Michelle Kelly the lead backstage interviewer for CWA stands backstage as the things come to a close for an explosive CWA Adrenaline Rush from Manchester, New Hampshire, USA. The ring crew breaking everything down and get it set for the travels to the next city.

Michelle Kelly: Breaking news regarding The Krash Tag team Classic pay per view. In two weeks, Jonathan McGinnis will get his match against “Mr. Sports Entertainment” Mr. Willis. After the encounter between that closed out this episode of Adrenaline Rush, McGinnis has received what he asked for and will step in the ring one on one against Mr. Willis in two weeks at CWA Krash Tag Team Classic. After Adrenaline Rush went off the air, Mr. Willis was taken to the back to be evaluated by the CWA medical staff after the brutal assault and the word is that he will indeed accept McGinnis challenge for a match as Mr. Willis who hasn't wrestled a match in almost 3 years will step in the ring as he is fully intended to step in the ring against McGinnis. McGinnis didn't sugar coat his intention as he plans to "kick Mr. Willis's ass" and now he will get the chance, with this being McGinnis's first match back since losing the CWA Heavyweight Championship last year to the current champion Jon Snowmantashi, he looks to destroy Mr. Willis as Mr. Willis himself is surely looking to get his revenge after the brutal attack. With the match set for The Krash Tag Classic, what will happen next week on Adrenaline Rush as we speak to Mr.Willis himself about last week's assault and his return to the ring for this once in a lifetime match against McGinnis?

Don’t miss this historic battle when CWA Krash Tag Team Classic takes over the CWA Network in two weeks.