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    Friday May 19th 2017

    Fight Night opened up with a video montage with the various happenings of Carnal Contendership. Highlighted in the video were Mike Garcia eliminating both Mike Parr and Tristan James Galloway simultaneously, Kazadi's impressive performance, Humanity's return, Ryan Rondo's refusal to participate and then entering with the only purpose being to assault Belle Connely with a chair, Danny Toner's exciting arrival, and then the focus on the final four, before the epic final moments between Zachary Kazadi and Shannon O'Neal. The music came to a complete silence and the green faded to black, before coming back to the crowd ROARING as Shannon O'Neal stood in the center of the ring!

    The crowd chants "SHANNON!" "SHANNON!" "SHANNON!" as she fell to her knees in the center of the ring.

    The music takes a dark turn as the screen once again goes black.


    The video goes back to Cyrus who with a nonchalant look on his face, folds up a steel chair.

    "This is a joke!"

    The music again ramps up as Shannon takes off out of the ring and meets Cyrus on the ramp and the two begin a wild brawl. The crowd continues to chant for Shannon as Cyrus backs up the ramp! The video then goes to still images of Shannon tackling Cyrus Truth off the stage as the crowd chants "Holy Shit!".The final image was of Cyrus Truth and Shannon O'Neal, laying amongst the remnants of table shards, motionless, as the crowd continues to chant....


    And the screen fades to black...

    And we're off to another fantastic Fight Night with the usual pyro blasting throughout the arena. The camera pans through the crowd with a large amount of Shannon O'Neal signs, even a few requesting her hand in marriage. Alot of negative signs for Rondo after his disgusting attack on Belle but there were surprisingly one or two showing support such as a "Rondo rang her Belle!" sign. Some support out there for PAJ and Danny Toner as well, as there were more than enough "Danny Fuckin' Toner" signs and shirts being shown. There was even a "Welcome back, Hugh Manatee!" sign.

    And then we go to the commentary table!

    Trafford: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to another edition of Fight Night! I'm Langdon Trafford, alongside my colleagues David Weinstock and Piers Gallagher, and fellas, is there any better time to be an FWA then on the road to Back in Business!

    Weinstock: I don't believe there is Langdon, and could it be any more exciting than this? We have our next challenger for Cyrus Truth's FWA Championship and I gotta tell you....out of all the competitors involved in that match, Ryan Rondo....Mike Parr...Zachary Kazadi...James Hughes....I did not expect to be here tonight saying that at Back in Business Cyrus Truth will defend that title against Shannon O'Neal. But you know what? I think we've got ourselves one hell of a main event because after what I've seen to close the show, I don't believe anyone is more motivated to come through on their promises than Shannon O'Neal is, right now!

    Gallagher: You guys are batshit crazy if you think Shannon O'Neal has a CHANCE to take that title away from our champion. This is an embarrassment! I am ashamed that we are sending that....that...that GIRL to Back in Business to compete for our company's highest honor! Cyrus was right! This is a joke!

    Weinstock: Well,to each their own but Shannon and Cyrus isn't the only match happening at Back in Business and tonight we go down the road to find out what other amazing showdowns we have to look forward to! Over the Edge will defend their tag team championships against The Olympians! After coming so close to the promised land, you have to assume that they realize it's their last chance. Can the hungry challengers overcome?

    Trafford: That's not the only championship match we have in store for you! The Women's Championship is up for grabs as Eimi Sanada defends one on one against the veteran Alana Allure! But in our main event, Mike Parr, coming out of a disappointing Carnal Contendership and a war against Michael Garcia, will defend his North American Championship against the Number One Contender, Tristan James Galloway!

    Piers: I can't WAIT for Parr to get beat down and shown up tonight by the Galloway, and I don't even like Galloway! I hop....HEY!

    Piers was interrupted by the music of the 2017 Carnal Contendership Winner!

    Once the pyrotechnics settle down, the announcers finish their show introduction, and the crowd switches its mood from an adrenaline-fueled frenzy to more of an exciting buzz of anticipation, the theme music everyone has wanted to hear begins playing. The thousands packed inside the arena explode into a raucous ovation, mostly positive reaction, as fans hold up signs and raise their fists in the air for the Carnal Contendership winner.


    Shannon O'Neal slowly walks out with sunglasses covering her eyes, a black fedora resting on top her head, a sleeveless white tank top with black letters spelling out the phrase, "Pissed Off B", tattoos covering her body in black and red ink, and tight black athletic shorts that stop about 8 inches above her knees. She doesn't sport a smile at first, just looking out to the crowd for a good 10 seconds while standing on top of the stage.

    Then, a big grin comes across her face as she continues looking out to the crowd through her black-tinted sunglasses. Her clean white teeth speak a thousand words in this moment.

    Langdon Trafford: Shannon O'Neal outlasted 27 other FWA wrestlers, 24 men and three women, and lived up to her promise made eight ... months ... ago. She said she would win Carnal Contendership and go to Back in Business. She has made it a habit of criticizing Cyrus Truth, his championship reign the last 10 months. And now she has the chance, in a little more than one month, to take his spot and take her chance at being ... "The Man" ... who would be a woman.

    Piers Gallagher: Cyrus Truth has beaten Ryan Rondo, Bell Connelly, Mike Parr, Eyesnsane, and KAIZEN. He's faced tougher challenges than this. What makes Shannon believe, in a one on one match, she can win? This isn't going to be a battle royal where you can get lucky and get someone over the top rope. You either have to pin him or make him submit!

    David Weinstock: Shannon O'Neal thinks she can do it and when she has her mind set to something, she usually comes through. She's proven to be pretty strong-willed. I don't doubt her, even against Cyrus Truth.

    Shannon steps into the ring and requests a microphone. She removes the fedora from her head, letting her wavy blonde hair sway and dance down to and past her naked shoulders and pale skin complexion. Her sunglasses also come off, revealing her hazel-green eyes. The crowd continues cheering, many joining in a "Shannon! Shannon! Shannon!" chant as she entered the ring. That lasts about 10 seconds. After it finishes, a few more give the common "You Deserve It" clapping chant. That lasts about 10 seconds. Piers says she "doesn't deserve it" because "Kazadi should've won and was the best in the Carnal Contendership match."

    The last chant from the crowd goes 10 more seconds, and it's not necessarily TV-PG rated.

    Crowd: Sheeeee's a Baaaaaad Bitch. *Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap* Sheeeeee's a Baaaad Bitch. *Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap*

    Shannon smiles, nods her head, and then points to her "Pissed Off B" t-shirt she's wearing. The fans all cheer again for her reference and acknowledgement. Langdon laughs and Shannon continues pacing the ring and nodding her head. She soaks in the moment even more, taking in the aftermath of the biggest victory of her life.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya, I know, right. This is pretty f***in' cool.

    The crowd EXPLODES for Shannon's ... vulgar-ness. She smiles, and the crowd begins another "Shannon! Shannon!" chant.

    Shannon O'Neal: I made a promise eight months ago. I said ... I would win Carnal Contendership and I would go to Back in Business to compete in the main event, for the FWA Undisputed World Championship. I said that. ... In September. And I meant it. But I ain't gonna lie. I didn't get here the way I thought I would back when I said it.

    I wasn't gonna' even be in Carnal Contendership. Up until the day of the match, I wasn't gonna be in. I didn't think, after leavin' and comin' back, I deserved the spot. I didn't think I deserved it over someone else. I gave up on my promise I made.

    But when a spot opened up, 'n I got a second chance ... man, I ain't lettin' a second chance go by. Those don't come down the street every damn day. It meant I had to hurt some people. I had to be SELFISH. I had to do it for ME. I had to do it to show everyone I can be the GOD DAMN MAIN-EVENTER I KNOW I AM!

    Shannon gets some cheers from the crowd as she pauses, letting her words sink in a bit. Her expression has shifted from happy-go-lucky and smiling to stone-faced and driven.

    Shannon O'Neal: So I made my promise, 'n I kept it. I became the first female EVER to win Carnal Contendership.

    With that, I got somethin' else. I got ... someone else.

    Cyrus ... Truth.

    The crowd cheers as Shannon mentions the World Champion's name. She paces the ring a bit, about to shift gears to the future instead of talking solely about the Carnal Contendership win.

    Langdon Trafford: Heeere we go.

    Piers Gallagher: I find it offensive that Shannon even mentions our champ's name after what she did to him at the end of Carnal Contendership!

    David Weinstock: You mean when she tackled him off the stage? I thought it was GREAT!

    Shannon O'Neal: I'ma let y'all in on a little secret I haven't told anyone else.

    I've been wantin' to tackle that sonuvabitch off a damn stage and put his ass through a table for 'bout six damn months!

    The crowd explodes with cheers as Shannon smiles, thinking about what she did to Cyrus.

    Shannon O'Neal: Once I knew this dude was gonna' be the guy with the big title at Back in Business ... and I knew this dude, who came in to the FWA with all the hype 'n all the starpower, was half-assin' his way through a title reign and didn't care 'bout bein' the leader ... I knew I wanted my shot. Some time. Eventually.

    But I couldn't just walk out here and ask for a title shot, right? I mean ... who am I? A two-time Women's Champion?! Bell was the reignin' Women's Champ for a year and she barely got his attention. I mean ... if I came out there in December and said, 'Man, Cyrus, ya' pretty ass at this whole Champion thing. Maybe ya' should give me a title shot so I can relieve ya' of the responsibilities.' That dude woulda' whined and complained and b*tched up 'n down the hills. Everyone is out to get him 'n everythin' is unfair, right? I mean ... damn, man ... Donald Trump already got that cornered so ya' gotta get a new schtick.

    The crowd cheers, laughs, and begins another "Shannon!" chant as she continues pacing the ring.

    Shannon O'Neal: Cyrus wouldn't have even given me the damn time of day. But now ... I won Carnal Contendership. So he can't ignore me. He can't avoid me. Cyrus Truth can't...

    Langdon Trafford: Oh, dear.

    David Weinstock: Well, this makes things a bit more explosive!

    As the entrance theme of the reigning FWA World Heavyweight Champion reaches its crescendo, the crowd's rabid support for Shannon turns into raw vitriol as Cyrus Truth makes his presence felt. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp dressed in his ring gear and his hooded overcoat, the title belt fastened securely around his waist and the hood drawn up high, hiding his eyes. As he slowly walks down that ramp towards the ring, his focus seems squarely on his challenger. Not on the crowd who continue to shower him in hatred, not on any of the surrounding FWA ring crew or security...just Shannon. ONLY Shannon.

    Langdon Trafford: It's been a year since Cyrus Truth joined FWA and shocked us all by winning Carnal Contendership in his first ever FWA match. And since then, he's maintained an nearly unbreakable iron grip on the FWA World Heavyweight Championship.

    Piers Gallagher: He's had to endure constant disrespect from FWA fans, the boys and girls in the back, and FWA management. And yet, here he is! The reigning, defending, and unquestionably most dominant champion in FWA today! People better stop thinking with their hearts and start realizing that, no matter who he is or where he came from, Cyrus Truth is exactly what he says he is...the ABSOLUTE best in the world today!

    Cyrus finally enters the ring as Shannon stands her ground, glaring at the champion who stands like the specter of death in front of her. As the music dies down, the crowd get even louder with a very vocal "Fuck Cyrus Truth! Fuck Cyrus Truth!" chant that gets just the slightest smirk from Shannon. Cyrus, however, shows no emotion as he picks up a microphone to speak.

    Cyrus Truth: "Cyrus can't" what?

    The sheer weight in which Cyrus asks that drops like a two-ton hammer. His voice is low, dripping with venom and contempt as Shannon stands her ground, tensed up as if she's expecting this (or perhaps wanting this) to boil over into another fight.

    Cyrus Truth: How were you going to finish that statement, Shannon? Huh? What were you about to say I couldn't do? "Cyrus can't intimidate me?" "Cyrus can't break me?" "Cyrus can't get under my skin anymore?" Well, what was it, Shannon?! What is it that you're so sure of that I'm incapable of?!

    Shannon gets riled up as she practically shouts in retort:

    Shannon O'Neal: You can't stop me from beating your ass an' takin' that belt away from you!!

    Well, that gets a HUGE pop from the crowd as you can see Cyrus bristle at Shannon's proclamation. While it's hard to see with his eyes still shrouded, the snarl on his lips suggests that the World Champion is seething.

    Shannon O'Neal: The time's comin' for FWA to have a champion that respects it and'll lead it, and that's exactly what's gonna happen at Back in Buis...

    Cyrus Truth: ENOUGH!

    Cyrus practically roars as Shannon, a bit startled, stops speaking and the crowd that was once rabidly supporting her quiets down a bit before booing Cyrus again. The mic in Cyrus's hand is twitching, as if The Exile is barely containing his rage...a feeling made more evident as Cyrus begins to rant.

    Cyrus Truth: Enough...enough! I imagine it's REALLY easy to stand there throwing stones at me just like everybody else associated with this Truth-forsaken company, especially when you conveniently ignore history that disagrees with you. I've been told since my first day in FWA that I can't do anything. They said I couldn't win Carnal Contendership in my first ever FWA match. They said I couldn't beat Stu at Back in Business. They said I couldn't beat Ryan Rondo and be the sole World Heavyweight Champion in this company; and even if I could, they said I couldn't hold onto it for long. But what they failed to realize and what YOU continue failing to accept is that, with Cyrus Truth, there is no such thing as "can't." I am not some run-of-the-mill journeyman despite what your peers insist on calling me. I am CYRUS TRUTH! I am the undisputed FWA World Heavyweight Champion, and the single most dominant competitor this company has seen or ever will see again! For you to stand there and suggest that there's something beyond my ability or my comprehension is not only incredibly insulting, but downright delusional!

    If we want to call about "can't," let's turn that mirror back at you for a minute, shall we, Shannon? Let's take a look at your year in review and see what you've accomplished. Let's wanted to start a Women's Revolution and get more attention to the female wrestlers of the world. You wanted to beat KAIZEN and prove that you were his equal. Oh, and you wanted to will Bell into victory against me when I fought her for my World Title...isn't that right? And how did all that go, Shannon?

    Cyrus's tone is taunting, but not in a playful, mocking sort of way. All of his words are practically coated in hate-spiked bile. Shannon, meanwhile, is listening to this and clenching her fist so tight that her knuckles are starting to turn white.

    Cyrus Truth: Until Carnal Contendership, you have failed at everything you've set out to do. Your Women's Revolution died with a whimper, you weren't capable enough to beat KAIZEN, and all that support you sent to Bell amounted to exactly NOTHING when I made her tap out. But, hey, who cares about any of that, right? Why dwell on the past even if it suggests you're not NEARLY as capable as you want us all to believe? After all, you DID win Carnal Contendership! None of that past stuff matters, because for once this year you've managed to accomplish something worth a damn! So congratulations, Shannon! You can finally stop bitching about how unfair everything is to you and bask in the glory of a Back in Business main event. But...everything comes with a price. See, not only did you earn the right to face me for my World Title at FWA's biggest show of the year...not only did you finally get what you've been hounding for since I beat Rondo for this title and sent him away to go find his smile and balls, you also got something else. Something you think you want, but will inevitably come back to haunt you.

    Cyrus lowers his hood with his free hand as he very pointedly states:

    Cyrus Truth: You now have my full, undivided attention.

    As the light shines on Cyrus's face, the crowd gasps a bit when they see that Cyrus's right eye is heavily bruised, no doubt from Shannon's fierce attack at the Carnal Contendership show. It's an ugly shade of purple and black, and it definitely looks like it hurts. The crowd cheers this, seeing it as a sign that Shannon has some serious power behind her punches and could, in fact, possess enough strength to do some substantial damage to the hated champion.

    Cyrus Truth: Proud of this, Shannon? I'll admit I wasn't expecting you to pack that kind of a punch. And even now, every time I touch it, I can feel it burn and I'm taken back to that night where you speared me off the stage. So enjoy that moment and that euphoria, because you earned that. But, do you fully realize what you've done? Exactly what did you think you were accomplishing with this little stunt? Demoralize me? Prove you had what it took to actually beat me? Dear, sweet, STUPID Shannon...the only thing you've accomplished is that now, I can't look past you. I can't just be satisfied with beating you at Back in Business. I had hoped that I could get back on track and continue marching towards glory, but you saw fit to end any chances of that happening when you did what you did. Once again, I am denied the simple joy of glory, and instead am forced to resort to raw disdain. So, THANKS for that.

    Cyrus starts to approach Shannon, who fearlessly doesn't back down. The two wrestlers, challenger and champion, are now face-to-face and nose-to-nose as Cyrus continues in a slightly hushed tone, pointing to his eye:

    Cyrus Truth: I'm going to remember this, Shannon. I'm going to look at this in the mirror every day and remind myself of what you've done and what you're attempting to do. I'm going to take a picture of this bruise and save it so that when it heals, I can look at the picture and remember just how foolishly arrogant you were to think that this wouldn't be returned to you. Because this represents not only your desire to stop failing and achieve glory, but your blatant disrespect and refusal to acknowledge my greatness. This isn't an eye for an eye, Shannon. I don't do half-measures. At Back in Business, I tear your heart out.

    Shannon smiles, pacing the ring as the crowd boos Cyrus from afar. He smiles, looking out to the sea of enemies. Shannon seems to have the crowd in the palm of her hand, waiting for her verbal retaliation.

    Shannon O'Neal: First thing's first ... Cyrus Truth ... I'm glad ya' showed up.

    The crowd cheers slightly, waiting on more from their hero.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' see ... I never really know week to week when we're gonna be graced with ya' presence. Seems like one week ya' here, the next week we don't see anythin' from ya'. The next week ya' back, in a match that ya' walk out on, and the next week ya' take another break.

    So ... I will say ... I'm proud of ya' for showin' up this time.

    More cheers as Shannon paces the ring, side to side, looking down and then back up to the fans.

    Shannon O'Neal: I'm a pretty outspoken 'gal. I ain't denyin' that. I've said some sh*t about some people in my time here. Said some sh*t about Taylor Toxic. Said some sh*t about Ayla El. Said some sh*t about Kaizen. About Chris Kennedy. About Ryan Rondo. Danny Toner. Randy Ramon. So ya' ... I got a bit of a loud mouth. I talk a lot. I say a lotta' sh*t. But I think the most I ever criticized was a chick named ... Gabrielle.

    The crowd gives a good-sized reaction as Shannon looks out, pausing for a few seconds.

    Shannon O'Neal: Ya' see, Cyrus, me 'n Gabby didn't see eye to eye on much. Still don't. I was pretty critical of how she seemed, in my view, to hold other females back. She was the Goddess of the FWA, comin' in the footsteps of Jillian de Silva. And when it was time for a new Goddess to emerge, I never felt like she was ... too happy 'bout that. She made herself feel ... above the other women, instead of part of them. It's all 'bout the attitude, ya' know? So ... ya' ... I said some sh*t about Gabrielle. A lot.

    But the one thing I never accused her of ... was not ... showin' ... up.

    The crowd cheers as Shannon sticks up her finger to the air and pauses for a few seconds.

    Shannon O'Neal: I never thought she didn't care. I never thought she wanted it easy. I never thought she was half-assin' it when she was the champ, when she was on top. Gabrielle had her faults, as a leader for the women of the FWA, but I never ever felt she didn't love the FWA. I never felt she didn't want to lead the FWA. I never felt ...

    I never felt like she stopped ... tryin' ... to be the best champ she could be.

    The fans all applaud and even begin a small "Gabby! Gabby! Gabby!" chant.

    Shannon O'Neal: That's ... That's most of the problem I have with ya' Cyrus. Ya' know ... everythin' ya' said ... it's right. I wanted to start a Women's Revolution. That didn't work. I wanted Bell to beat ya' at Red, White and Bruised. That didn't work. I wanted to beat Kaizen at Trial By Fire. That didn't work.

    But ... I'm out here ... tryin'. And I'm out here movin' the needle. People pay attention to me. Whether I'm the best ever or just another pissed-off B*TCH with a microphone ...

    The crowd cheers Shannon's profanity, and she pauses for a second.

    Shannon O'Neal: I make people pay attention to me. ... I'm a leader, Cyrus. I lead people. I don't always win. But I do always try. And I always put myself front and center. And I understand ... and THIS is most important, Cyrus ... I understand two things.

    One ... respect isn't given, EVEN when ya' the World Champ. Respect is earned. And ya' haven't done a damn thing since ya' became champ except b*tched and moaned at every turn about the type of match, the people ya' facin', whatever. Ya' haven't earned SH*T, Cyrus. Not from me. Not from the guys and 'gals in the back. Not from these fans. No one.

    The crowd explodes into a loud "SHANNON! SHANNON! SHANNON!" chant as she pauses, letting her words sink in.

    Shannon O'Neal: And the other thing I know ... and Cyrus, ya' better listen to this one ... is that to be the World Champ, and to get that respect ... ya' gotta show up. ... and ya' gotta show up ... EVERY ... F***IN' ... TIME. And I ain't talkin' about just wrestlin' matches. There's more to it, Cyrus. Ya' gotta move the needle. Ya' gotta represent the brand. Ya' gotta be ... the leader. Own it!

    BE it!

    And Cyrus ... man ... I'll be honest ... ever since ya' became World Champ last summer ... ya' just haven't done a damn ... thing. The ONLY time ya' were ever exciting, KAIZEN had to basically antagonize ya' for WEEKS to get it out of ya'. I mean ... I'm sorry, Cyrus ... but I'm lookin' at ya' standin' there ... and these fans are lookin' at ya' standin' there ... and there's just ...

    nothin'. Nothin' excitin' about what we're seein'. What we're hearin'. Ya' a damn genius inside this ring, Cyrus, but the FWA needs more than a wrestler. Now more than ever, the FWA needs a leader. And ya' had a shot at it, and ya' put us to sleep in the process. So at Back in Business ... I said it to Ashley ... we're gonna' have a war over who the real leader is. And ya' can sit there and say ya' lead by example in this ring, but all I see is a dude who takes every other show off. And as for me ... I'll stand here and say I AM in this ring right now. And I'll BE in this ring EVERY ... DAMN ... SHOW. And I'm gonna do it, Cyrus ... as the champ.

    Shannon drops the microphone and the crowd cheers, her music starting in the background. Cyrus looks on from the stage as the two bound for Back in Business have an intense staredown.


    Piers: Well, folks, that won't be the last time we see those two tonight! Cyrus Truth WILL team tonight with Ryan Rondo to take on Shannon O'Neal and Belle Connelly.

    Weinstock: Wow! I can't wait to see just how well that team of Truth and Rondo gets along!

    Trafford: And hey, what a surprise! It's James Sync!

    Piers; Wha...Wait, first we let Humanity back in the doors, now we have THIS guy to watch every week? Shoot me now.

    Weinstock: Hey, James Sync is quite a decorated veteran in the FWA! And as you can tell by this ovation, the fans are certainly happy to see James Sync back in an FWA ring!

    James Sync vs. Triple J Security

    Summary: Sync has no issues handling each member of Triple J Security. First it's the "Encore" spinebuster to Jobber Jim. Then it's the Curtain Call neckbreaker from a torture rack to Jiggy John. A clothesline and big crucifix powerbomb stymies Jugem-Jugem. Sync keeps up the power moves, leveling each of the three with nasty clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Sync bounces himself off the ropes and a big body bump takes out Jugem and Jiggy John at once. Then it's a back body drop to JObber Jim, who flies over the ropes and to the outside floor.

    Ending: Finally, Sync hits the Jeckyl & Hyde to Jiggy John and covers for the easy 1-2-3 pinfall.

    Winner: James Sync

    The rockstar character rises to his feet to a small group of cheers from the fans. James Sync is back, holds his arms in the air, and smiles.

    Weinstock: An impressive showing on Sync's first night has to wonder though, just who or what exactly Sync has his sights set on?

    Trafford: If I'm holding championship gold right now, I'm certainly keeping my eye on James Sync.


    Trafford: It's time for our first championship match of the evening!

    FWA Women's Title Match
    "Hellcat" Alana Allure (c) vs "Future Princess" Eimi Sanada

    The Match: Allure begins by getting into the face of Sanada and slapping her but Sanada doesn't take to this too well and responds with multiple forearms that push Allure back onto the ropes. Sanada forces her out of the ring and makes sure to chase her around the place and get hits in where she can. It's almost a squash to begin with but Allure gets back into it by throwing Sanada into the steel steps. Allure rolls her back into the ring and hits a moonsault for a near fall but Sanada doesn't give her the quick win. Allure tries her best to force Sanada to give up by using a variety of big moves such as her twisting suplex and reverse neckbreaker... but there's no forcing Sanada to back down and quit. A diving leg drop attempt from Allure is missed as Sanada plays possum before hitting a running double knee strike. Sanada hits a frog splash for a near fall and tries to build up some momentum by backing the champion into a corner and using chops before suplexing her away. Eimi hits her Sapphire Moon Press for a near fall.

    The Finish: There's a lot of boos around the arena as Ryan Rondo, for some reason, decides to make his way down to ringside. He decides to sit on the barricade and watch the match. Sanada pays him no attention as she decides to lock in a single leg boston crab on Allure. The champion is able to get out of it though and appears to have a slightly hurt leg and doesn't want to continue. Sanada expresses an apology and tries to help her opponent up... only to be levelled with a jumping roundhouse kick! It looks like Allure has fooled her but Sanada kicks out! After they get to their feet and have a brief strike exchange, Allure is able to lock Sanada into an octopus stretch. It becomes clear Sanada won't give up though and Allure lets her fall to the floor in pain. Just as Allure looks to capitalise, Rondo runs into the ring and hits her "injured" leg with the women's title! The referee has no choice but DQ Sanada!

    Winner by Disqualification and STILL FWA Women's Champion: Alana Allure

    The fans let out relentless boos as Eimi Sanada sees her chance to regain the FWA Women's Title go to waste. Ryan Rondo smirks in the ring as the referee tries to usher him out of the ring. Rondo tosses him out of the way and proceeds to attempt to stomp a hole through Allure's leg.

    Langdon Trafford: Why? What the hell does Rondo want? Why the hell is he doing this?

    Piers Gallagher: Maybe he wants to steal Dave's girlfriend?

    David Weinstock: I think he's just making a statement, Piers.

    Eimi has no idea what to do as the referee tries to hold Rondo back amidst the boos. She gets to her feet and tries to shove Rondo away but Rondo turns around and laughs at her. He picks up the women's title and acts like he is handing it to her - just as she goes to grab it, he slams it right off her forehead and knocks her down to more mega heat from the crowd. He picks her up off of her feet and locks in a dragon sleeper with bodyscissors that the crowd don't like. They hate to watch as Sanada seems to become lifeless.

    Piers Gallagher: Even I find this disgusting.

    Langdon Trafford: And it seems like someone backstage has had enough! Here comes the former Women's champion, Bell Connelly!

    Suddenly, Bell Connelly comes running down to the ring - Rondo hops up off of the lifeless Sanada, grabs the women's title and throws it out of the ring with little regard for it before boosting out himself. Connelly doesn't give chase as he grabs the women's title and launches it up the ramp another throw before turning around and holding his arms out, feigning being perplexed as to why Connelly seems upset with him. He turns around to the women's title and begins kicking it up ramp as Connelly looks on in disgust. She turns around and begins to check on Sanada as EMTs flood the ring to check on both Allure and Eimi.


    "The Baby-Faced Assassin" Ben Richards vs. Mark Merriweather

    Summary: Merriweather is 2 inches smaller and 10 pounds lighter, but he holds himself with an air of superiority and "above-ness." When the bell rings, Merriweather brings Richards in with a tight side head lock. He squeezes around the temple of "The Baby-Faced Assassin" before landing a takedown and a ground side head lock. Richards kicks out of a pinfall try at one but Merriweather walks him up, still in the side head lock. Merriweather reassesses, moving his body to the back for a waist lock. Richards tries to pry the hands loose but Merriweather lands a forearm clubbing to the back of the head. Merriweather takes control from here, using his offensive arsenal to keep Richards at bay. He starts with a swinging neckbreaker. Then it's a running single-leg high knee after a whip to the ropes was reversed.

    Merriweather gets put in the corner when Richards lands his various kicks to the lower body. Then a spinning roundhouse kick in the corner. He walks Merriweather out for a snap scoop slam and covers, but Merriweather kicks out at one and three-quarters. Merriweather gets hit with a German suplex but kicks out at two. Richards whips him to the ropes and lands his a very stiff clothesline, running right through his chest and neck region. Richards covers a third time, and a third time it's a kick out.

    Ending: Richards tries a running bulldog but Merriweather counters into a beautiful suplex. From there, he ends the match with his "Final Cut" cutter and covers. It's enough damage to keep Richards down for the three count.

    Winner: Mark Merriweather


    “Universe on Fire” blared throughout the arena, signaling the arrival of “The Immortal” PAJ! Phillip A. Jackson burst from behind the curtains with a show of energy that we haven’t seen him have in weeks as he fed off the exuberant crowd! A loud “PAJ!” “PAJ” “PAJ” chant began in which PAJ even began to join in himself. PAJ wasted no time in sliding into the ring, and doing his signature pose to the delight of the crowd.

    Weinstock: Well, it’s been a while since we’ve seen PAJ in this good of a mood! Could it be that he’s looking FORWARD to Back in Business?

    Piers: This is a great time of year for everyone, David! We’re all in a better mood!

    Weinstock: Uhhh….well, you might want to rethink that.

    And the reason Piers may want to rethink that is because “Monster” was the next song to play and Michael Garcia stormed out to the ring, paying no attention to anything or anyone else around him and stepped into the ring, staring down PAJ. PAJ, refused to be intimidated and stood nose to nose with Garcia.

    That was interrupted by “G.O.M.D.”, letting the FWA Universe know that Zachary Kazadi was next to come out. Kazadi seemed fixated on Parr, cracking his knuckles and stretching his arms as he confidently entered the ring. PAJ took his eyes off Garcia and started jawjacking with Kazadi. Garcia gently shoved PAJ, who turned his attention to Garcia. Kazadi wanted PAJ’s attention more and swung PAJ’s arm around, yelling at PAJ that he’s the one PAJ has to worry about. Garcia put his hand on PAJ’s shoulder but this was all interrupted by…

    “Greenback Boogie” by Ima Robot as the crowd exploded for Danny Toner! Toner ran out onto the stage, and incited even more cheers from the crowd! “TO-NER” TO-NER” “TO-NER!” chants filled the arena as Toner slapped hands with fans on his way down the ramp….


    Weinstock: Oh come on! What a cheap shot!

    Piers: Garcia is not happy about Carnal Contendership! It took a goddamn van to eliminate him, and it was Toner’s recklessness that did him in!

    Kazadi and PAJ, both looked on from inside the ring, as Garcia began clubbing down hard forearms into Toner’s back. The two men turned towards each other, and then immediately started throwing blows. Kazadi connected on a hard forearm to the jaw that stunned PAJ, but PAJ came back, ducking a right swing and taking Kazadi down with a double leg takedown and mounting Kazadi, peppering him with a barrage of right and left hands! Kazadi reversed and had the advantage, getting a few shots in on PAJ, who rolled through and the two men tumbled to the outside, continue the exchange on the floor!

    Meanwhile, on the stage, Toner tried to create some distance but an inscenced Garcia was giving no reprieve. He grabbed Toner by his jacket and tossed him headfirst into the LED stage set! Toner immediately covered his head and was screaming in agony as Garcia screamed that Toner would pay for what he did. He wasted no time in grabbing Toner by the jacket again and walking him down the ramp. Once they got down to the ring, Garcia picked Toner up,carried him on his shoulder and launched him headfirst into the steel ringpost! Toner fell to the ground in a heap but that didn’t matter to Garcia who pickedhim right back up and launched him into the steel steps!

    Weinstock:This is ridiculous! The match hasn’t even started yet!

    With Toner almost completely incapacitated, Garcia picked him up one last time and set him up…for the Three River Bombs. And one by one he delivered all three powerbombs, right onto the bottom half of the steel steps. Security immediately ran down to the ring and got in between the two men. Garcia was arguing with security members trying to back him off as Ashley O’Ryan and EMTs hit ringside as well. Ashley told Garcia to back off and got in his face.

    On the other side of the floor, PAJ and Kazadi were still maiming each other. PAJ got the upperhand and slid Kazadi into the ring. PAJ entered the ring, but was met with a hard strike by Kazadi and irish whipped into the ropes.Kazadi went for a back body drop but PAJ landed on his feet! PAJ ducked an oncoming clothesline attempt by Kazadi, and delivered a springboard backelbow, catching Kazadi square on the jaw! Kazadi fell backwards but managed to get right back to his feet and ducked a roundhouse kick by PAJ and catching him with a mule kick straight to the kneecap, taking PAJ down tone knee and then delivering a running enziguiri! Kazadi motions for PAJ to get back to his feet, before running the ropes and running right into a Black Hole Slam from Garcia, who had entered the ring!

    Fatal Four Way Match

    ‘The Immortal” PAJ vs Zachary Kazadi vs “The Carnegie Carnivore” Michael Garcia vs Danny Toner (?)

    Kazadi rolled to the outside, clutching his back, right next to where the EMTs were still checking on Toner, shining a flashlight into his eyes. Garcia leaned down to scream obscenities down at Toner but PAJ dropkicked Garcia from behind! The dropkick only seemed to agitate Garcia, as PAJ bounced off the ropes and Garcia charged forward with a clothesline that nearly decapitated the Immortal One! PAJ rolled to the side of the ring under the ropes as Garcia pounded his chest, unaware that Kazadi was climbing the ropes behind him! And just as he turned around, Kazadi leapt off the top rope with a crossbody…but got caught in mid-air! Garcia transitioned Kazadi to his shoulder and sent him crashing down to the mat with a Running Powerslam!

    PAJ again tried his luck, springboarding off the top rope, with a leaping forearm that connected right with Garcia’s jaw! Garcia stumbled backwards into the corner as PAJ immediately took advantage by hitting a running splash and then a running dropkick to Garcia as he stumbled out of the corner! Garcia fell back into the ropes so PAJ decided to take him down with a running hurricanrana but Garcia stopped him in mid move and sent him crashing down with a powerbomb! And the second Garcia released, Kazadi came in out of nowhere with a running knee strike to the side of Garcia’s skull! Mike dropped to the mat and Kazadi immediately went to work on the right leg of Garcia,slamming itdown into the canvas several times before applying a Single Leg Boston Crab, gaining as much leverage as possible. Garcia franrtically reached for the bottom rope, which was just outside of reach. After a few moments of agonizing pain, Garcia managed to reach the bottom rope. Kazadi waited til the referee reached the count of four before screaming at the referee to shut the fuck up and releasing the hold. Garcia pulled himself under the ropes and rolled to the outside as PAJ got back to his feet. Kazadi moved in and PAJ went for a SuperSweet Chin Symphony out of nowhere but Kazadi was ready and caught PAJ’s foot and put him in an ankle lock submission! PAJ scratched and clawed his way towards the bottom rope but just as PAJ was about to get there, Kazadi pulled him further away! The crowd began chanting for PAJ and as the crowd got louder, PAJ began fighting more and more, eventually pushing himself up to one foot and finding a way to deliver a standing enziguiri to Kazadi! PAJ and Kazadi both took a moment to recover before finding their way back to their feet and both getting DRILLED by a double clothesline by the Carnegie Carnivore! Garcia tossed Kazadi outside the ring before turning his attention to PAJ.

    PAJ hobbled back to his feet and looked for separation in the corner but he found none as Garcia came running in with a corner splash that shook the ring! PAJ stumbled forward and walked right into a stalling vertical suplex from Garcia. PAJ grabbed on to the bottom rope as Garcia tried to pull PAJ up , but PAJ kicked him right in the kneecap and then connected with a PAJle Kick! PAJ unleashed a fury of hard kicks to the stunned monster before hooking him up for a DDT, but Garcia countered by lifting PAJ in the air and wrecklessly tossing him like a small child! Kazadi tried his luck next, striking Garcia with a variation of knee strikes and elbows, forcing him back into the ropes. Again, the referee forced Kazadi off calling for a break, to which he was not pleased. Kazadi broke enough for Garcia to get away from the ropes and then kneed him in the gut, hooking him up for what appeared to be some sort of piledriver butGarcia used his weight and pushed kazadi back to the far corner and delivered multiple shoulder thrusts to the midsection! PAJ got back to his feet and tried topull Garcia off of Kazadi, but Mike shoved him aside like a rag doll. Garcia delivered a knife edge chop to Kazadi, as PAJ again tried to swing Garcia around, only to get shoved away again! Another chop to Kazadi. This time PAJ tried to pull him off again, but PAJ anticipated the shove, grabbed Garcia’s arm, kicked him in the gut and delivered a hard DDT! PAJ and Kazadi shared a reluctant glance, understanding what needs to happen and both began stomping away at Garcia! They both pulled him up to his feet, whipped him into the ropes,and ducked the oncoming double clothesline and hit stereo dropkicks! Garcia fell back, but got back to his feet, grabbed Kazadi and set him up for the Three River Bombs but PAJ came in out of nowhere with SuperSweet Chin Symphony! Kazadi followed up with a 630 splash!

    Broken up by PAJ!

    Garcia rolled to the outside after taking the two finishers. Kazadi pushed himself up to his feet as PAJ patiently waited and then struck with another SuperSweet Chin Symphony to Kazadi, but this time Kazadi saw it coming and avoided the maneuver, spun PAJ around and then connected with a leaping knee strike catching PAJ just under the jaw. A stunned PAJ staggered backwards allowing Kazadi to deliver an Exploder Suplex! With PAJ downon the mat, Kazadi leaps off the middle rope with a springboard somersault leg drop! Kazadi uses his position to transition the move into a Peruvian Necktie submission! PAJ desperately tries to fight out of the submission as EMTs begin pulling Toner up to his feet outside the ring.Two of them begin to carefully walk Toner towards the ramp, as Toner staggers to his feet with their help. Back inside the ring, PAJ reached out to the ropes, extending his fingers and reaching out as far as he could but he was still far away. PAJ desperately tried to maneuver his body but Kazadi had the hold locked in tight! PAJ was fading fast and had no choice but to tap!

    But Danny Toner made a last minute dive into the ring and caught PAJ’s hand, preventing him from tapping out! Toner immediately broke the hold by clubbin Kazadi in the skull! The crowd let out a huge “DAN-NY!” chant upon his re-emergence into the match but he was far from 100 %. He still staggered to his feet as did Kazadi. The two exchanged right hands and various strikes before Toner avoided an uppercut attempt by Kazadi and hooked him up for a Saito Suplex! Kazadi hit hard and used the ropes topull himselfupas Toner used his momentum to deliver a textbook German Suplex and bridged into a pin!


    Kazadi kicked out!

    Both men got totheir feet, with kazadi looking for a quick clothesline, but Toner ducked underneath and delivered a Quick Hangman’s Neckbreaker! Toner turned around and ran right into a Springboard Tornado DDT by PAJ! PAJ covered Toner!

    Garcia pulled PAJ out of the ring and tossed him hard into the barricade! Garcia re-entered the ring and immediately grabbed Kazadi by the skull and tossed him across the ring before focusing on Toner, who delivered a spear out of nowhere to the giant! Toner dropped down for the cover!

    Kazadi broke up the pinfall!

    All three men laid motionless in the ring until Kazadi pulled himself up to his feet and began striking Garcia in the sternum with a series of punt kicks to the chest before turning his attention to Toner and doing the same, but this took attention away from PAJ,who slid back into the ring and rolled up Kazadi from behind!

    Kazadi kicked out! Both men got back to their feet, and wereimmediately taken back down by a vicious double clothesline by Garcia! Garcia again started throwing his weight around, hitting a spinebuster on Toner, a Savate kick to Kazadi and then picking PAJ up his hair and placing him on the top turnbuckle! Garcia began to climb up to the middle rope and attempted a superplex,which PAJ fought. Eventually Garcia clubbed PAJ in the back and was able to lift him up but Toner came in and snuck up underneath Garcia and delivered a powerbomb simultaneously, connecting with a Tower of Terror! Garcia and PAJ crashed to the mat in a heap as Toner tried to regain his wits, but walked right into a Front Flip DDT by Kazadi!


    Here is your winner @ 15:02 – Zachary Kazadi!!!!
    Trafford: After an impressive showing at Carnal Contendership, Kazadi keeps his momentum going with a victory over three of the FWA's top superstars....what's next for Zachary Kazadi?

    Piers: Hopefully, retirement. You realize how hard it is to watch this guy and stay awake? Thank God for Monster energy drinks, available everywhere wherever...

    Weinstock: Well, I'll tell you who wants no part of a Monster right now and that's Danny Toner...he seems to have awakened a sleeping giant!


    Singles Match
    "The Division One Superstar" Tommy Thunder vs Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird

    The Match: To begin with, Thunder doesn't seem to want to engage. He simply struts around the ring and calls for a 'break' everytime Blackbird comes near him. Eventually, Blackbird gets fed up with it and grabs him with a double leg takedown before taking full mount and delivering some downwards palm strikes. He gets up and starts to deliver stomps as Thunder rolls out of the ring. Vincent goes after him but ends up being outsmarted on the outside and Thunder ends up taking control. It's no secret that Vincent's body is hurting and Thunder takes advantage of it by landing various different suplexes on the hard floor to put Vincent into a world of pain. Thunder even takes time to mock Vincent by simply thrusting his foot in his face. This angers Vincent and he bursts into life with a flurry of violent punches that seem to back Thunder off. He then takes a run at Thunder but it's countered into a powerslam! Thunder picks him up and rolls him into the ring looking for the victory... but it's a near fall. Thunder spends alot of time trying to attack Vincent's back and damage him further - using a surfboard submission as well as a boston crab.

    The Finish:
    Thunder lands some shoot kicks to the chest of Blackbird but one is eventually caught. Blackbird twists him around and grabs him for a full nelson slam and appears to have a small amount of hope for clawing this match back. Thunder gets up and runs straight at Blackbird - he's caught in an inverted atomic drop that stuns him for a second and Blackbird bounces off of the ropes to land a clothesline. Thunder's suddenly in danger! He gets back to his feet and walks right into a Samoan Drop that gets a nearfall for the former X champion, Blackbird. Vincent waits for his opponent to get back up and hits a spear transitioned into an alabama slam! It's a near fall! He waits for his opponent to rise once more and hits the Clan Blackbird devastating spear and picks up the come from behind victory!

    Winner: Lord Vincent Takaab Blackbird


    FWA Tag Team Championships
    The Olympians (w/ Zeus) vs. Over the Edge (Eyesnsane and TED)

    Summary: Ares and TED begin the normal-rules tag team match. Ares gets a nice side head lock to begin, is sent into the ropes, and fires back with a nice shoulder tackle. A quick tag is made to Dionysus, who lands a springboard clothesline off a irish whip to the ropes from Ares. Dionysus lands a fireman's carry facebuster and tries for a quick pinfall, but the kickout comes right after the ref's hand drops a second time. Dionysus makes a quick tag to Ares and holds TED in an abdominal stretch, opening the ribs for Ares to land a quick kick three times.

    Ares whips TED into the ropes and tries his Fist of Olympus superman punch, but TED dodges it and makes a much-needed tag to Eyesnsane. The former North American Champion lands a back body drop and a reverse STO in the middle of the ring. Eyesnsane goes to work with an arm twist but Ares counters with a Samoan Drop after yanking Eyesnsane toward him. Ares' shoulder is hurt, though, from the move. He makes the tag to Dionysus and watches as Dio misses his standing moonsault try. Eyesnsane and TED exchange tags a few times, working on Dionysus for about 4-5 minutes. Eyes gets a top rope double axe handle and tries for a pinfall, but it's a kickout at two and a half.

    Ending: Eyesnsane attempts his "Eye of the Storm" finisher but Dionysus grabs the top rope for salvation and Eyes backs off. Tag made to TED after Eyes lands a knee strike to the ribs. TED bounces off the ropes but Dionysus finds second life with a fireman's carry facebuster! Then it's a much-needed tag to Ares, who enters the ring and immediately hits a MASSIVE spead right through TED!

    Ares tags back Dio and hits a SPEAR to Eyesnsane through the ropes, sending him off the apron! It's more of a tackle but does the job, neutralizing TED's partner. Meanwhile, Dionysus is up top and hits the "Red Wine" frog splash and covers TED!


    Winners and NEW FWA Tag Team Champions: The Olympians

    The Olympians celebrate becoming two-time FWA Tag Team Champions. News has broken that this will be Eyesnsane's final Fight Night — and FWA — appearance for the foreseeable future. The crowd gives him a nice standing ovation and Eyesnsane breaks kayfabe and gives a fist raise to the crowd, who grow in cheers with each passing moment.

    Weinstock:A well-deserved standing ovation to the longest tenured superstar on the current FWA roster.

    And we here at the FWA, we've heard the rumors....that once James Hughes lost the tag team championships, that he would be taking an indefinite hiatus, and if that is indeed true, we want to certainly wish James the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Good luck, James, and thank you!


    Weinstock: What an ovation for the returning Humanity!

    Trafford: But he's not going to have an easy battle in front of him...

    Piers: That's right, Langdon, I bet the X Division Champion absolutely TEARS him limb from limb!

    Non-title match
    Humanity vs. "The Wild card" Jason Randall

    Summary: Humanity gets a rousing ovation for his first Fight Night appearance in nearly a year. He takes it right to the X Champion, who is backed up into the turnbuckle quickly. Humanity hits a cactus clothesline coming out the corner. Then it's an even-flow DDT and a quick pinfall try, but it's a kick out at barely a two count. Randall fights back with an arm-trap cross-legged STF and a fireman's carry neckbreaker. Randall covers but it's a kick out at two. Randall's luck changes to misfortune when Humanity hits a back body drop. Then it's a series of strong forearms to the jaw. Randall is being out-brawled by the former Tag Team Champion. Then it's an inverted headlock backbreaker from Randall on a rebound. He covers, but another near-fall kickout.

    Randall gets hit with a release German suplex. Then a shining wizard, followed by a big clothesline. Randall rolls outside the ring and Humanity hits a running boot to the face, sending Randall off the apron. Humanity takes the fight outside the ring, running Randall around the ring area. The X Champion sends Humanity into the steel ring steps and tries to win by countout but Humanity gets back into the ring in time.

    Randall hits one of his suplex moves. Then it's a reverse DDT. He covers, but Humanity AGAIN kicks out.

    Ending: Randall goes for the Wildcard Special but Humanity counters by landing on the other side and picking Randall up for the "River Styx Powerbomb" jackknife powerbomb finisher! He covers!


    Winner: Humanity

    Trafford: And Humanity as pinned the X Division Champion! This division just keeps heating up!


    The first three — Bell, Shannon, and Cyrus, in order — make their ways to the ring as normal. Shannon is fired up, and when Cyrus comes out, she shouts trash-talking at him, which gets ignored by the champ.

    Ryan Rondo comes out with the FWA Women's Championship in his hand. He drops it at the top of the rampway and begins kicking it down the aisle. Bell and Shannon both notice and become upset at the sight of Rondo degrading the now-retired Women's Championship belt in front of them and their fans.

    Rondo kicks the belt a few more times before picking it up and flinging it across the ring area, toward the announcers' table. The commentary team talks about Ryan Rondo's newfound obsession and how it is affecting the women of the FWA.

    Shannon O'Neal and Bell Connelly
    "Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo and FWA World Champion Cyrus Truth

    Summary: Bell starts in the ring with Cyrus Truth, who overpowers Bell with an arm wrenching hold. Bell is whipped into the ropes but dodges the clothesline and lands a leaping forearm, that stuns Cyrus a bit. Bell lands a low-angle dropkick to the shins, dropping Cyrus to his knees. Bell then levels him down with a running knee to the face.

    Bell bounces off the ropes and hits her rolling double knee drop. Cyrus moves, though, and makes the tag to Rondo. He stalks Bell a bit with single-leg holds, releasing it and moving away. Rondo shows his technical prowess as he moves around the ring. Rondo hits a nice neckbreaker and follows with his own version of a DDT. Cover nets a 2 count.

    Rondo whips Bell to the ropes and telegraphs a hip toss. Bell holds to Rondo's arm for a nice arm drag counter to the hip toss. Then it's a tag to Shannon, who comes in HOT with a few forearm shots to Rondo. Those open-fist punches and slaps are making a mark on Rondo's face. The former World Champion is backed up to his own corner, and Shannon lands an open-fist shot to Cyrus, who wasn't expecting it!

    Cyrus is sent off the apron, although he lands on his feet. Shannon tries to step up for a 10-count punch but Rondo hits snake eyes into the turnbuckle to counter. Rondo now has control and does a few more of his offensive moves. Tag made to Cyrus, who wears Shannon down with his chain-wrestling style. Cyrus keeps side head locks and ground choke holds to prevent Shannon from getting to her feet or gaining momentum. Cyrus then hits a big spinebuster in the middle of the ring. He covers, but Shannon kicks out at 2 and 3/4th!

    Cyrus and Rondo keep control for another three minutes, routinely tagging one another in to stay fresh. Cyrus' attempt at a wicked clothesline doesn't hit the mark as Shannon ducks and rolls to avoid. She hits Cyrus on the rebound with a leaping leg lariat. Then the hot tag is made to Bell, who hits a flying double knees to Rondo's chest! Bell hits her corner bronco buster-style move. Then she props Rondo up for the Footloose running back handspring elbow to the face! Rondo stumbles out of the ring and Bell bounces off the ropes behind him and hits the Bell-Dog running bulldog! She covers!

    ...............1................2............CYRUS BREAKS IT UP!

    Ending: Shannon tackles Cyrus to the mat and her momentum sends her through the ropes and to the floor. Cyrus rolls off as well and continues the fight with his new rival. Bell drags Rondo's body to the corner and looks to the crowd, getting a cheer as she goes to the top turnbuckle, with her back to the ring.

    She tries her "Ode to Tinkerbell" turnbuckle handstand into a split-legged moonsault!

    But Rondo puts up the knees in time and Bell takes a bump right on the ribs. Rondo grabs Bell by the hair, offering a smirk to the fans as he hits the R2R "Styles Clash" finisher. He hooks both legs as Shannon tries entering the ring, but can't with Cyrus grabbing her by the shoulders. Shannon turns around and delivers a WICKED "SMACK" right to the jaw, possibly breaking it for the champ.

    But Rondo is uninterrupted in the pinfall of Bell.

    Winners: Cyrus Truth and "Last Star in the Sky" Ryan Rondo

    Rondo exits the ring, grabs the Women's Championship belt and celebrates with the ref raising his arm. Cyrus recovers outside as Shannon is in the ring now, eyeing Rondo over the ropes. Bell is still in the ring, face up, and Shannon kneels down next to her and comforts the disappointed former Women's Champion. Rondo drops the belt and begins kicking it back up the rampway, causing Shannon to shout "Come do that near me again and you'll get the same f***in' black eye that mother-f***er got." She points at Cyrus on the other side of the ring area, and now she's looking down at the champion and keeping her eyes locked on him. We go to commercial with the tenseness reaching a boiling point between these four.


    Risky Douglas vs "One in a Million" Starr

    The arena’s sound system roars to life as Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson pumps into the air. Risky Douglas comes out and heads down to the ring to the cheers of his followers. Before he can finish his entrance and get into the ring, Uptown Funk gets cut off abruptly. “Saturnz Barz” blasts through the arena as the lights go down in the crowd and strobing on the smoke rising from the stage, the fans begin booing. Starr comes out of the curtain arms spread out and back first through the smoke. He turns to face the jeers of the audience and smirks. The strobing spotlight follows Starr down the ramp. He makes his way to ringside and jumps up to the apron hard cam side and holds arms out to smirk at all his haters. He hops over the top rope and jumps up onto the middle rope far side and watches the people boo and hiss. Douglas takes offense to this and jumps onto Starr before the bell rings.

    The ref is able to separate them and calls for the bell. Risky runs in with a full head of steam and gets Starr into the corner. He climbs to the middle rope and rains down strikes to the tune of fans counting along. When Douglas jumps down and turns his back to Starr to get the fans going, Starr comes in with a big chop block and starts a beatdown that Douglas cannot come back from. Starr goes for a Single Knee Facebreaker, but Douglas is about to break free before the moves is fired off. He sits two clotheslines followed by a hurricanrana and the fans are eating it up. He hits a running cross body and holds onto it, going for a pin.

    1… 2… KICKOUT!

    He goes for the Risky Drop, but is too close to the ropes and Starr grabs on. He hits the Single Knee Facebreaker, finishes up with Starrstruck and goes for the pin.

    1… 2… 3!

    Winner @ 4:02 via pinfall – Starr

    Kurt Harrington: The following contest is your main event and is scheduled for ONE FALL!

    The crowd sure enough repeated the phrase “ONE FALL!” with excitement!

    Kurt Harrington: AND it is for the FWA NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPIONSHIP!

    “Turn the Page” by Metallica played over the speakers as Tristan James Galloway made his way out to the ring. The Samoan Warrior looked to be on a mission as he was intensely focused all the way down to the ring. Galloway wasted no time getting into the ring and trying to mask his slight nervousness, paced inside the ring.

    “Giving in” by Adema interrupted the song and a confident Mike Parr, smugly smiled as he set foot onto the stage. He looked with pride at his North American Championship, hanging over his shoulder, before briskly moving down towards the ring. He arrogantly smiled at Tristan as he looked him up and down, brushing past him to hand the championship over to referee Ricky Bobbenwoggen.

    Kurt Harrington: And now, introducing the challenger, first weighing in at 275 pounds, and towering at a frightening 6’6 tall, he is the number one contender to the North American Championship…TRRRRRRRRISTAN JAMES GALLOWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!

    The crowd popped hard for the fresh face in the title scene. Some Galloway chants could be heard through the crowd.

    Kurt Harrington:And his opponent, from Fargo, North Dakota, standing at 6’2 tall, and weighing in at 240 lbs…..he is the current FWA North American Champion…..”The Prodigy” MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE PARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FWA North American Championship Match
    “The Prodigy” Mike Parr vs Tristan James Galloway

    Parr starts off testing Galloway by getting in his face, running his mouth and then slapping him hard across the jaw. Galloway responds by charging forward and taking parr down with a Double Leg takedown and the two begin rolling around the ring in abrawl on the canvas! Parr rolls through it and waistlocks Galloway, lifting him up and taking him back down to the canvas in a side slam but maintaining the rear waistlock. Galloway slips out but Parr gets himself back into position with another rear waist lock but Galloway fights his way to the ropes and pulls himself up, forcing the referee to call for the break. Parr confidently backs up as Galloway hangs on to the ropes, and nods his head to Parr that he got him that time. The twomen again circle the ring, this time with Galloway quickly going for an arm wrench and quickly countering to a Side Headlock to Parr, before taking him down to the mat Judo-style and keeping a side headlock locked in, and also wrenching back on Parr’s left arm. Parr managed to shift his hips and swing his bodyweight, putting TJG onto his shoulders in a pinning predicament but Galloway swung back into position before a 2 count. Parr managed to push his way up to his knees, with the strength of Galloway maintaining that headlock. Parr got up to his knees and tried to shove TJG off, but Galloways maintained control ad once again brought Parr back to his knees.Parr managed to lock his arms around Galloways waist and hoisted him up into a Back Body Suplex but Galloway managed to keep the headlock locked in! Parr struggled to get back to his knees, but once he did, he managed to get himself into a position to throw an elbow into the gut of Galloways and then used all his strength to shove Galloway off and into the ropes, but Galloway came back with a hard shoulder block that took Parr back to the mat! When Parr got back to his feet, Galloway again applied a side headlock,tossed him down to the mat,and a frustrated Parr was once again in the same predicament!

    Once again, Parr tried to roll it into a pin and once again Galloway shifted his weight back to the headlock. Parr again fought his way to his feet, and again tried to shove Galloway off but Galloway this time held on and both men slid to the mat, with the power of Galloway’s headlock still frustrating Mike Parr. Once again, Parr fought to his feet and this time managed to drive Tristan into the corner turnbuckle where the referee had to force the break. Parr backed up as the twomen once again exchanged glances, this time, with Parr’s confidence not as glowing as it was before. The two men againtied up, exchanging rear waist locks, before Parr shoved Galloway into the ropes, but this time, Galloway came back with a Sunset Flip that caught Parr by surprise!


    Parr kicked out and as both men reached their feet, Parr ducked a clothesline and hooked Galloway up with a backslide attempt!


    Galloway kicked out! Both men two their feet and this time Parr drives Galloway to the far corner and starts unleashing a barrage of rights and lefts onto this opponent! The referee tries to intervene but Galloway manages to counter it and toss Parr into the corner and unleash some fury of his own! After several punches, Parr regains control and it’s a melee! The referee forces another break and Galloway leaves the corner, turning his back to Parr momentarily, who makes him pay for it with a forearm to the back of the head and when Galloway fell to the canvas, trying to quickly lock in the Inverted Sharpshooter! Galloway uses his leg strength to kick Parr away and into the ropes! Galloway gets to his feet and clotheslines Parr out of the ring and both men tumble to the floor!

    Once they get to their feet, Parr goes on the attack with a series of forearms that send Galloway staggering. Parr looks for a vertical suplex on the floor, but Galloway slips out, and looks for a German Suplex on the floor. Parr delivers a few back elbows, fighting out of it, turns around and launches Galloway right into the steel steps! Parr dives into the ring, as the referee reaches a count of 6, breaking the count as he slides back outside and goes to work with a series of strikes to the lower back and neck of Galloway. Parr slides him into the ring before drilling him with a hard snap suplex and going for the cover, forcing TJG to kick out. Parr scissors his legs around Galloways waist and applies a chinlock. Galloway manages to squirm out of it and gets to his feet, throwing a few desperation punches, but Parr grabs his left arm and throws him hard into the turnbuckle! Galloway screams out in agony as he grabs his lower back and then walks right into a Belly to Back Suplex from Parr! Parr picks him up and delivers another Belly to Back Suplex and this time covers, but only gets a 2 count.

    Parr wastes no time in pushing his knee into the lower back of Galloway, and wrenching back by locking his fingers just underneath the chin of his opponent. Dueling “Let’s Go Parr!” “GAL-LO-WAY!” chants fill the arena as Galloway fights out of the hold and back to his feet. Both men up and suddenly it turns into dueling knife edge chops, with each one getting harder than the last, until Galloway’s chop becomes another slap to the face! An incredulous Parr responds with a devastating clothesline! Parr goes for the cover but again receives a 2 count! Parr gets up and pulls TJG to his feet, driving him to the turnbuckle and delivering a series of punches. Before the ref calls for the break, Parr uses all his strength but lifts Galloway up to the top rope! Parr pulls up for a Super-Plex but Galloway blocks it! Galloway delivers a few right hands to the jaw and Parr falls to the canvas! Galloway stands atop looking for a Big Body Splash, but Parr rolls out of the way! Parr stalks his prey, as he awaits Galloway to get to his feet and tries to hook him up for the Rolling Cutter but Galloway gets free, shoves Parr into the ropes and delivers a Double A Spinebuster on the return!

    Both men lay motionless on the canvas for a moment as the referee’s count reaches 7. Parr clings to the bottom rope as he looks across the ring at Galloway pulling himself up to his feet. Both men meet in the middle of the ring,once again exchanging blows, Galloways strength is the bigger factor here as he sends Parr staggering! He whips Parr into the ropes and then follows in with a hard body splash! Parr stumbles out of the corner and Galloway nails him with the God Send Conspirator!


    Parr kicks out! Galloways getting frustrated, screams that it was three as the crowd is really getting into it. That was a rookie mistake aasit allowed Parr to get back into the match with some basic strikes and followed up by an enziguiri! Galloway fellto his knees which allowed Parr to connect with a Shining Wizard that took him allthe way to the mat! Parr covered but only got a two count for his troubles! Parr shouted that it’s time to end this as he climbed up to the top rope,signaling for X Marks the Spot! He balanced himself in position for the moonsault but Tristan scrambled to his feet and pushed the rope,crotching Parr on the top! Tristan than found a way and managed to hook up Parr for the Carcinogen Crush! Tristan lifted him up and began to move forward, but Parr slid free! Before Tristan could turn around,Parr hooked the neck and managed to level Galloway with a lightning fast ROLLING CUTTER! Parr dropped down for the cover!


    Parr slammed his fists to the mat in frustration, before beginning to pull at his hair! He even began to talk to himself, questioning how that was possible! But that momentary self doubt was all the Galloway needed to recover. Parr walked over, grabbed Galloway by his hair, but Galloway leveled him with an unbelievable Saito Suplex! Galloway covered!

    Kickout by Parr!

    Galloway sensed the end was near by Parr barely kicking out of that move. He fought through the pain,pushed himself up to his feet, and hoisted Parr up for another attempt at the Carcinogen Crush! Galloway made sure he had a good grasp, ran forward and though Parr did wiggle,causing TJG to hold on longer than he expected, the move connected and the crowd stood up!

    3! what you would have heard had Mike Parr not out reached his hand and barely touched the bottom rope!

    This time it was Galloway showing frustration but he already knew his next move. He crawled back to the far corner and awaited Parr to pull himself up to his feet. When Parr was up, Galloway charged forward for the Shattered Symphony but Parr dodged it and Galloway went shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Parr took advantage by grabbing Galloway by the hair and drilling him with a second Rolling Cutter! But Parr didn’t go for the cover! Knowing Galloways resilience he decided to head up top and put the icing on the cake with a X Marks the Spot Split Legged Moonsault! Parr landed on top for the cover!



    Here is your winner and STILL FWA North American Champion:”The Prodigy” Mike Parr!
    Parr barely is able to get to his feet as his music hits, even with the referee’s help. He takes his belt from the official and holds it high in the air, making sure to step up to each turnbuckle and proudly raise his championship for all to see. Parr stares out at the Back In Business sign hanging over the arena, and then pats his championship asking “Who’s got the balls to try?” as the crowd cheers along in agreement. Parr turns towards the ropesand notices Galloway pulling himself up in the corner. Once Galloway reaches his feet, he hangs his lead low in the corner, out of disappointment. Galloway turns to leave the ring, but Parr puts his hand on his shoulder. He mouths the words “ I underestimated you. You proved me wrong tonight. Good show.” before taking his arm and holding it high up in the air. The crowd chants “Gal-lo-way! Gal-lo-way!” as both men give each other a nod of respect and Galloway leaves the ring to Parr, who continues his celebration with the crowd!

    Trafford: What a match! What a main event!

    Weinstock: The stars are shining bright on Mike Parr, but tonight, gentlemen, even though he came up short, Tristan james Galloway has proven that he belongs with the big dogs of Fight Night!

    Piers: Are you kidding me? He LOST! He's a loser! He'll be a nothing here....

    Trafford: Well there's about thirty thousand people here tonight that couldn't disagree with you more, Piers! What a performance by both of..Wait, hold on...Ladies and Gentlemen, I've just received word that we've got something going down backstage! We're taking you there right now!

    Backstage, cameras show a body laying on the ground. Medical attendees are hovering around and racing frantically. The camera moves closer and shows Shannon O'Neal with blood gushing down her forehead.

    Langdon Trafford: What... What happened to Shannon?!

    The crowd has a groan surface through the arena. A lead pipe is shown next to Shannon's unconscious body and off in the distance, behind the ruckus of the injury scene, the FWA World Champion is watching. Cyrus Truth allows a smirk over his face as he stands halfway in the darkness of a side corridor and halfway in the light.

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    My first time posting a show, so I'm sorry for any formatting errors that may exist.

    Great show guys, with lots of stuff happening. Alot of focus on Shannon/Cyrus and Rondo/Belle got a nice start as well. Of course there was a big Tag Title win by Olympians. so congratulations to Bazingos on that. For the record, Bazingos was in no way gifted the tag titles. It was earned when the Olympians outscored Over The Edge in their last outing.

    Lot of healthy competition in the X Division with an influx of new guys set to join plus Randall, Vincent, Humanity, Thunder, Douglas, Starr, Merriweather and Richards in the mix of things. We'll have an announcement on what's to come with that shortly. Same with the tag and women's division.

    james Sync returning is GREAT for the show as he can be slotted in X, NA, or Tag divisions. Huge welcome back. It's possible there may be another return on the horizon, but nothing is official yet.

    Parr and galloway with a tremendous showing this week, which led to them getting a big match. Galloway comes close but parr hangs on again. Who's gonna be the next to step up?

    Not a good week for PAJ, but I'm sure he'll rebound nicely next week.

    I think next week will have a bigger focus on the following guys/feuds: Garcia/Toner, Kazadi, the debutees, PAJ and his BIB opponent, What's next for Parr, Where does Galloway go from here and what's going on in the X Division. So much to cover next week. It's going to be a HUGE show. Some may not have matches because of the sheer volume of things that need to be covered but we'll make sure everyone is on the show in some form or another.

    Big shout outs as usual to Shake and TGO for their tireless efforts on this show and every show, and James Sync for coming through in the clutch with a last minute match as well.

    Good show to all of you! Get excited, guys, good stuff is coming!

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    Great show guys, it feels great to be back. I missed the anticipation from the time my PR goes up until results hits (it was a jobber match, but who cares)! I'm happy that Sayer gave me a chance to write a match, something I have not done in at least 5 years. From match writing to being thrown into whatever division I am needed, I am down for anything. If you need coverage for writing matches, just shoot me the details and it SHOULD be done by the end of the day. Once again, great show guys and I am looking forward to MANY more!

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    Great show as always guys!
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : I have a good friend that lives near Seattle. He says I should come visit sometime but that is like the exact opposite side of the country from me.
    [07:31 PM] Jon Snow
    : theyve got planes for that
    [07:31 PM] Stonewall Dakson
    : And those cost lots of money
    [07:32 PM] Jim
    : send yourself in a box without any holes with the USPS. Best case scenario, you get cheap traveling, worst case, you're gone forever
    [10:00 PM] Kairi HoHo
    : Jerk it in my honor Dak bye.
    [06:18 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Guys, I am going to see President Trump tomorrow.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : He's holding a rally in the town I live in. Gonna skip outta work and go.
    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
    [06:20 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I'll be fine Daddy.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kairi HoHo View Post
    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Well gotdamn Risky, we made semi main!

    Fantastic show as always guys. #TooSweet


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    Surprised to have pulled away the victory on Randall; definitely thought he had the victory on this one.

    Absolutely great show guys! I hate to say it, but I'm rooting for Cyrus in this feud. He seems more face-ish than anybody else really; he's the hated "outsider" who's right. Shannon definitely comes off as the lesser of the two, no disrespect intended. Can't wait to see these two duke it out.

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    Clap for your Two Time Tag Team Champs and feel the POWAH!

    Great show guys.


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    Great show as usual everyone involved, and congrats to Humanity on the win yours was definitely the better promo for this show so congrats on that man you deserved that. As X-Champ I've got my work cut out for me and some stiff competition, so I've got to step my game up now.

    Rest in power, Flock U

    Team Cyrus T is Best for Business

    Quote Originally Posted by Ed
    Stop the hating of the E-Feds. If you don't like something, that's fine, just ignore it and let the people who do enjoy what they're here on WC to do. Mocking them to make you feel less of a geek for being on a geek on a wrestling forum is lame. If you want to not read their posts, I can fix that for you.

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    Great work with the show everyone.

    Shout out to TJG for the promo he put out, was really impressed but glad I managed to win it.

    One thing is point out is I think too much Cyrus and Shannon at both open and close, nothing wrong with the content but just felt a tiny bit lengthy in overall proportion to the show.

    Saw you might be short for the next show staff wise so can help out to speed along the process if you need.

    Lastly, If someone could tell me where fargo,north dakota is ill be most grateful!

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    Hahahaha! I just picked the most random place I could think of. That's one of the few Easter eggs I hoped people would notice.

    I want to apologize to Starr for completely forgetting to add something in at the end of the match. I got you covered for next week on it though.

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    Lol, Fargo's on the lower border of North Dakota/Minnesota, Prodigy.

    It's also the home of the University of North Dakota (and the "Fighting" Souix)

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