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Thread: The Heartbreak Express

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    The Heartbreak Express

    Team Name: The Heartbreak Express
    Character name Julian Watson/ Ryan Martin;

    HeightJW)5ft 11ins/6ft 1in (RM)

    Weight: 227 ibs (JW)/240 (RM)

    Combined Weight: 467 Ibs

    Age: Both 29

    Face/heel/tweener: Heel

    Current feuds: N/A

    Style of wrestling (brawler, high flyer, technical, etc.):
    Technical/Brawler and plenty of dirty tactics (Especially from the little madam on the outside of the ring)
    A minimum of five perfected moves your character does in a match (feel free to separate your moveset into categories ie basic strikes, signatures etc.):

    Signature Moves (JW)
    Spinning facebuster
    -Big Boot
    -Running Powerslam
    -Slingshot Somersault Senton
    -Springboard Forearm Smash
    -Tiger Driver

    Signature Moves (RM)
    -Calf kick
    -Diving double knees to the face of a seated opponent
    -Apron Belly-to-back suplex
    -Running knee to a kneeling opponent
    Tag Team Common Moves
    -. Double dropkick

    - Double clothesline

    - Double European uppercut (to an opponent in the corner)

    - Double chops/successive chops one going after the other

    Watson does a crossface chickenwing with bodyscissors whilst Martin does a kneebar on the same opponent at the same time

    Ryan holds the opponent in a bodyscissors whilst Watson stomps the back of the opponent’s head

    -Watson holds the opponent in a reverse bodyscissors and Martin climbs to the top rope, performing a diving stomp to the opponent

    -Simultaneous leaping clothesline from Watson and jumping knee strike to the back of the opponent from Martin

    Tag Team Signature Moves:
    -Wheelbarrow hold (Watson) into a double knee facebuster (Martin)
    -Belly-to-back (Martin) pop up into a neckbreaker (Watson)
    -Watson does a running stomp to the back of a seated opponent’s head, and Martin follows up immediately with a soccer kick to the opponent’s face.
    -Jackknife powerbomb from Watson into the corner, followed by a running knee strike or dropkick from Martin to the seated opponent.
    -Aided gutbuster

    Julian Watson

    Finisher Move:Six Star Frogsplash -:Frog Splash
    Ryan Martin
    Finisher Move:Hotline Miami : -Running Brainbuster

    Tag Team Finisher:
    Heartbreak Hotel-Double legged catapult from Watson into a diving lariat from the second rope from Martin
    Maddy Driver-Watson holds the opponent in position for a belly-to-back piledriver, with the opponent’s head left prone. Martin proceeds to land a series of shoot kicks to the back of the opponent’s head, before Watson completes the piledriver, driving the opponent’s head into the ground.

    Base pic for your character (please include the name of the base pic):
    Julian Watson; Wesley Blake
    Ryan Martin: Buddy Murphy
    Madison Banks: Alexa Bliss

    Theme music:Rogue Traders-Voodoo Child

    Introduction promo of at least 10 lines introducing your character to us:

    The scene opens up in a corridor in the backstage area of one of FWA live shows where we begin with a close up shot of what appears to be a hand bejeweled with so much luxurious looking jewelry and sparkling diamonds it’s amazing such a petite hand could have the strength to hold it up,, The camera pulls out to reveal the owner of said hand- A attractive girl with clear pale skin, Long white blond hair dyed at the tips with rich red hair dye, bright glittering blue eyes and an all together adorably small frame adorned in what looks like a pure white fur coat that looks like it cost more than most people’s houses. You might even call her altogether “Cute” If it wasn’t for the sour expression on her face and a mischievous little smirk on her face. for the moment the young woman totally ignores the camera merely focusing solely on her hand jewellery as it glitters and sparkles in the lights above,

    Madison Banks: Believe it or not, I’m not like you.

    At last, the girl puts down her hand as her eyes focus solely down the camera lens her stance confident and her tone slightly condescending

    Madison Banks I know shocking isn’t it? But true. You see, people like you believe like everyone else especially for women? The only way to get ahead and to make something of yourself in this business? Is through hard work. You need to be the first one to walk into the gym in the morning and the last one to leave at night. To get the breaks you need. You have to pay for it all in sweat, bruises and pain. But for me? I mean: Hello? Why should someone with a face like this have to work for ANYTHING? I mean have you seen me?! Why should someone who looks like me. Have to lift a finger to be successful?I

    To emphasize her point she raises her index finger and traces the outline of her angelic and somewhat innocent looking features making sure everyone got a good look. I’s not hard to imagine her wrapping anyone around her finger with a face like that

    Madison Banks: I could stand here and tell you for my entire life, I’ve gotten everything I’ve ever wanted. I could tell you I come from one of the most wealthy families in America. I COULD stand here and tell you if I EVER started wrestling it would take me a month...TOPS. Before I’m holding gold.... But I don’t have to prove anything to them. Why should I get my perfectly manicured hands dirty doing anything? Look at these hands; These are not wrestling hands; They select ray bans from a case of ray bans, they get held softly by Vietnamese women in bowls of water, wrestling isn’t worth the broken nails. So, no all you little girls? You can breathe a sigh of relief because I’m not coming to wrestle. Because I don’t need to. You know what I call girls who have to work to get what they want?

    She takes a quick step forward and raises her hand in front of her face forming her fingers into the shape of a “L”

    Madison Banks : LOSERS.

    You can practically feel the sense of smug superiority just radiating off her As she happily stands there and mocked anyone that dares have a sense of work ethic before moving back and fixing the camera with a knowing smirk

    Madison Banks Oh but don’t worry I’m still coming for gold. Because sooner rather than later, I’m going to become the most DOMINATE woman ever to step foot in this company. Because just like the halls of my high school? I’ll rule this place, How I’m I going to do that? Well, that’s where THEY come in. BOYS!

    Madison tilts her head to someone off camera jerking her head and motioning the person or persons unknown to join her soon enough two men appear either side her shoulders, Utterly towering over her in the process. To the right; A tall man with light brown hair slicked back in a ponytail with a stubble covering the lower part of his face, to the right is a slightly shorter gentleman with messy curly amber locks with a equally red beard. This duo is known throughout the wrestling world as “The Heart Break Express” Julian Watson and Ryan Martin both wearing big wide smiles on their faces clearly overly excited with themselves

    Ryan Martin: : “HA-HA! Game just changed boys

    Julian Watson: “Don’t crowd around. Everyone calm down. There’s plenty of us to go around!

    Madison steps back for a moment a slightly more devious smile playing on her face as her hitmen of choice grab all the attention for themselves. After a moment of mindless chattering, Watson pauses, leans forward placing his finger behind his ear with a mock inquisitive expression on his face

    Julian Watson: Hey, Ry’...You hear that sound? That’s the sound of the entire FWA universe’s mind being blown! That’s the sound of everyone watching this video right now attacking the GM’s Twitter feed. thanking him on bended knees for having the smarts to sigh up the single biggest thing to hit tag team wrestling since; Oh I don’t know, try EVER.

    Ryan Martin: FWA barely even has a tag team division and they still sign us up! That’s how good we are! Hey I wouldn’t be surprised if The Olympians aren’t dusting off those belts right now -- Shining them up real pretty before they hand them to the Heartbreak Expres! This is the NEW home for tag team wrestling; Simply because we’ve here.

    Julian Watson: “But, hey we get it; you can’t get those belts to us right this second. You gotta dot some I’s Cross some T’s…

    Madison Banks: “Boys…”

    Ryan Martin: “Right do whatever it takes- Just hand them-

    Madison Banks: BOYS!

    Banks harsh tones pieces the joyous attitude of Watson and Martin holding up her hands and almost instantly the smiles on the boy's faces are wiped off as they begin to shift nervously under the death glare of Banks

    Madison Banks: I told you, a thousand times; They’re not going to just HAND you the belts, The Olympians are champions for a reason. Don’t you dare even think about underestimating them-

    Martin Ryan:: Maddy, we were just tryin-

    Madison Banks Don’t you “Maddy” me!

    The boys might be over a foot taller than Banks but they seem to be shrinking before our very eyes as they shut up collectively and back off from their manager struck mute, making it perfectly clear who wears the pants in this relationship

    Madison Banks: Let me remind you idiots how this works; You don’t just represent yourselves. You represent ME. When you win I WIN. When you become champions. I become champions and when you lose, I lose. And I NEVER ever lose...Is that it? Do you want me to lose, are you TRYING to embarrass me

    Julian Watson: No of course not-

    Madison Banks: I dragged you two out of the gutter and I brought you-

    Ryan Martin: Well actually it was your father’s money-

    Madison Banks: Oh really? Do you want to bring daddy into this? Ok, let’s bring Daddy into this, I’ll calling him now

    Jillian Watson: NO!

    Ryan Martin: “You really don’t have to-”

    Madison Banks: “No? Then make like you have two brain cells to rub between you two and WIN ME THOSE TITLES
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    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: The Heartbreak Express

    Lexi hayes gets a gimmick change?

    Welcome addition to the tag division



    ~~ WE ARE ALL ONE~~

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    Re: The Heartbreak Express

    Awwwwwwww yeah!!!! Good stuff here AON! We'll get em going soon!

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    Re: The Heartbreak Express

    move set looked a little bland so I thought I'd give it a make over.
    The most amazing thing about this recent conversation is that I've learned AON is even more of a waste of space than I thought he was previously

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    Re: The Heartbreak Express

    Quote Originally Posted by An Original Name View Post
    move set looked a little bland so I thought I'd give it a make over.
    Another thing that you are missing- more pictures of Alexis Bliss

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