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Thread: Darius, The Innovator of Insanity

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    Re: Darius, The Innovator of Insanity

    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    Ah yes, it's been so long since I joined that I completely forgot about that part.
    I was confused at first I was like what ... I have like 4000 posts ... Oh wait different forum. :P

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    Re: Darius, The Innovator of Insanity

    Quote Originally Posted by Vandarius View Post
    Oh no shit! How many more are there ... So many lol yeah, the forum is pretty much dead there. One issue I have here is the profiles seem to be borked out and I can't figure out how to message people.
    Other than Broc and myself, the only one I know is Tommy. I think Pau and Giddy may have had accounts here but they've been gone for awhile.

    From what I've heard, the profile glitch is an unfortunate consequence to upgrading to a brand new server and everything, and that the problems they've had before the profiles went bad were way worse so it was a good tradeoff. I don't really care about profiles anyway so it doesn't bug me. PMing just needs to be done other ways, that's really all it is.

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