeing to his demands. Sets the tone to blow the feud off once and for all.

    - Good main event as expected and the predictable result. Good finish afterwards with Ambrose addressing Reigns, being attacked by Sheamus and saved by Reigns. Would have loved for Ambrose to have hit Reigns with the Dirty Deeds just after he saved him but the refusal of friendship is enough. Definitely heating things up between the former Shield brothers. Good work.

    Overall a very good show. I enjoyed reading it and I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the tag division, Ambrose/Reigns and the interpromotional matches look great too. Keep up the top notch stuff mate.

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    Re: Deco & Shaz Present WWE: Smackdown vs. Raw!

    Smackdown Live Episode Three (New Era) - 02/08/16 - Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee.

    Before we go live for another edition of Smackdown Live, a pre-show vignette begins to play and showcases footage and highlights from last week's Smackdown. It shows highlights such as the Apollo & Neville match, the Orton segment and the RKO to Del Rio sending a message to Brock Lesnar. It also shows the Club and AJ answering John Cena's challenge but the main focus is on the Finn Balor vignette and his arrival set for tonight. We quickly get a flashback viewing of Finn's previous achievements and accomplishment's before the video skips and the footage changes to static with Seth Rollins on Talking Smack. It highlights the words of Seth claiming that Smackdown belongs to him and his harsh woods for Finn Balor!

    SETH ROLLINS: Nobody... NOBODY is better then Seth Rollins! Not Apollo Crews, not Neville, Not AJ Styles and certainty not Finn Balor! Finn is nothing more then hype, a flash in the pan and it will soon become apparent that he's not in my league because I will become the new, World Heavyweight Champion! From next week- Seth Freakin' Rollins reclaims his spot on on top of the wrestling world and it starts by Showing the Demon King who's the.. MAN!

    The footage then fades and we are live!

    "Take A Chance" blares from the speakers as the pyro shoots around the stage! The crowd are on their feet, displaying their crowd signs and making noise as the live footage pans around and heads to the commentary table where Jim Ross, Booker T and "JBL" are ready to welcome the WWE Universe! Good Ole' JR welcomes everyone to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville! "JBL" then chimes in and says that nobody will be feeling the blues tonight as we have a hell of a show prepared including the debut of the one and only, Finn Balor! Booker says he can't wait to see this kid in action and says that we also know that the rematch is official- Neville vs Apollo Crews II will take place.. Tonight, "Now can you dig that?" says an excited Booker as Jim Ross then announces we are about to hear from the boss- Shane O' Mac!


    Nashville goes off for the arrival of Shane O' Mac as shuffles out with his famous entrance. Shane is clearly pumped up by the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring- tapping his chest as the crowd chant his name. Shane then goes over to the side of the ring- grabs a microphone and begins to speak..

    SHANE MCMAHON: What's up Nashville?!

    Crowd pop.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Wow, I am loving the energy tonight! I'm pleased to see you all too and can I just say, to everyone here and everyone at home! Welcome to Smackdown Live!

    More crowd cheers.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Okay, so last week was awesome, you had fun right? I know I did and I couldn't be happier with how things went down- it had every thing, good wrestling, entertainment, fun, excitement and unpredictability and that's just the start because tonight we are going to do it all again! The rematch! The match social media has been buzzing about.. Neville vs Apollo Crews II will take place! Zack Ryder will have another chance to shine as he will take on Y2J- Chris Jericho! We will hear from the Viper, Randy Orton! How will he respond to Brock and Paul Heyman's words on Monday Night Raw?! The Bullet Club will be in the building and how will AJ Styles respond to John Cena?! Exciting times.. All that and more!

    Now WWE Universe, the moment we have been waiting for and it's my honor and pleasure to welcome the newest member to the home of the Blue brand. Give it up for the Demon King! Welcome- Finn Balor!


    The lights go out and a slow heart beat can be heard pumping in the background. It grows louder, harder, getting faster as demonic chanting can be heard in the background. A huge breath intake then sounds and the lights come on with smoke filling in the arena as Finn Balor's name appears on the big screen to a huge pop! The noise then goes up again when Finn Balor steps through the smoke and on to the stage.

    Balor look's a million dollars as he stands in an all black suit and black with gold tint aviators. Finn then removes his sunglasses before placing them in the inside of his jacket pocket before he makes his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the crowd before entering the ring and shaking hands emphatically with Shane Mcmahon as the crowd begin to chant "This is awesome!" & "Welcome Finn!" to Balor's delight as he smiles and acknowledges them with a nod of his head before receiving the microphone from Shane and starting to speak.

    FINN BALOR: So, this is Smackdown Live, huh? Well.. let me tell ya' all, Finn Balor has arrived!

    Crowd pop.

    FINN BALOR: Hard work, blood, sweat and tears. The pain, the homesickness, the doubters.. It was all worth it because Finn Balor has arrived in the WWE and on Smackdown Live and I couldn't be happier to be here! Shane Mcmahon, Eric Bischoff, I want to thank you both for bringing me here, it's a massive honor and to the WWE Universe, thank you for the welcome! I will not let any of you down!

    More crowd cheers as Shane claps the words of Finn Balor.

    FINN BALOR: Shane O', make no mistake about it.. You have signed a real Rock N' Rolla! I'm the real deal and I have proved it everywhere I have gone! Be it at home in Ireland.. the UK scene.. Japan.. NXT, I've arrived and conquered everywhere I have been and I will do the same here on Smackdown Live! WWE Universe I have always believed that if you go as far as you can see, you will then see enough to go further and that starts with SummerSlam! Couple of years ago, I was in Japan, I was running around with my brothers! *Finn gestures the 2-Sweet hand sign* and I couldn't see the WWE but you strive to achieve, you dare to dream! Flash forward and hear I am! Now I stand further forward and I look beyond again.. SummerSlam! I want to become the first ever Smackdown Live World Heavyweight Champion of the new era!

    Crow continue cheering and chanting "YES! YES! YES" as Shane listens to them. Finn goes to continue speaking when the theme of Seth freakin' Rollins blares from the speakers..


    The crowd boo with only a few cheers for the sound of Seth's theme as he steps out on to the stage. Seth looks annoyed and begins walking down the ramp, headed for the ring. Rollins is wearing black skinny jeans and his "Redesign. Rebuild. Reclaim." shirt. He snatches a microphone from the timekeepers area before entering the ring and speaking..

    SETH ROLLINS: Real cute Balor, I mean, really. Come on, why don't you give us another quote, huh? Why don't you tell us another sob story, huh? Come on Finn, we've all been dying for you to arrive, we're all so excited that you have finally graduated from NXT! Go on Finn, carry on speaking.. I want to here more!

    Finn just looks as Seth stares. Balor then goes speak again but Seth speaks over the top of him.

    SETH ROLLINS: I'm sick of this crap! You've been here literally minutes and you're talking about the World Heavyweight Championship?! You want a quote Finn? I'll give you one! Redesign! Rebuild! Reclaim! That's Seth FREAKIN' Rollins! You might think tonight is about you, but it's actually about me and that's how things are going to be around here from now on because just like I was on Raw, ain't nothing changed but the background noise because I'm still the MAN! You want a sob story Finn? I'll give you one! How about never losing the match at Battleground and knowing that you should be the WWE Champion! That's the reality for me Balor! Roman Reigns lost the match and it's me that suffered because my Championship is gone and it's over my dead body Balor if you think this is Japanese play time with your little buddies and you're going to come into my ring and take my World Heavyweight Championship!

    Matter of fact Shane.. It's about time you announced me in the Title match at SummerSlam because it's the least you can do and it's the least that I am owed after I would have won the WWE Championship had it not been for Roman at Battleground. So go on.. go on Shane, announce it. I'm in the match at SummerSlam!

    Seth Rollins lowers the microphone after that little rant and both him and Balor stare at each other as the crowd are enjoying the moment as it bubbles up nicely, tension in the air and you could cut it with a knife! Shane steps forward before addressing both men in the middle of the ring.

    SHANE MCMAHON: Well actually Seth.. I'm afraid you're not in the match! And Finn... I am afraid, you're not either.. neither of you are.. at the moment! Now hold up a minute, both of you, hear me out. I respect both of you! I am delighted that two of the best wrestlers today in Seth Rollins and Finn Balor are on Smackdown Live and both me and Eric Bischoff couldn't be happier to see you both here and do you know what, I'm not going to lie, I would love nothing more then to see both of you in the Main Event competing for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam!

    BUT! This is Smackdown and nobody walks into a title match on the blue brand. Championship opportunities are earned and are given to those that earn them. So Finn.. Seth, both of you will have to earn your spots and I'm going to give you a chance tonight because you will both be in action! Seth Rollins you will go one on one with the All American- Jack Swagger and that match will be up next! While you, Finn Balor, you will go one on one with an old rival and will face Kevin Owen's in tonight's Main Event! I wish you both, good luck. Nashville, I hope you enjoy the show!

    The crowd pop for the match announcements, more so for the PPv worthy match up of Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor in tonight's Main Event. The camera pans around both Finn and Rollins who are face to face, trading words before the theme of the All American- Jack Swagger begins to play and Balor leaves ringside.

    Match One: Jack Swagger vs Seth Rollins.
    Finish: The bout would start with Rollins looking to strike early after the bell but Swagger grabbing him and taking him down with some mat based grappling as Rollins would look to escape. Swagger would then impress with his wrestling once more, locking Rollins down with a couple of submission attempts before Rollins would slip away and scurry out of the ring to catch his breath and re-think the game plan. When Rollins finally entered back into the ring- the dynamic changed and Seth took advantage. The turning point of the match being when Swagger would go for a spear attempt and would charge only to go shoulder first into the turnbuckle and do some damage to his left shoulder as Rollins would then pin-point the same shoulder and arm, working it over as Swagger showed pain etched across his face.

    The match would be around the 6-7 minute mark and Seth would tease the return of the curb stomp, jumping in the air- only for Swagger to clutch the foot, drag him down and lock in the ankle lock! At this point, Jim Ross would put over Swagger and his performance, teasing that it's a matter of time before Rollins taps out! However Seth would hold in long enough for Swagger to feel the strain on his shoulder and would be force to release the hold- leaving Rollins, rolling in pain. Swagger would be frustrated with himself- having to release the hold and grasp of the victory before pulling down the straps of his singlet in homage to Kurt Angle before grabbing up Seth and looking to place him in the German Suplex position. Seth would go low, rake to eye of Swagger before a side kick to the mid-section bringing Swagger to one knee. Seth would then appear to attempt another curb stomp however would run the ropes before leaping in the air and bringing down his body weight and knee across the injured shoulder and back of Swagger in a nasty landing! Rollins would then finish the match by dragging up Swagger, boot to the gut and PEDIGREE! One! Two! Three!


    Rollins would order the Referee to stop checking on Swagger and raise his hand in victory as he pointed to the camera and began to trash-talk Finn Balor and announce that he's going to become the World Heavyweight Champion at SummerSlam! Jim Ross then says that Rollins might have got the victory and perhaps he might have even impressed Shane and Eric Bischoff tonight- but Jack Swagger showed he could hang with the very best here tonight and had it not been for that potential shoulder injury, he might have won the match!

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The show would return to the break and would go backstage in the GM's office where Eric Bischoff could be seen and heard talking on the phone. There's a small cheer for the sight of the former WCW boss before it all turns to Boo's as the Nature Girl- Smackdown Women's Champion, Charlotte Flair and Dana Brooke enter the office and the camera shot. Eric says.. "I'll call you back!" before putting the phone away and asking what he can do for Charlotte?

    CHARLOTTE FLAIR: Eric, Sir, I am sorry that I've had to come into your office, unannounced but I had no choice. Did you see what happened on Talking Smack last week with Renee Young and Shane? Did you see that has-been, never was, Nattie, storm onto the set and throw her weight around and demand a match against me? Worst of all, Eric. Did you see Shane Mcmahon totally lose the plot and throw away his authority and give in to the tear tantrum of Natalya, showing her pity and granting her a Championship match against me?! It's wrong! This.. This cannot be happening! She doesn't deserve a match against me! She's not in my league, Eric.

    Charlotte is clearly furious and so is Dana who motions along with Charlotte's words as Eric looks on, listening to what the Women's Champ has to say..

    CHARLOTTE FLAIR: Shane Mcmahon is a hypocrite! I'm sorry, but he is.. He just moments ago said that Finn Balor and Seth Rollins had to earn their shots at the Title at SummerSlam but little miss sour Hart Natalya can walk right into one? No! It's not going to happen! Eric.. I refuse! Eric.. This is why Shane Mcmahon chose you, to make things right. Eric, I know you're a good man, you're a wise man and you will do the right thing! You know this is wrong and that Natalya needs to earn the right to face me at SummerSlam! Please! Do the right thing Mr Bischoff, I know you will.

    As Charlotte finish's her plea to Eric, Dana at this point is literally draped across his shoulder, flaunting and doing her best to convince Eric that Charlotte is correct. Eric ask's Charlotte to calm down and steps back from Dana Brooke before speaking..

    ERIC BISCHOFF: Charlotte, I have thought about what you have said and you know... You're right! Now, don't get me wrong.. Me and Shane we are a team and I'll stand by his choice, just like he will for mine but on this occasion and with the excitement of the first show, I think Shane made a rash choice and really allowed his thinking to be done with his heart rather then his head. Natalya does need to earn her chance around here just like everyone else! So, while I'm going to change Shane's plans a little.. I will still give Natalya the chance to compete against you at the PPv- So here's the new plan! Natalya will face Dana Brooke one on one tonight and if she wins- she will face you for the Women's Championship at SummerSlam! However, should she lose and Dana should win.. The Natalya will go right back to the end of the line and will not face you at SummerSlam! Sound fair? I think so! Now, if you excuse me, I have a call to make.

    Charlotte and Dana Brooke both look delighted as Eric proceeds to take a call. Dana and Charlotte exit the GM office in discussions, no doubt thinking of a plan as Jim Ross says that the old Flair charm came good once again and that she worked over Eric into changing the plan. "JBL" disagree's and says that Eric made the right choice and that Charlotte was correct- you can't go gifting Championship chances to people that don't earn them- it's wrong! Booker then switches subjects and talks about the match that had social media buzzing last week- Apollo Crews vs Neville! All three men put over the match as the Titantron shows various highlights before Booker T announces that the rematch is next! Apollo Crews vs Neville II!

    Match Two: Apollo Crews vs Neville.
    Finish: The match started with both men standing in the middle of the ring- looking out towards the cheering crowd. The crowd were 50/50, chanting for both Neville and Apollo. Both men would share words, both clearly doing what they love to do, what they were born to do and enjoying the moment and admiration of the fans. The ring bell would sound and both would grapple up! Back and forth, both Neville and Apollo would tussle for strength and Apollo would just get the advantage, snapping Neville down with a head lock before the Englishman would roll Apollo over, slide free and 'kip up to crowd cheers. Neville would then offer out his hand and drag up Apollo as the crowd would cheer again. The grapple would begin again and this time Neville would take Crews down with an arm drag, locking in an arm bar before Apollo would get to one knee, fall back and 'kip up of his own before ducking underneath and sweeping away Neville's legs knocking him down. Apollo with a smile on his face would then return the favor and would help up Neville as again the crowd cheered- this time applauding both as Jim Ross puts over both men and their wrestling ability!

    The match was then underway and both men gave it everything! 7-8 minutes of back and forth action that had everything in a match! Grappling, power moves, submission and high flying ability! Clearly both men were intent on beating their previous match and proving both are that good and the match was not a fluke. The ending would come with Apollo catching Neville in mid-air after a springboard cross-body attempt. Apollo would lift him up before power slamming him in the middle of the ring. Apollo would then drag up Neville and would Gorilla press him in the center of the ring before taking his stance for the leaping back flip splash. Booker T would scream that we are about to see the Apollo Combination! Apollo would leap in the air but Neville would get up his knee's and Crews would fall hard- crushing his stomach! Neville would then be up like a whippet and would run the ropes delivering a devastating shining wizard to the face of Apollo, knocking him down. With the crowd cheering- Neville would the point to the top of the turnbuckle and would begin to climb up. Perched on top, Jim Ross would say that we know what's coming next folks!...

    ..RED ARROW! Neville lands perfectly with the Red Arrow and it's a thing of beauty as the replay instantly shows on the big screen. Neville holds his stomach in pain but drags himself across and places his arm on top of Apollo Crews.. One! Two! Three!



    The crowd are chanting "That was awesome!" as Jim Ross puts over the match and the finishing move as a thing of beauty! "JBL" says that both Neville and Apollo Crews have arrived- back to back- show stealing performances and with a win each.. we must need a third?! Booker says that Smackdown have two gems that just need a little bit of polish and they will continue to shine! He says forget the third match, both of these guys deserve to go to SummerSlam and compete for the World Heavyweight Championship! Neville look's delighted with his win as the Referee raises his hand in victory. Neville soon stops though and helps up Apollo who looks disappointed with the outcome. Neville offers out his hand and Apollo just looks back. With the crowd cheering- Apollo shakes Neville's hand, pulls him in and raises his hand in victory.

    The camera then cuts backstage where the always beautiful Renee Young is waiting by with Y2KO ready to interview them..

    "My guest's at this time.. Y2KO! Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens!" Says Renee Young as there's a mixed reception from the crowd in attendance. Renee Young then ask's both Chris Jericho and Kevin Owen's for their thoughts on their respective matches tonight as Jericho will face Ryder and Kevin Owens will go one on one with Finn Balor in tonight's Main Event. Jericho will speak first, throwing his scarf over his shoulder and raising him clipboard as he edges closer to Renee's microphone.

    CHRIS JERICHO: You want to know my thoughts, Renee? Huh.. do you? You want to know the thoughts of Y2KO? You want to know the thoughts of the GOAT and his best friend, Kevin Owens? Well.. Do you? Off course you do, Renee. The WWE Universe and every media outlet around the world wants to know the thoughts of Y2KO, the best of friends and lucky for you all... You're going to get....

    Raises his finger and point's at Renee as the fans know what's coming next. There's a real awkward pause and when Renee goes to speak.. Jericho jumps in and continues on..

    CHRIS JERCIHO: IT! IT, RENEE! You're gonna' get... IT! And here IT.. comes. Zack Ryder is nothing more then an embarrassment! He's a buffoon, Renee. We all seen him last week.. crying backstage to Shane Mcmahon for another chance and he's got one! Zack Ryder is nothing more then a stupid idiot! He's a loser, Renee. And do you know what happens to losers? Huh? I'm asking you Renee Young.. Do you know what happens to losers? Huh, do you?

    Jericho stare's at Renee Young, waiting for the answer that the crowd are desperate to hear. Renee though choose's not to reply and Jericho eventually finishes his own question..

    CHRIS JERICHO: Zack Ryder! YOU JUST MADE THE LIST!!! *Scribbles down name* Oh and since you didn't know the answer, Renee... Renee Young! Guess what happens?! Go on.. Guess.. *Clicks pen* YOU JUST MADE THE LIST, TOO! And that's how it's going to be.. Every buffoon, every loser and crybaby is going to make the list of Jericho and become an enemy of Y2KO, BAY-BAY!

    KEVIN OWENS: Speaking of losers, Chris. You know, you better right down Finn Balor's name on that list too, because he's another loser and I'm going to prove it tonight! *Jericho rights down Balor's name* It makes me so sick to see how everyone is so, so, so excited for the arrival of Finn Balor! Wow- big deal. I'm not excited and I've beat Balor before and I'll do it again! Finally- FINALLY I get rid of Sami Zayn and what do you know.. Shane Mcmahon drags up another ghost from my past and I've got to get rid of him too! Well Shane, that's okay, because I'll be ever so happy to stop this Finn Balor welcoming party before it ever truly get's started and when I do, the blood will be on your hands, Shane-O, not mine! However, I'll give some credit where it's due and appears you were listening last week because I'm back where I belong.. In the Main Event! Now, that's a start, Shane. Well done! When I've beaten Finn Balor tonight- I expect to be the first name announced in the World Heavyweight Championship Match at SummerSlam!

    Jericho and Owen's then walk off as Renee Young is left to stand- pondering the words of Y2KO before the live footage cuts to a commercial break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    The live footage return's from the break and showcases ringside where the theme of Chris Jericho is playing and along with Owen's at his side, the GOAT reaches the ring and begins to stretch. Jim Ross then welcomes the crowd back from the break and announces that Ryder vs Jericho is next! Ryder's theme then plays and to a good reception from the audience makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring- ready to compete!

    Match Three: Chris Jericho W/ Kevin Owens vs Zack Ryder.
    Finish: The match would go around the 5 minute mark and the bout was back and forth. Both Ryder and Jericho sharing spells of control as the crowd were heavily in the favor of Ryder as he was battling Jericho in the ring and watching Owen's on the outside who would vocally support his best friend and demand the Referee to count quicker whenever Jericho had a pin attempt. The ending would come with Ryder on the ring apron and Jericho in the middle of the ring. Ryder would look to scale the turnbuckle only for Owen's to trash talk and take away his concentration. Jericho would then have enough time to get up and land a dropkick from the second turnbuckle, knocking Ryder of the apron and down to the floor. At this point- Jericho would the Referee away and distract him as Owen's would lay boots into Ryder! Owen's would then slide Ryder into the ring and Jericho would begin to smile, stalking the "broski" as he attempted to stand. As he did- CODEBREAKER! "JBL" shouted as Jericho went for his finishing move but Ryder would hold him before charging into the turnbuckle as Jericho's back and head clattered into the turnbuckle and Ryder would release him. Jericho now slumped into a sitting position would be in position! Woo! Woo! Woo! BROSKI BOOT! Shouted Booker T as Ryder connected with the kick to the face and went for the three count! One! Two! Thr-

    NOOOO! Shouted Jim Ross as Owens would drag the Referee by the leg and stop the pin attempt as the crowd boo'd furiously and Ryder was denied the victory. The Referee would get right into Owen's face and ask him what the hell he's doing before ordering him to the back as the crowd cheered frantically. Back in the ring though and Jericho seen a chance! He would forearm smash Ryder from behind before placing him in the Walls of Jericho and it was locked in tight, only a matter of time before Ryder would tap. Ryder though would dig down deep as Jim Ross put over his heart and desire to compete and continue on. Ryder would scissor himself free and send Jericho across the canvas and with the crowd cheering him.. Would rise to his feet and run at Jericho looking for the Rough Ryder! Jericho though would duck underneath and land a swinging neck-breaker in the middle of the ring. Both men would be gassed- digging deep as the match clock ticked out. Jericho would raise up first and instead of going for the kill- got in the face of the official, demanding an answer as to why his best friend was evicted from ringside. This hesitation would be his downfall as he ran the ropes and sprung off them with the Lionsault but Ryder would move! Zack would then drag himself up, the crowd cheering him on and would wait for his chance. Jericho eventually stumbling up, holding his chest and bang! ROUGH RYDER! Shouted Jim Ross as the crowd cheered him on! Ryder with the cover- One! Two! Three!



    Huge cheers sounded as Ryder was announced as the winner of the match! Jericho would roll out of the ring- furious and would immediately head backstage up the ramp, sulking. Ryder though would savor the moment, knowing it's a big one in his career as he dropped to his knee's and thanked the crowd for their support. We had one last shot of the Referee raising Ryder's arm in victory before the focus turned to the big screen where the Tiantron was about to go live!

    NARRATOR: The following announcement has been paid for by..


    Shot'Em then plays in the background as a small montage of Bullet Club members Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows and AJ Styles is shown. It finishes before the feed goes Black & White and the vignette begins to play.

    Gallows and Anderson are first shown, in front of the camera and they mean business. Anderson steps forward and speaks..

    ANDERSON: Dudley Boyz! Enzo & Cass! The Revival! You all talk about laying down a marker in the tag team Division and you know, that's real cute boys. I'll tell you what laying a marker down looks like, it looks like a near 7ft mountain of a man named Luke Gallows and a slightly smaller, good looking dude with a hot Asian Wife kicking ass across the globe! Dominating the competition.

    GALLOWS: Laying down a marker is selling out the Tokyo Dome, 8 times, NERDS! It's about being mean and making green and you best believe that's what we do best. Ain't that right my good Brother?

    ANDERSON: Right, good Brother, Gallows. Three time IWGP tag team Champions! Coun't them, three times! And we ain't done! You see we're here in the WWE because we beat everyone there was to beat in Japan and now we turn our attention to America! The land of the free? WRONG! It belongs to the Bullet Club!

    GALLOWS: It's a takeover, people. You're either with us.. OR, You're against us! Time to listen good, boys. We beat up the SHIELD two weeks ago! Just last week.. We beat up Enzo & Cass! Dudley Boyz, Revival, anyone that get's in our way, you will be next! Bullet Club arising boys, there ain't nothing you can do!

    A smaller man then squeezes in and pushes in-front of Anderson & Gallows. Though the picture is grainy, Black & White, it's obvious the man is wearing John Cena merchandise. Hat, shirt and even a necklace from what appears to be his DR of Thuganomic's days. The smaller man speaks.

    UNKNOWN: Now hold up, I will not let this happen! I will save Smackdown and the WWE from this new evil that call themselves the Bullet Club! I have defeated the Nexus! I have toppled the Great Khali and the Big Show! I will stop this evil Club of Bullet's and I will do so with my super-powers of.. HUSTLE! LOYALTY! And.. being a puppet to Vince Mcmahon! I will bury the Bullet Club and all of it's more talented then me, wrestlers, just like I always have and always will.. for I am.. SUPER-CENA! YOU CAN'T SEE...


    The man then rips away the hat, throws away the chain and rips off the shirt- It's AJ Styles!

    AJ STYLES: What's up Johnny boy? How's life on Raw treating you, huh? Hope you're enjoying the vignette? You know, it really is paid for by the Bullet Club because only certain people like you get things paid for you, isn't that right Johnny? I mean not everyone can play the politics like you can.. You're the master at it, Cena. Just like you're the master of stealing the limelight from everyone else. Well.. this time, you've met your match Cena because YOUR TIME IS UP, OUR TIME IS NOW! You know the real reason you challenged me at SummerSlam? Because you want to stay relevant and I applaud you. I mean think about it.. how come every time someone get's hot in the WWE- there you are, getting involved, the whole Cena stick.. Again! You wouldn't be trying to steal the lime light, would you? Oh.. do you think? Well Cena, you've got the lime light again and at SummerSlam the floor is yours once more to dance. Only you're in the ring with the greatest wrestler this side of the Universe and I can waltz around you all night long, Johnny boy!

    AJ begins to shake his hips and dance around as he smiles.

    AJ STYLES: I heard you on Raw, Cena. You don't think I can beat you on my own, huh? You don't think I can? Well I'll show you! Gallows, Anderson- my good Brothers, I got to do this one on my own and and when I do, there will be no excuses for you Johnny, your time will truly be up and you will fall by the way side as the Bullet Club continues to rise up the ranks in the wrestling world to that ELITE level! Oh and when we do, it will be.. 2-Sweeeetttt! So Johnny, I'll be seeing you at SummerSlam! Get your dancing shoes ready, because we gon' have a ball and I'm gon' do my most favorite thing in the whole world.. *Gallows and Anderson join in* BEAT UP JOHN CENA!!

    Come boys, let's go get something to eat! AJ, Gallows & Anderson leave the camera shot. A group "2-Sweet" sign takes place before the vignette footage fades.

    NARRATOR: This video was brought to you by.. The Bullet Club! 4-4-4-4-4 Liiiffeeeee!

    As the focus turned away from the Titantron and back to ringside, Epico & Primo of the Shining Stars were already in the ring- limbering up and displaying their Puerto Rico brochures to the camera. SAWFT is a Sin would then sound and there opponents- Big Cass & Enzo Amore made there way to the ring..

    Match Four: Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs The Shining Stars.
    Finish: Despite Epico & Primo having their moments the match was fairly comfortable for Enzo & Big Cass. Enzo was dominated and segregated from his corner in the opening minutes but would wriggle free and would make a hot tag to Big Cass who would enter the ring on fire and with a bang! Cass would clean house, knocking down both Epico & Primo with clothesline's and big boots before swinging them both into the ropes and looking for a double splash! Epico & Primo would move and would escape the ring- smiling that they've avoided danger before a flying Enzo Amore would come at them from above as he linked up with his partner to lift him up and over the ropes with a flying Air Enzo! Enzo would then roll both Epico & Primo back in the ring where Cass would deliver the East River Crossing to Primo. Cass would then combining once again with Enzo Amore to hit Bada Boom Shakalaka and going for the pin- One! Two! Three!



    The crowd celebrated as Enzo danced around the ring in victory while Big Cass would reach outside of the ring and receive two microphone's from Jojo and pass one to Enzo. Enzo waited for the crowd to die down the noise before speaking..

    ENZO AMORE: Hey, Yo, Nashville, how ya' doin' tonight?

    Crowd cheer with chants of "How you doin'?!" as Enzo begins to dance along.

    ENZO AMORE: How am I doin'? Well that's funny you should ask because I'm doin' a lot better now that the time warp is over and were back in 2016! Ya' kno', for a moment there, I thought I was watching the NWO with that vignette when it dawned on me and I realized that either my memory is fuzzy, or Hall & Nash had a whole lot less hair and were much uglier then I remembered.. How ya' doin?! And as for the small one with the soccer mom hair cut in front.. He might think he da' Hulk but he looking more like Bruce Banner, how ya' doin'?!

    The crowd enjoy the references to the nWo and comics as they cheer and continue to chant Enzo's name as he once more dances along. It's then over to his partner, Big Cass.

    BIG CASS: Bullet Club! Here's a message for you that's been paid for by two certified G's! Ya'll might think ya'll some tough guys and ya'll can keep talking about your accomplishments and success in Japan- but this is the USA and thing's are very different around here! It's over my 7ft body if you guys think you gon' make this a takeover because me and my buddy 'Zo, we ain't forget that post-match attack and we owe you a couple knuckle's that we intend on paying you right back- real soon!

    ENZO AMORE: Anderson! Gallows! You two couple of hard boiled egg heads think ya' gon' use ya' number game on us? Well I got a couple of digits for you, it goes 9-1-1, call an emergency, we got a cup of haters that think they better then everyone else and they gon' be going to SummerSlam looking like a couple of straight three's, with the wrestling ability of two's when AJ should be on his ones.. going one on one with our boy, John Cena!

    Now, I was never too good with math- but I got the gift of gab and a punch like Tyson, when it comes to the Bullet Club, they suck harder then my Dyson! How ya' doin?!

    The crowd are cheering as Enzo finishes his rant and begins running around the ring. Big Cass eventually stops him and continues to speak..

    BIG CASS: Numbers? Math? My head hurts.. But what my friend was trying to say.. Bullet Club! AJ Styles! We heard you talking about SummerSlam and how you're going to face Cena one on one and that your going to do this on your own? AJ, you don't have the stones to face John Cena one on one and you know it! You might come down alone- but the moment your in trouble, down they will come, the egghead brothers and the numbers will be once again be in your favor. So, here's what's going to happen.. Me and my boy, Enzo, we're going to SummerSlam too and we are going to be right there waiting for you two- Gallows and Anderson, to show up and make the save and when you do, we gon' be right in John Cena's corner and it's going to be a fair game! So AJ, the choice is yours, are you really man enough to face Cena one on one, or are you going to show that once again.. THERE'S ONLY ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE THE BULLET CLUB!! S!A!W!F!T! SAAAAWWWWFFFTTTTTTTT!

    The crowd join in as Nashville chants "SAWFT!" along with Big Cass & Enzo and the message has been sent and the challenge has been laid down to AJ Styles and the Bullet Club. Jim Ross agree's and says that despite what AJ said, he has a feeling that there will be a back up plan for Anderson & Gallows to be involved. "JBL" says that people shouldn't doubt AJ, he's a man of his word and that Cass & Enzo should mind there own business anyways! Booker says this is their business and especially so after that post-match attack previously from the Bullet Club! The camera then switches to the backstage area.

    We see a delighted Zack Ryder fist pumping with a smile on his face and nodding his head with excitement- clearly delighted with his win against Jericho earlier as he walks down the hall way. He fist bumps and high fives a couple of backstage workers before stopping and looking towards his right with intrigue. The camera pans across to show the Ravishing Russian, Lana. Wearing a very short dress and a seductive smile across her face, she begins to giggle and motions for Ryder to come over with a wag of her finger. Ryder hesitates before looking over his shoulder and going across, asking what Lana wants? Lana just smiles again as Ryder is blasted from behind by the Bulgarian Brute with the US Title across his head- knocking him down and out. Lana then shouts for Rusev to crush and the United States Champion does so- dragging up Ryder and launching him back first into the hall way concrete wall before following up with a jumping super kick to the face of Ryder- knocking him down for a second time. Rusev then latches in the accolade after stamping on Ryder's back and Lana watches on as Ryder is out cold. Various Referee's and officials then rip Rusev off Ryder as Shane Mcmahon comes running into the picture- asking what the hell is going on?! Rusev at this point had already flee'd the scene of the crime with his Wife, Lana. The shot then fades to a break.

    >> COMMERCIAL <<

    Jim Ross welcomes us back to the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee as the show returns from a commercial break. Jim Ross talks about what went down minutes ago as the attack on Ryder by Rusev is shown on via replay on the Titantron. Booker says that Ryder earned his moment tonight and couldn't even enjoy it because of an unneeded and unprovoked attack by the US Champion, Rusev! "JBL" says how would Booker like it if Ryder approached his Wife, pumping his fist and being obnoxious! John says that Ryder got what he deserved and that should be a lesson to him!

    "JR" highlights some of the action so far before hyping up what's to come, a PPv worthy Main Event as Kevin Owens will take on the debuting- Finn Balor! He also says that's not all because he this week caught up with future Hall of Famer, the Viper, Randy Orton! Ross says that he sad down with Orton in an exclusive interview that will air tonight on Smackdown Live! "JBL" chimes in and says that right now, we all need to bow down and make way of our Queen! Smackdown's Women's Champion! Charlotte Flair! Booker questions why John is getting so excited about Charlotte? He says this next match is Dana Brooke vs Natalya and as far as he's concerned- Charlotte should respect the match and stay away from ringside. "JR" says if Natalya loses, the match at SummerSlam is off- but if she wins, she will go to SummerSlam and compete for the biggest prize in Women's wrestling against Charlotte! That match is up next!

    Match Five: Dana Brooke W/ Charlotte vs Natalya.
    Finish: From the moment the ring bell sounded- the match was stop-start, stop-start, thanks to the antics of Dana Brooke and Charlotte on the outside. As Nattie attempted to lock up, Dana would slide away before hiding behind the Referee or cowering down in between the middle and top rope as the Referee would be forced to push Nattie back and break up the action. Dana would then begin to pose, showing off her "guns" before testing her strength against the Daughter of the Anvil. Dana would force Nattie down to one knee, winning the contest of strength before Nattie would dig deep, stand back up to a base and would push Dana down with real strength back cross the ring- sending her rolling out of the ring to the aid of the Women's Champion- Charlotte. Nattie would get sick of Brooke time wasting and would exit the ring only to have Charlotte stand in path way as both began to trash talk. Dana would then circle the ring and would blast Natalya from behind with a forearm before throwing her into the ring post and the crowd barrier to the delight of Charlotte. Dana would then roll Nattie into the ring and the action was finally underway!

    Dana would stay in control of the match from that point- working over Nattie to the command of Charlotte on the outside for a good minute or two before Natalya would fight back with the crowd on her side. Nattie would duck a clothesline attempt from Dana before spinning and nailing a discuss clothesline to her opponent- knocking Dana Brooke down! Nattie would then point at Charlotte, looking to send a message before locking in the famous Hart family, Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring! Jim Ross shouts that it's over, Dana is about to tap while "JBL" says that Dana needs to escape, she can't let the Queen down! Charlotte is screaming for Dana to not give up but Nattie cranks on the pressure! A couple of seconds pass- but it seems like hours for Dana and just when she's about to slap.. SMASH! Charlotte entered the ring and would level Nattie across the head with the Women's Championship! BAH GAWD, THAT DAMN JAZZABELL! Shouts Jim Ross as the Referee calls for a disqualification in favor of Natalya.



    Charlotte and Dana Brooke begin to put boots to now challenger at SummerSlam to Charlotte's belt as the crowd are heavily booing. Charlotte places Nattie in the Figure Four Leg Lock while Dana kicks and beats down Nattie, causing serious pain. Soon though- the crowd pop and it's Becky Lynch! The Lass-Kicker runs down the ramp and storms the ring, forearm smash to Dana is followed by another. Charlotte releases the hold and looks to get the first punch in- Becky ducks though and fires with some shots of her own before a clothesline sends Charlotte over the top rope! Becky then lands the Bex-Plex on Dana Brooke before helping up Nattie from the canvas. Nattie then sends another message to Charlotte and locks in the Sharpshooter once more on Dana. Charlotte at this point looks like she's about to enter the ring and help her protegee before she instead reaches in and grabs her Women's Championship, turns her back and leaves ringside. Nattie then releases the submission before she hugs Becky Lynch, thanking her for the save before the camera heads backstage.

    We are backstage in the office of Shane Mcmahon. Shane O'Mac is on the phone and can be asked hearing if he's conscious and if everything is okay? Perhaps checking up on Ryder? However the call is cut short as the door swings open and in steps the Lone Wolf- Baron Corbin. Corbin is not happy and instantly begins to speak as Shane ends his call abruptly.

    BARON CORBIN: What the hell is going on, Shane?! I was not on the card last week- My patience is running out! I don't need to impress anyone with my words, my actions talk loud enough and things are going to get ugly around here if I'm left off the card again tonight- do you understand- Shane?! Oh and while I'm here.. I want in the World Heavyweight Championship match at SummerSlam and just so we are clear- I'm not asking you.. I'm telling you!

    Shane looks shocked- not expecting this outburst from Corbin. Shane places his mobile in the inside pocket off his jacket before replying..

    SHANE MCMAHON: Baron, the show is already booked tonight. You're not on the card, Corbin. Furthermore, I suggest you watch your mouth and remember who you're speaking to right now, is that clear?

    Corbin just smiles and steps forward, leaning in to Shane as they almost come face to face when another voice speaks and breaks up the confrontation..


    The camera pans behind Corbin and the figure moves in shot of the camera. It's the World's Strongest Man- Mark Henry to the delight of Shane and the annoyance of Corbin. Henry stands right up to Baron and they're both face to face as Shane begins to speak..

    SHANE MCMAHON: Corbin, you want a fight? You want a challenge? You've got one! Next week on Smackdown Live you will go one on one with the Worlds Strongest Man! Mark Henry! Good luck!

    Henry just smiles as Baron Corbin rolls his eyes and turns away to exit the camera shot as the segment ends with Henry and Shane-O' shaking hands to the commercial break.

    >> COMMERCIAL >>

    Smackdown returns from the break as the voice of Jim Ross welcomes us back to Smackdown Live here in Nashville! Jim Ross says that was the last commercial break of the evening and we're full steam ahead with our Main Event in sight as it will be sworn enemies locking up. KO- Kevin Owens will take on the Demon King, the Real Rock N' Rolla, Finn Balor! Booker says it's going to be awesome and that he cant wait to see it go down, dawg! JBL says it's going to be a short stay in Smackdown for Balor because Owen's means business tonight and he's coming to take Balor out of action and end this welcoming party nonsense! Good Ole' JR then says but before our Main Event of the evening- It's the interview that he promised earlier on in the show, Smackdown interview exclusive with the Viper, Randy Orton! Jim Ross says enjoy as the Tron goes live and showcases the pre-taped footage of the interview between "JR" and Orton.

    The footage is pre-taped and look's to have been shot inside of Randy's home. Both men are sat on opposing armchairs with a coffee table in the middle dividing them. Orton look's relaxed, calm, unnerved, focused as Jim Ross jumps in with the first question.

    JIM ROSS: Firstly, Randy, thank you for welcoming me into your lovely home and for taking the time to have this exclusive interview with me. Randy, I've got to say, since the moment you returned and called out the Beast Incarnate at Battlground- the WWE Universe, Social Media, magazines, the wrestling world in general is talking about you and Brock- this potential match up between two former blue chip students of OVW, multiple Champions, big game players and future Hall of Famer's going one on one at the hottest party of the Summer- SummerSlam! Randy, you've had sometime to think about that challenge to Brock, that moment at Battleground. I've got to ask- any regrets? Any doubts?

    RANDY ORTON: You're welcome, Jim. And the answer to your question? None! No doubts, no regrets! I'm thinking clearer then I have ever have, Jim. I've done everything- I've beaten everyone except one man.. Brock Lesnar! While I was away out injured- I was on the sidelines and it sucked, Jim. Missing Raw's, Smackdown's, house shows, PPv's, it sucked so bad but it allows to you reflect, to think.. to adapt! I seen one man become a legend, become so feared that nobody else wanted to face him.. People were running scared at the sight of Brock Lesnar.. Well.. Not me! I've said it before.. Brock's name has become legendary.. Well.. I'm a legend killer and I made a living out of putting legends down and rising above them and nothing's changed, Ross. Come SummerSlam.. Brock Lesnar is another name on the list.

    JIM ROSS: Randy, I've known you a long time. I've seen you grow from a boy to a man, from a rookie to a star and I have to admit- I'm not sure I've ever seen you so determined and focused. Randy, this past week Brock's advocate- Paul Heyman had some choice words for you, did you hear them? Were you watching Raw?

    RANDY ORTON: Yeah, I heard them. You know what was telling though- Jim? I challenged the Beast, I challenged Brock Lesnar, not that fat leach Paul Heyman! Heyman talked about cheque's, he talked like a salesman trying to sell a fight to the fans. This sells it's self, Jim. The Viper is coming to Suplex City and he's going to strike with an RKO so devastating that it's going to kill the Beast. THEN.. When I'm done with Brock.. Heyman better hope those voices in my head that he referenced are not baying for his blood because if they are, I'm coming for him too! I'll take him down, STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Crush all of his limbs while he wriggles in agony and I'm there.. Coiled, waiting to strike, like a Viper watching a fat Mouse trying to escape and when I'm done playing with my catch... RKO! I'll kill him too!

    Heyman, I know you're watching and maybe your walking paycheck is too. Here's some advise for you, this is between me and Brock.. I suggest you shut your mouth and for once let Brock fight his own battles because I don't know about everyone else, but I'm sick of hearing your damn voice and I want that whiny voiced bitch to speak up so I can hear what he has to say, that's as long as he's not mumbling or forgetting his words. Brock, this is between me and you. The Viper vs the Beast, the match the people want to see. Your advocate suggested that I needed you, that I needed this match? He's right Brock.. I need this match! I needed the motivation to be the man I was.. Cold.. Calculated and at SummerSlam.. I will be.

    Brock, your advocate was wrong about one thing though. While I do have no doubt in my mind that I'll walk into Suplex City and I'll slay you with one single, devastating RKO outta' nowhere! Should you, somehow, some reason, some way.. move, attempt to stand.. You're going to find out that I don't need an F5, I don't need a German Suplex, I don't need a Kimura Lock. I need one right boot.. some distance and a run up... BANG! One kick to your temple will crush your cranium and leave your cold body motionless, Brock. I can do that.. I've done it before and while that move is banned in the WWE.. I can't promise that I won't do that to you because I will.. I'll do whatever it takes, Brock. I'm coming for you at SummerSlam, Lesnar. So tell your kids you love them, Brock. Your Wife, Sable, tell her you love her as you kiss her and turn to leave because it could be the last time you ever see them! Brock.. I'll see you at SummerSlam! Jim, I think we're done here.

    Orton then takes off his microphone and gets off his chair, holding his head, his eyes almost stone like, evil intentions across his face as he paces back and forth before the feed dies and the live footage turns to ringside. Wow says "JBL" as he says that Orton mean't everything he said and as a deadly as the Beast is- Brock is getting in the ring with a venomous Viper who has the intention to kill. Booker says that Orton seems to be in that dark place right now and there's evil intentions floating around in that head of his, SummerSlam is going to be craazzyyyy! Jim Ross says the Interview was intense and afterwards, Randy seemed to be in another dimension, clearly focused on the match and his opponent- Brock Lesnar! Jim Ross then announces that the time has come for the Main Event of the evening! It's Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor!

    Main Event Match: Kevin Owens W/ Chris Jericho vs Finn Balor
    Finish: The atmosphere was electric with the Nashville crowd clearly excited for the WWE debut of the Demon King- Finn Balor! His entrance was greeted to a hero's ovation as the crowd went crazy for him as he made his way down, interacting with them as certain points of his theme music hit. Balor would enter the ring and remove his jacket before turning to the stage and awaiting his rival- Kevin Owens. KO's theme would hit and there was a mixed response as he came out with Jericho in tow. KO and Jericho would make there way down the ramp, avoiding the crowd's interaction attempts before Owens would slide in the ring and the ring bell would sound to get the match underway!

    KO and Finn would just stand there- face to face as the crowd chanted "this is awesome!" as Finn smiled. KO though was in no mood for smiling and would smack Finn across the face before telling him this ain't Japan, this ain't NXT, this is my world. Finn would turn his head to side and would smile again before launching forward with a flurry of punches! KO would be taken back- attempting to cover up but Finn would carry on- rights and lefts, each one knocking Owen's back a little more before Balor would leap up and drop kick Owens down and would send him rolling out of the ring to safety. Balor would rise back up and pose for the crowd before running the ropes and then leaping to the outside with a dive over the top rope..

    ...CRASH! Balor would land perfectly on top of both Owen's and Jericho knocking them down as he popped back up and the crowd chanted and cheered his name. Finn would drag up KO and then roll him into the ring where the action would roll on! The match clock would tick around the 7/8 minute mark and it's been back and forth. Despite Finn controlling the start of the match- it would swing in favor of Owen's as Jericho would become a feature on the outside, grabbing Finn's boot as he sprung off the ropes and even jumping up on the ring apron as he attempted a signature move. At this point- both are on there feet and are trading blows in the middle of the ring..


    Shouted Jim Ross as Balor began to throw a combo together. He would then wind up for big shot but Owens would duck underneath before landing a German Suplex as the crowd chanted "Suplex City!" while Owen's went for the cover.. One! Two! Balor would kick out before the Three. Kevin would then ask the Referee to count quicker before dragging up Finn, boot to the stomach and would pick up before bringing him back down with real force in the middle of the ring..

    ...Innovative offence from Owen's as "JBL" shouted it's over, cover him KO! Owen's would scramble across and would hook the leg, looking for the Three count. One! Two! Balor would kick out and Owen's would lose it- turning to the Referee and demanding him to do his job properly and count quicker. Kevin Owen's would then roll out of the ring and would bring Finn with him and evils intentions were in his mind. Owen's would scoop him up in a power bomb position and would look to drop him back first onto the ring apron. Balor though would fight back! Right hand and after right hand to the skull of Owen's before he would drop and land on his feet. Balor would then leap onto the ring apron, take a few steps back before running forward and with a huge punt kick would smash Owen's in the face! Balor would hold onto the ropes as he almost fell of the ring apron while Owen's was out cold. Balor then dropped down, dragged up the motionless Kevin Owen's and slid him in the ring looking for the Three count!

    One! Two! Thre-NOOOOOOOO! Jericho would grab the Referee and drag him out of the ring- returning the favor to his best friend- Kevin Owen's like he had done to help him earlier in the show. The Referee would push Jericho and ask him what he's is doing?! Jericho though would push past him and enter the ring. He would run at Balor and look for a forearm smash but Finn would duck underneath and... PELE KICK! Shouted Jim Ross as Balor would catch Jericho sweet with the kick to the head. Finn would then drag him up and throw him over the top rope as Jericho landed to the outside hard. By the time Finn would realize, Owens was back up and ready, forearm smash to the side of the face, knocking the Demon King down. Owen's would then grip him up- throw him into the ropes and.. POP-UP POWER-BOMB! Shouted "JBL" but when Owen's would bring him back down- Balor would reverse and would hit a hurricarana into a roll up!

    One! Two! Owen's would kick out in complete shock and the race was on- both men getting to there feet where Balor would land first with a leaping high knee to the nose of Owens. Ouch! The crowd gasped at the strike before Balor would hit again- this time his signature- 1916! Balor with that lifting single under hook DDT as the crowd cheered his name. The match would then come to a close with Balor going to the top rope, posing for the fans before jumping in the air and coming back down with the..

    ..COUPE DE' GRACE! Finn Balor would land with the double foot stomp before going for the cover and picking up a big win.. One! Two! Three!


    Jim Ross puts over Balor and his incredible victory tonight on his Smackdown debut. Booker says how Balor was effectively facing both Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho tonight! "JBL" says that he admits, Balor was impressive and it's a big victory to start his career on Smackdown Live! The Referee raises the hand of a delighted Finn Balor as JoJo announces his name in victory as the crowd chant and cheer his name, applauding the victory. Finn has little time to enjoy his victory though as from behind comes Y2J with a forearm to the back of the head knocking the Irishman down. Jericho then beats on him with boots before helping up his partner and best friend- Kevin Owen's as it quickly becomes a Two on One situation.

    Jim Ross yell's that Owens and Jericho are like a pack of wolves and that they've made their point, enough is enough! Y2KO though continue on and it's about to get worse. Jericho drags up Balor and holds him as Owen's slaps him across the face and teases the Pop-Up Power-Bomb as the crowd are booing. It looks bleak for Balor when a surprising turn of events takes place..


    The crowd give a surprised pop as Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows come charging down the ramp and storm the ring to help out their former Brother in arms- Finn Balor. Karl fights off Jericho with a handful of punches then a clothesline over the top rope before Gallows lands a big boot on Owen's, knocking him down and rolling out of the ring as the crowd give another cheer. The commentary team are going crazy, wondering what this could mean and if the Bullet Club's intentions are good?! It soon look's like the danger has not passed for Balor though as he's on his knee's, wondering what's going on.. He's dazed as Karl Anderson and Gallows begin to circle him, clenching their fist's, waiting for the chance to pounce.

    Balor eventually stumbles up and when he does, Gallows and Anderson advance! "JBL" screams that the Bullet Club have come to finish Balor off and that nobody leaves on their own terms! Jim Ross says this is bad, bad news for Balor as the crowd begin to boo! However, Gallows and Anderson then stop and they both smile before approaching Finn Balor and out of nowhere, up comes the arms and the kliq sign is on display as Anderson and Gallows offer the Bullet Club greeting to Balor who looks shocked. Finn looks both Gallows and Anderson in the air before smiling back and throwing up the "2-Sweet" and all Three men embrace in a hug as the crowd are cheering and Booker shouts it's a Bullet Club reunion in Nashville!

    However the celebration is soon over as current Bullet Club leader AJ Styles steps out on to the stage and just stares down to the ring as Finn Balor stares back. Soon Finn looks either side to Gallows and Anderson who exit the ring and head back up the ramp, taking their place alongside AJ. AJ motions for Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows to leave as they head behind the curtain and Smackdown ends with a face-off between AJ Styles and Finn Balor to end the show as Nashville are chanting "this is awesome!" and Jim Ross wishes everyone a good night and thanks the WWE Universe for tuning in and enjoying the show.
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