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Thread: Best Theme Semifinals - Sasha Banks v. Finn Balor

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    Best Theme Semifinals - Sasha Banks v. Finn Balor

    "Sky's The Limit"
    def. Nikki Bella, The Usos, Brock Lesnar, Kassius Ohno, The Revival


    "Catch Your Breath"
    def. The Miz, Braun Strowman, Bobby Roode, Alexa Bliss
    20 Years of Hype | The Best Superhero Movie Tournament

    Silk's Big Dumb Video Game Thread
    WC Rumble Winner 2017, Comic and Game Dork, Walked With Elias Before Anyone, #Iconic

    Never Forget

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    Re: Best Theme Semifinals - Sasha Banks v. Finn Balor

    Balor. Banks' theme overstayed it's welcome.
    Quote Originally Posted by RaiZ-R View Post
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    Re: Best Theme Semifinals - Sasha Banks v. Finn Balor

    Agreed with Nicky, Finn for the win
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    [06:19 PM]Stonewall Dakson
    : Not the town I live in, the town I work in.
    [06:19 PM]RecyCocks
    : You should bring TGR with you
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    : If I was taking a long walk off a short pier I would gladly bring TGR with me.
    [11:40 PM]
    Kairi HoHo
    : Pretty sure I said I would go gay for Ryan Gosling just saying lol.

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    I'll be fine Daddy.
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    I mean it sounds hot to me. Some people work at Arby's and someone people just want to fuckmurder all night whatever floats your boat

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    Re: Best Theme Semifinals - Sasha Banks v. Finn Balor

    Nah, Sasha was one of my faves for this. Balor's is suitably epic but has reached it's ceiling.

    I'm off to London again, this time on two wheels. See here for more & to donate see below.

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