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Thread: " The Lost Soul " Brayden Bridges

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    " The Lost Soul " Brayden Bridges

    Name: Brayden Bridges

    Nickname: The Lost Soul

    From: New Orleans

    Height: 6"3

    Age: 35

    Weight: 245

    Wrestling Style: Brawler

    Bio: Brayden Bridges is a man of conflict he is in a crossroads in his life after serving his time for invoulntary manslaughter he is caught between being the man he once was and living his life knowing that people know what happen in his past and how to deal with them. Brayden is also a recovering Drug Addict as you see scars and such on his body. While serving in prison he found that music seem to be his new addiction his new high as he picked up a guitar and hasnt stop since. So the question is the inner struggle between good and bad who will win?

    Alignment: Tweener ( he will do face and heel things as he struggles with self)

    Other Moves: Ambrose Closeline, Bicycle Kick, Sling Blade, Orton Backbreaker, Gutwrench Powerbomb

    Signature Moves:

    Face The Music ( Dolph Superkick)

    F2B ( Fade To Black)( Swiss Death)

    Call The Coroner (Chris Hero Rolling Elbow)


    Last Rites ( End Of Days)

    Mercy Kill ( Elvated Triangle Choke)

    Entrance: He carries his guitar on shoulder like Elias Samson and walks from the crowd not lifting his head until in the ring in complete darkness except a spotlight shining on him.

    Looks like: Ryan Hurst ( Long hair)

    The Bottom by Devour The Day

    Etc: He will use lyrics from orginal work or other songs during promos often sing them as well. He hangs out in the darker parts of arena
    CWA World Heavyweight Champion
    "The Lost Soul"
    Brayden Bridges

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    Re: " The Lost Soul " Brayden Bridges

    Approved hombre. Looking forward to seeing him in action If you had a debut promo you wanted to get done for one of the next shows, my PM inbox is always (well, mostly) open.

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